Congratulations are in order…

The Phillies are the World Champs and if nothing else, it feels good to know that we were beaten by the team that won it all. Congratulations to the entire Phillies organization, including our Communications counterparts Larry Shenk, Bonnie Clark, Scott Palmer, Leigh Tobin, Greg Casterioto, and Kevin Gregg among others. This means that since front-office blogging began with Scott Reifert (Inside the White Sox in 2005…when they won it all) and now Phillies Insider, it’s destined to be our year in 2009, right? (Even the Red Sox have apparently started an anonymous front office blog earlier this year, though they didn’t have it for last year’s World Championship).

Actually, while I wish that really had a bearing on what goes on down on the field, I have to say that as I drove home today from our departmental offsite team building trip to Danny’s Farm, I was listening to the last inning of the World Series and then the postgame interviews and a few things jumped out at me. The first voice (albeit almost completely gone) to come on was Jayson Werth, who was a really good person who never really was healthy enough in Los Angeles to show his ability and I’m very happy for him and his family.

He said something in the postgame that was echoed by Charlie Manuel, Pat Gillick and almost everyone else when they were asked what the difference was between this year’s team and last year’s, which reached the postseason but lost in the NLDS. All of them said that it was the experience gained in last year’s playoffs that helped them win it all this year and that’s a very reassuring for our team, which gained some much-needed experience. We have a very busy offseason ahead of us but regardless of how it turns out, we’re going to have nearly a dozen players at the bare minimum who experienced the NLCS this year and will be better off for it.

Anyway, tonight is the official end to the 2008 season and the beginning of 2009. Free agents start filing tomorrow and decisions have to be made on players’ options, trade proposals and much more. Next week is the GM meetings, which don’t make as much news as the Winter Meetings, but a lot of the groundwork gets laid during that period of time.

So congrats again to the Phillies…here’s hoping they’re congratulating us a year from now.

P.S. Spoke with Andre yesterday and he said a new Arizona restaurant review is coming soon…


  1. junkyardjamie

    Josh – I will congratulate the Phillies as a team of players, manager, coaches and staff, and some of their fans (the good ones like the ones jhall knows) that deserve to be congratualated. However, maybe they need to show more fans like that because we certainly didn’t see too many of the good Phillies Phans after our series and throughout the World Series.

    WE LOVE OUR DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!
    365 DAYS A YEAR
    24 HOURS A DAY

  2. Dodger4life

    Congradulation’s to the National League Champion and this year’s winner of our Nation’s ( FALL CLASSIC, ) the World Champion Philadalphia Phillie’s.

  3. junkyardjamie

    Dodger4life – how are you?
    This story if for you and Dodgereric (he knows some of the story)
    I got a new student today in my reading class, and he is an avid, I mean avid, NASCAR fan. I knew he knew alot just by what he told me this morning, but then I was talking to his mom after school because they have had kids in our school for a while now. Anyhow, apparently he knows every major driver, their number and their sponsor. He even knows the pit crew names for Jimmy’s team. This is going to be one fascinating little boy I get to spend 50 minutes a day with.

  4. junkyardjamie

    He is 6 or 7. I mean this kid was incredible. Then I showed him the picture of Dodgereric standing next to Jimmy’s car,and he about died. He may be 6/7,but Dodgereric may have to compete with this kid on who’s the bigger Jimmy Johnson fan. His mom says he likes alot of them, but Jimmy is his favorite.

  5. Dodger4life

    That’s Cool Nelly, it sounds like somebody is a good influence on that young man. You and DodgerEric ought to challange him in some way and put up a Lug Nut.

  6. Dodger4life

    Maybe extra credit. DodgerEric needs another project anyway’s. Make it fun and DodgerEric may be in for his biggest challange yet?

  7. junkyardjamie

    …..even the race on Sunday, he skipped a birthday party to watch the race – unbelieveable!!!! I guess it was a good one to miss a birthday party for if you were a #48 fan. He knew who came in what place. I learned all this in 50 minutes by a simple statement made to the student sitting next to him, “your driver (Edwards) won on Sunday” and the flood gates of his knowledge of that raced poored out.

  8. Dodger4life

    Nelly I was born with an 80% hearing loss in one ear, and 70% in the other. I went all but the last 2 years without a hearing aid. Reading is my life.

  9. junkyardjamie

    Oh, I would imagine in this case, I would be learning a great deal from him, even if it’s just the fact that there are some kids out there who really do want to learn all they can about everything. I can picture this kid being to NASCAR, what Dodgereric is to baseball – a wealth of knowledge where you can ask any question and they will know the answer to that question, and if not, they will find the answer.

  10. junkyardjamie

    Well, that is amazing!!! Do you hear enough not to half use sign language or do you know that too? I am trying to learn for no other reason than I have always wanted to learn.

  11. Dodger4life

    No I was taught to read lips at an early age ( 3rd grade ) by a teacher who put up a challange and it payed off.

  12. junkyardjamie

    Well, that is good too. I have had plenty of students with medical problems, but I haven’t had any who were hearing impaired yet. Last year I had a student who had had a kidney transplant right before starting kindergarten, and this year I have a student with Schwachman (sp?)Diamond Syndrome, which if I am understanding correctly it affects the bone marrow and the digestive system. Human growth I believe is an issue as well, plus life expectancy – He is a make a wish child.

  13. junkyardjamie

    That must have been a sad day. I can’t imagine what will happen if something goes wrong with these two little boys.

  14. junkyardjamie

    Dodger4life ~ That is obvious just in reading what you have to say. I would think of it in any other way because you always have a positive outlook on life, even the Dodgers.

  15. Dodger4life

    24 HOURS A DAY!!!!!!!!!
    7 DAY’S A WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!
    EVERYDAY DODGER BLUE IS THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Dodger4life

    Nelly~ I was reading up on Pee-Wee Reese and Jackie Robinson. They were two outstanding individuals who not only made the Dodger’s winners but made America winners also.

  17. junkyardjamie

    I am finishing Steve Garvey’s book, “My Bat Boy Days” and he talks about what he learned from those two in his book as well. Superb individuals!!

  18. junkyardjamie

    Good night Dodger4life!!! God Bless to you and yours as well.

    Ward Dear/Dodgereric… wherever you are tonight, I hope you are safe, and God Bless to you and your family as well.

  19. bluecrewgirl

    I was doing some things around the house, hoping I would get tired, lol. I’m still not really tired, but I have to be at work at 8, so I’d better try and get some shut eye. Have a great day tomorrow.

  20. trublu4ever

    I would like to congratulate the Phillies but just can’t. Their Phidiots made it hard to root for a team you detest. I couldn’t watch the after game festivities, made me sick to my stomach. DODGERS SHOULD HAVE BEEN THERE!

  21. junkyardjamie

    Good Morning, ITD writers and readers!!!
    I was thinking this morning on the way to work, how the Giants fans and the A’s fans are feeling right now. They both sent off players who they thought weren’t providing much for their team at the time (Feliz and Blanton), and they are both going home with World Series Rings – How about that!?! I, personally liked watching Blanton pitch for the A’s. It just made it a little harder to cheer for him when he was sent to the Phillies.

    Okay, back to business… EnchantedGM – When I was working on my budget during the wee hours of the morning, it occurred to me that I believe that my secretarial duties should come out of your budget. What do you think? I will try to have my other three budgets to you as soon as possible. You asked me to think somebody for Director of Concessions….. How about Max Power, if he is up for the job? Just the name seems big and “power”ful.
    Are you going to be in the office today, or should I cancel all your appointments?

  22. enchantedbeaver

    Definitely Ms. Nells, your salary comes out of the GM’s budget. Haven’t heard from any other department heads though, so they’re on thin ice right now.

    ManagerEric’s salary get’s lumped in with player personnel. That operating budget is around $120 Mil, but I think we are comming in under that even with CC.

    Get Hee-Seop’s agent on the line, as well as the KIA Tigers. Tell them the JP trade’s back on. Send a memo to Power and tell him KIA get’s free advertising on the outfield walls for the next three years for taking over JP’s contract…

  23. jhallwally

    Good morning ITD gang!!! Just read that Andruw is trying to lose some weight and get in better shape. As make believe trainer, I would certainly hope so. Geez!! I would have him on a strict workout regimen and getting ready to play winter ball. If he doesn’t play winter ball, I don’t think he will make much of an improvement next year.
    Excelsior True Blue Believers!!!!

  24. enchantedbeaver

    No worries Wally, he’s on his way to the KBO. He’ll now be making 7,968,750,000 won (won – seems appropriate!!)

  25. trublu4ever

    Jhall – long time, no see! Glad you are back……wouldn’t want you to shirk your duties!!
    enchantedGM – just read that Jones doesn’t want to be in L.A. any more……..even if Jhall/Trainer gets him in shape, there isn’t a team out there who’d take him……, do we just cut him loose, and eat his salary?

  26. crzblue2

    Good morning ITD!

    I am with you. I just can’t congratulate the Phillies. That should have been us. If I was to run into Joe Torre, I would question him about some of his decisions. Heck, I was ready to question him prior to the games at the stadium but I did not see him at the kiddy autograph area.
    In past, I have always wished the team that beat us the best of luck just to say that we got beat by the best but not this time. I am a National League chick but not this time, I was rooting for the Rays. We could have beat the Rays. Oh well, maybe I’ll re-read the book “Wait Till Next Year”. I do recomend that book, along with the Boys of Summer and The Head Game by Kahn, The Last Good Season, Koufax and A Lefty Legacy. I have other baseball books waiting for me to read but I am ready to buy some more.

  27. junkyardjamie

    updated ITD management list….

    GM – enchanted
    Manager – Dodgereric
    Trainer – jhall
    Bench Coach – sara ( and Erica Durance)
    Head Bat Girl – cpompe/CP
    Head of Security – Scott (assts – Jessica, Angelina and Halle)
    Aesthetics Coordinator – kpookimon/Kahli
    ITD Merchandizer – trublu
    ITD Activities Director – dodgersrule
    Royal Usher – Dodger4life
    Groundskeeper – Diggie/Sparkleplenty
    Team Artist – northstateblues
    Chief Garbage Removal Engineer (unruly Fans) – dcollins
    Team Psychologist – Obi (appointed)
    ITD On-Site Event Reporter – Emma/crzblue
    Team Mom/CEO ETHIERAHOLICS/ITD Historian – dnelly/June Darlin’
    Team nurse – xoxrussell
    message therapist – bluecrewgirl
    Community/Media Relations – Jeanette
    Director, Hospitality and Ambassador Program – Amy
    Scorekeeper and Assistant Trainer – Biddyboo
    Team Photographer – Acardona
    Director of Concession Licensing at the Stadium – Max Power (appointed)

    EnchantedGM – Did you get all of jhall’s requests?

  28. jhallwally

    Hey Trumom!!! Thanks!! Cow is all or nothing like Schidt. Not likely to be any takers for either of them at any price. Unfortunately, Phew is probably also in that boat.

  29. enchantedbeaver

    Oh Ms. Nells… please see to it that jhallwally trainer get’s a copy of the current roster. Seems he has concerns about some of the personnel.

    Marty’s in Boston though. I traded him for Pedroia and Delcarmen.

  30. trublu4ever

    Well said, crzblue. I’d watch the games off and on and, kept thinking that our team, from top to bottom, is better than the two so-called best teams. It goes to prove that the cream of the crop isn’t always playing for a championship.

  31. junkyardjamie

    Good Morning Wally – It’s good to see your bright and shining name on here this morning. I hope you are doing well.

  32. amyw27

    Good Morning All.
    Congrats Werth and the Phillis. It’s good to see you all happy.
    congrats to Cory Matthews too…I guess.
    Enchanted, I hope that you will inform us on what is discussed at the upcoming GM meeting. AS your dedicated staff we want to stay informed.
    Jhall- good luck with Andruw. But if Enchanted doesn’t sent him off I know you will be able to work miracles 🙂 As long and it doesn’t mess with Andre and Matt in the OF!!
    Happy Halloween Eve to all my friends who celebrate.

  33. crzblue2

    At the WIN event, someone asked Russell about playing more at 3rd base.. Torre’s response was “don’t give him any ideas”.

  34. enchantedbeaver

    Jones was cut a week or two ago TB – figured we had to cut our losses. No use tempting ManagerEric to use him, the fans hated him, and he was a bad team influence.

    Schmidt’s on the 60 day DL until further notice.

  35. amyw27

    Thanks for the update Enchanted-our Leader!!
    Did you manage to resign Manny to a 2 or 3 year deal?? How’s that looking?
    Good morning mi amigo Jhall 🙂 I hope you are well.
    emma. nice to have you back. And Joe did say that now that I remember. Russy is out catcher..but to E, he’s not even on our team 😦

  36. trublu4ever

    Crzblue – Ned said on the Dodgers’ home page that playing Russell at third was a real possibility. But, there aren’t any quality cathcers in our organization. So, he is looking into getting a 2nd or 3rd baseman, depending on where he wants DeWitt. Also looking into signing Manny, getting a pitcher and maybe signing Casey Blake. Looks like Ned will be a very busy man!

  37. amyw27

    Josh- thank you for another great post. It’s good to know that Andre will be writing again. It would be nice if he could share about his off-season experience as well as a restaurant review. It is exciting to wait and see all the postseason hoop-la and strategies. I hope it all works out in our guy’s favors. We love our team and want everyone to be happy. Have you noticed that we are assigning people with ‘team duties’? We didn’t stop at ‘gm for a day’ we went ahead and made up a whole ITD roster. FYI, you might need to put a lot of us on payroll next year 🙂
    We are having fun. I hope you are too. Take Care 🙂
    ~Happy Halloween~

  38. acardona16

    good morning ITD!! I’m about to leave for school… sorry for leaving so soon last night but i got kicked off the computer! haha!! I have quite a few people living in my house with only one computer so yeah..

    JOSH – thanks for the post!! i can’t wait to hear from Andre again!! us Ethieraholics LOVE his blog!!! 🙂

    Dnelly- to answer your question from yesterday, Yes i am “Team Photographer”!


    hey guys.. hope your days are all going well.. here are some interesting things from the pe blog:

    I’ve gotten a couple questions on the Russell Martin issue, and he’s someone Ned Colletti had interesting comments on today.

    “We did talk about our catching situation to see if there was a way of improving it,” Colletti said. “We did talk about Russell’s versatility. I think it would benefit Russell to not play as often behind the plate as he did. Sometimes that’s easier to be said from someone who’s not making out the lineup card.

    Asked if he was more open to having Martin play more third base or signing a stronger backup catcher, Colletti said, “The best scenario might be both.”

    The Dodgers earlier this week concluded their organizational meetings in Los Angeles that involved about 101 baseball operations employees, the first time under Colletti’s reign that they’ve all met in the same location. Among the points of emphasis were reestablishing a Dodger way of playing baseball. “We need to get stronger, more fundamentally stronger as soon as they’re drafted,” Colletti said. “They’re going to have to be tough-minded and passionate about playing and willing to sacrifice to be as good as they can be. It’s become probably less of a standard in some cases. We’re trying to raise the bar organizationally. When people watch our organization play, you won’t need a uniform to know what team it is.


    also, tony jackson says:

    Players who are eligible for free agency can start filing tomorrow. Ned Colletti said today that he still hasn’t spoken with Scott Boras (the two HAVE exchanged voice mails) about ANY of his Dodgers clients, not only Manny Ramirez but also Derek Lowe, Greg Maddux, Tony Abreu and Andruw Jones (Abreu and Jones are NOT free agents). Ned said he has spoken with the agents for Rafael Furcal, Casey Blake and Nomar Garciaparra, but only in a very preliminary manner.


    just some thoughts to kick off the hot stove now that the crappy world series that i didn’t watch an inning of is over~

  42. amyw27

    Sara- thanks for sharing.
    But I think they are out of their minds. Yes it’s true, Russell is a versatile player and can handle the infield. Great. It makes him a more rounded baseball player with more skills.
    But you’ve got to be kidding me. Russell Martin is an all star catcher of high quality. That is his position..why would Ned even say that navigating him away from catcher is a positive thing. I am all for giving him mental breaks from catching because even he said that he benefited from it this season. Wow. Russell love calling the game, he is great at calling the game..why are they questioning his role?
    We all love Russell Martin and we all hail him our Captian. I want him to be happy and healthy above anything else. I just don’t think that his position on the team should be questioned like that.

  43. amyw27

    I do hope things get better for you. Being in crappy situations s just terrible but for some reason we all go through them. But you know we love you..and as my name twin we have that bond 🙂
    Have a good day and get yourself a soft taco for me.

  44. junkyardjamie

    very, very interesting Sara –

    Among the points of emphasis were reestablishing a Dodger way of playing baseball. “We need to get stronger, more fundamentally stronger as soon as they’re drafted,” Colletti said.

    Haven’t the Dodgers had more problems in the last two years with the veterans who should know what they are doing, or the fact that they have been on the DL for what seems like an eternity.

  45. amyw27

    we can. he is a hard worker and takes a lot of wear and tear phsyically and mentally. But he’s a catcher. Our catcher.

  46. thinkingblue

    Hello ITD,
    First I want to say is GO DODGERS 2009!
    Second: Josh thanks for the update!
    Third: Andre I am excited that you will be blogging soon! I hope you are enjoy your family and hopefully you are getting some sleep.
    Fourth: Martin no matter what…I still love ya…good luck with 2009.
    Fifth: OH yeah congratulations to the Phillies…The Hawaiin Diva must be celebrating right now. Next year different story!

  47. thinkingblue

    ITD girls and some gentlemen grouped together to get Andre more playing time….Ethieraholics came to live!
    Martinistas we are next!
    Martin should be Catcher, but yes don’t have him play 98% of the games. Give him more resting time.
    Here we go again with the same drama as last year…ssshsh build a players confidence then knocked them down.

  48. jeanette28

    From the Daily News:
    The Dodgers are expected to soon announce the hiring of a vice president for security, an individual whose name hasn’t been released but who has extensive experience in large-crowd safety and is believed to have formerly worked for the U.S. Secret Service.

    “This is a time of year when, just as we do with our roster, we take a look at what our future directions are in the organization and work aggressively on our planning for 2009,” said Dodgers executive vice president and chief marketing officer Dr. Charles Steinberg, who said he didn’t know the new executive’s name.

    Lon Rosenberg will continue to serve as the Dodgers’ vice president for stadium operations, but will no longer oversee ballpark security.

    Martin’s future: Colletti also hinted that he might be on the lookout this winter for a backup catcher who would eliminate the need for Russell Martin to continue to catch as many games (145 in 2007, 149 in 2008) as he has the past two seasons.

    Martin also has shown an ability to play adequately at third base, giving manager Joe Torre an option for keeping his bat in the lineup while occasionally relieving him from the physical pounding of catching.

    “I don’t want to speak for Joe, but I think it would benefit Russell to not play as often behind the plate as he did,” Colletti said. “(But) sometimes, that is easier to be said by somebody who isn’t making out the lineup card than by the guy making out the lineup card.”

  49. enchantedbeaver

    Thanks Jeanette – that should be good news for the fans that go to the games – no more riff-raff. Install surveillence cameras throughout the stadium (if they haven’t alreay) and hire some stern looking “ushers” with spaghetti coming out their ears. ZERO TOLERANCE!!!

  50. northstateblues

    Good Noon ITD

    Alright (speaking outside of the confines of our ITD front office [you’re off the hook for this rant, E]), this is all happening so fast I have to ask this question: When did Russell Martin become expendable? I mean, yeah, he didn’t do so well in the postseason, but that’s to be expected when you catch almost every day. And I’m sure at least one of the backup catchers they’ve had over the past 2 years would be able to catch 20 games a year, just didn’t get the chance. Torre was a catcher, I’m sure it was hard to tell Russ to sit out a game when Joe knew he himself would want to catch all 162.

    This is a guy I want to see on our team for years to come, and I think he’s going to grow into one of the better catchers of the game. When the greater Dodgers fan base didn’t vote him into the All Star Game (due in no small part to lack of advertising his campaign the way they did in ’07), he still found his way on the team. Since when does a 2-year-in-a-row All-Star catcher have to worry about Job Security? What are we going to do, trade him to the Yankees for Posada?!!!

    Sure, 3B is definitely an option for him. But he’s a 2-year-consecutive All Star at CATCHER. If it was a 7 year veteran in this kind of slump, I’d see where they’re coming from, but this guy is a kid, and still has more spring in his knees than some rookies at the position. I mean, jeez, the guy is a Stolen Base Threat on the basepaths, and HE’S A CATCHER.

    We all know “better a year early than a year late”, but is the new Dodger way “better a career early than a career late”? I’d imagine it’d be tougher to find a capable catcher (at least one as capable as Russ) than it would be to find a capable OFer (maybe the OFer is more expensive, but they’re out there if you have the cash, and we’re L.A.)

    :: stands on desk :: O CAPTAIN, MY CAPTAIN!

    okay, done ranting.

  51. jeanette28

    Nicely said. lol From the Daily News: Martin’s future: Colletti also hinted that he might be on the lookout this winter for a backup catcher who would eliminate the need for Russell Martin to continue to catch as many games (145 in 2007, 149 in 2008) as he has the past two seasons.

  52. northstateblues

    correction: I said “this guy is a kid”… but I’m stuck in the past, Russell Martin isn’t a kid anymore. I think his performance at Yankee Stadium proved that.

  53. jeanette28

    a very lovely, beautiful man, no kid at all! lol….i’ll stop…I had too many pictures of him on my myspace and I had to take them down cuz I was looking a little bit too crazy! lol

  54. aeversw

    The new article on Ned Colletti just reaffirmed my doubts about the man. The Dodgers are at a disadvantage with him as GM. I mean he’s talked to Nomar’s agent before he’s talked to Boras about Manny and he made it pretty clear he wants Andruw Jones and Juan Pierre around next year. We’re F**ked.

  55. northstateblues

    Dnelly, I just couldn’t take it anymore. I’ve feared the whole season that Russ was being underappreciated by the media as the Old Kid on the Block.

    And they need to just eat Druw’s salary.

    Better yet, make Andruw eat his own salary.

  56. jeanette28

    LOL yea I guess….but my page looks better now with less pictures anyways..just one of Martin and one of Grady Sizemore…I swear I’m a fan of BASEBALL, but I can’t help that these guys are nice to look at 🙂

  57. junkyardjamie

    LOL!!!! nsblues/maxpower – the outfield looks like it may get screwed once again, along with our catcher this time. You guys may have to resurrect the Dead Horsemen, you know? I’m sure enchanted, jhall and the rest will definitely agree.

  58. junkyardjamie

    jeanette – It’s okay, I have a shrine of Andre at work, and I have six year old little girls in love with Andre too, along with Russell, James and Matt (dodgereric too, but that’s a different story). In love with Andre so much that one of them asked her parents if she could go to “under the lights” with me. The parents, thankfully said,”no.”

  59. northstateblues

    Oh, and congratulations to the Philadelphia Phillies. And to any of their fans that can walk a straight line while not trying to burn something.

  60. northstateblues

    I didn’t watch the celebration. I couldn’t. I’ve watched the Yankees celebrate before, but this one, no.

    But like it has been said before, this is 1974 (as long as Ned doesn’t do something stupid).

  61. amyw27

    NSB- I totally agree with your rant. I said the same thing (more or less) earlier. He is our Catcher. Period. Russell Martin is our all star- we need no other.

  62. enchantedbeaver

    IMO Sizemore wouldn’t cost anything less than Kemp and a pair of pitchers, at least McDonald, but more likely Kersh, and Brox. Partly because he’s an established 5 tool player and perennial all-star, and partly because of the Ned premium.

    IMO again, starting OF 2009: Ethier/Jones/Kemp.


    Cleveland isn’t giving up Sizemore, he is untouchable, and he should be.
    Why do Torre and Coletti consider playing 3B as rest? Martin is an All-Star catcher, if they don’t think Martin can handle the position then you trade him and get back a package worthy of an All-Star catcher. We need a suitable backup, fine, David Ross is a free agent, I say we bring him back to the Dodgers family.


    The plan was always to let Manny walk. We bring him in, he leads us to the playoffs, we give him his free agency, we offer him arbitration, he declines, he signs somewhere else, and we get two first round draft picks for him. That was the plan and we need to stick to it, its a good plan.

    Juan Rivera, OF
    Raul Ibanez, OF
    Randy Johnson, SP (had a good season; 1-2 yr. deal)
    Joe Crede, 3B

    What is going with Ben Sheets?

    In House OF: big fan of all three
    Delwyn Young, LF
    Jason Repko, CF
    Xavier Paul, CF [very good year in Vegas(AAA)]

    -Andruw Jones isn’t going anywhere, he isn’t being moved with that contract and with what he did during the season. Nobody wants him, I mean, the guy showed up to his new team the same way as his contract, FAT!!! We go into next season with Jones at center field and if he fails, than we turn Young, Repko, or Paul. I’m hoping its either Repko or Paul, because then we have a center fielder and can move Kemp to RF, Ethier to LF, their natural positions, making our defense a whole lot better.

    -The biggest question is what to do at 3B, DeWitt has to develop more of a power stroke before we can proclaim him the answer. If he is going to have the hitting profile of a traditional second basemen, we might as well leave him there. I am a big fan of Ivan DeJesus and believe he can take over 2B pretty smoothly, but thats what Spring Training is for, competition.

  65. crzblue2

    Too many people have been asking me “what do you do now that Baseball is over” I always give them the Roger Hornsby quote “People ask me what I do in winter when there’s no baseball. I’ll tell you what I do. I stare out the window and wait for spring.” – Rogers Hornsby- Some look at me and they don’t know what to say :-).
    Found this quote also that I like “No baseball fan has to explain his mania to any other baseball fan. They are a fraternity. It is less easy, often it is hopeless, to try to explain it to anyone else. You grow technical, and you do not make sense. You grow sentimental, and you are deemed soft in the head. How, the benighted outsider ask you with no little condescension, can you grow sentimental about a cold-blooded professional sport?” – John K. Hutchens


    I couldn’t watch them celebrate either. I’ve got a friend here in town from Philly that started mouthing off after the NLDS and I’ll just play dumb when I see her. I’m going to act like I did not know they had played the series yet. I’ve never been a good loser.
    As I said earlier, I was glad to see Werth do well. With a few twists and turns, he could have been doing that for us, but all said, we would probably prefer the right fielder we have.


    Once again the short post-season series showed the importance of not only a good pitcher, but a hot pitcher to be the gamemaker. Hamels on this go-round proved that he had it, and Bills and Kazmir did not. Next year could be different, and I’m certainly not berating Bills. The rest of the Phillies didn’t play particularly inspired ball, but when you have a pitcher who can essentially win two out of four must games for you, that will make the difference, as people like Koufax, and Fernando, and Herschiser have done for us in the past. Now it’s on to an interesting off-season. As always, I only wish that it was somebody other than Ned making the moves.

    I don’t expect to retain Manny, and I’d be very reluctant to sign him for more than three years. I also think that signing CC for six or seven years would be inadvisable. He did great for Milwaukee, but he just looks like another out of shape player waiting to happen over such a long period of time. I would settle for Sheets with a lesser contract. Assuming that we sign Furcal, we do need to address our second and third base future. I’m willing to wait for DeWitt to develop further, but we need a mature, but still young, infielder to balance the offense. Hudson seems like a good option to me. Without a Manny I can see a lot of uncertainty for the Dodgers’ outcome in ’09. I do want to keep most of our young nucleus together. I think the future looks bright, even if we have a mini-rebuilding year again next season. At least Torre should be more knowledgeable about our personnel from the outset. He should also know better than hold onto Nomar. Kent, and especially Sweeney.
    Please, I don’t want to have to puke again next year every time that a pinch-hitting situation arises.

  68. kpookiemon

    messagebear, I’m starting to think Manny will hang in L.A.–don’t know why, I just do–which means we can unload the two albatrosses known as Juan and Andruw…though Manny’s gonna have to sell a lot of gear to make up for the cash McCourt will have to swallow to move those two guys. Buckets full. I’d like to see Maddox retained as the fifth starter, simply because he brings so many intangibles to a young staff. With Billingsley, Kershaw, Kuroda, Schmidt, and McDonald, we “should” have enough starters. I agree…no CC, no Peavy…keep the young nucleus. The long season is the fun part…playoffs are just the cherry on the sundae and, really, no one cares but the hometown fans, anyway. I mean, did the World Series just end? Does anyone outside of Pennsylvania even care?


    Can’t say I watched a lot of the World Series but not so much that I did not want to but I was traveling at the time. I would like MLB to address the length of playoff and series games but it is clear Fox (or whomever televises the games) runs the show and does not much care that games go past midnight in the east. And where else but under Bud Selig could a World Series game start on a Monday and finish on Wednesday? I did like the fact that after the series win Phillie players thanked the fans. And messagebear has it right; the Phillies had outstanding starting and relief pitching.

    Now comes the fun. The rumors will fly, the fans will get excited (or depressed) and everyone has an opinion. Sort of like politics with media leaks, deception, postering, egos and greed.

  70. northstateblues

    J.A. Adande had a wonderful idea regarding the length of the baseball season: Bring back the Double-Header. Of course, that won’t prevent a Novemeber Series next year because of the World Baseball Classic. But after that, they really should consider it.

    I know I loved the one double-header I attended. And I was a hyper 6 year old with a 6-year old attention span.

  71. northstateblues

    Amy, yeah, Russell shouldn’t be going anywhere, even 3B. Look for another IFer for that.

    It’s like putting Paul McCartney on the drums, John on Bass and Ringo on Guitar w/ George. Yeah, they’re all capable of doing that (Paul played the drums on Back in the USSR when Ringo left the band for a week, tired of the in-fighting), but why screw with what works?!!

    The only thing keeping Russell Martin from the next level is about 5-10 more days off.


    I remember attending a doubleheader a long time ago. What a great idea- two games for the price of one. Can you imagine baseball did that to attract customers? Now that I am quite a bit older, it is enough to sit through one game. Sort of like a double feature. Does anyone remember those?

    I also don’t much like the idea of Martin playing third on a regular basis unless he wants to make a change. I can understand him playing there once in a while to give the manager some flexibility but if he needs a day off, give him a day off. But please find someone other than Gary Bennett as the backup.

  73. northstateblues

    I remember going to a double feature as a youngster. Can’t remember the first movie, but the second was Spaceballs (the innuendos went over my head, but it sure was a funny live-action cartoon at that age, and I crushed on Daphne Zuniga for a year after that). That was back before my town had a multiplex, they just had the single screen theater and the Skyline Drive-in.

    The Drive-In still has double features, and they even put up a second screen around 5-8 years ago. And the sound comes through the radio, but I kinda miss the speakers on a pole. But in-car stereo sound is pretty awesome.

    Just don’t leave your friends in the trunk too long.


    As a kid I thought drive-ins were really cool. Of course that is when I went to watch the movie. Did you ever see anyone drive off with the speaker? Talking about double features, I once went to a Clint Eastwood spaghetti western triple feature. I loved those movies.

    Spaceballs is a classic. Remember the schwartz.

  75. jeanette28

    LOS ANGELES — Outfielder Manny Ramirez was one of five Dodgers to file for free agency on Thursday, the first day of Major League Baseball’s 15-day procedural filing period for eligible players.
    Pitchers Derek Lowe and Greg Maddux, like Ramirez clients of agent Scott Boras, also filed on Thursday, as did Dodgers reliever Joe Beimel and third baseman Casey Blake.

    Dodgers general manager Ned Colletti said Wednesday night he anticipated making an offer to Ramirez, but he had not yet met with Boras to discuss any of his clients. Length of contract figures to be the key issue in negotiations with the 36-year-old Ramirez, who has hinted at a term of five or six years and said he’ll likely sign with the highest bidder.

    Lowe had given no indication he wanted to return to the Dodgers. The Dodgers have interest in keeping the 42-year-old Maddux, but he’s also considered retiring.

    Colletti said he had spoken with the agent for Blake. Beimel will be seeking a salary exceeding $2 million, and he is likely to leave now that Hong-Chih Kuo has replaced him as the team’s primary left-handed reliever.

    The Dodgers have seven other players eligible for free agency: Rafael Furcal, Nomar Garciaparra, Jason Johnson, Jeff Kent, Pablo Ozuna, Chan Ho Park and Mark Sweeney. The club has one week to exercise options on pitcher Brad Penny and catcher Gary Bennett or buy out the contracts and grant them free agency.

    During the 15-day period, players can sign only with their former club, but they can begin talks with other clubs on issues other than salary.

  76. northstateblues

    Lbirken, I never saw that before, must’ve been a sight to see the cord dragging from the window. Sounds like something my friends would’ve done if they hadn’t taken the speakers out when I was in High School!

    Were the movies Fistfull of Dollars, Few Dollars More and The Good, The Bad and the Ugly? That would’ve been awesome, and I imagine if you started them at sundown, they’d finish half an hour before sunrise, heh.


    One of the movies may have been Hang Em High but what is the difference since they were all great and I still enjoy watching them. I don’t think I ever saw anyone drive off with the speaker in person.

  78. junkyardjamie

    Good Evening ITD writers and readers!!!!

    How are we this evening? lbirken – where have you been traveling now? Last time I knew you traveled for an extended period of time, you went to Israel, right?

    nsblues – how’s the decorating going? Is your costume all set and ready?

    messagebear – it is good to see you, and as always, it’s great to know what you are thinking. Weren’t we willing to let this past year be a rebuilding year, but then again, we didn’t expect Andruw to come into this year the way he did, nor did we expect Joe to pull some of the crap he did. Then, there is that pinch hitting issue you so eloquently brought up.

    Kpookiemon – I like your thinking about the long season. If you look at it that way, the Dodgers had one hell of a long season. There were some not so pleasant moments, but all in all, we won the NL West Division, so the Dodgers did do many things right in order to accomplish that.

  79. junkyardjamie

    WE LOVE OUR DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!
    365 DAYS A YEAR
    24 HOURS A DAY

  80. northstateblues

    Hi Nelly! Was just doing more Halloween stuff, we were packing up the candy bags. Finally settled on a costume, Nathan Explosion from the Adult Swim show “Metalocalypse”. Why? Because I have long hair, was short on costume ideas, and wanted to do something easy. Just a black shirt, jeans, spraypaint my hair jet black, and do the facepaint that he has when he performs live.

    Oh, and check this out, saw this at Wal-Mart while Halloween shopping, oddly appropriate. :

    Sad day in Giants country. Doesn’t mean I didn’t laugh 😀

  81. acardona16


    amy- thank you SO much for your very kind words this morning!!! i am very happy to say that the whole thing at work has been sorted out and my boss apologized for not taking care of the situation sooner! so now i don’t have to deal with that perv any more!!! YAY!!!

  82. junkyardjamie

    Good Evening Dodger4life!!!!!! How are you this evening? How cold is it where you are at. We had our first rain of the season today/tonight.

    nsblues – is it raining up in Marysville?

  83. junkyardjamie

    From 70 to freezing – that’s a big drop.

    Good Evening acardona!!!! How is the Ethieraholic doing tonight?

  84. northstateblues

    Nelly, yeah it’s raining up here. which is good, because they were burning 10 rice fields in Gridley, and the smoke over Marysville and Yuba City today reminded us of the summer fires. Havoc on the allergies, and all I could think throughout the day is that the rain couldn’t come soon enough.

    Hi Dodger4Life, how’s it going tonight?

    Hey Acardona! Glad to hear all is well with you

  85. junkyardjamie

    nsblues – that’s good. I am not commenting on rain right now until I live through my first day of a rainy day schedule with this class I have. I normally love rainy days at school because most of the time the kids seem calmer to me. Then it could be that I am calmer when it rains too.

    dodger4life – I have no doubt you get used to it.

  86. junkyardjamie

    I agree dodger4life – when living in Tennessee, I was stuck in a few ice storms, and those aren’t pretty ethier. So, I definitely know what you mean.

  87. Dodger4life

    Ice storms are beautiful to me LOL!!!!
    Everythings White looks like Christmas.
    Cold and wet and windy blows though.
    We call an ice storm when all the trees freeze.

  88. junkyardjamie

    I did think it was beautiful after the tree branches stopped crashing to the ground, and after I learned how to drive on ice and snow. This California girl new nothing about driving in conditions like that.

  89. junkyardjamie

    …..and Memphis had a lot of trees – LOL!!! It was scary the first time because I didn’t expect to hear all the crashing trees.

  90. Dodger4life

    I still dont like driving in those conditions, I just keep a block beetween me and the person in front of me. 4 wheel drive helps a little. it helps you get stuck better sometimes LOL!!!!!!!

  91. junkyardjamie

    …..then again, I haved lived in Las Vegas where it has been 120, so one could ponder, which is worse, I guess.

  92. Dodger4life

    Yes I agree I went to New Orleans after Katrina in November and people were laughing at me cause I was sweating.

  93. junkyardjamie

    WE LOVE OUR DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!
    365 DAYS A YEAR
    24 HOURS A DAY

  94. junkyardjamie

    School went very well today. Thank you for asking. It started out good and was great by the end of the day. Dodgereric’s Care package came today in the afternoon ( a lugnut for Kyle Busch’s car), and the class just had a blast. They were just as impressed with the way dodgereric packaged it than they were with the lugnut itself. It took some explaining and some pictures of Kyle’s car to explain what it was to some, but my guess is if there parents are even stop to look at the race, they will be looking for the #18 car. Then, of course, I had to go across the hall and show the real NASCAR fan in the other room. He knew exactly what it was. Dodgereric and Andre have become stars in my classroom. If they gave awards out for the names that are mentioned most in a classroom, they would be in a very close race.

  95. junkyardjamie

    I actually had that idea….. 🙂 I am kind of a peanut M&M fan – it’s my baseball candy, along with sunflower seeds.

  96. Dodger4life

    I’m not an english major it’ll pass.
    I was just reading that a win in Atlanta has meant a win in Texas the last three years. Also an article on Manny and where he could possibly end up?

  97. junkyardjamie

    …… this is how much they like doing things for Dodgereric… He packaged the lugnut very cleverly in a Diet Coke can. After I had past around the pictures and the lugnut, we were cleaning up to go home, and one of my sweet boys comes up and asks “Can I have the Diet Coke can” and so I asked him why, and he said because it probably came from Dodgereric’s house or work. So, he went home with Dodgereric’s Diet Coke can.

  98. junkyardjamie

    Peanut M&M’s and sunflower seeds? Scott – head of security has demanded Peanut M&M’s as well. enchantedGM is going to have to find room in his budget for that:)

  99. junkyardjamie

    Where have you been? Is everything okay. You left yesterday saying you mom called,and that’s the last we heard from you. sigh 🙂

  100. dodgereric

    Yeah, everything is relatively fine. The “my mother is calling me” was just a line from childhood. An unfortunate double meaning these days that was unintended. Sorry. Just been really busy, that’s all. It seems like it’s been a while since I posted. I’m still catching up with the posts.

  101. junkyardjamie

    dodger4life – I have been packaging candy corns for the last hour for our Halloween activities tomorrow and just the smell has me on a sugar high. That’s what 120 bags of them will do to you, I guess.

  102. junkyardjamie

    Well, my own kids are going to the football game tomorrow I believe, so Halloween will be nonexistant here. However, at school, the students rotate through each first grade classroom and do an activity in each room. In my room we are doing Halloween Bingo. The candy corns are their Bingo markers, and I put a spider ring in the bag of Candy Corns for some added fun. Plus, everyone gets a prize for participating, and of course the winners get the additional prizes.

  103. Dodger4life

    It sounds like good-times, We don’t get any trick or treaters, every year I’d buy a bunch of candy and end up eating it myself. So this year I bought apples.
    Maybe I can talk my girls in to coming over Saturday, they will loaded for once.

  104. dodgereric

    Ooooooo……candy corn! I can only eat about 10 pounds of that crap! Halloween is hell on the ol’ blood sugar.

    Good evening back atcha, Dodger4!

    I see my package arrived. I have to make sure the little tykes never meet me. It can only end in disappointment!! LOL!!! Yes, the Coke can was mine from lunch that day. I was thinking it would be cool to put it in one of those M&M tubes, but I never got around to buying one and I wanted to get it off to you. Did you notice the glue residue on the lugnut? I watched a guy doing that for a while in Jimmie’s pit at the spring Fontana race in ’06. They wire-brush each bolt hole in the wheel and glue those nuts in place for all those tires. It’s gotta be the low seniority man on the team that gets stuck with that job! And that Jimmie fan you have – you tell him that he has me beat! I know Jimmie and Knaus and Chandra (Mrs Johnson). That’s about it. If he knows his crew, I’m toast in that competition!

    I’m thinking that Manny will be offered that two-year deal that’s been rumored and he’ll go wherever they offer him a longer contract. If an upset happens and he doesn’t get the long term offer, we just might get to keep him.

    Failing resigning Manny, I think Jones will get another chance in center. But I certainly hope that it doesn’t take 3/4s of the season for Torre to bench him if he doesn’t show any progress. That’s one crutch Torre won’t have to lean on next spring – “I need time to see how things shake out”. That was crap last year anyway.

    I say keep Russ behind the plate and limit him to 125 games tops. He’s gotta work on placing his throws on the first base side of second. You can miss the bag by 6 feet on that side and still have a decent shot of nailing the runner.


    Don’t get to excited about draft picks guys, they will be traded sooner or later for guys to make up for the guys who were traded FOR who no longer wear our uni. Makes me sick to think what Coletti has in store for us. This is the most pivotal year in a long time. If we don’t get a superstar caliber player on offense and a SP either via trade or FA, I’ll be pissed/// with the money the team has made and the money that will come off the books..(Let alone the 41 million in wasted salary that will go to three players next year unless miracles happen on 2 and the miracle is totally out of the question on the other (Jones, Pierre, Schmidt) which is not the fans fault, so don’t stick it to us. There is no excuse to not get a legit 3-4 hitter based not only on money, it’s a need and we saw what we can do if we can surround our still very young players with a hitter like that..But my guess is a bunch of fringe vets…history always repeats itself.

  106. junkyardjamie

    jungar is definitely in the house!!!

    Ward Dear…that was the most ingenious packaging job I have ever seen. That alone had the kids glued to what was going to happen next. Well, Harley will be glad it was your Diet Coke Can, and the rest of them will be mad because they didn’t think to ask for it. Oh, and yes, I definitely felt the glue still on it. The kids were surprised it was so heavy. I wouldn’t be surprised if a few of them watch for #18 this weekend. As for the real NASCAR fan, the kid is lights out phenomenal. His name is Andres (how can I not like the name),and he knows all the makes and models of the cars too.

  107. dodgereric

    Tell Andres that I tip my ’06 Daytona 500 Championship hat to him! He has my utmost respect.

    The Diet Coke can would be a poor second as a packaging job to any trade Ned could make that would rid us of Jones or Pierre. No, we’re stuck with those guys for the duration. We’re probably going to need Pierre when Manny puts on pinstripes and Jones’ BA falls to Sweeneyesque levels.

    I’d also take one more shot at a long-term contract if it would land Sabathia. We’re very unlikely to keep Lowe, and if we ever get anything out of Schmidt I would classify it as a miracle. I’d also buy out Penny and be very happy with CC, Billz, Kuroda, Kersh and McDonald.

  108. dodgereric

    I’m turning in June Darlin’. I’ve had an exhausting day and tomorrow will no doubt bring more of the same.

    Good night and God Bless to you and yours. You too Dodger4 and jungar and all of the rest of you Dodger nuts out there!

  109. junkyardjamie

    Ward Dear…. anything to get rid of those two would be short of a miracle it seems. If we just got rid of one, that would at least be a start. What a waste of money that CF position has turned out to be. As far as Andres, I will definitely tell him, but he has yet to go to race or meet him, so you have him topped in that respect.

  110. junkyardjamie

    Good night Ward Dear… take care and we will keep things moving around here. Try not to work too hard, and thank you again for my (our) package – just too cool for words sometimes. Good night and God Bless to you and your family.

    Dodger4life – hopefully the weather isn’t too brutal by the time you wake up.

    jungar – glad to see you back 🙂

    Good night everyone!!!

  111. junkyardjamie

    Good Morning, Dodgereric!!! This is Mrs. Nelson. How are you doing this morning? I have an assembly this morning, but I will be back in about 45 minutes. It is great to see your bright and cheering name on here this morning.

  112. dodgereric

    Better today. Yesterday was rough. I looked up my family tree and found out I was the sap. (Thank you, Rodney Dangerfield!)

  113. junkyardjamie

    Boy, all the bosses must be out of the office today. Yeah!!! It’s party time!!!!!!! Where’s our ITD activity director when you need her? 🙂


  114. thinkingblue

    Well Nelly when the bosses are out, you are incharge…if you say “It’s Party Time”, then it is Party time…..sorry for being late…work…we are actually getting busy again…it’s a good sign…

  115. junkyardjamie

    LOL!!!!!! We need the nsblues. He seems to be the master at Halloween fun 🙂

    Is is raining in Southern California, or is it just our part of the state that is getting wet?


    I am dressed like Scott Boras today. Horns included. Happy Halloween everyone. It’s good to be back Nelly thanks for noticing I has been in self imposed exile. When I googled Dodgers over the last two weeks all i got were Phillies articles and I just couldn’t take it anymore.

  117. junkyardjamie

    jungar – you never go unnoticed. You are one of the best around here, not to mention one of the ITD veterans.

    Recess is over – time for Halloween Bingo!!!!

    WE LOVE OUR DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!
    365 DAYS A YEAR
    24 HOURS A DAY

  118. crzblue2

    Happy Halloween ITD!
    Thanks for the Homerun song! As soon as I heard it, I could picture myself and everyone at the stadium celebrating a HR!
    I am dressed as Frida Kahlo with the Uni eyebrows with colorful outfit and bunch of flowers put together on my head. I got all kind of smiles as I was taking the train this morning.

  119. thinkingblue

    Emma & Jungar those are great costumes. Haahaa the uni-brow & the horns that is funny. Sad me, I’m not dressed up…boo boo…well I am dressed (let me get in the spirit), I’m dressed up as a hard working employee…LOL. Tonight I will either be Sally from the Nightmare before Christmas, Pebbles (Flinstones) or a Greek Goddess. I will decide tonight.

  120. northstateblues

    Happy Halloween

    Jungar, good to see you around.

    work in 5 hours, party in 8½. Today’s gonna be crazy here.

  121. junkyardjamie

    I met another Dodger fan on campus today. It’s rainy day schedule (yes, the kids are stuck inside on Halloween day) and one of the noon-duty supervisors came in and saw all my Dodgers stuff (her and her husband are huge fans). My class proceeded to tell her all about the Dodgers, Andre and Dodgereric (honest, Ward Dear, I’m not saying a word. BTW – as for your comment last night, I don’t think you would ever be a disappointment to them ).

    WE LOVE OUR DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!
    365 DAYS A YEAR
    24 HOURS A DAY

    My lunch 50 is over, and now back to Halloween Bingo, rounds 2,3,4, and 5 – HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!!

  122. northstateblues

    Cool Nelly, always good to find other Dodger fans in NorCal. Plus I’d imagine it’s a little easier to wear blue up here now than 10 years ago. Giants fans are the bridesmaids now. But not the kind Wedding Chasers’ Vince Vaughan and Owen Wilson would go after. more like Jethrine in The Beverly Hillbillies. Okay, maybe Will Ferrell’s character in the movie would go after her.

    As for the parties, being a commuter student, I miss out on a lot of the Chico fun. Have to make up for it somehow, eh?
    We used to have at least a party every 3 months here, but over the past few years, we don’t do as many. Just Halloween, Fourth of July and my girlfriend and her brother’s birthdays (my birthday’s too close to Halloween, I’m usually not ready for a party by then).

    Used to have piñatas filled with those little bottles of alcohol and… um… this is supposed to be a somewhat family friendly site, so suffice to say that these weren’t piñatas you’d see at children’s parties. There’d be a mad dash for the piñata’s head, and we’d be finding those little strawberry hard candies in the grass for a week afterward.

    just a really crazy time… should take pictures of the decorations at some point (hopefully the lights won’t electrocute us tonight, but the rain forecast for today is somewhat lighter than they had predicted).

  123. northstateblues

    and we are very much ANTI drunk driving at our parties, just in case anyone wonders. had enough stuff happen to our loved ones to let that happen.

  124. junkyardjamie

    nsblues…..sounds like you have planned well for this party, and it sounds like it is going to be a blast, and I had no doubts that you would be responsible 🙂

  125. scurtis1999

    Here’s my 2 cents on the rumors today. We don’t need Jake Peavy, that would require giving up a ton and Im sure the Pads don’t want to deal him within the division.

    Andruw Jones wants to go back to Atlanta? Fine with me, trade him for peanuts as far as I’m concernced. Im sure we will have to eat at least $13 million of his contract but so be it.

    Pierre wants out too? Fine, actually he has some value. Should be a descent trade out there for him.

    Furcal, sign him!
    Manny, sign him! I read where one GM said the Dodgers are in trouble, because they have to sign him because of what he did for them, but that we don’t have the $$$$.

    CC, sign him!

    Lowe, bye bye. Guess he wants to live out east again. Always seemed like a Hollywood dude though.

    Penny, I have no clue, but I bet he’s gone!

    Hope everyone is well. I’ve been very busy.

  126. crzblue2

    Your Halloween parties sound like so much fun.
    I dressed like Sally from Nightmare b4 Christmas two years ago and I had so much fun putting the outfit together. It was all pretty much hand-made except for the wig.

  127. junkyardjamie

    Good Evening ITD and Happy Halloween!!

    jeanette – I kind of knew the Philidiots wouldn’t win peacefully. That is too bad for the good Phillies fans. I’m sure they are thrilled to carry on this reputation when they win. This is what they did when they won, can you imagine what they would have done if they had lost?

  128. northstateblues

    Thanks Nelly! Just got off of work, and just settling in for the party, which is about to start in 10 minutes.

    Haven’t watched those Philly Videos yet… but that’s terrible, and sadly what I expected. Although I won’t lie, we all remember what LA did when the Lakers won in 2000. That’s how Shaq became a deputy (and talking about Kobe’s flavor got his badge taken away, heheh).

    Alright, gonna join the party. I might be back from time to time, but it looks like it’s pretty dead in here, heh. Guess that’s Halloween appropriate.

    Time to grab my first beer…

  129. junkyardjamie

    xoxrussell – how are you this evening 🙂

    That’s great to hear about Kuroda…… Great Guy indeed!!!!!

  130. junkyardjamie

    xoxrussell – that’s good ~ So far quiet and peaceful around here too. Kids are at the football game, and we are watching the 100 scariest moments in the movies on BRAVO. We are down to the top 15.

  131. junkyardjamie

    I would guess we would want players from the type A list… CC, Manny, etc. Where does Furcal fit in all this again? I also started to read an article about Russell and Andre being super 2’s, but it’s one of those sites, where you have to pay to read the rest (which really sucks), and so I don’t know what the full article was about.

  132. dodgereric

    It was kinda peaceful for a change. One of our guys had his last day today. Our company kicks in $500 for a lunch where you can pick ten people and they let us do it on company time. It was a good time. Although an Angel fan, he is a great human being and we’ll miss him.

    Yeah, I want CC and Manny all right. Boy, I can’t remember a more interesting off-season.

  133. northstateblues

    xoxo, I’m not happy hearing about Philly’s “celebrations”. I’d hope the same won’t happen to LA the next time we win one.

    Here, things are going smooth so far. Made a whisky sour, with a bit too much whisky and not enough sour. I can still work the delete key though, heh.

    I had a friend tell me I should’ve been Manny, like J.A. Adande was on Around the Horn today (which I still haven’t seen). It just would’nt have felt right not knowing where he will end up. I hope it’s with us, but if not, it would’ve felt like it would’ve been a jinx.

    I think of that episode of Andy Griffith where the guys told Barney Fife he was a jinx, and he thought he was until Andy told him the only reason he was a jinx was because he thought he was a jinx. But with Baseball, it’s different, because you might be right…

  134. junkyardjamie

    I remember you had mentioned this Angel Fan as being a great person. Nice of your company too. Is he retiring or, is he moving on?

    Well, I think we should go after both, but if I could only choose one, I think Manny (barring the length of contract) would be the better snag. We haven’t necessarily had good luck aquiring FA pitching. CC is great, but pitching is always a risk it seems.

  135. junkyardjamie

    nsblues – I am glad to see you can still type – LOL!!!!!! Just so you know, a whiskey sour without the sour is just whiskey – LOL!!!!!

  136. dodgereric

    He’s retiring – 35 years is enough, he says! Quitter! LOL!!

    north, your whiskey sours remind me of making tequila sunrises at the drive-ins back in the day. They always started out as genuine sunrises, then the grenedine gets lost and then the oj…..

    I prefer to think of it as – we’re due for some luck with a FA. Aren’t we?

  137. northstateblues

    eric, let’s just say there’s way more clear bottles than translucent bottles, and from past experiences, well… I’ve always been a whisky kinda guy. I might regret it the next day, but I’ve always liked whisky.

    Have you ever seen “McClintock”?

  138. junkyardjamie

    I hope so… I would like to see CC do well for the Dodgers, and Manny to keep doing well for he Dodgers. Is it true that the Yankees are going after CC pretty hard.

    35 years is along time….good for him. Will he be the type that will enjoy retirement by traveling, etc.?

    tequila sunrises – yummy!!! at the drive in?

  139. junkyardjamie

    This must be some project. Is this something you have taken up recently, or have you been working on it for a long time?

    How are you nsblues!?!

  140. Dodger4life

    2 or 3 day’s, I have had the information a long time.
    I havent even started the Scotland part yet. Not many clues there.

  141. Dodger4life

    Yes, but my mother’s maiden name is Taylor, and her mothers was West. I have that traced back to the start of the Civil War thats where it’s proving a little tricky. My fathers side is from Ireland, and Scotland and even know it’s english it’s even tougher.

  142. Dodger4life

    I take it your bingo went well? And Merced was victoreous?
    And if we are going to trade Andrew Jones for peanut’s can we hold out for peanut M&M’s!!!!

  143. junkyardjamie

    Peanut M&M’s for sure. I think enchantedGM is going to have a big budget for peanut M&Ms. Yes, my Bingo went well. These are always fun days becaue I get to spend time with all of the first graders throughout the day. I shared my piece of Kyle Busch’s car with all of them. I am treating it as a prized possession, which I guess it is. As far as the Bingo, we played a few games in each session, but they all took home a prize if they were good sports.

  144. Dodger4life

    I have’nt even looked I have been stuck in the civil war era.
    LOL!!!!!! We should be allright though. Knock on wood, I am looking foward to the Fresno state game. Im not trying to jump ahead though. I seen that gordon won his first ever pole at Texas. Jimmy is 6th?

  145. Dodger4life

    I am glad to hear you and the students had a fun time!
    I am happy for Merced, also sounds like you had a good halloween.

  146. junkyardjamie

    Denny seems to always start out in the teens somewhere, and then somehow manages to end up in the top 5-10.

  147. junkyardjamie

    Hasn’t this year proven that the odds are crap? The Angels and Cubs have 5to1 odds again, with Boston leading the odds race 3 to 1. We were 15 to 1 last year because I even have a ticket from Vegas that says so.

  148. junkyardjamie

    I had forgotten I even had it until the other day when I was doing laundry and cleaning my room. Almost got there!!!!

    WE LOVE OUR DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!
    365 DAYS A YEAR
    24 HOURS A DAY

  149. junkyardjamie

    our jobs? I think so….

    GM – enchanted
    Manager – Dodgereric
    Trainer – jhall
    Bench Coach – sara ( and Erica Durance)
    Head Bat Girl – cpompe/CP
    Head of Security – Scott (assts – Jessica, Angelina and Halle)
    Aesthetics Coordinator – kpookimon/Kahli
    ITD Merchandizer – trublu
    ITD Activities Director/Spanish translator – dodgersrule
    Royal Usher – Dodger4life
    Groundskeeper – Diggie/Sparkleplenty
    Team Artist – northstateblues
    Chief Garbage Removal Engineer (unruly Fans) – dcollins
    Team Psychologist – Obi (appointed)
    ITD On-Site Event Reporter – Emma/crzblue
    Team Mom/CEO ETHIERAHOLICS/ITD Historian – dnelly/June Darlin’
    Team nurse – xoxrussell
    massage therapist – bluecrewgirl
    Community/Media Relations – Jeanette
    Director, Hospitality and Ambassador Program – Amy
    Scorekeeper and Assistant Trainer – Biddyboo ?
    Director of Concessions – Max Power (appointed)
    Team photographer – Acardona

  150. junkyardjamie

    I love Scioscia – he was equivalent to Andre to me when I was a kid. I loved watching him play, and I would have loved having him as manager.

  151. Dodger4life

    The other night during the world series one of our good bartenders who is a Phillie phan went to put some money in the juke box. So I asked him if he could play FERNANDO by ABBA he laughed, and said he could but he probably would’nt.

  152. Dodger4life

    That’s cool, all I hear these day’s is Afro Man and Kid Rock.
    LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Coming out of the juke box not my stereo.
    I can’t believe I know who Afro Man is.

  153. junkyardjamie

    Good Night Dodger4life – Thanks for the chat and God Bless you as well.

    nsblues – good night, and it sounds like your party was a success.

    Good night everyone!!!!
    GO DODGERS!!!!!

  154. Dodger4life

    NS Happy Halloween!!!!!!!

    WE LOVEOUR DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    365 DAY’S A YEAR
    24 HOUR’S A DAY

    DODGER BLUE ALL YEAR THROUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  155. junkyardjamie

    Good Morning, ITD writers and readers!!! This is your ITD Historian with a little ITD rewind.

    November 1, 2007 – Dodgers sign Joe Torre to a 3-year deal as Manager for the Dodgers.

    …..A few of our ITD regulars and there comments…

    Honestly I’d be very happy if we Sign A-Rod but i’d be even more happy if we got rid of Pierre.
    By max_power_05

    It’s been a long time since his NL managing days, so let’s give him the benefit of the doubt.
    Welcome, Joe!
    hey, Joe, just between you and me…that Juan Pierre guy has to go.
    By scott@whittiermailing

    oh yeah besides not being able to hit it out of the infield and not being able to throw it to the infield he has all the tools. lol

    were a better team without him and there is no way around it.
    By jungar

    Joe Torre went from Giant fan living in Brooklyn, to Mets manager, to Yankee manager, to Dodger manager. I’m about Joe’s age, from Brooklyn, been a Dodger fan practically all my life. I welcome Joe to the family.
    By pierreseastmeetswest

  156. amyw27

    Happy Birthday Sara my friend 🙂 I will see you tomorrow.
    Good Day to everyone. Have a wonderful weekend. I’ll check in to make sure you all are doing well.
    Go DODGERS!!!


    Nelly, the other day you asked where I had been.
    First, I was in Louisville for a wedding and then went from there to Washington, DC for a conference. It is always a bit strange for me when I travel to the east coast at this time of year and the series games are on so late. Thanks for asking.

  158. junkyardjamie

    lbirken – I am always impressed with our east coast friends and how they stay up to watch the Dodger home games. Thanks for answering the question. Have a great day!!!

  159. northstateblues

    Good Afternoon! Happy Birthday Sara, Fight On!

    Finally saw those videos of the Phidiots trashing Philly. That’s pretty shameful. And no cops, either. That’s nuts. Wonder what wasn’t taped, I’m sure next they stole cash from old ladies, beat some children in an orphanage, disassembled Donovan McNabb’s knee, etc.

    It was a great Halloween last night. Paying for it today a little, but nowhere as bad as I expected. I used to be able to put away a lot more than I can now 🙂 That’s a good thing though.

  160. trublu4ever

    lbirken – it is great to see you back again! I saw Max Power and scurtis were back for a moment too. Missed you all!
    Happy Birthday Sara
    Amy – hope you are having a great weekend.
    Looks like it is going to be an interesting off-season. I’m sure we will have decisions to cheer and probably more to complain about.


    “The Cubs and White Sox reached the playoffs, but October only exposed their most glaring needs. For the Cubs, that is a speedy leadoff hitter, preferably one who’s a switch hitter or bats left-handed — anything that would allow them to move Alfonso Soriano out of the top spot. The same need exists for the White Sox, who know they’re guaranteed one major acquisition this offseason — a healthy Carlos Quentin — but also realize they won’t go anywhere with the same slow, plodding lineup.”

    –Chicago Sun Times

    Call them and hand them Pierre for a deep dish. Yummy.


    NY Post blog:

    Trade Andruw Jones to the Mets for Luis Castillo, both had bad seasons looking to rebound, both have the same amount of money left on their contracts, but it frees up money at the present (Castillo: 3 yrs. left at 6mil. per year) to go after free agents. Castillo might be the answer for 2B.

    -Go after C.C. Sabathia

    -Trade Russell Martin for Magglio Ordonez and then sign Ivan Rodriguez and Dave Ross to platoon at catcher.


    Thanks Trublue, I have been around reading but just not posting. Og, are you serious about trading Martin? Did anyone else find it ironic that Dionnor Navarro made it to the World Series before Martin?

  164. trublu4ever

    lbirken – I’ve been reading a lot more than posting lately, too. I was shocked that Navarro made it to the World Series. Even more shocked that Pedro Feliz left the Giants and received a World Series ring!

  165. junkyardjamie

    nsblues – I am glad to see you survived your Halloween Party with minimum damage. You seemed good last night, so I had no worries.

  166. junkyardjamie

    Hey what happened to USC today? Sara ~ I can’t believe the didn’t win for your birthday.

    Is it raining in Southern California? It’s pouring in the valley right now. I hope everyone is having a great Saturday evening.

  167. junkyardjamie

    That was just circumstancial that you were on Sara. I was just commenting because it seemed so empty in here. How was your day other than your team losing?


    dnelly, HUH? why do you think we lost? we won 56 – 0.. and texas lost to texas tech, so we won in more ways than one..

  169. junkyardjamie

    I have not been home all day, and I wasn’t sure what happened. Now, that explains it!!! Thanks!!!!! Sorry, confusion on my part.. 🙂


    yeah, that was an amazing game.. the last drive by texas tech couldn’t have been more incredible.. we were all jumping up and down..


    yes it does. immensely. we need every team in front of us to lose.. and now that texas lost, it’s one less team to worry about..


    well i was on campus pretty much all day.. it was homecoming.. so that was fun.. and then i have a small get-together planned with friends tomorrow night..

  173. Dodger4life

    Hello ITD, Nelly I had a good time tonight .
    I met some more DODGER fan’s.
    They stoppped giving me the beer back! LOL!!!!

  174. Dodger4life

    GO GORDON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    GO DENNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    GO JIMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This is what I came up with.

  175. Dodger4life

    Go back to Winston Cup point’s , but make it like golf.

    4 Major’s award extra points for those 4 event’s. Alternate the 4 majors every year between all the tracks. Add a few more road races, And let them race !!!!!

  176. Dodger4life

    GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  177. Dodger4life

    Good-Night and God -Bless!

    WE LOVE OUR DODGER”S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    24 HOURS A DAY
    7 DAY”S A WEEK
    365 DAY’S A YEAR
    EVERYDAY DODGER BLUE IS THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Andruw wants to go back to the Braves. Come on Ned, make that happen. Then resign Manny and CC and we’re on our way to the World Series.

  179. junkyardjamie

    Good Morning, Dodger4life!!
    I must have just missed you. Sara was having problems with her computer, and nobody from late night ITD was on so I played a few games ( I like my computer Majong), and then shut down about 12:45. I am glad you had a good evening, and I am sure I will talk to you tonight!!!!

    GO REDSKINS!!!! (tomorrow night really,and the are playing my son’s team – the Steelers)
    CHARGERS GET THE DAY OFF!!! (sucks for fantasy)
    GO DENNY!!!!!
    GO KYLE!!!!!!!
    GO JIMMY!!!!!!

    GO DODGERS!!!!!

    WE LOVE OUR DODGER”S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    24 HOURS A DAY
    7 DAY”S A WEEK
    365 DAY’S A YEAR
    EVERYDAY DODGER BLUE IS THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  180. junkyardjamie

    Good Morning, Boblee!!!!
    I hope you are doing well. I think everyone is in agreement with you on here. If Andruw wants to go, let him go, and the same goes for Juan too. Have a wonderful day Boblee.


    I don’t expect either Manny or CC with the Dodgers, because too many years will be required for their contracts. I think we’ll pick up Sheets to bolster the starting staff. Beyond that I’m going to recommend that we seriously concentrate on Hudson for second base, so that DeWitt can play third. That move alone could seriously improve our second/third base production offensively compared to 2008 numbers. Then I would concentrate on a not so well known relief pitcher and make a couple of year deal for Juan Cruz from the Diamondbacks. He’s been showing improvement every year in the majors, is only 30, and look at his K’s for every 9 innings pitched. I’d look at him as a replacement for Proctor and Park, neither of whom do I see as improving the Dodgers’ chances in 2009. I’d keep Beimel and Kuo as the relief lefties, and Wade with Cruz would make a tough righty combination – certainly an improvement over Proctor/Park. Cruz could possibly contend for a closer spot in my opinion. He also does quite well against lefties on his splits. I think that Sheets, Hudson, and Cruz would provide us with a significant improvement without putting a 5 or 6 year contract on the line.


    .396 /.489 /.743 /1.232

    Manny as a dodger. To not bring him back will be the nail in the coffin IMO. The team will digress and it will all be blamed on you know who’s (Kemp, Ethier, Martin, etc..) Hudson, Furcals, Sheets even CC IMO and other ideas discussed here…. great ideas but this team will not go anywhere without a true 3-4 hitter. A proven one, in his prime. Book it. My emphisis is on Manny because it’s been proven that Ned can’t understand how (or isn’t allowed to, which is another topic) to bring in any other middle of the order bat/ legit star type player. The Dodgers shouldn’t have to give out short term deals etc. We draw more fans and are in a huge media market. I am sick of even hearing about that. Sell the team then.

  183. trublu4ever

    I say, SIGN MANNY!!!! It won’t be that difficult……..the market for him isn’t going to be what Boras thinks. So, I think it is a done deal!

  184. trublu4ever

    I agree with Jungar. L.A. is a huge market and, we can get any player we want. If the Yankees can go out and buy a team, so can we!


    I don’t disagree with the Manny mania for a moment – just being what I think is realistic. If you look around and see the debt problems that many Americans face in this economic debacle, I surmise that Frank is in debt up to his eyeballs. He was at best a marginal owner candidate and had to borrow all he could to get MLB approval to get the franchise. I consider Frank a socialite rather than a true baseball knowledgeable owner. If things were not getting tight, why then insist that their former teams paid Manny’s and Blake’s remaining salary, thus effectively selling off some of our minor league talent for the millions of dollars in question. Would he sell off the team? I doubt it, because his vision is doing a real estate development around or maybe even including Dodger Stadium. To me Frank is just a Boston scumbag who befell onto the Dodger scene. That’s why much about the Dodgers will not make sense in the long run, starting out with Colletti staying on as the GM.

  186. trublu4ever

    Aah, I yearn for the days of true Dodger tradition. I doubt we will ever see that again. You are right saying Frank doesn’t know baseball……….wish we did have an owner who did. Meanwhile, I will continue to support the players, for I am a Dodger Fan through and through.

  187. northstateblues

    Just a few thoughts:

    -Signing Manny would go a long way towards Frank McCourt shutting up the sportswriters from writting that he doesn’t know what he’s doing.

    -From what I’ve read, when Walter O’Malley started, he didn’t know anything about baseball, but he knew about business, hence The Dodger Way. Frank McCourt knew nothing about baseball when he started, but he knew about real estate, hence Dodger Way and the rest of the Next 50 Years Dodger Stadium plan.

    -Signing CC seems high risk to me. I’ve never liked the long pitcher contracts. It’s tough for me to name one that worked out, but I can name two that didn’t work out for the length of the contract: Kevin Brown, Darren Dreifort (who I swear we’re still paying somehow). Zito was a no-brainer free-agent pitcher too, glad we didn’t land him. Remember when the FOX broadcasters got all sentimental over his curve 2 years ago, showing the split screen of him and Sandy Koufax? Ha.

    -No matter what your political affiliation, I’m sure we all can agree Tuesday can’t come soon enough. Bring a book, there’s probably gonna be a looooooooooooooooong line.

  188. northstateblues

    I hate the offseason.

    Wake Me Up When Spring Training Ends (from Green Day’s “Wake Me Up When September Ends”)

    Now fall has come again,
    Drowning away our old friend
    Wake me up when Spring Training ends

    Football is some’s favorite sport
    16 weeks is 2 months too short
    Wake me up when Spring Training ends

    Vero Beach and Dodgertown
    Fading like a scar
    Emmett Kelly cries tonight
    on an Arizona star

    Basketball is saccarine
    In their playoffs, everyone’s in
    Wake me up when Spring Training ends

    Hockey struck its fans away
    Only excitement’s New Year’s Day
    Wake me up when Spring Training ends

    The Hot Stove is comforting
    but only for a month
    And this year’s just a memory
    Like lefty Kelly Wunsch

    The Season has come to pass
    Now the GM’s kiss Boras’ ___
    Wake me up when Spring Training ends

    AFL’s and Ligas spring
    But only one League matters to me
    Wake me up when Spring Training ends…

    Just wake me up when Spring Training ends.

  189. amyw27

    Angels in the Outfield the movie is on the Disney Channel 2 right now. I totally forgot that the little boy’s name is ‘JP’..I always knew I love that kid 🙂
    Still a great movie- so outdated..but great either way.
    GO Dodgers!!

  190. northstateblues

    I saw that movie last night, Amy, I actually thought about how you talked about liking that movie, heh 🙂 I think those are my favorite Angels jerseys, the 90’s CA hats and the old time font on the jersey. Not bad for a minor league team 🙂

  191. amyw27

    Hey, JP is crying right now… funny you say that.
    It’s a classic family film. Nice job on the song. I also can’t wait for March/ April to come. I love baseball. Dodger baseball 🙂
    How are you my friend??? Recovered from your party? I hope you h ad tons of fun.

  192. northstateblues

    Oh yeah, I recovered quick. Didn’t do much drinking (2 beers and 2 mixed drinks), but it was enough to make this lightweight dizzy. It was fun, no cops were called, and saw a lot of old friends I haven’t seen in a while. And there’s so much alcohol left over, we could start a bar.

    Aside from the party, things are good. Called in sick, because I’m a little sick, and need a sanity day.

    How’s things with you?

  193. amyw27

    Also- Maggie Nelson is the name of their foster mother. She is team mom..Like our D. Nelson. And Maggie is Mrs. Ethier…strange how it all connects.. huh?
    I am well. I started my second job coaching gymnastics this week and I’m having a lot of fun.
    I’ve been using this weekend to catch up on things. About to see Sara in a little bit for her birthday. should be fun..maybe I’ll have a drink myself 🙂

  194. trublu4ever

    nstateblues – I see your talent is showing again! Great job as always.
    Amy – Nice to see you too. Hope you have fun at Sara’s party. have a drink for me!

  195. amyw27

    Good Afternoon Tru. Good to see you 🙂
    Nice day, too bad there is no baseball only this fake CA Angel game I’m watching..haha.
    I look forward to tonight myself. I trust all is well with you.

  196. northstateblues

    Amy, yeah, there’s a lot of connections when you look at it like that! And it’s cool you coach gymnastics, I didn’t know that. My favorite part of the Olympics this year is when they’d have Bela Kuroli on, that guy’s funny (even though he’s a little over-emotional on the close calls).

    Hey Tru! Thanks for the comment 🙂 I just woke up in a bad mood, thinking about how there’s no baseball today… last night I was thinking about finding ways to listen to Arizona Fall League games online… even listening to the Mexican and Dominican leagues online in Spanish (or Japanese league).

  197. trublu4ever

    I am going through baseball withdrawl too. I do like college football and basketball but it’s not the same as watching Dodger baseball.

  198. amyw27

    NSB- gymnastics is truly my favorite sport, I fell in love with it way before baseball. Olympic gymnastics is pretty cool to watch. Bella is hilarious and very passionate about the sport and his gymnasts. I figured that for a second job, it’s an awesome choice to go with. I do have the experiece.
    Tru- I am with you. As you know I don’t follow football, and then you’ve got NBA on and everything is out of wack. Plus its raining this weekend. Where are my sunny, warm weekend day games to me at ??? that’s what I want to know.

    Viva Los Dodgers!!

  199. northstateblues

    Apparently, our team in the AFL is the Surprise Rafters, and these are the guys:

    Jesus Castillo, Ivan De Jesus, Jr., Jaime Hoffman, Andrew Lambo, Brent Leach, Lucas May, Russ Mitchell, Justin Orenduff, Travis Schlicting

    November 20th, the AFL website will have a video on how the Dodgers’ Rafters have done during the season. And the Rafters also have the Orioles, Indians, Royals and Rangers players.

  200. northstateblues

    Amy, that’s awesome you’re good at that. I couldn’t imagine even going from one bar to the next, monkey bars were definitely not my specialty in school. I still think we got robbed this year at points, but I have a feeling in the end everything will sift out.

    Hope you enjoy your day out with Sara later, a little drink sounds good. I know I have enough mixings and beer up here to furnish another party, heh.

  201. junkyardjamie

    Good Afternoon ITD world!!!!!!!

    nsblues – absolutely fabulous song!!!!!

    Amy – We were watching “Angels in the Outfield at 7 this morning, and it is pretty funny with all the coincidences in names.

    Even though I am enjoying watc

  202. junkyardjamie

    damn computer….

    Even though I am enjoying watching football and NASCAR now, I do miss baseball. We had the an open house for our new business, and for decoration I took baseball cards and put them all over the tables. When I went to the comic shop to get the cards, I bought some Topps updated ones, and I got a Manny Ramirez as a Dodger Card – that one is definitely a keeper, if he gets signed or not.


    Good afternoon to all the ITD faithful out there.

    nsblues–I truly sympathize with those of you who are not in an early voting state. I took care of that obligation last Tuesday and in very short order. I’m sure there will be long lines many places on Tuesday.
    jungar– I agree with most of your post with the exception of Sheets. It seems like he spends part of each year on the DL. Didn’t we learn anything from the Schmidt signing?

    Great song, ns blues. I think we’re all having a tough time with baseball withdrawl. Football is alright but it’s just not the same. I’m just waiting for the Hot Stove League to heat up. Then, there will be lots to talk about.

  204. thinkingblue

    Hello ITD…Quick ITD visit.
    Amy Congrats on your gymnastics jobs. It sounds like a lot of fun. It will be a good work out. Is it a specific age group your a teaching?
    Dnel – I love that movie “Angels in the outfield”, it is a great funny baseball movie. My favorite movie is still Sandlot.
    Tru – I hear ya…sports isn’t the same without the Dodgers…I miss my boys in blue.
    NS – How was your halloween party?
    Well I hope you are having a great weekend. I’ll be checking in, in awhile.

  205. junkyardjamie

    I am here CP!!! How are you?

    Dodgersrule – LOVE THE SANDLOT!!!!!!!! Angels in the Outfield is too sad for me for lots of reasons. Has a good end, but not realistic in most cases.

    Good Afternoon seesky!!! The hard part about football today, is neither one of my teams are playing – Chargers have a bye and Redskins play tomorrow night. Other than a few fantasy players, a very boring day for football for me, other than seeing Dallas getting the butts kicked.

  206. cpompe1

    Hey seesky! I hear ya about having baseball withdrawal. I’m like you, football is ok, but I’d rather watch a baseball game anytime. I thoroughly didn’t want the Phillies to win the WS, and Philly vs. TB doesn’t do much for me. But even with that, I still watched the WS – just because I wanted to watch baseball. I can’t wait until the Hot Stove League heats up. You’re right, there will be a lot to talk about. Ben Sheets does seem to have a lot of physical problems; do we really want to take on another fragile pitcher? Haven’t we learned from Schmidt?

  207. junkyardjamie

    ……Dodgereric/Ward Dear and/or Dodger4life – I have been doing church things all morning and afternoon, and I get home and find the race totally out of whack. What in the heck happened? Well, dodger4life, Greg is doing okay, but what happened to Jimmy, Denny and the rest that are a lap down.

  208. cpompe1

    Hey Nelly! I’m fine; just looking for a job – STILL! I still haven’t heard from Ethan Allen yet. I’ll wait to call them until Tuesday. I’ll see if the General Manager will call me back on Monday; if I don’t hear from her, I’ll call her back on Tuesday.


    nelly– good afternoon.I’d probably feel better about football if the Pack hadn’t lost to Tennessee in OT. However, Dallas getting beat is always a plus.

    As far as baseball movies go, my favorites are Eight Men Out, Bull Durham, and Field of Dreams. Have never seen Angels in the Outfield.

  210. junkyardjamie

    Dodgereric/Ward Dear and Dodger4life….well Kyle is doing pretty good right now. Maybe I brought him good luck by talking about him all day on Friday.

  211. junkyardjamie

    seesky – Sandlot is my favorite kids baseball movie. All the ones you mentioned are awesome baseball movies involving adults. I would have to add 61′ to your list. I am glued every time it comes on, along with the others you mentioned. I didn’t see the Packers game – sorry


    CP– you’re right about the WS. That’s why, for me, the season isn’t over until the Series ends, regardless of who’s playing. After Schmidt, I can’t believe we’d be crazy enough to take on Sheets. I do agree with some of the earlier comments regarding the acquiring of free agents. With our economic base, we should be able to get any free agent we want, just like the Yankees. If Frank can’t handle that kind of pressure, he should sell the D’s and buy an Arena Football League team.

  213. cpompe1

    My favorite baseball movie is Field of Dreams; LOVE IT! Plus my husband is from Iowa, and the first time he took me to Iowa, we went to the Field of Dreams where the movie was filmed. It’s in the NE corner of Iowa, close to the WI border. Speaking of the Packers, my husband is a lifelong Packer fan! Even though he grew up about 30 minutes south of the MN border, he’s never liked the Vikings. I’m sure he didn’t like the ending to today’s game.


    CP= I know what you mean about Field of Dreams. I, especially, love the speech by James Earl Jones at the end of the movie about baseball and it’s part in American History. Burt Lancaster, too. I became a Packer fan by being a Wisconsin resident for 11 years many years back. It’s one of my last remaining Wisconsin ties that has stuck.
    Nelly– have never seen “61”. I’ll have to check it out some time.

  215. cpompe1

    Yeah Seesky. I’m a baseball fan. I never wanted to see our Dodgers get out of the NLCS without it leading to a WS appearance! But I will watch the WS no matter who is playing. I admit, after the Dodgers lost in the NLCS, I had Dodger withdrawals, but not baseball withdrawals. Now that there is no baseball, I get baseball withdrawals big time. I’m just waiting to hear the trade/FA rumors to become fact. But the waiting is hard for me. I’m like a lot of other people; I want to know now! Speaking of rumors, I heard that the Dodgers might have offered Manny a 2-year deal for $60 mil (total, not per year). I wonder if this is really an offer, or just a rumor? We’ll see. I think the Manny question needs to be addressed first. Once that is answered one way or another, then the other “chips” should fall into place.

  216. cpompe1

    Yeah, that speech by James Earl Jones at the end of the movie about baseball is so true! When we went to the Field of Dreams, the white bleachers were right there. We met my husband’s childhood friend and his family. They lived just across the IA/WI border. They replicated the wave that they did in the movie! Great stuff! And yes, everyone faded into the cornfields! Again, great stuff! Oh, and you’ve gotta check out “61”.


    I think it will be a great Hot Stove year for the Dodgers if we: resign Manny and Furcal, dispose of the Jones and Pierre problems, find a starting pitcher to replace Lowe, and get a starting 2nd baseman. I also think that Dodger management’s idea for getting a more productive backup catcher is a good one. There’s nothing wrong with Russell that more rest during the year wouldn’t cure. I really couldn’t understand why some on this blog were so big on trading him.

  218. junkyardjamie

    seesky – The acting in 61′ was just great. The two that played Mantle and Maris were phenomenal. I really believed it was them. The others were great too,and the story was awesome in itself. Whether you are a Yankee fan or not, this is a great baseball story.

    I wore my Ethier jersey yesterday at our open house. Alot of great compliments about him, Dodger fans or not.

  219. trublu4ever

    I think Billy Crytsal wrote, produced and directed “61”. It was a passion of his and worked on the film for years. I liked Bull Durham and Major League………..I’m a sucker for comedies.

  220. cpompe1

    Yeah, I know Russ didn’t have a very good 2nd half or in the playoffs for that matter, but for heavens sake, he’s a 26-year old, two-time All-Star catcher! Well, he’ll be 27 once the season starts. I couldn’t believe how many were talking about trading him! I’m just hoping a lot of it was just the bunch of us being ITD employees and not what people actually think. Russ’ problem was that he was way overused in 2007 and 2008. He just ran out of gas at the end. But what I say is if Torre was serious about “resting” Russ, well I say, “Don’t write his name on the lineup card!” I’m with you; if Russ gets more rest, he’ll be better at the end of the year and in the playoffs than he showed. And no, I don’t mean putting Russ in 3B to “rest” him. Maybe once in a blue moon, but that’s not my idea of resting Russ.


    I was a young kid just starting to follow baseball when the Mantle & Maris home run duel in 1961 took place so I remember some of it first hand. I’ve heard that the movie was pretty authentic so I’m sure it’s worth a look.

  222. junkyardjamie

    Good Afternoon trublu – yes, Billy Crystal did do it all for that movie, and his passion played out very well in the movie. Out of the comedies, Bull Durham for sure gets my vote. Crash’s speech another great movie moment.


    CP-yeah, Martin’s been way overused. Playing him in 155 games during a season is nuts!!! I agree that playing 3rd base is not a substitute for a day off.That many games may be ok for an infielder or outfielder but not for a position as physically and mentally demanding as catching.
    nelly– I agree about Bull Durham and Crash’s speech. Also, the Wedding Gift and 60-Minute Man scenes.

  224. trublu4ever

    Cpo and Nellyae – hope you are having a good afternoon. I am soooooo bored. Football games today didn’t thrill me very much. Can’t seem to watch an entire NASCAR race, no NBA……boo-hoo, I’m so blue!

  225. cpompe1

    I know I’m not the manager, but how hard is it to say, “Russ, you’re not starting today”? How hard is that? I may be naïve about it, but still, unless Russ points a gun at your head, Torre, just rest him! And, no I’m not a mind reader, but that picture of dejection of Russ when the Phillies knocked us out of the NLCS looks like someone that is really starting to figure out that he’s of not much help to us if he’s playing tired.

  226. trublu4ever

    LOL, seesky! You are so right. Too bad we don’t play year-round. We could take a few weeks off for R & R and then, back to business!

  227. junkyardjamie

    seesky – definitely good scenes as well.

    As far as Martin, I don’t want him traded, but I see enchantedGM’s point too. I think we may have to expect the unexpected this year, don’t we? That goes for the outfield as well. I wouldn’t be surprised if one of them becomes a trade marker ethier. It will be very painful, but nothing is beyond a possibility. A year ago yesterday, the Dodgers signed on Torre, and most of us on here thought it was a great idea. Also, nobody thought Piazza was going anywhere ethier and some of us are still talking about that day, nor did we expect to get Manny in August. So, I think we need to expect the unexpected and hope for the best.


    I think Russell learned a lot this season about playing within himself and his own physical limitations. At the end of the season, there were times he looked like he was trying to hit every pitch to Pasadena. Hopefully, he’s realized that he’s not a 30 HR, 120 rbi guy but a .300 hitter with 15-20 hrs and 90-100 rbis.

  229. trublu4ever

    I’m testing the peanut M & M’s and chocolate chip cookies. They actually hit the spot. They will do wonders for the boys.

  230. cpompe1

    Yes Nelly, I’m sure you’ll do a great job keeping Russ and all the boys very well rested! Did we ever say that you’re a great Team Mom!!! 🙂

  231. junkyardjamie

    We really have to make sure all the boys are happy, even JP if he is still on the team. That may be a very difficult task, but I will do my best.

  232. cpompe1

    Ya know, I just noticed something. I meant to say chocolate CHIP cookies! Although chocolate cookies still sounds good!


    Speaking of cookies, it’s dinner time in the Mountain Time Zone so, maybe I’ll see some of you later.

  234. junkyardjamie

    ….smellavision,perhaps – LOL!!!! Funny thing – I read it as Chocolate Chip Cookies eventhough chip wasn’t there.

    Who can forget Grambo!!!! I came up with the name 🙂

  235. enchantedbeaver

    Hey everyone!!

    As much as I like the young guns, nobody on this team is untouchable for the right price. Doesn’t mean they won’t at some point in their careers become untouchable, but for the right return now you’d be obligated. Half the 25 man squad is gone, and that’s a lot of holes to fill.

    If Manny won’t accept a 2-year $55-60 mil contract, walk away. He’s already a liability in the outfield… when you have to insert Pierre late in a game as a defensive replacement, something ain’t right. I also don’t trust Borass as far as I could throw him. Also, no way he duplicates what he did the last two months of the season next year or any year from here on out, not at 37 and beyond with the real Manny being Manny.

    If Torre feels that Martin’s that valuable in the line-up every single day, then he HAS to change positions. Rather than 3B, my suggestion would be LF. That would give the D’s better than average defense and offense all the way around. Rent a couple catchers for a year or two until you see if May develops. If he doesn’t, then deal with it then.

  236. cpompe1

    By Seesky! Great chatting with ya!

    So, is that it Nelly! Smellavision! But isn’t it funny. I thought I heard somewhere that us humans see a well-known phrase and but only read the first and last words, and we assume what’s in the middle? I thought I heard something like that before!

  237. junkyardjamie

    CP – it is true. There is even an e-mail/paper that is floating out there somewhere where there is a paragraph where there are words completely missing, spelled wrong and backwards, and our eyes still read it correctly eventhough we see all the mistakes.

  238. cpompe1

    Hi EnchantedGM! Sorry, we didn’t mean to usurp your authority over these “moves” but we were just thinking out loud. Let’s just hope that the Dodgers make the right moves this off-season…

  239. cpompe1

    Yeah Nelly. I thought I’ve heard of stuff like that! It’s funny how our mind plays tricks on us!

    Well, I’ve gotta go. I’ll catch up with y’all later…

  240. trublu4ever

    EnchantedGM – I’ll bet Manny will end up taking a shorter term contract. There aren’t any teams out there willing to give him what Borass wants………they’d rather spend the money on CC. There are others on the FA market the teams can get for a lot less money and won’t have to deal with Manny being Manny.

  241. junkyardjamie

    Obviously Joe thinks he needs Russell in the lineup everyday (for batting or catching) or else he would be resting him like he should. So, like you said, an option is for him to play a different position. Yes, he is our all-star catcher, but if we (Joe) want him in the lineup everyday, a different position is a definite option. It beats having him traded IMO.

  242. enchantedbeaver

    Hey CP, TruMom & Nells!!

    I’m back to not caring if they sign Manny or not, but leaning towards preferably not. Let’s say the Yankees don’t pony up a hundred mil for 4 years and we sign him for two. Let’s also say that Manny puts up a good year in 2009. I can then see Borass rearing his ugly head because at 39 he knows Manny won’t sign another lucrative deal past that. With Borass pulling the strings, now 2010 rolls around and we get Manny being bad Manny until he gets some absurd contract extension. IMO, leopards don’t change their spots.

  243. enchantedbeaver

    I agree too that pitchers are a gamble, but a front-line pitcher isn’t any more of a gamble whether you aquire him in a trade or as a free agent. We’ve all seen that there are no guarantees, but one thing’s certain, this team doesn’t go anywhere next year with Bills/Kuroda/Kersh/McDonald and Stults/Schmidt. 2-3 years from now Bills/Kersh/McDonald will probably be the best 1-3 in the league, but not now. Kuroda’s adquate anywhere from 3-5, but he’ll have to step into being #2 unless we acquire somebody of stature. I can live with McDonald as the #5 this year – in fact he should be to start gaining experience, but Kersh/McDonald/Stults would be a miracle if they averaged 5.1-5.2 IP per start.

  244. junkyardjamie

    ……this is the one scary thing about Manny. When is Manny going to become bad Manny? It’s not a question of “will he?”. It’s a question of “when will he?”

  245. trublu4ever

    You have a good point, Enchanted. I think the Yankees are going to throw big bucks at CC. No matter what anyone offers him, the Yankees are willing to top it. I wish Borass wasn’t Manny’s agent. Oh, well, I also wish they played baseball all year long!

  246. enchantedbeaver

    I think we’re going to see where Frank really is financially this off season. We’ll either keep the kids intact and get bargain basement PVLs, or they go out and sign a CC or Manny, plus Hudson and try and piece together a winner in 2009.

    I do think we’ll resign Furcal which has its risks, but essentially is a good move. The first month last season, this team scored runs without Manny because it had Furcal leading off. We went into the dumper when he went down and JoJo insisted on putting Pierre at leadoff. It was only when he put Kemp there that we started out of the doldrums again. Power and speed at the top of the order is a very good thing.

  247. trublu4ever

    You are so wise, Enchanted. That’s why you are a great GM. Me, I’m all about emotion, not common sense. Maybe that’s why I used to get myself into some sticky situations.

  248. junkyardjamie

    …… a very good thing indeed. That’s why Sizemore is good – he’s got power and speed at lead off. That’s why Furcal is good – he’s got power and speed at lead off. Not to mention they are both phenomenal at their defensive positions. JP – has speed, period (and even that is was in question during the last part of the season when he kept getting picked off) can’t hit for power and certainly can’t field his position like other left fielders. That was a huge factor in our decline in the middle of the season. When JP and Andruw were both out, the kids played some of their best ball back then (Houston series comes to mind).

  249. junkyardjamie

    Andre is on “The Chef Jeff Project” Tonight. In the episode it looks like the students need to prepare food for a “Think Cure” function.

  250. junkyardjamie

    Good Evening ITD Friends!!!!!

    WE LOVE OUR DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!
    365 DAYS A YEAR
    24 HOURS A DAY

  251. northstateblues

    Hey, just checking in. I watched the Food Network show, and just to let everyone know, the Dodger/ThinkCure centric parts of the program are in the last 10 minutes (started 52 mins after the hour on the HD broadcast). The rest of the episode’s okay, but a lotta reality show drama.

  252. junkyardjamie

    LOL!!! If you feel asleep, it must not have been that good of a race then. When I got home, there were just over 100 laps to go and Denny and Jimmy were a lap down, and they never got the break to get back on the lead lap. Edwards won, Jeff 2nd and Greg 5th. I’m sure Dodgereric has more details if he watched the race. How was your day otherwise?

  253. junkyardjamie

    nsblues – I thought the same thing – not much Dodger stuff, but I guess the focus was on “Think Cure” and the kids, not Andre and Sweet Lou.

  254. junkyardjamie

    Pretty good – busy for a Sunday (church, church meeting). I am on the missions team at my church, and I am the liason between my church and Love,INC (organization that helps needy families). This is a busy time of year for us because of the holidays around the corner. We had our monthly meeting, but I also had to work after all three services signing people up to adopt families and Soldiers for Christmas.

  255. junkyardjamie

    LOL!!! country western? I used to line dance (and some couples stuff with my husband – two step) when I lived in Tennessee, and it was a lot of fun. However, once I moved back to California, it kind of went out the window, so to speak.

  256. Dodger4life

    We have a bar called Cowgirls. here in town, it attracts people from all over, there and are some pretty amazing swing partners in there no line dancing though. I am just an easy mark for the girls when I have been drinking. LOL!!!!!!

  257. Dodger4life

    I wish you much sucsess, my town has a lot of military personell living here. One of my drinking buddies last night just retired he was an Army Ranger.

  258. trublu4ever

    Nellyae – was Andre on the program? Is it worth watching at 10:00?
    Hello to you Dodger4life – your drunk stories take me back to my year at college! I only went a year because I didn’t like the major I had selected, and couldn’t think of anything else I wanted to do………, I came home and ended up with a pretty good life.

  259. junkyardjamie

    no, he was only on for brief moment with Sweet Lou, and it was on at the end of the show. It was more about the kids who are in the Children’s Hospital there and Think Cure. Even that was a very short segment compared to the other parts of the show.

  260. trublu4ever

    Okay. Jeff joined Facebook. Talked to him about our Ethieraholic project and told him you’d decide what type of shirt we should do.

  261. trublu4ever

    Dodger4life – I don’t think I was cut out for college either. But, the parties were awesome! My roommate was a surfer and so we’d get up at the crack of dawn to catch the best wave. I went to class just enough to get a passing grade.

  262. junkyardjamie

    LOL!!! My problem with the food network chefs is not the recipe. The recipe always turns out pretty good, but I am 10 times more messy and I don’t have a staff cleaning up after me.

  263. trublu4ever

    Nellyae – Jeff and I are really serious about the project. And, I know you are too. I think we should choose one of the many pictures you have of Andre and put it on the shirt, don’t you?

  264. Dodger4life

    You lasted longer than I. My college expierence consist of one party at the University of Washington, it was fun.

  265. trublu4ever

    LOL Dodger4life! My entire year was a party! Although, even back then, we knew about, and had, a designated driver. Drunk, yes…….stupid, no.

  266. Dodger4life

    That’s funny, When I became single again I tried to learn how to cook watching those shows. Then I too got tired of making a big mess. So back to taco bell I went. LOL!!!!

  267. junkyardjamie

    Dodger4life – I do love to cook, but there are times I had wished I had gotten Taco Bell instead.

    trublu – sounds good 🙂

  268. junkyardjamie

    WE LOVE OUR DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!
    365 DAYS A YEAR
    24 HOURS A DAY

  269. junkyardjamie

    I figure we got to stick Dodger stuff in here and there so people who may be reading will at least know this is a Dodger blog – LOL!!!!

  270. Dodger4life

    I watched a little of the Chef Jeff project today, but they were making cakes, and that made me want cake so I had to turn the channel.

  271. trublu4ever

    I think pitchers and catchers arrive some time in February. The rest of the players show up later. I just wanted to get back to talking Dodger baseball.

  272. junkyardjamie

    I will figure it out the countdown to Spring Training…. 🙂

    I used to watch the food channel all the time. Now I just watch on Satuday or Sundy mornings, unless some special is on that I would like to see.

  273. dodgereric

    If you would allow the coiner of “Ethieraholic” an opinion of the t-shirt, I would suggest superimposing his eyes (enlarged of course) over a shot of his swing. The words “Certified Ethieraholic” framing the image.

  274. junkyardjamie

    You have perfect timing as always Ward Dear……. How are you doing this evening? Sounds like a wonderful idea BTW 🙂 Did you watch the whole race today? What happened to get Jimmy and Denny a lap down?

    dodger4life – yes it is!!!!!!

  275. dodgereric

    Why of course I watched the whole race.

    Chad Knaus did something to the car after the first pitstop that didn’t work. They went green for so long after that that Jimmie was buried. Hamlin was just lapped on those long green runs, along with a bunch of good cars.

  276. junkyardjamie

    Good Night Dodger4life!!! God Bless!!!

    GO DODGERS!!!!

    Ward Dear – I know that was a stupid question 🙂 That’s for the recap!!

  277. dodgereric

    Good night Dodger4!

    Well June Darlin’, I have missed a few this year. Life gets in the way sometimes. It sounds like you’re into something noble yourself!

  278. junkyardjamie

    This will be my 2nd year working on these projects. We do Operation Christmas Child (gifts for children in undeveloped countries), Adopt a Family (local needy families) and now the W.O.N. squad (Warriors On kNees), which is involved in sending packages to our military. My actually one is Adopt-a-Family through Love,INC, but because I am on the missions team, we are working on all three because they all involve the holidays. When I went looking for a place to get involved in my church, I wanted something that is the opposite of what I do for my job. I could have taken the easy route and worked with kids, but I wanted something with a little more of a challenge, and that would have more impact on me spiritually. So, how was your weekend. How is your wife doing? Kids?

  279. dodgereric

    I’m sure that it’s been very rewarding for you, and you will be rewarded some day for your efforts, I have no doubt of that. We need more people like you and your congregation.

    My weekend was busy enough and I managed to get in some couch potato time. Chris is doing well, she has an iron in the fire that we hope to hear about in another week or so. The kids are relatively fine, we’re dealing with the usual teenage anxiety issues that emerge every so often. If we can deal with the crap in the past, we can deal with this too.

  280. junkyardjamie

    Thanks, and I am sure you are doing plenty in your community as well. And as for your comment about teenagers, I know how you feel. Ours are academic as usual – socializing vs. work first (Mariya), but you take away priveledges and then the real teenager comes out 🙂

  281. dodgereric

    It’s amazing that you have to re-draw that line every day, isn’t it? I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – there is nothing easy about being a good parent.

  282. dodgereric

    I never had the pleasure of knowing my grandparents. That’s one of the reasons that I’m so happy that my kids not only know and love theirs, but they had 3 sets of them.

  283. junkyardjamie

    You have mentioned many times how happy you are about that, and it is a good feeling to know your kids are close to their grandparents. We didn’t realize how much they love their grandparents until we lost my in-laws in these past three years. This sports academy has my father-in-law written all over it because his love was baseball, and he is sitting in heaven right now just happy watching kids enjoy a sport that was so dear to his heart.

  284. dodgereric

    Gosh, I guess I ought to keep a log of what I say here. I didn’t know I’ve mentioned it! LOL!!

    That’s wonderful about your academy and your father-in-law. Your husband must be very proud to be doing this.

    Today would have been my dad’s 86th birthday. Friday will be the 4th anniversary of his passing. Wednesday will be Matt’s final hurdle to make Eagle, smack in the middle of those two dates. My dad was tremendously proud of his grandchildren and he will be very proud of his Eagle grandson on Wednesday.

  285. junkyardjamie

    Alot of mixed emotions for you this week I’m sure. That is wonderful about Matt. And don’t ever worry about repeating something. It just shows even more how proud you are of them.

  286. junkyardjamie

    ….as far as the academy, it was great seeing some of the old and new baseball families. One of the fun parts for me was one of our coaches son’s came up to me and asked “So, I hear if I want to know anything about the Dodgers,I should come and ask you?” – my love of the Dodgers has a definite presence at this place – LOL!!!!!

  287. dodgereric

    Wow, now there’s a badge of honor! And one that you will wear proudly!

    It’s getting late, June Darlin’! I’m going to bid you a Good Evening. God Bless you and your family, and I’ll talk to you tomorrow!

  288. junkyardjamie

    Good night Ward Dear…. It was great talking to you as always. God Bless to you too,and I am sure I will be talking to you tomorrow.

  289. trublu4ever

    Good morning ITD – sorry I missed you last night Dodgereric/Manager. I love your idea for the Ethieraholic shirt. Your trademark would have to be on it.
    Hope you have a good day at school, Nellyae/Team Mom.

  290. junkyardjamie

    Good Morning ITD writers and readers!!!!

    I hope you are all have a fabulous Monday morning!!
    WE LOVE OUR DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!
    365 DAYS A YEAR
    24 HOURS A DAY

    As much as I love watching football, basketball and NASCAR, I do miss my Dodger baseball.

  291. thinkingblue

    Good Morning ITD!
    Well the weekend was great (well we do some Dodger Blue Action)…We need Dodger Reality TV…just kidding ( I think those reality shows tend to ruin people’s lives).
    TRU – for halloween I ended up dressing up as Pebbles Flinstone, so I was also a baby with Pink hair…LOL
    DNEL – How is the new boy Andres doing? Is he loving his class?

  292. junkyardjamie

    Dodgersrule – Andres is only in my reading group, so I only get to be his teacher for 50 minutes a day M-Th. However, he is delightful, and I enjoy that 50 minutes. He is a little sad because his NASCAR driver didn’t do so well yesterday, but he is still having fun!!!!

  293. thinkingblue

    Tru…yup my custome was a hit, but somehow it was old cartoon Halloween custome year. My sister was Daphney and her bf was Fred.

  294. amyw27

    good morning Rose, Tru and Nelly.
    Happy monday to all. It seems like everyone had a good Halloween. I just relaxed and ate dinner with a friend. It was sweet and fun.
    At work today, everyone brought in their left over candy and we have pounds of it!!!

  295. thinkingblue

    Good Morning Amy,
    I can not believe that we are already in November. Time to plan Thanksgiving and Christmas. I love this time of the year..”The Holidays”

  296. northstateblues

    good morning ITD. Good to see everyone had fun on Halloween 🙂 Rose’s Pebbles costume and Tru’s baby costumes sounded like they were a hit! My costume just scared children at work, heh, but the party was fun. That’s the cool things about our parties, no drama.

    Just getting ready for work today, should be interesting, since a supervisor of mine decided to get racist about a complaining customer to her delivery driver w/o realizing they were on speakerphone on the customer’s doorstep (or that they got their race wrong, not that it matters, but racism and stupidity go hand in hand :\ )… so now I’m sure there will be some changes at work today… even though I’m even more sure there won’t be.

    How much longer ’til spring training again? oh well, one way to look at it is that less than 2 weeks after the Super Bowl ends, pitchers and catchers will report (on Valentine’s Day).


  297. northstateblues

    bit too soon for xmas for this guy, heheheh. I’ll take Thanksgiving, though. heading back home to SoCal for 5 days this year. Since they give us a week at school, I like to take the opportunity to visit with family when I can.

    The only sad thing is no trip to Dodger Stadium this holiday, but I got to go last time, so that’ll suffice. Okay, I’ll stop lamenting about no baseball now 🙂


  298. amyw27

    Nsb- good morning friend. Sorry to hear about that at your work. I had a run in with racism this weekend as well. Since I am of mixed-race people don’t always know what I am ethnically. They make comments in front of me, or to me without realizing that I am of the same race as they were referring. It’s so infuriating at times!~~ people just need to get a clue.
    Holidays are good. Christmas is my birthday so it’s always exciting 🙂 It’s just no one has money this year for presents and I don’t know if I can even buy any. Ugh,I wont think of it now anyway.
    nsb- what did you finally decide on for your costume?

  299. northstateblues

    I was Nathan Explosion, the lead singer of Dethklok, the metal band on Metalocalypse, on Monday thru Thursday at midnight on Adult Swim. mainly because we’re both tall, have long hair, and it’s a lot easier to dress in a black shirt and jeans than some other getup. My girlfriend, who was doing everybody else’s costume sewing, was quite pleased 🙂

    I hear you on the race issue. People don’t know what I am, so I always get asked “What are you?” usually preceeded by “I hope you don’t take this the wrong way…”. I’ve gotten Hawaiian, Indian, even Asian. I’m a mix of Mexican and Spanish, by the way, with some other European and Native American thrown in.

    But yeah, the stuff people have said to me about Mexicans has been jaw dropping. “Oh, you know I don’t mean YOU, I mean those other ones… you’re one of the good ones”. I’ve developed quite a thick skin in that department. I almost always forgive, but I never forget.

    Okay, gotta head to work. Be back in a couple of hours (yay, short shifts)

    GO DODGER BLUE!!!!!!!!!!!

  300. northstateblues

    quick disney sidenote: while my girlfriend was doing all that sewing, I put the mice singing Cinderelly on youtube while we both laughed. Funny stuff.

  301. thinkingblue

    NS – That sucks that there is still racism in the world. I’ve never had that problem at work. People usually can tell I’m Mexican (I’m the Mexican native mix with European). Oh yeah one time, this guy swear I was from India, but it was more of a compliment. Now a days most of the people here in the United States are mixed. Usually the problems I face at work is because I am a “Female” vs. a Male.
    LOL the Cinderelly song is just too cute…right now I’ll just whistle will I work.

  302. Dodger4life

    Good Afternoon ITD,
    WE LOVE OUR DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!
    365 DAY’S A YEAR
    24 HOURS A DAY
    7 DAY’S A WEEK
    GO DODGER”S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  303. shad78

    Obama’s grandmother dies a day before election
    HONOLULU – Barack Obama’s grandmother, whose personality and bearing shaped much of the life of the Democratic presidential contender, has died, Obama announced Monday, one day before the election. Madelyn Payne Dunham was 86. Obama announced the news from the campaign trail in Charlotte, N.C. The joint statement with his sister Maya Soetoro-Ng said Dunham died peacefully late Sunday night after a battle with cancer.

    They said: “She was the cornerstone of our family, and a woman of extraordinary accomplishment, strength, and humility. She was the person who encouraged and allowed us to take chances.”

    Obama learned of her death Monday morning while he was campaigning in Jacksonville, Fla. He planned to go ahead with campaign appearances. The family said a private ceremony would be held later.

    Republican John McCain issued condolences to his opponent. “Our thoughts and prayers go out to them as they remember and celebrate the life of someone who had such a profound impact in their lives,” the statement by John and Cindy McCain said.

    Last month, Obama took a break from campaigning and flew to Hawaii to be with Dunham as her health declined.

    Obama said the decision to go to Hawaii was easy to make, telling CBS that he “got there too late” when his mother died of ovarian cancer in 1995 at 53, and wanted to make sure “that I don’t make the same mistake twice.”

    The Kansas-born Dunham and her husband, Stanley, raised their grandson for several years so he could attend school in Honolulu while their daughter and her second husband lived overseas. Her influence on Obama’s manner and the way he viewed the world was substantial, the candidate himself told millions watching him accept his party’s nomination in Denver in August.

    “She’s the one who taught me about hard work,” he said. “She’s the one who put off buying a new car or a new dress for herself so that I could have a better life. She poured everything she had into me.”

    Obama’s nickname for his grandmother was “Toot,” a version of the Hawaiian word for grandmother, tutu. Many of his speeches describe her working on a bomber assembly line during World War II.

    Madelyn and Stanley Dunham married in 1940, a few weeks before she graduated from high school. Their daughter, Stanley Ann, was born in 1942. After several moves to and from California, Texas, Washington and Kansas, Stanley Dunham’s job landed the family in Hawaii.

    It was there that Stanley Ann later met and fell in love with Obama’s father, a Kenyan named Barack Hussein Obama Sr. They had met in Russian class at the University of Hawaii. Their son was born in August 1961, but the marriage didn’t last long. She later married an Indonesian, Lolo Soetoro, another university student she met in Hawaii.

    Obama moved to Indonesia with his mother and stepfather at age 6. But in 1971, her mother sent him back to Hawaii to live with her parents. He stayed with the Dunhams until he graduated from high school in 1979.

    In his autobiography, Obama wrote fondly of playing basketball on a court below his grandparents’ 10th-floor Honolulu apartment, and looking up to see his grandmother watching.

    It was the same apartment Obama visited on annual holiday trips to Hawaii, a weeklong vacation from his campaign in August, and his pre-election visit in October. Family members said his grandmother could not travel because of her health.

    Madelyn Dunham, who took university classes but to her chagrin never earned a degree, nonetheless rose from a secretarial job at the Bank of Hawaii to become one of the state’s first female bank vice presidents.

    “Every morning, she woke up at 5 a.m. and changed from the frowsy muumuus she wore around the apartment into a tailored suit and high-heeled pumps,” Obama wrote.

    After her health took a turn for the worse, her brother said on Oct. 21 that she had already lived long enough to see her “Barry” achieve what she’d wanted for him.

    “I think she thinks she was important in raising a fine young man,” Charles Payne, 83, said in a brief telephone interview from his Chicago home. “I doubt if it would occur to her that he would go this far this fast. But she’s enjoyed watching it.”

    Stanley Dunham died in 1992, while Obama’s mother died in 1995. His father is also deceased.

    When Obama was young, he and his grandmother toured the United States by Greyhound bus, stopping at the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone Park, Disneyland and Chicago, where Obama would years later settle.

    It was an incident during his teenage years that became one of Obama’s most vivid memories of Toot. She had been aggressively panhandled by a man and she wanted her husband to take her to work. When Obama asked why, his grandfather said Madelyn Dunham was bothered because the panhandler was black.

    The words hit the biracial Obama “like a fist in my stomach,” he wrote later. He was sure his grandparents loved him deeply. “And yet,” he added, “I knew that men who might easily have been my brothers could still inspire their rawest fears.”

    Obama referred to the incident again when he addressed race in a speech in March during a controversy over his former pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright. “I can no more disown him than I can my white grandmother,” he said.

    Dunham was “a woman who loves me as much as she loves anything in this world but who once confessed her fear of black men who passed her on the street.”

    Still, much of who Obama is comes from his grandmother, said his half sister.

    “From our grandmother, he gets his pragmatism, his levelheadedness, his ability to stay centered in the eye of the story,” she told The Associated Press. “His sensible, no-nonsense (side) is inherited from her.”

    Madelyn Lee Payne was born to Rolla and Leona Payne in October, 1922, in Peru, Kan., but lived much of her childhood in nearby Augusta.

    She was the oldest of four children, and she loved to read everything from James Hilton’s “Lost Horizon” to Agatha Christie’s “The Murder of Roger Ackroyd.”

    Dunham and her husband were “vicious” bridge players, according to her brother Jack. After retirement, the two of them would take island cruises and do little but play bridge and a more difficult version called duplicate bridge.

  304. shad78

    What no breaking news that Manny signed for 2 years worth 60 millions and Pierre going back to the Cubs and Jones going back to the Braves? Damn this offseason is going slow.

  305. junkyardjamie

    Good Afternoon ITD writers and readers!!!
    To repeat what Dodger4life said….

    WE LOVE OUR DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!
    365 DAY’S A YEAR
    24 HOURS A DAY
    7 DAY’S A WEEK
    GO DODGER’S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I miss the boys in blue!!!

  306. trublu4ever

    I’ll join in….only in reverse
    GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    24 HOURS A DAY
    365 DAYS A YEAR
    WE LOVE OUR DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!

  307. northstateblues

    Hey everyone, looks like 15 GM’s, Assistant GM’s, baseball operations people and scouts like our chances of keeping Manny. Of course, if they were right, we would’ve lost the World Series to Boston in 5, with the celebration culminating in Sox owner John Henry taking Manny over his knee and adminstering a spanking.

    Forgive me for that imagery, and have a look:


    Some of the Hot Topics at GM Meetings
    by Jerry Crasnick

    2. Which team will sign Manny Ramirez?

    Responses: Los Angeles Dodgers 10, New York Mets 4, New York Yankees 1.

    Manny Ramirez made his priorities clear at the end of the National League Championship Series when he told reporters that he plans to go to the highest bidder. “The [price of] gasoline is up, so I’m up,” said Ramirez — jokingly, according to reporters who were present.

    Actually, the price of gasoline has declined in recent weeks, but Ramirez seems like a good bet to surpass the $20 million annually that he received in his last free-agent deal with Boston eight years ago.

    Stock in Manny was down in late July, when Ramirez was vilified for dogging it in Boston. His profile went up when he hit .396 in August and September in leading the Dodgers to the playoffs and past the Cubs in the Division Series. Now Dodgers owner Frank McCourt and GM Ned Colletti are going to have a tough time saying no.

  308. trublu4ever

    Kind of dreary here……..cloudy with a chance of rain but, I kind of like the cool weather. Makes me want to clean house, which is not one of my best traits. I took a walk and am looking forward to the football game tonight.

  309. trublu4ever

    Nstateblues – I think we will sign Manny and, for a lot less than he and Boras think. Ned is meeting with Boras this week to dicuss the matter……, I guess we will know soon enough.

  310. northstateblues

    Keeping my fingers crossed, Tru 🙂 Gas is definitely down, but like Jungar says, we’re the L.A. Dodgers, and we should get this done without money concerns.


    When asked, Colletti acknowledged that another big free-agent signing might preclude the Dodgers from re-upping Ramirez.

    “Absolutely. Sure,” Colletti said. “It depends who they are and all the factors that go into it. Especially at the salary [Manny] is going to be asking for — just guessing. I don’t have an unlimited budget to deal with here. I don’t think any club does.”

    Asked if he could foresee a scenario where the Dodgers would sign both Ramirez and Sabathia, Colletti said, “That would be difficult.”

    —– A related Story—————

    The CBO Fan Value Index is an unscientific attempt to measure value from the perspective of the fans — how much enjoyment does your team provide for each dollar you spend at the ballpark? To calculate our Fan Value Index, we weighted three factors for each team:

    1. Overall won-lost record (60%). For most fans, the best thing that can happen at a game (outside of a scoreboard marriage proposal that gets accepted) is that the home team wins. The more often a team wins, the better the experience for the fans.
    2. Fan Cost Index (30%). Team Marketing Report’s Fan Cost Index (FCI) survey measures the average price of attending a game for a typical family of four, including the costs of tickets, parking, concessions and souvenirs. The MLB average is $191.92.
    3. Team payroll (10%). Team payroll is a proxy for fan expectations. Higher-payroll teams are expected to win; lower-payroll teams are expected to lose. High expectations reduce the enjoyment derived from wins, and increase the suffering derived from losses.

    Sitting at the top of the Fan Value Index are the Tampa Bay Rays. The Rays were not only one of the best teams in baseball, but offered the cheapest day at the ballpark, a combination that’s tough to beat. Tropicana Field may not be much of a venue, but fans who spent their summer days there, shielded from the Florida heat, were likely to go home with smiles on their faces and cash in their wallets.

    At the other end of the rankings are the Seattle Mariners, who also bottomed out as our Worst Value team. With an opening-day payroll of $118 million, the Mariners were expected to be near the top of the standings all year. Instead, they were the worst team in the AL, finishing with 101 losses. Watching the trains pass outside the stadium was more entertaining than watching the train wreck of a team inside, making a day at Safeco Field a poor value despite the league-average FCI.

    The Los Angeles (Anaheim) Angels placed No. 2 on our list, while the Los Angeles Dodgers ranked way down at No. 24, despite nearly identical payrolls and first-place finishes for each team. The difference? The FCI in Anaheim was nearly $90 lower than it was at nearby (as the crow flies, not as the car inches along the freeway) Dodger Stadium. Fans in L.A. are known for arriving late and leaving early, but at those prices you’d think they’d do the opposite, to get more baseball per dollar.

    The Boston Red Sox ranked No. 10 despite having the highest FCI by far at a financial crisis-inducing $320.71; the New York Yankees were a distant second at $275.10. Despite the cost, tickets to Fenway Park continue to be in great demand. Fair enough, 95 wins and two World Series titles in four years will buy a lot of goodwill.

    The Toronto Blue Jays check in at No. 19, due mainly to an FCI of $230.46, fifth highest in the game. (The way the exchange rate is going, that could fall to 15th by the end of the week!) Of course, there are plenty of ways to reduce your personal FCI. Rogers Centre is easily accessible by subway so you don’t have to park, you can have a drink at Gretzky’s or Joe Badali’s before the game so you don’t have to buy a $10 beer, and there are numerous cheap hot dog stands just outside the gate. And at the domed Rogers Centre, your day will never be sullied by one of the worst fan experiences — a rainout.


    The Los Angeles (Anaheim) Angels placed No. 2 on our list, while the Los Angeles Dodgers ranked way down at No. 24, despite nearly identical payrolls and first-place finishes for each team. The difference? The FCI in Anaheim was nearly $90 lower than it was at nearby (as the crow flies, not as the car inches along the freeway) Dodger Stadium. Fans in L.A. are known for arriving late and leaving early, but at those prices you’d think they’d do the opposite, to get more baseball per dollar.


    Asked if he could foresee a scenario where the Dodgers would sign both Ramirez and Sabathia, Colletti said, “That would be difficult.”

  313. trublu4ever

    Jungar – what you just said is very intersting and rather serious, when you think about it…………I was floored at the prices we had to pay for a day at Dodger Stadium. I really feel sorry for a family who has to endure the expense. If they pack in 40,000 to 50,000 fans, you wonder if they save up all winter to afford America’s Pastime.


    There is no reason not to get both guys if we wanted to win they way they blab and blab about wanting to win. Those are our top 2 things of need IMO for the way the current team is constructed. We need a power bat (proven 3/4 hitter) and right now a 25 year old is our ace. So…

    1. Both players are highly proven in career and recent.. Like last 3 months proven to lead two seperate teams in playoffs almost singlehandly.

    2. Both have expressed interest in wanting to play for the Dodgers.

    3. The Dodgers made alot of money last year

    4. The Dodgers have less than 2 million committed to players who will start at 6 spots on opening day. (Ethier, Kemp, Martin, Loney, DeWitt, Bills)

  315. northstateblues

    Jungar, I don’t see why the Dodgers couldn’t afford both. They’re in a big market, prices rise every year, and this is the most excitement Dodger Stadium has seen in decades. In some ways, Dodger Stadium hasn’t ever seen some stuff that was seen last year thanks to Manny, I know I can’t think of a more clutch hitter in blue in my years of being a fan.

  316. Dodger4life

    GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ALL THE WAY IN 2009!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  317. junkyardjamie

    Good Evening ITD writers and readers!!!!!

    It has taken me 40 minutes to get in without getting kicked off. Patience is being tested once again nsblues :)’

    dodger4life – thanks for the cheers for my team. I wasn’t here to see it,but my son’s a Steelers fan so I was better off.

  318. junkyardjamie

    nsblues – your comment had me laughing before going into Bible study because my patience was fried today,and by the looks of how hard it was to get on here, my day of working on my patience is probably not over.


    Reading between the lines it’s obvious we have already offered him a short term big contract. Even though they deny it. And now Coletti will let him try and get the huge deal he wants. To be fair I wouldn’t go long term either on Manny..2 maybe 3 years max but i’d pay out the you know what to secure him, like i suggest, we have a good young cheap nucleas where by adding Manny I honestly think that although I prefer to add other players of substance in addition on offense it isn’t mandatory with Manny, without him we need to add 3/4 players i think.. CC is someone you might have to bite bullet on. I wouldn’t. But that dosen’t mean I am right. I just wouldn’t give a pitcher, any pitcher, huge money for more than 3 seasons. That’s why the farm and smart trades are so important. But this is not to say the dodgers shouldn’t be able to IF they wanted to.

  320. dodgereric

    Greetings, Late Niters!!

    I think this is the first time I’ve actually seen this suggestion anywhere but here: In an article from Baseball Prospectus titled “Five radical moves that would give the offseason some sizzle”

    3. The Angels release Gary Matthews Jr., and the Dodgers release Juan Pierre.

    Both Southern California clubs need to come to their senses. Two winters ago they each entered into an outlandish five-year deal with a free agent who is now an extra outfielder at best. Rather than waste a roster spot — or, heaven forbid, a lineup spot — on a player who isn’t worth one and who won’t be happy if he’s not starting, the teams need to cut their mistakes and move on. Don’t let the first bad decision lead to more bad decisions.

  321. Dodger4life

    That makes a lot of sense to me junger. The impression Manny left on me at the end of the season was WOW!!!!
    Then not seeing him in the Red Sox batting order against the Ray’s it was WOW again!!!!!! We do need a good veteren pitcher in the rotation though.

  322. junkyardjamie

    Wow!!!!! It’s great to see that in writing!!!! If only it would come true. That would definitely make my day!!

    ….and good evening to you!

  323. junkyardjamie

    jungar – long term anything with veterans is scary, but especially pitchers. Just looking at our own team(Schmidt), along with the league (Zito being one), it’s just too risky.

  324. junkyardjamie

    ….I’m not saying we shouldn’t sign CC if given the opportunity. I am just leary of anything long term (over 3 years) for any veteran.

  325. junkyardjamie

    Dodger4life – my morning started with my “all about me” student coming up to me first thing and telling the class that it’s his birthday on Saturday and he gets to eat a live goldfish in addition to some rather interesting animal organ parts. The girls said “Eww” and the boys said “cool” and I kind of figured my day was going to be a challenging one.

  326. junkyardjamie

    Well, you are the ITD manager, so if you think you can make it work, I say go for it!!!! We hired you because we trust you 🙂

  327. junkyardjamie

    LMAO!!!! one could only hope. The only day he has been out of the classroom was a day I sent him out and back to kindergarten for a day for a reality check on days to come if he doesn’t shape up. This kid is hard to discipline because he isn’t phased too much be priveledges being taken away nor does he care whether he is rewarded or not. He gets what he wants at home whenever he wants it. I just feel sorry for his parents when he is a teenager, but they have set themselves up for what’s to come.

  328. Dodger4life

    Yes they are in troulbe. My ex is that way and because she is alway’s the good -guy so to speak, I have sent my kids back to her on several occasions. Serenity Now!!!!!
    I love my daughters but I can only take so much. The tough part is it is me that allway’s end’s up saying Im sorry.
    So I can relate.

  329. junkyardjamie

    Ward Dear…You don’t need to be a Laker fan, you just need to be a basketball fan to enjoy that article.

    ….and Ward Dear, that’s exactly it, there is no fear at home any more, and even more so, parents are calling our discipline decisions into question. Too many parents pulling the self-esteem card. We have actually had parents come up to us and say, we shouldn’t be strict with them, it will hurt their self esteem. In this particular case, this student has way too much self esteem it appears, but he is just dying for attention because his attention seems to be being bought, wouldn’t you think? I know many priveledged kids like him, but most of them don’t have the need to tell people all the details over and over again.

  330. Dodger4life

    Nelly~ I am sorry to hear you had a rough day,and I am sure the rest of the week will be better. Me and my kids will be just fine, but they have to obey the rules around me simple as that.

    Well the day’s are getting colder, and shorter so I am off to sleep.

    God -Bless The ITD crew Good -Night.

  331. dodgereric

    One thing’s for sure, I wouldn’t last too long as a teacher. Because my solution would be to tell him to clam up or introduce him to a big cork.

  332. colliethec

    Hello there everybody! I hope all is well with all of you!
    I haven’t been in for a week or so. Not that I’ve not wanted to I’ve just been busy with work and other things and in a little bit of a ho hum mood with the Dodgers.
    This is the time of year I get a little bummed. I love baseball so much and look forward to it everyday that I get a little down not having it. I also like sunshine and warm weather and the end of baseball means the end of that as well!
    I love Christmas time but I work in retail and have for 16 years so my Christmas season is a bit of slave like. I don’t get to any parties like back in the day because I’m always working.
    Anyway, with the Manny thing I would go 2 years @ around 30 mil with an option for a 3rd. I would sell it to BorASS & Manny as then he’ll be able to walk before he’s 40 and get another contract for higher prices as a DH slugger in the AL. He get’s to “kick it” in sunny comfy LA doing the LA scene and getting some big endorsements. He won’t get those in Toronto!! Maybe some in NY but if he wasn’t happy being under the microscope in Boston he won’t be digging NY. He can have the best of both worlds by playing in LA now and then NY if he wants in a few years!
    With regards to CC we really need an ACE. We don’t have one. I think CC is a stud but for how much longer. He is really overweight and is a pitcher. Long term contracts for position players is one thing. I can’t stand them for pitchers. I wouldn’t
    go over 3 years unless the 4th was an option year.
    I love Bills but he is still young and not there yet. The rest of the staff that is penciled in will all be very young. So we need to do something. As a fan, I don’t really want a overweight pitcher for a long term contract. So I might be more inclined to go after an AJ Burnett or Andy Pettit (Who I wanted them to go after last year). I think Pettit is a quality pitcher and a leader that could help the youngsters and be an example to them. I don’t really know him, so I could be wrong but he seems like a quality person as well as a competitor that has been there before which we lacked some in the playoffs this year and without Lowe and probably Penny would really lack next year.
    Yes the Dodgers probably could afford both Manny & CC but then what will happen when the contracts of our youth come up. We will loose them and have an overweight pitcher who can’t make it through 5 innings.
    Great to see you all and hopefully after this week I’ll be able to get in here a little more & “play” with all of you!
    Take care… & GO BLUE!!!!

  333. colliethec

    I saw you had a tough day Nelly. Hang in there! You are doing a great job with the kids. I’m sure as a little guy I was a pain to some of my teachers but they are what helped mold me to be an ok person.
    Try to remember that you do make a positive difference and that even though they might not realize it now your helping them.
    I’m sure you know that but I can’t help with the encouragement. It’s free and something some of my teachers and mentors/pastors in my life have taught me.

  334. dodgereric

    Gooooood morning, ITD!!!

    The latest Hot Stove stuff:,0,6275255.story


    “If the Dodgers sign CC Sabathia, don’t count on them to re-sign Manny Ramirez.

    Asked whether it would be possible to sign the two superstar free agents who could command annual salaries in excess of $20 million each, General Manager Ned Colletti replied, “I think that would be difficult.”

    REACTION: They can if they want to. See jungar.

    “Boras said that Greg Maddux’s Hall of Fame career probably ended when the Dodgers were eliminated by the Philadelphia Phillies in the National League Championship Series.

    REACTION: Get rid of Honeycutt.

    “Towers said he has had preliminary discussions with Colletti about a potential deal and that he planned to revisit those talks this week. Towers said that the Dodgers would be charged a premium because they are in the National League West, same as the Padres.

    REACTION: Keep him.

  335. junkyardjamie

    Good Morning ITD writers and readers!!!!

    Great article Ward Dear and good morning to you.

    Have a wonderful day!!
    WE LOVE OUR DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!
    365 DAY’S A YEAR
    24 HOURS A DAY
    7 DAY’S A WEEK
    GO DODGER’S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  336. trublu4ever

    Good morning Dodgereric/Manager and Nellyae/Team Mom – Hope you are having a good day. I want the best team possible on the field next season. If that means signing Manny and CC, do it, as Jungar says, if we want it enough, we should be able to get them. Also heard this morning that Fuentes will not be offered a contract with the Rockies. Is he a good choice for us?

  337. dodgereric

    Morning June Darlin’ and TruLumpy!

    I think Saito is done and I think Brox still has to prove himself worthy as the closer. As I said earlier, I wouldn’t mind going after Cruz, although he walks a bit too many. Fuentes would be ok if he’s not too expensive.

    I ran across a funny quote last night but I was having connection issues again. It was a review of 2008 rookies:

    “Having ruined the old one, Joe Torre found a new Scott Proctor in Wade…….”

  338. enchantedbeaver

    Hey Tru, I think at the end of the season we saw vintage Torre overmanaging the BP. Once he finally figured out the line-up, he started screwing with the BP – 4 pitchers in one inning, multiple pitchers just to close out a game, taking out one guy who was lights out just so he could get a righty/righty lefty/lefty match-up… Playoffs or no, Torre’s still the wrong manager for this team.

  339. northstateblues

    Good Morning. Listen to Kahli: VOTE!

    Regarding the Hot Stove (and to expand on Jungar and Eric’s points), I don’t buy Colletti’s “it would be difficult” act one bit. Maybe it’s just difficult for him. I mean, why shower Juanpy with money, and then when two franchise changers become available, play the turned-out pockets game?

    We are the Los Angeles Dodgers, we supply the keysters in the seats (even if some only keep them warm for 4 innings in the middle), we supply ever increasing amounts of money for parking, tickets and concessions, we put up with years of ineptitude since O’Malley sold the team (thanks a lot, Los Angeles City Government), we deserve not to have to deal with this Lil’ Orphan Neddie charade.

    You know what would be difficult? Explaining to the fans that the owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers is too broke to afford even one of those two.

  340. trublu4ever

    Enchanted/GM and Northstateblues/Songwriter-Graphic Artist ~ What you both said is soooooooo true!
    Just got back from voting and the line wasn’t too long. We have to plan something fun to do tonight……with all the election coverage beginning at 4:00 pm my time, there isn’t anything on TV.

  341. northstateblues

    hey Tru, just about to head for lunch (In-N-Out today, heh… you can take the guy outta SoCal…). Glad your line wasn’t too long. Don’t know what I’m getting into yet, but I’m hoping to vote soon after getting home. I’ve never missed an election (even that dinky June one earlier this year), and am definitely not missing this one!



    So I was married 5 min from here, St. Regis Monarch Beach Resort in Dana Point at Salt Creek beach and live 10 minuets from here currently. I ain’t got no job, everyday is and the boy (11 months) will go bounce around and see what we can find out. BRB

  343. enchantedbeaver

    Definitely North. Its like JoJo forgot about the BP while he was messin’ with the everyday line-up, but once that was settled he turned his attention to the pen and misused it at will.

    You go jungar!!! Take a sign with you – Take my Pierre – PLEASE!!

  344. junkyardjamie

    I am imagining the sign enchanted – LMAO!!!!!! That is just too funny!!!!! LMAO!!!! I am going to be laughing all day picturing that sign. LMAO!!!!!!

  345. thinkingblue

    Hello All,
    It seems that no one is visiting ITD at this moment. Hopefully everyone is out casting their votes. Please vote and hopefully our next president makes a great difference for this country and for the people of this country.
    I’m all patriotic..LOL!. Well actually today will be my first time voting…ever. I will make a difference this time.

  346. havasufan

    I know what you mean when you say at least you were beat by the team that one it all…nothing is worse than getting eliminated only to see that team follow suit in the next level of playoffs.
    The Dodgers had a great resurgence, they played well…as much as it pains me to say. lol

  347. letchworth

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