Big-time weekend series…

I sure hope those of you who live in town are making plans to be here this weekend. It’s going to be a great series and hopefully we finish the three games in first place. Wouldn’t that be something?

For those who are coming down, remember it’s a 7:10 game, not 7:40 due to ESPN’s national telecast.

Still no lineup posted here by me. Sorry about that.

There’s an eerie quietness right now that I can’t figure out. Maybe the calm before the excitement of tonight’s game…

As for a great medical update, Saito came out of a bullpen session really well and will throw a similated game on Sunday, most likely. He could be able to pitch by next weekend, potentially. And Brad Penny threw a ‘pen today and said he felt great, so both of them would be pretty interesting additions down the stretch.


woohoo! new thread and I just paid my postseason invoice. heading to the game now!!!

If you think I’m gonna spend all that time writing these things just to leave them at the end of the last thread, you’re crazy.

OK, gotta jet home, things look a little quiet around here. Let’s get the Boys of Summer out there and KICK SOME D-BAG ***!!!!!!!

From the King, “It’s Now Or Never”

It’s now or never,
It’s time to fight
Knock out the D-bags,
win one tonight
Tomorrow will be too late,
it’s now or never
Let’s get eight straight!

Matt Kemp at lead-off
will double to right center.
Andre will follow
with a big hit to left.
Then Manny will spill
a beer in the bleachers
It’s three to zip
the time is here at last.

It’s now or never,
expand that lead.
Beat Arizona,
these games we need.
Tomorrow will be too late,
it’s now or never
First place won’t wait.

Ground balls from Derek,
is all we want to see.
Twenty putouts for Loney
lead to victory.
The race excites me,
looming playoffs invite me
For who knows when
we’ll meet again this way

It’s now or never,
play defense tight
Make all the right throws,
let’s win tonight
We’re with you from Cal to Maine,
it’s now or never
Look, it’s ndeschenes!

Way to go dodgereric!! You have a true gift with words.

Ward Dear ~ Another swell song 🙂
Eric has left the building…. I couldn’t resist – LOL!!!
By dnelly16 on September 5, 2008 5:11 PM
Okay ~ Now Eric has left the building… LOL!!!!!

Thank you Josh for the updates on our pitchers, and we are doing fine here without the lineups. You keep doing what you are doing.
dnelly, June Darlin’, Junie, Miss Debbie, Mom, Mrs. Nelson, Nelle, Nells, Nelly, Nellygirl ~ ETHIERaholics ~ all of us 🙂

Great song, Eric.
This is it, folks. This is a playoff series. It defines the rest of the year.
Win 3 –> 1.5 games ahead
Win 2 –> 0.5 games behind, and 1 game behind in loss column.
Win 1 –> 2.5 games behind, it will be a long Sept.
Win 0 –> 4.5 games behind, it will be a long winter.

237. Jon Weisman

Drew, SS
Eckstein, 2B
Jackson, LF
Dunn, RF
Tracy, 1B
Reynolds, 3B
Young, CF
Snyder, C
Haren, P


Martin, C
Ethier, RF
Ramirez, LF
Blake, 3B
Loney, 1B
Kemp, CF
DeWitt, 2B
Berroa, SS
Lowe, P

Back home. Glad to see you got your tix, crzblue!

Espn, huh? That’s good news! (I’ll probably be listening to the Gameday Audio anyway, though, if Miller/Morgan are on TV)

nsblues ~ Morgan & Miller only do Sunday games, thank god. It will probably be Orel & his crew.

Good evening all! Just looking forward to watching the game on the tube for a change on ESPN. Like most, if Miller & Morgan are commentating, I will be hitting the mute button early & often.
I’m hoping for a rainout tomorrow in NY due to where I’m at so they will broadcast the Dodger game instead of the Phillies-Mets.
It’s tough being a Dodger fan living in the Lone Star State! I go through the same scenario during football season being a die hard member of the Raider Nation in Cowboy country.
I hope the Dodgers sweep the Snakes, get into 1st outright, and go all the way!

Good Evening nsblues and Trublue!!!!

Cool, thanks TruBlue, saved from the Dodger haters! I guess ol’ rivalries never die.

I’ll probably listen to the Scully innings on the computer in the beginning, too hard to pass up. I think the only reason I spent the money on Gameday Audio was to hear Vin, no Dodgers radio here ’til dark, and even then, it’s a staticy crapshoot until the 6th.


Hello dnelly ~ DITTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nsblues & jj ~ I can’t stand Morgan and Miller either. I just hope Orel & Steve Phillips will be fair to us this time out….last time they were brutal. If not, I’ll be pushing my mute button also!

JJ, that’s a heck of a place to be a Raiders fan, glad to see the Silver and Black represented in Texas!

Hi Dnelly!

nsblues ~ I do like listening to Vin over anybody else. I have mlbtv and audio – it’s great!!
jj ~ I feel for you living in the Lonestar state and being a non-Cowboys fan. I am a Skins fan so I will gladly help you cheer against the Cowboys 🙂

nstate I go all the way back to when the Mad Bomber Lamonica was QB. When they played in LA, I would see them often. I can’t stand Al Davis, but I’m not a fair weather fan. Raider fans are few, and very rare in these here parts, as the local Sh*tkickers say! LOL

dnelly Last nights game must have been a bummer for you. New coach, and new system may take a little time to gell, and get in sync. I know the feeling.

jj ~ I know it’s going to be one of those years. I expected last night’s score to be a lot worse to be honest. I have a few Skins on my fantasy teams, and they all got me points so it wasn’t all bad. Yes, being a Raiders fan you definitely know how it feels – lol!!
nsblues ~ how’s the reading?

What’s with the Hockey guy Thorne being on the broadcast?

Thanks Dnelly for the lineups, especially for the D’Backs line-up, which will save a lot of time.
Needless to say,

Watching the insects bothering Lowe on the mound almost gives me flashbacks of a certain agame in Cleveland last year…

Dnelly, the reading’s been good so far, almost done with the Cuckoo’s Nest. Kept nodding off reading it last night, though, which made it interesting reading Broom keep coming in and out of dazes.

JJ, I’ve been a fan since the 80’s, with Bo, Shaky Jay Scroeder, Tim Brown, etc. Growing up, my favorite thing was watching the Raiders sack Elway, heheh. I’m optimistic about this year, but almost anything would be considered an improvement after the last few years. Al has a good way of turning his head coaches into Raider Killers later in their careers, I hope he doesn’t do the same with Kifflin.

YEAH DRE!!!!!!!


ns I have a good feeling about McFadden. He’s the real deal at RB.

Allright Andre!

#20 #20 #20 #20

20th HR for E T H I E R
Will congradulate him on his blog.

I mean *Andre* hopefully Andre doesn’t see that

Max ~ Don’t take the shirt off!!!!!!!!!

LOL Nelly!!!

JJ, yeah, McFadden’s looking great. That Michael Bush guy isn’t doing too bad, either. We’re stacked at RB. Can’t wait for Monday Night.

Good Evening PierreEW!! What a way to start a game – let’s keep it up boys!!!

I’m with you ns. I hope they spank the Broncos severely. I don’t care for that cocky shifty eyed coach. No explanation needed right?

Andre is just hammering it lately. May it continue.

Glad to see Berroa coming around!

Wow Berroa!! Keep it up!!

JJ, none needed. He can’t pull that timeout-at-the-snap stuff this year, right?

Nice Russ!

Ride, Captain, Ride upon your mystery ship…. GO RUSS!!!

2-out hits win ball games

Good to see M A R T I N put some wood on the ball.

Ethier is a STUD!

Andre!! Keep it going.

YEAH ETHIER!!!!!!!!!!

yea… sitting Ethier for Pierre would have made us much better all year.

Our man ‘D R E.

Nice hit, Andre. Three RBI’s tonight.

Vinny said Berroa is unconcious.

That inning was just AWESOME!!! JUST AWESOME!!
Andre is just on fire right now!!! and what about Berroa? – incredible!!!!

I saw Berroa hit a long one in BP in Philly last Saturday.
This man, who has suddently come to life could probably change some plans.

joepierre – Are you thinking that Berroa could do the job next year?

Boy! The Cubs sure have hit the skids lately. 6 losses in a row!

Lowe looked a little poped from running the bases when he walked Chris Young, but showed looks could be deceiving as he came back STRONG.

I don’t know crash24.

If Berroa keeps this up for a while, Crash24, who knows?
I’d say it could fit into the Dodger thinking.
Nice fielder and former ROY.

Plus he had decent power early in his career. He’ll never put up numbers like Furcal did early this year, but I don’t know that Furcal is capable of that next year, either.

Personally, I liked to see Furcal, signed and come back the same way he left, he was playing great, but if this doesn’t happen, Berroa may have more power than Hu.

Ethier just missed that one! I thought it had enough.
Still a great night for Andre with 4 RBI’s so far.

E T H I E R may get what he didn’t get the other night.

Andre is just killing it. I am really happy for him, but poor Manny is getting intentionally walked again. Oh well, we’re winning, so it’s all good. If only Andre had started consistently all season. He could very well have 30 home runs.

I’m knocking on wood with that thought, JoePierre

nsblues–man, I haven’t thought about Grand Funk Railroad in a longggg time!!!. Brings back memories. Thanks…..Andre is totally unconscious. Hope he never wakes up!!!! LOL.

Yeah, it’s a great song, seesky, I get it in my head whenever they call Russ the captain. Glad you liked the reference

bluecrewgirl ~ I was going to come on and say the same thing – “If only Andre played everyday….” so true, so true…

It took awhile but Berroa is finally paying dividends. When you take into account all the bad deals that Ned has made, It’s nice to see a no-risk deal of his paying off. Furcal is a big uncertainty as far as next year goes. I think we all know how tricky back injuries can be. Even if he totally recovers, he may not be the player he once was. I don’t know if Berroa can be productive on a day-to-day basis but, if nothing else, he could be a serviceable backup.

Nice catch Manny!

Plus he had decent power early in his career.

Sorry for the double post, now I’m getting the gremlins too.

Northstate is Panamma’s still there? How about LaSalles? I used to love Hula’s Mongolian, 32 subs and that Burger place by 32 subs was the bomb…..Ah it must be so hot up there right now..but hotties in mini flower skirts at the BMU for a few more months . then the rains will come. and they will be there and just as u loose it, springtime will happen and out come the flower dresses again. Oh man I spent my days playing wiffle ball and frisbee golf and tubing and hiking bidwell and playing video games and getting baked and some school of course..just a little. I was also an athlete up there, played soccer. To show you how old I am my first year in Chico, they didn’t even have Sierra Neveda Pale ale yet. Then it the liquor store at 5th and I and it was fantastic, much better than Keystone Light or “Bud Light Bottles”….ah man do I miss college. And Chico specifically.

Go Ethier Go I want more rbi and a homeruns. You can thrown in a couple of steals to and you to Kemp.

DNelly I haven’t looked at the prior thread, but did you see the article about Andre being the honorary chairman of the Strike Out Aids night tonight at Dodger Stadium?

We have to resigned Berroa if Furcal is not signed.

Eithier almost got the triple

Missed it by that much!!!!!

Ouch!! Close, but no cigar for Dre

Andre wanted that one really bad! No problemo with another RBI.

i would have gone absolutely crazy if ethier made it to third. he looked like he would have been safe with that funny hop off the bottom of the padding in the outfield. rats!

Rats!!®. If Andre hadn’t stumbled he might have had the triple. And why wasn’t he starting everyday in April, May, June, and July? Only took Joko 4 months to figure it out. Geez!! He’d be a 30 homer, 100 ribbie guy. Unbelievable.

Think how easily we got Berrora..Think how bad he was and how bad he will be again. We don’t need to sign him.

soooooo close!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
bluecrewgirl – I did see that, and what else can the man put on his plate. However, I can see it going hand in hand with his work with the rescue mission, etc.

Hey jhall !! Good Question – LOL!!!!

I know Ethier want that triple so bad. WTF? someone started a thread by Lincecum would look good as a Dodgers. I would love to see that but it won’t happen.

Let’s just enjoy what were getting out of anyone over 33 this year. Then cut them all loose. Not counting pitching, pitching is one thing where I don’t care how old you are if you get outs you get outs…..Resign Manny (only) and then trade for players under 30 to go with all of our other young Talent. The dodgers have all the talent they need in house other than 3b (if they just get Manny again. 3 years 75 milliion.

After 38 years that’s a heck of a way to miss a cycle.
He could’ve not have come closer, without making it.

nsblues–In southern Michigan, where Grand Funk Railroad was from, there used to be a Grand Trunk Railroad bridge with a “F” painted over the “T”.

nsblues/jhall ~ here we go 🙂

We know why he wasn’t staretd everyday because Ethier number suck against left handed pitching this year was this even a question. I bet Torre is kicking himself now.


Hey, Jhall! Definitely a very good question. Vin was just saying that if Andre had watched Bowa and not looked over his shoulder to right center, he thinks he would have had the triple. It looked like he tripped when he glanced over his shoulder. Can’t fault 2 doubles, a single, a home run and 5 rbi’s though. Quite a night.

Damn Manny got robbed.

Jungar, Panama Bar and LaSalle’s are still there, though Panama scrapped their thing with the “drink all 32 teas, get the t-shirt” deal (they still have all the different teas, though). They probably don’t have 32 subs anymore, since I haven’t heard of it, but they still have the Madison Bear Garden right by Taylor and down the street from Ayers.

And the girls are just like you described, although they like tennis ruffle skirts and, for some reason, eskimo boots. And you can tell a Chico dorm girl because she’ll show up to morning classes in pajamas and slippers. My first year there, I thought “So, this must be where all the MTV Spring Break girls go when spring break is over”.

They still do frisbee golf and wiffle ball , tubing all the intramural sports. They stopped Pioneer Days sometime in the 90’s, because it was too crazy I guess. And now they’re cracking down on Halloween downtown. And, lamely enough, they make sure to schedule St. Patty’s day during Spring Break ’cause the city doesn’t want to deal with a bunch of drunk students. So, the students just party on Cesar Chavez Day (March 31st, which we’ve gotten off the last 3 years) instead.

Bonjour Mere Nelle’!!!
LOL Sky!!!

Hey BleuFille’. He had a great shot at it if he hadn’t stumbled looking back. C’est La Vie!!

Wow, I get home and see Ethier going on a tear!! How great is this! I hope they keep it up when I get to see them in person tomorrow! I feel like cheering tomorrow!

Dre still might have another chance, right? Don’t know if the DBags would want to pitch to him though, but I guess they’d have to if Manny was still in the game, right?

C’mon Lowe, make them pay for walking Berroa!

Nice to score with the bases loaded, thanks to D E W I T T

Well, Andre will have one more at bat, at least, so you never know – LOL!! This is just awesome!!!

You know Max is not going to take the Ethier shirt off for the rest of the season now – lol!!!

nsblues – You are rigt – they will have to keep Manny in for Andre to get a decent at-bat again. If Manny goes out of the game, they will just bat around Andre.

Kind of lost in all of our excitement about Andre is the fact that Lowe is pitching an amazing game. Good to see him getting some run support.

Wow that suck for Dewitt he was like 6 for 7 now he’s 6/8.

Max, I hope you enjoy taking showers, sleeping, and working with the Ethier shirt on. 🙂

bluecrewgirl – you are right – Lowe is pitching an outstanding game.

Hey Nelly how much did he pay for it?

Piano Man ~ Max said he is going to every game if they win. And you’re right about the shirt!!! He can’t take if off for the rest of he season!!

If Max needs help wearing the shirt, I work from home so I can take some shifts. 🙂

Andre, take your best shot!!!!

Andre’s getting a standing ovation – Andre, you are awesome!!!!!

5-4-5!!! What a night for Andre!


North, from your seed………..

Blue Image, “Ride Captain, Ride”

Once upon a time a child was born in East York, Ontario
Rolled out of his bed, could he ever play baseball, oh!
It seemed that he was wise beyond his years, very mature
Russell Nathan Jeanson Coltrane Martin, Junior

But no one heard him comin’, no fanfare at all
‘Cause they were too busy watchin’ Dioner Navarro
But then the Dodgers sent him off to be a Devil Ray
And ever since then us fans have stood up to say

Drive, Captain drive us to the Championship
From your place behind the plate they respond to your whip
Drive, Captain drive, don’t let our win streak slip
‘Cause to sit and watch you play is a real pleasure trip

This is just absolutely incredible 5 for 5 – ETHIERIFFIC!!!!!!

Eric, I’m jamming on my Strat now, and that song is gonna make me go find the chords for the song, heheh. Great one!

Good Evening Ward Dear…. Another swell song dear 🙂

Piano Man ~ We will have to tell him about your offer! I bet dnelly doesn’t take her Ethier jersey off either!

Hey, is anyone else going out to the stadium tomorrow?

I am strongly considering it – lol!! This is just amazing!!!!!

Crap, should be Blues Image…..

Greetings all!!!

Oh yeah, forgot…..

Fire Ned
Fire the guy who hired Ned
Fire the guy who Ned hired

Let’s go Chan Ho, let’s go! Preserve the shutout!

I’m so glad we are playing like this on national television. And, finally everyone will see what a great player Andre is and why there are so many ETHIERAHOLICS!!!

Ahhh, wish I could make it perumike, but looks like I’ll be stuck watching it on FOX if I’m lucky.

Good evening ITD boys and girls,
I know, I know; it’s been a long time since I’ve been here but I had to talk to my fellow Ethieraholics, and everyone else that just loves to see what the Dodgers have been doing lately!!! I can’t remember who I was talking to the other day (I was only on for a short time) but can you imagine where the Dodgers and Andre would be if he wasn’t jerked around early in the year!!! Well, at least he’s answered his “critics” in a very, big fashion!!! 🙂

nsblues – that’s great!!!!!

This is what so maddening about this team. From the outhouse to the penthouse in 7 days.

Eric ~ I see you are still in your usual spectacular form tonight!

Trueblue, I forgot this game was also on ESPN. He should definitely be on the Sports Center highlights.

Good to see LOWE get some run support.
Magnificent game.

I can’t wait to see Joe eat crow in his postgame interview tonight! 🙂 Maybe a question like “Joe, what were you thinking platooning Kemp and Ethier earlier this season?”

How sad. I was there the final year of Pioneer Days. St Pattys day was the best. Waysted, like fall down drunk by Noon and then Halloween was just awesome the whole town was partying. One year i dressed up as Wayne Gretzky ( i had like 4 Gretz jerseys, that was my thing back then, hockey jerseys) in full Hockey gear and rollerblades. I fell down alot, but had padding so it was cool.

I used to love La Salles. That was my place, we would see the Mother Hips there every Wed night.

Hey CP ~ We have all been saying it – we are figuring 30 HRs at least, not to mention doubles, RBIs and runs.

How is that Andre is so good now that he is not competing for his own job? Pierre and Jones make him better right? Such BS from Ned.

Well, thanks Tru. It seems a little weird paying tribute to The Captain on Ethier and Lowe night, but he deserves it no matter when it’s done.

What does Chan Ho say, jhall?

bluecrewgirl ~ I know, it’s great! Manny’s catch might even make the highlight reel. All the hits tonight counted for runs and it was so good to see Lowe so animated. He couldn’t sit still in the dugout. Totally awesome!!

Hey there nelly! 30 HRs at least for Dre. I imagine you were too, but weren’t you also yelling and screaming that he should have gone for that triple when he had the chance? I sure was!!!

Fu-Q, kimosabe?

Hey dad!! Nice song.

I was thinking “Park – U!”

Yeah!!! We are only 1/2 game out of first place!!!

What does CHP say????

Nice eric!

Great game Ethier, hell of a game for Lowe, and ESPN’s busy trying to find ways for AZ to pull outta their funk. Great end to the game!!!!

Great win, and quite a pitching gem from Lowe. Hope Bills is lights out tomorrow. A half game out. It’s there for the taking.

That was a nice shot of 42 million bucks in 2008 salary laughing on the bench \ Jones, Furcal and Nomar. Showing Schmidt in the frame would just make McCourt explode so they don;t dare do that. 57 million for those 4 this season or as much as the team were chasing. their whole team.

Chan says, Sayanora f**kers!!!!

Hell yes CP!! screaming is probably an understatement – LOL!!

jhall ~ Where the hell have you been?

Andre’s giving credit to Manny on the post game. Park U, Kent!

jhall, my friend! Thanks! Seems like a long time!

LOL Jungar!!!!

jhall ~ fantastic!!!!!

The all bench/phantom DL team cost more than the team we put out on the field tonight, Manny included with his 20 million. If that ain’t proof enough….

I thought I would never see Andy and Adam getting on base together.

LMAO, jhall!!!!

Andre with 10 bases tonight – Wow!!!

I am so stoked right now though. 1/2 game out. We have the Momentum. If we win tommorrow vs Webb, my take is we don’t let go of first from there on out and the rockies will come in 2nd.

LOWE pitched great
ETHIER 20th HR, 5-5 5 RBI
But the thing that will be hardest to forget will be Ethier tripping on his way to 3rd enroute to the cycle.
Most important we won.

jungar ~ so what do we do with the phantom team?

jungar, I was thinking that too!!

LMAO!!! the moon is shining once again…. 🙂

Bonjour MereTruBleu!! Keeping busy at work and chilling. LOL!!
PereEric, ironic that we’re playing our best ball without Kent, Nomar, Andruw, and Phew stinking up the lineup.

Dreamboats’ hitting .485 behind Manny. Lordy!

I was listening to Andre on the post-game interview. Yeah, he said all the right things about not being sure if Martin was going to score, he didn’t want to make the last out at 3rd base – all the right answers. That just shows (1) how much of a team player he is and (2) how smart he plays the game. We’ve got a very, very good one in Andre!!!

Sigh I want to see Lowe finish it out. If only Ethier had 1 of his 2 doubles 2 days ago he would’ve had it.

IMO – JP and Jones need to right out their contracts on the bench

Have we lost since Kent went down?

jungar – no we haven’t – funny huh?

jhall ~ You know you shouldn’t worry your “mom” by not keeping in touch…..'”Moms” worry, you know? lol

Jungar, the Mother Hips still come around, think they were around last semester. Just released a new album, it says on their website

LOL Trumom. I’ll try and get in here more. Been very busy lately.

Dreamboat Ethier is doing an awesome job Ward dear…. 🙂

Exactly where are those knuckleheads that used to come on here and complain that Ethier had no power and needed to be traded?

Maybe Andre just won a few more family members over to the Dodgers side tonight.

After the DB’s we play nothing but sub .500 teams. I think we have 4 with the Pirates in there. Just keep Kent, Nomar, Phew, and Jones out of the picture Joko. LOL!!!

I would like to know….. Eduardo – 🙂

Good point Dad/Eric!!! I guess there to busy choking on the bullsh*t they were slinging.

eric ~ at least that was one thing Ned did right ….he refused to give up Andre in any trade. So, he knows what kind of player he has.

jhall ~ thanks. It’s not the same without you.

they’re choking on.

Yeah nelly, I take it you read that article about Andre and his family and the snakes. Yeah, maybe a few more Dodger converts from the Ethier family!!!

On the radio, Russell is talking about Derek’s performance, as well as how on fire Andre has been lately… just awesome Captain 🙂

Merci MereTru!!!

LMAO!!! Good ol’ subtle jhall!!!

CP – that article came through my google alert – great article it was.

Congratulations to everyone all around team effort.
I am really glad to see Baroa contribute offensively.
I know we it is to early to start talking about this but i just hope that they try to sign Many, he has ignited this team aswell as any one who bats infront of him.
I don’t undertand why Matt K. is not the leadoff hittte????

LMAO!!! nice answer Wally/jhall…

DNelly, what about PADodger too ? lol.

Boy, could we use a great game out of Billz tomorrow. Don’t want to toss a whammy on him or anything, but he hasn’t given up more than 3 runs in a month.

If they going to walk Manny I think we should put Ethier in that clean up spot. I would love to see Ethier in the clean up spot and I think he deserve a chance.

I guess Ethier shut the dumb bast*rds up. LOL!!!! Thank you Andre!!!!

bluecrewgirl – for sure – I can’t believe I forgot about that one. He REALLY didn’t like Andre. Eduardo was more just stuck on getting Matt Holliday or Jason Bay.

Got a great shot tomorrow with Billz dad.

Okay nelly – earlier you mentioned Eduardo and bluecrewgirl – you mentioned PADodger. What are you girls talking about?

don’t engage, don’t engage, don’t engage, don’t engage, don’t engage, don’t engage, don’t engage, don’t engage – okay – out of my system 🙂


got it nelly…


CP – PA Dodgers would come on and say how terrible Andre was usually on a weekly basis, with nothing to back it up. Eduardo wanted Andre traded for Matt Holliday or Jason Bay because he felt Andre couldn’t hit for power. I went around and around with him many, many, many times.

Wally ~ It’s been a while since we’ve seen those – I have to get out my cheat sheet – LMAO!!!!

I wrote this on the Dodgers yahoo board.

Come on Torre would you reward Ethier in that clean up spot to protect Manny tommorrow? I would love to see that. You owed him that after having a platoon of Pierre/Ethier probably could had hit 30 homeruns.

Nelly – I remember the Andre for Holliday/Bay trade talk that Eduardo was saying before. Has he been around lately??? Probably not. I guess I’m not here enough to remember that PADodger would say how terrible Andre was. I guess both of these gentlemen (and I use that word rather loosely for those two) are eating crow right about now…

Geez that terrible some 15 years old guy was beating bad.

dnelly ~ they haven’t been around lately because they know how WRONG they were

Full moon over Uranus!!!

and at school so sad.

jhall ~ it’s always and forever!!

LOL Trumom!! So true.

So jhall – how ya doing? 🙂

CP ~ Most of don’t even think PAdodgers was a Dodgers fan – he in some ways reminded me of joey. He just came on to trash talk, instead of a normal disagreement.
Ward Dear/Wally ~ I am seriously doing everything in my power not to say anything – unbelieveable!!!

Great CP, Merci!! How about you?

dnelly ~ STAY STRONG!!!! YOU CAN DO IT!!!!

Hey, maybe we can get perumike to send a piano to the moon – whatta ya think?

MereNelle’ about to burst, eh?!!! LOL!!!

sparkleplenty ~ I bet he would in a heartbeat!!

About what, June Darlin’?

Jhall – I’m glad it’s the weekend. Yes, I’m still unemployed; just put in for my unemployment extension (for a grand total of 13 weeks) today. But I’ve still been keeping busy (yuck!) by painting the house. And no one get any bright ideas – no I won’t come over and paint your house, unless you pay me a ton of $$$!!! 🙂

sparkleplenty = LMAO!!! that’s good 🙂
Wally – not even funny at times LMAO!!!!

Oberon….. 🙂

Gee CP, you’ve been doing a heck of alot of painting. I recently repainted most of my house inside and out. If I never paint again, it will be too soon. LOL!!!

cpompe1, I’m also unemployed – it’s been a very tough few months. Bad job market . . . but there’s a place for you, and there’s a place for me, too. We just gotta find ’em. Good luck to you!


I love this stats we are the only team with a pitching under 3 on the road which is #1 a team ERA of 2.98,the Padres at 3.53 and in #2 and the dback had the #1 best ERA on the road at aroubd 3.63. I just think stats don’t mean anything at all. We have the 3rd worst ERA on the road behind SD and the Pirates go figure but we beat Haren and Webb.

Ward Dear… who are you talking to? LOL!!

Keep the faith CP and Sparkle!!! Good things will happen for you.

I know what you’re thinking. Did he fire six shots or only five? Well, to tell you the truth, in all this excitement, I’ve kinda lost track myself. But being as this is a .44 Magnum, the most powerful handgun in the world, and would blow your head clean off, you’ve got to ask yourself one question: Do I feel lucky? Well, do ya punk?

Many thanx!

CP and Eric, I’m painting the inside of my condo now and it is a lot of work. Can’t wait until I’m done.

Dirty Harry….. LOL!!!

LOL dad!! Classic!!!

CP and sparkleplenty – good luck on your job hunting adventures.

Speaking of Eduardo what ever happen to him? I forgot all about that. Thanks for reminding me Nelly.

Jhall – I’ve been painting the ENTIRE inside of the house. That means moving furniture, cleaning and painting the walls and ceiling, cleaning carpets, etc… After this is done, I don’t want to see another paint brush again!!!

sparkleplenty – Yes, it’s a bad job market. Not to make you feel too bad, but with the exception of a temp job from January – March of this year, I’ve been unemployed since last December. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you, but to say I’m frustrated is a gross understatement. But you’re right; there’s something for me and something for you. The best of luck to you to!!!

They just ran all of the Dirty Harry movies on AMC….love them…..I’d like to fire a shot at Oberon!!

Go ahead and make my day!!!

Shooting the moon. Great idea Trumom!!!!

Thx for the encouragement jhall!!! It’s my faith in the Lord that has kept me from going truly insane!!!

bluecrewgirl – I can certainly feel for you right now. It’s just better that it’s a condo you’re painting and not a house!!!

I love the smell of napalm in the morning

They ought to shoot Ned for all his bad deals and signings and Joko for his stupid lineups earlier in the season. Give Frank the 44 Mag.

cp, you know that the Lord doesn’t give you anything you can’t handle.

Faith is a great thing, cpompe. I share that with you too. That’s why I’m so sure we’ll find something.

Nothing wrong with shooting as long as the right people get shot!

Good for you CP!!!

jhall ~ “Everyone should know his limitations”

One morning I shot an elephant in my pajamas. How he got in my pajamas, I don’t know!

Well said Trumom!!! Totally agree.
Dad/Eric, god sending us Ned is testing that premise.

RimShot dad!!! LOL!!!

Eric – Yes, I know that the Lord doesn’t give me anything that I can’t handle. I forget this at times, but I’m reminded of this all the time…

Yes sparkleplenty, faith is a great thing. I just figure that He’s waiting to show the right job to me because I need to learn something that I struggle with. I have gotten closer to Him during this extended, unemployed state. That’s the best thing that’s happened during this time!!!

Take our GM, please!!!!

eric ~ you are totally whacked!!!

I guess we better go get Beav out of the big coffee cup.

Well then jhall, what we do is straighten our backs, stick out our chests, square our jaws, give him that Drysdale sneer and spit in his eye.

So jhall (and to anyone that wants to answer) but are we still going to get rid of our GM at the end of the year? I sure hope so…

cpo ~ We all agree YES!!!!!!!!!

Wally/Ward dear – I would have to put JP and Andruw on that list of the Lord giving us no more than we can handle. He had been pushing it with that issue, but it seems so far the faith has paid off for the time being.

Yes dad, and unfortunately, probably not CP.

cpo ~ if Ned goes maybe he can take Juan, Andruw, Nomar and Jeff with him!

Hey TruBlue, don’t forget Sweeney and Proctor.

Send’em all to the G’nats with Proctor and Sweeney for an Ethier rookie card.


CP – we sure hope so, but I would guess it would depend on how the season ends, don’t you think? There have been some articles out recently that state that Ned’s job is safe regardless so who knows at this point.

Oh, hey TruBlue – that would be a very nice thing if Ned takes his PVLs with him!!!

You read my mind Sparkle. LOL!!!

jhall – My Ethier Rookie cards are probable more valueable 🙂

Wasn’t Willie Randolph safe this season?

No doubt Nelly!!!!

It’s the stuff that dreams are made of.

Your right about Sweeney and Proctor….I don’t think of them as ballplayers.

Nelly – When we were on that horrible 8 game losing streak, the only thing that kept me going is knowing with every loss is another nail in Ned’s coffin. It’s great that we’ve been winning lately, but I don’t want to think that Ned’s job is safe, just because things are going well now. But I do have a sinking feeling that it does depend on how the season ends up for us. Yes, I want the Dodgers to win, get into the playoffs and go deep in the playoffs. But on the other hand, I still don’t like Ned…

Oh well, 2:00 am here. Think I’ll hit the rack. Thanks for the chat and laughs. Catch you all on the flip side. Hope everyone has a great evening/night. Sweet Dodger Dreams!!!!

nsblues – you are right about that – hmmm! So, there is hope still I guess – have faith 🙂
I can’t wait to hear from Max – he’s going to have a good story to tell, I’m sure.

cp, I’ll live with Ned if we win the Series. But ONLY if we win the Series.

Good night Wally/jhall ~ thank you for the laughs. It was swell having you around. Good luck to Ohio State tomorrow…. 🙂

cpo ~ Ned got Manny and Casey Blake but, he also got us Juan, Andruw & Jason Schmidt to name a few. He’s cost us a lot of money and because of his stupidity, we probably won’t be able to sign Manny next year.

Merci beau coup Nelle’ mon amie.

Goodnight Wally!

CP – I know, me too, but there was an article posted the other day with Frank stating by keeping Ned, it would make the organization seem more stable.

Good night jhall, I’ll be leaving soon too. I just can’t keep up with you youngsters!

Bonsoir Coupe de Chevelle!!!

Bonne Noir MereTru!!!

Pierre, Jones and Schmidt, the 3 LousCateers…..

Now that is a good name “LousCateers”

Mow de lawn, Wally!!!

I know you must keep me around for a reason, June Darlin’!

Well, I know that constant flux in any organization (whether baseball or not) doesn’t bode well for that organization. I know that (with all other things being equal) a more stable organization will do better than one that is constantly changing. And like TruBlue reminds, I just can’t forget all of the $ that has been wasted on his PVLs. I do think Ned did a terrific job with getting Manny, Casey & Maddux with very little given up. But Eric, I think I’m with you that I can live with Ned ONLY if we win the Series.

Well, I’ve gottta go. I’m getting tired and I’m going to try to go shopping early in the morning. I’m going to a friend’s wedding tomorrow. I’ll miss the early game tomorrow, so to my ITD buddies, cheer them on for me!!!

Go Dodgers!!! 🙂

I figure that if we win the Series with Ned, it will be that we won it DESPITE Ned.

If Joe keeps them on the bench, then Ned can stay – LOL!!

Good Night CP!!! It was great seeing you on here tonight, too.

Goodnight cp!

Ward dear…. you have been on quite the roll lately – songs, movie scrips, new words, etc., etc….
Is your wife feeling better? You said last night she was under the weather…

My mind is a raging torrent, flooded with rivulets of thought, cascading into a waterfall of creative alternatives.

Sorry. I told you about the movie trivia thing…..

Nope, she’s still a bit down. Didn’t go to work today. I think she might have a low-grade flu bug.

I am sorry to hear that.. It’s no fun being sick – yuck!!
I think I know about the movie trivia thing – LOL!!!

Yep. I’m back on it. I’m #10,559,493 in the world!

World Rank: #7526522 – this would be me 🙂

I strive to be less than 10,000,000!

You better get going then. I have 4400 points and you only have 1200 -what is this? jk – LOL!!!

Heyheyhey! I’m up to 1370!

Super, Super Extra! Read All about It! Hot Just Off The Daily Planet’s Press! Our Beloved Los Angeles Dodgers Win Sixth In A Row, 7 to 0 over The Arizona Diamondbacks! Awesome Kryptonite Busting World Series Championship Victory Performance By Super Hero Courageous,Gutsy,Dodger True,Derek Lowe wth Eight Absolutely Impeccable Shutout Innings, allowing just 2 hits, only 2 walks with Four Strikeouts! As well, Contributing offensively with His Run Scored! Derek Lowe, You are a Magnificent Leader and You Will Always Have The Heart Of A Champion! Super Hero Chan Ho Park Did a Super Job in closing Out The Game, Preserving The Shutout and Striking Out 2! Super Wow! What can you say about The Great Super Hero Andre Ethier But Super! An Incredible 5 For 5 At The Plate, 5 RBI’s, including His Home Run Rocket Blast and 2 Doubles, and Run Scored! Andre, Your Humilty makes you Super Great and that is why you have been Bestowed With Tremendous Super Powers From On High! Super Hero, Russel Martin who is always a Great Inspiration to his Teammates, always comes through with His 3 Runs Scored,His Base Hit,RBI With His 2 Walks and His Stolen Base! Absolutely Phenomenal Russel! Super Hero Manny Ramirez Always Gives His Teammates that World Series Championship Victory Presence getting 2 walks and destroying kryptonite everytime He Steps up to the Plate! Super Heros include Casey Blake, Angel Berroa,Jason Repko,Blake Dewitt and Tower of Power, James Loney for all their contibutions at the plate and on the field, making it a complete Team Victory! Super Hero Owner Frank McCourt, Super Hero Ned Colletti & Super Hero Manager Joseph Torre’s Loyalty is Being Rewarded Right In Front Of Our Eyes!! And Of Course The Greatest Second Baseman Of All Time, The Indestructable,Invincible, Inpenetrable,Man Of Steel, Our Very Own, Superman Himself, Jeff Kent’s Battle will end victorious when Our los angles Dodgers Are Crowned World Series Champions! That Inludes you to, Super Hero Nomar Garciaparra! All The Rest Of Our Los Angeles Dodgers were Super Heros Tonight! As The Only True All Powerful One, Our Great Friend, The Dodger In The Sky, Annointed the Greatest Left Hander Of All Time, A 4 Time World Series Champion, Our Legendary Super Hero and Most True Los Angeles Dodger, Sandy Koufax, He has Annointed This Dodger Team with Sandy’s Greatness so all of Dodgertown will rejoice with Super Great Jubilee,as the World Series Championship will return to their Rightful Owners This Supernatural Jubilee 50th Anniversary Of Our Los Anglees Dodgers in Los Angeles, This Pheneomenal Year 2008 A.D. , as Decreed by The Great Dodger In The Sky, The Year Of The Los Angeles Dodgers!

Hey – it updates every hour so all I see is 1,040 so I was giving you an extra couple hundred just in case. 🙂

ndeschenes – Now that’s more like it!!! Very nice indeed. Wow!! Six in a row, and we managed to get through a day off without falling off the winning wagon. It is great to hear from you, and let’s hope for a 7th straight so we can hear from you again. If we do, that also means we will have sole possession of first place and the front office will get their ice cream once again. Have a wonderful morning, unless, of course, you live in Hawaii, where it’s only 9pm.

ndeschenes, You are a Kryptonite-Buster Yourself! Magnifique!
nice article about Andre’s thoughts on the game and what an impact Manny has had for him. It also talks about Lowe’s fabulous performance as well.

If Andre Ethier is not careful, he may become a legitimate star! Right now, this very second, is there a better outfield in baseball than the Dodgers? If so, name the team.

Yeesh. I’m retiring tonight as #9,816,614 in the world with an even 2000 points.

kahli, I’m stumped!!

Ward Dear… you said your goal was to get under 10,000,000 and you did that 🙂
Kahli – there isn’t a better outfield – Manny, the Bison, and now Andre, the Giant – how cool is that?!

Total Points: 5000
World Rank: #6971462
My ending rank for the evening 🙂

Whoa, June Darlin’, I think the world of you, you know that. HOWEVER, you’re going to have to come up with another name for Andre. That’s just unfortunate!

I just like Andre, actually. The articles are all calling him Andre the Giant. He is just Andre to me -enough said 🙂

Very nice, Junie! You might take me on the movie stuff!

Andre the Giant-Killer works!

Case in point – in the classroom, all I need to say is the name Andre, and all the students know who I am talking about – scary, but good. They do know him by Andre Ethier too, but they like the bear being called Ethier, and Andre just being called Andre.

Tell you what, you can call that young man anything you want. He’s really in the groove right now, isn’t he? I really would have liked to be one of the crowd tonight for that standing O!

I’m fighting it June Darlin’! I think I better turn in.

OHHHH!! I didn’t think about THOSE gnats – sorry!!! That went right over my head. No, definitely not Andre the ………. no, no,no
As far as trivia, you will catch up. I have been playing it longer. You will have at least 1,000 points by the time you have to answer all the questions I have had to answer about the “Lord of the Rings” since you probably are the perverbial expert on the film. The movie is referenced in about every 10th question or so it seems.

So would I, Ward dear, so would I. I am sure Max will have a great story to tell. Have a wonderful sleep, and I hope Chris is feeling better tomorrow. Good night and God Bless.

I don’t know, I’m crapping out in a lot of questions. If it were all LOTR or Bogart, that would be one thing.

This is the greatest news of the season!

2008 CLE SS 1 0 2 0 1 1 0 0 1.000
2008 CLE 3B 77 74 635 39 192 141 12 15 .938
2008 CLE 1B 27 17 160 171 182 10 1 20 .995
2008 LAD 1B 2 2 17 27 28 0 1 2 .964
2008 LAD 3B 37 37 322 20 93 72 1 9 .989
2008 LAD 2B 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 .000
Total 958 864 7627 1442 2683 1148 93 177 .965

I’m a stats guy but this is strange. Look at Blake defense at 3rd bases for both teams. Cleveland he made 12 errors in 77 games/74 games started which is a .938 but in LA he made 1 costly errors against SF in 37 games and his fpct is .989. I’m glad to see Blake improve his defense.

I guess the Giants need our help again to put another beating on Webb chance on getting CY again.

Wow that great news let get Vinny a chance to see his last WS championship.

Wow I am never taking this shirt off ever! What a great game tonight. Dre is a really squaring up the ball lately. ‘I am tired so I’ll talk more about the game tomorrow. Hopefully I wake up before the came starts tomorrow!

Dang I guess that mean you going to sleep in it. Dang does the ump hate California team now? How do you make a mistake like that again? It was bad enough Ethier had 5 balls but the Angels rookie got screw also.

Fri Sep 05, 2008 4:11 pm EDT

Whoops! Angels’ Sean Rodriguez strikes out after 4-2 count
By ‘Duk
If you weren’t paying any attention to Thursday’s Angels-Tigers game, no need to worry.

Neither were the managers, players or coaches.

In a moment that only the drag of a 162-game season could produce, Angels’ rookie Sean Rodriguez (pictured right) struck out when he should have actually been on first base with a walk.

That’s right. Absolutely no one involved with the game realized that the count before the strikeout was 4 balls and 2 strikes and that Rodriguez should not have even been facing the pitch in the first place.

(If anyone with the Tigers noticed the mistake, they weren’t saying. Kind of like when a blackjack dealer pays you when you actually lost or pushed, right?)

From the Los Angeles Times:

Neither plate umpire Tim Welke nor Angels manager Mike Scioscia noticed the mistake. At 2-2, Rodriguez said Welke asked Tigers catcher Brandon Inge what the count was.

“He said he thought it was 1-2, and I said I thought it was 1-2 also,” Rodriguez said. “He thanked me for my honesty.”

Welke had the scoreboard reset to 1-2, and instead of drawing a walk, Rodriguez struck out.

Welke apologized to Rodriguez during his next at-bat.
“I told him don’t worry about it,” Rodriguez said. “It was more my fault than his. I struck out on a 4-2 pitch. How many guys do that?”

Since the Angels won the game 7-1 anyway and are on their way to wrapping up the AL West title in the next week, the instinct is to just laugh this away and file it under the news of the weird.

But considering that Boston’s Coco Crisp walked on just three balls a few weeks ago, you’d like to hope that all the kinks get worked out by both the umpires and players before the postseason arrives. The last thing baseball needs is something like this deciding an important game.

Related: Sean Rodriguez, Coco Crisp

Wowwho seen that weird play the Angels made. They had a DP but the infield fly rules was called and all the runners was safe. I always wonder which was going to happen and I know the Angels didn’t plan it that way..

Dang I wish Boblee change his mind and come back on this blog.

Well, I just was checking the blob this morning after such a great win last night. I will never not support my Dodgers. What a way to go guys. This is the best outfield in years. I still get furious when I think what Andre could have done if Joe hadn’t screwed with him early in the year.
Good morning sl7180. Glad to be back here. I’ve had a lot to do lately. Getting ready to go to Seattle next week for a few days. Will miss following the team on MLB.TV but will be checking the newspaper every morning.
My wife and I had tickets to see Neil Diamond here in St; Louis, but the concert has been cancelled twice. Now set for November 2nd.

Good Morning ITD Nation!!!!!!
What a great game last night. I keep watching video over and over again. Andre may not have gone for cycle, but he is one of 5 players of all time who has gone 5 for 5 with 5 or more RBIs. He’s in great company with Shawn Green, Dusty Baker and Steve Garvey.
Boblee – it is great to see your name on here again. As far as football – Go Browns!!!!!!(jk) I was not exactly thrilled about the Redskins not winning, but they did better than I thought. Our division is going to be very tough. It will be a matter of who wins within the division – which I would have to guess will ethier (either) be your Cowboys or the Giants, but time will tell. Have a great time in Seattle!
Max – We were saying all night for you not to take your Ethier shirt off for the rest of the season. I have been wearing my Ethier jersey during every game with my James Loney shirt underneath – I’m not changing a thing and neither can you – LOL!!

Good Morning dnelly ~ Our Dodgers are so popular right now we are the Fox’s game today. National T.V. two days in a row!

Max ~ You definitely have to wear the shirt all the time. Perumike (aka Piano Man) says he will volunteer to share the duties with you! Was thinking of you at the game and remembering you said if they won, you’d have to go to all the remaining games.

Good morning everyone! I’m heading out to run a few errands and then heading to the stadium! For those watching the game, I will be in field level (behind the box seats) behind the Dodger dugout, row B, wearing a white shirt with blue script saying “Los Doyers” (spanish speakers will understand), a blue LA cap, and my shades of course. Hopefully I have lots of reasons to scream and lose my voice today. I hope we all have a great game today, and that we get Josh his ice cream!

Perumike/Piano Man ~ Have a great time at the game today. Hopefully you will see similar performances today by our Dodger Blue. If they play like they have been, then Josh WILL get his ice cream.

Exactly dnelly! It’s my first time seeing Manny in person, so hopefully he will give me a homerun! Oh, and I did rent a flatbed to take my grand piano to the game. Should definitely be big enough for Webb and Pierre!

Have a great time Piano Man! If you should be seated by a smelly guy in an Ethier shirt…..say hi to Max!



dnelly ~ what are your plans for today?

I’ll be looking for you in the crowd, Piano man. Too bad you can’t hold up a sign “ITD” or Ethieraholic, then we’d know for sure it was you!

Seriously Tru, that would be awesome! A salute to you, dnelly, eric, max, jungar, scott, and all the rest!

I’ll be next to my blonde wife, my dark haired brother, and his Japanese wife. We’ll be on the end of the row, seats 1-4.

perumike/Piano Man ~ We will be looking for you. If the camera is right we might be able to see you when righties are coming up to bat and when they are showing the dugout.

If the boys play well, I will be on my feet quite often, screaming, and losing my voice. 🙂

I’m so jealous….I’d give anything to be there. I know you’ll have a great time. Just hope they pitch to Manny, so you can see him hit one out. Seeing Billz pitch is a pretty awesome experience too. Tell Andre we love him!! lol

Alright guys, I’ll send your well wishes to our boys! I’m going to go eat breakfast and then head out on my errands. See you all late this afternoon!

Don’t forget your piano – LOL!!!

From the dbacks home page and their perspective on last night’s game.
Andre Ethier got the Dodgers on the board in the first with his 20th homer of the season. The right fielder then capped a three-run second inning with a two-run single, as the Dodgers went on top, 4-0.
“Ethier has killed us,” Melvin said.
Indeed, and he wasn’t done, as he wound up matching his career high with five RBIs.
Ethier’s hit was the big blow of the inning, but neither he nor Russell Martin, who drove in the other run, would have come to the plate had Haren not walked pitcher Derek Lowe with two outs.

Does anybody know the lineup yet?

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