Back to posting lineups…and this one's different

With the streak having come to a close, we can go back to posting the lineup. Joe is mixing it up tonight against the left-hander, and there are some surprises that’ll get people talking, I’m sure.

Martin, C

Ethier, RF

Manny, LF

Nomar, 1B

Blake, 3B

Jones, CF

DeWitt, 2B


Kuroda, P


ohh wow..jones?…i guess Torre feels he can do a better job then kemp..hmm

max ~ you washed your shirt, now look what you did to the lineup!

I thought Jones was done for the year?

From the last thread…

ajay, you’ve got the right spirit! I guess maybe underneath it all, Torre just wants to give Matt and James a day off. Now’s a strange time to be experimenting, though.

And I guess defensively, with Kuroda being a sinkerball pitcher, our defense is a bit better up the middle, despite what Jones has done (or hasn’t) with his bat, no one can question his golden glove.

I’ll just hope for the best, and prepare for the worst, the San Diego Super Losers live for this knocking-us-outta-October stuff.

Will this stinks Jones can’t hit 3AAA pichers and he put into this game WHY

Joe really the A factor on the team

Andruw has been rebuilt from the ground up.
Jones goes deep today, I called it.

ajay ~ I hope you are right but, I bet Andruw is 0 for 4

This just confirms what we’ve known all along – Joe’s the biggest idiot around. There’a absolutely nothing that Jones brings to the table except 3-4 K’s at the plate, and poor range in the outfield because of his blubber. (Remember the last time Manny and Jones were in the outfield at the same time?)

Hey Joe, why not Pierre for Manny? Why not Sweeney at first and let Nomore play third? Hey, let’s start Penny. Maybe we can make Procto the closer.

Win or lose this is a bad omen of how the lst two weeks are gonna be played.

Who cares. We are 1.5 games up. Matty has been struggling a tad. This ballpark blows that we are playing in.

When’s Raffy back? He going to be starting at SS every game when he comes back or like every other game?

Wow. I really hope this means that we are ok for a win. But I will be THAT person who will say, maybe a mental break for some of the guys is cool, let Nomar get out there with Blake and Dewitt and Manny and I know together they can win!
Go Dodgers!!!!!

enchanted ~ my feelings, exactly!!!!

Amy, glad to see you staying positive. I’m hoping Andruw comes out and ajay’s prediction comes true.

My only worry is that, being September 9th, Torre knows what people’s records are, yet he’s still trotting out people like Sweeney when we need a game-changing at bat.

through it all, I think I’ll just try to enjoy this game for what it is, there isn’t going to be Dodgers baseball for long, be it one month or two. I think I need a laugh, I’ll go read that TJ Simers article again

Nomar Jones and Berrora are better than Kemp and Loney. Allegedly.

Josh ~ this line-up doesn’t have anything to do with ITD not being vocal enough when we win, does it? You mentioned yesterday that there wasn’t much happening on ITD when the Dodgers win. Well, here comes the complaining…. ๐Ÿ™‚
PierreEW – if you are out there, I think Torre didn’t get the right message. We wanted them to go back LA to get their good bats, not their bad vets.
I am all for giving the kids a break, but both James and Matt and for Nomar and Andruw. And to think, we thought Joe was gaining some common sense.
Anyhow, maybe this will be one of those games where the top of the order can come through for us.

to be fair, i’d start Jones to see if he can help and we are playing a last place team and we do have a bench and Kemp can use a night off but I wouldnt not start both Loney and Kemp.

Well that’s rather unfortunate. I thought we were in a pennant race. Torre thinks it’s April all over again. At least Pierre’s still sitting.

Thanks to TJ, I’ve got the itch…

San Diego Cellar Dwellers
(To the tune of San Diego Super Chargers)


San Diego Cellar Dwellers
San Diego Padres!
San Diego Cellar Dwellers
San Diego Padres!

They’re coming your way
They’re gonna razzle you with their subpar play
The time has come
To bite at the ankles of Number One

With Goldenrod Pajamas
They’ll stink up the sky
They’ve given all they got, they’re done
San Diego’s pride!

San Diego Cellar Dwellers
San Diego Padres!
San Diego Cellar Dwellers
San Diego Padres!

They’ve got a plan
They want to ruin October for the Dodger fans
All they seek
Is a speed bump in the way of Dodgers history

They’ll deride you, incite you
With a team Triple-A
They won’t let up a minute
‘Til the season slips away – slips away!

San Diego Cellar Dwellers
San Diego Padres!
San Diego Cellar Dwellers
San Diego Padres!

nsblues ~ Thanks, I needed that!

Nice nsblues!!!!!!

no prob, TruBlue, always glad to help!

thanks Dnelly. had to bring up my own mood too, heheh.

It sure is great to be able to see tonight without all that glare from the moon so far…. ๐Ÿ™‚

:: knocking on wood ::

What the h*** is with this lineup? Is this what Pennant Fever does to Joe’s brain? Now the only thing I can hope for is a September swoon and then Joe and Ned will get washed out with Ethier’s shirt. This is bad news.

I thought he might start Matt at leadoff to shake things up a little. Martin hasn’t exactly been knocking the cover off the ball.

Why not just go with the all-hospital lineup?
Furcal ss
Pierre lf
Nomar 1b
Kent 2b
Sweeney rf
Jones cf
Abreu 3b
Bennett c
Schmidt p

you betcha nsblues – LOL!

I was just about to leave for PetFood Park. I had realized that Matt wasn’t playing and was thus changed into my Loney shirt (I usually wear whichever I grab first between my Loney and Kemp shirts to games), but I guess Jones’ name in the lineup so shocked me that I failed to notice that James was sitting too.
Bottom line: I’m not bothering to go to this game.
And now for my understatement of the decade: “Joe Torre is hindering my enjoyment!”
Or to put it more succinctly: F@*# you, Joe.

There is a beneficiary of this. My dog Gibson (yeah, he’s named after Kirk) gets to go to the beach with me.

I think I need to burn the Ethier shirt now.

lny4loney- LOL!! ~ have a great walk with your dog ๐Ÿ™‚
As for you Max – don’t burn the shirt. It’s not Andre’s fault Joe’s an idiot.

Crash – that’s a hospitalized and a very expensive lineup too.

I’m with dnelly, Max ~ we really need Andre and Manny tonight!!

Max ~ we can burn Joe’s shirt…….with him in it!

This lineup sure stirs up the ITD adrenalin. At least this time Joe does not have guys playing out of position like the last time he messed when he had Martin at third and Blake at first.

By the way, I offer one (rather lame) theory about why the Dodgers play so poorly in San Diego: the long, tiring and somewhat degrading bus ride from L.A. How else can anyone explain why the Dodgers historically struggle so much down there?

Well a little shakeup might help.
This team might’ve won 8 straight.
But don’t forget they were all at home.
They definitely aren’t playing the same on the road as they’re playing at home, this year.
I’ve made some supersticious changes that might help.
I’m changing my scorecard to read M. Ramirez instead of Manny and Garciaparra instead of Nomar. LOL
Whoever’s on the field PLAY BALL and WIN.

Why not move Manny to 4th and give Jones a chance in the precious, stat-inflating 3rd spot…so we can end this charade once and for all and just give up on him already.

lbirken ~ you are right about our struggles in San Diego. It’s been like that ever since I can remember. I think they are much more of a rival than the Giants are…..except for the folks who think they are still playing in New York.

Joepierre, I only keep score when I attend a game but when Nomar was playing I sometimes wrote in his first name just because it was easier and took up less room.

I think the reason the D’s have struggled with the Pads these last several years is because year in and year out, we aren’t that much better/worse than they are.

enchanted ~ that’s kind of the way our whole division is

Last night I was going to defend Joe as I usually do. I to have had issues with some of the moves he has made (Such as Sweeney & not playing Dre over Pierre, as I’m very much an Ethieraholic.) Not for every decision but for Sunday when he put in Nomar at first and had Broxton in for the last 5 outs.
I think it was a good decision. I think if he hadn’t and the game was blown, many of us would of been ready to burn him at the stake for not bringing in Brox at that time. For not going for the kill with our “closer”!
He was ripped for this move. Nomar made the game saving play (Even though many rip him for his defense he often has made great plays for us). Not many gave Nomar or Joe credit for the correct move & play.
Now I don’t like everything Joe has done but I think he shouldn’t be ripped for every move he makes. Some have been the correct ones.
This isn’t a bad move as Jones has had some time. Maybe this time will prove to of beneficial. If he has a bad game he sits the rest of the year. But what if he lights it up???
So if it doesn’t work out this game I don’t mind that Torre attempted something. We complain when Torre just sits on the rail and doesn’t do anything. Maybe this is his way of not sitting on the rail. People manage differently. Not everyone throws bats & balls around and has a hissy fit!
I’m just offereing another opinion.
Now if he goes 0-4 with 3 SO’s and hits into a double play and Joe plays him again “to get his timimg back”…Joe you’ll be on your own!!!

Enchanteds, maybe so but our struggles down there go back a long time and the Padres have been more bad than good. You would think Petco would be ideal for the Dodgers since it is considered a pitcher’s park. But the Dodgers had problems at Jack Murphy/Qualcom long before Petco was conceived.

We attended two Dodger/Pads game at Petco last year. The Stadium looks great but the sight lines are better at Dodger Stadium. Also, I thought the “beat L.A.” chants were spontaneous but when we were there the only time we heard the chant was when the crowd was prompted by their sound effects of drums going “thump, thump, thump”. As soon as the sound effect was turned off the chants stopped.

Dude…not a bad call to bat Jones in front of Manny to hopefully get “The Manny Effect”.

If washing the Dre shirt created this horrible lineup then I need to roll around in mud or burn it! Something! Joe has lost his mind. Here comes another shut out. Thanks Joe you must really like to watch this team have to overcome a lot. Overcoming Joe’s stupidity is like trying to climb Mt. Everest naked while holding your breath. I really hate Joe Torre. I want him to get the hell out of Dodger Blue.

Maybe it’s the late night trips to TJ that messes us up!

dcollins ~ I think you have some valid points. However, I don’t think when we are only up 1 1/2 games is the time to experiment. I could see moving Russell in the lineup and perhaps bat Matt behind Manny but, I would not take both James & Matt out of the same game.

Dcollins, never thought of that! Of course, I’m not sure what these guys can’t get in San Diego that they would need to go to TJ.

Max–If you want Torre out of Dodger Blue I think having him Hold his breath while climbing Mt. Everest isn’t going to help! He’ll be very blue!!!

dcollins ~ I hope for Joe’s sake, he know’s what he is doing. I am just not sure about switching out both of them, but, like jungar said, it makes the bench alot stronger right now. Let’s hope he uses the bench to his advantage, meaning no Sweeney.

Going home to enjoy the game. Go Dodgers!

lbirken-That’s why Dre had 3 of the 4 hits last night. I don’t think he could go and party while his wife might have the baby any minute. So he was snoozing while Manny & the boys were, well, er, …I’ll let the imagination run a little.

I’m just doing this to change the luck.

Does this now make JP 7th on the depth chart??

OK, say The Curacao Cowยฎ gets a couple of hits. Does that mean you still want him in there over Dre and Kemp?

NO!!! NO!!! and NO!!!
enchanted – What happened to Andruw being done for the year? Wouldn’t you love to know what JP is thinking now that he is 7th on the depth chart?

HI EVERYONE!! how are ya’ll doing? first off that was a pretty crappy lose yesterday! secondly my main man is still kickin a** and takin names!! haha! he is just doing a Ethieriffic job!!!! man I miss coming on here!

Okay – I am listening to the radio pre-game show, and they are talking about how Joe thinks Andruw is in a better place now . What in the h*ll does that mean? It must be Joe’s “feeling thing” working (or not working) again.

Wow I just realized that druw is in the line-up… and matty is on the bench!? hmm… i think you all know my thoughts on that!

dnelly ~ I don’t like the sound of that…..a better place sounds like he has died!

I just hopoe he doesn’t start screwing things up again permanently.

Even Vin said “Stop the Presses, Andruw Jones is in the line-up” – classic!! LOL!!!

Nelly-No Sweeney would be very Sweety!
I’m okay with switching both of them in the same game. We might get lucky and get a win.
As opossed to giving each one a different day off. Then we wouldn’t have that consistant lineup we all like.
Also Nomar has hit okay at times this year. When he was playing everyday his hitting started good then went to poor, as I think he tired. I’m okay with him starting every now and then. That’s what we wanted at the beginning of the year. For Nomar to be a super sub.
I think when he is rested he can be a threat.

Good evening all. WTF? Is Joe’s part timers flaring up again? Jones, and Nomar in favor of Loney, and Kemp? I realize Matt’s been in a little funk as of late, but this is insane! One loss after winning 8 straight does not call for such a drastic change in the lineup. I’m hoping for the best, but I have my doubts.

I really hope this lineup doesn’t come back to bite us and is only for tonight. There’s no need to change things because of one loss and Matt will work his way out of it. He and Andre have both earned to be able to play everday and work through the ups and down.

NoMore Nomar

Yeah Joe, lets bat a guy whos sucked all year and hasn’t played in 10 days clean up. Wow GENIUS!

The scary thing right now, is the Padres are probably thinking why not pitch around Andre to get to Manny and the rest of the lineup. The batters after Andre better pick it up a notch or that’s exactly what’s going to happen.
The one good thing is that LeBlanc did make alot of pitches.

Another good AB for Ethier and Nomar also had a good AB.

Hey everybody. So, if Joe’s idea of the day is to “rest the weary”, why didn’t he give Russell the night off too? He, above all, needs it, what with all the work he does every game. IMHO, playing first or the outfield is a lot less wearying than catching . . . but then, what do I know?

Hey guys ~ Zito is pitching for the Giants which means the Dbacks will get at least 6 runs. So we better win this game.

Russell does need a night off.

Tru-I heard Vin say that Zito was going and my first thought was ugh! But he has been better as of late so let’s hope!!
I’m an optimist!!

I have a feeling the Dodgers are going to have to score a lot of runs tonight.

I hope you are right about Zito. I’ll be an optimist too!!!

bluecrewgirl ~ I think you are right. Everyone will have to hit tonight.

bluecrewgirl – Andre can’t do it all by himself. He tried last night, and it didn’t work – LOL!!! The rest of this lineup better figure it out fast.

One bit of good news ~ Rockies lost to the Braves. Whew!

Braves beat the Rox ๐Ÿ™‚

Let’s hope they get on track, trueblue. They really seem flat right now. It’s not like they flew across the country for this series, they took a freaking bus ride, lol. They need to step up the energy level.

It looked like they were pretty much 1st pitch swinging against HK. I think they know he throws strikes. A team with nothing to lose is a dangerous team.

I’m tellin ya, Manny 0 for last 3 with 3 SO’s. He went to TJ.

bluecrewgirl ~ Tonight’s our night!!!!

Same old Andruw – tsk, tsk tsk

Yep – that’s better – LMAO!!!! I am sorry, but this is ridiculous!! He feels better?

Aaaand the cow strikes out. No surprise.

sparkleplenty ~ I was just going to say that! lol Too bad the 161 wasn’t his weight instead of his batting average

So much for Andruw

I’m not even going to comment on Andruw tonight, but this is not a winning line-up

you can only beat a dead cow so much..guess Torre wets his panties..watching him bat

enchanted – I am definitely saying “NOOOOOO” to your question if you didn’t get it the first time. I really want him out of the lineup now if that’s possible. I will take my chances with JP if Matt really needs a rest.

2 -0 Dbacks

Boblee – we are making enough comments to make up for you – feel free to let us speak for you -“Andruw Sucks!!!”

2 – 0 D-Backs

snakes are up 2-0 – typical Zito pitching

Glad the Rox lost.
Think LeBlanc will tire?

Well at least they’re running up the pitch count on Leblanc. He won’t last long at this rate.

Dfags are up 2-0. They realize they are in a pennant race and don’t play their crappy players. Of course they don’t have the albatross of suck that is Andruw Jones. I actually cheered when he struck out. I hate him and Joe.

Kuroda needs to keep us in the game..

boblee & dnelly ~ ANDRUW SUCKS…………..ANDRUW SUCKS…………..ANDRUW SUCKS…………………….ANDRUW SUCKS……………………..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh well. I guess so far I was incorrect!!
But don’t you all just feel if he could get a couple of hits he might get going? I still can’t believe how bad he looks. On almost every swing. Maybe they need to get the Zen Master Phil Jackson to work with him!!!
I also was hoping Manny might of been able to help Dru out with whatever his many issues are. I guess not!

max ~ the dbacks scored because Randy Winn didn’t catch a ball. I think they do it on purpose, just to spite us.

so whats our outfield next year once manny is gone..kemp ..pierre, jones and ethier?

Hey nelly, how about them Cowboys. Eagles off to a good start. Going to be a tough division.

god willing pierre and jones can be traded..or even shipped out for a pair of baseballs and a couple of jockstraps

grizzly ~ sounds good to me! LOL

I can’t wait for Nomar to be gone. I guess they are hoping Jones has more than 1 million per rbi but there are not enough games left for that.

News not good from SF.

Look what Torre said about Jones and Pierre

But after watching Jones put on a batting-practice show Monday, as well as run around the outfield on a still-tender right knee, Torre was convinced it was time to take the wraps off Jones and see the results of his most recent month long rehab.

Torre said he’s hoping Jones is healthy enough to force his daily ritual of deciding who plays. While ticking off the names of his outfielders, he didn’t even mention Juan Pierre, who has started one game since Aug. 20.

Did anybody see the batting practice show that Jones supposedly put on?

perfect scenario would be outfield of manny , ethier and kemp..pee wee as our fourth outfielder..infield of blake, furcal (if healthy) dewitt and loney..staff of sabathia, bills, kuroda, kershaw and penny

I tried to rationalize it but I can’t. In a pennant race he chooses to play 3 guys who hit 233, 234 and 161. Playing one of the three is bad enough.

Look what Torre said about Jones and Pierre

But after watching Jones put on a batting-practice show Monday, as well as run around the outfield on a still-tender right knee, Torre was convinced it was time to take the wraps off Jones and see the results of his most recent month long rehab.

Torre said he’s hoping Jones is healthy enough to force his daily ritual of deciding who plays. While ticking off the names of his outfielders, he didn’t even mention Juan Pierre, who has started one game since Aug. 20.

Did anybody see the batting practice show that Jones supposedly put on?

2 – 1 Dbacks

Its a bunch of BS AJAY. Yeah he put on a show vs Jason Schmidt.

yes, Boblee, the Cowboys, Eagles and you forgot the Giants all are looking pretty good. Thank you for reminding me how tough our division is, and I am thankful I am willing to accept a rebuilding year for my Redskins.

sorry for the double post

To add to it the moron continues to play Martin at leadoff…where he is putting up a robust
.147 .293 .176 .469

ajay ~ Joe must have really lost his mind to think Jones is better than Matt…………or is he thinking of sitting Dre again? I’m really ticked off!!

That’s what I don’t get – why not put Matt back at lead off? I know he was struggling for a while there, but not as bad as Russell is.

We need offense from anybody.
Don’t care who.

dnelly ~ I agree with you. But then again, I can’t believe he has Nomar hitting clean-up.

Not just not bat leadoff. But not bat. He needs a day.
That is one of main complaints with this year. Martin was supposed to get more days off. Even when he plays 3rd it’s not a day off. Danny isn’t a horrible back up and he has called some good games.

I mean seriously Nomar is hitting clean up.Sept 10 in a playoff race and nomar is hitting clean up. But if you act now you can purchase 2009 seats at the 2008 price.

Giants scored.

You are right, dcollins. Russell is really struggling.

Maybe Joe was hoping Andruw could take Andre’s place as far as a bat when Andre leaves for his few days.

And last year Collins. If they would just hire someone to look at numbers: OPS by Month (career) Martin:


Joe is suffering from chronic CRI. Today’s line-up and comments are proof. We MUST put this man out of his misery. Where’s the piano?

I had a feeling the intentional walk was going to backfire on them.

what a Nomar -Martin tag

Somebody needs to put in a call to the Piano Man/ perumike – LOL!!! We need one ASAP!!!!!!

Dnelly ~ where is the piano man? He hasn’t been here for a day or so……….then we lost……..we need him back!

Andruw must be taking batting practice with Sweeney and JP ๐Ÿ™‚

That was a great inning. Same old crap.

oh, the humanity

Let’s face it. We are not a very good team, away from home.
I’m going to bed. Have a lot to do next 2 days before heading to Seattle. Get me a win tonight.

this 2 run lead feels like it might as well be 22.

Sorry, had to go watch paint dry, which was much more entertaining than this line-up. Does anyone think it capable of scoring 2 runs, let alone 3?

I’d like to think that JoJo was auditioning Jones for the couple games Dre will miss Nells, but after watching this entire season, I don’t see how I could give him the credit. The man plain and simple has been the wrong one for this team since day one, and will still be the wrong man when his contract expires on day 1096 (leap year.)

Any other manager, including Grittle, has this team up by a minimum of 5 games.

Someway, sometime, somethings gotta give.

enchanted ~ I thought Joe would play Werth, Manny and Matt when Dre is gone. At least Werth can hit the ball. I’m afraid though, you are right…..for some reason, Joe loves Andruw.

I know, enchanted. It’s just mind boggling to me to see Joe do things like this. If he honestly wants to give Matt a day off, then let Repko have shot, or put JP out there. At least JP hasn’t said his season is over yet. Simply unbelieveable!!!

They really look pathetic tonight. You wouldn’t know they were in the battle of their lives. It’s like all the intensity and passion they played with at home has been sucked out of them.

You know, most managers in a tight penant race coming down to the wire would play their best players regardless of R/L.

lets get a run this inning

just great Andre 0-2

He smoked that ball. It was just a good defensive play.

I meant Repko, too. Sorry about saying Werth. Wrong Jason/Jayson. LOL Joe has my mind scrambled.

Perhaps if we can get SD’s BP pitcher come out and toss a few to Andruw, maybe he might even get one out of the infield. You know, hitting the ball hard in BP is real impressive. Hell I bet Billz hits ’em hard in BP. Doesn’t mean he’s a hitter in a game situation. If Idiot Joe has to think about what OFers to start at this point in the season, we might as well go home now.

Well, back to having dentistry without novacaine. Can’t be any more painful than this BS.

I hope we get shutout tonight. I hate Joe Torre. Fudge(euphemism for a world that rhymes with duck) him.

Someone on Dodger Thoughts just compared the decision to start Jones tonight like entering a three-legged horse in the Preakness. I thought that was a great analogy.

Was thinking earlier today about the good old days and reminded myself that on this date in 1965, Sandy Koufax pitched his perfect game . . . happy memories ๐Ÿ™‚

I bet you’d get a better performance from the three-legged horse…

bluecrewgirl ~ That is great!!! Why are we, the fans, know Andruw sucks while Joe is oblivious?

LMAO, enchanted. You gotta wonder sometimes what Joe is mixing with that Bigelow green tea.

KURODA is really navigating.

From his commercial ~ wheatgrass! Must be clouding his judgement.

Obviously isn’t metamucil – he never leaves the railing.

Or you could refer to it like a one legged man is an as* kicking contest.


Yes, Manny! My cat and I are cheering!!!

Manny! Now it really sucks that the hot line drive Andre hit was caught. We’d probably be up 3-2 if it hadn’t been.

Thanks Manny!

Yeah Manny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

M A N N Y …..We needed that, badly

Now maybe the offense will wake up.

Andre has on the dreads! Let’s hope it brings them luck.

LMAO!!!! sorry – I am just catching up on the comments between enchanted and bluecrewgirl – very funny!!!!

Andruw ran that out?!?!?!?

Chan Ho Park warming in the pen

good job you fat ****.

Jones tried to steal a base
What an Idiot!!!

I don’t understand cheering for your team to fail.
I understand the passion, dissapointment, heartbreak, and angst of a lineup but to root for your team to loose I’m sorry I don’t get it.
My Uncle was that way. The Blue would win and he would be mad they didn’t shut the other team out! LOL

wow i gues you can’t say T URD

maybe the first run’s the toughest… let’s see what happens…

Well we got one back.

That’s just plain DUMB! Why do you run a fat cow on a bad wheel?

dcollins, if a loss tonight means Andruw Jones never seen the field again I’ll take it.

I don’t know vl4? Why do you run a fat cow on a bad wheel???

Only clueless Joe I guess.


You’ve got a CF on the bench with 36 double, 16 HR and 33 steals, and you play that >>#%#% piece of garbage instead. The team doesn’t deserve to lose, but Joe does – his job.

Sorry that just sounded like a joke. I’m sure someone will figure out a punch line on here. We have enough people that are pretty witty/funny!
Hang in there Max. Don’t let it get you to down. I feel your frustration. I have it to.

Please don’t put in Chan Ho with runners on Joe. PLEASE!!!

A Fatty catch

Can’t hit for crap, but he does still have a glove, I will give him that.

dcollins ~ I never want my team to fail. I just want the best players out there so we can win every time. I want to make it easier on the pitcher by scoring runs for him. I always have and always will cheer for my Dodgers. I think it would be nice to have a lead in the standings when we face the Rockies………it’s always a tough place for any team to play. A little breathing room would be nice for our team because they wouldn’t have to push so hard for hits. I LOVE MY DODGERS.

2-2 tie in SF

Giants tied it !!!!!!!
2 – 2

I REPEAT….KURODA is some navigator.
He’s putting up obsticles but he’s moving pass them.

Giants tied it. WOW

I wouldn’t have figured a strikeout there ๐Ÿ™‚

Why the Hell is Sweeiner still on the team? He looked at 2 strikes right down the middle. This is why it’s hard to like this team sometimes. Because our management is clueless.

Nice that JoJo feels he has the luxury of giving ABs away with Jones and Sweeney when the team is struggling for runs.

How many frigging times do we have to kepp watching these asssholes flail away?? PATHETIC.

Somewhere Lasorda’s saying Sweeney couldn’t hit water if he fell out of @#$%&*$ boat.

Hey, Max ~ Sweeney and Jones take batting practice together.

LMAO!!!!!!! 18 more games, perhaps – LMAO!!!!!!!!

Looks like I needed to add an “e”, take a “p”, and kick an “s”.

jj ~ I’d give anything to have Lasorda on the rail instead of Joe! Oh, I forgot, Tommy never sat still! I don’t think he ever used the rail.

I only have the pitch-by-pitch on and Steiner/Monday to go off of, but hell of a thing for a Professional pinch hitter to watch a 94 MPH fastball low go over the middle of the plate.

I guess he’s saving the Bison for the 8th or 9th, getting Sweeney’s strikeout out of the way with 2 out and bases empty… YEAH! THAT’S THE TICKET!!

You have really got to wonder what JP is thinking…..

nsblues ~ Even Kuroda had a hit!

JPs probably wishing about now he kept his mouth shut.

Sweeney and Jones need to jump off a cliff.

PARK was his usual good self.
Keep ’em there Joey.

dnelly ~ i think Oberon works Tuesdays. Don’t you miss him? LOL

DFA Sweeney!!!!

Sweeny’s at bat was something. The Dodgers have had trouble this series against the off speed junk and he lets two fastballs go by for strikes. The third strike was a bit low but the one before that caught him unprepared. But even Manny has not looked good a number of at bats this series.

You’re in the bottom of 18th inning, bases loaded, down 1 run, two out and the western division on the line. Only two players you have left to PH for Brox are Sweeney and Andruw. Who bats and why?

TruBlue, oh yeah, that’s right, heheh! Maybe Kuo isn’t too tired to hold the bat either. If D-Lowe wasn’t starting tomorrow, maybe he’d even be better for an AB.

Enchanteds, I’d let Brox hit for himself.

Our bullpen should motorvate the offense.

Did they have rails when Lasorda managed? It sure seems like a long time ago.

enchanted ~ I’ll take my chances with Brox. I think he could put the bat on the ball!

enchanted Depends on if it’s a lefty, or righty on the mound. I would have to flip a coin on that one. They both suck bad.

Max ~ I said the same thing. Boy, great minds think alike! LOL

Glad to see Martin get a lead off hit. Come on, boys, don’t waste it.

enchanted – I would take my chances on a pitcher if that’s possible. I wouldn’t trust ethier (either) one of them in that situation.

“Ride, Captain Ride upon your mystery ship…”

nsblues, go to
and go to the dodger game and click on game cast, it’s way better then

AWESOME ANDRE DOES IT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2 – 2
Eithier !!!!!

ALRIGHT DRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Awesome Andre!

Atta boy Dre!!!

Sorry Nelly–You got a little tinny winny sweeny…
Bad news: Sweeney K’d.
Good news is he’s gone for the game. No one was in scoring position with 2 outs, so I guess if you are going to use him then was the best time possible (But why use him?!).
Although my slowpitch softball team did score 11 runs Sunday night after the first 2 batters were retired. But then again it’s sloooowwwwpitttch!

E T H I E R comes through AGAIN after Russell’s lead off double….yippeee

3 – 2 Dodgers

Atta boy Manny!!!

M A N N Y the MAN.


And of course there’s Nomore swing at the first pitch.

Come on Giants beat the snakes we need some breathing roon

Vizquel just hit a RF chopper down the line for a leadoff double… still 2-2 tie


Manny has been great but where would we be without Andre?

Andre does it again!!!!! It’s funny, I was talking to my dad on the phone when Manny was up and he said all they need is a fly ball and Manny hit it almost exactly when he said that. They have to hang on. We need this game.

Roberts sac bunts Vizquel to 3B, 1 out bottom 8

Way to go Martin, Every Day Dre, & Manny!!
I’m a little behind. My computer keeps freezing up on me. Then I reboot and run downstairs to catch up on MLB extra innings as I have it paused. Sorry…
Nomar has been okay tonight. He has made 2 nice defensive plays as well as almost hit one out.

Giants just took the lead …..

3 – 2 giants
fred lewis single to right

Go Giants!!
Nelly-tonight you have permission to high five your family!!

Fine job from Beimel!

BEIMEL did his job.

in San Fran they are in the bottom of the eight only one more inning

I can’t believe my fingers typed those last two sentances!

lbirken – it kind of makes you wonder who needs who more. Is Andre more important to Manny or is Manny more important to Andre.

4 – 2 Giants

4-2 giants -shhhh!!!

Atta boy Joe. A shut down inning after giving up the lead can be really disheartening.
Max are you doing okay??? It’s okay to smile!

Snakes are losing.

dcollins – the custodian at my school is a Giants fan and every morning we go over each game. This morning I just smiled and said “Tim had a great game” – tomorrow, I might actually have to thank him. My family already knows I am thankful, but it’s a very hard pill to swallow. LOL!!

Nice way to get out of the inning Cory!!!!!!!!

Thank you, home plate umpire.

An insurance run, or few would be nice here…..

The dbacks just tied the game 4-4

#$*%$#*&$*&)($&_(#@*$_(#@* GIANTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! should’ve known better…

It took awhile to get the party started, but this game finally feels like a home stretch do or die kind of game.

Here we go again.
Let’s go BROX.

2 strikeouts and 2 ground outs (well one was a force out)

to the middle of the 9th in Frisco, 4-4

Joe may think A. Jones is in a different place but he looks the same to me.

Nelly-I saw when you posted that earlier. I had to laugh. Anyone in Norcal knows those types of encounters.
I have this guy at work who everyday says “Go Giants” to me. The first thing out of his mouth is “Go Giants”. Not “Hi” or “Hello”. I never pop off back. I just say yup. Or smile. The other day when the Dodgers took over 1st for the first time in 5 months and a couple of days when he said that to me, I said, “Hey guess what just happened for the 1st time in 5 months and 2 days?” His reply, “What?” Then I let him have, “The Dodgers are in 1st place!”. He hasn’t spouted off in a few days. HA!

nsblues – you know the gnats – they won’t make it easy for us ethier (either). However, my husband did apologize, and the game isn’t over yet.

DNelly, I can’t believe the D-Backs tied it. Bummer.

dcollins – they do tend to be a little quieter when we are in 1st place.

OK, who’s a worse hitter – Sweeney or Andruw?

So you think Matt in to pinch hit? JP? DY? Repko?

Jones 0-4, what a surprise, the bat boy would be a better option at this point, and this umpire has been callin BS on us all night. And great the dbags just tied it. Please Brox, get 3 outs without causing me to pull my hair out

Come on Matthew!!!!!

JP can’t get a break – Joe pulled him and Matt got the hit – I love it!! LOL

Nelly, I am sure Andre has benefited by having Manny in the lineup but that fact doesn’t take anything away from Andre. He has done a great job no matter how you look at it.

enchanted – that’s an unfair question – they are both horrible – LMAO!! I honestly think they are both just awful. However, if I had to pick one, I would pick Sweeney just based on the fact that he at least seems to care more than Andruw does for the time being.

Wow Joe finally did something right! I never thought he’d go with Matt over Slappy.

For a change we have the right guy up wth the bags full.

They’re even again in SF.

On the radio, they are calling Andre the hottest hitter in the universe – no pressure mind you. It’s okay Andre – do your best with bases loaded and two outs.


Giants just won.

giants won!!!

d-bags lose!!!

Andre comes through again!!!

So Andre is basically THE MAN!!!!!!!!

HOLY #%@#@%@#~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



How about a group high five! Never thought I would enjoy hearing someone say, ” Giants win”.

E T H I E R …nuff said.

WOW! Andre Freaking Ethier! I can’t believe Joe thought Slappy was a better option then this guy. I love Dre!

Let’s go Hu!


Tell Andre’s wife to stick a cork in it, we need him in the line-up everyday.

That’ll make it easier for Broxton.

Andre says, Fu-Q Padres!!!!!

D’Bags LOSE.


Hey Beav!!! Sweet comeback, eh?!!

So when will the opponent start walking Andre to get to Manny?

Hey jhall/Wally!!!!!!!!!! Andre is doing fabulous!!
He certainly does say Fu -Q Padres!!!

NOT JASON JOHNSON PLEASE! If he gets in trouble, which he probably will, Brox can’t pitch with runners on! Just bring brox in Joe!

Damn straight Wally!! No thanks to JoJo though.

Max – you can definitely keep your shirt now ๐Ÿ™‚

Great managing by Torre there…He was about to pinch hit with JP and said nah i would rather keep the inning alive. and wallah..3 runs..

Back at you, Nelly.

Hi Mom!!
Yep Beav. LOL!!!!

Here’s Johnny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Man, Andre is definitely Dialed in Dre right now. It’s fun to watch.

bluecrewgirl – it is sooo much fun to watch. I am so amazed on how well he is doing right now – incredible!!!!

Man how I wish Ned only made his first move (Bradley for Ethier) and second to last move (Manny) and no free agents. Think how good we’d be.

Oh for the days of a 1-2-3 save.

lbirken ~ Yea sure! It’s almost unheard of lately, isn’t it?

Fu-Q Y’all !!!

What does Johnny say??
Fu Q y’all Padres!!!!!!!!!

Later people or I’ll be in the doghouse with the basset hound!!!

LMAO!!! Totally sweet!!! Way to go Dodgers!!!

See ya Beav. Have a great night.

Good Night enchanted/Beav – thanks for hanging out tonight – you were great as always!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Good night, enchanted.

dnelly ~ another great game for Dre. He and Manny drove in all the runs!

enchanted – however, your dogs are pretty cute ๐Ÿ™‚

Another roller coaster ride for the Dodgers and fans tonight. We get to go to bed happy.

BIG WIN.. BIG ROAD WIN and a 2 1/2 game lead looks BIG.
It’s been a long time since we enjoyed such a lead.
Andre Ethier is BIG.

PierreEW – it looks like a few of he Dodgers went back to LA and got their good bats. Andre obviously stuck with the one he had.

Goodnight, jhall. Didn’t notice you had snuck in.

Great come from behind win! I’m worried about this offense without Andre when the baby arrives. Who’s going to pick up the slack while he’s out of the lineup? He’s as hot as can be. It still urks me to think how far ahead they would be in the standings if he would have played regular earlier in the season. It’s a no brainer they would have at least 80 wins by now, running away with this division.

San Diego Cellar Dwellers…

jhall ~ I wait all day for you to show up and when it’s time for me to go night-night, here you are!

Well my friends, The Dodgers just climbed Mt. Everest naked.

Hey Trumom. Another busy day. Great win though.

Hey BlueGirl!!

Max – maybe they climbed with just an Ethier/Manny shirt on – LOL!!!!

Max ~ Remember, don’t wash your shirt!

jhall ~ I understand. Have a good night and I’ll see you all tomorrow.

Thank the Big Dodger in the Sky for Andre Ethier!!
And thank JoJo for convincing me not to go to San Diego tonight by his idiotic Kemp-and-Loney-less lineup. Gibson (dog) had a great time at the beach and I got some important thinking done.

Congratulations to Mr. September on yet another great game!

Alright, I’m off for a few hours or the night. Great win, Let’s Go Dodgers!!!!

Good night all and sweet Dodger dreams. Hope we don’t get anymore Andruw CowDung. LOL!!!

jhall – you have been just Mr. busy lately, but I am assuming that is a good thing ๐Ÿ™‚ It is really good to see you around here. The guys (and the gals) obvioulsy love having you around.

Merci Nelle’!! It is a good thing. It is fun and enlightening chatting with you all.

Good Night jhall/Wally ~ Sweet Dodger Dreams for you as well ๐Ÿ™‚

Bonsoir mon amies!!!

nsblues ~ another day in gnat country with the Dodgers still in first place. Have a wonderful evening – check in later if you get the chance ๐Ÿ™‚

Okay, now Andre has to wear the dreadlock wig at least one inning in the dugout every game. It can replace the gnome as our new good luck charm.

Max, you crack me up!
Great win tonight. I hope everybody is enjoying what we’re seeing with Dre. It is really special.
September/October baseball is awesome when your team is alive!
Wifey just got home so time to kick it with her.
I had fun chatting with you all.
Go Blue!! More ice cream tomorrow!

Good Night dcollins – It sure is great seeing you around here again ๐Ÿ™‚

Frightening lineup tonight
Unreal thinking by Torre
Can you believe it?
Kuroda is a good pitcher
You have to think Torre is a drunk
Only an idiot would stick those guys in there now
Unbelievable that anyone thinks Torre is a good manager
Totally stupid
Once upon a time he was smart but that was a long time ago
Ridiculous that he still has a job
Really McCourt do you still think he’s lucid?

lny4loney – I am glad you took your dog for his walk.
Thank you big Dodger in the sky for Andre Ethier!!!!
However, an ETHIERaholic knows Andre was coming all along – LOL!!!

Forgot to finish it……….

Frightening lineup tonight
Unreal thinking by Torre
Can you believe it?
Kuroda is a good pitcher
You have to think Torre is a drunk
Only an idiot would stick those guys in there now
Unbelievable that anyone thinks Torre is a good manager
Totally stupid
Once upon a time he was smart but that was a long time ago
Ridiculous that he still has a job
Really McCourt do you still think he’s lucid?
Erroneous thinking on his part is a bad habit

lny4loney – it should be “knew Andre” not “knows Andre” – sorry – yuck – that was bad ๐Ÿ™‚

Ward Dear… I am glad you finished it. I thought it was something Enchanted wrote because of the E on the end. I was thinking “I don’t remember reading that, but then you do have the memory.”

Manny said Dre, Kemp and Loney are the franchise and that they should let him play. Manny for GM!

I agree with Manny!

I think Manny certainly has a point Max ๐Ÿ™‚


That is very ingenious once again… Wow!!!!! It’s amazing how much it’s noticed once you notice it, if you know what I mean – LOL!!!!!

Haven’t ever been inclined to comment on this blog, but am a big, big fan of it…..Just needed to just show my love for Dre tonight after that big win. Is there a more deserving player in baseball of finally coming into his own after showing such exemplary patience when the Dodgers got Manny. Haven’t been proud of a Dodger like him in what seems to be a long time…..

Here’s to getting some of the injured back on the big team…

Justin, NYC

Well, I was driving home from my Scout meeting and trying to listen to the game through all the competing Spanish language AM stations (AM radio in Temecula when the sun goes down is horrible), I could have sworn that Steiner said that with 3 weeks to go and the Dodgers up by a slim 1-1/2 game lead, and, after a loss, and a shutout loss at that, The Idiot Joe Torre trots out Nomar and Jones into the starting lineup. Nah, I thought, no one is that stupid. It’s not March or even April anymore. Then I get home and find out that it’s the truth. And no, I don’t care that we won the game. We didn’t win because the brilliant Torre shook up the lineup. We won despite his meddling, in part because you can’t keep Ramirez and the amazing Ethier down and also because we’re playing the Padres.

Does he see the calendar? Does he see the standings?

Fire Joe.
Fire Joe. Fire Joe.
Fire Joe. Fire Joe. Fire Joe.
Fire Joe. Fire Joe. Fire Joe. Fire Joe.
Fire Joe. Fire Joe. Fire Joe. Fire Joe. Fire Joe.
Fire Joe. Fire Joe. Fire Joe. Fire Joe. Fire Joe. Fire Joe.
Fire Joe. Fire Joe. Fire Joe. Fire Joe. Fire Joe. Fire Joe. Fire Joe.
Fire Joe. Fire Joe. Fire Joe. Fire Joe. Fire Joe. Fire Joe. Fire Joe. Fire Joe.
Fire Joe. Fire Joe. Fire Joe. Fire Joe. Fire Joe. Fire Joe. Fire Joe.
Fire Joe. Fire Joe. Fire Joe. Fire Joe. Fire Joe. Fire Joe.
Fire Joe. Fire Joe. Fire Joe. Fire Joe. Fire Joe.
Fire Joe. Fire Joe. Fire Joe. Fire Joe.
Fire Joe. Fire Joe. Fire Joe.
Fire Joe. Fire Joe.
Fire Joe.

Welcome to ITD juice32/justin!! Great post, and yes, Andre is a very deserving player who has not only showed patience this year, but last year as well. However, this last acquisition of Manny would have made many other ball players bitter and outwardly upset, but Andre chose to take it as it came, and he is being heavily rewarded for it now. Thanks for posting, and keep coming on- the more the merrier. It may get crazy around here at times (like right now ), but it is a blast as well!!!

Welcome into the jungle Justin! He’s really made remarkable strides this year, hasn’t he?

And good evening to you, June Darlin’! Glad you got the message!

Ward Dear/Eric ~ I love the pattern – such symmetry!! When I first saw the lineup, I thought it was a joke. So, I went and checked to make sure. I think even Vin was a little shocked at seeing Andruw in the lineup. I am sure he wasn’t shocked at the end of the game when he went 0 for 4.
How was your scout meeting? Also, how is your wife, Chris? Is she feeling better? I hope so….. ๐Ÿ™‚

Andruw’s performance tonight put his average at a scorching .158. Boy, that’s an average you want to see in your line up with 17 games left in the season. What kind of decision could Joe possibly have to make over playing Andruw over Matt or Andre. There is no decision to be made Joe.

I’m sure that Vinny, like many of us, believe that you field your best lineup if you want to win. I understand needing to rest guys occasionally. What I don’t understand is, why more than one at a time? And why don’t you rest the one who needs it most, our Captain?

“Torre said a late-season return to form of Jones would be “a big bonus, a nice headache to have. He just adds to the ability you have. He brings something extra. He’s been gone a long time. But knowing what he can bring, it’s intriguing.”

OK. Let’s say that instead of his 0 for 4 with 2 strikeouts, he went 3 for 4 with a knock. What now? Who sits? Kemp? He just finished saying how great he has been playing. Ethier? Ditto. Ramirez? Please. All that he’s doing here is opening the door to an unsettled lineup AT THE WORST TIME POSSIBLE!!!!!! Dammit! Kemp and Ethier have earned their jobs. More than once. Absurd. Really.

enchanted brought that up earlier about the scenario if Andruw did have a good night, what then? He also asked if we had to choose between Andruw and Sweeney, who would we choose, and eric, I think they are both horrible right now. I don’t want ethier (either) one of them up in a crucial situation. I never thought I would see myself typing this, but I rather have JP up in a situation where a game of significance is on the line because as much as he hits ground balls, at least he is hitting those, and can actually run to beat one out here and there. Andruw and Sweeney can’t run after hitting a ground ball, not that they get too many of those anyway.

Our meeting was fine. Long, but fine. It was our quarterly Court of Honor, when we award the Merit Badges and Rank Advancements. With 115 boys and 2 summer camps, the September COH is quite busy. Matt got his final Merit Badge. Friday will be his Scoutmaster Conference for Eagle. He’s coming to the big finish soon.

Wifey is finally starting to feel a little better. She tried to go to work today, but I ended up taking her to the docs at mid-morning. When I left for the COH she was feeling better and talking about work again. The original “A” type personality. ๐Ÿ™‚

Totally agree, Eric. How many times do Andre and Matt have to prove their worth? He gives the people who don’t deserve it the longest leashes. Frustrating.

That’s good that she’s feeling better, and yes, that A personality does get in the way of your health (both physical and mental) more often than it should. Sounds like a some great stuff happening with the scouts. I am still in awe that there are 115 boys involved. That is just amazing to me.

bluecrewgirl – whatever happened to Andruw’s year being over? I really don’t want to see any more lineups like tonight. They certainly didn’t add to the offense, Andruw especially. They both had some defensive plays, but don’t you think James and Matt would have handled them also?

Hmmm, Jones or Sweeney?

Jones .161
Sweeney .133
Pierre .274

Hands down, Pierre. No contest.

No offense, enchanted, but asking Jones vs Sweeney is one of those no-win questions like, “Would you rather die in a plane crash or a car crash?” Either way, you’re dead.

Do you realize that tonight was a moon-free night? It was so very nice to have all the moons in the proper spots for a change.

That’s a good analogy eric – LOL!!!. Enchanted didn’t give us the choice of JP – only Sweeney and Jones.

When he posed the question originally, all other PHs had been used, so I said I rather take a chance on one of our pitchers than Jones or Sweeney.

DNelly, I agree that Matt and Loney would have done the same and given more offense. I can’t believe he keeps putting Sweeney up to pinch hit. Why not give DY and Repko some chances? Makes no sense. I had better get to bed. Talk to you all later.

Good Night bluecrewgirl – LOL!!!

eric ~ no ndeschenes ๐Ÿ˜ฆ hopefully it’s a well deserved vacation.

Good night bluecrewGIRL!!!

All right, I didn’t know that was all they had left. Let’s visit the question again.

Hmmm, Jones or Sweeney?

Jones .161
Sweeney .133
Lowe .153
Penny .192
Stultz .154
Kuo .250
Park .111
Maddux .125

I would take Lowe. Lowe has had more at -bats I am assuming and it’s only 5 points worse than Andruw’s. Plus, he’s has the experience factor too. Penny wouldn’t be a bad choice ethier (either),but he is technically not part of the roster yet.

“had” instead of “has” – ugh!!!

Yeah, I’m with you on ndeschenes. You get used to talking or hearing from people and they disappear and it makes you wonder. I hope everythings OK with our Exclamitory Friend!

Here’s the first line of one of his posts to help you remember:
Super, Super,Super, Extra! Read all about it! Just off the Press Off The Daily Planet! Wow! That was the Real Los Angeles Dodgers We Saw Tonight!

Whoops, it’s into the wee hours again. I’d better say goodnight, June Darlin’! Let’s get the series tomor……later tonight.

Oh, BTW, that card set is in the mail. I hope I put enough postage on it. I guess we’ll find out in a couple of days. ๐Ÿ™‚

Thank you so much Ward Dear… Have a good sleep, and I will talk to you tomorrow – God Bless!!!

Joe needs to have his A** kicked for not playing Andre all year. That kid would have 30 home runs and over a 100 RBI’S.
Now I’ll comment on Andruw. Andruw, you suck. You need to retire and head back to Curacao, I’m sure you’re close to being able to get Social Security, so retire and have a nice time with your unearned millions.

Been awhile since I’ve been on the early morning ITD show – Morning All !!

Great win last night, but another win IN SPITE OF JoJo, not because of. It was another case of the ‘Dre and Manny show saving the day. How in the world do you play Fat Andruw over ANYONE, including JP?? Even JP can go Juan for four. Another nice 2K performance. To answer my own question from last night, I’d take Sweeney over Druw, who has to be one of the most pathetic ballplayers (and I use that term very loosely) there has ever been. Brings a lot to the table JoJo, good call.

Also a nice call using Sweeney again to PH, while your most productive PH languishes on the bench. Way to get DY a little action to get his timing back down. Also a nice call to use Loney in a PH spot when there’s no one to drive in. Perhaps you might’ve used your super duper leadoff man JP to get on and save Loney for when it counted.

Joe got away with one last night. Joe might get away with a couple more playing against the Gints and Puds before its over. But pull this crap in the playoffs and we’re doomed.

What’s really going to irk me is if they make it to the playoffs, and especially if they somehow manage to win a round, everyone’s (except ITD) going to give JoJo all the [undeserved] accolades. Does anyone have any doubts come next spring that Dre and Matt will have to compete again for playing time against Druw and JP?

Fire Joe.
Fire the guy that hired Joe.
Fire the guy that hired the guy that hired Joe.

Good Morning, ITD writers and readers!!!
Another comeback win last night despite the horrific lineup last night. However, I guess the lineup didn’t impede on Andre and Manny’s production last night, as well as a few others and their timely hits/walks. Pitching also did their part which is always helpful.
Boblee ~ Andre would have 30 homeruns by now. I understand that Andre thinks its due to Manny, but every time Joe mentions how relaxed Andre is now, doesn’t it go back to the fact that maybe he’s relaxed because he is playing every day, and he is not worried about losing his job every time he comes up to bat? I’m sure Matt feels a little more confident today considering his competition went 0 for 4 last night, and Matt did manage to get his hit.
Enchanted ~ It is good to see you on here in the mornings again. That nagging question about Sweeney or Jones is still not a fair one – they both suck!! I said if I only had to pick one, I would pick Sweeney just based on attitude, but if no position player is available, I’m going with a pitcher because as Eric pointed out, some pitchers seem to be doing better, and some are getting as many at-bats as Sweeney is. As for DY (and Repko) – what a waste!!! I agree, if your going to experiment, Joe, then give them a chance – anybody can go 0 for 4.

Gooooood morning ITD!!!

Good morning boblee – agree, agree, agree.

Good morning Beaver! Nail on the head, as usual. Great point about DY and Loney. It’s the PVL Dead Horse issue that never ends. And no, I have no doubts that even if Manny signs elsewhere, we’ll have the same problem all over again as long as The Idiot Torre (I’d abbreviate that to the acronym, but I’m sure it would end up as asterisks) is still here.

Another great TJ article today regarding a statue for Vin:,0,259687.column

I wrote an email response to him regarding the “Best of Scully” CD issue we floated around here in the spring. Maybe he can run with it as well.

I forgot my signature ๐Ÿ™‚
dnelly, June Darlin’, Junie, Miss Debbie, Mom, Mrs. Nelson, Nelle, Nells, Nelly, Nellygirl ~ All ETHIERaholics and very proud of Andre : OBP – .365, SLG – .522, AVE – .299, 10 day AVE – .526, 30 Day AVE – .381, and Sept. AVE – .643

Good morning ~ just wanted to stop by and congratulate Andre and Manny for driving in all the runs last night. I’m still in shock with Joe playing washed up has-been Andruw. He probably thinks he’s a genius for coming up with the ridiculous lineup…….I guess I should say “magician”. But, please Joe, we want to win the division. So, put your best team out there everyday!

Whoops, I forgot mine.

Fire Joe.
Fire the guy that hired Joe.
Fire the guy that hired the guy that hired Joe.

Good morning all. Joko never ceases to amaze me. What in the heck is he thinking?!! Oh well, at least we got the win despite Joko. LOL on the message dad!!! Totally agree.

Anyone know Diamond Leung?

I knew Jones was going to start last night.

The bad news Jones is still on this team but the good news Leung this he’s an Angels. Maybe the Angels would picked him up since Hunter probably going to missed some game.

Sep 10 Diamond Leung, of The Riverside Press-Enterprise, reports Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim OF Andruw Jones (knee) was back in action Tuesday, Sept. 9, against the San Diego Padres.

Fire Joe
Fire the guy that hired Joe
Fire the guy that hired the guy that hird Joe

Good Morning, Ward Dear, Trublue and Wally!!!!

Wally/jhall ~ Isn’t your dad’s post swell!!! He is getting very good at those…. What will be next – nobody knows – LOL!!! It looks like the moon is up early this morning ๐Ÿ™‚

Sorry, it’s early —fire the guy that hired the guy that hired Joe!!!!

Or this one

Fire Ned
Fire the guy that hired Ned
Fire the guy that Ned hired

Good morning TruLumpy! Good morning June Darlin’!

Torre must be smart it’s broke that road streak and last road win was against the SF.


oops n/m I keep on forgetting those 2 wins in Arizona.

Good morning to you eric. Everyone today should post:

WALLY!!!!!! Good morning!!!

How about this one?

Fire Frank
Fire the guy that Frank hired
Fire the guy who was hired by the guy who Frank hired

So I guess no one read that artcile that Diamond Leung think Jones was with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim? How much money do this fool get for writing this article and he doesn’t even know which team he’s on?

What really ticked me off last night was not only did he play Nomar and Andruw but where he put them in the lineup! Nomar, cleanup, Hah and Andruw batting ahead of anyone except the pitcher (I forgot, even Kuroda got a hit).
Fire Ned
Fire the guy that hired Ned
Fire the guy that Ned hired!!!!

LMAO!!!! Way to early for corrections Ward Dear and Wally ๐Ÿ™‚

hmmm I think he’s seen that career .355 batting average and the ops over 1.000+..

Fire Ned.
Unseat Joe.
Can the Cow.
Kudos to Andre.
Ship out Phew.
Hold onto Manny.
Activate Furcal.
Dodgers Win!!

Fantastic jhall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Batting 1st 193 863 146 257 50 15 36 126 44 112 28 12 .298 .336 .516 .852
Batting 2nd 38 151 24 33 12 0 4 16 13 12 6 0 .219 .292 .377 .669
Batting 3rd 610 2506 405 773 171 23 93 431 172 230 30 12 .308 .356 .506 .862
Batting 4th 318 1243 239 436 92 9 65 243 114 109 22 6 .351 .406 .596 1.002

I have no problem with Nomar in the clean up spot.

jhall ~ Well said. You’ve got it right!
So instead of repeating it I’ll just say:
DITTO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LMAO!!!!!! LMAO!!!!!!!! jhall!!!!! LMAO!!!!!!!

but than again Nomar doesn’t take enough pitchers.

Let’s get behind the Dodgers!
Ethier’s the man!
Andre is just clobbering the ball
Ramirez needs to be signec
Nomar is just a sub nowadays
How can Torre continue to manage drunk?
Old broken down players can stay away
Why can’t the media see that Torre isn’t a genius?
Tonight we need to take the series from the Puds
Orel Hershiser should be our pitching coach
Scioscia could be bribed to come back
PVLs – earn your paychecks by just going away
Everyone wear your gear during the games like Max
Loney doesn’t need to be rested
Leekfink doesn’t post enough for me
Should we start a petition to oust Torre?
How does Schmidt look in the mirror on paydays?
Also Sweeney?
Ditto for Ned

Merci!!! Dad is an inspiration.

LMFAO Dad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know, jhall, during the day, we’ll all repeat
Fire Ned
Fire the guy that hired Ned
Fire the guy that Ned hired
and refer to
Post by 57 dodger at 8:26 am!!
That should cover it!!!

Wow nice you 2.

eric ~ you start the petition and everyone will sign it. Even the players, I’ll bet!!! The media just loves Joe. Why I don’t know, but they just gush over him.

LMAO!!!! Oh my!!! Fabulous Ward Dear!!!!!! That’s an understatement to say the least!!!!!!

Well, to be serious Tru, Torre is a nice guy. I can see why they don’t want to clobber him. My sister is a great person but I don’t want her managing the Dodgers either.

I had issues over how he ran the pitching staff sometimes, but we need someone like this at the reigns:

eric ~ Makes me miss Tommy even more! Wonder if Joe has ever said the F word? Wonder if Joe says anything?
Fire Ned
Fire the guy that hired Ned
Fire the guy that Ned hired
and by jhall/57dodger:
Fire Ned.
Unseat Joe
Can the cow.
Kudos to Andre
Ship out Phew
Hold on to Manny
Activate Furcal
Dodgers win!!!!

Ethier for MVPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP sound pretty good but it won’t get it. Maybe we should do that for Ethier at Dodgers Stadium like when the fan does it for Kobe at Staples.

LOL Trumom!!

jhall ~ I wrote it down and I’m going to use it ALL DAY LONG!!!! LOL

Sometimes funny
How does it happen?
Always happens when you least expect it
Does it work?
Instruction desperately needed
Shockingly bad at times
Only on ITD
Bring on the teachers
Errors and too many to count
Really can’t comprehend most of the time
Off in it’s only little world
Never to be the same

Joe should say Yankees suck without me. I can’t believe the Blue Jay are in 3rd places ahead of the Spankees.

We can change the s in suck to a f. hahahah

dnelly ~ we are blessed. lol

I think it’s a good time to just throw our support behind the Dodgers and Joe and just quit slinging mud. The Dodgers are number one now. Let’s just enjoy it. It truly hurts me when I hear comments that Joe is an idiot. I am not a manager and never will be. I don’t know how to do what he does and I will never second guess him. About 2 weeks ago we never thought that we would be where we are now. Let’s just all be happy for now. One can never predict what next week will be like but for now, I am ecstatic!!! I heart Andre, I heart Manny, I heart Joe. What more can I say. Dodgers number one. I hold my postseason tickets next to my heart. Go Dodgers! Hi DNelly.

Hi everyone! I was away last night at school, but I’m glad to see that I, with my pianos, was missed! I did send a piano, the Ethier grand model, and it sure put a licking on Hensley! ๐Ÿ™‚

PianoMan ~ We missed you! Glad you are back. Saw the piano in action lol

xox ~ I too love my Dodgers! I’ve been bleeding Dodger Blue for many, many years. We all want the team to do well and I believe for that to happen, the BEST players have to be out there everyday. What you consider bad-mouthing the team and Joe, is for me, blowing off steam. I don’t think now is the time to give Andruw a chance to play. So, I think Joe made a mistake…….letting Sweeney pinch hit, a mistake. Not playing Andre everyday from the beginning, a mistake. We could have been way out in front of our division if Joe would have used a different lineup from the beginning. I mean no disrespect to you. I’m just expressing my feelings.

For those of you in the L.A. area:
Today 9/10, there is a Blood drive at Dodger Stadium from 2 p.m. to 8.p.m. inside the stadium. This is Freeway Series Season Closer blood Drive and you get a commemorative hat with the Dodger Logo on one side and the Angels logo on the other. In the front it has a freeway sign red & Blue with the words “Freeway Series” and in big Letters “F S”.
Also, if you cannot make today, perhaps you can attend the Angel Dodgers blood drive on Saturday 9/13 at 3150 E. 29th Street from 7:30 a.m. to 2:30 pm.
number is 1-800 GIVE LIFE or register online at and type in sponsor code “freewayseries”.

Were like three game over 500 in the worst division in baseball with the number 2 payroll in the NL. Our payroll is more than the rockies and backs combined and both are within striking distance to put us in 3rd place. We have 4 or 5 players under 27 (prime) that are all star or almost all star caliber players. With 3 or 4 more contributing on the MLB roster….We had to give away 5 prospects this year and 15 or so in the last 3 years to get us to this point. It takes a true HOF player producing at his normal (albeit better than normal in small sample size) level in a miraculous mid season trade to keep us at this point. No way in the long view can anyone call dodger management (Ned, Frank and Joe) a success……

That dosent mean that in the short view, the now momment, I am not ecstatic because I am.

Good Morning ITD…I am sure everyone is doing great today. Great game yesterday! ETHIER IS THE MAN OF THE NIGHT, WEEK, MONTH, YEAR…..AND SO ON.
ETHIERAHOLICS attending DODGER games, we should start holding signs that say “ETHIER FOR MVP” or something like that.


Hi xox, I’d like to respond to your concern.

Everyone, well, almost everyone who comes on this blog to post their opinion is a die-hard Dodger fan. A lot of us come on here because it’s the only way we have to talk Dodger baseball with other Dodger fans. When I lived in West Covina and Fullerton and San Dimas, I had a lot of fellow nuts to converse with. Since I moved to Temecula 14 years back, I’m surrounded by Angel and Padre fans. So, with the exception of my mom, this is it.

Just like everyone else here, no one had better question my loyalty to the Dodgers. They’ll get quite a fight. Thick and thin, good times and bad for 50 years, in my case. Never ever wavering. I understand supporting the team. However, I feel that I can support the team without liking the choice at manager. Let me put it another way. I can’t support a manager of the Dodgers who continually makes poor decisions. And I won’t. I don’t care if the Dodgers win the World Series. I mean, I do care. But even if they win it all this year, I will still want Torre’s resignation or termination. If they win it, it will be in spite of his leadership. He’s not the right guy for this team. He worked out in NY because he was a good middle man between a bunch of veteran players and a meddling owner. He failed in Atlanta. He failed in St Louis. He failed with the Mets. And, in my opinion, he’s failing here.

You have every right to feel the way you do and I wouldn’t ever want to take that right from you. We all feel the way we do. So be it. I won’t belittle you for feeling different than I do. Please, continue to feel the way you want and continue to post those feelings. That’s what this thing is for! Conversation and debate! It’s great! What I write here is never meant to hurt anyone’s feelings. Except my targets, of course. ๐Ÿ™‚ What you do or say doesn’t affect the team on the field. Nor what I say or do. Nor enchanted, nor jhall, dnelly, tru, jungar, amy or anyone else. But, what Joe does can affect the final scores. I care what he does. I care if he plays the right guys. Although I never played the game anywhere close to that level, I feel that after 50 years of watching and listening, I have a good working knowledge of the game and the moves that can give the team the best chance to win. That’s the key – the manager gives the team the best chance to win. The players have to perform, but if the best ones aren’t out there, they don’t have a chance to perform. And he consistently fails at this, in my opinion. Ever since taking the reins, he has failed. I’ve seen enough. Way more than enough.

All of this is just my opinion. You have yours and that’s fine with me. You love Russell Martin, I do too. You love the Dodgers. I do too. You want them to win. I do too.

We can continue to agree to disagree without bad feelings.

Can’t we? ๐Ÿ™‚

Eric- thank you. I applaud your comments.Thank you. When I say certain things they are ill received. Thank you for standing up for people’s opinions—-and devotions to this team.
we are all Dodgers. We love this team.
Eric- I just moved from the IE. I worked in Temecula/Murrietta just before I moved. Aww..we were close for a moment!
Emma- I emailed you. Did you get the pics?
I am excited for Sept/ October baseball.
Yea Andre Ethier- the superstar of this team!

Hey AMY & ERIC, I use to work in Temecula also, but I am still in the IE….GO DODGERS…
And yes were I live, I am surrounded by Angels fans but I have been noticing a lot DODGER’S flags & stickers starting to come out.

Good Afternoon ITD writers and readers!!!!
I think I have an Ethieraholic in training – an Ethieraholic minime!. The little girl I talked about yesterday is talking everything Andre and the Dodgers. She talks about him non-stop and even wrote about him in her journal. She found out their birthdays are in the same time frame (hers April 2nd/ his April 10th). She’s been looking at all of my Dodger magazines during free choice reading time to look for pictures of him and wants to write him a letter. A couple of others have caught on and now they are interested too. The seeds have been planted early this year, and by the end of May next year, they will be hooked into being Dodger fans.
Mrs. Nelson ~ An Ethieraholic who is developing minds to think like a true Ethieraholic ๐Ÿ™‚
Awesome Andre Ethier for MVP ๐Ÿ™‚

Hey all, “A pleasant good afternoon wherever you may be”… an unexpected visit since I was supposed to work today, but people are morons, so here I am.

Eric, excellent post. I personally don’t like to get on the personal attacks that much, but that doesn’t mean that I either don’t have strong feelings against management when they keep running into the Same Wall EvEry siNglE daY, or that I inherently hate the team or its management.

I don’t want to get political, but It’s like my Japanese teacher once said when I voiced my displeasure at the President over some decisions he’s made. He told me “Just because you have problems with the person in the seat, it doesn’t mean you should disrespect his position. As an American, you should have the utmost respect for the position of President of the United States, but that doesn’t mean you have to agree with him.”

… :: shifty eyes ::

Respect the seat of Dodgers Trainer: FIRE STAN CONTE!

I love the indoctrination dnelly! ๐Ÿ™‚ I generally disagree with any type of indoctrination, but Dodger indoctrination is approved and encouraged!

Since yesterday ended up being a good outcome, I think I’ll post this again… anything to keep on breaking the stigma!

San Diego Cellar Dwellers
(To the tune of San Diego Super Chargers)


San Diego Cellar Dwellers
San Diego Padres!
San Diego Cellar Dwellers
San Diego Padres!

They’re coming your way
They’re gonna razzle you with their subpar play
The time has come
To bite at the ankles of Number One

With Goldenrod Pajamas
They’ll stink up the sky
They’ve given all they got, they’re done
San Diego’s pride!

San Diego Cellar Dwellers
San Diego Padres!
San Diego Cellar Dwellers
San Diego Padres!

They’ve got a plan
They want to ruin October for the Dodger fans
All they seek
Is a speed bump in the way of Dodgers history

They’ll deride you, incite you
With a team Triple-A
They won’t let up a minute
‘Til the season slips away – slips away!

San Diego Cellar Dwellers
San Diego Padres!
San Diego Cellar Dwellers
San Diego Padres!

I’m with dodgereric in that I have been a Dodgers fan and will always be. Being a hardcore fan can be an act of irrationality. I am ultimately in love with the name, the colors, the history. Although I believe Joe Torre has done an absolutely horrific job of managing this year, that has no effect on my love for the Dodgers.

Like dodgereric, I am old enough to have the glory days of the ’70s and ’80s easily within my memory. Therefore I doubly salute the younger set of loyal Dodgers fans — especially those who are too young to even remember 1988.

lny4loney ~ I remember Brooklyn!!!

Can we trade in our Sweeney?
“Mike Sweeney released”

Tru, as great as the ’70s/early ’80s Dodgers were, there can be no denying that the greatest era (YET) in Dodgers history was the 1950s.

Yeah an Ethieraholic-in-the-making…how cute. So is like Ethier her first crush…by the story you told me yesterday and how she is just doing her research. How adorable!
LNY4LONEY: Well the good thing is that History repeats itself….so hopefully we are starting the next greatest era for the DODGERS! GO DODGERS!

xoxrussell ~ I love this team more than words can say at times. I just don’t want the same thing that happened to Andre happening again to him or Matt, for that matter. They are too good of ball players to be sitting for Andruw at this point in time.
Ward Dear… wonderful post as always!!
Piano Man/perumike ~ It is never my intention to indoctrinate. They know from day one that they can like whatever team they choose and from any sport, and I will respect all of those teams (Giants included). If I took a vote right now, the Diamondbacks would probably be the favorite just because Chase Field has a swimming pool, and they think that is the coolest thing ever. So, we shall see what happens next May and see which team comes out on top ๐Ÿ™‚
northstateblues ~ thanks for the repost of the song ๐Ÿ™‚

lny4loney, on 10-15-88, I was a 7 year old, two year tenured Dodger fan camping out in the Providence Mountains, in what’s now reffered to as the Mojave National Preserve. My dad, grandpa and uncles were still out in the jeep, on the way back from hunting. We have the radio on, Jack Buck calling it, since we didn’t have the TV signal.

I just remember hearing Jack Buck saying “I DON’T BELIEVE WHAT I JUST SAW!” about 5,000 times, and I had no clue what he was talking about until my grandma told me the Dodgers had come back to win it. When they won the whole thing, I was excited. I had the feeling, though, that every year would be like that, since, you know, every year was like that for the Lakers, and it would just be a matter of time until the Rams and Raiders were champions too.

Except for the Lakers (and I no longer root for the Rams except against SF, although I am rooting for more 38-3 losses, so they might find themselves here: ), it’s been a long 20 years. (seriously, after the last 5 years, I’m seriously considering just staying away from football this year, it’d do wonders for my school work and mental health, heh).

No prob, Dnelly. They know what they are…

Random thoughts for today:
DFA Mark Sweeney (.131) and pick up Mike Sweeney (.286) โ€“ not a bad idea.
Mr. Septemberโ€™s numbers as of now .643/.722/1.214/1.937 with 12 RBIs and 11 runs.
Phoenix is on the way from San Diego to Denver and tomorrow (Thursday) is an off day.
9-11 would be an Ethieriffic birthday for Maggie and Dreโ€™s little one.
$$โ€™s have traveled under the table this morning as the Gnats are starting Brad Hennessey against the Dfags. Hennessey has only been used in relief this year with 12.46 ERA and 2.77 WHIP.
I, for one, do not want to see the Cow starting a regular season game for the next 16 games.
Pianos worked great as long as JoJo was restricted to a 25 man roster. A 40 man roster gives JoJo too much room to slosh around in his own mess.

nsblues ~ I’m with you about football. I liked the Rams too. But, I can’t root for them any longer. Not the same franchise.

lny4loney ~ We have both been bleeding Dodger Blue for a looong time LOL

eric ~ thanks for the support on my feelings for the Dodgers and their management.

And now for some levity — my husband’s UPS driver told him he heard that Barry Bonds offered to play for the Giants the last series against us for a mere $10,000 which he would donate to charity. Wow, I’m really scared! LOL

TruBlue, the $***disturber in me would LOVE to see that! of course, would they be able to get a drug test done in time?

Hennessey walks two in the 1st inning but somehow the Dfags fail to score a run.

nsblues ~ I know! He’s such a conceited jerk. Like we’d care. The Giants organization doesn’t even recognize him….you’d never know he played there… number… plaque…….nothing!

Bottom of the 1st – Gnats load the bases, but, not wanting to win, fail to score.

Quick Baseball question:
watching the SF-ARI game right now, the Jints had bases loaded with deuces wild (2-2 2 out). The ump ruled that Rowand went around with his check swing. The DBags catcher, while the Ump was in the process of checking with the 1B ump, scrambled to tag Rowand in his stupor.

I know the catcher has to tag the runner after a strike out to prevent the chance of him getting on base. But if the bases are loaded, does the DBags catcher have to tag the batter, or could he just as well step on home plate and force out the guy at third?

dnelly, I know, just joking! But I am sure your kids will see the light and join us in our love for our boys in blue!

TruBlue, he is a jerk, but I think if the rules permit, and Barry’s tested in time, that MacGowan has a lot to gain by it. More people in the seats, national exposure on ESPN (that’d make the Brett Farve coverage look like a 15-minute flash in the pan), and give MLB a Manny v. Barry marquee.

Don’t know if it’s likely, but I do know that it’d give everyone something to talk about.

T.J. Simers wrote an article supporting a statue of Vin Scully to be placed somewhere at Dodger Stadium.,0,259687.column
This is a great idea. I wrote T.J. and told him that he could count on me to do whatever I could to support any tribute to Vin. I told him that if he is collecting contact info of those who would support a Vin tribute, to please add me to the list.
Some of you may want to do likewise. Here is T.J.’s email:

Yes, I got your pictures! They are great! You should try to get one of them autographed. I still have not gotten around to send you the ones I took of you at the mike asking a question. I’ve been busy planning my trip to New York. I leave on the red eye on Saturday to finally see Yankee Stadium on Sunday. I have already given up on that with the other trips I’ve taken this year but I friend of mine is going by herself and I started looking at flights and we found reasonable prices .
I just went to post about the Blood drive at Dodger stadium at the Dodger forum and it reminded me why I stopped posting there. There is a post there in capital letters titled “for all you i d i o t s that did not believe’. I believe you can make you point across without the name calling.
I am excited about our boys in Blue being in first place! but I am holding my breath because of their record on the road. Let’s hope we can survive in Colorado. Glad the team gets a day off tomorrow before the final games of the regular season.

lny4loney ~ I’ll do it! I love Vin.

CRASH 24: Wait Ethier’s wife b-day is tomorrow and when is she due?
ABOUT BERRY BOND: OH yeah I’m sure he will be playing like an old vet. I don’t care that he is from Riverside…I hate the guy. And I am sure that we will be hearing loud “BOOOOOO” coming from Dodger’s fans and Giants fans…….
ABOUT TORRE: Well I welcome everyones opinion. If you like TORRE, that’s good, if you don’t that it also good. I personally don’t know what is really going on the Dodger’s dug out or locker room, I really don’t know what is in Torre’s head and why he chooses how he does. I JUST WANT DODGER’S to WIN…and for the players to be treated with respect.

Random thoughts for today:
DFA Mark Sweeney (.131) and pick up Mike Sweeney (.286) โ€“ not a bad idea.
Mr. Septemberโ€™s numbers as of now .643/.722/1.214/1.937 with 12 RBIs and 11 runs.
Phoenix is on the way from San Diego to Denver and tomorrow (Thursday) is an off day.
9-11 would be an Ethieriffic birthday for Maggie and Dreโ€™s little one.
$$โ€™s have traveled under the table this morning as the Gnats are starting Brad Hennessey against the Dfags. Hennessey has only been used in relief this year with 12.46 ERA and 2.77 WHIP.
I, for one, do not want to see the Cow starting a regular season game for the next 16 games.
Pianos worked great as long as JoJo was restricted to a 25 man roster.

For those of you who have felt the pain of the nation’s second largest city going without a football team for the last 13 years and counting, and are in need of somebody to blame, may I recommend Mark Ridley-Thomas. Ridley-Thomas is a former L.A. councilman who led the charge against any development of a football stadium anywhere outside of South Central, instead constantly holding out for the L.A. Coliseum despite the clear and repeated message from the NFL that the league had no interest in that venue.
One effect of the Ridley-led Coliseum-only crowd was that Peter O’Malley’s vision of a football stadium in The Ravine was promptly withdrawn. Shortly after Ridley-Thomas effectively put the kaybosh on the Los Angeles Football Dodgers, O’Malley instead sold the Dodgers to Rupert Murdoch.
The history of the baseball Dodgers since then is known all too well by everybody on this board.

Sorry about the double post – that’s very strange.
dodgersrule – I don’t know when Maggie’s birthday is. I’m just saying it would be awfully convenient if the baby is born tomorrow on an off-day, so Andre doesn’t miss any games during the pennant race.

Dfags take 1-0 lead in 3rd off Stephen Druw HR.

perumike/Mr. Piano Man ~ I know you are joking, too, but I need to say that every once in a while so anybody new to this board doesn’t feel that I am brainwashing 6 year olds. You just opened the door for me to explain so I THANK YOU for that. Earlier in the season (last year’s class), Eric had sent some pictures, and he wrote a great letter explaining how you are able to enjoy any team you choose, and you should never be put down for liking that team. Even though it was written to me, it was such a great letter, I read it to my class last year, and then I read the letter at the beginning of the school year this year before beginning my “Ball Park a Week” geography unit. The letter is also displayed for anyone to read – it was a fantastic letter, but then we all know what Eric is capable of writing ๐Ÿ™‚
dnelly ~ Ethieraholic!!!!

I just HATE it when I write this long message to post and then I get a message that I need to log in….LOL! I had forgotten to log in. OK now let me try and remember what I had written.
CRASH24……OOOOOHHHHHH! Well I think it will be better if Lil’ Dre’ or Lil’ Maggie is born when the season is over. And oh yeah and the Dodgers won! LOL. That way DADDY-ETHIER can spend more time with his family. Tomorrow is a blue…I mean gray day since the whole 9/11 situation.
FOOTBALL IN L.A.: Is there such things. Well I heard 2 rumors. One that they wanted to build a stadium out towards La Puente area, East of L.A. (Not in La Puente but out that way), the other rumor was that land was purchased in San Fernando valley area for a football stadium. Now I saw renderings, schemes, of the stadium they were talking about for the East L.A. area and the stadium looked very “GREEN”.

dodgersrule1655: There’s a websiote for one proposal for a football stadium in L.A.: .

N.State that is the one I had seen. Over past La Puente, Hey I was near and yes the stadium is very “GREEN”. Thanks for the website.

Gnats up 2-1 in the 5th.

Come on GIANTS kick the D-BACK’S b-hind!

Requesting a lineup:
Kemp cf
Ethier rf
Ramirez lf
Blake 3b
DeWitt 2b
Ardoin c
Loney 1b
Berroa ss
Lowe p

Where is MARTIN?

Wow, when Danny Ardoin is hitting 6th in your lineup, that’s not a good thing.

Dodgersrule – That’s my lineup, not Joe’s. Martin needs a rest. I pushed DeWitt up and Loney down due to who is currently hot. We’ll have to wait to see what Joe does.

lol good crash

hey guys- scurtis/rose/crash- how are we doing today?

Crash that is good. And yes resting is good. But Torre is probably thinking that Martin can rest tomorrow and he will probably play today. I’m surprise he let Kemp rest, but man Kemp & Martin were 2 players over worked. Poor guys.

hi Amy, nice to see you around

Hey Amy,
I had read early that you were from the IE and you worked in Temecula. It’s good to hear from pips from the IE. I am from Riverside, and I had worked in Temecula about 10 years ago.

Hey Amy, long time no talk. I’ve been really busy, but overall Im happy we are in first ๐Ÿ™‚ How have you been? Matty getting night off last night must have made you upset! lol

2nd and 3rd 0 outs and the Gnats can’t score.

2-1 top 7th. 1 on and 0 outs for the snakes against Taschner.

Yeah crash, I think Martin needs a day off badly. It’s amazing that he doesn’t get days off, since Joe was a catcher too, but if Russ had his way, he’d be getting a jump on Ripken’s record, heh.

Giants can’t score with RISP, still only 2-1 in 7th, and we all know how Arizona does in the 9th, never easy.

Amy – Doing pretty good, what’s not to like? Ethier is killing the ball, the D-Backs are losing, and the sky is clear.

scurtis- I know. I don’t really conversate too much anymore. I will post from time to time..but i haven’t forgotten my friends ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s ok that Matt got to ‘rest’. But that Pinch hit single was a nice contribution on his part!
Nsb= pop star friend who really love rock! hello. Good to see you too.
Dodgersrule- Yeah, good old IE. I went to UCR and lived/ worked there for a few years. I am very happy to be back in LA county!!! More Dodger games for me!.
Crash- hell ya!!! Ethier is a superstar. The team is finally back in their groove. 1st place sole possession feels incredible!!
I am soo glad we end the reg. season at HOME!!

Amy – Sorry, but the last three games are at the phone booth up in the Bay.

1 more inning. Im guessing its Brian Wilson time after the bottom of 8th.

Crash- My bad. HAHA. I was going off of- Home Games, not the last 3. oopps. I guess I am thinking about the last time I can see them in person until the playoffs!
you are right my friend!

and let me just add….LOOSE AZ… LET’S go SF!!!

Amy, it’s been hurting the last few nights, watching the Dbacks hit a long fly, the CF runs it down and snags it at the wall, cheering loudly, then realizing that the CF’er is a Giant, heheh. Can’t wait for that series to end.

top of 9th just starting, still 2-1 SF

Lead-off walk, pinch runner comming on.

and now Wilson’s walked another, runners on 1b and 2b, 1 out.

new thread.

Once again, can’t count on the Giants for $#!^!! 3-2 ARI on a long fly to the power alley warning track.

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