Congrats, Joe!

On behalf of the organization, we’d like to congratulate Joe Torre on passing Joe McCarthy on the all-time wins list as a manager.

This is the managerial equivalent of passing Frank Robinson on the all-time home run list, which is a pretty impressive feat. I think it got lost somewhat in the euphoria of last night’s amazing game but it should not go unnoticed.

Here’s hoping that in the next two and a half years, he reaches the Top 3…

 UPDATE: Tonight’s lineup…pretty impressive from top to bottom, if you ask me (which I know you didn’t).

Kemp, CF

Ethier, RF

Kent, 2B

Manny, LF

Loney, 1B

Blake, 3B

Nomar, SS

Martin, C

Penny, P


  1. think16blu

    ok let me start off by saying hello and good morning to everyone!! I have a LONG story to last night’s game so bare with me… lol… ok so it started out with me leaving my house without my “Ethieraholic” sign finnished so i brought it with me to finnish in the car. Then when we were a good distance away from my house i realize i forgot the camera (my sister has an awsome camera that can zoom up so close, it’s like your standing right by the players! haha!) so then i’m trying to finnish the sign and it’s not looking so good cause my sister drives like a maniac! lol then we get to the stadium a good 2 hours early so we get in the line to buy our tickets (i had the “buy one get one free” coupons) so i get to the front of the line and i ask for loge section seats by the 3rd base line and i hand him my coupons (which i had checked earlier to make sure it wasn’t a “blacked out” date) and he says “oh let me check these… they forgot to tell you its a black out date tonight”…… i said “no i already checked” and he said ” sorry they changed the dates…. so i’m pretty mad so me and my sister along with a few other people (who had the same coupons) waited for the manager to come so we can talk to him cause it really sucked that we even checked and it said it wasnt a black out date… so the manager gets there and pretty much says “to bad they can change the dates if they want to so it’s your problem not mine”…. so the people we were with asked to see someone higher up and i decided to just buy cheaper tickets…. so we ended up sitting in lower reserve.. the seats really weren’t that bad but we had the dodgers worst fans sitting right behind us!! (oh and i did get my bobble head!! haha) they had dodger jerseys on but they kept saying stuff like “GO ANGELS” and every time Nomar got up to bad they boo’d!! so that made me pretty mad but i just tried my best to ignore them… but before the game was over i had them cheering for Andre with me!! (what can i say… i’m an Ethieraholic!) haha!! also i couldn’t take my sign out cause i was sitting on the outside of a row (right by the stairs) and the “security guard” kept walking right next to me every 30 minutes NO JOKE!! i wasnt worried about getting kicked out i just didnt want to take my sign out just to have him take it away… so thats all the stupid stuff that happend and even with all that said…… last night was the GREATEST GAME I’VE BEEN TO ALL YEAR!!!!!!!!!!! ANDRE ETHIER IS SOOOOOOOO AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! man i was cheering SSSOOOOO loud!!! my voice is pretty much gone!!! haha!!! I STILL HAVE BUTTERFLIES IN MY STOMACH!!!!! MAN THAT WAS SOOO AWSOME LAST NIGHT!!!!! and i didn’t see any Andre shirts!!!! whats up with that!?! so my boy pulled through and got the winning RBI!! WHAT MORE COULD I ASK FOR!!! man it was so awsome!! so finally after he hit it i took my sign out and everyone was cheering and laughing!! haha!! i couldn’t have gone to a better game!!! so i didn’t get on TV or the big screen but its fine with me…. CAUSE WE WON!!!!!! thanks to Andre!! haha

    Amy and sara- sorry i didn’t get to meet you guys! things didnt really work out for me.. but hey what an awsome game right!?

    Acardona = ETHIERAHOLIC!!!!!

  2. dodgereric

    To Don McLean’s “Vincent”

    Barry Bonds

    Why are you in such denial?
    Want to play before your trial
    Why can’t you figure out
    that you’re a jerk?
    It’s not some little quirk.

    A decent personality
    might change your career fatality
    and send you to Cooperstown with some fans.

    But you can’t understand
    what we’ve tried to say to you.
    Why we hate you here in Dodger Blue,
    In spite of how you hit the ball.
    You would not listen,
    you did not know how.
    Perhaps you’ll listen now.

    Barry Bonds

    OBP that’s out of sight
    Acting bad when kindness might
    have kept your image more like Ozzie Smith
    Without instead of with

    Voted off your college team
    by your teammates, what a scream.
    It hasn’t been the media at all.

    Why can’t you understand
    When everyone in MLB
    could pick you up and play for free
    still turn you down with glee.
    You would not listen,
    you did not know how.
    Perhaps you’ll listen now.

    For they will not sign you
    and turn their team into a zoo

    and when no hope is left in sight
    And there is no one left to fight
    Your birthdays pass and no one sings to you;
    But I could have told you, Barry
    There’s no one left to blame
    except the guy in the mirror – you.

    Barry Bonds

    Your name no doubt goes in the Hall
    Asterisks adorn your ball
    Too bad your legacy will have that stain.
    Steroids will be your bane

    The children who should praise you will
    know you took that poison pill.
    and all your records lie there in the sand.

    Now do you understand
    what we tried to say to you
    why don’t you simply get the clue
    how does it not get through?

    You would not listen
    you’re not list’ning still.

    Perhaps you never will.

  3. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Thank you so much messagebear!!!! And I am glad to see you are here and well. When I was getting ready to post, I realized we hadn’t heard from you in a while, and the mom in me was hoping everything was okay – good to know!
    acardona~ sorry your seats weren’t what you expected, but I certainly thought about all the Ethieraholics out there when he got that hit. I keep replaying the video. It’s great to see him so happy. It truly ethiermazing!!!!
    Nelly and June ~ Ethieraholics

  4. think16blu

    nelly- me too!! i recorded it and i keep playing it OVER AND OVER!!! it was really great and i’m really glad i was there at the game!! it really was awsome to see him SO happy!!! have fun with your hubby!

  5. arayd

    Hello all ITD’ers!

    If anyone read dnel’s link to a Tony Jackson article on the last thread, it’s pretty interesting talking about Ethier’s mindset and dealing w/ inconsistent playing time and his disappointment affecting his AB’s.

    I remember seeing alot of frustration on his part when he would make an out. I was at a game and could hear him yelling in disgust after he had made an out. I kept watching and he kept it up into the next inning, at one point I thought he might go Carlos Perez on a cement wall, he was hitting it over and over w/ a towel, just absolutely ticked off. I saw several TV replays where he would go medieval on his helmet or just yell up and down the dugout. It seems he has really made some strides lately w/ dealing with the frustrating situation, and accepting failure when he makes an out.

    This article to me showed Joe is in touch with his players, at least Ethier right now.

  6. thinkingblue

    Well first of all CONGRATULATIONS MR. TORRE!

    ACARDONA! I was looking for you, but now I see I couldn’t find you. You are sooo lucky to be there and see Andre do an excellent job…like I said before…when my babies (ANDRE & MARTIN) team up, they are amazing (MY DREAM TEAM). And yes I keep watching the video over and over. I was actually at the game the first time he had his walk-off back in May. Will always remember that day…it was picture day too so I got to meet him and was the day I just stared going goo goo over him. He is just so handsome and tall in person. I have lots and lots of pics of him. I went paparazzi on him….my husband laughed!


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    Go, Dodgers!!! Just keep winning, and sooner rather than later, we’ll overtake the Snakes.

  8. tradejuanpypaperbag

    dodgersrule ~ I don’t know if paparazzi is a strong enough term for how many pictures I have taken or copied of Andre and the other Dodgers (It’s about a 20/1 ratio of Andre pictures over the rest of the Dodgers. Russell and Matt end up in a lot of pictures because they are always together with Andre. My husband and kids think I am a lunatic (yes, I know you think that too, Ward, Wally and Beav – lol!).
    dnel, June and mom ~ ethieraholic ~

  9. think16blu

    dodgereric- i know!! he is so cute! too bad he’s married!… LOL i went to his autograph day on the 2nd of this month and man i was shaking and i had him sign my shirt! it was so cool and he was so nice!! i took a bunch of pictures of him too!! haha!! i can’t help it!! he’s just sooo cute!!! i remember that day back in may when he got that winning RBI!! i wasn’t there but what’s crazy is it was the same situation!! we were tied 3 to 3 in the bottom of the 9th (or was it 10th?) and sure enough our boy came through!!!


    Acardona = Ethieraholic!!

  10. tradejuanpypaperbag

    arayd ~ thanks for your comments on the Ethier article. I have known that about Andre for quite some time (his issue with his temper, and his need to be perfect all the time – a few broken helmets and bats to go along with it). I even read that one of the bullpen coaches would put positive statements inside his helmet to keep him from breaking the helmet. That may have been when he moved on to breaking bats instead – lol! Anyway ~ The fact that Joe has seen a totally different mindset in him and acknowledged that improvement to the media is a great thing. It shows that maybe Joe really is starting to figure this team out, and what they are capable of doing.

  11. thinkingblue

    DNelly & Acardona….and that is why we call each other ETHIERaholics…. I know too bad he is married…oh wait….I am married too…LOLl..and he is a lil’ younger than me…but who cares…just a little younger than me, but he is sure wayyyyyy taller than me.

  12. think16blu

    also at the game last night this chick came up to me (in the bathroom lol) and she was totally wasted and she was like… ” heeyyy did you get your shirt signed by andre ethiieeerrr!?..” lol i was like “yes i did” she said ” maaannn thats ssoooo bad aa$$$$!” lol so i said “yeah when i met him i was shaking!” she said “I would be too! isn’t he cute!?” i said OH YEAH way cute in person!! and i told her when he signed my shirt he put his hand on my back and it covered like half my back!! LOL she said “maaannn he was probly feeling you up!” i was like no.. i dont think so… LOL then she said “isnt he really short!?” i said uuhhh NO! she asked “is he as tall as me?” (she was about 5’9″) i said “dude he’s like 6’3″!!” LOL she was like “OOHHH thats HOT!!” so i laughed and gave her a high-5 and walked away!! LOL good times good times!!

  13. thinkingblue

    Amy I read you post on Dre’s blog….YOU GO GIRL! Getting others to cheer….

    Always an ETHIERaholic

  14. thinkingblue

    Ohhhh man I just realized AMY and Acardona are the same person…..haaahahah Multiple ETHIERism… bad!

  15. dodgereric

    June darlin’, if I called you a lunatic, what would you call a 55-year-old heterosexual married-for-25 years man who owns 2 jackets, 8 t-shirts, 6 hats, 3 coffee mugs, a set of glasses, a seat cushion, 2 Christmas tree ornaments, a desk calendar, a license plate frame and 3 window stickers, a parking sign in the garage and several photos adorning his work cubicle of Jimmie Johnson and the Lowe’s 48? (And I’m probably forgetting somethings) 🙂

  16. think16blu

    Nelly- don’t worry.. my family thinks i’m a lunatic! haha! they always get mad at me when i put the games on! (not that they don’t like the dodgers! they just arnt THAT into baseball) I’m the CRAZY doyer fan of the family!! haha!! but thats fine with me!! and whenever they talk about andre they say “amy’s boy” or if their talking to me it “your boy”! LOL

  17. obi_wen

    I just figured out that Amy and Acardona are one and the same as well. Talk about being Sllllloooooowww -lol.

  18. think16blu

    obi- well there’s another amy on here as you probly already know (amymwalton) so i go by Acardona so people don’t get confused! lol i messed up on Andre’s blog and put Amy but its easier if i say Acardona cause evidently people get confused! lol! my bad!

  19. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Ward, dear!! I guess to some of us if we looked up lunatic in the dictionary, the Dodger’s logo would be there, and probably for you a possible picture of Jimmy Johnson as well. Well, my desk at school is pretty much Ethierdome, with a sprinkling of Dodger stuff throughout the rest of the classroom(well a heavy sprinkling now since some parents added to the effect last year). Andre’s picture is the background on my computer, my phone, Ethierbear has his own chair in the classroom, and I have a picture of me standing next to Andre holding ethierbear. Ward, dear – I see your point – many of us are lunatics when it comes to this beloved team that both makes us proud and drives us crazy at the same time.
    June, darlin’ ~ ethieraholic

  20. porklinks

    dodgereric – no, that would be devotees of the Dodgers’ Great Lakes farm club. I think you have to go to downright ‘CRAZIES!”

  21. thinkingblue

    Haaahaahhaaa OK atleast I was not the only one confused on the names…. Dnelly is the one probably driving everyone nuts with her multiple names….LOL!…It’s all good.

    Well my whole family are Dodger’s fan (husband + kids) so we can go Dodgerloony any time. We throw the game on and everyone watches it or just listens to it. My husband sets out all dodger gear around the living room during baseball season. Well decor changes through out the year…soon it will be football.. OH MEN NOT LOOKING FORWARD TO IT. I swear they need to have rules in sports that one can’t start til the other is completed….ssshsssh

    Well I do have to get some work done so I’ll check in later

    ETHIERholic numero uno…Rose

  22. porklinks

    Matt Kemp has three hits in each of the last three games and has reached safely in 10 of those 14 PAs.
    Kemp since the AS break:
    .363 .409 .569 .978, 7 2B, 1 3B, 4 HR, 6/8 SB/CS.

  23. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Hey westernmost!! I see we are bringing out the stats today. You are always good about that. It is great to see Kemp doing so well, just like we knew he would if given the time. Crazies fits the title of some of us very well, too – LOL!!
    Miss Debbie ~ Ethieraholic

  24. crzblue2

    Congratulation to Joe Torre! I heard that last night that he passed joe McCarthy on the All time wins as a manager! I will also congratulated him on person on Saturday. Still not sure what question I will ask on Saturday, but I can’t wait for the WIN baseball clinic. I got the confirmation with the itinerary. They want us there at 8:45 in the morning! Guests can watch from the field level seats.
    Hey Xoxo,
    Mee too! the best hug I’ve gotten was from Sweet Lou. The first time I went to Vero Beach, my friends and I ran into Sweet Lou in the parking lot of Jupiter. One of my friends had tickets to the game between the Cardinals and the Dodgers but my friend Linda and I had made our plans at the last minute so we went without having tickets. The game was sold out but we thought “who knows”, “maybe we can find someone selling tickets outside and if not, let’s walk around the complex checking it out and wait for our friend”. We told Sweet Lou this as we walked together and next thing you know, he was able to get us inside the stadium with complementary tickets for Standing Room only!. We were so happy to be able to make it inside!. We walked to where the Dodger bullpen guys were and talked to them. Actually after I got a text message from a friend about a trade that had gone down, I went there to ask the bullpen guys who we had gotten in the trade that sent Ishi and David Ross to the Mets. All the guys turned around surprised like they did not know. They told me afterwards “Let us know if you hear anything elser”. it was funny.
    the following day we ran into Sweet Lou at Vero Beach and he was telling Al Downing, Pepe Iniguez,and Jaime that we had gotten him inside Roger Dean stadium. :-). He always participate in the WIN clinics. Last year he had the batting session. When I was having difficulty with my batting stand , he told me “As much time as you spend here, you should know this by now”. LOL. I told him “yeah, I know” ” I am so clumsy”.
    Great win yesterday! The ladies around me were yelling like crazy when there were showing Andre on the big screen during his interview. This is a long homestand and we have started on a good track, so Let’s continue the winning streak! God willing, I’ll be at all games.
    I am glad that more people are taking the trolley now, but I wish they would not fill them out to standing room only. For those of you that might want to drive to Union Station and take the Trolley, the parking fee at Union Station (follow the sign to the Flyaway parking off Vignes or Caesar Chavez) is $6. Lots are finding it convenient transferring from the Red Line or the Gold line.

  25. think16blu

    kemp sure is a beast! that was funny last night how him and Andre ran into each other last night!! that had to hurt!! well.. at least a little!!

  26. tradejuanpypaperbag

    acardona ~ I know they would never say this, but you know Matt and Andre have got to be pretty proud of themselves to be running circles around JP and Andruw the way they have this year (lack of play time or not). They may all be friends, but it’s still competition and right now they are winning the competition, whether Andre’s playing all the time or not.

  27. dodgereric

    Yeah nelly, he’s been over in the next town takin’ care of his other varmints.

    fogey, I forgot about the Great Lake Loons! And that’s really something about The Bison®, isn’t it? Where are all the goofs that wanted to trade him away a couple of months ago?

  28. crzblue2

    Anyone else want to join us for the WIN Women’s baseball clinic on Saturday? details here:

    Here is the itinerary from the confimation I received:
    You will receive a DodgersWIN baseball cap; we hope you will wear it with pride during the event! We also have gift bags for you, but those will be distributed at the end of the luncheon.
    Program and Group Photo
    8:45 am – 9:30 am: Registration and Warm-ups on the Field
    9:30 am: Player Introductions and Group Photo
    10:00 am – Noon: Clinic
    Noon: Leave field for lunch in Stadium Club
    12:30 pm – 2:00 pm: Lunch and Q&A with Joe Torre, Don Mattingly,
    Russell Martin, Matt Kemp, and other special guests
    2:00: pm: At the conclusion of the event, we will distribute gift bags.


    Maybe I’m the only one that noticed this… But did you guys see the complete lack of excitement in Pierre’s face when Ethier hit the walk off? Everyone was excited and tapping his helmet, but Pierre was litterally on the outside of the circle, just standing there… Kind of a bummer, but I guess he realizes that his time is now Ethier’s. Further proven to be the correct decision based off of last night.

  30. think16blu

    i wish i could go to the WIN baseball clinic thing!! Mike Piazza was my first favorite dodger player! i thought he was the best!! 🙂 at that time i was also a big cardinals fan (cause my brothers played baseball when they were younger in the EARLY 90s and they played for the cardinals) also Mark (i don’t know how to spell his last name! haha!) was one of my favorites cause he was trying to break the home run record for “most home runs hit in a season”… but that was a LONG time ago! now…. I’M DODGER BLUE ALL THE WAY!!!!

  31. crzblue2

    I have good friends in St. Louis. We actually got together in Florida. that was our last chance for our teams (Cards and Dodgers) to meet there so we attended games at both Jupiter and Vero Beach. Maybe next year I will be able to go to the All-Star game there. It is awesome going to an All-Star game and now days also going to the Fan-Fest.

  32. porklinks

    dodgereric – Yup, and The Bison is still only 23 years old (I’m sure amywalton would remind us his b-day is 9/23) and the youngest player on the 25-man roster other than Kershaw.

  33. kikiblue

    Here is a bold prediction: Tonight is the night that we catch the D-Backs and after today, we do not look back, nor do we again look up at Arizona in the standings!!! Anybody with me? Let’s go BLUE!!!!

  34. obi_wen

    A couple of interesting entries from THE ITD DICTIONARY & ENCYCLOPEDIA

    ETHIERNASIA – the act by Dodger management of mercifully, humanely, and perhaps, permanently replacing Juan Pierre in the starting line-up with Andre Ethier.

    ETHIERNOMICS- — policy enacted by the Joe Torre with the blessing of Frank and Jamie McCourt in the late summer of 2008 to counteract the lunacy of previous organizational spending by Ned Colletti on a particular, overated free agent outfielder with the arm of a rag doll and the disposition of primadonna, policy reduced the unfair advantage of runners taking an extra base on said outfielders. [SEE ALSO MATT KEMP] Reduced fan anxiety of fans and increased the rapid release of phermones from Ethier’s hair. [SEE ALSO MANNY RAMIREZ DREADLOCKS] Ethiernomics also resulted in an increase of the quality of at bats (AB) by fouling off numerous “pitcher’s pitches” to achieve the “hitter’s pitch” that can be handled for either a base hit or to move a runner over to third base, increase. Productivity plus salary times player marquee and Q factor value results in higher fantasy player stock value and covetous looks from San Francisco management, player and broadcasters.

    ETHIATORS/DRE-BANS — Lingo to describe the sunglasses worned by devoted Ethier fans [SEE ETHIERHOLICS]

    (A)LL(E)THIER CHANNEL / “DRE TV”– formerly known as respectively, the Arts and Entertainment and E Entertainment channels, both cable networks were bought out by a group of investors led by DNelly, Sara & ACardona in 2008. The content was replaced with continous 24/7 programming about all things related to Andre Ethier, including a food show, Ethier hair care products, batting and field tips, two travel shows and several programs devoted to the animals, flora and fauna of the state of Arizona. A Genealogy show with hosts, Salma Hayek and Dodger Announcers Fernando Valenzuela and Jaime Jarrin traces the dual heritage of Andre Ethier’s roots back to Napoleon as well as to the rulers of ancient Mexico.

  35. think16blu

    crzblue- awsome! don’t you just love when things work out when you think theres no way its gunna work out!? thats what happend to me last night! i didn’t get to meet any of the players but i did get in the game! and my boy (Andre) got the winning RBI!!


    westernmost- yeah amy would deffinately be commenting on that post about matt kemp! its so crazy to think he’s only 23!!! its crazy that A LOT of the guys are young!! (Andre Ethier 26, Delwyn Young 26, Russell Martin 25, James Loney 24, Jonathan Broxton 24 (i think) Chad Billingsley 24 (i think) Matt Kemp 23, Kershaw 20, and Blake DeWitt was 22) i’m pretty sure theres more than that but i can’t think of all of them right now! but that’s so crazy to me cause they are my sister and brothers ages!! SO YOUNG!! my oldest brother is Nomar’s age! just crazy! lol

  36. trublu4ever

    Hi obi ~ I’m sitting here in my dre-bans reading your encyclopdia on etiernasia and am truly impressed!!!!

  37. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Obi ~ You are totally awesome!!! That is just absolutely fabulous!!!
    dnelly ~ Ethieraholic, and proud of it!!!

  38. dodgereric

    Wow, obi! Some serious research goin’ on there! Well done!

    One question: ETHIERNASIA? Would that be trivial information related to his nose?

  39. think16blu

    obi LMAO!!!!! TOO GOOD!!!

    Acardona = Ethieraholic and co-owner of ALL things that have to do with Andre Ethier! HAHA!!

    kiki- very bold but i’m right there with you!!!


    I don’t know how other bloggers feel, but I pass right over 20 line posts.
    George Bernard Shaw once apologized for writing a long winded letter on the ground that he did not have the time to write a short one.
    My suggestion: If you want your thoughts to be read, keep them short and succinct.

  41. trublu4ever

    rintinjim ~ you are missing out on a lot of fun skipping some of the longer posts. It takes a lot of thought and imagination for those guys to come up them!

  42. dodgereric

    To each his own, rintinjim! But you’ll pass over some of the best thoughts on here. I don’t think leekfink has many posts under 20 lines.

    But it’s certainly a free country!

  43. think16blu

    Trublue- I couldn’t agree more!


    rintinjim- like trublue said it takes a lot of thought and time to make those things up! and A LOT of them are FOR SURE worth reading!! it only takes a minute to read and trust me it really makes you laugh!! these dodger fans on here are awsome and right good stuff about our team so don’t miss out! 🙂

  44. tradejuanpypaperbag

    The long posts around here are some of the best!!!
    Eric, enchanted, jhall, Leekfink, mlk, obi, northstateblues, crzblue etc, etc, and we can’t forget ndeschenes ~ keep up the long posts – (IMO) I love them!!!!

  45. porklinks

    Acardona – I think you have those ages right. Troncoso and Wade are also 25. I am old enough to be each one’s father!

  46. think16blu

    absolutely trublue!! 🙂

    westernmost – i was thinking the same thing!! if rintjim310 hasn’t read ANY of the song parodys then he/she is missing out BIG TIME!!!!

  47. trublu4ever

    Obi ~ I have another one for your encyclopedia — Dremonea, the lightheaded feeling and shortness of breath women get when just thinking of Mr. Ethier

  48. think16blu

    westernmost – wow i didn’t know about Wade and Troncoso! man we have a YOUNG team!! and look how good we are!! 🙂

  49. thinkingblue

    OBI: WOW good explanations of all the Ethier-terms or ETHIERms

    ACARDONA: Thanks for making me feel old….throwing all those young players ages. I am still amaze at the fact that KEMP is only 23….almost a decade difference…

    OK DNELLY you most likely know this one but I keep hearing something about the boys being in the food channel…when, where and where can I see a copy of it?

  50. think16blu

    HAHA trublue!!!! LMAO!!! i am FOR SURE suffering from Dremonea!!!!! IS THERE A CURE!?!?! if there is I DON’T WANT TO KNOW!!!! haha!!!

    Acardona = Ethieraholic!


    Westernmost. I have enjoyed every song. Tremendous creativity. A lot of thought went into each one. I really appreciate that tremendous effort. I guess I am addressing the stream of consciousness posts. I am a bottom-line guy. For those of you that have a lot of time on your hands, enjoy them.

  52. think16blu

    dodgersrule – I’m sorry i just am shocked every time i think about how young they are!! my sister says the same thing! “stop telling me how young they are!! it makes me feel old!!” haha!! WAIT WAIT WAIT i wanna know how to watch the boys on the food channel!!???!!!

  53. obi_wen

    Rintinjim, I offer you a succinct reply by way of another famous Irish writer:

    “kcuf eht !sregdurgeb” :- )

  54. trublu4ever

    rintinjim ~ I know, we can all post in shorthand, that way you can skim right through, wouldn’t want to ruin your busy day!

  55. thinkingblue

    ETHIERaholics….WE SHOULD HAVE A ETHIER TRIVIA GAME! That would be fun.

    And all those thinking of visiting a place…we should go to DODGERTOWN in Arizona when the Dodgers are training…it would be GREAT TO TAKE A TOUR of the place…and hey swing by ETHIER’S HOME AFTER for a drink or two or hey he loves to cook…ETHIERaholics should be invited for a BBQ with Ethier as the CHEF! Who is with ME? LOL

  56. porklinks

    rintinjim – Have a point. Be clear. Make good use of white space. I’m definitely FOR those things, so I think I understand where you’re coming from.
    Following those guidelines:
    Juan Pierre stucking finks! ……. 😉

  57. kpookiemon

    But there’s no question Ramirez has had an impact on the Dodgers. First and foremost, he anchors the lineup as the cleanup hitter.

    “You put him in the middle of the lineup and he makes everybody better,” Bowa said. “He can hit, man. He can hit. He’s been great in the clubhouse, too. Guys sort of gravitate to him. It’s unbelievable. The first day he came in, nobody was playing any music. It’s pretty low-key over here. He said, ‘We need to play some music. This is too low-key for me.’ ”

    “They’ve got a tough lineup now,” Phillies manager Charlie Manuel said. “Not only Manny, but [ex-Indian Casey] Blake. That gives them more balance in their lineup. That gives them a better hitting team. They’re tough. . . . But Manny makes their lineup look completely different. He’s such a good hitter.

    “Once you get past [Ramirez], you’ve still got [James] Loney and [Russell] Martin and Blake standing in there. That’s pretty good. I had interest in Blake. He was in Cleveland, and I saw him when he was with the Twins. He’s pretty good. He can get big hits for you.”

  58. think16blu

    i have a question… how many ETHIERaholics do we have on here? i know dodgeric started it.. myself and Dnelly were a couple of the first people… TruBlue, dodgersrule, sara, obi, cpomp1, are ETHIERaholics… who else?

  59. thinkingblue

    OK ETHIERaholics…who will tell ETHIER that we are coming over for a BBQ at his house….LOL!

    Cooking channel….I’m still waiting where to get a copy

    Also how can we get a BOBBLE HEAD OF ETHIER….how can we get them to make one of him if no such bobble exist?

  60. kikiblue

    With all this love being directed at Ethier, ASU alum and my daughter is an ASU student, I hope he is in the line-up tonite instead of #9 ( i can’t even say his name)…


    Once again, you guys and gals just crack me up. As for being a lunatic or not, does this count: I have every ticket stub from every sporting event or concert I have ever attended. If it is a sporting event (mostly Dodger and UCLA football games) I write the score on the back before I put away the stub. I have doing this since 1958.

    Does anyone have an extra Beimel bobble head they don’t need? From what I saw on TV, it look quite realistic.

  62. enchantedbeaver

    Juan Pierre thought bubble 3:56 PM

  63. think16blu

    Ibirken- i actually tried to get an extra bobble head for my nephew and they wouldn’t let me! lol! i also keep my ticket stubs from EVERYTHING (especially dodger games) i never thought to put the score on the back though!!! smart thinkin! lol

    dodgersrule – I KNOW!!! I WANT AN ETHIER BOBBLE HEAD!!! as for the BBQ hmmm…. thats gunna be kinda hard… HAHA!!!

    Acardona – Ethieraholic

  64. vl4ecc

    messagebear jjriley22 is now known as VL4ECC – another email address.

    BTW That was a heart breaking loss by team USA to Korea today in the Olympics. They had the lead going into the bottom of the ninth after coming back, and it slipped away…

  65. thinkingblue

    Ibirken those ticket stubs make a great story…grandkids. I don’t call that Lunatic…I just call it PASSIONATE! And hey I would start scrapbooking with all those tickets. GO DODGERS!

  66. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Welcome kikiblue ~ are you new to this blog (ITD)? I am not an ASU alum, but I follow their baseball and football teams (and even basketball this past year). It really didn’t have anything to do with Andre. I just liked watching them play baseball, and didn’t find out until Andre came to the Dodgers that he was even on the team I liked watching.
    lbirken – the answer is yes 🙂
    dnelly ~ ethieraholic who is practicing ethiereconomics in my ethierdome at school, and it is ethieriffic!!!
    Josh, Are you letting Andre know all this stuff that is going on here ~ His fans have kind of gone off the deep end a little (well, alot) if you know what I mean – LOL!! It’s Ethiermadness!!!!!

  67. think16blu

    Nelly i bet Andre would be very happy (hopefully not freaked out) about what we say about him on here!! lol i know i would love to find out how much my fans (if i had any) loved and appreciated me!!!

  68. trublu4ever

    Dnelly ~ ethieraholic, you are in charge of coming up with the Andre trivia game. Everyone knows you have every detail of Andre’s life and we think you should put it to good use!

  69. think16blu

    hey Josh if your reading this! please talk to whoever is in charge of the bobble head stuff so us “ETHIERaholics” can have a Ethier bobble head! please!

  70. tradejuanpypaperbag

    acardona ~ I think enough has been written on his blog lately that he knows how we feel. The question is “How crazy does he think we are?”

  71. vl4ecc

    enchanted That’s borderline Hatfield vs McCoys type stuff there! A Dodgers-Padres trade. UGH! lol I mentioned a while back on this blog that I thought Greene looks like Sean Penn’s Jeff Spiccoli character from Fast times at Ridgemont High.

  72. thinkingblue

    IF ANDRE was reading all of our ETHIERaholics comments…he would be very GREATFUL. He probably would be laughing, but he would be greatful. He is just sooo ETHIERRIFIC!

  73. scurtis1999

    My prediction on the lineup tonight.

    Since a RHP Blanton on the mound

    Kemp CF
    Ethier RF
    Kent 2b
    Man Ram LF
    Loney 1b
    Nomar SS
    Blake 3b
    Martin C
    Penny P

  74. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Josh is the one responsible for this board. He starts the new threads and writes the articles at the beginning of each thread.

  75. thinkingblue

    TRIVIA TIME ETHIERaholics and NON-ETHIERaholics….

    What is the name of the song Ethier walks out to in every Dodger’s home game?

  76. trublu4ever

    ajay ~ I doubt if we can keep Manny. His price will be too high for management. I think he’s a rental.


    Andre: better hitter, better fielder. Their shouldn’t be a Q?

    But, Juan has to get 1/3rd face time to protect Ned- and to keep Juan happy enough in case Manny & both Andruw go.

    Eithier your with us or against us. LOL

  78. porklinks

    That’s Josh Rawitch Vice President, Communications of the Los Angeles Dodgers to us mere commenters. Show the proper respect people!!

  79. dodgrdad14

    Hey ITD gang, is this a Dodgers blog or an Ethier blog??? LOL
    You guys are too funny.

    Enchanted you almost had me again with your alert that Ethier was traded for Greene. The only problem is I believe Greene is on the DL.

  80. ajay m

    heres what Alyssa Milano said
    “Let’s say the Dodgers average 48,000 fans for the remaining 20 home games, and everyone puts $10 into the “Keep Manny In L.A. Fund.” That’s $480,000 a game and $9.6 million total. Add that to the $50 million in other contracts that will come off the books, and you have 59.6 million. That means the McCourts only would have to come up with another $40.4 million to reach the $100 million contract Manny most likely is seeking. Piece of cake.”

  81. thinkingblue


    Westernmost- thanks for that additional info…all respects to JOSH.

  82. porklinks

    Padres made a waiver claim on Brian Falkenborg, who was DFAed when Kershaw was brought back up.
    Ned, ask Kevin Towers for Maddux + cash. Then let the Borg go anyway after he refuses.

  83. tradejuanpypaperbag

    westernmost ~ thanks for clarifying Josh’s real position. I certainly didn’t mean any disrespect 🙂
    Miss Debbie ~ ethieraholic

  84. dodgrdad14

    I was working from home the last couple of days to spend with the kids. They went back to school today!!!
    The game was great (minus the losing part) and I was sitting behind a gnats fan that screamed “Martin you suck” everytime he saw him. After the second time I said “gold glove, silver slugger and 2 time all star, yep he sucks alright” He turned to me and said he just hates all Dodger catchers. And I said jealous?

  85. trublu4ever

    jnv ~ I don’t know where wester say that item. But they talked about it a lot on Baseball Tonight on ESPN. They always say that the Dodgers don’t want to spend money to get players. That’s how they got Manny.

  86. think16blu

    jnv – haha!! i know!! Andre seems to be the #1 thing talked about on here! but that’s fine with me! lol

    dodgersrule – it’s killing me but i can’t remember the name of his song! i remember someone telling me once (cause i really like his song!) but i just can’t remember…

  87. dodgrdad14

    He was also in a bad mood because the seats I bought were from a friend of his that has the season tickets and he couldn’t believe they were bought by a Dodger fan. It really was eating at him for about 4 innings!!!! LOL


    Add to the ticket stubs my two genuine Dodger Stadium seats (taken from the Club Level when they put in the suites) sitting right by my front door with a doorbell that plays “Take Me Out to The Ballgame”.

  89. trublu4ever

    Ajay ~ then Manny was kidding around when he said he would love to play for the Yankees just to stick it to Boston.

  90. dodgrdad14

    Tru, I read earlier this week that Maddux had cleared waivers and I was wondering if the Dodgers and Pads had made a deal? I guess we will see.

    Acrdona, My wife is the same way. And my daughter is in love with Russell. I am used to it!! LOL If I were a girl I would be the same way.

  91. tradejuanpypaperbag

    jnv ~ a person would have to be a complete idiot to say that Martin sucks, then again it was a Giants fan, and they generally are idiots (my family excluded, of course). Glad you had fun anyway!!! My own kids went back to school today, too. I start Monday 🙂
    nelly ~ ethieraholic

  92. think16blu

    did anyone watch “dodgers live” last night when they interviewed Manny and they asked “so what do you think about Kershaw’s performance tonight?” and Manny said “who?”….. LMAO!!!! TOO FUNNY!! i don’t know if he was kidding or not but he seemed really serious!

  93. trublu4ever

    jnv ~ I read that too about Maddux. It has a lot to do with how well Penny performs, don’t you think? Maddux says he wants to play for us.

  94. tradejuanpypaperbag

    lbirken ~ the answer is still “yes” , but I agree with dodgersrule ~ great stories to tell, but won’t we all.

  95. think16blu

    jnv – yeah my brothers have to deal with me when we watch the game! i’m always going crazy over Andre (especially) Matty, Russy, and Loney Baloney!! haha!! but i have to deal with them whenever they see jessica beil or jessica alba so its fair! haha!

  96. porklinks

    Diamond Leung’s blog is one place reporting the Padres claimed Falkenborg. Apparently he will be activiated tomorrow. Well good for him – the journeyman gets to keep collecting a major-league salary and a major-league per diem. Good deal. The Dodgers, I assume, get nothing, which would not be surprising since they would have exactly zero leverage.

  97. porklinks

    Manny is pretty famous for not knowing names.
    I think Maddux is done, or very close to it. Outside of the Petco Pitcher’s Paradise, his performance is now Tomdricksonesque. Now if he wanted only to coach……

  98. think16blu

    jnv – also, that’s so funny about the whole “russel sucks” situation! he was just jealous that russy is so good!! lol

  99. kpookiemon

    westernmost, agree…let’s get Maddux for Falkenborg…if Manny wants to stay (and that’s trying to predict Manny) McCourt will get it done.

  100. dodgrdad14

    dnel, trust me the idiots were let loose from the asylum on Saturday!!! They actually think thier team is good!!

    Tru, Maddux is willing to play for any Southland team. He wants to be close to his home in Vegas. I would love to see the Dodgers get him and then make him thier pitching coach when he is done playing. That would be awesome.

  101. think16blu

    I think Manny wants to stay with the Dodgers! after all he said several times “i see myself retiring as a dodger!” he will be A LOT of money though… i wish we could just drop Jones and keep Manny!

  102. trublu4ever

    I agree, jnv, Maddux would be a boost to our pitching staff. He studies the opposing pitchers constantly and knows his stuff. He’s a true professional. And even if his skills may have fallen off a bit, just his presence is worth it.

  103. dodgrdad14

    Manny wants to stay were the money is, otherwise he wouldn’t have dropped the 2 years and 40 million dollars from his contract. He knows he is going to get more. And I think McCourt needs to pay him!!

  104. thinkingblue

    ACARDONA: So did you get the message from ajay…TRES DELINQUENTS.

    AJAY: Thanks…that song is ooooold… 96′

    IBIRKEN: OOooohhh TAKE ME OUT TO THE BALL GAME that is a great door bell song…I wonder if my husband wouldn’t mind getting it.

  105. crzblue2

    For anyone wanting to check out Dodger memorabilia, the Burbank library has a Dodger exhibition with a tribute to the 50 year anniversary. the same at the main library in downtown (Grand & 5th). this one has old pictures from the Herald examiner in exhibition. I forget what year the Herald Examiner newspaper ceased to exist.

  106. thinkingblue

    CRZBLUE2 thanks, I’m sure my husband would love to go to that.

    REGARDING’S MANNY PAY: If there are more people are attending why not pay the guy what he wants. I know that right now they have to pay they whole stadium remodelling. And hey are team is getting stronger, more fans will be attending.

  107. trublu4ever

    You’ve got a good point Dodgersrule, just in what they sell in Manny merchandise, will almost pay his salary!!!


    messagebear, I live in Glendale, CA.

    Anyways, this is apparently the lineup tonight (thanks to

    Kemp, CF

    Ethier, RF

    Kent, 2B

    Ramirez, LF

    Loney, 1B

    Blake, 3B

    Garciaparra, SS

    Martin, C

    Penny, P

    Looks good to me. Oh, and Falkenborg got claimed by the Padres. Good riddance.

  109. porklinks

    Tonight’s lineup:
    Kemp, CF
    Ethier, RF
    Kent, 2B
    Ramirez, LF
    Loney, 1B
    Blake, 3B
    Garciaparra, SS
    Martin, C
    Penny, P
    I think scurtis was a Nomar/Blake flip from being exactly right. Who else has a .385 OBP guy hitting EIGHTH!? Our offense must rock! (Yes, I know Russell is slumping.)

  110. obi_wen

    Here’s why I think Manny will remain a Dodger: The Yanks won’t sign him because they want to spend their $$$ going after CC Sabathia. The Angels are out of the picture because they need to sign Teixeira and still have enough $$$ to keep Vladmir Guererro around. Forget about Boras allowing Manny playing in a secondary or tertiary market. So that only leaves the Dodgers as the only big market team available. I’d say he’ll accept 40mil for 3 years, and with performance incentives and bonuses to knock it up to an even 50.

  111. dodgrdad14

    Obi, why would he accept 40 million over 3 years when he demanded that the final 2 years and 40 million be dropped from his contract??? He is looking for his last big payday and he is going to get 100 million from someone.

  112. northstateblues

    Too bad Juanpy can’t be happy for the team as a whole. that might’ve forced Joe’s hand against him.

  113. trublu4ever

    I just think Juanpy is a very unhappy individual. That’s probably why the Cubs got rid of him — just not a team player.

  114. dodgrdad14

    If Slappy is so good how come the Rockies couldn’t wait to unload him, the Marlins unloaded him and the Cub’s ran him out after 1 year. That should speak volumes of his character.

  115. enchantedbeaver

    You’ve got to wonder if Juan’s agent has asked Ned to trade him, and Ned’s had to comeback and say yes, but there aren’t any takers.

  116. trublu4ever

    You are so right jnv. I forgot about the Rockies and Marlins. I just remember that when he was a Cub, he wasn’t exactly a favorite.

  117. kpookiemon

    McCourt should give Ramirez $99 million for four years. Hey, it’s not our money, and he’ll raise prices on everything with or without Manny. Besides, Manny is a cash cow when it comes to merchandise and season tickets. Best of all, McCourt probably has a man crush on Ramirez. As for Boras…whatever.

  118. kpookiemon

    Falenborg reports to Pods tomorrow. His waivers must have been different from Maddux. We didn’t even squeeze a dollar out of the Pods…

  119. trublu4ever

    I’ll bet you sre right, enchanted. Why wouldn’t a team want a speedster, who hardly ever gets on base and can’t throw.

  120. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Awesome lineup!! Not sure about Russell 8th, but he has Matt and Andre to pick him up if he gets on.

  121. dodgrdad14

    Scurtis, I hope your wrong but it does seem anytime a no good player of ours goes to another NL west team it haunts us!!!

  122. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Going from school to home – the threads to long to post from my phone in the car – LOL!!! I was thinking of Andre trivia questions on the way home 🙂

  123. trublu4ever

    Okay dnelly. I was trying to hold down the fort for you until you got back. I’m going pretty soon — have to go through my pre game ritual. LOL

  124. obi_wen

    Well, I wouldn’t let offer anymore $$$ than that for Manny. The long ride of the Four Horsemen of Ned’s Apocalypse –Jason Schmidt, Esteban Loaiza, Juan Pierre and Andruw Jones, is nearly over, we don’t need a repeat.

  125. porklinks

    kpookiemon – no leverage. The Borg was DFA. Once the Padres claimed his contract, the Dodger could only let them have him, arrange a trade with the Padres, or pull Borg back onto the 25-man roster (where there is no room). If they didn’t put him on the 25-man, he would simply refuse the minor league assignment and go to the Padres as an FA anyway. What the Dodgers got was off the hook for Borg’s salary, which was likely the major-league minimum.

  126. trublu4ever

    I really don’t have one. Just sounded good. LOL I just like to have cerain pregame food and drink to put me in a good mood. Best of all, your dad’s not here to complain about every at bat.

  127. trublu4ever

    I know you are right, scurtis. Maybe he won’t be playing by the time we meet the Padres. A phantom injury, perhaps.

  128. dodgrdad14

    Well it looks like it’s time to go home and watch the game. You all have a great night and lets talk tomorrow!! 🙂

    Lets go Dodgers!!!

    as Rob Schnieder would say “Youuuu can DOOOOO IT!!!

  129. oldbrooklynfan

    IMO with Furcal out, Torre could not field a better team.
    This is the best line-up possible at every position.
    For this present team these are the best players at every position.
    Let’s go PENNY……..LET’S GO DODGERS!!!
    Keep up the pressure.

  130. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Good evening PierreEW!! It is a pretty darn good looking lineup if I say so myself.
    Garrett Adkins (Rox) is out of tonight’s lineup due to strep throat, not good for the Rox, and not good for us – we need dbacks to lose. He has been the Rox’s hot bat.


    Sam, I never buy any food at Dodger Stadium. We have bringing in our own food an water for as long as I can remember. However, the ticket prices have gone up a lot over the years and while that won’t stop me from attending games, don’t think that player salaries have nothing to do with ticket prices. Have you seen the prices they are going to charge for some of the premium seats at the new Yankee Stadium?

  132. kpookiemon

    sam, I already park outside and grab taquitos on Olvera Street or McDonalds on Eastern Ave. before the game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  133. porklinks

    Salaries SHOULD matter to fans. When Ned blows all of McCourt’s money on bad contracts, he doesn’t have enough to sign the players he really needs. The money for payroll is NOT infinite. Martin, Bills, Broxton, Ethier, Kemp, Loney will all be seeing significant increases over the next couple years as they get to arbitration and some should be locked up in contracts that buy out arbitration and FA years. That costs. That’s why the Schmidt, Pierre, Jones contracts hurts – although Ned was smart enough to keep most of them relatively short.
    That said, I have NO IDEA what Manny should be offered. Who has the crystal ball that says how long he stays Manny, or a close approximation of, and then when he starts to decline? In two years will he be as bad as Gary Sheffield is today? Next year Manny will be 37 – how long do you want to commit to him? This is not an easy decision by any stretch of the imagination.

  134. porklinks

    I think ticket prices are determined by the marketplace, what the market will bear. (And for good seats, the LA market bears A LOT!). Salaries are determined by expected revenue. McCourt can afford a bigger and bigger payroll because he can count on bigger and bigger revenue; he doesn’t raise prices because the payroll went up. Last year’s parking increase is this year’s Andruw Jones!

  135. kpookiemon

    westernmost, enchanted…I’d give Manny the money…he’s not even on the same planet as Jones, Pierre, Gonzo, et al. Those other “mistakes” should cost Ned his job.

  136. porklinks

    For the Phils:
    Jimmy Rollins – SS
    Jayson Werth – CF
    Chase Utley – 2B
    Ryan Howard – 1B
    Pat Burrell – LF
    Greg Dobbs – 3B
    Geoff Jenkins – RF
    Carlos Ruiz – C
    Joe Blanton – P
    I predicted Jenkins, who hits Penny decently and is a LHB, would start, but over Werth. That was before I knew Victorino came out with an injury last night. Penny owns Rollins, so hopefully the bombs from the middle of the order will be of the solo shot variety. Or we get the really good, shiny Penny tonight.

  137. obi_wen

    “dont be stupid obi by stating neds mistakes taht dont even compare to man ram…” – Right Field Pavilion Collective Thought Bubble, sponsored by Smirnoff


    Maybe, Penny needs to go on the DL again with his buddy Tubby Jones. This is a pathetic start. Penny sucks.

  139. enchantedbeaver

    Kahli – I think this is where you have to have a much more astute GM than we have now that can know what he has in the minor leagues coming up and when, and who’s a FA and when they’re available before one can make a reasonably certain determination if signing a tempermental 37 year old outfielder is worth the money and risk. And we all know Ned hasn’t got those tools.

    As a cash cow though, no question I can see why McCourt would want him.

  140. porklinks

    Ken Griffey 2006-present, age 36-38: .260 / .350 / .475 / .825 – a shadow of his former self.
    Gary Sheffield, once a Manny-like stud hitter, 2006-present, age 37-39: .258 / .358 / .439 / .797 – another once-was.
    There is no guarantee Manny doesn’t start being crappy in 2010. Or that he’s a stud for the next four years.

  141. tradejuanpypaperbag

    It’s kind of hard for the outfielders to catch the ball when the ball keeps leaving the park. Let’s Go Dodgers!!!

  142. leekfink

    westernmost/fogey–could we even pull Falkenborg back? I thought when you put a player on that type of waivers (I thought they were called unconditional waivers, but am not sure), that’s it. He’s exposed, and you can’t pull him back.
    Good line-up tonight. Would I hit Martin 8th? Probably not, but as long as these are the 1-8 hitters, we a good chance.

  143. porklinks

    enchanted – as opposed to the cash piggy bank named Andruw Jones?
    Well, the bombs were of the two-run variety; my hope was smashed. Bah!

  144. obi_wen

    “I won’t ground into a DP, I won’ t ground into a DP… grand slam, GRAND SLAM” – James Loney Thought Bubble 7:28pm

  145. porklinks

    leekfink – there are both revocable and irrevocable waivers; I don’t think teams tend to disclose which was used. Perhaps the Borg was put on irrevocable since any claim essentially gets him no matter what. Look at it this way, the Padres are so pathetic that the Dodgers crappy relievers are useful to them.

  146. porklinks

    enchanted – because this team counts on slightly above average major-league hitters (e.g., CBlake) to be producers. And you’re right, they could hardly have gotten less.

  147. enchantedbeaver

    I’ll check back later, I’ve already reached my PO’d limit.

    Where’s that dang cat?? Here kitty kitty kitty…

  148. kpookiemon

    Like I said before, has Casey Blake ever checked his swing and it WASN’T called a strike? Guy needs to attend a seminar or else JUST SWING.


    Well, we wasted that rally. Kemp striking out really hurt. We can get to this guy if Penny can hold with no further damage. Not likely though.


    Put Penny back on the DL or send him to Vegas or let him clear wavers. Who cares, He stinks. Bring up a couple of young minor leaguers. They can’t do worse than Penny.


    No westernmost, if Kemp wouldn’t have struck out to start the game the inning would have been completely different. But that pitch to Kemp was really close.

  152. leekfink

    Thanks Fogey, and you reminded me of the terms. But why use the irrevocable waivers? It’s a different beast during the post-waiver trade deadline. Aren’t those a different type of waiver too?

  153. northstateblues

    I knew I wasn’t the only one thinking Maddux. I like Brad, but maybe tonight’s just a tough one for him. He’s been hitting 95-96mph on his fastballs, but some of those hard ones aren’t finding the strike zone.

    He’ll improve, but the Phillies have something to prove tonight after the Mets put up a football score win.

  154. obi_wen

    “Hey Bullpen, ah, maybe like, uh, one of you guys should, like warm up or something.. yeah, get that guy with the battery pack on his belt… what? uh, insulin? is that right? okay, okay, well whatever, get em up I’m going out to the mound to bring Brad a juice box.”- Rick Honeycutt -8:01pm on the phone

  155. kpookiemon

    My wife just asked me about the new guy. I told here I’ve never seen a hiiter like him in a Dodger uniform…the best of his generation. And just to make me look good…BAM!!!

  156. leekfink

    Here’s the thing–a bad outing by Penny, and we started down by 5 runs. But it no longer seems insurmountable. That’s when you know that you have a good team.
    I think we’re coming back.

  157. tradejuanpypaperbag



    I know this is late, but I just got home from trueblu’s house, and I heard Andre got his 12th home run – Way to go Andre!!!!
    nelly ~ ethieraholic and very proud!!!

  158. tradejuanpypaperbag

    leekfink ~ It’s a great feeling to know the Dodgers are not out of a game after the first few innings anymore. You are right, it a mark of a good team.


    Did everyone watch Kat Ostermann’s no hitter last nite against Australia which was preceded by a no hitter the nite before. USA team is awesome.

  160. vl4ecc

    boblee The US Softball team is awesome with the 1-2 punch of Jennie Finch, and Kat Osterman. They will be tough to beat. I don’t think Canada has much of a chance in the next game.

  161. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Sports Illustrated Players Poll : Who is the best all-around catcher in baseball?
    Russell Martin 30%
    Joe Mauer 17%
    Ivan Rodriguez 14%
    Jason Varitek 10%
    Brain McCann 9%

  162. northstateblues

    running out of chances… haven’t they looked at the out of town scoreboard? they have to want it.

  163. northstateblues

    China’s leading in the gold medal count now, but I’m guessing we’ll make up some ground when the Track events start.

  164. vl4ecc

    Rain delay in Beijing for the womens softball game between Canada & USA. 2nd inning Canada up 1-0 on an unearned run.

  165. dodgereric

    Clueless Joe made a double-switch. Brox is in Manny’s spot. Pierre in the 9th. We have the 6, 7, 8 hitters coming up. The only way we get to the 9th spot is if we load the bases. He could have hit Pierre for Brox then and Manny’s still in the game. Clueless indeed.

  166. sparkleplenty_1

    Awesome win – a real team effort. The guys just didn’t ever give up. And we’re tied for first!!!! Yeah, Dodgers!!!!!


    Awesome win!! This club is really starting to give the rest of the league a reason to worry…. Not just the nl west, but the league. You guys realize this is not happening against the Washington Nationals, we’re doing this to a division leader!! Awesome win, and great series, and way to jump back into 1st with AUTHORITY!!! On a side note… can we please get someone to take Penny’s spot in the rotation please? Maddux maybe? The bullpen wins player or the game!! Nomar being in the lineup is going to be an AWESOME UPGRADE!!

  168. tradejuanpypaperbag

    We have batters 1-8 that can actually hit a homerun at any given time – what a great lineup this is.

  169. leekfink

    This is what I am talking about. You know things are going good when you start to get a feeling like this.
    rintinjim has a point, and I have quoted that line from George Bernard Shaw too. But sometimes, there’s just a lot to say. Tonight, though, there is just a lot to enjoy and I’ll leave the talking to ndeschenes.

  170. trublu4ever

    Brandon ~ I second your motion — Penny’s just not the same pitcher any more. His velocity is way down and it scares me every time he takes the mound.

  171. tradejuanpypaperbag

    There were 3 homeruns hit tonight from different parts of the lineup – 2nd, 4th and 6th batters, not to mention Jeff and his great night tonight as well, along with Russell going 3 for 3. What a great team effort with the bullpen coming through once again. Just fabulous!!!

  172. kpookiemon

    Both Nomar and Ethier looked like wrist shots on low pitches. Glad I didn’t realize Manny was out of the game. Vin was even taken aback by Nomar’s HR. That was one of his most understated walk-off calls EVER!

  173. tradejuanpypaperbag

    leefink ~ We want to know what YOU have to say. Please don’t stop writing. We love reading what you are thinking 🙂

  174. obi_wen

    “Oh God, Please don’t let them drop Nomar!!!” —– Collective Thought Bubble of Dodger Fans everywhere after seeing the happy players carry him off the field on their shoulders.


    So guys, again, who do we put in the rotation? It’s obvious that Penny is hurt no? We can’t keep running him out there if he’s going to get lit up, he just doesnt look right at all. But this team is suddenly offensive, and that’s something that can’t be overlooked. we’ve got power, we’ve got average… It’s kind of scary. Here’s something for you guys to chew on…. What;s our record like if Jones is having a normal Andruw Jones type season from the start….? Are we way ahead in the division if that’s the case?

  176. kpookiemon

    brandon, I get the feeling if we’d witnessed “Jones being Jones” the Dodgers would NEVER have traded for Manny.

  177. obi_wen

    Give Chan Ho Park Brad Penny’s slot. Let Jason Johnson handle long relief. Don’t mess with Kuo’s mojo, just let leave him be.

  178. trublu4ever

    How about putting Park back in the rotation — Joe, Kuo and Broxton can finish the game off. Torre even said that if Penny wasn’t up to par they’d have to do something — Maddux, perhaps


    Re dodgereric at 10:17 PM: It was not a double switch, you —. I wouldn’t mind the posts here as much if they weren’t so insulting. So whose clueless you or Torre?


    Did you guys notice that Manny was not part of the celebration? Did anyone see him? Maybe just in the clubhouse taking a shower? I guess it does take a long time to dry off those dreads…. Man, I still can’t get over that guys bat…. He’s got to be the best bat I’ve ever seen over this stretch of time….. I’m still looking for suggestions on pitching options for Penny?


    Yeah, kpookie, I know what you mean about Andruw… I’m just saying, that how good would we be from the beginning of the season if we’d had a power bat in the lineup from the get go…. Just an interesting thought.

  182. oldbrooklynfan

    After 120 games:
    64-56……………..61-59 4th place…61-59..tied for 1st.

  183. trublu4ever

    brqnfon ~ I bet something happens with the pitching in just a few days. Before Penny’s next slated start. Don’t you think so?

  184. kpookiemon

    The Achilles’ heel for this team is still the bench. Joe has been pinch-hitting lefties aginst lefties because of his righties on the bench: Berroa, Ozuna and Ardoin. That will obviously change September 1…but as long as this team carries 12 pitchers, Troncoso becomes a very expensive luxury in close games.


    Very good point Piereeeast…. Strange game that we love. It’s still crazy how we just crumbled last year. This is the kind of team that could get on a roll, and really run away with this division. I honestly think that the D-Backs made a mistake by putting Dunn into their lineup, the guy hits a ton of homers, but they already strike out a lot… Sok, add one more guy to their lineup who is very K prone.


    It’s ok Trublue, I actually read that as Brandon… So, I’m not sure who is more sleepy…. But yeah, I’d like to think they’d address the Penny issue before his next start… Something is clearly not right. They were lucky to be playing the Giants in the first game, and tonight the team bailed him out…. His velocity is scary, and his location is scary. We are in a pennant race, not the time to be getting a guy rehab starts in games this important.

  187. northstateblues

    In honor of the co-winner of Dodgers Man of the Hour award with Nomar, Adam Dunn, whose clutch performance in the 9th opened the door for the Dodgers to grab a share of first.

    Repost from a couple of days ago:

    My Name is Adam Dunn
    (to the tune of Carol of the Bells)

    na, na na na, na, na na na
    na, na na na, na, na na na
    na, na na na, na, na na na
    na, na na na, na, na na na

    My name is Adam Dunn
    I am overrated, I wear D-Bags hat
    Would you watch my pop-out fly at bat?
    Would you watch my pop-out fly at bat?

    Ding, I am Dunn
    Ding, I am Dunn
    Ding, I am Dunn
    Ding, I am Dunn

    Can’t score a run
    Can’t score a run
    Can’t score a run
    Can’t score a run

    I’m supposed to lead the D-Bags to October
    Like I didn’t with the Reds
    Would you watch my pop-out fly at bat?
    Would you watch my pop-out fly at bat?

    Where is the ball?
    Wait for the ball
    Uh-oh, I fall
    Where is the ball?

    Ding, I am Dunn
    Ding, I am Dunn
    Ding, I am Dunn
    Ding, I am Dunn

    My name is Adam Dunn
    Half as good as ManRam, I wear D-Bags hat
    Would you watch my pop-out fly at bat?
    Would you watch my pop-out fly at bat?

    Ding, I am Dunn
    Ding, I am Dunn
    Ding, I am Dunn
    Ding, season done.


    Hey, I just looked at the box scores the last 2 games for the D-Backs… Dunn has already struck out 3 times in hist first 2 games…. And that’s against the Rockies pitching… in Coors field… I really don’t see him helping them accept racking up the meaningless homers late in games…. I don’t know, maybe I’m crazy…. But every homer Manny has hit has been EXTREMELY important!!

  189. trublu4ever

    I feel the same way about Penny — have since last year. Seems like he’d start a game and couldn’t wait to get out of it. I’m sure Joe’s not impressed with his 2 performances since he came back.

  190. dodgereric

    Bottom of the 8th
    Russ leads off with a single. Brings up the pitcher’s spot.
    Pierre PHs for Park in the 9 hole and walks.
    Top of the order, Kemp flies to center. One out, still 1st and 2nd.
    Ethier grounds to first, Russ to third, Pierre to 2nd, two down.
    Kent doubles, tie game. Ozuna runs for Kent.
    Ramirez gets IBB. 1st & 2nd, still 2 out.
    Loney grounds into BS forceout at 3rd. Three out, 6 – 6.

    At this point, Ramirez is still in the game. The ninth spot is due up 4th in the bottom of the ninth. Torre brings in Brox and puts him into Ramirez’ 4-hole and keeps Pierre in the game in LF.

    So, mea culpa, it’s not a double-switch since Pierre was already in the game. My bad. In my post, I said that Pierre would still be available to PH, and I was wrong.

    It’s still a bonehead move by a poor technical manager (in my opinion) to remove your best hitter from a tie game going to the ninth just because the pitcher’s spot is due up 4th.

    So, I’m mistaken, Joe is Clueless, and you are a — , too.


    Well, goodnight all…. It’s time for some sleep. What rhymes with SLEEP???? SWEEP!!!! GET OUT THE BROOMS TOMORROW BOYS AND GIRLS!!! Goodnight all!!



    hEY ONE MORE THING!! I just saw the highlights of the D-Backs game on sportscenter…. The Rockies walked a guy to get to Adam Dunn, sure it was lefty, lefty matchup, but still… Then he just grounded out to short…. Crazy… OK, now I’m off… see ya

  193. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Ward dear ~ you are most welcome ~ I know you too well to know you weren’t just going to let that slide. Wally and Beav will be proud…
    June ~ ethieraholic

  194. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Brian Fuentes got his 22nd save, too. He’s from my hometown. He is a great guy with a wonderful family.

  195. dodgereric

    In truth, I screwed up but I still feel that I’m right. It wasn’t a double-switch, technically. But I didn’t coin “Clueless Joe”. He got that in NY.

  196. tradejuanpypaperbag

    I thought it was a mistake to take Manny out, too, and that’s what was the intent. Who cares what kind of switch it was. We all knew what was meant, and most of us thought the same thing. What happens if we go into extra innings and Manny is not in his spot.


    Live off the Daily Planet Press reports yellow kryptonite headed for planet earth has now changed direction as Super Hero Nomar Garciaparra’s Bat has redirected the now white kryptonite into oblivion with His Home Run Rocket Blast Giving Our Precious Beloved Champion Los Angeles Dodgers an Incredible Third In A Row Come From Behind 7 to 6 Victory over the Philadelphia Phillies! You are Mr.Clutch,Nomar!Super Hero, The Amazing Manny Ramirez who always does it again, delivers a 2 Run Home Run Orbit Blast for His Teammates & Fans! Manny,you are definitely one of the All Time Super Greats!Super Hero Andre Ethier can always be counted on as he delivers Big Time with His Mighty Home Run, 2 For 5 at the Plate, 2 Runs scored and walk! Andre, you always hold your Los Angeles Dodger Integrity close to your heart and for that You are always rewarded by our Super Great Friend, The Great Dodger in the Sky! The Majestic Super Hero Russel Martin who always wears His Los Angeles Dodger Uniform with Royalty, Has a perfect night at the plate going 3 for 3, with A Run Scored and walk! Russel, you are Simply Perfect! The Super Hero Pitching Staff of Brad Penny,Jason Johnson,Joe Biemel,Chan Ho Park & The Great Jonathan Broxton stuck together like Glue and got the job done in Great Los Angeles Dodger Fashion! Super Hero Manager Joseph will always stick by His Players through thick or thin, that is why he is a Super Great Manager! Super Heros Owner Frank McCourt & General Manager Ned Colletti Heartbeat’s are that of True Los Angeles Dodgers!And of course, the Invincible One,The Indestructable,Inpenetrable our Very Own,the Man of Steel Himself,Superman Jeff Kent, who was very glad to see Nomar’s kryptonite Destroying Home Run, Always comes through with his 4 for 5 at the plate,including a double,with a run scored and 2 important RBI’s as always does it for all the fans and His Teammates! All our Los Angeles Dodgers were Super Heros including all of us Fans and Management! Oh Dodgertown, sing and be happy for our Great Dodger in the Sky, Himself Being The King of the Universe, Has Decreed The Year 2008 A..D. As The Year of Great Jubilee and Dodger Royalty Concluding in the Winning of Our Seventh World Series Championship and Superman Jeff Kent and all His Wonderful Super Hero Teammates Have Been Chosen Worthy To Become World Series Champions Because That Is What They Are!

  198. tradejuanpypaperbag

    ndeschenes ~ That’s more like it!!! Fantastic post!!! 3 in a row and hopefully a sweep tomorrow against a team who is/was leading their division. Have a wonderful evening, ndeschenes, and have a spectacular tomorrow 🙂

  199. kpookiemon

    The Dodgers and D-backs, though tied for first, are 8 games back in the Wild Card to the Brewers, who have won 8 in a row. And guess who’s coming to town Friday night?

  200. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Kahli ~ If I am not mistaken, the Dodgers won’t have to face Sabathia this weekend. We already had to face him when he was with the Indians.

  201. porklinks

    Last night I got home in time to see the last three pitches of the game. Tonight, the last four batters. Pretty exciting stuff.
    Just to get my vote in, I wholeheartedly endorse the move to PR for Kent in that situation – bottom of the eighth and go-ahead run on second. I don’t think I make the move to pull ManRam in a tie game however. Broxton is not likely to be used for more than one inning, so the pitcher due up fourth was not the biggest deal. If Kuo wasn’t going to pitch tonight (2 IP, 23 pitches the previous night), let him hit for Broxton if the situation is low-leverage (e.g., runner on first, two out.)
    On the other hand, Torre making the move tells us how much he hates the idea of using Berroa to PH; he left JP in to delay that happening as long as possible.
    All moot now thanks to Nomar the Rejuvenated.

  202. dodgereric

    kahli, I was online paying bills and talking with my kids. I got a little confused when I saw Pierre in left at the top of the ninth. I forgot about him getting that miracle walk earlier. I’ll try to pay more attention. I think I’ll write a song about myself.

  203. kpookiemon

    dnelly, I was thinking the very same thing as I took my dogs for a walk a half hour ago. Same with Lincecum in SF last weekend.

  204. kpookiemon

    dodgereric, I’m just jamming you! If miketink can’t let you pay bills and love your kids, oh well. He was WAY out of left field. Manny, too, ha ha………………..

  205. porklinks

    Miss Debbie – more importantly, of course, those Brewer starters are NOT C.C. and NOT SHEETS. Good draw, but the Boys in Blue have to take advantage. I wonder which games Kent and Martin will be taking off out of the next four.
    dodgereric – you’re such an — for calling Torre something the Yankee crowd has called him for years!

  206. kpookiemon

    One more thing. JoJo had already removed Kent for a pinch runner. But then, I’d much rather have Ozuna and Pierre hacking than Kent and Ramirez in extra innings. But I won’t Joe-bash tonight. He’s got the team playing inspired after two crushing losses to the Gnats. But there’s NO WAY they take over first place alone tomorrow night. It’s just not in the script–yet. It’s almost as if the Dodgers are stalkig Zona, and the slower Zona runs, the slower the Dodgers chase. TWILIGHT ZONE.

  207. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Kahli ~ All I think about with Sabathia is him hitting a home run in Dodger Stadium, so not only can he pitch, he really can hit, too. Not that there’s plenty to worry about with the other pitchers, but Sabathia is a whole other story.

  208. tradejuanpypaperbag

    eric ~ you mean there is something you don’t know – my goodness. The Dodgers offices get ice cream anytime the Dodgers get into first place. Last time they had Cookies and Cream, I believe. Maybe you were gone on a trip the last time.

  209. porklinks

    Good night all – likely no posting from me tomorrow night as I’ll be at the Stadium. Third time I see a Kuroda start; I hope I see a better outcome than the other two, which were losses.

  210. dodgereric

    kahli, I knew that already. 🙂

    fogey, I didn’t know that already, but now I do. Thanks. 🙂

    Speaking of Sabbathia, do you think we have a shot at him in the winter? I read in several places that he’s inclinded to head for the west coast.

  211. kpookiemon

    I have Sunday tickets. Kershaw???????? I think so, vs. Suppon! And right after the game, up to Greek Theater to see Jethro Tull.

  212. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Wouldn’t that depend on the contract, once again? If we could get him, how long of a contract would we want the Dodgers to sign him for?

  213. dodgereric

    June darlin’, my daddy told me that if I’d keep my mouth shut and my ears open, I’d learn something new every day. And I have. I learn things here every day. I’ve learned a lot today.

  214. kpookiemon

    Sabathia? I HATE spending big money on high-profile free-agent pitchers. They want multi-year contracts and history isn’t kind: Denny Neagle, Mike Hampton, Barry Zito, Chan Ho Park, Kevin Brown. I’m sure there are successes, but……………………….

  215. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Ward dear ~ I know, but you are a very good teacher as well, and good teachers are good at learning new things as well because they always know there’s something more out there to learn.
    BTW – I love this book. It’s like eating one of your favorite foods and eating it slowly as not to miss a single bit of its goodness. Thank you so much for the recommendation.

  216. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Kahli ~ you are correct on the pitchers and the concert should be fun. Hopefully a great game and a great concert all in one day.

  217. tradejuanpypaperbag

    I work with many teachers (at my school and in my district) who think they know it all, and refuse to learn something new in order to improve their teaching, and some of these teachers are within their first 5 years of teaching. They are young and full of themselves. I am 42, been teaching for 12 years, and I still feel I have so much more to learn in order to be an effective teacher.

  218. kpookiemon

    I’m going with a bunch of high school homies from way back who were all Tull freaks. I was always more of a Deadhead, Beatles guy…which my friends were, too!

  219. dodgereric

    kahli, I saw Tull back in ’70 – something at the Forum. I think it was when they released War Child. I don’t remember much of the concert though. You probably know why.

    I know what you mean regarding the big money pitchers. I’m scared of giving them the money as well. I like the guy though. Other than wearing his hat wrong, he’s a great character guy. A bonafide #1. We should be shedding a lot of salary. And we’re due to get lucky with a FA.

    June, “The children now love luxury; they have bad manners, contempt for authority; they show disrespect for elders and love chatter in place of exercise. Children are now tyrants, not the servants of their households. They no longer rise when elders enter the room. They contradict their parents, chatter before company, gobble up dainties at the table, cross their legs, and tyrannize their teachers. ”
    ~SOCRATES (469–399 B.C.)

  220. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Ward dear ~ All of those are true of many children today, but in many cases (not all), it’s the parents who got their children to that place. I kid you not, we had a first grader two years ago who got to have the master bedroom while the parents took one of the other rooms. Another first grader in that same year was served breakfast in bed every morning. These are just examples of how far off some parents have gone in order to keep their children happy and not throwing fits. Can you imagine the little boy who has the master bedroom as a 3rd grader now, what he will be like as a teenage or an adult?

  221. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Kahli ~ I know some people were talking about resigning Manny earlier, but how long of a contract would you give him? I would like him signed. I’m just not sure about the length of a contract.

  222. tradejuanpypaperbag

    That is just such an awesome lineup because just the thought of what could happen at any given moment with any of those players in that lineup is just plain fun. It’s the anticipation you get from each one of them. It’s never the same thing. That’s what I don’t understand with the JP fans. He is so very boring to watch. There’s only a few things that happen with him, and it’s very predictable. Where as this lineup the possibilities are endless,and then you get a pitcher in there that can make contact as well, Billz and Lowe, it makes for some exciting baseball, win or lose.

  223. dodgereric

    Deb, I know what you’re saying and I agree. I just tossed that quote in for fun.

    We have had some trouble with a lot of the people hired at my work as well lately. There seems to be a lack of work ethic, generally speaking.

    Our generation seems to have slacked off dramatically in the parenting department. I have a sister-in-law who I just found out will prepare different dinners for each of her children, just to avoid arguments. I find that unbelievable and a little disturbing.

  224. northstateblues

    eric, great socrates quote… guess every generation feels that they respected their elders, and kids are terrors.

  225. northstateblues

    I know on my part, anyway, I’ll be talking about how kids are louder these days than when I was a kid… then I’ll have a flashback to my parents, aunts/uncles or grandparents saying the same thing 15-20 years ago.

    There’s people out there that to this day feel that the country went downhill after that darned Jazz music came out.

  226. tradejuanpypaperbag

    There are many parents who do that now a days. They don’t realize how they are setting up themselves when those children become junior high and highschool age. Because if they are given what they want now at the ages I teach, what kinds of things are they going to expect later. We have six year olds with cell phones and hair dyed and cut all different ways because it’s what they want and not what the parent wants. Well, in some cases it could be what the parent wants, which is disturbing in of itself. Yet, we as teachers are supposed to become a person that can actually keep their attention for more than 5 minutes and expect them not to expect anything other than the knowledge and education that they are getting. I am mostly talking about 5 out of the 20 students. Most parents are doing the right thing, but it’s those 5 parents who drive you crazy all year thinking their kids deserves to be spoiled just because.

  227. dodgereric

    The contract offer for Manny? I really don’t want to give him more than 2 years considering his age. But you know that Boras will want 4 – 5 and someone will probably give it to him. That’s too bad. We’ve already overpaid so much for so little return.

    Sabathia would justify a longer term, but these pitchers are so fragile.

    As I said before, I could manage. But I sure wouldn’t want the GM job. You have to choose your poison and hope to get lucky.

    To bed. Good night, God Bless and I’ll try to keep the name-calling down. 🙂

  228. crzblue2

    Out of this world post!!
    Great win! I love Nomah’s interviews ’cause he always talks about the win being a team effort. “This was a team effort”. “The bullpen was awesome” “I am so proud of my teamates” “this was team win” “I could not wait to hug my teamates”.
    I was at my seat when the score was already 4 -0 but yesterday I got there a little earlier. Did anyone noticed how when the kids run to the field, Kent always gets to the kid’s level, signs the ball and give the kids batting gloves?. Must be the father in him.
    Good day also in my two fantasy baseball teams. Might bench J.J. Hardy when he plays against my boys.
    For the person asking, the office getting ice cream when the team is in 1st place dates back to the O’Malley days.

  229. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Good night eric/Ward dear ~ You did a wonderful job tonight. It was just one of our normal village idiots trying to do their thing.
    Talk to you in the morning, or afternoon, or evening.
    June ~ ethieraholic

  230. northstateblues

    Woo, it’s late, and I think I’m gonna try to restart my blog. Unless I pop back in, have a good night!

  231. trublu4ever

    Good morning everyone. I was reading all the posts from last night, after I left you, and was very impressed. A lot of you stayed up very late and I’m going to start brewing a pot of coffee around 11:00 pm so I can keep up with you guys. I certainly don’t want to miss out on all the fun!

  232. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Good Morning, ITD writers and readers!!!
    It was great to wake up to a third win and going for a possible sweep today. Even if we don’t, this has been amazing series, and I can say I am very proud of all the Dodgers and how well they have pulled these last two games off with a great deal of team effort. Yes, Nomar and Andre got the glory for driving in the walk-off run and homerun, but all the things in between had to happen as well. WONDERFUL JOB DODGERS!!!
    Good Morning Trueblu~
    Usually when we win, it’s always kind of fun to stay up and see what ndeschenes is going to write. Obviously ndeschenes watches a lot of Superman, but ndeschenes is one of our writers of mystery. We really don’t know anything about ndeschenes, but most of our always intrigued by what is said.

  233. trublu4ever

    Love the way everyone came to Eric’s defense. Unfortunately, I don’t think the idiot who started it all stuck around long enough to see what was said. I guess you can call people like that “One shot wonders”. Hit quick, leave so they don’t feel the heat. Very cowardly, isn’t it?

  234. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Trueblu ~ the one last night does come over here every once in a while, but yes, it usually is not for very long. Usually we ignore him, too, but I think the difference last night is he picked on a person (dodgereric, Wally and Ward) instead of just making a statement.

  235. trublu4ever

    You’re right. It’s kind of hard to ignore someone who is that abusive, over something that wasn’t even very important.

  236. tradejuanpypaperbag

    trueblu ~ Also, I don’t think we were necessarily talking to Miketink, as much as we were letting dodgereric, Wally and Ward know that we saw what was said too, and we are behind him if it went any further.

  237. jhallwally

    Good morning Tru and Mom,
    Gutsy win last night. Bullpen stopped the bleeding and the offense found a way to get it done.
    Vin was saying last night that we will miss CC and Sheets in the Brewer series this weekend. That is a good break.
    As for the PAWB last night, I don’t mind someone making a comment or pointing out an error, however I don’t think it is appropriate to make it personal and call the person a name using profanity. That crosses the line. A simple explanation of the fact it wasn’t officially a double switch would have sufficed without a personal attack. MikeTink obviously has issues with self esteem.

  238. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Good Morning, jhall!!
    Yes, I didn’t care what he had to say, but it was the fact that he said it to Dad, which was totally wrong and unacceptable!! Don’t you know you are not supposed to pick on Dad because if you start picking on Dad, all of his children are going to come out and kick you in the shins – LOL!!

  239. tradejuanpypaperbag

    and June, of course, too – LOL!! June just wanted to smack him upside the head, and say “Don’t you dare pick on Wally and Beav’s dad?” LOL!!!

  240. thinkingblue

    Great great game last night. Yes I agree with Dnelly, this has been a great series regardless if they win or loose tonight. I like Manny he is a great player, but I was soooooo glad that the other DODGERS are the reason for the win. Yes, everyone that played had their part in the win. NOMAR…yeah! That was amazing. Let me add…ETHIER’S catch & HR….double YEAH…that was ETHIERRIFIC!. LOVE YOU MORE AND MORE ETHIER! Message for MARTIN: Hang in there, you will come back and be great like always. I support you all the way and I’m there to cheer for you, you have done alot for the DODGERS!

    Rose – ETHIERaholic

  241. trublu4ever

    Good morning jhall ~ I agree that people shouldn’t make personal attacks. Just wonder if he stuck around long enough to see how we felt about it. Probably not, because as you said he has low self esteem as well as being a coward.

  242. jhallwally

    Yep, it is especially annoying when directed at dad. But totally inappropriate when directed at anyone. Like I said, this person has self esteem and sociologic issues.

  243. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Rose ~ Andre was Ethieriffic last night, too – That catch was awesome, and it definitely made up for the missed one the other night. And then there’s the homerun. Russell did well last night. He went 3 for 3.

  244. tradejuanpypaperbag

    jhall ~ No, you weren’t part of it. That’s what June/mom was thinking when it was happening. Sorry, I must have written something wrong.

  245. trublu4ever

    Rintinjim was even worse. He attacked anyone who wrote more than a couple of lines. Didn’t want to be bothered with all that heavy reading. LOL

  246. tradejuanpypaperbag

    I got to go to work. I have training all day. Even teachers have to learn new things – science this time. Have an Ethieriffic day!!!
    dnelly, Nells, Nelle, June, mom, Debbie, Debra, Miss Debbie and Mrs. Nelson ~ all Ethieraholics and very proud of it!!!!!
    ~ GO DODGERS!!!! ~

  247. tradejuanpypaperbag

    jhall ~ I meant that comment for the “got my back” statement. I didn’t see the enzyte comment – LOL!!

  248. enchantedbeaver

    Talofa everyone!!

    WOW. That win was like the old days when they never gave up. I of course fell asleep shortly after I got disgusted with Penny and left to start watching TV, so I was shocked when I saw the score this morning.

    Regarding miketink’s post to Eric, was that post not insulting in and of itself? To do the very thing one’s purporting to abhor is either hypocracy or the rantings of an egotist that has to put down others to feel good about themselves. The pot doesn’t make a point by calling the kettle black.

    Mike its simple. If you don’t like what’s said and/or the way we say it on this blog, why do you read? There are many other blogs out there to choose from. If we here are regarded as cultists anyway, it shouldn’t matter if we think the moon is made of Dodger bleu cheese, let a lone a minor point like the double switch. Though not one in fact, the switch was effectively JP for Ramirez and I’m sure even you can agree that was not a Phi Bets Kappa decision by Torre.

    Dodgereric is one of the core members of this blog, insightful, and damn funny. You insult him, you insult us all with that snide and unwarranted comment. We may be “culists”, but in that one simple post, you revealed all we needed to know about you.

  249. trublu4ever

    I agree. I think if he reads our blogs again he will know how we ALL feel about Eric. Ah, heck, he probably doesn’t care.

  250. trublu4ever

    On ESPN they were just talking about Joe and Manny. I guess Torre still wants him to cut his hair. So much that it’s becoming an issue. They said they think Joe will go to owner at season’s end and ask for them not to sign Manny — doesn’t want to deal with him. I wonder if the other players care about Manny’s hair as long as he hits the ball thee way he is? What do you think about all this?

  251. jhallwally

    I couldn’t care less about his freaking hair as long as he is raking. This team needs some personality. I certainly prefer Manny as the face of the team with the hair and all as opposed to Old Grumpy Kent.

  252. trublu4ever

    I agree, jhall, I don’t think the other players care either. It’s just a Joe thing. So, why mess with a good thing. Please, Joe, lighten up!

  253. trublu4ever

    Just one more thought. Manny may lose his power without the dreads. It’s happened before. Guess I’m being a little supersticious but I don’t want to mess with success.

  254. enchantedbeaver

    They got Manny to help get over the hump on offense, which he’s doing. Frank’s also capitalizing from his personality and “look.” Leave it to Joe to make an issue out of nothing. Reminds me of my ex. Why make issues over minor details when there’s a bigger picture?

  255. think16blu

    man what a game last night!!! another awsome come-back!!! beautiful homer nomar!! and Andre was on fire again!!! great game!!

  256. thinkingblue

    Well kinda see Joe’s point of view regarding the hair. I am a girl with long hair and yes if I am playing sports it does tend to get on the way. I believe that Manny feels that he can get away with keeping his long hair. The organization has rules and everyone should follow them regardless of position. Also if Manny chooses to keep his hair long then he should tie it back. I noticed a couple of times when Manny’s hair was all over his face. If one day he has to run after a ball and turn fast to throw it…that hair will be on his face.


  257. crzblue2

    I was talking to a friend of mine that always attends the WIn baseball clinic and she told me one of her male friends signed up for it!. He called and they told him yes. I sent email also and it is true. Only restriction is you have to be 15 years or older. So if any of you guys want to join us, well we’ll have a few token male fans there. Just don’t make us look bad :-).

  258. leekfink

    I’m not necessarily going to change my posts, but I get what rintinjim is saying. And last night, I had nothing to add that the game, and ndeschenes, was not going to say better.
    All this kerfuffle over the definition of a double-switch left me wondering–how often do you see a true double-switch? It’s almost a daily thing to see a manager put a relief pitcher in a position player’s spot late in the game, and leave in the pinch hitter as a defensive replacement. but I rarely see the old system of a manager going out to the homeplate umpire and switching two players in an inning. Does the first thing have a name? Can we call it a “delayed double-switch”?
    Whatever we call it, I’m not sure it was worth all the hubub. Tony Jackson called it a double-swith on his blog, and Torre said he was nervous about it. Actually, if you read Torre’s comments as to why he did it, it would be good, because I don’t really get what he was saying. It sounds like he was not comfortable in leaving pinch-htting duties to Ardoin (that’s common–managers hate using ther back-up catcher because they are scared to death of the possibility of having to use their emergency thrid catcher), and Angel Berroa. It’s not immediately clear then why he is OK leaving it to Mark Sweeney, either, but if tht’s the case, I understand the call. I was actually OK with the delayed double switch because I thought we needed to win the game before Manny came up again. our bullpen is strong, but the Lhillies have a potent defense, and striking first in extra innings is key.
    Tony Jackson also had a good point about Penny–he had a different problem last night then he did in his last start. His velocity was good, his location was off. So it’s not a continuing problem. I think Penny is going to be OK, but he may have hurried back a little.

  259. trublu4ever

    leekfink ~ I really glad you are not going to change your posts, along with many, many others. I hope you are right about Penny because I’m a little nervous putting him out there for his next start. I wonder if I’m running to long for rintinjum LOL

  260. crzblue2

    I had just finished reading Tony Jackson and he did make me feel a little better about Penny.
    Another post of his that I just finished reading is about the Thinkcure Radio telethon this weekend. He detailes here I wonder what the bid to be in the booth with Vin will go for.
    How are you doing? What does the 44 in your login represent? I need a strong cup of coffee or a cup of gree ntea to keep me up at work.

  261. porklinks

    To be fair, rintinjim did clarify that he was railing mostly about “stream of consciousness” posts, which I think means to exclude a longish leekfink post from criticism.
    gsutton – agreed. Over at Dodger Thoughts, Jon Weisman (and his commenters) rips Jayson Stark on that column.
    leekfink – maybe we see the true double switch a little less because so few relievers seem to pitch more than the inning in which they enter? I think we still see it a goodly amount though. (And Sweeney has already been used.)
    I thought that just before he went on the DL, Penny hadn’t lost velocity either, just command. Maybe he has an injury that isn’t TOO serious, but is causing him to change grip or arm slot just enough to avoid pain, but lose command.

  262. trublu4ever

    crzblue ~ I am just great. The 44 is the year I wqs born. So now you know I’m an old lady. Old in age but very young at heart. After all, I too am an ethieraholic!!!

  263. crzblue2

    Well, you look great Trublue! Keep being young at heart!

    going for the sweeeeep tonight! Go Kuroda! go Blue!

  264. selltheteam

    Good afternoon, ITD Bloggers! – A few random thoughts:
    Good to see that ManRam has kept the dreads so far. Would I pay him $100M for four years? I think so. Look at his productivity, then compare it to Andruw’s productivity – three homers and 14 RBI for $18 million? Sheesh.
    Note that Sweeney is 3 for 8 since coming off the DL. You don’t have to, but I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt for the next couple series.
    “Leave no at bat without a struggle and gives us homers and doubles,”
    Looks like I was right about Nomar and his homers. Let’s hope I was wrong about him giving us only five games in August.

  265. trublu4ever

    crzblue ~ thanks for the compliment. I pulling for Kuroda to have a great outing tonight. Hope we are 1 game up on the Dbacks after the game!

  266. obi_wen

    I was going to agree with your earlier comment that Joe is making a mountain out of molehill in regards to Manny’s dreads.

  267. colliethec

    Hello there ITD’ers. I’m glad all is well with everybody. I haven’t posted in awhile as my computer is still the pits! But I do still read daily so now that I’m on I’ve got some late input.
    I for one do the long posts as I can’t always get in and stay for a long time.
    I love most of the long posts, so mike your point is taken but not agreed upon.
    And since your commenting on others postings and giving your opinions of how others post, here is one for you…back off the insulting name calling. That might get you a little farther with further posts. IE Amy W is a Pierreaholic. Most that post here don’t agree but do like Amy & her input. My point is we don’t all agree or always agree, but why call someone here a name?
    When I heard the Dodgers got many, my Wife said I looked like I was going to die! She said the look on my face was priceless. I was so bummed because the early reports were that Kemp & Ethier were what were being requested. I thought I was going to cry. When I heard who we actually gave up I was okay with it.
    This last weekend is the lost weekend of the Summer 2008. I was going to go to a at least one of the games against the Giants and spend the weekend around the stadium getting autographs of the boys as they enter. But I got sick and then we lost 2 of 3.
    Of course those of us in Norcal got the ribbing from all the SF fans about how wonderfull their team is even though they are 10.5 games back! It never ceases to amaze me their thought process.
    Which brings me to when people say that if we don’t win the division or Wild Card they are still happy if we finish ahead of the Giants. I can’t say that for myself. If we don’t win the division or Wild Card I’m bummed. That is what I would always say was one of the things that made me laugh at Giants fans. That they can only take solace and be happy when they finish above the Dodgers. That thinking is why they are always loooooosssserrrrrs!!!
    It was just a random thought.
    Now how about Everyday ‘Dre!! He is showing what we all believed about him. He isn’t going to lead the league in any one area but he is Mr Consistant. I’m glad Torre has seen the light as I thought he would. It was just a little later than I thought it would take him.
    Yes I to am an Ethieraholic.
    There are many new faces in here since I last made it in, so welcome to all of you!!
    Here’s to all the Dead Horseman, Beaver Clan, Ethieraolics, ITD’s Cult, NDESCHENES, and ITD’ers and Dodger Fans everywhere!!! This is becoming an exciting season. Remember it’s a marathon and we are turning it around!!!
    And for the Ladies out there here is a new phrase for you… Andre Ethier is Ethierliscious!!! I’m a guy but I thought you might like that.
    Okay, I go now…
    Go Blue!!!!

  268. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Good afternoon ITD writers and readers!!
    Back from an awful, awful inservice, and I need to get to work on my classroom. I just needed to make a few shout outs for previous posts.
    enchanted ~ Excellent post this morning about our dear friend, dodgereric, Wally and Ward 🙂
    leekfink ~ Thank you for your posts. They are incredible and very enjoyable.
    obi ~ love the empty thoughts – hilarious!!!
    trueblu ~ yes, you look great!!!
    I know I am forgetting a few of you, but my mind is still getting over the shock of complete boredom – it was one of the worst in-services I have ever been too.
    nells, mom, June, nelly ~ ethieraholic

  269. dodgrdad14

    Joe should lay off the dreads just like he should have laid off Biemels hair.

    And the reason miketink laid into Eric and left lastnight was because his babysitter found out he was on the internet and he got a spanking for misbehaving!! LOL

  270. tradejuanpypaperbag

    dcollins ~ it is so good to hear from you!!! All your comments were ethieriffic!!! Love the new ethier term 🙂

  271. dodgrdad14

    Sam you should appologize to Sara, she doesn’t like Manny and never has. She has her opinion just like you do. The name calling has got to stop.

  272. dodgrdad14

    No you called her an idiot at the end of your comments. Or was I mistaken and you were calling Jojo an idiot??? if so I appologize for jumping on you.

  273. colliethec

    Thanks Nelly–It’s nice to formally talk with you guys for a moment. Hopefully by next week I’ll have my new computer and I’ll be able to get on here for the fun!
    Also with the Torre move last night I was initially upset (That is My Self XXXX’ing of what I really said at the time!). But it wasn’t the worst move and I can see why he did it.
    If they have a rally going he doesn’t have to pich hit for Broxton who I think he wanted another inning out of. And if they don’t get to the spot Pierre is leading off. Which isn’t the best but it is better than having Berrora leading off.
    As far as Torre wanting the hair cut, that’s a tough one. I don’t think he should push it and I don’t think he has. I think that is media driven. We all know that the media needs something to write about and happy news isn’t as exciting as a Manny rift about his hair! There was a qote from Torre that was, “What do you want me to say?”.
    I am a Manager as many of you manage people and have kids, or are leaders in one way or another. It’s easy to say that the cutting hair isn’t a big deal and Torre should let it go, but I ask myself, as a leader if I have a rule and my crew is a good young crew and I get a new member who is a great worker but he isn’t in line with a rule do I let it go by the wayside? I don’t thik I do. If I have a rule that employees can’t have any visable tattooes and I get a new productive employee and they wear short sleeve shirts that show a tattooe, do I not say anything or change the rule?
    Just a thought for you all to ponder with the whole “hairgate” thing.

  274. vl4ecc

    Good afternoon all. Did anyone see the team USA vs Netherlands Olympic baseball game? I was up really late due to a couple of rain delays. The only college pitcher on the USA roster – a 20 yr old phenom from SDSU was flat out NASTY! 7IP – 11 K’s – 1 hit. Remember the name Strassburg. He will go high in next years draft. BTW Dodger prospect Terry Tiffee is doing well batting @ .500 in the tournament so far.

    Cuba appears to be the team to beat. GO USA &

    GO DODGERS! Sweep the Phils!

  275. selltheteam

    Another thought about the Pierre for ManRam switch. . .
    This offensive move gives Joe more hitters for the ninth and tenth innings. The 4-hole wasn’t likely to come up until the end of the tenth or even the 11th inning. I think Joe wanted to win it before that, because he was running out of pitchers. Go for the quick win, rather than let it drag on as a longer game.

  276. selltheteam

    Of course, Joe was risking having the noodle arm on defense. I’d rather have ManRam out there if the Phillies have a runner on 2nd.

  277. dodgrdad14

    That was my concern crash, if the Phillies got a guy to second there is no way Ragarm could get him out at the plate…even if it was Howard!!!

  278. thinkingblue

    LIKE I SAID EARLIER TODAY! I kinda see Joe’s point of view regarding the hair. I am a girl with long hair and yes if I am playing sports it does tend to get on the way. I believe that Manny feels that he can get away with keeping his long hair. The organization has rules , Joe has rules and everyone should follow them regardless of position. Also if Manny chooses to keep his hair long then he should tie it back. I noticed a couple of times when Manny’s hair was all over his face. If one day he has to run after a ball and turn fast to throw it…that hair will be on his face.


  279. trublu4ever

    Well said Dodgersrule. I remember when you said it earlier. I just couldn’t get back to you. I think Joe and Manny have talked and if he wants him to really cut his hair, Manny would have.

  280. tradejuanpypaperbag

    I haven’t made a comment on this topic of Manny’s hair, but I guess I can now. I don’t personally care one way or another, but dcollins made me think about it a little. I may only work with 6 and 7 seven year olds, but a rule is a rule, a standard is a standard and an expectation is an expectation. If I allow a student to go by their own rules, standards and expectations, then it’s considered favoritism, and I lose credibility with the rest of my students. If I start losing credibility, then all of my students will feel it is okay not to follow rules, standards and expectations. Once again, I personally don’t care one way or another what Manny chooses to do with his hair, but I thought I would present a side from somebody who works with young, impressionable students.
    Mrs. Nelson ~ ethieraholic

  281. trublu4ever

    Right on Mrs. Nelson! When Joe was with the Yankees, he made Damon, Giambi and Randy Johnson cut their hair, so I think Manny will be next. Enough about hair, let’s move on to another subject.

  282. thinkingblue

    Dnelly & dcollins beautiful explainations!

    I don’t care either, but the fact that Joe has that rule then hey be a team player. I read the article post it earlier about Manny…YES he is a great hitter, but he should be a TEAM PLAYER and follow the rules. Well I am also glad that Beimel’s bobble head came before the haircut.

    Wow we are actually not talking about ETHIER…

    Rose – Ethieraholic

  283. trublu4ever

    Rose ~ dcollins came up with a new ethierism — ethieriliscous — so we should come up with a fancy dessert in honor of him


    I don’t much care about Manny’s hair either but I agree that since Joe has a rule (and it seems to be a reasonable one at that) about grooming and Manny not only knew about it but said he would cut it, then he should. I don’t think he should cut it very much but just enough so everyone knows he has. Joe does not seem to have pushed it and everyone is tired of it, even Vinny. I hope this is not a “Manny being Manny” thing. I know Manny and the Red Sox had issues over the years but he certainly helped that organization win some games.

  285. juniorvarsity

    the thing is manny is NOT a TEAM PLAYER. he just plays for himself. he did it in boston and he is and will do it here. he does not follow rules because he is just a punk. we havent see much now but i think we will soon. manny is a cancer to whatever team he plays on. After the 2000 season when he left cleveland because he didnt like it enough to take one less year and a couple million dollars less than what was offered to him by the red sox. the indians did not make the playoffs in 2000, but they did in 2001…without manny. the red sox are playing good baseball right now without manny. he is the reason why i dont think we will win anything this year…..i dont care what your job is, but when you are making 20 million dollars a year (way more than most people will make in their lifetime) you better work as hard as you can!!! giving up on a team because of yourself is not a professional ballplayer..its selfish and pathetic. he just cares about himself…not winning. which is why he WILL NEVER CUT HIS HAR. if i was joe…first, i wouldnt want a cancer on my team, but the first thing i would have done is to tell him to shave that ****…its looks filthy anyway

  286. kpookiemon

    All of New England is pissed off because Manny is shredding right now, on the ‘left coast’ no less. Boston, just shut up. WE NEED INVESTIGATIONS!!! WHO WOULD DARE GIVE CASH TO THIS SATANIC, BABY-EATING MONSTER??? ANY TEAM WOULD BE FOOLISH TO COURT THIS GUY!!! Hogwash. Rule number one in sports: if a guy can help you, get him. Boston media sound like the guy at the prom whose ex-girlfriend is dancing with the quarterback.

  287. thinkingblue

    OK I have a whole hair cutting question…if JOE is asking BEIMEL & MANNY to cut their hair then why was MARTIN sporting a mowhawk and gave other’s a mohawk?

    ethierilisious – well with that word I can’t think of dessert but just of him……he is ETHIERILICIOUS, no extra sugar, or toppings needed….just him…LOL!

  288. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Well, trueblu and Dodgersrule, if we are going to create an Ethierlicious dessert to go with Andre, then it has to be chocolate and something gooey or sweet – carmel or peanut butter, perhaps or maybe raspberry or strawberry – hmmmm!!! I think as long as vegetables are not involved, Andre won’t care (he’s not a fan of many veggies if you didn’t know that). Just a thought ~
    nelly ~ ethieraholic ~

  289. thinkingblue

    What kind of hair cut did she give you DODGERERIC?

    I don’t think that MANNY has been selfish with the DODGERS…well atleast not yet…other than the HAIRCUT…but once he does he will get the JP treatment and all of us will turn against him. SO FAR, SO GOOD AND JUST KEEP SCORING.

    (Dre-Dreaming about ETHIERLICIOUS!)

  290. dodgereric

    TruBlue, I think we got up into the 800-900s once. jhall was reposting songs just to drive up the count!

    The haircut was a good ‘ol #8. I kinda look like Frank Sinatra now. It was for purely cosmetic reasons – after climbing out of that taco every morning, the one thing I didn’t have to worry about was having unruly hair.

    Personally, Ramirez can wear his hair down to his knees for all I care as long as he keeps hitting it on the screws. But once he steps out of line……’s samson time. Yep. Totally hypocritical. Why not? It’s supposed to be the toy department and we seem to be having fun right now. I’m dancing while the music is playing and I’ll worry about it later.

    By the way, I’m really stunned as to the reaction by so many of you to last night. I don’t know what to say other than simply – thanks.

  291. northstateblues

    Hey all, still trying to get through the day’s posts, but I just wanted to say something. Enchanted, your post at 8:07am said it all. It upsets me when the pot calls the kettle black (even moreso when I’m said pot). I don’t know what he was trying to prove, but you’re right, we know all we need to know about that guy.

  292. dodgrdad14

    I have to say leave Manny alone with his hair. I haven’t cut my hair in 2 years!! So you can see I am biased. But I also understand what everyone is saying about the team rules.

    Behr, you are saying Manny is a cancer because he is all about himself?? What about Pierre? He whines and sulks at the end of the bench because the team is “sticking it to him” his words not mine. What about him? and he doesn’t rake like Manny.

  293. enchantedbeaver

    I think once we got over 8-900 and were hoping to get to 1000, but then we got a new thread.

    Being folically challenged, perhaps if Manny cuts his hair they can box it up and send it over to me – along with some duct tape.

    I just don’t see making Manny’s hair a distraction to the team during a pennant race.

    Nor make it an issue for a 2-month rental…

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