Still 20 games left

Yes, I know I’ve been trying to get everyone to stay positive all year and not get too down on the Dodgers. But now  is hardly the time to celebrate. It’s awesome that we’re in first place for the first time in five months, but we still have to play better than Arizona for the final three weeks. Hope you will all be making it out here today, as we’re gone for 11 days after this one…

And unfortunately, I’ll miss the first place ice cream, as it’s only on weekdays and I’ll be with the team tomorrow while the rest of the offices enjoys 31 flavors.

For those who haven’t yet heard, the Sunday Night Sports Final on KABC, which was previously from 7-10 p.m., is now directly after postgame DodgerTalk, so there’s no break in between. That should be better for all of you so you don’t have to come back to the show at the end of the night.

Tonight they’ll be talking Dodger baseball, as always, and hopefully a sweep of the D-backs. But, they’ll also likely start debating the All-Time Los Angeles Dodger team, which hopefully you’ve all been voting for. That team, plus the Top 50 moments in LA Dodger history, have been on and today is the last day that you can vote.

We’ll unveil the winners during the final homestand, so get your vote in and listen to the show tonight to join in on the debate.



Josh~ awesome. I am so ready for today’s game as well as these next few weeks. It’s going to be exciting to say the least. Let’s go for that sweep!!!!!I must admit though- I was looking forward to a Maddux/ Johnson matchup today- but these young pitchers will definetly put on a good duel.
Morning everyone- Not much activity this morning. It is Sunday and all. I am getting ready to go to the 3rd Dback game in a row. The first two did not disappoint! Manny batting in 5RBI out of 7- totally awesome. It was fantastic 🙂
Have a great day all. Go Dodgers! Go Blue- let’s get this SWEEP!!!!!!

Just wanted to wish my Dodgers the best of luck in today’s game and LET’S SWEEP THE DBACKS!!!!!!!! GO DODGER BLUE!!!!!!

As usual it’s Sunday and I generally miss the start and early innings of the game since I take my daughter out in the afternoon.
Another big game as they all will be from here on to the end of the season. I have a feeling the way this team is going we’ll have a lot of big games from now on.

Adding to that, have a great game: Russell, Andre, Manny, James, Matt, Casey, Blake, Angel and pitch the best game of the season Kersh! Love all of you!!!

dnelly, June Darlin’, Junie, Miss Debbie, Mrs. Nelson, mom, Nelle, Nells, Nelly, Nellygirl ~ ETHIERAHOLICS and proud of it!!!! GO DODGERS!!!!

Josh ~ Thanks for your comments today. I am sorry you are going to miss ice cream, but being with the team I am sure will be great too, especially if they get the sweep today. Have a great road trip and remain positive, and we will try to do the same.

21. Jon Weisman

Drew, SS
Eckstein, 2B
Dunn, 1B
Jackson, LF
Young, CF
Reynolds, 3B
Upton, RF
Snyder, C
Scherzer, P

Martin, C
Ethier, RF
Ramirez, LF
Loney, 1B
Blake, 3B
Kemp, CF
DeWitt, 2B
Berroa, SS
Kershaw, P

Ouch not good for Keshaw had some 31 pitches that inning.

2 – 0 Dodgers
What’s the loney song?

wow, was silent in here, though I’m in and out from the computer celebrating kickoff day as well, having chilli and chilli cheese fries and stuff, and have the game going on the DS.

better late than never:

My Loney has a first name, it’s J-A-M-E-S
My Loney has a second name, it’s L-O-N-E-Y
I love to watch him every day
And if you ask me why, I’ll say
“‘Cause James Loney has a way
With H-I-T-T-I-N-G!”
-leekfink and mlk/lny4loney

Dodgers might switch from Vegas to Albuquerque

I can’t believe why they left the first time after 28 yrs thee.

oops there.

Dodgers notebook
Dodgers might switch from Vegas to Albuquerque
By Tony Jackson, Staff Writer
Article Last Updated: 09/06/2008 10:36:44 PM PDT

The Dodgers have yet to renew their player-development agreement with the Las Vegas 51s, their Triple-A farm club for the past eight seasons, with that agreement set to expire on Sept. 30.

Two newspaper reports out of Las Vegas last week quoted 51s owner Don Logan as saying the lack of a new contract probably means the Dodgers are looking to move their affiliation, possibly back to Albuquerque.

Albuquerque was the home of the Dodgers’ Triple-A affiliate from 1972-2000. It presently is affiliated with the Florida Marlins despite being situated almost 2,000 miles from Miami.

Assistant GM De Jon Watson, in charge of the organization’s player-development system, declined to comment on the matter until after Sept. 15, when a handful of major- league clubs are expected to announce that they have signed new player-development contracts or renewed existing ones.

One source with knowledge of the situation, speaking on the condition of anonymity, confirmed that the club is seeking a Triple-A facility superior to Las Vegas’ Cashman Field, which is 25 years old and lacks many of what are now considered basic amenities at the Triple-A level.

For example, the ballpark has tiny clubhouses, and the batting cage is outdoors in a city where summer temperatures routinely reach triple digits.

Another market that might open up and might appeal to the Dodgers is Fresno, which is presently affiliated with San Francisco. There are whispers



the Giants might be looking at Tucson, Ariz., which is being vacated by the Arizona Diamondbacks in favor of Reno, Nev. Reno will become a new Triple-A market, meaning some other market – for now, Tucson – will lose that designation.
The Dodgers also are said to be seeking alternatives to their present Double-A affiliation in Jacksonville, Fla., which is about 3,000 miles from Los Angeles. But there isn’t a Double-A market west of Midland, Texas, which presently is affiliated with the Oakland A’s.

Traveling man: Dodgers manager Joe Torre said that while there is no chance second baseman Jeff Kent will be ready to return from arthroscopic knee surgery before the end of a 10-day trip that begins on Monday night at San Diego, Kent will be going on the trip anyway.

“He is going with us so he can possibly be doing some baseball stuff,” Torre said. “Plus, we really want our trainers to be able to do what they want to do with him.”

Torre denied the suggestion that Kent’s often-sour demeanor was a detriment to the Dodgers’ clubhouse. The Dodgers’ seven-game winning streak began on Aug. 30, the day Kent left the team for an MRI exam that ultimately led to the surgery.

2 – 1 Dodgers
Cris Snyder

Dodgers farm system in Fresno I don’t think I would like that.

Hey nsblues!!!! I am trying to watch football, nascar and baseball, so I know how you feel. There’s excitement happening in all sports right now. GO DODGERS!!!!
I am in an out checking fantasy football scores, so I will check in every once in a while.

Fresno would be a good place for those of us living in nor-cal. There are quite a few of us who would love it!!! Righit now, it’s the gnats that have their farm system there.

I’m so tired of Krod coming in after every saves chance he gets to gbreak Thigpen record. Krod arm is about to fall off soon.

Yep Nelly that why I don’t want it there lol.

OMG did the Cards hold a lead just now? I hope when the Cards have a lead Perez with that save today would have confident to close a game against the dback. My god why do people always seem to celebrate after that TD. Damn Owens haven’t you learn you lesson.

2 – 2
Adam Dunn homer #36


Wow I felt bad for the Patriots fans and Tom Brady.

Wow Romo had all day to throw that ball.

Wow Young had a no hitter through 7 2/3 but I bet the Padres really think they going to get their 1st no hitter in club history.

3 -2 D-backs

Ouch Manny.

He was 1 for 13 against us now 2 for 2. That suck

Ok, Kersahw got through 4 thats all he needs to try and struggkle through. Put Kuo in for 2 innings, don’t put in Troncoso Joe.

If it wasn’t for Manny error the end would be over with no run scored.

If it wasn’t for Manny error the inning would be over with no run scored.

You should worry about Johnson too lol.

Oh god maybe we should had picked up Scherzer with the 7th picks.

We need a 1 2 3 innings fast.

Scott procter? Thanks Joe, way to give up on this game.

Next inning we’ll see Troncoso and then Jason Johnson. Then in the middle of the inning they will annouce we recalled Tanyon Sturtze and Joe will put his sorry *** in there too.

You knew it was bound to happen so i wasn’t really shock to see that happen but still I want to see McDoanald.

why do I have the sinking feeling we’re gonna see Sweeney next inning?

Well at least we will get him out of the way early.

I don’t know if we should had picked Scherzer over Kershaw with our 7th pick in the 2006 draft.

This just does not feel like our day today guys. I mean, if we do end up just taking 2 of 3, then that’s great. I really do still like our chances based on the schedule. Scerzer looks dominating… too bad we didnt get to face Johnson and his gimpy arm.

Wow what a difference a shirt makes. I didn’t have my Ethier shirt on all game. I put it on and then the next pitch they botch the squeeze. Don’t worry now, luck is on my back.


Wow it must have been a busted hit and squeeze played we dodge a bullet

Oh wow Thx alot.

Come on Manny take this stud deep.

Still time left to pull it out.
Jeez! The Browns are looking terrible on their home opener against the Sh*tkickers.

Didn’t Scherzer have like 6 straight k’s and walk Ethier.

Max, looks like you’ve got your wardrobe set for a while, heheh.

Damn I hit when Manny get cheating out of an rbi here we go Loney. Come on Mr Sept

N/M though Ethier stole 2nd base lol.

Never taking this shirt off. Never.

Max- I can’t believe you took the shirt off. You know you are not supposed to mess around with a streak. I am glad you got your senses back – LOL!!! GO DODGERS!!!
jj – I know what you are talking about. The Browns need to kick it up a notch. I have their quarterback (Anderson), and they are not looking so good. However, on my other team I have Rivers and Chambers and the Chargers are looking good right now.

See Max, with your shirt on, we pulled even….if you had been wearing it from the beginning, we would be ahead! PLEASE LEAVE YOUR SHIRT ON, MAX!!!!

dnelly I’m looking forward to see what the new digs in Indy look like in tonights game. I’m really stoked about the later MNF game. Classic rivalry. No love loss. The Silver & Black just plain hate the Broncos as do I. Although I think they are a close second on the hate list behind KC, with the Chargers coming in third.

Well they defense just intercept Romo.

Damn Kemp 2 k’s in a league that counted k’s.. Not very good for you.

Ok Park this inning is big now.

jj – I don’t know if I can say I hate any football teams, like I do the gnats in baseball. I like the Chargers as my west coast team, but I am generally Redskins all the way. However, just like in baseball, there are certain players I like watching from all over the league, and Peyton Manning is one of them. I like Eli too, just not when he is playing the Redskins. My daughter

The botched squeeze and we overcome a walk and a bad throwing error this inning. We’ve gotta take advantage!!!

sorry – posted too soon..
jj – my daughter is a Raiders fan, and I have learned to appreciate what they are going through. My son is a Steelers fan, and my husband likes your other team in Texas, the Texans. So, I can honestly say I don’t hate any of those teams like I do the gnats.

T.O. looked surprised with the DB cutting in front of him to intercept didn’t he? Egotistical Buffoon! Browns starting to show some life with a decent drive. Maybe too little too late.

dnelly I think it must be pre-programmed in our DNA to have the Giants at the top of the hate heap. LOL

OMG we gettiing break thank Max for putting that shirt on and thank god Sweeney wasn’t up make them pay Nomar.

This game is just unbelievable, but at least we’re winning.

It’s weird to see Shockey in Saints uniform and Favre in a Jets uniform.

Sigh I guess I missed that double switch with Kuo

sl7 I never thought I’d see Favre in anything other than a Packers uniform. Whodathunkit right?

lmao at the dback defense falling apart again

I really thought he was going to retired. Thank god the Lakers didn’t trade Kobe to the Bulls. I don”t know how I would take that one.

Stephen Drew playing just like his brother Nancy. Folding under pressure. I really hate the Drew family.

Breaks are going our way, guys & gals!!!!

Andre is such a stud! He’s really come into his own.

Great way to hustle down to 1st Andre. He seems to be getting a little faster.

Sweeney would have came up to bat with RISP and 2 outs for the 21st time this season if Loney would have gotten on and not hit a home run. In 20 ABs this season witih RISP and 2 outs Sweeney is 0-15. WTF JOE?

Max ~ for our next game, please wear Russell & Matt’s shirt under Andre”s….they need some luck with the bat lol

Ha I’m afraid I don’t own a Russell or Matty shirt. Just Dre, Bills and Loney.

Max – you do have a way with words!! LOL!!!!!

Loney could use some power! lol

I have Russell’s, Dre’s and Loney’s……I’ll wear all of them next game…..I have Manny’s too, but I don’t think he needs my help right now. It’s 100 degrees here and I’ll die from heatstroke, but i’ll do it for my team! lol

Joe always does this. He puts Broxton in for 2 inning saves when he shouldn’t. We are going to lose.

Max ~ I have Russell’s shirt, but I wore James’ instead underneath my Ethier Jersey. James is doing well with three RBIs. Yesterday I wore Billz’ shirt underneath my Ethier Jersey, and he did very well. I will wear Russell’s tomorrow – I don’t have Matt’s yet. I may have to change into Brox’s if he is needed to close this thing out. I didn’t change it yesterday because it wasn’t a closing situation. That was just the bullpen screwing up.

Oh come on Kuo.

Instead of putting Wade out there. Putting Broxton out there is so stupid. Especially since we have to make a double switch so he doesn’t bat in the bottom of the 8th. We have to take Loney out now which mean Nomar and his horrible defense are still in there. Joe is an idiot.

Oh crap WTF?

Okay – I was watching football – why is Brox in now? I guess I do have to put Brox’s shirt on now.
Here’s Johnny!!!!!!!!

Max ~ Quick, go put on your Brox shirt!

And John is cooking with gas!!!

I rather have Nomar at 1st base than SS 3rd and 2nd bases but only if Loney need a day off. I don’t think I like this move.

Wow Panthers nice poor Chargers.

OMG! WOW! Carolina pulled it off against the Chargers on the last play. CRAZY!

Max, not to disagree with you, but, I think at this point in the season, in a game of this importance, you’ve got to go to Brox in that situation. He came in and did exactly what he was supposed to. He had to go to his big horse at that point, and it worked nicely.

Never do that again Joe. I already have ulcers I don’t need anymore.

B R O X T O N I Z E D….100MPR
Got back just after we took the lead.

Are you serious, jj! My daughter is at the game and they are Carolina fans!!! How cool!

So, I am assuming Brox will pitch the 9th too. I really hope there is a reason for this madness. Who am I kidding – it’s Joe, and we have been dealing with this all season. So why mess with the craziness now – LOL!!!

I was wonder how Nomar got into that game if he PH but I guess he was playing 3rd bases for a few pitches.

I can’t believe that over the stretch of this winning streak, we’ve scored 5 or more runs in every single game.

Brandon, I’d rather have Wade out there in that situation. When Joe has put either Broxton or Saito out there in the 8th it hasn’t worked out that great. Plus taking out Loney, who has 3 RBIS tonight and plays great defense, for Nomar who can’t hit and can’t field makes it worse. We had to do that because if we didn’t Broxton would be hitting this inning. If we would have just used Wade we wouldn’t have had to use a double switch and we’d still have our best defense out there.

Nomar replaced Casey Blake.

lol Torre trying to be like Tracy and bring in Gagne clone but I don’t think it possible because of Broxton having over 85+ something pounds on him.

Yeah I just send that.

I think Joe doesn’t understand that he’s managing in the National League. Some of the things he does just don’t make sense – but that is something we all know.

So I guess he came with in that double switch I would never had guess that.

oops seen not send

Can Broxton get a 5 outs save without laboring stay tuned?

At least we didn’t see Sweeney but dang Torre should had Repko in LF. Well he always does this but he not doing it this time.

Damn what gotten in to Broxton he just toying with them.

Is it me or is Brox getting squeezed?

What does Johnny say?
Thank you Nomar!!!

What does Johnny B. say?????

hollllllllllllllly crap. I can’t handle another game like that.

Fu Q y’all and thank you Nomar – LOL!!!


Fu-Q y’all


AWESOME! Great win!
LOL I just watched the post game interview with Romo. He’s about as bright as a small appliance bulb! What a DUNCE! LMFAO!!!

1 and a half games up!!! Great time to kick it into high gear fellas!! Man, we’d really have this division in our hands if we hadnt had that losing streak. Oh well, this is an amazing turn of events, and an awesome sweep!! Hopefully we keep it up and don’t have let downs against teams like the Padres and Pirates.

I just want to say goodluck. We’re all counting on you.

Now we are really in first place – a game and a half – yeah!!!! Way to go Dodgers!!!!!

It’s in our hands


It’s never easy! Great win!

4 out win for kuo, 5 out save for broxton. 21 pitches for kuo, 33 pitches for broxton. kuo will have to be available for a 1 inning save opportunity tomorrow since broxton will probably get a day off.

Gosh I still hate we lost to the Nats and not splitting with the Philly.

I guess nls are what every his name is have to do 3 paragraphs of summary because I didn’t seen a recape on yeserday game.

Hey Enchanted – nice to see you on here – timely as always 🙂

Here’s a very interested stats, it’s look like we are 1 of 2 teams going to break the 10,000 wins column next season. I hope I’m at Dodger stadium next season for them to get that 10,000 wins.

Los Angeles Dodgers
Brooklyn Dodgers, Brooklyn Robins, Brooklyn Superbas, Brooklyn Bridegrooms, Brooklyn Grooms, Brooklyn Grays, and Brooklyn Atlantics (1884-2008) 9948-9042 0.524 22-6

St. Louis Cardinals
St. Louis Perfectos, St. Louis Browns, and St. Louis Brown Stockings (1882-2008) 9919-9261 0.517 21-10

Atlanta Braves
Milwaukee Braves, Boston Braves, Boston Bees, Boston Rustlers, Boston Doves, Boston Beaneaters, and Boston Red Caps (1876-2008) 9758-9798 0.499 17-3
Cincinnati Reds
Cincinnati Redlegs and Cincinnati Red Stockings (1882-2008) 9735-9455 0.507 10-5

New York Yankees
New York Highlanders and Baltimore Orioles (1901-2008) 9459-7228 0.567 39-26

I guess the braves and Reds just have to wait and I’m shock the Yankees hasn’t gotten to 10,000 yet.

I hate to be a Giants fans for the next 3 days against the Dback but this is time and Lincecum.

Go Dodgers we needs 51 more wins for that magic 10,000 wins as a franchise.

As long as the Dodgers keep winning, it won’t matter how the gnats and dbacks do. The Dodgers have to take care of their own destiny, and we certainly don’t want them relying on the outcome of a gnats game. The gnats will screw us every time.

Boo-yah! Eight straight is a great trait, mate! But I still say

Fire Ned
Fire the guy who hired Ned
Fire the guy who Ned hired

In that case Eric what we need to have is, “What does Frank say?” at the end of the season.

Fack Ewe (he’s from Boston you know.)

Hiya, e! Seems like a while!

Unfortunately, I’m not getting a warm fuzzy for us losing Joe and Ned for next year.

LMAO!!! Fack!!!

All I can say is I hope we can figure out how to win on the ROAD…and how to beat the Rockies…I think this road trip will determine the season…..and lets get Kemp, Martin and Blake in the hitting groove again…!!!

drpded, all season long this team has been on a rollercoaster. Just when you think they’re on a roll, they go in the tank. If we’re going to make a run at the Series, THIS HAS TO STOP!!!

Good Evening Ward Dear and Beav!!! I agree, we have to figure out how to win on the road, and we can’t be hoping other teams win or lose, it has to be up to the Dodgers to get it done now.

Evening, June Darlin’! Maybe now’s the time they’ll get it going. They’ve gotten a couple of breaks lately, but for the longest time they weren’t getting ANY! It’s about time things started evening out a little!

Yeh – they seem to do pretty good at PETCO, so let’s hope that continues. Tomorrow the Dodgers are facing the same pitcher we handled pretty easily last time. Well, we handled all of the pitchers pretty well. I don’t think we have Peavy this time around ethier (either).

Nope, no Peavy, but we do have Francis on Friday against the Rox. It would be nice to have some breathing room going into Colorado. I know, one game at a time 🙂

Hi ~ Good to see you eric, enchanted and dnelly. It’s been quite a week for our team. I, too hope we continue our winning ways on the road. I can breathe a little easier now that Oberon has gone into orbit, I hope. What a hectic afternoon! I’m glad you are here also, drpdedblnd.

The light from the moon was blinding today to say the least, and at times uncomprehendible – LMAO!!!!!

Oberon? Hell, Uranus itself was up there!

Unbelievable! Oberon must be an alien, doesn’t even take time to go to the restroom. lol As you say, dnelly, quite blinding, indeed.

No kidding Ward dear.!!! At least Uranus’ showing was brief unlike Oberon who’s light seemed to shine for days. LOL!!!!!

eric ~ 8 out of 10 posts…… very busy, indeed!

What makes you think Oberon isn’t IN the bathroom?

Our pal Joey even stopped by to spew for a minute.

Try 54 out of 132 – I counted 🙂 and don’t even get me started on the mulitple errors on every single one. LOL!!

He has to be! It’s unreal.

LMAO!! so true, so true……

dnelly ~ LMAO!!!! I lost count. Some I have to read more than once…..and I still go, huh?

Oh .. I don’t read anything that is over two lines with Oberon. My brain can’t handle it. Sometimes, two lines is too long.
speaking of long posts, where is our dear friend ndeschenes? He must be out for the weekend, or he is in shock over the fact that the Dodgers have won 8 in a row.

i don’t know where he is….we haven’t heard from oldfogey, porklinks, either.

I think ndeschenes broke his cap key.

A week ago, Manny was so excited to face Arizona’s Dan Haren he told Torre on his way to the batter’s box, “If he comes inside on me, they’re going to have to get a new baseball.”

When he hit an inside fastball into the left-field bleachers, Ramirez arrived back at the dugout gushing, “Get a new baseball!”

jungar ~ That’s so cool! Now we need Matt, Russell and James to feel the same way.

That’s a great story, jungar!

I’ve got to give Nomar some credit. He’s really a great team player. He never seems to complain about playing time. I know that he hasn’t exactly earned any lately, but he sure doesn’t bitch and moan when he gets benched. And the only quotes that I’ve seen from him are usually along the lines of, “whatever the team needs”. Kind of the anti-Pierre. And he sure came up big in the ninth today with the glove at a position he hasn’t been playing since last spring.

Splitting-hairs time. Vinny called it a possible double and I’ve already read it repeated a couple of times. But if that ball got by Nomar, it was right at Ethier. No way it’s a double. There would have been first and third at worst with a one-run lead. Nervous time, yes, but still winable.

Backing up even more, regarding Ethier’s “cycle” attempt the other day. If he had gone to third and actually made it, It should have been ruled a double and an error. The ball was bobbled and if it was handled cleanly, I don’t think Andre even attempts third. He was looking straight at the fielding attempt as he approached second. But after CC’s no-hitter was denied, nothing would surprise me any. That was a horrible call by the official scorer, and he should have overturned it immediately. IMO.

Hey Ward Dear… You must be a pretty happy NASCAR fan today too. Jimmy getting his 2nd win in a row. Once I got home from church, I watched the rest. Then I discovered on that you can actually listen inside the drivers’ car so that was just fascinating to me. Once the Dodger game came on, I was watching three things at once. The finish of the race, the baseball game, and the Chargers game. It was crazy between that hours of 1 and 2. Okay – so now with the exception of the drivers who got extra points for winning a race or more, they all start at 5000 points for the chase. Is that correct? When they interviewed Tony Stewart, he wasn’t even sure – lol

Eric ~ I don’t think Andre would have made it either with a clean pick up. He, being an outfielder himself, knows what a good arm is capable of, and he even said he didn’t want to be the third out, even though he was anyway. The difference is Russell scored on the play instead.

Oh yeah, I’m pretty happy about how the race finished up! That was a great duel between Jimmie and Tony. It’s funny, the announcers were talking about how Tony forced Jimmie up the track, and that’s how he got away from him. I listen to the incar radio all race long. Johnson’s crew chief, Chad Knaus, was telling him almost from the start of the race that the fastest cars on the track were using the high groove, the one next to the wall. He took a little while to start taking that advice, but when he did, he started making his way to the front. I’m telling you, if anyone smirks when they call autoracing a team sport, you just tell them that they don’t know what they’re talking about.

Every now and then, they offer their Track Pass for free, and today was one of them. It’s pretty cool, huh?

Stewart knows exactly how The Chase works, he was just so pissed off about being the “first loser” that he didn’t feel like talking. Here’s how it works. NASCAR wanted a “playoff”. It used to be a straight points-accumulation all the way to the end. But most of the time there was no real drama to the last two or three races, because someone would have an insumountable lead. So, what they do is take the top 12 drivers and elevate their point totals so that no one outside the top 12 have a mathmatical chance to win the Cup. Kyle Busch was leading going into today’s race with something like 3700 points. Now, all twelve drivers have 5000. Then they add 10 bonus points for every race they’ve won this year. So Kyle Busch has 5080 points. Carl Edwards has 5050. He’s won 6 races, but his Fontana win in the spring was washed away because his car failed the post-race inspection. Sometime during the race, his oil cooler cap came off. It’s absence creates downforce on the car, which makes it faster. Jimmie has 5040. No one else has more than 5010 points. Ten races to go.

Yeah, I think he decided to go for it when he saw the bobble, then immediately thought better of it and stopped. That’s when he stumbled. It looked a little funny, but he made the right decision. He’s a great team player as well. We’ve talked about that ad nauseum. He can play for me on my team anytime.

I was multi-tasking myself today also. I had my fantasy league site on one tab, on another so I could listen to the 48 team as well as get the lap times and other crap, the race on the TV. At 1 o’clock it got complicated. I was bummed that the Charger game wasn’t televised here, so I found the NFL version of GameDay and was reading off the results to my wife. I had the Dodgers on GameDay until the end of the race. Then switched the TV to the Dodgers. When the Cowboy game was over, I relented the TV control to the Charger game, as the network switched to that game. I watched Broxton end the eighth on GameDay. Then the Chargers’ prevent defense gave up their game and it was back to the Dodgers on the tube. Sheesh.

I knew Tony knew too, and you are right he was pissed. I saw his reaction when he was trying to get out of his car. As far as listening in on the drivers and crews, I listened to Denny Hamlin’s car most of the time, but switched around just to hear others. That was sooo very cool. Denny’s crew was mostly trying to keep him running a wreck-free race so to speak, and I didn’t blame them. He ended up in pretty good standing for the chase. Thanks for explaining the details – the next 10 races should be fun!!

Sounds like my day!! Other than I did get to watch the entire Chargers game. The only good thing that came out of that game is that I have Rivers and Chambers in one league and the first touchdown gave me some pretty good points. Other than that, their defense killed me. However, the Chargers had a not so good start last year either, and they managed to get to the playoffs. So, it’s only the first week and there’s lots of football left.

Anyone listening to the Thursday game should take heart if their team lost today. They said that the Giants lost their first two games last year and gave up 80 points doing it. They recovered pretty well.

How in the world did you get to see the Chargers game? Do you have the NFL package on Direct TV?

Did you know that Andre now leads the team in runs scored with 82 (passed Matt today with 81), and XBHs with 57?

Ethier has really appeared to have taken a leap this year, hasn’t he?

Well, my team was the team who lost to the Giants on Thursday so, yes, I am definitely taking heart, which I will probably be doing all year seeing how the Cowboys walked all over Cleveland today, as did the Eagles to the Rams. My division is super tough this year. As for the Chargers, yes, I have the NFL package on direct TV. We have had that longer than the mlb package. So technically, I was watching the Chargers game and the Cleveland game. I really wanted the Cowboys to lose, but that certainly didn’t happen, and I am sure Boblee will be very happy to tell me sometime soon.

One thing about the NFL, you can have the bragging rights one minute and dying inside the next. Ask any Patriot fan.

Andre has surpassed every number in every batting catergory from 2007, with 20 games still to go in the 2008 regular season. So, I would have to say yes, he has taken a pretty good sized leap this year considering he sat quite a few games too or came in for one at bat.

Oh wow!! I know ~ That must have been one of the biggest blows of the day, if not the biggest. Oh my – that’s just awful. I am not a Patriots fan, but I don’t like to see stuff like that happen either.

I was kinda happy to see Tom Brady go down. Not because I don’t like Tom Brady but because I hate Bill Belicheck. I really don’t care about the NFL at all though. It was just nice to see Karma finally catch up to somebody it needed to catch up too.

Max – are you still wearing your Ethier shirt? LOL!! That is true about Karma – what comes around goes around, and it came around big time for the Pats.

Nope, I retired it for the evening. Got to get it ready for tomorrow nights game. We need to sweep the Madres. I know we’ll lose eventually but as long as we keep playing good baseball and not lose more then 4 in a row I’ll be wearing my Ethier shirt every game.

Max, that’s some special jersey you have there! Keep it in good shape!

I’m turning in a little early tonight. Good night Max. Good night June Darlin’! And good night to any of you great Dodger fans out there who read but don’t post!

Good Night Ward Dear…. Thanks for the chat. I’m going to bed – Monday awaits…. oh ,it’s here… 🙂

Ok something is terrible wrong. This is like the 2nd straight days that ndeschenes hasn’t made an apperance.

I managed to catch Saturday’s game and follow the weekend series. And as great as it is to be in first place, the best news of thew week is that Vinny will be returning in 2009.

Good Morning ITDland ~ Just want to wish Maddux and the gang the best of luck tonight. let’s keep our winning ways. GO DODGERS!!!!

Good Morning ITD writers and readers!!!
Once again, great win yesterday, but let’s hope they can keep their winning ways on the road. PETCO park here we come!!
Have a wonderful day, and I will check in when the opportunity arises.
dnelly, June Darlin’, Junie, Miss Debbie, mom, Mrs. Nelson, nelle, nells,, nelly, nellygirl ~ ETHIERaholics, and very proud of Andre and the rest of the boys in blue. Keep it up!!!

Good morning and how ’bout them Dodgers!!!! I am excited and i hope to keep the winning going in San Diego tonight..but, I have a question for all fellow Dodger fans…
Is anybody concerned with Broxton as our closer?
I am!!

kiki ~ I’m excited about our series with the Padres. They always give us trouble but, this time I hope we beat them! As for Broxton, I think he’s getting a little more comfortable with the role……still, when he comes in, I hold my breath and pray!

Hello All ITD & Ethieraholics out there. Just wanted to congratulate all Dodgers for the excellent games they played against the D-Backs….GOOD JOB BOYS!. And I want to wish them luck agains the PADRES……LET’S GO DODGERS!
I am happy to hear that VIN will come back next year. It will not be the same without him.
JOSH well I hope that you manage to get some 31 flavors and enjoy the weekend even more.
ACARDONA…did you go to the game on Saturday?

Hey ITD, just popping in during lunch with some info:

The injured. From:,0,585069.story

“Saito said the plan laid out by trainer Stan Conte calls for another simulated game Wednesday and for the closer to be activated Saturday.”

“Brad Penny probably will be activated sometime during a 10-game trip that starts tonight. “There’s no reason he wouldn’t be able to pitch an inning or two somewhere on this trip,” Manager Joe Torre said.”

“Rafael Furcal fielded grounders and ran the bases in what he called his toughest workout in some time, but he remained cautious about when he might be back. “We have to see what happens tomorrow,” said Furcal, who has suffered multiple setbacks while rehabilitating his surgically repaired back.”

And then the truly bizarre. From:

“I saw Tanyon Sturtze in the bullpen this weekend. I thought he was taken off the roster. What’s that about?
— Sam F., San Fernando, Calif.

You’re right, he was taken off the roster, and he was in the bullpen this weekend. Sturtze asked the club if there was a way he could remain in some role to help, and the club named him its third bullpen catcher, joining Rob Flippo and Mike Borzello, even though Sturtze has been a pitcher, not a catcher.”

Catch y’all later. GO DODGERS!!!!!

eric ~ I know you are working but I wanted to let you know the articles were very interesting. I just don’t know if Furcal will really be able to play. And, if he should come back, I don’t see how he could be the ballplayer he was before the surgery. Saito, if healthy, would really be a plus. Have a great day. See you later.

Congratulations to ANDRE ETHIER for being the NATIONAL LEAGUE CO-PLAYER OF THE WEEK (For the 2nd time). ANDRE your stats are amazing, ETHIERrific.

Your Fan,Rose – ETHEIRaholic!

Andre was named Bank of America’s NL player of the week. He is sharing the honors with Oswalt from the Astros. That news is ETHIERIFFIC!!! Congratulations Andre!!!!!!!!
dnelly, June Darlin’, Junie, Miss Debbie, Mom, Mrs. Nelson, Nelle, Nells, nelly, nellygirl ~ Ethieraholics and very proud!!!!

Hey Rose – thinking the same thing at the same time – Ethieraholics for sure. I got the message on my phone no-less, and just had to report – LOL!! Have a great day and talk to you all later. I have yard duty so no recess time to chat this week. I will catch up after school.
Ward Dear… thanks for all the info!! I am looking forward to Sammy Time once again. Not that I didn’t want Brox to do well, but you know – not the same without Sammy Time 🙂

DNelly….hey we (Etheiraholics) are always looking out for Andre. Have a good day and enjoy Recess (was my fave. subject in school…LOL!)

Congratulations to Dre for winning the Bank of America NL co-Player of the Week!

(what would he have had to do to be the solo winner this week, almost get a cycle in THREE GAMES?!!! Geez… That’s why I bank with WaMu, they know how to count the numbers!)

nsblues ~ good afternoon. That is cool about Dre and I agree he should have had it by himself. I bank at both places lol Let’s hope we continue our winning ways tonight.

nsblues ~ I am a WAMU girl too – lol. The fact that he was literally all over the news this last week should have been enough, and in fantasy leagues right now, he is owned by 98% percent of the teams. He jumped from 94% in just a matter of days. I realize most regular season fantasy leagues are in playoffs, but still. He started out the season at about 25-30%.
Rose ~ ETHIERaholics are always looking out for Andre – that’s our main Dodger purpose ~ to make sure he is getting the credit he deserves, and boy is he right now. The funny thing is he and Dustin Pedroia went to ASU together, and if Joe would have just played him from the beginning, I believe he could’ve been right there getting all the accolades that Dustin is getting from the AL. We all knew he had the potential if they just let him be Everyday ‘Dre. However, I am sooo glad he is getting the accolades now – it’s about time!!!

Does anybody know tonights lineup?

TruBlue, yeah, Oswalt had a great week, but lightning almost struck twice for Dre. I guess it’s a tough choice for ’em, though,

Dnelly, wow, that’s a huge jump! I guess he’s on his way to becoming a household name… at least to everyone that catches the 11pm Sportscenter.

No luck finding the lineup yet… I’ll check again shortly.

Lineup from Jon Weisman at Dodger Thoughts
Martin, C
Ethier, RF
Ramirez, LF
Loney, 1B
Kemp, CF
Blake, 3B
DeWitt, 2B
Berroa, SS
Maddux, P

Crash ~ Thanks for the lineup!!!!! It didn’t expect any changes, but sometimes you just never know 🙂

Line up looks great.
OK each time I come here to visit (ITD), I usually go through the website, well that picture of MANNY & ETHIER is just great. ETHIER IS LOOKING RIGHT AT ME. He was looking straight at the camer. LOVE IT!

Rose and yes I am an Ethieraholic!

Thanks for the lineup crash. LET’S GO DODGERS!

How many games do you think the dodgers will win this season?
I think they will go 84 – 77

I just got done changing all the standings on my mlb board in the classroom, and what an awesome thing to see the Dodgers pennant on top in the west division.

Ajay ~ that wouldn’t be bad at all……just so another team isn’t 85 – 76 lol

Who would you rather have CC or Manny?
I would pick Manny because I think we need more offence and because we have Kersh, McDonald, and Elbert.

And i would like to sign Lowe and Furcal. I would let Penny go as long as he dosn’t hurt us in the future.

ajay ~ I’d take Manny too. We haven’t had much luck with signing pitchers…..they get hurt too often. I think our young pitchers are going to be great next year. Manny has the ability to change the outcome of a game…..with his bat, sure. But he also makes the other players around him even better. I don’t think I’d keep Penny and as for Furcal, he even says that if we signed him it would be after medical evaluation.

Let’s hope the Dodgers forget they’re wearing their road grays and make believe they’re in L.A.

Would you resign Lowe Tru?

ajay ~ i don’t think Lowe wants to be here. He wants to be on the east coast.

Did Lowe actually say that?
He would probally go to the Marlins or Phillies

ajay ~ ESPN’s Peter Gammons said it during one of our games….he’s not real happy on the west coast.

That’s awesome that Andre was named co-player of the week in the National League. He’s worked really hard to get where he is and had to deal with a lot of frustraton at being jerked in and out of the lineup when he should have been starting every day, both this season and last season. Let’s hope the wiinning continues in SD.

How are the brackets made for the playoffs?

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