Tomorrow's lineup, today…

Furcal, SS

Ethier, RF

Manny, LF

Martin, C

Loney, 1B

Kemp, CF

Blake, 3B

DeWitt, 2B

Lowe, P

Joe also said he expects it to go back to the lineup we had for the Division Series once we face a right-hander in Game 2.

Read below for a longer post from earlier today.


  1. crzblue2

    Woohoo! Lineup already! Can’t wait! Go Dodgers! Go DLowe! I expect another great game from D.Lowe! I’ve had him in my baseball fantasy teams for the last few years and although he told me in Spring Training not to pick him, I stayed with him!

  2. junkyardjamie

    Countdown to Dodger Game Time ~ 29 hours and 25 minutes
    I am so glad Joe is sticking with the same players in the line up, regardless of the pitcher ~ Great job!!!!
    GO DODGERS!!!!!!!

  3. junkyardjamie

    hey dcollins!!! Wow twice in the last 12 hours I have seen you on here. That’s great!!!!!!!
    Have a fabulous day!!!!

  4. colliethec

    Hello there Nelly.
    Now that my work stuff is over and my computer works, I’ll be around a little more often.
    I hope everyone is having a great day!
    I’m so excited for tomorrow. I don’t like these long layoffs.

  5. bluecrewgirl

    I am glad to see Andre batting in front of Manny again. He’s done a great job all year no matter where he’s batted, but he’s a good contact hitter and the 2 and 3 spots have worked well for him. I figured Joe wouldn’t have him and Loney back to back against the lefty. Can’t wait for tomorrow to come.

  6. thinkingblue

    Hello all ITD: The line-up is great…same people but mixed around. Ethier in front of Manny is wonderful. He does great. Martin in the 4TH spot…he do it! Can’t wait til tomorrow. I’ll be off, so I will get to enjoy it at home.

  7. colliethec

    I like Dre batting in front of Manny instead of behind him.
    I’m sure he likes it better to.
    It seems whoever has batted in front of Manny has done well except for when Martin did it when they first got Manny.
    I really prefer Dre batting there now that Furcal is playing as I think having a lefty up if Furcal is on opens up the right side a little more having the first baseman holding on Furcal.
    That being said most players are better hitters when they don’t try to pull everything.
    Also like bluecrew pointed out he has good contact as well as takes pitches and works the count giving Furcal more pitches to see to try to swipe a base.
    Hopefully we’ll see the low Lowe. If that is the case, I think we have a great chance in this 1st game.

  8. dodger 32

    In response to McCarver, I would be happy if any of the other Dodger outfielders put up the same numbers that Manny put up in Boston when he was as you say ,dogging it. Also I think most other teams would be happy with that kind of dogging it production. If there is any problem with Manny , I wouldn’t look any further than Boras.

  9. scurtis1999

    Wow I was for sure NOMAR was going to start at 1b against a lefty! Maybe he will start against Moyer, but if it ain’t broke no need to change it! I think James can rip Cole and Jaime anyways!

  10. thinkingblue

    TRU – That sucks that Ethier is not on it. In a way now I’m not mad at myself for forgetting to set my DVR to record.


    i know everyone is going to jump all over me for saying this.. but once manny gets his new contract, don’t be surprised to see a change in his production.. everyone is eager to re-sign him, and clearly with the numbers he’s put up and the affect he’s had on this team, any baseball mind would tell you that you have to make the effort to do so.. but not for an extended period of time. not for an ungodly sum of money. i think he has a certain reputation for a reason and he’s done stupid things in the past to earn that reputation.. and things like that don’t just change overnight. yeah, he might prove everyone (and me) wrong and keep being a positive impact, but it’s also very possible that he won’t. plus, i still stand by my original contention that he and boras just want to go to the highest bidder, which very likely will be the yankees.. so we shall see..

  12. vl4ecc

    McCarver is just trying to stir things up for his present employer – Fox Sports. The game has past him by. It’s not the 60’s, or 70’s any more. The game has evolved alot since he hung up his cleats. He needs to put a sock in it, shut his pie hole, and keep his idiotic out dated opinions to himself. I just lost what little respect I had left for him.


    on a more positive note.. i LOVE the lineup.. can’t wait for the games to begin..

    i have tickets to all three home games.. but game 5, wednesday, overlaps with my class.. i don’t know that i can skip class to go to the game, and it would be AWFUL if the game was a clincher, or an elimination game, and i had to decide between class and the game.. my greatest hope is that we can sweep (one game at a time, i know..) so that game 5 doesn’t need to happen.. but then i’d feel bad for scurtis.. we will see..


    tony jackson’s blog says that saito most likely won’t make the NLCS roster.. i hope that means that Kuo will.. we need Kuo as another lefty for the pen.. and that would free up kershaw to start in game 4..

  15. scurtis1999

    Leaving Saito off would be a mistake I think, unless they think he just can’t give it a go! If Kuo can return to form, that is huge, but still having Sammy in the bullpen would be nice.

    Sara, it better go 5 games. I just booked my hotel and flight and got my ticket in the mail. Ugh, if they sweep I will still come and make it a mini vacation lol


    scurtis, i would only be because he can’t go..
    here’s what tony jackson said:

    After the workout, after most of the team had boarded buses back to the downtown Westin, Saito went to the visiting bullpen with Torre and Honeycutt and had a side session to try to work out a mechanical problem that has plagued him since he returned from the DL. The problem is with his balance pitching out of the windup, and the solution for now is that he has scrapped pitching out of the windup and will go exclusively out of the stretch, but that’s if he goes at all.


    definitely make it a mini-vacation anyway.. don’t you want warm weather? it’s 98 degrees today..

  18. scurtis1999

    OMG its 98? wow, like 62 here! lol

    Id love to hit the beach and some nice restaurants and bars, so I’m coming no matter what!



    yeah, it’s ridiculously hot right now.. i think it’s supposed to continue for a bit..

  20. colliethec

    I think what Manny did to get out of Boston was lame.
    But that was probably not just his doing. I’m sure Boras was on his shoulder in his red suit & wearing his little horns telling him what to do.
    Manny was in Boston for 7+ years before it really went bad.
    If we can get him for 4 years I think we would have the LA Manny for a least a few years before the ’08 Boston Manny would show up.
    TBlue-Hello there. I hope life is going great for you! I’ve been wrapped up with work and went on vacation. But the main thing was my computer died, so I wasn’t able to get on for awhile. That issue has been fixed & I’m set now.

  21. craigary

    Kuo sounds like he is pretty likely “in,” so that’s the good news, especially if Saito can’t. Broxton, Kuo, Wade, Beimel, and then Maddux/Proctor/Kershaw/whoever, that’s still a very good pen. An effective Saito would be even better of course.

  22. thinkingblue

    SARA – I do hope we get to sweep the Phillies. But yes that would suck for Scurtis, flying in from Chicago. And I totally agree with you about Manny. He is human, so most likely there is a chance that he might relax after a contract is sign. But just hope that L.A. is where he wants to be, that he fell in-love with the team, stadium, fans & City and even if Yankees offer him more, he stays in L.A. and keep inspiring the rest of the teams and the Rookies-to-be. Just HOPING!

  23. craigary

    I’m optimistic as anyone but we’re not gonna sweep the Phillies. And I’d be equally shocked if they sweep us. It should go 6 or 7, but no way it goes less than 5.


    the latimes is reporting that saito is definitely not the closer against philly even if he makes the roster..


    also, here’s cole hamels talking some crap about dodger fans:

    “On the West Coast, I think when I went to the games we arrived at the third inning and left by the eighth,” Hamels said. “You had to wake up the next morning to see if the team won, versus the East Coast, they’re here. They’ll be after the game cheering you on. I think that’s been great for what I’ve experienced and great for a player. And that’s something you want to play in front of.

    “So it’s just something where I love the West Coast, don’t get me wrong,” Hamels added with a smile. “I hope they don’t kill me now. They’re never going to invite me back. It’s just something that the East Coast, they’re more passionate and more involved, and I think that just brings the love of the game a little bit more.”

    he will see that playoff crowds are different.. except that the weekday games start at 5:22pm which will mess up things since people have work.. i’m leaving work early, hopefully everyone else does too..


    dcollins, i don’t think they should even offer a 4 year deal. i say 2 years, club option for a 3rd. nothing more. he is 36 after all. and also the dodgers have proven that they never get what they expect with long term deals, and 4 years is way too long.


    and i say that from a baseball person perspective.. not as me who didn’t want him any longer than the few months of this year..

  28. colliethec

    So those that are going to the game there is your bulletin board material.
    I’m sure most of us on here are the type that are passionate and involved.
    If your late because of work or whatever, then stay late. This is the 1st time in 20 years they’ve been in this situation. Miss out on a little sleep.
    Also show him our passion and involvement. Scream & yell. Put down the beach balls & use your hands too clap, watch the game not the ball.
    I’m sorry to those that are pro beach ball. I can’t stand them.


    dcollins, i can’t stand beach balls either!! but i am proud of dodger fans to say that in the playoff game against the cubs there were hardly any.. and there were none in my section at all. so proud! 🙂

  30. colliethec

    Sarah, as a 42 year old, I’m a firm believer that 40 is the new 30!
    I don’t think he’d agree to a 2 year deal since he wanted out of the final 2 years at 20 million. If we could get him for 2 years in the mid 20’s great. But I think he wants more than 2 years. 3 with an option for a 4th is what I would like.
    It wouldn’t last 4 anyway because Borass would probably get him to opt out of the final year.


    i really doubt he’d agree to a 2 year deal too. but i’m just saying that i don’t think he should be offered more than that. if they do, it’ll just end up being another bad long term deal.. we have too many already..

  32. thinkingblue

    THINK PASSION, THINK WIN, THINK DODGERS! And after you THINK it….SHOW IT! Even if we are loosing (don’t stay quiet like the Cubs Fan)….keep cheering with passion ALL THE WAY!….L.A. CAN GET LOUD! DODDGERS FAN CAN GET LOUD! GOOOOOOOOO DOOOOOOODGEEEEEERS!
    Well I’m out to a concert. Everyone have a good evening and I’ll be checking back tomorrow…for the MORNING ITD PEP RALLY!

  33. colliethec

    Sarah-I had a tough experience with the whole beach ball thing when we went to the game in September. I won’t share it here and now, as it was extremely negative and now isn’t the time for that story.
    I will be writing a letter to the McCourts in the offseason.
    I’ll bring it up on here after the season to see what others feel and get different opinions about it.

  34. stolenmonk

    5 questions for Mr. Ned:

    1) Andy LaRoche in the last couple years has had shoulder as well and hand injuries. Did these affect him to the point where you felt he would no longer be capable of being the power hitter he was in the minors up through 2007?

    2) Did the injuries to LaRoche influence decisions to limit his playing time in 2008? Was there an intention to not let it get out that the injury was more devastating that we would think?

    3) What names are the Dodgers looking at for second or third base this offseason? Does the injury to Orlando Hudson make him less attractive? Is consideration being given to trading for Adrian Beltre?

    4) What are your intentions with regard to keeping Manny Ramirez for 2009 and beyond? Given the excitement he has created, has Frank McCourt green-lighted signing him, or is the combination of his age and contract demands a concern?

    5) How is Andruw Jones doing? Will he be an effective contributor in 2009, or will he still be dealing with injuries and getting his swing back?

  35. crzblue2

    I am definately leaving early. Saturday’s playoff game, I was outside at 3:50 pm. I saw a lot of fans also waiting. My friend Rosa and her daughter were in the car on the side street waiting for the gates to open. Another friend was holding a parking spot on the steet for me while they opened.
    It will be a little harder on Monday as I leave work at 5:pm. but I think I will drive that day and leave at … 2:pm. All of a sudden I have an important doctor’s appointment that day :-).
    just to clarify, the Dodger Trolley is free. The Metro bus is the one that has a day pass of …I think is still $5. you can take any metro bus, the Gold line, Red line, orange. The Red line goes underneath and travels from North Hollywood to Union Station. Gold is the Pasadena one. Hope that helps. Maybe let us know where you will sit or come to the Top of the Park and say hi if you can.
    Remembering Saturday’s game, I can’t get Abba Fernando’s song out of my mind after it was played for Fernando that day. I hearded before when they honor Fernando but I guess the playoffs got me nostalgic for the days when I saw Fernando in his glory days. here is the youtube. Check out the outfits:

  36. scurtis1999

    Thanks Crzblue for the help.

    This is my seat: Section 156LG, Row T, Seats 7

    Im Curt, nice to meet you all. I don’t think I have given my name on here before. Im 31 and work in Chicago and ready to celebrate more!

    Yeah I would love to stop by and say hi to ITD people!

    Gotta get some work done now, you all have a great evening!

  37. trublu4ever

    Today had to be one of the most dreadful in a long time. Have to wait another 24 hours or so for the game and, I was all fired up to see Andre on “Rome is Burnning” and got stuck with Ned! Not only that, but I think I’ll have to watch the playoff series on Fox in mute mode to avoid the inane commentary by Tim McCarver. All day, I had to hear him explain why Manny is despicable……….but, a great hitter. Says he just might say it again during the game tomorrow. What a jerk.

  38. bluecrewgirl

    Lol, Sara. I’m not much for beach balls myself. I know I probably sound like a grouch, but I really don’t like the wave either.

  39. junkyardjamie

    What is this with no Andre on “Rome is Burning?” My students minded it less than I did. They said at least we got to see the Dodgers. I couldn’t disagree with them, but they haven’t been trying to figure out Ned all year Ethier.


    I am so glad to see others who despise the beach balls and the wave! I don’t understand why beach balls are so popular. They are dangerous and a huge distraction and yet when an usher actually intercepts one or one drops to the next level or the playing field fans boo. Hey folks, watch the damn game! I suggest that the Dodgers open up the stadium on a non-game day, give everyone a beach ball, sell them hot dogs and beer and let those who like this activity have a ball while giving Mr. McCourt some additional revenue. Then maybe these folks will leave us fans alone who actually come to Dodger Stadium to watch a baseball game.

    I don’t know if Dodger Stadium is the only place where fans come late and leave early but it is hard to shake that image when we see it every time we go to a game.

  41. colliethec

    Amen lbirken! Maybe we should bring some frisbees & lawn chairs.
    When I went to a few games last season there was more excitement about a stupid beach ball. I think if everybody who doesn’t like them grabs them and pops them it would maybe start to get people to realize that there is a game to watch.
    If it was a between inning thing then no problem.
    I’m all for having fun but having 10 people standing in front of you looking back calling for and wanting the beach ball sent to them is absurd. Not a bad idea for McCourt to make some extra change.

  42. trublu4ever

    lbirken ~ interesting observation. I know when I go to the game, they look in my purse, and I’m assuming they look into whatever else someone bring into the park. So, how do they get all those damn beach balls inside? I guess they stuff them in their pockets. Maybe the next step in security will be a pat down. I think the wave is just as annoying…… outdated.

  43. amyw27

    good evening friends. I see it’s slow around here without Dodger baseball.
    Good strong lineup. I agree that Andre in the 2 spot is wise. No matter how you stack ’em we are a strong, awesome team. “Aint No Stopping Us Now” – Dodger’s new theme song 🙂
    Can’t wait for tomorrow. It’s going to be a Dodger (and Disneyland) weekend. Go Blue, I Love LA!!!

  44. acardona16

    good evening everyone! i’m still in hawaii! and i’m still having a great time! 🙂 can’t wait to watch our boys play!!!!!

  45. acardona16

    well it looks like its pretty quiet in here so i’ll get back to beautiful Hawaii!!! 🙂 GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ethieraholic and dodger fan for life!!!!!!!!!!!!


    i am SO happy that people agree with me about the wave and the beach balls and all other annoying things at games!! seriously people, watch the baseball game!! that’s what you’re there for, not all the crazy inane sideshows..

  47. northstateblues

    It seems like it would be a lot better if fans only did the Beach Balls at the bottom of the innings, that way, if they find their way on the field, it messes up the opposition pitcher’s rhythm. Just a thought.


    I’ll echo everyone else’s comments on beach balls, the wave, and anything else that detracts from watching the game, including the clowns whose only goal seems to be consumption of mass quantities of overpriced junkfood. I love ibirken’s idea of a revenue stream for Frank but, since these are tough economic times, why go to the ballpark at all when you can buy the beverage of your choice, run through the drive-up, take your beach ball, and GO TO THE BEACH!!! Now there’s an original concept. It’s also much cheaper and leaves the ballpark free for baseball fans.Love the lineup. Glad to see that JoJo realizes that nothing is broken. The fact is that Hamels is right about the difference between East Coast and West Coast fans. Philly, Boston, and, for that matter, Chicago fans are more passionate, for the most part, than West Coast fans. Years of national telecasts showing the stream of cars leaving Dodger Stadium in the 7th and 8th innings don’t aid the reputation of fans out here.

  49. enchantedbeaver

    DC – just a quick observation…
    I think the beach balls may have been the HIGHLIGHT of the 2007 season. – LOL!!
    Good to see you back on here!!


    Let the hate begin. Needless to say this SOB won’t be on my fantasy teams next year.

    “On the West Coast, I think when I went to the games we arrived at the third inning and left by the eighth,” Hamels said. “You had to wake up the next morning to see if the team won, versus the East Coast, they’re here. They’ll be after the game cheering you on. I think that’s been great for what I’ve experienced and great for a player. And that’s something you want to play in front of.

    “So it’s just something where I love the West Coast, don’t get me wrong,” Hamels added with a smile. “I hope they don’t kill me now. They’re never going to invite me back. It’s just something that the East Coast, they’re more passionate and more involved, and I think that just brings the love of the game a little bit more.”

  51. junkyardjamie

    I am not a fan of beach balls ethier. LOL!!!!
    Good Evening Beav!!! Haven’t seen you on here in a couple days. How are you? 🙂
    nsblues – how are things up north?

  52. northstateblues

    things are good, just starting a new book, White Noise by Don Delillo, and about to pick up my girlfriend’s mom from the airport.

    Cole Hamels will be getting drilled in MLB 2K8 land later tonight.

  53. bluecrewgirl

    I think that there is a bit of a misconception about LA fans not being as passionate. Yes, some do leave early during the regular season, but I think it has more to do with the fact that even though we have Metrolink, overall our public transportation system is far below other large cities like New York, Chicago, Boston, etc. We still have a lot more people commuting to their jobs in their own cars and they have to get to bed at a decent hour and might have a long ride home from the stadium. I think people arrive late due to our traffic issues too.

  54. enchantedbeaver

    Beav’s been chillin’.

    Be interesting to see what comes out of the woodwork tomorrow. I did check out The Pulse a few days ago. I see someone must have turned in their version of Uranus because all of his comments were deleted. Stuff like that makes you wonder how they function in everyday life.

  55. junkyardjamie

    bluecrewgirl – I am not sure why people leave early, but I do have a new understanding why many do not get there until the 3rd inning. Normally I am there when the gates open, but during one of their first home series’ against the Padres, I was in Anaheim for a volleyball tournament with my daughter. Well, of course the tournament ran late, and we left, I believe it was Cerritos, about 6 pm. Due to traffic, we were one of the ones who didn’t come in until the 3rd inning. Now I know why.
    enchanted – it’s good to hear somebody pulled the switch on some of those bloggers on “The Pulse.” I think they need to take pointers from ITD, and learn how to channel their frustration in more creative ways like songs, poetry, etc. Glad to hear you are just chillin’ in the southwest 🙂


    here’s a good article to read…;_ylt=AmtMhnBRq0gSXYbpNDb5JDw5nYcB?slug=sh-dodgerpayroll100808&prov=yhoo&type=lgns

    here’s is the most notable line of the article:

    The Dodgers’ payroll is a substantial $118.5 million. Yet the lineup in the sixth inning Sept. 23, the day the Dodgers defeated the San Diego Padres 10-1 and practically sealed the deal on the division title, cost owner Frank McCourt a grand total of $2.547 million.


    also this line: Has there ever been a team with such an inverse relationship between cost and production?

    i’m pretty sure we’ve all brought up the same point at one time during the season, or another..

  58. kpookiemon

    The more I read of Saito’s quotes, the less inclined I am to feel he really WANTS to be out there in a pressure series. The club says he’s fine physically…so he’s either a head case or the brass is telling white lies again, ala Penny, Schmidt, et al., concerning the true nature of his health…or non-health.


    another good line: The players most responsible for the team’s first postseason victory in 20 years, a shocking three-game sweep of the NL favorite Chicago Cubs, combine for 2.2 percent of the payroll.


    okay, i’ll stop and let you guys read the article.. it’s worth the read.. promise 🙂

  61. junkyardjamie

    That is a great article Sara. It just shows we will still have issues in the off season with a few of our overpaid, non productive (an in some cases non-existent) veterans.


    exactly dnelly.. and this is why i wouldn’t ever jump on the ken gurnick led ned colletti bandwagon..


    ooh, did you read the part about what the overpaid people are doing right now? yeah, um, penny and jones skipped town.. what punks. i have no respect for that. safe to say penny probably isn’t getting that option this off-season..

  64. junkyardjamie

    I mentioned yesterdeay how nobody has seen or heard from Andruw. As much grief as we have given Sweeney, it was good to see him having a good time and being part of the team even though he is not on the roster.

  65. bluecrewgirl

    Sweeney does seem like a real team player and good guy. Maybe he’ll make a good manager or batting instructor. He was a great hitter at one time even though his skills have declined.

  66. junkyardjamie

    bluecrewgirl – The players really seemed to like Sweeney alot too, but when your trying to win ball games, it comes down to the matter of who can actually hit the ball, and not who the nice guys are. I am glad Torre did what he did, and it seems like Sweeney is taking it in stride too, which is really a great thing to see.

  67. enchantedbeaver

    I hear ya about not jumping on the Ned bandwagon. Let’s not forget who really built most of this team – Logan White. Ned to his credit, didn’t mess that up though. I think Manny was probably McCourt driven, but even giving the benefit of the doubt to Ned on that one, a third season of Blake and Manny hardly make up for ALL of Ned’s busts, whom are too numerous to list. Its easier to list the one’s that do pass muster: Manny, Blake, Saito, Maddux, Berroa (that’s iffy), Nomore (even iffier), Ozuna (I’m really stretching now.)

    His dealings will have left us with a Swiss cheese line-up for next season, and worse, probably hamstrung us for signing any FA of significance because of all the wasted money.

    (Reminds me of that quote from Naked Gun: Is this somekind of bust? – Yes, its very impressive.”


    i agree with you two girls about sweeney.. i don’t like him on our team playing and coming up in clutch situations.. but i do like him on our team on the bench.. he definitely seems like a positive influence.. good for the chemistry..


    from the PE blog:

    Hong-Chih Kuo is expected to be placed on the NLCS roster tomorrow when it becomes finalized, and it appears James McDonald is the odd man out.

  70. junkyardjamie

    If you think about this season and the one player who has caused the most turmoil, IMO is Andruw, and where the hell is he…. at home. He was brought onto this team (by Ned) to help the outfield, which in turn did the exact opposite, eventually requiring the Dodgers to get Manny (which is turning out to be a good thing). However, once the season is over, he will be a big issue once again, especially if we some how manage to sign Manny.

  71. sparkleplenty_1

    Dnel, as always, you make an excellent point. If we do resign Manny, and can’t offload Andruw and/or Pierre, it is going to be a very messy outfield situation next year. ARGH!

  72. junkyardjamie

    sparkleplenty ~ Well, sara and enchanted brought up not getting on the Ned bandwagon, and I think they just reminded me that we have some major issues to deal with in the off-season. Those issues just happen to be the bad Ned deals. We are all in fantasy land right now because of Ned acquiring Manny and Casey, and for that we are all thankful, I’m sure, but reality will set in again, once the season is over. I guess we have plenty of time to talk about this in the off season. I am really happy for what these young players have done, and what Manny, Casey and Maddux have done to help all the them along.

  73. sparkleplenty_1

    We’ve all recognized the inept dealings of Ned – they just don’t go away, do they? It’s been interesting listening to and reading various items about his “success”. Those reporters are viewing the situation like new brides – looking at the groom with half-opened eyes, only seeing what they want to see.

  74. junkyardjamie

    So, in the off season, are we going to do a countdown too. We thought 5 days was long. What are we going to do 3 and a half months.

  75. colliethec

    Does any else feel like a kid on Christmas Eve?
    I’ve been puttering around all day cleaning and trying to get some stuff organized at home. But I can’t stop wanting to listen/watch baseball!
    At least I had a softball game tonight to get my fix.
    I think it’s time to break out the XBOX and play some baseball myself. Thanks for the idea NSB.
    Don’t you hate playing a video game and having to listen to Morgan and Miller! Miller I can live with but Morgan still brings back that awful memory.

  76. northstateblues

    Hey DCollins, how are you doing?

    Yeah, Miller kinda fades into the background for me, but Morgan, I just hate how he thinks he knows EVERYTHING. “You know, I wouldn’t throw a pitch up-and-in in that situation.” No ___ Sherlock, you’re an ex-2nd baseman, you know nothing about pitching! what a smug jerk. I think as punishment for two broadcasting jerks, they should lock Tim McCarver and Joe Morgan in a small room with a TV only showing Major League II 24/7.

    What’s worse, on my GameCube baseball game, the announcers are Mike Krukow and Duane Kuiper! You can tell its fake, though, because when you play as the Dodgers, they kiss your butt the same way they do the Giants.

    Don’t forget to bean West-Coast-Fan-hating Cole Hamels tonight!

  77. colliethec

    I’m great NSB. Thanks for asking!
    2 days off in a row (I have a job with irregular hours & days off), had a softball game tonight that we came back and won in walk off fashion, and get to watch Dodgers baseball and eat Dodger Dogs tonight!
    Also living in the Bay Area and the Dodgers in the LCS doesn’t get any sweeter other than if they move on and win it all!
    Oh and don’t worry I was just kidding about K&K. They drive me crazy.
    It would be sweet for them to get a 6th for California and the Giants to be 0 for Cali!

  78. northstateblues

    Cool. Half the time, I expect Krukow to get a towel and start snaping at Kuiper. And they have to play umpire on every close play. No “could”‘s or “might”‘s, just “He was out!” when the call was safe, but close.

    I have a morning class where I go with my Dodgers hat, and there’s a Pads fan, a Cubs fan and a Phillies fan, among the prerequisite Giants fan or two. This past month has been very interesting in silent glares and smirks across the room.

    well, I’ve gotta call it a night. Have a good one, Dcollins


    Manny could have been a Phillie

    Wednesday, October 8, 2008 | Print Entry

    Let’s play a little game of what-if. What if the world had spun a little bit differently in July?

    If it had, Manny Ramirez might still have found himself playing in the NLCS this week. It just would have been for the Phillies, not against them.

    Back in July, Phillies officials constantly denied they were actively pursuing Manny. But now that we’ve had 2½ months to sort out what really happened, it’s clear they were actually a lot more interested back then than they ever let on.

    To continue reading this article you must be an Insider.


    The longest regular season in professional sports has come and gone, leaving a mad scramble to decide the team that has what it takes to put together a tidy run of four wins in seven games.

    The Los Angeles Dodgers and Philadelphia Phillies have been both lucky enough and good enough to emerge from the pile with a shot at the World Series, so who is in a better position to win the National League Championship Series?

    Below is a position-by-position breakdown of the Phillies and Dodgers.


    Russell Martin, Dodgers. Martin is one of the premier young catchers in the game. A two-time All-Star in three years in the majors, the Ontario native played in 155 games during the regular season as manager Joe Torre used the 24-year-old’s athleticism at third base when he needed a day off behind the plate. Martin hit .280 with 13 homers while leading all major league catchers with 18 steals.


    Carlos Ruiz/Chris Coste, Phillies. Ruiz got most of the playing time in the Division Series and down the stretch because of his superior defense, but batted just .219 with four homers in the regular season before going 1-for-14 in the division series. Coste serves as a pinch hitter and offensive backup, batting .236 with nine homers in 274 at-bats.

    Edge: Dodgers

    First base:

    James Loney, Dodgers. Loney took a step back in his second full season, especially in the power department. After clubbing 15 blasts in 96 games in 2007, he managed 13 in 161 games this season. But he hit a grand slam in Game One against the Chicago Cubs and finished with six RBI in the three-game series.

    Ryan Howard, Phillies. Howard was the hottest player in the NL in September, batting .352 with 11 homers. Overall, he led the majors with 48 homers and 146 RBI. He went 2-for-11 in the NLDS against the Milwaukee Brewers but drew five walks in front of Pat Burrell.

    Edge: Phillies

    Second base:

    Blake DeWitt, Dodgers. The rookie DeWitt has moved over to second after starting the season at third base and represents a defensive upgrade over veteran Jeff Kent, who is still recovering from knee surgery. DeWitt hit .264 in the regular season and doubled twice against the Cubs last week.

    Chase Utley, Phillies. Utley has been the best offensive second baseman in the game for the past few years and has recently made himself into one of the best defensive players at the position as well. He slumped badly at the plate in the second half, dropping his OPS from .955 before the All-Star break to .855 after, and went 2-for-15 against the Brewers.

    Edge: Phillies

    Third base:

    Casey Blake, Dodgers. Blake hit .251 after his trade to Los Angeles in July, with 10 homers and 23 RBI in 53 games. He doesn’t have the classic offensive profile for the hot corner but his bat plays up in the No. 8 spot in the lineup.

    Pedro Feliz, Phillies. A superior defensive third baseman, Feliz hit 14 homers in the regular season but managed to post a paltry .302 on-base percentage. Philadelphia manager Charlie Manuel is not afraid to use Greg Dobbs either as a starter or pinch hitter in Feliz’s place.

    Edge: Dodgers


    Rafael Furcal, Dodgers. Furcal went down with a back injury on May 5 and didn’t return until September 24. When he’s healthy, as he appeared to be in the NLDS, Fucal is one of the best leadoff hitters in the NL, with pop from both sides of the plate, speed and above-average defense.

    Jimmy Rollins, Phillies. See above. Rollins and Furcal are similar players right down to their spots at the top of the lineup. Rollins went 6-for-16 against the Brewers and homered to leadoff Game Four. After struggling through much of the regular season, he batted .352 from August 25 until the end of the season.

    Edge: push.

    Left field:

    Manny Ramirez, Dodgers. Ramirez has a World Series MVP award from his time with the Boston Red Sox and owns the career record for postseason homers. He hit .396 with 17 homers and 53 RBI in 53 games after joining the Dodgers at the trading deadline. He went 5-for-10 with a pair of homers and four walks against the Cubs.

    Burrell, Phillies. Burrell played hero with a pair of homers in Game Four against Milwaukee but hit .215 with a .313 on-base percentage after the All-Star break and is a career .250 hitter against Los Angeles. The free agent to-be is prone to streaks, and he may have started a good one in the NLDS.

    Edge: Dodgers.

    Center field:

    Matt Kemp, Dodgers. Another piece of Los Angeles’ youthful corps, Kemp hit .290 with 18 homers and 35 steals in his first full season. The 24-year-old strikes out too much and doesn’t have the most range in the world in center field, but he has all five tools.

    Shane Victorino, Phillies. The “Flyin’ Hawaiian” is one of the most versatile players in Charlie Manuel’s lineup, able to bat at the top or bottom of the order. Victorino hit .293 with 14 homers and 36 steals in the regular season and hit a grand slam in Game Two against the Brewers. He has a strong arm and covers more ground than most in center.

    Slight edge: Phillies

    Right field:

    Andre Ethier, Dodgers. Ethier has been a different player since Ramirez arrived, batting .368 with a 1.049 OPS since August 5. He led the team with 20 homers in the regular season while driving in 77 runs and scoring 90 times.

    Jayson Werth, Phillies. One of the pleasant surprises in Philadelphia this season, Werth took the right field job from Geoff Jenkins midseason and never looked back, hitting 24 homers and stealing 20 bases. He could slide over to center field in a pinch and hit both second and sixth in the NLDS while going 5-for-16 with a homer and three doubles.

    Slight edge: Dodgers


    Derek Lowe, Chad Billingsley, Hiroki Kuroda and Clayton Kershaw, Dodgers. A nice mix of veteran experience (Lowe) and hard-throwing youth (Billingsley and Kershaw) with a Japanese sinkerballer throw-in. Lowe, Billingsley and Kuroda were dominant in the NLDS, helping limit the NL’s top offense to six runs in three games. Lowe won the clinching games of the ALDS, ALCS and World Series with the Red Sox in 2004.

    Cole Hamels, Brett Myers, Jamie Moyer and Joe Blanton, Phillies. Hamels is on the way to becoming one of the best pitchers in the game and allowed two hits in eight scoreless innings in Game One of the NLDS. Myers, Moyer and Blanton are inconsistent, with only Myers – among the three – with the stuff to be dominant at his best.

    Edge: Dodgers.


    Jonathan Broxton, etc., Dodgers. Los Angeles still has questions to answer, with the status of Takashi Saito and Hong-Chih Kuo up in the air. Broxton can be a top-shelf closer when his command is sound, pounding the zone with high-90s heat. Joe Beimel and Cory Wade are solid, and Greg Maddux will likely work as the long man.

    Brad Lidge, etc., Phillies. Lidge still has yet to blow a save or suffer a loss this season. Clay Condrey, Chad Durbin, J.C. Romero and Ryan Madson form one of the top setup crews in the NL and rookie J.A. Happ will work as the long man. Philadelphia led the NL with a 3.19 bullpen ERA in the regular season.

    Edge: Phillies.


    Joe Torre, Dodgers. Torre has a proven track record after leading the New York Yankees to 12 consecutive playoff appearances and four World Series crowns.

    Charlie Manuel, Phillies. Manuel always seems to be around the top of the standings, both with the Cleveland Indians in the past and now with Philadelphia, but this is his first trip to the LCS.

    Edge: Dodgers.

    Prediction: Dodgers in seven.


    Utley could have been a Dodger
    By The Associated Press
    6 hours, 8 minutes ago

    Buzz Up PrintRelated Video Angels bounce back Angels bounce back

    Top 10 home runs
    More MLB Videos PHILADELPHIA (AP)—Chase Utley grew up a Dodgers fan, so it wasn’t easy to turn them down after he was selected by Los Angeles in the second round of the 1997 amateur draft.

    Utley chose to go to UCLA and ended up being the Philadelphia Phillies’ first pick (15th overall) in the 2000 draft. The three-time All-Star second baseman has no regrets about spurning his hometown team’s offer, and he’ll face the Dodgers when the NL championship series begins Thursday night.

    “It was a difficult decision,” Utley said. “Obviously, playing professional baseball was a dream of mine, but at that point I thought I was better suited going to college first. The money was there, but for me, it was about growing as a person and the college experience.”

    Utley and his father were among the 56,051 fans in the stands when the Dodgers beat Oakland in Game 2 of the 1988 World Series en route to winning the title in five games.

    “It was a lot of fun, very exciting,” he said, recalling Orel Hershiser’s three-hitter against the heavily favored Athletics

  82. heartruss

    Hello ITD. As Tommy Lasorda would say, “Never boo a Dodger.” I cannot say anything negative about Manny. I love Manny especially for what it has done for the Dodgers. I think there would not have been a post season if it weren’t for Manny and Casey. Before they arrived on the scene, it was almost like the Dodgers were sleepwalking through the games. It personally hurts me when I hear anything negative about any of our guys. We are in the playoffs for the first time in a long while. Let’s just cheer them all! Go Dodgers!


    All i want is to hear Vinny doing the commentating…just doesnt seem right to be listening to tony gwinn read info about the dodgers off of a cheat sheet when i know that in the next box over vin freaking scully is sitting there in his jacket and tie….makes me miss los angeles

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