Joining the blogosphere…

For those who haven’t seen, Joe Torre recently entered the blogosphere with his own MLBlog called Torre’s Stories. He joins Andre Ethier, who should be adding a new entry to Dining with ‘Dre soon.

Hopefully a change of locale will change the results, as our four-game sweep of the Phillies last week was negated by their own sweep this weekend. We are fortunate that the D’backs only picked up one game in the standings since Friday and we have to fare well against Washington to build some momentum going into the huge weekend series in Phoenix.

Here’s tonight’s lineup in the Dodgers’ first-ever game at the new stadium in DC.

UPDATED LINEUP (Kent back in the lineup)

Kemp, CF

Ethier, RF

Kent, 2B

Manny, LF

Loney, 1B

Martin, C

Nomar, SS

Blake, 3B

Lowe, P (FYI – Derek has made five career starts against the Nationals and is 5-0 with a 2.45 ERA while Washington’s hitters are batting just .195 against him. In his career in August, Lowe is 28-12 (.700), his best winning percentage by far of any month. His 3.28 ERA in the month of August is also his best with September (3.42) ranking second).


  1. trublu4ever

    Wow ~ interesting lineup. I like the idea of Andre batting 3rd. I know that means Kent isn’t playing, but I think this will work.

  2. MLBallhawk

    Easy Come Easy Go! The Dodgers need to get their act together or they will be going home at the end of September! I am guessing that we will see big things from Manny during the Arizona series. He is a gamer and loves the big stage! Hopefully others will follow and pick it up! Hopefully some of the September call ups will do us a lot of good and give us a stronger bench and maybe even bullpen! There are a few good arms at AA!


  3. MLBallhawk

    Here is a line-up that would do much better when Kent is playing. Doing some number crunching and situational stats etc this line-up would score 4-6 runs or so the paper says!










  4. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Boy!! I like the lineup. Andre has been hitting the ball lately,and has been drawing walks, with few strikeouts. That says a lot about what Torre is thinking about his production as of late. This is a good change for Russell too.

  5. amyw27

    good afternoon.
    tru- i agree. interesting line-up. Let’s up it comes with great results. Wouldn’t it be great if we blast them today with a 10-0 blowout? That would raise morale around here.
    Josh- Joe’s blog is fun. Most of us have checked it out and have posted on it. Thanks for passing along the information. I hope we can pull off some wins on this road trip!!

  6. trublu4ever

    Amy ~ I’m really pleased that Joe has stayed with playing Andre everyday. It will pay off before the season is over and he will prove he deserves it.

  7. trublu4ever

    John ~ Your statistical lineup is interesting but I don’t like Nomar batting second. I think he has really declined in his ability since coming off the DL.

  8. tradejuanpypaperbag

    However, the more I think about it, maybe it would serve better to put Andre in the 5 hole behind Manny and put James in the 3 hole. Andre only has 4 GIDPs, does draw walks(a little more patient) and can hit for power, and that might be more of a threat to a pitcher than James, who seems to have trouble staying out of DPs with 21 this year. (IMO of course)


    We’ve got to start beating up on teams like the Nats and this lineup is a good one to do it with. The rest of the season starts tonight. GO BLUE!!!!!

  10. trublu4ever

    dnelly ~ I think when Jeff is playing Andre should bat behind Manny. He is very patient at the plate and I think can take the pressure and get the job done.

  11. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Then again, I like him in the 2/3 hole. I really like the one-two punch of Matt and Andre. Now, maybe tonight we can have a one, two, three punch with Manny and James driving them all in – hmmm!! Boy!! What potential this team has. This lineup can work whichever way when they are all hitting. I guess that’s the key – lol!!!

  12. juniorvarsity

    man i cant wait til the dodgers dont make the playoffs this year. im prolly gonna laugh…and then ticket prices go up for this underachieving team, coaches, front office, and of course the owner. larry bowa is right this team doesnt care…nexy year kent, manny, blake, lowe, maddox, penny, berroa will hopefully all be gone.
    lets bring up the future second and third basemen…BLAKE DEWITT and IVAN DEJESUS!!

    lets go Los Angeles Underachievers!!!

    its time for Underachievers baseball!!

  13. amyw27

    dnel/tru- points well taken. I’m also glad that Andre is getting the respect that he deserves as a starter. I am also glad that Matt is staying strong and becoming better everyday. I hope this change in lineup will be good for Russy to get him back to better baseball that he is so capable of.
    I think the guys need to breathe, relax and focus. I think it wsa tru who said that they need to play like little boys having fun. Ease up and let their abilities guide them.


    I had to repost this. I couldn’t have said it any better if i wrote it myself…
    I wish that I could be the optimist that some of you are. I admire that quality. I feel betrayed by this team. I’ve given my heart to this team, year after year. I’ve spent who knows how many dollars in admission, parking and concessions in my 35 years. I resent the fact that I have given my heart to a team who has no heart of their own. It’s like they aren’t even trying anymore. The fundamental baseball skills suck. It’s not like we’re 10 games out with 20 to go. We had first place. We had it; and gave it right back. This is not a team of champions. The difference between the Colorado Rockies of last year, and us, is love for the game. This team just doesn’t seem to care. They don’t back each other up on the field, it’s like they’re just watching the game going on around them. We fired an old school, mediocre manager for leading the Dodgers to a .500 record last year, only to replace him with another old school mediocre manger who is leading us into yet anther .500 record. We should be running away with this G.D. division! Champions don’t leave double digit runners on base game after game, they find a way to score. They manufacture, they do something, anything! Champions can score when the bases are loaded and nobody’s out. We can’t. We’ve proved that. Champions figure out how to win games in the 9th, we give them away. This series was the most painful four games I can remember enduring in a long time; certainly worst of the season. Our only saving grace is that Arizona sucks 3 games better than we do. If we would have just split the series, we’d be headed into Washington back by a single game. No intestinal fortitude whatsoever. I’m going to continue to root and cheer and shout and complain, because that’s what I do. Based on what I’ve seen, especially in this critical series, this team just doesn’t want it bad enough. The Dodgers have been p!$$!ng on my campfire since I was 16; because that’s what they do.
    My sentiments exactly.


    No, it isn’t. I agree with everything bigkace said. I guess you can look at it as being negative, but I look at it as being right on the money. This team isn’t playing hard, it isn’t being managed well and it’s a pattern. It’s been a pattern for a long time.

  16. trublu4ever

    graphics ~ I agree that the team hasn’t been managed well. Maybe, we wouldn’t have been in this position if Joe would have stuck with a lineup, instead of changing it everyday. I think they are playing hard, perhaps trying too hard at times. They need to relax and enjoy themselves. I too have been a fan for many years and I never count my team out, until there is one game to go and we are two behind.

  17. tradejuanpypaperbag

    I see another celestial sighting about to embark, don’t you?
    June Darlin’, Junie ~ ETHIERaholic


    I don’t question anyone’s fanhood here, I know you’re all die hard Dodgers like me…but when did “oh well, there’s always tomorrow” become acceptable? The time is now and we’ll never win a thing if we just sit around and wait for Manny to take over. This team needs a sack. Dude was right.

  19. amyw27

    graphics- I think we all understand your words and your heart. We all feel it in our Dodger souls as well. What you said is true and it does feel like the love of the game has suddenly stopped in our guys minds.
    That being said. Dodger baseball as existed your your 35 years and a fan and will continue for 35 more years. baseball will go on, players will changes, situations will arise and through it all we are all fans of the game and of the Blue. You know it’s not over until the bitter end. Maybe we will walk away empty handed and have to use the old standby “there’s always next year”– but that is what makes this game fun. You never know what to expect or what will happen. This team needs are un yielding support and love. Like I always say, just being able to see them play, or meet them at events, makes me smile. I wish we were 30 game s over .500- but just the same I love them. We are lifetime fans. Through thick and thin.
    you know that. Don’t let the present dictate your feelings. They are our “Boys in Blue” Forever 🙂

  20. trublu4ever

    graphics ~ I understand your frustration, believe me, I do. We are all pretty upset at the way things are going right now. Don’t you think there is still time to turn this around and take over first place from Arizona? They aren’t exactly tearing it up right now, either.

  21. trublu4ever

    sorry graphics ~ Amy & I said about the same thing. I hope you don’t feel we are ganging up on you. After all, we just want a winning team, don’t we?

  22. kpookiemon

    Ned’s deadline acquisitions costs:

    Carlos Santana (for Casey Blake):
    “He will have to accept the award from 3,000 miles away, but former 66ers catcher Carlos Santana has been named California League MVP for 2008.

    Santana batted .323 with 34 doubles, four triples, 14 home runs and 96 RBI before he was traded by the Dodgers to the Cleveland Indians in the deal that brought the Dodgers big league third baseman Casey Blake.

    In Baseball America’s annual “Best Tools” survey, Santana was named “best strikezone judgment” and “best defensive catcher” in the league.

    Santana was leading all of minor league baseball in RBI at the time of his promotion and is currently second in average. Entering play Monday, Santana’s 110 RBI are tied for second in the minors. Now with high Single-A Kinston, he’s batting .333 with four home runs and 14 RBI in 24 games.”

    Andy LaRoche (for Manny Ramirez)
    LaRoche is batting .164 for the Pirates.

  23. trublu4ever

    Grizzly ~ That’s great! I’ll refuse to shave my legs! We’d make a wonderful pair at the end of the season!! LOL

  24. amyw27

    I don’t know about you guys, but I am ready for some Dodger Baseball tonight!! Clean Slate tonight, shake off those phiilies!!


    The Blake for Santana deal sounds like the Doyle Alexander for John Smoltz deal……sigh!!!!….Well, one out of two ain’t bad.

  26. mccheap

    yea bro, whatever gets this team going…if i knew i would do it..maybe let loose a couple of alligators in the locker room.. im sure that should raddle them up a bit

  27. northstateblues

    graffics, I’m just as pissed as you. Trust me, I don’t even have the visual memory of Gibson’s home run to fall back on, ’cause I was camping and all I remember is hearing Jack Buck saying “I DON’T BELIEVE WHAT I JUST SAW!!!” for what seemed like an hour.

    Year after year of watching Frontrunning fans in High School change their Oakland jerseys to Atlanta to Cleveland to New York, and tell me “Oh, you’re a DODGERS fan… how does it feel to like a bunch of losers?” when I knew even though that loser had a group of “fans” rolling behind him, they’d change their jerseys the next year. 10 years later, they’re probably now finding ways to get “Wikkit Pi_sah!” out of their vocabulary, shedding their Red Sox jerseys for Rays jerseys. (They’d probably be wearing Angels jerseys, except for their fear of being called “homers”)

    But you know what? The Dodgers won championships between 1955 and 1988, hopefully they’ll win more soon. As it stands, that’s 33 years that saw 6 World Championships, added to 20 years of drought since.

    Before 1955, there was 65 years of World Championship drought. Those 65 years saw only 10 pennants. Since then, there’ve been 5 pennants mixed in with those Series wins, and 4 Division championships, and 2 Wild Card sister-kissing “championships”. Depressing math, I know.

    Some of us have been Dodgers fans for as long as we remember, but at some point, we looked at the Dodgers history books, and at that point, we all knew what we were getting into. Hell, they’re a team that’s nicknamed “The Bums”. They had Celebrity Hobo Emmett Kelley as their Bum mascot for a year, for crissakes!!

    This team is not built for frontrunning, and the ONLY way anybody can stay a Dodgers fan is optimism, even when it goes against our best instincts. I’m sure New York City baseball fans pre-1955 that tired of the Dodgers’ “pattern of losing” went on to become Yankees fans or even Giants fans.

    So, to refer to your question, “When did ‘oh well, there’s always tommorrow’ become acceptable?”, the answer is the day the first Brooklynite wiped away his tear, crumpled whatever newspaper was in his fist and said “WAIT ‘TIL NEXT YEAR!!”

  28. mccheap

    wish we can win the big one while tommy is still with us..he is getting up there and what better then to watch Tommy celebrate with all of us

  29. northstateblues

    whoa… Oakland came before I was in High school, heh, I just meant through school in general… I went four years, not 10, heheh.

  30. trublu4ever

    nsblues ~ That was one of the best posts I’ve ever read about a true Dodger fan. THANK-YOU SO MUCH!!!!

  31. scurtis1999

    Fuentes and Tavares just placed on waivers for Colorado. Think the Dodgers would be interested in Fuentes if he passed down to us?

  32. northstateblues

    thanks TruBlue! I didn’t mean to tear into anyone, I just thought it an odd question regarding the franchise that coined the term “Wait ’til next year”

  33. trublu4ever

    nsblues ~ I feel like tearing into some people a lot. A fan is a fan no matter what. A fan always wants their team to win, but doesn’t give up on them if they don’t. I will always bleed Dodger Blue!


    The Santana for Blake and LaRoche for Manny deals don’t tell the whole story right now. Santana and LaRoche are gone from us forever, but Blake and Manny will only last about another month with the Dodgers. Maybe we gave up nothing worthwhile in the long run, and maybe we didn’t. Not the worst trades that Ned, or in Manny’s case with a big assist and insistence from Frank, accomplished.

    The big laugh will be when Blake and Manny will not have accomplished anything more that some additional ticket sales for Frank. I can’t disagree with what graphics reposted above concerning the seemingly prevailing attitudes showing in our Dodgers’ play on the field. Part of that lackadaisical attitude is sypmptomatic of professional sports today – once you’ve made it on the big league club, what’s to get excited about. My main problem is with our lackadaisical management, which has no fire in the belly and no motivational flare. Torre is here, because LA seemed like a nice place to retire early at full pay. Frank will only become shaken if and when the attendance drops to 20,000 or so and most of the fans in attendance really don’t give a sh** about how we do on the field. It’s time for the MANAGEMENT to fu**** wake up and start doing their job right whether it deals with putting a decent team together, managing it so that the best players play, or at the top putting somebody in charge of this franchise that knows what baseball is all about.

    Down with Torre,
    Down with Ned,
    Out with Frank – go buy a fuc*** Boston team.

  35. trublu4ever

    scurtis ~ I think it would be great. Imagine, Broxton in the 7th, Kuo in the 8th and Fuentes in the 9th. AWESOME!!!

  36. trublu4ever

    Also, scurtis, Brian comes from the city where I live and his dad told my husband last week that he was going to be put on waivers. They both thought playing for us would be a good thing.

  37. scurtis1999

    Trublue. I totally agree with you, but move Broxton back to the 8th like Rivera was with Joe in the early days.

    Wow, so he knew he was going on waivers last week. Good inside info.

  38. trublu4ever

    I could take Broxton 8th. I don’t know if we will actually get him but, I do know we are first on the list. Dnelly & I knew last week but didn’t want to jinx it just in case.

  39. trublu4ever

    scurtis ~ Just wondering how much it would cost us? You know how the team doesn’t like to spend money.

  40. vl4ecc

    Good afternoon/evening all. So, Fuentes was put on waivers huh. Who knows? Question is, who would get kicked to the curb from the bullpen to make room? I know Johnson wouldn’t win any popularity contests after giving up that dinger in extras the other night. Wade is supposed to be back tomorrow – I hope!


    “The Dodgers have been disappointing me,in more ways than I can count, for 45 years. I started rooting at the age of 6”–Gordon Kahn, father of Roger Kahn, “The Boys of Summer”, 1952.

  42. vl4ecc

    We all know 20 years is a long drought without a WS title. Yes, it’s depressing, and frustrating with the inconsistencies, controversial trades & acquisitions, injuries, etc, I could go on & on, but it just gets my blood boiling, and will send my blood pressure up through the roof.
    Look at some of the other teams that have been in a a longer drought, or don’t even have a championship. This is why I admire the Cubs fans so much. 100 years they’ve been waiting!

    I hope they get on a hot streak like the Rocks did last year starting tonight.


    Tough call on another deal like Fuentes.
    Here you have Frank, who’s given Ned enough money to at least buy him a Cadillac, and Ned gets him a Yugo.
    Now Frank may want to give Ned money to buy him a bicycle (Fuentes), but he’s afraid he’ll wind up with a wheelbarrow – probably a wobbly broken one.

  44. kssssss


    The one trade that I really hate is the Carlos Santana trade..I know we have Russell, but from everything I’ve heard Carlos is the real deal…this one will bite us….especially since the Dodgers aren’t going anywhere this year…and is Casey Blake that good??…lol….I bet the Indians are loving that…and they might even sign Casey after the season….a win win…

  45. kssssss


    Is there any team that is this boring and horrible to watch?
    So we are behind already…..what if we get swept in DC?
    lol….could happen….no life in this team right now…

  46. thinkingblue

    Hello All,
    First let me start with “GO DODGERS”

    Then yes the line up is very interesting. Hopefully Torre can find a line up that works for us. Or hey maybe changing the Line is up is good to distract the opponent team.

    I’m glad that ANDRE is more of a permanent players now. YEAH for ETHIERAHOLIC!

    So yes I am at work, so no I can not see the game so I’ll be constantly checking what ya’ll say

  47. thinkingblue

    Oh yeah to all ETHIERAHOLICS: Can’t wait for Ethier’s next blog…I wonder where he is taking us next?

  48. vl4ecc

    If they get swept by the Nats, their season is over. I’m just thankfull the Dbacks lost last night. This team is capable of going on a long hot streak. I know it’s been a long time, and it may be unlikely, but I’m always hoping for the best till they’re mathematically ruled out.

  49. trublu4ever

    ibirken ~ Brian has 26 saves. He is going to be a free agent at the end of the season. The Rockies don’t think they are going to make the playoffs.

  50. kpookiemon

    Many on this blog have said McCourt won’t get serious until he starts LOSING money:

    “The Dodgers have increased almost all of their ticket prices every year since Frank McCourt bought the club in 2004. However, the Dodgers are on pace to sell fewer tickets this year than last year, which would mark the first attendance decrease since 1998.”

    “…the no-show rate has increased this yea… When fans buy tickets but do not use them, the Dodgers lose out on revenue from parking, concessions and merchandise.”

    And from Tony Jackson, Daily News:

    “…he (Orel Hershiser) said something about walking through the (Dodger) clubhouse before the game and seeing a ‘passionless” team…”

    Read it all, Frank, and tell me Joe and Ned have done a great job this year. For Dodgers fans to stop showing up, well… reap what you sew, Frank.

  51. enchantedbeaver

    Passionless pretty much describes JoJo to a tee wouldn’t you say?

    Maybe next year Grandpa can ask ’em what they were thinking about this year.

  52. thinkingblue



    I get it. By putting Fuentes on waivers they see if there is any interest; if there is they get something now rather than a draft pick later on.

  54. northstateblues

    Yeah, I miss Vin on these east coast trips. Although maybe it’s best he didn’t witness the sweep in Philly, heheh.

  55. enchantedbeaver

    If they don’t turn this around and take the division, Ned will get the blame and take the fall, but in my book, Torre is much more the egregious offender. No one’s ever going to accuse Ned of being a HOF anything, but JoJo [supposedly] is.

  56. vl4ecc

    dodgersrule Going way back, the whole borough of Brooklyn did it for Hodges when he had his horrendous WS slump.
    Couldn’t hurt. They just need to shake off getting swept by the Phills, and this loosing streak. It may sound like I’m beating a dead horse, but they need some type of spark to reignite the offense. It’s like the wind was just knocked out of their sails.


    Ha! How surprised was I to log in and see my work email address as a poster. Seems my office mate had some fun at my expense while I was at lunch. At least he knew enough to agree with me. Regardless, donuts and coffee are on him tomorrow; he doesn’t know it yet, but I’m sure he’ll read this before then (I take my coffee black BTW). My frustrated comments from last night seemed to touch a nerve though. I meant everything I said. I still do. I am a pessimist, I admit. The world needs people like me to keep things balanced. My comments were criticized for being negative, and I guess they were; but so is the subject. Aside from being negative, did I say anything that was inaccurate? This team has the heart of the tin man. I pray that I’m proven wrong, but this team doesn’t do the little things it takes to win. Looks like we’re behind the 8 ball again today. The more things change, the more they stay the same.


    Just stopping in to restate the obvious…. Completely wasted chances, nothing new… nothing new… nothing new….. See, what you guys all fail to realize is that with AZ’s pitching, there’s no way they go on some horrible losing streak, and with the way that we’re playing right now… To answer your post earlier TrueBlue… NO, there is not a chance that we can catch them with the way that they’re playing…. Because we are losing to the worst team in baseballl… Wake up people… This team is going nowhere fast!!! They have a TON of work to do, and until they can show any kind of passion whatsoever, then they’re dead in the water. I see no reason to cheer for a team that has no passion. I mean come on, the Nats are a perfect example,,, what the hell do they have to play for?!?!?!? Pride!! That’s right… it means something to them to try and win the damn game!! That is after all the point is it not!?!?!? It certainly does not look like we are the team 3 games out and they’re the team with the worst record in baseball…. It looks the opposite, and it seems like it’s going to for quite a while…. Later

  59. kpookiemon

    Open letter to Kirk Gibson and Orel Hershiser:

    Hi guys. Seen any good baseball teams lately? Well, enough of the pleasantries. Kirk, you’ve been bench coach on a first-place team all year. Bet you’ve gained a lot of great managerial experience. But let’s face it–Bob Melvin isn’t going anywhere and it’s not like you bleed D-Backs black, red, purple, turquois or whatever their colors are this week. And Orel…TV analyst? Come on, put the uniform back on and coach pitchers like you were born to do!

    What I’m trying to say, guys, is there’s about 3 million people sick to death of losing out here in L.A. and even more fed up with the steady stream of non-Dodger idiots who don’t get what it means to put on the uniform. I’ll admit our owner is a well-meaning buffoon, but the stadium still looks nice…though a bit too much advertising and loud music for my taste.

    So please call Tommy and get the ball rolling for 2009. You won’t believe the clowns we got calling the shots this year, but that can wait for future giggles.

    Yours truely, desperate Dodger fans

  60. northstateblues

    bigkace, I don’t think you were negative, you were being real. I feel that if I wasn’t optimistic about this team, though, the other option would be sitting up to my neck in rats at the Big A of Anaheim.

    I guess my optimism towards the Dodgers is like taking swigs of whisky. I see the situation at hand, I take a shot, it burns, then I’m happy again.


    We got 1, count them- 1 gift run with bases loaded no outs. We get em on and they stay there. This is ridiculous.


    This is really sad…. You guys serious? I hate to be the realist here… But come on…. You’ll take that? Bases loaded, none out…. That’s what we come up with!?!?! You know that Charley and Lyons are totally raggin’ on this team during the commercial…. Complete garbage… Really getting old.

  63. northstateblues

    * we aren’t playing the friggin cubs.

    Wasn’t implying we’re the Cubs. Got 80 more years til that.

  64. vl4ecc

    Don’t get me wrong. I’m far from satisfied. It’s still disappointing, but it’s an improvement over what happened in Philly. There’s still a helluva lot of room for improvement.

  65. mccheap

    doesn’t matter..we should always expect more..your comparing us with an organization that is based on what? 100 yrs without a title?


    At the rate the Dodgers are going I’ll take anything. In all honesty the Dodgers shouldn’t even have the run they got. Now we have first and 3rd, no one out. Can we do something this time?


    I can understand some of the negativity and even some of the emotional outbursts sometimes seen on this blog. I get it; we are all frustrated. We are all big Dodger fans or we wouldn’t spend so much time analyzing, complaining, cheering and venting. I also defend those of us who do have the attitude that tomorrow is another day until the last day of the season or when our team is eliminated from any chance of making the playoffs, and then I will say there is always next season. That is the plight of a baseball fan. But what I cannot let go unchallenged is the fan who gives up on his/her team just because that team disappoints them. The Dodgers can disappoint me for ever but I will never start rooting for some other team, not even the Angels. I will continue to believe that the Dodgers will come out on top if not this season then maybe the next. Otherwise why bother.


    Wow, we can’t even score a guy from second on a single! Of course, I am not watching so I don’t know what really happened.

  69. northstateblues

    Yankees fans have been “expecting more” since the turn of the century, a lot of good it’s done them.


    Exactly as I expected. Call it negative if you want, but It’s right. We are not championship caliber.

  71. vl4ecc

    It’s getting to the point where I believe they need divine intervention. Maybe a Novena to St. Jude would work……


    We are playing the worst team in baseball. We have been given gift after gift and only 1 run. This is deplorable.


    It seems as if the only luck the Dodgers have had recently is bad in terms of where they hit the ball. They hit bullets right at someone or a fielder makes an outstanding, highlight play. No wonder they act a bit discouraged at times. Have you ever seen so many double plays?

  74. vl4ecc

    ibirken Valid point. It seemed in the Phills series all the Dodgers pop ups were getting caught. All the Phillies popups were finding the stands. They just can’t seem to get a favorable bounce, a flare, a dying quail, or any kind of break.

  75. kpookiemon

    In Tommy’s day, when the Dodgers were in a funk like this, he’d call a lot of hit-and-runs…or suicide squeezes…or he’d coach third base and get all spunky…Joe just sits there with his hands glued to the rails. Very inspiring.

  76. northstateblues

    I’m sure Maddux is happy he came to this fiery bunch.

    Regardless, it’s just the Nationals, we’re only down one, we got 3 more chances, and last I checked, Walter Johnson isn’t in Washington’s bullpen anymore.

    Still a tall order, though, the way our Bums are playing.

  77. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Good Evening ITD writers and readers!!
    I am not even going to try at this point to comment on the comments, but you all are making some good arguments on both sides of the fence. I have to admit, I am on the more of the optimist, but a fairly frustrated one at times, so I definitely see the pessimistic point of view.
    I am with those that think this is still a management issue and not a player issue. I feel there is no chemistry with this team because for some reason it keeps getting squashed. We see if for a week or so, and then it all goes away. The only common factor with the comings and goings of players lately (whether by trade or on and off the DL) is Torre. He has not run this team correctly since spring training, and now he is trying to make up for lost time. We, the fans, have known who the best 8 were all along (excluding pitching), but Torre refused to see it possible that a young core could possibly make it happen, and so he had to rely on PVLs to do the job who really didn’t do the job of a true PVL. Now, he seems to have finally figured out some of the issues (Kemp and Ethier everyday for one), but something else has gone wrong since, but what – I guess we won’t know.
    I refuse to believe that the players have given up, but maybe they are tired of getting the unemotional looks from Torre everytime the come off the field. It’s like the principal who walks into a classroom and just looks on and doesn’t engage and have fun with the students. The students are trying to impress, but all the principal does is stare up and look at the walls. Maybe the players are getting tired of trying to impress him. All in my opinion of course. Sorry for the long post.
    bigkace ~ It is great to see you back!!! I have always liked reading what you have to say.

  78. northstateblues

    kahli: Yeah, I wish Joe had that kind of fire. At least he has the “I don’t give a ____” part down.

  79. vl4ecc

    Webb’s on the hill for the Snakes tonight going for #20. We desperately need a win here. Going four back would make the hurdle to overcome that much higher.

  80. kpookiemon

    Dodgers have been doing A LOT of first ball swinging lately, which tells me one of two things: they’re either pressing big time (a distinct possibility) or they’ve finally tuned out Joe (another distinct possibility).

  81. enchantedbeaver

    I blame the D-Backs. If they weren’t so damn mediocre themselves, we’d have been buried by the trade deadline and maybe been sellers instead of buyers, and maybe Ned would’ve been fired by now.

    Its obvious too that JoJo couldn’t have been any motivational force in NY either. Fortunately for them, they had an owner that would go on his own tirades.

    What have we got? Larry, Moe & Curly.

  82. aeversw

    Josh, Joe’s “blog” is horrible. It’s not funny its not clever its not even interesting and its not even Joe. Spare the fans the embarrassment of even having that crap out for the world to see and get rid of it.

    Speaking of Joe…does he have a pulse? Larry Bowa spoke out today about how pathetic the Dodgers look and The Corpse of Joe Torre disagreed with an obvious observation of the club. Is he watching the same games we are? Does he have any sense of anything at the moment? Is he even breathing?! They say teams tend to take on the personality of it’s manger and we happen to have a lifeless body as ours. No wonder we’ve been playing like we we’re dead lately. He needs to retire. He obviously doesn’t have that spark any more and he’s draining this team of its energy and personality.

    I happened upon this site a while ago but I haven’t got around to posting it. It’s a time line of the sale of the Dodgers to McCourt. All I can say is WOW. How did this guy end up with the team. Here are some highlights…

    “I’d give him three years before he has to sell the team,” another source said. “He will either realize he can’t do it, or he just won’t be able to make payroll.”

    “With an owner who has less money than the guys who bought the Kings from Bruce McNall, they don’t stand a chance,”

  83. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Hey Beav!! It’s good to see you and your ever so meaningful comments. So true, so true about Larry, Moe and Curly. Actually, I give the the three stooges more credit. At least they are funny. These three running the Dodgers are just plan sad and pathetic. We laugh, but it’s because it’s so ridiculously bad.

  84. enchantedbeaver

    scurtis – I think you’re partially right – this team isn’t very good:
    1. No Bench
    2. No Stopper
    3. No Closer

    But they do have talent, much of which was wasted playing spring training until the end of June. For them to be playing like this can only fall on one person…


    We just got shut out by the Washington Nationals. You can have the lone run they gave us if you want, but we didn’t deserve it. 40 of 45 runners left on base, are you kidding me? We’ve got at least 2 more years of this guys, get used to it. No heart at all.

  86. bluesplash09

    wow, we are in trouble to say the least. Is this reminding anyone of the collapse from last year? this lintp is too good to only score 6 runs in 5 games, i’m not even mad now just in disbelief

  87. kpookiemon

    Thank heavens Vin Scully didn’t have to witness this garbage the past five days…which begs another question: With both Vinny and Tommy in their 80s, who the hell is going to represent ANYTHING having to do with Dodger tradition when these two legends are no longer with us? Mariano Duncan??????

  88. tradejuanpypaperbag

    enchanted ~ It’s all perspective ~ 34 days is a long time when we are thinking in terms of Ned. 34 days is not long enough when you are hoping the Dodgers can turn it around.

  89. ajay m

    Look what Lou Piniella had to say about instant replay

    Cubs manager Lou Piniella wondered whether a team could challenge a call.

    “I’d love to be able to throw a red hankie or a green hankie. Imagine being able to throw something on the field and not be ejected,” he said. “I shouldn’t say it’s not going to work, but this could turn into a little bit of a fiasco initially.”


    We well know that Frank is over his head owning this franchise. I hope it brings him down the tubes. Nothing bad enough can happen to him that I wouldn’t enjoy immensely. More than anything we need an owner who knows what baseball is and can committ to it. This guy is a JOKE, and I hope people like Simers pile it on the Parking Lot Attendant.

  91. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Amy ~ I think we all feel the same way. There’s not much left to say that hasn’t already been said. We’ve been saying it for four games now (I am giving them the first game just because I think they are allowed to lose one or two here and there) ~ I refuse to believe they are giving up, and more about them pushing too hard.

  92. trublu4ever

    dnelly ~ I’m with you! Most folks have already written us off and if they feel that way, how do you think the players feel? I’m sticking with my team all the way to the end!


    Lack of leadership.

    The word leadership can refer to:

    1. Those entities that perform one or more acts of leading.
    2. The ability to affect human behavior so as to accomplish a mission.
    3. Influencing a group of people to move towards its goal setting or goal achievement.

    No nuts, no gall, no heart. Roll over and submit fellas, season’s over. You quit on us. Have a nice off season.

  94. aeversw

    Today on ESPN’s E:60 show they profiled the Owner and GM of the Tampa Bay Rays. Did you know the Rays have free parking? A team that only wishes they can generate money like the Dodgers has free parking! Also the Owner and the General Manager walk around the stadium and talk to fans. Big contrast in style and record. Frank should be taking notes.

  95. trublu4ever

    max ~Why is it that the Rays are in first place and nobody goes to their games? They can’t even draw 10,000 fans.

  96. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Amy ~ However, I do feel this is a Torre issue. I just think he is so wrong for this team. Somebody mentioned on here this morning they wanted the players show emotion ~ to see Matt get mad after striking out and Andre going off on an umpire and breaking bats. Well, if your manager doesn’t seem to have any emotion himself then maybe the perceived perception is not to. I don’t know ~ I’m just trying to reason my way out of feeling like crap for these players. I really think they are trying their best, and it’s just not working right now. 😦


    Criticize McCourt if you want, lord knows I have. But Frank Mc Court isn’t swinging at balls 4 and 5 with the ball game on the line. He isn’t grounding into double plays with the bases loaded. He isn’t blowing 2 and 3 run leads in the 9th inning. This team has the talent to be a world series contender, and certainly has the talent to win the west. This stretch has nothing to do with upper management. As much as I hate Colletti, he’s done a great job down the stretch getting us players to put us over the top. Casey Blake, Manny Ramirez, Greg Maddux… This run rests squarely on the shoulders of the players and the coaching staff. They aren’t getting it done on the field. Upper management is easy to blame, it’s just unwarranted in this situation. This is the team everyone wants to see. All the right guys are playing, they just aren’t executing. They’ve given up plain and simple.

  98. trublu4ever

    bitkace ~ I agree with you that they are not executing right now. But, I don’t think they have given up.

  99. amyw27

    dnelly- yea. everything has been said. and we all feel the same way. No one really has to say anything because in our hearts we love this team and we hate to see them down. no, it doesn’t seem like they’ve given up- they just can’t seem to play baseball at the moment and it’s sad.

  100. porklinks

    Teams that lose are “passive” or “passionless”. Teams that win are “quietly strong” or “professional”.
    For four years Jeff Kent has told anyone that would listen about his perception of the value of being a steady professional and avoiding the emotional peaks and valleys that baseball can bring over its long season. Nomar is a quiet pro also. Add placid Joe Torre to this non-volatile mix. Of course you should expect emotionless behavior after as loss. This is what all “veteran leaders” have demanded all along from the the team.
    You’re not going to see any bat-breaking or helmet-slamming – except maybe in the third-base coaching box. Isn’t that what Bowa is here for?
    old_fogey AKA westernmost_in_flavor AKA …

  101. amyw27

    what’s funny is that I really thought that we’d turn it around today. I was hoping that they’d brush off the Phillie loss and move forward with a great game. That is not what we saw tonight. It was the same old slump. I will stay positive and I love them no matter what.

  102. mccheap

    i post earlier ask the question on who would we have after Tommy and Vinny are gone, well the only person i can think of is Scioscia..ofcourse noone will ever match tommy’s passion for our boys in blue but i feel that scioscia has blue blood deep inside..he is a dodger..we need to bring this back(Dodger way)..but it all starts from the top..Frank needs to stop hiring ex giants and yankees to run our beloved team, whatver happen to promoting guys from within..doing it the Dodger way..waKE up FRANKKK!!


    Yes, bluesplash, it was about this time last year they went in the tank. I’ve been wondering today if this might turn into an annual event with this bunch.
    I think they’re laying down. How else could you possibly be this bad night after night.
    I agree with graphic’s earlier post.

  104. porklinks

    If Arizona wins tonight and finishes out playing .500, they finish with 84 wins. The Dodgers would have to finish 20-10 (.667) to win the division with 85 wins.
    old_fogey AKA westernmost_in_flavor AKA …

  105. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Very well said Old Fogey,westernmost, winflavor, porklinks ~ It really is kind of fun saying all your names. They are all very distinctive and have such good visual possibilities.
    Grizzly ~ Mike Scoscia would be a dream manager. I loved him as a player (he was Andre to me back then), and I love to watch him manage now. I just wish it was the Dodgers he was managing.

  106. bluecrewgirl

    DNelly, I think you make an excellent point about some of the players being self conscious about expressing emotion and frustration because of Torre. Earlier in the season, Matt and Andre were a lot quicker to show their frustration and thow a bat or helmet and Andre would hit himself on the helmet with his bat. As the season wore on, by little comments he made about Andre being the most emotional player on the team, I think he made it clear he didn’t like that and I think, as ridiculous as I think it is, it was part of the reason that he jacked Andre in and out of the lineup. Then when Andre starting getting more playing time, he made comments about how far he’d come when everyone else knew he was there all along. I think Andre learned the drill and realized he would have to repress his emotions to get more playing time. I think they have become an emotional reflection of their manager, which is sad. Torre sits in the dugout looking like he just got injected with Botox and he’s got the team looking like the Stepford Dodgers. Tommy would have been holding team meetings, coaching at 3rd base, doing everything he could to kick the team out of the slump. Gibby would be throwing some helmets and kicking some things around in the clubhouse and feeling completely free to do so. They would have worked their way out of it by now. Tracy may not have been perfect, but at least the Dodgers were well over .500 during a couple of his seasons and he had a personality. Torre’s just as deadpan as Grittle.

  107. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Old Fogey/westernmost/winflavor/porklinks ~ That Giles home run was good to see.
    Gnats and Rox scoreless – bottom of 2nd.

  108. porklinks

    All teams go through tough times. If this was happening in June, it would be annoying, but we fans wouldn’t be nearly this frustrated. Everything is magnified when there is only thirty-something games left to play and your team trails the division leader but is close enough to be still in it. .
    Management has also ratcheted up our expectations by making the classic prospects for veterans at the deadline moves, clearly signaling that they believe they can win it and are pulling out the stops.
    Those moves are supposed to be the ones that allow for a push, a surge toward improved winning percentages, but the Dodgers got one of the briefest bumps in the history of deadline deals and have since regressed. Nomar has picked a bad time to hit a horrendous slump – with the exception of the one walk-off HR. Kent got hot briefly and has cooled off again – I guess at his age he can’t go to baseball’s Cialis equivalent all the time. The young players have been generally decent, but rarely spectacular, all sporting only slightly above league-average OPS.
    Well, this is baseball – it could all change for the better starting tomorrow.
    old_fogey AKA westernmost_in_flavor AKA …

  109. trublu4ever

    Long time no see, porklinks. I don’t know what to add, you guys have said it all. I just hope Joe hasn’t given up like some of you have. If he does, there goes Andre, in comes Juan. There goes Nomar and in comes Berroa. Who knows, maybe we might even see Sweeney playing. That would really be giving up!!

  110. bluecrewgirl

    Trueblue, I don’t even want to think about Joe making such lineup changes. I pray he doesn’t. The only chance we still have is with the lineup we’ve been fielding.

  111. porklinks

    Thanks Miss Debbie and TruBlue – just been busy with work and such, plus home project stuff, planning a w/e trip, etc. etc.
    old_fogey AKA westernmost_in_flavor AKA …

  112. trublu4ever

    bluecrewgirl ~ I know it would be crazy for him to do stupid things with the lineup. But, you know Joe! I could see moving the current players around in the lineup to maybe shake things up a bit.

  113. porklinks

    TruBlue – when Joe wants to “shake things up a bit” he switches from Orange to Berry Burst Metamucil.

  114. trublu4ever

    I think he already messed up some of the players. I want Andre to break his bat. I want Matt to throw his helmet. I want Manny to grow his hair back!

  115. tradejuanpypaperbag

    bluecrewgirl ~ I totally agree with you. In addition to Andre, I believe Matt was being benched early in the season for his anger management issues over strikeouts. That has pretty much been non-existent now. I hate to admit it, but in some strange way this latest seemingly non-emotional patch may be due to the fact that Joe insisting on Manny cutting his hair. This whole downhill slide kind of goes back to that day. Maybe there is just to much regidity (sp?) driven into this team, and that was the last straw. Like Kpookiemon said, it’s like the principal/board member who want all crew cuts and all student sitting in rows having no fun. When I watch Joe sitting on that rail, that’s what I see – somebody who isn’t having fun himself.

  116. enchantedbeaver

    I don’t know what Torre’s thinking Tru. He’s got all the personality of a turnip, and everytime this team’s gotten something going, he’s managed to squash it. If you have to have someone else have your emotions for you (Bowa), then maybe you’re not the right person to manage. He’s played with all the young guys heads since day 1, so its no surprise they overthink what they’re doing. Its like my job – I can sit here and think of 25 different ways to do what the customer wants, but that’s 23-24 more ways to confuse the issue when most of the time the best way to get from point A to point B is a straight line.

  117. bluecrewgirl

    I with you, trueblue. Add to that and Russ to start cussing under his breath again and Loney to roll his big brown eyes and maybe we can start hitting again, lol.

  118. porklinks

    I want Chad to fling the rosin bag at second base! I want Russell Martin to hurl his body at the backstop screen! I want Nomar to flap his wriststraps until they break off! I want Kent to burn slowly inside until he collapses like an imploded building into a heap of dust! I want Broxton to heave a baseball into the CF stands! I want Pierre to climb on the dugout roof and rend his jersey! Wanton emotion people!!

  119. porklinks

    If I remember “Ball Four” correctly, Joe Torre had some fun back in his playing days. When did he get to be such a tighta(shortstop)?

  120. tradejuanpypaperbag

    enchanted ~ no you know… going from point A to point B is next to impossible for Torre. That would just make too much sense. Very well said as usual, however.

  121. trublu4ever

    enchanted ~ I know what you are saying. I think Joe will be sorry he ever started a blog if he hears half of what’s going on here.

  122. porklinks

    I want Sweeney to burn his bats in a ritualistic funeral pyre on the dugout steps! I want Beimel to be exasperated at the stereotypes perpetuated by Geico! I want Kuroda to drive a Bobcat out on the field and level the mound! Anarchy now!

  123. trublu4ever

    enchanted ~ if you are depressed, go to Joe’s blog and get out all of your frustrations on him. A good release valve! Then, have a stiff drink!

  124. tradejuanpypaperbag

    enchanted – do you feel the love? We can’t have you depressed enchanted, we just can’t….

  125. porklinks

    I want Ethier to carve up third base with kitchen knives! I want Loney to dress up like Manny Ramirez on a televised national sports talk show! (Oh, wait.) I want Andruw Jones to overturn the post-game buffet table instead of sliding down it on his belly with mouth agape. I Greg Maddux to pee on all the rookies in the shower! (What’s that? He already does that?) I want Lowe to bite the head off of a rabid bat!

  126. trublu4ever

    bigkace ~ With Jeff Kent and Juan Pierre on our team, I think they need dynamite!!!!! They don’t seem like real fun guys.

  127. porklinks

    I want the real Torre to write an actual blog instead of ghost-written pablum! (The 1960 World Series? Really?)

  128. stizaza

    the fantasy league is almost full with 9 teams. i think i am gonna set the draft for thursday or friday at about 8:00pm. will that work for you???

  129. kpookiemon

    I want Torre to start simple: Get your a** off the damn rail! I’m sick of seeing you there for five straight months. Get a walker if you need it…

  130. trublu4ever

    Best one yet, porklinks!!!! Wouldn’t it be cool if James came on the field with the dreads! Better yet, everyone should!!!!

  131. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Friday is better – I have back to school night Thursday. I should be done, but I don’t want to take the chance, unless you can do 9, then I would be home for sure. Can’t Wait!!!

  132. porklinks

    I want Young, Berroa and Ozuna to take batting practice on thrown bobblehead dolls! I want Troncoso to turn the groundskeepers’ hoses on Plaschke, Simers and Rosenthal! I want Sturtze to sacrifice a live goat in the bullpen!

  133. enchantedbeaver

    Appropriately, The Zombies – She’s Not There:

    Well no one told me about Joe
    The way he lies
    Well no one told me about Joe
    How his teams just die
    But its too late to say Frank’s sorry
    He should’ve known, but why should he care
    Please its time to fire JoJo
    He just stares
    Well let me tell you ‘bout the way he blows
    The way he biatched about the length of Manny’s hair
    His voice is soft and slow, his mind’s not very bright
    Cause he’s not there.
    Well no one told me about Joe
    What can we do?
    Well no one told be about Joe
    Though all New Yorkers knew
    But its too late for Frank’s “I’m sorry”
    He should’ve known, but he doesn’t care
    Its not enough to fire Ned now
    Joe’s still there
    Well let me tell you ‘bout the way he blows
    The way he biatched about the length of Manny’s hair
    His voice is soft and slow, his mind’s not very bright
    Cause he’s not there.
    But its too late for Frank’s “I’m sorry”
    He should’ve known, but he doesn’t care
    Its not enough to fire Ned now
    Joe’s still there
    Well let me tell you that we don’t like Joe
    Nor the way he made Ramirez cut his hair
    He really such a tool, his mind’s not very bright
    He’s not all there.

  134. kpookiemon

    Sheffield, while not a model citizen, had this to say as the 2006 season ended for the Yankees. “Jim Leyland…can make you believe anything. He can put a fire under your belt like you never had before in your life…Not to make excuses, but we didn’t have that (with Torre).”

  135. enchantedbeaver

    No, but it helps 🙂

    Actually, “I am depressed” is from Blazing Saddles and the immortal Slim Pickens.

  136. porklinks

    Chase Hedy, er “That’s HEADLEY” singled in a sixth run for Pads who chased Webb after 4 2/3. 6-2 SD going to the seventh.

  137. bluecrewgirl

    Lol, enchanted. At least one thing has continued to be on our side in that other teams continue to help us out more often than not.

  138. porklinks

    “I hired you people to try to get a little track laid, not to jump around like a bunch of Kansas City ….”

  139. kpookiemon

    “The Boston Red Sox acquired outfielder Mark Kotsay from the Atlanta Braves on Tuesday night pending a physical, according to a baseball source with knowledge of the deal. The Braves will receive a minor-league pitcher in return.

    The Red Sox acquired Kotsay, who had cleared waivers, as outfield insurance. Earlier Tuesday they placed right-fielder J.D. Drew on the 15-day disabled list with a herniated disk in his back.”

    Red Sox nation…you thought Manny was a problem? Welcome to the world of Princess Drew…

  140. mccheap

    we should make juan piere the team mascot…..paint him blue and white..with some manny dreds and have umm do back flips in the infield between every inning..

  141. heartruss

    Okay, I’m done being upset and depressed over our guys. All the negativity in the press doesn’t help the situation. Agreed that the Blue is in a slump. But all is not lost. I have decided to pick myself up and enjoy the last few home games. Luckily I will be able to go to all the rest. I will cheer the Dodgers on. When they return on Monday, I am lucky enough to have a Dugout seat. I am going to have fun with my buddies there. I have a surprise for Andre if I can get time to finish making it. I will let them know that I do support them no matter what because I love all of them. It’s always nice to be in a winning situation but everyone, it’s a game, it’s not life or death. We watch baseball for the love of the game. Right?? I’ll never boo them, criticize them, or complain. Who am I? I’m no manager. I’m a Dodger fan, true blue. Through thick or thin, I’m not a fair weather fan. Go Dodgers.

  142. mccheap

    or maybe lock the players up in the clubhouse with larry bowa after he’s had half a bottle of jack daniels……..ofcourse after a loss..maybe that will get umm going

  143. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Grizzly ~ JP would look like a blue and white oompaloompa from the Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory – LMAO!!!!!

  144. enchantedbeaver

    “I want rustlers, cut throats, murderers, bounty hunters, desperados, mugs, pugs, thugs, nitwits, halfwits, dimwits, vipers, snipers, con men, Indian agents, Mexican bandits, muggers, buggerers, bushwhackers, hornswogglers, horse thieves, bull dikes, train robbers, bank robbers, ***-kickers, schit-kickers and Methodists.”

  145. stizaza

    i’l see about friday but if not then what about 8:30 on thursday. and i’ll try 9:00 if not but is there any chance of making at 8:30???

  146. enchantedbeaver

    “Now I don’t have to tell you good folks what’s been happening to our beloved little team. hitting murdered, runners burned, intestinal fortitude looted, pitchers stampeded, and cattle raped. The time has come to act, and act fast. I’m leaving.”

  147. tradejuanpypaperbag

    You’ve got to remember that these are just simple farmers. These are people of the land. The common clay of the new West. You know… morons.

  148. enchantedbeaver

    Why don’t we paint Juan purple like a grape?, because he’s always sure to let out a little whine.

  149. mccheap

    i say the whole team should let their hair grow out..grow some 70’s stache’s and atleast make us laugh..ohh i forgot torre’s our manager..we have to look professional

  150. enchantedbeaver

    [Ned] “Maybe I could turn this thing into my advantage… if I could find a center fielder who so offends the fans of L.A. that his very *appearance* would drive them to want JP.

  151. obi_wen


    MEET JOE TORRE (2008)

    Joe Torre and Frank McCourt enter into a most unusual gentleman’s agreement. Wealthy parking lot tycoon Frank McCourt leads a charmed existence until Death comes calling with an extraordinary proposition – he’ll delay Frank’s imminent demise in exchange for managing the Dodgers. Set in his ways and hilariously out of touch, Joe disrupts Frank’s world of privilege and corporate benevolence. Joe’s actions as a manager cause the team to spiral downward. Loving the fat contract, the control, the trappings of the “Hollywood” lifestyle and fond of the after game buffets, Joe threatens to change the rules on Frank. Now Frank must fight not for his future, but for the future of the Dodger organization and their millions of loyal fans in this bittersweet tale of life,death and America’s favorite pastime. **** THIS FILM HAS BEEN RATED MA [Mostly Agonizing] Contains several scenes of fans being tortured by managerial indecision, multiple line-up changes, two for one switches; removal of starting and relief pitchers AFTER facing one batter too many. One scene of mild drug use by Gary Bennett, allegedly for treating his plantar fasciitis, a brief scene with Juan Pierre and Andruw Jones involving two batting donuts, a gerbil and a bowl of lemon-lime Jello that some may find extremely disturbing.

  152. porklinks

    I want Jamie McCourt to whip off her strappy heels and fling them through her flat screen TV! I want Logan White to burn Ned in effigy! I want Kim Ng to stick hatpins into her Ned voodoo doll! I want Rick Honeycutt to scatter his lifetime tack supply all over the infield! I want Bob Schaeffer to take out tomorrow’s lineup on an Etch-A-Sketch while wearing a clown outfit!

  153. enchantedbeaver

    Frank, Ned and Joe: “Holy underwear! Hitting murdered! Innocent rookies blown to bits! We have to protect our phoney baloney jobs here, gentlemen! We must do something about this immediately! Immediately! Immediately! Harrumph! Harrumph! Harrumph!

  154. stizaza

    so far thursday at 8:30 seems to be working with everyone so plan on that and i will let you know when it is finalized or ifi have to change it.
    and if anyone else is interested in joining my fantasy league i need one more team.

  155. kpookiemon

    Our buddy Falkenborg loaded the bases for the D-backs…but Bell came in to get an inning-ending strike-out.

  156. porklinks

    “The home dugout was always lively / But never nasty or obscene / Behind the rail stood anal Torre / He always wants things nice and clean”

  157. obi_wen

    [what, Beimel’s Geico caveman look isn’t funny enough?}

    LOL.. Good one, pork links… Loved the song, Enchanted.

  158. bluecrewgirl

    DNelly, I thought you would appreciate this line as well. It’s from an article about the Dodger Dugout Club in USA Today:

    Want to make eye contact (a lot of young women do) with outfielder/hunk Andre Ethier? You got it.

  159. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Bluecrewgirl – so very cool he is involved in so many things. He’s becoming a Dodger marquee name, which is to his benefit.

  160. porklinks

    I want Cory Wade to shout, “Fifteen is my limit on schnitzengruben.”! I want Larry Bowa soused on Sauza and saying something inappropriate to Carolyn Hughes! I want Mariano Duncan to steal the foul line chalk and write obscenities in the outfield!

  161. tradejuanpypaperbag

    westernfogeylinks ~ We might as well try other combinations of your name – LOL!!! You are still on quite a roll I see – LOL!!!!

  162. porklinks

    Revising my earlier, more pessimistic post:
    If Arizona loses tonight and finishes out playing .500, they finish with 83 wins. The Dodgers would have to finish 19-11 (.633) to win the division with 84 wins, or play .600 ball to tie.
    old_fogey AKA westernmost_in_flavor AKA …

  163. tradejuanpypaperbag

    bluecrewgirl – I sat right behind the dugout club during the Braves series (section 1), and Andre does look over that way quite often. I have a picture of him, and it looks like he is looking right at me – freaky and cool at the same time.

  164. tradejuanpypaperbag

    jungar – pops up once again – I would say you are being “short but sweet”, but in your case it’s probably “short but sad” – LOL!!!!! We know how you feel.

  165. porklinks

    bluecrewgirl – you mean you’ve seen his crummy stuff like “Spaceballs”, but not “Blazing Saddles”??? At least you’ve seen his best, which is the original “The Producers” with Zero Mostel and Gene Wilder.

  166. tradejuanpypaperbag

    bluecrewgirl – I really do like the way Andre plays ball (not just because he’s handsome), and I don’t ever think he would just give up. He has come too far this season to even think about not giving it all he’s got. He still has to look over his shoulder because JP is right there watching I am sure.

  167. porklinks

    You can call me Fogey, or you can call me Westernmost, or you can call me porklinks, …, but you doesn’t have to call me OldPorky!

  168. tradejuanpypaperbag

    How about oldwesternlinks, oldwesternfogey, or oldlinks? LMAO!!! Math lesson for the day. How many different ways to you rearrange your name?

  169. bluecrewgirl

    DNelly, I know that’s not the main reason you like him. You’re a loyal and very knowledgeable fan ): I agree I don’t think he, or any of the other players for that matter, would ever give up. It was just a week ago when they were all setting the world on fire. I just hope Joe doesn’t forget that and mess with the lineup. I still keep going back to that day off last Monday messing them up. Mattingly even mentioned it in an article. It made no sense to have a day off in the middle of a home stand. They should have played straight through to Wednesday, then they could have left for Philly Wednesday night and had Thursday as an off day in Philly. It was such a momentum killer after the walk of win on Sunday.

  170. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Well, dbacks fans are probably just as pi**ed as we are. They can’t manage to win against the Padres, another one of the worst teams in baseball. This series in Arizona will be an interesting one to say the least. dbacks lost 9-3. At least we can say the Dodgers held the Nats to 2 runs.

  171. porklinks

    Miss Debbie – I AM a math guy; you cannot throw that gauntlet down in front of me! Lessee… old, fogey, western(most), flavor, win, pork, links.. I count seven different words to arrange. They can be permuted 7! different ways, 7! = 5040, so there are 5,040 ways to rearrange my names.

  172. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Totally agree bluecrewgirl. There was no need for that Monday day off, especially when they could’ve used the off day to travel like you said. I have said this before, but on the Giants morning show, they often talk about their flights and how grueling some of them are, especially on days where it’s not an off day – late ending games, delayed flights, etc.

  173. porklinks

    OK – my absurdity tank is on E and it is time to go. Thanks to all for helping cheer me up after yet another bizarre loss on this road trip. Better luck tomorrow!
    old_fogey AKA westernmost_in_flavor AKA …

  174. tradejuanpypaperbag

    That is very cool!!! 5,040 – explains why you are so good at your stats too. Very little gets by you. I know I have to be on my toes when doing stats when you are around, and that’s a good thing.

  175. tradejuanpypaperbag

    westernmost – finite math and statistics were my favorite two classes in college – loved them!!!

  176. bluecrewgirl

    Thanks for the laughs, porklinks. Hopefully, we’ll be cheering instead of crying in our over-priced beer this time tomorrow.

  177. tradejuanpypaperbag

    westernmost – Those were my favorite math classes, but I loved Deep Stucture Analysis. We literally took sentences and broke them down where every word had a meaning and a reason for it’s use in a sentence. I also studied dialects in that class as well – hard but fun class. So, when I make a mistake on here, it drives me insane. I can’t even text without typing the whole word. However, I am getting better. Good Night!!!

  178. aeversw

    So far this seasons The Kids (Martin, Loney, Kemp Ethier) are hitting a combined .285/.354/.450 with 53 home runs and 249 RBIs. The Veteran Leaders (Nomar, Kent, Pierre, Jones) are hitting a combined .238/.300/.350 with 20 home runs and 117 RBIs. I wonder who’s gonna get blamed for the bad season this time.

  179. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Max ~ That is one of the most powerful stats I have seen all season. Very telling to say the least. Thank you for sharing 🙂


    Thats exactly right Max. Only 3 out. We can do this. We need a big game. I really thought having Manny wouldn;t allow this to happen. I guess I am wrong!

  181. crzblue2

    bigkace ~ With Jeff Kent and Juan Pierre on our team, I think they need dynamite!!!!! They don’t seem like real fun guys.

    By TruBlue44 on August 26, 2008 8:39 PM

    But I keep telling you all the Kent is really a fun guy. Ask anyone that have attended the WIN events, has seen him around kids, at the Caravan or at his autographs signings. I sat at a table where all thought highly of Kent after getting to talk to him. I actually did not agree on him catching us in the bullpen but there he was offering us pointers.
    Been busy with auditors, month-end work and getting ready for my trip to Arizona this weekend. Had a great time Saturday watching our baby Blue boys in San Bernardino where they beat the Quakes. Some of those kids look so young. They were shy but very pleasant when they arrived after the game to get their pizza and soft drinks.

  182. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Okay ~ So I know the lines to Grease by heart too (I am a girl you know). All this movie talk has brought out the movie songs in me I guess. It’s a little motivational song for our young boys in blue (plus Manny and Casey).
    Song: You’re the Boys That We Want
    Original Song: You’re the One That I Want
    by: Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta
    Grease Movie Soundtrack
    We’ve got chills
    They’re multiplying
    And we’re losing control
    ‘Cause the power
    You’re supplyin’
    It’s not happenin’
    Boys better shape’ up
    ‘Cause we need to win
    And our hearts are set on you
    Boys better shape up
    You better understand
    To our heart Blue must be true
    Nothin’ left, nothin’ left for us to do
    You are the boys that we want
    (You are the boys that we want) o,o,oo Matty
    The boys that we want
    (You are the boys that we want) o,o,oo Andre
    The boys that we want
    (You are the boys that we want) o,o,oo Manny
    The boys we need
    To win indeed
    We are filled
    With devotion
    We’re not shy to convey
    Stand for a new direction
    See our way!
    Boys better shape up
    Cause we need to win
    We need to win
    Which will keep ITD satisfield
    Boys better shape up
    If you’re gonna prove
    You better prove
    That our faith is justified
    Are we sure?
    Yes, we’re Blue down deep inside
    You are the boys that we want
    (You are the boys that we want) o,o,oo James
    The boys that we want
    (You are the boys that we want) o,o,oo Russell
    The boys that we want
    (You are the boys that we want) o,o,oo Casey
    The boys we need
    To win indeed
    You are the boys that we want
    (You are the boys that we want) o,o,oo Billz
    The boys that we want
    (You are the boys that we want) o,o,oo Kersh
    The boys that we want
    (You are the boys that we want) o,o,oo Brox
    The boys we need
    To win indeed

  183. crzblue2

    The thing is that to win, we not only need a few guys to to do good, we need the whole team to do well. We have to pull for all of them.
    Dissapointed in today’s loss. How many wins would Lowe have if he had some run suport? Heck I had him for the last two years in my baseball fantasy team and both years he had not gotten much run support. He could sue for non-run support.
    Good luck in the baseball fantasy playoffs guys! I am the only lady in the league, right?

  184. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Good Morning ITD writers and readers!!!
    Well, today is another day, and let’s hope it turns out to be a happy one. GO DODGER BLUE ~ WE LOVE YOU!!
    dnelly, nells, nelle, mom, June Darlin’, Junie, Miss Debbie, and Mrs. Nelson ~ ETHIERaholics and proud of it!!
    Ward Dear ~ I noticed I misspelled satisfied in my song. If you would be so kind to fix it, that would be swell dear. ~
    June Darlin’, Junie

  185. trublu4ever

    Good morning dnelly ~ Just read an article in the L.A. times about Brian Fuentes and, it said that if any non-contenders pass on him, we have the opportunity to sign him for $800,000. I know our bats have been struggling but, I think Brian would add a spark if we are to contend for the division title.

  186. crzblue2

    Go Padres. Padres go for the sweep this afternoon. Also after the game their single A team will play host to our San Bernardino 66rs who swept the Quakes over the weekend.
    Here is more info from the 66rs website for those in the San Diego area that can go to the game:
    This from the 66rs site at
    The 66ers will have the day off on Tuesday, and then on Wednesday they will get a treat as they will be playing against the Lake Elsinore Storm down in Petco Park, the home stadium of the San Diego Padres. The 66ers are currently tied with the Quakes which means that they are in thick of things in terms of the playoff race. Fans can keep up with all the action as the 66ers battle it out for a playoff spot by tuning in to KCAA AM 1050 where the voices of the 66ers Mike Saeger and Luke Foth will be presenting the play by play.

  187. cpompe1

    Hi all ITD boys and girls,
    Yeah, this is not a fun time to be a Dodger fan. But I still am, as I know a lot of you are too!

    First of all, I’m typing with one hand because my other on is propping an ice pack (actually, it’s a bag of frozen corn) on my left shoulder. I’ve got bursitis. Doesn’t at least one of our DL pitchers have bursitis??? Anyways, I’m typing very slow…

    The other thing is I’m back painting again. I still have a ways to go. So as infrequently as I post here, it’ll be even less – what with my bum shoulder and my painting project…

  188. amyw27

    Emma- how are you dear? We do like Jeff Kent, he is a really kind man and I believe he has reason’s for his comments. He’s not hateful or disrespectful!!
    sad losses this week for our boys in blue. I really hope we turn things around and get some wins under our belt before we face the snakes!
    good morning to all 🙂

  189. trublu4ever

    Hi everyone ~ I seem to have caused some confusion about a comment I made about Jeff Kent. I know he is a nice guy. He does treat his fans okay. I just think he’s not a great clubhouse guy. Even when he played for the Giants, there were always reports about his attitide towards his teammates. I have nothing against him personally. I just think when a team is struggling like our Dodgers are right now, everyone has to step it up a bit to make a cohesive unit on and off the field. I truely meant no disrespect to Jeff or any of his fans.

  190. amyw27

    Tru- I understand your comments. Jeff Kent is always going to be Jeff Kent. I know you weren’t ‘hating’ on him at all.
    I was just agree with crzyblu on the fact that he is a nice guy.

  191. trublu4ever

    Amy ~ I was feeling really down after our loss last night and, we were all venting our frustrations. I think when you have so many young guys on a team, the veterans are the ones who have to pick them up emotionally and lead the way. I’m sure Jeff is a nice guy. I’ve heard you guys talk about meeting him in person.

  192. amyw27

    I was feeling really down last night too. We have so much talent and ability and yet we can’t make the plays to win games.
    today is a new day 🙂 we will take comfort in that!

  193. porklinks

    I think it’s pretty clear from all the press reports over the years that Jeff Kent:
    – is nice to the fans (perhaps nicer at the female-oriented events)
    – hates most of the media
    – probably does not like many fellow baseball players
    old_fogey AKA westernmost_in_flavor AKA …

  194. porklinks

    And Good Morning ItD Bloggers and Commenters!
    We can also take comfort that the Nats aren’t very good and should be a good opportunity for the team to get back on track.

  195. porklinks

    I made an egregious mathematics error last night (must have been sleepy) in telling Miss Debbie how many names you can form from all my nicks. My calculation was only if you use ALL seven words! (old, fogey, western(most), flavor, win, pork, links), but I didn’t account for the combinations that don’t use all the words. For example, there are 21 word pairs that can be formed and you can put them in either order, so there’s 42 two-word nicks possible. Do the same for 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 word combos and add ’em up. Turns out there must be….
    13,699 ways to name a Fogey!
    (sounds like a Paul Simon song: “you just slip in a ‘pork’, dork…” etc. Or maybe a song from “Rent” – “Thirteen Thousand Six Hundred Ninety Nine Nicknames…”)
    old_fogey AKA westernmost_in_flavor AKA …

  196. porklinks

    Oh, one last thing, inspired by Dodger Thoughts:
    .259 .324 .386 .710 – 2008 Dodgers
    .253 .326 .395 .721 – 2005 Dodgers
    .285 .354 .450 .804 – 2008 Martin, Loney, Kemp, Ethier (as pointed out by Max Power, above)
    Good thing this year’s team has pitching, second best ERA+ in the NL. 2005’s was below league-average.
    As Jon Weisman points out, after 2005, Jim Tracy and Paul DePodesta got fired.
    old_fogey AKA westernmost_in_flavor AKA …

  197. trublu4ever

    old-flava-links ~ You’ll probably been off to work by the time I post this. If not, however, have a great day and see you later!

  198. crzblue2

    I hate running… running is for pitchers. I hate pitchers, they only work every 5 days… naugh.. that is not true is just something that Jeff was saying with a smirk on his face at the WIn event. The way he delivers his jokes, it would seem like he enjoys his reputation but he should not talk to T.J. that guy has thrown him under the bus before.
    Tru, I know where you are coming from. I get so frustrated too. I can watch replay after replay when they win but when they loose, oh, I get so heartbroken, I change the channel when they show highlights or shall I say lowlights. Still, I am looking forward to seeing the Blue in AZ.
    Go Padres, sweep the Snakes!
    Go Dodgers! I changed my phone pic to the one where I have all the hitters BBH gathered around a blue candle for good luck.


    GET IT DONE!!!

    For anyone who is upset about the caps…. They’re like that on purpose… Yes, I was yelling….This team is far too talented and far too capable to be in this position… I have complete faith that they will figure that out on their own…. If and win they do…. WATCHOUT!!
    Go Dodgers!! And God Bless all that is Blue!! Think Blue!! I’m trying anything here guys!!

    See ya

  200. amyw27

    wow. thanks for sharing obi. very interesting.
    my dad runs the LA marathon almost every year, and he is training to run it this coming march.
    will Frank own it? hmm

  201. thinkingblue

    Hello all ITD

    Brandon I am with you.

    Stay positive and keep cheering for the DODGER’S

    I’m just hoping that when FURCAL comes back, he comes back with the itch to win, and comes back strong…Like when Manny came to LA, and like when Ethier thought he wasn’t going to be playing much…he out shined everyone and he is still playing strong….

  202. obi_wen

    You’re welcome Amy. Funny how Frank says he’s “going the distance” I really wish he was talking about the Dodgers’ season, don’t you? Btw, someone should write a parody song about his company using the lyrics from “The Distance” by Cake [this song is a KROQ favorite] 🙂 GO DODGERS! GO MADDUX!

  203. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Good Afternoon!! I only have time for one response, but I will catch up later on the rest.
    westernmostporklinks ~ I was too tired to check your work LOL!!! – that’s an astounding number – Have a wonderful day!!!
    Miss Debbie ~ Ethieraholic

  204. porklinks

    Miss Debbie – the song you posted just before midnight is laugh-out-loud funny! I can just imagine all the Ethierholics and Martinistas dressed up in pigtails, poodleskirts and saddle shoes belting out “You’re the boys that we want” in a huge production number!
    old_fogey AKA westernmost_in_flavor AKA …

  205. trublu4ever

    brandon ~ I am so surprised to see your new attitude! I THINK THIS JUST MIGHT WORK TO TURN OUR DODGERS AROUND. GO DODGER BLUE !!!!! WE ARE ALL ROOTING FOR YOU!!!! Way to go Brandon

  206. thinkingblue

    DNELLY….I just read your song….”You are the one that I want”….that is sooooo FUNNY…I love it….BOYS IN BLUE YOU ARE ALL THAT WE WANT….AND WE NEED YOU TO WIN…

    MARTINISTA….love that…GREAT TERM!!!!

    I am going to change my name to ROSE-ETHIER-MARTINISTA!

  207. porklinks

    Day time baseball in San Diego today. No score after two. The Big Unit on the hill for AZ, vs. Cha Seung Baek.

  208. trublu4ever

    Hey OldPorky ~ I can see you are very busy! I can’t wait for Joe’s lineup for tonight. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that he doesn’t do something really stupid! But, then again, you know Joe. I’m hoping we win but, just in case, what movie are we planning for tonight’s entertainment? I’ll have to brush up.

  209. porklinks

    Tony Jackson reporting that Pablo Ozuna has been DFA and some kid infielder recalled from Vegas.
    Also this strange note:
    “A few minutes ago, the club also announced that Cory Wade was coming off the DL and that Tanyon Sturtze had been DFA’d, but they quickly retracted that.”
    Hopefully the Wade move is delayed only because of a travel issue (can’t get to the park in time for tonight’s game.)

  210. trublu4ever

    Porklinks ~ Do you think they may be going after Brian Fuentes? The L.A. Times thought is may be a possibility.

  211. scurtis1999

    What up peeps? Ready to not hit with RISP again tonight and feel like crap after another tough loss? lol jk Hope not!

    Snakes 0-0 bot 4th

  212. trublu4ever

    scurtis ~ thanks for thr score update. I think we will begin our winning streak tonight. Might as well be positive. If we all think positive thoughts, who know, it may work!

  213. northstateblues

    What’s up doc, can we rock? DOn’t know where that came from (well, it came from Shaq), but Hello ITD.

    Today I have optimistic hopes and realistic expectations. I hope Tommy was waiting in the clubhouse for them last night, or at the very least grizzlie’s idea of Larry Bowa with a bottle of Jack Daniels.

    THey’re capable of winning, but they have to look inside of themselves and ask themselves how bad they want it. No matter how much WE want it, THEY’RE the ones who have to deliver.

    C’mon Maddux, do your thing and let’s get a win!!

  214. enchantedbeaver

    Go-Go’s – We Got The Beat

    See JoJo leanin’ on the railing.
    Wake him up ‘cuz the D’s ship is asailing
    He don’t know how to make ‘em go,
    But they’re making outs fine
    We just got beat
    We just got beat
    We just got beat
    We just got beat
    See the kids while they’re still a learning
    Bowa gives ‘em hell so all their ears are burning
    Try to get a lift from ancient PVLs
    And the next thing you know
    We just got beat
    We just got beat
    We just got beat
    We just got beat
    [guitar solo]
    Colletti tradin’ at the deadline
    Juanpy makin pouty faces from the old pine
    Jeffy’s got no range and Manny’s locks are off
    Blake he makes an error and…
    We just got beat
    We just got beat
    We just got beat
    We just got beat
    C’mon McCourt an get off your seat
    We want wins now instead of defeat
    Fire Joe and fire Ned too
    Now, now, now, now, NOW!!!

    Artist: JoJo Needs a Pacemaker
    © NedCo Records 2008

    NedCo a division of Frig-em-all Industries

  215. kssssss

    Ok gang…..This awful streak started when the Rockies came to Dodger Stadium….Since then, this team has been pitiful….very difficult to watch…..and now the Rockies are only 3 games behind us, and I wouldn’t just worry about the Dbacks, but the Rockies too…who have a much better team than we do……Can you believe the same thing happens every year to this team, no matter who is on it…It’s so sad….I have to turn the games off alot on TV because I can’t bear to watch anymore…Feel bad for DLowe…to lose when he pitches like that is a shame…..
    Anybody feel real confident tonight in Maddux???….I don’t…hope I’m wrong….but how can everyone be in a slump together?…it’s awful….
    and to think we gave up a great catcher in Carlos Santan for Casey Blake…YIKES!!!…at this point Santana might have been in the big leagues soon if Martin doesn’t snap out of his funk….at the plate and behind the plate….Has he thrown anyone out this year?

  216. amyw27

    scurits- you made me chuckle. I swear- 37 LOB in 3 games?!?! It’s just like winning a game on no hits. This team is fantastic.
    lol 🙂

  217. scurtis1999

    We need a good laugh right now Amy because I lose about a month off my life watching every game right now and Im only 31 lol

  218. northstateblues

    I hear that, scurtis… I think I’m losing hair, my hair’ll be going from Beimel to Lowe to Schmidt in no time flat with another few seasons of this.

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