New head of security

We just put out a news release announcing that we’ve hired a new head of security at Dodger Stadium. I know that there have been a number of comments recently about the atmosphere at games and as I’ve said in the past, there is no bigger priority to the Dodgers than making sure that fans feel safe and that there is a family-friendly environment here. Obviously this addition was made with that goal in mind and while I have not personally met Ray Maytorena, his resume in the field is quite impressive.

As always, we appreciate the feedback we get from our fans and encourage everyone to share their thoughts, both positive and negative, here on the blog and at



  1. lagirl27

    Thank you for the update. It’s really important to us all that our experience at the Stadium is safe and fun.It’s sad that all of us at one point or another have been to a ‘bad game’ just because of the people around us.
    Happy Veterans day. My grandpa is the only veteran in our living family. I should give him a call today.
    Dnel- does this mean you are home today? My whole family gets the day off one way or another today.
    I hope all is well in ITD land. This off season is getting more and more exciting. Can’t wait til Spring πŸ™‚

  2. lagirl27

    Thank you for the update. It’s really important to us all that our experience at the Stadium is safe and fun.It’s sad that all of us at one point or another have been to a ‘bad game’ just because of the people around us.
    Happy Veterans day. My grandpa is the only veteran in our living family. I should give him a call today.
    Dnel- does this mean you are home today? My whole family gets the day off one way or another today.
    I hope all is well in ITD land. This off season is getting more and more exciting. Can’t wait til Spring πŸ™‚

  3. trublu4ever

    Josh – getting a new head of security is fantastic. As you stated, many of our fans and ITD bloggers will look forward to changes at Dodger Stadium. I really appreciate you taking the time to keep us informed during the off season.
    Congratulations to Tim Lincecum for winning the Cy Young award. Altough I despise the Giants as a team, Tim is very deserving of this award.

  4. trublu4ever

    Josh – getting a new head of security is fantastic. As you stated, many of our fans and ITD bloggers will look forward to changes at Dodger Stadium. I really appreciate you taking the time to keep us informed during the off season.
    Congratulations to Tim Lincecum for winning the Cy Young award. Altough I despise the Giants as a team, Tim is very deserving of this award.

  5. trublu4ever

    Josh – getting a new head of security is fantastic. As you stated, many of our fans and ITD bloggers will look forward to changes at Dodger Stadium. I really appreciate you taking the time to keep us informed during the off season.
    Congratulations to Tim Lincecum for winning the Cy Young award. Altough I despise the Giants as a team, Tim is very deserving of this award.


    The Dodgers just put out a news release announcing that they have hired a new head of security at Dodger Stadium. And in other news the dodgers will not be signing Manny or CC

  7. cpompe1

    Good afternoon ITD boys and girls!
    It’s been a while, I know. And I’m not gonna be able to stick around today for long, but I had to say hi to my ITD buddies!

    Josh: Thrilled to see that Frank hired a new head of security. Many fans like my mom and me just want to see the game, without intrusion from some wasted fan that feels like it’s his β€œright” to scream obscenities.

    I know Manny is a hot topic on the Hot Stove Report, but honestly, I’m starting to get tired of it. Oh well, that happens. But we MUST focus on starting pitching, shoring up our bullpen and our bench. Oh, nothing more than that (yeah, right – I’m trying to say that with a straight face! It’s not working.)

    And Tru, I’m with ya on Tim Lincecum winning the Cy Young. Congratulations to to Tim, he IS very deserving of this award. I don’t care for the Giants as a team, but Tim is very deserving of the award.

  8. enchantedbeaver

    Pay no attention to that man with spaghetti coming out his ear…

    That’s awesome Josh. My congratulations to the organization for promptly addressing a serious issue.

  9. cpompe1

    *** Note to Josh ***
    I was noticing on that the link to Andre’s β€œDining with β€˜Dre” blog is gone. Why? Is it coming back? I sure hope so.

  10. thinkingblue

    Josh thanks for the updates. It is great that security at Dodgers Stadium is being taken care off.
    CPO – I noticed that Andre’s blog is gone. I’m thinking that it probably got pushed, since it has not been updated for awhile. I’m sure it should re-appear once Andre blogs again. Hope it happens soon.
    TRU – I don’t think that it is your computer with the problem. I think MLB were having technical difficulties. Several people were double triple posting and I was having a hard time trying to get in earlier today.
    Congrats to Mr. JOE TORRE…he is running for the Manager of the Year…Winner will be announced tomorrow at 11 a.m. Hope he gets it.

  11. junkyardjamie

    Good Afternoon ITD readers and writers!!!

    Thank you Josh for letting us know about our new head of Security. I also wanted to ask you had did your walk go for the Juvenile Diabetic Research Foundation?

  12. junkyardjamie

    Congratulations to Tim Linsecum for getting the CY Yound Award. Even though he belongs to the Giants, he was very deserving of that Award. That kid can pitch!!!

  13. junkyardjamie

    CP and Dodgersrule – Andre’s Blog is still on the main mlblog page under player blogs. If you notice Torres Stories is gone as well, that’s when I relaxed and figured it was no big deal.

  14. thinkingblue

    Thanks TEAM MOM! Yeah I remember Josh saying that Andre will be blogging soon. I’ve check Andre’s blog Everyday and no one has posted in awhile, so I figure that it sort of got pushed back. I’m sure once he blogs again, it will be right under Inside The Dodgers, at

  15. lagirl27

    Oh NO!!!!!!!!
    What happened to my name???
    This is AMY….my identity has been changed and it wasn’t by me 😦
    Now I know what you guys go through.

  16. junkyardjamie

    For those of you who have been following our adventure in opening this new business. We are now official with a website. We are technically open, but our Grand Opening is December 1st, barring any city issues that come up and with our city, it’s not out of the question at all.

  17. thinkingblue

    LAGIRL27 – It’s funny cause when I saw the “27” I thought of you but I thought we had a new person…ITD Rookie. So is there someone in the Dodgers management having fun with the ITD bloggers name…LOL…that’s funny.
    DNEL – Congratulations on your new business. Wish you lots of success. I will be passing the word. My husband have family in Merced.

  18. junkyardjamie

    Thanks Dodgersrule!!!

    Amy – I remember you using that name when you were doing a live chat with DY (I think it was).

  19. lagirl27

    Thank you Nelly. Yes, it’s my chat name..but wow…I didn’t give them my permission for my blog name.
    I’m glad that 27 gave me some identity in here. hmmm..not sure if I like this..
    We are congratulating you Dnel? tell me more? you opened a business?? how cool..

  20. junkyardjamie

    We opened a baseball training facility in town. We have indoor batting cages, pitching mounds, etc. and we have been working on this since mid-summer I guess. There are three gentlemen involved, my husband and two coaches. My husband is the business end and the coaches are obviously the experts.

  21. trublu4ever

    Amy – I like Lagirl! It seems to fit your personality.
    Good to see you, too, dodgersrule.
    I’m going to check out the VSA website, Dnellyae.

  22. Dodger4life

    Good afternoon ITD, I would like too wish everyone a wonderful Veteran’s day. I would like to say thankyou to all the soldier’s, past and present and thier familie’s for the sacrifices they make for me my family and all my fellow American’s Thankyou and God Bless.

    Have a wonderful and enjoyable Day πŸ™‚

    GO DODGER’S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. thinkingblue

    TRU – I check ITD just about everyday. I tend to blog maybe one time a day. But work is actually keeping me busy so I haven’t had time to visit ITD like I use too:(
    AMY I agree with TRU LAgirl27 is sooo you. You love L.A. and KEMP!
    DNEL – I checked out the website and it looks very interesting…once again Congratulations!

  24. Dodger4life

    Nelly~ I checked ot the web site. It looks like a winning team, I am positive it will be not only a sucsess but an asset to your community.

  25. ramslover

    Just checking ot see if my name is still the same….Congrats to Lincecum….He is a beast…Unfortunately he is a Gnat…Nelly i will check the website…..Congrats!!!!

  26. junkyardjamie

    Good Afternoon Dodger4life! It is good to see you back! How are you doing? Today is Denny Hamlin’s birthday – he’s 28 today, still older than our core young Dodgers. It’s amazing how young some of these Dodger are.

  27. Dodger4life

    Nelly~ I may be gone for a while I offered to give my brother his lap top back. He just started his own construction company and it would probably be benificial for him to have.


    Nelly, congrats on the new business venture. Checked out the website and everything looks great. I especially liked the rules of conduct.

  29. junkyardjamie

    Thanks everyone!!!!!

    Dodger4life – a very good gesture to give the lap top back, but it’s also sad that you won’t be around as much.

  30. perumike

    Hi everyone, long time no talk! I have been busy, but everything is good. Glad to see we made a good offer to Manny, hopefully he stays. Good to see a lot of you are still checking in!

  31. junkyardjamie

    Piano Man!!!!!!!! Boy, we may definitely need your services for this upcoming 2009 season.

    trublu – you don’t need to see the website, you go there in person – LOL!!!! πŸ™‚

  32. enchantedbeaver

    Nice website Nells! Tell the designer he/she did a great job. You know, you might try selling some Ethierholic shirts… can’t have too many converts up in gnat country!!

  33. junkyardjamie

    Dodger4life – you have to stay. Who will Dodgereric and I talk Dodgers and NASCAR with? LOL!!!! I joined the Denny Hamlin fan club. I realized something watching the races these last few weeks. I realized a race car driver may change sponsors/teams etc., but the race car driver himself doesn’t change. Where as in baseball, on any given day, we can lose a cherished player in a trade to another team, and realistically our loyalty will still be with the Dodgers. I guess I am setting myself up for the worst case scenario when it comes to this off season. I really want to see this young core stay intact, but with the way things look, we need to be prepared for any combination of things happening, including perhaps losing some of our cherished players.

  34. junkyardjamie

    enchanted – thanks!!!! However, leave it to me to find the a mistake – HA!!! No, the designer is wonderful, and I will tell him you said that. This Ethieraholic shirt will happen if Andre is playing for Dodgers in 2009. Dodgereric’s idea has already been submitted.

  35. Dodger4life

    I can go to the library until I replace the computer here at the house. Yes I am an Earnhardt Jr. fan and he changed team’s and sponsor’s and has a new number. It was still hard to see the changes. I used to belong to the Dodger’s fan club in the 70’s so Cool.

  36. Dodger4life

    DodgerEric, What a set of circumstance’s you and your family went through with Matt. I went from shocked and amazed to completly worried, to just plain happy to see the awesome outcome. I have been through somewhat similiar circumstatces and am truly glad for the wonderful outcome. God Bless you, Matt and your entire family.

  37. oldbrooklynfan

    I know we’re still in the 50th anniversary of the Dodgers leaving us flat in Brooklyn, LOL, but surprisingly I haven’t heard or read of the 125th ANNIVERSARY of the DODGER ORGANIZATION next year, which began in 1884, their first year in the American Association.
    This was prior to moving to the National League in 1890.

  38. ramslover

    I did not think Hamlin was that old….I personally and my 4 year old son are Jeff Gordon fans and Jimmie Johnson is number 2…My 5 yr old daughter is a Stewart fan and a Cowboy fan….go figure

  39. scurtis1999

    No need for security when we are in 3rd place without an offense or pitching when we don’t sign Manny, Raffy, or CC.

  40. Dodger4life

    WE LOVE OUR DODGER’S!!!!!!!!
    365 DAY’S A YEAR
    7 DAY’S A WEEK
    24 HOUR’S A DAY

    GO DODGER’S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Don’t recall if we have ever done this before but my favorite Dodger from the Brooklyn era (with a crossover to L.A.) was Duke Snider. I never saw him play in Brooklyn but did have a chance to see him play in L.A. although he was at the end of his career. I did get to finally meet him at Dodger Fantasy Camp some years ago and have him watch me take batting practice.

  42. ramslover

    My favorite Dodger of all time is Garvey and I got to see him at the 04 Camp and against his team I got 2 hits and made a strong throw from SS and he gave me a nice compliment and I was in 7th heaven….Priceless moment!!!

  43. Dodger4life

    Too many great one’s to have a true favorite, Vin and Tommy are still linking generation’s together so…. πŸ™‚

  44. lagirl27

    Dnelly- that is a wonderful idea for a business. Maybe the next ‘ethier’ will come through those doors and become a Dodger great. Good luck πŸ™‚
    I will give Lagirl27 a try…hmm..not sure how I feel yet.


    I went in 1997. I was on a team managed by Carl Erskine and Rick Monday. Monday has a great sense of humor but Erskine really impressed me with the way he treated the campers. Garvey managed one of the other teams. My claim to fame is I made two good fielding plays in one game and was given the Mr. Potatohead award, a tradition that went back to the 70’s & 80’s when a clubhouse attendent put a Mr. Potatohead figure in the locker of the player who had the most impact on that day’s game. At Dodgercamp they do the same thing and I was lucky enough to win one. I have it autographed by all the professional staff including Erskine, Labine, Garvey, Russell, Frank Howard, Monday, Jerry Ruess and Tommy Lasorda.

    As an example of Monday’s sense of humor, I hit a ball really well high into right field. The right fielder kind of circles around, sticks his glove out and the ball lands in his glove. Monday says to me, “Look at it this way. You just made his week at camp!”

  46. junkyardjamie

    Dodger4life – That story dodgereric told was incredible. I was reading it at 2 in the morning and couldn’t sleep after reading it. Just remarkable!!!!

    ramslover – I do like Gordon and Johnson too, but I am a fairly new fan so I picked up on some of the younger drivers (Hamlin, Newman, Kahne and Kyle Busch). However, last weekend I was hoping for Johnson or Gordon to win.

    As far as all time favorites, that’s hard because of my present mind set of my Ethieraholicism. I just know he is going to do something big someday, and hopefully it’s in a Dodger uniform. However, from the time I understood what I was watching and could actually say I had a favorite player, I would have to say Mike Scioscia. I just loved watching catchers do their job, much like I love watching Russell do his today. So, Steve Yeager and Mike Piazza would also fit into that category. Shawn Green and Rick Monday would have to be others, and in some ways, Andre reminds me of them – good, solid players.


    My favorite Dodger from the L.A. only era is Maury Wills. There was just something about the way he played the game and the excitement he generated. I have had the opportunity to meet him a couple times and have his autograph on a ball and his book. I would love to meet Vinny but I have no idea what I would say to him if I did other than thanks for so many years of Dodger baseball.

  48. Dodger4life

    Garvey was my favorite as a kid. Drysdale because of my autograph expierence, I would proabably have to go with Tommy for my pick though. But I loved and love them all.
    Hershiser, Mickey Hatcher, Jay Johnstone coming from getting a hot dog in the stands to hitting a pinch hit home run. Ferguson throwing Sal bando out at the plate. Like I said too many… πŸ™‚

  49. ramslover

    I agree Birken, Erskine was my first coach in 04 and he was a true gentleman…He was always gracious and told great stories….Monday was my manager in 06, he has a good sense of humor and his wife Barbara Lee is really nice….I was able to get the potato head also and as silly and childest as it may sound it is a big thrill to get…I have them displayed in my display case…Labine was also a gentleman…Branca has a great sense of humor…the one I really enjoyed was Pignatano…what a great sense of humor and has a ton of stories….

    I will miss the camps in Vero, but if the economy ever straightens out and I am able to go to Arizona I will….It is a thrill of a lifetime….

  50. ramslover

    Wills is a great guy also..he was at 2 of my camps and last year at ST he was riding by in his golf cart and I was there with several other Fantasy Campers and we yelled to him…He pulled and came over and shook our hands like we were his long lost family…He invited us to Maurys Pit and we stayed there as he was instructing the Dodgers ppitchers on how to bunt…I was able to get Kuroda and Saitos autographs….He made us campers feel like VIPS…..

    Yeager was my manager at my last camp in Nov 07 and he is a riot…he will cuss you out in a heartbeat (in a good way) and he has such a competitive fire….I wish the Dodgers would give him a chance to manage…but he is such a maverick management is probably scared of him…he is a natural manager…..

  51. Dodger4life

    I was born in 65 and my father had me brainwashed. He claims by the age of 4 I could name the Dodger’s starting lineup including the pitching rotation. I cant remember this though. But Garvey, Lopes ,Russell, Cey, Yeager, Sutton are still fresh in my memory. He was a Dodger fan as was his father whom both came from New York.

  52. Dodger4life

    I remember getting drafted by the Dodger’s in Little League, which meant I got to wear a Dodger hat to school there was only one team for me. I was the happiess kid in the world.


    I am a little sorry I never went back to Fantasy Camp. It was a great experience but it was hard. My quads were hurting by the end of the week. They tell you to take it easy but once you get on the field, no one really takes it easy. The games were competitive and there was a competiveness between the managers and coaches that was interesting. Everyone wanted to have a good time but we wanted to win. Thanks for letting me share this story and it is a pleasure to meet another Mr. Potatohead winner.

    Another highlight of my week was the day Tommy Lasorda came to camp. He used to participate at camp years ago but now makes a token appearance. I heard a story that at one camp he was pitching during the camp/staff game and one camper was riding Tommy. When that guy came up to hit Tommy drilled him. Anyway, Tommy came into the clubhouse after that day’s game and just talked baseball for over three hours. One of the campers kept asking Tommy to tell this story or that story and I don’t care how many times you have heard his stories it is a treat to be in his presence, at leas then. He seems a bit cranky now but he was really on his game that day. Steve Yeager walked into the clubhouse while Tommy was doing his thing and I asked Steve how the players reacted to Tommy and he said they did the same thing we were doing; they listened. By the way, Yeager showed us the mitt he used when he caught Ruess’ no hitter and we all had a great time holding and wearing that mitt.

  54. northstateblues

    Hi everyone. I haven’t been able to log in all day, system kept fudging the sign in process.

    Josh, sounds like a great hire. Can’t question a resume like that.

    I see Amy’s been name-snatched 😦 I remember I was Mercury53 for a day, and I hadn’t used that name in 4 or 5 years, and only in the fan forums.

    If anyone gets name-snatched, the best way to get your name back is to sign into , and go into the left sidebar where it says nickname options. You can choose a name up to 10 characters, and if it won’t give you the old one, you can at least change it to something besides a name you used to chat once in 2005.

  55. trublu4ever

    Reminding me of all those great Dodgers makes my day! I did have the pleasure of seeing them all play. I too had an admiration for Duke Snyder and Gil Hodges. But I really became a true fan when Garvey, Sax, Cey and Russell played. Maury Wills was in a class by himself……what a talent! I did get an autograph from Sax, Garvey, Honeycutt and Orel but, don’t know what I did with them.

  56. northstateblues

    It’s great reading all these Dodger stories… some of the best days on the blog are when everyone shares their stories. Makes the offseason a little shorter.

  57. ramslover

    Dodger4life I was born in 63 and my father brainwashed me just as I am with my son. he is 4 and already knows who Jackie Robinson is, what was his significance, what number and the year…..My father wanted to name me Sanford Koufax Jones….I have to thank my mom for not doing that….

    My biggest thrill other than all the great friendships that I made was meeting Sandy Koufax and getting his autograph in person….I was speechless, I just wished my father had gone that year.


    nsblues, I like the stories too. They bring back happy memories that have nothing to do with wins and losses. We all like your drawings for the same reason.


    I think the first words I taught my son were, “Go Dodgers”. He now has a daughter of his own and I am sure he will do the same thing.

  60. ramslover

    One of the coolest things at camp is when Jimmy Erskine (Carls son with down syndrome) bats after the campers game vs. the Big leaguers…he waits all week and hits the ball and then runs around the bases and slides into home…..Most of the campers are still there to cheering him on…it is such a great scene!!!!!

  61. Dodger4life

    My little brother has a 2 year old and my brother is an A’s fan but I keep pushing the 4th generation thing LOL!
    My brothers birthday was Sunday so I sent him a card with a picture of him wearing a Dodger cap. WE can only hope and keep sending Dodger item’s


    Ramslover, I remember that as well. It was a great moment. Jimmy is a special person and I encourage fans to read about him. The Erskine’s were advised to put Jimmy into a home and they refused. It took a lot of courage but after meeting Carl, I am not surprised. He is the kind of person for whom you would do anything. I really admire him, not just as a player but as a person.

  63. junkyardjamie

    Great stories lbirken!!!!!!!

    Dodger4life – I know the feeling living with Giants fans. Boy, if only they would switch sides, it would be so much easier – LOL!!!!

  64. Dodger4life

    Nelly~My father used to work with Bobby Bonds sister at McDonnell-Douglas in the 70’s and brought me an autographed picture of him home. But I was’nt interested, looking back I regret it cause of the troulbe she went through for me. My cousin Timmy played Minor league ball for the Giant’s and I can remember Timmy was my Idol he is 10 year’s older than I. But seeing him in a Giants uni seemed a little foriegn πŸ™‚

  65. ramslover

    Thanks for letting me reminisce Birken…Jimmy is a special young man who has defied the odds and it is because of his great parents. I feel blessed to have met and to have gotten to spent 4 weeks of my life getting to know Carl Erskine….

    My first camp that my father and I went to, his favorite player was Duke Snider, we were lucky to have dinner with Duke and Carl at their table…Wow that was something!!!!

    I am sorry but when I get a chance to share this I cannot help myself…If any of you get the chance, Nelly, Trublue, or whomever…it is a little on the expensive side, but the type of fans you are you would have the greatest time.

  66. junkyardjamie

    Dodger4life – Your brother could be worse off and being a Giants fan. At least you can still like the A’s/Dodgers unless they meet in the World Series or happen to play each other in interleague play, which they are not this upcoming year. They are the only AL west team the Dodgers are not playing in interleague play. At least your brother might get to watch Matt Holliday play in green and yellow. Boy, that will be strange.

  67. northstateblues

    Thanks! I’ve been wanting to do more drawings lately, but in between reading for my classes and other things, it’s tougher to find time. Breaks are coming soon, though.

    I have a few projects in mind, might not finish them, but it’ll be fun trying πŸ™‚

  68. junkyardjamie

    ramslover – We (trublu and I) do get to spend one night with Andre and Russell. We are going to “Under the Lights” on the 21st. So, I won’t get the full effect of fantasy camp experience, but I do get to take batting practice, etc. with them.

  69. Dodger4life

    He is in Virginia, and the picture’s now have him sporting the National’s so Im still working on him. I was listening to Troy call the USC game and they interviewed him at the half saying My uncle Bob was a USC fan hence the name Troy. But he said that as he got older he knew the dark side was the wrong side. No Offense TROJAN FAN’S.
    My first jersey was a #18 Maroon and gold jersey.

  70. ramslover

    That is awesome, I met Andre’s wife at ST, she sat behind me during the game and we talked for about 4-5 innings and she is the nicest young lady….I told her to tell Andre do not get too down (this is when he was not getting any PT in ST) and to go to the ITD website and see how much the fans were behind him…..

    Have a great time at BP….I actually got to take BP off of Danny Darwin this year up in Michigan and I am embarassed to say he got me with 2 curve balls…made me look real bad.

  71. ramslover

    I am embarrased to say I left in the top of the ninth and did not see Zimmermans walk off HR and I never leave early!!!!! what a moron I was!

  72. junkyardjamie

    ramslover – I remember you telling the story of meeting Maggie when you were Dodgerboy. We were so frustrated with Andre having to compete with Pierre, and that story was a nice break in the discussion. Boy, have things changed with him since then. And they should stay changed hopefully.

  73. junkyardjamie

    ramslover- that’s what I hear about the National’s Stadium. I want to plan a trip some time so I can see a game there and a Redskins game. Someday…..

  74. northstateblues

    Nelly, doing good, just trying to finish enough reading to catch up by thursday’s classes. But I’m taking a break now since, because I have to wake up at 6am on Thursday, I’m indulging tonight since I don’t have to wake up too early tomorrow.

    They’re getting me a cake over here, and they have more planned I’m guessing, though they never tell me about it beforehand. Gonna be a bit of a quiet night, especially compared to Halloween, but I like quiet nights.

  75. junkyardjamie

    LOL!! nsblues has a birthday tomorrow!!!!! Dodger4life – it’s okay, it wasn’t mentioned on here. You are doing just fine πŸ™‚ He’s on facebook and that’s how I know. It kind of stuc

  76. junkyardjamie

    …well I have no idea what happened there.

    anyhow – I have a thing with remembering birthdays, and it kind of stuck.

  77. junkyardjamie

    LOL!!!! I am sorry dodger4life. I didn’t mean to make you to think you were all messed up again πŸ™‚


  78. junkyardjamie

    We will let you know if it’s a good idea after it’s over – LOL!!!! Andre is going to say “OMG!! It’s you!! (jk) – LOL!!!!

  79. junkyardjamie

    There are 4 Bob Painton’s that came up. One is in Rochester, NY which no narrows it to 3. You can try me, but there are alot of Debra Nelsons. However, in my picture I am standing next to a picture of Andre Ethier at Dodger Stadium holding my classroom bear (Ethierbear). In that respect, it’s a no-brainer – LOL

  80. junkyardjamie

    I guess you are right Dodger Fan does equal crazy – LOL!!! I mean, it’s in November and we are still fully entrenched in Dodger baseball, with an occasion mention of other things in life.

  81. northstateblues

    Dodgers’ offer to Manny Ramirez could reach $60 million
    The offer will stand until Thursday.
    By Dylan Hernandez

    November 12, 2008

    The Dodgers’ initial offer to Manny Ramirez includes a club option for a third year that could increase the value of the contract to $60 million, according to sources speaking on the condition of anonymity because they weren’t authorized to discuss the matter.

    The offer stands until Thursday, the final day of the Dodgers’ exclusive negotiating window with Ramirez, but indications are that their pursuit of the All-Star outfielder will extend beyond then. Ramirez’s agent, Scott Boras, has made it clear that the proposed deal isn’t long enough.

    Exactly how far owner Frank McCourt would go to re-sign Ramirez remains uncertain. One team source said McCourt is open to improving the offer by guaranteeing the third year of the contract.

    The option for 2011 in the initial offer is worth $22.5 million and can be bought out for $7.5 million. Ramirez would earn $15 million next season and $22.5 million in 2010.

    General Manager Ned Colletti declined to comment on the details of the offer or the negotiations, other than to say he hasn’t spoken to Boras since he presented him with the proposal at the general managers’ meetings last week.,0,1042958,print.story

  82. trublu4ever

    OMG, Nortstateblues! I really don’t think ther is any team out there willing to give him more than that! He should tell Boras, to shut up and take the deal.

  83. Dodger4life

    I found it Im not sure how to use Facebook I signed up to send my brother a picture of Mom’s broken arm before I had his e-mail address. but I signed on as a friend πŸ™‚

  84. junkyardjamie

    hmmm- nsblues – I guess we just wait and see I guess. Wasn’t the original thinking that Manny was going to ask for 4 years and $100million, so shouldn’t the three years add up to $75million. At least show Manny it has nothing to do with the money, but the years. Like jungar and others have said, money really shouldn’t be the issue.

  85. northstateblues

    Yeah Tru, it’s a huge offer for 3 years. But I thought that Manny opted out of a 20 mil-a-year contract, and he wanted more… but I think with (rolling out the tired old joke here) gas falling, staying at the status quo can be a very good thing for a player going into his 40’s.

  86. trublu4ever

    I also heard the Braves and Cubs are working on a deal for Peavy. Braves would get him, but the Cubs are involved in the three team trade.

  87. northstateblues

    Yeah, Borass would do that. Wonder what Manny will think of him when he ends up shivering under 100 million in cash in Toronto. Or when Philly Phlunkies mercilessly boo him the first time he doesn’t hit a home run in a game or every time he grounds into a double play.

    “… Your future hasn’t been written yet, no one’s has! Your future’s whatever you make it, so make it a good one!”
    – Doc Brown, “Back to the Future III”

  88. junkyardjamie

    Nice to meet you too, dodger4life πŸ™‚

    nsblues – I sent you a flaming Dr.Pepper – wow!!! I didn’t expect to see that on there – fun stuff!!!! Boy, I remember drinking that like it was yesterday.

  89. junkyardjamie

    dodger4life – I don’t remember the last time I took a shot of anything other than an extra shot of expresso in my Starbucks. I have had, however,my share of drinks with several alcohols though in recent memory.

  90. northstateblues

    Think I might take off for now too, we’re gonna catch a movie. If I don’t see you again tonight, have a good one!

  91. Dodger4life

    Nelly~I found out they are building two new schools here in town , and that they had a lot of applications for the position’s, havent heard about hiring yet though.

  92. Dodger4life

    Lot of robberies all of the sudden. That isnt good!
    Starbucks is awesome My buddy went there so often they gave him an expresso machine when he was married his are very good also.

  93. junkyardjamie

    Have a great time at the movies nsblues!!!!!

    dodger4life – That is a great sign when new schools are being built. I wish you the best.

  94. junkyardjamie

    It’s amazing how Starbucks has changed coffee drinking. I didn’t like coffee until Starbucks came into the picture. I still can’t drink it black, but I can drink it closer with not much of anything now. However, I do like the fun ones – gingerbread this time of the year for sure.

  95. Dodger4life

    That is about the only thing bieng built . There is still a little commercial work going on. but it will come to a halt soon to Im sure My friend likes pumpkin something he say’s it is a holiday special.

  96. junkyardjamie

    pumpkin, gingerbread and eggnog are the holiday coffees. I like pumpkin too, but gingerbread is slightly better to me for some reason. It must be the ginger – LOL!! I am not a fan of eggnog, with or without alcohol – LOL!!!

  97. Dodger4life

    I started my diet yesterday, but the Ben and Jerry’s looked tempting. Tommorrow I tackle smoking again which means no drinking for a while. I hate getting older!!!

  98. enchantedbeaver

    Hey late nighters!!

    I saw earlier ths evening someone said that there aren’t many suitors for Manny and that he should take Ned’s offer. Even if no one else expresses an interest, never underestimate Boras’ ability to get Ned to bid against himself to raise the price or the length of the contract. Boras – shrewd. Ned – …

  99. junkyardjamie

    Oh yes, the dieting thing. As active and as much as I am awake, I would think dieting shouldn’t be an issue for me, but obviously it is. I would think metabolism would kick in for me, but it just doesn’t for some reason. I swear i think I can look at certain foods and gain 5 pounds. I try to excercise and do what I can, but beyond that for the weight that I am I can still run circles around many who are half my size. I do my best to do whatever I ask my students to do. So, if they have to run/walk the lap around the soccer field, so do I (unless it’s muddy – LOL!!)

  100. Dodger4life

    I read that somewhere E, it has happened before I guess.
    I also read that due to the anticipated tax increase they were going to demand bigger signing bonuses. Payable before Jan. 1st

  101. junkyardjamie

    Well good “late” evening EnchantedGM – your GM ears were burning I see. I don’t know what to think of all this talk. It’s like Manny needs to take the deal or not. Put us fans out of our misery now instead of jerking us around for the next month or so.

    dodger4life – can’t stand eggnog ethier – πŸ™‚

  102. Dodger4life

    Good for you Nelly. Being out of work Ive gained wieght plus I put on 50 lbs last time I quit smoking. Im going to tackle them all at the same time now though. Stinks to be me tommorrow πŸ™‚

  103. junkyardjamie

    i before e except after c and in words like ………. and weigh. I forgot how it goes – LOL!!!! I hate that rule, it’s so stupid. I really want to ask the person who came up with that rule “why?”

  104. enchantedbeaver

    Eggnog’s good in small doses!!

    Actually, Manny in Philly makes the most sense from a production standpoint. Imagine a full year in that bandbox.

    All the pundits think we’ll sign him. I just hope if we do that next year or the year after or the year after that we aren’t bemoaning the fact he’s the new Pierre or Jones.

    If I was a GM though, I wouldn’t deal with Boras, period.

  105. junkyardjamie

    I am sure he does…. he is the english major. I think he and I had a discussion one night on all the words that don’t fit into the rules that were stated.

  106. sammieramirez99

    60 million for 3 years…The first year going at 15.5mil?! Wow is this an insult or what?! manny will not take this offer! hes going from 15 mil to 20 mil…why the hell would manny take this offer! the dodgers need to step up big time cause these short term contracts are not gonna cut it! it is absolutely ludacris when people compare manny to a.jones, juan pierre, or j.shimdt and their contracts!

  107. junkyardjamie

    enchanted – I know, I know. We all thought Jones was a pretty good idea and look what happened. Pierre we kind of knew from the get go, but Jones was not what we signed up for. It is such an unknown factor with Manny – this good vs. bad Manny.

    btw – thanks for chiming in on the eggnog discussion. I think part of my issue with eggnog, is I associate it with nutmeg and it’s not a favorite spice of mine unless it’s hidden with other flavors.

  108. sammieramirez99

    enchanted. are you seriously gonna consider that manny will become a a.jones or a juan pierre?!?! cmon that is not even comparible! a.jones is not even close to a hitter like manny! and juan pierre wont come close to manny if the walls were pushed in 100 ft! signing manny is a no brainer!

  109. enchantedbeaver

    I’ve always liked eggnog (with Old Grandad to cut the thickness – medicinal purposes of course), but not a big milk glass full at a time – somthing more along the lines of a tumbler.

    Well, I think everyone knows where I stand on Manny. If we haven’t shored up the rest of the team, he doesn’t do us much good. I still see him as the kind of player that can put you over the top, but not the kind to get you there in the first place.

  110. enchantedbeaver

    No sammie, I’m not comparing Manny to Pierre and Jones as a player, there’s no comparison there. But I am comparing him to what could be another albatross contract, particularly when bad Manny shows up.

  111. junkyardjamie

    Manny is certainly capable of being bad Manny, which can be in some ways just as detrimental to the Dodgers as Jones and JP were this year (not saying JP was detrimental, just not needed is more of an issue for him). I think if Manny is signed we will see a good next year out of him if we are in contention, but like enchanted said, if we fall out of contention, I think we can expect some of the old Manny being Manny. This is IMO, of course, and I am not saying I don’t want Manny signed, but if we do, I also know it’s not a given it’s going to be a 3 year honeymoon ethier.

  112. junkyardjamie

    ….it’s what will happen when the honeymoon is over is the part Dodger Fans have to worry about, and nobody knows when the honeymoon is going to end.

  113. enchantedbeaver

    There’s also no way Manny produces like he did Aug-Sept.

    We need two starters that can eat up 400 innings, 2 starting infielders, at least another 2 arms in the BP, and an entire bench including a better back-up catcher. Even if Manny hits 35HR and drives in 120 runs, that still won’t make up for the other shortcomings. IMO Ned has to at least address the starters and the infield situation before signing Manny has any significance other than PR and mdse. sales.


    -Good Manny vs Bad Manny is propaganda just as is Boras yaps the other way. Case in point.

    -Manny has had an OPS+ in the range of 145 to 184 14 out of 15 complete seasons. Think about that.

    -The last dodger to have one year in that range was Beltre (not paid) in 2004 as an MVP type at 163.

    -You go back to 2001/2000 when anyone did it two seasons straight. (Green and Beltre, before McCourt, paid like stars)

    -You go back to Piazza for someone to do it the way manny has..

    -And because it still pisses me off…Vlade as an Angel has an OPS+ 157 to 147 each year before falling to 130 this year.

    -Manny’s carrer OPS+ is 166

    OPS+ Career leaders.
    Gary Sheffield 160
    Mike Piazza 159

    Reggie Smith 151
    Pedro Guerrero 149

    OPS+ single season
    Mike Piazza 185
    Pedro Guerrero 181
    Gary Sheffield 176

    Manny in 08. 213

  115. Dodger4life

    As soon as Manny is no longer happy, would be my guess.
    barring injury. Can Manny be happy unless he gets the 4 to 6 years? We he be allright with Jones and pierre making bank riding the pine?


    Where I stand is Ned does not have the ability to plug up holes. 3 years worth of crappy FA signings and trades have proven that. He has the ability to overspend. So overspend on someone who will hit the crap out of the ball for two years. Getting Manny will also force him to get the pitching we need because you don’t spend on Manny without trying to win now. Manny also will attract other FAs to sign with us. I bet if Manny was here, Furcal would be. People want to play with players like Manny no matter how it went down in Boston.


    So you guys are saying for 15 straight years minus one half summer Manny was always happy? Is that why he has hit the way he did? And on the flip side if your common sense says of course he hasn’t always been happy, he is a pro his job is to play ball then isn’t there enough proof in performance that he could block out unhappy stuff and just play ball.

    The downside on Manny is simply the years length on the contract. Even at 30 million a year for Manny we still would only be at 98 million which is 10 million below last years payroll.

  118. junkyardjamie

    Even if we get a “bad Manny” from time to time, isn’t he still above and beyond JP and Andruw – of course he is IMO, but Ned better be thinking of a way to pawn off those other two(JP and Andruw) or just drop completely because with anything less than Kemp and Ethier out there with Manny it’s just wasted money or if the pitching and infield issues don’t get figured out.

  119. enchantedbeaver

    No, but when he does decide to be tempremental, this team isn’t filled with allstars like Boston that can play through it. Also, something had to be so terrible that we got Manny for Andy LaRoche – Andy LaRoche!, plus Boston paid all of his salary. Now whether that was all Manny or orchestrated by Boras, its a potential pitfall that could befall the Ds as well.

    Don’t get me wrong, Manny’s a great hitter and the kind of guy that can put the team over the top when motivated, but there is a lot of baggage he brings.

  120. junkyardjamie

    I don’t know, I just think the Dodgers have been burned so many times by big, long contracts that it’s just making everything longterm, big money seems suspect at best. In some ways we are due for a good investment, but is Ned the one to bring it – nobody knows…

  121. Dodger4life

    Nelly the pictures of your classroom were great. The Training facility well I would’nt ever come home. They both look like a lot of fun. Maybe with practice you and TrueBlue can impress Andre with your Hitting abilitie’s. The best way to get attention is hit the ball. Take it from a former switch hitter. Of course after little league I could’nt hit from either side of the plate.

  122. junkyardjamie

    Dodger4life – Thank you very much. That baseball wall/center I owe a great deal to dodgereric. He has given me a binder full of Dodger memorabilia that helps with teacher the timeline of baseball. As far as batting, I have never played baseball/softball so this is all new to me. I know the sport very well, just like football and basketball, but have never really played those ethier. Even though I spent my childhood in the water, I spent years keeping score for little league baseball, I would keep score for my dad’s traveling basketball team, I learned how to watch football because that was what my boyfriend (now my husband) played and I even learned how to scorekeep for wrestling.

  123. dodgereric

    Howdy Late Nite ITD!!!

    Catching up………..the memories are wonderful to read………totally envious of the Dodger Camp stories, truly a dream come true……… haven’t lived until you’ve tasted Broguiere’s Egg Nog (and their chocolate milk is the best too)……….my favorite Dodger? Maury, Sandy, Big D, Tommy D, Billy Bucks, The Garv, Yeag, Piazza, Fernando, Bulldog, Gibby……they all bow to Vin.

  124. junkyardjamie

    Good Evening Ward Dear…. How was your Veteran’s Day? Did you do a parade today? We had a parade in town, and there were an awful lot of boy scout troops, which made me think about you and Matt. Eggnog – Is that a brand you can find anywhere or just where you are?

  125. Dodger4life

    Cool Nelly I ejoyed the pictures . I still have’nt seen them all
    You all have a lot of stuff for me to try and figure out.

    Im not a big football fan, I like college better than the NFL.
    Therefore I watch Nascar and Golf, more Nascar. I think I will bombard my brother in Virginia’s facebook with Dodger stuff now though. What else are big brothers for?

  126. junkyardjamie

    exactly!!! I bombard a classroom of 20 students everyday with Dodger talk,and I have quite a few hooked this year. Wait until the season starts up again. Just the fact that they are still paying attention to baseball in November is a good sign it will stick. They are always reading the back of the cards. However, I did break down and get football, basketball and NASCAR cards as well, but as long as they are reading, then I have accomplished that goal.

  127. junkyardjamie

    I would have to say that about basketball. I prefer college basketball to the NBA. I claim the Kings as my favorite NBA team, but I prefer to watch the college teams and I like many.

  128. junkyardjamie

    …also with this year, I would have to say as a sport NASCAR has been a favorite over football this season so far. I have been spending my Sundays watching the races vs. the football games, but I guess that will change after this weekend, when the NASCAR season has ended.

  129. junkyardjamie

    Now that it is after midnight I can actually say/sing if you wish…..


  130. dodgereric

    No, we haven’t had a Veteran’s Day parade here the last couple of years. We do march in a lot of parades though, the 4th of July and Christmas being the biggest.

    Broguiere’s is made in Montebello, just east of LA. They still sell it in glass bottles, and it’s not cheap. You spend good money on the product and a decent deposit on the bottles, but oh….man….it’s hard to say how good that stuff is. Every now and then I’ll find it here in Temecula. Two years ago I found one bottle in a Von’s store and took it to the checkout stand only to get in line with a lady who was buying 12 of them! We locked eyes and she knew that I thought she was a pig. She didn’t care enough to offer me one or two of hers. “They’ll get more” is all she would say. I’m sure that it’s probably 1000 calories per glass, but I don’t really care. I like it straight or with some Bailey’s or JD.

  131. Dodger4life

    That is true season ending race. Hail Jimmy and Team!!!

    March Madness is Awesome Baby. Cant wait to see Tyler Hansbrough I am a UCLA fan plain and simple, my brother is a Duke fan so we go back and forth on those two.
    Boise host march madness every so often 1st round usually.

  132. Dodger4life

    Time to open presents North I hope all your wishes come true. A toast to North. Its Milk on my end but still πŸ™‚

  133. junkyardjamie

    I do like UCLA Basketball. I also like UNLV – my husband’s college and he was a student there when they won the championship under Tarkanian. I also watch Memphis and Arizona State.

  134. Dodger4life

    Eggnog , Ben and Jerry’s , Baily’s, Old Grand Dad, JD, and not to mention the fudge in the fridge. All would go good on top of my salad. LOL!!!

  135. junkyardjamie

    Ward Dear… I will have to look into the eggnog. Maybe I have just need to try the good stuff. As far as Parades, our neighboring city of Atwater has the better parades. They have a 4th of July parade that is pretty awesome!! The only reason I was at today’s is because it was in front of our business.

  136. dodgereric

    Happy Birthday, north! Hope you had a great day for it!

    Lincecum wins the Cy Young. Who knows who last won it as a Giant?

  137. junkyardjamie

    11/11/2008, 9:14 p.m. EST
    The Associated Press

    NEW YORK (AP) β€” Tim Lincecum was a big winner on a woeful team, which fit him perfectly. Firing 97 mph fastballs from his miniature frame, the National League Cy Young Award recipient is an anomaly in almost every way. Lincecum joined Mike McCormick (1967) as the only San Francisco Giants to win the Cy Young, taking home pitching’s highest honor by a comfortable margin Tuesday following his second major league season.

    “I was definitely surprised. I thought it was going to be a lot closer,” Lincecum said.

    The slender kid with the whirling windup received 23 of 32 first-place votes and 137 points in balloting by the Baseball Writers’ Association of America. Brandon Webb of the Arizona Diamondbacks got four first-place votes and finished second with 73 points.


    Listed at 5-foot-11 and 160 pounds, tiny by today’s standards for a big league pitcher, Lincecum defied detractors β€” and the laws of physics β€” by overpowering one hulking slugger after another.

    “I don’t remember anybody in my time who had that style of pitching, who put that kind of torque on his body,” McCormick said on a Giants conference call. “I think that article in Sports Illustrated that called him a freak probably sums it up.”

    Lincecum was 18-5 with a 2.62 ERA and a major league-best 265 strikeouts, remarkable numbers for a fourth-place club that finished 72-90.

    In fact, Steve Carlton was the lone Cy Young winner to pitch for a team that was worse. The Hall of Famer was an incredible 27-10 with a 1.97 ERA for the 1972 Philadelphia Phillies, who went 59-97.

    Lincecum led the NL in winning percentage (.783), ranked second in ERA and was third with 227 innings. The 24-year-old right-hander made his first All-Star squad, but an illness prevented him from appearing in the July 15 game at Yankee Stadium.

    “People have been doubting me my whole life,” he said. “I don’t let them bring me down.”

    New York Mets ace Johan Santana, who led the league in ERA (2.53) and innings (234 1-3), also garnered four first-place votes and came in third.

    CONTINUED 1 | 2 | 3 Next

    Β© 2008 Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.
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  138. dodgereric

    It’s another little something for the Giant fans in your life. The immortal Mike McCormick in 1967 was the last Giant Cy Young winner. What a proud tradition!

  139. junkyardjamie

    Good night Ward Dear…. you are hilarious at times you know. I need to be nice to my family – my husband is letting me go to Under the Lights with Andre and Russell so I really have to be on my best behavior. Get a good night sleep and I will talk to you tomorrow… God Bless to you and your family. I am so glad everything turned out okay for Matt’s checkup. That is just wonderful news.

  140. junkyardjamie

    Then again, Dodger4life, I already have the tickets, and it’s not like he is going to give them back, right? LMAO!!!!!!!

  141. Dodger4life

    Nelly my computer is slowing down so I will say good night and God Bless I will see you tommorrow Im sure Thanks for the face book stuff more entertainment for me Sweet Dodger dreams.

  142. junkyardjamie

    I know, I know…..Let’s just say between the signed jersey I bought earlier in the year and now this, I won’t be getting a Christmas, birthday or anniversary gift any time soon – LOL!!!!!

  143. junkyardjamie

    I need to go to bed anyway. I do have to work tomorrow, and it will be like doing Monday all over again. Good night dodger4life, and God Bless.

  144. trublu4ever

    Good morning – A message to Boras — Please let Manny take the money! We need to move on with filling other holes on our team. Don’t hold us hostage!

  145. trublu4ever

    Message to Manny – Take the dinero, please! Tell Boras you want to stay in L.A. If you would rather play in Toronto, more power to you!

  146. dodger 32

    If Manny isn’t in left field we’ll be stuck watching Pierres weak ground and pop outs in his place. That said the Dodgers have the the 2nd best attendance in the NL. They have a huge fan base with loyal fan support. They should be able to sign Manny and CC, and anybody else they need or want. If Frank can’t afford it, he should sell the team to someone who can.

  147. trublu4ever

    fliegel – I think they will sign Manny……..just don’t want it to take forever. We have other positions to fill.

  148. dodger 32

    trublu44 I hope your right, but I feel that Ned will screw up this off season and the team will be a disaster next year. I hope I’m wrong.

  149. lagirl27

    Good morning all. Guess who it is…good ole’ Lagirl.
    I hope everyone is doing well. Come one ned, just sign Manny and lets all be happy πŸ™‚
    Dodger baseball is getting closer and closer..can’t you feel it?

  150. lagirl27

    Tru- totally agreed. It would be nice to just know with him so we can concentrate on the other spots on the roster. One thing’s for sure, 2009 is going to be fun!

  151. junkyardjamie

    It’s official ~Matt Holliday is now a member of the Oakland A’s. Street, Gonzales and Smith are heading the Denver.

  152. junkyardjamie

    Good Morning ITD Land!!! I hope everyone is doing well.



  153. dodgereric

    World’s Greatest Mysteries

    1 – The Nazca Lines in Peru – what do they mean?

    2 – Stonehenge – how did those stones get there?

    3 – If all the matter in the universe is made of space dust, where did all the water come from?

    4 – If someone was smart enough to marry June Darlin’, and understanding enough to let her buy Andre’s jersey and allow her to go to Under The Lights, how can he POSSIBLY still be a Giants’ fan?

  154. enchantedbeaver

    How come the A’s can get Holliday for Street, Gonzales and Smith, and he would’ve cost us Kersh, Kemp and McDonald?

    Three guesses, and the first two don’t count.

  155. dodgereric

    Question: “How come the A’s can get Holliday for Street, Gonzales and Smith, and he would’ve cost us Kersh, Kemp and McDonald?”

    Clues: 2 years/$36,000,000
    ………..3 years/$47,000,000
    ………..5 years/$44,000,000

    Answer: Nediot.

  156. northstateblues

    Good Morning ITD!

    Thanks for the birthday wishes! I’m no longer a lucky 27 soon after 1pm. Then again, 27 wasn’t so lucky for Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, Kurt Cobain, Brian Jones… so it’s a beautiful day to be alive!

    It’s funny the A’s would get HOlliday, they’ve been more like the Expos lately, mainly the MLB’s farm team. Man, that Dodger price looks more and more like 31 GM’s are trying to sell us magic beans every chance they get.

  157. junkyardjamie

    LMAO!!!! Good Question Ward Dear!!!!!!!! I have been trying to figure that out for 20+ years!! I can’t seem to sway ethier him or my son. Bill tolerates the Dodgers, Michael “strongly dislikes” the Dodgers (I don’t like to use the word hate).

  158. thinkingblue

    NS : Happy Birthday To YOuuuuuuuuu!
    Happy Birthday to youu.
    Happy Birthday dear NorthStateBluuuuuues…
    Happy Birthday to you!
    Damn I sound so good when I sing…LOL!
    Have a wonderful day!

  159. thinkingblue

    DNEL – You are just one lucky gal…Autographed jersey by Ethier and get to spend time with him. I think deep down your husband is a Dodgers fan…he needs to come out of the closet…LOL! He just loves you! Just do let me know how you do it to convince my husband to let me go…LOL

  160. junkyardjamie

    Joe Maddon of the Rays and Lou Piniella of the Cubs were named Managers of the year. Congratulations to both of them!!!

  161. enchantedbeaver

    Hey TruMom – If they’d have named Torre MOTY, now THAT would’ve given us something to talk about besides Manny!!

  162. trublu4ever

    You are right, enchantedGM. I am getting tired of talking about Manny. Manny, Manny, Manny, Manny…….there, it’s out of my system!

  163. thinkingblue

    Thanks TRU, I’m glad you like my singing voice. We should have ITD KAREOKE night…LOL…
    Man! Manny wants many money! Ssshh!
    Well yeah either we talk about Manny or Torre…what happen to talking about Pierre…LOL!

  164. junkyardjamie

    If Pierre doesn’t get traded, there will be lots and lots to talk about!!! JP NEEDS A HOME, JP NEEDS A HOME, JP NEEDS A HOME, JP NEEDS A HOME, JP NEEDS A HOME ~ πŸ™‚

  165. trublu4ever

    We all need winning, winning, winning………sometimes, it’s more wishing than reality.
    I am such a lousy singer, I don’t even sound good in the shower!

  166. northstateblues

    Thanks Rose and E!

    Just got off work… about to run a few errands in a bit, then at some point tonight I”m looking at a chocolate mousse cake (willing to share πŸ™‚ but there might not be much left).

    All I want for my birthday is for Manny to fire Scott Borass.

  167. thinkingblue

    TRU…We do a lot of karaoke, but we all sound like crap. The alcohol helps us sound much better….LOL! So we think. On Halloween night the neighbors came over to complain….LOL! We should of given them a drink…and yes Andruuuuuuw should retire. But if dodgers still keep Andruw then hopeful (wishing wishing wishing) he improves during the spring training…

  168. thinkingblue

    What the Hell am I saying…..typing….whatever! ANDRUUUUUWW have no choice to retire. I just lost track of who he was…if he plays that means less playing for my Ethier or Kemp…and if Manny gets resigned…..ANDRUW IS SO OUT!
    NS enjoy your chocolate mouse cake!

  169. northstateblues

    I hope Andruw improves too. That would be beyond awesome! but for now, he hated on all the fans, so the feeling’s mutual.

  170. northstateblues

    Anyone want to take a chance on Trevor Hoffman? I guarantee we’ll win all those pesky games against the Pad’s next year.

    That was messed up the way they treated him, if it wasn’t for Hoffman, San Diego would… well… they would’ve been a lot worse. And for no reason but the fact that the owner’s going through a divorce, and is (speculation) ready for a fire sale.

    As an ESPN guy said (I think it was Mariotti on Around the Horn), there were no pre-nup agreements in the 60’s (when the Pad’s owner got married).

  171. thinkingblue

    NS – So they don’t know who will keep the children. Most of the time the MOM keeps the children…imagine Padres owned by a woman…and bunch of hotties will be playing for that team…Yes we can! LOL!
    So did Andruw licked the plate clean…LOL

  172. junkyardjamie

    nsblues – from what I saw a Petco last summer and how Hoffman came into the game, he is going to be sorely missed by Padre fans. He was the highlight of their games most of the time.

    “Looking For a Home” campaign update – no takers for Pierre or Jones at the moment :). Hey ~ just keeping JP and Andruw in the conversations. We would hate for them to think they are forgotten with all this Manny talk.

  173. thinkingblue

    DNEL – Well I’m sure after all the good players are in a Home then the Pierres and the Jones will find a home. Isn’t Bond still looking for a home? LOL!
    NS – Haahaa, he took the plate…how funny! And he would.

  174. northstateblues


    Manny Ramirez’s agent ready for ‘serious offers’
    Scott Boras apparently doesn’t think the Dodgers’ proposed three-year deal falls in that category.
    By Dylan Hernandez

    1:25 PM PST, November 12, 2008

    Manny Ramirez’s agent said today that his client will entertain offers from other teams, meaning that if the Dodgers intend to re-sign the All-Star outfielder, they’ll be forced to negotiate with him beyond the Thursday deadline they set for him to accept their contract proposal.

    Ramirez, a free agent, can start discussing financial terms with teams other than the Dodgers on Friday.

    “Beginning Friday, I will begin, for the first time, taking serious offers,” said Scott Boras, who represents Ramirez.

    Though Boras declined to comment on the Dodgers’ offer, it appears that he doesn’t think it falls in that category.

    The deal proposed by the Dodgers includes base salaries of $15 million for 2009 and $22.5 million for 2010. There is also a $22.5 million club option for 2011 that could be bought out for $7.5 million.

    Boras said last week that the 36-year-old Ramirez deserves a six-year contract.

    Length might not be Boras’ only issue.

    Though the Dodgers’ offer guarantees Ramirez $45 million, it wouldn’t pay him the $7.5 million buyout until 2011 if the club declines his option. If the option is exercised, the average annual value of the contract would go down from $22.5 million to $20 million.

    Indications are that the Dodgers’ efforts to re-sign Ramirez won’t end on Thursday. A team source, who was not authorized to speak publicly about the negotiations, said that owner Frank McCourt would be open to improving his offer by guaranteeing a third year.,0,2484752,print.story

  175. northstateblues

    Maybe before the new head of security takes over, we can take Borass on a game-time tour of the LF Pavillion.

  176. thinkingblue

    I can’t believe people can be sooooo greedy. That’s why we are in the recession we are. Yeah let’s raise the prices on homes and people will pay…so they do and not people can’t pay and the banks are getting stuck with it. Same with greedy players…they want more Money. So they get this big offer then the club have to pay this player big bucks. Next thing you know they raise the prices on tickets, food, souvenirs…etc. Now people can’t afford to go to a game, less ticket sales, less profit and now the club is stuck with the expensive player. The Amenities for the players will be cut back so this expensive player will get mad and will not played as good as he should. and the cycle continues….

  177. dodgrdog88

    While I wasn’t at any of the playoff games this season (I moved from L.A. to Dallas 18 months ago), I was appalled as a fan when I saw the beer-dumping-on-the-LAPD-officers incident video in the pavilion at one of the LCS games.

    I’ve been going to games since I was a toddler (I’m now 36) since we’ve had season tickets in our family since before I was born in 1972. I’m also usually not one who complains about the atmosphere at the games because for the most part, I’ve never had a bad experience at Dodger Stadium. But over the last 10 years or so, I’ve never been more embarrassed to be a fan. The atmosphere in general is still great, but for the few who decide they have to be unruly, rude, especially to the opponents’ fans at the game, and downright nasty to anyone who politely asks them to tone it down, it really takes away from what is supposed to be a fun family environment. And on top of it all, the security at the park is abysmal.

    Obviously, the McCourts saw this as a growing concern (I’m assuming in light of the aforementioned incident), and they’re plan is to do whatever they can to make Dodger Stadium a more enjoyable place to watch a game.

  178. enchantedbeaver

    That’s just Boras’ way of telling the D’s they’ll have to up the ante to keep Manny.
    Or his way of playing Sammy Says…

  179. thinkingblue

    Yeah…Boras should sit and enjoy a game in one of the pavillions. And you know what, I know we don’t like Andruw that much, but atleast he joined fans on one of the pavillions. I think Andruw was spotted in the All-You-Can-Eat-Pavillion during most of the season…LOl I’m just kidding. I know I know I’m suppose to be nice to all players.

  180. northstateblues

    Andruw’s not nice to us, Rose, and now that you’ve said that about the AM-PM All-you-can-eat pavillion, Now I have a suspicion why my local AMPM is never stocked with hamburgers or cheeseburgers.

  181. enchantedbeaver

    I’m actually hoping Andruw shows up to ST in shape and smacking the ball – it’ll be the only way anyone’s going to be interested obtaining him in a trade.

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