You’ve all been waiting for this info so please forgive the delay in getting it out. Our eight-day community caravan begins tomorrow, with public events on Tuesday and Wednesday of next week.

All the info you need is here!

Hope to see many of you along the way…


  1. cpompe1

    So Josh, it says that those on the caravan will “even appear on The Price is Right.” Is The Price is Right doing a special “celebrity” version of the show with Dodger players, or are they going to be sitting in the audience like anyone else with a chance to bid on prizes and play games? Do we know when this episode will air? Just curious about this visit!

  2. thinkingblue

    JOSH – thanks for the info. I would of love to attend the Price Is Right taping…that would of been fun. Also the L.A. Live sounds fantastic, but I have to work and will not be able to attend. Thank you boys for all support you guys give the community. God bless you Boys in blue.
    Oh yes when will the Price of rights show be airing???

  3. cpompe1

    Yes Tru, I would also rather hear that Andre and Manny are signed too! But it sounds like fun! But ya know what? I am seriously thinking of taking my mom to lunch at Canter’s Delicatessen and Restaurant on the 4th! We would both love to be served our meal by the Dodgers! Hmmm, gotta think about it!

    Well, I’ve gotta stretch out my shoulder! I’ll catch up with y’all later…

  4. trublu4ever

    Wow, CP, I used to eat there when my family went to visit our relatives in L.A. I didn’t know Canter’s was still around. My Grandpa lived off of Wilshire Blvd.

  5. heartruss

    I definitely plan to be at Canter’s Deli and at LA Live. Sounds fun. I was wondering what time the truck will be leaving for Camelback on Saturday. There was no time posted.
    I just finished doing my taxes and e=filing. What a huge relief! Soon I will have some extra money for Spring Training.
    Cpompe1, good to see you are off and running.
    Trublu, how are you?
    Nellyjune, you are being very quiet. Busy teaching I assume! But today is Friday so the weekend is near.
    Dodger4ever…anything new to report?
    The article on Russell on the website was interesting but I hope he follows through. And maybe Ausmus could relieve him every few days. That way Russell won’t poop out after the all star break. It’s almost like making a New Years Resolution. How long will it last??
    The Dodgers need to step it up getting Wolf. Everyone else of interest has already signed. Enough already.
    ST is around the corner..just a few days off. It would be nice to have a full complement of players.
    I hope a lot of ITD is at ST. It would be fun! Who all is going? I plan on going alone and having a blast. Maybe I can find out where the Dodgers play.
    ITD..have a great afternoon…time for a nap. Love you all.

  6. cpompe1

    Okay heartruss, are you DEFINITELY PLANNING to be at Canter’s Deli? I talked to my mom but she’s not going to be able to go because she has a doctor’s appointment around the same time in the SFV. But I was thinking of going just by myself. I still don’t know and probably won’t know until that date gets closer. I mean, if I have a job interview, I’ve gotta go to it! But if I don’t have any competing appointments that will make a trip to that deli possible, I very well may go! Heartruss, let’s keep talking here on ITD about that! If it looks like I’ll be able to go, then I’ll say so and I want to make sure that we meet each other, along with any other ITDer that decides to come! That’d be fun! About ST, I would like to go. My husband and I have started making preliminary plans to go, but a lot depends on if I have a job before then.

  7. cpompe1

    Yes kpookiemon, I would love if Manny pulled an A-Rod and went over Borass’ head. I still think Borass is a cancer in this whole scheme! I mean, he keeps up the stupid rhetoric that his client will “pay for himself” in ticket sales, promotions, etc and yet the market clearly dictates otherwise. I don’t know about you, but do you find it suspicious that some of the players he represents are going over his head? Do I smell a “Fire Scott Boras” campaign???

  8. ramslover

    That is a great article on Russ….It is very comforting to hear a 2 time all star admit that his training habits and diet needed to change…He is a very mature young man…

    He is the heart of this team, I think he carries alot of respect with the younger players. Maybe he read too many of his own press clippings but he was not Russell martin last year…I love the way he plays and I think he will be incredible this year…I like to hear that he is doing yoga and not getting too much muscle….

    You rock J Martin and have a great 2009…

  9. crzblue2

    Hello ITD posters and readers!
    Woohoo!! Josh!!! Thanks!! I’ve been waiting for information on the Caravan! Oh and this year looks to be better! I went last year and had a blast. I went to the truck sendoff and to the Panda Inn event. You know the picture of Andre holding the dishes and you can see Loney’s back? Well, Loney was our waiter. So this year is at Canters! I will be there, God willing! I went to the truck sendoff also. Roberto6 was also there. I have not read him lately. The sendoff last year was in the morning.
    Rose, Good job on the trivia yesterday for the full name of Los Angeles.
    Rose & Heart: So I might get to meet the two of you next week.
    Looking forward to meeting more of you at the ITD tour.
    Go Blue! 2008 was great! Let’s hope for an even better 2009!

  10. scott_in_arcadia

    Hi guys/gals:

    SIGN MANNY!!!!!
    SIGN MANNY!!!!!
    SIGN MANNY!!!!!
    SIGN MANNY!!!!!
    SIGN MANNY!!!!!
    SIGN MANNY!!!!!
    SIGN MANNY!!!!!
    SIGN MANNY!!!!!
    SIGN MANNY!!!!!
    SIGN MANNY!!!!!
    SIGN MANNY!!!!!
    SIGN MANNY!!!!!
    SIGN MANNY!!!!!
    SIGN MANNY!!!!!
    SIGN MANNY!!!!!

  11. nellyjune

    Good Afternoon ITD readers and writers!!!!

    Just checking in to see how it’s going, and it’s very, very slow around here. It was Super Bowl Friday today in room 5, and we had a blast! However, when we were playing NFL Bingo, every time I came to the logo for the Arizona Cardinals, I would say St. Louis instead. I definitely have baseball on the brain.

  12. nellyjune

    Great article Ward Dear and kpookimon………..maybe Boras can send 3.1 million my district’s way so teachers don’t have to lose jobs. Then again, maybe I can be our warehouse’s delivery driver because I learned he makes more than the highest paid teacher in the district just to deliver crayons, paper and pencils to our schools.


    Not that delivery and warehouse people aren’t important, Nelly, but that’s rather outrageous. There is definitely something wrong with our system. I’ve also always maintained that there are just too many and highly paid administrative levels in our education system that have little to do with face to face work with the students.

  14. nellyjune

    Oh messagebear…………don’t even get me started on administration. To be honest I have never paid that much attention to the budgets because I have never really cared all that much about them, but now that we are being kind of forced to look at them, it’s really scary what some of them are making compared to the teachers. I agree, they are important, but so is the armored truck driver who has to wear a bullet proof vest to do his job, and he isn’t making even close to that.

  15. Dodger4life

    Good evening ITD,
    What a slow day, I have my 10 year old daughter this week-end so we were able to make cookies. Yea!!!!! St. Louis Nelly, GO RAMS!!!!!
    GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!
    COME BACK MANNY!!!!!!!!

  16. crzblue2

    I was caught in the downtown L.A. traffic with the teacher’s demostration yesterday. That was a huge demostration and the lines to buy ticket for the light rail were long. I have a monthly pass so I did not have to wait in line. I was just on my way to the library after work. Even students at the library had signs taped to their back.

  17. roberto6

    Are you serious nellyjune ? That’s sad. My Wife is soon to get her teaching credential. Maybe we should move to another state ? But then again we would be far away from Dodger land…. lol

  18. nellyjune

    Hey Dodger4life – How is the cookie baking going? I was saying St. Louis Rams just fine, I just couldn’t say Arizona Cardinals today for some reason, and they are in the frickin’ Super Bowl for heaven’s sake……..just too much baseball ingrained in my head I guess. I did make a mistake on the word search and put two teams on the wrong side (NFC instead of AFC and vice versa) so I challenged them to figure out which ones are wrong.

  19. nellyjune

    roberto – most of our problems right now are just district issues……obvious mishandling of money, but the state hasn’t said what we have to cut as far as they are concerned yet. That will be a state-wide cut, which is happening to most state agencies at some point, and we are ultimately paid by the state of California, which gives us our budget. However, This 3.1 million is because our own district screwed up (to put it mildly). So, as far as your wife, just tell her to hang in there and pay attention to the news where you are at.

    Emma – I can imagine there will be many protests in the coming months, depending on where the cuts are being made.

    I have gotta to go pick up my son from baseball practice. I will catch up to some of you on late night, and if not, have a fabulous Friday night.

  20. Dodger4life

    It sounds like fun. The cookie thing is a lot of fun, I still have to finish testing them for any defects that might have occured in the process of making them though.
    I’m glad to hear your party was a success.
    GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    GO STEELERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. northstateblues

    Kahli, if Manny pulled an A-Rod like that, he’d be the Patron Saint of Chavez Ravine. The city would lift him up, and they’d never put him down (as long as his antics aren’t self-destructive to the team. I like fun Manny though).

    Nelly, it is scary how much the admins are getting paid, and yet money allocated to teachers and programs are being cut. I haven’t read a story about a Superintendent getting cut, but I’ve read plenty about teacher layoffs, increase in class sizes (in a state who’s educational system is already on life-support due to Schwarzenegger’s classroom-killing politics) and district-wide consolidation of individual programs meant to help students that can’t help themselves.

    On a happy note, glad to see the Caravan’s starting up again. Of course, I can’t make the drive, but this means baseball’s just around the corner. The tabloid nature of this offseason is wearing thin, and it’ll be nice to see the Blue back in action.

  22. colliethec

    Hey Josh I’ve got a great idea for expansion! How about bringing the Dodger Caravan to Northern California!!!! I mean the Angels are trying to move north a little, so why not do the same;)!!!!
    On another note the Giants are having their Fanfest on Saturday the 7th and I’m thinking of shakin it up a little and going wearing Dodger Blue. Ideas anybody??
    Emma–I read that article you posted about the baseball tourney to raise money for the family from the Christmas Eve incident. Great article. I wish I had known about it as I might of even driven down for that. It was very touching and I’m glad that there is some outreach taking place for that family. I know where APU is as I used to go to a church outreach they used to sponsor in Mexacali, Mexico.
    I hope all is well with everybody.
    Sign Manny & C.C. Sab… I mean Gar…, I mean Wolf.
    Go Blue!!! Bring a Ring to LA in ’09!!!!!!

  23. heartruss

    Good evening ITD. Another beautiful day in Long Beach. Life is good. Hello Nellyjune, Cpompe1, Rose, Dodger4Life, Dodgereric, NSblues,dcollins, everyone. I also find it hard understanding the inequities of salaries. What puzzled me a few years ago was how I, as a critical care nurse, was making less than a meter reader for SCE. And why would someone not even in direct patient care be given the award for employee of the year at a medical facility. Teachers often spend their own money to supply their classroom as I know Nellyjune does. She also puts her love of life into everyday which inspires her children. That to me is priceless. Anyone who thinks that a teacher’s job is easy should try it and see for themselves. I know she goes home tired, but feels very rewarded. How awesome is that? Teachers are responsible for our future.
    Kind of a slow week for the Dodgers. Sigh. I was hoping this was a breakout week. As ST gets closer and closer (14 days until catchers and pitchers report…..where is our other SP?) I wonder what is going on. Manny, I know you liked being a Dodger. And we loved having you. What are we waiting for? I wonder if now it’s a matter of pride. I don’t understand why the Dodgers first offer of $45 million for two years was not accepted. If Manny did well, I’m sure there would be incentives. I seriously think it is Borass. Sign Wolf now before he is gone as well. And please give Andre what he wants. The difference is only 1/45 of what Manny wouldn’t even accept. Ah well. GO DODGERS! GO J.RUSSELL! GO ANDRE! See everyone a little later. Love you all.

  24. trublu4ever

    dcollins ~ I think it’s a fantastic idea for you to wear Dodger Blue to the Giants FanFest!!!!!! GO DODGERS!!!!!

  25. colliethec

    Hello there Heart. The money thing is really a joke in many aspects.
    Not to get to much off of baseball, but I also look at what some celeb’s make and it upsets my stomach to put it in mild terms. They make tons of $$$ and are given everything for free. Many of them have no to little talent in what they are getting paid huge money for.
    Then many of us want to be like them and spend like crazy so we can wear what they wear, drive what they drive, and live a little like they live. Some spend outside of their means to do this and run up their credit cards and are now having trouble. Our society is way over spent and so many people have been living above their means and now everything is hitting the fan so to speak and it is getting painful for many.
    Then you see the education or health care areas getting cut & teachers or elderly struggling to make ends meet and in many cases survive and it really turns the stomach.
    Sometimes life isn’t fair and isn’t the way it should be but that’s life! I guess we just all need to be kind to each other and try to make each others life better. That’ll be our extra paycheck. I’m sure there are many out there that don’t make tons of money but are so rewarded by the work they do that they don’t need all the extra cars, houses, clothes, and what not!
    Sorry about the ramble on non sports stuff…
    We now return you to your regularly scheduled program…
    Go Dodgers!!!! Sign Manny & Wolf…

  26. trublu4ever

    PAY ANDRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GET MANNY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GET WOLF !!!!!!!!! AND LET’S GET READY FOR DODGER BASEBALL!!

  27. Dodger4life

    WE LOVE OUR DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    365 DAYS A YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    7 DAYS A WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    24 HOURS A DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    RINGS FOR ALL THE DODGERS IN 2009!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    SIGN MANNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    PAY DRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    SIGN WOLF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. trublu4ever

    Did you see Joe on Larry King? At the end, Larry’s kid and some of his friends came out with Dodger shirts on and two of them were Manny’s………the kid turned his back to Joe to show him and Torre said that the Dodgers were trying there best to get Manny back……….. Joe said he has called him, Russell has called him and I’m sure he isn’t the only player to have done so. I really think Manny wants to play with the Dodgers.

  29. Dodger4life

    WE LOVE YA MANNY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    COME BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    THE OUEST FOR # 7 BEGINS SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. colliethec

    Hello there D4!
    Hello there True!
    Good to see you 2.
    Sorry you’ve been sick D4. I guess the cold weather got you. I’ve had a little something as well but I think it’s been lack of sleep catching up to me.
    True—I’m going to watch the replay of Larry King later tonight. I’m looking forward to it.

  31. trublu4ever

    dcollins ~ Joe was pretty good. He talked about of lots of interesting things. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. I’m sorry to hear you were ailing……….it seems like the winter with everyone in close quarters a lot of viruses go around. My husband was a little under the weather last week but is back to his old self now.

  32. trublu4ever

    Jungar ~ I feel a little more optimistic of our chances for getting Manny after seeing Joe on Larry King, do you?

  33. ramslover

    Good evening everyone…Nelly, sorry to hear about the potential cutbacks. The one place we need to spend more is education not less..

    On the way home I was listening to MLB radio and they played a clip of JT the Brick (irritating comes to mind) and David Wells…He is not a fan of Torre’s, he said Joe played favorites and treated him with no respect…He actually called Joe a crummy manager and he said the only thing he did was pitch in pain and every 5th day..It was a real good interview…When asked if he saw Joe on the street would he talk to him, he said no, except to ask him why he spoke so poorly of him in the book. He was talking of the time in the WS he had to come out in the 1st inning due to his back, he said no one from the training staff to the coaching staff came to check on him for 5 innings…When the trainer came in he said to the trainer, Joe would not let you come…The trainer did not and could not respond, but Wells says he knows it was Joes doing…

    Wow, it is really interesting hearing the inside scoop…Again this could just be an unhappy non Joe fan, but it was really good radio…I hope he is having a better effect in our locker room…

    Have we signed Manny yet Ned? What are you waiting for…If the Giants get him, I will…..Lets see I cannot stop rooting for the Dodgers, but I will do something….Ned/Frank enough is enough, I think you are going to play too many games with Manny that he is going to go elsewhere and God forbid he plays against the Dodgers because he will hit .1000…Sign him please!!!!!

    And Andre, so the Ethierholics can get rest peacefully…

  34. nellyjune

    Good Evening ITD readers and writers!!!!

    nsblues – exactly!! There claim in our district is that even if they cut from the top, it wouldn’t be enough. That’s how much in the hole we are I guess.

    dcollins – that would be awesome for you to show up in your proud Dodger Blue – priceless!!!

    heartruss – thank you so much for your very kind words. I do love my job very much and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Well, there are those days where I wonder, but those in the large scheme of things are few and far between. I, personally, am not going be affected in terms of me losing my job outright. My worse case scenario is a new school/new grade level, which I look as a new opportunity and like all things………………..God has a purpose for it all. That’s why before these last few days, I could have cared less who was making what, but now that it’s affected people I have become close to, it’s forced some of us to look at where all of our money has been going. I believe I told Eric the other day, I won’t change the way I teach at all. It’s just who I am, so all the things in place will find it’s way into a classroom, whether it’s K or 8th grade, or a top school or the bottom of the barrell school. Like dcollins said, my “extra paycheck” will be ” I made a difference in a child’s life this year” and it won’t be that I taught them how to read, write or do math. It will be an experience for that grade level. Believe me, I was the only one on campus having a Super Bowl Friday day, and they learned just as much reading, writing and math that everyone else did….we just had more fun doing it. Even now, I couldn’t tell you which elementary teachers taught me how to write a complete sentence or not, but I could tell you which teachers made the class fun and what they did to make it fun. Thanks again for the kind words. Your work is not easy task either if I say so myself. Not in a million years could I do your job.

  35. nellyjune

    This Ethieraholic thanks you Ramslover!!!!

    Pay dre……….pay dre,pay
    pay dre…… dre
    pay dre… dre
    pay dre… dre
    pay dre… dre
    pay dre… dre…pay dre
    pay dre… dre……pay dre
    pay dre… dre………pay dre
    pay dre… dre………pay dre
    pay dre… dre………pay dre
    pay dre…….pay dre…….pay dre
    pay dre……….pay dre

  36. trublu4ever

    Me too, Ramslover: PAY ANDRE……………..PAY ANDRE…………………PAY ANDRE………………….PAY ANDRE……………..PAY ANDRE
    AND PLEASE PAY ANDRE ETHEIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. northstateblues

    Nelly, cutting from the top wouldn’t be enough, but at least it’d be something. God forbid they should get their hands dirty. So teacher layoffs and cutting sports and music is enough?

    I’ve always said it’s a good thing Sacramento takes such good care of CA’s prisons if they’re gonna let the Education sector go to [expletive deleted].

    Maybe one of the kids missing out on education due to budget cutbacks will one day be dumb enough to be Governor…

  38. ramslover

    I just watched the Torre interview with Larry King and he was very forthright and engaging…I want to read the book to really get his point of view…Unfortunately when the media only take snippets of a subject, it may not translate to what a person actually said…

    He said it was only his take on his Yankee years, the good and the bad….Now listening to him and after listening to David Wells, I am conflicted as to who was the real problem…I will just have to read it to find out….

    Nelly and Trublu…I do not understand what you are saying…Sign who?

  39. nellyjune


  40. sparkleplenty_1

    Nelly, you should thank God you’re not working here for the Capistrano USD. We’ve been having problems with the Trustees and (former) Superintendent for years – Brown Act violations, corrupt practices, spending $55 million on a school site that sits next to a toxic dump and situated on a road that isn’t even county approved. They house the students in portables that you wouldn’t want as a dog house. But they built a beautiful office building for themselves. I don’t know how the teachers do it – but kudos multiple times over. I love your dedication and enthusiasm. You’re an encouragement to us all – for many reasons.

  41. nellyjune

    the Garden Gnome would be in left field and only “if” there is no Manny. Let’s hope we get Manny so we can save the Garden Gnome in case the bullpen needs him again this year……….hey, that’s an idea ……..nah – why would the bullpen want him?

  42. sparkleplenty_1

    It’s not a good situation at all. My roommate is a substitute teacher and hasn’t worked for 2 years as a teacher because of the short falls. Aarrggghhh!
    Onward and upward – WE NEED TO SIGN MANNY. WE NEED TO SIGN ANDRE. WE NEED A DECENT STARTING PITCHER. C’mon, FranknNed – do your thing already. Quit messin’ around.

  43. 636566cy

    Josh – Do you have any insight as to why the Dodgers have a caravan and not a FanFest? I was actually in Chicago one year at the same time as the Cubs FanFest and it was pretty awesome! Also, it is always on a weekend when everyone usually isn’t working, so it is easier for fans to plan for. The caravan is great if it happens to come to an area near your home or work. However, it never even sniffs Ventura County or even the West Valley for that matter, so I am out of luck. I’ve actually sent emails to the Dodgers in the past trying to inquire about the reason for a no-go on the FanFest, and I’ll I get is no reply. Just wondering…

  44. sparkleplenty_1

    BTW, does anyone (other than me) remember the public workouts the Dodgers held at the stadium the second Sunday in February? They didn’t charge for parking or tickets. A number of veterans would show and lots of minor league prospects as well. You could take pictures, get autographs – all the fun things that made Dodger baseball so wonderful. In 1966, Mike Garrett actually played left field for a few innings during the workout. Ah, the good old days . . . .

  45. sparkleplenty_1

    I have a mi-morning company open house/interview function tomorrow so I need to get my beauty sleep. See you tomorrow. Let’s hope for good news on all fronts. Nite Nite!

  46. Dodger4life

    See ya diggie
    GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Pay dre……….pay dre,pay
    pay dre…… dre
    pay dre… dre
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    pay dre…….pay dre…….pay dre
    pay dre……….pay dre

    SIGN MANNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  47. Dodger4life

    Thanks I would love to retire it though 🙂
    PAY DRE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    SIGN MANNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. dodgereric

    Fair to middlin’, D4! But now that I’m hangin’ with the Prince of Positiveness, I think I’m gonna be feeling better!

    How ya’ll?

  49. Dodger4life

    I am well
    I had a little bout with a virus or cold but my trip to the doctors today has me feeling much better. Nelly was around but she just up and dissapeared??? I hope we can get Manny to sign a contract and play some Dodger baseball soon 🙂
    GO DODGERS!!!!

  50. dodgereric

    I’m glad you’re feeling better, being sick is a drag. I’ve been very fortunate the past several years in that regard.

    I’ve really enjoyed all the graffiti. Very imaginative!!

    I’ll bet Junie just fell asleep for a little bit.

  51. Dodger4life

    Maybe?? We were a little bored and needing an outlet to vent our frustrations. How is the family good I trust???
    Your boy Billy Buckner is an Idahohoian as well, he conducts a few baseball clinics around here.

  52. dodgereric

    LOL!! I like Idahohoian better!!!! Make it Idahohohoian and it’s Christmas again! LOL!!!

    Bucks is someone I’d love to meet someday. I loved watching him play.

    The family is good, thanks! Did I see up top somewhere that you have your daughter for the weekend and were making cookies? That’s outstanding!

  53. Dodger4life

    I am going to sleep Taylor will be up bright and early, so you two have a wonderful night and God Bless both you and your families.

    Good night ITD dodgerfaithful, Have a great day tommorrow.
    For those of you going to the caravan Enjoy and please pass my enthuisiasm along to the Dodgers thank-you.
    GO DODGERS!!!!!!
    PAY DRE!!!!!!!!!!!!
    SIGN MANNY!!!!!!!

    May we add some pitching help soon also.
    Enjoy your day once again 🙂

  54. nellyjune

    I had a hard time getting on tonight originally too. It is weird how it works that way sometimes. Also, every once in a while I get the “Internet Exploered Stopped Working and is Restarting” and then I have to go through the signin process all over again.

  55. nellyjune

    Tim, one the coaches at VSA, decorated his entire office in Dodger blue, including a neon sign with the Dodgers logo. It is very cool!!!

  56. dodgereric

    Geez, I just spent the last ten minutes typing away only to have the site toss it out! Let’s try shorter posts……

  57. dodgereric

    There! That one worked!

    I’ve been busy tonight. Chris and I went to the movies tonight, saw Frost-Nixon. Frank Langella was as good as advertised. We might try again tomorrow for The Wrestler.

  58. nellyjune

    LOL!!! It took me at least 30 minutes trying to get my original “Good Evening ITD readers and writers” posted. I finally went to “word” to get it at least typed out. I know what you mean – very frustrating 🙂

  59. dodgereric

    Since coming home, I’ve finished the program for Matt’s Court of Honor and sent emails to all who we’re hoping to be part of the ceremony. Tomorrow I have nothing planned. Matt’s going snowboarding again.

  60. nellyjune

    I heard that was a good movie…….I am glad it met your approval. I also heard good things about “The Wrestler” It should be good as well 🙂

  61. dodgereric

    That’s pretty gutsy to paint all that Dodger stuff up there in Gnatland! My compliments! Did your dad ever fix the scoreboard? LOL!!!

  62. nellyjune

    I don’t know if he fixed it!! – I will certainly check it out tomorrow. Well, as for the office, there is one office that is all Gnat stuff so we are even now.

    We have little league sign ups again. Tomorrrow is supposed to be busy since most people got paid yesterday/today. Sunday, Mariya has volleyball in Madera which is only 30 minutes away so we should be home in time to watch the majority of the Super Bowl. Also, Fuentes is doing pitching clinics next Saturday at our place….that should be fun even though he is an Angel now.

  63. nellyjune

    What bothers me about that story Eric, is I heard she had invitro done. Why? Six kids wasn’t enough? I am having a hard time finding sympathy for this one.

  64. dodgereric

    Well, tomorrow should be an exciting day for you guys! A bonafide BigLeaguer! It doesn’t really matter who he plays for, those lucky kids will never forget it! Incredible!

    The story quotes her mother as saying her daughter is obsessed with babies. I also have to wonder about the doctor who proceeded with the procedure. Did he know that she had 6 kids? Did he even care? Can a single mom provide the love and attention that 14 kids require? No offense to her, but it doesn’t sound real smart on several people’s parts.

  65. nellyjune

    I guess she did…….I finally read an article about it 🙂

    You are right – some great letters. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  66. nellyjune

    Brian is coming next weekend, but yes, it will be great. I have been recruiting Chenoweth kids to go 🙂

    I was pretty upset about the doctor too. Most people, and I was one of them, have to go through a lot of screening for stuff like that and just the cost of doing it is pretty pricey.

  67. dodgereric

    I guess we’ll be watching the Super Bowl right here this year. We usually go to Chris’ sister’s place, but her father-in-law passed away Friday and they’re on their way to Arizona right now. He’d been really sick for a long time. He wasn’t expected to make it to Thanksgiving, so he fooled ’em for a while. He was a tough, opinionated ol’ SOB, but loved his family as much as I’ve ever seen and was usually a lot of fun to talk to. He was a big-time Dodger fan. The last time I saw him was at last year’s Super Bowl. Keep the family in your prayers, if you would be so kind.

    I’ll miss him.

  68. nellyjune

    In one of the letters, Perez was brought up. You had brought him up several times……weird how it never became an option.

  69. dodgereric

    That was Odalis, the former Dodger. Oliver is the one I was talking about earlier. His price tag is a bit too much, considering he is really still a work-in-progress.

    Thank you for the prayers. And speaking of prayers, it’s time I said mine. It’s 2am, we’ve gotten ITD to 100 posts, and I’m falling asleep at the keyboard.

    Good night and may God Bless you and yours Junie, tonight and always!!! And also to all non-posting readers!

  70. nellyjune

    Good Night Ward Dear………my computer is not happy with me tonight at all. Have a wonderful Saturday, and God Bless to you and yours as well.

    Good Night ITD readers and writers!!!

  71. Dodger4life

    Good Morning ITD, Dodgerfaithful,
    Well today we kick off the weeks festivities. Hurray for the Dodgers caravan. Celebrating Jackie Robinson and 90 years.
    Thank- you Jackie. Don Newcombe, Tommy Davis, and Sweet Lou Johnson will be in attendance as we kick off black history month. It should be a fun time for all. If you plan to attend, enjoy and have a wonderful day today.
    GO DODGERS !!!!!!!!!
    BRING THE RING IN 2009!!!!!!!

  72. Dodger4life

    Thanks Tru, How are you today???
    I am worn out from the you tube dancing last night, it was fun though 🙂
    Will Ned sign anyone today?????

  73. trublu4ever

    dodger4life ~ you children were up quite late last night “Dancing in the Streets” 🙂

  74. Dodger4life

    It is fun, I have been known to go out once in a while.
    I sure am tired the next day 🙂
    GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  75. trublu4ever


  76. nellyjune

    Good Morning ITD readers and writers!! Up early this morning I see. I guess I slept in a little…….up late last night, and then after I signed off with Ward Dear, I watch “Hot Stove” on mlbtv talking about Andruw trying to find a home……….it was funny really. They were saying that if a team that had him for 12 years doesn’t want him, who would? They pretty much said in a nut shell – Andruw needs to stay home.

  77. nellyjune



  78. Dodger4life

    Pay dre……….pay dre,pay
    pay dre…… dre
    pay dre… dre
    pay dre… dre
    pay dre… dre
    pay dre… dre…pay dre
    pay dre… dre……pay dre
    pay dre… dre………pay dre
    pay dre… dre………pay dre
    pay dre… dre………pay dre
    pay dre…….pay dre…….pay dre
    pay dre……….pay dre

    Support #16 and all the Dodgers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  79. cpompe1

    Good morning ITD boys and girls!
    Another morning, again no news on Manny, no news on signing Andre. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, SIGN ANDRE AND AVOID AN ARBITRATION HEARING!

    Hey diggie, you were asking earlier about if anyone remembers the public workouts the Dodgers held at the stadium the second Sunday in February? Yeah, I sure remember them! That was fun! Sit wherever you wanted to sit! We didn’t go all the time, but I do remember going! That was a lot of fun! Hey dodgereric! Last night you were talking about seeing Frost-Nixon. I REALLY want to see that movie! I’m glad that you liked it!

    Nelly – I have been praying for you so much about this mess with the teachers and Sacramento. Seriously, priorities have got to be made. That is just unfair to put the burden onto teachers. They have enough pressures and they spend their own $ for the benefit of the kids. I was never a teaching type, but I certainly can appreciate them. I have a sister and her ex-husband – they still are teachers in Bakersfield. My brother-in-law (the one that was married to my sister that died 10 years ago) was a teacher in the Palos Verdes District. He was so sick and tired of the board of education and their policies that made no sense to him, he quite teaching after some 25 years. I certainly can appreciate all that you and your fellow teachers have to endure.

  80. trublu4ever

    Buster Olney of ESPN says the Gnats are back in the hunt for Manny. WAKE UP FRANK…………..SIGN MANNY AND ANDRE NOW!!!!!!!!!! MANNY CANNOT EVER BE A GIANT!!!!!!!!!!

  81. trublu4ever

    Sorry, I forgot to say good morning to you nellyjune and CP. I just so upset over this whole mess with Andre and Manny not being signed. Joe and Russell have talked to Manny……….they want him here………..SO, DAMMIT, OPEN YOUR CHECKBOOK, FRANK!!!!

  82. nellyjune

    Good Morning CP!!! Yes, our state is a mess and unfortunately my district is in a mess too, so it’s double whammy time. We will get through it though just like we get through everything else. Some are just better at panicking I guess, and I happen to work next door to one of them 🙂

  83. nellyjune

    How are you this morning!!! I am glad you might get to go to see our boys this week. That will be so much fun!! My mom and I want to do the bowling tournament with James, so I think we are going to start saving money for that!

  84. cpompe1

    Good morning tru!
    I sure hope I’m not underestimating this, but the way I see it, EVEN IF the gnats are very interested in Manny and might, possibly, offer a contract to him, I still believe that that contract the gnats would offer is so small compared to what the Dodgers have already offered that Manny and Borass wouldn’t even give it a 2nd look. But again, I didn’t think that this process would take THIS long ethier! So how are you?

    Nelly, again, I’m so sorry you and every other teacher has to endure this. It really gets me upset with the way our priorities aren’t where they should be. I mean, how can a delivery driver make more than teachers? That’s just absurd. Like you said, it’s not because I think delivery drivers aren’t needed, but please, priorities, please! So other than that, how are you?

  85. cpompe1

    Nelly, I’m fine. I mentioned it before, but it’s one of those things that’s going to be a last second decision. I mean, if my mom would’ve been free and able to go, I would say right now that we’d be there. But since mom can’t go, I will decide right before. I mean, if I have an interview, I have an interview. But if I don’t, I can make a trip to LA! I’d love to be served lunch by my Boys in Blue! That bowling tournament with James sounds interesting. The only thing is that I’m a terrible bowler. But, we’ll see!

  86. trublu4ever

    Cp ~ I’m okay. I didn’t think this was going to take so long either. For some reason Ned and Frank think that they can always sign two for the price of one (Abreu & Dunn) if things don’t work out with Manny……….Abreu is talking to other clubs and if we don’t do something, we will have nobody but the Garden Gnome in left field. What a revolting thought.

  87. cpompe1

    Hey tru, that’s what I’m thinking of. I mean, let’s just say Manny signs elsewhere. We’ve always held that Abreu and Dunn are backups to him. And you know how much I don’t like Dunn, but if Manny and Abreu sign elsewhere, is Dunn my last resort choice? I guess so. I mean Dunn and JP are not good fielders. At least Dunn can drive in runs where JP cannot. But what if they BOTH sign elsewhere before the Dodgers can sign one or the other. Then where does that leave us? Oh no, not JP in LF again. That is NOT an encouraging prospect…

  88. nellyjune

    CP – I read that you had mentioned the last minute decision things now that you mentioned it again. I was reading yesterday with very little responding. It was one of those “action every minute” kind of days with the Super Bowl Friday and all. Tru, my sister and I used to bowl quite a bit, but work, lack of time and the fact that it costs a fortune to be part of a league nowadays. I rather spend my money on the Dodgers now and other worthwhile trips and adventures.

  89. nellyjune

    …it leaves us with JP, the Garden Gnome, in left field and batting 2nd, as jungar will be glad to tell you over and over again. So, we need Manny signed ASAP.

  90. nellyjune

    CP – I totally didn’t finish my thought up there, but yes, we loved bowling but just didn’t have the time really, and then being part of a league got really costly. We used to travel to tournaments all the time. So, this would be a way for us to bowl and see the Dodgers at the same time.

  91. cpompe1

    That sounds like fun Nelly! I’ve never been part of a bowling league; was close once, but it is expensive and there were other places where we could spend our $.

    Well ladies, I’ll be back later. My son has left for work and now I’ve gotta get to the business of taking a shower and then doing my shoulder exercises! I’ll catch up with y’all later…

  92. nellyjune

    Talk to you later CP!! I gotta get going to. I have to work at the baseball academy again today, as sign-ups for little league continue. Have a great day and I will see you later. Do your shoulder exercises!!

  93. nellyjune

    A report on our prospects and kudos to our young core.

    Young veterans such as Chad Billingsley, Jonathan Broxton, Andre Ethier, Matt Kemp, James Loney and Russell Martin formed the heart of the team. Billingsley was the club’s best starting pitcher, while Broxton took over as closer when Takashi Saito went down. Ethier and Kemp vastly outperformed fellow outfielders Andruw Jones and Juan Pierre at a fraction of the price, while Loney led the team with 90 RBIs and Martin was its lone all-star.


    Frank, if you want this young core to stay together, you have to pay them now. Sign Manny and you still have plenty to get a SP and Andre taken care of. At least you should have enough unless we are out purchases more homes in Malibu.

  94. crzblue2

    Buenos dias ITD boys & girls!
    Eric, I especially like the “Out of wack” letter! Well said Booth Vance!
    Diggie & Cpompe, I remember that event in February. It was a friendly game against USC and yes, we could sit anywhere. I used to take my little cousins with me and we would have our first Dodger dog of the year.
    Dcollins, How are you? Glad you got to see that aritlce I posted. Oh, and definately wear Dodger Blue to the Giant fanfest! You certainly will get noticed! I forget who was it that went last year to the Angel caravan and wore Dodger Blue. When he was inline to get Scioscia’s autograph, he looked up surprised. If I would do that, I would take Mike the picture I have of him in Dodger Blue back when Union 76 used to give out those pics. Scioscia was one of my favorites back when he played.

  95. northstateblues

    Good Noonish ITD! Since everyone’s getting in the ASCII spirit, thought I’d join the fun.


  96. northstateblues

    Emma, great story about Scioscia and the Angels caravan. Isn’t it funny how Anaheim gets LA’s city name (which it already owned ’cause O’Malley sold Autry the city’s naming rights, but whatever, I guess people forget a lot over 47 years or so), and we get a front office criticized for running the on-field team like a Mickey-Mouse operation? (Apologies to my fellow Disney lovers)

    DCollins, I’d say go for it, but bring some blue friends if you can, strength in numbers… although from your past job history, I’m sure you could handle yourself in event of morons! I’ll be there in spirit.

  97. perumike

    Good afternoon everyone! I hope you’re all having a great day, and that we have a great week next week with Andre and Manny signed for years to come!

  98. alex41592

    One thing I’ve learned is you should never make a signing just to say you made a signing.

    There are many reasons not to sign Ben Sheets. But, there are also many reasons to sign Ben Sheets. The Dodger front office have a lot of important decisions to make. But, it is ok to say no. I believe they have with Sheets.

    Not signing Jon Garland was a good decision. Sometimes the best transaction is one where you do not make it. Randy Wolf is a nice option especially when there is not much out there.

    Manny is an important piece of the puzzle. I believe in the near future Boras and the Dodgers will come together and figure this out. But, there is no reason whatsoever Ned should cave in. None. There is no competition for Manny. If Manny wants to play baseball in 2009 he’s going to have to accept the terrible condition our economy is in and accept our terms or close to it.

    I’ve believed since November that 3 years at 65/70 million with an option for a 4th year would get it done. But, the Dodgers have no reason to offer this to him…yet. Manny and Boras have no leverage and they have to realize the market is not there.

    We are less than 2 weeks away. Tick tock. Tick tock. Manny to the Dodgers can happen at any moment but it is on Manny’s watch not Ned’s.

  99. heartruss

    Good afternoon ITD. How is everything Nellyjune? How are the signups going? A special hello to Cpompe1 and trublu. It has been much too quiet on the Manny front. It may be that it will happen all of a sudden and boom he’s signed either as a Dodger or other. I can’t believe that they are going to arbitration over Andre’s salary.
    I hope everyone has a good Saturday. What a beautiful day it is!

  100. nellyjune

    It is good to see Alex!! I was just talking about you the yesterday with Dodger4life. He was asking about radio broadcasts of the games, and I was telling him how you used to do play by play during Spring Training. It’s great to see you! We know there is still time….let’s just hope it doesn’t run out.

    nsblues – fabulous grafitti!!!!!

  101. phan52

    On Saturday, February 7, the Dodgers’ equipment truck will depart Dodger Stadium for Camelback Ranch-Glendale, home of the club’s new campus in the desert. The club will welcome fans to see equipment and the truck up close, then give it a send-off on its historic inaugural journey.


    You can’t be serious.

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