Nomar takes over…

It’s certainly been an interesting morning, with Nomar taking over the managerial duties (including pre and postgame interviews). He and his bench coach, Mark Sweeney, made out the lineup, only to learn that Furcal had already told Joe Torre yesterday that he was going to take the day off. The chaos that ensued was hilarious…

Meanwhile, A.J. Ellis gets his first big league start in front of his wife and daughter, who made the trip up north. That was very cool of Nomar/Sweeney to do. Meanwhile, Tanyon Sturtze, our relever-turned-bullpen-catcher is the pitching coach for the day.

We won’t see many of the regulars, which is why Nomar assumes Joe Torre is taking the day off…it’s been good light-hearted fun all morning. We’ll see if NOmar has to go out and argue any plays, challenge a home run or pull his pitcher. He told me he was legitimately nervous last night and made out there different lineups.

Hope to see many of you at the rally tonight at Dodger Stadium. Turnstiles and gates open at 5 p.m. Our department will be pulling an all-nighter to crank out the postseason media guide, so wish us all luck. We’ll fly out tomorrow…still remains to be seen where the plane is heading.

Here’s Nomar’s lineup:

Pierre, LF

Kemp, CF

Ethier, RF

Blake, 3B

Loney, 1B

DeWitt, 2B

Berroa, SS

Ellis, C

Kuroda, P



  1. oldbrooklynfan

    Watching the Met game along with our game.
    The Mets bring me back to 1950-1951, with the Dodgers.
    A few years back.

  2. amyw27

    Josh- good luck with everything. An all nightner means that we are in the palyoffs- so it’s a positive thing πŸ™‚ I hope the rally goes well tonight. I am still trying to get out there. I hope I can.
    So, it looks like the Cubbies for us. At least the announcers were saying how CC looked like he was running out of gas. Maybe that will be good for us?!?!
    GO Dodgers! WE will not be beat by these Giants!!

  3. northstateblues

    JoePierre, I’m a little sad that the Mets collapsed (again), It would’ve been nice to play a series with the Ebbets-styled facade out behind right field.

    And I’m definitely not happy to see the Selig Squad in the playoffs. Putting those Astros “home games” against the Cubs at Miller Park probably went a long way in paving the road to October for the Brewers. The Astros still might not have made it, and I’m definitely no Astros fan, but they had next to no chance by having to play “neutral site” home games a tidy drive from Chicago, especially coming off of the feeling that they know they were screwed. Class act on the part of Fearless Leader once again.

  4. oldbrooklynfan

    I will not be able to watch this entire game since we are going out in a few minutes, We’re going out later today because of the Met game, which we wanted to watch until it ended.
    Now let’s see if we can keep the Cubs streak alive.

  5. mklovesdanger

    Are the players coming to the rally tonight after they land from SF? There was something about it in a previous blog entry but I am not seeing anything on the rally info site.


    I hate the Giants like all of us here but love Lincecum and is it wrong to like someone on the other team especially if it the Giants/Dodgers rival. To think Kershaw was picked 3 spots ahead of Lincecum in the 2006 draft.


    Park has lost it over the second half of the season and should not be on the playoff roster.

    Repko unfortunately is not showing anything but his hustle since he has been brought up. Even if we don’t re-sign Manny, I don’t see Repko having any future with the Dodgers, unless he goes out and plays winter ball or really steps it up in spring training. Too bad, because at times he did show a lot of promise.

  8. northstateblues

    And that’s game, and the Giants win the Pennant! The Giants win the Penn… wait… huh? Oh yea, that’s right, this game means nothing. Not that it’s nice to lose what was a winnable game, but the Dodgers get to shake it off and head to the rally at the Parking Lot, while the Giants get to celebrate all the way back home, where they’ll have all fall and winter to get to know their Playstation 3’s.

    To drought year 55 the Giants go


    Park has been absolutely horrible as of late…if we absolutely must have him on the playoff roster can we at least relegate him to mop up duty only…i’d rather have the Proctologist out there than him, and that’s saying a lot…

    On another note, does anyone find those Phiten commericals (the ones with Josh Beckett sporting some lame jock jewelry) completely annoying? The music crawls under my skin every time I hear it. Sorry, just a pet peeve that’s been bothering me all season…

    Go Dodgers! See everyone next Saturday at Chavez Ravine!

  10. amyw27

    Congrats to our Boys in Blue. What a hell of a season but we battled through and are now NL Western Champs. The season is over and I wish we walked away with a win in SF, but I guess we can’t be overly greedy! One final celebration before heading to Chi Town for a little playoff action. The Cubs wont know what hit them. Sad that’s it over, Happy for October ball. It’s been too long boys, time to shine!!!!
    Can’t Stop the Blue!
    Go Dodgers Go!

  11. cpompe1

    Good afternoon ITD boys and girls,
    Too bad we couldn’t have won the last game of the year to go into the playoffs with a 2-game winning streak. Oh well.

    I know it’s been a long time since I’ve been on ITD for any great length of time, and I’m sorry for that, but where is nelly? I’ve been reading ITD near everyday for a while, but I haven’t seen her name lately??? I hope she’s okay.

    I’m going to Saturday’s playoff game with my mom. Yeah!!! But, it’s gonna be very interesting in our household; remember, my husband is a Cubbie. He’s already told me that “I don’t have to ask him if I want to wear his Cubs cap and his Cubs jersey to the game.” Yeah, right, sure…

  12. northstateblues

    And the Cubs drought was not yet 50 years old the last time the Giants were World Champions. But at least the 1908 Cubs didn’t have the audacity the 1906 Giants had to have these as their jerseys after winning it:

    I have a feeling that the Giants would want to sport those jerseys after beating the Dodgers today. Come out of the clubhouse with Boone’s Farm, Steel Reserve and White Wolf Vodka to spray down the crowd with.

    Yeah, I’m a little mean-spirited, but I HATE THOSE GIANTS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. enchantedbeaver

    Hate stumbling into the playoffs losing three of four, but nothing you can do about it now.

    Now’s the time when we really see what we’re made of and where SloJo’s supposed to earn his money.

    Bear – I think Park is just another case of mismanaging by JoJo. Park’s said he doesn’t like short relief, but when Saito went down, Joe stuck him there anyway. As a spot starter and long relief man, he was great. As a short relief man, he stinks. Go figure…

  14. trublu4ever

    cpo~ Nells will be back to ITD soon………went on a retreat and is back home now…………so now the Cleaver family can reunite! lol

  15. bluecrewgirl

    I agree enchanted. I don’t like that they lost 3 of 4 going into the playoffs. I know they were more interested in testing out players to finalize the playoff roster and preventing injury to starters, but it still sucks, especially losing to the hated Giants. I really wanted them to end up at least 10 games over .500, but at least they made the post season and we all know their record would have been better if the best players had played every day since day one.

  16. sparkleplenty_1

    cpo, good to see you back! Nelly’s on a retreat this weekend. That’s why you haven’t seen her on line recently. Enjoy the game Saturday. I’m envious πŸ™‚

  17. cpompe1

    I know I made a comment about it once a while ago, but if anyone missed it, I’M DONE WITH MY PAINTING PROJECT!!! πŸ™‚

  18. cpompe1

    Thx sparkleplenty! The last time the Dodgers were in the playoffs, my mom had the same season seats she has now. But she only had 2 tickets, instead of 4 like this time (her normal 2 season seats in Aisle 1, and 2 other seats in Aisle 22). And since she shares her seats with another party, my nephews went to the one playoff game that was played in Dodger Stadium; and that was it! My husband and I were supposed to go to the next game, but the Dodgers didn’t go on further in the series. This time my mom asked me and I said, I will go to Saturday’s game!!! I’m excited!!!

  19. bluecrewgirl

    cpompe1, I am good. Hope you are too. Congrats on finishing your painting. I am only about half done with my painting inside my condo. It’s hard work and hard to stay motivated to finish, so I give you a lot of credit for that.

  20. cpompe1

    Thx bluecrewgirl. Yeah, I’m sure I don’t have to tell you how much work is involved! Just know that you WILL get done with it!!! πŸ™‚

  21. cpompe1

    TruBlue – About the playoff roster, nothing has been finalized, but my mom said she heard something about (GET READY FOR THIS) that our beloved Mark Sweeney might make it onto the roster??? I say NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, and btw, she hates Sweeney just as much as we do!!!

  22. trublu4ever

    cpompe1 ~ I have a feeling he will too…….and, it’s too bad, because he will take a spot from someone who deserves to play.

  23. cpompe1

    TruBlue – I can stomach having Jeff Kent on the postseason roster, but both he and Sweeney will have to have, in addition, one person to run for them if they get on base and another person to play defense. Again, I can see having Jeff Kent on the roster, but not both.

  24. trublu4ever

    You are so right! And, what about Furcal? He wasn’t even ready to play today. I think he was supposed to start but, backed out at the last second. I think Kent would be a better option than Sweeney because he can play a position, if necessary. and, he can still swing the bat pretty well.

  25. enchantedbeaver

    Hoorah cpompe you’re done with your painting!!
    Now where’s my dinner!?! LOL

    I guarantee Sweeney will be on the playoff roster, especially when we’re only carrying 11 pitchers.
    There are only 9 batters who have grabbed a stick for the D’s this year that have a worse batting average than Sweeney. 8 of them are pitchers, and Ellis who had 3 ABs today. Of those 8 pitchers, only 3 have even had 30 AB’s (well, Kersh has 29). Three of those other 5 guys are Brox, Saito and Elbert who have a combined 4 ABs between them.

  26. cpompe1

    Enchanted, you are a gas!!! About dinner, you’ve gotta talk to my husband; he’s getting dinner for tonight!!! πŸ™‚

  27. trublu4ever

    Enchanted ~ Unfortunately, I know you are probably right about Sweeney. I think Ellis, Repko, Ozuna, and Furcal (because I don’t think he is 100%) will go.

  28. junkyardjamie

    Good Afternoon/Evening ITD Friends!!
    First thing ~ Boblee – Redskins Rock!!!!!!!!!!!! My Redskins beat the your Cowboys today in Dallas – (jj – I hope that made your day!?!)
    As you can see I am back from my trip, not really well rested, but I had a lot of fun. I think I would have been more restless if the Dodgers wouldn’t have clinched Thursday. It was really hard not knowing what was happening. However, as soon as I got a single, I had 40 messages expaining what happening in the first two games, and then I was able to see the 9th inning today. I agree, we should have played these games to win just to keep the motivation/momentum up.
    enchanted – I lucked out. One of the ladies I was with happened to have a niece who is doing an internship at Bass Lake, so we got to go to The Forks. We get fed really well at the retreat, but we saved room for milk shakes – awesome place, and not one the girls knew about it, so it was a treat for all of us – thank you!! They had only known about Deucy’s. We are definitely going to have to go back up to try the burgers – they looked and smelled great!!! BTW – It’s still looks beautiful up there!!!
    cp – sooo glad to see you are on here, and I am glad to see you got your painting project done.
    Are any of you going to the rally tonight?

  29. enchantedbeaver

    Glad you got a chance to check it out Nells! Just a funky little place where you can grab something for both you and the fish to eat.

  30. cpompe1

    Hey, my nellygirl!!! How ya doin’ my friend??? Yeah, it sure is nice to have my painting done!!! Now we have to encourage bluecrewgirl on her own painting project! Sounds like your retreat went great! Hey, guess what, around mid-November, I’m gonna be near you. My husband and I are going to a wedding in Fresno. That’s kinda near you, huh?

    No, I’m not going to the rally tonight; would love to, but I can’t.

  31. junkyardjamie

    enchanted – the fish could get a bite to eat too – lol!!! It is a great spot – Bill would really like it just because it’s unique.
    cp – Fresno is about 45 south of us depending on where you are in Fresno, and how fast I can drive – lol!!

  32. cpompe1

    A lot depends on if I get a job by then (I sure hope I do!) but the wedding we’re going to is on 11/15, but we’re thinking of driving around to see Yosemite, perhaps, or other stuff – and also depending on if it’s snowing. We won’t know until the days get closer or, if I get a job soon.

  33. cpompe1

    Well, nellygirl, I know we just started talking, but I’m getting hungry and I’ve got things to do. Hopefully I’ll be back later tonight. I know once you get to school, you get very busy. Take it easy to all of my ITD buddies!!! πŸ™‚


    hey everyone!

    i agree that i wish we had won a couple more games these last few days.. but i think the team is in good spirits, ready for the postseason and not down at all about the losses.. so i don’t see it being much of a burden.. everyone is virtually healthy (about as healthy as they can be at this stage of the season) and geared up to go!

    we will be heading to chicago.. all the cubbies fans i know text me today to tell me that our first round luck doesn’t look like it will change this season.. but i’m much more optimistic than that! i think that if we win one of the first 2, and come back to LA 1-1 the cubbies better watch out! our starting pitching has looked good lately.. and the postseason is all about pitching.. i trust lowe, chad, kuroda, and even maddux (if they pitch him) can shut down the cubs.. mostly because kuroda and maddux will be pitching at dodgers and they’re much better home pitchers.. otherwise, lowe on short rest if we’re down in the series is fine too..

    i’m SO excited and can’t wait for the playoffs!! i feel really good about our position heading to the postseason.. GO BLUE!!

  35. junkyardjamie

    Yes, as far as snow – that’s a toss up at that time. I was up there last year at that time for 5th grade outdoor camp (not quite Yosemite – closer to where I was this weekend but higher), but there wasn’t snow at all then. That doesn’t mean anything in regards to this year.


    I can’t believe the Raiders loss another 4 quarters lead but I think they curse and should go back to LA. I hate when their blame Rob Ryan for this loss. I think the players on defense should take all the blame for the last 2 games. How can you really fired Kiffin for the last 2 games? This team could be 3-1 so far. I can’t believe the Redskins has 0 offensive turnover so far.

  37. junkyardjamie

    Yeah Chargers!!!!!!!!! I didn’t know if they had won, but I guess they did – thanks Shad!! πŸ™‚ Both of my football teams won today – yeah!!
    Hey sara – It looks like all the major players are still playing well. Andre’s batting .305 – I see Russell got a homerun over the weekend – that’s great!!!


    yup nelly.. they are.. i think they’re ready.. i’m stoked..

    alright, off to my softball game.. see you all later!

  39. jhallwally

    Mom, Dad, Trumom, Beav!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Playoffs for the Cleavers!!! LOL!!!
    Gee, I wasn’t very optimistic about our chances with Joko’s lineups in April, May, June, and July.

  40. junkyardjamie

    That’s good to know about ndeschenes Shad – thanks!!!
    As far as the Broncos and Chiefs – don’t really care for ethier (either) team too much, but if I could only pick from those two, I would pick the Chiefs.

  41. jhallwally

    I still do not think it is a coincidence that we played our best when Kent was not around. And Sweeney is just the biggest waste of roster space this side of J Phew and Procoto or the Cow!!!!!

  42. vl4ecc

    Good evening all!
    Yes nells, I’m happy the sh*tkickers got beat at home on one hand, but bummed about the Raiders imploding in the 4th quarter yet again on the other.
    There is NO WAY Sweeney should be on the post season roster! With Kuo’s problems, there’s no way he makes it either.

    Here’s my picks for an 11 man pitching staff:
    Lowe, Bills, Kuroda, Kershaw, Maddux, Beimel, Park, Saito, Wade, Broxton, and Proctor.

    Fielders: Martin, Ardoin, Loney, Dewitt, Berroa, Blake, Nomar, Kent, Furcal, Ethier, Kemp, Manny, Pierre, & Young. I liked Repko, and Ozuna, but something had to give.
    I have a good feeling with Lowe, Bills, and Kuroda looking sharp in their last appearances, getting set to go against the Cubs. Park is making me nervous lately! I was tempted to omit him, and throw in Stults to the mix just to have another lefty. I can hardly wait to see the game times posted, so I can TRY to plan accordlingly to view the games. I’m crossing my fingers & toes! GO DODGERS!!!

  43. enchantedbeaver

    Hey Wally!!!

    Hey Cpompe – Yosemite is a crapshoot for weather in December. Could be tons of snow, could be nothing, could be anywhere in between. If you go to Yosemite through Oakhurst though – Mexican Food – El Cid on Hwy 41 way north end of town. Japanese – Oka on Hwy. 49 just past Raley’s. American – Eh. Pizza – Round Table in the Von’s center.
    What can I say? I like to eat.

  44. junkyardjamie

    Hey Wally!!!! It is sooooo good to see you!!!! I am glad to be back too, and yes, I am glad the Cleaver Family is going to the playoffs!!! yeah!!!! I know they are going to put Sweeney in that lineup, but I guess that will certainly give ALL of us something to talk about. Out of all the topics, this one is unanimous across this board – Sweeney does not need to be on this roster that needs to be all about winning, not showing respect to our PVLs.

  45. enchantedbeaver

    Wally – I don’t think its a coincidence either. I don’t mind Kent coming off the bench, but DeWitt has shown he can handle the position, hit, and hit for some power. I’ve been pleasantly surprised at his progress hitting since he’s been back.
    Individually, Kent’s been a great player with a hall of fame career, but maybe there’s a reason he’s never won a ring.

  46. junkyardjamie

    jj – Not necessarily sad about the Raiders loss (Chargers won). For that, you can commiserate with nsblues – lol!!
    enchanted/cp – El Cid’s is great!! Haven’t been to Oka, but I have heard it’s very good. How about Elderbury House? – LOL!!! One of the girls I was with said it was absolutely beautiful, but it is a once in a lifetime thing because of the cost. Have you ever been? My thinking has always been if I am going to spend that kind of money, then I would go to the Awahnee in Yosemite instead.

  47. jhallwally

    These lineups the last few days remind me of May-July. No wonder we lost most of the games. At least the games were meaningless and Joko was setting up for the playoffs. Geez!!!!

  48. enchantedbeaver

    Jeez, if it weren’t for JP, I’d have like 3 songs…

    Let’s not forget that SloJo has guided this team to exactly 2 games better than last year’s mess. Fortunately SD became a laughing stock, the Rox couldn’t match last year’s comeback, the Giants – well…, and the Snakes who should’ve ran away and hid, imploded. And if Manny hadn’t come along, we’d have finished under .500.

  49. jhallwally

    I’ll take my chances with the lineups that got us here. Marty leading off with Ethier batting second. Manny third. DeWitt at second. Manny/Kemp/Ethier outfield. If it ain’t broke, don’t mess with it Joko!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. bluecrewgirl

    Hey, jhall and sara, and everyone else. DNelly, the Chargers did win today. Came from behind to beat the Raiders. I wish we had our own team in LA, but I have to say the Chargers have been fun to watch over the years we haven’t had a team. I like the fact that their offense seems to have a lot of ability to come back this year. Rivers is looking very confident.

    Go Dodgers! I really feel like we are going to do well in the playoffs this year.

  51. enchantedbeaver

    Erna’s Elderberry House – never been, but its supposed to be 5-Star. Never could see spending that kind of money. Don’t know if Crystal Falls is still there – it was expensive, but not Erna’s expensive. I guess for nice American food you have to trek up to Tenaya Lodge and eat in the dining room. It costs, but nothing you go OMG when you get the check. They put on a very nice Mother’s Day champagne brunch also.

  52. bluecrewgirl

    Tommy is speaking at the rally right now. He said he saw a few Angel spies in the crowd and he said that the only angels are up in heaven and they’re all Ex-Dodgers, lol.

  53. bluecrewgirl

    I hope they have it on You Tube so those of you outside the area can hear it. To still have as much passion for anything as Tommy does for the Dodgers at 81 is pretty awesome. You’d think he was speaking a rally for a political insurrection or something. Too funny.

  54. jhallwally

    Reminds me of the Far Side cartoon with the kid pushing on the door to the school that has a big PULL sign on it. LOL!!!!!

  55. junkyardjamie

    many, many, many moons I’m afraid πŸ™‚
    Been to Tenaya Lodge a few times – Wawona is nice too. Crystal Falls is not ringing a bell.

  56. jhallwally

    LMAO!!! It’s obvious that we are touched and we ain’t right. But, at least we know it and are comfortable with it!!!!!

  57. enchantedbeaver

    Possible Crystal Falls isn’t there anymore Nells. Was down off 41 by Lewis Creek on the north end of town. Only time I went there was on a date. Happened to be two ducks in the creek doing what comes naturally to two ducks with some free time on their hands. She says, “Oh look, the ducks are fighting.” I got the idea then and there that our relationship might not go anywhere…
    Yes, she was blonde.

  58. enchantedbeaver

    I did however learn from her that ants don’t like bayleaf, so there is that knowledge I was able to take with me.

  59. enchantedbeaver

    Ah yes, the joys of dating in your mid 30’s.

    You have to kiss quite a few fighting ducks before you find the right one.

  60. trublu4ever

    I know JuneDear was gone for a few days. But, I thought you had all gone away too………saw enchanted a few times. It’s not fun without ALL of you! The Cleavers know how to handle unruly people. Sparkleplenty does a very good job of taking care of the riff-raff too!

  61. junkyardjamie

    I didn’t know that about ants- hmmmm!!! LOL!!! I heard that dried basil is a natural deterrent for flies. I have tried it once, and it seemed to work, but if you think of the cost of basil versus a pesticide, the pesticide is cheaper in the long run because around here, I would have to use it everyday from April till whenever….

  62. junkyardjamie

    We have heard of them, but no, I don’t think they are a problem here, at least publicized. The ranchers and dairymen might say differently.

  63. junkyardjamie

    trublue – they are attracted to protein and sweets smells supposedly. So, I am guessing around here if anyone is going to have a problem with them, it would be dairy farmers – I can ask tomorrow. I work with several teachers whose husbands are in ethier (either) in the agriculture business or they are dairy farmers.

  64. trublu4ever

    Hi Bluevrewgirl ~ nice to see you. Hope you had a good day. I’m kind of excited about playing the Cubs. It will be nice to give them a reason to moan, “Oh no, eliminated again!”

  65. junkyardjamie

    Meat bees/yellow jackets are the same thing. I googled just to make sure I was thinking right. Boy, I bet Josh never thought we would be discussing meat bees, flies, ants and ducks fighting – LOL!!

  66. trublu4ever

    Deb ~ then we do have them here. Aren’t we lucky? I did know about the ant remedy. And the fighting ducks, well, LMAO!!!

  67. junkyardjamie

    bluecrewgirl – that would be good!!! LOL!!!
    I know we are not supposed to feel sorry for a team, but man!!! what about the Mets? PierreEW’s daughter must be hating life right now… πŸ™‚

  68. trublu4ever

    Bluecrewgirl ~ they already have us as the underdog and we haven’t even filled out our roster yet. How absurd is that?!

  69. bluecrewgirl

    I hope when (not if, have to think positively) we get past the Cubs, I hope we play the Brewers. I think we match up very well with them, so I hope they beat the Phillies.

  70. trublu4ever

    Me too! Once you get to the post season, everyone starts out equal, so the season doesn’t mean much, exceppt for getting you there. I think CC will be worn out before the first series is over. He’s been pitching lots of innings and now it really gets stressful.

  71. junkyardjamie

    I think we match very well against the Brewers, and we are a much better team than when we faced the Cubs earlier in the season. Let them think the Dodgers are the underdog – more fuel for the fire. Nobody thought we could win the division 3 weeks ago ethier (either).

  72. bluecrewgirl

    We took the season series 4-2 against them and we split with the Phillies 4-4. The Brewers have been hotter than the Phillies lately though, but I still think we match up well with them. As long as we made it to the 2nd round, I won’t complain about who we play.

  73. bluecrewgirl

    Ladies, the team just arrived and they all look great, but Andre and Matt look especially good ): They are all dressed up with suit jackets. I’ll do my best to give a good play by play. Rick Monday is addressing the crowd now.

  74. vl4ecc

    Zambrano is the least of my worries with the Cubs. Dempster is tough at Wrigley, but on the road he’s more vulnerable. If the Dodgers can manage a split coming out of Chitown, it’s theirs.

  75. cpompe1

    Good evening ITD boys and girls,
    Okay, I had to get out of the living room. My Cubbie husband is talking to his mom and saying that the Cubs are going to sweep the Dodgers. I started “jawing” at him and he kept on talking smack to me so I left the room.

    nelly ~ You asked me about anything about a job on the horizon for me. No, nothing better than before. Last week, I even did something I said I would NEVER do – get applications at our local mall for retail jobs during the Christmas season! That’s how desperate I’ve become. I’ve never worked retail, I’ve never wanted to work retail! I got my unemployment extension, but it’s only for 13 weeks. That takes it to the end of November. To say I’m stressing is the biggest understatement in the world!

    Nelly/Enchanted ~ thx for the eating tips up in the Fresno area. Yes, we were also concerned about the weather conditions in mid-November, so we might not know anything until right before.

    Lets give the Cubbies something else to cry about!!!

  76. bluecrewgirl

    Colletti just introduced Torre and he is thanking the fans and giving the players credit for being the ones who did it. He said they are as ready as they can be to start the journey. He just handed it over to Nomar and Normar said he has never seen anything like the rally in his career. He said at the beginning of the season they had a goal and they knew it would take more than the players on the roster opening day and that it would take the fans too. Now he introduced Manny. He is thanking the fans for coming out and supporting and said hopefully he’ll be back next year. The crowd goes wild at that statement. Now they said they are going to let the players go home since they’re tired. I was hoping for more speakers, but want them to get good rest before the game.

    I spoke too soon – They just interviewed Matt and Andre on the way out. They both said that they think if they play their game and take it one game at a time, they can win it. They were both very impressed with the size of the crowd at the rally and Andre said it makes you realize that as a player, LA is a great place to call home. It looks like they’re about ready to wrap up the coverage. They said the crowd ended up at around 15,000.

  77. junkyardjamie

    CP – those were all recommendations if you head up to the Yosemite area. Fresno has all of the main food chain ones you have – Cheesecake Factory, BJ’s, PF Chang’s, Macaroni Grill, etc, etc. My sister lives there so as it gets closer and you know you are going for sure and where you are in Fresno, I will ask her about out of the ordinary ones. However, all the ones that were mentioned from Enchanted are wonderful if you are going up anywhere near Yosemite.

  78. junkyardjamie

    bluecrewgirl – thanks for the updates. 15,000 – that’s wonderful!!! It’s great that Andre feels that way – I know he loves Arizona, but it’s good to see him just as comfortable and enjoying living in Los Angeles too.


    so.. a scary moment ended my softball game today.. a woman was the baserunner on third.. her husband was at the plate.. and he turned hard on an inside pitch and his linedrive hit her in the head :*(

    she walked off with the paramedics on her own power so that’s a good sign.. but scary nonetheless!! the thud when the ball struck her was sickening..

  80. cpompe1

    Actually nelly, I now look and see that the recs were in the Yosemite area! I just wasn’t paying attention; sorry! I was still upset when my husband and I were jawing at each other. And plus, I know that this jawing won’t stop for the rest of the postseason! God forbid that the Cubbies win the WS; then I won’t hear the end of it until sometime in 2009! Yuck!

  81. sparkleplenty_1

    Watched the entire rally on TV tonight. I was so excited to see the many Ethier shirts and signs – Ethieraholicism is very catching!

  82. cpompe1

    sparkleplenty – I started to catch the rally in the beginning but was pulled away. I recorded the rally on the dvr and I’ll watch it later! Cant wait! Sounds great! πŸ™‚

  83. junkyardjamie

    cp – I worked retail for years while going to college and beyond when they weren’t hiring teachers when I first got done. I worked at Weinstock’s (when it existed), Emporium Capwell (when it existed) – Macy’s bought all of them out. I also worked for Sears. You are a very good people person so you would be good at it, but if it’s something you never wanted to, it could be hard, especially during the holiday season. The holiday season and back to school are the hardest for obvious reasons. I think back to school was worse than the Holiday season, though, but that would depend on what store/place.

  84. enchantedbeaver

    OK I’m back. The fighting duck went to sleep!!

    Meat bees and what I call yellow jackets are two different things Nells. A yellow jacket to me is a wasp. We got meat bees all the time in Oakhurst. Got so it was hard sometimes to have a gathering outdoors. They’ll come along and saw off a piece of whatever and fly away. It got so I would leave them a little offering off to the side so they’d leave my plate alone. BTW, they aren’t opposed to sawing off a little piece of you either, and they hurt like hell.

    Thanks for keeping us up on the happenings at the stadium bluecrew!! If JoJo plays the best players and they leave it all out on the field every game, then win or lose it’ll be a great series.


    i’m glad she’s alright too..

    so i see they announced game times for the first three games of the series.. 6:30pm eastern for game one, 9:30pm eastern for game two, and 10:00pm eastern for game three..

    game three was the one i was most concerned over because we have a home USC football game against oregon at 5pm that day.. i was hoping somehow that they would avoid conflicting, but alas.. sadly they conflict.. i guess i’ll only be at the USC football game for the first quarter and then have to leave for dodgers stadium 😦

  86. junkyardjamie

    sara – All I got to say is ouch!!! Glad she’s okay though!!
    bluecrewgirl/sparkleplenty – that’s great to see that Andre’s finally getting all the recognition he deserves. You can tell just by listening on television now how he his cheered for when his name is announced – all the young Dodgers for that matter. They, along with Manny and Casey, are what got them here. I hope Joe remembers that during the playoffs, and doesn’t do anything to jeopardize them winning games.

  87. cpompe1

    Nelly – To say I’m desperate, like I said, is a gross understatement. But with any new job, I go into it with a positive attitude. It takes a lot for me to get all riled up, so I figured that a temp retail job during Christmas would be okay. Just keep praying for me please!

  88. junkyardjamie

    Also, just so you know – I wore Dodger blue the whole weekend, including my blue wristband. I slept in my Ethier t-shirt one night and my Loney t-shirt the other night, and I even wore my other Ethier t-shirt on the way home today. I figured the Dodgers needed extra prayers this weekend going into this week of the first round of playoffs.


    i know we’re so worried about joe slipping back into his old ways.. but i think we’re safe on andre playing.. we know russ will play.. we know matt will play.. and we at least know that james will play unless it’s a tough lefty.. i’ve heard nomar would start at 1st if there was a lefty pitching.. it also looks like dewitt will play 2nd, unless kent talks his way into the job.. the lineup should be fine, we were rolling with a consistent lineup towards the end of the season..

    i’m more worried about his pitching changes.. he makes too many changes.. and at weird moments.. i really think that how he utilizes the bullpen could make or break the series.. we shall see..

  90. junkyardjamie

    CP – I will certainly do that – Also, you might like it actually. You certainly have the bubbly personality for it.


    oh and i guess i should mention that i’m also worried about how he handles the bench, or who he’ll decide to have on his bench.. the moment he calls sweeney’s name in a crucial situation, i’m going to cringe 😦

  92. junkyardjamie

    sara – I am worried about pitching also, and I think everyone here is worried about having Sweeney in the lineup at all, and which player will be sacraficed for him. I think you are right about the core young guns – they are safe for the most part (like you said James against lefties,which I don’t see – same as when he did that with Andre, and DeWitt/Kent issue). Making good bullpen choices is going to be the key like you said.

  93. cpompe1

    Thx for the encouragement nelly! Who knows; maybe this’ll work for me yet!

    sara – Not only do I agree with with you on the way Joe manages the bullpen, but yes, if he calls Sweeney’s name in a crucial situation, that won’t be good. At this point, I’d rather see JP come off the bench than Sweeney…


    cpompe, i think that ALL of us would rather see pierre off the bench than sweeney.. i would rather see ANYONE off the bench than sweeney.. except andruw πŸ˜›


    leon, raffy’s looked pretty good in my opinion.. i would guess that as long as he’s feeling alright he would start and leadoff~

  96. junkyardjamie

    lny4loney/mlk – I won’t see you there, but I will be cheering as if I were. I will have the James Loney Song ready to go πŸ™‚

  97. cpompe1

    Where are you sitting at sara? My mom and I will be sitting in Reserved Aisle 1, Row M. Also, maybe I should already know this (and I’ll be very red-faced if I should have already known) but are you and amy related or have you known each other from before ITD?


    we’re sitting in Loge 147. Amy and I are not related. and we did not know each other before ITD. we started talking on here about how we should catch a game together.. and now we’ve been to three together πŸ™‚ playoffs will make 4 and hopefully 5!

  99. cpompe1

    Okay, so it’s again the Invasion of the Name Snatchers and since I haven’t been on here for a while, that’ll teach me. But lny4loney is none other than our MartinLoneyKemp???

  100. cpompe1

    Okay sara. At least that kept me from turning as red as my cell phone (which is beet red!) Well, if you two will be in Loge, then we probably won’t be able to meet (unless you two decide to take a stroll to the Reserved deck!) But it’ll be nice to have some of my fellow ITD’ers in the crowd!!! πŸ™‚

    What was it, I think it was about a week ago, when I was reading but just not posting. But I thought someone had an idea for next year to get a suite for those ITD’ers to meet for a game – did I read that earlier? Was there any response to that?

  101. bluecrewgirl

    cpompe, I will be praying for you on the job front too. I know you’ll find the perfect job very soon, and sparkleplenty will too. Sara, that’s awesome that you and Amy are going to the game. I think we are pretty safe that Joe won’t mess with the starting lineup too. The only change would be Raffy starting at short if he’s up to it, which would be a positive thing. I can’t wait for the series to start, I just wish the first game didn’t start before I get off work.


    yeah, cpompe.. all the name chances had me confused too.. i still forget who’s who.. the other day i kept wondering why oldfogey/westernmost disappeared.. and then i realized he was ramslover..


    cpompe, maybe if we get there early enough and you’re there early too we could go up there for a quick visit.. we will have to see since i don’t know exactly how early we’ll be able to get there.. i’ll be coming from the ‘sc football game..

  104. cpompe1

    Ah, okay sara. I’m gonna pick up my mom and she lives 20 minutes from the stadium. We always want to get there early. On normal 7:10 games, we like to get there between 6:15 – 6:30. That way we can get to our seats, eat dinner – all before the first pitch!


    ooh oops.. my fault dnelly.. so i guess old fogey has been missing.. sorry to dodgerboy for me thinking he was someone else!

  106. junkyardjamie

    trublue brought up getting a suite for a game next season… Her and I were talking about it, but she mentioned it on here.


    cpompe, i generally try to get there early as well.. i’m mad because the games conflict.. the ‘sc football game is at 5pm, so i’ll only be able to catch a little bit of the first half before i head over to dodgers.. but i promised amy we would make it before first pitch and that we’d be early.. so i’ll have to leave the coliseum pretty quickly..


    i know! especially because i’ve been busy and haven’t been able to post as frequently.. i’m more confused about the name changes.. but i think for the most part, i know who everyone is.. most of the name changes that were the most confusing have been changed back to something recognizable..

  109. cpompe1

    Boy sara, you and amy are going to be 2 busy girls!!! I can’t imagine going from one game to another! But I commend your dedication!!!

    I’m not a big football fan, so please forgive my comments if they are on the inconsiderate side, but if you two girls want to be at the Dodger game, why not sell the SC tix? I mean, it doesn’t seem like you’ll be there for very long…

  110. bluecrewgirl

    Sara, Russ should be rested and ready to go for the playoffs. Knowing how competitive he is, he is probably going to be pumped sky high before the first game starts. It must be so exciting for all the young guys. Russ and Andre only got a small taste of it in 2006.

  111. amyw27

    awww I love Sara too. haha. I just wanted to comment on our friendship πŸ™‚
    CP- good to see you back. You are always a fan favorite πŸ™‚
    jeanette- I was at the rally- I wasn’t close, but i didn’t see Russell at all. Did anyone??

  112. arayd

    Congrats ’08 Dodgers and all fans!! Let’s get to the series now. Love ’em or hate ’em colletti has built 2 playoff teams in 3 years and kept a good core of solid young players intact, McCourt has spent the mula and been the owner of 3 playoff teams in 5 years, and torre has now managed a team to 13 straight playoff appearances, while his former team stumbled this year and missed the playoffs for the first time in 13 years.
    Maybe some things are being done better than we all thought. No matter what, I believe McCourt really wants the best for the team and the fans and will do what it takes to win going forward whether we agree with him or not. PLEASE RE-SIGN MANNY FRANK, PLEASE!!! HE FITS IN WITH THIS TEAM AND CITY SO WELL, PLEASE RESIGN HIM!!

    We have a good chance this year with the best pitching staff in the NL and a much improved offense.


  113. jeanette28

    I was pretty close and I was able to see them pretty good when they were walking from the bus to the stage and I just didn’t see him. Thought I might have missed him but I really doubt it. lol I recorded the rally on my dvr so I’ll watch it later tonite to see anything I could have missed.

  114. junkyardjamie

    Good Night CP – sorry, my computer went off on me, and I just got back on…. πŸ™‚
    Hey Amy!!! Glad to see you got to go to the rally πŸ™‚

  115. amyw27

    Nelly :)- how was your get away??
    I’m glad I went to the Rally too. It was great cheering for our guys. It also means I cannot wait for Saturday. I already bought my NLDS Champion tee shirt and I expressed ordered a Dodger zip up hoodie for the night. It will be great!!!!

  116. amyw27

    jeanette- I will have to watch it on tivo as well. It’s very interesting that you didn’t see Russy and I didn’t see Russy– and we both were there…hmmm

  117. bluecrewgirl

    Goonight cp. I was looking for Russ too, watching on tv, and I think I saw him when they were walking off at the end.

  118. jeanette28

    yea, he probably just wasn’t there. I also didn’t see Beimel, Young, Pierre (that I remember) but I was mainly looking for Russell so I could have just overlooked them.

    and why is game 1 at 3:30pm?! I don’t get out of class until 3:45pm! and still have to drive home from Fullerton to Inglewood (which is going to be about an hour!)..I can listen on the radio but I get so into it I forget I am driving! lol

  119. junkyardjamie

    Amy ~ my get away was great!!! It’s always great up in the mountains. The weather was perfect as usual…. and always with a great group of ladies. It is a church related retreat, but we are all teachers who go to several different churches. This was our 4th year going as this particular group. There’s always a great theme, great food, and great speakers and singers. I haven’t been disappointed yet.
    Thanks for asking πŸ™‚


    cpompe, amy’s not going to the ‘sc game.. that’s just me.. she’s going to dodgers with me though.. i don’t really want to sell my tickets.. even if i can only be there for a bit, it’ll be worth it.. plus tailgating time before the game πŸ™‚

    bluecrewgirl, i agree about russell being rested.. we all know his legs needed it.. and they kept playing him in the later innings to keep him sharp, so i’m not worried about any lag.. he should be good to go!

    amy, love ya too! πŸ™‚


    jeanette, at least you get out of class at 3:45pm.. i have class from 4pm to 7pm.. can you say, sara won’t catch ANY of the game?? 😦

    i think i’m going to watch the first 30 minutes before class.. but that’s all i’ll get to see.. i’ll be in the back of the class that day checking my phone for updates! hope my professor doesn’t see me.. haha.. she hates cell phones..

  122. junkyardjamie

    LOL!! How technology has changed things. I had 40 messages on my phone once I had services updating me on the Dodgers games while I was away. Sara – you probably won’t be the only one checking – lol!!!

  123. jeanette28

    Sara-yeah that sucks! I have a 4-7 PR class on Mondays!! it only goes fast when their isn’t a Dodger game on! where do you go to school?

  124. dodgereric

    Well now, that’s just plain bizarre! I fired this thing up and read all the days’ posts. Jeanette’s post just above yours was the last one until I signed in to say hello, and then there’s yours asking if I’m around!

    Yep, Jimmie took today and the Chargers made the Raiders cry. If the Dodgers had just cooperated, it would have been just about perfect!

  125. junkyardjamie

    That’s funny ~ Yea – the Dave Fleming and gang acted like the Giants had just won the WS – saying it was the best game all season. It must make them feel good beating a Dodger team that was fielded and managed Nomar…. LOL!!
    So, how was your weekend otherwise?

  126. dodgereric

    That just shows one of the HUGE differences between the Dodgers and the IUN (Idiots Up North). We field a team without Ramirez and Martin, take Kemp and Ethier out before it’s over, and they’re bragging about it. No wonder they go nowhere, they haven’t a clue about what a shallow victory it is when they beat half a team.

    I’ll confess that I didn’t pay much attention to it, as the race and the Chargers were on at the same time. My daughter was just shaking her head at me, the race on the tube and me constantly clicking back and forth checking the Dodgers and the Chargers and my fantasy league.

    My weekend was busy as usual. Nothing too exciting. I was considering going to the rally today, but it just wasn’t going to work out. It’s not that big a deal for me to drive the 100 miles, but life does get in the way.

  127. junkyardjamie

    LMAO!!!! That’s exactly what I thought about the Dodger game. Manny doesn’t play, Martin doesn’t play, and the only person who hit the ball in the first few innings was taken out, along with his outfield partner, Matt. They were bragging how it was a comeback win and everything… even Bill was like “Oh you’ve got to be kidding” – LOL!!!
    Well, yea – life and the 300 miles kind of gets in the way for me. Not that I wouldn’t drive it if I had the time. That is one of the easiest drives, boring but easy…
    I didn’t watch any of the games today, other than the 9th inning of the Dodgers game.. I have had the shaking head thing happen, but it’s usually Michael….

  128. dodgereric

    Then you saw the final lap I assume. Kansas is a flat track, not much banking in the turns, so they have to brake fairly hard going into the turns.

    On the backstretch of the last lap, Johnson had a 2 – 3 car length lead as they entered turn 3. Edwards dove underneath Johnson and stayed off his brakes while Johnson was hitting his. He rocketed past, and then naturally slid up the track and kissed the wall. Johnson dove back under him, stayed in the middle and beat him to the finish. All this you saw, right?

    In the interview after the race, Edwards said that he did all that on purpose, going hard into the turn and hitting the wall. He said he didn’t think he’d lose that much speed because – get this – he’s done it a bunch of times on VIDEO GAMES and it always works!!! LMAO!!!


    dnelly, i left.. and then came back..

    eric, they were unprepared.. they were pushed around all day.. both the d-line and o-line was dominated 😦


    i was devastated on thursday as well.. it looked as though we would have ZERO shot at the national championship.. but then florida and georgia lost.. and a little bit of hope came back..


    dnelly, we definitely need to take care of business and dominate the rest of the way through our schedule.. but we’re also going to need some help.. we still need oklahoma, texas, alabama, LSU, etc.. to lose some games as well..

  132. dodgereric

    The ESPN guys are showing no love for the Dodgers – except for Peter Gammons, of all people! He’s saying we’re the team to beat in the NL! Now I’m scared.

    SC had nearly two weeks to prepare for this game. I hope they weren’t reading their press clippings after Ohio St.

    Beating UCLA this season isn’t going to be a very exclusive club.

  133. junkyardjamie

    I just saw that story, eric – very,very sad…… life in perspective once again.
    As far as baseball – you know every one wants the Cubs to win the whole thing. It’s been labeled their year since day one this season. I guess the Dodgers are just going to have to be the party crashers this year. However, it is a little scary…. yikes!!


    eric, i think they WERE reading their press clippings.. that’s what so disappointing.. pete’s usually so good at keeping the boys in check.. mentally..

    what’s this about the bucs kicker?

  135. dodgereric

    Poor guy, his 3-month-old son died last week. His funeral was yesterday. I saw earlier in the day where his teammates were hugging him after he kicked a field goal, and I thought it was a little overdone. Now I know differently.

  136. dodgereric

    Well ladies, I have to turn in. I’m fighting to keep my eyes open. It’s a long wait until Wednesday, isn’t it?

    Goodnight and God Bless you both!

  137. junkyardjamie

    Good night Ward Dear… you have a wonderful sleep, and I will see you in the morning on ITD am…. God Bless to you and your family as well…. πŸ™‚

  138. junkyardjamie

    sara – heart breaking. They interviewed him – very sad.. He’s teammates presented him with a game ball. 😦


    oh wow.. i hadn’t heard that.. that is so sad..

    good night to both of you! chat with you tomorrow~

  140. heartruss

    I went to the rally with a friend. It was inspiring especially when Tommy spoke. They had some of the Dodger Legends speaking, my favorite being Sweet Lou. I think that we were all waiting for the guys to arrive. They parked the team bus at center field and had them all walk to the stage that was set up on the visitors’ dugout. By that time the crowd was beyond excited. Prior to the teams’ arrival, film of the champagne celebration was shown again which got everyone revved up. I never will be tired of watching the celebration. My favorite scenes are of Angel with his scuba gear on, Joe Beimel with his white bathrobe on and Russell with his shirt off and dancing around. Not an ounce of fat on that one. I’m glad I went especially since they were handing out those team calendars at exit. I was able to get one for DNelly’s class!! Andre especially looked awesome. He looks gorgeous in a suit. I had to trade a night at work to attend this rally but I felt that I needed to go just to get in the right frame of mind for the postseason. And I’m always afraid that I will miss something. I noticed that the crowd gave the loudest cheers for Andre and Russell. I expected a rowdier crowd but the rally went without incident. But those annoying beachballs were everywhere. Access was great. Easy in and easy out. I was home before nine. I have post season tickets in my season seat which is Field level section 47 row A on the aisle. It’s a wonderful seat. It’s on the third base side near where Russell warms up prior to the games. It also is very close to Manny, maybe about 20 feet. I can’t wait. I have a good feeling. I have always supported our guys even during the slump. I remember getting pounded by everyone for being so unrealistic. I love saying I told you so. I kept telling everyone to love baseball for the love of the game. It sure does help to win. That’s pretty much what Matty said Thursday before the game, that he’s fine as long as they’re winning. I told him that we all love him. The general opinion is that if we can get past the Cubbies we will win it all. By the way, Russell and Jeff were not at the Rally. They went directly home from the airport because they live close and didn’t have to go back to the Stadium. I’m sure the whole team was tired and anxious to go home and go to bed. They will be flying out today to Chicago, practicing on Wrigley Field on Tuesday and winning on Wednesday and Thursday. Go Dodgers. You are the heart of LA. n : )

  141. junkyardjamie

    Good Morning, ITD writers and readers!!
    As Dodgers Fans we have always known this, but I still have to say it. Giants fans are really stupid. Even this morning on the radio, they are so happy that they won against a half Dodger team yesterday. You would think they would have realized over night that maybe the reason they won is half the starting lineup didn’t even start and/or was pulled out of the lineup early in the game. They are still calling it one of the best games they have played all season. I guess we can let them live in that dream land while we are playing in the playoffs this week.
    xoxrussell – thank you for the story, and thinking about my class πŸ™‚
    Have a Ethieriffic day ITD friends!!! I will check in when I can…
    dnelly, June Darlin’, Junie, Miss Debbie, mom, Mrs. Nelson, nelle, nells, nelly, nellygirl, nellyjune ~ Ethieraholic and very proud of All the Dodgers right now… πŸ™‚
    Andre’s regular season ending stats: Ave – .305 (good enough for 9th in the NL), OBP – .375, SLG – .510 (good for 18th in the NL) –

  142. amyw27

    good morning!!
    Dnelly- now that you are back I wanted to ask you if you are going to the Andre Ethier ‘under the lights” baseball event next month?? when it was announced I thought about you!
    I am so happy for this team. Playoffs are going to be a blast!!!

  143. amyw27

    Dnel- what do you think? are you able to fly down and participate? I have no clue as to how much it costs, but it sounds like it’s right up your ally!!!!

  144. junkyardjamie

    Amy ~ Oh I could get there – not sure I can afford it – $495 – yikes!! That will take some serious begging for that one… I am still hearing about the jersey.. LOL!!!

  145. amyw27

    $495??? really?? Wow. That is expensive!! Yeah, I wouldn’t blame you for not going at that price. That’s more than the sleep over and more than the WIN clinic. Aye!
    goodness gracious, At least we can say a lot of money was raised this year for charity!!!

  146. heartruss

    Now DNelly, did you really expect Giants fans to realize that most of our best players were not starting and that our good players left after a couple of innings? Also that Nomar took over for Joe? The Giants fans will have to settle for having wonderful pitcher Tim Lincecum and picking up the crumbs. Glad you had a nice trip. I took many trips to Yosemite as a child. Those were the days when you didn’t have to have a reservation. You just went in and pitched a tent, roasted marshmallows over a campfire, and fished for nonplanted trout. Those were the days. We passed through Merced many times. I have a lot of fun memories of that part of California.

  147. northstateblues

    Hey all, beautiful day today. in preparation for the playoffs, I’m going to do something unthinkable to everyone who knows me. I am going to purge my iPod of all Smashing Pumpkins music. The lead singer is a diehard Cubs fan, so I don’t wanna carry any cursed bad luck around. And I”ll probably ditch Cheap Trick for good measure. If I had any Pearl Jam, they’d be gone too. And all Hot Dogs I eat are gonna have only one condiment: Ketchup, AND LOTS OF IT!!

    DNelly: welcome back! If you wanna know what I thought about the Giants after last night, CTRL + F and put in 3:40 and look at the post at 3:53 too. I was a little angry yesterday, heh.

  148. crzblue2

    good morning ITD friends.

    So did anyone see me at the rally? I was the crazy lady wtih like a party blue hat on my head. It was from the pinata horns from the picnic I’ve attended the day before. I was on stage for the selection of the rally fan. They gave it to the 4 month baby that had a tiny baseball glove and had a t-shirt saying “Giant Suck” I don’t agree with kids wearing that. I think we should enphasize our team. the little girl next to me was also very cute.
    Had a ball at the rally! Prior to us going on stage I had my picture taken with Tommy. I was so good to see him giving the inspiration speeches that he is known for. Also to see Tommy Davis, Sweet Lou, Maury and Don Newcombe. If anyone saw the rally recording, when the bus arrived and you saw Torre walking fist, Josh was to the left.
    My friend Eric and I saw the host Jim Watson leaving so we told him he did a great job hosting the event. There were no calendars left when we left. Boo to that, Amy, I hope you got yours.
    congratulations to Alex -1st place, RonCey _2nd place and Scott _3rd place from the ITD baseball fantasy league. I took 4th place :-(.
    Oh, our boys in blue looked so handsome in their business attire especially Ethier, Loney, Kemp, Mattingly and the list goes on..
    Also, is D.Lowe OK? I heard he was sick.

  149. heartruss

    Ha ha crzblue, I saw you. I thought you were a crazy lady but not as bad as that girl with the blue hair! I knew that baby would win but I too disagree with his attire. We all applauded for that little girl but how did she get in with the umbrella? We can’t even bring unbrellas in when there’s rain. : )

  150. amyw27

    Emma- I did see you there on stage. I cheered for you. There were too many people and security so I was unable to come visit with you!!! You definitely lived up to your name “crazyblue”. I agree with you about the baby’s tee shirt. In my family we never say “someone sucks”. Most of our opponents are good strong teams, we just are better πŸ™‚
    I’m so sad that you didn’t get a calendar. You had to have left on the early side. I bet you stayed until they closed down the stadium. I’m glad I got mine. It has the entire 2009 schedule on it πŸ™‚
    It was fun. The boys looked very very handsome indeed!
    I can’t wait for Saturday πŸ™‚
    NSB- good morning my friend
    Go Dodgers.

  151. northstateblues

    Emma: you’re welcome πŸ™‚ it’s great to find things that make life easier.

    Amy: Good morning πŸ™‚ I’m off to work to stand outside again. and NO CHICAGO BANDS on my iPod, heheheheh!!!!!!

  152. heartruss

    I plan on going to the “under the lights” event. I haven’t gone to any of the other charity events so this will be my last chance. I wonder who will be there from the current team. I doubt that anyone other than those who live in the area will attend. Russell will probably be back in Canada by then. Just having Andre there will be nice. I won a couple of items from the Manny Mota silent auction which totaled to over $200 so I think a nice event like Andre’s will be fantastic. : ).

  153. heartruss

    DNelly, I just found out that you and I are in two of the 8 most stressful jobs according to AOL. Does that make you feel….stressed?

  154. crzblue2

    xoxo, I probably saw you then at the Manny Mota auction. there were so many items there that day. I got one of those jerseys that keep you cool with #42 on it from the last Thursday’s auction. I know a few of the regulars there that bid. I had met this nice young lady at the WIN event that I ran into her that Thrusday in the field level where she has her season ticket. She had never gone to the auctions so I took her there. She got the Dodger magazine with the local boys on it signed by Jeff Kent. We also yelled “We love you Jeff” prior to the game and he waved at us. It was so nice that day to see him there with his four kids on the field and Vinnie talking about it. his daugther when she was coming back to the stand with her brothers, gave her signed baseball to this cute little girl who was so surprised and was saying “For me?!?!”

  155. dodgereric

    No surprise, Kuo is out:
    “Hong-Chih Kuo was ruled out by Torre for the first round of the playoffs again — and this time, Torre is certain.

    Kuo was warming up in the bullpen Saturday night when he informed the Dodgers’ training staff that his fingers were numb and the skin on his arm had turned bright red. Trainer Stan Conte and Dr. Neal ElAttrache feared that he might have a blood clot and took him to the emergency room, where he underwent a Doppler ultrasound exam. The test was negative and showed Kuo’s blood was circulating normally.

    Kuo will undergo more exams today in Los Angeles and, if nothing wrong is found, will go to the instructional league in Arizona to prepare for a potential National League Championship Series appearance.”,0,2658242.story

  156. junkyardjamie

    Good Afternoon ITD writers and readers!!
    Ward Dear.. any news on rosters yet?
    xoxrussell – I want to go to the “Under the Lights” event. Like I told Amy, this will take some serious begging from my husband, considering I spent the same amount on a signed jersey.
    nsblues – Wow!! I didn’t know you could do that with Ctl F – fancy!!! I know what you mean about the gnats. It’s hilarious what their mentality is…. pathetic!!! How could any one watching that game yesterday, Giants fan or not, think it was one of their best games of the year. What loser people!!! My husband and son, excluded at times, but not always – LOL!!!

  157. dodgereric

    Emma, I think I may have seen you on the video of the rally that’s on the Dodger’s site. They show a lady with a blue cone right when Tommy is talking about the McCourts giving back to the community:

    Good afternoon, June Darlin’! I haven’t seen anything yet. You’d think they’d have it figured out by now. I know there’s some hard choices, but sheesh!

  158. crzblue2

    LOL Eric. Yep, that was me. I wanted to wear my Dodger poncho but I could not find before leaving the house. I do have it now so I will probably wear it on Satuday. I so want to leave early on Wednesday so that I cab watch the game live. by the time I get home taking the train is 6:50 p.m.
    Well, better go get something at the cafeteria since I did not bring lunch.

  159. dodgereric

    Cool, emma! For nearly all my life I thought I was the biggest Dodger fan around. This site proves me wrong. Now I have to count myself as “one of the biggest”.

  160. junkyardjamie

    Thanks for checking Ward Dear… I figure if anyone would be one of the first to know, you would be one of them πŸ™‚
    manfromchina – yeah!! My team did very well yesterday, and at least I can say I defeated the Commish πŸ™‚

  161. dodgereric

    OK, there’s still time for predictions. It’s a little easier now that it’s apparant that we’ll have an 11-man staff and Kuo won’t be one of them.

    Pitching (11) – Beimel, Billz, Brox, Kersh, Kuroda, Lowe, Maddux, Park, Proctor, Saito, Wade

    Starters (8) – Martin, Loney, DeWitt, Furcal, Blake, Ramirez, Kemp, Ethier

    Bench (6) – Ardoin, Nomar, Kent, Sweeney, Pierre, DY

    Now that’s a prediction, not my choice. I’d pull Sweeney out for Berroa, and I’d toy with the idea of using DY as the #2 catcher so I could put Repko in for late OF defense. I’d also pull Proctor and roll the dice with McDonald, but I’m also the guy who tries to hit his golf shot between the tree branches instead of the safe pitch sideways onto the fairway. πŸ™‚

  162. selltheteam

    Hi Eric and Nelly,
    One basic problem with your bench, Eric. There’s no backup infielder in case Furcal’s back flares up. I’m hoping that Joe doesn’t think of Nomar as his backup shortstop. I think Joe will go with Berroa, especially since he’s shown that he has a decent bat. That means he will be choosing between Sweeney and DY. Speaking of DY, he hit a rocket for a double yesterday. I would hope Joe chooses DY over Sweeney, but then he’s Joe . . .

  163. dodgereric

    Hi crash! You’re right. I allowed myself to revert from Joe to me when I put DY in there. My amended bench prediction is:
    Bench (6) – Ardoin, Nomar, Kent, Sweeney, Pierre, Berroa. I guess one reserve OF is enough when the PVLs must take precedence. It IS the playoffs afterall, and the PVLs must shine.

  164. thinkingblue

    Hello ITD…I’ve been out celebrating my daughters b-day since Friday. I did see the whole celebration on TV…loved it…Russell looked Good…Ethier….he is just so Ethierrific! Japanese Pimps were great. Love the whole celebration. Was a little dissappointed that they lost, specially cause I knew a lot of othe ITD members were going to be attending. But then after seeing the big celebration and how they came out and started celebrating with the fans out in the field I was just thinking how lucky all those people are and how happy all the players were.
    Emma I did see you in the rally. I was not there but I just saw the clip, you have bronw curly hair? I also saw the baby with the “Giants suck” shirt….Baby is so tiny…
    Debbie, AMY, xoxoxRussell: What is this I read about under the lights?

  165. crzblue2

    dodgerrule, yes brown curly hair is crazy me.
    Neet to see “under the Lights” and see what is that about…
    Any updates on D.Lowe? Is he feeling better? i cannot wear his shirt at the stadium when he pitches. Might not chance it wearing this far away on Wednesday. I’ll stick with my Jackie Robinson’s jersey.
    For those that watched Newcombe talk about his playing days in Nashua, NH at the Rally, I found this link of the mural of Newk and Campy and the plaque: I’ve been meaning to stop there when I am in NH. on business. I most likely take a trip there late October or early November.

  166. trublu4ever

    Eric & Crash ~ I think you are right about who you think will be on Joe’s team. I’m wondering about Furcal, don’t know if he is really healthy enough. I think I read yestrerday that Joe thinks Kent can play, as well as pinch hit. Torre says that gives him options………which really scares me…… Kent for Loney………or Kent for DeWitt, who’s been doing a great job.


    I also thought I was a pretty big Dodger fan as well but some of you sure have taken things to another level. I raise my Dodger cap to you.

    Also, some of you were pretty tough on my Bruins last night. UCLA played much better than the previous two games and was driving for a go ahead TD late in the game when Fresno State recovered a fumble deep in their territory. FS then went on an eight plus minute game killing drive to secure the win. I knew this would be a tough year for UCLA but just as the Dodgers are my team no matter what, the same holds true for UCLA. In fact, and if you think I am nuts you will be in agreement with my son, I am giving my daughter my tickets for Saturday’s Dodger-Cub playoff game to attend the UCLA football game which will be played at about the same time. If the Dodgers get to game 4 of the series on Sunday, I will be there. I have never done it but I have considered the possibility of attending a football and baseball game on the same day. I think it could be done if the timing was right but it would take a lot of energy and fighting crowds and traffic. I would not want to leave one game early to attend the other.

  168. junkyardjamie

    Ward Dear…. I’m restricted from that link… What are you posting now?… (jk) LOL!!!!!
    enchanted – I asked our Mariposa resident about Crystal Falls. She said it went out of business, but you thought that. She thought it was because it was too pricey.

  169. selltheteam

    Tru, I agree – Let’s keep Kent on the bench and DeWitt at 2B. Good pitching beats good hitting, and good pitching requires good defense.

  170. dodgereric

    June Darlin’, that one wasn’t a joke. There’s a place just a couple of miles from Dodger Stadium that sells French dip sandwiches. It’s called Philippe’s and they’re celebrating their 100th birthday next week by selling their sandwiches for 10 cents. If you go there before a Dodger game I defy you to count less than 50 Dodger jerseys in the place. I went there before the one game I went to this season (the Casey Blake’s first game with us) and nothing has changed. No frills, just a great sandwich.

  171. junkyardjamie

    lbirken – I wasn’t being tough on your Bruins. I was just glad Fresno State won. I only live 45 minutes away from there. They did win the College World Series, and I would like to see them do well in football this season too. Not to mention, that is one team my whole family actually likes watching. So, I wasn’t knocking the Bruins as much as I was happy for the Bulldogs πŸ™‚
    I am leaving to go pick up my daughter and then heading home. Catch up to all of you later πŸ™‚

  172. junkyardjamie

    Ward Dear…. I know it wasn’t a joke, but it still blocked it πŸ™‚ Why would they block it is my question? It’s okay – I will get to see when I get home. Have a great evening ~ talk to you during late night ITD…:)

  173. crzblue2

    yes, I think you are nuts about giving up your tickets on Saturday. I am so nervous about the series. What time is the UCLA game? I think if i was to do the football and baseball game, I would leave my car at Union Station (close to the Flyaway) and hop on the Pasadena Gold line, then those shuttles that they have to take you the game. then back to shuttle/Gold line/shuttle to Dodger stadium. Back to shuttle to Union Station and get car. Did you get dizzy reading that? yeah,, is kinda crazy.
    I like both Jeff and Nomah coming off the bench.

  174. trublu4ever

    It’s amazing. The playoffs are on TBS and they are doing all their promos for the games…………guess what? Not one Dodger is shown! Aren’t we in the playoffs? Talk about no respect. What a crock of s&^%. Not only that, the so called A-team announcers are doing the Red Sox – Angels series………here again, no respect!


    trublue.. i bet you they made those commercials a while ago and that’s why there isn’t an NL West team.. they’ve been showing the same playoff commercials for the last couple months.. and i’m guessing they don’t want to put money in to edit us in..


    Crzblue, I already figured out how to get to Dodger Stadium from the Rose Bowl (and vice versa) by car and depending on traffic and the start time of the earlier of the two events, it could be done. For instance, if the football game started at noon or 12:30 and the baseball game started at 7:10, I think it is possible assuming the football game did not go into overtime. I suppose the reverse is true although Dodger games seldom start at noon on Saturdays. The big concern for me other than the traffic is having the energy to attend another sporting event and fight traffic again. I think you can do it as well from the Coliseum. I am sure many sportswriters have done it but they are not sitting in the energy draining sun like the rest of us slobs.

    I don’t feel to bad about giving my daughter and son in law the tickets. My daughter almost begged me and said she has been waiting a long time for this opportunity since she was away at school the past couple times the Dodgers made the playoffs. She was not a huge fan as a youngster like her older brother was but she has become quite the fan in her late teens (she is now 29). In fact, she is almost gloating since she will get to attend a playoff game while her brother, who lives in North Carolina, will not.


    lbirken, i have a similar conflict. the USC – Oregon game kicks off at 5pm and i have tickets to that AND the 7pm dodgers game.. at first i thought i’d try to make both.. but then i also felt bad about wasting my football ticket to catch one quarter of action.. so i think i’m going to have to give them up and just go to dodgers.. sad to do it.. i NEVER miss games 😦


    i know trublue.. there are dodgers in other playoff commercials.. like the ones on FOX for the NLCS potential matchups and stuff.. and i’m sure as soon as they start advertising specific games they will show footage of us and the cubs, and not just the general october playoff commericals they’re showing right now..


    crzblue, the UCLA game is at 7:15 pm so it is not possible to do both games. I think UCLA has a shot at a win. I can’t say I am nervous about the playoffs but it does not surprise me if there is a bias not so much against the Dodgers but for the Cubs. They are the story and I am looking forward to extending their post season misery. I think it will be a close series.


    i guess it’s not shocking that the white sox won, but it’s crazy that now they have to play a one game playoff with the twins tomorrow.. i hope the twins win tomorrow.. it just stinks for either team because they have to play ANOTHER game in what has already been a long season and then play the rested tampa bay rays immediately after..

  181. trublu4ever

    Sara ~ I’d like to see the Twins win too. I’m not crazy about the White Sox. I think Tampa Bay is quite the story of the season.

  182. amyw27

    I’m well. Somewhat tired. Probably going to bed in the next hour or so. I am super pumped for the playoffs too. So happy for this team and I hope we use all of our tools to take us far into the playoffs.
    how are you? how was sign holding today ? did you have school?

  183. amyw27

    I’m well. Somewhat tired. Probably going to bed in the next hour or so. I am super pumped for the playoffs too. So happy for this team and I hope we use all of our tools to take us far into the playoffs.
    how are you? how was sign holding today ? did you have school?

  184. northstateblues

    my day was somewhat decent. Didn’t have to hold the sign today, I actually got to get my hands dirty making pizzas! (I can’t wait ’til I graduate and can have a real job, heh). Went up to Chico to see about Financial Aid, all should be well. How exciting, right πŸ™‚

    I’m gonna have to knock off at some point too to wake up dark and early to get to class on time. Just wanted to mess around and make playoff-related photoshop stuff.

    So boring without baseball, I’m gonna hate the winter!

  185. junkyardjamie

    Good Evening ITD Late Night!!!!!
    nsblues – love the photoshop stuff!!!
    How are you Amy? I watched some of the Rally with my class before recess today – it was fun!!!

  186. junkyardjamie

    Of course!! It’s late night ITD!!! Not sure where Ward Dear is, but I am sure he is around somewhere….
    I had a great day!!! How was yours?

  187. cpompe1

    It was fine nelly. Didn’t do too much except look for jobs online. I’ve got a few places to “hit” tomorrow to apply; again Christmas temp jobs! But we went to Marie Callendars for MNF with a family friend. I’m up late because I just got out of our spa and need some time for my hair to dry b4 I go to bed. Thought I’d read the Dodger articles that I missed earlier and talk to you! πŸ™‚

  188. junkyardjamie

    So, I am assuming through all your reading, you haven’t found rosters yet. I read a few today, and it makes me uncomfortable how Torre keeps referring to the vets and their experience in post season play. I hope he doesn’t mess with a good thing, and start playing the PVLs just because of their experience in post season.

  189. cpompe1

    No nelly. I was looking to see if the PS rosters have been posted, but I didn’t see anything. To me, in the PS, certain vets that have been there will help, but I keep going back to my sinking suspicion that our beloved Mark Sweeney will make it; and we all know he doesn’t deserve to polish their cleats! I’m afraid to see what the roster has in store for us and them…

  190. cpompe1

    Plus, I really think that he’s going to have ‘Dre back in the #2 spot in front of Manny. I think that’s the best place for him and for the team. I just hope Joe sees it that way…


    We are with you all the way Our Beloved Los Angeles Dodgers and as we remember Our Last Unforgettable World Series Championship with Super Heros Kirk Gibson,Orel Hershiser and Tommy Lasorda in 1988, the Dodger Torch has now passed to You and we are so Thankful That Our Great Almighty Friend, The Great Dodger In The Sky, sent The Amazing, Wonderful, Super Hero Manny Ramirez and all his Super Heros to Finally Destroy kryptonite Forever and with The Indestructable, Invincible,Inpenetrable, Man Of steel,The Greatest Second Baseman Of All time, Superman Himself, Our Very Own Jeff Kent, Win Our Seventh World Series Championship, This Unforgettable 50th Anniversary Of Our Beloved Los Angeles
    Dodgers In Los Angeles, This Supernatural Majestic Jubilee Year 2008 A.D!

  192. cpompe1

    I see Kent on the roster, but I still don’t know if he’ll start. He’s only a few weeks beyond his surgery. I see DeWitt getting the bulk of starting time at 2B. They can have either Loney or Nomar as cleanup. I just don’t know if Joe wants to run Kent, who was mediocre at best in fielding 2B before his surgery in the lineup everyday. But we’ll see…

  193. dodgereric

    Greetings, Late Night pals!

    I have a question. Did they take the entire 40-man roster to Chicago? Probably not, right? Well, if not, why don’t we have the playoff roster yet? Is it a big secret? Is it an advantage that the Cubs are wondering if it’s Sweeney or DY?

    I don’t get it.

  194. junkyardjamie

    ndeschenes – It is wonderful to see you back. So, far all you have said has happened. Let’s hope they can take it to the next level. Have a wonderful evening ndeschenes!!!

  195. cpompe1

    Good evening eric!
    I don’t know what the big secret is? I wish I knew. We all wish we knew. I really thought that we’d have something by last night. I’ve never seen, but do you know when the deadline by MLB is to turn in PS rosters? I would’ve thought it should be out by now???

  196. junkyardjamie

    Good Evening Ward Dear… I always look to you for those answers, and the fact that you don’t know, kind of leaves me with no answers myself. You are right, why the secrecy? Maybe they rather only want one day of ranting and raving instead of two when we see Sweeney on the Roster.


    hey gang!

    eric, i’m sure they took at least a few “extra” guys.. and they haven’t announced yet because the official roster isn’t due until tomorrow.. i’m guessing they’re still working on evaluating health concerns 😦

  198. cpompe1

    Good evening Sara! Yes, I’m sure that Joe is evaluating health concerns. It’s just the very impatient, little girl in me that WANTS TO KNOW NOW!!! πŸ™‚

  199. cpompe1

    Very funny nelly!!! Actually, no. I’m getting a little sleepy and foot stomping is not in the picture at all!!! But I sure feel like doing it!!! Maybe I’ll try it again!

    I want it now, I want it now, I want it now, I want it now!!!

    Ah, yes, now I feel better but for some weird reason the bottom of my feet don’t??? Why??? πŸ™‚

  200. cpompe1

    Okay eric, I’m trying to think of the movie, but, again, I’m getting too sleepy for my brain to function (not that it functions normally anyway!)


    This been struck in my head for the past 2 days and I’m finally getting this out. I hate to say this but if Kent had accept that and it would be really scary if he name Sweeney as hitting coach(hahahaha I know a joke lol), Schmidt as pitching coach(another joke) Pierre the 1st bases coach and 3rd bases coach as Jones. This is why this been in my head for 2 days becauser is crazy and insane lol.

  202. cpompe1

    Not any more eric!!! πŸ™‚ I used to in my single-mom days, but not any more. Gotta house now.

    Okay, I think it’s time for me to leave. Just these words took WAY too long for me to type the right way. Let’s get those Cubbies tomorrow!!! Goodnight all…

  203. dodgereric

    I don’t know. He’s on third, and I’m going to bed before I get any more stupid than I already am. I’ve had a long, hard day and this laughter is good medicine.

    Thank you and good night all!!!

  204. junkyardjamie

    I am sorry you had a hard day Ward Dear….. Get a good night sleep, and enchanted can straighten this mess up in the morning. Good Night Ward Dear….. and God Bless!!!

  205. junkyardjamie

    Good Morning, ITD morning!!!
    enchanted ~ I never knew your name would create such confusion. πŸ™‚ You made our night, and you weren’t even up to enjoy it – thanks!!! Aren’t you glad you got the whole number thing fixed. That would have really been confusing – LOL!!!!
    Are we going to see a roster any time soon? hmmmm!!!

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