Broadcast news…

At the end of this month (Jan. 26), the Southern California Sports Broadcasters will have their annual awards luncheon and we have a number of people who were nominated for top honors. It’s kind of like the Oscars for local sports broadcasting and a nice event they do each year.

Among those being nominated are:

Vin Scully – TV play-by-play

Jaime Jarrin – Foreign Language play-by-play

Rick Monday – Radio play-by-play

Jerry Reuss – Radio analysis

Fernando Valenzuela – Foreign Language analysis

Ken Levine – Talk show host

We certainly offer our congrats to all of them in advance of finding out whether they won, as they’re all among the best in their fields.

Of course, as you all have read, we’re in the process of seeking a play-by-play person to work alongside Steve Lyons for the 40 games that Vin doesn’t travel to East of Denver, so as always, your feedback is welcome and appreciated. Perhaps you live in a minor league town where there’s a hidden gem waiting to be discovered. Or maybe there’s someone you’ve heard elsewhere who you think fits the bill. I can assure you, we’re working quite hard to find someone that you will all love to listen to (and watch) in ’09 so feel free to post your comments.

And finally, it certainly appears that Trevor Hoffman is headed to the Brewers and I’ve never heard a bad word about the guy, so I certainly wish him well. He certainly would have been a nice addition to the bullpen and clubhouse, but rather than work from the ninth inning backward by adding a closer, I think that Broxton certainly showed glimpses that he can handle ninth inning pressure and I presume we’ll now look to add relievers that bridge the gap to him. I want to make sure you know that I’m not in baseball ops…I’m just going by what I have read and what my take is on the situation…plus, it’s good food for thought (or chatter).


  1. 636566cy

    Hey Josh,
    I’m sure one of the criteria of the new play-by-play person will be the need to be able to swallow their own barf as they are throwing ridculous softball questions to Frank as he makes his regular “look how great I am” appearances in the booth. Nope, can’t think of anyone who would want to suck up to Frank that bad:)

  2. kho88

    how about takashi saito? have we terminated all prospect of re-signing him? he was always one of my favorites over the last few years. for all he’s done for us (at a very reasonable salary), it’s surprising we would be so quick to just dump him. can’t we get him with some incentive-laced deal?

  3. crzblue2

    what is the name of the announcer that did the games for the 51’s? I’ve heard him doing the 51’s games and also some games at Vero Beach. I think he is pretty good . Also, I might be in the minority but I like Jon Miller.

  4. maliceinthepalace

    We should have signed K-Rod. Now Ned will overpay for someone nowhere near as good. I’m surprised Burrell was only paid $8 million x 2years(we’re paying Pierre more per year).

  5. selltheteam

    Dodgers agree to terms with Castro, 14 others
    LOS ANGELES (AP)—The Dodgers have agreed to terms with 15 free agents, including longtime big league shortstop Juan Castro.
    The 36-year-old Castro signed with the Dodgers in 1991 and began his major league career with them four years later. He has a .228 batting average in 984 career games with the Dodgers, Cincinnati Reds, Minnesota Twins and Baltimore Orioles.
    Castro appeared in a combined 61 games with the Reds and Orioles last season, hitting .193 with two homers and 16 RBIs.
    The Dodgers said Thursday they agreed to terms with right-handers Yhency Brazoban, Travis Chick, Nick DeBarr, Edgar Martinez and Scott Strickland; left-handers Carmen Cali, Brian Mazone, Jacobo Meque, Stephen Randolph and Erick Threets; first basemen-outfielders Mitch Jones and Val Pascucci; and infielders Hector Luna and Luis Maza.
    The 28-year-old Brazoban missed most of last season with right shoulder ailments stemming from a torn labrum in 2007. In five big league seasons from 2004-08—all with the Dodgers—he went 10-12 with 21 saves and a 4.70 ERA in 116 games.
    No wonder Ned hasn’t signed Manny nor CC nor any other decent starting pitcher. He’s been too busy with the all-important deals regarding Castro, Vargas, Brazoban, Maza, etc. With Vargas and Brazoban in the bullpen, we won’t need to worry about Broxton’s performance, because the games will be lost in the 6th, 7th, and 8th innings.

  6. selltheteam

    Carmen Cali, in particular, is a helluva catch. At 30 years old, his career WHIP is 2.13 with fewer (okay, only slightly) walks than innings. He is bound to strike fear in the hearts of the batters that face him, with a lifetime average of .317 against him.

  7. northstateblues

    Feel that this needed to be reposted, heheh… It’s where I’m at right now, and didn’t want it to get buried


    You wanna hear the sad thing? Even if the McCourts sell the team, do you honestly think they’re gonna include 300 acres of LA real estate in that deal? NO

    Slowly but surely, with each consequent sale, the francise is being drawn and quartered. It started when FOX had to find someone dumb enough to buy a ball club without cable rights (where clubs make most of their revenues)… which, of course, Fox still retains, as far as I know.

    As for Colletti’s hands being tied behind his back, I know. and you know what? I AM INSULTED.

    I AM INSULTED that our owners are operating under the autonomy of “well, we almost made it to the Series last year, that oughta keep those dopes happy for a while.”

    I am insulted that our GM, who was given the proverbial keys-to-the-car his whole tenure with the team, now has to mumble “aw, shucks” as the free agents head for destinations all points besides Chavez Ravine.

    And most of all, I AM INSULTED that they do it all under the pretense that they think Dodger fans are stupid enough to blindly plunk down their hard earned cash (which, any idiot who can read a newspaper can see that there’s less cash around), no matter how badly they handle things.

    They are the writers of our history. They are the holders of the pen. They are the destruction of Dodger Blue Dreams. They are the murderers of the Blue Crew.

    And we still give them our money. Because we can’t quit. I sure as hell can’t. I’m addicted like Chevy Chase punching the ceiling tiles of Rockefeller Center looking for his stash.

    Sure, we could placate ourselves with the constant threat of becoming Angels fans, but that would require A.) watching t-bA.L.l 162 games a year, B.)Lots of Red, yuck, C.) fighting rats for our food in the concession line, and D.) Lots of Red, yuck.

    Then again, they’re commited to winning. And we’d get to see all the Dodgers running the team that FOX and the McCourts cast out of Dodgerland. But then again… red.

    Anyone make ticket plans at the Ravine yet? I’ve been checking the calendar.


    (and for a refreshing chaser, I posted The Kinks’ “Everybody’s gonna be happy” afterwards. )

  8. selltheteam

    Thanks for the tip, nsb! Gotta make sure it gets delivered. Oh, and thanks for the rant – that was excellent!

  9. trublu4ever

    Where did all this insanity come from? This used to be a well respected organization and now, we are becoming a laughing stock. Except to us, the fans……….we feel totally screwed.

  10. enchantedbeaver

    I’m sure signing a bunch of – whatever you want to call them – is normal and that every team does it to some degree or another to fill out their mnor leagues. BUT, why publicize it? In the wake of all the other BS its just another PR faux pas.


    Obviously the power couple is waiting for us to develop our own group of prospects from those vaunted 50 new neighborhood ballparks. That’s the way baseball was meant to be before all this commercialism caught on. I wouldn’t mind so much if the organization simply decided to develop and see what our own prospects could do for a year or two, but the sad thing is that in a couple of years they’re bound to let the Andre’s and Russells and a number of others get away. I really fear for the future with this ownership.

  12. nachotaco

    How about Matt Vaskersian (sp?). I’ve heard him call sports before and he seems to have his head screwed on straight….

    As for the Dodgers FA’s I say they should sign Dunn now, and make Manny have to sign… Hey worse comes to worse they have both an dthey can deal either Andre or Kemp for pitching (maybe Halladay??)… hey now that Pettite has rejected the yankees offer and the Astros don’t have the payroll wouldn’t it be cool for him to sign with us??? then we culd sign Kris Benson on a minor league deal and have him ready if one of our starters falter… just my thoughts…


    I still believe Frank McCourt wants a winning team and a financially successful organization. However, I am getting a bit weary of what I perceive as the McCourts trying too hard to be “somebodies” in society ranks and the community. I am all in favor of the charities, foundations, causes and such that the McCourts and the Dodgers support but I can do without all the photo ops, press releases and such. Who is watching the ship? When the O’Malley’s owned the Dodgers they hired the best people they could to run the various parts of the organization and stayed in the background. They did not look for publicity for themselves and it was all about the Dodgers and the fans. Frank, please take a long hard look at what you and your wife do and stop trying so hard to be big shots. You own a jewel of a franchise, one that used to be at the top if not on the field at least in the way it was run. Give Peter O’Malley a call and seek his advice. Get some public relations help. Rather than involve yourself in the L.A. Marathon and goodness knows what else, focus on what you promised the fans when you came on board: restoring the Dodgers to the first class organization it once was. Do you think you and Jamie can handle that?

  14. trublu4ever

    bigpa ~ I hope you are kidding about Dunn for Matt or Andre……….if not, that would be the dumbest thing we could do. Kemp, Ethier, Loney and Martin are our future.

  15. roberto6

    Hi Big Pa, Matt Vasgersian is not available because he just signed a contract to be a host on the new MLB Network….


  16. enchantedbeaver

    Whether real in fact or not, the perception of the Dodgers has become that of a second rate franchise.
    And that’s a shame for an organization almost as storied as the Giants.

  17. ramslover

    Wow we did not sign Hoffman…Hey Dustin is still available and they are about the same age…This has been a wierd offseason…I think it is good that Ned came out publicly and said he is still in on Manny…I hope this is a prelude to his resigning…I do not think even Ned can screw this up…

    We still have alot of holes…on the pitching staff…we have not depth…Garland, Wolf are there for the taking…Wolf should be a 2 yr max contract I would think…

  18. oldbrooklynfan

    Good luck to the nominees and I’d like to see a former Dodger in the T.V. booth.
    Broxton should get good competition from Wade, Troncoso and Kuo, if the Dodgers don’t go back outside looking for an experienced closer.

  19. junkyardjamie

    Good Evening ITD readers and writers!!!!!

    northstateblues ~ awesome repost and fabulous song on the other thread.

    Speaking of closers, guess who walked into our new baseball academy today?……the Angels new closer, Brian Fuentes. I, unfortunately was at school, but my husband said he is going to do a couple of clinics for the young players in our area. According to my husband and daughter, he is very nice and his son is adorable.

  20. junkyardjamie

    Life is good joepierre. I am glad you are doing well too.

    I hope everyone in so-cal is doing okay after the earthquake in San Bernadino.

  21. enchantedbeaver

    For those keeping track, here’s the current roster (there may be some cross-over in certain catagories):

    Real Ballplayers:
    Martin, Loney, DeWitt, Furcal, Ethier, Kemp, Billz, Kuroda, Kershaw, Wade, Brox, Kuo, McDonald

    The Dancing PVLs:
    Blake, Loretta, Pierre, Huggy Bear

    The Hasbeens:

    The Neverweres:
    Castro, Ardoin

    The Wannabes:
    Troncoso, Elbert, Stults, Hu, Paul

    My intuition tells me this team needs some help.

  22. enchantedbeaver

    Interesting article nells.

    Much like Joe, I forgot poor DY. Guess add him to the wannabes until he actually gets a chance.

  23. park

    I understand that Ned Colletti is playing it smart with Manny by not having the Dodgers bid against themselves. He’s letting the surprising lack of interest by other teams play itself out in the hope that Boras eventually settles on an offer that falls short of what he is looking for both in terms of money and years.

    However, the Dodgers need to be careful not to get too stingy. Yeah, you want him at a good price but you also don’t want a Manny Ramirez on your team who feels he is underpaid. Make an offer that will make Manny happy while not breaking the bank.

    The Dodgers need to remember that they got two and a half incredible months of Manny Ramirez for free. It’s not going to hurt to pay him a little more than what they are trying to get. And if years are the issue, give him the 4th year. Barry Bonds continued to perform into his 40’s and I believe Manny will do the same. And even if he doesn’t play well or gets hurt in his 4th year, that’s a small sacrifice to make for a proven difference-maker. Make an offer that makes both parties happy.

    It has been 21 years since the Dodgers last won a world championship. Let’s not pass on this golden opportunity to sign a guy who can help end that streak.

  24. cpompe1

    Good evening ITD boys and girls!
    Can’t stay long, but I thought I sign in for a few minutes. I’ve gotta get up early tomorrow. NO, it’s not a job, but I have to be in Simi Valley by 8 AM for jury duty. Usually when I get called for jury duty, I just have to drive 15 minutes to get to the Government Center in Ventura. Well, this time, my reporting group was assigned to the East County Government Center in Simi Valley. For those not familiar (crash, I know you are since you live in Ventura), Simi Valley is 37 miles away from Ventura. Yuk! And I have to fight that traffic from Ventura to Simi Valley. Double yuk!!!

    So, how are my ITD friends??? 🙂

  25. cpompe1

    My Nellygirl! And here I thought everyone had left for the evening! No, the drive won’t be fun, or the destination. But guess what I’m bringing? Yes, I have my crossword puzzles and word searches, but I have a portable CD player that I’m bringing. I have a CD case in the car with stuff that Jim recorded for me to listen in the car. Well, one more he did for me was to record my own CD of Dodger/baseball songs! I have the CD in my bag in our room, but I’m getting too lazy and tired to walk the 10 feet to get the CD and give you the correct title! At least I can keep up my Dodger fever while I’m waiting and waiting and waiting… Oh, sorry Nelly. I’m starting to repeat, repeat, repeat myself! I do that when I get tired! 🙂

  26. cpompe1

    Well Nelly, I know this was a short conversation, but I am getting tired. Hopefully I’ll be able to sign on again tomorrow night. If not, then probably Saturday. 🙂

  27. Dodger4life

    Good evening to all,
    Nelly that was a good article. They made some very good points about the talent within the organization.

  28. junkyardjamie

    Good Night CP!!! Drive safe tomorrow and God Bless!!

    Good Evening Dodger4life – I see you are keeping the Dodger spirit alive and well – very nice!!!

  29. Dodger4life

    I am trying Nelly, you know me no room to be negative.
    I will alway’s believe till I am proven wrong, and even then I
    re – adjust.
    GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ALL THE WAY IN 2009!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    RINGS FOR ALL THE DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    That is the ultimate status quo in this game…


    Manny thing seems like a game of who will blink first…

    We need pitching. Earth to Ned, you keep saying it but do you plan on getting any or has the owner put the charge card on hold? Sheets, Perez, Lowe, Garland, Pettite..One of those guys at least. Come on.

    I am glad we didn’t get Hoffman.

  31. junkyardjamie

    Nobody is going to fill their shoes…..they are all one of a kinds. Our new young guns are going to make their own history some day 🙂
    36 Days until pitchers and catchers report to spring training!
    ~ Dodger Blue Thru and Thru~

  32. Dodger4life

    GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ALL THE WAY IN 2009!!!!!!!!!!!!
    RINGS FOR ALL THE DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Dodger4life

    I hope we retire many more numbers Nelly 🙂
    GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    BLEED N BLUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. junkyardjamie

    I hope so too Dodger4life………..the making of Dodger history needs to continue.

  35. junkyardjamie

    We have been working on a story I found in our school library called “Teammates” and it’s a story about Jackie Robinson and Pee Wee Reese. My student’s love this story because it’s a story about one person sticking up for another person who wasn’t being treated fairly. It just happened to be two Dodger players, which just connected it that much more.

  36. Dodger4life

    Good-Night Dodgerfaithful
    Keep The Faith ~ I Believe Every Little Thing Will Be Allright 🙂
    God Bless us all…
    GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ALL THE WAY IN 2009!!!!!!!!!!!!
    RINGS FOR ALL THE DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. dodgereric

    Goooood morning, ITD!!

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – how many people have you EVER heard of that worked 60 years AT ANY JOB, let alone for ONE company? Simply remarkable. Vin Scully, you are the greatest Dodger ever. Period.

    Tommy is right behind him. In fact, if the Athletics hadn’t bought him from the Dodgers in ’55, he’d have a year’s seniority on Vinny. Yeah, I used to yell at the radio when I disagreed with some of his moves, and yeah, his tenure as GM stunk, but I love him anyway. How could anyone who calls him/herself a Dodger fan NOT love someone who loves the Dodgers as much as Tommy?

    Interesting off-season so far, isn’t it? Big waiting game. The teams (other than you-know-who) don’t want to give out the usual big money and the agents don’t believe it yet.

    Lowe is a perfect example. Here is a perfectly servicable starter, on the backside of his peak years but still with a few good ones left. But $12 million a year isn’t enough. At least not yet. You can read Boras’ mind, “They’ll cave, just give them time. Someone will crack.” Meanwhile, it’s driving us nuts. These things usually work downhill and normally would have shaken out after Sabathia signed. But his contract was so far out of the ordinary that it really didn’t have any influence over anyone else.

    I’m using a starter as an example because, like many of you, I feel that’s our greatest need. Unless Ned knows something we don’t – like Schmidt hitting the speed gun at 93 mph without any pain – we really need help here. Granted, the pickings are slim, and they’re probably all over-pricing themselves. Lowe has the fewest question marks of any of them. I still think that he might come back here if we signed Ramirez.

    Like messagebear, I still like Juan Cruz. I think he’d really make our pen one that could lock down a game. I’ve never heard what it is that he wants, but I think he’s a special pitcher.

    My memories of Dennys Reyes is still of the kid we used to have. I saw his name on the list of who we were looking at and cringed, much like the rest of you. But look at what he’s done in the last 3 years at Minnesota:

    Not bad. Those numbers would be fine with me.

    OK Ned, you’ve managed to fill out the rosters at Albuquerque and Chattanooga. Now, how about the big league club?

  38. kpookiemon

    How in hell can Vin Scully be nominated for an award?


    I’m sick and tired of free agency… Who cares how much money Lowe will make or where he ends up? Manny, too. Bring on April already. Play the kids and let’s kick some a**.

  39. junkyardjamie

    Yeah Kalhi!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yeah Dodgereric!!!!

    Good Morning ITD readers and writers!!!!!

  40. enchantedbeaver

    Its sunny 350 days a year here in Cruces! Every sides the sunny side of the street. Even Malibu can’t say that!!


  41. trublu4ever

    thanks a lot, Enchanted! I haven’t seen the sun for a week! How can I keep my summer glow without Mr. Sunshine!

  42. kpookiemon

    “The offers were pretty similar,” Hoffman said. “The fact that Milwaukee was so bullish made a difference — the general manager calling, the manager calling, getting to talk to the trainer. The excitement they showed for me possibly being there was the biggest factor. They stayed pretty firm. They kept coming. If you’re going to leave your house, it doesn’t matter whether you’re an hour drive up the road or five hours away by plane. You’re still not going to be home very much.”

    Then there were the optics of Hoffman jumping from the Padres to the arch-rival Dodgers, with the two teams playing each other 18 times a year.

    “Yeah, that would’ve been a tough pill for everybody to swallow,” he said with a laugh. “But the fact is, because my relationship with the Padres was severed without any desire on my part for it to happen, I had to look at all options. Had the Dodgers wanted to pursue it a little harder, then it might have happened. In Milwaukee, I thought it was definitely a firm commitment on their end.”

  43. trublu4ever

    I’m afraid to read the sports news. The term no news is good news might be okay for a while. I don’t want to hear any more rumors………either sign someone that will really help us out or, just forget it and as Kpookie says ket the youth run the show.

  44. dodgereric

    Hoffman would have been nice, but he’s not going to make or break us.

    1 – A starter (a good one, not what they’re talking to presently)
    2 – Ramirez

    Or vice versa.

    Do it or sell the team, Frank.

  45. enchantedbeaver

    Opinion Poll.

    What happens to Ned after the 2009 season when his contract is up?

    (A) Let go if they lose.
    (B) Let go if they win or lose.
    (C) Renewed if they win.
    (D) Renewed if they win or lose.


    it’s still morning.. on a friday.. my brain doesn’t want to come out to play

  47. junkyardjamie

    YES I AM!!!!!!

    Not necessarily a Red Sox fan,but there was a great interview with Dustin Pedroia on mlbtv this morning. It makes you wonder what he and Andre talk about. Wouldn’t you love to be a fly on that wall when they are together? I sure would 🙂

  48. junkyardjamie

    enchantedGM – if it were you, then B would happen. Actually, we wouldn’t even had had this poll because he would have been gone already. So, if it’s not you, then I guess it would have to be C. 🙂

  49. junkyardjamie

    I am assuming the Red Skeleton clip is LMAO hilarious. He reminds me of my father-in-law. However, I will have to wait until I get home……………….no youtube here 😦

  50. selltheteam

    As a Dodgers fan, my vote is B. As a realist, it will likely be C. The only way Ned is gone after 2009 is if both of the following happen: (a) we don’t make the playoffs and (b) we finish below .500

  51. junkyardjamie

    As far as the poll, there is a definite difference between what I want and what will happen………..just so you know…..however, if it were up to what I wanted, they would ALL be gone.

  52. trublu4ever

    Enchanted ~ that card article brings back some memories….memories of how stupid I was as a young college coed………..I was collecting baseball cards all of my life and when I went away to college I met a nice guy who had quite a collection himself. Figuring I was moving on to better things in life I decided to give him my collection. Figured I didn’t need them any more………now, I realize what an a** I was giving up some really first rate cards.

  53. trublu4ever

    The worst part of it was that we were just good friends. Used to hang out together and talk and study. Nothing more. If it were love, I could understand it!


    from diamond:

    Jonathan Broxton is expected to pitch in the World Baseball Classic, as he was named to Team USA’s list of interested players.

  55. may1940

    What about Eric Karros to broadcast with Steve Lyons. I think he’d be great, as a former Dodger!!!
    Am interested in this arbitration that is presently going on. Ethier, Martin, and I think Broxton are involved. I’ve been watching MLB on direct tv and they only mentioned that its going on until the 15th!!!!

  56. 636566cy

    Eric Karros and Steve Lyons? Uh, I hope not. Unless you are ready to hear the phrase “No Question” from Karros about 100x during a broadcast. That is his version of “Um”. EK is a nice guy, but he definitely not cut out to be a play-by-play guy, at least IMO.

  57. junkyardjamie

    rnapoli – I am very interested to know what’s happening with Martin, Ethier and Broxton’s arbitration. We will definitely find out if the young guns really are the Dodgers future.

  58. enchantedbeaver

    I thought of that D4.

    Looks like I missed the mark. I really thought when they cleared up that Jones mess last week that by today we would have re-signed Manny.

  59. junkyardjamie

    enchanted ~ now you know the Dodgers don’t do anything that easily. They like to make their fans scratch their heads and go huh? ………….or more appropriately…..What the .._ _ _ _ ?!?(you can fill in the blank)

  60. kpookiemon

    Dodgers should team Karros with Gubicza:

    “No question, Mark, the Dodgers will be a tough team in ’09.”
    “No question about it, Eric, a very tough team.”
    “And no question, Manny was the difference in ’08.”
    “Agree, Eric, no question about it.”
    “Hey Mark, I know there’s no question about it, but do you think Furcal will stay healthy this season? I mean, isn’t there a question about it?”
    “Sure is. No question about it…”

  61. Dodger4life

    Hey North , Well it must be quiting time. Im out! Off to the Red Eye. Take care everyone.
    GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ALL THE WAY IN 2009!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    RINGS FOR ALL THE DODGERS I SAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    As usual, you guys cracked me up today from Red Skelton to Red Buttons to popcorn in a car! Lots of yuks. I loved Red Skelton and all his characters. Can you imagine if someone had done that popcorn thing to Kirk Gibson’s car?

  63. northstateblues

    Here’s an interesting list by an SI blogger: The top five annoying broadcasting tandems. Aside from no mention of Collinsworth, this is a pretty good list:

    Speaking of #1, there’s another testament to his “greatness” on one of the blog articles it links to:

    Happy reading


    After listening to Vinny, Jerry Doggett, Don Drysdale and Ross Porter for so long I have to ask when did it become necessary to add another voice to the broadcast team? Did it happen in football first with the so called color guy? Are these games so complicated it takes more than one person to tell me what happened? And how is it that it takes up to five guys to tell me what I am about to see or analyze what happened in a football or basketball game? I can accept the argument that with all the technology these days maybe it does take more than one but Vinny is still going solo after 60 years. Now we get a bunch of happy talk that really adds little to the game. There are some exceptions but for the most part it is more about entertainment.

  65. enchantedbeaver

    To add some “color” to the color commentary, how ’bout a guest commentator from ITD? A different one each game to bring thier own perspective on what’s really happening.

    “Oh for Gawd’s sake they’re playing noodlearm in left again. Damn Steve, you think JoJo would’ve learned his lesson last year but, NNNNnnnnnooooooooo. Honestly, they should’ve dumped his sorry ^$% right along with Andruw.”

    Now who wouldn’t tune in for that???

  66. trublu4ever

    OMG, the Dodgers have agreed to terms with pitcher Shawn Estes, according to Yahoo sports. It’s for a minor league contract that could be woth $1.5 million.

  67. porklinks

    Hi folks, sorry for the long absence followed by this hit-and-run post but…. these seem on topic.
    I’ve heard a lot of good reports about Russ Langer who did Las Vegas play-by-play last year.
    Jonathan Broxton – from the TBLA comments:
    For 2006-2008 Broxton:
    IP 227.3
    BB 85 (BB/9 3.37)
    K 284 (K/9 11.24)
    WHIP 1.183
    H 184
    That looks like one season of an ace starter to me (admittedly a different role). In fact, compare to Tim Lincecum’s 2008 Cy Young year:
    IP 227
    BB 84
    K 265
    H 182
    WHIP 1.172
    Broxton is one day younger than Lincecum.
    Two posts quantifying “homegrown”, showing the Dodgers rank pretty well there:
    Per the AP, via Dodger Thoughts, Dodgers signed Shawn Estes to a minor-league. You may recall that he is (yet another) Giant from Ned’s days there. He is probably done, but whatever, there’s always a need for minor-league filler.

  68. porklinks

    Estes may make next to nothing as well. He might never get on the 40-man.
    “Estes would receive $550,000 if added to the Dodgers’ 40-man roster, and would be able to earn an additional $1 million in performance bonuses bases on starts, from five to 30.”

  69. junkyardjamie

    OH MY GOODNESS!!! Look who decided to drop in and say “hi”……you had so many names. I am trying to figure out which one to use. Anyhow, it is great to see you on ITD again porklinks, with all your wonderful information as always.

  70. junkyardjamie

    enchanted – play by play with an ITD guest commentator would be just perfect. With all of these personalities, it would sure to get some awesome ratings.

  71. enchantedbeaver

    Sounds about right for Ned. Estes best year was 1997.

    Yes, Estes. From the man that brought you Sele, Erickson, Hendrickson and my personal favorite, Tomko. Not only must JoJo be a magician, now he has to be a friggin miracle worker.

    We may be looking at guys like Wolf and Garland, but we’re signing guys like Vargas and Estes. A hearty “Well Done” Ned. You make my song writing so much easier.

  72. trublu4ever


  73. junkyardjamie

    LMAO enchanted ……..remember back in December when we were thinking CC and/or Manny and now we are down to Estes and Vargas………..and you can’t forget Loretta 🙂

  74. northstateblues

    Guess it wasn’t for lack of trying…,0,60793.story

    Dodgers to keep Andruw Jones at a distance
    Sources say that the Dodgers, who sign veteran left-hander Shawn Estes, considered trying to void Jones’ contract and that the settlement includes a provision that they will not make future claims on him.

    By Bill Shaikin

    8:05 PM PST, January 9, 2009

    The Dodgers considered trying to void Andruw Jones’ contract before waiving any possible action as part of his contract restructuring, two high-ranking baseball sources told The Times.

    The Dodgers agreed last week to trade or release Jones by Jan. 15 in exchange for his deferring much of the $22 million remaining on his contract.

    The settlement includes a provision that the Dodgers will pursue no future claims against Jones, the sources said, speaking on condition of anonymity because the agreement has not been publicly disclosed.

    Dodgers spokesman Charles Steinberg said Friday the team would not comment on legal matters. Scott Boras, the agent for Jones, said he could not comment, citing attorney-client privilege.

    The provision sheds new light on the degree of the Dodgers’ frustration with Jones, who signed a two-year, $36.2-million contract last winter, then reported to spring training significantly overweight.

    The five-time All-Star batted .158 with three home runs in 75 games. He was often booed by fans, hampered by a knee injury that required arthroscopic surgery and ultimately benched after the arrival of Manny Ramirez, who was brought in as the slugger the Dodgers had paid Jones to be.

    According to the sources, the Dodgers suggested to the commissioner’s office and the players’ union that they explored their contractual right to terminate the deal of any player who “shall at any time fail, refuse or neglect . . . to keep himself in first-class physical condition or to obey the club’s training rules.”

    Such action would immediately have been contested by the players’ union. The sources said they could not recall any instance of an arbitrator ruling that a player had to forfeit any part of a guaranteed contract under such circumstances.

  75. enchantedbeaver

    Opinion Poll Results.

    What happens to Ned after the 2009 season when his contract is up?
    (A) Let go if they lose. – 14.3%
    (B) Let go if they win or lose. 28.6%
    (C) Renewed if they win. 28.6%
    (D) Renewed if they win or lose. 28.6%

    New poll.

    Ned is a moron.
    (A) Yes
    (B) No

  76. trublu4ever

    Northstateblues ~ I think we should be the first team to enforce that stipulation…………players union, or not! His stats from last season would win the case for us.

  77. junkyardjamie

    That accounts for my many personalities on ITD……. here’s another YES for good measure 🙂

  78. enchantedbeaver

    Regarding Estes:
    He would get $550,000 if he makes the team in spring training, with various incentive bonuses for games started. If he starts 30 games, he would make the maximum $1 million in bonuses.
    If Estes starts 30 games for the Dodgers, there won’t be enough bridges for all the jumpers.

  79. trublu4ever

    I feel sorry for Matt and Andre having to watch all the balls going over the wall. At least JP won’t have to throw to a base!

  80. enchantedbeaver

    Oh sure, anyone can win with CC, Tex and A-Rod, but when you win with Vargas, Estes and Pierre, now THERE’S something to brag about.

    I turned on, tuned in, and dropped out to that video North!!

  81. junkyardjamie

    Then Joe really would be a magician, wouldn’t he? Then it comes back to the question the other day you asked……..If Frank is great and Joe is a magician, then what is Ned?

  82. enchantedbeaver

    Don’t forget that the roster isn’t complete until September, so there’s still a good chance we can pick up Odalis Perez and Jon Lieber.

  83. enchantedbeaver

    When I mentioned Ned’s pick-ups before I forgot to mention the illustrious Esteban Loaiza, Brian Faulkenborg and Tanyon Sturtze.

    I know these acquisitions are to fill out the minors with some arms, but with Ned and JoJo, these guys ALWAYS find their way onto the roster and in games.

  84. junkyardjamie

    enchanted – I just informed my husband that we may have Estes, and he said, “you really want another Schmidt? What in the hell are you guys doing?” We are in big, big trouble if gnat fans think we are out of our minds.

  85. enchantedbeaver

    Right now this team could finish anywhere from first to fourth in a weak west. Unless they pick-up a real starter, even with Manny that only improves from first to third. How can you lose two starters in Lowe and Penny/Maddux, replace them with Vargas and Estes, and expect them to go out and win on a regular basis?

  86. northstateblues

    The only people in Dodgerland without a sense of urgency are the folks enjoying their new mansions in Malibu.

  87. Dodger4life

    I would fire Boras now Manny.
    Fire Boras – Immediatly!!!!!!!!!!
    Fire Boras – Immediatly!!!!!!!!!!
    Go Dodgers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Go Dodgers!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  88. northstateblues

    D4L, Manny should fire Borass. The only reason he hired Scott was to get him his big contract. Obviously, Scott is massively failing in that department.

    I think Manny only recently (within the last few years) hired Borass as his agent. Manny’ll be lucky if he’ll end up with a better deal than he would’ve gotten in Boston by not opting out.

    Of course, I’m not going to complain about the opt-out.

  89. Dodger4life

    Manny should Fire Borass. He would be percieved better in the world of baseball. The Dodgers are the right fit for Man Ram. This is his club and the young guns respect and look up to him. Everyone knows Manny wants to win and a World Series ring is the ultamite status quo. that and the Hall of Fame. He can accomplish both right here in LA 🙂
    FIRE BORASS MANNY!!!!!!!!!
    COME BACK TO LA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    RINGS FOR ALL THE DODGERS IN 2009!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  90. Dodger4life

    I am good. I decided to hang at home on a Friday night 🙂
    GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  91. Dodger4life

    I am not trying to complicate things for Ned either North…
    I just want Manny and if Manny has any resentment it should be toward’s Borass!!!!!!!!!!

  92. Dodger4life

    Good -Night and God ~ Bless Dodgerfaithful.
    I am wishing everyone an enjoyable weekend.
    May Manny come to his senses and enjoy the years in LA.
    May Ned and Frank get the job done, and give young guns some help and leadership.
    DODGERS4EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Wonder what Tomko is doing these days? I bet Ned is looking for him too.

    SELL THE TEAM. Power Couple!!!

  94. trublu4ever

    Whew, I had a nightmare last night thinking we had just signed barry Bonds……….woke up, checked out the sports stories and, so far we are safe!

  95. junkyardjamie

    Damn!!!!!!! ~ I had a dream enchanted was our GM (and all the other ITD members where in their place), and everything would be alright………..back to reality I guess. I can’t wait to see what pvl comes through the door next.


  96. trublu4ever

    EnchantedGM & Crew sounds very good right now. We can certainly do a better job than those in charge right now.

  97. booboochen

    Josh, Having the MLB package on Direct TV has allowed me to form an opinion on a lot of broadcasters. Two I especially like are Matt Vasgergian who unfortunately just signed on with MLB network, but I haven’t seen him on the air yet. And although other fans will squawk…I like the enthusiasm Darren Sutton has with the D’backs. He and Mark Grace are homers but very fun to listen to…and his Dad is a Hall of Famer who played for the Blue.
    PS Sorry to see Sammy Saito go but as a former New Englander, The BoSox are my 2nd favorite team. Hopefully he’ll have a great comeback and the can play “Bad to the Bone” at Fenway.

  98. obi_wen

    “Listen to this ITD, and I’ll tell you ’bout the heartache
    I’ll tell you ’bout the heartache and the loss of God
    I’ll tell you ’bout the hopeless night
    The meager food for souls forgot
    I’ll tell you ’bout the maiden with wrought iron soul
    I’ll tell you this:
    No eternal reward will forgive us now for wasting the dawn”

  99. junkyardjamie

    enchanted – that article you posted yesterday about the baseball card in Fresno. My son’s friends grandfather knows the lady who owns that card. That card is worth $80,000. It was also in our local paper this morning.

  100. enchantedbeaver

    As much as I loved Sammytime, he’s 39, his arm’s more than questionable, and if I remember correctly, he said some things last year that lead one to belive his confidence was waning a bit. If he’s got another year or two left in him in Boston, that’s great, but its time now for Brox, Kuo and Wade take the reins. Brox may struggle some this year, but he’ll be no worse than Lyons did for AZ last season. If the D’s can muster enough offense to actually take a lead into the 9th, I can see Brox saving 30-32 games.


    I saw the article about the baseball card a few days ago. Too bad something like this doesn’t end up in the Hall of Fame. I still have all my baseball cards I collected as a kid.

    I am sorry to see Saito go just as I was sorry to see Gagne go but I understand the reason for these moves. In Saito’s case he has seemed to waiver over whether he wanted play last season, or at least that is my perception. When he was injured this past season I got the impression that management was not too happy with Saito’s hesitation to seek treatment and again gave the impression his heart was just not in it. I believe he gave every effort when he pitched and I thank him for his contribution. Not resigning Gagne prooved to be the right move.


    Spit, she found it among a bunch of other stuff she bought. She and her husband buy and sell antiques and collectibles. She didn’t know what she had at first but after receiving a number of questions about it after posting it on ebay she decided she better investigate further.

  103. enchantedbeaver

    Looking at the salaries for 2008, the departed FAs, the difference in Furcal’s salary, and ‘Druws restructuring, the Dodgers have cut almost $63 million payroll from last season. Add Blake’s, Loretta’s and Ned’s swarm of PVLs and that might take up $12 mil. Add in another $7 mil for the arbitration eligibles and they’re still down $44 million in salary from last season.

    Tell my why with $63 million available that we signed the likes of Blake, Loretta, Vargas and Estes. There’s no good rational, valid, acceptible reason why this franchise couldn’t pursue premier FAs. None.


    Schmidt and Jones as the more extreme examples have made Frank overall gunshy, so he’s swung to the other extreme. What he should have done was ax the guy who wasted all that money with his poor judgment instead of swinging totally the other way. The guy just shouldn’t be an owner.

    SELL THE TEAM, Power Couple!!!

  105. junkyardjamie

    enchanted – I guess while in Fresno today talking to my dad. He heard the card is worth $400,000, which is actually making more sense.


    So??????????????????????????????? WHEN ARE WE GOING TO SIGN SOME REAL PLAYERS????????????????????????? AND GET A REAL OWNER AND GM??????????????????????


    since it seems pitching has been deemed important (more important than Manny, Per Joe Torre at the start of the offseason) lets take a look…

    CC Sabathia, SP: SIGNED
    A.J. Burnett, SP: SIGNED
    Ben Sheets, SP:
    Derek Lowe, SP:
    Ryan Dempster, SP: SIGNED
    Oliver Perez, SP:
    Brad Penny, SP: SIGNED
    Jon Garland
    Junichi Tazawa, SP: SIGNED
    Mike Mussina, SP: RETIRED
    Andy Pettitte, SP:
    Randy Johnson, SP: SIGNED
    Koji Uehara, SP/RP: SIGNED
    Randy Wolf, SP:
    Jamie Moyer, SP: SIGNED

    Francisco Rodriguez, RP: SIGNED
    Brian Fuentes, RP: SIGNED
    Kerry Wood, RP: SIGNED
    Juan Cruz, RP:
    Brian Shouse, RP:
    Trevor Hoffman, RP: SIGNED
    Russ Springer, RP:
    Joe Beimel, RP:
    Darren Oliver, RP:
    Doug Brocail, RP: SIGNED
    Damaso Marte, RP: SIGNED
    Chan Ho Park, RP: SIGNED
    Jeremy Affeldt, RP: SIGNED
    Dennys Reyes, RP:
    Will Ohman, RP:
    Arthur Rhodes, RP: SIGNED

  108. junkyardjamie

    Good Evening Seesky!!! What’s wrong?……not happy with Vargas and Estes?

    Has anyone else heard that the Phillies are interested in Ginger (Nomar)?


    I’ll take Manny…

    Perez or Lowe and

    Garland or Pettite

    and Juan Cruz

    and then i’ll see you guys in the NLCS.

  110. junkyardjamie

    jungar – It looks good, but then why are we just sitting here. I understand Manny to a point…….playing chicken….I get it, but why aren’t we going after pitching, (real pitching)?

  111. trublu4ever

    I’d said we are in great shape with all these fantastic signings! It makes you want to send in many, many foil lined envelopes! If things keep up like this, I think the F.U. (fans union) should go on strike!


    Good evening, nelly. I’d be happy if we’d sign somebody, anybody that could take us to the next level upwards and not downwards. I realize we need players for Albuquerque but later rather than sooner. Look at the Red Soxs, for example. Recently, they’ve signed Penny, Saito, and Smoltz. Who have we signed? How difficult could it be to sign Manny? ITD should pick a committee to abduct Ned & Borass, lock them in a room, and don’t let them out until they have a deal. (vent over)

  113. enchantedbeaver

    Does anyone see the fact that Borass and ‘Druw had to build in a clause in the restructured settlement for the D’s not to go after Andruw for being fat and lazy as an admission of guilt? I really wish they’d have challenged that “top physical condition” issue. Would’ve sent a loud message to jerks like Jones.

    Next issue – why not sue Borass for fraud? He grossly misrepresented his client to the Dodgers.


    no flippin clue Nelly..

    Penny, Saito and Smoltz will make a combined 3 million dollars less than Jason Schmidt t his year.


    If the Dodgers were a Malibu property, we’d have all brand new furnishings and a redone breakfast nook. All Dodger Stadium has is a collection of antiques and second hand furniture from Goodwill!!!!!!


    I’d be happy if the D’s just got some significant dollars back from Jones.These days, the players get all the protection and the owners get nothing.

  117. junkyardjamie

    enchanted – how can he forget those two!!! LMAO!!!! They are premiere you know 🙂

    seesky – We are all wondering the same thing…….it can’t be this difficult, but I guess when you are dealing with Frank and Ned, maybe it is that difficult.

  118. junkyardjamie

    LMAO!!!! I keep thinking about our great finds……………Vargas and Estes…..only possible with FranknNedCo.


    nelly– I understand that Frank & Ned don’t want to bid against themselves but at what point does that stop? The D’s will have to up the years they’re offering and Borass will have to come down. It’s called the art of compromise. The D’s have a good hand to play but they have to be smart enough not to overplay it.

  120. enchantedbeaver

    Gonna be a great season.

    Vargas 7-14 5.13 ERA
    Estes 4-12 5.53 ERA
    Schmidt 0-3 7.55 ERA

    With a couple of breaks we might even be able to take the cellar away from the Puds.

  121. junkyardjamie

    Good Evening Ward Dear……… looks like Beav is happy to see you. Now if we could only track done his brother Wally, we would be in good shape.

  122. junkyardjamie

    seesky – I don’t know what their problem is. All I know is it is just very frustrated to see all this happening around us and we are ending up with Estes, Vargas and Loretta.

  123. trublu4ever

    Dodgereric ~ you’d think Simers has read our postings on ITD. It is almost exactly what a lot of us have been saying.

  124. junkyardjamie

    Great article Ward Dear……It certainly does make you wonder….everyone else seems to think it except for the ones actually making the decisions.

  125. enchantedbeaver

    So they bought another pair of homes in Holmby Hills (Beverly Hills/Bel Air area) for over $30 million as well.

    Yes Jamie, $30 million does seem a little weird.

    Guess we know where all the profits are going now. No wonder they have to raise prices all the time.

  126. dodgereric

    Good evening, everyone!

    It’s hard to be patient with Ramirez, isn’t it? I understand what (I hope) is going on with him, it’s just hard to wait.

    If we increase the offer now, unless I’ve missed something, we’re bidding against ourselves again. Boras is in no hurry with him. He’s backed himself into a wall. He convinced Manny last year that he could get him a big contract. He convinced Manny to throw back that $40 million to go for one more big payday and it’s looking like it’s not going to happen. This happened to him and Jones last year too.

    I still think that Boras and Manny can save face here by taking a one year deal for a big sum. One solid contract-year drive to show everyone (especially the AL) that his past is behind him and he’s worth a multi-year deal.

    Not signing any pitching worth a crap is another deal entirely, however. There’s no valid excuse for not signing a decent starter yet. None. Zero.

  127. dodgereric

    Yeah, isn’t that interesting e? $70 million dollars for 4 houses. They don’t seem to have any problem pulling the trigger when it comes to real estate.

    Sell the team, Mr and Mrs McClown.

  128. dodgereric

    Jeez look at this and tell me I’m not mis-reading it:

    “….. club officials continue to look for a front-of-the-rotation starter, with that search believed to have been narrowed to three free agents in Jon Garland, Randy Wolf (El Camino Real High) and Braden Looper.”

    They used “front-of-the-rotation” referring to Garland, Wolf and Looper! Right? Am I on drugs? Or them?

  129. trublu4ever

    Enchanted ~ it has got to be frustrating for them seeing that nothing is being done to improve our chances of having a decent season. If I’m a little peeved, I’m sure they are too!

  130. junkyardjamie

    Like I said,wouldn’t you want to be a fly on the wall in a conversation between Pedroia and Ethier right now……..Pedroia’s team just added Penny, Smoltz and Sammy…….and Ethier’s team is sitting on their hands just watching everything go on around them…….well, his team does have Vargas, Estes and Loretta……but no Manny yet.

  131. junkyardjamie

    LMAO!!!!! I am sorry Dodgereric….but your eyes are just fine. I see Mota was mentioned in there as well……..oh my!!!!!

  132. enchantedbeaver

    I love the fact that Cracklin’ Nomar was named as a possible bench/roll player. 6 trips to the DL and a genetic problem with scar tissue. Sounds like a winner to me.

    The McCourts are only going to understand one thing – a boycott. Don’t go to games, don’t buy merchandise and boycott their advertisers too. When the money dries up, one thing is reasonably certain – they’ll sell the Dodgers beore they sell their mansions.

  133. trublu4ever

    Nelly is right, you did read it right! Mota bothers me even more! Just great……….HuggyBear, Estes and Mota. Whoopie! I think I’ll order my World Series tickets right now!


    If those guys are top-of- the rotation caliber, Ned is truly delusional. How could that guy write that with a straight face?

  135. junkyardjamie

    LMAO!!!!!!! I have no idea seesky……because I am LMAO thinking about our pitching staff right now…… Loretta of course 🙂

  136. enchantedbeaver

    THERE!! There it is seesky – None of the contracts Ned has entered into are valid – he’s delusional. He hasn’t the capacity to comprehend what he’s doing. A mental incompetent.

    I knew we could find an out if we looked hard enough.

  137. enchantedbeaver

    Pierre, Sweeney and Andruw are professional hitters – Joe Torre 2008.

    I think we can void his contract also on the same grounds.


    The way this season is shaping up, IID will be talking football next August….well, enchanted, we’ve always known that Ned lacks capacity.

  139. northstateblues

    Well, the fact that we’ve done next to nothing since signing Blake, and it’s about to be January 11, has cemented it: I am not going to Spring Training.

    Had considered it, since I always get a week off in March, and usually am in SoCal, but I don’t think I want to pay more than a game at the Stadium to drive over 12 hours to the middle of the desert to watch 3 innings at best of Major League Baseball.

    Seriously, I’m even considering not going to a game at the Stadium next year. would be very easy for me not to go to games, since I live almost 500 miles away from the stadium, but I always make it a point to make it for a game or two.

    Since the McCourts are making it a point to kill this proud franchise, I think I can seriously consider sitting this season out.

    If it wasn’t for Vin, I might show as much apathy towards the team that the owners do. Sucks, since the Young Guns are poised to carry the team into the future, but who are we kidding? We’re not going to keep them. Not with these skin flints. They might be young, but they’re not stupid.

    Our only hope is that the McCourts revert themselves to the background, where the O’Malleys did their best work.

    Obviously, right now, we have a better chance of signing Manny, a top-of-the-rotation pitcher and 3 guys under 30.


    trublu– Ned’s just following the old adage: If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bull!@#t!!!!!

  141. trublu4ever

    seesky ~ before I started chatting on ITD, I hardly ever used bad language………, I really have to be careful because that’s all that comes to mind when thinking about what has been done to our Dodger franchise!

  142. junkyardjamie

    northstate………you are right….they may be young, but they are not stupid, and they are reading and watching what is going on around them.

  143. enchantedbeaver

    Ladies and Gentlemen, you’re 2009 Los Angeles Royals:
    SP – Bills, Kuroda, Kershaw, Vargas, Feces, I mean Estes.
    RP – Brox, Kuo, Wade, Troncoso, Elbert, Mota, Schmidt
    C – Martin, Ellis
    IF – Loney, DeWitt, Furcal, Blake, Castro, Loretta
    OF – Pierre, Kemp, Ethier, DY, Repko


    Exactly, nsblues. It’s too bad that the McCourts don’t realize that they don’t have a clue about building a winning team, step back, and hire someone who does. Either that or sell the team. But a lower profile wouldn’t fit in with their image of themselves.

  145. northstateblues

    You know what the sad thing is? Georgia Frontierre is the reason the Dodgers franchise is where it is.

    You wouldn’t think it’d be so concrete a connection, but it really is. If she didn’t move the Rams out of town, then L.A. wouldn’t have needed O’Malley to look into building an NFL stadium at the Ravine. Then he wouldn’t have become disenchanted with the City of L.A. when they took his investment and threw it into the incinerator.

    He might not have been PO’d enough to sell the team, the FOX years never happen, Piazza isn’t traded for broadcast rights in Florida, and no need to find a power couple naive enough to buy a ballclub without TV rights (where clubs make a HUGE chunk of their revenue).

  146. junkyardjamie

    Oh enchanted – that is one sad lineup, with the exception of our poor young guns who will be forced to suffer because of FranknNed’s delusional state of mind.

  147. trublu4ever

    Seesky ~ It sure is! Being a fan since the Brooklyn years, it really hurts seeing this organization go right down the toilet.

  148. northstateblues

    Granted, the new estate taxs that went into effect in the late 90’s could’ve been a motivating factor to sell the team, but perhaps it wouldn’t have been THE motivating factor.

    You know, at least FOX was motivated. Their goal was to embarass rival Turner’s Braves in another arena. Of course, they failed at that, but hey, they were motivated.

    WHat is the McCourts’ motivation to be baseball owners? Certainly, it’s not to put a winning team on the field. Well, at least that’s not their #1 reason.

  149. junkyardjamie

    Ward Dear/Dodgereric must be on a article search or he is working on his creative side. He has been awfully quiet since he sprung those articles on us.

  150. enchantedbeaver

    To be fair though, I think what Ned means when he says top of the rotation starters Wolf, Looper and Garland is that he’ll PAY them like top of the rotation starters, but they still pitch like schidt.

  151. trublu4ever

    As for Spring Training, I think Frank will have a rude awakening………….NOBODY WANTS TO SEE THIS TEAM PLAY!, scented towel or not!

  152. northstateblues

    I submit, for your approval, what was going through Screaming Meanie’s mind when she questioned spending $30 million on the ballclub as she was spending almost $50 million on more houses:

    “Don’t cry for me, Chavez Ravine,
    The truth is I never loved you
    all through these wild days
    This mad existance
    We break our promises
    we’re never distant

    And as for fortune, and as for fame
    I’ll always invite them in
    The world knows a quality team I’ll never desire

    A blue illusion
    We aren’t the solutions we promised to be
    The ballclub’s tradition withers with time
    Oh well, it’s not our beloved Boston team

    Don’t cry for me, Chavez Ravine,
    The truth is I never loved you
    all through these wild days
    This mad existance
    We break our promises
    we’re never distant”

    Have I said too much?
    It’s really sad to think that this could be true
    But all you have to do is look at the news to know


    Oh, the McCourts want to put a winning team on the field as long as it doesn’t take much money or effort to accomplish. The D’s are only one of many of their interests. Give me an owner with a less leveraged financial base,less ego, and desire for the spotlight and we’d have a chance to rebuild this franchise….. your Frontierre theory is interesting. It contains some history about the O’Malleys and the NFL I wasn’t aware of.

  154. dodgereric

    LOL!!! The only creative thing I’ve been doing is trying to get a certain puppy to sleep!

    “Oh well, it’s not our beloved Boston team” Ain’t it the truth? Brilliant, north!

  155. northstateblues

    Thanks everyone 🙂 I figured I’d put that frustration to good use.

    seesky, yeah, that’s one of the major reasons Peter O’Malley sold the team, they asked him to look into building a new football stadium at the Ravine. O’Malley poured over a million bucks into the proposal, which the city council looked at, and said “Thank you VERY much, although we think we’re gonna go with the Colliseum renovation plan”.

    O’Malley was irked with the city, and sold the team, saying in the papers he was concerned with the new estate taxes that were going in effect that year, saying he didn’t want to bankrupt his family in event of his passing.

  156. babyblu75

    nelly~ since you are the creative one.. I need a shirt or some sort of sign for the Price is right… you and all of your ITD ppl are so good at writing and making up songs and such.. I want to play plinko lol win a car lol

  157. trublu4ever

    It might be a very long season, babyblu. Who know, maybe in the next few days we will get a player that will make us say, “Way to go”!

  158. dodgereric

    The McCourts seem to have decided that as long as we’re competitive in the division, that’s all they intend to do. And we all know it won’t take much to stay competitive in the NL West. All the usual idiots are enamored of 2 division titles in 3 years as if it were some great achievement.

    Lucy’s doing well. I gotta say that enchanted was right on about the whining and the gluttony! LOL!!! We’re still working on the housebreaking thing but she’s stealing every heart that sees her.

  159. dodgereric

    Interesting to say the least, e. I remember reading a couple of years ago when steroids were hitting the fan that it was amphetamines that were baseball’s REAL dirty little secret.

  160. northstateblues

    Perhaps it’s just the ITD’ers that are teed with our offseason performance… here, let me take a look at the comments on the Blue Notes blog (on

    The Dodgers are not a legitimate major sports franchise as exhibited in the past few days. The excuse of the changing financial parameters of the game is simply an excuse to say the club no longer is exercising its role as a treasure of the community, a leader of the field and member of the big boys club. Why former Dodgers choose other clubs is that they are winning organizations…Red Sox, Yankees…no matter their role on those clubs they are most likely set for October..>Then again, the Dodgers are….on vacation, checking out the competition and lounging. There is no longer a desire to be the best, the years of relying on the farm system went out when Messersmith signed with the Yanks and the Dodgers have never recovered. They tried (Dave Goltz) but their efforts are weak, just like their ownership and leadership. We’ve lost already.

    Posted by: OL | January 10, 2009 at 03:09 PM

    Hmmmmmmmmmm… maybe fan dissent is spreading a little farther than ITD land, heh

  161. enchantedbeaver

    Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit amphetamines…

    Nite Tru! Nite all – its my bedtime too. Was nice chatting with you all!!

  162. junkyardjamie

    Are you kidding me? Ritalin in the major leagues……seriously? ADD and ADHD are two different things as far as kids are concerned. ADD is kids who are spacey and don’t focus…..almost lethargic. ADHD kids can’t focus because they are bouncing off the walls and can’t sit still for more than a couple of minutes. The thing about the medication is it either brings them down off the ceiling or it wakes them up long enough to pay attention. Very interesting enchanted.

  163. junkyardjamie

    Good Night trublue and enchanted!!!!

    It’s good to hear Lucy is doing well……..she is adorable…no question about that!!!

  164. northstateblues

    Well, despite all of this, like I said in an earlier post, I’m addicted to the Dodgers like Chevy Chase punching the tiles at Rockefeller Center looking for his stash (while yelling at Bill Murray).

    And now the pushers are making us pay

  165. dodgereric


    “Scientists have found that certain medicines are helpful in improving ADHD symptoms. These medicines help people with ADHD to concentrate and focus better. Methylphenidate drugs (like Concerta, Ritalin LA, Focalin XR, or Metadate CD) affect chemical signals in the central nervous system.”

    “…….Doctors often prescribe other types of medication to help people with ADHD. Amphetamines (such as Adderall, Adderall XR, Vyvanse, Dextrostat, and Dexedrine) treat ADHD in ways similar to methylphenidate medications.

    “…….Most experts agree that ADHD medications are safe and effective when they are used under a psychiatrist’s or other doctor’s care………..But stimulants can cause some serious health problems if they’re abused — in other words, when they’re taken by someone who doesn’t need them………The side effects of stimulant-type ADHD medications when they’re used long term at high (abusive) dosages include …….. confusion, paranoia, hallucinations, delusions……”

    Frank, Jamie, Ned, have you got something to say for yourselves?

  166. junkyardjamie

    Yes, northstateblues……….it’s why we are here in the first place……we bleed Dodger blue.

    As far the ADD/ADHD, it will be interested to watch to see if there are more prescriptions beginning to be written. It would make for a good research paper if needed some day.

  167. junkyardjamie

    LOL!!! That’s funny Eric!!! Seriously though…..that stuff is kind of scary. They really still don’t know what long-term affects it will have on people, especially children who begin taking them at such an early age. We know a few now that they get some pretty severe headaches from taking it, and their eating habits tend to change quite a bit as well. As much as in some cases, it seems like it is needed, but at what cost to them later on.

  168. junkyardjamie

    I find it very strange too seesky. I guess I just never thought about adults taking it for that purpose. With the age group I work with, most of the parents are trying to get their child off of it as soon as possible, but to think adult men are still taking is kind of strange.


    As a kid, I took Ritalin for a period of time. I don’t recall much benefit or effect as a result. In those days, doctors were handing it out indiscriminately before all the after effects were known.

  170. junkyardjamie

    Well, with the students I know (none of who are in my class this year) do seem to be much better when they take ritalin, and it’s very noticeable when they haven’t taken it. There have been some parents who will take them off it just to see if it may be in their head, but it usually isn’t.


    Let’s stop screwing around with trying to add guys like Mota and Reyes to the bullpen and concentrate on the guy who can add some substantial value to our relief corps. Yes, he’ll probably legitimately command a two or three year deal, but he could really solidify our bullpen and bring some upside as well, rather than just try to fill a gap for ’09. I’ve copied below what “Dodger News” had to say about him just recently.

    “Cruz, 30, has also been solid the last three seasons, but for the National League West rival D-backs. He’s coming off his best season when he went 4-0 with 2.61 ERA in 2008. The right-hander also struck out 71 batters in 51 2/3 innings.”

  172. jhallwally

    Hey Gang!!! Hope you are all well and happy and had a terrific holiday season. Only about 5 weeks till Spring Training. I am hopeful that we will resign Manny to a 2 year deal with performance incentives for a 3rd year. Sheets is still out there and would be a great addition to our starting rotation. However, his injury history scares me. I would offer a 2 year deal with performance incentives for 3. Just my 2 cents. All the best to you all in the coming year!!!!!!!!!!!


    Thanks for the link, nsb. If this story is accurate, we’re not bidding against ourselves any longer. Frank and Ned need to get to work or we’re going to be facing Manny 18 games a year, an utterly unpalatable prospect. If Frank possessed less ego, he would’ve realized he knew nothing about running a baseball team when he bought the Dodgers and hired a real baseball man, a John Schuerholtz type, to run the team. Then he could’ve shown up at a WS championship ceremony and taken all the credit for the team’s success. But we are talking about Frank here.

  174. trublu4ever

    NSB ~ As a loyal Dodger fan, I am telling you right now, if the Giants sign Manny because Frank doesn’t have the cajones to do it………..I will go on strike.

  175. trublu4ever

    As you stated last night, NSB, no merchandise, no Spring Training, no souveniers………..I will simply tell myself, “Just say, NO”!

  176. enchantedbeaver

    I’ve started to think that D’s are as “interested” in signing Manny as they were “interested” in CC. Frank’s made it clear where his true interests lie, and that’s in acquiring multi-million dollar estates and being polite society’s power couple. The Dodgers unfortunately are nothing more to him than a means to those ends.

    So when someone else signs Manny, Frank will have Ned kick the tires on Dunn and Abreu to show the unwashed masses that he’s “trying” [just enough for show], but when opening day comes it’ll be Noodles out in left.

  177. colliethec

    Hello there ITDer’s! I hope everyone is well this evening!
    So 1 thing I read was a quote from Hoffman that basically said that one thing that helped his decision making was that the Brewers really showed they wanted him by pursuing him. Continued calls from the GM as well as a call from their Manager made him feel that they really wanted him.
    This helped him with his decision.
    I’m concerned that Nedco might be playing hardball with Manny/BorASS and that might cost them. All we’re hearing wherever I read anything is basically Ned saying that Manny knows we want him. But there doesn’t seem to be any change in the dollars or years. I’m concerned that Manny might feel slighted or “dissed” and sign elsewhere. I think the initial offer was good for the 1st 2 years but the 3rd for 15 million was a little bit of a low ball and some could say a slap in Manny’s face (Of course I’d take that slap and be happy that my family is taken care of for the rest of their lives!!!).
    If Nedco is playing poker I hope they know what they are doing. It just seems as if they are saying here you go. Take it or go elsewhere, but we really want you to take it. Well then if you really want to give it to to him, then call BorASS and give a bit more for the 3rd season which would be an option season anyway. I don’t want a reluctant Manny signing. I want a happy Manny signing. If he is happy he has shown that he is really a positive influence.
    Which brings me back to Hoffman. If the Dodgers really want Manny he is there for the taking, so take him!!!!!
    I still say give him 2 years with a 3rd option. Something like the 1st 2 at 23 million and the 3rd at 20 million. We all know that he would probably want out and we would all want him out after 2 anyway. Then he’s 40 and can get a contract for a few years with an AL team and be the DH.

  178. trublu4ever

    Good evening, Dcollins ~ At one point, I really believed them when they said they wanted Manny. But, as time passes, and seeing the players they have signed, I’m more suspicious of Ned and Frank’s thinking process.

  179. colliethec

    I agree Tru. Especially with what we’ve heard from CC & T. Hunter from last season.
    I know I’m not behind the scenes and for the last couple of years, I’ve been one of the people who has been saying that we don’t know what goes on behind the scenes and to give the benefit of doubt. Well IMO that has been given and I can’t give it any longer.
    Have you ever not been invited to a party and been put off by not receiving the invite, however you probably wouldn’t of gone if you were invited? It seems as if Nedco is doing the inviting publicly while privately hoping that the person doesn’t accept the invite. That way they can go to the fans and say, well they were invited!!!

  180. trublu4ever

    How does that explain the signing of Estes, HuggyBear, etc.? To me, that’s not helping his cause. Ned is leading us into believing he has something up his sleeve……..where all it probably is, is his arm!

  181. colliethec

    They wanted to sign those guys because they are on the cheap and they need to fill the roster. Most teams during the offseason do sign a number of guys like that. They are inexpensive and can possibly make the team or be in the minors and contribute later in the season if there is an injury.
    I feel the big names they don’t really want, due to finances. If they extend a contract to those, they look to the regular fan as if they made a realistic effort to improve the team when they really didn’t.
    If you really want someone you go get them. I understand negotiations and you don’t want to appear to needy but you do need to show interest by showing the $$$.

  182. trublu4ever

    You are probably right, dcollins. However, it’s getting close to the time when the pitchers and catchers go to ST and, I’d like to have an idea of what our team is going to look like. I think it would be a slap in the face if we let the Giants sign Manny.

  183. junkyardjamie

    Good Evening ITD readers and writers!!!! Finally home from Rocklin. It was a fun road trip with teenagers, but I am glad to be home. I hope everyone is doing well. I will go catch up and be back shortly.

  184. junkyardjamie

    jhall – eventhough it was in the afternoon, it was really good to see you checked in and said “hi”. I hope all is well with you too.

    Please, please, please……..don’t let Manny get away, especially if it’s to the Giants. However, unless we get some more “quality” pitching, Manny may be the least of our worries.

  185. junkyardjamie

    dcollins – it is a little scary that are playing Manny this way. I understand the whole “let’s play chicken” scenario, but with Ned’s past dealings, this may just backfire in the biggest way and we will be facing Manny wearing black and orange.

  186. junkyardjamie

    You know Manny does look pretty good in Dodger Blue. I just got a baseball card of his as a Dodger in my weekly purchase of cards, and it will be a shame to see him in orange and black. Please, Frank, if you care about the real Dodger fans at all, please don’t let Manny go to the Giants. This is one Dodger fan that really, really, really doesn’t want to see that happen. It will be a season of hell for me….please don’t let this happen. If there is even a shread of truth to these rumors, please make sure they stay just that, just rumors.

  187. colliethec

    Hello there Nelly! Welcome back from Rocklin. It’s nice there. My cousin lives in Roseville and we sometimes go to visit and stay a night in this little hotel just on the east side of 80. I can’t remember the name but it looks like a little chalet. I hope you are alive after being with teenagers!
    I got some cards yesterday, but nothing great other than a Donruss Elite card of Geison Agursviva, who is a Dodgers minor leaguer. He’s a LHP. He played for Ogden/Great Lakes last year with a combined 4-6 record with a 4.07 ERA. In Ogden he had a 2.90 ERA and 5-1 walk to strikeout ratio. Left handed hitters hit only .173 off him.
    I also got a Joba Chamberlin Nebraska Corn Huskers rookie card in that pack as well as an autographed Ike Davis card #’d to 995 (#890). He’s a LHP for the Mets.

  188. junkyardjamie

    dcollins…..those are pretty cool cards. As far as the trip, it went well…….girls volleyball. Plus my son is a Steelers fan so he had no complaints after the game was over. I used to live in Sacramento but never really spent much time up there in the Roseville/Rocklin area. It has really grown out there though. I remember there wasn’t much past Citrus Heights back when I was living there in the late 80’s. The weather was gorgeous once I got out of the valley fog this morning.

  189. colliethec

    If you’re still there Nelly—good night!
    Time for beddy bye!!
    I’m glad you had fun. I actually really enjoy hanging out with teenagers. They help me feel young. I used to be on High School Staff at my church and those were some awesome times!
    Football was fun to watch today. I only saw the Steelers game this weekend. Next Sunday I won’t be able to see the early game because I work early, but I’ll catch the late one. One of these days I’ll have a job with weekends off. That will be wonderful!!!!
    Go Blue!!!!!

  190. junkyardjamie

    Good Night dcollins!!! It was pretty fun hanging out with them today. As far as football………it’s just good to see some teams who haven’t been there in a while do well…..and seeing Dallas not in there is pretty good too.

  191. junkyardjamie

    Good Morning ITD readers and writers!!!!

    I hope everyone is having a good morning. I can tell in the first 15 minutes what my day is going to be like, and it’s going to be a very long day. However, the sun is shining after a very foggy morning, and I will remain positive and hope for the best both in my classroom and for the Dodgers.

  192. trublu4ever

    Thanks, Dodgereric ~ I did read about Young wanting out of Texas but, I was hoping to see some promising news for our team. I suppose, it’s just a figment of my imagination. Hope you have a good day at work.

  193. dodgereric

    Good morning, Junie!

    Just crack the whip on those kids and get your positives from them, because I doubt we’ll hear much on the sunny side of the street from our Dodgers today……

  194. dodgereric

    Tru, I hope every day to hear something positive from our management staff, but they throw good news around like manhole covers (not very far, ’cause they’re heavy).

    Plus, what they might think is good news is not necessarily so, is it?

    All this Manny talk about bidding against ourselves….. correct me if I’m wrong, but there isn’t a single bid out there for him right now, is there? Not even from us. We withdrew that initial offer a long time ago. Are the Stooges waiting for someone else to make the first move?

  195. trublu4ever

    The only talk about Manny is coming from the Giants. They seem to think they now have the money to go after him.

  196. junkyardjamie

    Thank you dodgereric/Ward Dear, and a Good Morning to you as well…….sorry about the Chargers yesterday, but it certainly made my son a happy camper 🙂

    ……and yes, you are probably right about Dodger news today.

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