Furcal, SS

Martin, C

Manny, LF

Ethier, RF

Loney, 1B

Kemp, CF

DeWitt, 2B

Blake, 3B

Lowe, P

Roster below in previous post…


Looking good

WOW – 2 threads in one day…JOSH you are keeping us busy…tomorrows line up is looking good!

To borrow a Hawk Harrelson /White Sox phrase, that lineup is full of picks to click.

I like it! πŸ™‚

Geez Josh sometimes no new threads for 2 days and now 2 in one day…No more off days for you!!! LOL!

josh is trying to keep fresh threads to increase the traffic numbers so we can be the #1 rated site.. haha πŸ™‚

Hey Josh, if commenting trends hold up, we’ll have 3 blog posts that have more comments than DeRosa’s blog within a 24 hour span.

I think we have a hand up in the internet part of the battle for now, heheh!

Sara, I had the same thought as you at the same time!

wow Casey Blake 8th!! Joe Torre must really want to win. Only the Dodgers! Only they would finally have their best line up for a game and it ends up being Game 1 on the NLDS. The only way this Lineup would be better is if Dre batted 3rd and Manny batted 4th. We don’t have Juan Pierre at the top of the lineup anymore creating outs so why not bat manny 4th?

Boy Josh ~ Keeping us on our toes today.
Nothing to complain about with that line up. I’m kind of liking Mr. Ethier batting clean up. He hasn’t hit any home runs there yet, but he is still hitting the ball well. He even batted well on Sunday against Linsecum, without Manny in front or in back of him. He’s just plain hitting the ball right now. I think the Cubs are in for a surprise. This isn’t the same Dodger team that played them during the regular season.

I had the same thinking too. LOL!!! Josh mentioned competition to the right group for sure.

northstateblues.. great minds think alike πŸ˜‰

hey dnelly!

Hey sara!!! Trying to do my part to help in the cause to win this cyber competition.

Sara and DNelly, you won’t hear any arguments from me πŸ™‚

Hey northstateblues – How was Shakespeare today? πŸ™‚

DNelly, it was good, Richard III is a morbidly funny play (until the last act, then it’s just morbid). and now I have a midterm on Thursday, so that’ll be driving me nuts πŸ™‚

How was your class today?

Boy! Thome got ALL of that one!

Thome hit a HR, MIN 0 – CWS 1, bottom 7th, for those interested in the t-bALl game

yeah JJ, and Griffey almost had another! Minnesota has no chance but to walk the rook!

Yeah Griffey just missed. That Cuban kid is tough! Four Salamis this year with the one yesterday.

i wanted the twins to win this game.. but it doesn’t look good

How’s everyone doing this evening? I think our Dodgers are going to surprise a lot of skeptics out there. I think every night we will have a different hero………with Andre leading the way of course!

Max ~ I think the reason Manny is batting third is to get him up in the first inning and, to give him more at bats.

Nice catch! First time since 1906 that both Chicago teams are in the post season.

Sox just won. What a boring game.

White Sox fans are dirty. Hope TB beats them senseless!

scurtis ~ me too!

sorry ~ got kicked off computer.
Andre did a post on his blog about what he’s been doing since landing in Chicago – very nice πŸ™‚
nsblues – my class is doing great. They are asking about the Dodgers, Andre and Dodgereric every day. They know I talk to other Dodger fans on-line, and they know a few names, but Dodgereric has definitely stuck. I think my class likes Dodgereric more than me some days, and they don’t even know who he is – lol!!! It’s funny because everytime I give them an assignment, I set a timer that is connected to my computer. So, naturally I check e-mail, and ITD just to see what’s said. Well, they have made a connection that when I am checking my e-mail and I am laughing, that I am laughing at what Dodgereric has said, which in most cases is true. Today was especially funny with all the enchanted extras, so the students got to the point where even if I giggled away from the computer just thinking about enchanted, Ward Dear, etc, they said “It’s Dodgereric again isn’t it?”
I am glad you are enjoyed Richard III. I had a Shakespeare class at Sac State that I actually loved. The professor was excellent, and then I took Children’s Lit from him too, and he was just as good teaching that. He made the classes a lot of fun, which I missed in studying Shakespeare in high school.

*are shouldn’t be there – uuuggghhh!!!

The uncut version of “Bull Durham” is on. Another movie that is not the same when all cut up.

Hey there nelly and the rest of ITD,
I’m loving this lineup. Furcal was 2-4 the other night, I hope he can continue at that pace. Then the Captain and then Mandre. Wow that’s a solid 1-4. Then Casey Blake is #8. That means a solid 1-8. On top of that, normal great Dodger pitching. I’m getting a good feeling about this.

I know I’m one post behind on this comment, but…
Yay!!! No Sweeney!!! Sweet!

Hey Crash!! It’s never too late to say “Yay!! No Sweeney!!”
I am sure it will be said many more times even – lol!!

Nellyae ~ just posted on Andre’s blog. Thanks for letting me know he was talking about the trip.
Crash ~ NO SWEENEY, NO SWEENEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Sweeney issue is one of the few on this blog upon which there is universal agreement: YAAAY!!!! NO SWEENEY!!!!!

Seesky ~ you are right! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO SWEENEY, YEA!

Im rooting for this

Dodgers vs Brewers
Rays vs Angels

Dodgers vs Rays or Angels

My ex college roommate live in Tampa, so I like visiting there.

Okay, here goes again… YAY!!!! No Sweeney!!!!!

scurtis ~ sounds good to me and guess what? NO SWEENEY! lol

good evening all. I left work early today feeling sick. Blah, I hate feeling this way.
I just commented on Dre’s page. I kinda was hoping that he’d mention all the support messages we left when his baby was born, but I guess he really just is a private man. It was a fabulous post, very close to his heart. I’m glad he could share.
I wish I could curl up to some Dodger baseball tonight, but that will just mean tomorrow’s game will be that more exciting!!!

Amy ~ hope you are feeling better by tomorrow. The game won’t be as much fun, when we win, if you are sick.

scurtis, that works for me. The D’s and the Angels will be the Gunfight at the SoCal Corral

If I were an oddsmaker, here are my odds for Colletti being back in 2009, dependent on the number of playoff wins this year:
Zero wins – 50% chance (but if it were me, I’d fire his bu**)
One win – 60% chance
Two wins – 75% chance (jumps due to breaking the 20 year record)
Three wins – 80% chance
4-6 wins – 85% chance
7 wins – 90% chance
8-10 wins – 95% chance
11 wins – 100% chance

Tru- thank you. I hope so too. I want to enjoy the game to the fullest!

crash ~ what are your odds on Manny coming back? On Rome is Burning today during the Forum segment, they all were in agreement and said Manny should be brought back!
He really loves it in LA

Get better Amy!

Yup no Sweeney lol his own fault for hitting like crap!


Amy ~ I’m giving you my best thoughts for a speedy recovery…………hopefully it’s just a 24 hour type bug.

Tru, Manny has got to be signed. If I were Frank, I’d make sure it happened. Since I’m not Frank, I’d give it a 75% probability. If Manny comes up big in the playoffs, and there’s no reason to think he won’t, and if Frank doesn’t sign Manny, there will be people with torches and pitchforks who come looking for Frank.

Amy ~ I know………send your bug to the Cubs!

DNelly, that’s funny! I can imagine you giggling in class, mostly at stuff that the kids can’t hear, heheh. I know I was getting weird looks in the Computer Lab and at home from my gf laughing my ___ off with Eric and Enchanted’s antics! Totally made my day better.

crash24, I take it you heard the news. NO SWEENEY! YAY!!!!!!!!! Hi-5 for that!

Amy, the Pop Legend, sorry to hear you’re not feeling so good 😦 Chicken soup and Orange Juice? Get well soon, I’m sure you’re gonna need your voice for Saturday πŸ™‚

Amy – please get well soon. ITD needs all its bloggers healthy at this time of year.

AMY – you need to get better! I know you are feeling a little down since there is no game tonight and the Dodgers are out of town.
DNELLY – I have a cute story about my lil 3 yr old boy. Well today as we were driving home from my in-laws, we started talking about football (he just started playing flag football), wel out of the “BLUE” he tells me “Mommy, you had a dream about E-tier (he says Ethier funny) & and Mar-tin” so I asked him if it was him (he is a big fan of both) or me that had the dream and he tells me “No mommy I know you dream about E-tier & Mar-tin”. I just started laughing when he told me. He is already thinking blue and was wondering if they were coming to the park by my house to play. I WISH!
ETHIERAHOLICS – I read Ethiers blog and that is awsome that he is taking his time to blog and let us know “What’s UP”…yeah he is a private man and respect to that!

NSBlues – Thanks! Here’s your high-five! No Sweeney! Yay!

NsBlues ~ I’ll give you a high 10 ……….. NO SWEENEY, YEA!

okay – 2nd time I’ve gotten kicked off. Doesn’t my computer know we are trying to win a competition here, not that we aren’t blowing away the competition right now. However, I would hate for Ward Dear, June Darlin’, and the rest of the ITD Late Night crew to have to pull off an all nighter to win.

Amy ~ NSblues is right about the chicken soup. It is a cure-all. I find, Gatorade works well too.

On Manny, I say it’s no more than 50/50. Manny may like it in LA but, if the contract is better elsewhere, he’ll like it someplace else. It depends on how reasonable Boreass’s demands are. It also depends how many bodies and dollars we can clear. It’s a given that, at the least, one outfielder has to go.

Amy – get well soon hon, We need you!!!
nsblues – Today was especially funny, and then reading Junie B. Darling in the book I was reading just really capped it off well. My class thinks I am completely insane sometimes, but it’s good that they know I have a fun side. Even in first grade, not all teachers have a fun side. I sometimes want to go up to those teachers and say “THEY ARE ONLY SIX YEARS OLD”. I want them leaving first grade with a first grade experience and not realizing they learned to read, write and do math the whole time. Just like I said about the Shakespeare/Children’s Lit professor I had – he made it so much fun, I forgot it was supposed to be hard.
dodgersrule – THAT IS A VERY CUTE STORY …. πŸ™‚

Seesky: Regarding the money, we should get rid of Nomar, Kent, and Penny. That would free up close to $20 mil. Regarding outfielders, we should trade either Jones or Pierre for a bucket of balls.

I do have chicken soup and gatorade in my cupboard. I don’t feel much like eating though 😦
Thank you for all of your warm thoughts. It’s not that bad, but I do feel weak and my head hurts!
I like the new title to my name. lol. I feel important.
Rose, that story is way too cute. Gotta love little kids

Crash ~ I’m with you on the money for Manny. That freed up money you just mentioned plus the fact that he is bringing in loads of revenue from ticket sales and merchandise. Oh, and, remember, no more Sweeney. lol

Kids are the best!
DNELLY – I hear ya! My daughers Kindergarten teacher was trying to teach the Delenean Hand writing (OK sorry don’t know how to spell it) instead of the typical block letter. For the week homework she will give them a book report a week, spelling words, the nightly reading logs, religion (private school) and math. She basically had 3 nights to do it all since we had to turn in all the homework by Thursday morning. I was going nuts working full-time and trying to keep up with her homework. I do believe parents should be involve, but man I was sooooo tired that I was looking forward to her days off, so that I can have a day off.

Amy ~ from now on, you are PopLegend!

Crash and Tru: Hi-10’s all around!!

DNelly, thank god there’s teachers like you. Standardized tests… well, don’t want to get you on a rant, but I have a feeling before you know it, Arnie’s gonna have you teaching them Algebra. But kids don’t like boring black-and-white stuff, they like fun, they like color, they like excitement, and it sounds like you’re giving them a lot of what they want sprinkled in with a ton of what they need! I know I learned better when there was a cartoon or puppet involved, heh.

Amy, what do you mean you FEEL important? Pop legends ARE important πŸ™‚

NSBlues – I agree with you kids need more to get them interested in a particular subject. DNELLY has the energy the kids now a days need.

On a side note, I took off earlier to get my girlfriend’s mom her prescription before she takes off for the east coast tomorrow. I turn on the radio, and M.I.A.’s Paper Planes came on the radio. I was so-so when I first heard it after Josh posted about it, but this time, I cranked the radio up to 38 and drove through town bumping the Dodgers’ favorite song-of-the-moment!

It was perfect, the night just falling, lights everywhere, and that beat fluttering around like a… well… a paper plane. Good times.

Now we have to get PopLegend well for the game tomorrow. I know you’re not hungry but, eat your chicken soup!

NSBlues I hear ya! I do the same each time I hear that song.

dodgersrule – our kinder teachers are the worst when it comes to homework. The parents are relieved when they get to first grade and only have an average of 20min per night, depending on student’s motivation to get it done. The only thing I see that’s good about homework with the K-1 students is it allows parents to know what the student is doing in the classroom. Other than that, if I were in charge, homework would be limited to special fun take home projects. I do “First Grade My Space” (kids bring in family pictures and cut outs of the things they like – candy,food, cartoon characters, sports teams, etc. , “Flat Stanley”(a paper doll who travels the world), “Operation Turkey Dressing” (The students take a picture of a body of a Turkey, and they have to come up with a diguise so the Turkey doesn’t get eaten for Thanksgiving. This is my favorite – I’ve had turkeys dressed as super heros, princesses, athletes, and last year, the President). That’s just some I do. They are fun, and it gets the family involved without doing worksheets.

Well I gotta go and read a books to the kids…Dora the Explore…WE DID IT!

I agree, Crash, but now we have to convince some other sap GM to give up the bucket of balls.

DNELLY – Operation Turkey Dressing sound fun. Well it seems that my daugthers 2nd grad teacher is better. She does give them homeworks but for their level. Her first grade teacher was tooo old fashion, her Kindergarden (which) I did like but I felt that she was tring to teach them tooooo much for being Kindergarden…she has a lot of energy and yes kept the kids entertain. So I liked her for that, but she was throwing to much info that the kids weren’t really learning. Now this teacher she has right now, so far so good. OK now I gotta go read to them.

πŸ™‚ I’m just glad that my Dodger friends are also Disneyland friends. The two things just seem to go together!!!
Tru- I just had a little bit of cereal. It’s all that I wanted to eat. I wasn’t hungry, but at least I ate something.

Bonjour Dodger and ITD faithful. Hope everyone had a terrific day. Looks like Joko is finally “getting it”. LOL!! No Sweeney or Procto.
Amy, mon amie, I hope you are feeling better soon.
Let’s go Dodgers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seesky, sorry in advance for being crass, but for Jones I’d settle for a used jockstrap – it’s of more use than Jones.

thanks jhall. Ok guys. The computer break lifted my spirits…now back to bed for this girl.
we will meet up tomorrow. For some Dodger Playoff baseball!!!
I can’t wait!! GO BLUE!
good night all πŸ™‚

LOL Crash!!! Me too!!!

Hey jhall – good to see you.

Poplegend Amy- that has a nice ring to it πŸ™‚
nsblues – in some ways I feel like I am already teaching them algebra. As far as the state test, first graders don’t take them, but they might as well be. We give them just as many assessments (5 times in language arts, 4 times in math). They are just not factored into state data. And when they take these tests, of course they have to do a bubble test just like the state tests, but they can’t fill in the bubbles, so we, the teachers, have to do it. The one stat guy at our grade level counted out 20,000 bubbles we fill in every year on scantron sheets for those stupid tests that have no meaning whatsoever on how a child is doing in first grade.

Good night Amy/Poplegend!!! Get better soon.

You to Crash. Very psyched for the playoffs. I think we’ve got a good shot at knocking off the Cubbies!!! Zambrano and Hardin haven’t been lights out lately.

Hi Jhall. My day was great and it became perfect when I saw the roster for the playoffs and, NO SWEENEY!
PopLegend ~ cereal isn’t the best idea. Milk sometimes upsets the stomach. If you are feeling weak and have a headache, you are probably getting the flu. Those are usually the first symptoms. Afterall, I am DoctorMom! So, lots of fluids and aspirin or Tylenol should help.

Amy/PopLegend–Your bug sounds like the one I had last Thursday and Friday. I had to leave work early on Thursday and I spent all that afternoon and evening in bed. Hence, I didn’t get to enjoy our clinching the NL West too much. Just eat what you can and rest up. We need all the help, especially from pop legends, that we can get in these playoffs.

Hey Wally!!! How are you doing?
Poplegend Amy – good night!! Get rest, you will need it for tomorrow.

For us Loney fans, it looks like the Cubs only have one lefty starting pitcher going, and that’s in the fourth game – Ted Lilly.

Hey Mom and Trumom!!! Glad you had a great day. Very exciting getting ready for the playoffs. This year I think we have a better shot at advancing than in the previous couple of times we have made it this far.

jhall – I agree with you about Zambrano – he’s been beaten up for five or more runs in five of his last ten starts. But Harden has been lights out – only gave up more than two earned runs once in his last ten games. Thankfully, we only face him in game 3.

LOL, Crash!!!! Agreed!!!!

Doing great Nelle’. Merci beau coup!!!

Just read Andre’s new post. He seems pretty relaxed and ready to go. I posted on there that I have a good feeling about this team, like I did about the 1988 team. I hope my feeling is right. I really think they are going to go far. Feel better, Amy. There must be something going around. People at work have been sick too.

Jhall ~ I’m really excited about the playoffs. I, too, think we have a great chance of going all the way this year. We have become much more patient at the plate, waiting for a good pitch to hit.

Thanks Crash, I guess I was misinformed about Harden. We can take these guys regardless.

Agreed Trumom!! The team seems to be gelling at the right time. I think they believe in themselves as long as Joko doesn’t start doing stupid things with the lineup. Go with what got you there Joe!!!!!

Zambrano’s a pretty tightly wound spring, too. He doesn’t keep his emotions in check very well. If he gets off to a bad start, he’s very beatable.

Darn right, jhall! Like in NSBlues photoshop, it will be CUBS 101 !!!!
I’m thinking that Beimel is staying away from glass drinking vessels, especially since Kuo didn’t make the NLDS roster.

Jhall ~ remember, he’s got Jeff and Nomar, so who knows if he’ll just use them to pinch hit or to play.

Plus the Cubs haven’t played against this Dodger team. We are a much different team than we were in July/August.

Tru, yeah, if Joe stays with the eight that Josh posted above, I think we’ve got a pretty good chance.

And, remember, no Sweeney!

crash – I know Harden’s been winning, but they were saying on ESPN that his velocity has been down lately. Hopefully that works to our advantage.

Very true Tru!!!

I hate to put it all on one guy, but if Furcal hits and fields like he did in April, we’ll be hard to beat. If he is too rusty, we will have a difficult time. He’s the one wild card in the great lineup of eight.

I like Nomore and Kant pinch hitting. Much better than Sweeney. Geez. I don’t think we can win this series or go all the way with their defense. Hope Joko realizes that pitching and defense win championships!!! Seems to be getting his head out of Ned’s nether region. LOL!!!!

Good point Crash!!!!!

Jhall – Agree. We don’t need Kent nor Nomar on defense. We need the able gloves of Furcal and Dewitt. Especially with Lowe throwing the sinkers.

I agree Crash – let’s hope Furcal is a healthy Furcal and is not coming back to soon.

Crash & Jhall ~ you are right about the defense. I was concerened about Furcal at first, but I’m sure Joe is certain he is up for the challenge.

A healthy Furcal is way better than Berroa even at his best. That being said, I’ve grown a whole new respect for Berroa. First, it was Berroa and Manny setting up the reporter – “power hitter behind me – oh, who, Juan Pierre?” Then, when we clinched the division, his snorkeling gear – the guy is just too funny.

Trublue, I think Raffy has looked really good since he’s come back considering he was out for so long and had back surgery. It really is amazing to think he is starting tomorrow’s game. I definitely wasn’t expecting to have him back this year.

Ferk could be the piece that puts us over the top if he comes back strong. I think Maddux could have a great effect on the team as well. Not only on the hill but in the clubhouse with his experience and demeanor.

LOL Crash!!!

blucrewgirl ~ I’m thrilled that Raffy is back with us! It couldn’t have come at a better time. I’m so excited about the playoffs!

Oh my God, Jessica Simpson is singing country on “Dancing With The Stars”………..I can’t stand her! Just awful!

LOL!! Crash – that was funny πŸ™‚

LOL Trumom!!!

Mom, where’s Beav on this moonless night. Hmmm!!!! LOL!!!!

Jhall ~ she was really bad! I think there is another example of someone with no talent making lots of money. They complain about the big bucks the athletes make but, look at the movie stars and singers………..outrageous!

Agreed Trumom!!! LOL!!!!

LOL!!! probably home trying to figure out who enchanted is…… LMAO!!!!!

Darn near Unacceptable™ Trumom!!!!

Beavette was going to meet the fleet! lol

LOL Nell’!!!

Hey sailor, want to get lucky?!! LOL!!!

Oh, and Jhall, dinner at eight………because the Lady is a Tramp.

Wally – I have been like this all day… this is just too funny LMAO!!!! I never even thought enchanted would be in question I guess. I always thought it was a given, but obviously I was wrong. LOL!!!!

It is amazing Nell’. LOL!!!
Beavette the Tramp. Too funny!!!!

Wally ~ This was a good as the time I was picturing enchanted with a g-string on – remember that? OMG!!! LMAO!!!!

It was also reported that the two of you, Jhall, went to see a double feature………When Harry met Sally and You’ve Got Mail! lol You missed a lot this afternoon.

The snorkeling gear was awesome. Everything was awesome that night, I didn’t see a picture of Beimel in his robe until yesterday. I saw everyone talking about him coming out in a bathrobe, and I imagined it’d be like Hugh Hefner’s to go with Kuroda and his interpreter.

But that was an awesome robe! Didn’t know they made those.

Crash, thanks for the shoutout! If I have any more ideas, I’ll get to photoshopping

And to think this all came from one simple question……. LMAO!!!!!!

ITD Bloggers (sung to the tune” Secret Agent Man” by Johnny Rivers)

There are souls who live a life of danger
When they logon, they become a stranger
With every post they make, another chance they take
Odds are they won’t live to see tomorrow

They’re ITD Bloggers, man
They’re ITD Bloggers, man
They’ve given you one name
and taken away your name

Beware of cyberspaces that you find
They sometimes can hide an evil mind
Ah, be careful what you say
Or they’ll take your name away
Odds are you won’t live to see tomorrow

Repeat Chorus

Swinging on the blogosphere one day
And then laying in a dark alley next day
Oh, no, you let the wrong word slip
While giving Ned and Joe a rip
Odds are you won’t live to see tomorrow

Repeat Chorus

Holy Cow!! Guess I better go back and read the earlier threads. LOL!!!

Wally – a question your father answered BTW….. LOL!!!!

Seesky ~ Fantastic!!!

Jhall ~ it was quite a day, to say the least!

seesky – That is incredible!!!! Wow!!!! Haven’t seen a song in a long time.

LMAO!! Just went back and read that thread. That Dad/Eric is quite a cuttup. LOL!!!!
Actually, we went to see Plan 9 From Outer Space!!!!!

Wally – I think Ward Dear is going to archive what started the whole thing- too funny not to. We need to be able to access that in the future.


Outstanding!!© Sky. LMAO!!!!

We definitely did Wally, we definitely did…. who knows what’s next – LMAO!!!!

Nelly & TrueBlue– I’ve tried to write one before but my efforts never panned out. This one came together rather quickly. The night before a playoff series is a good time for my maiden effort.

Yep Nell’, got to keep that in the archives. HaHa!!!!

seesky – it is terrific maiden effort!!

great song seesky!

Jhall, happy reading! I had half the computer lab shooting looks at me today ’cause I laughed so hard.

I could nit-pick the exact placement of the 2 hitter and the 4-6 hitters, but I think it’s mostly going with the hot hands and pretty much any combination of those guys works. You could have Manny hit 3 or Manny hit 4, but I say let him hit 3rd–if the game comes down to 9th innings, 2 outs, and the number 3 hitter at the plate, I would rather have Manny up than Andre (not that I would mind Ethier–or Martin, Loney, or Kemp).
So, Max’s point is right. We finally have the best lineup on the field, and it took until the first game of the playoffs.
So here’s the thing–people are giving the Cubs a huge edge over us because the Cubs have had the best record in the league this year. Anyone want to venture a guess what our record would be if we had played this line-up every day? (This is not a knock on Joe–we did not have Manny until August, and Raffy was out for a long time–though we did play a lot of games with even sub-optimal lineups). And imagine the second-half versions of Matt Kemp, James Loney, and Andre Ethier, with that much more experience and honing of their skills. Would that make up for the 13 game difference between the Cubs and the Dodgers? Perhaps not, but it is much, much closer. And that’s the fundamental reason that I think that this team can win a few games, maybe win a series, maybe win the pennant, and perhaps even win it all.
Two notes–I have not gotten a chance to see how Furcal is playing, but if he’s back to his old, early season ways, that is huge. If he’s not healthy, I am worried. Same with Jeff Kent–in fact, perhaps I’m a bit of a softy, but I would probably start Kent if I thought he were 100%. But I am happy with DeWitt.
That brings up another point–assuming, as seems fair, that the Game 2 line-up is the same as Game 1, we will have 6 home-grown players out of 9 in the starting line-up, all of whom have less than 3 years of major league experience. Memo to the world–the youth movement in Los Angeles is real, is dangerous, and is the beginning of a dynasty. Get used to it.

Beavette the Tramp in a G-String. LMAO Nell’!!!!!!!
Should have seen it coming.

Good for you North. Good to see you!!!!

Hey Leek. Good post!!!

LMAO!!!! Wally ~ This just keeps getting funnier and funnier the more I read it……and on top of all the other things that have happened to enchanted, including being a number for a short time…. LMAO!!!!!

nsblues/jhall – 20 six year olds saying “What did Dodgereric say now?” LMAO!!!!!

Good evening Leekfink!!! Wonderful post as usual. It is getting closer to November, and that means you will get to come home to California soon. I hope all is well out in Denver. Take Care…. πŸ™‚

Too cool Nell’!!!!

Beavette in a g-string – now that’s a visual!!! LMAO!!!!!!

Yes, jhall – we should have seen that one coming…. LOL!!!

Oh Juuuuuune, I’m hooooooooome!

Oh no!!!! Wally your father’s home…… quick!! go find your brother, or is he your sister now…. LMAO!!!!!

Good evening Ward Dear… How was your day? Did you have scouts tonight?

Good seeing you too, Jhall! now I have to get rid of imagery, heheh.

Leekfink, great post. I think a lot of people are forgetting that this isn’t the same team that got knocked around in Wrigley. If we perform well, we’re gonna turn some heads, and those jerks at ESPN will pretend they knew it all along, where we can see ( ) that only Jim Caple and Peter Gammons think we’ll win it.

Bob Costas didn’t think we’d win it in 1988, either.

nsblues – good luck in getting rid of the imagery. It’s very difficult and in the last 24 hours (literally now), it’s just gotten harder – LOL!!!!!

Good evening, Late Night ITD! Yes June Darlin’, Boy Scouts tonight. Big deal, this meeting….Matt passed his troop level Eagle Board of Review! One more hurdle and there’s a new Eagle Scout in Troop 148!

lee, it’s always great to read your stuff. Furcal seems solid. I know he doesn’t have a lot of hits, but he looks good. With just the smallest piece of luck, he could be 4 or 5 for 11.

Wally, always a pleasure to see you on here. Never a dull moment! I hope no one’s too upset with my somewhat unsophisticated way of expressing myself……..

The best part of playoff baseball is that the regular season records are thrown out. Everybody starts fresh. What counts is how well a team is playing now. We’ve played our best baseball in September and, if we continue to do that, we have a real chance to go deep into the playoffs and, perhaps, win it all. If games were played on paper, we would’nt have won it all in 1988. If you compare the talent level of the A’s and Dodgers that year, the A’s, by all rights, should’ve beat us. But that’s why they play the games. GO BLUE!!!!

Good night, all. I’ll prepare the flask for tomorrow.

Hole-filler, HAH! He just went out and got what he could get for no money and put them in the mix. Coletti is like a student who messes around the whole year and is scrambling like mad, hoping to high heaven that he can somehow pull out a “C”.

By dodgereric on September 30, 2008 4:37 PM
Ward Dear…. this was a wonderful post earlier today. This could easily be your weekly send in to the Times.
For those of you reading for the first time today, this is just the end of dodgereric’s post.
That’s wonderful to hear about Matt – just incredible, but you knew he would do it, but I’m sure it feels great nonetheless.

Good Night Seesky – I hope that flask is a big one.. I have a feeling we will be celebrating with it….. πŸ™‚

OK, competition update!

Since Sept 22 @ 5PM, our “competition” has had 115 posts. We’ve had 163 since 5PM TODAY! And, since baseball is all about stats, since Sept 22 @ 5PM we’ve had 2587.

Game over!

Oh, seesky! You’re #404 on our blog! Nice song, pal!

Wow!!! So, we don’t have to worry about a race to 1000 blitz like before? Not that we had any competition other than ourselves on that one. Boy!! We sure do know how to entertain ourselves, even when there is no game.

You know, June Darlin’, you might have something there. I think I’ll wait a week to see if I have to respond to some dodgererichater.

That was a great song Ward Dear….

glad I can help πŸ™‚

Grrrr, I keep getting booted off!

I wonder if Josh was perhaps misinformed as to our competition. If we are the top two blogs, we’re Wayne Gretzky, we’re Tiger Woods!

Goodnight and great song, seesky. I agree, you’d better bring the industrial sized flask tomorrow. I think we’re all going to be on the edge of our nerves.

So, what should we title that little stroll thru the Twilight Zone?

Eric ~ I got kicked off twice earlier..
Hey bluecrewgirl – how are you this evening?

Hiya bluecrewGIRL! How ya’ll are? And are you really a girl?

good question – hmmmmm ….. “An Enchanted Evening” perhaps ….hmmmmm let me think…

I’m good, DNelly. Thanks for asking. Eric, I’ve been booted off the blog quite a bit lately. I’ll be typing a post and and I get kicked off in the middle of it.


I’m not much for inspirational addresses. I just wanna point out that almost every sportswriter on ESPN has picked us to lose. The Chicago press thinks we’d save everbody a lot of time and trouble if we just went out and shot ourselves.

Me, I like to see the Dodgers waste sportswriters’ time, so I’m all for hangin’ around and seein’ if we can give all these guys a nice big $#!tburger to eat.

you tell them nsblues!!!!!
eric – I am still thinking…. πŸ™‚

Eric and Bluecrewgirl, to combat disappearing posts, I usually open a Notepad window to type in, then just copy and paste (especially when it’s more than a paragraph). ANd I CTRL+C often, just in case. Maybe a bit obsessive of me, but it gets the job done

That’s a great idea, Northstate. I’ll have to try that. It’s really annoying when you’re just about ready to hit submit and you get kicked off.

Yes, Eric, I am really a girl, lol. Well, maybe too old to qualify as a girl anymore.

nsblues – I use notepad all the time when I am doing the longer stuff.

LOL!! ~ bluecrewgirl – glad we got that cleared up…. πŸ™‚

Yeah north, when I feel a tirade a’comin, I’ll just open up Word. But even when you’re just thinking of a one-liner it can drive you nuts.

bluecrewGIRL, I hope I didn’t offend……….:-)

No, you didn’t offend at all ):

hmmmm… you don’t have any ideas Ward Dear?

Ah, good! I didn’t see you respond, so I got a little worried. I thought, crap, maybe she didn’t see the enchanted stuff we were up to earlier.

Yeah, it’s the worst when you’re hovering over the Submit button, and it crashes on you. I’ve shocked my girlfriend with the things that come out of my mouth when that happens, heheheh.

Eric, congrats to your son on getting closer to Eagle Scouts!

“Some enchanted Evening” works for me.

“Strange things can happen when the enchantedsun sets”

Thanks north. He doesn’t know if he’s excited or relieved! It’s been a long row to hoe!

Enchanted? He or She?: You Decide

I like the one you came up with better….. “Strange Things Happen When EnchantedSun…. Sets”

“Enchanted by day, Beaver by night”

That is very good too…. I like that one πŸ™‚

LOL! Too much!!!! heheheheheh

Ward Dear…. I think you should go for that one…. Alot of different meanings in that one.

“Sigmund Freud’s Nightmare”

“Dazed and Confused”

He Said, She Said

“What the hell am I, I forgot”

A Cleaver Family Nightmare


Been dazed and confused for so long it’s not true
Thought up a woman, never bargained for you
Lots of people talking, how could one know
A man from a woman in the moonlight below


When we are all done, we should list them all and let enchanted choose.

LMAO!!!! nsblues – too funny!!!!!!!!!!

“Dr StrangeE, Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Beav”

LOL ERIC!!! Cue the Slim-Pickens-riding-the-bomb scene…

Enchanted will come up with something that we wished we had thought of.

You are probably right about that….. LOL Leave it to Enchanted.. LOL!!!

If Slim Pickens is wearing a dress………..


Jeez, if three days between games does this to us, what are we going to be like in February?

There’s Something About Enchanted

a little scary to think about……

Something in the way he writes
attracts me like no other blogger
Something in the way he rips Ned
I don’t know if he’s a boy
He dresses like Helen of Troy

Kind of explains why those love songs were so easy for enchanted to write… πŸ™‚

The Way I Was
Like the corners of my mind
Misty water-colored memories
Of the Way I was…..


I’m starting to feel bad for the old boy, er……

I hate to say it June Darlin’, but I’m starting to fade.

Wierd Science….

LOL! You two are hilarious tonight!

ack, guess I should knock off for now, gotta drive someone to the airport tomorrow, take some time to get a quick nap before work, and get off in time for the game, while studying for my midterm inbetween. YAY!!

Have a good night πŸ™‚

just like sara said…. aww poor enchanted 😦 seriously, that was priceless

Good night nsblues…. you were pretty funny yourself tonight. Get a good night sleep, and have a great day tomorrow.

Goodnight north! Keep the faith!

I think we better be ready to take some of our own medicine. Enchanted is liable to team up with jhall and hit us right between the eyes! LOL!!

LOL!!! I know ~ jhall didn’t even know half a what happened throughout the day until somebody told him. We are the parents you know, and it would make their day to get us good.

“Though we’ve belted you and flayed you
By the living God that made you
You’re a better man than I am, enchanted/Beav.”

That is wonderful Ward Dear……

“Gunga Din” just ended on TCM. It fit perfectly.

That’s good ~ Well, I am watching “Cold Case” ~ not much there

“Psycho” is beginning. I think I hear my mother calling me……….

that’s one creepy dude!!!

Oh ~it’s on here too..

Little Shop of Horrors is getting ready to start at 1 am ~ “Feed me Seymour”

That movie is hilarious! But I gotta hit the sack. Take care June Darlin’! My best to you and yours!

I am going to sleep to Ward Dear.. have a wonderful sleep. Good night and God Bless to you and your family. See you on ITD am…
We kept our status at the top of the mlblogs tonight.

WOWWWWWWW this is an amazing lineup!!!!! i cant believe this is the lineup!!! i remember posting a long time ago about if we had this lineup as a longshot and now it has become true! if furcal is healthy as he actually and skeptically says then we our just as if not better than the cubs on offense! ramirez is the centerpiece! the key and how andre ethier hits and i think he will represent the david ortiz in the lineup! yaaaaaa knowww yaaa knowwww!!dont get it twisted david ortiz is 3 times better than ethier but i would say that ethier is an offensive threat behind of in front of manny! wowww i am excited for the series. this is why this will be even more sweet!

quoted on yahoo (east coast biased)

That would be Ramirez’s impact right now on this team, which, even with him, is terribly flawed offensively, suspect defensively, and about to take on the NL’s best team with a pitching staff unproven beyond Derek Lowe.

hahaha i laugh at this! mann is this a disrepsect or what! offense terribly flawed?!?! are you serious?! furcal leading off? i dont know thats sounds pretty solid…martin batting second? hmmm i dont know he is walks a lot and will see more fastballs to drive with furcal on the pad as well as manny! omg manny batting 3rd?!?! woww best pure hitter in baseball for past 10 years! yeah i dont know enough saiddd…ethier kemp loney blake dewitt? yeah again enough said derek lowe best picther in baseball for past 2 months?! ummm wowww this will be very interesting but dodgers in 4!
Dodgers 3 – Cubs 1

cubs lineup dodgers lineup

lf soriano

The left field pavillion needs to be renamed MANNVILLE!



Good morning ITDers!!

Excited. Might go to the Barneys in Pasadena to watch the game from there.

Good Morning, ITD writers and readers!!!
Well, Mike and Mike on ESPN think the Dodgers can do this, and Mike Greenberg is a Cubs fan. He is afraid of what the Dodgers can do. I think he is right. The Cubs haven’t faced THIS Dodger team, and I think many people are in for a pleasant/rude surprise depending on your outlook. Well, have a wonderful morning, everyone, and I will check in when I can. I believe Eric, nsblues, bluecrewgirl and I kept ITD well out in front in the cyber competition.
Enchanted – I just hope you know we had fun at your expense because we think so highly of you. You are one of the most creative people on this board, and I am sure Eric is right. You can probably come up with just as many titles of your adventure in the “I don’t know who I am” saga. πŸ™‚

It’s almost time for the playoffs to start. Whatever happened during the season is in the past, and our chosen playoff roster starts with a clean slate like everybody else in the October competition. I give Torre credit for selecting the best for the playoffs. The big indicator for that is NO SWEENEY. I don’t know whether we can put it all together to go to the WS, but over a two week stretch we have as good a chance as anybody else.


I also heard Mike & Mike pick the Dodgers. They both picked them to go to the World Series and Golick actually picked us to win.
. Our newspaper had more curses for the Cubs:
Security guards will search ticket holders for weapons, goats, or Bartmans,
Cubs fans will not tell Kerry Wood to “break a leg”
Cub fans will keep a beer in hand, in case they need to cry into it. Oh, wait,. They always have a beer in hand, regardless.

I think Beavette’s reputation has been sullied…
She’s a good girl – ask any sailor.

Perhaps the Ed Wood classic Glen or Glenda would be appropriate…

Catch you all later.

This lineup is probably the best of the year. It has a combination rarely (ever?) seen before — Manny and Raffy. Very solid one through eight. Speed at the top, homerun power throughout, and Manny in the middle.
Raffy — If anything vaguely resembling his peak performance is one of baseball’s premier leadoff hitters.
Russell — Overworked and tired? Maybe. But I beleive that with this young man’s passion and desire he can definitely turn it on for the post-season.
Manny — Manny!!
Andre — Wow! Andre has truly impressed me lately, and as I have said before, continues to force me to reassess him upwards. Do I expect him to be the Dodgers biggest post-season star? No, but he’s fooled me before.
James Loney —

My Loney has a first name
It’s J-A-M-E-S
My Loney has a second name
It’s L-O-N-E-Y
I love to watch him every day
And if you ask me why I’ll say
Cause James Loney has a way with
Matt — About to show the world who the most exciting young player in the game is.
Blake — About to show the world why he will be a Dodger mainstay for the next decade.
Casey — This guy would bat cleanup on many teams; he’s our #8 hitter. Some lineup!!

lny4loney ~ great assessment. I think we will have several players come of age during this series.

Beavette wearing a G-String in LA.
Plucked his eyebrows on the blog.
Shaved his legs and then Beav was a she.
Beavette says, Take A Walk On The Wild Side.
And the bloggers say,
Deet, Da Deet, Da Deet, Da Deet, Da Deet,
Deet, Da Deet, Da Deet, Da Deet, Da Deet.

Good morning to you, Jhall. I see we are still in form!

Good morning Trumom!! LOL!!!

I’m waiting for Beavette to get back……..can’t wait for what will come next. Ladies are like that, you know…….always keep you guessing!

Good Morning everyone! Just stopping by to give my 2 cents and my motivation today!! This team has put us through one rollercoaster ride of a year. But boy, let me tell you, this has been a great ride! I’d love to see these guys come out and take care of business today so they can steal homefield advantage. This Dodger team looks like they’re having 10 x more fun than in years past. The mixture of vets and younger guys is starting to pay off, I love seeing Raffy in the lineup, super motivational, and awesome to have your best players on the field at the most important time of the season. We can absolutely win this thing. Like a lot of you have been saying, this is not the same team that most of the league played against earlier this season. I really don’t mean just the addition of Manny, but the regular playing time of Ethier, the maturation of all of the guys… LET’S HAVE SOME FUN BOYS! LET’S REMIND THE LEAGUE THAT THE DODGERS ARE A TEAM OF HISTORICAL SIGNIFICANCE AND LET’S KICK SOME CUBBIE BUT!! GO DODGERS!! HOLY SH!@ GO DODGERS!!

Think Blue!

Glad Furcal is in there, hope he has a great series — but most of all, I want Joe Torre in the World Series while the Yanks watch with envy.

Good Morning, Wally!! I see you picked up where you/we left off last night – LOL!!!
Good Morning, Trublue and Brandon!!!

Good morning Miss Debbie ~ can’t wait for the game to start. Hope you get out of school early, and home in time to watch the game from the start. We should go to a bar and watch by ourselves………no outside distractions, if you know what I mean πŸ™‚ Have a good day.

David ~ my sentiments too.

Bonjour MereNelle’!!! You guys were on a roll last night. LOL!!! Gotta run. Have a great day everyone. Catch you tonight for the game. Go Dodgers!!!!!

Got back from taking someone to the airport, and just popping in to say GO DODGERS

I need a nap, see you later all πŸ™‚

I’m so excited, and I just can’t hide it.
I’m about to lose control and I think I like it,,,,
I am burning a 1/2 day vacation to go watch the game. I’ll run some errands before that.
Let’s go Dodgers!!!

I got my Fanatico por Vida Dodger pin on! Ran into a Cub fan at the chatsworth train station and I started chanting “Let’s go Dodgers!!” :::clap clap clap calp::: He said he will be at Saturday’s game. I hope we don’t see too many of them there. They come out of the woods when their team is in town.
I’ll be at Barney’s in Pasadena watching the game. The Dodgers flagstation will be there. Bobby Castillo will be there and I think I heard Jorge Jarrin.

EMMA – Need to get me one of those pins – Por Vida Dodgers are the best!
NSBLUES – you are one busy person, always out doing something, but never forgets to check in with your pals here at ITD!
Well I am sooooo excited about tonights game, sad part is I’ll be at work in a meeting during the begining of the game. Hopefully I can get out of it early. I won’t be able to watch but I will be here at ITD checking all the details.

morning πŸ™‚
i am pumped too. I am just going to Tivo the game and start it when I get home. I’m going to stay away from the internet or he radio, so I wont ruin it! I want to watch it in its entirety.

AMY, DNEL, TRU, SARA, EMMA: Mrs. Beasleys carries the Dodgers cupcakes…check out the website
Amy hope you are feeling better! Drink some tea!

God. just start the game.

God. just start the game already.

I had a Mrs. Beasley’s cupcake when I was at Dodger Stadium for the Braves Series – very good indeed!!!!
dnelly, June Darlin’, Junie, Miss Debbie, mom, Mrs. Nelson, nelle, nells, nelly, nellygirl, nellyjune ~ ETHIERaholic, and very excited about today’s game.
I am going to try and leave right after school, but that doesn’t always happen.

yum cupcakes!!
Thanks Rose. I will try. I just feel so drained and weak. but alas, I’m at work and taking it easy. no vacation days for this girl 😦
jungar- the game is just after lunch…we are almost there!!!

Good morning ITD boys and girls!!!
Nelly – thx for letting me about Dre’s blog. I just posted there… Hope your day goes well; keep those girls hugging Ethierbear!!! πŸ™‚

Lineup looks great! Personally, I thought that Dre would be in the #2 spot, but batting cleanup is not a bad thing. I guess when I think about it, Dre has been dialed-in for a long time and Russ could definitely use some of that Manny magic behind him!!! πŸ™‚

Oh and one last thing, YEAH, NO SWEENEY ON THE ROSTER!!!

OH CRAP I forgot to set my TiVo wannabe to record the game…..crap…Maybe if I drive all the way to my house during lunch set it, and drive back…I CAN DO IT

OK, OK. All your guessing and rumors and quick little comments under your breaths has led to this – Beavette’s coming out of the closet and announcing to the world that…


Heshe’s a Joe Torre and Juan Pierre fan.

Heshe’s is a very confused person and requires therapy…LOL! What is it Heshe…is it the Js and the Double RR’s


Good morning, y’all! I called in sick to work and I might just have to miss my evening class. Sniff sniff cough cough! I can’t wait for tonights game. It has been a long time coming and the guys are deserving of it! Good luck and Go Dodgers!

Beavette – You sure had us fooled about JP and JT. Is it JP’s newfound power? Is it JT axing Sweeney?
Go Dodgers!

I don’t like the look of this:
6:35 p.m. Dodgers at
Cubs Chicago, Illinois
54 Β°F- Rain
We are so-cal boys. Boo to cold, Boo to Rain!

Anyone in here fans of the t.v. show The Office?

Beavette tells me its because JP’s a hard worker and JT’s a magician!!! (You can take that in any kind of context you want.)

Beavette also says for a good time call 19882008.


On my way to Wrigleyville and then to the game, sitting about 20 rows behind Cubs dugout! This is gonna be wild and fun!


hey enchanted,

I drove by N’Woods the other day and there was a sign saying that the Galley is being built just south of it. So maybe the “Boat” is not dead yet!

I love the lineup!!!!

hey everyone! it’s GAMEDAY!! πŸ™‚

i don’t know if anyone already mentioned this because i haven’t read all the posts.. but they made a change on the final roster. troncoso out, mcdonald in.. still no proctor (expected because of health concerns) but i find it interesting they were willing to give mcdonald the shot. i don’t have a problem with it, i just find it interesting..

WOW! What is up with Joe Torre? Adding McDonald is awesome!! Batting Blake 8th? I guess it’s fair to say that “Clueless Joe” is no longer clueless.

Go Dodgers!!!!!

Sara- I didn’t hear about that one. Very interesting indeed. After lunch I will have to stop posting. I am watching the game with my brother at 6pm. I know, after it’s over!
scurits- how’s the weather in CHi ? Is it raining, or super cold? I can just picture poor Lowe blowing on his cold man-hands.

well amy, at least you can watch it at 6pm.. i won’t be able to watch it on tivo until like 9pm or 10pm tonight.. BUT, i did bring my laptop so i will be a bad student and i will be sitting in the back row with gameday on my laptop keeping track of every pitch.. i guess that’s the best i can do since my class is smack in the middle of the game from 4pm to 7pm.. so i’ll be a bad student today while trying to be a good dodger fan!

aww Sara. at least you have a laptop! I am doing all I can to stay away from the internet, radio and TV just so I wont know the score going in. At least tomorrow’s game is after work! thank goodness.

That’s awesome Scott – long live das boot!!!

Dodgersrule ~ I found the Mrs. Beasleys when I was looking for Violet cupcakes. Since, violet only ships in your area I might have to get some of Mrs. Beasley’s Dodger cupcakes to bring our boys good luck, of course!

Amy/PopLegend ~ are you feeling better today? Hope you are fully recovered so you can cheer our Dodgers on this afternoon.

Good Afternoon !! A few more hours until game time. A little anxious to say the least.

yeah amy, i don’t know what i would have done without my laptop today.. i think if i kept checking my phone she would have been suspicious.. she HATES cell phones..

lets go dodgersss!!!! lets go dodgers!!!!..little nervous

I’m back from setting my TiVo wannabe to record the game. Now I gotta get back to work and I’ll checking in for the status of the game.

for those who have faith..i little prayer can help…pray to all the dodgers up in heaven

Gooooooooooo Dodgers!

Boise State and the Dodgers its great day for the Blue.Its Just about time for the Lowe down in Chi town, GO! DODGERS

Hey in Chicago the like their “Blues”…LOL! I’ve stayed at the House of “BLUES” on one of my visits.

My billie goat Blue say’s BAAA!! DODGERS!!!!

Phillies 3-0 0ver Brewers after 5 innings.

Oops – still in bottom of 5th
Billy goat still lookong for a seat at Wrigley.


He’ got a big screen in the barn BAAA! DODGERS!!!

Move aside, Cubs. According to Back To The Future II, your time is coming in seven years.

This should be the most popular of the 4 contest, since the Cubs are involved in it.
When I first became a fan there were 16 MLB teams and since than every one of them reached the World Series except the Cubs.
I hope they don’t use us as a stepping stone and finally make it at our expense.
I hope the Dodgers don’t get swept again as they usually do since after 1988. I say usually because of “Lima time”, which stopped it from being always.
But this Dodger team IMO is a lot better than those in previous post seasons. Younger but I believe more talented.
If we don’t make it, I hope we win at lease 2 games so we can end up presentable and look forward to next year.

Good afternoon all!
I can barely remember that thing from BTTF II!
I’m surprised McDonald made the roster over Troncoso. Hard to say at this point how it will work out. In what limited opportunities he had in the regular season, he did well. Maybe Joe’s looking for the element of surprise, being as he hasn’t been seen much. I kind of feel bad for Ramon.

The defense is backing up Hamels well. Even Ryan Howard mad a nice play.

*made Pays to proof read!

Can you feel it!?!!?? Are you ready!?!?!? CAUSE IT’S TIME FOR DODGER PLAYOFF BASEBALL!!!! Come on Dodgers, make those baby bears feel like exactly what they are!! Babies!! Show them there’s only one team allowed to wear blue! Show them you can put whatever you want on your Dodger dog!! Come on Manny, time to hit a couple out onto Wayland Ave.!! These guys have gelled at the perfect time, and let’s make Peter Gammons out to be a profit!! This is it fellas… The moment all of the injuries, the poor early play… everything has all been overcome for this moment….. Now let’s show the league that the NL West is actually a great and competetive division and that PITCHING still wins championships…. With a little help from Manny and the boys in blue of course!!! I’m so jacked up… I feel like I’ve been waiting months for this moment…. Forget months, this is the best chancve we’ve had to win it all in years!!! Go D-Lowe, Go Manny, Dre, Kemper, I want to hear the Loney song all night tonight, Go Blake to Blake, and of course, come on RAFFY!, AND THE CAPT. MR. MARTIN!! Now let’s run out onto this field and make them remember our names, on the front of our jerseys… and make this the most memorable night of your lives!! This moment is yours, the time is now… This is your team…. Now beloved Dodgers and Dodger fans…. Together, let’s kick some Cubbie ***!!!!
Let’s go Dodgers!!
Let’s go Dodgers!!
Let’s go Dodgers!!

A little pumped brandon? LOL! I’m pretty stoked too.

haha, yeah vl, my inner Tommy is coming out… It’s playoff time baby!!

I’m sure I will be quite vocal during the game. Who cares what the neighbors think right? I saw the video clip of Tommy at the rally. Getting all pumped up & excited, getting the crowd pumped at the age of 81! Emphasizing on his HATE of the Giants. Still amazing after all these years. Once a Dodger, always a Dodger!

That’s right baby 4 life

OK, it’s 45 years out of date and yes, the wrong opponent. Who cares?

Danny Kaye says:

So I say D, I say D-O,
D-O-D-G-E-R-S, team, team, team, team

O, I say O-M,
O-M-A-L-L-E-Y, Oh really? No, O’Malley

Sandy Koufax, oh my Drysdale, Maury Wills
I love you so
And we defy

Defy the J-I,
J-I-N-T-S, Giants!

Play ball

Orlando Cepeda is at bat with the bases jammed
Orlando Cepeda with a Wham! Bam!
He hit a grand slam
In the very first inning
But it’s only the beginning

In the third like a bird we get two on an away
Then Fairly hits into a double play
Here comes big Frank Howard yes-sirree
Boy what a swing!
Strike three

Oh dem B, oh dem B-U,
B-U-M-S, dem bums, dem bums, dem dry bums
Oh they may be bums but they’re my bums

Top of the fifth

“Say Hey” Willy Mays hits a three bagger down the right field line
But he’s out trying to stretch it to a homer
As Roseboro tags him on the bottom of the spine
With a crack you can hear all the way back up to San Francisco
Open your hospital

Inning six

Maury Wills draws a walk in the coach’s box
Leo Durocher, Leo Durocher starts to wiggle and to twitch
A signal? No, an itch
Go Maury, Go Maury, Go, Go, Go
Maury goes
The catcher throws

Right from the solarplexus
At the bag he beats the tag
That mighty little waif
And umpire Conlan cries “you’re out!”
Out? Out?

Down in the dug-out Alston glowers
Up in the booth Vin Scully frowns
Out in the stands O’Malley grins
Attendance fifty thousand
And what does O’Malley do? Ahh!

Bottom of the ninth

Four to nutin’
Last chance
Push the button
Oh we’re pleadin’, beggin’, on our knees
Come on you Flatbush refugees

Maury Wills at bat
Hit it for me once
Stu Miller throws
Maury bunts
Cepeda runs to field the ball and Hiller covers first
Haller runs to back up Hiller, Hiller crashes into Miller
Miller falls, drops the ball and Conlan calls “safe!”

Yeah Maury!
Gilliam up
Miller grunts
Miller throws
Gilliam bunts

Cepeda runs to field the ball and Hiller covers first
Howard runs to back up Hiller, Hiller crashes into Miller
Miller falls, drops the ball and Conlan calls “safe!” Yeah Conlan!
Willie Davis gets a hit and Tommy does the same
Here comes Mr. Howard with a chance to win the game

Hit it once
Big Frank bunts?
Cepeda runs to field the ball, so does Hiller, so does Miller
Miller hollers Hiller
Hiller hollers Miller

Haller hollers Hiller points to Miller with his fist
And that’s the Miller, Hiller, Haller hallelujah twist
The Davises score it’s four to four
Howard’s still running the bases
From second to third it’s almost absurd

Amazement on everyones faces
He’s heading for home
He hasn’t a chance
The poor nut is gonna be dead
But the ball hits him right in the seat of his pants

And he scores
That’s using your head

So I say D, I say D-O,

The team that’s all heart
All heart and all thumbs
They’re my Los Angeles
Your Los Angeles
Our Los Angeles
Do you really think we’ll really win the pennant?

Bums! Oooo dem bums!

If you want the music……….

I have more faith tan Tommy.Damn right we’ll win it.


Doesn’t look good on the weather forecast in Chi-town. At least the wind is blowing in.

Brewers still breathing. 3-1 Top of the 9th. Lidge looks shaky.

Game over in Philly. They win 3-1.

Now it’s our turn!!

If we win tonight, we will take the series with the Cubs. The Cubs, like the Dodgers lost their last 2 games of the year.


Hamels sure pitched a gem.

No surprise out of Philly, the favorite won.
Let hope the underdogs can pull this game out.

30 minutes until first pitch.. everyone ready to go? πŸ™‚

You bet sara! πŸ™‚

Ready or not, they’re our Los Angeles Bums.
Refugees from Flatbush of course.

JJ & Sara ~ I’m a nervous wreck……..feels like we’ve been waiting forever to get started on our quest to the world series.
Talk about superstition……….a priest just blessed the Cubs’ dugout with holy water!

I’m ready

Hello folks – looks like everyone is alive and kicking! Didn’t plan to be away from blogs for all of September, but sometimes real life (y’know – work, stupid stuff like that) gets in the way.
I was at two games: the five for five on the fifth that Andre put up for all the Ethierholics, and the celebration game at the end of the season. Good times!
OK Ethierholics, Martinistas, Bisonians (Happy Kempers), et al., time to strap ourselves in and ride the playoffs roller coaster!
“Here we go Dodgers, here we go! {clap, clap}”!

AKA old_fogey, westernmost_in_flavor, etc., etc.

porklinks ~ we were sooooooo worried about you! Glad you are back!!!!!!

Thanks TruBlue! I didn’t even have time to lurk, so I really have no idea what’s been going on here since Labor Day w/e. AKA when the 0-8 road trip became beat the pants off everyone time for awhile. Outside of swamped at work, all is well!

T-minus 15 minutes……….I’ve got everytthing in order. Munchies out. Beer chilling. Bring it on!

I must say I am tiring of all the sob stories about how long it has been for Cub fans. Look at the Red Sox; they were loveable until they finally won something and now that they have won a couple series, they have become almost as evil as the Yankees. I think the Dodgers have an obligation to not let that happen to the Cubs because if the Cubs do finally win something, they will no longer be loveable. Go Dodgers! Keep the Cubs loveable.

Must be nervous with the double ‘t’s! lol

The Cubs will wilt. All the pressure’s on them with the best record in the NL. Then again, Joe said he doesn’t believe in curses. Wonder why?

porklinks ~ i’m sure everyone will fill you in on the happenings here………some of the stuff you will not believe! On the other hand, yea, you would beleieve it! We will fill you in after our victory tonight.

Hey oldfogey/westernmost/porklinks!!!! Wow!!! It’s great to see you back. Just in time too, 11 minutes and counting.
GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!

lbirken, that makes perfect sense!

JJ, I’m about to get into some beers myself!

Fogey, welcome back!

Good Afternoon ITD faithfuls!!
The moment we have all been waiting for is about to begin. What a ride this is going to be…. Wow!!!
GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!
dnelly, June Darlin’, Junie, Miss Debbie, mom, Mrs. Nelson, nelle, nells, nelly, nellygirl, nellyjune ~ ETHIERaholic and ready for Dodger post season baseball to begin!!!

Will check back with everyone after the game My big screen is downstairs and my computer is up. I have a good feeling about this game. We’re going to win.

Catch you later.

It’s good to see you Boblee!! Have fun watching the game!!!

During the pregame chatter, it was stated that not only can Manny beat a team, but also Ethier, Kemp and Russell. So happy to see our young guns getting the attention they so richly deserve.


Stockton, Darling, and Gwynn huh? I can deal with that. Better than Miller & Morgan.

Put Dempster in the dumpster!

That’s great to hear sparkleplenty.


Good eye Martin!


AMF Soriano!


Nice start boys! Let’s get some early runs!

Next up, the D.R.E.

With this umps small strike zone, it may get tough for Lowe.

Thanks everyone. I’m still at work 😦 so I’m just following on-line…..

Unintentional intentional? You make the call.

Good eye Dre!

That’s what I was thinking, JJ. This ump looks like he’s calling a high zone.

wassup, ITD crew!? Go Dodgers!

Playoffs are just too stressfull…I need a cupcake!

Too bad I don’t have any cupcakes. Last thing I need, but it looks like beer-0-five!

I wonder if Bartman is in the stands. LOL!

Two inches taller, he’s out!

**** 2 – 0 Cubs

7 more innings, we can make up 2 runs. Doesn’t make me feel any better. Beer time

darn! let’s get those back right away!

Seesky, get the flask!

now we’re out of it. If we want to be going anywhere this month, we’d better show we can score and quick.

O.K., now its our turn.

If Lowe has to go low, it looks like they better be strikes.

Dumpster walked Lowe! He can’t be feeling good now

Any one correct me if I’m wrong here, but isn’t Wrigley the only park left with the bullpen in foul ground?

How about Petco Park

Dumpster’s battling his control. Make him pay, Russell!!!!

Dempster reverting to form?

Dumpster walked Furcal!

The Phone Booth in Frisco has foul ground bullpens

Damn wind!

That was a homer in the Ravine, but we’re not in kansas anymore.

Let’s go Manny!

Manny can defeat the wind.


C’mon Ethier!

Way to hustle Manny!

Good one Manny! Bases loaded, fogey

On the edge of seats now Ethierholics!

down goes DRE


Gameday showed Martin’s flyout pretty deep. Was it?


Golden opportunity wasted there, but with Dempsters pitch count way up there he won’t last long.

lbirken – to the track, knocked down some by the wind.

Almost but not quite, probably could’ve took more advantage of Dempster.

Anyone for a round? The flask is ready.

Wind held it up ibirken. Like nstate mentioned, it would have been out at the ravine.

I’m game, Seesky!

gonna take advantage of the tv in the living room, be back soon…

1st round tonight for ITD !!!!!!

Let’s see if Dempster recovered.

Nice twin killing! I don’t think Kent could have turned that DP.

So far ,the wind sure has been a cruel mistress.

Getting runs for Lowe has been a problem all season so it is tough to waste an opportunity. Let’s get some runs now!

Furcal to DeWitt to Loney for the DP in the playoffs. Who would have predicted that around July 30?

Dempster at 61 pitches through 3.

I guess Dempster did a lot better than we’d hope for.
Maybe both pitchers will settle down now.


New thread.

Are we moving to the new thread

No Bad, 4 innings and we’re hanging in there.


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