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Please be sure to read below for more information about ThinkCure and the radio telethon we’ve got going on throughout the weekend until the end of tonight’s game.

As I’ve mentioned, bidding for the online auction doesn’t end until Aug. 24 and Inside the Dodgers has been issued a challenge by DodgerTalk. Josh Suchon, one of the hosts of DodgerTalk, wants to see if the package that allows fans to go behind the scenes with them can go for more money than the one that allows you all to go behind the scenes with me.

So, for the next eight days, I’m going to give list a new perk that you would get for going behind-the-scenes with Inside the Dodgers. As of right now, there are eight bids and the winning bid is just $240. I promise you, if people knew what this package included, they’d be paying thousands of dollars for it and most importantly, every dime goes to the research that will find a cure for cancer.

So part one of the Inside the Dodgers experience is the chance to meet Joe Torre and watch his pregame chat with the media.

Here’s tonight’s lineup:

Kemp, CF

Ethier, RF

Kent, 2B

Manny, LF

Loney, 1B

Martin, C

Nomar, SS

Blake, 3B

Lowe, P



    Jeff Kent is 14 for 30 with eight R.B.I. since moving into the third spot in the order a week ago. Kent, who won the N.L. most valuable player award while batting in front of Barry Bonds, dismissed the idea that he has been helped by having Ramírez batting behind him. But Dodgers Manager Joe Torre said it had clearly helped.

    “What I’m seeing is Jeff being the hitter he is and not having to go outside his zone,” Torre said. “Now, he’s a little more patient.”

    For months he criticized everyone, but Kent about his approach and Kent. Double standard. Vets aren’t allowed to be ripped in the press i guess like the 23 year olds.

  2. trublu4ever

    See jungar, great minds think alike. I also said that a few days ago about Kent and Bonds. He had his best year batting ahead of Barry. He just won’t admit to Manny helping him (becoming a little self centerd, isn’t he?)


    Great freakin’ lineup. Unfortunately I can’t watch cuz I have preseason NFL tix to Broncos/Cowboys, club level 50-yd line. I guess I’ll just suffer through it.

  4. trublu4ever

    Please, Mr. Torre, leave this lineup intact for the rest of the season. I know Juan will pout and you’ll feel sorry for him. But, do what’s best for our chances of winning. If you must, you can put Juan in to pinch run to give him a feeling of importance. Oh, but then you’d probably have to put him in the outfield and that won’t do. So, Joe just let him pout for the next two months, I won’t care.

  5. enchantedbeaver

    Looks like they gave me a number, and taken away my name. Guess that makes me Secret Agent Man.

    Nice line-up SAM I AM.

    This really sucks, Juan’s mama is going to get a piece of my mind (usually like her son just gets a piece of the ball.)

  6. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Enchanted!!!! your name is back ~ all is well now. I was beginning to wonder if you were a marked man, and that was your number in line and they were on 19882007 – LMAO!!!

  7. northstateblues

    Hey all. seeing the ever-increasing name changes going on, some willing, some not, I felt inspired to borrow from one of Chicago’s greatest:

    Name Police (to the tune of “Dream Police” by Cheap Trick.)

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  8. northstateblues

    dnelly, Yeah, I got a good amount, maybe more than I liked, heh. When I work the night hours, I usually stay up a little longer so it doesn’t feel like I’ve wasted my day. I guess I’m a bit nocturnal.

    How’s the classroom coming along?

  9. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Northstateblues ~ Just a few more things, but it’s looking good. It’s nice to see that Dodger banner on top of the standings in my classroom. Technically it should be Arizona because of the ABC order thing, but I have a feeling we will be there by ourselves by Monday anyway. Thanks for asking, and I am glad you got your sleep.
    dnelly ~ ethieraholic
    enchanted being enchanted is much better than 19882008 being 19882008 – LMAO!!! However, I think westernmost has got you beat with winflavor – too many possibilities there in that name – LMAO!!!

  10. enchantedbeaver

    Looks like the only team we play with a winning record in Sept. is the Snakes. Meanwhile the Snakes have 6 games against the Cards. Lets hope the Cards play them as tough as they do us.

  11. northstateblues

    enchantedsunset, heheh, yeah, these are getting a little confusing. I wonder why it just happens to certain names, though.

    I understand that they’re trying to make it so that we don’t have to have our email address as our name for anonymity’s sake (probably save us on spam too), but it’s odd the names that are popping up.

  12. trublu4ever

    I think you are right about the emails, enchanted. I think everyone who had their email address posted was automatically changed. Ajay better watch out or it will be next.

  13. enchantedbeaver

    I got that idea too North – trying to eliminate the email addresses showing. Maybe they’ve had some incidents??

  14. tradejuanpypaperbag

    maybe there is something to that. It wouldn’t let me use the e-mail part of my name. jhall came back with a name without address attached – hmmm!!!! I will have to see what happens when I get home to the laptop.

  15. northstateblues

    Looks like the only team we play with a winning record in Sept. is the Snakes. Meanwhile the Snakes have 6 games against the Cards. Lets hope the Cards play them as tough as they do us.

    By enchantedsunset on August 16, 2008 4:35 PM

    That’s a great schedule! All we have to do is kick the spoilers to the curb. With Manny in our lineup, it feels good this year, like anything’s within grasp.

  16. tradejuanpypaperbag

    So, if Joe is playing the lefty/righty game with Andre and JP, then Andre’s next sit shouldn’t be until Wednesday when Francis pitches for the Rox.

  17. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Well, the Dodgers need to win so they can stay there, no pressure, mind you – lol!!
    Leaving for home ~ catch up in a little while.

  18. obi_wen

    [19882008 = Enchanted]

    Hmm, well Enchanted those numbers could mean:
    (a) the ten year period drought between Dodger World Series championships i.e. 1988-2008 is going to end, (b) You’re a very precocious 10 year old in New Mexico who’s forseen his own death, (c) You’re name is Leroy and you registered with your Prison ID number (d) Juan Pierre aka “WinFlava9” has finished reading “HACKING FOR DUMMIES and is now putting his new skills to work, wrecking revenge on you and rest of the ITD.

  19. oldbrooklynfan

    Yes, Ethier’s 14 & 62 looks better than Pierre’s 0 & 25.
    I just don’t understand Blake batting 8th.
    Regardless it’s great
    LET’S GO LOWE!!!

  20. obi_wen

    “b” should be “20 year old” Sheesh, that just ruined the whole gag. Dnelly sign me up for remedial math. LOL 😦

  21. aeversw

    Josh, said every dime goes to cancer research but the page to the link you provided says “90% of the proceeds from this auction will be donated to charity.” Where does that other 10% go?

  22. aeversw

    Josh, you said every dime goes to cancer research but the page to the link you provided says “90% of the proceeds from this auction will be donated to charity.” Where does that other 10% go?

  23. kpookiemon

    An ode to re-signing Manny:

    The best things in life are free
    ‘Cause Boston’s pickin’ up the bill, don’t you see
    Now give me Manny
    That’s what I want
    That’s what I want, yeah
    That’s what I want

    You’re hittin’ gives me a thrill
    And even better we don’t pay your bills
    Now give me Manny
    That’s what I want
    That’s what I want, yeah
    That’s what I want

    Manny don’t hit everything it’s true
    What he don’t hit, Kemp will kill
    Now give me Manny
    That’s what I want
    That’s what I want, yeah
    That’s what I want, wah

  24. obi_wen

    LOL! Well, that’s what I get for listening to Juan Pierre and counting on my fingers. Thanks Dnelly. Enchanted, tell 19882008, I’m sorry about losing his life savings. I really believed Obiki Salike’s e-mail. I mean, who knew he wasn’t really a high ranking Nigerian Goverment Official?

  25. trublu4ever

    Hi obi ~ glad you are here because it isn’t the same without you. By the way, if wesrternmost gets his name back, can I have winflavor.

  26. obi_wen

    ~~By the way, if wesrternmost gets his name back, can I have winflavor.~~

    Yes TruBlue, but only if you promise you’ll give the name, more “street” cred by spelling it as winFLAVA. I don’t want you to miss out on the future marketing opportunities [i.e. reality TV star, vitamin water spokesman, sitcom with Juan Pierre, etc] 🙂

  27. obi_wen

    [Hi obi ~ glad you are here because it isn’t the same without you ]

    Wow! I have to say, that in all my life, which includes 3 long hard years working on a sheep ranch in Farragut, Wyoming, 19 months as a pool boy/errand runner for Britney Spears’ manager Sam Luftee, 4 years repeating the 7th grade, 2 years in Bolivia, and 11 years in the semi pro/minor leagues trying to be the first player from Greenland and the first left handed throwing 3rd baseman to make the Majors, this is the first time anyone has ever said something that nice to me. Well, I mean, who wasn’t a man and/or my Bolivian cell mate. From the bottom of my heart, thank you TruBlue. 🙂

  28. tradejuanpypaperbag

    LMAO!!! This has been one funny, bizarre day, I tell you, and all because of a name (or two or three) and a number!! LMAO!!!!!

  29. obi_wen

    Why did it censor the word *****? Isn’t *****, [insert the name of a film, “‘Tis a Pity She’s A W_____ or the name of a Jane’s Addiction song] the same as prostitute ? <br?

  30. aeversw

    This is the kind of stupidity this team has to over come….
    “I tried to reason who was going to give me the better at-bat – Berroa or Loney,” Torre said.

  31. enchantedbeaver

    I’ve know idea why, but here it is – Vicki Lawrence, The Night The Lights Went Out in Georgia:

    Was on his way up from the dugout
    Been two weeks gone since he’d seen Juan pout
    At Dodger Stadium where he comes to work.
    And Joe Torre said, “Hello”
    And he said, “Hi how they hanging Joe”
    Said “‘Druw sit down I got some bad news its gonna hurt.”
    He said, “I’m the manager so you know I’m right”
    “I sent your fat butt to Vegas, cuz you couldn’t it right”
    And since you’ve been gone, I’ve been playin’ J P
    Well he got mad ‘n’ he saw red, and Joe said “‘Druw dontcha lose your head”
    “ ‘cuz to tell you the truth I been playin’ ‘Dre too.”
    That’s the night that Andruw sat in silence
    That’s the night that nothing happened at all (uh huh)
    Well just sit and grin, ya still got ya Franky’s money
    Cause the boob upstairs he answered Boras call.
    Well Andruw just stared and he watched ‘em play
    Called over to Juan who then started to say
    “See Andruw they’re still sticking it to me like I knew they would.”
    When Torre looked down that’s when Sweeney chimed in,
    “Was only so long he could spout his spin”
    “Before everyone caught on and it no longer worked”
    And Sweeney went off to go pinch hit
    Came back again cuz he swings like schidt
    And came upon some tracks to large for JP to make.
    He looked through the tunnel and the clubhouse door
    And he saw Andruw rollin’ on the floor
    Justa hold his tum and an angel food cake
    Well Stan Conte’s Patrol was a’makin’ its rounds
    So he gave it a shout, “Andruw’s addin’ pounds!”
    And the dimwitted GM named Ned said, “Why’d ya do it?”
    Andruw stood and said, “guilty” with a cheesepuff grin
    Clapping Ned on the back with his fat double chin
    Said, “supper’s waiting at home and I gotta get to it.”
    That’s the night that Andruw sat in silence
    That’s the night that nothing happened at all (uh huh)
    Well just sit and grin, ya still got ya Franky’s money
    Cause the boob upstairs he answered Boras call.

    Well Andruw left before they could say
    “Come back next spring if you wanna play”
    “Cuz we gotta pay you whether you’re there or not.”
    And old Juan P will still be around
    And will get a few starts cause of JoJo The Clown
    See he’s still got him three years on his contract.
    That’s the night that Andruw sat in silence
    That’s the night that nothing happened at all (uh huh)
    Well just sit and grin, ya still got ya Franky’s money
    Cause the boob upstairs he answered Boras call.

  32. obi_wen

    I don’t think Joe Torre really thinks otherwise he wouldn’t say something so stupid, because you have to go with Loney who knows how to really hit and leads the team in RBIs. He’s far superior to Ah Hell Berroa.

  33. aeversw

    It’s gonna happen OBI…next lefty we face Slappy will be leading off, Berroa will be batting 8th and Loney will be on the bench. It’s going to happen!

  34. enchantedbeaver

    Jeez I hope they don’t do something stupid like resign Lowe. I’m not sure he even makes a good #4 starter. For a guy in a contract year, he stinks.


    Lowe is once again in the process of giving back a lead the bats just gave him. Hopefully he gets out of this with just one run..

  36. northstateblues

    About to head into Media Blackout mode since Phelps is supposed to race soon (and the West Coast gets the crumbly leftovers, of course)… Looks like I’m watching the game on the Nintendo DS browser, heh.

    Way to go Dre! Let’s get ’em, and D-Lowe, Keep the ball down!!!

  37. enchantedbeaver

    I know Kent just got a hit, but he’s only seen 4 freakin’ pitches in three at bats. That’s what drives me nuts about JoJo and his double standards. Any of the kids do that and they “don’t get it.”


    Boras will try to get #1 or 2 starter money for Lowe, essentially a #3 or 4 starter, and somebody, hopefully not us, will probably pay it

  39. enchantedbeaver

    Sure aren’t making Bush pitch tonight. 71 pitches through 7. They have another engagement to go to?

  40. vl4ecc

    I sure hope they can pull out another come from behind win tonight……We’re getting absofreakinglutely no help from the Astros!

  41. oldbrooklynfan

    Tough inning for KUO, but that’s the way it goes.
    Nobody’s perfect.
    We just got to get them runs back.

  42. tradejuanpypaperbag

    I know this is late, and I know we are currently behind, but I just want to say GREAT JOB ANDRE on his 13th homerun (tied his season best from last year).


    Oh man this has been tough to watch. So close yet so far. Great Defense by Milwaukee. Watching Gagne now is like watching all of Ned’s free agent pick ups. He used to be so dominant. If that was 2003 Kemp would have looked silly up there. Sorta like what Blake looked like.

  44. kpookiemon

    Not like everyone doesn’t know it, but Dodgers have two singles and one walk since Kemp’s HR. On the homestand, Dodgers have been getting ALL the breaks…not tonight.


    People that booed Gagne should be ashamed of themselves. I respect the fact that everyone can voice an opinion and I just voiced mine.


    People that booed Gagne did what he suppose to do because he didn’t give us a hometown discount.

  47. tradejuanpypaperbag

    That backfired on the Brewers a little bit by putting the lefty in there – Come on Jeff and Manny, bring Andre home!!!

  48. dodgereric

    Don’t think I saw this posted here yet:

    “Penny’s MRI results”
    “The test revealed increased scar tissue in the front part of the right shoulder, which appeared to be impinging on the rotator-cuff tendon, causing inflammation and irritation. He won’t throw before Tuesday, and he will be re-evaluated early next week. But given the time it’s going to take to get him ready to go again — and given what Torre said pregame — it’s seems doubtful at this point that he’ll be back this year.”


    Am I the only one who thinks that if Ethier could have charged that he could have caught it either standing up or in a slide?

  50. dodgereric

    I think that if Ethier thought he could have caught it he would have. He obviously didn’t think he could get there.

  51. kpookiemon

    Wow, that run came out of nowhere…Broxton walks a guy with two outs, Martin continues to struggle throwing out runners, and Broxton does his deer-in-the-headlights thing…


    Eric, I thought that was definately a catchable ball..especially seeing the catches Cameron made out there on balls that were falling much faster than that one.

  53. obi_wen

    If Cameron catches the ball Ethier hit and then doubles up Kemp, everyone would have complaining about Kemp’s bad baserunning. Kemp played it correctly, these are just the breaks. I do agree with the earlier post that all the Brewer outfielders need to be tested. I think they’re all amped up on “Gagnejuice”.

  54. oldbrooklynfan

    I sure thought Ethier had a HR.
    IMO we lost a hard fought battle against a good team.
    Just got to shake it off and come back tomorrow.
    Can’t win them all and we’re only one game back.

  55. dodgereric

    Swood, all I can do is think how I would think. If the Brewers were the home team and the game would be over with that ball falling in, I think Ethier dives for that ball. I think he didn’t want the ball to get past him. Maybe he didn’t get a good jump on it and gave up early. Maybe he didn’t think it was hit as hard as it was.

    This wasn’t an easy game to lose. Russ got robbed big time of a knock with that great catch. I think Lowe was removed too early. I think they should have gotten to Gagne, he was lucky. Kemp was going to tag up on Ethier’s fly ball and he should have been on third. Riske is nobody, we should have crushed him.

    Bottom line, you can’t win ’em all. We can win the series tomorrow.

  56. dodgereric

    Yeah it was tough, nelly. But I think we hit bottom last weekend in SF. We’re on the upswing. We had the right people up at the end and they didn’t come through. We got a break in the ninth, but nothing else went our way tonight.

  57. bluecrewgirl

    I remember a play last season where Ethier charged a ball that was a very similar play to the one in this game when the Brewers scored the go ahead run. He didn’t catch it and and it almost cost them the game, except they were able to come from behind and win. Grady scolded him after the game that he should have played it on a hop and the media made a deal out of it too. I doubt he’s forgotten it. He’s made a lot of spectacular catches this year, so I am sure if he thought it was catchable, he would have charged in to make the attempt.

  58. tradejuanpypaperbag

    I didn’t see much of the game. I came home in the 8th and was kind of doing other things instead of watching the game. I see Ethier had a play that is under scrutiny once again.

  59. obi_wen

    Yes, tough loss, but we’ll get ’em tomorrow. BTW, here are the results of the online voting for the Pemmican Beef Jerky & Old Spice “MOST GRIZZLED PLAYER OF THE GAME” Award :

    JASON KENDALL —23,382
    CASEY BLAKE– 22, 273
    JEFF KENT– 18, 596
    MANNY RAMIREZ —115 votes [based on the condition of his batting helmet]

  60. dodgereric

    That’s interesting,bluecrew. I didn’t know that. You tend to remember things like that as a young player.

    I don’t get too upset with errors, and, at worst, I figure Andre misjudged how hard that ball was hit. I figure that they’re all trying as hard as they can and as soon as I’m perfect, I’ll start expecting everyone else to be too.

  61. bluecrewgirl

    Actually DNelly, Vin didn’t say anything about the play at all and he will usually comment if he thinks a ball is catchable or not.

  62. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Very good point eric ~ I think sometimes we forget that it is a game and things happen out of their control, error or not. I still would rather have Andre out there than JP.

  63. bluecrewgirl

    Eric, actually it wasn’t scored an error on that play. Manny had the only error for the Dodgers in the game. Plus, like you said you can’t win them all. If we win tomorrow, it’s 2 out of 3. Ethier drove in 2 of our runs and scored a 3rd, so we wouldn’t have been in a position to win without him.

  64. tradejuanpypaperbag

    I guess some people prefer to have JP out there because that’s the alternative. I am sorry, but I will take my chances without Andre any day (IMO).

  65. tradejuanpypaperbag

    I have been listening to the post game show,and all they are talking about is how great of a game it was, win or lose – alot of great plays, and one of the best ball games of the year.

  66. acardona16

    hello ITD land! i haven’t been on in a few days… i didn’t get to watch much of the game but i see we lost… i saw the 9th inning and part of the 10th… i was at a party for a friend that just graduated from the LAPD Academy and they were switching back and forth between the olympics and the game so yeah… my sister told everyone i was CRAZY about the dodgers and that i’ve seen EVERY game this season (which i’ll admit i haven’t. I’ve missed a few. She’s just gatta be dramatic about everything) so everyone kinda looked at me weird! LOL and my friend was saying he saw my pictures of meeting Andre on my myspace and he started laughing… but I DON’T CARE!!! I LOVE THE DODGERS WIN OR LOSE!!! lol

    how did Andre do Nelly? i see he got a 2-run home run!!

    Acardona = ETHIERaholic!

  67. dodgereric

    It’s obviously hard to know what was going on in the dugout. But I’d like to know if Lowe was out of gas. I think Vin said he was at 94 pitches, or something close to that. You weren’t home apparantly, but Lowe went out to pitch the top of the eighth with us ahead 2 – 1. They brought in a PH to lead off, Braun, a right-handed bat. Before he threw a pitch, Torre pulled him and brought in Kuo, despite the fact that he’s a lefty. Double. One batter later Hardy hits a 2-run HR and we’re down.

    I think I would have left Lowe in to pitch the eighth and saved Kuo for the ninth. If Brox doesn’t have to come in tonight, he’s fresh for tomorrow. Oh well, so it goes. As I said before, we can win the series tomorrow and that’s what you’re after.

  68. dodgereric

    Bluecrew, I know Andre didn’t make an error. I was just trying to make a point that, even if he HAD made an error, I don’t get too upset. They don’t error on purpose.

  69. acardona16

    dodgereric – oh i see… yeah that sucks but like you said we have to look ahead! the past is the past and we can’t change it no matter how much we want to! very well said eric!

    Acardona = ETHIERaholic

  70. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Acardona ~ I wasn’t here to watch the game ethier (either), but Andre had a two run home run and he scored the run that tied the game in the 9th. As for the play in question, I will rely on eric and bluecrewgirl that it is what is,and it wasn’t ruled an error. Like bluecrewgirl said, they wouldn’t have even been in the game today if it wasn’t for Andre.
    Eric ~ I must have come in right when the homerun was hit. So, do you think something is wrong with Lowe, perhaps?

  71. bluecrewgirl

    Sorry, Eric. I must have misunderstood what you said, but I agree unless it is a player who makes a lot of errors, it happens to the best of them.

  72. tradejuanpypaperbag

    I messed up above – I wrote “without Andre” instead of “with Andre” – uuugghhh!! I really don’t like it when I do that. lol!!!

  73. acardona16

    Nelly- haha i just read your post on not watching the game.. my bad! thanks anyway!!

    bluecrewgirl – i didn’t get to watch the game but your post said “we wouldn’t have been in a position to win without him.” (as usual) it’s great to hear that he’s doing so well!! (even though we lost) i was just wondering what inning did he get the 2-run homer? and i saw him get the run scored in the 9th to tie it!! good stuff!!

  74. dodgereric

    It was very strange. I don’t think Lowe was injured. Kuo didn’t get the usual ‘as many warmups as he wants’ for someone who’s coming in for an injured pitcher.

    Vin seemed to think it was a strategy move by Joe. As soon as Braun was announced, Torre popped out of the dugout.

    Now, this would make sense if the Brewers had sent up a lefty to hit against Lowe. Then Torre counters with Kuo to make Yost waste a PH and come in with a righthander. But it didn’t happen that way. Yost must have figured that ploy out and just sent up Braun. Now, unless Lowe was gassed, I would have left him in there. That’s what I was yelling at the TV at the time.

  75. dodgereric

    thinkblu, Kemp led off the Dodger 1st with a double and Andre followed with his HR. It looked a lot like Gibson’s famous shot in the ’88 Series – the pitch was down and away and Andre pulled it just over the wall in the fatso pavillion.

  76. tradejuanpypaperbag

    thinkblu16 ~ He got his homerun in the bottom of the 1st – that I do know! My phone let me know that. My family thought I was nuts, along with trublue because we were so excited to see him get his 13th. He tied his season high tonight.

  77. acardona16

    eric – AWSOME!! what a great way to explain it! the whole “Gibson” thing put a great picture in my head!! thanks!! that has to suck to lose with a play like that! not to take anything away from ‘Dre but the feeling has to be better when you win you know? it’s still a great play don’t get me wrong!

  78. dodgereric

    Yeah, my computer actually spoiled that for me, nelly. When I fired it up tonight, the news updates in the corner mentioned Phelp’s 8th gold. Usually someone on here will do that, but I don’t think that happened here tonight.

  79. tradejuanpypaperbag

    eric ~ thanks for the description of the homerun. You described it perfectly – A+ lol! Not that I won’t watch the replay myself 🙂

  80. acardona16

    ok well it was a short visit but i have a LONG day tomorrow so thanks for all the info!! i’ll catch the replay tomorrow!! good night everyone!!! GO DODGERS!!!

  81. tradejuanpypaperbag

    eric ~ When I turned on the computer I must not have been paying attention. I was trying to get to the game. I usually do read the top news stories, but I new it was late in the game, and I was trying to see some of it.
    So, no more name issues tonight? What a bizarre day this was for name changes. Enchanted becoming a number today was pretty hilarious, not to mention jhall too, and then mine coming up different as well. Westernmost still tops them though – winflavor

  82. bluecrewgirl

    I spoiled it for myself. I was checking something on the box score of the game on ESPN and I saw the headline about Phelps. Still exciting to watch. His mom cracks me up. She really gets into the races.

  83. dodgereric

    The Brewers actually earned this win tonight. Their outfield was awesome! The RF Hart tried to put his head throught the wall after gloving a shot. Cameron made two great diving catches in center and the LF Kapler dove into the left field box seats to rob Russ of a homer.

    Ethier got an assist tonight also, for you Ethieraholics. He grabbed a ball in the corner and gunned it into second. Kapler beat the throw, but overslid the base. His hand came off the base for a fraction of a second, but Nomar was right there to slap the tag on him. Profs to Nomar, he was alert.

  84. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Thanks eric ~ so swood’s only gripe was the one play in the 10th? I didn’t realize Andre had an assist tonight, too. I did hear all the kudos for the brewers outfield. I was home to hear all that, and that there was some mighty fine catches out there.

  85. bluecrewgirl

    I noticed in the box score that he had the assist, but didn’t Vin say it was Kemp who had that assist? I wasn’t really paying attention on that play, but thought he said it was Kemp.

  86. dodgereric

    Make no mistake about it, swood has a good point. The single that scored the eventual winning run landed not too far from Ethier. It’s possible that he could have dived and caught it. It’s just that swood was begging someone to back him up in second-guessing Ethier and I wasn’t going to do it. I’m not going to get mad at Ethier any more than I’d get mad at Manny for striking out at the end. They’re both trying their best. Sometimes you eat the bear and sometimes the bear eats you. Or, as my mom said to me the other day, sometimes you get the chicken and sometimes you just get feathers.

    She grew up on a farm……….

  87. dodgereric

    bluecrew, I didn’t notice Vin saying Kemp instead of Ethier, but it could be. Vin will do that every now and then these days. I was in the kitchen making chocolate chip cookies and listening to most of it. Thanks to the DVR, I didn’t miss a single good play.

  88. tradejuanpypaperbag

    You mean your famous chocolate chip cookies – sounds yummy!! I haven’t made cookies in a long time. It’s been pretty hot here though, and the oven is the last thing we want on in the house when it’s 104 outside. My daughter made brownies the other day, but I didn’t get any.

  89. dodgereric

    Grrrrr, just got knocked off again……

    Yeah, my family has been bugging me to make them. I haven’t since Christmas. I kind of max out on them at the holidays since I make about 12 batches of them.

    We made them at summer camp in a Dutch oven! They’re not quite the same as mine, but they’re pretty good. You could do the same. You wouldn’t heat up the house that way.


    All this stuff in LA times.

    “He’s way ahead of schedule,” Dodgers third base coach Larry Bowa said of Kemp after Friday’s win over the Brewers, in which Kemp had another double. “Right now, he’s at the point I thought he might be in two or three years, that’s how much he has improved.”

    I told Bowa about a conversation in which I had asked Kemp where he saw himself in 10 years. He had said he wanted to be just like Ramirez: so good that fans rise to their feet with his every at-bat, so good that even his strikeouts get cheered.

    “Oh man, that’s good to hear,” Bowa said. “He’s setting his sights really high, that’s great. The guy already works tremendously hard. He’s here at the park early, putting his time in. So to hear that he is bold enough to say he wants to be like Manny, one of the greats in the game, that’s the kind of goal he should have.”

  91. tradejuanpypaperbag

    LOL!! I should probably make some tomorrow – it would be a good relaxing thing to do the day before school starts.

  92. bluecrewgirl

    I agree. Matt didn’t lose the game for us and we’ve still continued to play solid baseball. I think we are going to win tomorrow and start a new wiining streak.

  93. tradejuanpypaperbag

    That’s great to see jungar ~ I guess this means that Kemp is a keeper. It’s also good to hear the kids speaking highly of Manny. He and Ethier both have come out and said how he has helped them in their game.

  94. tradejuanpypaperbag

    We can’t win them all, and according to all the comments, it was a very well played game by both – the Brewers just came out on top in the end.

  95. colliethec

    Okay so I’m not trying to stick up for Kent, but I wanted to make a couple of comments about him as he is often a target here.
    I like Kent the player and from what I’ve seen he is an okay person. He is very competitive and is very serious about his job. This often makes people not like him but oh well.
    The next 2 paragraphs are from Wikipedia about Kent. I researched them and put it in there becasue I keep hearing about the Kent/Manny thing is like Kent/Bonds in San Francisco. I lived through that here and seemed to recall that usually Bonds was the #3 and Kent was the #4. But Kent was actually the #4 and Bonds the #3.
    “Kent’s career took off in San Francisco, starting in 1997. Immediately inserted in the line-up behind superstar Barry Bonds.”
    “Kent’s contributions were recognized in 2000 (33 HR, 125 RBI, .334 BA, and a .986 fielding percentage)[5] with the National League MVP Award, beating out teammate and perennial MVP candidate Barry Bonds. Despite the fact that Bonds overshadowed Kent in almost every offensive category, it was Kent’s clutch hitting in RBI spots (particularly after an intentional walk to Bonds) that won many games for the Giants that year, and ultimately won him the award.”
    Okay now that is taken care of, my next point.
    “A big part of getting your pitch is who’s protecting you. Jeff feels responsible, whether he’s naked or surrounded by Manny. I’m just giving my perspective. It’s been a benefit to the two guys who back-to-back have been a force in this game.” —Joe Torre on Kent.
    “Kent, however, disagrees. He said even when Barry Bonds (batting third) and he (batting fourth) presented back-to-back MVPs in the Giants’ batting order, that lineup worked because there were contributions from top to bottom, not just from two stars.”
    “When it was Barry and I, we absolutely couldn’t have done it without the people ahead of us and those picking up in back,” said Kent. “That’s why I believe in a group of guys. It’s better to have run producers behind a bunch of guys who can get on base. A group of guys getting on base are more valuable than relying on one or two or three guys. It’s true that hitters feed off each other.

    “Personally, I’d rather bat deeper in the order. Manny could bat third, because you want your best hitter batting in the first inning. It’s only a few games, but with Manny, we’re absolutely improved. We haven’t had a player like Manny here. Whether he can sustain it, we’ll see. As long as he can, we haven’t had an addition like that before.”
    The/ above 4 paragraphs are taken from the Gurnick article/ on 8/14/08.
    I’m sorry but that doesn’t sound like a selfish player. Nor does it sound like Kent isn’t giving Manny any credit.
    So if someone read a quote that Kent said it wasn’t because of Manny that he wasn’t hitting better, then the quote was made up or maybe the press is printing something to make Kent look like we all expect him to look like. Something that is selective and doesn’t put in everything Kent said. Remember with the press, negative is SEXY!!!
    I read some things earlier while at work and had to come home and comment.
    Bummer we lost. I haven’t even read to get caught up I just had to get that off my chest as I hate it when people get pounded on and sometimes they don’t deserve it.
    I know Kent isn’t Mary Poppins, but he isn’t Hannible Lecter either.
    Go Blue!!!

  96. dodgereric

    In the last 32 games, he’s hitting .343. Of course, he had a 19-game hitting streak in there. So how is he doing since that ended?

    He’s hitting .345 since his streak ended.

  97. colliethec

    There are many quotes that are good but one was “Personally, I’d rather bat deeper in the order. Manny could bat third, because you want your best hitter batting in the first inning.”
    Ummm I think he just said that Manny was a better hitter than him.

  98. colliethec

    I know I’m late on this topic and not on the topic that you are all talking about but I was on break at work and read some posts and thought about previous posts that I’ve read on the comments that Kent wasn’t giving Manny any credit and I was like, wait I read the contrary.
    So I had to look it up for sure.
    I’m sorry I was long winded and talking about something not on your current subject.

  99. colliethec

    Eric- I know that isn’t shocking but I just wanted to point out that I had read the opposite of what was being said here. I was thinking maybe it was because I was reading it on my cell late at night while half asleep and I wasn’t retaining things properly. I’m an owl, but not like you guys. I have to be at work at 6:00 tomorrow morning.

  100. dodgereric

    No apologies necessary dc! We’re multi-taskers here on ITD! And you take as many lines as you need to get your point across. I’m glad to see those quotes.

    People give him a bad time for being the way he is, but do you get mad at a dog for being a dog or a cat for being a cat?

  101. colliethec

    Another late topic that you were talking about last night as I was reading on my phone while in bed was about the old days.
    They are having this show on FSN called the Golden Years. It is pretty cool. I’ve been recording it but haven’t been able to watch but a little of it. It’s about old time baseball and has some pretty cool old video reel stuff.
    Also the Ken Burns Baseball series is pretty neat if anyone hasn’t seen it you should. It is a long series but very much worth it.


    Ethier got an assist tonight also, for you Ethieraholics. He grabbed a ball in the corner and gunned it into second. Kapler beat the throw, but overslid the base. His hand came off the base for a fraction of a second, but Nomar was right there to slap the tag on him. Profs to Nomar, he was alert.

    Eric it was Kemp that made that played on Kapler. Ethier made the played on Hardy in the 10th.

  103. dodgereric

    I was just being sarcastic with the ‘shocked’ thing. And trying to draw out another “Casablanca” line from someone. But I’m sure that enchanted is sleeping right now.

  104. colliethec

    Only if the dog bites me when I’m petting him!! LOL!
    Good analogy!
    I actuall have a snake (Jungle Carpet x DiamondPython) and she is a snake. She bit me once for no reason other than we were watching tv. I wasn’t moving and she was coiled up on the left arm and struck and bit my right hand. A friend asked me if I was mad and I was like, no. It’s a snake!

  105. colliethec

    Bummer we lost but it was a great game. I listened to parts of 1st though the 7th and I saw the 8th to the end. I get a little excited even though I’m at my house. When Dre hit the one off the wall I was jumping up & down and yelling. My neighbors probably aren’t to happy about it, but are probably starting to get used to it in the last week or so!!!
    Hopefully they will have to call the police on me in October because of wll the screaming and yelling!

  106. dodgereric

    dc, I haven’t noticed the FSN series. I’ll keep a look-out for it. I’ve seen the Burns series, but I think I’d like to have the disks for posterity. You’re right, it’s great. I do have the companion book though.

    sl, mea culpa! As I said earlier, I was in the kitchen and obviously was confused. Thanks for straightening me out!

  107. bluecrewgirl

    I know what you mean dcollins, I live on the second floor of my condo complex and I’m sure my downstairs neighbors think I’m nuts, lol.

  108. colliethec

    Well it looks as if I’m talking with myself so good night all ITD’ers and let’s start a new win streak tomorrow so we can have some ice cream on Monday (Or frozen yougurt as my Wife wants me to loose weight—so there is no way you are going to get ice cream every time they get into 1st or gain a game while there MR!!!) LOL!!

  109. kpookiemon

    Tough game…no one to blame. Don’t think Ethier could have caught that ball or he would have. Kemp’s base-running was fine. He has GOT to get to second base if Ethier makes out. Baseball gods decreed Dodgers would lose. Ethier misses a walk-off by a foot, Martin misses an HR because of a circus catch. Hey, Brewers had won 8 in a row before losing to Pods then Dodgers. Kershaw is a good bet tomorrow.

  110. colliethec

    BCGirl–Pretty much all my neighbors are Giants fans so they aren’t making much noise these days. I do have 1 neighbor who is from Thousand Oaks so he is a Dodger fan and we talk daily. He is a good guy, married with a couple of real cute kids. But when I found out he was a Dodger fan he bacame a pretty GREAT guy!!
    Eric it is about when they caught fire. Unfortunately we were one of their logs that were thrown on the fire pit!! I don’t think either of those things will happen this year.
    I think we are getting close. There really isn’t hole in the lineup. As someone mentioned earlier, every out is a tough one and any of the boys can go yard. This really is a collective team. Blake & Manny just round it out.
    I’m a little worried about the pitching/injurys. Doesn’t look as if Penny will be back this year. I think losing Wade was bigger than Penny. Just because I trust the rest of our starters and Wade really completed the pen. He could go long for a few innings or shorter.

  111. tradejuanpypaperbag

    The Rockies tear started on August 15th of last year. The Dodgers not only need to keep focused on getting the top, they need to watch out behind them too.

  112. colliethec

    Oh Nelly is in the house!!
    Agreed Kahli. Sometimes you win and sometimes you loose. That was a tough loss but it wasn’t like last weekend. That was ugly. We had no business loosing those games. I’m thinking they will learn from those mistakes.
    I like that we are fighting. Earlier this year we would just roll over after being behind. We don’t anymore.

  113. colliethec

    I saw that about Penny, Nelly.
    I like that name…Penny Nelly.
    It sounds like that Boss of James Bond.
    Now you are going to have a new name Nelly. Penny Nelly or PN for short! LOL!

  114. bluecrewgirl

    I’m looking for Stultz to make a contribution in the stretch run. He can be kind of erratic, but he’s got some good stuff and he seems to do better when he gets called up than he does in the minors.

  115. tradejuanpypaperbag

    dcollins ~ not used to seeing you around here this late. I didn’t watch most of the game, so I really can’t comment on the game issues that you guys are reffereing to. So, I am mostly just reading. We are a much different team than last year when the Rox made their run. If we can take the series from the Brewers along with the sweep of the Phillies, the Dodgers should be in good shape. We just can’t have anymore days like in SF when we allow weaker teams to get the better of us.

  116. colliethec

    The Brewers commentators said that Ethier made a bad play by not going for that ball. I was like what they heck are they talikng about. I really don’t think he had any chance of getting that ball.
    That is why Torre should of put Pierre out there as a defensive replacement for Dre. With his speed, Pierre catches that ball.
    Then he hits one out the next inning to win it!!!

  117. dodgereric

    dc, June darlin’ and anyone else out there in Dodgerland – I’m turning in for the night. I missed church by oversleeping last week and that AIN’T happening again!

    I’ll see if I can squeeze in some ITD between cautions during the NASCAR race tomor……later this morning.

    Good night!

  118. colliethec

    No I’m not Nelly. I’m an owl and my Wife is a lark and she doesn’t like me staying up late. She can’t sleep without me.
    At least she won’t be replacing me anytime soon!!
    But tonight I had to get a few comments in. I’m going to be paying for it tomorrow as I have a huge day with work and have to be there in less than 5 hours. So…I bid you all a fond farewell!!!
    Have a great Sunday and enjoy your families & friends & Dodger Baseball!!!!

  119. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Good night Ward dear!! I certainly know what you mean. I went to church for the first time last weekend in about 3 weekend because of a very busy July. See you sometime tomorrow dear. Have a cookie for me….

  120. tradejuanpypaperbag

    dcollins ~ I am the night owl and my husband is the early riser even though I tend to get up just as early as he does. I just seem to be able to function on a little sleep at times. Good Night and have a wonderful Sunday.

  121. bluecrewgirl

    I’m a total night owl, I usually don’t get to bed before 2 or 3 on Friday and Sat., but I do have painting to do in my condo, so I had better get some sleep. Catch you all later.

  122. kpookiemon

    “Loney leads the Dodgers with 68 RBI and has played in all but one game this season, but Torre said his approach at the plate has been ‘unpredictable.'”

    Come on Joe, where is the love?

  123. trublu4ever

    Good morning ITD faithful ~ It was a tough loss last night. We were able to tie the game and I thought for sure we would win. That’s okay we will get them today. Im sorry I couldn’t join in all the fun last night but, went out for my birthday dinner, had one drink and, fell asleep right after we lost the game. Boy, drinking isn’t what it used to be! We are going to be the game of the week on TBS today.

  124. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Good Morning ITD writers and readers!!!
    GO DODGERS!! Let’s get the series today!!!
    trublue ~ Well, we didn’t manage to stay up as late as Friday night, which was good. I didn’t watch much of the game after I got home. Eric and bluecrewgirl caught me up on what happened in the game. I didn’t have much to talk about last night because I had no reference point to say anything. Eric and bluecrewgirl said it was a good game, and the Brewers won the game vs. us losing the game. Brewers had some great defense plays last night in the outfield.

  125. trublu4ever

    I saw the highlights of the plays. The Russell homerun takeaway was the one that killed me. That’s okay, we will win today for Kerhsaw.

  126. heartruss

    It was an exciting game. Although we lost, it was a fun game. The defensive plays by the Brewers were just too much. You had to be there. Ha ha. I ended up on tv and the internet on the ESPN website because I was right in the middle of that huge Russell Martin bomb that was caught in foul territory. It happened so fast that you couldn’t even think. If only I could have caught it. I would’ve had his homerun ball and prevented that out!! Shoulda coulda woulda. The Dodgers fought so hard that it was a great game, maybe one of the best. Manny hasn’t been the same since he had his haircut. Maybe it broke his spirit?? Go Dodgers

  127. crzblue2

    don’t have much time as I need to pick up a friend, head for breakfast at the Mexican restaurant Barragans that is close to the stadium and be there in time for Autograph Alley were Eric Karros will be signing autographs! I found a ball with his picture on it back from the old day at a local thrift store where I go drop off stuff. the ball was still in it original wrapping.
    Got a comment from a guy at the WIN event, he said to me “I did not know Jeff Kent is a great guy”. i told him “see, that is what people that have not met him and just believe what is on the paper, have a bad opinion of him. Jeff was funny as usual, very friendly and approachable posing for pictures. He was catching for some of us in the bullpen. The event was awesome! Just too many guys there. Will post later.
    Go Dodgers! I hope local boy Jeff Suppan gets lit uplike ….a Soup’s grill (the name of his restaurant in Woodland Hills)!

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