Magic number down to five…

Looking for another victory today. Wish I had some great wisdom to impart, but after a four-hour game last night, home at 12:30 and back in at 9, I don’t have much to share…except the lineup.

Martin, C

Ethier, RF

Manny, LF

Loney, 1B

Blake, 3B

Kemp, CF

DeWitt, 2B

Berroa, SS

Lowe, P


Let’s get them Dodgers. Have a great game and blow them away. Make ITDland proud!!!

Good morning TRU.
I’m glad we won too. I didn’t want to come on today and be shamed!

Josh- it really was a long day for you yesterday. I didn’t participate in the Viva Los Dodgers day time activities, but that 4 hour game was so long. Not leaving the stadium until 11:45 when the game started at 7 is crazy. but I am very happy that we came out on top.
Lowe will get the job done today. Let’s just hope that Manny sprays TJ with his perfume today πŸ™‚
Go Dodgers!!!!

Hey Trublue and Amy. Amy, are you going to the game today?

Hey bluecrew. yes. I am on my way in a few mins!!!
It’s the last day of summer and the last Sunday day game of thee regular season. My last chance to get a tan before fall πŸ™‚

Lowe record since Aug 26 losing to the Nats is 4-0 with a 0.68 ERA. The right-hander has allowed 14 hits during his winning stretch while the Dodgers have won each of those contests by at least four runs. Los Angeles (81-74) led 5-0 after three innings of his last outing.

β€œThey made it easy by getting me an early lead and allowed me to settle in,” said Lowe, who is 4-5 with a 3.62 ERA in 12 starts against San Francisco and 1-0 versus the Giants this season.

Matt Cain (8-13, 3.91) tries to avoid a fifth consecutive losing decision when he takes the ball for the Giants. In another hard-luck outing, Cain allowed two runs and seven hits – including a pair of solo homers – while striking out seven in seven innings of a 2-0 loss at Arizona on Tuesday.

β€œI made two mistakes,” said Cain, who is 0-4 with a 5.55 ERA in his last six starts. β€œThat cost me. Sometimes you can get away with those, but today those were two mistakes that didn’t stay in the ballpark.”

The right-hander looks to finally end his drought against the Dodgers, who he is 0-5 with a 4.73 ERA against in nine starts. He is 0-2 in four outings this season.

This should be an easy win for us and let make Cain 0-6 in his career against us.

Not to mention we’re hitting at .307 against him. I still can’t believe Johnson is 3-0 ERA in 0.82 n 4 starts against the Giants in his career. Maybe we should’ve had started him instead of Maddux. The Raiders defense look good again maybe UCLA should take some notes. I really hate picking the opposite team against the Raiders in my pick em league. I bet if I pick them next week they would loss.

Wow the Patriots getting their butt whoop by Miami. It’s always glad to see the Patriots lose without Brady.

Good Afternoon, ITD writers and readers!!!
Amy ~ Have fun at the game today!!!!
Hi bluecrewgirl ~ Let’s hope we don’t have the drama we had yesterday unless it’s homerun drama for the Dodgers.

Hi all,
D’Back’s up 6-0 already

Go Dodgers

Gosh the Raiders defense suck in the 2nd half. What happen?

My god it look like we have to win all of our games now.

The good thing is Az will have to go to St.Louis for 4 game’s

Hey all, not gonna be on the computer for a while, but wanted to say hi, and hope for the Dodgers to close out the Home season with a bang! (all while listening to the Giants announcers whine about it and play umpire). Now if only the Raiders can close out this game on the winning end….


sl7180, thanks for the correction on Espinelli, guess I was a bit too faded last night, heh.

This year, the D-backs can’t seem to win when it counts. Twice this year, in May and June and during our 8-game losing streak, they could have buried us. If they had, there would’ve been no Manny and we’d be talking about the 2009 season right now. But they let us hang around and, eventually, it came back to bite them. Now, they’re trying to make up for what they failed to do earlier. As long as we keep winning, there’s nothing they can do. GO DODGERS!!!!!

Swear to god, I saw the count at 0-2, and figured I’d fire up YouTube and find “Ride Captain Ride” for good luck, then he nailed it!!!


And way to go Dre!!! Manny coming up!!! and I’m off from the computer (for now)

nsblues – oh my!!! If that isn’t the pot calling the ……….. πŸ™‚

Base’s loaded and no run’s

Come on dodgers

WTF bases loaded 0 outs and can’t score? Loney’s liner was a nice play, but Blake and Kemp strikeout? Unacceptable.

That was not good to come out of that with nothing. We just need to keep Cain throwing a lot of pitches and break him down.

sucks to leave 3 on base, but hey, we’ve got Cain to throw 25 in an inning, that’ll come up big later, especially with that clown car SF called a bullpen last night…

Gotta go…Take care all
Go Dodger’s

7-3 snakes now. rocks score 3. top 5

I think Andre would have had a better angle charging in to make that play than Dewitt did.

Dwane Kuiper (pre-Cain AB): “I would tell Derek Lowe right now to be VERY careful with Matt Cain.”

yeah, right… but you might wanna be as careful with DLowe, he’s no slump with the bat, either.

Kuiper might wanna be careful with leaving his wife anywhere near Derek Lowe lol

NP Nsblues I knew you were probably tired last night.

Good afternoon all!
Rough start today with the Raiders snatching a loss from the jaws of victory…..AGAIN. They’re picking right back up into their old routine of playing good, or decent enough to have a lead going into the 4th quarter, and then the defense doesn’t show up for the final quarter. I imagine coach Lane Kiffin’s head is inching that much closer to the chopping block now. Al Davis is a senile tyrant that no one will want to fill the head coaches roll with him at the helm. Oh well! Not a toatlly devastating day with the Pats loosing at home to the lowly Dolphins!


jj ~ Well, there’s always the Cowboys – LOL!!!

Hi nells. I’ll be rooting with the cheese heads later on.

That’s good jj!!!

So will I, vl4. GO PACK!!!!

I don’t blame Lowe for being annoyed. That ball should have been caught.

Nobody will ever mistake Manny for a Gold Glove outfielder.

Urgh i can’t watch this no more. Come on do us a favor Ochoa pop it up or grounded out.

Nice Job Lowe still can’t believe thst SOB Cain is still in this game.

What the heck was Denver doing? They running after stop them on 4th and goals and gave up a safety..

We need to work that pitch count lol 69 pitches for Cain after some 20+ pitches in the 1st. Come on Ethier Mr Sept .



They’re walking Manny. Unfortunately, no big surprise there. Go, James!!!!

Urgh Ethier shouldn’t had advance.

Make them pay Loney 2-0 in your favor.

We should have at least 5 runs by now. Unbelievable.

Amazing how all those balls drop when they played the dbacks.

I know, DNelly. It will be a shame if we don’t win because so far Lowe is outpitching Cain.

Those spiteful Jints are going the extra mile on D so far… that can change quick, though.

Northstate, I am continually reminded why I can’t stand the Giants every time they play the Dodgers, lol.

Can we clone just 2 more Manny in the lineup?

lol all the ibb nice. We have to scored this inning.

Did Torre really ibb Rowand with 2 outs and no runners on base?

yeah bluecrewgirl, old rivalries die hard!


Another ball that would have been purposely dropped if they were playing anybody else but the Dodgers.

We need some home runs. That’s the only way to avoid all this good defense.

Well, it looks like it’s coming down to another bullpen duel. The Giants Bullpen is not too good, but you never know. I’m just glad they didn’t have to see Lincecum this series.

bluecrewgirl/nsblues – Have I told you how much I hate this series? – LOL!!!

Dnelly, yeah, this is starting to feel… exactly like a Dodgers Giants game

Great gutsy job from Lowe! I didn’t think he was coming back out with his pitch count up. Nice he had enough left in the tank!

Guess this is another game for the hip flask. Glub…..aaah!!!!!

Pass the shot glasses around, lol.

O for Juan.

Another round for ITD!!!!!!!

Now I’m scrambling for my flask!

JJ, exactly

It’s like the crying baby in the restaurant

Just like a bad penny, IT returns.

nsblues/bluecrewgirl/seesky/jj – words escape me… πŸ™‚

Hey Joeyp! Why don’t you take a flying fornicating attempt at a rolling donut, and blow!

somebody unlocked the room to his door again….. πŸ™‚

A few wise men once told me it’s best not to engage, but those wise men are not here.

Who pulled your string?

My bad! Should have known better than to throw gas on the liitle flame.

That was a pretty cool closeup of the butterfly going into the commercial break on Fox Prime.

jj – I think you meant to say “little s&*t”

Something like that, but more brutal. You are kind.

Hopefully Brox will be good Johnny today.

jj – I’m sure – LOL!!!!

He ended up leaving Wade in. I thought Brox was coming in since he was warming up.

Maybe Torre should’ve sent Wade out for another inning. This one could last awhile.

He doing it now and wanted to see a walkoff homerun from Kent ot beat his former team.

I thought Brox was coming in, too. Wade’s been great all year.

oops mean to.

I guess we have to get someone on first to give Kent a chance of Torre goign to PH for Wade.

Great D Russ! Now all we need is a walk off hr to win the game.

Work Horse Wade with another fine outing!
Let’s do it with a walk off!

A nice walkoff would be good right about now.

Atta boy, Russell!!!! Let’s take one downtown and put this one in the bank.

If I haven’t said it before I said it again. Wade has to be the biggest in the 10th round of the 2004 draft.

oops biggest steal

Wishfull thinking.

Well, it’s free baseball, folks!!!

The walk off will have to be in the 10th –

Shall we bow our heads in prayer and maybe take a swig off the flask for good measure in hopes that Good Johnny shows up today?

Sigh let Berroa hit than used Pee Wee for Wade. Can Wade go another inning?

I’ll drink to that!!!!LOL!!!!!

I sure hope so nells!

Sigh that mean Hu would lead off? I don’t think it possible for him to hit his 1st walkoff homerun is it?

They have to do something quick! After the mass quantities consumed yesterday, and earlier today with the Raider loss, I’m almost out of alcohol!

Joe Torre makes me want to kick puppies. He’s a horrible in game manager.

Oh gosh Broxton come on.

LMAO, vl4ecc! I’m glad the Chargers don’t play until tomorrow. I don’t think I could take anymore this weekend.

Vin, you might be waiting and hoping to see Sandoval but I’m not!!!!!!

LMAO!!!! jj – We will share!!!

Joe’s hard on for Sweeney needs to stop!

Easier work for Brox today.
Kick puppies max? I’m flashing back to my youth hearing the song ‘Dead Puppies’ on Dr. Demento! LOL

Sigh I forgot Yung batter for Berroa. Gosh damn used Kent or Nomar over Sweeney.

oops Young come on Ethier walkoff homerun

You know, I’ve never gotten on Sweeney. I figured he would do something sometime, BUT CHRIST!!!!!!!!! Does anybody remember one #%$^&*(@#$ time he’s gotten a hit? I do not!

Glad I didn’t even mention Sweeney name in the walk off process.

Boy! Philly has put ALOT of hurt on Roethlisberger today!

This WOULD be the day the Gnats bullpen would actually be good!!! Nothing like a rivalry!!!

jj – I remember that song very well – LMAO!!!!!!!!

Their bullpen pitch 4 innings with 4 k’s. Damn fluke bullpen Giants. Shut it down Saito maybe we can give you another win like last night.

Dead puppies, dead puppies,
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What happen to the days when Broxton and Saito was getting alot of 1 2 3 innings. I missed those days.

Hey enchanted! The whiskey almost came out my nose! That would have been VERY painfull. LMAO

I’m looking over my dead dog Rover
That I hit with a power mower.
One leg is missing, the other is gone
The third leg is scattered all over the lawn.
No need explaining the one leg remaining
Is spinning on the carport floor.
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I’m looking over my dead dog Rover
That I sent to eternity.

(That one’s from memory!!)

Hey enchanted – Thank you for the lyrics, sir – LOL!!!!! I am laughing thinking about the whiskey coming out of jj nose – LMAO!!!!!

Picked the wrong day to quit smoking!

From Memory!!! OMG!!!!! Explains alot enchanted!!!! LMAO!!!!!

The stars have not been aligned for us today. Let’s hope Beimel gets us out of the inning only one behind and that Manny can do something.

!@#$%^&* Aurillia’s been a thorn in the Dodger’s side for years!

DeWitt’s Throw to first hurt on the attempted D.P.

Just a brief visit. Looks like the D’s are going to do their damnedest to lose the division.

Sorry about the whiskey jj.

I feel a choke job, I don’t know about you guys. I hate to think that but that’s my gut feeling. UGH!

I still think they’ll win the division, regardless of what happens in this game.

A little offense would help.

This is not a good sign…. I’m worried. I don’t understand how you go on the road and win 7 of 10, come home and you can’t get things started. Very nerve racking…. especially since it seems like we love to burn out our bullpen lately. I have to admit though, I knew that we’d lose this game after we failed to score with the bases loaded and noone out… That’s never a good sign, especially in a 0-0 extra inning game… Oh well, hopefully we pull it out here at the end. We have got to hold on to our division lead though… I don’t really care how… we just better realize that we don’t have this thing sewn up yet!!

Close, but no cigar enchanted. I did have Dr Pepper come out it once, a looong time ago, and it hurt like hell!
Remember the old Carlin line? Save your best jokes for lunch. Once a guy passed an entire cheese sandwich through his nose at his Catholic School. The nuns thought it was a miracle. He had to be debriefed by a priest afterward.

I really hate Joe Torre. Sammy threw 20+ pitches last night so Joe wants to experiment on how he does in back to back games IN A TIED GAME IN EXTRA INNING!!!! I love Sammy but he’s coming back from an injury that usually requires major surgery. You don’t know how he’s going to pitch back to back days so why he chose to do it in a tied game that is very important is beyond me.

The glaring thing to me today is James Loney’s left 7 GUYS ON BASE!!

Time to atone you alien looking Loney!!! Get back all of those guys you left on today and hit one out damnit!!

The thing that really ticks me off about the fact that the Giants scored…. It was set up by the PITCHER stealing 2nd!! WTF!?!?!?

We put up this stupid magic number thing on the website, we go out and play a crappy schedule… blah blah blah… You have got to win the games!!

How do you let a pitchers steal a base and hennessy has his 1st carreer steal. You should be lucky he didn’t bring in Johnson.

Where the hell are our hitters? Crap, I’m going to watch the Cowboy game. This stinks.

Oh, one more thing, then I’m leaving…. Back when Ethier singled, and Berroa was thrown out and home… How do you not stop him there and have Manny come up with the bases loaded and one out…. Nowhere to put him…. ARGH!!! BYE!

LOL all you Dr Demento’s!!!!

Geeez! How pathetic to do so well on the road, then come home, and s**k. The lead is dwindling. They better get their s**t in one bag, and get with it here. Dbags are that much closer now
Sweep the Rox!

You can also take it back to the first inning when the bases were loaded with no outs. A run there would have been nice.

Hey jhall – This was a really awful game to watch, as bad as yesterday, but at least the end result yestereday was a win.

DNelly, that first inning was huge. Who would have thought they wouldn’t get at least a couple of runs out of that?

BTW – trublue blames Torre…. πŸ™‚

Also, I have to agree with Brandon and Berroa being thrown out at home. With Manny coming up – stupid move there too.

Like I said Ethier shouldn’t had took that extra bases.

What really worries me when we make the playoffs is that Torre will select Sweeney, Kent and Nomar for the playoff roster. That will be a clear waste of three playoff slots. Add Maddux for another one, and we’ll really be competitive. Neither Saito nor Broxton look like very effective closers at the end of the season.

bluecrewgirl – Like Vin said, they should have had 5 runs in those first few innings. And then on top of everything else, the gnats decided to finally show they can actually field the ball. When I watched them play the dbacks, I don’t think they had one play like they had today.

Big mistake not having Kent or Nomar up instead of the POS Sweeney.

What does Ethier taking 2nd have to do with Berroa being thrown out at home? It’s his job to get in scoring position.

the word “frustrating” just doesn’t do the game we just saw any justice. the dodgers certainly didn’t do themselves any favors, either. nothing is coming easy this season.

Blake striking out in the first with bases loaded and one out is just plain unacceptable. Especially from a veteran. Freaking bullsh*t!!!

Berroa shouldn’t have gone home

At least Bills does traditionally pitch well against the Pads.

Thank you bluecrewgirl – it has nothing to do with anything.

Fortunately, the Dodgers are in a no lose situation – either they win the division and go to the playoffs, or they lose the division and Ned gets fired.

I’m still counting on the Snakes losing 2 in St. Louis and one at home to the Rox, so theoretically, the Ds only have to win 2 of 6. I very much doubt they can win 5 of 6 though, so they will need some help.

Casey Blake is turning back into Casey Blake. When he first got here he was playing over his head. He needs to not hit clean up or in front of Matt Kemp any more. And we traded Carlos Santana for him. Thanks Ned!

messagebear – unfortunately that’s probably a given for those three to be on the roster – uugghhh!!!

Ethier should had stay at 1st if he was smart plan and simple in case that was going to happen with berroa why do you want to take the bat out of Manny hand.. Ethier should had know better than that but it was Bowa fault for sending Berroa in.

Sweeney needs not to be on the playoff roster, but I’m sure he will be.

Now that’s a dilemma Beav!!!! I want Ned gone so bad it isn’t funny.

Batters 4,5 and 6 didn’t help much ethier (either). All three had “0 for” days.

Ethier going to 2nd has absolutely nothing to do with the reason we lost this game. Berroa shouldn’t have been sent home. Any of the following: Blake, Loney and Kemp should have gotten a hit in the first when the bases were loaded.

Ethier had no way of knowing what would happen, he did what most players would have done, try and get in scoring position. Loney ended up crushing the ball on his at bat after Manny walked. Only a top defensive play prevented at least 2 runs from scoring.

The Giants would have still pitched around Manny and just moved Andre over that way… He would have been on 2nd eventually anyway. We may hate the gnats, but they are not that stupid.

That’s why he should stay put and Ethier didn’t cost us this game plan and simple and the blame goes to Blake Loney and Kemp in the 1st.

I know, I know – don’t engage, but I’m pissed πŸ™‚

Yeah so truth probably would’ve had made a different after what happen to them last night?

Its flipping amazing to me that Sweeney even gets ABs. I surmize that no other manager would give that many ABs away to a .130 hitter. The only thing the guy’s proven is that he can’t hit.

My guess is that in Ned’s twisted world, he was afraid to put him on waivers at any point during the season because he didn’t want anybody in the division picking him up. But any other GM would’ve released him long long ago so that JoJo COULDN’T use him.

Its still the inmates who run the asylum.

You have the right to your opinion, but I still disagree. Manny’s great, but you don’t change your whole game because of him. Players are taught to take the extra base if you can get it and like DNelly said, he would have ended up at 2nd when the walked Manny anyway. It had no effect on the outcome of the inning.

LOL Nelly!!! Finding fault with Ethier taking 2nd on that play is moronic to say the least.

i don’t blame any player ~ Torre and Ned are to blame period. We shouldn’t even be in this positition. We shouldn’t have to be worried about the last 6 games of he season. Go back to day one, and it all goes back to those two. I am really with enchanted on this one. If we win, great, and if we don’t, then hopefully it means Ned’s head.

I know Ethier was trying to take a chance but if Loney was coming up I wouldn’t had mind but I don’t think you should had did it knowing Manny was coming up.

I know Ethier was trying to take a chance but if Loney was coming up I wouldn’t had mind but I don’t think you should had did it knowing Manny was coming up.

I don’t think you can really blame Loney today. He got robbed 3 times on great players. That really cost us today too.

Where were Kent or Nomar in this? Anyone would been a better choice than Sweeney?

Ethier wasn’t taking a chance. I am assuming he expected Berroa to be safe , we all did. If Berroa was safe, then Ethier would have been fine. Andre couldn’t have predicted that outcome. He had to play it as if Berroa was going to score a run.


Hey, jhall. Hope you have power restored.

I know – I am sorry. Your father will be upset with me, I’m sure. LOL!!!!! June Darlin’ is not playing by the rules….. LOL!!!!

Merci BleuFille’. I do and it is wonderful. LOL!!!!

Go for it mom. Let it all hang out. LMAO!!!!

I can’t find my manual – LMAO!!!!!!
BTW – Ward Dear needs a name-change Manual. Do you have one of those too?

I can’t wait for Amy bet her day was just ruining.

Agree about Sweeney, Enchanted. To keep wasting at bats with him in a pennant race is crazy.

Loney was robbed numerous times today. He hit the ball hard.

Un-freaking-believable Nelly!!!! LOL!!!

I rather see Kuroda bat than Nomar or Kent right now. BTW – JP went his usual 0 for Juan in two pitches mind you.

bluecrewgirl – I know James hit the ball hard today, but any other day, the giants would have gladly let those drop in front of them. I have watched it happen all year. They get slammed every morning for their poor defensive plays, especially the outfield for letting balls drop.

By the way Nell’, how and what is your son doing and also how’s it going with the Baseball School?

DNelly, I really hope St. Louis can beat the D-Backs tomorrow. Somehow a 3 game lead sounds like so much more than 2 1/2.

I guess it time for Josh not posting the lineup again maybe we keep on winning until the playoff start. This is what worry me the Cardinals couldn’t even beat the Pirates and Reds so I wish I was confident for them to beat them with their bad bullpen with over 30+ blown saves.

Let’s see, Michael is pitching fall ball with the Varsity team. He only pitches one inning a game, but it’s every Monday and Wednesday. However, in fall ball they are only allowed to throw fastballs and change ups, no curves or sliders (those are his best), and they can only pitch a max of two innings.
As for the “Valley Sports Academy”, everything is moving along. We have a building downtown, and it looks like they are looking at opening in the middle of October, hopefully. They are re-doing restrooms to fit new codes, etc. They are going to have batting cages, pitching mounds and a fielding area. They already have a lot of people interested. There is nothing like this in our area at all. The closest facility is at 45 minutes away.

I had a feeling those 2 games in SF might even cost us the division and this series too and not starting Ethier everyday.

Thanks for asking jhall!!! The colors are red,white and blue. I have been taking pictures. I will send some. My dad, trublue’s husband, painted an indoor wiffle ball field – it is very cool.

bluecrewgirl – it does sound better, doesn’t it? They had a very long game today eventhough they won. So hopefully travel isn’t too good for them ethier (either).

Too cool Nell’, glad to hear it,

Any player’s going to take the extra base when its presented to him. You’re taught from little league on that on a throw home, you advance to the next base. Manny walked three times, but he also struckout twice. There’s no guarantee Manny does anything HAD ‘Dre stayed on first. In fact, I’m sure they pitch carefully to Manny and probably walk him anyway.

The game plain and simple was lost in the first. They batted that inning like they did in mid-season, and got nothing out of bases loaded and no one out.

I’ve had some time to let this loss sink in and read what you all had to say about it. I blame one person, Joe Torre. How in the hell can you let a pitcher/pinch runner steal a base without a damn throw. He was so busy moving the players around in the outfield, he forgot one important thing… not let the runner get in scoring position!! I’n with Miss Debbie, if we win this divison it will be in spite of his managerial ineptness.

Well said Trumom!!!! I agree, d*mmit!!!!!

If they would go on to lose the division this last week, JoJo should get fired right along with Ned. They brought JoJo in to win these late September and October games and if they collapse, then Joe should take the fall. They have the players, but if Joe can’t use them properly, then he needs to answer for it. For a HOF manager, I haven’t seen much that a highschool coach couldn’t do as well or better.

Thanks jhall!! It sure is good to see that you have power back. Was it just your neigborhood? For my Ballpark a week geography unit, I was reading about the state of Ohio because after the two Chicago teams, Cleveland and Cincinnati are next. I didn’t realize Columbus, in population, was so big – 15th in the country.

the dbacks face only one “crappy” pitcher from here on out in joel pineiro (ERA over 5) while we face 3. otherwise they are facing wellemyer (3.66 ERA), lohse (3.76), wainwright (3.21), ubaldo jimenez (4.12), aaron cook (3.96), and francis (5.01, but he’s pitched much better since coming off the DL). the dodgers face peavy (2.77), leblanc (5.63), estes (4.72), lincecum (2.46), cain (3.80), and hennessy (8.65). DBACKS OPPONENT ERA: 4.12/DODGERS OPPONENT ERA: 4.67. as poorly as we played against the vagiants this series, i still like our chances for the post season. if we do clinch, we’ll most likely have our champagne celebration in san francisco. πŸ˜€

Agreed Beav!!! If not for Joko and Ned we would have already wrapped this up.

No Nell’, all over the state. Columbus is not a cow town anymore. LOL!!!!

And here I was thinking we could go cow tipping sometime Wally!!

yarrum ~ you made some good points bout pitching matchups. However, we should have beaten the pitchers the Giants put out there. I still think we are going to win….it is my opinion, however, that we should have already clinched. I know Maddux had an awful night, but we only managed to score one run in that game, a homer by Pablo, no less. Joe either left the pitcher in too long, or took a good one out too soon. Sometimes you just have to say, “What the F&*% is he doing”!

LOL Beav!! Come on over, we still got lots of cows. I’d like to tip the Curacao Cow more than anything though. HaHa!!

Think we’d need a forklift for that one Wally.

Snipe hunting also!!!!!

By the way, Jhall and enchanted, where were you when we got the business from our pal Joey? Boy, Deb & I had to hold back from letting him have it. JJ tried but, was fighting a losing battle.

Andre is his own player. He has to think of what he is supposed to be doing, not what he thinks Manny will do or how the pitcher will pitch to Manny. That’s what has made Andre so successful all year long. He has always had a thoughtful approach to his at-bats. I think some people are forgetting that Andre has played very well all year long. Yes, he certainly has performed better with Manny, but the difference is excellent vs. spectacular. It’s not like he had a downside before Manny came, other than JP playing in his spot. Also, I’m sure the fact that he plays every day now, and that Manny has made him relax more and not take everything so seriously is more of a help than anything.

LOL!! I’d rather turn Curacao Cow into rump roasts.

LOL Trumom, glad I missed it. I’m sure you all handled it with class.

Wally – I suppose you have submarine races too!!

Sorry TruMom – been spending too much time on the PC and have been getting those eye-strain headaches.

Andre’s got nothing to even question about. He made the ballplayer’s play. Let’s say he stays on first and they pitch to Manny who singles. Then everyone would be bitching that he didn’t take second on the throw and score on Manny’s hit. Sheesh…

Yep Beav, got those but I haven’t been involved for quite a few years now. LOL!!!!

jhall- with that one I did behave. I actually was the one who reminded everyone else about the rules of engagement, but then the rules went right out the window when the moon was in full view.

Guess I’ll go home now to Tara. Afterall, tomorrow is another day…

Growing up my dad had a 63 Impala sedan. Darn near a bedroom in the back of that baby. LOL!!! Bet dad can relate to that.

i agree, tru. we should already be thinking about post season match ups instead of the last 7 days of the season. torre has definitely made some rather…….interesting (dim-witted, naive, moronic, counter-logical) moves throughout the season. especially with the sweeney situation. continuing to give at-bats to a guy who is hitting .135 is absolutely mind-boggling. i’m sure most of us feel that the dodgers are on the verge of making the playoffs IN SPITE of joe torre, not BECAUSE of him.

Good for you Nelly!!!!

Wally/Beav ~ As Ward Dear said, I did go fishing last night and found what I was looking for in a name πŸ™‚

jhall/Wally – trublue and her husband used to have a lincoln with suicide doors (forgot the year), but I’m sure trublue knows. That car was huge.

LOL Nell’. Grady Sizemore drives a 66 Lincoln Continental convertable.

They did his bobblehead in the car. LOL!!!!

jhall – that would be Grady!! That is great!! I still like watching them play. I watched most of the game last night until our game started. Also, Detroit’s rookie catcher, Dusty Ryan, is from a town about 5 minutes away from here.

Miss Debbie ~ it was a 1963 Lincoln……….wasn’t it a beast?!

yarrum ~ to me Sweeney useless, too. I don’t see how, where every player is vital to winning, he can be on the playoff roster. It will be interesting to see how Joe messes up the team with his selections.

Very groovy Trumom!!!

jhall ~ it was so huge, you could sleep a family of four in it. lol

Mark Sweeney needs to be changing the oil in my car in October.

Hi Max ~ Isn’t he the most useless player in the major leagues? I’ll bet you, though, Joe will keep him on the roster.

TruBlue. We had a Caddy when I was in high school that was that big. I’m short and you couldn’t see my head above the headrest. I loved that car though. It was fun to drive. We weren’t rich, it was a used one, but we enjoyed it.

bluecrewgirl – I was so caught up in the Dodger game, I didn’t even realize on of my football teams, the Redskins, won today. The last thing I knew they were tied. I hope San Diego does well tomorrow. They have been playing pretty well, but it’s just not showing in the standings. How is LT’s toe? Is he playing tomorrow?

I guess they are listing LT as questionable still.

Trublue, Sweeney is defiantly the most useless player in the majors. All he is good for is taking the helmets off of the players that score. He can be the Helmet Guy during the playoffs. I don’t have a problem with Sweeney until he steps in the batters box, then I still don’t have a problem with him. I have a BIG problem with Joe Torre when Sweenier steps in the box.

bluecrewgirl ~ i know what you mean about not being able to see……deb, her brother and sister had lots of room and it was really kind of fun to drive. We traded one of our cars for that one.
Max ~ if they activated Kent and Nomar for pinch hitting duties, why the hell do we need Sweeney. They can let JP remove batting helmets………that would get him up and out of his corner.

Well trublue, Kent can’t walk without a limp and Nomar might shatter into a million pieces if he swings that bat again. Let’s face it, Sweeney is only on the team because he’s Ned Colletti’s Teddy Bear.

And Nomar and Kent really aren’t that good. Nomar has sucked all year and before Manny arrive and The Wizard went on that hot streak he was on pace for a historical bad year for a cleanup hitter. We just don’t have a good bench.

Max ~ i agree with you about the condition of those two. So why even activate them? Even Kuroda can hit better than Sweeney. I even think the bat boy could do a better job. If they want to keep him around, okay. But, don’t let him pick up a bat!

They got activated because they are Veterans. Joe loves him some veterans.

I said that too, the other night about our bench…….it was our greatest weakness…..not a real power hitter if you need a 2 or 3 run homer. Sometimes a single just won’t cut it.

Yeah trublue, a single won’t cut it sometimes. Too bad our bench can’t even get a single. Pee Wee is our biggest threat off the bench.

Unfortunately, you are right! So, I guess we have to pray for a lot of runs so we don’t need a cluth hit!

An injury prone Nomar is way better than a 100% healthy Sweeney. I still don’t know why he didn’t used one of them.

sl ~ you’ve got a good point!

I know somebody on this board was thinking the same thing the other day when Kent was activated. It does make you want to say hmmmm….. it’s definitely a possibility. This was a comment from AK and BK’s LA Times Blog on today’s game.

So when exactly is Ned/Frank/Torre going to make the connection that MAYBE, just maybe Jeff Kent has something to do with the lackluster play.
Even the win(s) have been squishy since he has shown back up.
Chemistry is what allows teams to win at this time of the year… right now it looks like the team is unwashed and carrying a tuba.
Posted by: Benzo Jones | September 21, 2008 at 08:17 PM

I really thought when we activated Kent this Sweeney crap was going to end but I guess not.

I’m not really sure what are batting average is but I think we are at the bottom.

nellyae ~ Just might be true. I wonder where Kent sits in the dugout? Who’s the unlucky player/players catching his bad vibe?

Mr. Torre loves Sweeney.

I didn’t even realize ESPN has us at 93% of making the playoff and the Dback at 7%.

LA Dodgers 81 75 .519 – 46-32 35-43 665 626 +39 Lost 1 6-4 93.0 0.0 93.0
Arizona 78 77 .503 2.5 45-33 33-44 693 672 +21 Won 2 7-3 7.0 0.0 7.0
Colorado 71 85 .455 10 43-38 28-47 711 797 -86 Lost 2 4-6 0.0 0.0 0.0
San Francisco 70 86 .449 11 35-40 35-46 619 724 -105 Won 1 5-5 0.0 0.0 0.0
San Diego 61 95 .391 20 34-44 27-51 618 723 -105 Won 3 5-5 0.0 0.0 0.0

Do you think St.Louis will play the Dbacks tough or completely fold? If they could take two from the Dbacks, we’d be in great shape.

If only we could had scored over 700+ runs like the Rockers than the division would been locked up already.

DNelly, glad your Skins won. San Diego has a good offense and too much talent on defense to suck as badly on defense as they did the first 2 games. LT’s listed as questionable.

I found it but a batting average of .229 won’t cut it. It hard to believe we’re 13-4 and we got shutout 3 of the 4 loss.

Well seeing how the Cards lose 5 of 6 games against the Pirates/Reds I really don’t know. It would be nice if the Cards can take 2 to 3 games in a 4 games series.

Hey Blue has Amy made an appearance yet?

I really want to see what Kemp can do behind Manny.

bluecrewgirl – no kidding!! I have their defense for both of my fantasy teams, and I am getting very little points from them. Fortunately, I have Rivers and Chambers on one team so they kind of make up for it.

I hate to say this but I want Kent back in the lineup and Deiwtt move back to 3rd. I really think Blake need to be bench for a couple of games. Blake numbers in September been falling off. If I’m not mistaken I think Casey only has 1 hit in his last 5 games and at least Kent was on firing when he got hurt but can he field again?

No, I haven’t seen Amy on here, Shad.

Not a chance…… DeWitt – 2nd, Blake – 3rd ….. it’s called defense.. Same reason we don’t want JP in the outfield.

Ah, ah, AH!!!

Definitely don’t want to move Dewiitt from 2nd. The offense is in a little slump, but the improved infield defense has been huge in the stretch run. I think the offense will rebound against SD and that we will finish strong in San Francisco.

Good Evening Ward Dear….. It’s been a very difficult day here on ITD for June Darlin’… πŸ™‚ bluecrewgirl too….

Ok Blue I really hope she made it at home ok. Well looking at game 1 and 3 we need more offense than defense and lately Blake been an automatic out. Blake has been good on defense but Blake is only playing well because of the contract.

Ward Dear – I don’t even know what you sound like, but that Ah, ah Ah!!! is ringing loud and clear. I know, I know, but I couldn’t help it….. lack of self control today for sure. I have turned a nice shade of red if that makes you feel any better… πŸ™‚

You know I’m only saying this because the Giants series. I hate the Giants got lucky today.

Oh my…… Ward Dear, this is absolutely killing me right now! The devil on one side, the angel on the other fighting it out right now. I’m taking deep breaths…. 1..2..3..

I won’t be able to sleep tonight. I really hate to be violent but do anyone want to go to Dodgers Stadium and hit Torre in the head with a baseball bat?

Last night I watched a taped interview of Steiner with Kent. He really came off as a great guy. Honest. Hard working. A pro. I liked him. I’ve never seen him interviewed before like that.

As far as I’m concerned, he’s a pinch-hitter only from now on. I’m not totally stupid. I can see the writing on the wall. If Kent and Garciaparra and Sweeney and Maddux are not taking up 4 of the precious 25 roster positions, I will be the most surpised person on the planet. I can only hope that the first three are limited to pinch-hitting duties only. Sweeney is a given, but after watching Kent and Nomar with the glove, I hope I’ve seen the last of them using one. And yes, for the Nomardefenders, I saw that game-saver that Nomar did last week. Did you see him kicking the ball all over the infield the game before Berroa became the regular shortstop? Emergency use only, please.

And speaking of the playoffs, I hope Torre is happy with his fast-and-loose use of the lineups when our lead was a semi-comfortable 4 1/2 games. Nothing like benching hot hitters so they’ll cool off, just to get a PVL some at-bats.

Good Evening. I just got in, it’s been an extremely busy day. I am sorry that I haven’t brought good luck to our team today. It really didn’t go the way we planned. It’s like deja vu, last Sunday we lost 0-1 in the 10th inning and this Sunday we lose 0-1 in the 11th. Not a good trend to follow, especially since we needed to win today!
Here is the Positive: Our boys get to rest tomorrow. Sleep in their own beds with a day off. Then it’s off to the Padres. Yes, it’s Peavy- but we proved we can beat Haren and Webb- so we can out pitch them!!!!
Second- The Dbacks had to travel back east and play 4 straight with the Cards. That will be hard for them. It’s not over. We are still strong and will overcome this loss πŸ™‚
With that being said. I hope all is well with my ITD friends!

Can someone explain on how Henessey stole 2nd bases since I was following the yahoo box score/espn game thread? I really thought Bochy had made a bad move PR for Sandoval after having Rolinger take over 3rd bases last innings..

Eric ~ As usual, you make your points very well. You should send them over to the LA Times once again.

Hey Amy glad you made it here. I was getting worry that someone probably kidnap you lol.

I hope Duncan get in Peavy head again like 2 years ago. I can’t forget that magic moment when we can back from 4 runs down.

shad- I just got home, it’s been a long day!
Now I need to get ready to start my week. I will be in and out for a little while.

Praying the Cards give them an *** whooping lol.

Amy – all is well here at ITD. A frustrating game to say the least, but it always is when we play the Giants, win or lose. Like you said, take a few from the Padres, and hopefully the Cards take a few from the dbacks and all will be good.

June Darlin’, I promised myself to start sending one a week into the Times. Subject: Torre’s incompetence and the media’s avoidance of it.

Amy quick before you leave. What actually happen to that pitcher that stole 2nd bases? I hate that lose on a play but the pitcher of all people stealing a base.

Very nice Eric.

Very Good Ward Dear! You should… you are one of the best writers on this board. Let me know if any of them make it there. I try to read it daily, but it doesn’t always happen.

Missed the game today from the fifth inning on…glad of that. With Peavy, Cain, and Lincecum on the horizon, the Dodgers had better hope St. Louis comes up big. There’s no pressure on the D-Backs…yet. It’s all on the Dodgers, and other than Manny, who’s hitting? For that matter, other than Lowe, who’s pitching??? This is the same flawed club we’ve seen all year. Would I be surprised if they fall short? Not one little bit.

Make sure you used alot of beep Sweeney lol

Denl- I am glad that things are well tonight. I see your favorite friend is here to keep you company in the skies tonight πŸ™‚
It really was frustrating, and for it to happen for us twice in one week. blah! To me, Saito actually looked good out there for a long while, but he seemed to get in over his head and then it way too late.
Shad- unfortunetly I cannot answer that question. I feel terrible, I have no idea about the stolen bases. I think we were losing track of who was on base by that point.
Eric- That interview with Steiner and Kent really really explains a lot doesn’t it? He’s a nice man who has is own opinions and like to win. My mom actually become a Kent fan after watching that interview.
As far as pinch hitters, I was talking about that with the Man who sat beside me tonight. When they brought out Sweeny to hit I could have named so many players in the dugout that could have gotten the job done. Repko? Nomar? I can see why not Repko, because they would want to keep Manny in if we weren’t ahead. But I think that there are a lot better choices and ways to get players out there in the right moment.

You better be glad you missed that 1st inning because it wasn’t pretty at all.

Ok NP Amy but I hope it show it on the news now. I’m going to watch the news now.

Amy – it’s been all day long… πŸ™‚

They just show the last game at NY when Rivera got the last out for the Yankees. Gosh screw you Jeter lol. He said they have the best fan ever oh come on Jeter.

Damn didn’t want to see Aurilla game winning hit.

Ouch I just seen that played and it look like Berroa was safe. I don’t know who said Rowand won’t make that play again but I agree he won’t.

Dnel- One last story from me…
The man I was with at the game had his 4 year old son with him. He explained the whole game, every strike, hit, ball, the foul line. They were at the game when Andre hit the Walk off HR, and he asked the boy who hit the walk off HR and in his little boy voice he looked at me and said “Andre E-th-ier.” Soo adorable…haha..that’s not the real story. The real story is..
… When Delwyn came up to Pinch Hit I yelled “Come on DY” the little boy asked hi dad why I said ‘DY’. The man gave him a lesson on initials and what they stand for. He said, ‘D’ is for Delwyn and what is that ‘Y’ stand for?” It was adorable. Isn’t it nice to see good parents in this world?
It was a moment you would have loved πŸ™‚

Kahli – if it comes down the last game in SF when Lincecum pitches, then we won’t deserve to win the division. We have to have this thing locked before then. jungar said it best a while back, if we lose this thing by one game, it can be traced back to the how many dozens of times Torre has screwed up the lineup to play his favorite PVLs. We should have ran away with this division if he would have stuck with the lineups that were the best in the first place.

sometimes you just gotta go underground……….

Very, very cute Amy … Awwww!!! πŸ™‚

You should had said Stults hahahahaha. They should had called up Tiffee over Ellis. Do we really need a 3rd catchers? I know any managers would like to save there 2nd catchers last but with 3 I don’t think we need to save anyone. Was Ellis killing the ball in triple A? Why not give him a chance over Sweeney?

Very nice story Amy and look like he has his boy trained. Was he chanting SF suck too lol.

good night ITD. see you all in the morning. Rest well πŸ™‚

Thank you Ward Dear.. I did πŸ™‚

Good Night Amy – thank you for the story πŸ™‚

Ward Dear ….. Nascar was pretty exciting today. I ended up watching the condensed version, but it was still fun. Tough luck for Kyle to name a few this time. Jimmy finished 5th – not bad.

Hi and goodbye Amy. Glad you had fun. I think they will rebound against the Pads. They’d better since I’ll be at the game on Tuesday. Eric, I’ve seen that interview with Kent and he does come off a lot more approachable in it. Goodnight all. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for a Cardinals’s victory. Gaining a 1/2 game back and reducing the magic number without having to do a thing would be a nice pick me up for them.

Good Night bluecrewgirl – It will be nice to get back to 3 tomorrow.

Between what I think is some bad ownership, some terrible GM’ing and decent managing I am ecstatic that with 6 games to go we are ahead by 2 1/2 in the NL West. I wasn’t around but watched the game and I don’t know how u feel but I wasn’t pleased he used Saito. It’s obvious he can’t throw his slider that well. Torre has made alot of bonehead moves but he has had to deal with a difficult roster ( replacing closer, ss, cf, sp and 2b) so he gets a decent grade from me. Getting Manny and Blake (and Maddux I suppose) are eclipsed by how much we gave up for what might be two months of baseball. Short term it might be the right move but all these Coletti prospect giveaways can’t really be judged for 3-4 more years still. Even Navvaro and Jackson cant be judged yet and that one is really not in our favor. . Who is to say those two along with Aybar they wont be apart of 2-3 playoff teams for the Rays. Maybe more. Lance Carter would be proud wherever the hell he is.

Oh wow I didn’t realize the Cards are good at home and the Dback suck on to the road. Maybe we need to clone some of our RP’s and give them to the Cardinals lol.

Tampa Bay 92 62 .597 – – 5-5 L1 39-29 19-15 22-12 12-6 57-24 35-38 68-39 24-23 9-6 28-17 727 632 87-67 9/21 v MIN, L 1-4 9/22 @ BAL, 7:05P
Boston 91 64 .587 1.5 7 6-4 W1 37-32 21-9 22-16 11-7 52-22 39-42 68-52 23-12 7-3 19-22 812 653 93-62 9/21 @ TOR, W 3-0 9/22 v CLE, 7:05P
New York 85 71 .545 8.0 E 8-2 W5 36-30 21-19 18-14 10-8 48-33 37-38 61-49 24-22 6-2 27-17 750 702 83-73 9/21 v BAL, W 7-3 9/23 @ TOR, 7:07P
Toronto 83 73 .532 10.0 E 4-6 L1 34-32 24-12 17-19 8-10 46-32 37-41 64-50 19-23 6-8 24-31 689 596 88-68 9/21 v BOS, L 0-3 9/23 v NYY, 7:07P
Baltimore 67 87 .435 25.0 E 3-7 L5 21-44 20-18 15-18 11-7 36-37 31-50 52-56 15-31 5-6 20-29 764 828 71-83 9/21 @ NYY, L 3-7 9/22 v TB, 7:05P
Chicago 86 69 .555 – – 5-5 W1 15-26 41-24 18-13 12-6 51-26 35-43 55-51 31-18 8-3 21-15 772 684 86-69 9/21 @ KC, W 3-0 9/23 @ MIN, 8:10P
Minnesota 84 72 .538 2.5 5 4-6 W1 13-22 39-27 18-19 14-4 49-26 35-46 56-49 28-23 7-10 24-25 801 721 85-71 9/21 @ TB, W 4-1 9/23 v CWS, 8:10P
Cleveland 78 77 .503 8.0 E 7-3 W6 19-12 34-35 19-18 6-12 45-36 33-41 58-56 20-21 5-9 13-15 768 723 82-73 9/21 v DET, W 10-5 9/22 @ BOS, 7:05P
Detroit 71 83 .461 14.5 E 1-9 L3 12-19 27-41 19-18 13-5 37-37 34-46 46-61 25-22 3-8 15-24 789 808 75-79 9/21 @ CLE, L 5-10 9/22 v KC, 7:05P
Kansas City 70 86 .449 16.5 E 8-2 L1 14-26 26-40 17-15 13-5 38-43 32-43 37-62 33-24 7-6 20-18 658 766 67-89 9/21 v CWS, L 0-3 9/22 @ DET, 7:05P
#Los Angeles 96 59 .619 – – 8-2 W4 30-16 24-17 32-18 10-8 49-29 47-30 65-44 31-15 3-5 29-21 733 658 85-70 9/21 @ TEX, W 7-3 9/22 @ SEA, 10:10P
Texas 75 81 .481 21.5 E 4-6 L4 17-26 22-22 26-25 10-8 38-40 37-41 56-52 19-29 5-5 28-17 858 943 71-85 9/21 v LAA, L 3-7 9/22 v OAK, 8:05P
Oakland 74 81 .477 22.0 E 7-3 W3 17-23 22-24 25-26 10-8 43-38 31-43 49-55 25-26 7-7 24-23 620 646 75-80 9/21 v SEA, W 5-3 9/22 @ TEX, 8:05P
Seattle 57 98 .368 39.0 E 0-10 L11 15-29 15-28 18-32 9-9 31-43 26-55 38-67 19-31 5-7 17-28 631 777 63-92 9/21 @ OAK, L 3-5 9/22 v LAA, 10:10P
National League
Philadelphia 88 68 .564 – – 9-1 W2 37-29 27-16 20-12 4-11 44-31 44-37 58-48 30-20 6-7 26-22 767 655 89-67 9/21 @ FLA, W 5-2 9/22 v ATL, 7:05P
New York 86 69 .555 1.5 6 4-6 L2 39-30 18-18 20-15 9-6 45-29 41-40 53-49 33-20 9-8 15-19 770 679 86-69 9/21 @ ATL, L 6-7 9/22 v CHC, 7:10P
Florida 81 74 .523 6.5 1 8-2 L2 37-29 19-19 20-16 5-10 45-36 36-38 59-54 22-20 9-5 24-19 742 742 78-77 9/21 v PHI, L 2-5 9/22 @ CIN, 1:10P
Atlanta 69 87 .442 19.0 E 5-5 W2 29-40 12-26 20-14 8-7 43-38 26-49 50-56 19-31 3-10 10-29 722 753 75-81 9/21 v NYM, W 7-6 9/22 @ PHI, 7:05P
Washington 58 98 .372 30.0 E 2-8 L5 26-40 15-25 9-23 8-10 33-45 25-53 37-63 21-35 7-7 20-28 618 792 61-95 9/21 v SD, L 2-6 9/23 v FLA, 7:10P
Chicago 94 60 .610 – – 8-2 W2 18-10 47-31 23-10 6-9 55-26 39-34 65-46 29-14 9-6 24-21 820 636 94-60 9/21 v STL, W 5-1 9/22 @ NYM, 7:10P
Milwaukee 85 71 .545 10.0 E 2-8 W1 16-19 42-31 20-13 7-8 44-31 41-40 54-52 31-19 11-8 28-17 723 672 83-73 9/21 @ CIN, W 8-1 9/23 v PIT, 8:05P
Houston 82 73 .529 12.5 E 4-6 W1 15-14 41-34 19-14 7-11 43-31 39-42 57-53 25-20 5-3 20-20 685 719 74-81 9/21 @ PIT, W 6-2 9/23 v CIN, 8:05P
St. Louis 80 75 .516 14.5 E 2-8 L2 22-14 33-41 18-12 7-8 40-34 40-41 56-46 24-29 6-12 23-28 728 697 81-74 9/21 @ CHC, L 1-5 9/22 v ARI, 8:15P
Cincinnati 72 83 .465 22.5 E 6-4 L1 18-17 30-42 15-18 9-6 42-38 30-45 43-59 29-24 9-8 27-19 674 755 70-85 9/21 v MIL, L 1-8 9/22 v FLA, 1:10P
Pittsburgh 65 91 .417 30.0 E 5-5 L1 15-17 32-46 12-19 6-9 39-42 26-49 51-64 14-27 12-5 22-20 713 861 65-91 9/21 v HOU, L 2-6 9/23 @ MIL, 8:05P
Los Angeles 81 75 .519 – – 6-4 L1 16-18 23-18 37-29 5-10 46-32 35-43 52-54 29-21 6-11 18-23 665 626 82-74 9/21 v SF, L 0-1 9/23 v SD, 10:10P
Arizona 78 77 .503 2.5 5 7-3 W2 15-21 16-19 41-28 6-9 45-33 33-44 51-57 27-20 4-6 21-23 693 672 80-75 9/21 @ COL, W 13-4 9/22 @ STL, 8:15P
Colorado 71 85 .455 10.0 E 4-6 L2 15-21 21-18 28-38 7-8 43-38 28-47 47-65 24-20 6-6 25-19 711 797 70-86 9/21 v ARI, L 4-13 9/23 @ SF, 10:15P
San Francisco 70 86 .449 11.0 E 5-5 W1 19-13 11-29 34-32 6-12 35-40 35-46 54-56 16-30 9-5 30-20 619 724 67-89 9/21 @ LAD, W 1-0 9/23 v COL, 10:15P
San Diego 61 95 .391 20.0 E 5-5 W3 15-16 15-23 28-41 3-15 34-44 27-51 42-59 19-36 6-8 15-28 618 723 67-89 9/21 @ WSH, W 6-2 9/23 @ LAD, 10:10P


Gosh I don’t know why I posted this because this format would kill the standing on espn.

LMAO!!!!! June Darlin’ can’t say that…. LOL!!!!

Just look at the E on elimination for the Yankees. You won’t see that often lol.

I’m just bored

Why did Josh get rid of the extra lines when we hit return/enter everything look bunch up together?

TB 92 62 .597 – –
Boston 91 64 .587 1.5 7
New York 85 71 .545 8.0 E

Chicago 86 69 .555 – –
Minnesota 84 72 .538 2.5 5

Philadelphia 88 68 .564 – – 9-1
New York 86 69 .555 1.5 6
Florida 81 74 .523 6.5 1

Los Angeles 81 75 .519 – –
Arizona 78 77 .503 2.5 5

Now Boston have to eliminated the Yankees from the Wild Card.

Boston 91 64 .587 – –
NY Yankees 85 71 .545 6.5 1
Minnesota 84 72 .538 7.5 E

1954… 1954…

All I can do after two tough end-of-the-game losses for my teams is repeat that number in my head…

1954… 1954…

nsblues – the moon is so bright right now, it’s blinding πŸ™‚ Thanks for putting the gnats in perspective.

Yep me too lol.

Oh well, if they want us to have a chance to clinch it in their yard, they might get their wish

Now the west Wild Card divison. I really think the Cardinals will give the DBack alot of trouble in that series. The Cardinals have no chance in the WC and I’m really praying the Mets won’t make it again after kast year choke.

NY Mets 86 69 .555 – –
Milwaukee 85 71 .545 1.5 6
Houston 82 73 .529 4.0 4
Florida 81 74 .523 5.0 3
St. Louis 80 75 .516 6.0 2
Arizona 78 77 .503 8.0 E

oops last

Did the fans really messed around with that status 2 years ago?

For closure, I had a good laugh at the article, and putting this series behind me… Here’s a slightly edited version of the description of today’s game…

Dodgers Stand Around, Giants Win

If you had taken me out to Palmdale, put me in an ’86 Toyota Corolla with the windows rolled up, and let me bake in the sun for four hours in the Walmart parking lot, I’m pretty sure it would have been more enjoyable than the four hours I spent watching the Dodger game on Sunday.

I probably should have known it was going to be a waste of a day after the Dodgers loaded the bases in the first inning with nobody out and failed to score, but like the moron I am, I watched all eleven innings… and it just kept getting worse.

For starters, the Giants must have had magnets in their gloves. A leaping catch by Ivan Ochoa, a diving catch by Nate Schierholtz, a diving stab by Travis Ishikawa, a diving catch by Randy Winn, another diving catch by Schierholtz. Mixed in the middle, of course, was an outfield assist from Aaron Rowand, who nailed Angel Berroa at the plate in the fifth inning.

That play was probably the killer for the Dodgers, and it really shouldn’t have even happened. The Dodgers had guys on first and second with one out, Andre Ethier at the plate, and Manny Ramirez on deck. Ethier scorched one up the middle, and even though Rowand was coming up throwing before Berroa was even rounding third, Larry Bowa sent him in. Rowand made a great throw, and Bengie Molina made a quick tag, but even if it hadn’t taken perfection from the Giants on that play, why send Berroa? You hold him at third, and you’ve got one out, the bases loaded, and Ramirez up. Instead, you’ve got two outs and an empty base to put Ramirez. Moronic.

While the last sixteen Dodgers were busy quickly making outs, the Baseball Gods were having a blast plotting the Giants’ victory. Let’s see… a base hit, a double-play the Dodgers can’t quite turn, a pitcher pinch-running, a pitcher stealing the first base of his career [. . .], an infield single, and then a base hit by the only guy on the Giants around long enough to appreciate the rivalry.

I want my Sunday back.

Me too. Well, bedtime for me.

How did you get those extra lines in those paragraph?

Because Bowa is an idiot that’s why he didn’t sent Berroa lol.

oops I mean send and I guess I need sleep to.

Ward Dear… It’s getting late – it’s past our 1 am mark. Time for bed dear… Have a wonderful sleep, and I will talk to you in the morning when I get to work. I will need to talk to some Dodger fans. The first person I see at 7 am is our custodian who will have a nice big smile on his face in the morning – he’s a gnat fan. Good night and God Bless dear…. πŸ™‚

Yeah, me too June Darlin’! It’s getting way too late. Just tell your Gnat custodian, “1954, 1954, why is that number meaningful?”

Good night and God Bless to you and yours! πŸ™‚

Gooooooodmorning, ITD!

Screw the Giants
Fire Joe
Fire the guy who hired Joe
Fire the guy who hired the guy who hired Joe

Good morning ITD….interesting weekend. I hope everyone had a good weekend.
I can not believed we lost yesterday. Loney was robbed from that catch on first base…the Giant guy was out. But so much for that instant replay….gets me mad.
DODGERS JUST HANG IN THERE….no room to loose.
Oh yeah I’ve never seen Ethier so mad as the other day. The camera just captured him when he said the F’ word. I was just hoping that none of Debbie’s students were watching that night.
Amy how was the game….it was packed on Saturday….and man I am glad we won that game….Viva los Dodgers!

‘Mornin’, dodgersrule! As my momma used to say, sometimes you get the chicken, sometimes you get feathers.

Personally, I love to see them get mad like that. Bill Buckner became one of my favorites just for that reason alone. I understand that they all care, whether or not they show it. I guess I gravitate to the emotional ones because that’s the way I am.

Good Morning ITD writers and readers!!
I don’t have much to say that I haven’t already said or that hasn’t been said by others.
dodgersrule – As far as Andre, unfortunately many of them hear that word all the time, so they probably wouldn’t have reacted to it if they saw it. Eric and I were talking about that last night. It’s a good thing he is still getting mad at himself on occasion. It means he wants this thing, as I am sure they all do. I am sure Manny calmed him down once he got into the dugout.
Good Morning Ward Dear!!
I hope you have a great day at work – not too much intrusion by the sheriff.
Have a wonderful day, and I will check in when the opportunity arises.
dnelly, June Darlin’, Junie, Miss Debbie, mom, Mrs. Nelson, Nelle, Nells, Nelly, Nelly girl ~ ETHIERaholics and Dodger Fans Forever πŸ™‚

Good morning Eric & Dodgersrule ~ what an awful weekend. I’m still trying to recover. Watched yesterday’s game at Miss Debbie house and we got the full treatment from her son……..every great play the Giants made (where were those plays against the Dbacks?) I think this day off will help us re-group and we will be ready for the Padres. I know the players will…….just hope Joe doesn’t use too many bonehead plays and useless pinch hitters. I do beleieve we will make it to the playoffs……….just wish our boys in blue made it a little easier for us fans.

Driving home last night listening to Dodger Talk–and not knowing who won the game yet–it sounded as if the Dodgers had won…you now, all talk about who would be on the playoff roster, etc. Then I hear the Dodgers lose. After a good night’s sleep. I came to a realization: There’s nothing any of us can do to will the Dodgers to victory. I’ve decided to kick back and let the players decide. And after today that nasty little chad of a half game will disappear. I’m assuming a D-backs victory, which will mean a 2-game lead with six to play. If the Dodgers can’t close the deal, then they certainly wouldn’t fair very well in the playoffs anyway. Sure it’s maddening that the Gnats went belly up and got swept four in a row in Arizona…but that’s the nature of the beast. Torre is supposed to be the magician…the calming influence. OK, Joe, you’re on.

Kahli ~ very well said!

good morning all.
rose- I am glad we won on Saturday. It’s always a good feeling getting to sing “I Love LA” before you drive home. The games were crowded, but with the lack of action, people didn’t stick around all game. What got me was on Saturday they did a montage of Hispanic Dodgers present and past. They put their names up on the screen and everyone cheered. When they got to Manny he was standing with Andre and they highlighted Manny as a Hispanic Dodger, but not Andre. They left him out. I was a little disappointed in that one. His heritage deserved to he recognized on Hispanic Heritage Day at Dodger Stadium. .
Morning Tru- at least the Dodgers rest today and Arizona had to fly back east for 4 games!

Hi Amy ~ Andre is very proud of his hispanic heritage. I would have been disappointed too. I think this day off will rejuvinate the guys and I know we will win. Just hope we don’t wait until the last game of the season………don’t think me nerves could take it! lol

AMY…well Andre should of been mentioned, poor Andre he always gets overlooked. No wonder he pas psst. Andre has mentioned himself that he is Mexican and proud of his heritage. I wonder they didn’t include him, since he was born in the U.S.A.??? Who knows but lets ask JOSH! It sucks when people leave early from a game. It sad cause Dodgers are known for that. My cousin had gone to Chicago to see a Dodgers game and Cubs fans asked him if he was leaving early….Come on DODGERS FAN STICK AROUND TIL THE END….
TRU…oh man having to hear it from Debbie’s son…LOL….don’t worry we are still better than the Giants.
Dodgers should get some rest tonight..good luck boys in blue!

Good morning, June Darlin’! Nope. No sheriff in town today! πŸ™‚

Good morning, TruLumpy! I’m having trouble being confident that we’ll put something together here to close out the season. Nothing we’ve done all year has shown we will. We seem to match every good streak with one just as bad. Right after a great offensive game, we get shut out. Weird team this year. Looking at the last 8 games, we’ve gone W-L-W-L-W-L-W-L. And what’s weirder, look at the runs that we’ve scored in the last 21 games: 6, 8, 7, 7, 5, 0, 6, 7, 7, 5, 0, 8, 6, 8, 4, 1, 10, 0. Not a 2, a 3 in the bunch. And only one 1 and one 4. Either a shutout or 5 and up. Weird. But I think it’s all what you come to expect when you sign on to be a Dodger fan. North said so earlier and I agree. It’s never EVER done the easy way.

Good morning kahli, and I agree. In my heart I know it’s not true, but it sure seems like the Giants lay down for everyone else.

And good morning Amy! Maybe someone should tell management of Andre’s heritage. That seems rather strange, doesn’t it?

Good morning Eric. It was strange. From the current team they showed, Manny, Nomar, Furcal and even though Andre was in the Picture with Manny I kept waiting and waiting for them to Put his name up there and it never happened 😦
Today’s rest will be good. Those losses this weekend were embarrassing…but 3 against the Pad’s= please. We can do it, Peavy or not!!!
GO BLue!!

We should of secured the win…now my nails are all gone….and having to wait til tomorrow. Hopefully the next games are easy win for the Dodgers. We can do it!

Good morning everyone! I hope everyone is doing well, and hope our boys can take care of things against the Pads! I found out yesterday that my wife is going to the game this Thursday with the girls, which makes me jealous for many reasons: last game of the regular season at home, photo calendar, and possibly seeing the Dodgers clinch a playoff spot! Arrrggghhhh! πŸ™‚

DogFoodPark has never been an easy place for us. The Friars have acted a lot like the ShortPeople, mimicking the ’27 Yankees when we come to town regardless of their record. We’ll see.

eric- going back to our last post- and our .500 style of baseball. It is strange. Right now we need to string wins together and maybe get consistency with our runs. i hadn’t realized the up and down of he amount of runs scored in the last 8 games. At least it’s not like it was in mid-summer where we wouldn’t score any runs, or only 3 runs out of a whole series. We’ve come a long way in actually touching home plate which is an accomplishment, except for the fact that we should’ve won more of those games.

Piano Man ~ please let your wife take your piano with her!

I will Tru! lol!

PERU…Be happy for your wife…a member of your family will go and represent….lOL!…girls rule…LOL!
AMI…yes Dodgers should have won more games and yesterday’s was one of them. And yes they have improved a whole lot from last year. Dodgers today have a bigger chance of winning and they have what it takes and hopefully we do.

I am happy for my wife, but I wouldn’t mind also representing the family! πŸ˜›

Let’s suppose we make it to the post-season. Who do you think Joe will let go?

“Forget the scoreboard watching,” Snyder said. “We’ve got to win. That’s it. Whatever happens at the end of the season if we lay it all out there, then so be it.”

I like what Chris Snyder says..Dodgers need to do the same.

Well said kpookie!

perumike- I will be ther thursady to keep your wife company πŸ™‚
tru- Sweeny let’s hope and maybe Jones.
Kpookie- great outlook. I still believe that it will be ok for us. We’ve been playing smarter and our attitude has changed for the better. We can only hope.
It’s not fun having it come down to the wire. It’s a nervous feeling. oh man.
Go Dodgers!

I have a second to respond about Andre and his heritage. Amy, I find that very strange they didn’t recognize him. I have read many times how he has agreed to represent Mexico in the upcoming World Baseball Classic. So, shouldn’t that qualify him as having an Hispanic heritage, and therefore all the things that come with that, including the recognition?

Sorry PERU…girls only….have fun AMY!

BTW: Happy Autumn to All. Just the right weather for post season baseball. Can’t you feel it in the air?
For the occasion I ate a pumpkin bagel with my breakfast. It was yummy!

Amy ~ and Starbucks now has there holiday flavors………pumpkin, eggnog & gingerbread and they are yummy too! Makes me want to go and get some.

LOL….HAPPY AUTUMN TO ALL. Oh yeah it is in the air and sure did feel it when I was doing my Gardening and had to rake up leaves….

Hi! I’ve had the night to contemplate what all this means, and I’ve come to realize that it didn’t really shock me at all. With the Giants in September, we have to expect the unexpected. They try extra hard against us when we have a chance, ’cause if they knock us out, it’s as good as winning the world series to them (they have no point of comparison, heheheheh).

For all us NorCal’ers, these 3 words solve everything: Nineteen Fifty Four.

Off to work I go.

tru- I know, I want to try the pumpkin spice latte at Starbucks, but I’m scared that I would buy it and not like it and I would feel bad throwing it away.
My birthday is Christmas and my mom always makes me a birthday Pumpkin pie. I look forward to it all year πŸ™‚
Rose- the cooler weather means I get to sleep with the window open and no a/c or fans. that is the best!

Have a good day NSB!
Dodgers must win!!!

No more large A/C bill…LOL! Pumkin pie with a cup of eggnog or latte….mmmmmmm. Watching the games with your Dodgers poncho on…LOL…LOVE IT!
I just got all sentimental reading about the Yankees Stadium…man I don’t like the Yankees, but just hearing about the farewells of a big huge piece of baseball history had brought tears to my eyes….it sucks….

only a few good things about the Fall. I love summer, I love the sun, shorts, halters, sandals, ponytails and the beach. I love the sun staying out until 8:30- wonderful stuff. I am such a Southern California girl all the way! I will have to remind myself of the good things while I’m cold. Dodgers going deep into the playoffs would make my fall even better πŸ™‚

The great thing about summer for me is longer days…I am in Riverside so yup extremely hot. Fall & Spring time are great. I do enjoy the once in a great moon “Snowfall” in the winter time. LOL And yes I am also a SoCal Girl all the way. Oh yeah I’m sure if the Dodgers make the playoffs it will make all of our ‘Fall’ and will last till Christmas time. Haahaaa

1954, 1954, 1954, 1954, 1954, 1954, 1954, 1954, 1954, 1954 – thanks nsblues (and eric). I actually used it this morning since my custodian was cleaning my room when I get here in the morning. I even said, my “Inside the Dodgers” friends told me to remind you that you haven’t won anything since 1954, so don’t be so happy. Seriously, he was just as shocked that they played that well. He is one of a few gnats fans that actually knows his team sucks.
Have a great afternoon, and I will check in again during recess.

Ask for a sample of the pumpkin spice latte.
I always wait until the last out to leave the stadium. Saturday I can understand some fans with small children leaving early as the festival started at 1:p.m. so that is a long time to be at the stadium with little kids, especially since the game lasted 4 hours. I was at the festival at 1:p.m. but still stayed until the last out which was passed midnight. Saw Josh at the festival running around but I did disturb as he looked pretty busy. I kept waiting for the tribute to Jaime Jarrin but that did not happen until 5 p.m. I wish I would have known. I could have gone to my car for a while. The Dodgers had two books where fans could sign congratulating Jaime on his 50 years.

OK how does Josh looks, I could probably bump into him and not know who he is. And yes CONGRATULATIONS to Jaime Jarrin…Arriva Los Dodgers!

Crazy- great idea. I will see what I can do about that and I will report back with how I like the taste!!! I didn’t participate in the Viva Los Dodgers event. I hope you enjoyed it. We weren’t able to make it until game time. Emma, we will have to meet up one of these next 3 games. I will let you know where I am sitting vis e-mail. Speaking of which, you haven’t sent those pictures yet. haha, get on it girl πŸ™‚
Dnel- good to know that the Giants fans know that their team sucks!! At least they are in touch with reality. I think it’s the opposite for us. We know our potential and we get frustrated when it’s not lived up to.
Go Dodgers. Go blue. Let’s Win the Pennant!!!!

New thread for last regular season off-day.

It’s an off-day, let’s tell stories.

I’ve probably seen 300 games in Dodger Stadium. I’ve only left three early.

Second-to-the-last game of the ’71 season. We were a game behind the Giants, who were losing in San Diego. If we beat the Astros, we’re tied with a game to play. We fell behind early and big, I think we lost that game 10 – 0, 11 – 0, 12 – 0, something like that. I was so disgusted, I left after the seventh.

Three years later in ’74, we had a doubleheader in May against the Astros. I had hitched a ride to the games with this hot chick who came into my gas station and teased me that she was going to the game with her brother and his friends. I used to wear one of those giveaway Dodger batting helmets (with the liner removed ’cause my hair was so long). I asked her if she’d take me with her. She said, “sure, but I don’t have a ticket for you.” I told her I didn’t care, I’ll get my own. She had seats behind home plate. I bought a seat in the right field bleachers. In the seventh inning of the second game, I saw her brother walking up the stands straight for me. “We’re leaving” he said. Since I didn’t want to walk 25 miles back to my house, I left. I was pretty mad, but I left. We’ve been married 25 years now.

Sometime in the 80’s, I rolled the dice to catch a Sunday game. I was on-call and supposed to stay within 30 minutes, which Dodger Stadium was not. In the third or fourth, my pager went off. I had to scramble out of there. Imagine my humor when it turned out to be nothing. Hershiser took a no-hitter into the seventh before losing it. I was almost hoping he wouldn’t get it. Almost. πŸ™‚

So of those 3 games, only one was my fault.

The only game I ever left “early” was a game my dad and I went to back in the 90’s, when it was baseball night and the fans got ticked at a couple of calls from the umps, and baseballs came raining onto the field from all levels of the stadium. During the second delay due to raining baseballs, Tommy got on the PA system to plead with the fans. Anyway, the umpires called the game early and we had to go home. I still have my baseball and ticket stub somewhere.

Anybody have an idea what’s been wrong with Russell Martin this year?…He seems to have a long swing now…not dependable and at the same time Casey Blake has been awful too….Are we worried about winning this division?…I do know we have to face Lincecum and Peavy in the next 6 games….it could get dicey!!!!….
Can’t believe we couldn’t win a 1-0 game at home….but I knew that when we couldn’t score with the bases loaded and no one out in the first inning, it didn’t look good….Everytime this has happened in the past, the same thing happens…….. A LOSS…!!!

OH…and another thing….I think from the 3rd game in Pittsburgh, the Dodgers haven’t played well….even though we won 3 there….we could have split very easily….and the game we beat the Giants, it really was the walks that killed the Gnats… this team better get better soon, or they will be making vacation plans instead of playoff plans…

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