Day three

Well, anyone who has ever been to Las Vegas knows that once you get to Day Three, you often hit the point of diminishing marginal returns. That’s certainly the case here, as things seem to be slowing down somewhat. As for the returns at the craps and blackjack tables, well, there hasn’t been much in that regard, either.

Mark Loretta is officially official, and when I spoke with him today, he seems very excited to be coming home to play for the Dodgers. He grew up locally and I know he’s wanted to be a Dodger for quite some time so I’m glad we can make that happen. To me, he seems like the perfect utility guy who could also fill in at second base should DeWitt struggle at any point.

We also spent the morning at the WBC news conference where it was announced that Tommy will serve as an official ambassador again, something he did incredibly for the last tournament. No one represents the game of baseball better around the globe and he seems thrilled to do it again.

Ironically, this place is filled with former Dodger managers…Tommy, Davey Johnson (who will managed Team USA at the WBC), Jim Tracy…and former GMs Fred Claire, Paul DePodesta, Dan Evans. All of these are good people that I’ve worked with over the years, so it’s a fun week from that perspective.

I haven’t had time to read comments in a few days, as it’s quite busy. Today we had a luncheon with Joe Torre and all our media members and I’m off to more meetings shortly. Tonight we’ll have a dinner where Gib Bodet, one of our longtime scouts, will be honored with the Scout of the Year Award.

Last but certainly not least – feliz cumpleanos! (that is, happy birthday) to Jaime Jarrin. I just spoke with him to wish him a Happy Birthday and we wish him nothing but the best in 2009.



  1. trublu4ever

    Josh, you should be glad you haven’t read our comments for a few days! They were not very complimentary to our organization. I, for one, am yearning for the days of Dodger tradition and excellence. Mediocrity in this day and age, is not acceptable. The fans, who have been loyal through thick and thin, deserve better than what we have gotten lately.

  2. cpompe1

    Okay, enough about the Yankees. I’m sick of them. We resign Raffy (again, an incentive-laden 2 year deal), we resign Manny (3 year deal, possibly an option for 4, but nothing more than that), I’ll be happy. Yes, we NEED starting pitching and right now, I don’t really want to think about starting pitching right now. Maybe someone else can chime in on that subject.


    just shoot me already.

    Dodgers interested in Vizquel
    The Dodgers may be interested in adding verteran free-agent Omar Vizquel if they lose shortstop Rafael Furcal in free agency, according to the Daily News.
    Our View: He’ll turn 42 in April, and he hasn’t hit better than .250 in three years. But he IS an 11-time Gold Glove winner and would be another excellent addition to the clubhouse.

  4. cpompe1

    Hey Tru! How are you!?! (That was reposted from the last thread…)

    Scurtis! Sorry the weather stinks for you. I’m still unemployed, but hey, I just got an interview request today! The interview will be Tuesday 12/16/08 @ 10 AM! It’s been so long since I’ve been on an interview, that I’m glad that I have some time to prepare…

  5. trublu4ever

    Cp ~ I’m okay. I was better yesterday when we had thoughts of CC and Manny. Now we are looking at Vizquel?! Give me a break!

  6. enchantedbeaver

    Got new threaded, so this is a repost:

    2008 payroll – $120 mil. (approx). Take away $58 mil from players let go, and add about $15 mil for PVLs, NRIs and arbitration. Let’s call it $80 mil for this years team. After next season, another $35 mil comes off the books. Add $15 back on for PVL’s, etc. and we’re at $60 mil for 2010.

    Its obvious that this club will not obtain a premium player in his prime so my contention is, if you’re going to be a second-rate franchise, set prices at a second-rate franchise’s level. I’d say about a 25% reduction across the board – tickets, parking, concessions, etc. is in order.

    My other contention is, what kind of an idiot owner would allow their GM to sign a guy with a rotator cuff injury in the first place?

    When Frank gets up in the morning he need not look any further than in the mirror for why this franchise is in the shape it’s in, and why as long as it’s the owner staring him back in the face, it’ll never get any better.

  7. enchantedbeaver

    He Frank, Ned… we don’t want anymore PVLs. Just let ALL the kids play. They won’t be any worse, and at least we LIKE them.

  8. dodger 32

    I’m starting to think that bringing in Manny last year was an ownership plan to sell season tickets for this year knowing that this year they’ll put an inferior product on the field and might have trouble selling tickets. Maybe instead of buying the Marathon you put that money into making this once proud franchise great again, Dodger fans deserve better than Blake and Loretta, with Vizquel and Randy Johnson on the horizon. Sell the team Frank. Maybe someone who can actually afford it will buy it. I’ve heard that Ned said he’ll only do things that improve the Team, well I’m still waiting to see that happen, and then read about Vizquel, who are you kidding, certainly not the true fans.

  9. cpompe1

    Hey Tru – I hear ya. Just yesterday, I had a gut feeling that we were going to sign CC! How wrong was I! We still have a possibility about Manny, but remember, this is the same organization that said that we stood a good chance with CC because he wanted to pitch in the NL and in So Cal. To me, that was all PR fluff that I can do without. Vizquel, if we sign him, we might as well be the gnats. I mean, even our kids aren’t even immune! We HAD to change our “original name” Blue Crew Fan Club to a Gnat retread, “Junior” Dodgers. Ya know what, this team doesn’t deserve fans like us…

  10. cpompe1

    No Enchanted!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t want that old man RJ on our team!!!!!!!!!!!!! I could stomach having Pettitte on our team better…

  11. trublu4ever

    It is sad, but a real possibility, Enchanted. I’m really getting scared now!!
    .CP ~ I think the Junior Dodgers name stinks!! We are always told to think BLUE…………Tommy even bleeds DODGER BLUE and therefore, BRING BACK THE BLUE CREW!!!

  12. enchantedbeaver

    But we need Johnson’s surliness to replace that which we lost with Kent CP. It’s veteran leadership like that of which this team lacks.

    Well that and an owner who knows baseball, a GM that can recognize talent, a manager that knows how to manage in game situations, and about 12 more good players on a 25 man roster…

  13. cpompe1

    Oh, is that ALL we need Enchanted. But as much as I don’t want it, I’m kinda getting that gut feeling that we will. But remember what happened when I had a gut feeling? I thought that we were going to sign CC! So based on that logic, maybe we won’t!!! I know, another pipedream…

  14. cpompe1

    As upset we fans are about the moves and non-moves this ownership is making, I wonder how Vin Scully feels about all this. I mean, he’s been here to see 60 years of Dodger baseball. And has it EVER changed in those 60 years! Boy, wouldn’t I like to be a fly on the wall in Vinny’s booth when he tries to choke out the words, “Boys and girls, don’t forget to sign up for our Junior Dodgers!” Choke, choke, gag, gag…

  15. trublu4ever

    CP ~ I know what you mean about Vinny. Doesn’t Junior Dodgers make you think of Junior Mints? Junior always makes me think not good enough to be senior…..kind of a hand-me-down.

  16. cpompe1

    I just hate that name. I would like to know their reasoning to change the name from the totally original, “Blue Crew Fan Club” to the pucky sound of “Junior Dodgers.”

  17. kpookiemon

    The Dodgers were a Final Four team, thanks to Manny…not CC, not K-Rod, not Burnett, not anyone else out there. SIGN MANNY. Furcal? He had a great bunt in Chicago…otherwise???? Lowe was a big part but not a super part. He can be replaced. The core is still there: Kemp, Ethier, Martin, Loney–and these four are only going to get better. Bottom line. SIGN MANNY. With Holliday, Fuentes, the Big Unit, and Peavy (hopefully) out of the Western Division, the golden ring is right there. SIGN MANNY.

  18. northstateblues

    Hi cpomp, I was just speechless for a bit. My rant got new-threaded along with E’s excellent post, and I felt it was just as well if it sunk to the bottom of the post.


  19. cpompe1

    And when I was commenting on Vinny above, it just came out at the end that he’d be choking over the words, Junior Dodgers. But actually, my original intent was to imagine how he feels about the personnel moves and non-moves.

    Ya know, yesterday ESPN had a ridiculous lineup for the Dodgers that consisted of:
    James Loney 1B
    Tony Abreu 2B (yes, they had Tony at 2B)
    Angel Berroa SS
    Blake DeWitt 3B
    Juan Pierre LF
    Matt Kemp CF
    Adam (yes, they said Adam) Ethier RF

    And they had this lineup KNOWING that we had already resigned Casey Blake for 3B. The ESPN producers are just smoking weed…

  20. cpompe1

    Tru – I heard that the Nats were in the running for Texeira, but I dismissed the report. Where are the Nats getting this $$$ to sign someone like Mark Texeira???

  21. trublu4ever

    Peter Gammons just said that the Nationals offered Mark the deal and, if they didn’t get him, losing him to the Angels or Red Sox, they may go after Manny.

  22. enchantedbeaver

    So I guess now if Ned doesn’t sign Manny, the next headline will read:

    • Dodgers never seriously [Mc]courted winning

  23. trublu4ever

    CP ~ I heard Steve Phillips say that on ESPN about the Cubs deal. I think it is way too much to give up for a pitcher….especially when Lou says they don’t need a starter.

  24. crzblue2

    Hello ITD!
    Long time posting here. Who says “this is the best time of the year”? this is the busiest time for me from October till the end of January. But I am glad to have a job in this kind of economy. Anyway, first things fist.
    Feliz Cumpleanos y que cumplas muchos, pero muchos mas. Que Dios te vendiga y arriva Los Dodgers! -Emma
    About the Caravan for season ticket holders:
    WOW! My friends and I had a wonderful time at the Winter Caravan that was held at Dodger Stadium on Sunday 12/7/08! WOW! We hope is a yearly event!!
    We met at Barragans for breakfast which is a few blocks away from the stadium, then we arrived at the gates at 11:30 a.m. I noticed the cars in front of me were turning back, well when I got to the window we found out that were not letting anyone in until noon so we parked on the side street and chatted until it was time.
    Once we got in, we parked behind the left field and gave our name and handed out the food bag for the Food Bank and the toys for Toys for Tots. The center gate was open and to the right there was merchandise for sale with the sign saying “$3 or less” I was so happy that they had the Dodger bear from Build a Bear that was a giveaway for the kids. We adults, sometimes are envious of what the kids get, so getting this bear for $3 was a bargain. I purchased 4 and my friend Lore purchases a whole bunch. They also had the Russell Martin jersey that was also a giveaway for kids size Jackie Robinson t-shirts, bubble heads, tumbler, the Ebbets Field school binder, trading cards, blankets, the Sephora lip gloss that was a giveaway for us ladies, rally towels, beanie hats for kids, and other giveaway gifts they had thru the season. Besides the bears, I got a blanket to give away (I have plenty of blankets but I am keeping mines), lip glosses, two Jackie Robinson t-shirts, two of the Ebbets Field school binders. Inside the stadium I got the grey NL West Championship shirt for $5. I also picked up Wes Parker’s jersey in the auction.
    We stood right in front where Vin Scully was going to be. He strolled to the center of the field where the big chair where Santa was going to sit. After they introduced him and he got our applauses, my friend Erik and I did our usual chant that we do for Vin. “Vin Scully! We love you!”. We started doing that this season on the road, then at home. We met Vin in Arizona and we told him we were the two crazy fans that chant that to him at several stadiums including Dodger Stadium. He told us that day in Arizona “Oh, you are not crazy” “I love your enthusiasm!” then he said “what are your names?”. We told him our names and he repeated them!”. We were in awe that he would ask us our name and that he would repeat them. You’ve heard me saying that the only Dodger that has asked me my name has been Jeff Kent. I overheard this lady telling her friend how happy she was that she was getting a Kent bobblehead. I told her I also like Jeff and she told me she had gone to the WIN baseball clinic.
    Ok, so I got sidetrack. so after we did our “Vin Scully, we love you!” Vin looked at us and smiled. He talked about how the stadium is like a person with open arms, about the sky with some clouds but that us fans were brighten up the day :-). At the end he told the kids to get ready soon as Santa was coming to town. He took noticed of this little girl in the frond with wings on telling her and other kids “you better watch out, you better not cry, Santa is coming to town….” About 1:p.m. Tommy Claus headed to that area. At this time, Erik and I were in line to take our pictures in front of home base. They were taking your name so that the picture could be taken with scoreboard saying “Season Greetings from..(insert your name). It was so cool. the pictures were free and also the pictures taken with Tommy Claus. We were too late with that but we had the photographer take our picture so Erik, Lore and I snuggled in the chair to pose for the picture. We got autographs from Andre, Delwyn Young, Kemp, Tommy Davis & MacDonald. My friend Lore was able to get the picture with Tommy Claus and Fernando. We were too late for that. They also had cookie decorating for kids in the dugout restaurant area and coloring markers to decorate or to write letters to Santa or to any player or coach. I wrote one for Andre in big letters.
    They were taking registration for the Blue Crew… i mean that new name that they have. I told them I did not like the name because it reminded me of J.D. Drew. I also told the same to Dr. Steinberg when I saw him. He recognized me from other events. anyway, he said that is a new one (the reference to J.D. Drew) and that he will pass that along. I said a lot of us in the Inside Dodger blog do not like the name.
    Oh, when I talked to Andre and I told him that I read his blog, he said to watch for more restaurant reviews in the Spring Training area.
    We ended up taking the last tour. I have taken the tour 2 times before but neither Erik or Lore had taken it before. something new I saw is and I forget the gentleman that was having an exhibition there. Boy the baseball cards and souvenirs that he has are awesome. also Vin Scully area was open so I sat there and looked at “his view” and said “Is time for Dodger Baseball”. Great time! go to go now to take the train. Going to the Laker game. bye!

  25. enchantedbeaver

    Later CP! Hi Emma! Bye Emma!

    Regarding Vin, I’m surprised McCourt hasn’t replaced him with Krukow & Kuiper.

    While we’re at it, lets change the team colors to orange and black.

  26. junkyardjamie

    Yeah for Blake and Loretta!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LMAO!!!!!!
    What……….it’s ethier laugh or cry, and there is no crying in baseball you know!!!!! LMAO!!!!!!!!!!

  27. junkyardjamie

    LMAO!!!!!! no kidding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! your just adding salt to the already open wounds – LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. northstateblues

    Emma, awesome story! Thanks for passing along the word about the Blue Crew to Dr. Steinberg, it’s nice when our opinions are heard.


  29. northstateblues

    Kruk and Kuip? YIKES!!!

    “0 and 2 to Matt Kemp, and SUH-WEEENG AND A MISS!!”

    “Grab some wood, meat!”

    “Kruk, we work for THEM now”

    “But Kuip, what about Plan 9 fro…”


  30. crzblue2

    catching my breath…. Boy, that was a long post from me. got a couple of minutes. I wish I would have told Dr. Steinberg also what you said that it also reminds you of Jack Daniels! Lol. that is funny. ok, now I really got to go! Can’t miss that train.

  31. junkyardjamie

    LMAO!!! enchanted – now that would be a fun experiment to perform on those two.

    nsblues ~ are we feeling better? Same sentiments on Kruk and Kuip

  32. northstateblues

    Nelly, I’m feeling a lot better, just about normal, until I heard about Vizquel. Again, great guy, but it’s looks like we’re not the only ones beating the dead horses, ’cause I had hoped that this line of thinking was long gone.

  33. oldbrooklynfan

    So far, these winter meeting in Las Vegas is shaping up just fine.
    I’m happy we’re keeping Blake and nice to see Loretta aboard.
    I’m also relieved that we are not signing CC, because it looked last night that it wouldn’t’ve took much for the Dodgers to have him at a lot cheeper price than the Yankees.
    I was afraid that it could’ve ruined our chances of getting Manny. I’d much rather have the offense.

  34. enchantedbeaver

    Hey pierresEW – how are you? All recovered now from your surgery?

    I don’t think anyone has a qualm with us not signing CC to that kind of inane contract. Its the fact that we were all BS’d again.


    Enchanted, you don’t really believe all the crap you read about the winter meetings, trade rumors and such, do you?

  36. junkyardjamie

    nsblues – glad you are feeling better, but yes, this news about Omar is just frightening. He was one of the few Giants I kind of liked (if I can even say I liked any of the Giants), but that’s because he was on their team and not on ours. Hasn’t Ned figured out there is a reason their former team doesn’t want them? Obviously not 🙂

    enchanted – that’s what it comes down to – honesty for a change instead of all the BS, and like you said earlier, along with many others, if we are going to be B market team (which we shouldn’t be, and Frank should sell the team), then prices need to come way down.

  37. enchantedbeaver

    No birk, but when on the D’s own website comes out and illudes that they’d make an exception on a long term contract for CC, and in another article say that CC wants to be a Dodger, then comeback the next day and say that they never seriously courted the man, why all the BS about it in the first place? All that breeds is distrust.

  38. northstateblues

    E, that is odd, after you put it like that. Isn’t the smoke-and-mirrors routine Rosenthal’s department?

    Maybe the ITD’ers should consider finding a way to commission Jim Gray to ask questions for us at the press conferences.


    Enchanted, I don’t know why they print all this stuff. I do find it amazing that the Dodgers finally had to reveal they knew about Schmidt’s medical condition but only because of a legal issue with the insurance company.

    Nelly, I am doing fine, thanks for asking. I have been reading the posts but really did not have much to add to what was being said. Like everyone else I am waiting for all the big signings and looking forward to next season. I was a bit disturbed about comments attributed to Derrick Lowe in which he questioned the Dodgers efforts to put together a winning team.

  40. colliethec

    Good evening ITD’ers.
    Nice recap Emma. You sure do live a charmed life. Laker games, sitting in Vin’s booth, posing with Santa!
    I continue to turn on my feelings regarding Ned & Frank. I have given them a chance and stuck up for them as I understand that mistakes are made in work and sometimes decisions don’t work out. I was for the Jones signing last year. Even though I wanted T. Hunter instead.
    I mentioned this earlier that the thing with CC is exactly what happened with Hunter. Last year the rumors were that the Dodgers were interested and he wanted to play in LA.
    Then part way through the season Hunter came out and said the Dodgers never approached him or called.
    Then I read where Ned wasn’t “rushing” to meet with CC’s reps. WHY THE HE** NOT?!!!! Please don’t tell me that your to busy to meet with them. I mean how much work does it take to get some general dialog going. It’s not like you all that busy “chasing” anyone else is it?
    Don’t get me wrong. I don’t mind that we didn’t sign CC for what NY did. I would of been unhappy with that contract if they had. But the point is that we didn’t have an offer ready to go. I also mentioned this earlier that Nedco doesn’t seem to have a plan. This just becomes more & more obvious to me.
    I fear that not even approaching CC will now cause a domino affect that will include some stupid panic signing by Ned.
    I would be okay with Oliver Perez or Pettitte. Just not for to many years. We need a pitcher to our staff because Kershaw is still to young as a pitcher and McDonald is where Kersh was last year. Forget about Schmidt. That means our extra pitcher with ML experience is Stults. That will drain our bullpen and by September they will be overused and shot.
    This is why I say at this point try to get 1 of them and let the kids play. Based on what has taken place I don’t see us getting Manny, so let’s just call it a year and have some fun.
    I don’t want us to be close in the division at the trading deadline and make a trade with some of our youngsters to get a rental that might get us to the playoffs only to loose because we didn’t have enough. I’ve had the pleasure of watching the Giants do that for years.
    It was a fun ride with Manny this last year and I was happy with it but this year I think we should stand pat as we have a good core of youth and maybe we (Nedco) can get a plan and enact it next year.
    Please, Visquel??? Oh I’m getting steamed! I’m so hacked that I can’t get my thoughts together.

  41. junkyardjamie

    lbirken~ As far as football, it definitely wasn’t UCLA’s year, but they always have a strong basketball team so you should be in for some happy times. As far as Lowe, all I have heard is how he was unhappy here, but with what has been going on with “To Tell the Truth” – Dodger style around here lately, maybe that isn’t the case ethier.

  42. colliethec

    If we sign Omar that will be a great 1-2 punch with he & Pierre! Woo hoo!! That’ll put the buts in the seats!!!

  43. junkyardjamie

    Good Evening dcollins!!! I think the mention of Omar Vizquel has us nor-cal folks a little more uptight than the rest, don’t you think? Is that perhaps because we live the Giants drama everyday? I tell you what, even their own KNBR sports people and most fans knew it was time for Vizquel to go. However, that would be just like the Dodgers to pick him up.

  44. trublu4ever

    lbirken ~ I love UCLA basketball too…….ever since Alcindor (Kareem) played there. Loved the way Wooden worked his team. I do root for USC in football though. I know, I’ve got a split personality!

  45. colliethec

    And on a funny note: Today I went to my local card store to pick up my batting helmet display I ordered for an autographed batting helmet that I had numerous players sign this year, and also picked out a couple packs of cards.
    One of the cards I pulled was a “Marquee Matchups” card from SP. The card was Matt Cain & Andruw Jones. The pictures are of their chest up. The guy who owns the store is a huge Giant fan and hates the Dodgers. He knows I’m a huge Dodger fan and he we still like each other and have fun with it but not in a ripping fashion.
    I show him the card and he says, “Gosh Jones looks real fat!”.
    I just busted up.

  46. colliethec

    Maybe we should just sign all light handed hitters. We could have a team of slap hitters that can run real fast!! That way we have a team of 1 tool players!!


    I am from the Alcindor era and got to see him play. I had a class with him as well. Of course, so did about 100 other students as well! Those were the day. Gotta go. Talk to everyone another time.

  48. junkyardjamie

    on a similar note dcollins. I have this bin of baseball cards that are ethier duplicates or not worth having at this point, and there are very few Dodger cards in this bin, but one of my girls came up to me the other day, shocked she found a Dodger card in there. So, I looked to see who’s it was, and it was Andruw. She asked me if I wanted to keep it, and I told her “sweetie, I don’t need his card, he kind of sucks!” She asked if he played with Andre, and told her yes, but Andre was much better than Andruw. I told her that if he plays next year and he plays better, than I will think about keeping his card, but for now, he stays in that bin.

  49. junkyardjamie

    I gotta go buy Santa hats and sunglasses for my boys for our Christmas Program. I will be back in a little while – small town, it doesn’t take long.

    lbirken – thanks for stopping by – don’t be a stranger.

    on another note – We haven’t heard from dodger4life in a day or so. I hope everything is alright. Life is good 🙂

  50. colliethec

    Cya Nelly. I’m out of here as well.
    I keep promising that I’ll be more positive and then the next day happens…
    I wonder what tomorrow will bring.

  51. junkyardjamie

    dcollins – most of my girls are hooked, more so than the boys currently. However, most of the boys, like their daddies, are watching football, which is good too.

  52. junkyardjamie

    okay – now I am going!!! I haven’t been able to post too much today so I am trying to make up for lost time. Catch up in a few.

  53. northstateblues

    From the ESPN Winter Meetings blog:


    Boras entertains media throng
    Wednesday, December 10, 2008
    Posted by Amy K. Nelson

    Call it Theatre of the Absurd, when just after 4 p.m. PT, Scott Boras created quite a scene here in Vegas.

    Boras came out of an elevator bank at the Bellagio and a pack of reporters surrounded him. Boras was leaning up against a glass wall of a gift shop when hotel security officers started screaming at reporters that they could not shoot in the lobby.

    After a few minutes of ignoring their pleas, a head security guard parted the sea of reporters, instructing Boras to take his show to a nearby ballroom.

    That began a five-minute journey of at least 40 reporters following the super agent through the hotel hallways. Onlookers were bemused by the scene.

    At one point a young man wearing a Yankees cap was walking alongside me.

    “Hey mom, I’m following Scott Boras,” he said through his cell phone. “We’re all following him. He’s got some sort of press conference.”

    The scene ended at the media workroom, where Boras stood on an impromptu dais and addressed questions about his crop of free agents.

    The answers were not nearly entertaining as the show that preceded them.


    For some reason, all I could hear when reading this was:

    Can’t you feel a Brand New Day
    Can’t you feel a Brand New Day

  54. junkyardjamie

    nsblues – I just read the ending posts from last thread, and yours was absolutely hilarious – LMAO!!!!! I can just picture the exasperation on your s fface, kind of like when jungar went off this morning.

    This whole day has been like that, when the next rumor/article came out, I can picture in my head what everyone on here would say or think, and sure enough, it happened just like I thought.

  55. kpookiemon

    I say the only way we sign Vizquel is if we sign Jose Mesa, too, and put their lockers side-by-side. Then we don’t have to worry about Vizquel anymore.

    Sign Manny. Make 2009 fun, for crying out loud.

    And no more sour apples like Big Unit. Haven’t we had enough of the Kents and Pierres of this baseball world? Sign Hoffman; he’ll be a great mentor…like Blake and Loretta.

    Sign Manny. I know he didn’t produce for the Dodgers or anything, but I like his dreds and he’s a great interview. We can afford to carry a weak stick like him now that we’ve signed Blake.

    Watch out for those World Champion Phils…they’re on the brink of signing “Big Game” Chan Ho Park…

  56. northstateblues

    yeah, I was pretty PO’d, you know the way we bloggers get, heh.

    I think I’m actually turning in earlyish tonight, haven’t had much sleep lately, probably will be up later, but for now I’m bushed.

  57. enchantedbeaver

    Not to be a vindictive A-hole, but I hope Frank loses his lawsuit with Schmidt and the insurance company. Anyone stupid enough to sign someone that they KNEW had a partial tear to the rotator cuff to begin with doesn’t deserve to win a lawsuit stemming off of that.

    This affair I’m afraid sums up the current Dodger management in a nutshell. It’s the Marx Brothers and the Three Stooges. Its like thinking Jerry Lewis is a comic genius – its something only the French would acclaim. And we wonder why Frank has no money, we only have half a team, and our farm system is depleted – all in 3 years.

    Ned’s contract expires next year – what incompetent boob will Frank hire next? Because far be it from him to hire from within and giving Kim or Logan a chance – probably the only two people that have saved the organization from being a total laughing stock.

    Hey MLB – next time someone who knows nothing about baseball and who has to leverage themselves to the hilt to acquire a franchise, steer them towards Pittsburgh or Kansas City…

    Not a franchise that’s almost as storied as the Giants.

  58. junkyardjamie

    ..I would say just a little enchanted 🙂

    Good Night northstateblues – take care and get some rest 🙂

    Kahli – Manny will have four other outfielders to compete with, and you know Dodger management likes competition to keep them on their toes and fresh. We would hate for him to lose his job to Jones or Pierre so the fans can practice their incessant booing. Booing is so much more inviting than cheers and chants you know.

  59. junkyardjamie

    CC Sabathia and the New York Yankees agreed Wednesday on the framework for a $161 million, seven-year contract, the richest for a pitcher in baseball history.

    I guess we were wrong, it’s 161 million. I guess we could ask why the extra million? – 160 wasn’t enough? It’s like the Price is Right where they bet on that one extra dollar making the difference in getting to go on stage.

  60. dodgereric

    Teixeira talks are really heating up. Serious offers from Baltimore, Washington and Boston now. The Angels will make their play very soon. If the Angels fail to get Tex, watch them take Manny because we won’t give him 3 years.

    We apparantly can’t care less about Hudson. We’re not going to offer Furcal a decent deal. We’re either scared to death to take the smallest risk, or just a bunch of cheap ********. When Jones proves again that he’s done, say hello to #9 leading off.

    Sell our team, McCourt.

  61. junkyardjamie

    Good Evening Ward Dear…… It appears the McCourts have gotten this organization in quite a predicament, don’t they? As much as we have made it funny, it realistically sucks!!

    How was your day?

  62. dodgereric

    Good evening June Darlin’!

    At this point it’s still all just potentially horrible. They can fix it. I just don’t have the slightest bit of confidence that they have the knowledge or the will to do it.

    They need to either take a gamble with Furc or sign the O-Dog. They need a leadoff hitter. Have you seen any indication of any interest in Hudson? Neither have I. Will someone offer Furcal a 4-year deal again? Probably. Is there anyone else? Maybe DeJesus will surprise everyone in ST. Yeah, that’s it.

  63. junkyardjamie

    I have not heard the slightest talk of Hudson, but then I guess all the CC hype was in our imagination because it never took place ethier.

  64. northstateblues

    Hey Eric, great Alice’s Restaurant song last night! I saw Arlo Guthrie a few years ago in Chico. If nothing else, it changed how I view Will “Grandpa Zeb Walton” Geer forever, heheh. That was one tough guy. That was a great show, his daughter played too, and she’s really talented.

    As for the state of the Dodgers, well, I lost it at the end of last thread…. and even that was something I edited a few times before posting, heheh. Maybe McCourt should sell the team to Mark Cuban (if he’s not in stripes), at least HE has the passion for building a winner (well, a regular season winner… but still)

  65. junkyardjamie

    Just yesterday, we were praising Ned for being patient and not making any knee-jerk decisions, but I guess he hasn’t been doing anything at all. I am concerned like enchanted with the dishonesty. Why were set up to believe we had a chance with CC?

  66. dodgereric

    Furcal SS
    Ethier RF
    Ramirez LF
    Kemp CF
    Loney 1B
    Martin C
    Blake 3B
    DeWitt 2B


    Pierre LF
    Ethier RF
    Kemp CF
    Loney 1B
    Martin C
    Blake 3B
    DeWitt 2B
    DeJesus SS

  67. junkyardjamie

    Well, Ward Dear……I don’t have to tell you my list. I stopped after reading the lead off batter. 🙂

    nsblues – thanks for reminding me about the song. I can’t do youtube at school – go figure. However, I got all kinds of ideas on how to increase my sexual pleasure. Seriously, our network is so stupid sometimes.

  68. dodgereric

    Hi north, thanks! One of my fav’rites!

    We could do:

    Kemp RF
    Ethier LF
    Loney 1B
    Martin C
    Blake 3B
    Jones CF
    DeWitt 2B
    DeJesus SS

    BTW, I want credit for having problems with liars this morning too!

  69. junkyardjamie

    oh definitely!!! Remember, Ward Dear, we are the trustworthy ones (or in my case, gullable – lol).

    I have never actually heard the song. It’s rather funny Ward Dear. It is more like a story.

  70. northstateblues

    That one looks a little better. especially defensively. But it’s like looking at one’s spouse with a giant zit on their nose. A giant, Potamus-sized zit.

    Okay, the girlfriend wants the newfangled tele-typewriter doohickey, so I’m gone for now. Have a good night, and remember, it could be worse, FOX could still be in control, selling off the kids to acquire broadcasting rights in Costa Rica.


  71. junkyardjamie

    Good Night nsblues – take care and see you tomorrow. Hopefully the Dodger news will be better than it was today.


  72. junkyardjamie

    Ward Dear……. I can’t believe you wrote that whole thing out. Well, yes I can believe it 🙂

    That lineup is better than the one having JP as lead off.

  73. junkyardjamie

    Man, Eric ……this is one long song. I am still listening to it. See, I have heard the one line before, but I guess I didn’t know there was an 18 minute song to go with it – Wow!!! Do you get credit for 6 songs for that one, considering most songs are about 3 minutes long?

  74. dodge1612

    hey I looked up Jack Wilson in my Spanish/English English/Spanish dictionary. Apparently, Jack Wilson is English for Angel Berroa… yeah ned lets sign some more hurt players to lead us to a championship… woo hoo… sign saito long term… why not carl pavano, mark prior, nomar for 5 more years… I say give pavano 10 years at 200 million, prior 8 years at 160 million and nomar 5 years 250 million… get it done ned…

  75. dodgereric

    It’s now official, the Christmas season is here. I just saw my first ChiaPet commercial!

    Hi dodge! Don’t forget to re-sign Sweeney!

  76. junkyardjamie

    Well, let me rephrase that – the person writing the article appears to think Ramirez is on the back burner. An article can’t think – LOL!!!! Then again, I would take my chances on a piece of paper over Ned right now.

  77. dodge1612

    so true eric… sign jones to a 9 year 325 million dollar deal… one million for every pound he weighs… and JP gets 7 years 162 million (he has to make more than CC) and while were at it lets give schmidt 3 more years but since he did so good for us were gonna give him a raise to 75 million… what a team were putting together…

  78. Dodger4life

    Hey Everybody, I’m Cold 🙂
    I went to work today ~ selling oranges. 35 degress selling oranges. I had a wonderful time. Life is good today 🙂

    I am so blessed, I am so happy, and I am so a Dodger4life

    LIFE IS SO GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    God Bless all of us!!!

    BE Happy Dont Worry…

    Every little thing’s gonna be allright ~ Mon

    GO DODGER’S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  79. Dodger4life

    Life is wonderful !!!!!!!!

    I made so many people laugh and put smiles on a few faces

    And sold oranges in the cold I am going back tommorrow.

    Thanks everyone ~ GO DODGER”S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  80. thinkingblue

    Josh, thanks for finding time in keeping us post-it on what’s going on in Vegas. Keep it coming!
    Loretta welcome to the Dodgers. It must feel wonderful having to play for the team you grew up watching. Enjoy the season. Help us win….good luck!
    Blake I’m so glad you are staying with the Dodgers. You were one of the many reasons why went as far as we did….well the Dodgers….welcome BACK!
    Somebody actually showed interest in Pierre….wow!

  81. kpookiemon

    Franklin Gutierrez and Edwin Jackson were both traded in the past 24 hours. Guess these former Dodger “Blue Chippers” weren’t the next coming, after all. But then, Danny Baez, Lance Carter and Milton Bradley aren’t exactly around L.A. anymore, either…………

  82. dodgereric

    The Dodgers have offered Rafael Furcal a two-year contract with a vesting option for a third.,0,1895794.story

    Joe: They say we’re old and we can’t see
    Anything good about walks or OBP.
    Juan: Well I don’t care if all that’s true
    ‘Cause you got me, and baby I got you
    Juan: Babe
    Both: I got you babe I got you babe

    Joe: They say our love won’t win no games
    But I don’t care if we go down in flames.
    Juan: I guess that’s so, I don’t care either
    as long as I get to start instead of Ethier

    Juan: Babe
    Both: I got you babe I got you babe

    Juan: I got 8….point 8 mil, and I put you…. in my will.
    Joe: And when I’m sad, you’re a clown
    And if I get scared, you’re always around
    Joe: So let them say your hat’s too big
    ‘Cause I don’t care, let them call me pig
    Juan: Then put your little hand in mine
    There ain’t no hill or mountain we can’t climb

    Juan: Babe
    Both: I got you babe I got you babe

    Juan: I got you to write my name
    Joe: I got you to lead the game
    Juan: I got you to pull up my socks
    Joe: I got you to take me on walks

    Both: I got you babe

  83. dodgereric

    Oh, and I found this oldie. It works too:

    Pierre’s Comin’

    To Three Dog Night’s “Eli’s Comin'”

    Pierre’s comin’
    Pierre’s comin’ (Pierre’s a-comin’)
    Well you had a good run, real good run
    Pierre’s a-comin’ and Joe Torre says… Andre, you’re done….

    Pierre’s comin’, hide the line up
    Pierre’s comin’, hide the line up

    Boy, Pierre’s a-comin’, you better hide
    Boy, Pierre’s a-comin’, you better hide
    Boy, Pierre’s a-comin’, you better hide
    Boy, Pierre’s a-comin’, you better hide (hide it)
    You better, better hide that card
    Pierre’s comin’, he don’t walk

    Walk and he’ll never figure out
    No, he’ll never figure out how to raise his OBP
    He flies out to left field every time
    Ex-cept when he grounds out, Pierre’s a-comin’ (he walked once but then he got thrown out)
    Pierre’s a-comin’ (he walked once but then he got thrown out)
    Pierre’s a-comin’ and he’s comin’ to git ya (he walked but… he walked
    Get down on your knees (he walked but then he got thrown out)

    Pierre’s comin’ (hide it, hide it, hide it)
    Boy, Pierre’s a-comin’, where’s the piano
    Boy, Pierre’s a-comin’, where’s the piano
    Boy, Pierre’s a-comin’, where’s the piano
    Boy, Pierre’s a-comin’, you better hide (hide it)
    You better, better hide that card
    Pierre’s comin’, he don’t walk

    Walk and you’ll never stop them from
    No, you’ll never stop them from running to the next base
    Remember when Andre threw them out
    Every time they tried it, Pierre’s a-comin’ (no way he can throw the runners out)
    Pierre’s a-comin’ (no way he can throw the runners out)
    Pierre’s a-comin’ and he’s comin’ to git ya (they took it… they took it….)
    Get down on your knees

    No-no, no-no
    Lord, I said no-no, no-no, no-no

    (hide it) We can’t
    (hide it) hide it
    (hide it) You better
    (hide it) Somebody
    (hide it) You got t’
    (hide it) Oh, my
    (hide it) Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh

    By dodgereric on July 22, 2008 4:45 PM

  84. trublu4ever

    Dodgereric ~ your songs have brightened my rather gloomy day! Furcal would be a nice addition but, I think we have to go all out and get Manny now. If we don’t sign him, that will put a huge amount of pressure on Matt, James, Andre and Russell to provide the homerun punch. I think, if playing everyday, the numbers will be pretty good. But, we need Manny!

  85. junkyardjamie

    Definitely Oldies but goodies. The songs being goodies, the topic being not-so-goodies. I guess it’s time to start up on the song writing for JP, isn’t it? BTW – I don’t think I will ever look at the movie “Groundhog Day” the same way ever again, but then again, that is happening to many songs and movies nowadays.

  86. dodgereric

    Hi Tru!

    We all know Furcal’s back is a big question mark. But the question that we need to answer is this one: If Furcal will not be signed, who leads off? Matt? Pierre? Hu? If we’re courting someone else, I haven’t heard of it.

    I still say we roll the dice with Rafael. If he’s healthy, we’ll be really happy. I’m sick and tired of not doing contracts because of the mistakes of the past. If all we give out from now on are 2-3 year deals, all we’re going to end up with are a bunch of Casey Blakes. Does anyone think we’re going to hang onto our kids with 2-3 year contracts?

    If I get knocked down, I’m getting back up again to fight some more. I don’t just lay there and watch everyone else play. And that’s exactly what we’re doing. We’re the Expos.

  87. junkyardjamie

    It’s okay Ward Dear…… I figured as much or you just fell asleep, which I have done on occasion too. I listened to “Alice’s Restaurant” again. I was very intrigued by the song, and so I paid attention to it more the 2nd time, well as much attention as I can give at 1 in the morning 🙂

    It is very quiet on the shortstop front, isn’t it?? I am willing to risk Furcal, even if it gives Hu or DeJesus some time to get more playing time in.



    i say we take a chance on furcal as well.. what is there to lose? the 47 milllion we gave to schmidt?

  89. kpookiemon

    As depressed as some of you seem to feel, the Dodgers have actually accomplished more than most teams so far…and there’s still a strong possibility Furcal and Manny will be back. They both WANT to be here, so that at least tips the playing field a bit. Granted, Frank’s pocketbook may prove to be a bit too shallow at the end of the day and both will sign elsewhere, but until that reality comes to pass, I would pay ZERO attention to rumor, innuendo, and speculation. And it wouldn’t surprise me to see “Hell’s Bells” come on board, either. The Dodgers are a young team on the rise, playing in a warm-weather, exciting city. And I truly believe that MartinLoneyKempEthier can carry the Manny-less load if necessary. But please, NO stop-gap PVLs. And trade Pierre and Jones while you’re at it, Ned. Pretend they’re Schmidt, accept that they’re damaged goods, and eat the cash.


    kpookiemon.. i’m going to correct you.. furcal probably WANTS to be here.. manny.. i’m not certain..


    but you’re right.. we’ve accomplished more than some.. the mets and the yankees are making headlines.. but hardly anyone else has made any actual moves.. we went into the winter meeting with no leftside of the infield, and now we have 50% of it.. so it’s better than nothing.. and i still praise the mark loretta move, even though it’s only a teeny-tiny move..

  92. trublu4ever

    Kpookie ~ if you say so, I will not be depressed any more. I do love our young core of players and, I think the addition of Loretta is a positive move. I guess I got swept up in the wheelings and dealings of the Yankees and the Mets. Thanks for bringing me back to my senses 🙂

  93. junkyardjamie

    Kahli – I think if we can get Furcal back and he stays healthy through the long run, we could hold our own in this division. Manny would just be a bonus and would obviously put fans in the seats. As far as the outfield, if we don’t get Manny then I am willing to trade (or just out right get rid of) Pierre and hope that Jones comes back in some form of his former self (pre-Dodger days). As far as Hoffman, it would definitely add excitement, not that I am saying anything bad about “Sammy Time”, but the Hoffman experience (Hells Bells) was something else. As Aesthetics Coordinator, it would definitely be something to look forward to. I guess you would have to come up with a Dodger version of his entrance though. We would hate to copy and be like the Padres.


    dnelly, i’ll have to disagree with you about hoffman. he’s only a shell of his former self. yes there was greatness there, and he still continues to shut us down for the most part (minus the 4 homer game) but an 80 mph fastball doesn’t excite me at all..

  95. kpookiemon

    I do think, all things being equal, that Manny wants to be in L.A. The city loves him and his teammates do, too. And he seemed to flourish here. But all things are NOT equal in the cash department, so Manny may move on. But think for a minute how in the finals vs. Phils, they basically pitched around Manny and the kids couldn’t step up…they’d become too dependent on Manny. If he leaves, MartinLoneyKempEthier will become a four-headed beast, forced to step up…and I have every confidence they will.

  96. dodgereric

    Hey sara, hey kahli!

    Don’t confuse depression with anger.

    We have plug-ins for Furcal at short, but not leadoff. If McCourt can go 3 years for Blake, why not Furcal? He’s younger. Yeah, yeah, his back. I don’t care. Take a chance with him or get another leadoff hitter.

    I liked Sammy, but he’s done.

    I actually like the idea of getting Hoffman, if for no other reason than to have him teach that change to Brox.

  97. enchantedbeaver

    Prediction #1 – Chan Ho won’t last the season in Philly. A fly ball pitcher in that bandbox??

    Prediction #2 – at least 2 players on the opening day roster will be NRIs, both pitchers.

    I don’t blame the D’s for playing hardball with Ferk and Manny (even Saito for that matter.) For the life of me though I don’t know why they never went after Hudson – solved three problems: leadoff, 2B and 3B (and we wouln’t have had to resign Blake.) Plus his youth would’ve fit in with our guys.

    I’m dreading the rest of the PVL caravan though that’s coming our way.


    i agree kpookiemon.. they had become too dependent on manny and were unable to remember how to produce.. they can do it if they know there is no one to fall back on..


    hey eric! brox desperately needs to develop his change..

    enchanted, i wanted them to make a move for orlando hudson too.. i can’t help but wonder why they haven’t.. and what do they know that we don’t know?

  100. junkyardjamie

    dodgereric/Ward Dear – I think the same way about Hoffman as a model for the bullpen guys, just as Maddux would have been an asset to the starters.

  101. enchantedbeaver

    What the hell was Ned’s pitch to get Frank to sign off on Schmidt knowing full well he was injured?
    “Pay no attention to that torn rotator cuff behind the curtain… I am the great and powerful
    wizard of… ned.”

  102. trublu4ever

    Great words of wisdom, Enchanted, Kpookie and Sara. My anger is subsiding a little……now, like Enchanted, I’m just a little bit miffed!

  103. trublu4ever

    I just thought that Los Angeles was a big market city and with millions of fans in attendance every year, we would be able to buy a player if we needed him.


    haha exactly enchanted.. so orlando hudson must be really messed up!! OR.. he’s perfectly healthy and would be positive for this team, but ned’s an idiot..

    i’m going to have to go with the latter..

  105. enchantedbeaver

    We can Tru – Mark Loretta, Casey Blake, Randy Johnson, etc. etc.

    Its just that we have beer taste on a champagne budget.


    i think ned just like wholesale shopping.. he must love costco.. but you can get 5 partially decent old guys for the cost of one CC.. 5 > 1


    it’s not like he’s really reducing payroll.. he spends the same as a good GM, he just spends it in bad parts 😛

  108. dodgereric

    OK sara, report to the drug testing lab…….:-)

    I’ve been wondering about the O-Dog myself lately. He’s not exactly a base stealer and he’s no stranger to the DL, but he’s won 3 Gold Gloves and has a decent bat.

    Hi e! I don’t mind the hardball approach either. It’s just that there’s a difference between using it for negotiating and offering something you know they won’t take because you have no intention of signing them. I guess it all boils down to whether you have confidence in the front office.

  109. kpookiemon

    “Pay no attention to that torn rotator cuff behind the curtain… I am the great and powerful
    wizard of… ned.”

    enchanted, I’m sitting in my classroom of sugar-agitated, vacation-dreaming pubescent teenagers…and you actually made me laugh!! Many thanks for that little miracle…

  110. enchantedbeaver

    Did you hear Torre’s comments on Blake? – He’s a grinder. I’d prefer a hitter vs. someone that shows up to their job everyday. Hell Pierre’s a grinder.

    I really don’t have anything against the Blake signing, its just that he’s a complimentary player. My question is, who’s he complimenting?? Right now, he’s the primary clean-up hitter in JoJo’s world of vets in prominent rolls.

    Hudson Ned! Hudson!! That frees up Blake to left field in the event we don’t get Ramirez back OR frees up DeWitt to trade for a real pitcher.


    Interesting column today by Bauman on this web site. I want Manny back myself, but at some point that other Manny will show up.


    haha.. you guys are too much.. yeah eric, i don’t know why i would need drugs when i have coffee!! oh wait, is coffee a drug? 🙂

  113. enchantedbeaver

    Its a curse as much as a gift Sara. In fact, there’s probably a lot of people that would like to curse at me right now…

    I with you there Kahli!!!

  114. trublu4ever

    Speaking of scotch, when I turned 21, my mom took me to Lake Tahoe for a little gambling expedition. While I was sitting at the Blackjack table, I ordered a scotch & soda……that’s what mom and dad had as their favorite drink. When it arrived, I took one sip and the dealer cracked up laughing at the look on my face… was the most retched thing I had ever tasted.

  115. junkyardjamie

    Kahli – your description of your class made me laugh. It sounds just like mine minus the puberty However, I will take mine over yours any day. I applaud you and anyone who can work with students from 6th grade on up. Good luck on getting through the next week.


    i’ve never even tried scotch before.. i do know that i despise tequila.. i’m more of a rum person

  117. northstateblues

    One question:
    How did we end up with the only Boston hotshots that DON’T LIKE throwing their money around?!!

    Oh wait, they do throw their money around… AT EVERYTHING BUT THE TEAM ON THE FIELD!!!

    “But wait! We spent all those millions of dollars on Schmidt, Pierre, Mueller, Jones…”

    Then stop overpaying the thrift stores

    “That was a thrift store? I thought it was a Macy’s!”

    Hmm… a fair mistake, I guess, with all the antiques, but Macy’s isn’t spelled “Macie’s” with a backwards “s”…

    “wha… grrrrr, we’ve been hosed :(”

  118. northstateblues

    Scotch is great. I like Scotch. Scotchie scotch scotch. Down in my belly.

    This hispanic/chicano/latino/mexican-american dislikes tequilla with a passion (and the feeling’s mutual, heh). Love Rum, though, and my favorite is Canadian Whisky, though I have a soft spot in my liver for Irish Whiskey and won’t turn down an Old No. 7, unless it wears a tiara and calls itself Princess Drew. Or if it finds itself on the crest of the “Junior Dodgers fan club” crest.


  119. trublu4ever

    I guess I prefer the drinks where you don’t really taste the alcohol………you know, those smooth, sweet drinks that knock you on your a**.

  120. junkyardjamie

    northstateblues – the talk of whiskey got you up and moving today I see….. LOL!!!!!

    enchanted – why don’t they sell it there?

    trublue – I learn more about you everyday – LOL!!!!

    As for me and alcohol, I am definitely not the whiskey type unless it is with lemonade or something where I don’t taste it as much. As for the others (rum, tequila, vodka and gin), I like all of them, and it usually depends on what else goes in it usually. Tequila sunrises, margaritas, hurricanes and Mai Tai’s are among my favorite drinks, but I do like simple gin and lemonade as well. Now this is not to say I drink all the time, but when I do, these are the things I enjoy. Kahlua and coffee is a good combination too 🙂

  121. northstateblues

    Nelly, well that and the complacency of a day of non-news, heh.

    I’ve gone from cautious optimism to total frustration to total complacency in three days flat. Wonder what will be written about this Dodger era in the years to come…

  122. trublu4ever

    I will send you the whiskey, Enchanted! A special care package to get you through the upcoming season. Right now Kahlua and coffee sounds yummy!

  123. northstateblues

    Kaluha and Coffee is awesome. one of my faves

    Dcollins, never tried port wine before, but after watching a special on Portuguese Port Wines, I’ve been wanting to try. My favorite wines now are Pinot Grigio and Chianti.

  124. colliethec

    There are a couple of places I love to go in Napa for port wine.
    Prager Port Works & V. Sattui Winery.
    Most anything at Prager is great. Sattui has one called Madeira that is a gold medal winner. It is great. They also have one called Angelica. It’s a brandy that is awesome. Also a gold medal winner. Check out their website as the place is pretty. They only sell their wines there & on the web. Both places are in St. Helena. If you ever go to the Napa wine country you’ve got to hit these places.

  125. colliethec

    I’m off to the gym so I can loose some weight. I need to get in shape as I think there might be some openings on the Dodgers come spring!!!

  126. trublu4ever

    dcollins ~ Napa and St. Helena bring back fond memories for me….our best friends lived in Napa and we used to drive through the wine country in our ’37 Ford……stopping for all the wine tasting we could get.

  127. junkyardjamie

    Have fun at the gym dcollins!!!! 🙂

    nsblues – coffee and Kahlua, especially with the cold nights we have been having.

  128. enchantedbeaver

    The original song is quite apropos. Howard Jones – No One Is To Blame:

    You can look at free agents that you just won’t sign
    You can get you a vet’ran that you hope will work out fine
    You can get you a towel, but you’ll pay 90 bucks
    You can still be a rooter, but you know that your team sucks
    We want Manny, we want Furcal
    We want everyone
    We want Hudson, we want CC
    Ned-Co, Ned-Co, NedCo always is to blame
    You can build a green girdle but you can’t fit in it
    You can spend forty million but all you get is Schmidt
    Some got the tools and will pay any cost
    But with these Three Stooges you know all hope is lost
    We want AJ, we want Tex too
    We want everyone
    We want Benny, we want Ollie
    Ned-Co, Ned-Co, NedCo always is to blame
    You can see the pennant, but you can’t reach it
    Need the last piece of that puzzle, but you just can’t make a fit
    Frankie say he want to win, but he don’t make any gains
    Aspirations in the clouds but your hopes go down the drain
    We want Brian, we want Johnny
    We want everyone
    We want Randy, we want Richie
    Ned-Co, Ned-Co, NedCo always is to blame
    NedCo always is to blame
    NedCo always is to blame

    Artist: The Ho-Hummers
    CD: Vast Disappointment
    ©NedCo Broken Records 2008

    NedCo – Nobody does it like NedCo.™


    arbitration info:

    Andre Ethier and Russell Martin were the Dodgers to achieve Super 2 status this year, meaning they became arbitration-eligible without having at least three years of major league service time. They are in for big paydays, and it will be interesting to see if the Dodgers are content to pay them year-to-year rather than try to lock them up long-term. They’ve already been turned back talking about multi-year deal by Martin’s agent.

    Also tendered contracts were Jonathan Broxton and Jason Repko. Amazingly, assuming Jeff Kent doesn’t return to the team, they will be the two players with the most tenure on the Dodgers next year.

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