Maddux is official…and you might get to meet him

madduxdodgerseog3242.jpgGreg Maddux is coming back to the Dodgers. The deal is done and we hope to see him here in an hour or two.

UPDATE: That reminds me, the ThinkCure auction is still going on this week and it just so happens that I spend about an hour of each day in the Dodger clubhouse, as would the fan who purchases the package to go Inside the Dodgers.

So, while I can’t make any promises that you’ll definitely meet the newest Dodger, Greg Maddux, it’s always possible that him, Manny or any other future Hall of Famers will wind up in a conversation with me on that day and if you’re standing there, well…

The price is still just at $430 and as you know, there’s currently a battle with KABC’s Josh Suchon to see who can raise more money for cancer research.

I hate to point this out, but Inside the Dodgers is currently losing the battle…

Here are a few of the things I’ve mentioned that are part of my typical day, in addition to the interaction with numerous players on the team:

– Meeting Joe Torre and taking part in his pregame media session

– Standing on the field at Dodger Stadium for the National Anthem

– A private tour of the stadium, including areas that the public tour doesn’t go (underground batting cages, player’s lounge, Dodger offices, press box, broadcast booths, DodgerVision booth…remember, as an employee, my badge allows you to goes places where “the other Josh” can’t go!!) 🙂

– And of course, while I can’t make any 100 percent guarantees, I’m going to quietly mention that just about every day of my job requires me to interact with all of the Dodger broadcasters, including Vin Scully, Jaime Jarrin, Rick Monday, Charley Steiner, Fernando Valenzuela, Pepe Yniguez and Steve Lyons. You might take note that the package to visit Vin in his booth is now over $3,000 while this one is still under $500.


Kemp, CF

Ethier, RF

Kent, 2B

Manny, LF

Loney, 1B

Martin, C

Nomar, SS

Blake, 3B

Kuroda, P


Yeah!!! Maddux is BACK.

Hi Josh, I was at the 90’s luncheon. I just wanted to thank you for bringing Vin Scully. That was awesome 🙂 I posted some pictures on my blog.

Just in time for the new thread!

To Joe Walsh’s “Life’s Been Good”

I have a mansion, forget the price
I cut a fat hog, here is a slice.
I don’t do too much, one strikeout a day.
I never do well, but I still play.

They say Joe’s crazy but I have a good time.
(Good time, good time)
Writers are looking for clues like it’s the scene of a crime.
Life’s been good to me so far.

My batting average is oh-eighty-five.
I lost my swing, now the ball I can’t drive.
I have a great job, I sit on the bench.
The fans don’t like me, “Say, what is that stench?”

I’ve make hit records, a long time ago.
I wasn’t too bad, but now I am slow.
But I got me a contract, gold emblems on my car.
I can’t get fired, this is bizarre.

Lucky I’m employed after all I’ve been through.
(Everybody say? I’m cool?……? He’s cool?)
I can’t complain but the fans, they sure do.
Life’s been good to me so far.

I go to parties, sometimes until four.
It’s hard to sleep cause I wake when I snore.
It’s tough to handle this fortune and fame.
Everybody says, “Retire, have you no shame?”

They say I’m worthless and I haven’t a clue
(Everybody say ?Oh, yeah?….. ?Oh, yeah?)
I keep on goin’, I don’t care if you boo.
Life’s been good to me so far.

The question is: Who did we give up?

Ahhh… “two Minor League players to be named or cash considerations”

Eric ~ I see you are in your usual great style.

Sig ~ We gave up players to be named later

Someone said yesterday that Maddux is a practical joker. So, with both he and Manny’s outgoing personality, it should make a lively and loose clubhouse. That will reflect well on the field too!

Welcome back, Maddux!

Nice job, Dodger Brass.

Good to see you trying to compensate us fans. By doing what you can to get us over the snakes and into the playoffs.

Well said, jrod, now let’s hope they keep it up during the off season.

Another good one eric!!!

From Dodger Thoughts:
The exact phrasing from the Dodgers’ official Greg Maddux announcement:
“The Los Angeles Dodgers today announced that they have re-acquired right-handed pitcher Greg Maddux and cash considerations from the San Diego Padres for two minor league players to be named later or cash considerations.”

Greetings from Down Under .. So I read we give up 2 young players for a 6 week rental. Not too expensive I suppose if you like driving a vintage car.

Thanks, porklinks. Now please don’t let anyone ask again, “for who”.

Hi, rodmky, I love vintage cars!!

TruBlue – There are TEACHERS present! You mean “for whom”! 😉

LOL Dodgereric – laff riot!
So if the Padres send cash now, and the Dodgers send cash later, did Frank McCourt just get a loan?

I’m sorry, porklinks. Miss Debbie will kill me! LOL It’s funny because I’m usually a real stickler for spelling and grammar. That’s why dnelly can’t even do a text message without spelling everything out.

I’m sorry, did we get someone?


TruBlue – couldn’t resist!
So, what is the corresponding roster move?
And what number will he wear? All his former Braves, Cubs, (31), Dodgers (36) and Padres (30) numbers are taken. There might be a nice gift in Danny Ardoin’s future!

Since Manny was acquired:
Slugging Percentage —
Manny Ramirez: .780
Andre Ethier: .786
For the Ethierholics. 🙂

It okay, porklinks. I’m still laughing about it. So you see, I am very easily amused!

What’s Kent’s?

Oh I forgot. Kent doesn’t need Manny.

Good afternoon ITD boys and girls,
I’M THRILLED!!! MADDUX IS BACK!!! 🙂 I never wanted him to go after 2006. Now that we got him back, well, to say it’s amazing is a huge understatement, indeed!!! Like everyone else, I wonder who the two players to be named later will be. But nonetheless, WELCOME BACK MADDUX!!!

Just a thought …. but … seeing we face 2 LH starters this series does that mean that Ethier sits in favour (correct spelling where I come from Teach .. LOL!) of JP for 2 out of 3?

good late afternoon ITD! great to see we have Maddux back! still wondering who we gave for him…

porklinks – thanks for the %’s us Ethieraholics appreciate it!! lol

hey cpompe1!! how are you!? havent seen you on here in a while!! but then again i haven’t been coming on here as much either lol

Ethier might be doing well in Slugging Percentage, but Pierre dominates in Sucking Percentage:

Pierre 1.000

Rod, as ridiculous as it seems, I’d be shocked if Pierre didn’t start at least one.

rodmky – well we’ve all seen what Andre can do against lefties these past few games… i think they should have him in the starting line up! (that is if he has a good average against the pitchers…)

Hey there acardona! Boy, it sure is nice now to see names and to know what those faces are now!!! I was on vacation since last Tuesday (8/12) and just got home yesterday. During my vacation I was not able to sign on; not like nelly that has a laptop to work with or can sign on with her phone. I’m not that computer savvy and it just costs too much to use the internet on my phone. A while ago, weren’t you in Malibu for something? What was it?

First of all,
Welcome back Maddox!! The first time we got Maddox and on his first game as a Dodger, I left work early as I was so excited to have him in Dodger Blue! I was by the bullpen watching him along with a lot of other fans, the majoriy of them men. One of these guys question me like if I di not know anything about baseball. i told him, let me tell you, I even have him in my baseball fantasy team.
Anyway, I was working on this other post….
I agree with Xoxo about about Jeff Kent. He is a very nice guy, just tries to look tough. I have attended the WIN baseball clinic that he has hosted for the last 4 years. This is T.J. you guys! Even T.J. said that Jeff said some things with a smile on his face. At the WIn event, the first thing he told us was “Let me tell you first, that you all got screwed”. “You are facing the sun!”. The year before they had us sitting in the right field level while they introduced all the players that were going to be our coaches and anyone else there. This time they had us standing on the field facing the sun. He then proceeded to pulled the USA Today sport section from his back pocket and he was testing us if we knew what all the abreviations in the box scores meant.. After a few wisecracks, he said “don’t believe everything you read on the paper…” “case in point”, he said that they reported that he was eyeing … i forget who from the Giant dugout and he said he was not. I told him what someone posted here about what he said to a Giant fan that was giving him a hard time. He said “no, that was a different at bat from what the writers wrote. He is old school, and it does not get more old school than Vin Scully. He said “I love Vin”. what he said about “he talks to much” is a play on words. Vin is supposed to talk. He mentioned it at the WIN. That being said, Jeff, if you said you do not like the media and don’t believe what the papers say why oh why do go and talk to T.J.?
My brother Vic and I have season tickets and we talk about the Dodgers a lot and sometimes we differ in opinions. He did not like Kent until he got to see him interacting at the WIn events and also at the Macy’s signing. My brother gets to the stadium in an earlier trolley than I do and he was telling me that someone was saying something bad about Jeff and he turned around to him and told him “Hey, man, have you ever met the guy?” “he is really a nice guy”. I was like Wo! that is my brother talking!. One of the guys doing a documentary on the Dodgers approached me at the WIn event and told me “I never realized Jeff Kent is a nice guy”.
At the WIN they separated us into groups and before going to the bullpen I yelled to our group (it was big), “Anyone here named Amy?” Heard someone say “Me” so I went to her and asked her if she posted on ITD. Too funny that I found Amy on my first try asking. I was going to go to each group and ask. Kent was catching for some of us there as they divided us into two groups inside the bullpen. On the right side they had the netting where to throw to and on the left Kent got down and started catching for us. i was afraid to throw to him that maybe a ball might hit him. We did have softer baseballs though.
I am also sad that there are only 15 home games.. Sometimes is hard to go to all of the games from a homestand but when they are on the road, I miss them. On the last game of the home stand I look forward to the break but when they come back I can hardly wait to get to the stadium and hear Nancy Bea playing “The boys are back in town”. Like xoxo said they are human and have their weaknesses and idiosyncrasies as we do. Let’s show some respect to all of them. We do not disrespect each other here on this blog. One of my friends that was at 90’s luncheon said that Vin said that a difference to him now is that the guys are more human to him. If anyone was at the 90’s luncheon, please correct me if I am saying this wrong. At first I did not understand it but then I was remembering when I read a book about an umpire and his struggles in the minor league and being different and when he crossed the line during the Umpire’s strike and how he was ostracized. I started seeing umpires in a different way, more…shall we say…human after reading this book. But still dislike them when they miss a call and usually remember that umpire’s name but have we ever said, “that was a good umpired game”. I know I never have. In the book, it mentioned how some players, coaches and managers do that even after a loss.

TruBlue – LMAO! For the record, Kent’s is .525. (And Kemp’s is .562).

Thanks for the update, porklinks. So, if Manny can help our batters, imagine what Maddux can do for our pitchers.

cpo – i know!! oh i see! yeah i don’t have a laptop.. my phone has the internet but i don’t know how to log onto here with my phone lol! i hope you had a great vacation!! i also hope you know how well i dear Andre is doing!! i went to the game on the 12th when he got the walk-off double to win the game!! yes i was in Malibu a few weeks ago camping with my family! it was nice to get away for a while!

Except that Manny is still hitting at Hall of Fame levels; Maddux is no longer pitching that way.

You are right about Maddux’s skill, porklinks, but his knowledge will help Billz and Kersh. Don’t you think so?

anyone know the lineup for tonight yet?

Manny is different than Maddux in that he is still producing way above Avg. Maddux isn’t feared at all the way he was and Manny still is feared, obviously. But cool I am stoked we got him. Maddux will impart wisdom and keep guys loose. I expect nothing more than 3 runs in 6 innings each time he pitches. That might be good enough, he is only asked to be a 4th or 5th starter.

acardona – It was nice to get away from the house, we went to Vegas and Laughlin. The vacation, well, it was a nice getaway but that was it (if you know what I mean – I’m talking about $ and how few $ we had when we came back).

While I was away on vacation, I heard about how Andre was doing. Actually, on Sunday, I saw them give up the lead in the top of the 9th, but I couldn’t watch the end because we had to go somewhere by a certain time. But while we were driving and listening to the Vegas Dodger affiliate, we heard Andre’s walk-off homer!!! That was great!!!

Hey ITD Ladies and Gentlemen!!!
Yeah!! It’s official ~ We have Maddux!!!!
As for the grammar/spelling police, I make enough of my own mistakes (and I cringe every time I do) that I would NEVER comment on someone else’s.
Eric ~ Another Brilliant piece of song writing Ward Dear!!!

i know exactly what you mean about $ CPO! my friend went to the game on sunday! i was so jealous! lol her favorite player is matt kemp so she texted me and said OUR BOYS JUST WON THE GAME!! lol

well hello Dnelly!!

cpompe1 – i wrote a little song on here about Andre, i think you would enjoy it! when i get a chance i’ll post it again!

i’ll be back in a little bit! gatta take care of a couple things around the house…

Hey Acardona!!!

acardona – I looked on eric’s song blog and saw it there!!! That is awesome!!! Great job!!! But if you repost it again here, that’ll be great! I can sing that song again!!! 🙂

Good afternoon nelly!!! So how’s the school year starting for you?

I almost fainted. ESPN just spoke about what a good move it was for the Dodgers to get Maddux and not a word about the Yankees or Red Sox.

TruBlue – That is something. But even since the Manny trade, I’ve heard ESPN talk about how the Dodgers have improved their chances in the post-season. It sure is nice to hear that kind of talk from ESPN. Now they’re talking about the Maddux trade and not mention the Yankees or Red Sox? Let’s see if this migration from always talking about the Yankees or Red Sox continues to move west to LA. That would be even nicer to hear!!!

Well, I’ve gotta go. I’ll catch up with y’all later…

ok i’m back…

cpompe1 – eric’s song blog?

PORKLINK thanks for the update on Ethier’s percentage, we Ethieraholics appreciated.

So whoM did we traid Maddux for? Just Kidding.
I don’t care which minor leaguer, but I am worried about Blake Dewitt…he is still a Dodger?


As a semi-retired Media person I’d love to be able to bid on Josh’s package in the auction but adding the cost of a return airfare from Australia is just a little too much for me but I hope they raise lots of money. BTW Josh’s little package seems great value to me.

CP ~ It looks like it’s going to be a good year. I have 11 girls and 9 boys, but a few of the girls already know some sports teams so that’s great, and of course, they already know who Andre is. It’s funny my girls from last year come in at recess just to look at all the Dodger stuff, and to give Ethierbear a hug. I told Eric this earlier, but they love the song he wrote the class – It included some of their names. It’s posted on my baseball wall with the James Loney Song, and another one Eric did and one jhall did for me at the end of last year. Thanks for asking, and how are you doing? I am sure recovering from your trip. Sara was in Las Vegas over the weekend, too.

Hey Dodgersrule ~ of course I am ready for Dodger baseball. Andre’s jersey is washed and ready to go.

my brother said we traded Ivan De Jesus. I was Oh no!!!! then he laughed and said he was kidding me.

old fogey/westernmost/porklinks ~ love those percentages – fabulous!!!!
Miss Debbie ~ ethieraholic!!!!!

Nell I’d wear that Ethier jersey today because both Francis and De La Rosa are lefties and you know how Joe thinks … Hello JP!!

hey dodgersrule! – i’m ready!! i was busy the last two games so i missed them but i had them recorded on my TV and i finally watched them today so i’m all set for tonight’s game!!

I just stuck my nose in before going home and I see a question from acardona.

There were so many requests to catalog our songs that I took it upon myself to create a blog for them. Here’s the link:

Your song is in there. I copy and paste ’em and there they are for your enjoyment. If you want to find your song, look at the “tag clouds” on the right. You’ll find your “tag”. Click on it and it’ll take you to your song(s). The clouds grow as you add songs. Enchanted therefore has the largest tag.

eric – thanks! thats so cool! and thanks for touching it up!

this is for cpompe1, dodgersrule, and all the other Ethieraholics!

.Listen, Torre
Ain’t no pitch to high
Ain’t no ball to low
Ain’t no outfield wide enough, baby

If you need a hit call ‘Dre
No matter what inning
No matter if we’re losin or winning
Just call on ‘Dre
He’ll be there with a double
Even if we’re in trouble

‘Cause baby,
There ain’t no pitch high enough
Ain’t no ball low enough
Ain’t no outfield wide enough
To keep ‘Dre from getting an RBI

Joe remember the day
He set you free
He told you
“Always count on me not JP”
From that day on ‘Dre made a vow
“I’ll be in the line up
Some way,some how!”

‘Cause baby,
There ain’t no pitch high enough
Ain’t no ball low enough
Ain’t no outfield wide enough
To keep ‘Dre from getting a home run!

No wind, no rain

My Bat is alive
Way down in the count
Even when i foul it out!
JP if you ever need a helping hand
I’ll be there with a double
Faster than you can!

Don’t you know that
There ain’t no pitch high enough
Ain’t no ball low enough
Ain’t no outfield wide enough
To keep ‘Dre from getting an RBI

Don’t you know that
There ain’t no pitch high enough
Ain’t no ball low enough
Ain’t no outfield wide enough

Acardona = Ethieraholic!!

question for anyone who knows (porklinks, you know) ~ What is Josh’s last name, and what is his title again?

June Darlin’, it’s Vice President of Public Relations and Broadcasting Josh Rawitch. (At the top of the page)

Headin’ for the barn, catch you later!

The front office personnel are listed here:
“Josh Rawitch, Vice President, Communications”

The lineup for next season should be –
Furcal ss
Ethier rf
Kemp cf
Ramirez lf
Martin c
Loney 1b
Blake 3b
deWitt 2b
Billingsley, Kershaw, Kuroda, McDonald, Lowe
Greg Maddux is the new pitching coach

dodger eric ~ Thanks for the link to the songs. It’s fantastic. I have it on my computer as a “favorite” and can enjoy them anytime of the day.

When you open ITD blog, at the top is Josh’s full name and his title.
Carl Yastrzemski has been hospitalized in Boston for chest pains. He is only 68.

Best wishes to Yaz!

ajay – I agree with the possible exception of Furcal. I hope I’m wrong, but I don’t know if his back will be in form next year. That’s why crzblue2 and her brother scared me so badly about DeJesus.

Where in NOMAR for next years line up? We need to keep NOMAR CARNE ASADA GAME DAY!….OOOOOORRRR

Let’s add: ETHIER’S BBQ GAME DAY…WERE HE BBQ’S FOR YOU…well us ETHIERAHOLICS…With apron and a chef hat….and some ETHIERLICIOUS DESSERTS…oh yeah I am soooooo there. JOSH please give the people in DODGER’S WORLD my idea.

ARCADONA thanks for posting the song again…I enjoy it.

Thanks emma!!!!

I think we should go after a reliever if we intend to take this thing all the way. Not sure who passed waivers though. Maddux & Kershaw are both 5-6 inning starters. Saito & Penny ain’t coming back. Who knows how effective Wade (if he comes back allright) & Troncosco will be in playoff atmosphere. I think Park will come back down to earth these last few weeks (if he already hasn’t). Also, Joe needs to trust Beimel a little more and utilize him as more than a situation lefty. And please don’t bring up the Proctologist.

dodgersrule ~ I’m with you! I’d certainly make more trips to L.A. if Dre’s BBQ actually happens.

Another thought, dodgersrule, we can all sign up to be his assistants!

Great lineup. Keep it this way Joe, please!!

dodgersrule – that would be ETHIERIFFIC!!!! if that day ever comes, count me in!!

TruBlue – count me in for that too!! lol

man i LOVE this line up!! yes joe please keep it this way!! it’s been working out so far!! (especially with Andre in there and not JP or Andruw) good stuff good stuff!!

Per Jon Weisman (Dodger Thoughts), roster moves have been announced. “Stults back to Vegas, Proctor to 60-day DL.”

Tonights Lineup-

Kemp, CF
Ethier, RF
Kent, 2B
Manny, LF
Loney, 1B
Martin, C
Nomar, SS
Blake, 3B
Kuroda, P


It is a great lineup of tonight so it should be another interesting and ETHEIRRIFIC GAME.

AJAY…in your lineup for next season were is NOMAR?

My apologies to the Temptations – Papa Was A Rolling Stone
(BTW it also looks like I’m back to being 19882008)

It was twenty-second November
A day I’ll always remember, yes I will.
‘Cause that was the day that Juan P. signed.
We always got the chance to see him.
Never miss a day is one thing about him
Neddy I’m depending on you to tell me the truth.
And Neddy just hung his head and said,
“Juan P. is a one trick pone.
He wear his hat off the side don’t ya know
(And high pop flies) All he left us was to moan.”
“Juan P. is a one trick pone, my friend.
He wear his socks way up high don’t ya know.
(And high pop flies) All he left us was to moan.”
Well, well
Hey Neddy! Is it true what they say,
That Juan P. never made a throw in his life?
And Neddy, some bad talk going around blogs
sayin’ that Juan P. made millions and helped put Frank in strife?
And that ain’t right.
Hey, talk about Juan P. doin’ some media beetchin’
Talked about how he’s in a difficult poseetion
Stickin’ him good, but he’s the same as before.
Neddy just hung his head and said,
“Juan P. is a one trick pone, my friend.
His O B P is real bad that’s for sure.
(And when he bunts) All he left us was to moan.”
“Hey, Juan P. is a one trick pone.
Ain’t got no power stroke that’s for sure.
(And when he bunts) All he left us was to moan.”
Hey Neddy, I heard Juan P. called himself a runner by trade.
Tell me what has he done since playin’ by the Everglades?
Blogs say that Juan P. would slap singles and steal, now what’s his deal?
Hey Neddy, folks say that Juan P. was never much on catchin’
Spent most of his time lettin’ other guys stretchin’
Neddy I’m depending on you to tell us the truth.
And Neddy looked up with a tear in his eye and said,
“Friend, Juan P. is a one trick pone (well well well well)
Now he sit on the bench and he groan
(And high pop flies) All he left us was to moan, moan, moan, moan”
“Juan P. is a one trick pone
Don’t knock in no runs that’s for sure
(And high pop flies) All he left us was to moan.”
I said, “Juan P. is a one trick pone.
Ain’t no ‘Dre that’s for sure
(And high pop flies) All he left us was to moan.”

What number Is Maddux Wearing?
I think i remember last season he wore numer 36.
Does anyone were number 36 this season?

dodgersrule, he’s on the bench and is a possible replacement for Furcal if he doesn’t return

19882008 – FANTASTIC!!! LOL!!

Hi Folks. Long time no write. Still been reading a decent amount of the blog.
Manny’s effect. Obviously Manny has been an outstanding addition to the ballclub!! I would agree with the Old Grouch (Kent), though, that his contributions have been somewhat overblown by the media compared to the rest of the team. This team, managed properly, always had terrific post-season potential. Now, because of Manny — and because JoJo is FINALLY catching on – the national media is starting to realize this team is a World Series contender.
Matt Kemp is displaying the beast we all knew he could be THIS SEASON. (Example: 26 runs scored in the last 29 games. That pace would put him at 145 for a 162-game season.) The fact that Matt has only started in 110 of the Dodgers 124 games is the number one piece of evidence against Joe Torre.
Who can say enough about Andre Ethier?!!!! The fact that ‘Dre has only started 97 of 124 games is the number two piece of evidence against JoJo. It is clear that Andre will produce – ifallowed to play every day – 20 to 30 HR and about 90 to 100 RBI every year for the next seven to ten years. He should not sit down against anybody.
Great to have Maddux back. He’s old and he ain’t what he used to be, but I expect he’ll perform very well for us. We should offer this guy a large sum of money to be our pitching coach. That offer should be extended NOW.
I hope we didn’t give the Padres anybody who will come back and kill us later on. One scary name that comes to mind is Delwyn Young.
Continued thanks to dodgereric for the lyrics website!

And what number will he wear? All his former Braves, Cubs, (31), Dodgers (36) and Padres (30) numbers are taken. There might be a nice gift in Danny Ardoin’s future!
By porklinks on August 19, 2008 2:59 PM
36 = Ardoin
31 = Penny
30 = Blake

Good to see Pierre at Penny and Loney’s bowling alley event. Good to see Kemp, Russ, Ardoin and couple others there too.

How many Home runs will Ethier hit this season?
I think he will hit 23HRs

We didn’t need to send Stults down. Park should have been sent down, or Jason Johnson, or Berroa.

I’m a day late chiming in on Adam Dunn…but had the Dodgers made a claim, and the Reds simply said, “he’s yours, good luck,” the team would then have had ANOTHER outfielder (six, counting Andruw) with a nice huge salary, holes in his bat, and no place to play him, unless everyone would have been happy sitting Ethier. Me thinkest Ned would have been the subject of extreme hatred and countless derogatory songs on this blog. I might ask why Colorado or some othe pretender didn’t block Maddux at the time, regardless of his refusal to leave the West coast? Bottom line–you can’t claim EVERYBODY; it’s a game of chicken. If the Dodgers fail to catch Zona because of Adam Dunn, well, then they have no business being contenders. Dunn is NOT a difference maker. Neither is Casey Blake. But Manny and Maddux ARE!

Earlier this season a lot of folks on this blog felt Dodger management/ownership was not committed to winning. I believe some people even went so far as to suggest the Dodgers did not care about winning as long as the stadium was full of fans. Does anyone still think that way now?

ok everyone i’m out of here! i might be on later for the game.. but if i’m not, have a good night!


Acardona = Ethieraholic!!!

Our best line-up tonight according to my addition consist of 77HRS & counting Kuroda 350RBI.
I’d like to see Loney get his 10TH HR as soon as possible, although he does lead the team in RBI with 68.
In 1952 the Dodgers had a line-up of Reese, Cox, Robinson, Campanella, Palko, Snider, Hodges and Furillo.
Let’s match:: Kemp, Ethier, Kent, Ramirez, Loney, Martin, Garciaparra & Blake.
O.K. not bad.

ajay – hmm… 23 sounds like a good number!! hopefully we’re wrong and he hits more than 23!! 🙂

Seriously, when do playoff tickets go on sale?

Kahli ~ I agree with you 100% on the Dunn situation. He has zero homeruns since joining the Dbacks and his defense leaves much to be desired. I think Arizona felt they had to do something and he was available.

Ibirken ~ I think management has done a good enough job to make us a winner. I still don’t agree with some of Joe’s lineup decisions, though.

ajay & acardona ~ Just imagine how many homeruns Andre would have if he got to play all season. I’d say he would be a 30 homerun guy every year.

IBIRKEN: Well I think management do want to win…come on when teams start loosing the fans start loosing interest, so I am sure that management knows that. They were strategizing…it takes patience when a team is young. Now are team is strong…SO WE ARE READY TO WIN!!!!

AJAY: I think Ethier will hit 28! The MAN IS ON FIRE!

Let’s just hope that even though MADDUX is old…he has the itch to win and retire as a winner. Same goes to KENT & NOMAR…

enchanted – you are back to being a number – what happened? Oh no!!!

dnelly ~ I didn’t know it was enchanted. I wondered what had happened to him!!!

Good evening all.

Welcome back Maddux! With your knowledge & experience, please take our young gun Kershaw under your wing to help with his development into ‘Ace’ status.

I like the lineup for tonights game. This team needs to stay hot with the Snakes vs Pads this evening. Awesome homestand so far. Let’s keep it rolling, and take this momentum on the road.

Bury the Rocks!


Just give Maddux number 98 so he and Manny can become homies…

Kahli ~ That would be great if Maddux wore #98. The fans would love it!

kpookie Casey Blake has made a significant contribution to this offense since he’s joined Big Blue. By saying he’s not a ‘difference maker’, are you refering to his defense?

v14eec, no I’m not getting down on Blake. I simply meant he’s not in the same class as Maddox and Ramirez, who have already reserved their spots in Cooperstown. Blake is very nice addition. But he’s no more of a “difference maker” than Martin or Loney or Ethier or Kemp or even Kent (though he’s Hall-of-Fame bound, too). I still think DeWitt will have a big career…but wasn’t ready just yet. I wanted the Dodgers to play him, not trade for Blake, but I was wrong. Blake has done a good job.

kpookie Who knows for sure. I hope Dewitt makes the adjustments with AB’s so he can come back. Defensively, he’s very solid. Maybe at 2B next season when Kent hangs it up. To me he’s still a ‘Diamond in the Rough’ so to speak, He just needs some seasoning, and refining.

hello guys. I hope everyone is doing well and things have been peaceful over here.
I am glad that greg is back with us. I wish him luck and I hope he’s happy to be back in blue 🙂
Go Dodgers. Lets beat those Rox!!

Great line-up and another gem by Enchanted/199882008. Excellent way to welcome back Starting Pitcher/”De Facto Pitching Coach Greg Maddux. BTW, I think I may do a series of Jeff “Texas Brain Fart” Kent Thought Bubbles for tonight.

Be looking forward to it Obi.

I must admit I was not in favor of resigning Maddux because I thought we already had enough 5 inning pitchers at the time. Things have changed with Penny’s injury and it is good to know Greg wants to be here. I agree that having him around Kershaw should be a big bonus.

FABULOUS SONG 19882008 – LMAO!!!!!!! I think we can come up with a song just using this name – LOL!!!

Amy – it’s so good to see your name on here!!!! How are you doing hon? We have missed you soooo much!!!

Hey everyone. Has anyone seen that You Tube viideo of Andre’s walk off where that guy is sreaming like a banshee after the hr? It’s freaking hilarious.

Enchanted, what’s in a name, lol.

We didn’t need to send Stults down. Park should have been sent down, or Jason Johnson, or Berroa.
By on August 19, 2008 5:32 PM
Park and Johnson can’t be sent down, they’d have to be DFAed and other teams could claim them, which probably wouldn’t bother you until Tanyon Sturtze came in to pitch. As for Berroa, he’s not very good but the bench is already thin. Making it thinner is not a good idea. That would leave Pierre, Ardoin, Sweeney, Ozuna as the ENTIRE bench.

Already have a song in mind Nells by Johnny Rivers. Just need to sit down and compose myself (OK I’ll admit, that was a really bad pun.)

kpookiemon – There is no reason for a non-contender to block waivers solely to block – they should only claim players (and their contracts) that they really want. That’s why someone cheap like Ethier won’t clear waivers in August. Also, if the Reds just gave us Dunn GIVE HIM SWEENEY’S JOB. Then offer him arbitration, let him walk, and put two shiny new draft picks under Logan White’s Christmas tree. (And we would have been satisified if Andruw Jones had put up typical Dunn numbers – .247 .380 .519 with 40 HRs.) Dunn has a .465 OBP [and a .286 BA] for AZ – and it’s not like his power just disappeared; he will hit HRs for them.

That makes sense, porklinks. Our bench right now isn’t very strong. Hopefully, we can get by until they expand the rosters. I’d send Sweeney down, if I had to because he’s not a viable position player.

1-0 Snakes bottom 1st and Josh Banks and the Pads haven’t recorded an out yet. Thanks for Maddux though SD!

“Jeff Kent!? Man, I’ve got chunks of guys like him in my stool! – -Vin Scully Pre-Game Thought Bubble

DBacks-1 Padres- 0
Bot of the 1st

obi I like the classic Joe Piscopo doing Sinatra thing from SNL. Classic! LOL

Manny (36) is still hitting around his peak levels. Maddux, like Kent 40+, is something less than what he once was on the field. (They are both what they always were in the clubhouse.)

DBacks-3 Padres- 0
Bot of the 1st

Dbaks all over the Padres

DBacks-4 Padres- 0
Bot of the 1st

LMAO!!!! I am glad you are inspired by your number enchanted/Beav/19882008 ~ LMAO!!!

I’d like to thank the Puds for helping us out! Glad Maddux got out of there!

I’m well Dnelly. I’ve missed you too. I haven’t decided how I feel abut blogging anymore. But I did want to come and say ‘hi’
How’s school so far? My mom loves her kids!

From Diamond Leung:
“The Padres have up until Oct. 15 to select up to two minor leaguers from a list provided by the Dodgers. The more players they accept in the trade, the less cash they will have to send the Dodgers to cover a portion of the remainder of Greg Maddux’s salary. GM Ned Colletti said the minor leaguers available were not on the 40-man roster.”

“Kent’s correct, I haven’t been in the Dodger clubhouse in the four years he’s been here in Los Angeles. Not that he’s given me a reason to. Come to think of it, I haven’t had a valid reason to go there since 1988” – Vin Scully Thought Bubble

Also from Diamond:
“Maddux will start Friday, and Clayton Kershaw will have his next start pushed back to Saturday.”

Holy F the Padres have the bases loaded and 0 outs and down 4-1.

Very good Obi – you are on a roll!

Great to see you around Amy!

Me too, Amy. we all missed you.

Bonjour everyone!! And a special hello Amy, mon amie. Hope your well and we have missed you. Great songs!! Still laughing. Let’s go Dodgers!!!!!

Hey, Amy! Glad you are doing well.

Welcome back, jhall.

amy – good luck catching up on the whirlwind nickname changes!
old fogey / westernmost_in_flavor / now ….

old fogey / westernmost / -in-flavor ~ I need a pencil and paper to write down who everyone was and who they’ve become!

Welcome back Amy.

TruBlue – can’t tell the commenters without a scorecard!

Johnny Rivers – Secret Agent Man

There’s a man who never faces danger.
To all the noobies here, he stays a stranger.
With every post he makes, another chance its fake.
Odds are his name won’t be the same tomorrow.
Secret blogger man, secret blogger man.
They’ve given you a number and taken away your name.
Beware of ML Blogs that you find
An ML Blog can cause a painful behind
Ah, be careful what you say
Or they kick you off someday
Odds are your name won’t be the same tomorrow.
Secret blogger man, secret blogger man
They’ve given you a number and taken away your name.
[Lead Guitar]
Secret blogger man, secret blogger man.
They’ve given you a number and taken away your name.
Sign in enchanted on the ITD site one day.
And then you want to post but but find you can’t play.
Maybe you let the wrong word slip.
The site has caused a blip.
Odds are your name won’t be the same tomorrow.
Secret blogger man, secret blogger man
They’ve given you a number and taken away your name.
Secret blogger man.

Jhall, I see your name morphed into something else too, lol.

Welcome back Amy!! Stay awhile.

I know, porklinks. I’ve got one!! Didn’t know enchanted was 19882008 until dnelly told us.

Yep BlueGirl, seems to be the trend. LOL!!!
Super Beav!!!! Love it!!!

Thank you guys. I appreciate the welcome.
Go Dodgers!

4-2 Snakes

Well Rats!!®

Not a very good way to start a ballgame

What is with Kuroda’s Jeckyll and Hyde act all the time?

Hopefully, he will settle down next inning.

Kuroda sure had to labor through the 1st. I hope he does better from here on.

Nice to see Kershaw sitting next to Greg Maddux…

Don’t worry, Kuroda will improve because Maddux is here.

That’s why they call him The Bison! Matt Kemp, he’s tougher than a robot made of nails!

And that means Ethier up with a runner on 2nd and no outs…..

thanks for the heads up westernmost..fogey…
new names= awesome=no spam!!!

lol- yes “tougher than a robot made of nail” gotta love that Ron 🙂

Yes Amy, not forcing us to have e-mails showing is a very good thing indeed.

OK – Ethier didn’t advance Kemp.
Time to hit the road – at least I get Vin on radio for a couple innings. Night all!

hey all im back… go dodgers… my boy andre with two walk offs I love the guy

G’Nite Fogey!!! Have a great evening…

Doesn’t look as if this will be a pitchers duel so far.

Hey Dodge16!! How’ya been?

ive been good 57 my computer died… I had to get it worked on… I miss my dodger friends

LOL VL4!! No pitchers duel tonight. At least with this lineup we’ve got a chance to out slug them.

Hey dodge16, it was a fun week of baseball last week. Andre did the blue proud.

I know the feeling. Totally bites when the computer goes down.

K E N T does it

Amy ~ my class is looking good. I’m glad your mom’s is too..
enchanted – YOU SONG IS MYSTIFYING!!! I guess the suggestion didn’t work 😦 Not going to be the same without the name enchanted. It’s kind of like the Marquee name missing – just terrible!!
57 Dodger/jhall ~ How are you doing fine sir?
Dodge16 ~ glad to see you too 🙂

4-2 Snakes

Doing great mom!! Merci beau coup!!! A Dodger win would make it better however. LOL!!!

57 Dodger/jhall ~ did you see what number Maddux is wearing

oh my, I’m going to have to get used to who you ppl are with these new names…so 57 is my jhall??

Amy ~ you’ll need a paper & pencil to keep track

Tru, On the dodger website it says that Maddux is number 36

Hadn’t noticed yet Tru. Thanks for pointing it out.

It says that Danny Ardoin is number 28
36 was his number

Thanks ajay. I was just curious

Maddux has earned whatever # he wants that isn’t retired.

4 – 1

Crap. Kuroda’s not looking very good so far.


Double Rats!!®

Now we need our offense to come back at them.

6-2 Snakes

“Hey Joe
Where ya going with that hook in your hand
Said I’m going to take out Kuroda
He ain’t pitching like he did in Japan…

Adam Dunn homered for the Dbacks

Amy, the blog has started using old nicknames these days. How’ve ya been?

The middle of the Rocks lineup is killing Kuroda!

Amy ~ some of us are changed on a daily basis. I was diamondeb for an afternoon, but I haven’t seen it reappear yet.

Good one Obi!! LOL!!!

Hey Beav, where you goin’ with that gun in your hand?
Said I’m going down to shoot Ned, you know he signed another old man.

This team seems to have an aversion to first place.

It also has a hard time beating the weak teams in the west, where the Snakes don’t. Not good.

I’ve been crazy busy, a little stressed, tired. But now, I am settled and peaceful and happy.
I used my real name again so ya’ll would recognize me.

enchanted/Beav/19882008 ~I can’t believe you are a number – LMAO!!! You must be on somebody’s wanted list – LMAO!!! do you know why it’s just a number? LMAO!!! I am asking this while “Puff, the Magic Dragon” is playing on the radio in the background – LMAO!!! There’s a song in that one somewhere – LMAO!!!

I’ve noticed something about Kurodas games. If the ump gives him the low strike, he’s awesome… but if they don’t give him that call, he gets lit up. It sucks, he was obviously upset with a few non strike calls

how do you change your nickname?

The fun thing is that we’re still in games like these now, and it’s not just “over” after being down 3 runs… Makes it still worth while to watch… But the team, and myself are getting really ticked off at this umps calls.

Jimenez has to weaken sometime.

I know, Brandon, I was worried Andre was going to keep on jawing after his last at bat and get thrown out.

Why warm up Troncoso they should warm up Kuo

Now look who’s warming up
Tanyon Sturtze

Tanyon Sturze–sounds like the name of a Danish STD.

4 – 2


4 – 3

Good Goin’ K E M P


obi Would that be the type of STD that would laugh at Penicylin? LOL

Tough night for Andre so far…..

“Schadenfreude!!!” – Juan Pierre 8:41pm Thought Bubble

Kemp has no idea how good he’s going to be, He just keeps getting better and better. This kid has future MVP written all over him…

Good Amy, glad things have calmed down for you. Way to go Kemper!!!

Kuroda should have come home

This is what Kemp has done at leadoff before tonight:

.323 /.384 /.541 /.925

The beauty of it is I don’t even have the urge to post Juan Pierre’s numbers at leadoff.

Sometimes you do it with the bat, sometimes the glove.

LOL! Good one, Vl4ecc! 🙂

Does that play make up for the 3 K’s? LOL!!

Don’t know why I’m a number Nells. I’ve never used a number like that in my life, well, except for my savings account, PIN number, safe combination… Hey wait a minute!!!

Does in my book, DNelly. He’s allowed a few k’s after what he did last week. I don’t think he’ll make a habit of it. Maybe he’s still a little too pumped up from Sunday and just needs to relax a bit.

It was suprising to see Kuroda bat last inning but oddly it turned out all right.
Very unusual, wouldn’t you say?

enchanted ~ LMAO!!! This is quite a mystery.
Obi ~ you still have your address attached – the force must be with you – LOL!!!

I thought they would bat for him too PierreEW.

same with me DNelly

Is this the point in the game where Manny puts the D’s up by one?

It’s not Manny nor Eithier’s night tonight

Guess not.

I’ve figured it out Nells – its Juan, Ned and JoJo cussing at me by the number system. Well then there nothing but 7 12 4 4 6’s in my book.

ajay ~ maybe they are taking us out one by one – LOL!!

Hard to believe Kuroda is still in there.

Jimenez has been off & on, but he’s done. Hopefully they’ll hammer the Rocks bullpen.

LOL!!! enchanted

Enchanted, PLEASE GET YOUR NAME BACK!!!!! This is uacceptable! You are so much more than a damn number!

Nice game for Kuroda after a bad start, he’s really eating up the innings.
Now our offense goes against their bullpen.

Maybe you can star in the sequel to Hollow Man, Enchanted, lol.

Sweeney blows!

Off work! Yay, got to listen to Bakersfield 1560am on the way back and hear The Bison come up big!!! Nice to hear after a somewhat hellish day at work.

Speaking of the Bison, Welcome back AmyW! Good to see you again.

Great songs by everyone tonight, Eric rockin’ Joe Walsh, Enchanted and Arcadona groovin’ Motown style (not to mention E’s Secret Blogger Man) and D-Nel’s Orleans tribute to ‘Dre. Maybe I’ll have to scrawl one down tonight.

And now that Maddux is back in town (YES!!!), has anyone fitted Clayton Kershaw for a raincoat? Just asking…

vl4 ~ he sure does. I guess he doesn’t want to go past his 5 rbi’s. Must be his lucky number. A whole season and just 5 RBI’S UNBELIEVABLE

enchanted ~ you know if you add the digits in your new name it equals 36 – Isn’t that Maddux’s number now – hmmmm!!! Maybe your new name was a sign – LOL!!!!

Yeah dnel, it was a sign from the Big Dodger in the Sky! E, you’re a prophet!

northstateblues!!!! Excellent!!!!

Another nice inning for J.J.

Someone please remind me again what Sweeney is doing on our roster. It’s obvious we’re in dire need of a DEPENDABLE pinch hitter. It’s no longer May or June.

enchanted ~ We are always telling you we are not worthy – LOL!!!

Then again if you add the digits in 36, you get 9,and who’s number is that – maybe it really is a curse – LOL!!!!!

Sweeney has got to go. No production from him.

I’ll try again tomorrow on the name – it just won’t let me get anywhere to change it.

Figures the Puds would just be rolling over in AZ. In the meantime, we should be getting to the Rox BP.

CRAP! Golden opportunity wasted!

Needed Martin to come up big…..dang!!!!

After three great AB’s in a row Martin comes up and pops up the first breaking ball he sees.

Jason Johnson sucks.

e, have you tried getting into your account page on it’s in Nickname Options on the left side of the screen.

#*&#!!! Deja vu all over again! Holiday feasts on Dodger pitching..

You can put that ball over the plate to these guys and get away with it.

Our bullpen is a disaster right now..we have one reliable reliever and thats the guy on the mound right now.

awww… we can’t go out like this against Colorado! Not after spanking the Phillies and Brewers soundly, and sending them to bed!

Don’t they know? We’re Rick James, they’re Charlie Murphy!

Madres making furious comeback in the desert. 7-6 now with 1 out in top of 9th and runners on 1st and 3rd. Tony Pena now pitching.

765375 9076 5324 8465378, 75 653 987903!

DBacks we’ll be a game back by the end of the night.

Only if we lose, swood!

Good Night Everyone.

DodgerEric ~ Huh?


Aaaaaaaaaand it goes from bad to worse. This just aint their night.

Just saying “hi” to enchanted. 🙂 (and thanks for asking, Tru!)

I don’t think we’re going to pull this one out!

Hate to think it, but the Rox look like they’re on the move again.

Kuo hasn’t looked good in his last few appearances.

Over? Did you say “over”? Nothing is over until we decide it is! Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Hell no!

Thanks for explaining that Dodgereric, I thought my vision had gone kaput! Or, worse, someone’s else lost their identity.

16 24 5 5 1 17 right back at ya eric!!!

Well now it tells me that “enchanted” is already taken. OK so now I’m enchantedS. I’m also disenchanted that this team can’t get over the final hump.

Catch y’all later.

LOL The picture of Sturtze on Gameday has kind of a ‘Deer caught in the headlight’ look.

Such negativity amongst some this evening, Ward Dear – how are you doing?
I have worked out enchanted number and if you add the digits the first time you get 36, which is Maddux’s number, and then if you add the digits in 36, you get the number 9 – enchanted is cursed by JP. LOL

Come back now
and ———wow

Good night EnchantedS

Good night enchantedS – that’s much better – at least it’s not a number.

Classic Belushi there eric! A five run deficit is alot to overcome. I hope they do it. Anyone know what the biggest comeback is this year off hand for blue?

PierreEW – they started there tear through the west division on August 15th of last year, and they just swept the Nationals starting on August 15th. – It’s very possible 🙂

eric, Now I know what movie I’m watching after the game’s over, heh.

They might win this game but we will win the series!

northstateblues – that is a an awesome classic!!!

Good night 19882008, we’ll be counting on your return.

Sorry. Great Johnny Rivers song BTW!!!

Aw, the Rox caught lightning in a bottle last year. No way that happens again.

He can’t do that do that to our pitchers. Only we can do that to our pitchers.


I don’t think the Rockies can do it again either. They have to pass two teams and I don’t the Dbacks or our Dodgers falling apart.

Meant to say I don’t see the Dbacks or our Dodgers falling apart.

“Animal House” is the first, and still the best of the ‘Slob Humor Comedies.’

Hometown boy is pitching – oh no!!!

Who brought the medical school cadavers to the Alumni Dinner?

Guess what I am now. I’m a zit!

“What a shame that a few bad apples have to spoil a good time for everyone by breaking the rules.”

“Put a sock in it, boy, or else you’ll be outta here like —- through a goose.”

“If I were you, I’d start drinking heavily.”

LOL!!!!!! Boy! This is going to be great

Fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through life, son.

Tough loss! Hope they shake this off, and come back to take this series.

One of those nights.
We out hit them but they beat us.
The losses hurt now because wins are expected.
Let’s hope they turn it around tomorow.

Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, son.

You need one like this every now and then, flush out the system and start anew.

Out with it!. Bluuuuuahp!

May I have 1,000 marbles please?

And most recently of all, a “Roman Toga Party” was held from which we have received more than two dozen reports of individual acts of perversion SO profound and disgusting that decorum prohibits listing them here.

meant to say 10,000 – sorry 🙂

That’s OK Junie! I’m LMAO over here!!!

Ladies and gentlemen, I’ll be brief. The issue here is not whether we broke a few rules, or took a few liberties with our female party guests – we did. (wink)

Crummy game…crummy starting pitching…crummy relief pitching…crummy clutch hitting…crummy night.

Do you mind if we dance with your dates?

We were just……..leaving!

So am I Ward Dear – LMAO!!!

Sorry, can’t stop…….

Cut the horse—- son. I’ve got their disciplinary files right here. Who dumped a whole truckload of fizzies into the swim meet?

Look at my thumb……Pow!…..Boy you’re dumb!

I can’t believe I threw up in front of Dean Wormer.

Face it, Kent. You threw up ON Dean Wormer.

You’re all worthless and weak! Now drop and give me twenty!

Inh the past 30 days (not games) Russell Martin has 7 RBIs. To put that in perspective, Berroa has 6 and Andruw has 3.

Dad! Mom, Dad, this is Larry Kroger. The boy who molested me last month. We have to get married.

We have an old saying in Delta House: don’t get mad, get even.

Billz will get us back on track tomorrow.

I won’t go schizo, will I?

It’s a distinct possibility.

Put Neidermeyer on it. He’s a sneaky little —- just like you.

You can take your thumb out of my –s now Carmine.


Mine’s bigger.

Thank you, sir! May I have another?

Food fight!

We’re in trouble. I just checked with the guys at the Jewish house and they said that every one of our answers on the Psych test was wrong.

I hate those guys.

That boy is a P-I-G pig.

She broke our date.

Washing her hair?

Dead mother.

Cut the cake!

Seven years of college down the drain.

LOL! I gotta admit, ever since I first saw the “I’m a zit” routine, I can’t even stand to look at cottage cheese!!

Mr. Blutarski, zero point zero.

Greg, honey, is it supposed to be this soft?
I know – my bad – LOL!!!

Wasn’t that great?

Is that a pledge pin on your lapel?

War’s over man. Wormer dropped the big one.

Its not gonna be an orgy!

LMAO!! Bummer of a game. Oh well, we’ll get’em tomorrow.

That’s all you have to say – where are your quotes jhall? LMAO!!!!

My name’s Marion. People call me Mrs. Wormer.

Oh, we have a Dean Wormer at Faber.

How interesting. I have a husband named Dean Wormer at Faber. Still want to show me your cucumber?

They took the bar! The whole f**king bar!

Oh, he’s got this movie memorized, just like the 3 of us!!

LOL Nelly. Getting late here. Catch you all later. Have a great evening.

Those a**holes must have stolen the wrong f***ing exam!

Good night jhall ~ get a good night sleep, Wally!!

Goodnight jhall my friend!!!

You’re talking about Delta, sir.

Of course I’m talking about Delta, you TWERP!

If you lay one finger on that poor sweet helpless girl, you’ll despise yourself forever… I’m proud of you, Lawrence

Good evening ITD boys and girls,
Okay, I’m confused. I was reading after I left earlier and some names have changed??? Enchanted, you’re 19882008? jhall, you’re 57 dodger??? How are these changing? We need messagebear to make up another list showing old names and new names. I can’t keep up!!! 🙂 BTW, speaking of messagebear, I see that we have some new bloggers (or are they old bloggers with new names? I don’t know!) If we do have newer bloggers, well then, we need an updated list of cities!!!

I’m running out…………

Remain calm! All is well!!!!!!

Oh well, I think we’ll come back strong tomorrow. Matt had a tough 0-5 night a while ago and he bounced right back, so I am confident Andre will do the same. He just needs to put it behind and move on.

Good night all. Till the next one.

Wormer, he’s a dead man! Marmalard, dead! Niedermeyer…

Oh, and acardona – thx for the reposting of your song for Andre! Great job! I know I mentioned it before and am not sure if you got the link, but the link for eric’s song parody blog is:

Take it easy, I’m in pre-law, man.

I thought you’re pre-med.

What’s the difference?

Good night vl4ecc !!
bluecrewgirl – He had a great defensive play tonight, not that it helped to much in the long run, but it was a factor at the time. As much as I don’t think it should happen, I think JP will get a start tomorrow against Frances. However, it’s not like JP came in and did something spectacular tonight – ground ball like usual.

Is this abuse or spam? LOL!

Now, we could fight ’em with conventional weapons, that could take years, and cost millions of lives. No, in this case, I think we have to go all out. I think that this situation absolutely requires a really futile and stupid gesture, be done on somebody’s part.

Hey CP – how are you doing?

Every Halloween, the trees are filled with underwear. Every spring, the toilets explode.

Sorry vl4ecc!!!! I missed your exit!! That was way too much fun!

“Is this abuse or spam? LOL!

Now, we could fight ’em with conventional weapons, that could take years, and cost millions of lives. No, in this case, I think we have to go all out. I think that this situation absolutely requires a really futile and stupid gesture, be done on somebody’s part.”
By dodgereric on August 19, 2008 11:13 PM

I hate coming into conversations midstream. eric – what are you talking about???

LOL!!! eric ~ Well, now we know what we can do on off days. Replay a whole movie – LOL!!! I can picture every scene of that movie based on the line – how funny is that?!

cp, we were just having a few laughs by posting virtually every line from “Animal House”. It helped to wash away the tears from a blowout loss!

Hey nelly, I’m doing fine. Other than I’ve got a bit of a cold, I’m fine. Sorry for my quick exit earlier this afternoon. Actually, I was trying to just get onto the internet this morning but I couldn’t get connected until this afternoon. That’s why I wasn’t able to stick around for very long. Love what you said (after I made my quick exit) about your girls giving your Ethierbear a hug!!! That is great!!! Start them young nelly!!! 🙂

CP – We were quoting lines from the movie “Animal House”. June Darlin’, Ward Dear, and sometimes others like to play when all he children have gone to bed – LOL!!!

I found out today one of my girls is a Chargers fan – pretty cool – at least she know So-Cal teams.

I see eric. Actually, I was never a big Animal House fan. I don’t know; I never cared for John Belushi. My husband loves him and that movie, but I never did.

laughter is the best medicine – LOL!!!

Did anyone else change their names from what we typically know them as? Like I said, I know enchanted is 19882008 and jhall is 57 dodger.

CP – they didn’t change their names, the system is changing them on it’s own somehow. Sunday, I was diamondeb for the day at school, and then Monday, I was back to dnelly – it’s been a very strange week for name changes.

I think I’m in love with a retard.

Is he bigger than me?

nelly – that’s weird. How does the system change the name? I mean, my name is just my e-mail, just w/o the on it. I just don’t see how you get 19882008 out of enchanted and 57 dodger out of jhall. Strange…

There. That makes an even 50 quotes!

Every Halloween, the trees are filled with underwear. Every spring, the toilets explode.

Oh, and not to forget, how do you get diamondeb out of dnelly?

Well, I’m going to make another quick exit. I’m very sleepy and it’s past my bedtime. Goodnite all… I’ll catch up with y’all later…

CP ~They somehow are using a name I used a long time ago when I was doing auctions for baseball cards, but enchanted has never had anything representing those numbers – very strange


goodnight cp!

OK, June Darlin’. Next blowout loss we get into Blazing Saddles!

Didn’t you guys do that one a while back?

I gotta say, the pitching is starting to scare me. A little too streaky for my comfort. Hopefully, the veteran presence of Maddux can help.

Young Frankenstein?

Monty Python and the Holy Grail?

Those would both be great!! It would be fun to do Blazing Saddles again,too.

I don’t think we explored Blazing Saddles way back then to the extent that we got into Animal House!

you are right – only a little. It would be fun to do the whole !! Another famous classic!!!

I had the word “movie” in there, and then it disappeared. What a strange typing night once again. LOL!!!

The Blues Brothers would be good, too.


We’re on a mission from God!

exactly – LOL!!!!

Bring me four fried chickens and a Coke

Eric ~ I know I told you that Andre liked watching NASCAR, but did I tell you one of his favorite movies is “Lord of the Rings” You had me thinking about all these movies. LOL!!

You’re all invited to the 4th annual Lord of the Rings day at my house! As long as you bring a Dodger with you!

My friends, you bow to no one.

I think Andre is the type of person that would do something like that. He seems to be very family oriented, and probably has a lot of traditions himself that is very similar to what you and Matt do. Is it just you and Matt or is a whole family thing?

I know one Holy Grail quote that would’ve perfectly described the top of the 8th:

“Alright, Let’s call it a draw.”

grammar correction – “are” instead of “is”, and I forgot the word “it” in the last sentence. I am typing faster than I am thinking. non edited versions tonight – LOL

Here’s northstateblues!!! Yes, that would be a great quote to describe the 8th inning -LOL!!!

was off for an hour or so catching up on the Olympics… sorry I’m late…

I gave my love a cherry that had no stone
I gave my love a chicken that had no bone
I gave my love a story without an end
I gave… :: smash ::

How about, “Bring out your dead!”?

LOL!!!!!!!!!! That would say it all, eric


I had a nice long post going and “POOF!!”

I’ll shorten it up. Matt and I have done all three. Our daughter was in on the first one but usually works now. My wife works too, but when they get home they’ll get into it.

Matt and I tried to watch all 6 Star Wars movies last year but only got in the first 4. This year, we’ll get them all. I’d like to hit the Die Hards and Indiana Joneses as well.

I have done all 6 Star Wars before – long, but fun!! My husband would love to do Die Hard for sure (which I would like too), and I could easily do Indiana Jones.

Well, my late-night NorCal buddies, I need to turn in. The Sheriff is supposed to be in town tomorrow and we have a big-deal meeting planned first thing. So good night to you north, and to you June Darlin’!

C’mon Billz, we need a stopper tomorrow!

Good night Ward Dear – Have fun at work tomorrow with the sheriff in town.

One day I’ll hit all the Star Warses… I know my bro would be up for that. Maybe it’d even be cool to hit all the Batman’s, from Adam West to Michael Keaton to Kilmer to Clooney to Christian Bale. Okay… maybe not Clooney.

When I drive down 99 going back to SoCal, I usually have a band whose albums I try to go through on the way. This last time, I made it through almost all of the Smashing Pumpkins catalog. Once I made it from Rubber Soul to the beginning of Let it Be.

It’s tough to think of which bands I could do that with. I can’t really do that with Hendrix or Nirvana(short catalogs), and I don’t have all of Zeppelin’s yet… I meant to put Danny Kaye in the car on iPod when we got to Dodger Stadium, but I left it at home.

Good night eric!

northstateblues ~ I have done similar things with music. I have done that with Barenaked Ladies (Love them,and can listen to them 24/7), and we, as a family have done AC/DC a few times on trips.

Yeah, It’s just a lot easier to listen to your own music, as radio stations are touch and go along the way. I remember going to New Mexico as a kid, and just about everything east of Flagstaff was country or ranchero. Fun times.

Not that I totally dislike either style of music, and the bigger cities had rock, but when I was a kid my favorite bands were Van Halen and Poison, and “Mamas, don’t let your babies grow up to be cowboys” didn’t really do it for me at 7 years old.

I am a talk radio junkie too,so if the music on the radio isn’t good, I will often find sports radio or some other topic of interest.

Yeah, my dad used to like to find the sports talk stations, or he’d stop at the truck stop gas station gift shops, and pick up a comedy album. George Carlin, Bill Cosby, Sid Ceasar and Mel Brooks, Buddy Hackett, Paul Rodriguez. The bluer stuff was definitely when I was older than 7.

I haven’t thought about comedy before. I will have to think about that next time. However, on our trip to Los Angeles this last time, we just read this blog, and we laughed the whole way there and back.

heheh, that would do it!

Damn USA came back to win. This wouldn’t be fair if we had lose even when we about to lose are softball team in 2012.;_ylt=ApTCrvAy7cgShzrS1_jc3IE1o5N4?slug=ap-olympicrdp&prov=ap&type=lgns

Good Morning, ITD writers and readers!!!!
It looks like Mr. Torre started has started his own blog on Monday – hmmm!!!

Good morning. Boy, you all were something else last night. The entire Animal House gang would be proud of you for knowing the movie word for word. Anyone new who would have joined the blog would have thought “What the H*** is going on here! LOL while reading but, couldn’t chime in because my brain was not working properly. I’ll have to wait for the next movie. Then again, I hope it’s not too soon, because that would mean our team is in the midst of a blowout again.

dnelly ~ are you going to post on Joe’s blog? We all shoud put “PLAY ANDRE, PLEASE!!!”

I mean should sorry

Well, Andre probably will be sitting today. The article on homepage is stating that JP has a better “career” average than Andre against lefty Frances. I felt the statement was put in there on purpose as a warning for us Ethieraholics. It’s still very wrong considering I am all about defense when every game counts now.

I know what you are saying. So, Andre had a bad night at the plate. Big deal. So did James and Russell. Manny wasn’t spectacular. But, it’s Andre who has to worry about not playing, not the rest of them. So totally unfair. As for Juan, he can’t even hit the ball out of the infield and you are right about his defensive prowess (there is none). I think it totally sucks that Joe doesn’t play Andre everday and I think I will tell him so on his blog!!!

Good morning Moms!!! Wasn’t our night last night!! Pitching didn’t get it done.

Good Morning 57Dodger/Jhall ~ It was one of our worst games this season. We had 11 hits and only managed to bring home 3 runners. And Kuroda seems to pitch one good game and comes back with a lemon. He did manage to get on base a couple of times, though. So, knowing Joe, he will change things tonight.

Yep Tru, I won’t be surprised if Joe changes things tonight.

Really need to take this series against the Rox before we hit the road.

Good Morning, jhall/Wally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So, do you like your old/new name, or do you prefer jhall? jhall is much like enchanted – it’s kind of a keymark name. It’s one of those names that let’s everyone know they are in the right place – ITD.

I know ~ he can be jhall aka 57Dodger aka Wally!

Hey Nell’. I have tried to change it but it doesn’t seem to be working. I can live with 57 Dodger. I guess its like Joe’s lineups and managing, can’t do anything about it. LOL!!!

That’ll work Tru. Seems like a lot of us are accumulating names on here. LOL!!!!

LOL!!! for sure 57 Dodger!!!!

I gotta go to work!! I will catch you on the other side 🙂

Have a great day Mere Nelle’!!!!

Dnelly ~ Poor Joe doesn’t know what he’s getting into by starting his own blog. Can you imagine his reaction if he gets some of what has been said about him here?

That would be too funny Tru!!!

Le merci, jhall et vous avez un jour magnifique aussi!!
Have a wonderful day 57 Dodger – I did some of that myself, with some help, too – LOL!!!

Rieur!!! Bon travail..

I’m thinking maybe my songwriting talents are needed on Joe’s blog…

Morning all. This is the first time all morning that the dang blog has let me sign in.

Hey Beav!! LOL!! We may need to post some of our Joko songs on his blog. HaHa!!!


Best post Juan’s stats so he’ll be forced to look at them!!

Good Morning enchantedS ~ I don’t think Joe has a clue about how some of us feel about him. With you, 57Dodger, obi, some of the other song writers and especially all the ethieraholics, I think his brain will be overloaded!

Well, I am at least glad to see you managed to save enchanted – that’s better than 19882008 – LOL!!!!

Probably be like Scanners and his head will blow apart!!

LOL gang!! Gotta run. Catch you all tonight for the game. Have a great day everyone. GO DODGERS!!!!!!

I don’t even have permission to comment on his blog. I’ll have to try later. Maybe he knows what is coming

See you later 57Dodger

crzblue2…thanks for all the positive feedback. Sometimes I feel that I am alone in my Dodger world. I went to the game last night and was disappointed. It seemed that Kuroda was not sharp and everyone else was sleepwalking through the game. I left in the 9th inning which is unusual for me. I was a little tired. I had worked the night before, got off at 0800, had to drive to San Diego from Long Beach (a 2 hour drive or 4 hours round trip) and then to Dodger Stadium after that. So I was up for about 36 hours before my head hit the pillow after the game. And all that driving!!! The Dodger fans around me were more into the fighting and playing with those awful beach balls than the game itself. What does that tell you?? I have heard such wonderful things about the WIN clinic on Saturday and the bowling extravaganza with James Loney. Anyone else go? I know Amy was there from others who were able to attend. A couple of friends were at both events and had a wonderful time. James Loney’s brother and dad were at the bowling event and were absolutely wonderful. Russell was at the bowling event as well and kissed and hugged my little 16 year old friend. It totally made not just her day, but her life! Go Russell. I’m going to the game tonight and bought some other tickets on the enemy side just to get a different perspective. I do have my season ticket seat but try to change up and get a different view. It’s fun that way. The Rocks were a tough team last night both offensively and defensively. But they can be beat. Go Dodgers. 🙂

How do you get permission to post on Torre’s blog?

ajay – probably the only way is by not being a member of this blog!! LOL I can’t get on it either.

I just posted on it.

When you’re there, it says you can’t post. Sign out. Then scroll back down to the comment box again and sign in.


Thanks dodgerEric ~ I’ll try that later. I was beginning to agree with ajay about being a member of this blog

With admitted cynicism, I say Torre’s blog is ghost-written by someone who has brief conversations with him and the comments are never mentioned to Torre.
old_fogey AKA westermost_in_flavor AKA …

You are probably right, porklinks. I can’t imagine Joe actually reading comments from fans! LOL

This from Dayn Perry on regarding the flaws of each of the contenders:

Los Angeles Dodgers
Fatal Flaw: Outfield defense

“Since acquiring Manny Ramirez, the Dodgers rank second in the NL in OPS. That’s a drastic reversal of fortunes for a team that’s struggled to score runs for most of the year. However, their most common outfielder arrangement is Ramirez-Matt Kemp-Andre Ethier, and you can smell the extra-base hits from a mile away. To be sure, it’s a net gain for the Dodgers — sacrificing outfield defense for sorely needed offense was the right thing to do. But that could hurt them in their six upcoming games against Arizona, which happens to have the most fly-ball-inclined offense in the NL.”

I guess he is saying that our current outfield is fatally flawed? Hmmm, we have the NL leader in outfield assists, another guy with 8 assists, and a masher who does not have a noodle arm.

Thanks, dodgereric it works but look now I am ajay m instead of

just so you know 🙂

Perumike ~ Does Dayn Perry work for fox sports in Arizona!?

Tru, either that, or Fox Sports Boston! 🙂

ajay m ~ The curse has struck you too! I don’t know if I want to sign on — who knows who I’ll become!!

LOL perumike!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO TRUE

Ward Dear ~ Excellent post on Mr. Torre’s blog – Fantastic!!!!

What was the OF defense that was sacrificed? Pierre’s speed and Jones’ good reads. The former partially offset by the weak arm and the latter by the weight gain decreasing the range. I suspect Jones’ true injury is caused by running: sore man-boobs.
Really, the Dodgers are hiding the right kind of player with defensive deficiencies in LF (duh), A MASHER. Kemp is at least an adequate CF with a plus arm. Ethier isn’t speedy, but he looks to me like a good fielder with a good, but not outstanding, arm.
Note than Dayn Perry provide no evidence for his assertion.

at least i am not a number

Hey everyone, just a quick stop in today… Last night was just a bump in the road on the pathway to Western Division champs!! I still sense a huge letdown by AZ. This division is ours for the taking. I do really hope that we can figure out our bullpen situation and get things back onto the track that we’re used to. Tonight with Billz on the bump we should have a much better pitched game, hopefully into the 7th or 8th… I look for us to pull this one out tonight, something like 4-2 or maybe 5-2…. Haren has not been that great for AZ lately, so, maybe the Puds can steal one from them and we can get back to being even. We just really need to get over that psychological hurdle of getting into sole possession of 1st place, then we will take off. Lets have a good game tonight, and GO BLUE!!

Porklinks ~ I thin we should send Andruw a “Man-zierre”. Don’t know about the spelling but it was the man’s bra coined on “Seinfeld”

Thank God ajay. Enchanted couldn’t even get his original name back. It’s close, but not the same.

you guys are talking about joe’s blog. what/where is it? what’s the link?
thank you.

amy ~ there is a link to Joe’s blog about the middle of the page, posted by dnelly

here is the link amy-

You can change your nickname (what is showing up here now – e.g., porklinks), by logging out of here, going to the main page and logging in there (the little login link at the upper right). After you login there will be profile options in the left column, including nickname.
For some reason, nicknames must be 4-10 characters, lower-case letters and numbers only.

ajay, it looks like they’re doing away with everyone’s tags that include their email address. Some of us were experiencing unwanted emails from some of the cretin-types that wander in here occasionally and I’m sure that’s what is driving it. How they are going about it is anyone’s guess, brandon (above) still has his, for instance. Eventually it will happen to everyone, I guess.

TruBlue44 – LOL – yes, a man-zierre (or man-ssiere as in brassiere+++?)
I hope the Beav isn’t reading while undergarments discussions are happening!
+++ correct spelling; I looked it up!

June Darlin’, I hope that leekfink posts over there. I can’t wait to read that one.

And fogey, that wouldn’t surprise me a bit.

all I did was Sign out. Then scroll back down to the comment box again and sign in.and it said ajay m
Even I was getting spam in my email

I hear Andruw Jones has a new deal to be corporate spokesman for this:

I haven’t caught up on the posts today, but has anyone seen the Kent/Simers update?,0,707305.column

And didn’t they also call it the “Bro”?

LMAO, fogey!!! When I saw “trilastin” in the link I thought it was just another ED drug!

Kramer called it a “bro”; Frank Costanza, changed it to “manssiere”. The combination might be “brossiere”!

Lol, porklinks! You guys were into movies last night. I do much better with television!

Ned Yost denies that he’s using up our pitcher:

Dodgereric ~ I think what Yost said is a crock. There is no reason whatsoever he had to send him to the mound with a huge lead. He is harming “our” pitcher. Maybe he has a blog too, so we can tell him “Please take care of CC”

I can see him sending Sabathia back out if he had a shutout going, but after 111 pitches and a 9 – 2 lead…. not exactly modern thinking.

If we could only get one next year, who would you want more, Manny or CC?

Unmentionables hell – I’m still waiting for the prostitutes to show up!!

Perumike ~ I’ll probably be in the minority but I’ll take Manny. I don’t have much faith in big time pitchers. Too many injuries and, you can only use them every five days.

Good afternoon, enchantedS !!!

Good afternoon ITD boys and girls,
Okay, this is really getting confusing!!! porklinks is actually old_fogey who is actually westermost_in_flavor. I still prefer the other names: jhall, enchanted (although enchanted, I see your name is starting to come back). Any other aliases that I should know about??? 🙂

About Joe Torre’s blog, I am not sure if I would dare to post over there. I’m afraid that I’ll want to say one thing but I post something else. I’ve never done it here (yeah, right). But what I did do is bookmark his blog just in case I feel the notion to go there. But eric, I did read your entry. I hope your comment works!!!

Quick and dirty. With apologies to Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels and “Jenny Take a Ride”, please welcome to the stage, Frank McCourt and the Dodger Blues!
Oh see, C. C. S’bath-ya
Oh see, what has Yost done now
Oh see, C. C. S’bath-ya
I said see, what has Yost done now
Ahh, you made me want you
Now, now, now, now Yost wearin’ ya out.
Oh, I’m a-wanna sign C. C.
But he won’t be back ’til Twenty-Ten
Oh, I’m a-wanna sign C. C.
But he won’t be back ’til Twenty-Ten
And if I find me a Ben Sheets
I won’t be back again.
Ah, C.C., C. C., C. C., won’t you come along with me
(C. C., C. C. – whoo – C. C., C. C.)
C. C. C. C. C. C., won’t you come along with me
(C. C., C. C. – whoo – C. C., C. C.)
I worry ’bout you, C. C., spendin’ nights in Milwaukee!
Pitchin’, pitchin’, pitchin’, pitchin’ when it’s time to mop (up)
(C. C., C. C. – whoo – C. C., C. C.)
Pitchin’, pitchin’, pitchin’, pitchin’ until you will drop
(C. C., C. C. – whoo – C. C., C. C.)
Come along C. C., Dodger Stad’yum is the top!


cpompe1 ~ Since DodgerEric did such a great post on Joe’s blog, I don’t feel I have anything to add. I, like you would be afraid of what I may say in a fit of anger.

Old Fogey/westernmost/winflavor/porklinks ~ Fabulous song!!!!!
Miss Debbie ~ Ethieraholic and hoping 🙂

You got it TruBlue! I’ve said my piece here on ITD (it just seems a little less threatening than posting on Joe’s blog), and if Joe and Ned and anyone else (other than Josh who runs this blog) reads it, well they do. But I feel quite differently if I start posting the same stuff on someone’s SPECIFIC blog, like Joe’s. And yes, eric said it all on his comment. I have nothing more to add (other than repost my song to Andre – Joe’s Blue Collar Man!) No, I won’t do that.

fogey!! Nice one!!!

I went to post it on our blog and found I didn’t have a tag for you. Would you like it as fogey or old_fogey or westernmost or porklinks?

I figure “porky” is out. Right?

I think eric did a wonderful job on that post for Joe’s blog, and he is not an ITD stalker chick who is an ethieraholic.


I’ll take PORKY!!!!

thanks for the link ajay. I’m checking it out now.

Hey nelly! Is it lunch time? Or is school out for you today? I thought you wouldn’t be here until later this afternoon. Are your girls still hugging Ethierbear??? I hope so!!! 🙂

Way to go oldfogeyporklinks!!

No other aliases?? aliasi ??… No other aka’s cpompe (well at least none that I want the FBI to know about.)

TruBluPorky? I guess it’s better than Porky44! 🙂


CP ~ students are finally getting to the point of some independence and enjoying some free choice activities, so this allows me to check e-mails, etc. Plus, we are heading up on our afternoon recess. My girls from last year come in every recess and give Ethierbear hugs – soooo cute!!!

I think we’re getting a little carried away with all of the aliases!!! 🙂 Now I can see TruBlueNelly since those two are of the same family, but TruBluPorky? Not sure about that!


“Oh, you do the fogeypokey and you turn yourself around……..”

I’m sitting here laughing so hard and my husband thinks I’ve lost my mind. You all just crack me up. I smile all day long and even people on the street think I’m a whacko. And, they are probably right!!!

Okay nelly! What I wouldn’t give to be a fly on your wall, watching the girls giving Ethierbear all the hugs they can muster!!! You do have a very cute Ethierbear!!! 🙂

eric – you are something else!!! LMAO!!! 🙂

I owe it all to the dain bramage……

That’s what its all about eric!!

eric – you’re like my husband; he likes to change the front letter or two of words that usually go together and switch them. It’s very funny!!! You’re very funny!!! 🙂

And, Eric, I thank you for it!!!

I thought this was a baseball blog. LMAO!!

And where’s my dinner?

Hey enchanted! I’ve been kinda lax on dinner lately. What, with our trip and my cold, I’ve been kinda out of sorts. But I’m feeling a little bit better; give me some time! 🙂

But I’ve been waiting since June!! 😉

enchanted – since June??? You must be very skinny right now!!! 😉

enchantedS ~ I think the baseball blog flew out the window last night when “Animal House” invaded. Just pray we don’t lose another ball game this year!!


We have a good time enchanted!!! At least I do!!! Hehehehehe… 🙂

We all have a great time enchantedS Hehehehehe and for those who don’t, too bad!!!!


eric ~ Not the Hokey Pokey – LOL!!!

Porklinks(fogey) – Great song!
Now, from the Department of Irony (per…
The Dodgers will host a steroid awareness clinic for young athletes Wednesday from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. at Dodger Stadium. Clayton Kershaw, Pierre and Gary Bennett will work as instructors with the Dodgers training staff and strength and conditioning coach”
Bennett is an instructor for steriod awareness?

The Animal House stuff was funny – I didn’t realize how much I remembered. Towards the end, I was looking some of it up, but in the beginning, I was doing pretty good.

crash – You’re right; Bennett is an instructor for steriod awareness is an oxymoron??? Or else, we can just drop the oxy and what are we left with! Moron…

I don’t think you can use “Pierre” and “strength” in the same sentence……unless “has no” is in there somewhere.

Oh, I just noticed the time. I’ve got a doctor’s appointment. Gotta go; will catch up with y’all later…

LMAO cpompe1 & dodgereric !!!!

Thanks all.
dodgereric – probably “porklinks” since that will likely stick.
Gary Bennett presumably does the “Scared Straight” portion: Look kids, it causes plantar fasciitis and mental blocks about throwing! [Messes] you up, man! [Feces]!.

I think I blew the delivery on that. Should probably be:
Gary Bennett presumably does the “Scared Straight” portion: Look kids, it causes plantar fasciitis and mental blocks about throwing! [Intercourses] you up, man! [Feces]!

Andruw Jones’ version of the Hokey Pokey:
You put your man-boobs in, your put your man-boobs, out …..

Pork, just watching him trying to get the ball back to the mound would scare me straight.

BTW – I will be attending tonight’s game and I hope to see VERY GOOD CHAD tonight. I also expect to see Juan Pierre leading off.

Be sure to give Juan all our love. LOL

Bring him a box of facial tissue – he’ll need them, since we’ll be sticking it to him more and more as the pennant race wears on…

You got it, porklinks!

He should hit Pierre 8th if he is to play him (which I assume he will even though a day ago he said he will keep it the way it is for a while). If he is not good enough to play everyday then he is not good enough to possibly get our most at bats in the game and be the guy who “gets things started”

Perhaps we didn’t miss out on much when he snubbed us:

“Royals placed RHP Luke Hochevar on the 15-day disabled list with a contusion of the rib cage.

Hochevar suffered the injury Tuesday and is in danger of missing the remainder of the season. The former No. 1 overall pick has gone 6-12 with a 5.51 ERA and 72/47 K/BB ratio in 129 innings during his first full season, showing little to suggest that he has star potential long term.”

I would like to see Loney and Martin start hitting a little better. The last 12 games Loney has batted .212 and Martin .238. Now is the time we need those 2 bats to get hot as they are hitting 5 thru 8th in the line-up and we need some hot bats to help us win the West.

Andruw Jones hit two home runs Monday night for triple-A Las Vegas in the second game of a minor league rehabilitation assignment. Jones was one for two with a walk the previous day.

“It’s too early to get excited,” Manager Joe Torre said, adding about Jones, who is hitting .161 in the majors this season: “He has to have enough quality at-bats to make him feel like it’s different.”

scurtis ~ I think when Andruw is ready, we should bring him up as our pinch hitter and send Sweeney far, far, away.

Jungar ~ I agree with you about batting Pierre 8th, or perhaps 9th.

Trublu. I agree. Hopefully they keep him down there for 2 solid weeks first and give him some reps.

Lineup tonight: My prediction with a lefty on the mound

Pierre CF
Kemp RF
Kent 2b
Man Ram LF
Nomar SS
Blake 3b
Loney 1b
Martin C
CBill P

If Juan does play, I’d go with this lineup:

Also, I know Russell isn’t exactly crushing the ball right now, but he is a good contact hitter

Probably a good bet scurtis…. I’d be ok with it too. We really need to get that game back before we go out on the road. Philly is going to be pissed off about us sweeping them and try to respond by sweeping us back. I’m quite sure we will not sweep them again, and we have a hard time in AZ this year. It’d be nice if AZ would fall into a nice slide, honestly with their pitching it’s going to be hard for them to have any sort of a losing streak.

Trueblue, I like that lineup a lot better, but I’m sure he’ll be hitting leadoff. Yeah, I agree with you guys, Russ and Loney really need to get going.

I know you are probably right about Juan, Brandon. It’s just that I don’t see why Joe thinks he is a good leadoff man. Really puzzling, isn’t it?

If JP plays, I’d like him ninth, right in front of Kemp except in the first inning.
When a LHP starts, like tonight, I guarantee it will be a RH bat behind Manny. Torre’s thinking (and I agree with him on this): If a LHP wants to pitch around Manny, he’s going to get another RH batter. You do not want to allow a LH to pitch around Manny to get to a lefty (e.g., Loney).

You ar right, porklinks. I think they will start pitching around Manny soon. So, please, please, please hit it out!!

I swear if Loney isn’t playing tonight and Berroa is im going to drive down to LA and have a word with Joe Torre.

dodgereric – remember, if Hochevar signed, no Kershaw for LA. It was because Hochevar was in the next draft that Kershaw was still available at the seventh pick. (The Royal take Andrew Miller instead, and Detroit takes Kershaw at 6 [and later trade him for Miggy?])

Joe wouldn’t dare do that, Max, would he!!!!!!

I dont know trublue! Joe hasn’t been very smart this season and this quote doesn’t bode well for our chances down the stretch…”I tried to reason who was going to give me the better at-bat – Berroa or Loney,”…Thats the kind of stupidity this team has to overcome. WE ARE SCREWED!

Didn’t both Ethier and Loney sit out together last time there was a lefty pitching and Nomar was healthy? Porklinks has a definite point.

We can’t put our B team out there in a middle of a race! If Joe got his head out of his ***, which is probably super glued up there because he hasn’t made a good decision all season, we would be a first place team. Joe Torre has allowed this team to not play up to its potential. If we had a decent manager who knew his talent we’d be in first by 5 or 6 games. His horrible lineups and his veteran codling could very well cost us the division.

guys i just got an email from somebody called Juan rock
I think it Juan Pierre-
Why warm up Troncoso they should warm up Kuo
By on August 19, 2008 8:28 PM
Report any abuse or spam

Do you still think they should warm up Kuo now? This should be your fault for his meltdown last night.

I’d take my chances with James, Max. Except for the other day, Loney is a solid 1st baseman. We have to try and put our best defensive team on the field everynight to back up our pitchers.

That was my comment last night
good thing my email address isn’t showing anymore

This is going to be tonight’s lineup…









Be prepared to lose tonight! Even with Chadley going tonight.

Russell Martin with a 1/2 day off.
Lineups per Jon Weisman of Dodger Thoughts:
Pierre, CF
Kemp, RF
Kent, 2B
Ramirez, LF
Garciaparra, SS
Blake, 1B
Martin, 3B
Ardoin, C
Billingsley, P
Quintanilla, 2B
Taveras, CF
Holliday, LF
Hawpe, RF
Atkins, 1B
Stewart, 3B
Tulowitzki, SS
Torrealba, C
Francis, P

i hope we are able to put it together tonight.
i will also be there, it will be interesting to see Russy start at 3rd. I don’t believe I’ve seen one in person.

By the way, isn’t Josh late with a new thread? Oops, I mean, Josh Rawitch, Vice President of Public Relations.

Joe Torre needs to retire.

guys i just got an email from somebody called Juan rock
I think it Juan Pierre-
Why warm up Troncoso they should warm up Kuo
By on August 19, 2008 8:28 PM
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Do you still think they should warm up Kuo now? This should be your fault for his meltdown last night.

fogey, I did not know that about Kershaw. Guess we were double-lucky. We were owed one.

Remember ’92? We had the worst record in baseball, but we didn’t get the first draft pick because they alternate it between leagues (at least they used to). Alex Rodriguez went to Seattle, who won one more game than us that year and we selected Darren Dreifort with the 2nd pick.

I’m not joking this really happened

Ethier and Loney out together again – porklinks wins the prize 🙂

ajay ~ I believe it really happened. It made me speechless!!!

dnelly ~ If this is the lineup, poor Billz must be thinking what the #&*&* !!!!!!


Tonight’s Episode- “KING FOR JUAN DAY”

It’s a few days after the dramatic Andre Ethier Walk off homerun and Juan Pierre receives a surprise from his manager Joe Torre. However, he gets a cold reception from his best friend, Dontrelle Willis.

Mark Sweeney reveals that he saw Gary Bennett and Ned Colletti in a clandestine meeting with Brian McNamee and Barry Bonds at a General Nutrition Center on Sunset Boulevard, before Gary mysteriously went on the DL. Then Juan decides to take Andruw Jones and Prince Fielder to The Cut, Wolfgang Puck’s modern, elegant steakhouse located at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel, only to find that much to his chagrin, Andre Ethier is the guest chef.

Meanwhile Matt Kemp asks Manny Ramirez for fashion advice, and Jeff Kent realizes that he may gain something by allowing a local reporter into his inner circle. Vin Scully appears as himself.

ajay ~ I am assuming this is the reason why the rest of our addresses have been erased off of here. You might want to find a way to do that.

Obi ~ You are brilliant!!!

I did today I am now ajay m

And to think they’re paying this guy $3-4 million a year to come up with this line-up (and all the other ones throughout the year.)

ajay ~ I forgot you did that. You were talking about that this morning. 🙂

No kidding enchantedS~!!! 🙂
Obi ~ spectacular!!!!!

Yeah, I got a few gems from Juan Rock, as well. Love these personal e-mail guys. JUST PUT IT ON THE BLOG, JUAN ROCK!!!

kpookiemon ~ Just read the article. It was very interesting, indeed.

“I think it’s really a little odd we’re sitting here playing our best baseball of the year, just landed Blake, Ramirez and Maddux, and you’re asking me about our GM,” he said. “I think it’s very, very strange. The team is playing great right now. There’s a lot of enthusiasm. Everybody’s having fun; players, fans, everybody.

“I feel we’re in a good place right now. You’ve got to give credit where credit is due. Ned and his people have worked very hard to get us where we are.”

Sad. Where we are with Ned and company is a below .500 team. I agree were playing better but thats the facts. And as Owner, I gather we are maybe a few game over .500 and one playoff win since owning the team. But ticket prices and parking lot prices have gone up faster infation wise than Gasoline. I hope you are proud Frank.

If it wasn’t obvious before it is now. Clueless Joe lives among us. If Ethier hit 4 home runs, threw out 5 runners and saved a choking baby in the stands, Joe would sit him the very next day if a lefty was starting.

Oh yeah…….

Joe: They say we’re old and we can’t see
Anything good about walks or OBP.
Juan: Well I don’t care if all that’s true
‘Cause you got me, and baby I got you
Juan: Babe
Both: I got you babe I got you babe

Joe: They say our love won’t win no games
But I don’t care if we go down in flames.
Juan: I guess that’s so, I don’t care either
as long as I get to start instead of Ethier

Juan: Babe
Both: I got you babe I got you babe

Juan: I got 8….point 8 mil, and I put you…. in my will.
Joe: And when I’m sad, you’re a clown
And if I get scared, you’re always around
Joe: So let them say your hat’s too big
‘Cause I don’t care, let them call me pig
Juan: Then put your little hand in mine
There ain’t no hill or mountain we can’t climb

Juan: Babe
Both: I got you babe I got you babe

Juan: I got you to write my name
Joe: I got you to lead the game
Juan: I got you to pull up my socks
Joe: I got you to take me on walks

Both: I got you babe

While we’ve landed marquee names, which is super, our bench and bullpen is still in tatters. No proven righty hitter off the bench, and from the left side we have our choice of Sweeney and Pierre. With Saito out, it’s been “full-pack Stanhouse” revisited down there.

new thread guys

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