Camelback is creeping up…

As the days tick off the calendar, it’s hard to fathom that we’ll be in Arizona in a little more than three weeks. The excitement is building (as is the workload) but we’re all getting ready around here and there’s definitely a buzz that accompanies having Spring Training so close to home.

I’ve worked here for about 15 years and I’ve never heard so many people planning their trips to come see the Dodgers during Spring Training. While the PR department and Baseball Ops all headed to Vero in the past, there were countless hard-working employees (and an enormous number of fans) who never saw Dodgertown. I keep hearing people up and down the halls talking about what weekend they’re coming to Camelback and that’s really cool.

For those of you planning to come out for some games, tomorrow is the day you can start buying tickets to single games so hopefully you’ll all be out there. And if you come, be sure to say hello. I’ll be there for the entire six-plus weeks (minus my time in LA for the World Baseball Classic) and everyone knows everyone, so just ask around and we can hopefully catch up on site.

Coincidentally, individual game tickets go on sale for the WBC on Monday and for any of you who saw the packed houses in San Diego last time around, hopefully you’ll be making your plans for then, too. Come out and support your country (even if you’re reading this from somewhere outside the US), as it should be a great time to come visit and back your hometown players).

On the baseball front, obviously we made news yesterday with the release of Andruw Jones. Clearly it was a disappointment for all of us and I know that everyone had high hopes when he arrived (including many of you at ITD). At this point, all you can really do is turn the page and focus on ’09 Adding another starting pitcher, which is a main focus of Ned and his crew right now, and hopefully bringing Manny back would make for a pretty nice offseason.

Enjoy the weekend and in case you haven’t been watching the MLB Network, tune in on Monday night at 9 p.m. for a special tribute to the Negro Leagues. 



  1. northstateblues

    Thanks for the update, Josh. Must be interesting to be dealing with the opening of Camelback Ranch, a turning point in Dodger History. Good luck!

    Hopefully the pieces to the puzzle fall in place soon, because as it stands, if we don’t get Manny, it’ll be an uphill climb yearlong with him in San Francisco. Of course, as we all know, as long as we get to October, it’s a different ballgame. Just would be nice to bring a more solidified rotation with us should we make it.

  2. northstateblues

    Wonder what Shelbyville is up to with their beet tree…

    The Giants finished fourth in the National League West with a 72-90 record last season, better than expected, yet indicative of the challenges that lie ahead. But a funny thing happened on the way to the team writing off 2009 as another formative experience: After an improvement here and an upgrade there, the Giants are suddenly dark-horse candidates to make a run in the NL West.

    That’s as much a commentary on the state of the division as the strength of the San Francisco roster, but nobody in the Bay Area much cares.

    “We fully expect to play over .500, and who knows where that is going to lead?” Sabean said.


    And yet, from the reports on the homepage, our groomed young bullpen guy is trying to be a starter, and our groomed young starter is being put in the bullpen. If we can figure out what we have, and how to use it properly (and to spend money on players that are worth it, and stop burning millions on washed-ups who are not), we’d be in good shape.

    Right now, though, as Scooby Doo said… Ruh-oh.

    If Colletti felt compelled a few years ago to outbid the Giants for Juan Pierre, he’s gonna be in for a RUDE awakening should he let the dreadlocked one set up shop by the Bay


  3. northstateblues

    * our groomed young bullpen guy is BEING MADE INTO a starter.

    little error, big difference.

    Okay, on to my 10-hour trip to NorCal again

  4. junkyardjamie

    Good Morning nsblues!!! I hope you are having a good trip. I think I am a little more concerned about pitching than whether we get Manny or not. However, I guess, all we can do is wait and see how everyone shows up to Spring Training, and go from there.

  5. enchantedbeaver

    A little 70’s disco. The Miracles – Love Machine (sorry, couldn’t find the original version):

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    All the other guys resemble stoo-ooooooooool
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    Artist: Guess What?
    CD: Now What?
    ©NedCo Broken Records 2009

    NedCo – Oh hell, why bother.™

  6. junkyardjamie

    brownpaperbag – You never disappoint – FANTASTIC SONG!!!!

    So, does dodgereric put this song under “enchanted” or does he put it under “brownpaperbag formerly known as enchanted” or just brownpaperbag (bpb)?

  7. nachotaco

    Andruw Jones = a big piece of crap… In case you haven’t heard… he was at a Duke – Georga Tech Game wearing a Braves hat while he was still under contract with the Dodgers… WHAT A JERK! We don’t need @$$clowns like him around!

  8. trublu4ever

    So, are we excited about spring training? Are we anxiously awaiting the crack of the bat? Are we ready to sweat in the hot sun? Are we going to be able to put on our #99 jersey? Are we ready to see our overpowering pitching staff? Are we ready to hear them say, “Play ball?”

  9. dodgereric

    That’s a fact, nachotaco! If he thought he was booed last year, just wait until he shows up at DS wearing that Braves (or any other) cap!


    I’m ready, I’m ready, I’m really, really ready.
    Let’s go Dodgers
    Sign Manny, I’m tired of waiting.
    Sign Randy Wolf.
    Let’s head to Spring training.

  11. enchantedbeaver

    ‘Druw was also working out at Turner field before his release – can’t that be construed as tampering? (not that anyone cares.)

    He is a piece of work. I’d have sued the *******.


    classic. I go thru Josh’s linked thread (skimmed it) and saw the comments and mine were par for the course…. no mention either way how I felt about Jones but pure Joy that was chrushed with an either platoon and then ultimalty I was right so it worked out…


    if Juan Pierre is your left fielder, you need a new left fielder.

    Since 1901, the lowest adjusted OPS for a regular left fielder (minimum 502 plate appearances/140 games), according to, is Luis Polonia’s 75 for the 1993 California Angels.

    Juan Pierre’s adjusted OPS last season for the Dodgers: 75.

    P.S.: It has been 94 years since a left fielder went homerless for a season.

    Ethier is a better player.

    Pierre is as good as gone. Nothing in Ned’s past moves makes me think he will keep him now.

  13. junkyardjamie

    jungar – I remember those comments back in December when we signed him, and I also remember jhall having a great deal to say back then too.

  14. 636566cy

    Oh, stop with the McRanch updates already. The McCourt’s excuse was that it was so unaffordable for people to go to Vero Beach. Please, does anyone really believe they care about the fans? No, they care about lining their wallets. What they did was is that they took the expense that they could control (ticket prices), jacked those babies way up, and then reduced what they can’t control (travel expenses), and sold that bill of goods to everyone. If they could’ve gotten more money out of Vero, they would still be there. Don’t think for a second that they were trying to make it easier for the fans; the only thing they were trying to make easier is finding a why to ruin Spring Training by jacking up prices on everything.

    Frank and Jaime suck! Sell the team already carpetbaggers!

    Okay, I feel much better now that I got that rant off my chest:)

  15. cpompe1

    Good afternoon ITD boys and girls!
    YEAH! Princess Druw is someone else’ problem, not ours!!! Now, if we can only rid ourselves of JP, that’d be great!!!

    ”Andruw could show up naked and he’d be booed!”
    Tru – I like the sentiment, but that is an image that I would rather not think about…

    “Oh, stop with the McRanch updates already.”
    clhuerth – I understand your feelings about Camelback, but don’t take it out on Josh. He’s just doing his job. You may not want to hear about Camelback, but others may want to.

    So how are my ITD friends???

  16. 636566cy

    cpompe1 – I realize that others want to hear about McRanch. However, I would like the rhetoric to stop about what a great coup it is for all of the Southern California Dodger fans that the team is now in Arizona. I’m tired of hearing hou much more affordable it is going to be. I’m also tired of hearing about how this was a move made with the fans being foremost on the mind of the McCourts. Just give us an update and stop the sales pitch and I’m fine with it. The Dodgers give the McRanch sales pitch through email, their website and mailing sent to all fans who bought tickets last year that they have an address for. I think constantly plugging the how much better this place is going to be is a slap in the face at anyone who ever went to Vero and who know where the real Dodgertown is: it’s on the Gold Coast of South Florida, not anywhere else.

  17. enchantedbeaver

    This is what I’m afraid of CP:
    “The Dodgers are one of the most well-run franchises in all of Baseball,” McCourt said. “We’re going to continue to run it that way.”

  18. 636566cy

    Actually, now that I think about it, I’m not sure if Vero is on the Treasure Coast or Gold Coast, but I think the message is clear. I just didn’t want to get fact checked by anyone:)

  19. trublu4ever

    cp ~ I know what you mean about the arbitration. My wish is that we make them an offer that makes them feel they have a future with the Dodgers.

  20. cpompe1

    Okay clhuerth, calm down. I’m not “chastising” you for your opinions; far from it. We all have our opinions here and there are times when posters don’t agree with other posters and with management. There are many decisions from management that I don’t care for. That is why I am so grateful to Josh for maintaining the ITD forum here. Keep on saying what you want to say; perhaps if you say it enough, maybe something will change in a way that is agreeable to you. But don’t be disappointed if it doesn’t.

    All I was saying is Josh has a job to do, and he does a great job doing it. We may not agree 100% with everything he says; heck, maybe HE doesn’t agree 100% with everything he says, but he says things because it’s his JOB to do it. That is ALL I’m saying here.

  21. cpompe1

    Hey Tru!!! I was really hoping that arbitration would’ve been avoided in these cases. I know that it still can be avoided. I am just so afraid that if they do go into arbitration that the Dodgers won’t pay these guys what they most certainly deserve. I just don’t like the arbitration process. I just still hope they can avoid it…

  22. cpompe1

    Oh, that’s fine clhuerth! Unfortunately there are MANY things about how this organization is run that gets all of us “up-in-arms” about!!! 🙂

  23. trublu4ever

    cp ~ I hate arbitration. All of those players deserve a big salary. Afterall, Frank is building his team around our “Young Guns”, isn’t he? I want a commitment from the Dodgers to keep the boys together for a long time.

  24. cpompe1

    Tru – Yes, all of those players deserve a big salary. And yes, Frank “says” that he is committed to building his team around our “Young Guns”, but when push comes to shove (which is now if they don’t avoid arbitration), will he pony up???

  25. enchantedbeaver

    I doubt either side hears what the other wants before they get to arbitration. Once they do and if they’re close I’m sure they’ll reach a compromise for this season and who knows, maybe even long term it and cover their first year or two of FA eligibility. Only if they’re far enough apart that either side won’t budge will it make it all the way to the arbitor, then he/she picks one or the other’s salary number after they make their case (there’s no in between.) I believe Kim Ng does the arguing for management’s side and from what I’ve read, she’s pretty good at it.

  26. dodgereric

    They talk before they get to arbitration. Most of the time they’ll settle, because binding arbitration can be a nasty business and I doubt that either side likes doing it.

    The Dodgers approached Martin about a long term contract last season but his people turned it down. They saw some other young players signing away their first years of free agent eligibility and thought it might be a mistake to do so. But reading Martin’s comments after his lunch with McCourt, he’s willing to listen to an offer now.

    I remember when Magic Johnson signed a contract that was 25 years and $25 million. It was outrageously large at the time, people were flabbergasted. But it wasn’t more than 2 or 3 days later that someone wrote that Magic will be regretting it in just a couple of years. They were right. Steve Garvey signed what seemed like a nice deal at the time, but before it expired he was horribly underpaid. He showed a lot of class by not complaining about it though.

    If you want the security of a long term contract, you run the risk of eventually being underpaid.

    Unless your name is Alex Rodriguez.

  27. enchantedbeaver

    If Martin does sign a long term contract, they’d better slap a “C” on his uniform. I think that would boost team morale by itself.

  28. thinkingblue

    Josh thanks for the update. And yes I believe more people will be attending spring training because it is one state over instead on the other end of the country. It was funny to read that a lot of us here at ITD were happy when Dodgers had first signed Jones…LOL…how things change….LOL
    I haven’t been a faithful blogger….sniff sniiff… hello to all and I see new names or people have change theirs names AGAIN….brownpaperbag…(love that name…LOL) great song, by the way….and also Nachotaco…taconacho or something like that. Eric, TRU & Dnel faithful as always I see.
    I am all excited Spring training is almost here. Yeah! Since we are having Spring time weather, can’t they just start now…I can’t wait. And Manny, Manny, Manny…come on just sign the Dodgers contract….you know you “liked-tiriri here”!

  29. thinkingblue

    I’m with both Eric & BrownPaperBag…Captain Martin! He is s great role model, dedicated player, he is great where ever you put him, my kids love him and there are a lot of ladies out there that adore him, yup and I’m one of them…..Captain my Captain Martin. And if he does sign a long contract…I don’t have to retire my jersey…LOL!


    I have been anticipating the “coming of age” of the so called kids (are they still kids) with regards to arbitration, free agency and long term contracts. Management has begun to refer to these players (Martin, Kemp, Loney, Ethier) as “core” players but it remains to be seen if the Dodgers will be able to keep all these players in view of the way things work in major league baseball. Martin could very well be the “test” case. We have heard that he did not want to discuss a long term contract but now we hear he is amenable. Once again, there is great risk here for both the player and organization and it is unforltunate that most of the risk falls on the organization. All too often a player’s performance declines after signing the big contract. I do think it is good to avoid arbitration for a number of reasons but mostly because it puts the player on the defensive and there is no room for comprimise.

    So what will happen? Will the Dodgers act like a big market team or a small market team? Remember, the Dodgers have at least 4 everyday players to consider for long term deals, abritration or free agency in the next few years. This does not include Bills and hopefully Kershaw down the road. I think it is a good problem to have but how the Dodgers (and players) handle this problem will be the story.


    I should add that I would be in favor of trying to sign Martin to a deal that avoids abritration and also understand the team will have to pay a premium to him in order to stave off free agency. Also, in Martin’s case I would not expect him to approach the game any differently after signing a longer term deal than prior. I do think there is an issue with how his production tails off toward the second half of the season but hopefully management can find a solution to that by giving him more time off even if he doesn’t want it. I don’t think the Dodgers have had a captain since Maury Wills but I like the idea of having Martin accept that role if it is offered.

  32. thinkingblue

    OMG! I can’t believe Gruden got fired…not chucky. Oh man my husband is going to be sad. We are bucs fans….Go Bucs…oh well.
    Nooo Braves shouldn’t sign Jones. Jones should go to the Giants….don’t like the Giants….
    I did read about Martin, Ethier, Broxton and Repko’s arbitrations…can somebody explain that to me? Rookie question! Why can’t baseball players make as much as football players or Baskeball players.


    Sound familiar?

    However, the Braves are torn about whether to sign him, knowing his arrival might put manager Bobby Cox in a difficult position. Cox might feel obligated to play Jones out of loyalty, but Jones might not merit the opportunity.

  34. thinkingblue

    Jones might end up like Bonds….nobody wants to signed them. Jones might of not been happy with the Dodgers, but he should of still put more effort in his game, now his lack of effort is hurting him and nobody really wants to sign him…oh well…HE IS OUT OF OUR HANDS….! He should sign with Phillies or Giants….lol!

  35. trublu4ever

    dodgersrule ~ I’m doing great, and you? Wouldn’t our friend from Philly, phan, enjoy it if his team got Andruw? lol


    Dodgersrule, the NFL and NBA have salary caps, franchise players, rookie pay guidelines and the sort. Outside of a minimum salary, minimum pay cut levels and some sort of luxary tax, I don’t think MLB has much else in the way of salary rules. Arbitration is an either/or process. The team makes an offer to an eligible player that if not accepted, triggers arbitration. Both parties submit a salary and a third party arbitrator hears both sides and then decides on one or the other. There is no middle ground. From what I have read, the process is something like this: the player puts up all sorts of evidence to justify his position and the team argues against the player, offering its own evidence with the goal of “defeating” the player. The decision is binding and after the process everyone is suppose to go on as if nothing happend. Imagine going to your boss to ask for a raise and he or she asks why you deserve it. You present your case and then your boss comes back to you with all sorts of negative stuff why he or she does not think you deserve it. You still might come to some acceptable conclusion but you could come away with a bad taste in your mouth even though you know it is just business.

  37. junkyardjamie

    Good Afternoon ITD readers and writers!!!

    It’s good to see you dodgersrule. I am with dodgereric….you are plenty faithful!!!!

    brownpaperbag and unknown….I hope you are having a good day today. It’s good to see you back.

  38. junkyardjamie

    lbirken – thank you for that explanation. So, have our guys been offered salaries and are now in arbitration, or has the process just started?

  39. thinkingblue

    TRU – I’m doing great, waiting for Spring time….I can’t wait to see My Ethier & Martin in blue again, well and hoping to see Manny in blue again. Work has been keeping super busy, then or server was not protected so I couldn’t go online….buy hey that was taken care of today…yeah so I am back.
    DNEL good to hear from you too….here comes the girl power….oh it is going to be another exciting season…can’t wait..
    IBERKEN – Thanks for explaining. Oh man I just hope that everything turns out positive and the 4 players get what they want and what’s fair. It will suck if they get a negative outcome and ruins the season. OK I sort of understand why Martin, Ethier & Broxton want more but Repko. Did he do something extraordinary?


    Thanks to bpb for the inspiration last thread…..

    Nedco’s Inferno (sung to the tune of The Trammps’s “Disco Inferno)

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    We just can’t stop
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    Burning, burning. burning.,……………….


    I am not up to speed on the exact situations of all the players mentioned but one reason stated for the Dodgers not offering arbitration to Saito was that the Dodgers expected Saito to get a big raise no matter what the outcome. Remember, the player submits a figure and the team submits a figure. It stands to reason the player will submit a much higher figure than what he was offered so even if the player loses, he still comes out with a lot more than had he accepted the teams last offer. The process stinks and often both sides try to avoid it.

  42. thinkingblue

    Haaahaahha BPB…so you will be like a Diva Toilet Seat! LOL! That is funny. Or you can just be like a lion!

  43. thinkingblue

    OOOHHH…So they may actually want what they are getting, even if it’s less of what they are asking (or what’s in writing). They ask for more money so that during negotiations they get what they want…ohhhh makes sense now….And no matter what; they are still getting a raise. Thanks Ibirken


    In fact, arbitration is one procedure the owners would like to eliminate. It’s a “win-win” for the player.

  45. thinkingblue

    Good for the players…they play and play and the one’s getting rich are the owner’s.
    Well I am out…gotta go home now…I’m just glad to be back…miss my ITD….

  46. trublu4ever

    I loved the 70’s! I enjoy all of the songs our ITD folks write. In fact, I think the people on ITD are very special. Everyone is a little different but, together we make an awesome group!

  47. oldbrooklynfan

    Thanks JOSH for giving us a look at the middle of December 2007, I noticed that I- under pierreseastmeetswest,- was not that excited over the acquisition of Andruw Jones.
    The main reason was that I feared it would mean the end of Ethier or Kemp as Dodgers, because to me it seemed that Colletti preferred Pierre in the lineup.
    Today, a year later, I’m more confident that both Ethier and Kemp will remain as Dodgers, I’m hoping for Manny and I have to say that the Pierre situation is just as puzzling, in regards to seeing him go, as it ever was.

  48. junkyardjamie

    Hey joepierre – How are you doing? I think you are right about Kemp and Ethier. Both of them have the bats and the arms to make another exciting year in the outfield. Just watching them play a full year will be awesome if nobody is put in their way of doing so.

  49. thinkingblue

    Yeah finally I was able to log back in….
    I love the comment about the quilt. It is very true…we make a beautiful quilt…Love it!
    Ethier & Kemp are wonderful out there and yes they are both going to make another exciting year in the outfield…I can’t wait to see them do their jump-turn-bump move they do soooo good!

  50. thinkingblue

    How is Billingsley doing? I just remember he broke something before the holidays. how is he doing? Is he good to pitch and balance on one foot!

  51. junkyardjamie

    brownpaperbag – I don’t know what is funnier sometimes, your songs, your comments or your one-line visuals, but this still has me LMAO just picturing it………..

    If I wore my hair in an afro it’d look like a fur-lined toilet seat…

    By brownpaperbag on January 16, 2009 5:03 PM

  52. junkyardjamie

    Seesky – I saw that comment about the quilt right before I left from school to home……………a perfect description of this group.

  53. junkyardjamie

    LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ….with a brown paper bag over his head too LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. thinkingblue

    Well if BPB ever showed up at a Disco looking like that, it would be a Disco Inferno…..hell….dress like that and doing the hustle!

  55. junkyardjamie

    I think it would be great to see bpb and enchanted in their thongs on the dance floor. now, that would be a sight 🙂

  56. trublu4ever

    Am I reading it wrong? Does the article on the homepage mean we better look for a power bat in someone other than Manny?

  57. junkyardjamie

    “The way the economy is, you can’t predict anything in a reliable way,” said Colletti. “There’s no way to know how the fanbase will cope with the economy. As a result, this season might be more dynamic than any other. Traditionally, you can forecast your revenues and your payroll. This year, there may be movement all year as we see things evolve.”

    ….meanwhile the McCourts have how many houses now?…..and don’t forget about building those 42 dream parks.

  58. bluecrewgirl

    I hope everyone is having a great “offseason.” I’ve missed everyone at ITD. I am so happy to see the Dodgers part ways with Jones and they really would have had just cause to try and void his contract. He was definitely completely out of shape and didn’t give the effort to live up to the terms of his contract. It would have been different if he had been in top shape and gave maximum effort. Now if we can only resign Manny and trade Pierre my world will be complete.

  59. junkyardjamie

    Hey bluecrewgirl – Wow!!! It’s great to see you again. Yes, to Manny and yes, to Pierre, and I think we need a pitcher or two as well.

  60. bluecrewgirl

    Hey Dnelly, great to see you and trublue and everyone else too. I am getting excited for the season to start. I’ve been really busy at work, we merged with another office, and with the holidays and all time just went by so fast I didn’t realize how long it had been since I’ve stopped by here. I hope you’re doing well.

  61. enchantedbeaver

    It was interesting going back and reading the old posts Josh referenced above. Didn’t appear that is was as “pro” Jones as it was “now we need to get rid of Pierre.” There was certainly some “spirited” debate going on. Could’ve been what planted the seeds of the the dead horsemen. Funny, it was also the first time I ever remember posting.

    Nells & Tru – that article certainly didn’t sound encouraging in that if we don’t sign Manny, it doesn’t sound like we’ll sign anyone else either.

  62. junkyardjamie

    I have been doing pretty good. We hit our halfway mark at school this week, and it seems like time just goes much faster once that happens because you realize what has to be done in the next half of the year. So, I definitely know what you mean about time going fast. I am definitely looking forward to our season starting.

  63. trublu4ever

    bpb ~ I think you are right about Manny. Say, we sign one pretty good pitcher………do we have a shot a winning with what we’ve got right now?

  64. junkyardjamie

    bpb – That month was the first time you posted as well as dodgereric, but not by that name. When I was looking for ITD history stuff, there was some pretty heated debates about JP then and jhall being one of the prominent debaters. Like you said, it was more about getting rid of JP than getting Jones. Those debates continued right on through Spring Training and now it’s not so much debate as it is fact……JP needs a new home. Well, I guess that Manny factor is still out there, but I am still more comfortable going with Repko or DY than JP if the Manny thing falls through.

  65. enchantedbeaver

    Tru – We won’t match up against the Giants pitching, nor the Snakes top two. I doubt the Giants hit much unless they end up with Manny though. Snakes will struggle for some runs. Rox will be typical can hit/ can’t pitch. Pads are worthless. If the kids, especially Kemp take that next step dare I say it?, we’ll be “competitive.”

    Honestly, this team could finish anywhere from first to fourth.

  66. enchantedbeaver

    Without Manny or another bat, and barring a trade of JP, I think you go to ST, open the field to JP, DY, Repko and Paul and let the best man win.

    Under no circumstances however if JP wins the position do you let him bat anywhere but 8-9 in the lineup. DO YOU HEAR ME JOE???

  67. trublu4ever

    It might be interesting to see what happens. As much as I don’t trust what has been written lately as far as our interests, I still believe management is working on at least one or two more signings that will make bpb become his original self once again.

  68. enchantedbeaver

    I’m protesting management BCG with a symbolic brown paper bag over my head. The Huggy Bear/Estes/Mota signings pushed me over the edge, while the hypocracy of ownership purchasing $70M in 4 estates, planning 42 more ball fields, gouging ticket prices, then questioning $30M to a player as “A little weird” put me there.

  69. trublu4ever

    BCG ~ Come on…….you know who BPB is……..just think and it will hit you. I have faith that you’ll figure it out!

  70. enchantedbeaver

    BCG – think if you go up to about the 8th post on this thread, you’ll be able to figure it out. 🙂

    But do beware of theunknowndodgerfan.

  71. junkyardjamie

    bluecrewgirl – if you think about it, you can figure out who that is……….he is a regular. I would say crazy, but that descibes many on ITD – LOL!!!! 🙂

  72. junkyardjamie

    LMAO!!!! Now, the unknowndodgerfan is a totally different story, which I wish you luck on figuring that one out.

  73. bluecrewgirl

    Okay, enchanted was at the top of my list for guesses. I just wasn’t positive. Jhall would have been my second guess. Good to see you bpg. How’s everything going in New Mexico? I’m disappointed at the signings for far too, but also very happy th

  74. bluecrewgirl

    I wasn’t finished typing my posting and all of the sudden the page refreshed. Anyway, I meant to say I am very happy they are keeping the core of Ethier, Martin, Kemp, Brox, Loney together and I really think they are all going to take a big leap this year. I think Andre is going to have a huge year. Guys tend to come into their prime physically as they hit their late 20’s and he will be 27 in April.

  75. enchantedbeaver

    Take Andruw out of the equation and go back to JP, the starting 8 we have right now are a tad better than what we had going into last spring. Blake is an upgrade over Nomar (LaRoche ???) DeWitt gets the nod over Kent – what he lacks on offense (which isn’t much) he makes up for in range and defense. The other kids should improve over last year. Furcal’s a wild card until we see that he can stay on the field.

    Starting pitching though is sorrowful right now.

    Going nicely BCG – thank you for asking.

  76. junkyardjamie

    Bluecrewgirl – I think Andre is going to have a great year as well. When your workout partner is Dustin Pedroia, I doubt you are slacking off much.


    Nice to see bluecrew again in the house tonight. As far as winning this year is concerned, we still need a decent starting pitcher or two to solidify the rotation. Combined With a healthy and productive Furcal, a solid year from Blake, and better years from our Young Guns, we could make a good run. Having Manny is the difference between being odds on favorites and being one of the usual suspects.


    From his work ethic alone, I think DeWitt will have a breakout year. That would be really huge for us offensively if he can have a relly solid season.


    Yeah, bluecrew, I was thinking about hauling it out tonight just to celebrate your return. Laying in a good supply to toast a great year. The other night, I suspected a few of the faithful had snuck in a few off-season belts from it when I heard them talking about a Jermaine Dye or Michael Young trade.

  80. bluecrewgirl

    He’s the kind of player you want to see do well. I think DeWitt will have a great season too. His defense at 2nd is only going to get better the more he plays and he did a great job moving from 3rd to 2nd. He did everything asked of him without complaining.

  81. junkyardjamie

    Well, if we don’t get at least one quality pitcher, I know a few who will certainly need it, one of which is now named brownpaperbag – LOL!!!


    I agree, pitching is the key. With what we’ve got offensively, we could, probably, do all right without Manny. As it stands now, our starting pitching has too many unknown quantities. We don’t know whether or how far Bills and Kershaw will progress. Having a full year of adjustment to MLB and American culture should help Kuroda to improve. Since he’s been groomed for it, I still have more faith in McDonald as a starter than Troncoso. Who knows what we’ll get out of Schmidt or Vargas?

  83. junkyardjamie

    Yes, it does – LOL!!! Oh goodness!!! I have to say for as slow as this off season has seemed to be as far as acquisitions, it’s never a dull moment around here for the most part.

  84. enchantedbeaver

    Brown paper bags have many uses. 1. You can disguise yourself when management is an embarrassment to the club; 2. You can hurl into it when they sign the likes of Mota and Estes, and 3. You can drink out of it when the season goes south.

    You just have to watch which order you do it in.

  85. junkyardjamie

    LMAO!!!!!! really? If the season is going south because of management decisions, it may be disgusting, but the order probably won’t matter.


    If the season’s gone that far south, skip the brown bag and the flask and head straight for a full barrel complete with multiple slow drip IV’s

  87. junkyardjamie

    Yea – I am not sure what they are trying to do with that situation. I thought Troncoso did good in his position, and I really enjoyed watching McDonald. Also, what about Scott Elbert? Is he going to be part of the bullpen as well?


    Elbert’s probably still building arm strength. As I recall, he missed most of 2007 with arm problems.

  89. northstateblues

    Nelly, about my comment on the beginning, I do agree we need pitching BADLY. Yet, if Frisco gets Manny, they already have pitching, they have most of the pieces of their puzzle, they’re set, no matter who we have pitching (that’s available).

    I just want the Giants to stay sleeping, the silence is golden 🙂

  90. northstateblues

    going good Nelly 🙂 Hanging with family at the moment. The day’s been really eventfull, part of it would make a great book someday. Dead tired though, but I’ll probably be up for a while regardless.

    Watched Pineapple Express 2 nights ago when I got here, and all I can say is “I thought Hurricane Season was ova!” … Funny movie, disappointed I didn’t hear the M.I.A. Paper Planes song, even though it’s in the trailers, but a funny movie nonetheless.


    At this point, even though I have reservations about his durability, I’d be willing to take a chance on Sheets, provided the contract is for no more than 3 years and included performance incentives. Nobody seems to be pursuing him.

  92. bluecrewgirl

    I assume that Stults is going to get a chance to make the rotation too. I haven’t given up on him yet. Hey Northstate, long time no speak. Hope things are good with you.

  93. northstateblues

    Performance incentives would be nice if we did end up getting Sheets. Everyone must know something if they’re all silent.

    bluecrewgirl: things are good, on break from school til the 29th, spending one more night in SoCal here with family. Hoping to hear some good Dodger FA news before I head up, but I’m not holding my breath.

  94. bluecrewgirl

    DNellly, I like the way Stults just hangs tough no matter what. I think if he got a chance to show what he can do without having such a short leash on him he would do well. Northstate, I hope you are finding time for your art too ):

  95. northstateblues

    THanks Nelly 🙂 Yeah, I’ve been finding time during the break, felt bad I didn’t get one done before I left for SoCal, but I’ve still got 12 days to do more.

  96. northstateblues

    Thanks BCG, I’m trying to get into different styles soon, my girlfriend has a whole new kit to play around with, though I’ll probably stick to the older supplies that I haven’t got to play around with yet.

    Nelly, he’s doing good, It’s good to see his newborn son and his fiance too, haven’t met them before. She’s a Cubs fan, but I”m being nice (until she talked mess about Dodger Stadium, then I went to YouTube and found Obi_Wen’s M.I.A. Paper Planes Cubs NLDS mix, heheheh >:) ). Visiting with family’s good, but it will definitely be nice to get home to the girl too.

  97. northstateblues

    definitely, though she and her family was pleased to hear I would be staying an extra day to visit with my grandparents, who I would’ve otherwise missed save a quick visit on the way out of town [as the originaly gameplan was a day to travel down, a day down here, and a day to travel back].

    Just read that P’d off is now a newly asterisked word on mlblogs. I was a bit surprised, until I learned we have an 11 year old blogger in the Top 40 MLBloggers. When Josh says this is a family site, he isn’t kidding, heh.

  98. northstateblues

    alright, I think I’m gonna stop being anti-social, heh, almost everyone’s gone or sleeping. might be back later, if not, Have a Good Night 🙂


    I keep hoping I’m going to log-on each morning and see that we’ve signed Manny. We need Manny. Come on Ned. spend some of Frank’s $$$$ before he buys some more houses.
    We need Manny
    Let’s sign Manny
    We’re ready to play ball.
    Sign Manny
    Come on Ned, get out that ball point and sign on the dotted line,
    I’m tired of waiting.
    If we don’t sign Manny, I’m not renewing MLB.TV again.
    Let’s play ball.

  100. amyw27

    good morning world. We are now in the second half of January and still no word on Manny. Not cool. But it’s great that we are pushing towards spring and that means warm weather and baseball..which will make us all happy.
    bluecrewgirl.. it’s good to see you back. I hope you enjoyed the holidays!
    off to work. Have a pleasant day~

  101. trublu4ever

    Don’t you feel sorry for poor Frank being in such a financial bind? The mention of our “core” sounds okay. But, to make money, as a profitable team, don’t you have to put some money into it?

  102. enchantedbeaver

    If you’re worried about your bottom line, don’t go out and spend $70M on 4 estates you can’t possibly live in all at the same time. What a bunch of bullstuff.

    The bag stays on.

  103. enchantedbeaver

    Being in financial difficulties I’m sure the McCheaps will be furninshing and accessorizing those estates by shopping at WalMart and Big Lots too.


  104. enchantedbeaver

    He could take a lesson Tru. Giving people what they want at reasonable prices has made Sam Walton and family multi-billionaires.

  105. junkyardjamie

    I am so glad I wasn’t the only one thinking that about the article. Sometimes I read these things thinking…..Are you kidding me? Didn’t they just say the season tickets are being sold at a good pace right now…..that the thought of fans knowing or not knowing Manny will be signed isn’t affecting those ticket sales. Between the article last night about not knowing the state of the economy and whether Dodger fans will spend the money and this one this morning, don’t they realize all the double talk they are doing? The economy is bad, but season tickets are still being sold at a good rate. The economy is bad, but we will buy two more houses in Malibu. The economy is bad, but we will build 42 dream parks for disadvantage kids in Los Angeles. Frank – your fans (at it looks like some of the media) are not idiots.

  106. trublu4ever

    I don’t even know if they looked at the receipts from the time Manny arrived in LA. I guess I can understand not giving a 4-year deal. But, why not a comprimise at 3-years. I think Manny would take that. I suppose at the beginning of the season, the fans will fill the stadium. But, after paying the high prices for an inferior product, they will begin to stay at home. Then, Frank will blame it on the economy, not the fact that we want a quality baseball team.

  107. enchantedbeaver

    I imagine at some point they will compromise at three years. Poor Manny though, must be tough living on the $160M he just got done making.




  108. trublu4ever

    I don’t think Frank will lower the prices. In fact, I’ll be they will increase from last year. So, he better get us a winner. I do think Anrdre, Matt, Russ and James are good ball players but, they could use some help. At least a quality pitcher.

  109. trublu4ever

    Without quality pitching, we won’t have to worry whether or not Brox can handle the closing duties……..we won’t be in the position to use him. You do have to be ahead in the game to close it out.

  110. enchantedbeaver

    FMF – a perfect name!!

    Its just an embarrassment to L.A. having people who buy $70M in estates claiming to be paupers with the product that bought them their estates in the first place. And the players they’ve been signing are an embarrassment to the fans and a slap in the face to their intelligence. Then to charge a premium price on EVERYTHING from ST tickets to parking to merchandise… as I said before BULLSTUFF!!!

  111. cpompe1

    Good morning ITD boys and girls!
    Ya know, I’m sick of waiting and watching this stupid game of chicken between the Dodgers and Manny. I still say offer Manny a 3 year deal for $72 mil. If he takes it great; move on. If he doesn’t take it in a week, withdraw the offer and go after Abreu. I still want to see a quality starter – at least ONE, preferably two! Frank’s actions on the FA market screams “I’m a pauper” but buying Malibu estates (not one mind you, but two) screams “I’d rather spend on myself than on the Dodgers.” FRANK – MAKE UP YOUR MIND!!! THIS GAME OF CHICKEN IS MADDENING!!!

    Okay, I got my rant out of the way. So how are my ITD friends???

  112. cpompe1

    flea-market-frank – so are you new around here, or is this another name for a more familiar name, like brownpaperbag??? 🙂

  113. cpompe1

    Brownpaperbag – You’re miffed??? How can you be miffed with all the knowledge, wherewithal and $$$ that Frank is throwing around to make our Dodgers the best??? Oh, excuse me, he isn’t…

  114. cpompe1

    BPB – I figured that you’re not flea-market-frank. But I’ve gotta believe that I know FMF under a more familiar name. BPB, I think you started this whole thing of purposely changing ITD names to fit the faces of this franchise – Frank & Jamie…

  115. junkyardjamie

    CP – I think we have just been invaded by the Invasion of the Name Snatchers again, but this time it’s consensual – they agreed to have their names changed.

  116. cpompe1

    Oh, and Nelly, you’re lost too??? Actually, for a minute, I was just thinking that you might be FMF!!!

    Don’t forget that I still haven’t figured out theunknowndodgerfan!!! I still think that bpb aka enchanted aka theunknowndodgerfan!!!

  117. cpompe1

    I think to guess jhall would be easy, since he’s a name everyone knows. But I am still thinking that theunknowndodgerfan and fmf is a name I know I should know, but can’t quite put my finger on it…

  118. junkyardjamie

    CP – I don’t think it would be jhall. jhall hasn’t been on in a while and probably would want us to know it’s him. Then again…… are talking the three males in the C

  119. junkyardjamie

    sorry – you are talking the three males in the Cleaver household which can be very challenging at times if you know what I mean.

  120. cpompe1

    No, Nelly, I don’t think it’s jhall. I’m just at a loss though. I know (or, at least, a good idea) that Dodgereric isn’t behind any of this, but I am still thinking (although he denies it) that theunknowndodgerfan is still bpb/enchanted!!! But I’m not sure of that either. FMF, is driving me nuts trying to figure it out! I’m not even entirely convinced that between theunknowndodgerfan and fmf, that at least one of them isn’t of the female persuasion!!! That’s why I was first thinking YOU!!! 🙂

  121. thesuckometer

    I had to pay for parking at the swap meet today. What is the world coming to.
    Actually I made Ned pay it LOL!!!!!

  122. cpompe1

    Well, I told you it’d be short. I’ve gotta go. I may be back this afternoon, maybe, maybe not. We’ll see. If I don’t talk to y’all this afternoon, have a great Saturday!!!

  123. junkyardjamie

    CP – I can’t even get my name in the “Thanks for signing in nellyjune” to change to nellyjune……it still posts nellyae16.

  124. Dodger4life

    Life is Good today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Not very Manny days left till Spring Training!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  125. junkyardjamie

    Now that you mention The Blue Crew, I really don’t like the look of the logo at all. It does remind you of JD “princess” Drew, doesn’t it?

    Ned is certainly on the clock as well, and he better get us a SP and a LF that can hit and throw the ball, or we may never see enchanted back or the real identities of “unknown” and “FMF”

  126. junkyardjamie

    That’s good to know FMF – I am sure BPB will be impressed by your find, and if “unknown” comes out later, maybe he can put his two cents in as well.

    Have a great day!!!!!

  127. Dodger4life

    I am not a big fan of Jr anything either Nelly.
    Who are we looking for at SP???
    Manny eating noodles in left field 🙂
    GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  128. junkyardjamie

    That’s the problem – nobody knows who they are looking at for SP…….some are hoping Sheets, Garland or Perez. As far as left, if I knew we weren’t signing Manny, I think Repko or DY deserve a shot over JP.

  129. Dodger4life

    I agree. I am going to sign off for the day 🙂
    Take care everybody and God Bless 🙂
    GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Sign Manny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Rings For All The Dodgers in 2009!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  130. junkyardjamie

    It’s good seeing you Dodger4life – Thanks for spending time with us!! Have a wonderful weekend and God Bless!!!


    And trublu44, don’t you feel like you want to get a new name??? Ya know, just to keep up with the Jones’s!!! And in case you’re wondering, I’m confident that you could run circles around Andruw… 🙂


    Well, let’s see by the time I get back if there are any other “new” names popping up here in ITDland!!! Cya!!!

  133. edwcarter

    Hey gang, I may be off topic…but I’m interested in your thoughts as I have had a few concerns with the past few weeks. I feel like we have not done much to remain competitive next year, and that 2009 could be a rough season. Sure we have signed Furcal, Blake, and a few washed up relievers…but we are missing an offensive threat and our rotation looks scary to say the least. Thoughts?

  134. trublu4ever

    edwcarter ~ our rotation really scares me. I thought we were going to acquire a quality pitcher and it hasn’t happened. Even though they are saying the talks with Manny are at a standstill, I think there is hope we will sign him. I’ve given up on believing what is in print and I guess we will have to wait and see what Frank and Ned are going to do, if anything.

  135. trublu4ever

    junkyardjamie & dodgernut ~ one of these days I’m going to have a new ITD name. In fact, if things keep up the way they are, almost everybody will! lol Then, won’t we have fun trying to figure out who is who?

  136. enchantedbeaver

    EC – I’m with you there. What we have is one #2 starter (Billz coming off a broken leg), two #3 starters (Kuroda & Kersh), and a whole passle of #5s and wannabes.

    We can’t match up 1-2 against Webb & Haren anymore. We don’t match up particularly well against the Giants either. We’re stronger up the middle on paper with Raffy-DeWitt- Kemp that we were last year with Raffy-Kent-Jones. We’re slightly upgraded defensively at third with Blake over Nomore. The kids I think will also progress over last year. The pen looks fairly solid, but young.

    HOWEVER as of now, JPs in left giving away both offensively and defensively. We’re down two starters and won’t go after Sheets, so that leaves us signing another #3/#4 man at best. If Manny doesn’t re-sign it doesn’t look like we’re going after Abreu or Dunn either for a bat.

    Depending on if Kemp takes that next step to power bat, and if Kersh and McDonald can hold their own in a weak rotation, this team as it stands today could finish anywhere from first to fourth IMO.

  137. nellyjune

    edwcarter – think we are all having the same thoughts, but it doesn’t seem the people making the decisions are having these same thoughts.

  138. nellyjune

    Did you see that!!! I finally was able to sign in as nellyjune – Oh my goodness. With all these playing around with names, I just wanted my original name back and at least I got that!!! Thank goodness!!!

    Now, what’s up with more names? Junkyardjamie and dodgernut now. Like it’s not confusing enough already.

  139. nellyjune

    bpb – it doesn’t seem like there is much action in our division so far either. The gnats acquired a couple and the Padres just got Eckstein, but what’s up with the rest of the division. The Rockies should be in need of some players, with losing Holliday and Fuentes.

  140. enchantedbeaver

    LOS ANGELES (AP) – In a surprise move today the Dodgers signed Hall-of-Fame outfielder Dave Winfield to be their power bat and veteran influence in their otherwise youthful line-up. Dodgers GM Ned Colletti when asked about this stunning move said, “I remember Dave from the 70s and 80s, no nineteen seventies, and we’re going to give him every at bat we can in spring to let him get his timing back.” When Winfield’s induction into the HOF was mentioned, Colletti said, “I don’t think they can take that away from him once he’s been voted in.”

    In a related story, Dodgers pitching coach Rick Honeycutt will be stepping out of the dugout and back into the teams rotation as their #1 starter. When asked about the soundness of this strategy, Honeycutt said, “I won’t be giving myself advice, so I should be OK.”

    LAS CRUCES, NM: A large run on brown paper bags has been reported. According to one storekeeper, “I can’t keep ’em stocked. They fly off of the shelf, well, like brown paper bags.”
    More on this story as it develops.

  141. trublu4ever

    I just thought this was going to be another boring Saturday, but I haven’t stopped laughing all day. Thanks to all of you who made this happen!

  142. nellyjune

    LMAO!!!!!! I guess we need to buy stock in brown paper bags then…….help out with the economy like Frank and Jamie are when they by their houses in Malibu.

  143. enchantedbeaver

    Yes nellyjune, we all must contribute in our own special way. I was going to buy a pair of Malibu mansions myself, but I was $45,999,900 short.

    I probably can leverage myself a baseball team on that $100 though.

  144. nellyjune

    jyj – I am glad you are having fun with this…….it’s driving me insane.

    bpb – LMAO!!!!!! I am at a loss right now 🙂

  145. nellyjune

    Have you noticed that bpb, fmf, and jyj all have the same pattern in their initials….maybe there is something to that. Then where does that leave unknowndodgerfan and dodgernut?

  146. trublu4ever

    The Phillies signed Cole Hamels for a 3-year $20.5 million, avoiding arbitration. Who says we don’t talk baseball here?!

  147. nellyjune

    I saw that earlier today. Even though I am not a Phillies fan, he did pitch well, and I am glad he escaped arbitration.

  148. enchantedbeaver

    NJ – Your post reminded me of that old song Abraham, Martin and John.

    Billingsley, Martin & Juan… its got possibilities.

  149. nellyjune

    It’s okay – you’ve done enough to make your creative quota for the day. Just think, you’ve started a name change revolution – LOL!!!!!

  150. ghfgdgdsg

    mccourts are ruining baseball i still cant believe he actually wants me to drive to Arizona and pay 90 bucks to go watch an exhibition game and you dont even know whos playing the opening day starters or the AAA team and no money what so ever is going into next years payroll i know you guys down the yankees but come on what would you rather see them do spend money on there team or put it in there own pockets like mccourt is doing i cant belive no one is coming out and saying that he is ruining baseball for making us pay to not even watch a good product on the field we are a big market one of the biggest markets in baseball and why because of us the FANS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  151. nellyjune

    ghf – I think it really comes down to the fact that Frank needs to sell the team if he thinks we (the fans) are suffering from the economy, while he is buying houses in Malibu and building ballparks in the Los Angeles Community in lieu of getting top notch players because it’s what the fans want. If that is what he thinks, he doesn’t know us very well and certainly needs to sell the team. The fans want a good product on the field, and if any fan doesn’t want that, then they are not a real fan (and that goes for any sport).

  152. edwcarter

    Nelly, as usual you just hit on the root of the problem with the Dodgers. I seriously think the Dodgers owners are egocentric idiots who care more about their perception rather than winning games. I can’t believe that if the Dodgers don’t sign Manny, our team payroll will be $40M lower than last year…and Ned and co. have gone on to sign 4 free agents to replace the 15 FA’s that left. I feel like I’m watching Sesame Street’s “Which one of these GM’s is stupider than the other’s” and Ned’s ugly mug is smiling right at me!

  153. nellyjune

    edwcarter – it’s good to see you, and you made some pretty good points earlier yourself. The only front office people I feel slightly bad for is their PR department for having to make what Frank and Ned are doing try and sound appealing to the fans. Well, other than a fraction of the fans who don’t want Manny, the PR is not working. Most of us want Manny (or someone Manny-like), and that’s only because we didn’t get what we paid for with Andruw and JP. And I can pretty much say all of us want at least one good quality SP. I don’t think that’s much to ask. Our young core is going to be great, and I think Loretta is a good investment. Other than that, it’s a crap shoot at this point how all the other acquisitions will turn out.

  154. cpompe1

    Good late evening ITD boys and girls!
    Okay, who’s playing with who? I see more new names here – junkyardjamie, dodgernut. Hmmm.

    Tru – No, I’m not jyj. But thanks for thinking of me!

    Nelly – Now you’re Nellyjune – just as you want it!!! Well, your nickname is still intact… 🙂

  155. nellyjune

    boy ~ there needs to be some pretty serious red pen action on that last comment I made. I am not even going to attempt to fix it – yikes!!!! ….and it’s only 11 pm

  156. nellyjune

    Hey CP!!! I was trying to be someone else, but in the process was able to get my sign in name for a change. So, let’s hope it stays that way for a while. As for the others, not a clue. I have my guesses, but that’s about it.

  157. cpompe1

    My Nellygirl!!! At least you have the name you want – for now. Let’s see how long it lasts. I’m hoping that you get to keep it forever!!! Actually Nelly, I thought you’re junkyardjamie!!! Are you???

    bpb – I know you’re not here now, but see what you started with the name changes…

  158. nellyjune

    It was hard enough just trying to get this name in there, much less any other name. I didn’t want to press my luck.

  159. nellyjune

    …not to mention DN are my real initials, but I am not dodger_nut61 ethier. Speaking of….did you see Andre’s new review…..just absolutely awesome.

  160. cpompe1

    LOL!!! Actually, when y’all were talking about the “new” initials earlier this evening, I read UDF and immediately thought of a financial services firm! 🙂

  161. nellyjune

    When I first saw it, I thought IUD – LOL!!!!! So, it can either be an electronic device, a financial institution or a form of contraception.

  162. cpompe1

    IUD Nelly!!! Okay, that I didn’t think of!!!

    I saw that Andre has a new review. I started to read it late last night, but I didn’t comment. I was too tired; just as I am now. I’ll post something tomorrow while I’m uploading our podcast for my church.

    Well, speaking of tired, I’m gonna go. I stayed up late because I am supposed to format our message onto PPT, but my pastor didn’t upload his note taking outline. I’ll just have to get up extra early tomorrow to get it done tomorrow morning before the service.

    Catch ya tomorrow Nellyjune!!!

  163. enchantedbeaver

    “When I first saw it, I thought IUD – LOL!!!!! So, it can either be an electronic device, a financial institution or a form of contraception.” – nellyjune

    I think IUD is the latter and refers to Frank and Ned – they prevent us from fielding a winning team. So far this offseason they’ve been proven 99.9% effective according to clinical studies.

  164. enchantedbeaver

    Seriously though, without at least another starter that can pitch fairly effectively and eat-up 200 innings, we’re probably going to see a burned out BP by the end of July. I also think we’ll see the back end (#s 4 & 5) be rotation by committee. McDonald, Troncoso, Schmidt, Stults, Vargas and Estes will all make starts at some point. Unless Ned’s got a trade in mind to bring in a bona fide front end starter along with signing someone like Wolf, when the arms tire, the D’s fade into oblivion.

    I also don’t for one minute buy the “fluid” roster BS being driveled out by Ned. I do think its his inability to make a deal coupled with Frank tying the purse strings shut. If the season’s worth saving by the trade deadline, he’ll deplete the minors further by getting more vets for no salary – its the new “Dodger way.”

    But I’m sure the cocktail parties and soirees will be a hit with the Malibu “in” crowd.

  165. trublu4ever

    I agree with you 100%. How can they look at this team and thinK, “Yes, this is going to win for us”. Are they blind? I know Frank has the money to spend and if he doesn’t do something, there will be many, many “brownpaperbags” and “unknowndodgerfans”. And, if he dares to blame the lack of team support on the economy, he doesn’t know the Dodger fans at all.

  166. enchantedbeaver

    The economy is self-fulfilling prophecy Tru in which Frank can put a “less than” team on the field, then blame the economy for lack of attendance even though he caused it by putting out an inferior product (the ticket prices don’t help any either.)

    I’m fine with going with all kids (I can do without the PVLs though) if they want to go cheap. But even though it doesn’t impact me personally in the least, its not right to still charge premium prices for everything if you do. If they’re truely worried about the economy impacting their business and their fans, lower ticket prices so that attendance stays up. You’d have to crunch numbers to see where the breakeven point is vs. premium prices/lower attendance, but it’s not like it’s rocket science.

    This of course they won’t do even though they’ve essentially cut payroll 40-45% from last year because it really isn’t about the fans or the team, its about their bottom line and buying their way into polite society.

    They’ll point to last year, but even that’s telling in that they picked up a bunch of guys for no money, got lucky and rode a shooting star all the way into the NLCS. If that’s their new “fluid” strategy year after year, that’s a folly doomed to failure.

  167. trublu4ever

    I think in a week or so we will know exactly what direction our team is going……if Ned and Frank are going to stand pat or give us one or two more good players.

  168. nellyjune

    LMAO!!!!! It’s good to wake up with a good laugh. BPB ~ your creative tank has obviously been re-filled with the IUD comment – just perfect!!

    On your serious side – Thanks exactly how I feel with the self-fulfilling prophecy concept. The Dodger organization is in a win-win situation. They can put a winning team on the field and take all the credit for a job well done, or they can put out an inferior team (like you describe) and blame it on the economy when it doesn’t make the money they invisioned and still get a pat on the back for a job well done because they saved the franchise from losing money (which we all know is BS)

    Like we figured out last night, one of their Malibu houses is more than Cole Hamel’s three-year contract. They could have not bought one house and had a year’s worth of salary for Manny or even a SP salary. This is just sooooo hypocritical of these two to flaunt all this money in buying houses, and yet blame the economy on not being able to buy a Manny-type player or a SP (which is called a SP).

    If you truly want to go back to the Dodger way, bring in all kids, lower prices and stop buying PVLs. Give it a couple years and we will be back to the top, if not sooner. If you want to buy type A players, then fine, spend the damn money for them then like the Yankees do or sell the team so somebody else can.

  169. nellyjune

    Billz is not up for arbitration until next year, but trueblueLA compared him to Cole Hamels, which is a Super two, and his new contract.

    A nice little quirk of the arbitration process is the group known as “Super Twos.” These are players in the top 17% of service time among those with more than two years but less than three years service time. Instead of getting three years of arbitration, these players are eligible for four years (essentially their third through sixth season). Andre Ethier (2 years, 153 days service time) and Russell Martin (2 years, 150 days) are the Dodgers’ Super Twos this offseason.

    Phillies’ ace Cole Hamels, who beat the Dodgers twice in last year’s NLCS, is also a “Super Two,” and just signed a three-year contract extension for a total of $20.25 million:

    2009 – $4,350,000
    2010 – $6,650,000
    2011 – $9,500,000

    Hamels, who has two years, 143 days of service time, struck while the iron was hot, coming off of his 5-win postseason. He tied Dontrelle Willis (2006) for highest pitcher salary with less than 3 years service time. However, from a Dodger perspective, Hamels looks awfully similar to our own young ace, Chad Billingsley:

    Pitcher IP Record HR/9 BB/9 K/9 ERA+
    Cole Hamels 543.0 38-23 1.19 2.39 8.59 133
    Chad Billingsley 437.2 35-19 0.74 4.15 8.25 132

  170. trublu4ever

    The owner of the Phillies and yes, even Steinbrener of the Yankees, puts theur money on players, not Malibu houses. Everyone can knock the Yankees all they want to for spening so much on ballplayers but, that is what the fans want, and that’s what they get……..the best possible team on the field with a great chance of winning it all!

  171. trublu4ever

    Some people think we belittle management by knocking them all the time. However, their actions for the most part, merit our scorn. By doing this, some feel we are not supporting our team. It’s quite the opposite………we love our team and want it to be the best team in MLB.

  172. trublu4ever

    TJ Simers has some intersting tidbits in the LA Times. We are not the only ones feeling let down by Frank. Wonders if we find it odd that management wanted nothing to do with Lowe because of an affair but were willing to give Mota, a druggie, a $2.35 million dollar deal. Simers also questioned ther term “premier” exhibition game, where up to $90 plus a convenience fee of $4.50 would be added. Doesn’t think it will be for the fans’ convenience. So, to sit behind home plate at a ST game be prepared to shell out $100.

  173. enchantedbeaver

    I agree Tru. I’ll support the team and players as always, but I can’t condone the hypocracy of ownership that hints at financial concerns for the team, then buys mansions and builds ballfields no one will use or appreciate, all the while raping the almighty dollar of every fan that passes through the turnstiles.

    I’d like for them to prove my opinion wrong, but I haven’t seen nor heard anything so far that would make me change my mind.

  174. nellyjune

    bpb – I have been reading alot about the Dodger way (of the past where a team was built from within), thanks to some good book recommendations by fellow ITDers, and what Frank and Ned are doing is definitely not the Dodger way of the past. Now, if they want there to be a new Dodger Way where they want to enter the FA market, then we better be able to afford (or pay for) it……so, it goes back to Frank needing to sell the team because he certainly isn’t doing it the old Dodger way, and he doesn’t seem to want to pay for the Manny-like players and the premiere pitchers to make it a new Dodger way. So, we are stuck with a middle of the road Dodger way……an awesome young core with little or no support. If it stays this way, or if we only get one of the two things we need (a Manny type or a SP), I am all for the kids getting it done on their own, but don’t go buying any more PVLs please.

  175. nellyjune

    …oh and if we don’t get Manny, JP still needs a new home. I really want Repko or DY to be out there. If we don’t get Manny, they can afford to find a new home for JP or just let him go. They have already saved money….who knows maybe they can buy another mansion or build another dozen ballfields or so.

  176. enchantedbeaver

    Schmidt’s $15M comes off the books next year, as will Mota’s $2.35M, and Loretta’s $1.4M. Poor McCourt’s may have to wait a year to furnish those 4 mansions.

    More headlines:
    • Cubs deal Pie to O’s for lefty Olson
    • Mets explore possibility of signing Sheets
    • CC ready to handle heightened demands

    • Annual scouts dinner held in Los Angeles

  177. nellyjune

    bpb – when I first read scouts, I thought Boy Scouts – lol!!! That’s what I get for talking to dodgereric so much ( not that that is ever a bad thing, as you know). Anyhow, now that I know what you are talking about, scouts are important to most teams. However, I don’t think we have to worry about the hard work our scouts put in seeing how the Dodgers always manage to find the perfect PVLs to enhance our team instead or manage to give away our prospects at the trade deadline.

  178. nellyjune

    I am sure dodgereric would take any of the boy scouts he works with and be able find better players than Frank and Ned have. That is not to say our scouts aren’t doing a fabulous job, but when their prospects gets traded away or blocked because of PVL acquisitions, it must be disheartening to them as well. The scouts seem to understand the Dodger way. It just seems Frank and Ned are the only ones who haven’t figured it out yet. It seems like they want the best of both worlds…young core plus veteran leadership, but it’s the veteran leadership where they seem to have a lack of discernment. I rather take my chances on Furcal, Martin,Ethier, Brox being the young veteran leaders than what Ned/Frank have acquired so far. So, if they aren’t going to go after Manny (or a Manny-like) and a “real” SP, then just don’t get anyone……leave it alone and let the kids play.

  179. enchantedbeaver

    As long as it heightens the experience of the fans by seeing trees in the desert, I’m sure its a good thing. Frank’s da man you know and I’m sure he and Jamie have given great thou…ght… what’s that? The batters may not be able to pick up the pitch? What’s a little 95 mph fastball coming at your head – woosies. TREES IN THE DESERT MAN!!! That’s worth the price of admission alone. Frank’s not paying his guys to think. Trees. TREES!! That’s where its at!

    I suppose next people will be biachin’ about the scented towels.

    Poor Frank.

  180. heartruss

    Hi ITD, Nellyjune, Cpompe1, trueblue, and everyone else. Back to the title of the thread…Camelback Ranch. I am so excited. I decided two days ago that I had to experience the first Spring Training in Glendale AZ so I started making plans. I’m going the first part of March and will be going to two games. I’ve already reserved a room in Glendale close to the facility and have a flight already paid for. I cannot get negative about our Dodgers, owners, manager, whatever because I LOVE THE DODGERS. And remember how we did make it to the playoffs! We won the Western Division. Has everyone forgotten? After the All Star Break, they were almost in a trance, they were sleepwalking through the games and then the magic happened. Andre got to play regularly, Casey came to bat, and Manny arrived. I will never forget going to those playoff games. I have to have faith when I cannot change what’s going on. I assume that the McCourts and Ned have a plan. I think that it is to let the kids grow up and have a chance. We all saw MacDonald just glow. He was absolutely awesome. And Andre got the credit that he was due. Acquiring the odds and ends so far may work. I still feel that Manny wil be in blue. That may be why not much money has been spent. He will be offered a huge amount and he will be worth it by all the excitement and revenue he generates. I guess I am true blue. The closer it gets to BASEBALL SEASON, the more excited I become. I can already taste those Dodger Dogs. I look fondly at my huge wardrobe of Dodger wear just waiting to be taken out of mothballs. I can remember how excited I am when I walk into Dodger Stadium and wait for that first pitch. I still can remember how fast my heart beats when I sing “I Love LA” with all the other fans and watch our guys give each other high fives. How can I be negative about anything? I’m counting the days until I hop on that plane to Arizona. So maybe I’m living in a dream world, but it is a wonderful place to be!!! GO DODGERS!

  181. heartruss

    And yes, I am one of those fans who bought their season tickets without knowing what kind of team would be playing in Spring Training. I also am going to the WBC. I live for baseball and anyone who knows me knows that. I will moan and groan with everyone else but I will never boo a Dodger. That is so wrong whether it be Andruw or Sweeney. They were still Blue. Save your energy to boo the other side. Anyway, how is everyone?? Interesting how your names are changing. Will everyone eventually come out of hiding? Maybe when we get another SP and Manny? Anyone else want to admit they are going to Spring Training or that they bought season tickets???? 🙂


    xoxrussell, I think it’s great that you have the time and resources to go to ST in Arizona. However, for those of us with more limited budgets, I would suggest saving your money for real games. As well, I, too, live for baseball and revel in the sounds, senses, and the experience of baseball. I can watch a college game, a kid’s pickup game, a Triple-A game, or MLB; the game’s the thing. I, also, envy your equanimity regarding the upcoming season. I wish I could share your optimism regarding signing Manny and an impact SP. From all indications, neither the D’s or Manny have budged from their original November negotiating positions. Each side is waiting to see whom will blink first. When or if that will happen, who knows?I’m afraid that if Manny takes the D’s lowball offer that we will get an unmotivated Manny in the process. IMO, that would be worse than not signing him at all. Most impact ST are already off the market and the one or two that are left have issues. Bottom line, what concerns me and others is management’s inability or unwillingness to put the best possible team on the field. You’re right in the sense that these are issues outside our control but we are diehard fans who, above all, want to see our team win. If some impact players aren’t signed, not only will April have the potential to be the cruelest month but May, June, July,etc.

  183. nellyjune

    Good Evening ITD readers and writers!!!!

    bpb – I was thinking Russell not being able to see the ball would be bad, but the batter not being able to see the ball may present it’s own set of problems, wouldn’t it? LOL!!!

    xoxrussell – It’s good to see you!! My name changed actually to what my sign in name has been saying for months. I just decided to go in and try to fix it, and I managed to get it right this time. However, it took me actually getting a new e-mail account just for though.

    seesky – I guess we can always hope in the next 25 days they can get us a SP and a Manny-type player. I am a little concerned, like you, that this game of chicken with Manny is either going to result in him becoming a Giant or he becomes the Manny who wasn’t here the last two months of the season. I hope I am wrong and FranknNed know what they are doing. Who am I kidding really 🙂

  184. cpompe1

    Good late evening ITD boys and girls!
    Okay, I’m not very good at this, so I’ll fess up! I am dodgernut!!! I just wanted to, oh, I don’t know, just wanted to see how long I could keep y’all guessing!!! Well, I did that, but since I have not imagination, creativity, or whatever you want to call it, I just couldn’t keep the “guessing game” up for very long!!! Guess the joke is on me, huh???

    Okay, enough with this “name changing” stuff. Now, back to the Dodgers. It is disheartening not hearing ANYTHING new. I know y’all know, or at least I think y’all know, but I loved the early off-season moves. I like the idea of having Casey Blake back at 3B. Didn’t think he wanted to come back, but I’m glad he did. I love having Raffy; just not a fan of his contract given his ailing back. I’ve always liked Mark Loretta and I think he’ll be invaluable off the bench. Yes, he may get some starts over DeWitt, but I’m glad that Loretta is here to tutor DeWitt!

    My biggest pet peeve is that they haven’t gone out and signed a quality, starting pitcher yet!!! That’s just so frustrating. I know that Billz, Kersh and McDonald will hold their own, but that’s an awfully young staff and I really think having a quality starter will help them tremendously.

  185. cpompe1

    Oh, and one more note on the pitching staff. Not only do I think a quality starter will help the rotation, but it’ll serve to give the BP the rest they will need…

  186. nellyjune

    brownpaperbag – I told you I thought CP was dodgernut!!!! LOL!!!!!!

    Hey CP!!! I am with you on all those points. It’s just plain frustrating to say the least.

  187. cpompe1

    It’s good to see you here xox!!! Have fun in AZ!!! I would love to go, but it’s looking more and more that I won’t be able to. No $ and no job. As much as I want to go to ST, a job comes first!!!

  188. cpompe1

    And Nelly, let’s see if my little “confession” will prompt the other mysteries that abound here to REVEAL themselves!!! 🙂

  189. nellyjune

    …it was just a good guess really. I was a process of elimination kind of. ……..I just knew who it couldn’t be, and then went from there.

  190. cpompe1

    So Nelly, do you have any other ideas on the others??? I still think that theunknowndodgerfan is enchanted who is brownpaperbag!!! But, I’m not sure. But fmf, jyj are still mysteries to me. Oh well, I’m not going to stress over it!!! But I would still like to know…

  191. nellyjune

    I had to get a new account to change it to what it should have been for months now. Even if I go back to the old account, it still says my sign in name is nellyjune, but it will still post the nellyae16 – very strange to say the least.

    As far as theunknowndodgerfan, I thought it was enchanted too, but I don’t think it is. enchanted has made it pretty clear he is brownpaperbag and plans to stay that way until FranknNed do something to merit him taking it off and going back to be enchanted.

  192. cpompe1

    Yeah, ya know, I never had the even more mysterious “Invasion of the Name Snatchers” problem much of you had before. The only thing it did was to drop the off my name, but the cpompe1 stayed the same. That was something VERY weird back then. Plus, with the time warp problems we had, it’s a wonder that we’re still all here!

    You don’t think theunknowndodgerfan is someone like, oh, I don’t know, say NSB??? That’s just a stab in the dark, but, hey, I’m not above putting it out there!!!

  193. cpompe1

    Well Nelly, I know it was a short visit, but listening to my dog snoring is getting me even more tired than I already am! I’ll catch up with ya tomorrow! 🙂

  194. nellyjune

    speaking of theunknowndodgerfan…….. your ears must have been burning. CP, along with many are trying to figure out who you are. hmmmm….who you might be is a very good question.

  195. theunknowndodgerfan

    And if our team has Pierre in left (hitting 2nd or 8th) and Wolf or Garland as the #2 SP, I’ll be in full revolt mode.

  196. nellyjune

    …you and many others I’m sure. I think JP anywhere other than a bench player might have the same effect, but you are right, the need for a good SP seems to be critical at this point.

  197. theunknowndodgerfan

    I saw earlier that we’re not interested in Juan Cruz because we don’t want to lose a draft pick. Is everyone insane? A draft pick? So what? Juan Cruz is a talent. A bonafide ML pitcher. What are the odds that even a first round pick makes the big leagues? I don’t know, but it ain’t good. A draft pick is a small price to pay for big league talent like Cruz.

  198. nellyjune

    You do realize you are talking about FranknNed, with the exception of getting Furcal and Blake back and acquiring Loretta, which seems to sit okay with most, hasn’t done much but make people cringe over this offseason. I think brownpaperbag is proof of that.

  199. theunknowndodgerfan

    I don’t have any problem with those three. How many slots has he NOT filled yet? Less than 4 weeks to go to ST. Granted, there isn’t a plethora of candidates out there, but I’m tired of having Colletti fill our roster with rejects from other teams.

    Well, I need to get some sleep. Big day tomorrow for me.

    Keep the faith.

  200. nellyjune

    No kidding!!!! Good night and take care……..see you tomorrow 🙂

    I always keep the faith……..we have our young core and that is definitely a good thing for now.

  201. heartruss

    Good morning ITD, Nellyjune, cpompe1, seesky, dodgereric, and everyone else with disguised names.
    seesky..I have never been to a spring training game since it’s always been in Vero Beach which is way beyond my resources. Since it is in AZ, it is even close enough to drive. My airfare was $108. The tickets can be as little as $15. I just wanted the experience of actually going to Spring Training and since it is the first one there, it would be a huge opportunity. One problem is that I have to make sure that I am off from work. Haha, talk about putting the cart before the horse. Luckily with my job, I work 12 hours and can have several days off together but I usually have to suffer working several 12 hour shifts together then.
    I also am concerned about the way the acquisitons have gone. I am happy about Furcal (I know he wanted to stay a Dodger ) Casey (I know he has said he would be happy to stay with the Dodgers if he gets resigned. It took a little while for him to find his niche but then he stated that he felt really comfortable with everyone) Loretta, not sure about the others since I don’t know them well enough to comment. I did state that the Dodgers do need another SP, that is obvious. MacDonald, Wade and Truncoso looked pretty sharp the end of last season but they are young. I suppose I fear the idea of trading. I think that our core of Kemp, Ethier, Martin and Loney are safe. Hopefully. I remember last season when it seemed that Matt and Andre were trade bait. Thank goodness that didn’t happen. Therefore I am not totally in my dreamworld. I want a good team. Somehow you can have the best array of talent and not win the whole thing. For example, the Yankees. All that money spent but did they win the Series? I often think it is the baseball gods or the way the team gels together. Manny seemed to be the glue last season to pull everyone together. I do hope Manny will be in blue again.
    Nellyjune..I totally love your name. It suits you. But you need something Andre in it, like maybe the number 16. are so funny with your masquerade!

  202. nellyjune

    Good Morning ITD readers and writers!!!!

    xoxrussell – I originally had nellyjune16 on my sign in name, but when I went in to make a new account I couldn’t do that name because it said it was already taken. So, I just did plain nellyjune. I am on Andre’s blog enough for him to know I am his #1 fan. Heck, dodgereric let me have the Ethieraholic name for myself, and look what has happened. It’s gone beyond the pages of ITD and Dining with Dre and has now surfaced in other articles and other blogs.

    theunknowndodgerfan – Have a fabulous adventure today. It will be great!!!!!

  203. amyw27

    morning all. I’m sad to have missed the Under the Lights. I hope all the ‘rich’ people had a good time.
    Only 2 weeks left in January..then … Februray and ST!!! yay~
    Happy MLK day. Enjoy the long weekend and tune in to see our new president tomorrow! What a historic day.
    Have a beautiful day 🙂 I’m off to the beach again !!

  204. nellyjune

    Amy – I save my money for things like “Under the Lights” and such. I am not “rich”, but it was an opportunity I knew I couldn’t pass up (meeting Andre and Russell), and my husband knew I wanted to do it too. So, eventhough it was technically a gift, it still came out of my household budget to a point. I would save the $500 again because I am not one to go up and get autographs or to try and meet them while at a game. However, knowing what I know now about what the McCourts are doing, I probably would have thought twice about it, but back then, we thought getting Manny would be a no brainer.

  205. thinkingblue

    OMG I am in again. I’ve been having proplembs logging in. But I am IN…!
    Nellyjune, I didn’t want to pass up meeting Andre & Russell. I had no choice…boo hoo hoo. You are lucky. I just hope that when economy is a lil better they team up again and I get to go to Under The lights with Russell & Ethier.
    Tomorrow is another Historic Day, Manny will sign with the Dodgers….LOL! I wish…. I’m sure a lot of us will be watching the History event via internet. I do hope that the new president those mean “Change” but “Good change for us regula people”.

  206. thinkingblue

    I’ve had the problem since Friday. I logged in fine around noon on Friday, but then I tried logging in again Friday afternoon and I had problems.

  207. thinkingblue

    Oh yeah it is reassuring that it is not my computer. I was over here changing settings on my computer…LOL! It is MLB…who knows maybe they are getting heavy traffic??

  208. heartruss

    It was a mess yesterday signing in and just now, it took a few times.
    I went to “Under the Lights” and met Nellyjune there. It was worth every penny. I don’t recall seeing many “rich” people there. They were ordinary fans. Some told me they had received tickets to the event as anniversary gifts, birthday presents, Christmas presents. I save all my overtime and holiday money for Dodger stuff. I didn’t go to this last one. There is another one planned for April which I will probably save for!! Tax return money!
    Anyway, it looks like there r some disgruntled Angels fans. U can probably put the unhappy Dodger fans’ comments right into the Angels blog and it will fit right in. They too r unhappy. Remember they didn’t get Teixeira. We stll have a chance with Manny. They r totally unhappy about the acquisitions per editorials in the OC Register. They think that the Red Sox did well getting Penny and Saito. I am unhappy about losing Saito.

  209. thinkingblue

    XOXRussell…that sounds like a good idea…tax returns $$…hopefully we don’t get no IOU’s…..
    Saito left us….that is no “Saito’s”faction news…it is probably old news, but it is first for me. I like Saito.
    Well that is a big loss for the Angels, but hey life goes on. If we don’t Manny, then I still have hope that with the people we’ve got, we can do it. Our young guys are maturing. Thanks for Manny and what he brought to our club. I believe they learned their lesson. Just with Manny on our team, I will feel more secure. But then again, the Angels felt very secured about winning and look at what happen…

  210. northstateblues

    “For our last number, I’d like to ask your help. For the people in the cheaper seats, clap your hands. And the rest of you, if you’ll just rattle your jewelery.”
    – John Lennon, at a Beatles performance before the Queen at Royal Albert Hall (I think).

    I wish I could save $500 to go to one of those Under the Lights events, but my only chance is to hope to win tix on Mark and Brian, heh. That’s a pretty penny, but I’m sure it’s worth it for the tour, meeting the players, batting practice, etc… Just hard to come by for some in this economy, for sure. Plus, no guarantees if the money’s going to better the team, or benefit the owner’s non-Dodger exploits (the key word being “exploit”).

    As it is, I’m gonna have to save just to hope to get to the Stadium this year, and Arnie the Great’s foresight has caused the State Controller to stop payment on State Grants for students come February 1st. Of course, he has no problem building prisons. That’s a good thing, though, because if he keeps cutting Education the way he has, the state’s gonna need every holding cell it can get. Sure, I can take the cut, I’m not complaining persay, that’s free money, and I just won’t be getting it this year. But it’s sad to see the state of the once proud CA Educational system, once the envy of the world, now a one note joke.

    Now THAT’s something to get up in arms about.

  211. thinkingblue

    $500 is worth it. But I’m with you NSBlues…right now I could only go if I win tickets. I will just have to save money for gas…LOL!
    Yeah it is funny, the more the economy goes down, the more the people get desperate and start stealling and killing. Free room & food why not…it is sad. And let me add this was the Country of Opportunies…it is sad and scary. People might just be crossing the borders back to their countries in order to find jobs.

  212. northstateblues

    Rose, hey good to see you! Yeah, this country is a lot better off than most, but it’s scary to see the shape we’re in. That’s why I like Baseball so much, it mirrors the country. Except for the immune Yankees, seems that everyone’s hit by the economy. Of course, signing a Prime Time Player like Manny will ensure that L.A. won’t be “hurting” for some time, but we’ll have to find out when the staring contest ends to see where we’re at.

    I expect big changes in the MLB in the near future. I’ll tell you one thing, with this ADD/ADHD fiasco coming to light (and being swept prettily under the rug, btw), The Commish better watch out, he might lose MLB its Anti-Trust exemption, the only corporation in America to have that exemption. If MLB can’t regulate its own drug problems, I’m sure Unkie Sam will be more than happy to step in and give it a try, but it doesn’t have to come to that.

  213. thinkingblue

    Yes there will be major changes in MLB. There are just too many major changes all over the country. Hey whatever happen to the instant replay or what was the new feature the Playoffs suppose to try out. One thing I like about football is that a coach can challenge a play and how a ref can review a play, I would love to see that in baseball. Make the game fair. That’s just me. I just feel that it will be a more “fair” game.

  214. nellyjune

    nsblues – I hear you on the education front. I am so sorry that is happening. We are being cut in a major way too. We just aren’t sure where yet. I know for sure when budgets are cut, my money starts getting used more and more to keep my classroom running the way I want, and that does mean things like “under the lights” and even going to DS a harder reality.

    Dodgersrule and Diggie- great to see you!!!!

    As for the signing in thing….I have been having trouble all morning, but then was able to get on at work pretty easily so who knows.

  215. thinkingblue

    NellyJune – Hey girl how are you doing?
    It is sad to hear that major cuts will be affecting education. And classes will be more crowded. I’m sure that a lot of the industries are being hit hard. When I’m driving to work I keep seeing new building, homes, & apartments being built, but most of them are staying empty. Who knows how much work is left for me. I am thankful that our office have survived.
    Obama has it really really tough and I just wish him all the luck and lots of blessings. If he gets us out of this crisis then he will be one excellent president. But it will be tough.

  216. nellyjune

    Hey Dodgersrule – I am doing great. I get to do the Dodgers for my baseball geography week this week so that should be fun. I have more memorabilia, pictures, cards and such from there than anywhere, and they already know alot about the players already. What’s funny is that when I was ready the history of Dodger Stadium and pulled up pictures of the ground breaking, construction and such, I didn’t realize opening day was April 10, 1962. The funny thing is is when I mention the date, most of them if not all know it the same day as Andre’s birthday. Now, granted, he wasn’t even thought of in 1962, but in a first grader’s mind, that is what they will attach the date to.

  217. heartruss

    It is sad that education has to suffer when there are state cuts. My sister is a first grade teacher and also teaches post graduate at a State University. She is wondering about her job at the university. By the way, she teaches future elementary school teachers. It was quite a coup when the state decided to decrease class size to a manageable number and that has since gone by the wayside. I am lucky enough to be in the medical industry where I am lucky to be able to work at what I am trained to do. I have paid my dues when I was young , struggling as a college student so I know what it’s like to survive on poverty rice, as I called it, for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and buying my clothes at Goodwill. I was able to go to some Cal State Long Beach basketball games but that was through a friend. I now no longer live paycheck to paycheck. It has taken a long time. NS blues your time will come. Amy, you too. Until then, enjoy your youth, and times will be better. Stay in school and look for that deferred gratification that helped me make it through. Boy, do I remember those days when people had to push my car so I could get pop the clutch so I could make it to school!!!

  218. thinkingblue

    NellyJune – Those kids are learning great stuff…LOL. And Well with Ethier’s b-day & the Dodgers Stadium ground breaking dates being the same day, then there is no doubt about it that he is meant to be a L.A. Dodgers.
    XOXO I’m in the Architectural field so I am screwed. But I am thankful that we still have work. And to add I bought my house about a year and a half ago. My house is worth half of what I bought it for. It is very stressful. I can not spend like I use. I was spoiled but since we bought the house I can’t do all the fun stuff. We sort of feel trapped right now. We are surviving check to check but we make more than enough for any kind of assistance. Middle Class!
    So Russell is playing for Canada…yeah! At least I can see him in Action, but nothing like when he wears Dodger Blue.

  219. heartruss

    I was lucky enough to buy my house before all of this bad stuff happened. So far I seem to be leading a charmed life. It still if worth much more than I paid for it.
    New thread!!!

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