Anyone want to sleep here tomorrow night?

I’m guessing most of you already know about this and hopefully some of you have already done it, but tomorrow night is the Blue Heaven Sleepover event that has been a huge success in years past. You can come and have dinner and breakfast at the stadium, watch the Dodgers/D-backs game on DodgerVision, sleep on the outfield grass and meet a ton of other huge Dodger fans.

If you’re interested, please call 323.224.1507 or see for more details.

The Daily News’ Tom Hoffarth actually slept over a couple years ago at the inaugural event and posted this blog, if you want an idea of what exactly takes place…


Tonight’s lineup:

Kemp, CF

Ethier, RF

Manny, LF

Kent, 2B

Loney, 1B

Blake, 3B

Ardoin, C

Berroa, SS

Kershaw, P



  1. ladyinblu

    I am a daily reader, never a poster. Until now. Got to get a few things off my chest. In regards, to “Orel’s examination,” who can blame the kids for being lack-luster? They do mirror their coach and his personality. They do go to work each and every day and play their hearts out. How are they rewarded? They got to watch Andruw Jones take the field every single day, regardless of his “progress.” They got to witness Manny receive a standing ovation for striking out. They got to wake up every morning and wonder if they’ll even get the chance to put on a Dodger uniform that day in the chance they might have gotten traded while they slept.

    What’s the difference between a great team and the Dodgers? Just take a look down the 5 freeway. As much as I hate the Angels, they’re sure as hell doing something right. Maybe it’s the coaching. A steady lineup, a remarkable idea. Why didn’t we think of that? Maybe their owner is more concerned about getting them deep into October rather than owning the LA Marathon or building a shopping mall at the already perfect Dodger Stadium. Maybe their GM is more concerned with developing their own players, rather than buying old ones. Gee, what a concept.

    For a long time now, these poor kids and veterans alike have been the victims of such an inconsistent organization, that it’s sad and it’s evident everyday they take the field. How they’re run now is absolutely the opposite of what Dodger baseball has been about long before they even left Brooklyn. Do these players not deserve a steady lineup? Do they not deserve to know the role they hold on this team? How can anyone play consistently well, when there’s no consistency to be found anywhere within the organization? I understand they’re professionals, but they’re also human. And humans need consistency to have any confidence in their job. I know I couldn’t perform well in my job wondering every mistake I made might have me traded somewhere else. I’m not going to pretend that I have any answers or solutions for the Dodgers’ blues this year. If I did, I’d probably be employed by Major League baseball, but you’d think (or at least hope) that these upper management millionaires would have some answers. They owe that much to their players. And they owe that much to their fans.

    Wooo! Stepping off my soap box now.

    PS, Josh, thank you for constant updates. We really appreciate them!


  2. amyw27

    from the other thread:
    Emma- no, the pic I had I took on my personal camera. Some nice girl in our “orange” group took it for me 🙂
    Are there more pictures on-line?? If so please tell me!’
    YES- please send me the picture you have of me. We should trade photos- the more the better 🙂

  3. dodgereric

    cnlred, you need to post more often! Very, very well said! I read in yesterday’s Times, “Torre says he does not plan to replace Kemp with Juan Pierre, the experienced leadoff hitter on the Dodgers’ bench.”

    The first thing I thought of was, “yeah, right.” How bad is that? How many times this season has Torre said something that appeared to be concrete only to turn around 180 degrees in the next day or two?

    Fire Joe
    Fire the guy who hired Joe
    Fire the guy who hired the guy who hired Joe

  4. amyw27

    cnired- thank you for your post. Welcome to the blog (not sure if you plan on staying or not). As you probably know, most everyone here agrees with you. Something is obviously wrong here. We have the talent, and in the last week, we’ve had a solid line up, yet we can’t produce.

    Again, I don’t need to say anything else- we all know it and feel it around here.
    We are all Rooting for You!!!

  5. amyw27

    lol. Eric- i know. I couldn’t believe the price of the sleep over when I looked it up. Crazy. It’s almost up there with $20,000 to go bowling with the Dodgers. I don’t know about you, but this girl does not have that kind of disposable income!

  6. ladyinblu

    Thank you Dodgereric. I don’t know why my email (cnlred) showed up instead of my blogging name, oh well. I still have faith in the blue, but it’s disheartening to watch management crumble the Dodger Dynasty and everything it stands for. I’ll probably post more often now that I’ve started. I guess I’m just amazed most by how underestimated a base hit and/or bunt can be during our games. 17 LOB? 1 run? How is that even possible? Hopefully, they’ll pull it together. Today is a new day!


    Thanks for coming on, cnlred. Absolutely have to agree with your post. What’s wrong with this team starts at the very top and seems to filter down through every layer of management. It’s a shame our young players have to be introduced to major league baseball at this huckster level of ownership and management.

  8. trublu4ever

    ladyinblu ~ I say welcome too. You have hit the nail right on the head. We are all very frustrated. As dodger eric stated, it’s not the players. It’s Torre himself. Hopefully, we can still salvage this season.

  9. kpookiemon

    I think my new rallying cry will be, “Joe, get off the rail!” Does this guy have ANY interaction with his players during the game? What a fantastic teacher and leader.

    And to McCourt, why not charge $500 a head to help “clean up” the stadium after games? Think of the promo! “You, too, can sweep endless amounts of peanut shells, regurgitated hot dogs, and sticky, half-eaten malts into a souvenir Dodger blue, Dodger-logo-emblazened trash bag–Yeah baby!–and then dump the whole freaking mess into a bonafide Dodger Stadium trash dumpster, the very same ones the real clean-up crew uses every game!” Count me in.

    And dodgereric, I believe the answer to my quiz is “Squirt.”

  10. trublu4ever

    by the way, Kahli, I went to look up the answer to your question and found everything about the Cleavers. From their street address to what Ward did for a living (which was never brought up).

  11. dodgereric

    Yeah amy, My son and I were going to do that until I found out the cost. Sleeping under the stars is something that we’re pretty used to, and to do it there, wow, sounded too good to be true. It should come with seats to a game. Really GOOD seats!

    You’re welcome, ladyinblu. Regarding your email/bloggername issue, if you’ve been reading here for a while as you say, you’re just another member in the “pod-bloggers” club we’ve got going on. Don’t feel like the Lone Ranger! So – are you another Ethieraholic or Kempfanatic or Martinmaniac or Loneytoon or Kershawkook or Bananas4Billz or what?

    bear, it always seems to start at the top doesn’t it? In any organization. They show the way.

  12. scott_in_arcadia

    Does anyone see a relation between all the articles about lack of fire in the dugout/clubhouse, etc., and the night of the living dead manager Joe Torre? Now we need “fire” and “energy” and “enthusiasm”, after months of ripping on our best young players who used to bring those exact gifts. Pathetic!

    Fire Joe
    Fire the guy who hired Joe
    Fire the guy who hired the guy who hired Joe

  13. ladyinblu

    Very presumptuous of you, dodgereric! Haha, you won’t hear me talk about any one of those boys more than the other, but if you must label me, I prefer “Martinista” as someone coined it yesterday. Plus it has the word martini in it. Which is always a good idea.

  14. tradejuanpypaperbag

    ladyinblu ~ absolutely fabulous post!!! Please come around more often 🙂
    Ward Dear ~ Who would’ve thought Theodore was called Squirt when we weren’t around ~ June Darlin’ .
    Thank you for the quiz Kahli ~ unlike Ward Dear, who went to bed, I stayed up and tried to figure it out, but couldn’t – LOL!! I knew it would be something simple, but I found everything Eddie had said but that.

  15. kpookiemon

    Everything you always wanted to know about Dodger management…but were afraid to ask:

    “Tanyon Sturtze sat at his locker Wednesday afternoon, packing his bags and shaking hands with teammates. Dodgers Manager Joe Torre had just told the reliever that the team had cut him That kind of scene is common in the major leagues. This one is not: Torre talked to Sturtze again a few minutes later, this time to tell him the Dodgers would not cut him Wednesday, leaving him in limbo beyond then. Sturtze declined to comment. Torre described Sturtze’s reaction to the developments this way: ‘He’s not OK.’ Torre had said for several days that the team would activate reliever Cory Wade on Wednesday. The Dodgers initially told Sturtze they would designate him for assignment to clear a roster spot for Wade. After a few minutes, they changed their minds. ‘It’s something that didn’t just change in five minutes,’ Torre said. ‘We were wrestling with it.'”

    Heaven help us all. Is it any wonder the locker room is a morgue now? Grandpa Joe probably told Manny to cut his happiness, as well.

  16. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Ward Dear ~ Thank you for sending your comments to the Times. What you said was really quite swell ~ June Darlin’

  17. northstateblues

    Ladyinblu, AWESOME first post! A lot better than my first, I’m sure.

    A new day, a new promise. Frustrating to lose that one last night, but you know what? Since 1890, there have been a heck of a lot more frustrating years than not. I hate to say I’ve gotten used to it, but… well… I’ve gotten used to it these past 20 years. There’s still a chance we can do this, more of a chance than we’ve had many of those 20 years. If they end up going to October, they’ll not want to feel like this again.

    I mean, they HAVE to snap out of this. Three HOFers on the field, one more rail-riding in the dugout, they can’t be satiated with this. Something’s gonna give, and when it does, the rest of the league better watch out, whether we’re clearing a path to October, or p___ed that we’re not going if it becomes an inevitability.

    Quite frankly, I’ve got a lot of ____ in life to worry about, to get frustrated about, to yell about besides whether or not this team lives up to its potential. I guess that’s the font from which I draw my cautious optimism and realistic expectations.

  18. northstateblues

    At any rate, I hate that “The Dodger Way” is becoming the butt of a joke. Stability is a foreign word to McCourt so far.

  19. thinkingblue

    LADYINBLUE….welcome! And you are so correct. And yes you should of been blogging from before maybe you could of open Torres eyes earlier in the game.

    I believe MARTIN is over stressed out. He has been the player that has been playing most of the game, plus the all-star. I think he needs a rest – just a couple of days.

    And yes the players are confuses…not knowing if they will be playing or not or what position. And maybe it is common in all teams about having too many catchers, but to me I feel that because a catcher is playing once in a while…they don’t get the hang of it. I don’t know.

    But the fact that they D-backs have today off and the Dodgers have to play today, fly back and then play tomorrow, it is going to be very tough to win. BOYS IN BLUE WISH YOU ALL THE BEST! Please rest on that plane ride.



    Tonight’s lineup, courtesy of Tony Jackson.

    Kemp. CF
    Ethier. RF
    Ramirez. LF
    Kent. 2B
    Loney. 1B
    Blake. 3B
    Ardoin. C
    Berroa. SS
    Kershaw. LHP

  21. kpookiemon

    enchanted, I believe Sturtze will prop him up tonight, in order to get off a better punch, you understand. I wonder if Torre knows DeWitt has been recalled? Maybe he could prop him up tonight and tell him.

    messagebear, hope Manny really is batting 3rd.

  22. trublu4ever

    Good afternoon enchanted ~ Hope you’re having a good afternoon. Good question. I’m still thinking about it.

  23. tradejuanpypaperbag

    enchanted ~ It looks like maybe it’s Russell’s turn – LOL!!
    I am very pleased Joe is sticking with Andre with the lefty pitching ~ that is a definite positive for Joe.

  24. amyw27

    eric- sorry the sleepover didn’t work out. Also, Kempfanatic- lol. I’ve never heard that one yet!!
    dnelly- good afternoon. hope your school day is going well 🙂
    thanks messagebear for the lineup. It seems like the lineup can bring us what we need to win. We shall see.
    Rose- let’s hope Russy gets all the rest he needs tonight!
    Go Blue

  25. scott_in_arcadia

    Torre probably doesn’t remember DeWitt from earlier this season.

    Nice lineup. Good to see Ardoin in there. Russ, I hope you’re rested enough next week when we’re 6 1/2 back and trailing the Rockies and D’Backs. Nomar, you just plain suck.

  26. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Amy ~ my day is going great!! Thanks!!
    messagebear ~ Thanks for the lineup. I just noticed Manny was batting 3rd – good move I think 🙂

  27. bluecrewgirl

    Hey Dnelly, have you noticed that ever since Eric made his post about Andre on Joe’s blog that he’s played every game, lol? I’m really happy to see him in against another lefty. We need a win tonight! I was hoping to see Dewitt in the lineup, but otherwise I’m happy about the lineup. Gotta get back to work. Talk to you all later.

    Welcome ladyinblue! Great post.

  28. enchantedbeaver

    I don’t know what’s more pathetic – us losing 6 games in a row, including 2 to the Senators, or the fact that we’re still only 3 back.

    I also get the suspicion that when the dust settles, both the D’s and the Snakes will be looking up at the Rox.


    I like the names we’re giving to our fans of certain players, like Ethieraholic, Martinista, etc. I have a few I’d like to suggest for our management:

    McCourtphrenia – disordered mental condition with symptomatic delusions of grandeur.

    Collettitis – severe irritation of bowel causing excessive output of crap on the playing field.

    Torresic (or Torresick) – premature aging sickness leading to distrust of younger players.

  30. crzblue2

    I was at the Lima play-off game also and got interviewed by Channel 13!. Is funny that the first WIN event I went to (Gee, that was 4 years ago)was a breakfast in the Club level restaurant. I was trying to find someone that posted in the Dodger forum back then so I put my hand up thanked Jamie for the event and asked who posted in the forum. This lady put her hand up and afterwards when there was a break, I went to talk to her. She and her friends recognized me from that interview because they had been interviewed prior to me. They told me they had the video somewhere. Afterwards we noticed that we had our season tickets in the same section! We have since then traveled to SF and San Diego to go see our boys and 4 of us are going to Arizona this weekend.
    Have your ever had a letter publish on the L.A. Times? The letters are the first thing I read when I pickup the Saturday paper. I know this guy from Monterey Park who has had a few letters published. Every year I say I will send letters to the L.A. Times during the baseball season but I barely sent my first one last week.
    don’t know your email address. Mine is crzblue at yahoo Check out this from the WIN and a nice pic of Kemp click on photos for more.

  31. dodgereric

    HALLELUJAH!!! Finally, Manny in the 3-hole!! It’s about flippin’ TIME!! Your best hitter needs to hit there ALWAYS!

    kahli – thanks, squirt! 🙂

    crz, I’ve had a few letters published by them over the years. My first attempt was when Jim Murray passed away back in, what? Ten years ago? I seem to make it in there about 40-50% of the time. Cautious estimate would be about 30 of them have made it. Mostly the Dodgers, but the Lakers have been my targ – um – subject quite a few times. I think the last one was slamming Pierre (dang, sorry again amy!) a few months ago.

    I saved them for the first couple of years, sticking them in my closet. Once, I was looking for the sports section to put it with the rest and couldn’t find it for a couple of days. My daughter had used it for lining the hamster’s cage. I figured that the Lord was telling me to stop being so proud of them. 🙂

    Just look for something from an Eric in Temecula.

  32. thinkingblue

    ENCHANTED…I noticed that we are still 3 behind. I don’t know if they just gave up on the Dodgers and stopped counting or some technical difficulties…or it is just going to be one interesting battle this Labor Day weekend – GO DODGERS!

  33. crzblue2

    ahhh, I remember reading letters from Eric in Temecula. now, I will watch for them. You should go online and print them. they will last longer than the newspaper.

    Amy, I can’t seem to find the pics from this year’s WIN event. I viewed them before cause I recognized a few women there. Maybe it was at the stadium that I saw them on Dodger vision.


    This was written prior to another embarrassing loss last night……..

    20 years of dealing with mediocrity. I don’t know what it is exactly, but someone needs to be held accountable. This season is no exception. Here it is in black and white and I have my blunt analysis at the end…….lets hear yours.

    The Dodgers rank 13 out of 16 in runs scored in the NL (25 out of 30 in ML)

    The Dodgers rank 13 out of 16 in homeruns in the NL (25 out of 30 in ML)

    The Dodgers rank 8 out of 16 in batting average but 13 out of 16 in OPS in the NL

    The Dodgers are tied for 10th in fewest errors in the NL


    1B- James Loney (.297/.352/.450/.802)- leads the team in rbi’s (71) and for no fault of his own has probably missed out on at least 30-40 plate appearances because the team felt like he couldn’t hit lefties (even though he had a career .325 BA against LHP prior to this season). Still only 24, he is on pace for 40 doubles and 88 rbi’s in his first full season and although it seems that his power may always be “gap power”…an annual season of .300/25/100 is highly possible…it may be a slower pace than others like but he is progressing and figures to be the Dodgers starting 1B for awhile

    2B- Jeff Kent (.282/.328/.419/.748)- Getting paid 9 million this year and he is headed for career lows in just about every single offensive category. Despite his week surge after we brought Manny on board, his bat isn’t worth middle of the lineup duty yet 95% of his at-bats have been in the 3 or 4 hole. His range is all but gone and he isn’t the greatest clubhouse guy either. One of many thorns in the Dodgers side this season, Kent has had a HOF career but he has been a disappointment for 2008. Blake DeWitt (see 3B) is on a short list of youngsters who should take his place in 08. IF Pablo Ozuna (.256/.282/.317/.599) is a veteran middle infielder who does absolutely nothing very good and yet like Berroa (see shortstop) is on this roster. Ozuna was released by the White Sox in July and I guess because the Dodgers care nothing about their bench depth (as he has a career .674 OPS in 663 AB), we scooped him right up.

    3B- Casey Blake (.280/.350/.460/.810)- Traded some pretty good prospects to get him and the luster has fallen off. After a pretty good start, Blake has been anything but spectacular lately (5 for his last 34 .147). Overall with the Dodgers he has a .760 OPS and declining and his OBP is barely above .300…….luckily the Dodgers aren’t paying his contract. He has not driven in a run in the last 10 games, and not coincidentally LA has lost 8 of them. Now, Blake DeWitt (.257/.324/.364/.688/7 HR/48 RBI’s) had shown promise early in the season and made the squad making the jump from AA because of early season injuries to Nomar Garciaparra and Andy LaRoche. DeWitt struggled after a torrid May (.322, 5 HR) and was sent back down to make room for Blake. Still, he has shown enough to lead the Dodger into moving him back to 2B as well as trading LaRoche so he can be an option at either spot next season. He just turned 23, so the Dodgers should benefit from him getting such and early taste in the Bigs.

    SS- Nomar Garciaparra (.235/.287/.409/.696) After missing 40 games plus the last two seasons, Nomar hasn’t even been able to play in that many yet in 2008. He has started 35 games this season while appearing in 40- having only played more than 5 straight only twice. He usually is lifted by the eighth inning and even though he can still catch up on an occasional fastball, he is so brittle he simply can’t be counted on to play regularly anymore; not to mention his bat has slowed to a two-year OPS of barely above .700. LA is paying him about 10 million this year and they may end up getting a homer for every million by seasons’ end. Nomar, like Blake has been absolutely invisible lately but even to a worse extent (since coming off the DL on Aug 11th and promptly hitting a GW HR on August 13th- that would be his only extra base hit and rbi while batting .152). That ten million is about six million less than what the team is paying Rafael Furcal in 2008 and like Nomar he has missed almost 100 games already and probably will not return this season. Furcal got off to a great start (.366/.448/.597/1.045) and then kept putting off back surgery until he finally went under the knife and now will likely not return although he is hinting at coming back in September. He is a free-agent and won’t get the annual 15 million per he is accustomed to but both he and Nomar will still get a combined 6 million in bonus money from us in 2009. The sad thing is the 25 million to those two SS would make you think one of them would lead the team in at-bats at short but no, that distinction goes to a Kansas City Royal reject in Angel Berroa. Berroa (.220/.276/.284/.560), who is still getting paid to be awful by his former team has 141 at-bats and still takes starts away from the fragile Garciaparra. He has no range to speak of, no power or speed and the Kansas City Royals, the absolute worse team in the Majors over the last decade didn’t want him. Yet here he is on the Dodgers roster, one more Nomar-tripping-over-the-infield-sprinkler-again DL trip away from being our everyday SS. The Dodgers gave a short look to 24-year old Chin-Lung Hu (.159/.224/.206/.430) early in the season and he struggled at the plate but even with that he is a much better defender and still figures to bring more to the plate in the long run than Berroa. 21-year old Ivan DeJesus has emerged as the Dodgers’ best middle infield prospect and is a master at getting on base. He will likely start 2008 in AAA but could surprise soon at either of the two middle infield spots for the Dodgers.

    OF Matt Kemp (.295/.344/.474/.818) has been one of a few bright spots for the Dodgers offensively and that is with him being forced into the leadoff spot because of Furcals’ injury and Juan Pierre’s inconsistency. Not yet 24, he still makes running mistakes and some defensive blunders as well as strikes out way too much (although he has also improved on that in the second half) but he is definitely headed in the right direction. He is on pace for close to 70 extra base hits, 100 runs and 40 steals and if his second half is any indication (.318/.356/.536/.892) he is going to be a star. An almost .900 OPS in the second half is definitely a great sign for Dodger fans. OF Andre Ethier (.274/.338/.462/.800), who leads the team in homers (16) and probably could have some 5 more and 20 ribbies if not for Joe Torre benching him in favor of Pierre or Andruw Jones. He also has been the only power source outside of Manny Ramirez in August (5 HR and .976 OPS) and has finally secured the every day job. He also has been the Dodgers only real source of HR power over this current road trip. The 26-yr old has proven if given the at-bats he can be an above average performer. OF Manny Ramirez (.314/.413/.549/.962) is obviously pressing and it is showing. Even though he is still hitting a respectable .314 in the last ten games; he has no homers and no rbi’s in his last 8. He still has been a plus since coming to LA (.361/ .465 /.614 /1.079) with 6 homers and 21 ribbies in 23 games but unfortunately the Dodgers now have an 11-12 record since his arrival. OF Andruw Jones has lost all ability to hit the baseball. The Dodgers will be paying him 36 million dollars until 2010 (his contract ends in 2009 but we will still owe him 5 million bonus the year after) and to say he was horrible would be giving him too much credit. Jones got 205 AB between trips to the DL and a recent demotion (possibly disguised as another injury) and stunk it up with only 3 homers and 14 rbi’s while posting an anemic (161/.261/.254/.514) line. I dug and dug for a positive to say about Mr. Jones 2008 season and the only one I could find is he hit 1 of his 3 homers as a pinch hitter which leads our team in PH homers. That probably says more about how bad our bench has been (see Mark Sweeney below) than anything else but at least I tried. Currently Andruw is hitting a little bit in AAA while playing first base to make it easier on his knees and the Dodgers are teasing fans with a September call up and taking at-bats away from James Loney. One would hope that wouldn’t be the case as Jones is possibly the worse offensive bust of a free-agent signing in their history. A not to far distant second would be OF Juan Pierre (.277/.324/.316/.640) who unfortunately the Dodgers will be paying way past the days that Jones, Kent and Garciaparra are long gone. Pierre gets 44 million total and is signed all the way till 2011, basically to steal a few bases, if by chance he ever gets on base, if he ever plays, if we are either too dumb or desperate to put him into the lineup. Dodger brass and Torre did exactly that for awhile, taking precious at-bats from the more deserving Kemp and Ethier in doing so. Luckily, Manny Ramirez and those two’s progression ended all that and he basically only plays against the occasional southpaw. He currently has a career low in OBP, Slugging and OPS and the only thing he is good at (steals); well he hasn’t been very good at that either lately (last 19 times on base he has 2 steals and been caught 2 times)…..Pierre’s OBP has been under .330 over the last four years which isn’t good for a leadoff hitter and his defense is below average as well. Basically, the Dodgers will be paying 10 million next year and the one after (and 8.5 in 2011) for a pinch runner/fifth outfielder. OF Delwyn Young (.248/.315/.336/.651) was the Dodgers best PH’er (.303) but was seldom used and then went on the DL on July 26th and is just now on his way back on a rehab assignment at AAA where he is finally starting to hit again. Mark Sweeney (.143/.247/.182/.429) is Joe Torre’s #1 pinch-hitter. Joe Torre has complete faith in Mark Sweeney. Joe Torre believes Mark Sweeney will find his swing and come around. Mark is batting .143 and it is almost September and he is STILL our #1 pinch-hitter. P Derek Lowe has as many rbi’s as our number one pinch hitter does (5) in 1/3 less at-bats. Our bench ranks dead last in homers and ribbies in the NL……yet, Joe Torre has complete faith in Mark Sweeney. OF Xavier Paul is a fringe prospect, currently at AAA Vegas who may get a look in September and OF Jason Repko (0 for 7) almost definitely will. OF Andrew Lambo is on the fast track and is the Dodgers #1 OF prospect.

    C Russell Martin (.288/.382/.412/.794) quite possibly could be tired. All he has done is caught 370 games and counting behind the plate the last three seasons, including 256 of the Dodgers last 292 games as well as another 8 starting at third base. He has only thrown out 20% of base runners this season and has started to let easy pass balls get past him lately. He is also pressing at the plate as his first half (294/.394/.436/.830 with 10HR and 45 RBI) is night and day better than his second (.256/.343/.339/.682 with 2 and 11). He still has a career OPS of .813 and is a top five catcher but he still has a way to go to reach his full potential and he may never do so if they don’t find an adequate backup to give him an occasional rest. Martin is one of a few (joining Kemp, Loney and Ethier) who have hit reasonably well during this road slide. C Danny Adroin is the backup and has caught 12 games for us while doing very little at the plate (.235/.297/.353/.650). He does have one more homer than Mark Sweeney though. The Dodgers gave C Gary Bennett (.190/.261/.381/.642) almost a million dollars to backup Martin but he has been on the DL since May and is lost for the year. He only got 21 at-bats as a Dodger…but he too wound up with one more homer than Mark Sweeney. Two fringe prospects in Lucas May and A.J. Ellis are fighting for a September call up as the Dodgers traded away their best catching prospect in Carlos Santana in order to obtain Casey Blakes’ mediocre bat.

    Position Players Breakdown:

    MVP Season: Manny Ramirez (he can flat out hit…and even though he is pressing right now he is the best pure hitter the Dodgers have had since Gary Sheffield- it’s the one move that could but shouldn’t save Ned Colletti’s job)

    Good Season: Matt Kemp (progressing slowly), James Loney (also but at an even slower pace), Andre Ethier (could have 20/80 right now without the benchings) and Delwyn Young (good hitter, best PH average and should be our #4 OF in an ideal world- no Jones or Pierre in other words) I also would put Blake DeWitt in this category for surprising us all the first month of the season, and that should only help him in the future.

    Average Season: Russell Martin (he has degressed, but how can a catcher who likely will end up with 15-20 dingers/70-75 ribbies and an .800 OPS be considered bad?) and Casey Blake (who was having his best season in Cleveland but unlike Manny his numbers with us is simply average to below average ) Danny Adroin is also an average backup I guess…….

    Bad Seasons: Jeff Kent and Juan Pierre are having their statistically worse ever seasons, Nomar Garciaparra and Raffy Furcal have missed ¾ of the season because of injuries and Angel Berroa and Pablo Ozuna are just bad players, who have no reason being on our roster. Chin Lung Hu also wasn’t ready and Gary Bennett played in 10 games, hit under the mendoza line and got $800,000 plus for it.

    Complete Disasters: Andruw Jones and Mark Sweeney

    The Dodgers rank fifth in the NL in ERA for their starting pitching.

    The Dodgers rank second in the NL in bullpen ERA.

    The Dodgers rank first in ERA in the NL and third in the Majors behind the Toronto Bluejays and Tampa Bay Devil Rays.

    Starting Pitching:

    RHP Chad Billingsley (12-10, 3.15) has emerged as the teams’ ace as the season has worn on…….and over the last 4 months (form April 25 to August 25th) here is how he stacks up among other NL starters:

    Brandon Webb: 2.84 (not counting his drubbing last night)
    Dan Haren 3.11
    Tim Lincecum 2.73
    Cole Hamels 3.20
    Ryan Dempster 2.82
    Ben Sheets 3.60
    Edinson Volquez 3.06
    Johan Santana 2.63
    Carlos Zanbrano 3.46
    Jake Peavy 3.12
    Roy Oswalt 3.82

    Chad Billingsley 2.68

    The only exclusions were CC Sabathia and Rich Harden who have been lights out (1.98/2.11) since coming over- but because part of their starts were also in the AL- I excluded them- so if that isn’t ace material I do not know what is. In that same period (23 starts) he has given up more than 4 ER once and 17 of those 23 have been QS with another 4 just missing. Derek Lowe (10-11, 3.81) has been his regular consistent self with 17 of his 28 starts quality ones and a couple just missing while eating up innings again with any run support would have a winning record, but one could argue Chad deserves a better record as well. He is a free agent and it will be interesting to see if he returns to LA. Hiroki Kuroda has been up and down this season and although a little pricey at 35 million over 3 years, you could do a lot worse than his numbers as a #3 starter (7-9, 3.87)…. The league is batting .247 against him and he has been the Dodgers best hurler in August (2.10 ERA) and has two complete game shutouts on the season. Clayton Kershaw (2-4, 4.11) just turned 20 years old in March and yet he is the Dodgers #4 starter already. He has made 15 starts and his early ones were a little disappointing but prior to getting let up in Philly his previous 5 starts were all quality starts and he had 1.45 ERA. He is only going to get better and with Chad will give the Dodgers an awesome 1-2 punch in the future. Greg Maddux (6-10, 4.25) keeps going at the ripe old age of 42 and had a sub 4 ERA before joining the Dodgers….he got rocked in his debut at Philly and has an over 11 ERA with us and will get his second start against the Nationals tonight…..the wheels would have to completely fall off the future HOF for him to be worse this season than last years’ ace, Brad Penny (6-9, 6.05) who is back on the DL with shoulder tendinitis. Penny started off the season well (4-2, 2.89 ERA in his first 6 starts) and he had 3 good starts out of 11 since then with an ERA around 8. The Dodgers aren’t expecting him back in the rotation this season which is why they went and got Maddux and if he does return it will be in the pen. His total collapse should scare the team away from his near 9 million option for next season but I guess we will see. Esteban Loaiza (1-2, 5.63) was so bad that the Dodgers decided to eat his 7.5 million owed and get rid of him, which he is now out of the league after being released by the White Sox. 11 starts were split between southpaw Eric Stults (2-2, 3.18) and right hander Chan Ho Park (1-0, 2.16) and both impressed but one (Stults) was awarded to a return trip to the minors and the other (Park) deemed too valuable in the bullpen. 34-yr old Jason Johnson also got two starts and held his own (1-0, 2.61), a far cry better than he has performed as a reliever (5.87 ERA). The Dodgers are high on 23-yr old RH James McDonald who has had a nice minor league season and most definitely will get a Sep 1 call up for bullpen depth but figures to possibly join youngsters Billingsley and Kershaw in the 2009 rotation. LH Scott Elbert is somebody else that LA is high on, but after shoulder surgery to remove scar tissue last season, they are going slow with him. The team’s other top pitching prospects like Chris Winthrow, James Adkins, Josh Limblom and Michael Watt are at least a few years away.

    And then you have the 47 million we are paying Jason Schmidt……….who has started 6 games for us……… TWO YEARS… he hasn’t played at all this season and probably won’t (I think he is attempting his 16th rehab right now)……..we get to pay him next year as well……..


    When closer Takashi Saito (3-3, 2.18 ERA, 17 saves) went down on July 19th with a seriously sprained elbow, the bullpen has been hard pressed to keep up the pace by trying to replace him. 24-yr old fireballer Jonathan Broxton (3-5, 3.72, 10 saves) stepped in as the new closer and went 7 for 7 quickly in save chances but since has gone 3 for 5 as well as tack on 3 close losses. He has given up 7 ER in his last 8 innings of work (7.88) and now has blown 7 out of 17 save chances this year. LA will stick with “Baby Bull” Broxton for now and there is still a slim chance Saito will return. The Dodgers have gotten excellent performances from their two lefties in the pen especially Hong-Chih Kuo (4-1, 1.70) who has 76 K’s in 63 plus innings and has been lights out. Veteran Joe Biemel isn’t as dazzling but just gets the job done (4-1, 1.95). The other key clogs in the pen have been Park (3-3, 2.88), who has resurrected his career in the new role and youngster Cory Wade (2-1, 2.56), who has been a pleasant surprise. 25-yr old Ramon Troncoso (1-1, 3.99) has also come out of nowhere, especially of late to contribute. Another million dollar plus waste has been Scott Proctor (1-0, 6.82) who Torre overused and wasted away in New York because he has not been very good since joining the Dodgers last season. His 2008 has been dreadful and he finally went on the DL in June and is just now making his rehab to possibly return. Veteran Brian Falkenborg got 11 plus innings with a 6 plus ERA with us before being released and is now a Padre while another former Yankee, Tanyon Sturtze (2.3 IP, 0.00) is in the pen, although he figures to be the odd man out as Wade returns from the DL today. Still you are talking about what was the best bullpen in the Majors before all the injuries and with Wade and possibly Saito or at worse a refreshed Proctor it should still be a strength down the stretch. McDonald, Elbert or perhaps even Yhency Brazoban (not likely) could help as well.

    Pitchers Breakdown:

    MVP Season: Chad Billingsley (he is our MVP hands down), Hong -Chih Kuo (has been one of the best setup men in the Majors all season)

    Good Season: Chan Ho Park (resurrected career), Joe Biemel (under 2 ERA), Cory Wade (big surprise, nice numbers), Ramon Troncoso (bumped him up from average since his ERA is under 4 now and he is taking on a bigger role)

    Average Season: Takashi Saito (was good but now possibly lost), Derek Lowe (ho-hum Derek Lowe…200 IP; 3.50-4.00 ERA, 10-15 wins), Greg Maddux (although with us it hasn’t been so far), Clayton Kershaw (I think he will be up to the good season mark by the end of the year…but to be 20 and in the rotation is a good feat in its own right), Hiroki Kuroda (slightly above average but too inconsistent to say a good season), Eric Stults (underrated 6 starts with us), Jason Johnson (his starts offset his horrible bullpen ERA), Jonathan Broxton (his current struggles aside- you cant give someone who has a 3.72 ERA a bad season)

    Bad Season: Brad Penny (obviously…. and his good start is the only thing that keeps him from joining the three underneath him)

    Complete Disasters: Scott Proctor (must be nice to just throw away 1 million plus) Esteban Loaiza (no, I mean 8 million plus…) Jason Schmidt (um, I mean 50 million plus…….)

    Never have I seen such a waste of payroll in my 25 years of keeping up with Major League Baseball. The Dodgers have 18 players making over a half million dollars this season:

    1. Manny Ramirez20,000,000

    2. Rafael Furcal15,730,195

    3. Jason Schmidt15,217,401

    4. Andruw Jones14,726,910

    5. Greg Maddux10,000,000

    6. Derek Lowe10,000,000

    7. Nomar Garciaparra9,516,697

    8. Brad Penny9,250,000

    9. Jeff Kent9,000,000

    10. Juan Pierre8,000,000.

    11. Hiroki Kuroda7,433,333

    12. Casey Blake6,100,000

    13. Takashi Saito2,000,000

    14. Joe Beimel1,925,000

    15. Scott Proctor1,115,000

    16. Pablo Ozuna1,050,000

    17. Gary Bennett825,000

    18. Mark Sweeney600,000

    And of those 18…..all but 7 are having either bad seasons are have been a complete disaster; due to injuries or whatever. You really can’t count Manny, Greg or Casey (although Manny is the only real success story there so far) because they haven’t been here long enough which leaves Lowe, Biemel , Kuroda and Saito and even one of them are now perhaps out for the year. Schmidt and Jones are a 30 million dollar catastrophe that sadly enough wont end until the end of next season; Raffy, Nomar, Brad, Jeff, Juan, Scott, Pablo, Gary and Mark are all not worth close to what they are getting paid this season. All in all, McCourt is basically getting robbed as are Dodger fans.

    Different names…same old story. It is time now for my analysis.

    MY VIEW:

    I think it is 20 years of crap and a lack of accountability. Sorry Joe……but I am leaning towards Larry on this one. I think once veterans get to LALAland they get relaxed…and there is no one there to put the fire in their belly. No Kirk Gibson, Orel Hershiser or even Tommy Lasorda around……….I mean it is no wonder we haven’t won anything since 1988. Jeff Kent is still going to get his 9 million even if he doesn’t produce. Nomar is going to get his 9 million whether he plays in 50 games this season or not. Schmidty is still picking up his checks as is Andruw, whether he is in Vegas or not……..Colletti needs to go…….I mean yes, some of it has been just plain bad luck….but here is an idea…how bout you get some people who have some hustle and heart and not players who are on the downsides of their careers or are showing a drop of production? How about we don’t overpay for mediocre talent?

    I still think we can win the division this year and I do like having Manny on board……but we aren’t going anywhere until all of this dead weight is gone. The only fine-lining in this whole deal is we have kept a majority of our kids and the future does look bright with a 1-2 punch of Clayton and Chad with possibly James, Scott or Josh following suit.The Bull will be ok and you gotta like what Hong Chih, Cory and Ramon have done. Matt Kemp, I still think he is going to be a stud and Russell, James and Andre are good young talents. Blake has gotten a taste and I am excited about Ivan and Andrew as well……Im trying to be patient here…and I do think our future is gonna be special. But what is going on now is ridiculous and Dodger fans deserve better…… take a hard look Frank and let change this two decades of misery already………….

    Dodger Fan

  35. oldbrooklynfan

    I figured there’d be a slight change in the line-up, although I thought Kent would’ve been rested along with Nomar.
    I also thought Pierre would’ve gotten a start.
    Have to get the win tonight, especially since we have to face Doug Davis, Dan Haren & none other then Brandon Webb in Arizona.
    Needless to say it’s gonna be tough and could put an end to the division race, for us.
    It really doesn’t matter much since who ever wins it will have a rough climb to move any further in the post season.
    It looks like to me, the other divisions have teams that are far superior than this one.
    I’d just like to see the Dodgers finish with as good a record as possible.

  36. scurtis1999

    We will not win the game tonight. I am not stressing out and I will enjoy my stress free long weekend! GO BLUE! lol

  37. ladyinblu

    Thank you for the warm welcome, everyone! Did I miss it, or has no one covered Carly Simon’s “You’re So Vain” on this board? Seems a little appropriate this year…

  38. chingon28


  39. kpookiemon

    I’m willing to bet no pitcher is going to serve Manny a fastball if the alternative is facing Kent with a runner on first. But hey, Jeff, you won’t have to worry anymore about those blasphemous media idiots implying Manny helped pad your stats. You’re on your own now, buddy, just the way you like it.

  40. dodgereric

    bkt42, my initial reaction to your post was, “no way am I reading that.” OK, my FIRST reaction was, “HOLY *%#^!” No wonder you wrote it before last night’s loss, it took you until today to FINISH IT!

    That said, I’m glad I reconsidered and read it. Absolutely wonderful! You make a lot of sense and have captured the season very well. I particularly like the Sweeney stuff. For those of you who didn’t read it:

    “Mark Sweeney (.143/.247/.182/.429) is Joe Torre’s #1 pinch-hitter. Joe Torre has complete faith in Mark Sweeney. Joe Torre believes Mark Sweeney will find his swing and come around. Mark is batting .143 and it is almost September and he is STILL our #1 pinch-hitter. P Derek Lowe has as many rbi’s as our number one pinch hitter does (5) in 1/3 less at-bats. Our bench ranks dead last in homers and ribbies in the NL……yet, Joe Torre has complete faith in Mark Sweeney……………….C Danny Adroin is the backup and has caught 12 games for us while doing very little at the plate (.235/.297/.353/.650). He does have one more homer than Mark Sweeney though. The Dodgers gave C Gary Bennett (.190/.261/.381/.642) almost a million dollars to backup Martin but he has been on the DL since May and is lost for the year. He only got 21 at-bats as a Dodger…but he too wound up with one more homer than Mark Sweeney.”

    Devastating stuff.

  41. tradejuanpypaperbag

    bkt42bkt42 ~ I originally thought there is no way I can get through this long post, so I read half, and what I read was great. I was convinced to read the rest, and I must say, these comments are fantastic. Thank you for sharing!!! It’s great to see in writing all the things we have been seeing and saying all season long.
    dnelly, nelly, nells, nelle, June Darlin’, Junie, mom, Miss Debbie, and Mrs. Nelson ~ ETHIERaholic and glad to see Andre in the line up against the lefty.
    Gotta go ~ PE time!!!!


    Been away for a few days. I have one comment. We bitched and moaned about not getting the line-up we wanted earlier in the year, and now we’re getting that line-up most of us wanted with the exception of Furcal not being here and the Dodgers have fallen flat on their faces. Hitting home runs with no one on base and numerous times with runners in scoring position or the bases loaded and not able to get the long ball or even a hit and numerous double plays or missed plays and this team sucks. Where do we go from here. We can’t ever get the entire team clicking on all cyclinders. Hope we get out of this funk soon.


    5 years ago if a real smart baseball person took over the team, with the farm that we had and the money we have spent, we would be winning by now. Most likely with a 70% homegrown team and 20% traded for team and maybe 10% free agents. Coming into 2004 our farm was rated #1 and last year we spent more than any NL not the Mets. Not good results, even if we squeek in with a VET heavy team who have been our anchor towards medicority. Imagine if they all played. sheesh.

  44. obi_wen

    “I imagine If I were to broadcast the game from the second base position with a voice held to a whisper by laryngitis, that it would still have far more range than Jeff Kent” – Vin Scully “Thought Bubble”—3:28pm

  45. oldbrooklynfan

    It seems they changed my userid.
    Instead of my e-mail address I’m now me, Joe Pierre.
    I like it, only I wish they would capitalizs the first initials.

  46. thinkingblue

    OBI…be nice…I like Kent…yes I know the other day we could of won if his slow *** would of ran, but hey he has contributed a lot.

  47. thinkingblue

    They even have bleeeeeeeppppss (***) in blog world, can’t type a bad word….shshs! That’s funny. I learn something new everyday.

  48. selltheteam

    Until the D’s get out of their funk, all my songs will be coming from the Blues. This one from B.B. King.
    Broken Promise
    You broke your promise, Dodgers
    You don’t score, defend or win
    You won’t do nothing fans tell you
    You go on mistreating us everyday
    You’re hardly playing your part, Dodgers
    You won’t do nothing the bloggers say
    You don’t want us, Dodgers
    You don’t even wish us well
    Winning’s just a joke with you, Dodgers
    You don’t want us, we can tell
    A fan’s life with you, Dodgers
    We’d rather be living in h*ll
    You deceive us, ya bums
    You treat us like a child
    You tricked us into loving you, ya bums
    We were loving you all the while
    You played with our hearts, ya bums
    We said we were loving you all the while

  49. northstateblues

    Hey all, just got back from Chico… I get in my Shakespeare class, and we have 20 minutes discussion on the fairy gods Oberon and Titania from A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Needless to say, it was a little hard to concentrate.

    Alright Dodgers, Now is the time to win! Don’t get swept outta the East Coast!!! BEAT THESE WASHINGTON REJECTS!!! (lest we become the rejects we seek to beat…)

  50. trublu4ever

    dodgersrule ~ That’s why a group is called June and Wally from “Leave it To Beaver” They got bleeped too. So, now, they are oh-so-polite!

  51. oldbrooklynfan

    It seems like they wanted a new password on all the blogs today. So I guess it was time to change my user id also.

  52. thinkingblue

    TRUBLUE- the funny part was that I did not even spelled out the word…I just used the first letter of the alphabet + (2) dollar signs….LOL but it understood…computers are just sooo smart! LOL

    CRASH24 – Why are we congratulating Amy & Sara?


  53. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Great Song Crash!!!!
    PierreEW ~ another name bites the dust. However, I am really thankful your name is Joe and not Juan.

  54. j-murray

    dodgers, please stop playing like worthless turds. you’re embarrassing all of us.
    love always,
    dodger fans.

  55. trublu4ever

    dodgersrule ~ It is strange how some words get cut out and some that are really bad get through. They can’t even use the famous Burger King hamburger without getting bleeped.

  56. scott_in_arcadia

    Joe: Sturtze, pack your bags, we’re letting you go.
    Sturtze: Yes, sir, Mr. Torre.
    Joe: Sturtze, nevermind, you’re staying – for now.
    Sturtze: Yes, sir, Mr. Torre.
    Joe: Sturtze, pack your bags, we’re letting you go.
    Sturtze: Yes, sir, you senile old *******.

  57. trublu4ever

    “Poor Andre, Matt, Russell, Manny and the gang. You have a night game and have to fly cross country to play our rested group”………….Arizona Diamonbacks Thought Bubble 4:00pm

  58. trublu4ever

    Crash24 ~ It’s almost to the point you wished Andruw was with us. At least if he ever connected, he could hit the ball out.


    Can’t really stick around at the moment but I just had to comment on how I too almost wanted to pass on the long posts and I did not recognize the writing style of any regular. However, I too must commend the straight forward, unemotional analysis that had no agenda other than to state facts and give unbiased conclusions. Well done!

    As to the Dodgers playing with no emotion, I think there is plenty of emotion and most of it right now is frustration. You can see it on the player’s faces after a bad at bat. This is where we all presume leadership steps in but we just don’t know if that is happening. There will never be another Lasorda but can you imagine what he would do in similar circumstances? I would love for just one more Lasorda outburst or belly flop while coaching at third base.


    By the way, I like the idea of helping clean up the stadium. Frank could probably get enough of us idiots to do it so he would not have to pay anyone. And now that I am on that subject, where does McCourt get the money to “buy” the L.A. Marathon?

  61. dodger 32

    The problem is NED. He goes for big name washed up players. Does anyone know where Mo Vaughn is, I’m sure Ned would want him as well.

  62. obi_wen

    “Should I stay or should go now… if I throw there will be trouble, and if I stay I’ll give up doubles, so Senile Joe you’ve got to let me know.. should I stay or should I go”- Tanyon Sturze “Thought Bubble” 4:22pm


    I’ve been saying “bat Manny 3rd” since they got him. With Kemp and Ethier hitting, we should pick up some runs. The 1st inning tonight is case in point so far.

    And on that note, let’s see how Kent does now. I’m sure he’ll have some other explanation as to why doesn’t hit as well as in front of Manny.


  64. amyw27

    Hello- I haven’t been following this game. I just got out of a meeting. Based on the scores- not so good.
    someone please fill me in.

  65. dodgereric

    By the request of ladyinblu

    I apologize to the wonderful Carly Simon for butchering “You’re So Vain”

    You walked into the clubhouse
    Like you were walking onto a yacht
    Your hat strategically dipped below one eye
    Too bad that you don’t know squat
    You had one eye in the mirror as
    you tried to suck in your pot
    And all the guys tried their best to ignore you
    Their best to ignore you, and

    You’re so lame
    You probably think this song is about you
    You’re so lame
    I’ll bet you think this song is about you
    Don’t you? Don’t you?

    You came here several years ago
    McCourt was still quite naive
    Well, he said that you’d make a great GM
    And that you would never leave
    But you gave away the bucks he loved
    You gave but didn’t receive
    We had a dream that we’d win the World Series
    Win the World Series, and

    You’re so lame
    You probably think this song is about you
    You’re so lame
    I’ll bet you think this song is about you
    Don’t you? Don’t you?

    guitar solo

    We had a dream that we’d win the World Series
    Win the World Series, and

    You’re to blame
    You probably think that you’ve done a good job
    It’s a shame
    You’d better stay ahead of the lynch mob
    Won’t you? Won’t you?

    Well, I hear you came down from San Francisco
    Where your team never once won
    Then the first thing you did was brag about your ring, bub
    Well, it made me look ‘round for my gun
    Well, you’ve gone and spent all Frank’s money
    And where are we? Oh, why don’t you just
    Go out and play on the freeway
    Play on the freeway, and

    It’s insane
    It’s been way too long since I’ve seen a
    Playoff game
    I’ll bet you’re still wearing that Gint ring!
    Aren’t you? Aren’t you? Aren’t you now?

  66. crzblue2

    Thanks for the link but that only has prior year’s WIn events. I guess John has not had a chance to post the pictures. I will ask him If I see him in Arizona, if not at Dodger Stadium on Monday.
    I read that gigantic c post! Wow! good analysis. How long did it take you to write 4242? yes, is amazing all the wasted money. I’d be ashame to collect it for doing nothing like Schmitty. At the last game at Dodger Stadium, I watched Saito and Proctor throw in the bullpen. You could tell Proctor was not happy after his session.
    I have been saying for a few years now, “our future is bright” but I would have thought that we be collecting the fruits of that future by now.
    With all these losses, I am holding off on sending the money for the postseason invoice (don’t laugh) I received from the Dodgers. I’ll wait till the last due date on the invoice and see where we’re at. I will probably get a credit like other years.,

  67. northstateblues


    Top 1 – Manny Ramirez homers (27) on a fly ball to left field. Andre Ethier scores.
    LAD 2, WSH 0

    Bot 1 – Cristian Guzman homers (6) on a fly ball to left field.
    LAD 2, WSH 1

    Bot 1 – Ronnie Belliard singles on a ground ball to left fielder Manny Ramirez. Ryan Zimmerman scores. Lastings Milledge to 2nd.
    LAD 2, WSH 2

    Bot 1 – Elijah Dukes homers (7) on a line drive to right center field. Lastings Milledge scores. Ronnie Belliard scores.
    WSH 5, LAD 2

    from Scoring Plays on

  68. selltheteam

    Eric – Great song! You had me thinking the song was about Joe, cuz he’s so lame. Especially after the line: “Too bad that you don’t know squat” – I guess it applies to both of them.

  69. northstateblues

    crzblue2 and amy: To see the WIN clinic pictures, go to the site, go to the bottom where it says “Photo Galeries”, then click the left arrow button 6 times, until the picture of Kent in front of Diamondvision talking to the crowd comes up. That’s the WIN clinic gallery.

    Hope that helps, maybe it’ll bring you some good memories and a smile, crzblue:)

  70. enchantedbeaver

    Just got back. Judging from the score, I’d say young Mr. Kershaw IS learning from Maddux! LMAO!!!

    Cue the Go-Gos…


    I have one question for all of you who are extremely over the top with enthusiasm…. WHY? What have you seen to show you that this is going to suddenly end? Look, a few years ago the Dodgers lost 18 of 19… Then they won 19 of 20. It was awesome and propelled us from last place to the post season. The biggest difference is that this team does not have time to do that. Yes we’re only 3 games out, looking like 3.5 after tonights debacle. In order for us to overtake AZ it would require something that seems very difficult for this team lately…. A WIN!! Now tell me something… If we cannot beat the god damn Washington Nats…. and their horrendous pitching…. HOW THE HELL ARE WE GOING TO BEAT AZ WITH HAREN WEBB AND JOHNSON!?!?!? HUH!?!?!? TELL ME!!! PLEASE I’M LISTENING!!! THIS IS ********, AND AN UTTER WASTE OF A SEASON!!! We all try to be positive, we all try to root on the team, we all try to get our beloved Dodgers to play better… Tell me something else…. Do they want to as badly as we want them to!?!?!? They’ve got a really shi@$y way of showing it….. Last weekend I decorated my office with a bunch of new Dodger stuff, I was totally excited, the team was playing great, we looked poised to make a run, and I could not have been more proud….. They’re letting me down profoundly, so tell me again, what has this team done to deserve the time, enthusiasm, trust, and heartfelt love that I feel for them when this is how they decide to play the game? This is the most frustrating season that I have ever seen….



    Ok, I concede, time to go watch a Netflix movie. Will definitely be more exciting than this. Probably have a much better ending than this game will.

  73. crzblue2

    “I’ll bet you’re still wearing that Gint ring!” and those cowboy boots. Good song Eric and I also like Crash’s song “broken promise”.
    I got a heavy case of the blues :-((((
    Well, better get ready to leave to leave work. Don’t want to miss my train.

  74. selltheteam

    Need more Blues from B.B. King to get through this game.
    Same Old Story
    One hand will rake, one glove will sieve
    The bums just blow and that is how we live
    At home hello, the road’s goodbye
    And Gary Bennett is still high
    Same old story, same old song
    Goes all right till it goes all wrong
    Now you’re going, then you’re done
    Same old story, same old song
    Wins build you up, losing tears you down
    Joe thinks he’s a saint, but to us he’s a clown
    What can you do, use Sweeney too
    And hold on to you know who (Phew!)
    Same old story, same old song
    Goes all right till it goes all wrong
    Now you’re going, then you’re done
    Same old story, same old song

  75. amyw27

    crash- thankyou my friend. I appreciate it very much.
    nsb= my popstar freind- thank you for the link. But all those pictures that I’ve found are from last year’s event and that doesn’t help me. I’m ok though, I took pleanty of pictures for myself 🙂
    we need to play better baseball!!! Now please.


    Brandon, take it easy. We all feel your pain and frustration but just take a step back for a moment. Baseball is the eternally optomistic game. It is a kid’s game played by men for our entertainment. Just go back and listen to George Carlin’s brilliant comparison between baseball and football. That routine has got to make you feel a little better.

  77. oldbrooklynfan

    These Nats seem a lot better than their record shows,
    It’s probably the fact that they play in a strong division.
    Or maybe it’s us.


    I keep my spirits up thinking about the clock ticking on Ned Colletti. I hope he gets a nasty ulcer before he gets the boot out of town. Never again a job as a GM in his future!
    As for Joe, he looks like he couldn’t care less either way, so, no ulcer, and he’ll be around again next year – still learning about our team.


    A disappointing outing for Kershaw today but he still has a huge upside. He is being asked to do a lot pitching for a team that is struggling so the last thing the Dodgers needed was for him to struggle. All part of the learning curve.

  80. selltheteam

    Joe – it’s us…The Nats record:
    at home 25-39, on the road 23-46
    East div opponents 17-30
    Cent div opponents 15-25
    West div opponents 8-20
    against da Bums 2-3 (before tonight)


    Sometimes we forget that Our pitching rotation includes a 42 year old who is almost retired, a 20 yr old who is very young on the mound, Derek Lowe who is not too bad, but not great, a Japanses rookie, and Chad Billingsley, who is the closest thing we’ve got to an ace….. It amazes me that they’ve done as well as they have. It also would not surprise me if our lineup broke out tonight and we scored 8 runs and lost…. Because all season long, we just can’t seem to get our offense and defense on the same page. BTW, Jeff Kent absolutely needs to retire…. He is just not capable of turning a double play, and his offense is really not there anymore. I think I’m with someone who said a few days ago that it would have been nice if the D-Backs had played better around the trade deadline, and we would have gotten rid of a few guys rather than to go for it and make the big deals. We would have been better prepared for next year. Oh well, we should have a ton of money coming off of the books this winter. Just a strange season…. I know one thing… I really don’t like it.

  82. selltheteam

    If we don’t somehow turn this around, it’s going to be a loooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnng plane ride to Phoenix.


    I don’t know if the Nationals are any good but earlier in the season the Dodgers did pretty well against the so called weaker teams. Right now everyone they play looks like the ’27 Yankees.


    lbirken, look, I love this team as much as you do, and would love to see them pull this game out. But tell me…. What makes you think they’re going to? How many of you in here really truly believe that we’re going to come back in this game, turn this season around and just suddenly remember how to be good again? Along with your thoughts…. What the hell have you got to go by? This teams got no confidence what so ever, and that my friends would be something required to win a few games…. But they must win this one first. Agsin, what makes you think that’s just going to happen. We need to accept the fact that we’re 3 games, about to be 4 games under .500 and it’s almost Sept. Are you guys OK with that? If so, you must all have loved the way the season ended last year. You guys all realize that last year we finished 82-80 right? And that was with a HORRIBLE finish…. How is this anything to get excited and cheer about!?!?


    Well, that just continued to prove my point….. absolutely PATHETIC!! This is garbage…. but yet, I just keep on watching…. I really do want them to pull this out and turn it around…. It’s just that I’m starting to accpet the fact that’s just not going to happen.


    Sweeney kind of sums up this season for me. Torre is still waiting for Sweeney to come alive with the bat. Joe, get a clue – Sweeney is a worthless old bum, kind of like yourself.


    Do you think that Ned might get fired when the Rockies pass us in the standings instead of waiting for the end of the season. I’m hoping.


    Dodgersrule, I only write in caps when I’m angry, and yelling… Which seems to be most of the time lately…. Sorry, just royally FRUSTRATED!

  89. northstateblues

    Eric, great song! Did you see how Carly Simon recently auctioned off the answer to who the song was about, all for charity? It went to a good cause, but I would’ve been ticked if I shelled out all that money, just to hear her say it was Warren Beatty.

    Crash, great to see some blues in the house! Maybe that’s a new direction the songwriting could go into, John Lee Hooker (bet that name gets bleeped out), Leadbelly, Buddy Guy, Bo Diddley… good stuff.

    Amy, sorry it wasn’t the current pictures, glad you’re covered, though 🙂 Maybe they’ll fix it if you e-mail them.

  90. selltheteam

    If McCourt had anything worthwhile above the neckline, he would clean house this fall. Gone: Ned, Joe, Penny, Lowe, Sweeney, Bennett, Maddux, Berroa, Nomar, Proctor, Abreu. Plus gone ASAP (but not soon enough) – Schmidt, Juan, Jones.

  91. northstateblues

    messagebear, that would be the silver lining, wouldn’t it? A Slim-Pickens-riding-the-nuke kind of feeling


    Trancoso has looked really good lately. That’s a plus… Loney has a 7 game hit streak, that’s nice…. Manny homered tonight… amazingly it was with someone on base…. that was nice…. However, we’re again getting our offense donkey fu@#$% by a BS team, and a crappy pitcher… What gives!?!?!? You want hope? Show me something to hope about…. That play that just happened…. Slow roller down the line that ended up a basehit, when’s the last time we got a break!?!? You know? Seriously, Not one freakin’ thing is going our way… It’s sickening.

  93. trublu4ever

    Brandon ~ I have been one of those hoping for the best, saying everyday things will get better. But, I’m beginning to side with you. We are looking really lousy right now. I keep thinking we are close enough to make it but, we are running out of time. We just have to beat teams like the Nationals. I’m very frustrated but, until there is one game to go and we are two out, I still have hope.

  94. thinkingblue

    Brando…we all understand…we are all very frustrated…but hey look at the brightside….well I’m still looking too. Hopefull this whole thing of them sucking it up is all a plan to get rid of Joe and get a better coach. The team was a big roller coaster and hey Torre did desperate moves….come on getting Maddux….I just hope that this sacrafice the team is doing is for something Good. Then plus you met a whole lotta pips here…ETHIERAHOLICS…MARTINISTAS….KEMP SOMETHING….LONEY LOONIES…WHATEVER….BUT A WHOLE LOTTA FUN PEOPLE HERE.

  95. thinkingblue

    Brando…we all understand…we are all very frustrated…but hey look at the brightside….well I’m still looking too. Hopefull this whole thing of them sucking it up is all a plan to get rid of Joe and get a better coach. The team was a big roller coaster and hey Torre did desperate moves….come on getting Maddux….I just hope that this sacrafice the team is doing is for something Good. Then plus you met a whole lotta pips here…ETHIERAHOLICS…MARTINISTAS….KEMP SOMETHING….LONEY LOONIES…WHATEVER….BUT A WHOLE LOTTA FUN PEOPLE HERE.

  96. obi_wen

    I was reading an article in NEWSWEEK about Michelle Rhee, the Head of the Washington DC public schools. One experience she related while working as a 2nd grade teacher in Baltimore, made me think of what is happening to our Dodgers:

    “While she was talking to her students as they lined up for lunch, one of the students fell down on the floor. “Each kid, as they were walking by, kicked that kid that was down. “I was like, “What are they doing?!” But it was like it was second nature to them. The kid is down. Kick him!”


    All right boys and girls it is time to face reality. The Dodgers season is over with. I know, I know by some miracle we can possibly win the division. Great we win the division and then get humiliated by the Cubbies. But me thinks this is very far from reality that we will not win the division.

    Frank call Ned into your office tomorrow morning and fire him! After you have fired Ned, fire all trainers and doctors that Ned has hired. A three legged donkey could walk into these trainers or doctors office and they would tell you that the donkey could win the Kentucky Derby. Their evaluation of players before trades or signing of free agents has been terrible.

    After the firings, bring Logan White into your office and make him your GM. This will give him a month to evaluate talent that we bring up for September. It does us no good to Ned around till the end of the season. Logan needs to get going now to clean Ned’s big pile of stink which he has created. Also, this will a good signal to the younger players that if they are not performing, their poor play will affect other people around. They need to understand that if you do not give 100% every day, then people’s lively hood is at stake.


    I really wish that Miiedge would have charged the mound.. Maybe that would have woken up these *******!!

  99. trublu4ever

    dodgersrule ~ I agree with you that we do have a lot of fun chatting. But, it’s a lot more fun and lighthearted when we win. I, like you, think we still have a chance. It’s a lot more fun to talk about our great win after the game than to be forced to act out movies, just to make us laugh.


    I just heard Steve Lyons say that the Nats have only swept 2 series at home this year…. One of which was a 2 game series….. UNREAL!!

  101. enchantedbeaver

    I know I’ll take some heat for this, but I’m hoping that AZ will finally shoot this nag over the weekend and put it out of its misery.


    Brandon, I like your passion but don’t confuse mine or anyone’s else’s optomistic approach to this one game or the Dodger’s in general as acceptance of what has happened to this franchise. I know all too well this organization has lost its luster and the team has not done very well for a long time. There are a number of other franchises that can say the same thing. However, I have to believe that things will get better if not today then tomorrow and if not tomorrow perhaps next season. Otherwise, what’s the point?


    Well, Manny caught that ball, it was the most interesting thing in this game so far. There’s no way we come back from being down by 5… This is over and the season is now just going to be crap. Lets be honest, we’ve not shown all year that we deserve to win anything. But it’s really irritating when you waste 6 months of your time getting amped up, and excited about baseball, you root wholeheartedly, and this is the outcome…. I mean, is this just our new routine? The new way that we like to close out seasons?

  104. mccheap

    i agree with u enchanted, here hopeing that AZ sweeps us…so maybe we can stop the denial and gain acceptance that we suckkkk..we can all start our rehab earlier(mental rehab)..charge up our batteries and wait till next year i guess..getting tired of that slogan but what else can we do?


    My point lbirken is what’s there to cheer about? What’s in your opinion going to get any better? What will it take? I mean, “our year” has been the case for an awfully long time now. Just unbelievable how this team just seems to completely give up and throw in the towel… I mean, you can say whatever you want about trying, not trying, what have you…. We can’t beat good teams, we can’t beat the woest team in the league, we can’t beat anyone….. Honestly, do you think that we have the same intensity as these guys? Which team has looked the last 3 nights like the team trying to win the division!?!?!? When Lastings Milledge got hit, he was angry…. We have not shown any kind of frustration or anger, or desire whatsoever, and it’s disheartning….. I’ve also noticed that there’s noone in here…. Things have been awfully quiet lately… What do we have to do to get a win!?!?!?!? I for one don’t know that this team can win again all year…. Prove me wrong Dodgers… PLEASE!!

  106. mccheap

    it;s still early? come on now have you been watching this team all year..damm sorry im so bitter and just pretty emtional when it comes to the dodgers..i just keep it real and not try and sugar coat things..there is no coming back

  107. vl4ecc

    This is getting downright dismal, and depressing!
    WTF is it going to take for this team to pull their heads out, and get out of this terrible funk?

  108. bluecrewgirl

    The is really getting pathetic. Getting swept by the Nats! In retrospect, they should have passed on Maddux and Kershaw’s going to be great, but he’s not there yet. They should have give Stultz the shot as the 5th starter. I think he’d be giving us more than either of them right now.

    Also, if Wade’s been activated, why is Tracoso in instead of him?

  109. enchantedbeaver

    I don’t want to deny anyone their optimism – hell stranger things have happened. But the only optimistic outlook I can muster is that maybe with each loss, its another nail in Ned’s coffin. I just wish the same were true of JoJo, who single handedly did everything, and yet at the same time, did nothing.

  110. trublu4ever

    bluecrewgirl ~ What you are saying is true. So, it all boils down to the fact that Joe is a poor manager. He’s making all the calls. You wonder what the heck he is thinking with some of the lousy decisions he has made.

  111. vl4ecc

    Tru I hate to think of this team going into the Stickerpatch on such a horrendous loosing streak. I wouldn’t feel so bad if they could go in on a winning note. Guys are hanging their heads, and the bullpen is going to be like a horse that’s rode hard & put away wet. It’s not a pretty picture.

  112. trublu4ever

    vl4ecc ~ I know what you are saying and it is true. But, for some reason, we play well against the Dbacks. So, who knows?

  113. northstateblues

    grizzly, that “it’s still early” comment was 3 positive words piled into the middle of a steaming s__tburger. I’m angry too, but there are more important things for me to go into conniption fits about than, as said earlier, a ball club of men playing a kids game.

    I’ve been watching the team all season, I’ve spit my venom, I’ve had my moments of scathing criticism and moments of blinding optimism over my last 2 years of reading and posting here. But I find my life is a lot easier since I made this realization:

    Regardless of what the Dodgers do, the world will still survive. The world survived 1958, 1989, 2005, and it will surely survive 2008. My stomach will turn everytime I see Dodger Blue if/when they don’t make the playoffs, from October to February, two summer swoons in a row when we had the chance, but choked.

    No hard feelings, but you don’t have to p__s in my cheerios just because you choose to be more fatalistic about the season than I do. Believe me, I’m emotional. I’m just chilling out before I come to the keyboard and post, or else it’d look like nighttime in August with all the asterisks.

  114. kpookiemon

    Kemp may be 0 for Washington, but this team is 0 for road trip. And still Torre’s Los Angeles honeymoon continues with the media and many, many fans. McCourt need to go Ray Kroc, grab the P.A. microphone Monday night at home, chastise his team, apologize to the fans and then, as the cherries on top of the sundae, fire Ned and Joe on the spot, with their mugs on the jumbotron and a big red slash through them.

  115. bluecrewgirl

    They just had Torre’s Bigelow green tea commercial on and I was thinking Joe, we all need something stronger than green tea after watching the Dodger’s this past week, lol.

  116. northstateblues

    bluecrewgirl, if we need to drink anything green, it’s gotta be Midori Sours. Or maybe the green on the Jagermeister bottle counts.


    Okay I have to get this off my chest since the Dodgers seemingly like to torture their fans each and everyday when September rolls around.
    I have been a life-long Dodger fan for since I cam out of the womb and I have loved them through the good and bad… and let’s face it the bad has been REAL BAD lately!
    So here it goes: This TEAM is an absolute joke! The manager is terrible. I have no idea how he won in New York but he is just not cut out to be a small ball National league manager. For example, Last night we had 3 lead off doubles and not one time did the runner advance on a bunt. We are struggling to score runs and all the manager can do is call for a swing away? No manufacturing runs? What is going on?
    I despise Matt Kemp. He is one of the most talented baseball players I have ever seen. His skills are so ridiculous that he can lag around the bases, make mistakes (fundamental mistakes) and still get away with not everyone knowing he never tries his hardest! For example, Last night with the bases loaded and the team scratching for a much needed comeback to get back to within two games, Kemp goes up in the count 1-0 after the pitcher just walked two batters and all he can do is be impatient and fly out on a lazy fly ball to left. No working the count, waiting for that pitch to hit. I understand he is only 24 but he has no confidence in his game on the field and way too much confidence in his game off the field.
    The kids this year are making me so angry! They are all so talented and their is still no chemistry in the dug out! It is so ridiculous. They even brought in Manny Ramirez to looks to be having fun all f the time. Why can’t they make this game about having a good time? They just seem to play like it’s a job not a privilege.
    I absolutely despise Jeff Kent and all of the negative he brings to the team. He is so old school and never smiles or has any fun. Retire Jeff. Your done. You make everyone around you miserable! And YES!!! You were hitting better because MANYY was in back of you in the lineup…just like, I hate to say this name but Barry Bonds did when you had your best years.
    I can’t believe that this team still has no intensity after Ned Colletti has bent over backwards to make it better. Manny is in your lineup now and all you can do is lose!
    Get Matt Kemp out of the lineup and put Juan Pierre back in… at least he is 100% effort all of the time! I am so sad and frustrated when I watch them play. With all that talent they all possess and they just seem like they go through the motions. I hope we lose all of the rest of our games this season. I hope we don’t make the playoffs because this team doesn’t deserve to be in Major League Baseball. I love the Dodgers but our organization is in shambles, we have ungrateful, under achieving kids and old salty veterans that still think they are good because they hit 250 all year. We need to gut this team next year and start from scratch. Goodbye to joe, goodbye to kemp, kent, maddux, lowe, penny, nomar, etc. All under achievers and all a complete disgrace to the game of baseball. I am not a front runner (Jimmy Rollins) I am a fan that knows baseball more than anybody on this page and I know this team is one of the biggest disappointments I have ever seen in all my 25 years!

  118. bluecrewgirl

    nsblues, Joe definitely needs something stronger than green tea to jolt him out of his stupor leaning on the railing in the dugout. Can we have Tommy’s heart transplanted into him?

  119. kpookiemon

    Hire Kirk Gibson. Hire Orel Hershiser. Promote Logan White. Fire Ned. Fire Honeycutt. Trade Joe to a club that has no dugout railing.


    I am a fan that knows baseball more than anybody on this page and I know this team is one of the biggest disappointments I have ever seen in all my 25 years!


    Get Matt Kemp out of the lineup and put Juan Pierre back in.


    This is without a doubt the Dodger team with the most potential and the least likely to go anywhere now or in the future. I’ve never seen a Dodger team that has done worse than this team with the possible good players that we have. I’m sure glad I like Football and have the Cowboys to fall back on when this team tanks between now and the playoffs begin. Same path we took last year. Everyone keeps hoping this gets turned around, but not gonna happen.
    Good nite

  122. bluecrewgirl

    What does it matter what effort Pierre may put forth when he can’t hit it out of the infield and can’t throw a runner out to save his life? I’ll take Matt, Andre and Manny in the outfield any day of the week over that, not to mention his whining when he doesn’t get to play.

  123. northstateblues

    here’s a beautifully pessimistic explanation of what went wrong this season by . I’d have posted the whole thing, but some very NSFW material there, heh. slightly censored, but I think you can fill in the blanks:

    Explanation #1: They’re cursed and they’ll never have a successful season again. While some part of me believes that the baseball Gods are punishing the Dodgers for the joy of 1988 or for trading Stan Javier, this is a ridiculous explanation. Next.

    Explanation #2: The Dodgers have been distracted by the Democratic National Convention. While it would be nice to think that some of the Dodger players are politically aware, I’m pretty sure the only thing they know about Joe Biden is that his name almost sounds like Joe Beimel. Next.

    Explanation #3: Manny ain’t nothing without the dreads. We all know that since the haircut, Manny Ramirez hasn’t looked very Manny at the plate. But more than his slump being about the hair, it’s probably about the fact that he’s daydreaming about playing for the Yankees. Even so, you can’t blame a team’s collapse on one guy. Next.

    Explanation #4: The Dodgers s__k and Ned Colletti is a moron. Hmmm… I like the sound of this one. Ned spent millions of dollars on guys that just aren’t that good (or that healthy… or, in the case of Esteban Loaiza, even on the team), and even a monster slugger from Boston, a bearded rental from Cleveland, and a 66-year-old future Hall-of-Fame pitcher from San Diego can’t save them. Add to that the fact that Joe Torre is a poor game manager, Takashi Saito is sorely missed, and Mark Sweeney is the s___tiest employee in America still with a job, and I think we have the answer. Bingo.

    The Dodgers’ funk, of course, continued on Tuesday, as they fell to the powerful Washington Nationals, 2-1. They left another 10 guys on base and failed to capitalize on a few golden opportunities to score. Derek Lowe, meanwhile, pitched a complete game and gave up just two runs. That’s comforting.


    I just think your anger is in the wrong place. I am serious when I say that on pay day, the collective check given to Kemp and Ethier in 2 weeks time will be less than the check given to Brett Tomko who we paid more this year not to play for us than we did for Kemp and Ethier to play for us. This does not even get into 32 million of contracts in Schmidt and Jones for just this season. Ned has to go.

  125. kpookiemon

    If the season holds true to form, the Dodgers will win 2 games in Arizona, return to L.A. 2 1/2 back, close enough for Frank to continue drawing fans and selling hot dogs, and close enough for Joe to keep selling green tea. Heck, the Dodgers might even sweep the D-Backs just to set us up for a further fall. Remember the devil in Damn Yankees?

  126. enchantedbeaver

    Rather than repost the entire song after every loss, I’ll just post the latest verse. Go-Go’s We Got The Beat:

    Went to DC and we thought the team would sail
    But everything the kids tossed up really got impaled
    Then the hitting stopped. the towel thrown in,
    The wheels came off and…
    We just got beat
    We just got beat
    We just got beat
    We just got beat
    C’mon McCourt an get off your seat
    We want wins now instead of defeat
    Fire Joe and fire Ned too
    Now, now, now, now, NOW!!!

    Artist: Check JoJo’s Pulse
    CD: We Just Got Beat LXIX
    © NedCo Broken Records 2008

    NedCo, where their past is our present™.

  127. oldbrooklynfan

    The Dodgers must be glad to get out of town.
    Well is the season over?
    Mathematically we’re still very much alive.
    But this series with the D’Backs could be it for us.

  128. enchantedbeaver

    Frank talking to Jamie before they hired Ned:

    Frank: Einstein flunked out of school, twice.
    Jamie: Is that so?
    Frank: Yeah. Beethoven was deaf. Helen Keller was blind. I think Ned’s got a good chance.

  129. j-murray

    well, we lost 11 of 14 to end last season. we’ve lost 10 of 14 on this pathetic run we’re on now with 28 games remaining. maybe we’re just ahead of the curve.

  130. enchantedbeaver

    Ned’s reply:

    “I think we make a real sharp couple of coconuts – I’m dumb, you’re shy, whaddaya think, huh?”

  131. enchantedbeaver

    Quick we forgot – somebody go wake up Grandpa Joe and tell him its time to get on the plane! I think we left him leaning up against the railing again…


    Is it just me or did Sturtze just get treated in a very shabby way?

    This is beyond disgusting. It sure would be interesting to be a fly on the wall around this bunch to get an idea what has gone wrong. They couldn’t possibly be this bad.

  133. jhallwally

    Ugggggggggggh!!! Just got in and checked the box score. Absolutely pathetic. Totally agree with the posts/comments stating what we have been saying all year.
    Ned must be fired now.

    Great songs everyone. LOL!! I enjoyed them and it does take some of the sting out of this dismal showing.
    Also, welcome ladyinblu. Nice post.


    From what we’ve seen on this road trip, I too hope that AZ can put us away this weekend. Our team, much as we love most of our guys, isn’t nearly playoff worthy. I want to see Ned fired before any other personnel decisions need to be made. For the remainder of the season I then want to see DeJesus and/or Hu play short and DeWitt play second or third, and I’d like to see a couple of our minor league pitchers get their major league tryout. There is no reason to watch Nomar or Kent play another game, and maybe Maddux ought to try some coaching with the younger guys, because I definitely want Honeycutt to go with Ned.

    We should use the remainder of the season to see what needs we can fill from within, and what we need to get for our starting team in the offseason. Let’s get Logan White or even Ng in place to put together our team for 2009. The big accomplishment of 2008 will have been to cut ties with the total incompetent from Giant Land, namely Ned Colletti, who should be in a hall of infamy for most destructive GMs in baseball history.

  135. bluecrewgirl

    Lol, enchanted. Messagebear, I agree they need a pitching coach change and Maddux might be a great choice. I was surprised when they kept Honeycutt when Torre came aboard.

  136. enchantedbeaver

    Hope Mr. Frank is as hard on Mr. Ned as Dad was on the Beaver Wally.

    (there might should be a comma or two in there, but what the heck??)

  137. trublu4ever

    I don’t know what I can add to everything that has been said. You were all honest and heartfelt. I think Tommy Lasorda has to go into the locker room and fire this team up. If anybody can light a fire under our guys it’s Tommy. All Joe does is have closed door meetings. Whoopie, that’s done a lot of good. I want to think we will see the light, in spite of Joe, and get it done!

  138. bluecrewgirl

    Guys, Frank will probably just give Ned some milk and cookies, tell him “Cheer up little buckaroo,” and tuck him into bed.

  139. jhallwally

    LOL!! Well Ned and Joko have sure stuck it to clueless Frank. And unfortunately, all three are sticking it to the fans. It’s UNACCEPTABLE!!™

  140. enchantedbeaver

    I can’t fathom what transpired from the Brewers series to Colorado for the team to completely do a 180.

    Does anyone seriously think that Manny or CC or anybody else would want to play for this team next year?

  141. jhallwally

    The Dodgers have some serious decisions and moves to make this off season and Ned is certainly not up to the task. If he is not fired and allowed to make those decisions and moves, we are totally screwed. Scary thought is, it will get much worse.

  142. bluecrewgirl

    Can you believe it was less than 2 weeks ago that Andre hit the walk off home run, enchanted? That Monday off was like sticking a pin in a balloon.

    Trueblue, I bet she’s glad she didn’t see this game.

  143. trublu4ever

    enchanted ~ If they give them the money they will play. It’s always about the money. However, I don’t think this organization will spend.

  144. jhallwally

    LOL Trumon!!! I wonder if they’ve even had an abstract thought between all of them.
    Good point Beav. Geez, why would anyone want to be part of this dysfunctional organization.

  145. enchantedbeaver

    Wonder if Frank buying the L.A. Marathon has anything to do with not taking on salary for the guys we picked up. Here’s a hint Frank – more people would rather see you take an interest in the Dodgers than a once a year marathon.

  146. bluecrewgirl

    Poor thing, she must have been so bummed to find otu it wasn’t the Dodgers doing all the scoring. I bet Andre will be glad to be able to see his wife and sleep in his own bed tonight.

  147. bluecrewgirl

    I would want Logan White as GM and Kirk Gibson as manager. Steve Yeager would be my second choice aside from Gibson. They need someone the young guys can relate to and feel comfortable talking to and someone with an intense personality.

  148. enchantedbeaver

    I don’t know Tru – the money’s going to be enormous for CC and Manny wherever they go. I doubt anyone will pony up that much more than the other (unless youe name is Ned and your FA is Pierre.) So I’ve got to think that is team A is at $10 and team B is at $9.75, the player’s going to go where he has the best opportunity to win.

    Ned’s boys on the otherhand – no one else offered a contract to JP. No one else offered a contract to ‘Druw. Don’t remember anyone else offering a contract to Schmidt.

    Great signings all.


    Guess where the idea of buying the LA Marathon comes from – Frank wants to make it another Boston marathon. Maybe he can switch Ned to manage the marathon instead of the Dodgers. I’d be OK with that. He might be able to get his brain around a once a year event.

  150. amyw27

    Hey guys. I know this might seem like a repeat post..but I left for the gym it was 2-5 I get home and suddenly the final score is 2-11? what?
    How did it happen?
    give it to me straight.

  151. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Well, I am not even going to ask what happened. I can tell by the score. I watched through my computer, and when I got off it was 5-2. I just wanted to check in, and say “hi”. I will read the posts and get back to you in a little while.

  152. jhallwally

    Frank probably figures he can elaborately landscape the marathon route and overcharge for parking, tickets, and concessions to make a buck. Seems to be his MO.


    Frank should send Ned to Kenya and Ethiopia to recruit for for his LA Marathon – that’s where the runners are. Maybe a chitah or something will get him before he can come back. There could also be the possibility that we can convert Pierre to be a marathon runner, because he’s got all that speed. He’s not earning his millions on a baseball team.

  154. enchantedbeaver

    How about Logan White as GM Player Personnel, and Kim Ng as GM Adminitrative Council? I’d give Yeager a shot at manager, keep Maddux on as pitching coach (or Charlie Hough), Reggie Smith hitting instructor, Bill Russell bench coach. Keep Duncan, and find a position for Gibby to fill.

  155. bluecrewgirl

    Amy, it was just more of the same. We couldn’t score and our pitching was weak from the get go today. I haven’t given up hope for the AZ series since we have Kuroda, Bills and Lowe pitching. That gives us the best chance we have.

  156. trublu4ever

    bluecrewgirl ~ I like your ideas on the new management. I think Gibson would be great. Do you honestly think Joe would be fired?

  157. bluecrewgirl

    Sounds good to me, enchanted. We also need to let Kent and Nomar move on and hopefully find someone to take Pierre. I don’t know what we can do about Jones, I would be tempted to eat the 18 million and just let him go.

  158. jhallwally

    I’m with you BlueGirl. Amazingly, we’re still in the hunt. This is most likely a make or break series for us with the DB’s.

  159. amyw27

    I am glad that the games have been on the east coast this week and that i’ve missed them. I’m lucky not to have witnessed the misery.
    so so sad 😦
    this is not right.

  160. porklinks

    (Josh – I apologize in advance, but I cannot resist.)
    Frank will run a new promotion: LA Marathon course Sleepover! Yes, spend a night under the stars on the official LA Marathon course. You can come and have dinner and breakfast of scrounged scraps on the course, watch the traffic creep by during morning rush hour, sleep on the layers of old cardboard and meet a ton of street dwellers. No promises, but this is the land of road-rage and drive-by shootings! All for a mere $200.

  161. porklinks

    bluecrewgirl – JONES is already tempted to eat the $18M. 😉
    old_fogey AKA westernmost_in_flavor AKA …

  162. enchantedbeaver

    At this point Blue they might as well let Druw go. If he can’t play OF anymore and 1B is it, that’s only going to (A) take time away from Loney or (B) prompt Ned to trade Loney for an upgrade somewhere else. The best option is (C) put him on waivers and hope he stinks up some other team, in which case you are getting some value for the money. But honestly, if some other team picked him up, I doubt he makes their roster out of spring training.

  163. bluecrewgirl

    Lol, porklinks. Does that promotion come with a free Dodger sleeping bag and traffic control cones for the first 5,000?

  164. northstateblues

    A month ago, getting swept by the lowly Nats would’ve given the possibility to light a fire under the team, the ol’ “We’re better than this” solliliquy.

    Now, it might be too late. Sure, the Blue play Arizona, and they control their fate, but have we seen anything to believe we will do well?

    bluecrewgirl, it’s good to know we got our 3 best coming up. We’re gonna need them

  165. trublu4ever

    porklinks ~ A bad outing or two and you are sent down. Does that mean Jeff and Matt are going too? How about Sweeney? How about Nomar?

  166. porklinks

    nsblues – Of course Arizona just got their aces trumped by the Padres. The stage is set for one of the most pathetic division contender showdowns of our lifetimes. No need to hide the women and children and batten the hatches – just the little ol’ Dodgers and Diamondbacks come to battle at the OK Corral of Phoenix or whatever the heck that park is called.

  167. northstateblues

    porklinks, in regard to Diamond Leung… well… I can’t resist…

    “Playoffs?!! Don’t talk about–playoffs?! You kidding me? PLAYOFFS?!! I just hope we can win a damn game!” – Jim Mora

  168. porklinks

    TruBlue – no, it’s just convenient. As a starter, Kershaw will not be playing for five days anyway. Diamond reports he’ll be back for his next start. He doesn’t mention if that is in five days or so, or in ten, if they decide to have him skip one as part of the Kershaw Innings Conservation Plan. (The one time Ned actually has a plan.)

  169. acardona16

    hello ITD bloggers!! i haven’t been on in quite some time! how is everyone doing? well i guess not so good when it comes to our beloved team! it is so hard to love this team.. but i do! even though we’ve had some bad games this past week (to say the least) i am still very happy to see Blake DeWitt has come back from AAA!! Andre is still doing very good (which makes me happy lol) whats up with our boys!?!?!

    Acardona = Ethieraholic

  170. northstateblues

    Porklinks, I think you nailed it on the head, heheh. Forget Ali-Frazier, this is more like Grover-Elmo


    To me, today, this was a team defeated…. Not just in this game, but on the season. I’m not very sure that they can turn this around. This was a team that showed no desire, no fight, and no drive to want to win this very winnable division…. It’s a sad, sad day in the land of Blue…

  172. bluecrewgirl

    Enchanted, I know it’s the desert, but the flood gates have to open for the offense eventually, don’t they?

  173. acardona16

    its pretty bad to be SHUT OUT by a team (nationals) that has the worst record in baseball right now!!! (i think)

  174. porklinks

    brandondaughrity – for what little it’s worth (about nothing), Arizona crapped their sliding pants in San Diego as well, probably showing “no desire, no fight, and no drive to want to win this very winnable division”.

  175. trublu4ever

    porklinks ~ I just wonder what that does for confidence. He has to feel pretty awful right now. but, the other pitchers tonight didn’t do any better. Don’t they expand the rosters in a few days? Then it will really get interesting. With all the possibilities, you wonder how Joe will screw things up even more.

  176. porklinks

    enchanted – I say the Dodgers score 30 runs in Arizona, but only win 2 of 3, picking up a mere 1 game in the standings. Baseball’s funny like that.

  177. acardona16

    bluecrewgirl- absolutely! another thing that sucks is since the phillies won all 4 games to that took ALL the glory away from us shutting them out when they came to LA! (even though i went to one of the games) this is just a bad time for us!! “there’s nowhere to go but up” MAN I HOPE SO!!!

  178. porklinks

    TruBlue – Not that we can trust the Dodgers to handle personnel correctly (just ask Tanyon Sturtze), but it should be trivial to explain to Kershaw that he wasn’t going to be pitching until his next start, that he’ll be back up for it and that this is a no-cost (the part McCourt likes 😉 ) way to get another arm into the bullpen for a few days.

  179. enchantedbeaver

    Maybe we should hold a mirror under Joe’s nose when he’s leaning on the railing to see if there are any signs of respiration.

    On the otherhand, he may not cast a shadow – he’s sucked the life out of this team all year.

  180. bluecrewgirl

    Well, the Dodgers have been living the movie Groundhog Day over and over again, enchanted, so it would be fitting that Joe wouldn’t cast a shadow.

  181. acardona16

    57dodger- haha! good to here SOME kind of good news! lol my dad came up to me today and said “hey what’s up with your team!?” then my brother texted me and said “hey the dodgers are sucking pretty bad!” and i answered with shame “yeah…… i know…….” its weird cause when they are doing good my family doesnt say anything but when they are losing EVERYONE seems to know!?! lol

  182. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Hey Wally and Beav!!!! It’s swell to see my boys home together for a change. I am assuming your father will be home shortly ~ mom
    June Darlin’ is doing her NFL draft right now, and I should be done shortly, but I just wanted to stop in and say “hi” again.

  183. aeversw

    Mark Sweeney is 0-15 in 20 ABs with 2 outs and RISP. I don’t know whats more unbelievable. That he has failed 20 times to score a runner in that situation or that Joe Torre put Sweeney in that situation 20 times! FIRE JOE!

  184. acardona16

    trublue- thanks 🙂 i hate not being able to come on and talk about the game (even though there hasn’t been much to talk about these past few games) I’ve just been really busy!

    ok this was a REALLY short visit but unfortunately i have to go… hello and good bye Dnelly! lol good night everyone!


  185. amyw27

    hey guys. welcome back acardona.
    i don’t know what to say any more. just sadness 😦

  186. enchantedbeaver

    Perfect example of Joe’s stubborness and blind faith in a veteran Max. No matter how they fail time and again, Joe will point to the one success to justify his failures all the other times. I guess in this case Joe’s still waiting for that one success.

  187. bluecrewgirl

    Trueblue, there’s vendor at Dodger Stadium named Donald that looks like he should have retired about 10 years ago. He’s always struggling up the stairs by the middle of a game (I really feel sorry for him) and I think even he would get a hit in 20 AB’s, lol.

  188. tradejuanpypaperbag

    bluecrewgirl ~ Ward Dear said the same thing last night. Well, I have the #5 pick so I have a lot of down time between my picks.

  189. aeversw

    Trublue…I bet if you give just an average guy off the street 20 AB’s in the major leagues he’ll get at least 1 hit. Hell, Clayton Kershaw has 1 hit in 20 ABs this year and he’s 20 years old! This team can’t over come Joe’s stupidity. We never stood a chance. Fire him and get some Dodgers in here that know the real Dodger way!

  190. amyw27

    tru- in a way i feel betrayed. I know that’s a harsh thing to say. I never question my devotion or love for the Blue. But I feel like they are not doing it. it’s disappointment in a way.

  191. trublu4ever

    You are so right Max! Do you think McCourt has the B****
    to fire Joe? (didn’t know if I could use the actual word. They get a little picky around here lately)

  192. enchantedbeaver


    Owner from Boston
    GM from San Fran
    Manager from NY
    3B Coach from Philly
    Hitting coach from NY

    No wonder you feel betrayed.

  193. trublu4ever

    I know how you feel about betrayal, Amy. But, I feel, as do most of us, that it’s more of Joe’s management than the players themselves.

  194. aeversw

    Trublue…The only way Joe is gone next season is if he resigns. There is no way Frank is going to fire Joe. Frank gets an erection every time someone even mentions Torre! Frank thinks Joe is the greatest manager to ever wear Dodger Blue!

  195. aeversw

    If this season keeps getting worse and worse I wouldn’t be surprise if Joe resigns for some bullcrap reason in the offseason. It’s obvious to anyone that is paying attention that Joe is a horrible fit and he has lost his spark since leaving his precious New York. Retire Joe, spend time with your family and save us Dodger fans another year of crap!

  196. amyw27

    enchanted- point well taken. I guess they all can’t be from LA. too bad though.
    omg- if we lose 10 or more I will be so upset. And why have all of our runs been of HR’s? strange I must say.

  197. bluecrewgirl

    Maybe O’Malley’s ghost really is haunting the Dodgers and they won’t have success again until they go back to the home grown formula that their history was built upon.

  198. amyw27

    I’m sitting here watching Little House on the Prairie, cause it makes me happier than watching Dodger games 😦

  199. tradejuanpypaperbag

    management since day one, management since day one, management since day one, management since day one, management since day one, management since day one, management since day one, management since day one,
    That’s how I feel. This has been the issue since day one, and why is anyone surprised it’s turning out this way. I have grown to love most of the players on this team, and to think they even have to live through this crap deserves all the credit from me personally. If I had a principal like Joe Torre, I certainly wouldn’t want to be coming to school everyday ethier (either). My principal sounds like a flight attendant half the time, but at least she is showing life, and we know she genuinely cares for her staff and school. Joe just sits there and sits there and sits there night after night after night without a single expression of joy or anger.

  200. enchantedbeaver


    Scarriest thing in Dodger baseball – Ned with an idea.

    – c –
    -O- Zzzzzzz


    Ned the rest of the time.

  201. trublu4ever

    You’re right, bluecrewgirl. They always hired from within and it worked because they all bled Dodger blue.

  202. amyw27

    😦 Laura’s adopted brother ‘James’ got shot in the stomach on his 12th birthday by bank robbers. Then Charlies and Mr. Edwards and Albert all went in search of the robbers, calling themselves a “posse”. They hunted them down and had a good old fashion brawl, captured the bad guys, them took them to jail in the name of justice!!
    good times 🙂

  203. enchantedbeaver

    Well as you can see, I’m running out of material. Must be just about time for the night shift to arrive and me to be punching out in a few…

  204. amyw27

    Dnel- this episode is the one where Laura spends all her time mining for gold to help her father save the farm. They spend months doing this after their ‘chores’. When they finally go to cash it in…they find out its ‘fools gold’ and they are sad, but learned a lesson.
    in this one- Mary is not blind yet. Nelly and her brother Nelly are brats!

  205. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Good Night Theodore!! Well, I guess Eddie calls you squirt when your father and I are not around. I learn something new everyday around here.

  206. trublu4ever

    enchanted ~ Good night to you. This has been an intersting evening, to say the least. See you tomorrow.

    Please dnelly and Amy, no Little House! I hated that show, ugh

  207. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Beav ~ I learned alot about Eddie last night while searching for that answer. He is not a very nice boy.

  208. amyw27

    AWWW Tru- I love this show. totally before my time, but I LOVE it. haha. It’s awesome. I can’t relate to ‘Beaver’ at all. But this is a throwback show that I understand. These people touch on every single social issue you can think up- even drug use! Pretty deep stuff.
    Thanks for the fun. I’m gonna finish this episode, catch a little PTI on the TIVO and I’m out!
    Happy Friday- in advance.
    Dodgers- you better buck up tomorrow. We are all cheering for you and want you to play at your best. We love you!
    goood night. adios. buenos noches. hasta manana.

  209. trublu4ever

    enchanted ~ I just can’t stand Michael Landon. I like classy programs like “Threes Company”; “Mary Tyler Moore”; and of course, my favorite “The Odd Couple” LOL

  210. bluecrewgirl

    Those were all great shows, trueblue. I loved John Ritter. Three’s Company was never as good after Suzanne left, the chemistry wasn’t the same.

  211. trublu4ever

    I agree, bluecrewgirl. Suzanne and John made the show. You late nighters have fun. I’m saying goodnight and I’ll see you tomorrow.

  212. northstateblues

    The only character I really liked a lot on Little House was Edwards. Especially Drunk Edwards. That guy’s a hoot!

    It’s funny to me, as a 27 year old who grew up with a mom who LOVED the Waltons, that Grandpa Zeb Walton was played by a guy who… well… let’s just say I saw an Arlo Guthrie concert at Chico, and heard some stories about Wild Will Geer, heh.

    Leave it to Beaver is one of my fave classic shows, mainly because when you look past the sugarcoating, they deal with a lot of stuff real people deal with at that age even to this day. My favorite character was Eddie Haskell, he was the PERFECT jerk, heheheh. Hope I didn’t rub anyone the wrong way with that.

  213. tradejuanpypaperbag

    nsblues ~ Did you know Eddie called Beav squirt when Ward and June weren’t around? I do agree with you about him. He was the perfect jerk, clever enough to make you think he was a swell guy, but rotten all the way through.

  214. northstateblues

    I remember him calling Beav squirt on occasion. My best friend was like Eddie Haskell. That’s why he’s not my best friend anymore, heh.

  215. tradejuanpypaperbag

    nsblues ~ I am glad somebody knew the answer because I spent another hour last night trying to find it after Ward Dear went to bed because Kahli made it a challenge in my head. And then to get to work to find out it was squirt was just too funny. I knew it would be simple answer, but of course I wasn’t looking for simple – LOL!!!

  216. stizaza

    yeah but i kinda dont liek getting th efirst pick cause i dont know who to take so i traded it with the guy who had the 9th pick. i took lt for him and he took addai and then i got his 4th pick which was tj houshmanztabatawhatever.

  217. northstateblues

    I went to high school with T.J. Houshmandzadeh my Freshman (his Senior) year. My cousin was on the football team with him. The QB and RB that year were awesome, among the best in the league. It’s funny how things work out, if you asked anyone 13 years ago who would be NFL bound from that team, anyone would’ve guessed the QB or RB. He’s a class act, too.

    alright, guess I’ll be in and out tonight at points. I have something I gotta take care of, but I’ll try to pop in somewhat frequently

  218. tradejuanpypaperbag

    manformchina ~ that’s the only thing that I really had a hard time following -who was trading for what. I got stuck talking to a parent from last year, and I almost didn’t make it back in time. Yeah ~ I didn’t know how to feel being stuck in the middle with #5. I felt I had a long wait in between picks. However, all the starters I got were from my predraft list so that was good. I didn’t have to go searching.
    I did get to practice on an ESPN draft though. My son walked me through it, and gave me pointers. So, I technically have two teams now. However, this one I drafted tonight is the one that I did a prelist and actually researched a little so we shall see which one fairs better. I am assuming SB Skins is a Redskins fan as well.

  219. tradejuanpypaperbag

    nsblues ~ just make sure you are around if Kahli brings in another “Leave It To Beaver” trivia question – LOL!!!

  220. northstateblues

    Heheh, I don’t know if I know THAT much about the Beav and gang, but I’ll give it a go.

    Still on the fence over whether or not to do the fantasy football thing. I know I’ll probably do an automated, non-live draft. I like doing live drafts, just two issues, 1)time, and 2) the unintentional jerk who preset his draft list, but forgets to click the box that automatically makes the pick, so every time their turn comes up, they take the full 3 minutes.

  221. obi_wen

    I remember Saturday Night Live started off one of their shows with a title card and Don Pardo announcing, “The Little House on the Prairie Burns to the Ground” will not be seen tonight, so we can bring you the following special program.” Was it true that Michael Landon or one of the other cast members cried in every episode of LHOTP? If so, they now have something in common with Dodger fans in 2008.

  222. tradejuanpypaperbag

    LOL!!! Obi ~ I don’t think I know that much about LHOTP, but that is very possible. If there was a character that cried every episode then I could imagine it being Charles (Michael Landon’s Character).

  223. stizaza

    yeah i have 2 teams and sb skins is my roomate the one from scotlnd who got me into the redskins. but yeah i love drafting

  224. tradejuanpypaperbag

    yeah ~ The Redskins are going to have a tough season being in a very good division this year, but like in baseball, who knows at this point.

  225. kpookiemon

    IF McCourt worships the ground Torre walks on…and IF Joe doesn’t resign…then Joe willbe back. BUT……IF he really is the Hall-of-Fame manager everyone makes him out to be, then Grandpa will take a hgood, hard look in the mirror and ask himslef waht he can do better. I hope he has a lot of time to listen to his own answers. But as enchanted said hours ago, the entire management team is Boston, NY, SF, Philly… WHY CAN’T FRANK HIRE DODGERS TO RUN THE DODGERS? It’s so damn obvious a solution. At first I thought Frank was just learning the ropes. But I’m beginning to think that maybe, just maybe, he’s not the brightest of lightbulbs. With a legacy already strewn with DePodesta, Colletti, Little and Grandpa, what else can we surmise? This latest Dodger pratfall has been a trademark of the McCourt Dodgers.

  226. arayd

    It’s gut-check time.

    Unfortunately our gm has never – ever built a good bench for our team, ever. It’s a joke.

    A bench is so integral and we basically have none at all, period.

    We just have to watch for next year now, even if we make the playoffs, this team will not make any noise. No bench whatsoever, lack of inspiration, shaky starting rotation, and a reshuffled bullpen.

    In my opinion, Colletti has to pull a “Houdini” to save his ***. He’s gotta find a way to unload 35 million in pure dead weight “Jones and Schmidt”, and another 8 million in overpriced 4th OF’er money / Pierre. Then he’d have to give Kent, Nomar, Penny and Lowe their walking papers and dare not to re-sign them. Even after he did all that ( he won’t) he’d just waste all that money and our time by still not building a winner. Let’s sign a proven GM, that has built winners.

    Hey Frank, no more first timers!! Any teams GM is their true MVP. Let’s lure Billy Beane down south. Walt Jocketty, Pat Gillick, Theo Epstein is never happy.

  227. northstateblues

    I think the solution only comes with recognizing the problem. Since Frank is a Real Estate guy, he has little previous experience in running a baseball club, let alone any type of sports club.

    The solution should be simple. He should surround himself with people who know baseball and all the nuances (instead of shunning them and hoping they fade away, like how they handled Joe Amalfatano). He should trust them to make the decisions, and only concern himself with the bottom line as far as the club is concerned.

    The renovations to Dodger Stadium have been great, and the Next 50 Years plan looks awesome. But they’ll mean nothing if there’s not a championship caliber club to put in it. At this point, that’s the only thing McCourt doesn’t know how to build.

    Bringing Dodger greats in through the centerfield gates on Opening Day was great for effect, a moment we can treasure for years to come. But bringing them into the fold in the Front Office to handle baseball operations, that would give us a new Dodger tradition, built on Dodgers values we could have faith in. A change from this nightmare influx of ex-Red Sox, ex-Yankees and the WORST, ex-Giants.

    Winning the World Series would be the only thing that I think would make McCourt ignore the money fire Colletti’s been tending the last two years. I’m disappointed, when we signed Colletti, I thought we had a baseball person that would point us in the right direction. He’s had fleeting luck with his gambles, it’s sad not even 50% have paid off to what he saw as their potential. I fear Colletti has sunk some of the bank that could be used to keep this core past their first contracts.

    It’s sad that I could honestly say I long for the days when Darren Dreifort was the major perenially-injured moneyburner on payroll.

  228. heartruss

    As I’ve said before, I love my Dodgers, whether they win or lose. Some positives of all these losses: I don’t have to spend $1000+ for postseason tickets. (yea) The parking lot won’t be so crowded. They won’t run out of the stadium giveaways. It won’t take two innings to get a Dodger Dog. You’ll have a little elbow room at the games.
    I’m true blue, win or lose. I’ll go to the remaining games and root the guys on. I will enjoy my dugout seat on Monday. I will enjoy myself because, everyone, we’re talking about baseball. It’s a game. It’s nice to win but that doesn’t always happen. Why blame management? You coach the guys, you give them support, but ultimately, Joe can’t be out there to pitch or hit the ball. The lineup is what we all wanted. We have Manny. But still our record isn’t great. The stars are just not lined up this season. Let’s just enjoy the last few games. I have enough to worry about: my family, my job, the economy. Baseball is what I do to relieve the stresses in my life. And I will enjoy myself at the games. Go Dodgers.

  229. trublu4ever

    Good Morning dodgereric ~ just read the article and all I have to say is, “Are you kidding?” What a load of crap for McCourt to feed the public!

  230. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Good Morning, Ward Dear!
    It wasn’t so much fun around here last night. I have to go to school, but I will catch up with all of you when I get settled at school.
    Good Morning Trublue!!!!!


    ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (AP)—The Tampa Bay Rays reached another milestone in their unexpected run toward the playoffs.

    Edwin Jackson took a shutout into the eighth inning, Cliff Floyd and Willy Aybar each homered, and the Rays beat the Toronto Blue Jays 3-2 on Thursday night to guarantee they will finish no worse than .500 for the first time in franchise history.

    All Star catcher Dionno Nivarrao added, “at least were not the dodgers, nah just kidding Betimite, Jae Seo and Toby Hall have been reat for them this year”.

  232. tradejuanpypaperbag

    jungar ~ They were even talking this morning on gnat radio. Kruk was saying that the gnats were on the team plane laughing and joking while watching the Dodgers were lose yesterday.

  233. kssssss

    It’s gotten to the point that I really can’t watch anymore…If this isn’t the WORST team in baseball, I don’t know who is…and so boring…I do not like the signing of Joe Torre as manager. I have said that before…I don’t like our lineup….we have almost no speed…we don’t try to force things on the basepads…..and you can’t do that with no speed…Except for a very few exceptions, this is a BAD team…The blame is on Coletti…and now Torre to get it done…This team is even worse than last year and I didn’t think that was possible…I’m embarrassed to be a Dodger fan at this point…I kinda felt that even when we went thru our brief 5 game winning streak at home…the minute the Rockies came into Dodger Stadium, the Dodgers just fell apart….and now the Rockies are very close to us….Prediciton…they pass us by…..When will we Dodger fans EVER have a team we can be proud of….and why can’t the management of the Dodgers every think “outside the box” and choose managers and players with alot more spunk and hustle?!!…We will never have the team we deserve with Coletti…and now Torre really scares me…

  234. jhallwally

    Good morning everyone. I concur with the comments of the morning. I don’t see alot of joy in Mudville as long as Ned is the GM. Very sad that our once proud organization has fallen to this point. Hopefully we can turn it around tonight against the DB’s. I think this series is crucial. Get it done now or go home. Hope you all have a great day.
    Excelsior True Blue Believers!!!!

  235. trublu4ever

    drpdeblnd ~ I agree with you about Coletti and Torre. However, I think they are the right players. It’s just not bunting ruuners over and getting a crucial single when needed. That comes back to Joe for not putting on the bunt sign. You don’t need great speed to play fundamental baseball. If you think Juan shoukld be out there, I think you are wrong. He has a terrible arm and doesn’t get on base enough to use his “speed”. The other night they had runners on a first and second and I was thinking a double steal would be nice now. But, of course, Joe didn’t agree. I don’t even think he pays attention to what is going on during the game.


    Many of you cite lossing Mike Scoccia. And I agree, but this is the day it really went wrong IMO…here again for re reading pleasure. Feb 2004

    Dan Evans’ farewell speech, as published on the fan forums:

    I have been visiting this message board frequently over the past two-plus years, and have enjoyed meeting and talking with many of you during my time as the Dodgers’ General Manager.

    First off, I want to thank Fox, Bob Daly, Bob Graziano, and Dave Wallace for the tremendous opportunity two and one-half years ago. I was honored to have had the chance to be the Dodgers’ GM, and I wish we would have had the opportunity to complete our job here.

    My staff deserves a huge compliment for their work, especially during this very difficult transition process. I know it has been a stressful offseason, and I wish them the very best and thank them for their support throughout.

    I want to thank Dodger fans, because I have seen and felt your passion for your favorite team. My good friend Don Drysdale used to tell me great things about the Dodgers and their fans, and he was so right. You have been great, and while I know the past few months have been frustrating, the organization will benefit from the work our staff accomplished.

    I feel good about what we had done in only two seasons — we inherited the oldest roster, an inflexible one with over $200 million committed, and an organization rated 28th in talent — near the bottom for the fifth consecutive year when we started.

    After only two years, the Dodgers are now in the top four in talent as a result of great work by the amateur, international, and professional scouting staffs, along with an excellent, innovative player development staff. As a result, the Dodgers are on the right track for long-term success and you the fans will be the real winners.

    This entire offseason has been extremely frustrating for everyone in the Dodger organization. The offseason is the worst possible time for an organization to go through an ownership change, since nearly all of the key personnel and financial decisions are made during that period. It has been very difficult and the entire organization was affected during the long process.

    Everyone in our baseball decision-making group, including Bob Daly and Bob Graziano, knew that we needed to use the increased flexibility obtained in the Kevin Brown trade to the Yankees to improve our offense, and there is no question that we would have accomplished our goal of acquiring a prolific offensive player in his prime — without giving up any of our prospects — had it not been for the circumstances surrounding the ownership transition [Vlade Guererro].

    We always took into account the best interests of the Dodgers, both short and long-term, whenever we made a baseball decision. The fans and the organization deserved that. I knew it was our responsibility to make the unpopular decisions which were actually in the best long-term interests of the Dodgers. We developed a gameplan and adhered to it in order to achieve our goal, and our philosophy had the complete support of upper management.

    Lastly, I never realized that one pink shirt would cause so much discussion!

    Best wishes to all of you and thanks.

    Dan Evans

  237. acardona16

    good morning ITD!!! sorry i left so quickly yesterday! I kinda have a “chill” day today (thank goodness!)

    dodgereric- i read that article you posted… is that for real!?! are they hurting THAT BAD to get money!?! thats ridiculous!! i was laughing while i was reading it!! lol

  238. acardona16

    when are they gunna do a “before the bigs” on Matt Kemp? I loved Loney’s and Ethier’s!! its always cool to know the life stories of how our players made it to our team!

  239. selltheteam

    Hey, I know we’ve got a seven game losing streak and lost nine of the last ten, but, Schmidt, it’s like a morgue in here. Who died? Oh, yeah, the Blue. Okay, here’s another bluesy type song. Hope it helps.
    Apologies to JJ Cale’s Cocaine
    When Joe hangs on the rail, we know he’s gonna fail; BenGay.
    If Frank wants some more dough, get Ned in tow; BenGay.
    Stan Conte, Stan Conte, Stan Conte, BenGay.
    If you got Maddux, you gonna need new tricks; BenGay.
    When the season’s done and it’s just no fun; BenGay.
    Mark Sweeney, Mark Sweeney, Mark Sweeney; BenGay.
    If your bat is gone and Druw wants to eat on; BenGay.
    Don’t forget ‘bout Schmidt, he’s rehabbing it; BenGay.
    Brad Penny, Brad Penny, Brad Penny; BenGay.
    Where’s Raffy, where’s Raffy, where’s raffy? BenGay.

  240. scott_in_arcadia

    Fire Joe
    Fire the guy who hired Joe
    Fire the guy who hired the guy who hired Joe

    Mr. Edwards for Dodgers manager!!

  241. scott_in_arcadia

    Fire Joe
    Fire the guy who hired Joe
    Fire the guy who hired the guy who hired Joe

    Mr. Edwards for Dodgers manager!!

  242. trublu4ever

    As in the words of Scott, I repeat:
    Fire Joe
    Fire the guy who hired Joe
    Fire the guy who hired the guy who hired Joe
    Mr. Edwards for Dodgers manager!!

  243. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Fabulous song Crash!!!!!
    Hi Scott ~ Are you trying to make a point? BTW – it is a very good point 🙂

  244. amyw27

    LMAO- scott. I love it. Mr. Edwards is the best. I can’t wait til I go home and watch Little House on my TIVO.
    can I just say that I love the Hallmark Channel 🙂

  245. scott_in_arcadia

    Joe Torre looks a little like Mr. Oleson…Jeff Kent can be Nelly and Juan Pierre can be Willy. Jaie McCourt can be Mrs. Oleson.

  246. scott_in_arcadia

    BTW, Hi everyone!

    A couple more losses and it looks like are old friend Ned is toast. But, I really have to agree with those of you who think McCrook is the real problem. Raising prices like crazy. The Dodgers are only entertainment for him to make money off of all of us. Of course it’s a business, but he’ll also learn that in business you can’t overcharge for crap.

  247. enchantedbeaver

    Coming late this summer from NedCo Telepictures:

    Watch as Hall of Famers perform as ghosts of their former selves… “If you offer, they will come.” Yes it’s Frank McCourt as Kevin Costner as Ray Kinsella in FIELD OF LOST DREAMS. Watch as Frank bankrupts his little slice of Los Angeles as he plows under his cash crop chasing shadows of former Dodger greatness by bringing in Easterners and worthless free agents.

    Joe Torre as Ray Liotta as Clueless Joe Torre:
    Frank: “Where’d they come from?”
    Joe: “Where did WE come from? You wouldn’t believe how many old guys wanted to play here. And I’m going to play every single one. Hey Sweeney, nice quality at bat. You’ll hit it next time. Tell me Frank, do you think I’ll get a better at bat out of Berroa or Loney?”

    Ned Colletti as James Earl Jones as Terence Mann: “You see? That’s the sort of crap bloggers are always trying to lay on me. Its not my fault I don’t know what I’m doing.”

    Also starring Jamie McCourt as Amy Madigan as Annie Kinsella:

    Frank: “The Voice is back”

    Jamie: “Oh Lord. You’re supposed to buy a marathon now?”

    You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll blog til you drop. FIELD OF LOST DREAMS. Rated DOA. Special weekend engagement in Phoenix Aug. 29, 30 and 31.

    ©NedCo Telepictures 2008. NedCo – Nobody doesn’t like Neddy C.™


    WASHINGTON — The letter to all Dodgers season-ticket holders is signed by well-known comedians Frank & Jamie McCourtFrank & Jamie McCourt.

    It went out this week, coinciding with the Dogs’ trip to Philadelphia and Washington, which makes Sonny & Cher’s routine even funnier.

    * Wobbling Dodgers hit by cycle
    Wobbling Dodgers hit by cycle

    Dodgers’ Juan Pierre is at his best in September

    “We bring you heart-felt greetings as these last days of August usher in baseball’s most exciting time of year,” the letter begins, and nothing is more exciting than a seven-game losing streak.

    “As we watch our modern ‘Boys of Summer’ evolve, emerge and energize our city,” the McCourts wax poetic, “we see a brand of civic enthusiasm families can only enjoy at the ballpark.”

    You know what’s coming next — an attempt to capitalize on that civic enthusiasm families can only enjoy at the ballpark if they buy their tickets, but not before Sonny & Cher do some tap dancing.

    “The additions of Casey Blake, Manny Ramirez and now Greg Maddux,” while no mention, of course, that they come here free of charge, “bring substantial October experience to a team whose blossoming youth are developing before our eyes.”

    Since Blake’s arrival, the Dodgers are 15-17, 11-15 since Ramirez put on a Dodgers uniform, and 1-9 since acquiring Maddux, who we were told makes such a difference in the clubhouse.

    But now for a really good belly laugh to begin the day.

    “We are grateful that Ned Colletti and his baseball operations staff,” the letter reads, “have been able to make such substantial improvements . . . ”

    No telling how badly the Nationals might have pummeled the Dogs had substantial improvements not been made.

    “These kids,” the letter goes on to say, “together with Russell Martin (equally young), Nomar Garciaparra, future Hall of Famer Jeff Kent (young at heart), and speedster Juan Pierre have helped keep us in the thick of the race . . . ”

    Amazingly, no mention of Arizona, which has done the best job of keeping the Dogs in the thick of the race.

    The letter continues with a mention of just about everyone’s name on the team because Andruw Jones is in Las Vegas.

    “Such a ‘fall ball’ veteran as Mark Sweeney,” and I wonder if that was a typo and it was supposed to read, “such a ‘foul ball’ veteran as Mark Sweeney, “is a wonderful influence on a supporting cast anticipating an extended season for the first time.”

    Sweeney is hitting .141, and he’s having a tremendous influence on the supporting cast, which is hitting .100 with runners in scoring position during this losing streak.

    “As we march through September in hopes of a long stay in October,” Sonny & Cher coo, “we are filled with gratitude that these men have become a team . . . ”

    Stop, you’re killing me. Pierre spends most of his time with the opposition before a game, while Kent spends most of his time with himself. There are old players on one side of the room, the others at the kiddies’ table in the lunch room.

    Before concluding that the McCourts are some kind of joke, the letter goes on to a second page with talk of community service, alumni appearances and autographs — the McCourts declining to take credit for keeping the unwashed from mixing with the rich folk.

    Then comes the big finish, the comic duo’s thanks to everyone for being such a good audience while passing the hat at the same time.

    “To help illustrate that appreciation, we are inviting you to renew your commitment and renew your faith without an increase in price,” they write.

    Apparently, it’s not good enough to renew your faith in the Dogs after two decades of misery; it must also be your commitment.

    “While we must continue to grow our revenues to compete with our opponents,” the letter continues, which suggests a ticket increase for everyone else is in the making, “we are inviting you to renew your ticket plan for 2009 at 2008 prices.”

    There have been reports the McCourts are short on cash, and now comes word they want some money for 2009 season tickets before the 2008 season is over. OK, so right now it looks as if it’s over.

    A spokesman for the Dogs said ticket holders are being asked to put down as little as $250 a ticket by Sept. 5, so maybe the Screaming Meanie just needs a new dress.

    As you know, they seem to get honored a lot at fancy dinners by organizations who apparently have run out of folks to honor.

    “Whether you enjoy the warmth of sun-filled days or the majestic feel of enchanted evenings,” Frank & Jamie conclude, and please, if you’re going to be sick — step outside, “we want to make this home your house of happiness.”

    Well, let me tell you about the majestic feel of this enchanted evening, Cristian Guzman hitting for the cycle against the Dogs, the Nationals winning, 11-2, in their house of happiness and the team with the worst record in baseball sweeping our modern Boys of Summer.


    T.J. Simers can be reached at

  249. enchantedbeaver

    Coming soon from NedCo Telepictures:

    Duh Duh. Duh Duh. Duh-duh-Duh-duh-duh-duh-do-duh-duh-duh Eeek!! Eeek!! Eeek!! Be afraid to go to the ballpark!! No closer… No stopper… No bench… and it smells like a dead fish. Watch as a once proud franchise run by an inept GM and a tired old fart gets chewed up by the rest of the National League in FLAWS.

    Frank McCourt as Roy Scheider as Police Chief Martin Brody: “I think we’re gonna need a bigger bat.”
    Ned Colletti as Murray Hamilton and Mayor Vaughn: “Frank, its all psychological. You yell veteran and everybody says, Huh? What? You yell rebuilding and we’ve got a panic on our hands by 4th of July.”
    Joe Torre as Robert Shaw as Captain Quint: “Here’s my pinch hitter Mark Sweeney, batted himself one hundred and three. All season long he repressed his ability, nothing new for this vicinity.”
    ITD bloggers as Richard Dreyfuss as Hooper: We think that we are familiar with the fact that you [Frank] are going to ignore this particular problem until it swims up and bites you in THE ***!”
    Jamie McCourt as as Ellen Brody: “Frank hates baseball. Frank hates L.A. Frank… Frank sits in his office when its time to meet the fans. I guess it’s a status thing. It’s a…. there’s a clinical name for it isn’t there?”

    Don’t miss it when the rest of the league sinks it teeth into FLAWS. Rated A.D.D. for not paying attention.

    © NedCo Telepictures 2008. NedCo, A blast from the past™.

  250. selltheteam

    enchanted – Great job on the movies! I guess this is what it has come to.
    It’s going to be a long weekend. Will we be put out of our misery, be down 6.5 games, in third place behind the Rockies, and the season essentially over?
    Or will da Bums claw their way back, somehow being only 2.5 games back as of Sunday night? Stay tuned. . . if you can stand PAIN!

  251. cpompe1

    Good afternoon ITD boys and girls,
    Yuck! What a painful set of games. How in the world did the Nats sweep us? It’s bad enough to have the Phillies sweep us, but the Nats? Really, the Nats? To say that I feel numb right now is a gross understatement. I know how I SHOULD feel (p*ss*d off) and I do. I just don’t have any productive way of saying it. It’s gone – WAY BEYOND – being frustrated. All I am trying to do is to remember that it is only a game – a bunch of grown men playing a child’s game. And I love watching my Dodgers for the entertainment purposes. But with all that we pay just to go to a game (forget about those shelling out big bucks to get season seats) we should have a better return on our investment.

    The ONLY good thing I can see out of this whole debacle is that Ned’s days as Dodger GM will be gone at the end of the year. That, I am quite sure of.

  252. cpompe1

    Hey my fellow Ethieraholics!!! I know I haven’t been here in a while, but I’m still a member, aren’t I??? 🙂

  253. cpompe1

    Well, okay. It seems like I’m the only one here. That’s the trouble when you have no job, like me! I’ll catch up with y’all later…

  254. amyw27

    poor CP. Sorry no one was here to talk with you!
    we are all on standby- plus the game is hours away!
    GO Dodgers!

  255. cpompe1

    Hey Amy!!! I did log off because I thought no one was here. I went looking for a couple of jobs online and came back and you’re here!!! How ya doing my friend??? 🙂

  256. amyw27

    I’m doing well. I’m home in the middle of the day and it’s strange. I’m trying to find something to do with myself.
    Just waiting for the stupid game to come on tonight.
    what’s up with you??

  257. cpompe1

    Like I said, just looking for a job. I’ve taken a little breather from painting today. I had errands to do and I met my husband for lunch. By that point, I didn’t feel much like painting; I’ll pick it back up on Monday. Are you going out-of-town this weekend or are you staying local?

  258. cpompe1

    Well Amy, I do have things to do around here; things to clean up. I really do need to go now. I’ll catch up with ya later…

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