The next Jim Morris…

Some of you probably recall the former left-handed pitcher Jim Morris, who was as a professional pitcher in 1983 before being released in 1989 and becoming a high school coach, only to return to the Majors in 2000 (including a brief stint with the Dodgers in Spring Training the following year).

Well, the blogosphere has it’s own version of Jim Morris. Meet Jon Weisman. A budding superstar of a sportswriter back in the day, he took his talents to a more intimate setting and created Dodger Thoughts many years ago and turned it into a must-read blog for Dodger fans.

Now, out of the blue, the big leagues came calling again. DodgerThoughts will now be hosted by the LA Times and Jon explains the decision-making process on his site. Congrats to him on the call-up! I wonder who would play him in the movie version (it was Dennis Quaid who played Jim Morris in “The Rookie.”) Perhaps his friends at the Daily Variety can create a cast.

Meanwhile, that means that the Brothers Kamenetzky, who have the most popular Laker blog out there, will get the chance to focus on that while also contributing their witty Dodger content to a different LA Times blog, The Fabulous Forum. Plus, you’ll still see their stuff in ESPN the Mag, so we’re happy that they’ll be around quite a bit at the stadium, too.

And, in sticking with the blog theme, I just learned that the Isotopes, our Triple-A affiliate in Albuquerque, will also be hosting a blog this season so be sure to check them out, too.

The Caravan has left Dodger Stadium this morning and is on its way to City of Hope, one of our two partners in ThinkCure. I did see one question posted as to why the Caravan only stays in the general Los Angeles area rather than venturing to the outlying communities like the Inland Empire and the answer is simply that with Los Angeles being as large as it is, it’s very tough to make multiple stops if you have to travel more than an hour to get to each one.

But, that’s not to say it’s out of the question. I will definitely bring the suggestion up when we plan next year’s event and appreciate the feedback.


  1. 636566cy

    Josh – Thanks for answering the question. For some reason my screen name was different yesterday than my email address, but thanks again for addressing it.

  2. 636566cy

    I guess clhuerth will officially be known as 636566cy from now on. At any rate, I suppose everyone can tell who my favorite Dodger is, right?

  3. thinkingblue

    Josh – Yes, thanks for answering the question regarding the Caravan. Hopefully the Dodgers can someday pay a visit to the Inland Empire.
    CLHUERTH – hahaha your name probably got thrown into the RANDOM USER NAME….lOL!


    i know this was the conversation on the last thread, not this one..

    but i’m sick of this..

    i didn’t know that i could lose any more respect for, or dislike manny/boras even more than i did, but it’s happened.. they keep holding out for something that will not happen.. we need to move on..

    i’m going to love watching our team.. i loved watching them pre-manny anyway.. the youthful energy is exciting!

    i would want abreu.. but i think he has a good offer from somewhere.. so he’ll probably take that..

  5. thinkingblue

    Sara – I’m with you…I am sick of Manny acting like a Diva. Come on. But with or without Manny, I am still a Dodgers fans and I will still watch the games. BUT DO SIGNED ANDRE AND PAY HIM WHAT HE DESERVES. He has been a Dodger longer than Manny and he is in it for the love of the game…not the money.

  6. shepherd96

    I can’t hit like Andre or Manny, but I would take either paycheck.

    If anybody cares, I would prefer Manny’s. 😀

  7. mccheap

    We are really spinning our wheels here. Either we step it up on Manny or move on and sign sheets , wolf and dunn..for the price of manny. We need to move on something fast and not put all our eggs in one basket. Last ntime i checked we still need pitching. All i hear is” Dodgers looking for pitching”..we sure are looking but they don’t do s*it about it. Mcourt you are a straigth mo*on…and for BorAS..doesn’t he own season tickets for dodgers?..Lets just hoped he doesn’t he sprayed with nacho sause next time he attends a dodger game

  8. kpookiemon

    Welcome to free agency and the world of Scott Boras. Dodgers would love Manny…but they don’t need Hudson, they don’t need Cabrera, they don’t need Dunn, they don’t need Abreu, they don’t need Wolf…maybe they can use Sheets. This is a young team with lots of very good players…who will only become great if they PLAY (ie McDonald, Repko, Hu, DeJesus, Abreu, Elbert, et al). If not Manny, why muck up left field with more PVLs? And they can trade/cut Pierre while they’re at it. Before Manny Dodger fans were excited for the future. I still am…with or without the Diva.

  9. mccheap

    Bottom line is we need pitching…glad some of you are excited about youth but we need pitching…our pitching staff is too young and will not hold up the hold season..let alone playoffs

  10. perumike

    Give Manny two years with a player option for a 3rd, give him a deadline, and we either sign him or move on. If we don’t get Manny, let’s get Sheets and Wolf and move on.


    i do think they need to move andre up on the priority list.. getting him an adequate amount of money and avoiding arbitration should be a top priority. you’ve said that you’re committed to this youth movement, so prove it.. i’m sure if you meet him a little over halfway (ie. $600,000) more than your offer, he’ll agree to it..

  12. Dodger4life

    Good morning ITD Dodgerfaithful,
    Let the negotiations stay open with Manny, and start the negotiations with the rest. Our young guns can scrap this year. There will be plenty of other opportunites out there as the season progresses. This is a different kind of year, thats for sure. Who knows maybe a younger slugger becomes available, or a younger arm…. I say turn the page but bookmark the spot….
    GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    BRING THE RING IN 2009!!!!!!!!!


    i agree that they need to make pitching moves too.. now that the mets and oliver perez have agreed, all the other chips will fall.. hopefully at least a couple fall our way..


    I had thought the one year 25 mil offer to Manny was a good one. All that money he has earned, well mostly earned, plus the 25 mil and the chance to prove he can be a “good citizen”.
    You give that guy a multi-year deal and at some point the other Manny will show up. I’m for waiting him out. Ned made a good point when he observed that this is not the roster we’ll end up with. I saw a game early in the going last year and the roster at the end of the season was nowhere near the same. One way or another ( now there is a Grateful Dead song waiting for someone to over haul the lyrics ) it will be the same this time around. Manny or no.

  15. kpookiemon

    Lots of fans want to throw money at Wolf and Looper simply because they are available free agents. Why? Does anyone out there really WANT these guys pitching for the Dodgers? Billingsley, Kuroda, and Kershaw are a nice returning trio. Certainly the Dodgers can find two more out of oldies Schmidt (still hopeful), Vargas and Estes, and youngsters McDonald, Stults, and Troncoso. Not exactly a bunch of Cy Youngs… but are Wolf (career 90-78, 4.26 era) and Looper (career 58-58, 3.93 era) any better? If the Dodgers want to gamble, sign Sheets–at least he’s a stud when he’s healthy.

  16. shepherd96

    This is obviously the endgame on Manny.

    Ned was trying to play past Boras by appealing to the high salary for a single year. This does not benefit Boras, as he wins based on total signed value. A one year deal could end up with Manny not performing well this year, then Boras loses. Or Manny could do well and hire another agent next year. Either way, it is in Boras interest to try for a multiyear deal now. The risks of a one-year deal are greater for Boras than for Manny.

    It may benefit Manny to sign for one year and try again next year, after a full year of good behavior and great hitting. Manny would have to pull an ARod and say, “I am the client and this is what I want!” I don’t think he will do that at this point. He hired an SOB to play the game and maximize the financial return and he is inclined to let him play. Of course Boras treats his stars like Divas, that is why they hire him– well, that and the results he gets them.

    Boras is trying to play to the frustration of the fans (that’s us) and to pretend there is more interest than there truly is. He will not name any team that he is talking with because then the team named can ignore or deny the rumor. That sends a signal to Ned that Ned is right, there is no one else who has expressed a well-developed interest in Manny at the $25 million pricetag.

    Meanwhile, Ned has valued Manny at $25 million for 2009, $20 million for 2010, and $16 million for 2011. This has not changed from the initial offer of $45 million for 2 years plus a $16 million option. Ned is discounting each advancing year as Manny ages.

    As fans, it is frustrating but that is what Boras is relying on. The best thing everyone can do for the Dodgers is to sit back and watch the game of chicken. The least we will get is chicken****.

    At this point, to impose a deadline would not be good. If it works and Manny is forced to relent, you get an embarassed Manny. If it doesn’t work and you still want Manny, Ned looks like a fool and has to backtrack. If it doesn’t work and Ned can’t backtrack for fear of looking like a fool, you lose Manny at a discount to another team. Best to sit tight and negotiate like an adult who cares about a wayward child and wants him to come home. The other position players are waiting to see what happens to Manny, so they may still be there when this is over.

  17. thinkingblue

    So maybe it is BORAS the greedy one. Maybe Manny wants to play for the Dodgers and he is determined to play here. Boras is playing the money game and wants more money. The more money Manny gets the bigger the cut for Boras. Manny is working for Boras instead of Boras working for Manny. But that’s just me.


    okay, everyone keeps talking like boras rejected the deal and not manny.. i’m sorry but i think everyone is giving manny way too much credit.. i doubt he’s that level headed.. he’s never been much of a character guy.. make no mistake, boras and manny are both delusional.. not only one or the other =P

  19. enchantedbeaver

    Kahli – I would take Wolf over Vargas or Estes – those two signings are at the very least perplexing (well, Mota’s was too.)

    Schmidt I believe will give it a go, have no velocity, start thowing junk, then fade into oblivion. If he has anything at all I’ll be surprised.


    i know that teams are worried about the injury risk with sheets.. but wolf has risk too.. as does almost any veteran pitcher.. at least with sheets, you’re getting a former cy young.. as long as the price tag isn’t too high, i would definitely take a chance on sheets..


    Shepard excellent post, I agree with you 100 percent.

    Just chill everyone, there is no moving on. The only moving on is to Juan Pierre in LF

    We need a pitcher with or without Manny so I doubt were being held up in any way on that front.


    Schmidt wont even make it out of spring training enchanted. That’s been my take- he would never throw a meaningful pitch as a dodger again from the moment he was injured-look it up!- and I am sticking to it


    u gotta do it in dodger announcer voice..along with the pauses..


  24. nellyjune


    can’t forget the #9 🙂


    yup. damn. failed my audition…

    so are the dodgers thinking possibly :

    o-dog at 2nd, dewitt to 3b and blake to lf?

  26. trublu4ever

    Very good, jungar, bpb and nellyjune! Aren’t Garden Gnomes in high demand for spring? We have one we’d like to get rid of, so, someone please make us an offer!

  27. crzblue2

    We are ahead of you 🙂 As of yesterday 4 of us (Joepierre, dodgereric,Trublu and I) have posted in the topes blog.
    Is a beautiful day for the Caravan! I’ll be at L.A. Live. I am not looking for autographs. I just want to greet our boys in Blue!

  28. trublu4ever

    Thanks, crzblue……….I plan on keeping track of the Topes this season……….I want to know what our future is oing to be. It should be fun.

  29. thinkingblue

    TRU – the only place we can get rid of our JP Garden Gnomes will be on Ebay… Maybe someone that collects rare and useless junk will make an offer!
    EMMA – Have fun at L.A. Live!

  30. thinkingblue

    Goodwill & the Salvation Army are getting more and more strict on what we donate…I doubt if they want it!

  31. thinkingblue

    CRAZY THOUGHT! What if Jp comes back this next season stronger….JUAN PIERRRRREEEE GRRRRR. He knows that he disappointed last year maybe he comes back with a got-to impress attitude. GRrrrrrrrreat! Just hoping, but it is just me thinking the “What if”.

  32. 636566cy

    I saw where Frank McCourt indicated that the Dodgers may need to move on because the Manny thing can’t hang out there forever. While I hope it is some type of negociating ploy, I can’t say that I necessarily blame him for saying it. $25 mil for one year is an insane amount of cash, especially in this economy. Oh well…

  33. thinkingblue

    Well right now the Big MLB yard sale is going on, and pretty soon we will have the “clearance” sales and that’s probably where we can get rid of the unwanted-returned-broken items.

  34. thinkingblue

    See Mike, some of them should of been bought with the 60 days trial or your money back guarantee attached to it.

  35. perumike

    I hear you msrussy! It seems like we are still sifting through the bargain bin, while all the good stuff is still on the shelves!

  36. kpookiemon

    Much like Manny feels the Dodgers are squandering their good will chips at an alarming rate with these petty offers…as a fan, I’m beginning to feel he same way about Manny. That beautiful, magical honeymoon of last summer has turned into a crummy, bickering bedroom squabble. Repko in center, Ethier in left, Kemp in right and let’s play ball. Live or die with the kids.

  37. nellyjune

    Good Afternoon ITD readers and writers!!!! I have been reading all day, and some great discussion going on here…..the yard sale idea is fantastic, but I have to agree with some, this particular garden gnome may just be sitting around for a while, about 3 more years to be exact.

    In the meantime……………..

    Pay dre……….pay dre,pay
    pay dre…… dre
    pay dre… dre
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    Andre deserves every penny!!!!!!!!

  38. Dodger4life

    I say we should be interested in Manny publically, right up to the point that we announced weve signed someone else.
    Then Boras will recieve his much anticipated offer from another team. Albiet on the other teams terms. Take the Dodgers Money Manny…. Come Ring In the Dodger Championship In 2009!!!!!!!

  39. rickdaddy

    Hi Josh —

    I was curious why the Dodgers don’t do a FanFest sort of deal like other clubs do opposed to the Caravan. From what I have read at other team FanFests, they seem a lot more fun and a lot more engaging for a larger amount of people. It also gives the stadium the opportunity to make money selling food etc.

    I have attended the Caravans pretty much since Day 1 but I am no longer able to put in the amount of time it takes to stand in line to get autographs. I enjoy meeting the players and taking pictures with them and my kids but I wish there would be a better opportunity for it and it seems that the FanFest would be a very popular choice for everyone involved.

  40. 636566cy

    Rickdaddy – I posted something along those lines when Josh posted the caravan dates and times. I’ve also sent emails to the Dodgers to ask as well (never received a response). I’ve actually been to the Cubs Convention once (their version of FanFest) and it was pretty cool. I’ve been to FriarFest (Padres) with some relatives in San Diego and even that was pretty cool. I know people in the OC who went to the Angels version that really liked it as well. It would surely be easier for those of us that need to work during the week to get to.

  41. kpookiemon

    Best McCourt lines since he bought the Dodgers. Love the way he refers to “the agent”:
    “The agent is challenging to work with and we’ve tried hard,” McCourt told “We’ve made three efforts and we still have not received a specific number from the agent, and I don’t know what to tell you. At some point, you have to move on and start to get ready to win a championship.”


    At some point, you have to move on and start to get ready to win a championship.”

    Mark Texiera
    CC Sabitha
    a zillion others.
    Its your team, not his. Build a championship team. 18 of the last 20 didnt have Manny on it.

  43. kpookiemon

    Highest major sport salaries in U.S.–
    NFL: Ben Roethlisberger, $27,701,920
    MLB: A-Rod, 27,500,000
    NBA: Kevin Garnett, $24,751,934
    NHL: Dany Heatley, $10,000,000

  44. oldbrooklynfan

    Who would believe the Dodgers would take a step backwards in the Manny negotiations, now we’re at least a full 3 years apart.
    You would have thought it was Boras’s turn to make a move but no the Dodgers decided to offer one year less without even offering an option year.
    $25 billion, big deal, but only 1 year, when they’re still looking for 4?_____ Com’on.
    The rejection came as no surprise to me.
    I’ve decided to forget about him and what ever happens, happens.

  45. nellyjune

    Good Evening ITD readers and writers!!!!

    I really have nothing to add…….I am a little tired of Manny to be honest. This is all absolutely ridiculous. The only thing that keeps my hopes up is the fear that I will have to hear this on Opening Day….

    And Now batting 2nd………..LF………#9………….Juan……….Pierre…………..The garden gnome 🙂

  46. trublu4ever

    From what I heard and read today on ESPN, we are more interested in Dunn and Hudson than anyone else. They did think Sheets would be a good fit, since we lost several key starters. In fact, Hudson says he has had talks with management. Say, this happens, what do we do with DeWitt and Loretta? However, Ned keeps saying he still wants Manny………….to me, they have to make a decision soon and then we can get on with our season.
    One more very important thing to get done: SIGN ANDRE!!!

  47. trublu4ever

    Oh, and Jim Rome ordered Frank to give Manny whatever it takes to make him a Dodger. On Rome is Burning, he said that without him we are a team destined to go nowhere, with him, we would walk away with the pathetic NL West.


    I hear if we can’t resign manny we will go after Dunn and THe O Dogg. We already have enough infielders and Dunn strikes out too much and hits for too low an average and is too bad defensively. Glad to hear Wolf is back and I hope everyone is doing well it has been months since my last post


    oh and I dont understand why we are not going after sheets. I would rather have him(even with his injury history) then either wolf or looper.

  50. nellyjune

    Hey swood!! How are you doing? Your questions are all questions we have ourselves…..welcome to the club 🙂

  51. colliethec

    Hello there ITD’ers.
    Swood haven’t seen you here for awhile. Good to see you & everyone else.
    I think just chilling with Manny is the best move. I actually think Nedco has played the game well and I would bend to a 2nd year option if there is another offer from another team. I might even give him the original offer @ 2 years with 1 million more each year, with a 3rd year option.
    If I was Ned, I would try to sell him on the fact that he probably isn’t going to get the years or the $$$ that he wants right now, but that he is still going to be loved & well payed in LA and probably have some big endorsements. Then he can sign a 3 year contract with an AL team after the 2 here, when the economy is better and salaries have gone up. That would add up to 5 years that he is looking for now.
    If we don’t sign him then I would just say go with DY and Repko & not sign any other OF’ers. That being said, Joe would then probably go with that #2 batter Jungar & Nelly are always talking about instead of DY & Repko.
    As far as a FA pitcher I’m okay with Wolf or Sheets as I do think we need someone. The staff is really young and we need someone to either eat up some innings or be an ace. Bills has ace potential but I fear he is still a youngin! I’m hoping Hero has a better year now that he has adjusted just as Dice K had a better year in his 2nd (As I recall).
    I like Sheets he just reminds me to much of Schmidt, so I would prefer Wolf. Either of them make me really wish that we went after Garland because he was an innings eater, ground ball pitcher who was coming from the AL in a hitters park and I really feel will be a great pick up for the Snakes.
    Time to go!
    Go Blue!!!
    Bring a Ring to LA!!!
    Oh and of course take care of Dre for goodness sake!


    Nice to see swood back in the house after too long of an absence…..not too surprised that Manny swatted away the D’s weak cheese offer like a batting practice fastball. After 3 months, is that the best they can come up with? Now, their offers are even further apart!! They had to know that their last offer would be DOA after Manny and Borass had already rejected salary arbitration, which, essentially, is what it amounts to. I blame both sides for not getting a deal done; Borass for overestimating the effects of the current economic environment and Frank, Ned, and Borass for not putting forth a serious enough effort to truly negotiate. Since a deal, at this point, looks highly unlikely, we need to move on. I agree with swood on Dunn; he strikes out too much. I would prefer Abreu. Since we already have enough infielders, what do we need with Hudson? Since, at this late date, we’re scraping the bottom of the pitching barrel, we’ll have to take what we can get. I’d even take a chance on Sheets so long as it’s a short term deal with incentives. Wolf would be ok. With Abreu and some SP, we just might survive Manny Post Partem.

  53. nellyjune

    Hi dcollins!! How are you doing? It’s good to see you 🙂

    Pay dre……….pay dre,pay
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    Come on Frank….pay up!!!
    Andre deserves every penny!!!!!!!!

  54. nellyjune

    I am sorry brownpaperrapper!!! Wow!! your name’s are very similar in appearance, eventhough I do know who’s who. Okay….start over. How are you doing?

  55. colliethec

    Good to see you Nelly. I’m doing great! A little sore from the gym.
    I don’t get why they would be going after Hudson now. I was wanting him before they signed Casey but since they signed Casey it doesn’t make sense to me.
    I had heard a couple of weeks ago on XM radio that they were still talking with Nomar, which didn’t make sense to me either. So there is probably some truth to the rumor regarding Hudson.


    News Item: Oliver Perez signs with the Mets for 3 years and 36 million.
    Guess 12 million a year doesn’t buy what it used to.

  57. colliethec

    Has anyone been in a situation where it’s Christmas Eve at about 4:30 p.m. and you have an Aunt that you haven’t yet purchased a gift for & you have no idea what to get her so you just start to frantically grabbing stuff but you’re not excited about your choices of what your getting her?
    That is how I feel about the FA pitchers that are left out there…


    Not bad, nelly. I just heard that Frank’s going to have the Garden Gnome and his other Malibu lawn statutes appraised on a new “Antiques Roadshow” episode shot at the McMansion.

  59. colliethec

    Also that movie and the book about Jim Morris is awesome. If you haven’t seen & read it you should do both.
    I watch the movie every year and get teary eyed as I would love that to of been me & how awesome of a feeling that would of been.

  60. nellyjune

    LOL!!!! that’s funny boys!!! Antique Roadshow – worth about 8 million for the Dodgers this year, and about the price of a brownpaperbag for the rest of the baseball world.

  61. colliethec

    For those who have MLB TV there is a Mexico vs Venezula game on. It is the bottom of the 9th with 1 out & 2 on. Our old friend Luiz Maza just k’d with the winning run on 2nd. I believe the game is in Mexicali Mexico.
    A little known random fact is I played football in Mexicali Mexico in a bullfighting ring! Shhh. Don’t tell the Federallies!!!!

  62. kpookiemon

    “Boras brushed aside a comment by McCourt made earlier Tuesday that Boras had not given the Dodgers specific terms that would get a deal done. Boras said he has been “very specific in years” and “with the names of the group of players Manny is associated with, actually a group of one,” referring to Barry Bonds, who received a multi-year contract from the Giants taking him to age 42, by which point the slugger drew a media circus as he chased Hank Aaron’s all-time home-run mark and dealt with allegations of steroid use.”

    “We’ve had 40 contacts with the Dodgers this winter involving various players, including talks about Manny, and three meetings involving Manny,” Boras said.

    “I’m always available to meet with owners or to return every call and seek out every form of communication to try to advance negotiations. I’ve met with owners of the Yankees this year, the owner of the Mets, the chairman of the Braves. Directly, or indirectly, those led to three deals done for Mark Teixeira, Derek Lowe and Oliver Perez.”


    Whatever you may think of Boras, it’s to his advantage to be available to owners and GM’s. That’s how he makes his living. Kind of makes you wonder how serious Frank and Ned were about signing Manny in the first place.

  64. colliethec

    When I’m at the bargaining table I would tell BorASS that Manny isn’t on the juice like Barry was so he probably won’t last as long as Barry and be effective as Barry was in his late 30’s. I would also point out to him that the last couple years of Barry’s contract he had health issues.

  65. kpookiemon

    I agree with all the Ethierholics out there: show Andre the money before arbitration pollutes the waters. Much like an insurance policy, where you wager AGAINST yourself, arbitration forces a team to look its young star in the eyes…and reel off all his failures and shortcomings. After a decision is reached, the team puts its collective arms around the player, gives him a big hug and a kiss, and alibis “business is business.” But the venom spewed remains forever. Memo to Ned and Kim: spend your creative juices on Andre; they’re draining into a dry well with Scotty and Manny.

  66. colliethec

    I do think whatever happens with Manny that this isn’t the Dodgers final offer.
    I just hope if they sign Manny they make him happy and sign a happy Manny.


    Offering Manny a one-year deal, especially at this stage, is like hiring a skywriter and having him write “The Dodgers Don’t Want to Sign Manny” in the skies above the San Fernando Valley. Management knew, or should’ve known, that last offer wasn’t going to cut it. Why waste their time and Boras’s? If they hadn’t played games for the last 3 months, maybe we’d have more of our other player needs met.

  68. nellyjune

    Kahli – they will be sending such a wrong message if they go to arbitration with Andre. All their talk of “the future is with our Dodger youth” will become nothing but crap with all the fans, and that young core will disappear very quickly when they can. Not to mention, you will have some very ********** ethieraholics to deal with as well.


    Speaking of “the future is our Dodger youth”, this is what worries me about this attitude of management’s that” we can fix it later”. Ned seems to think that he can pull off a “Manny Miracle” every year at the July trading deadline. Well, as we all know, those are rare and, if you can even get an impact player at the deadline, they will cost you dearly in prospects. Case in point: Carlos Santana, who went in the Blake deal last year, is now, according to Baseball America, the #1 prospect in the Indians organization. PAY ANDRE AND ALL OUR YOUNG GUNS!!!!

  70. dodgereric

    Shhh, don’t bother me. I’m watching a real baseball team. Sandy Koufax is in the 8th inning of the 7th game of the 1965 World Series on Prime Ticket.


    eric, I saw that game as it happened and, years later, on ESPN Classic. If memory serves, Koufax was pitching on 2 days rest and, by the 8th, was getting the Twins out almost solely on fastballs.

  72. dodgereric

    Stupid connection is fooling with me again.

    I guess I’m bragging, Junie! LOL!!!

    rapper, you are 100% correct! We’re going to the bottom of the ninth now.

  73. dodgereric

    Sandy has set down the last 11 Twins. Make it 12. Tony Oliva grounds to third. One down. Harmon Killebrew is coming up.

  74. dodgereric

    They’re broadcasting the old commercials as well. No graphics. Killebrew grounds a single to left through the hole between short and third. Tying run comes to the plate in Earl Batty.

  75. nellyjune

    ….Vin’s replacement someday…sorry didn’t mean to suggest he is done yet….nor would we want him to be 🙂


    Harmon Killebrew, aka “The Fat Kid”, (as dubbed by Jim Bouton). Dude hit some moon shots back in the day.



    “Our team right now is better than we started last year with,” McCourt said

    Let’s see here..

    -No Brad Penny (say what you want at end of year.. but at start of last year he was coming off back to back 200ish IP 15+ -4.00era seasons.)

    -No Derek Lowe (better than Penny previous 3 seasons)

    -Juan Pierre is a starter vs having Jones (for 18 million who like penny say what you want after, but going in was a upgrade over Pierre)

    -No Jeff Kent (again showed his age, but coming into the year was our clean up hitter for christ sake and a solid run producer)

    -Rookie closer going into the year (Broxton) vs Saito going into last year coming off two sweet years.

    -Now we have Mota (maybe, I guess) replacing Broxton as the set up man.

    1. Bully weaker
    2. SP weaker
    3. Defense: weaker
    4. Offense is the same

  78. dodgereric

    Sorry, red pen. Battey. This connection is killing me.

    Battey struck out and so did Bob Allison. Dodgers win 2 – 0, Sandy shut ’em out on three hits.`1

  79. dodgereric

    Needless to say, this is the dressing room of the World Champion Los Angeles Dodgers. And this is Vin Scully high atop the safety of a trunk, hoping to bring to you some of the men who brought Los Angeles another championship. In 1959 the Dodgers brought the championship to Los Angeles, in 1963 the Dodgers brought the championship to Los Angeles and in 1965 they have done it again.

  80. dodgereric

    We will meet some of those men just as soon as, oh let’s say just a little calm prevails. One of the toughest parts of the World Series was played right here in the dressing room, and maybe next time we’ll have a camera here, as Jim Gilliam, who was so important in the victory sat and watched the ninth inning on television.

  81. dodgereric

    But here’s the fella who gave the Dodgers the championship. Sandy, in Los Angeles when you pitched your 7 – 0 shutout, you were quoted as saying after the game that “I feel a hundred years old”. So today, how do you feel?
    Sandy: “One hundred and one.”
    Vin: “One hundred and one. ”
    Sandy: “I feel great, Vinny. And I know I don’t have to go out there anymore for about four months.”
    Vin: “Sandy, it appeared from upstairs that your fastball was really only your only pitch for quite some time.
    Sandy: “Yes it was, and I don’t know what it was, but I didn’t have the curveball at all and I wasn’t getting it over and I just stayed with the fastball and tried to get it in pretty good spots and after I got the lead I started to keep them from pulling the ball if I could.”

  82. dodgereric

    Vin: “When Jim Gilliam sat here in the ninth inning and watched you on television he turned and said to me, “He looks like a fighter who has been hit and is now fighting on instinct. Is that over-dramatizing or were you that tired?”
    Sandy: “No, I tell you, I feel I was a little bit more tired in the last ball game I pitched here and I know I was more tired the day we won the pennant against Milwaukee. But I think it was a lot hotter in Los Angeles and the cooler weather keeps you from tiring a little bit. I feel that my fastball the last three or four innings was as good or better than it was earlier in the ballgame which I didn’t really expect on two days’ rest. I figured by the end of the ballgame I’d have to go with the curveball.”

  83. dodgereric

    Vin: “Most veteran newspapermen around the ballpark were looking to see when you and Drysdale arrived which of the two of you had already shaved. Because it’s traditional that the pitcher with the beard is gonna pitch. But you and Drysdale both came in unshaven. When did you find out that you were going to pitch today?”

    Sandy: “I found out when we got here, that’s why neither of us were shaved.”
    Vin: “Oh, you didn’t know ‘till you got here?”
    Sandy: “No.”
    Vin: “Tell me when you found out. Was it in front of the entire club, did the manager go over or what?”
    Sandy: “Yeah, well, we had a meeting and he said that he thought he’d like to start the lefthander and the reason for it was if I had to make a switch I’d rather go left-right-left, talking about Perranowski as his last man if he had to two moves than start the righthander and go left-left. You don’t change their lineup any if you do that.”

  84. dodgereric

    Vin: “Let’s see, you’ve had four no-hitters, a perfect game, you’ve struck out 18, you have a World Series record of 15 in one game – where does this one fit in as far as thrills are concerned?”
    Sandy: “I don’t know, Vinny. This has got to be as high as any of them. This whole year is a thrill. We were a ballclub that everyone said was going to finish fifth and we lost Tommy Davis and they thought we were going to finish eighth. And we went on to win a pennant and everyone did such a great job . Lou Johnson did a great job today and he came up when Tommy got hurt and did a great job. He carried us for the first ten days or two weeks he was here and I think that got us over the hump. Without Lou coming up and doing that great job right then I think the whole club might have sagged a little bit.”

  85. dodgereric

    Rats. It looks like my DVR won’t let me pause it enough to transcribe any more because it’s still recording. I guess it won’t store more than an hour.

    Vinny interviewed Lou Johnson and Walter O’Malley and Walter Alston. Lou was very happy and thanked the Lord and his mother and his wife and kids.

    I noticed a lack of self-promotion from everyone.

    Answering your question, June Darlin’, Jim Gilliam had been integral to their success and had to watch the ninth inning on TV. That’s what was so tough.

  86. northstateblues

    Wii blogging again. I prefer it, since I can be in bed while Wii blogging.

    Wow, thanks Eric! That definitely made my night better. When it was a game… Or When it was indentured servitude, depending on how you wanna look at it. The truth’s probably somewhere inbetween, but I prefer to buy into the Field-of-Dreams feel-goodness.

    brownpaperrapper, I’ve read Ball Four, but I guess I’ve never looked to see, so I have to ask, was “The Fat Kid” really fat? I’ve only ever seen a couple of baseball card pictures of him, and he didn’t look that big to me (even though everytime I see/hear him mentioned, I say “Hey, the Fat Kid!”). Of course, this is someone who grew up watching Tony Gwynn and Kirby Puckett, so I guess that throws off my judgement.

  87. dodgereric

    It was the usual manic 2 hours. Backpacking campout coming up and a lot of preparation.

    Yes, we’re heading out tomorrow morning and will return late Thursday or Friday AM. So this will be my swan song for a couple of days. I don’t suppose ordering you to get our roster settled while I’m gone will do any good……….

  88. nellyjune

    …no…..we couldn’t get it done in the two weeks enchanted was gone so I doubt it will happen in the couple/few days you are gone. However, one never knows…..

  89. dodgereric

    You’re welcome, north! While I was watching it, I knew I had to share the nostalgia with my Dodger friends here on ITD. It was so nice to see Sandy pitch and then talk a little about the inside of the game I grew up with.

    And Killebrew was a bit chunky, yes.

  90. Dodger4life

    Good Night ITD, Thanks for the game Eric
    GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Have a safe trip Eric.

  91. dodgereric

    You are more than welcome, my D4Life buddy! God Bless you and yours! And thanks for the safe trip wish. I’m going to sneak a peek at our new spring training facilities while I’m there.

  92. dodgereric

    Now they’re recounting Game 1 in ’88! Just when I was going to get some Scout work done on the computer….. oh well.

  93. nellyjune

    LOL!!!!!! You are too funny dodgereric 🙂 That series they were showing on mlbtv quite a bit when it was first launched.

  94. dodgereric

    Watching highlights of that series never gets old. I’ll stop what I’m doing every time. When Gibson hit that homer, Maddy was less than 10 months old and she and Chris were upstairs asleep. I lept out of my chair, pumping my fist up and down like he was doing – in complete silence for fear of waking them up. I would have done anything to be able to share that with someone – anyone!

  95. northstateblues

    Goodnight D4L, keep it jammin’!

    Hi Nelly! Yeah, I’m here in bed, had some tea, and am thinking about more sleep, though after some Looney Tunes cartoon hunting on YouTube. Ever since Cartoon Network showed them 24hrs on New Year’s, I can’t get enough, I miss real cartoons like that, Disney, Woody Woodpecker, Hanna-Barbera, even Terry-Tunes (will never forget that Deputy Dog VHS I got, only to find the case had a Dinky Duck tape inside. I ended up liking them, he wasn’t such a bad little duck).

    Have fun with the ’88 game, Eric. Should be nice to check out Camelback getting its finishing touches. Still not sure if I’ll squeeze in a trip, but at least it’s an available option for this west coaster now, as opposed to saving up a few years to have a chance at Vero Beach (which at that point would probably be considered against Cooperstown, with Wrigley close behind the two.)

  96. dodgereric

    I’m going to have to say goodnight. God Bless you June Darlin’ and north and all the rest of you brothers and sisters in Blue!

  97. nellyjune

    Good Night Ward Dear…….have a safe trip and as always tale care God Bless. Your family will be in my thoughts and prayers.

  98. heartruss

    Good morning ITD!!
    Hi Nellyjune, how are you??
    Cpompe1, haven’t heard from you in a while. How is your shoulder and do you have any more interviews coming up?
    Trublu, good morning, I know you are already up and drinking your coffee. How are you?
    I keep wondering about the Dodger offer to Manny. You ITDers are right..that one year offer is set up to be rejected by Borass but I think that it was put out as a starting point for negotiations. Maybe $25 million for the first year, $20 million the second year (haha which is what was offered in November.) If Borass has been in contact with the Dodgers, we didn’t know about it. I think that Manny will be a Dodger but Borass is playing hardball. He is looking at the other big contracts signed so far. I think that the Yankees have ruined it for the other teams with their huge salaries. The economy is struggling. The baseball industry is very out of touch with the rest of the world. It’s really too bad. No one can count on fans still being able to afford to go to the games. Many of us will probably cut back on the concessions we buy although we may go to the games. Concessions and the team store do bring in a lot of revenue. We will probably still wear our old Dodgerwear like the old D Lowe, Nomar, Penny jerseys. None of us can realistically even imagine earning $25 million in one year. When you go from $25 to $45 milion, what do you do with the money? You certainly have enough houses, cars, horses, boats, etc. Invest it so you have more? How can you spend it all and why demand more? I don’t get it.
    Anyway, one month until I will be going to Arizona to watch ST. I am so excited. It also means baseball season has started. No one bother me after that because I LIVE FOR BASEBALL. After that…the World Baseball Classic!! Life is good. So Ned and Frank, please just get Manny signed. I trust you to do the right thing. Give Andre what he deserves. Sign Wolf and get it over with. GO DODGERS. Everyone….Dodger4Life, Dodgereric, Swood, Enchanted, all the paperbags, everyone, have a blessed day.

  99. shad78

    Slideshow: Michael Phelps Play Video Video: Phelps Acknowledges Using Marijuana Pipe WJZ 13 Baltimore RALEIGH, North Carolina (Reuters) – Record-breaking Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps could face criminal charges following the publication of a photograph purportedly showing him smoking marijuana, The State newspaper of Columbia, South Carolina reported Tuesday.

    A South Carolina law enforcement official said he would charge Phelps if he could prove the U.S. Olympian smoked marijuana in his county.

    “This case is no different than any other case,” Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott told The State.

    Lott’s comments come after a British newspaper published a photograph purportedly showing Phelps smoking marijuana at a party being held by students at the University of South Carolina in Columbia in November.

    Columbia, the South Carolina state capital, is located in Richland County.

    “This one might be a lot easier since we have photographs of someone using drugs and a partial confession. It’s a relatively easy case once we can determine where the crime occurred.”

    Phelps apologized Sunday after publication of the photograph by the News of the World, calling his behavior “inappropriate.”

    Both the University of South Carolina and Columbia police departments have said they would not pursue charges against Phelps, The State said.

    The International Olympic Committee (IOC) said it accepted his apology and U.S. officials said the news was disappointing but stressed that smoking marijuana out of competition was not an anti-doping matter.

    Possession of marijuana is a misdemeanor in South Carolina, punishable by up to 30 days in jail or a $570 fine, plus court costs, The State reported.

    (Reporting by Gene Cherry; Editing by Peter Rutherford)

  100. shad78

    I know this is a baseball blog but how does bad thing happen? Girl dies after being trapped in washing machine and also Injured man dies after rejection by 14 hospitals.

  101. shad78

    Girl dies after being trapped in washing machine
    Buzz Up Send
    Email IM Share
    Digg Facebook Newsvine Reddit StumbleUpon Technorati Yahoo! Bookmarks Print Tue Feb 3, 11:54 pm ETMISSION VIEJO, Calif. – Authorities say a 4-year-old girl died after she climbed into a washing machine and her little brother switched it on.

    Orange County sheriff’s officials say Kayley Ishii apparently climbed into the front-loading washer Monday and her 15-month-old brother managed to start the device.

    Sheriff’s spokesman Jim Amormino says the machine’s controls were 20 inches from the floor and the start switch was a simple push button.

    The girl was in the water-filled, tumbling machine for at least two minutes before her mother found her. Her death was ruled accidental.

    Investigators say the mother could not explain why Kayley climbed inside the machine.

    Says Amormino: “They don’t know if they were playing or what.”

  102. shad78

    Injured man dies after rejection by 14 hospitals
    Buzz Up Send
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    Digg Facebook Newsvine Reddit StumbleUpon Technorati Yahoo! Bookmarks Print By MARI YAMAGUCHI, Associated Press Writer Mari Yamaguchi, Associated Press Writer – 38 mins agoTOKYO – A 69-year-old Japanese man injured in a traffic accident died after paramedics spent more than an hour negotiating with 14 hospitals before finding one to admit him, a fire department official said Wednesday.

    The man, whose bicycle collided with a motorcycle in the western city of Itami, waited at the scene in an ambulance because the hospitals said they could not accept him, citing a lack of specialists, equipment, beds and staff, according to Mitsuhisa Ikemoto.

    It was the latest in a string of recent cases in Japan in which patients were denied treatment, underscoring the country’s health care woes that include a shortage of doctors.

    The man, who suffered head and back injuries, initially showed stable vital signs, but his condition gradually deteriorated. He died from hemorrhagic shock about an hour and half after arriving at the hospital, Ikemoto said.

    Ikemoto said the victim might have survived if a hospital would have accepted him more quickly. “I wish hospitals are more willing to take patients, but they have their own reasons, too,” he said.

    The death prompted the city to issue a directive ordering paramedics to better coordinate with an emergency call center so patients can find a hospital within 15 minutes.

    The motorcyclist involved in the Jan. 20 accident was hurt too and was also denied medical care by two hospitals before one accepted him, Ikemoto said. He was recovering from his injuries.

    More than 14,000 emergency patients were rejected at least three times by Japanese hospitals before getting treatment in 2007, according to the latest government survey. In the worst case, a woman in her 70s with a breathing problem was rejected 49 times in Tokyo.

  103. trublu4ever

    Good morning heartruss ~ you know mw very well………already on my third cup of coffee LOL Now, I’m ready for my day!

  104. enchantedbeaver

    Morning Shad. Idols aren’t what they used to be, or maybe they are, but nowadays there’s no one there or a forgiving media to cover it up. Once you’re in the public eye today you really have to mind your P’s and Q’s or it’s splattered all over the news. Many will slough it off though as Phelps being young. I just see him as being stupid, and as Ron White says, “You can’t fix stupid.”

    Speaking of stupid, that’s what the Dodgers will be if they cave into Borass on the length of Manny’s contract. Make him a 2 year offer at $50M and give him til the end of the workday Friday to accept or reject. If he won’t sign, let’s move on, get some pitching and play ball. This whole thing with Manny is rediculous.

  105. trublu4ever

    bpb ~ I hear the two sides are meeting again today. Maybe after this meeting we will know exactly where we stand. I agree with you, that if it doesn’t go well, we should move on and build our team the best we can. Maybe a sign of things to come………..when I was doing my morning crossword puzzles……..the clue was a garden decoration and, yes, the answer was a gnome!!! I’m keeping my fingers crossed!!!

  106. nellyjune

    Good Morning ITD readers and writers!!!!

    heartruss – I am doing just fabulous!! Thanks for asking, and yes, I can’t wait until the games get under way – Spring Training then on to Opening Day.

    Tru – the funny thing is yesterday in reading my daily chapter book to the kids about Junie B. Jones, she wants to take a pet to school, and can’t take a dog or a cat. So her grandma convinces her to take a worm to school. She named the worm “noodle”. I couldn’t get through the chapter I was laughing so hard thinking of our garden gnome, formerly and still known as noodle arm. My students think I am crazy, but then being a Dodger fan these days makes us this way I believe.

    bpb – dodgereric left town for a few days so now it’s your turn to try and turn this team around before he gets back on Friday. I realize we had two weeks to turn it around and failed, but you are brownpaperbag, formerly known as enchantedGM and can certainly make things happen 🙂


    I can’t they haven’t signed Ramirez yet. This is crazy. Didn’t they learn they couldn’t do it with Garvey, Cey and Lopes that they went out and got Dick Allen, the Toy Cannon, Dusty Baker…? These Dodgers are just Plain CHEAP.

  108. nellyjune

    Oh I hope so……………………….we need our enchantedsunset back so days will be beautiful once again.


    They lost their Number 1 and 2 pitcher from last year and their Number 1 relief pitcher. Saito was paid on the cheap. Oh, so let’s get Wolf. CHEAP!!!

  110. shad78

    Give Manny what he want 3 years for 75 millions and let’s get this thing over with. We need to move on to the real problem like our pitching because I don’t think I’m alone on this one and trust Vargas and Estes at all.

  111. nellyjune

    So with a little more than a week remaining before pitchers and catchers report to spring training, everyone from owner Frank McCourt to the kid at the Little League field picking the brain of Dodgers outfielder Andre Ethier is wondering the same thing.

    What happens now?

    “We’re all hoping,” Ethier said at the Dodgers Community Caravan event at Live Oak Park. “We’re praying he’s going to be with us this season.”



    I hope Manny Leaves, and I’ve been a fan since Maury Wills stole over 100 bases. The Dodgers really don’t respect him enough to pay him what he’s worth. They’d rather pay Andrew.

  113. trublu4ever

    nellyjune ~ maybe Andre’s speaking up means things are going to be okay with his negotiations! Let’s hope it’s a good sign.


    Everyday I look to see if they signed him and everyday I come away disappointed.

    This use to be an interesting as well, but now all they do is write songs and have social lives.

    I love LA…Big Joke

    Dodgers are CHEAP.


    UPSET is not the word of the day, Furious.

    I guess I’ll have to start rooting for Boston or NY.

    Better yet, maybe the Dodgers will move east to a big market like the Rams.

  116. heartruss

    Trublu…Andre is like that. He thinks about the team more than he thinks about himself. He thinks that more people are wondering about Manny than they are about him. If only he knew that so many of us are in his corner and want him to get the salary he deserves. I didn’t go to the Caravan yesterday because it was at night and didn’t want to go there by myself. I would have told him we all are behind him. I am getting ready to go to Canter’s Deli now for the Caravan today. I can’t wait. I was excited to go to the Select a Seat event just to go to Dodger Stadium. Actually seeing some of our Dodgers today will be awesome.
    I’ll let everyone know how it was when I get back. I hope to be able to watch Price is Right starring the Dodgers. Keep your fingers crossed for me!!! It is absolutely gorgeous outside. Farmers Market should be great. Talk to everyone later. Hello again Nellyjune and Trublu. Where are you Cpompe1? Are you okay???

  117. trublu4ever

    You can’t root for Boston or New York!!!!!!!!!!! Everything is going to work out…………at least that’s what I’ve been told!

  118. ramslover

    Good morning all. You know sometimes we take things for granted….Like hot water…We have a gas leak at the house, they have not found it yet, we have been without heat for 2 days only 54 degrees in the house, and without hot water…Thank God for space heaters!!! Showering with cold water…Yikes, not fun…Hopefully will be fixed today!

    Anyway, I understand all the frustration with the Manny situation, hopefully Boras and Ned will get something accomplished today. We can only hope!!!

    ST is 10 days away…the best time of the year…

    Michael Phelps is human..He was at a college party and did a bong hit…He is a normal college kid, not the smartest thing, but if youtube and camera phones were in my day, I would be in trouble…Not a big deal as long he not taking bong hits everyday…I liked the way he came out immediately and did not deny it (clemens and Bonds take note) and admitted his mistake…Hopefully this is the worse thing that we will hear from him…

  119. trublu4ever

    ramslover ~ I know what you mean about camera phones………I would have been in a lot of trouble, too! I did some pretty stupid things in my youth. Hey, I still do some pretty bizarre things now!

  120. Dodger4life

    Good morning ITD,Dodgerfaithful,
    This offseason has been one big bag of negativity, from the negotiations standpoint. In a game where positive energy means as much in the win – loss column as anything else on the field, I am appalled. The Dodgers have had numerous players say this. The other team made me feel wanted more.
    Now this is bieng felt by our own guys. It is time to turn this energy around like you said Frank. It is starting to take its affect on the team as a whole, including the paying public.
    Sign Manny and get this stuff out of the way. Give Andre some support, going in to the season. Get his deal done!!!
    We as the paying public want to be positive when speaking of our beloved Dodgers. If I want to follow all of this negitivity, I can find it elsewhere. One does’nt have to look very far.
    Okay back to bieng positive, it is time for a rally, I have my rally cap on , good energy flowing…. We are in the late innings of this ball game. Frank ‘s up at the plate…….
    GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    GO DODGERS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I have been tired of the Manny chase for some time now. First of all, anybody expecting Manny to reproduce the kind of results he gave us for two months and stretch that into an entire season or two is likely to be sorely disappointed. Secondly, I hope it doesn’t come down to Manny having to accept the kind of deal that he’s clearly unhappy with, because he’s already shown what a jerk he can be with his previous club. He may be a great hitter still at 37, but I don’t trust his character makeup one bit, and I don’t think we need a reluctant Manny on our team.

    I said F Manny and Borass a couple of days ago, and that F is only getting louder in my mind as the days go by.

  122. kpookiemon

    “Alex? Yeah, hi, it’s Manny. Ramirez, jerk.”
    “Oh, hey, bro. Say, you trying to one-up me in the cash department?”
    “Fool! Just shut up and listen. I want to know how you fired Boras last year.”
    “I didn’t fire him, Boy Ram, I simply, how shall I say it…ignored him.”
    “You think I should do something like that?”
    “You like L.A.?”
    “Yeah, I mean sort of. I mean, a city’s a city, right? Cash is all green, no?”
    “Boy Ram, it’s like this. ‘Use and abuse.’ That’s what Boras taught me, if nothing else. Seems he taught you the same thing last July in Boston, if memory serves me.”
    “So you think I should go ahead and fire him then?”
    “Like I said, you like L.A.?……………”

  123. enchantedbeaver

    Think I’m with bear now on this one. Hell, let’s just sign a couple of pitchers (Sheets and Wolf) and have at it. Manny’s not going to make or break this team, pitching is, and right now we don’t have it.

    gpruseck1 – do remember with Saito though that he injured his elbow and wasn’t the same when he came back. He’s also 39. If they’d have offered him arbitration, he’d have gotten a substantial raise, and I really don’t think he’d have performed at nearly the level he used to.

  124. trublu4ever

    I think after today we will know in what direction we are going. We will either have Manny or will move on to other players. We are going to sign a pitcher, too. And, we will avoid arbitration with Andre. Am I dreaming, or is this for real?

  125. cpompe1

    Good morning ITD boys and girls!
    Okay, it’s been a few days since I last signed on. I’ll be off and on today, but I’ve got some housework to do today. Heartruss, I would LOVE to go to Canter’s Deli today, but I’ve been neglectful of stuff I have to do around the house. I just can’t go today. I know you’re going though! Can’t wait to read your report later! But thanks for asking about me! My shoulder is slowly getting better and no, I don’t have any other interviews planned. But I am stepping out of my comfort zone a bit and will be taking a test with, get this, the US Census Bureau. I still leave messages for other positions that I’ve already interviewed for, but no one calls me back. I’ve been hearing about the US Census Bureau, so I thought I’d give it a try.


    I like Takashi, he was loyal and stayed with the Dodgers. LA took advantage of his services; never paid him well and dumped him. “Sammy Time” You’re worthless, the owner wants a big bonus.

    Lowe, you cheated on your wife and took up with another woman, we have high morals in LA…go back to Boston, we need a big bonus, anyways.

    Do you think we can screw HOF’er Manny and convince him that LA wants you and that the owner doesn’t really want a big bonus?

    This is all about being greedy and CHEAP

    LA is going to have an 80 million payroll w/o Manny.

  127. enchantedbeaver

    What I’m fearing from what I read and see is that both the fans and the PLAYERS/coaches are pinning all there hopes and expectations on Manny leading them to the promised land. Relying on Manny to do anything is a sucker bet. Like messagebear said, expecting Manny to duplicate what he did the last 2 months of last season over a full year is unrealistic even if he IS motivated, and as this team sits right now, those huge numbers are what it would take for them to make the playoffs.

    Manny can put a contending team over the top; he’ll make a team more entertaining; but without decent pitching (and that means more than just getting Wolf), he might make the 2009 team a .500ish club. Now if you throw Sheets in the mix with Wolf and Manny, we’re talking a contender, but I doubt Ned will go there.

    This is the problem with management – they don’t know where they want to go or how to get there. If winning were paramount, you sign CC, Manny and a few dancing PVLs. If they want some entertaining games and a little excitement at the park, you sign Manny. If you’re trying to rebuild from within, you let McDonald be the number 5, Hu or DeJesus be the SS, and Repko or DY play the OF. But what we’ve got is a mismatched oleo of I don’t know what direction we’re going, and that all falls back on Ned’s inability as a GM, and Frank’s putting PR and mansions ahead of substance.

    And so, so far, all we’ve gotten are the dancing PVLs.

    And that’s why I’m the brown paper bag.


    If nothing gets done to improve the team, and I mostly mean the starting pitching, the ones that should be wearing the paper bags are Ned, Frank and Jamie if and when they come to Dodger Stadium. They’re the ones that should be ashamed to mingle with the fans that rightly have bigger expectations of the Dodgers. I have no shame for what our youngsters will do, but we need some help to replace Lowe and Penny for what he was before last season. I don’t think that Wolfe can make up the difference. It’s a shame that we let Graland get away, especially with such a cheap deal and to one of our main competitors. If we got both Wolfe and Sheets, I think we would be good – I don’t know about Looper. I’m not betting on Ned’s ability to get Wolfe, and he’s too gunshy to try Sheets, so I don’t see how we’ll be at least as well off with starting pitchers this season as we were last year.


    I also think it’s a falacy that we won’t touch anybody for whom we would need to give up a draft choice. Since we made the playoffs, I don’t think that our ranking in the draft is such that we’re talking about losing anybody like in the top 5 or even 10 best in the country. I think Sheets as well as Juan Cruz for the bullpen would cost a draft choice. I would rather have a known entity than a draft choice any day.


    I hope Manny can lead us to the promise land. I’m not counting on it, just hoping for it. After all, we no longer have a number 1 or number 2 pitcher. I hope Billingsley can be a number 1 pitcher. I hope Broxton can be a 40 game save closer. I hope I have something to ROOT for.

  131. nellyjune

    Good Afternoon ITD readers and writers!!!!!

    bpb, messagebear and gpruseck1 – all great posts!!!!!!

    I am just so tired of Manny this and Manny that I don’t even know what to say anymore. Obviously Frank, Ned, Borass, and Manny have their own agendas that have nothing to do with what the fans want or like, bpb and others have said, we would have had CC, Manny and a pvl or two by now. At this point I just want Andre signed for what he deserves and some sort of pitching signed (maybe). However, someone mentioned yesterday, do we really want Wolf or Looper either……why not just stay young.

  132. nellyjune

    Pay dre……….pay dre,pay
    pay dre…… dre
    pay dre… dre
    pay dre… dre
    pay dre… dre
    pay dre… dre…pay dre
    pay dre… dre……pay dre
    pay dre… dre………pay dre
    pay dre… dre………pay dre
    pay dre… dre………pay dre
    pay dre…….pay dre…….pay dre
    pay dre……….pay dre

    Come on Frank….pay up!!!
    Andre deserves every penny!!!!!!!!

  133. trublu4ever

    You have all done such a great job with your posts, I am actually speechless……..which is quite unusual for me. I can’t add anything to what you have said. Great job.

  134. kpookiemon


  135. enchantedbeaver

    If they do sign Hudson (which would surprise the hell out of me), do they trade DeWitt for some real pitching? or do they move him back to third and put Blake in LF?


    Nelly, it’s good that you keep Andre’s situation in the forefront. We’re not talking huge dollars here to be fair with him and set an example of what good young players can expect in the way of management treatment. I’ll be greatly disappointed if we don’t give him an offer for $3.5 million for this season. He’ll pay that back in so many ways. It would really be foolish on our part to stick him with the arbiter’s award, if the team wins its $2.65 million number.

  137. thinkingblue

    Hello ITD’s just wanted to give my support for Andre….
    pay dre… dre……pay dre
    pay dre… dre………pay dre
    pay dre… dre………pay dre
    pay dre… dre………pay dre
    pay dre…….pay dre…….pay dre
    EMMA how was the CARAVAN?
    HEARTRUSS how was the DELI?
    Rose (Dodgersrule1655)

  138. enchantedbeaver

    That’s true Tru!

    The other thing that I’m sure is scaring the hell out of Frank is that after next season, Loney, Bills and Kemp are all eligible for arbitration. That’ll give them Marty, Brox, Dre, Loney, Bills and Kemp all looking for more money, maybe even DeWitt, Wade, Troncoso and Kersh if they qualify as a super 2s. There’s alo Kuo, Stults and Young that I’m not sure where they fit in.

  139. nellyjune

    Thanks messagebear – you are not doing too bad yourself pointing out our management’s flaws, and when I say flaws, I know I am putting that mildly.

  140. shad78

    Lasorda introduces Wallach as Triple-A manager
    By TIM KORTE, AP Sports Writer
    1 hour, 52 minutes ago

    Buzz up !0 votes Print ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP)—Just as Tim Wallach was being introduced Wednesday as manager of the Los Angeles Dodgers’ top farm team, his old boss jumped in.

    “I’d like to ask a question. What does that stand for? What is an Isotope?” former Dodgers manager Tommy Lasorda asked.

    The short answer? It’s the name of the Triple-A team that Wallach will oversee while grooming players for the parent Dodgers. The former third baseman spent 3 1/2 years in Los Angeles during his 16-year career in the majors.

    “It’s a thrill for me to come back to the Dodgers and manage at this level,” the 51-year-old Wallach said. “My goal with this job is to develop winning baseball players, not just develop baseball players.”

    Lasorda was on hand because Albuquerque’s management team is promoting renewed ties between the city and the Dodgers, who placed their Triple-A team in town from 1972-2000 and had a Double-A club here from 1963-71.

    Last fall, the Dodgers signed a two-year player development contract after the Florida Marlins ended their six-year partnership in Albuquerque.

    To honor the history, Isotopes president Ken Young showed off the team’s new uniforms for Sunday home games.

    Although Albuquerque’s usual colors are black, red and white, connections to the Dodgers are apparent in the Sunday blue hats and blue shirts with “Isotopes” spelled in white cursive script.

    “That’s something special,” Dodgers assistant general manager DeJon Watson said. “We’re tying in the Dodgers with the Isotopes.”

    And while it was Wallach’s day, Lasorda was in the spotlight.

    He spoke about how the city has changed since his days as manager of the Albuquerque Dukes in the 1970s, marveled at the modern stadium and good-naturedly complained that he couldn’t find his picture anywhere in the building.

    “I’m never letting them down for that one,” said Lasorda, who now works as special adviser to Dodgers chairman Frank McCourt. “Next time I come, they’d better have one the size of that wall.”

    As Wallach slipped on his Isotopes jersey and posed for cameras, Lasorda demanded an explanation about the Isotopes’ name. Young smiled and laughed, asking, “You’ve got to do that in front of a big group?”

    “I don’t know,” Lasorda replied. “What is it?”

    Young explained that the nickname is derived from an episode of the popular TV series “The Simpsons,” where Homer Simpson tried to prevent the fictional Springfield Isotopes from relocating to Albuquerque.

    “But what is it?” Lasorda asked. “What is an isotope?”

    “It is an aberrant element, OK, where there aren’t the same number of protons and neutrons,” Young explained.

    “Oh, I understand that. I’ve got all that down now,” Lasorda said, drawing a room full of laughter.

    Wallach, who had 260 home runs and 2,085 hits in the majors, replaces Lorenzo Bundy, who became Albuquerque’s manager in October but subsequently was hired as first base coach by the Arizona Diamondbacks.

    Wallach praised the lavish facilities at Isotopes Stadium. Lasorda cited the improved workout and training areas as one of the reasons the Dodgers moved their Triple-A players from Las Vegas.

    Wallach stressed his belief that it’s possible to win at all levels of the organization while developing players.

    “If I can’t send guys up to the big leagues who are going to help Joe Torre win pennants, then I’m not doing my job,” he said.

    Lasorda promised to do whatever he can to help his former player.

    “If Timmy runs into trouble and needs a left-hander, I’m ready,” he said.

  141. shad78

    Look like we might have to find a new hitting coach and good to see Wallace get the job but is not the same without Bundy coaching that team no more.

  142. kpookiemon

    Tim Wallach at least played for the Dodgers. Let’s have a Joe Torre ‘death pool” as to which month this season ITD will be calling for his head and wanting Wallach in L.A. If he starts Pierre in left on Opening Day I’ll take April.

  143. kpookiemon

    Asked if he still believed [Manny] Ramirez would have a contract by the start of spring training, [Scott] Boras said, “I don’t really think about a timetable. Anything can be done any day. You just don’t know.”

    Then, seemingly calling out the Dodgers on their 48-hour deadline to accept or reject their $25 million, which he rejected within minutes, Boras added, “What I do know, you better watch out when you’re playing chicken.”

    Is this not getting juvenile and ridiculous? And this guy is a super agent?

  144. heartruss

    I went to Canter’s Deli today and had a fantastic time. First of all, I met our Josh. I told him how much ITD appreciates everything he does. I also met a few other Dodger fans who have their own blogs. We became great friends right away. Cpompe1, I wish you could have come. It was an inexpensive way to meet some of the Dodgers and actually get to talk to them. It would have brought your spirits up. I wish I had your phone number…I would have told you to get to Canters pronto. To tell you the truth, I enjoyed this experience even more than Under The Lights. Much cheaper and much more personal. The guys posed for pictures and signed autographs. The Dodgers who were there were James Loney, Delwyn Young, Mark Loretta, James MacDonald, Kenny Landreaux, Sweet Lou, Bobby Castillo, and of course, the Russell guy. I will contine this later. Time for dinner. Talk to you later.

  145. nellyjune

    Good Evening ITD readers and writers!!!!

    heartruss – I am glad you had a good time there. I would have loved to meet the guys, especially James Loney…….he’s my 2nd favorite next to that Andre guy, and meeting Josh would’ve been fun too.

    Kahli – juvenile and ridiculous pretty much sums it up very well.

  146. trublu4ever

    Kahli ~ I heard those comments from BorASS today, too. After all that, he still wants to talk with Ned. If they talked today like they were supposed to, we should hear something soon. And then, we can move on to SIGNING ANDRE…………………….SIGNING ANDRE ETHIER AND SIGNING DRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  147. nellyjune

    Okay here goes nothing………since this waiting around is getting the beloved Dodger fans nowhere, let’s have some fun.

    Welcome to the 1st annual pre ST rock till they drop sock hop………

    feel free to add songs as you see fit whether it’s from Dodgerlyrics, youtube or any site you see fit.
    This 1st song goes out to Frank… He really needs to get some 🙂

  148. heartruss

    Hi again ITD, I’m back. I brought back some food from Canter’s Deli so we ate it for dinner: some lox and bagels, cucumber salad, and kosher pickles. I also brought home my pastrami sandwich. Everything was excellent.
    Kahli….it was not crowded at all. I was surprised since last years Caravan was beyond crowded. I heard yesterdays was not crowded either. I wonder what is going on. Maybe it’s a protest. There was plenty of room for everyone since they reserved the party room downstairs for the Dodger event. The parking was very easy as well.
    Did anyone else make it there? Was I the only one from ITD? Too bad. It was the best event I’ve ever been to.
    I had pictures taken with Russell J, James Loney, James MacDonald, Delwyn Young , Kenny Landreaux and our new Mark Loretta. I also was able to snag autographs from all of them. I came equipped with MLB balls, of course.
    Nellyjune, I am sending you some of the pictures!
    I wish we had an ITD table, that would have been so awesome.
    I had a funny conversation with Kenny Landreaux. I told him about Manny throwing a wad of his gum into the bullpen and how we laughed at how big the wad of gum was. I told him it was probably full of Manny’s DNA. Kenny and I burst out laughing that we could have a whole team of Manny clones. We couldn’t stop laughing.
    Russell was very sweet. He talked about his mom. Anyone who loves his mom that much has to be someone special.
    I told Delwyn that I wished he could play more. He said he wished the same thing!! Haha.
    James MacDonald and I went to the same high school, so I always yell “Poly” at him. He is a very polite, focused young man. He will be a SP this coming season. He thanked me for all our support.
    Mark Loretta was really nice. I told him it was a good time for him to become a Dodger because they are going to win the World Series this coming season. He said he was very happy to be a Dodger. I did not mention anything about Manny and salary negotiations. I think they are tired of that question.
    All I can say now is……Go DODGERS!!! I heart you guys.

  149. northstateblues

    Nelly, I’m hanging in there, haven’t drank tea for a while, had drank Lipton last, but will probably go back to Tension Tamer. I just want this to be over. I’m going to school regardless, even though I’ll be there from 8am to probably 6pm.

    Here’s to hoping we won’t have to worry about the posturing soon.

  150. Dodger4life

    Hang tough North ~ Get Well.. 🙂
    GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    SIGN MANNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    PAY DRE SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  151. heartruss

    Thanks NS, I did have a great time. I am more than ready for the season to start as well.
    How R U Nellyjune?
    Cpompe1, please check in. How R U?
    Doger4LIfe, you are in great form!!!!
    I think we are all getting a bit restless for the season to start. I know I am. This wonderful blog has helped the time go faster. Thanks everyone. I heart you!!!
    Funny thing, one of my new friends from the Caravan had taken a picture of my car in the parking lot, 0f course not knowing it was mine, thinking it was a cool Dodger car. It must have been the license plate. 🙂

  152. nellyjune

    heartruss – those pictures are fabulous – Russell and James are looking good 🙂 Did you see the pictures on the homepage of Andre. As my student, Elaina, would say..”Andre is looking handsome in that picture”

    Dodger4life – great songs 🙂

  153. Dodger4life

    Good choice Nelly, Now post it 75 more times for Manny.
    GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!
    SIGN MANNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    PAY DRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  154. northstateblues

    Suddenly, I’m a little more reluctant to visit Ohio…

    (I’m not serious, home of the NFL and Rock and Roll HOF’s, and many other great things in Ohio to visit, as long as you avoid Booger’s… well, you know)

  155. nellyjune

    LOL!!!! …….speaking of Ohio, it’s been a really long time since we have heard from our friend from Columbus, Ohio….jhall/Wally. He is very much missed around here 😦

  156. nellyjune

    Dodger4life – I hear that song every morning when the Fresno morning news program here does their financial updates.

  157. northstateblues

    What am I talking about, Abbey Road is one big Chestnut! I just meant those that are relevant to the current situation. (My favorite album of all time, close behind are Smashing Pumpkins’ “Adore” and Radiohead’s “Kid A”, three very dark albums, when you think of it)

  158. nellyjune

    nsblues – I listened to the Smashing Pumpkins back in my college days when they were brand new back in 88 (I think). Then in the 90’s I picked up on Good Charlotte, which have their dark side too 🙂 I am enjoy the fact that you listen to a wide variety of music………Bob too, as a matter of fact….fun stuff really 🙂

  159. Dodger4life

    We interupt this program for a commercial break…..
    GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    BRING THE RING IN 2009!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    SIGN MANNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    PAY DRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    GET IT DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  160. colliethec

    Good evening ITD’ers! I hope all is well with everybody tonight. NSB sorry to hear your under the weather. I can honestly say that I know how you feel because I’m bummin’ myself! If you have what I’ve got try some Chinese Hot & Sour soup. It is pretty good at burning through those sinus issues!!!
    Earlier today BPB mentioned that the Dodgers Management didn’t know which direction they really wanted to head in. That was my main complaint going into the start of the offseason.
    Last year and in years past I’ve been supportive of them even though I didn’t like all the moves they made.
    But after hearing the same things from guys like T. Hunter and C.C., that they weren’t pursued by the Dodgers even though Management said they were “negotiating” with them, I now doubt information that I hear from Management.
    This brings me back to BPB and his comment earlier today. I couldn’t agree more. They seem to not have a plan. I’ve groaned about this before. It just seems to me that they go with whatever flow is there. Example is looking at Hudson now after they’ve already signed Casey & Loretta. I mean WHAT???There isn’t any direction whatsoever.
    Look at the Yankees. They had a plan and executed it. Yes they spent the $$$ but going into the offseason they knew their needs & budget and took care of them both.
    Now it would of been refreshing if Frank & Jamie gave Ned what $$$ he could spend and they set their sights on a few moves that they needed to make. Then have alternative moves if those plans didn’t work out. I understand you don’t get everything you target. It just seems as if there isn’t any target.
    Now I know I’m not in the business of baseball for a living & I’m just a “weekender” but I think that as my boss would say, is the way you run a successful business. Plan, prepare & execute.
    On a 2nd note, I watched a show on MLBTV the other day about the Dodgers. It recapped in an hour their “winning years” It seems as if it was a couple of years old, so I don’t know if those in LA have seen it. It was great. I really enjoyed it.
    It was interesting at the end they were interviewing McCourt and he said,
    “When you look @ the future, you start by taking a look back at the past. Winning is an attitude. It is a culture & winning begets winning & I think that these guys know when they put the Dodger jersey on, it’s not just any jersey. It’s one of a kind. When your talking about a franchise like the Dodgers It’s perhaps the most special franchise in all of sports.”
    That’s great. I love what he says. But I wish he would listen to his own words. He in a way is wearing the Dodgers jersey himself. This man is successful and thus not stupid. He’s got to want to win. He must have a competitive bone in him. Or is his real thought of being successful making $$$ to buy real estate? I can’t answer that for him. I do appreciate steps that he’s taken in the community and things he’s done for the community.
    So I ask him, what does he need to do, to to be a winner in his ownership? What attitude is he going to have to get this to a classy, successful & winning organization? If he thinks (& I would agree) that wearing that Dodger jersey is special, then what is he doing to create that culture that this organization is unique & special?
    So if “winning begets winning” what is his definition of winning for the Dodgers? Is it making $$$ for real estate? It is building up the stadium with a necklace? Is it becoming popular? Is it opening baseball fields? Is it working with charities? Is it feeding some of the less fortunate? Is it having some of the players mentoring the youth in the community for the good of the youth and the community? Is it having a winning team? Is it having an organization that is considered 1st class and is respected by their peers? For me it would be a combination of all the above. I think that can all be obtained. I just think that it seems the focus isn’t on the meat & potatoes which is the team on the field. I could be wrong and he could be doing things that I don’t know about to make this organization the “most special franchise in all of sports”. I hope that he is and he hasn’t lost that focus of fulfilling that tradition of a great franchise.
    I you have a winning team on the field, the fans will come. Whether they are all all star type players or a collection of players, the fans will come. If the fans come then you will be able to make an impact in many areas of the community that I mentioned above. & you will make $$$ and be popular.
    Sorry if I’m super long winded & rambling, but like I mentioned I’m a little out of it… I guess I’m calling the kettle black as I didn’t have a plan as I started to write this:)!!!
    Go Blue!!!!
    Bring the Ring to LA in 2009!!!!!

  161. nellyjune

    Good Night ITD readers and writers!!!!! Hopefully tomorrow brings us some “good” Dodger news. It is good to see the photos of all of our players coming into LA to do the caravan. Andre is sure looking happy in those photos, and I hope the Dodger Organization does everything they can to make sure he stays that way. I feel they are truly taking advantage of the wonderful person Andre is and using that to think he won’t fight for what should be his…..the salary he deserves. Compared to what has been given to the pvls we have recently gotten or what we are attempting to offer Manny, this descrepency between Andre’s figure and the Dodgers is nothing compared to that.
    Please Frank…do the right thing…give Andre the salary he so rightfully deserves…….

    Pay dre……….pay dre,pay
    pay dre…… dre
    pay dre… dre
    pay dre… dre
    pay dre… dre
    pay dre… dre…pay dre
    pay dre… dre……pay dre
    pay dre… dre………pay dre
    pay dre… dre………pay dre
    pay dre… dre………pay dre
    pay dre…….pay dre…….pay dre
    pay dre……….pay dre

    Andre deserves every penny!!!!!!!!

  162. Dodger4life

    Good ~ Night ITD, Dodgerfaithful…..
    That concludes the 1st annual ITD Caravan and Rock Fest.
    We are sorry if the music was’nt exactly to your liking, feel free to jump in next time.
    Well I cant say there is no Manny news, all I can say is there is no good Manny news…. 😦
    We are anticipating the up coming season, And I am sure we would all like to have…….
    At the park this year…..
    Keep your chin up and have faith this thing isnt over yet.
    GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    BRING THE RING TO LA IN 2009!!!!!!!!

  163. 636566cy

    I’m going to get off of the baseball side of the Dodgers and start to hammer on what I like to hammer on the most…the business side. I read today where the D-Backs average ticket cost for games at Chase Field are $15.89. Out of curiousity, what is the average ticket cost at Dodger Stadium? Better yet, what is the average cost at McRanch? I can understand if the average cost at Dodger Stadium is a bit higher (although the D-Backs have actually won a WS title this decade–that hurts BTW), but if McRanch has a higher average cost (I’m pretty sure it does), then, Los Angeles, we have a problem (the problem being that we shouldn’t be paying more on average to travel to see our team play exhibition games in the heat when we can travel to the same state to see our team play games that actually count in the standings and in air conditioning). Does anybody else see a problem with this or am I just one dude who doesn’t see the light?

  164. enchantedbeaver

    DC – It’s my opinon that Frank mouths the proper words, saying all the right things to the media about winning and tradition, but his actions contradict those words.
    At the very least, his visions for the club differ from his GMs that differ from his managers, which is to say Frank has no clear cut plan himself or he would’ve hired better (read that as “the right”) people for the jobs.
    It’s like saying, “I don’t know where we are, but we’re making good time.”

    It was nice to hear Marty say that they don’t need Manny to still be a winner, and he’s right. At some point the young guns need to step up and become the all-stars that they all can be.

  165. trublu4ever

    Good morning bpb ~ Love the line “I don’t know where we are but we’re making good time………priceless! However, time is running out. We need to make a decision…..we need to sign Manny or move on………..signing Andre is an important issue, signing a pitcher is a important issue. I think the young guns can do very well, with or without Manny…………so, let’s get this show on the road!!!

  166. trublu4ever

    The Rangers have given up on the signing of Sheets………..I know we have our eye on Wolf but, I think Sheets, even with his history of injuries, is a much better pitcher. I think he would make a fine addition to our staff.

  167. enchantedbeaver

    LA will host Mexican League game
    Diablos Rojos to face Sultanes at Dodger Stadium on May 16

    Leave it to Frank to find a way to make money at the stadium without having to pay the players.

  168. enchantedbeaver

    OK, so he does give some of the gate away to each team, but I’m sure the rest of what he makes will furnish at least 2-3 rooms in Malibu.

  169. nellyjune

    Good Morning ITD readers and writers!!!

    Good Morning bpb and tru!! I see we have no new news other than the boys in blue on the Price is Right. Let’s see if we can get Andre signed with a price that is right – geez!!!! I agree, bpb …..let’s go after Sheets, and maybe we can get Wolf too, if needed, in case Manny does not become an option.

  170. enchantedbeaver

    Morning Nells & Tru!!

    If I had to choose between one or the other, I’d take a combo of Sheets and Wolf over Manny – this team needs pitching bad and has done absolutely nothing to replace the two starters it lost. Of course, this team shouldn’t have to choose at all, but that’s a different story.

  171. trublu4ever

    Good morning, nellyjune! In a few minutes, on ESPN, they are going to discuss whether BorASS is moving on from discussions with the Dodgers…………..if he does, it looks like the only other team interested are the gnats.

  172. trublu4ever

    I bet BorASS could!!! Look what he did with Zito! I honestly think if we don’t get this settled in a day or two, we should move on, like you and many others have said.

  173. enchantedbeaver

    Look at it this way – Borass has burned the Dodgers every deal he’s ever made with the exception of Lowe. Why would you think that you won’t get burned with Manny anything other than on YOUR terms, and even then given Manny’s tanking on purpose in Boston, its not a sure thing.

  174. enchantedbeaver

    Its time to let Manny watch his cartoons. Walk away Ned. Sign Sheets, Wolf and Dunn/Abreu (if you must.)

  175. trublu4ever

    The Nationals are interested in Dunn and the Braves are courting Abreu………….so, we had better do something or we will end up with the Garden Gnome in left field.

  176. nellyjune


    the fans – dead silent (which to me is worse than booing because at least if you are booing for a player, you care about his performance. When I was at Dodger Stadium and heard a handful of cheers for the guy, I actually thought that was worse than the booing Andruw got. The silence means there is no emotion at all…..he’s just there, just like is title of the garden gnome….he will just be there, taking up space.

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