The desert comes to Hollywood

It’s hard to believe that the Diamondbacks and Dodgers have had the exact same outcome for eight straight days. I had really hoped we’d be tied going into this showdown, as that would’ve made it even more exciting, but it’s going to be quite a weekend around here. With the WBC announcement, the trade deadline and four games that will determine who is in first place by Sunday, I hope those of you who are local get a chance to come down here to be part of it.

Chad Billingsley’s performance last night was downright dominating. The finish was pretty exciting, too, so much so that Retrosheet’s Dave Smith (a Dodger fan from the Brooklyn days), got curious how many times a shutout has ended with a tag at home plate. Here’s what he sent me this morning:

“I looked at all games from 1954 through last night and find the following:

1) 146 games have ended on a tag play at the plate (no force plays included).

2) Only 12 of those 146 were shutouts

3) The Dodgers have been involved in 3 of the 12:

They lost 4-0 in Philadelphia on 6-07-1975

They beat Montreal in Canada 1-0 on 8-15-2002 Last night’s win 4-0 over the Giants.”

As they say, when the Dodgers and Giants meet, you never know what is going to happen and last night was a very memorable game. Let’s hope it’s the first of many shutouts in Chad’s career.

Deadline is in less than four hours…we’ll see if anything goes down. With everything going on, I might not get to post until much later in the day so keep an eye out for breaking news from Ken Gurnick on the front of the site (I honestly don’t know if we’ll do anything, so that’s not a hint that something is coming…)




  1. j-murray

    Ethan Martin-3B-Dodgers Jul. 31 – 1:00 pm et

    Ethan Martin, the Dodgers’ first-round draft pick in June’s draft will undergo season-ending knee surgery.
    Martin, who the Dodgers now plan on using as a pitcher instead of a third baseman, reportedly injured his knee during fielding drills. The severity of the injury is unknown.

  2. trublu4ever

    With the dodgers getting Manny who is going to be left out, too many outfielders, I’d sit Andruw & JP

  3. jhallwally

    Unless they start an outfield of Manny/Kemp/Ethier regularly, it is not a significant upgrade. Platooning Kemp and Ethier in right and Jones and Phew in center means you are still not starting your best 3 outfielders.

  4. kho88

    this trade is a joke. ned should be fired tomorrow. laroche never got a shot and we just dump him for a malingering, bat attitude rental. by all rights, jones and mcpopup should be benched, but that would be putting $27million of mccourt’s money on the bench. and with torre’s love for JP, he will play him in CF now and still bat him at leadoff. this weakens us defensively and offensively. i can’t believe kemp would be platooned but if he is then that is just plain stupid and crazy. if he’s not, then ethier is the odd man out and should have been traded. either way, this deal, IMHO, stinks.


    Another publicity stunt for Frank and a very STUPID move for the Dodgers. But just think, Joe can now play an outfield of Manny, Jones, and Pierre. He must be in seventh heaven! I am happy for LaRoche, who really got the shaft from the current management. At least now he’ll be able to show what he can do and probably come back to haunt the Dodgers big time. Oh, well, they certainly deserve it.


    What a way to wake up down under. Bloody Manny! I can just hear Vinny now after a Manny K .. ” It’ll take some time for Manny to get used to NL pitching” … Time! .. We’ve only got 2 months.
    I’m genuinely scared that the lineup disruption will not help us win the division.


    Im sorry guys but I dont see how you do not trade LaRoche for Ramirez. Its just a trade you cant turn down, listening to Torre on this world baseball classic press conference it seems like it will be Manny/Kemp/Ethier which would make this time possible world series calibur.

  8. dodger 32

    I’ll miss Andy, but so far, and I realize he hasn’t had much of a chance he hasn’t shown much. That said Manny is a HOF, and finally we get a serious power threat in the lineup. Manny, Kemp, and Ethier is a good outfield. Pierre can be used as a pinch runner, and Druw can come in for defense.


    Let’s see how it plays out. Manny, hopefully, will add some pop to the lineup and I sincerely hope that Pierre and Jones will get to share lots of quality time on the bench. Casey Blake has outperformed LaRoche already. I’m willing to give Ned a reprieve for the time being, and think we’ve definitely strengthened ourselves for the stretch run. My greatest concern is who’ll be on the 40 man roster next spring!


    Thats my lineup although Torre will prob keep Kent in the 4 spot.
    Torres Lineup:

    which isnt Horrible but I would like to get Kent outa the 4 hole with Manny comin in. Also I would not mind trying something where Kemp hits in front of Manny to get more fastballs, also when Jones gets his occasional start maybe bat him in front of Manny to get more fastballs. Manny will make other hitters in this lineup better. The only downfall is how many outfielders. But I believe one of them will be gone before Aug 31st real deadline. Im hoping Juan Pierre for someone, maybe Jack Wilson.

  11. dodgereric

    While I’m dreaming, Rafael gets ready to roll and:

    Furcal SS
    Ethier RF
    Martin C
    Ramirez LF
    Kemp CF
    Kent 2B
    Loney 1B
    Blake 3B


  12. northstateblues

    Sad to see Andy go, but at least Boston got their Outfielder from Pittsburgh. If Torre’s smart, he’ll have had enough time to realize Kemp/Ethier/Manny will be the way to go.

    Likely, knowing Torre’s respect for Juan, it’ll be a Pierre/Ethier platoon, but I think Torre’s had enough time to see what works. And seeing Bison lead off in person last night, I think it would be a colossal mistake to take him out the 1 spot.

    How much you wanna bet that Manny will be hitting beachballs back into the Pavillion?


    I think there is no way that you can keep Kent as clean up. Is it just me or has he been hitting a ton of balls hard but right to guys and balls that would have gone out 2 years ago are getting caught on the warning track. This has to be the end of Andruw for the rest of the year. You cannot justify sitting Kemp or Ethier. I know Joe loves Pierre but it would be crazy to start Pierre. But I have a feeling Joe will sit Ethier in favor of Pierre often than not…unfortunately

  14. dif1

    What a great move! All we need to take over the NL West is some excitement, and Manny certainly brings that here to Los Angeles.


    I’m stoked. I know this guy’s probably a b-hole but Jeff Kent is too. This is the reliable big bat that we’ve been lacking.

    I may be in the minority here as a Juan Pierre fan but having Pierre, Kemp, Ethier and Ramirez as your outfield pool is pretty strong. This, I hope, will allow us to bench Jones and just consider him a write-off.

  16. miguelcab

    We’re probably gonna do something with waivers to get rid of Pierre or Ethier. No one’s gonna claim Jones so we’re stuck with him

  17. jhallwally

    That’s how I would play it. MHO!!!

  18. scott_in_arcadia

    The thing is, with Manny in LF, you’d have to put Pierre in CF if you’re going to start him which would be horrible defensively. You can forget about shutouts if they do that. BTW, Manny has a decent arm at least.


    I thought about the same thing Rod, maybe they send down Troncoso, or maybe the DL Jones πŸ˜€


    I’m not a big Ned fan, but I give him credit for this trade. He got a HOF, power bat, which is the biggest need for the Dodgers by far, and only gave up two unproven prospects in return while keeping all of the talented young players currently on the major league roster, and to top it off, Boston is paying Manny’s remaining salary.

    By reading some of the comments here, I am now convinced that there are many fans that will complain about anything that the Dodgers do. If Ned had done nothing, people would bitch, and if he makes a blockbuster trade, those same people will bitch. Amazing.

    I love having great prospects in the Dodger organization, but seriously, you can’t keep every single prospect that you have and hope they pan out, while you ignore huge holes on your team.

  21. enchantedbeaver

    For godsakes can we just DFA Sweeney now? Its the only roster move that makes sense.

    Happy for LaRoche to finally get a chance to play, plus he’ll be with his brother.


    I agree with you PCJ, and also with how much salary is clearing up next year the Dodgers have a chance at resigning him if he prooves he can hit well here. Remember though Dodger stadium is a very hard stadium to hit homeruns in especially at night.

  23. miguelcab

    Yeah Ned gets a pat on the back with this one. Hopefully we can do something more with waivers. Maybe get Maddux and ditch Pierre.

  24. enchantedbeaver

    I don’t get Manny wanting the acquiring team to drop the option years at $20 mil each. I know he has Scott Boras as an agent, but he’s 36, and $20/$40 mil for someone his age and who is on the downslide is pretty damn good money.

  25. scott_in_arcadia

    Ned & Joe: We’re not going to kiss your butte just because we’re renting Manny for 2 months. You better quit lying about Pierre knowing how to lead off and bench his sorry game. Pierre never would have made that throw last night you bozos, so do the right thing!!


    said on ESPN “an excuse to get both Andruw Jones and Juan Pierre OUT of the lineup”

  27. jhallwally

    PCJ, no one is crabbing about the trade. It is a good move. However, as I stated above, if you start Manny/Kemp/Ethier everyday, you have significantly upgraded. Continuing to play Phew and Jones instead of Matt and Andre significantly diminishes the impact of this trade.


    Whether you like or don’t like the trade, I don’t think you can put this one on Ned. This smacks like Frank’s input, or certainly acceptance of some big bucks going out at least for the coming two months. As I suggested a few days ago, since Frank is so much in love with anything Boston and nearby couple of states, why didn’t he just trade his Dodger franchise ownership even up with the owners in Boston. Objectively rated the Boston people would get a more valuable franchise in the Dodgers, and they certainly know much more about baseball than Frank, Ned and Torre combined, so I would have loved them handling the future Dodger decisions.

    As for the trade itself, it’ll be interesting to see how much good Manny can do for the remainder of the season, particularly since we needed an infielder or two instead of another OF. Would Frank go so far as being willing to give Manny $100 million for another four years, which is what he’ll be looking for as a free agent at the end of the season. As far as I can see, Boston came out well ahead with Bay; hope Pittsburgh knows how to handle all the prospects they got; Manny will probably create a circus atmosphere in LA, but Torre will have the real problem of juggling who he’s going to play.

  29. enchantedbeaver

    HAS to be Sweeney doesn’t it Eric? Ozuna can at least play middle infield, so he can come in as Kent’s defensive replacement. Sweeney can only play 1B.

    Still, for a couple of 2 month rentals we’re gonna have holes at 2B, 3B, and SS along with still having Cow Phew in the outfield next year. Seems a pretty big gamble going for it in a year where you really don’t have all the horses (except dead ones.)

  30. dodgereric

    scott, I’m hoping against hope that Pierre sitting yesterday might be a clue that Joe finally has seen the light shining in his eyes that Kemp is superior in the #1 slot over Pierre and that Ethier is better overall in the OF. Pierre’s average against lefties is better this year. What else makes sense? He never rested him before. Maybe his knee was bothering him. I’m just hoping that we go ManRam, Kemp, Ethier with Jones an $18mil defensive change for Manny and Pierre an $8mil PR.


    Just as the ballclub is starting to play well, this bombshell is dropped into an outfield situation that already had more players than positions. I have no problem with the transaction; both Morris and LaRoche are unknown quantities and the D’s pick up club options on Manny for 2009 and 2010. But who plays and who sits? If this isn’t handled properly, it could really mess up this club long term. If we play Manny, Matt, and Andre, this move has the potential to really help us. But if JoJo’s well-known love for Pierre and AJ’s big contract carries the day, it will result in reduced playing time for Kemp and Ethier and that, most assuredly, is not good, either in the short term or long term. Manny’s talent is undeniable but his attitude is questionable. Hopefully. the trade will rejuvenate him and we will get the best he has to offer. If it’s not a good fit for either us or Manny, well, there’s always another deal. Regardless, it will be 2 months of Dodger baseball worth watching to see how it all plays out.

  32. jhallwally

    Hey T44, who was your favorite Brooklyn Dodger? You’ve got to tell us stories about watching the Dodgers when they were in Brooklyn.


    Looking at this realistically there are only a limited number of ways the Dodgers can go to accomodate Manny in the 40. They can (and should) DFA Sweeney; DFA Ozuna; DFA Pierre or Jones (highly unlikely) or send a pitcher like Troncoso down (but that leaves the pen short). Of all the things that happened today this move could also have some impact.

  34. dodgereric

    Well yeah e, for you and me and most anyone with a baseball IQ over 60 it has to be Sweeney, but then we would have had him flipping burgers a long time ago. Ozuna looks like a fine utility player so far. Geez, forgot about Nomar.



  35. dodgereric

    44, just tell her it only cost us LaRoche.


    Boy, is that Joe’s veteran lineup or what? Four kids and 4 vets.


    Anyone who is complaining about this trade should become an A’s fan so they can drool over prospects for the rest of their life.

    Laroche hasn’t really shown me anything. I’ve seen more out of Casey Blake the last week than Laroche his entire time up here. Plus, Dewitt looks like the man going forward, be it at 3rd or 2nd.

    Manny brings the bat we needed and the protection for the rest of the lineup. The only potential problem is Joe playing the wrong 3 outfielders. As long as he rotates Ethier/Pierre, leaves Manny & Kemp in there everyday, and sits Jones down at the end of the bench, we’ll be allright.

    GO DODGERS!!! What a last few months this will be….


    jhall- If JoJo plays this right, we could go deep into October. But, knowing JoJo, that’s a BIG IF!!!


    So when do you think Manny will be here, tonight? or tomorrow? He probably wont be here tonight huh, has anyone read on this? Nice timing huh just in time for a nice 4 game series against the first place team.

  39. dodgereric

    I agree scott and TruBlue.

    seesky, we’re not picking up any options. “The Red Sox approached Ramirez in advance of their negotiations, and got his OK. The Red Sox are paying the $7 million remaining on Ramirez’s $20 million salary for this year. The two $20 million club options for each of the next two seasons were dropped, which will allow Ramirez to become a free agent this winter.”

  40. trublu4ever

    jhall, if they paid attention to the games, they should get it. I wonder sometimes what they do in the dugout during a game. Star gaze, perhaps


    If the outfield isn’t Kemp, Ethier, and Manny, the trade doesn’t help much at all. We get lesser contributions from Ethier and Kemp if Jones and Pierre play regularly. Pierre’s mama has probably already texted Ned.


    “PCJ, no one is crabbing about the trade. It is a good move. However, as I stated above, if you start Manny/Kemp/Ethier everyday, you have significantly upgraded.”

    That I agree with.

    Maybe they can offer to pay a large part of Andruw’s remaining contract and somehow persuade another team to take him in a trade for a relief pitcher or something. Wishful thinking, I know.

    Then you would have Manny/Kemp/Ethier, and Pierre as your fourth OF/pinch bunter/pinch runner.

  43. leekfink

    First thought–more to come.
    If this means an outfield of Ethier, Kemp, and Manny, then it is probably good.
    If this means an outfield of Manny, Andruw, and Pierre, then it’s plain atrocious.
    This is why my problem is more about Torre than Ned. Ned’s moves are only bad if Torre plays the wrong players.
    More later.

  44. obi_wen

    I’ve been as critical as anyone here of Ned, but with the BoSox paying all of his salary this was a no brainer. IMO, OF starters should be ManRam in LF, Kemp in CF and Ethier in RF, those are the best players. Joe Torre has to recognize that Juan and Andruw are the odd men out, and I don’t see how they cannot DFA Sweeney at this point. Keep Kemp batting LO, followed by Ethier and then Martin at 3. Man Ram 4th, Loney 5th, Kent 6th etc.

  45. jhallwally

    Agreed PCJ. However, I don’t think we can get anything for Jones at any price. I think we have a better shot at unloading Phew if we pick up alot of his salary. I would rather get rid of Phew now while he has some value and unload his next 3 years. The thought of Phew stinking up our outfield for 3 more years is at best nauseating.


    Whilst I think this is a good deal for us it does leave me wondering if some other trade is being finalised as we type that includes one of our 6 OF’s. DY has to be included in the mix eventhough he’s on the DL. Any thoughts?

  47. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Ward dear, Wally and Beaver – I leave the house for a few hours and look what happens ~ The Dodgers get Manny LOL!!! Now that the shock is sort of over (I think), I am okay with this as long as Andre and Matt are part of the equation.

  48. trublu4ever

    obi, you are so very wise 7 I agree with everything you said. That means we a both wise beyong our years, huh

  49. think16blu

    i think is was a good trade we only lost LaRouche and a pitcher look at what the line up could/should be now!


    thats a big step up from Juan and Andruw being in the lineup!

  50. lagirl27

    Good. this is such crazy news. We didn’t think it was going to go down like this. I really do not know how to digest this information, except I am happy that we have the best hitter in baseball on our team. I am shocked and I don’t know what to say. Crazy. He’s a Red Sox, I never thought of him possibly being a Dodger. Now we can win the west and beyond!!

  51. scott_in_arcadia

    Knowing who “should” sit and who Joe is going to sit have been 2 different things all season, so I’ll be surprised if Pierre does not platoon with Ethier because Torre blows Pierre. Funny thing is that Pierre will not be happy with a platoon roll…LOL

  52. jhallwally

    Good point Rod, they are going to have to do something about the now even bigger outfield jumble. Just hope the clowns get it right.


    eric, I stand corrected. The story on the trade stated that the D’s had the options for the next 2 years. Minus that, for no salary expense and no loss of our core players, we still have a better shot at the playoffs and a slight chance of resigning him for next year. It will be lively for Dodger fans for the next 2 months, regardless.

  54. dodgereric

    I’ve just been all over the web and I haven’t seen anything on when he’s gonna get here. Wouldn’t that be something to see him get here in time to PH tonight? Drama……


    Now we are the DODGERS! Not some powder puff flag football team disgusied as baseball players. THis is LA… we should ba all rights have the best team in baseball. We have sucked all enough. The other night i really thought we were getting Manny, but i thought we were going to give up Either.
    Go All the Way! I love it.

  56. lagirl27

    haha. No, but you can argue Manny’s hitting greatness scott. He’s very high up there. As my dad says, “an rbi machine”

  57. think16blu

    amy and jhall – yup i agree as long as we keep matt and andre i’ll be happy!! but joe likes Juan and Andruw for some reason so lets hope the nuckle heads get it right and keep the guys that are making progress and getting the job done!!

  58. ghfgdgdsg

    Who says Ned Colletti is a horrible GM. He is one of the best GM’s in baseball. He works for one of the cheapest owners in baseball and still manage to get deals done. He got Angel Barroa and got KC to pay for his salary, he got KC Blake and got Clevelan to pay his salary, and now he gets Manny and I think the Red Sox will pay most of his salary. Thank you MLB for helping this organization out because we know that Frank McCourt won’t do anything. The only way Frank aproves a trade is if the other team pays for the players salary.

  59. lagirl27

    Acardona- I hope they know what they are doing as far as lineups go. I can see Manny and Matt as the everyday starters. We will have to see how he handles the other 3. WE know what we want…but I will trust that they will handle it the right way


    You guys are more knowledeable than me, so answer this if you can:

    Is there anything preventing us from sending Andruw Jones to Las Vegas?

    That would be sweet.

  61. perumike

    So I’m guessing we will have Manny in the lineup tomorrow to hit a couple out against the Snakes? I would love to see him light up somebody like Haren or Webb.


    I think AJ has enough seniority in the league where he can reject assignments…..also where is ndsanches with his recap of the trade?

  63. lagirl27

    what I can say is that this is going to be a VERY interesting 2 months in LA.
    Scott dear, you don’t bother me. I am set on being your friend so it’s all good.

  64. think16blu

    amy – yup matt is doing great in the lead off spot! look at his hitting streak!! i love it i love it! i would love to see matt#1 Ethier#2 martin#3 ramirez#4… that would make me happy!! haha but we’ll see i just hope they do whats best for the team!


    I just read some of the comments some of you made. What in the world would make you Happy? Some of you are so brain dead because of the these losing years, you can’t believe this deal. We gave up LaRoche, sorry to see him go, but now he has a another chance and go his sake .. he better make good, because every year the competition gets tougher.
    Go Dodgers. make me proud…it been to long!

  66. think16blu

    last night was a great game! how many SB did matt get? and what a throw by Andre to get the last out at the plate!! no way would Juan have made that throw! we need Andre! i hope they don’t do any deals with him in it!!

  67. dodgereric

    ’04 152 568 108 175 44 0 43 130 82 124 .308 .397 .613
    ’05 152 554 112 162 30 1 45 144 80 119 .292 .388 .594
    ’06 130 449 79 144 27 1 35 102 100 102 .321 .439 .619
    ’07 133 483 84 143 33 1 20 88 71 92 .296 .388 .493
    ’08 100 365 66 109 22 1 20 68 52 86 .299 .398 .529

  68. scott_in_arcadia

    I like this trade from a stand alone point. I just want to see the best team on the field as always. What else is new?

  69. jhallwally

    PA, you need to worry more about your own comments and not what other people are saying. They are entitled to their opinions. And also, why should you care about “brain dead” people anyway, eh?

  70. lagirl27

    Yes Acardona- I am glad that your guys stayed. and I think we would all love the 1-4 lineup that you posted too. Wonderful stuff.
    I still am shocked. my goodness.
    Padodgers- please don’t say mean things here.

  71. lagirl27

    oops. Acardona- I meant to say “our guys”. not your guys.
    It was a great win last night and I’m glad for Billz, her deserved a great win! Matt is beautiful stealing bases and Andre’s play was great. He deserves everyday play for sure.

  72. think16blu

    jhall- haha!! thats great!!! and so true!! some people obviously don’t like this trade but look.. we got one of the best hitters!! AND boston is still paying for him! why would we turn that down!!!

  73. dodgereric

    Let’s see if this lines up a little better

    Year G …AB …R ….H ..2B 3B HR RBI …BB SO ….BA..OBP SLG
    ’04 152 568 108 175 44 0 43 130 82 124 .308 .397 .613
    ’05 152 554 112 162 30 1 45 144 80 119 .292 .388 .594
    ’06 130 449 79 144 27 1 35 102 100 102 .321 .439 .619
    ’07 133 483 84 143 33 1 20 88 71 92 .296 .388 .493
    ’08 100 365 66 109 22 1 20 68 52 86 .299 .398 .529

  74. tradejuanpypaperbag

    I am still trying to digest this information. I am like northstateblues the other day ~ speechless!!! LOL!!!

  75. lagirl27

    Jhall- I got your back cause I know you got mine πŸ™‚
    Exactly Dnelly- I am at a loss for words too. Crazy.

  76. think16blu

    amy- “my guys” “our guys” either way is fine with me!! haha!! and matt is beautiful with WHATEVER he does!! haha i’m probly dreamin big with that line up but hey… it’s what a lot of us would like to see!


    Yeah, jhall, I’ve seen people posting that I don’t recall ever seeing before. I see no downside to this deal unless JoJo screws it up by playing Dre and MK less. I’ve got a feeling we may even see another post July 31 deal.


    Tomorrows line up prediction:

    Kemp rf
    Blake 3b
    Martin c
    Kent 2b
    MANNY lf
    Jones cf
    Loney 1b
    Berroa ss
    Lowe p

  79. trublu4ever

    Just heard the L.A. sports writers are thrilled about the Manny deal. They think he can lead us through the playoffs. They also say if Jp or Andruw gets upset too bad, we’re trying to win. If Kent gets angry cause he’s moved in the lineup, so what, he’s angry all the time, anyway.

  80. lagirl27

    Exactly Acardona πŸ™‚ We love these guys.
    I can predict a Manny mania spreading through this city. It’s going to be a great series this weekend. I’m not sure how his “diva-like” personality will play out. But I’ll take it if he can hit for us πŸ™‚
    Dnel- aren’t you glad you will be here this weekend? I know I am happy to e catching a Manny game.

  81. juniorvarsity

    you know there is a reason that boston was in such a hurry to get rid of manny, however it and prolly will always be unknown
    everybody is in such a hurry to go and buy their playoff tickets but this is no different than having gary shieffield, except for the fact manny is no longer in his prime. and we didnt win with shef. or green. this is NOT the DODGER WAY, so dont everybody get your hopes up…it was a steal for us, we gave up nothing for a 2 month rental (you notice how i say 2 and not 3 months). manny doesnt play baseball the DODGER WAY and the dodgers have never won when not playing the DODGER WAY. i hope im wrong but until i see it happen i wont believe it.

    i like the trade since we didnt give up anything but all im saying is to not go and buy your playoff tickets…unless your willing to drive to arizona. this is just a publicity stunt by mccourt and a BIG step back to the start of the begining of next year. just imagine if manny teaches the kids how the play baseball the right way….lol what a joke this organization has become

  82. jhallwally

    Interesting JoeyRock, good point. It is still going to come down to pitching and defense. It always does.

  83. juniorvarsity

    for years kent has been my most hated dodger….but now its manny and i hate how i see people posting that i have never seen before….typical so cal fans lol. just go from one team to another….

    so for are you new guys out there. how has it been being an angel and padre fan for the past couple years??? oh and welcome back :]

  84. tradejuanpypaperbag

    jhall – looks like a few friends came out to play today – LOL!!!
    Amy – it will be great!! I just hope Ramirez, Kemp and Ethier get the majority of the playing time.

  85. aeversw

    As much as I absolutely HATE Ned Colletti (I still hope he gets fired before he can screw us up next offseason) but he could have easily have sent Matt Kemp in this deal and he didn’t. It seems to be a case of us being in the right place and the right time but to get Manny for 2 months for free essentially is very impressive. Ned has been an utter failure in his tenure with Los Angeles so props are deserved when he earns them (tough considering he only has pulled off 3 good deals trade wise or free agent wise since he was hired).

  86. think16blu

    hey dnelly wasn’t that throw by Andre just beautiful last night?.. haha! i can’t wait for his “before the bigs” premier tonight! i’m really hoping i get to see him at AT&T this saturday!

  87. lagirl27

    heck ya. The Ramirez, Kemp, Ethier OF will be unstoppable! That would be a beautiful situation. I am good with that starting line up for sure.
    Manny may not be in his prime, but that man is still a top dog in the game. He can be a big boost and I really don’t seeing him fall into the kind of season Jones is having for us. He most likely not going to disappoint.


    Wow, All I can say is wow. I never thought we would do this deal after the Florida deal fell thru. I can’t wait to see him in a Dodger uniform. Would be great if it was tonight. 4 hours from boston to LA. He could be there by the 5th inning if he leaves everything for someone in Boston to do for him.

    Look out NL West. You’ll see our dust the rest of the way.

  89. aeversw

    I wish we could have seen Andy blossom into the player he can be in LA but mangement tried at all cost to not let that happen. I will miss him but I am also happy for him. You’ve gotta think its the best possible situation for him. He’s going to report right to Pittsburgh and he gets to play with his brother. I wish him all the luck.

  90. tradejuanpypaperbag

    acardona – I don’t live in so-cal so I won’t get to see his “Before the Bigs”, but bluecrewgirl said it replays a few times during the weekend so hopefully we are at a hotel that can see it. And, yes I will be there on Saturday to meet Andre. Also, that throw was awesome,and Russell did a remarkable job too. I love watching Andre and Russell do their thing. They do incredible things together, both in the lineup (when TOGETHER) and on the field.
    joey rock ~ points very well taken πŸ™‚

  91. trublu4ever

    Joey, I don’t appreciate the manner you are knocking people whose postings you’ve never seen before. I’ve been a Dodger fan longer than most of you, since Drysdale, Snyder, Hodges, Reese, etc. So, don’t pretend you know who’s a fan and who is not

  92. think16blu

    dnel- absolutely! it may have been a great throw but without a great catch it would have been nothing! check it out.. Andre, Matt, and Ramirez in the OF! psshhh one word.. beautiful.. haha


    This from SI:

    According to people familiar with the discussions, the Dodgers at one point offered outfielder Andre Ethier, but the Red Sox preferred ultra-talented outfielder Matt Kemp instead. As it turned out, neither player was involved in the final deal.

    Dodger management is a loose canon and doesn’t appreciate the young talent that they have. Anyone who would offer Ethier or Kemp as earlier rumored for a two-month rental is crazy. And I agree with the points made by JoeyRock.

    Two-month player rentals at the expense of young talent, no matter how exciting, are not the way to build a dynasty. With the Red Sox fighting to repeat in the face of a strong Angel team, they aren’t stupid. If they are that anxious to unload Manny, there are very good reasons for it. Just like the Yankees letting Torre go, the Dodgers are always there to make a big splash in picking up other teams’ discards and then pay a steep price as a result.


    “for years kent has been my most hated dodger….but now its manny and i hate how i see people posting that i have never seen before….typical so cal fans lol. just go from one team to another….

    so for are you new guys out there. how has it been being an angel and padre fan for the past couple years??? oh and welcome back :]


    I’m sure I’m one of the people you are referring to. I have been a Dodger fan my whole life, and definitely not a “so cal fan” since I don’t live there. I haven’t posted here in over a year, but only because I found this place to be overly negative. I guess you’re proving that hasn’t changed.

  95. trublu4ever

    jhall, I liked all of them but Sandy was my favorite. I used to see them play in the colisium (sorry for the spelling) and boy it was a hugh stadium.

  96. think16blu

    tru44- i got ur back!! more power to you!! and as jhall said who was ur favorite brooklyn dodger?


    I don’t think the Dodgers offered Ethier or Kemp to Boston. I think that’s what Boston wanted. And I’m sure Boston was told no way Jose..


    you guys will be seeing less of me, if i post at all, because my favorite team just broke my heart by signing my most hated player ever. i will take a step back from being a superfan until manny is removed. i will still support my boys russell, andre, matty, james, bills, brox.. but i cannot deal with manny. i have hated him for so long i don’t even know what to do about this.. i will miss ya’ll.. i will check in from time to time.. and i will be back for sure when manny is gone..


    Guys, all that I have got to say is there is no way in the world you can not be excited about this!! We just received one of the best players in baseball, for essentially NOTHING. Look, I was always hoping that Laroche would be great, we’ll never know what could have been with us, just what MAY be with the Pirates. But being a Dodger fan, I’m super excited that we’ve got one of the best hitters in the game. Yes Manny is one odd character, there’s no doubt about it. But, if this man can help us to win a World Series, are we all going to piss and moan about the loss of Laroche, or how bad Ned Coletti is… I highly doubt it… Because we will all be doing a dance, that we’re one damn team to reckon with now!! Watch out T-Bags, this is going to be one hell of a series for you guys this weekend, the stadium will be ROCKIN’!!! GO BLUE!!!

  100. lagirl27

    Sara- what about Russy?? don’t abandon ship quite yet. I know you will always support the young guys..but they are still on the team and pushing to win this thing!!

  101. jhallwally

    :((( Sara, I hate to hear that. Surely the good of the many(Marty, Andre, Matty, James, Billz, Brox) outweigh the abandonment for the few(Manny). The blog will not be as good without you.

  102. park

    How do you get Manny from the Red Sox without giving up Kemp or Ethier? Great move by Colletti! Those people who worship the youth movement will protest the trade but the bottom line is that the Dodgers are trying to win a championship – this year, if possible. Why wait ’till next year and the year after when you have an opportunity to do it now? You make moves to help you in the short-term without mortgaging the future. That is exactly what Coletti has done this month.

    At the end of the day, the Dodgers have a roster that includes Casey Blake and Manny Ramirez as well as all the top young prospects Matt Kemp, Andre Ethier, Chad Billingsley, James Loney, Russell Martin, Jonathan Broxton, and Clayton Kershaw.


    i’m not abandoning ship.. i just refuse to support manny.. and supporting the team overall means supporting manny. i will continue to love the kids and hope they do well, especially russell. and once manny is gone after the season i will be back. i cannot support manny. and i don’t see how getting 5 outfielders for 3 spots is a good thing. they’ve been fighting enough already. giving up guys for a 2 month rental when you’re not going to win the world series is a waste.


    We really need to win tonight, I hope that we don’t get too excited and look toward tommorrow with Manny. Tonight is a HUGE game. Hopefully we go out and sweep, or win 3 of 4!! The opposite would hurt an awful lot!


    Wow! I truly didn’t see this coming. La Roche hated the Dodgers management and couldn’t wait to get out. He hates Torre with a passion for back stabbing him. His words “I can’t wait to get out of this organization.” I’m happy for him. He gets to play with his brother, and he gets a big league shot. Good luck to him. As far as Manny, I hate the guys antics but love his game. This is great news for both Kemp and Ethier. Manny can’t play right field; hell, he can barely play left. He’s not exactly a Gold Glove outfielder. Not even Torre will platoon Ethier and Pierre in right, not with Pierre’s arm. Will he platoon Kemp and Pierre in center? Hell no! I guess Kemp could shift over to right to allow Pierre to play center; although Torre better F’n not! Things are going to get pretty darn interesting around L.A. When will he make his debut?

  106. dodger 32

    Manny has to play left, Kemp is in center, I doubt very much Pierre will be in right with his arm. Ethier will be in right and Juan will be used like he should, as a pinch runner.

  107. tradejuanpypaperbag

    sara – I am not extremely happy about this ethier (either), and it’s mostly me being selfish because of playing time for Andre (especially) and Matt. I really want to see them out there everyday, and it is just not the same without them out there.
    trublue44 – LOL!!!! very funny!!!!

  108. jhallwally

    Sara, I’m at a loss….. I understand how you feel, and I am sure you are not alone in those feelings, however, I hope you will reconsider abandoning your friends here on the board.


    Who’d a thunk it?
    It will be great, except when we’re pulling our hair out.
    At least y’all will have something new to complain about.

  110. aeversw

    Ha the team gets better and people are complaining. As much as I hate to say it the Dodgers made LaRoche expendable and instead of letting him sit in Vegas for the rest of the season they did the right thing and gave him a chance to play everyday. It would have been nice if it was with us but that just wasn’t in the cards for whatever moronic reason that Ned and Joe came up with. I am a huge Andy LaRoche fan so much so that I am happy for him to finally be getting a chance. He was never going to here so why let him waste away in the minors. Manny is Manny but at the end of the day he’s one of the best hitters in this generation. I’ll talk him for 2 months.


    Wow, this deal sure got a lot of new folks to contribute to this blog. Welcome and stick around; it is good to get some different opinions.

  112. trublu4ever

    dnelly, thanks. People don’t know I used to be more of a fantic than you! I used to sit in my room and keep score of every game, new everything about every player and drove my mom & dad crazy. They even had to take me to Ebbetts Field to see tham play, when I was about 12 years old. Don’t remember much of what I saw, but it stayed with me for all these years.


    jhall, i will reserve my final judgement until i see what torre does. if he works out a system with andre and matty losing no additional playing time, i will probably be a little more inclined to post with ya’ll about our great kids.. but i refuse to acknowledge manny’s existence on my team. if the boys lose playing time to manny and pierre, i will be LIVID. you just don’t know know how much i’ve hated manny since i was a little kid.. i’m heartbroken and conflicted right now..

  114. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Hey Brandon ~ How is Vegas handling this news?
    fliegel – sounds like a wonderful solution for all players involved.

  115. aeversw

    It’s not like we traded Matt Kemp and Chad Billingsley for him. LaRoche wasn’t going to produce for the team this season in Vegas. We get better this season and we don’t get much worse for next season. We still kept the core of young players that have been our best players in LA and we added a big bat. What more can you ask for? Although Torre still has a chance of screwing this up by benching Kemp and Ethier in favor of lesser players.

  116. think16blu

    sara- i think we will all be pretty mad if joe gives kemp and ethier less playing time! it sucks to hear all you’ve said but hey the young guys (like russell, matt, Andre, James) are still playing for our team!!

  117. kpookiemon

    Good to see the blog back up…holy technological cow.

    Now…for THE TRADE. How can anyone in their right mind NOT like this trade, even if it’s a two-month rental? DeWitt made LaRoche expendable and Morris is coming off Tommy John surgery. Dodgers managed to keep all their blue chippers and who’s to say what the future will bring for Manny and LA? The next obvious move is to put Jones and Pierre on waivers, have all of L.A. cross their collective fingers, and if some team claims either of them, praise the heavens!!! And as many of you have already said, Manny, Matt and Andre is the ONLY outfield, with Andruw for late-inning defense and Juan as the “gutty little” lefty off the bench. If Joe dares to sit Ethier or Kemp for either of Ned’s two albatrosses then Joe doesn’t know how to manage.


    it’s kinda funny because i know i’m not the only one on this board that’s been saying we are more than one player away from being an actual contender.. and now everyone seems to think we can win a world series.. how quickly minds change..

  119. aeversw

    Something that hasn’t even been mentioned yet is when we offer ManRam arbitration next season, which he will no doubt turn down, and he signs with another club we get 2 draft picks! Assuming Logan White isn’t the GM of another team who doesn’t want to give Logan White 2 extra high draft picks!?!?!

  120. dodger 32

    I believe I read somewhere that Torre said his outfield will be Manny, Kemp, and Ethier. If that’s true, and I really can’t see it any other way, then it should be an exciting couple of months.


    i’m guessing he won’t make it to LA in time to play in tonights game.. i will be enjoying my last manny free dodgers game.. at least until he’s gone..

  122. vl4ecc

    Howdy all. WOW!! I’m still having a hard time imagining Ramirez in a Dodger uniform. I have the utmost respect for him as a helluva bat/offensive threat in the lineup. I do have a problem with his ego, defensive mental lapses, and selfishness like I did with Bonds, and another egotistical ex Dodger-Gary Sheffield. Two of the most egotistal non team players that come to mind. I’m hoping for the best on one hand, and expecting the worst on the other. I hope that Joe, Larry, and the rest of the staff can keep his ego, and attitude in check. The last thing this club needs is another egomaniacal A-hole to be a clubhouse cancer to screw up the chemistry of the team as a hole. The last thing this club needs down the stretch is a ‘Manny being Manny distraction.’
    I’m in agreement with most on using JP, and AJ in reserve roles, and starting Manny, Kemp, and Ethier in the OF for now…….I’m not from Missouri, but Manny’s got to show me something before I become a true believer.

  123. lagirl27

    I love how I just got an email “Come see Manny play at Dodger Stadium” “Buy Tickets Now”
    Haha. gotta love them cashing in on this trade!


    I agree, sitting Ethier for Phew is ignorant, I’m just trying to look at it from a realists perspective…no way Ned/Joe sits 27 million in vets salary for the rest of the year…but believe me, i would love nothing more than to have a Manny/Kemp/Ethier outfield from here on out….

  125. trublu4ever

    jj, I wasn’t a Manny fan, don’t like his unkemp look but I always said he swings a mean bat. And that just may be what we need.


    So did I Amy but since they didn’t throw in an airline ticket I guess I’ll just to watch on as usual.


    i cant wait to manny gets hear and helps us win…we always needed a big bat and we got one…with clutch hitting from manny and blake, maybe we can finally score some runs for our hard luck pitchers like lowe and kershaw. also i think its horrible for someone to abandon their team because of a certain player being added. thats exactly like not liking them during the hard times. those kind of people are not dodger fans…and thus need to pledge their alliance to another team because the dodgers dont need you and the real fans dont want you

  128. lagirl27

    Ok. We’ve got Lowe on the Mound tonight, We can gain ground on the snakes, and improve on our winning record. Let’s play some dodger baseball!
    any word on the lineup yet??

  129. aeversw

    Haha what do you expect Amy? I am not sure if you saw the WBC press conference but McCourt had the biggest grin on his face and he was obviously distracted. All he could think of was MONEY MONEY MONEY MONEY MONEY!

  130. vl4ecc

    Trublu I agree he swings a mean bat, and is an offensive force to be reckoned with. It’s just he brings alot of baggage to go along with it. I figured Laroche wouldn’t be around long after the pickup of Blake. I wish him the best, and I’m sure playing with his brother will be fun for him.


    Woo Hoo Manny!!!! Prospects are why you get guys like Manny. Whatever. Were replacing jp feeble bat with Manny. how Exciting

  132. trublu4ever

    jj You are right about the excess baggage, but some think with Torre and Bowa he may be acceptable. I think the kids will like his antics and maybe the old folks like me, will get used to him, especially if he leads us to the playoffs

  133. aeversw

    The only thing that would make this day better is when Fatty goes on the 60 day DL to make room for ManRam.

  134. tradejuanpypaperbag

    trublue44 – I remember alot of stories about your days as a Brooklyn Dodgers fan, and yes, you are the original fanatic!!!

  135. jhallwally

    Agreed Saul, I realistically don’t see them eating/sitting 27M in salary. Therein lies the problem. Do you put your best team on the field or yield to the big, misplaced/midguided contracts. Will be interesting to see how it plays out.

  136. trublu4ever

    dnelly, where were you? Are you packed yet? I’ve got everything in my closet ready to go. I’m so excited, I can’t sleep!

  137. think16blu

    amy- i got an email too haha

    other than the whole Ramirez trade did anyone watch the press conference today!? for those who didn’t.. dodger stadium is hosting the 2009 WBC!!


    Interesting excerpts from comments by Fred Claire, former Dodgers GM:

    “The key part in all of this is that while the Red Sox and Pirates followed their game plans (Boston getting rid of Ramirez and the Pittsburgh picking up young players), the Dodgers took somewhat of a leap of faith with Ramirez…. The Dodgers now have five outfielders looking to play every day — the young and talented duo of Matt Kemp and Andre Ethier; the always-pesky Juan Pierre; a highly paid and struggling Andruw Jones; and now Ramirez. It’s quite a puzzle for Torre. “You wish you had the DH,’ said the veteran manager. ‘We didn’t plan in advance how to move things around.’ ”

    The problem with the Dodgers all season long has been that they don’t have a game plan. Again, it is evident. Only a World Series Championship will make this a good move, and frankly, that seems very unlikely. But, it could happen. Time will tell.


    phrozendouja, how dare you call me not a real fan.. i’m more fan that you’ll ever understand.

  140. tradejuanpypaperbag

    truBlue44 ~ I think this Manny news has made my computer go nuts. I keep getting kicked off explorer. Also, I posted to another blog and sent an e-mail to someone – lol!! And no, I am not packed yet. I don’t want my Ethier jersey to get wrinkled, you know – LOL!!!! πŸ™‚

  141. leekfink

    max–great posts.
    Sara–please don’t leave. I am not sure why the hatred for Manny, but I don’t question it. I don’t know how I would feel if Joe Morgan or Reggie Jackson had become Dodgers, but that — Jack Clark became a hitting coach for us, and I still followed. We’ll miss you too much if you leave.
    I am stunned about the trade. I really thought we were done, I did not think that the Sox would really finally deal Manny, and while the e-mail about it is overwrought and breathlessly calls it the biggest mid-season acquisition in LA history, it’s probably right. And Ned’s made moves (good and bad), but never a real mid-season impact, and this is.
    My assessment–I like the trade, but I dislike the philosophy that underlies the trade.
    First, why it’s good. I like Andy LaRoche. I am sincerely going to miss him. But, even while he’s been sent down, Blake DeWitt has at least equaled him on the depth chart. I don’t think LaRoche has gotten the chance he should have, and I still strongly suspect that he is going to blossom into the type of player we think he can. But I never said he was untouchable, and I can’t argue that Ned did not get value for him.
    I know nothing about Bryan Morris except he started the season in the rookie leagues, and has been there since he was drafted 2 years ago. n other words, he was part of the same draft class as Clayton Kershaw, is a year older in Kershaw, and Kershaw is now our 5th starter (with a bullet), he’s still in the Rookie leagues. He may pan out, but he’s clearly not progressing.
    Manny, of course, is Manny. He will not hit as well in the NL, or at Dodger Stadium, as he did in the AL in Boston. That would be true if he were 29. At 36, he’s not as good as he used to be, but he will be playing with more vengance, and that helps. But even with lower numbers and a little age, he’s one of the better hitters in the league. Whereas Casey Blake came in and was fine, but most of our hitters were still better, Manny comes in and legitimately is the best hitter on the team (Martin, Loney, Kemp, Ethier, in no particular order, are not far behind and will pass him soon enough).
    As I said, the key test here is Torre. Jungar (I think–I may be confusing this point with what Jon Weisman says, but that I think of your statements similarly should be a compliment) pointed out that Ned was responsible for giving Torre the players to use. Well, Ned has given Torre the players to use. The question is will Torre use the right players (Manny, Kemp, and Ethier) or the wrong players (Manny, Andruw, Pierre)? It’s all on Joe.
    I don’t like the philosophy of the trade, however. First, there is Frank’s Boston love. I have defended Frank here before, and I honestly think that hte McCourt’s are making LA their home and are trying. But (one of) Frank’s weaknesses is th Red Sox. We played them at the Coliseum, when it should have been the Giants, then we signed Nomar, Lowe, Mueller, Grady, and now Manny. I think he needs to get over that–the good news is that he owns a better, more storied franchise (Dodger Dogs are so superior to Fenway Franks it’s not even funny).
    Moreover, however, is that it shows a continued addiction to veterans. I like veterans just fine, but they are not panacea. Jon Weisman had a great article on DodgerThoughts recently where he compared Ned and Joe’s addiction to veterans to his preference for talent. And having the best talent on the field should be the greater consideration than veterans. But the philosophy that I prefer is actually building the organization. Every great player–every player at all was drafted by some team (or an international freee agent signing, but basically the same)–there is no reason to think that we have not drafted the great players. So I say build them, let fans become familiar with them, let them grow, and plug them in. Trades and free agency will fill holes–like, I don’t know, a shortstop?–but build the Team around the kids.
    Trading LaRoche for Manny–espescially when he’s ust a rental–loses some of that foundation. Now, perhaps LaRoche was expendable (Blake may be around, DeWitt may flourish, etc.), and that’s why the deal is, in isolation, good. But we’re not really plugging a hole–we’re adding to a traffic jam in the outfield. A philosophy that is about building the organization from within would look at our situation, see we need a shortstop, and acquire one without losing the future. Unfortunately, I can’t explain a coherent philosophy around seeing we need a shortstop and acquiring a third baseman and a left fielder.
    So, in the end, the deal by Ned works (as long as Torre uses the tools correctly). He might have done it because a Manny for that price is worth varying from the plan a little. Or, it might be the stopped clock theory. But while I like the deal and what it means for us this year, my concern for the team’s future remains. Fortunately, with the non-waiver deadline passing, and having taken on as much salary as I think we can bear, the immediate future–through November–is good . . . as long as Torre does the right thing.
    Here’s a random baseless prediction about the roster move:
    The Dodgers will announce that Jones’ surgically repaired knee is still aggravated and place him on the 15-day DL.
    (Otherwise, there is like no choice but to DFA Sweeney.)

  142. enchantedbeaver

    It’ll take anywhere from 2 months to 3 years to get a proper perspective if “The Trade” for a two month rental is a success. I think the bar has to be set fairly high:
    1. Pennant. This team could possibly make it to the playoffs without Manny. With Manny it has to not only make it to the playoffs, it has to advance. Anything less and I’d consider giving up two prospects for a rental unacceptible.
    That’s the short tem yardstick. Long term, its:
    2. Does LaRoche turn into the player many of us think he can? That’ll take 2-3 years to discover.
    There are a lot of other mitigating factors between the two for sure. I’m just not ready to annoint the Dodgers with the West title yet. We’ve all seen how JoJo goes about his business, and just having Manny doesn’t guarantee a championship. I’d love to see it happen, but let’s see how it plays out.


    it’s not the same as abandoning a team during hard times.. i’ve been through all the hard times.. and i think it’s worse to hate a player and then support them just because they’re on your team.. there’s a difference in not being a dodgers fan, and not being a manny fan.

  144. think16blu

    dnelly- thats so funny about your Andre jersey!!!! i thought i was the only one who does stuff like that! haha!!! j/k

  145. tradejuanpypaperbag

    sara – you are one of the best fans!!!! Like I have said many, many, many times, just because someone doesn’t like a player doesn’t mean they are not a fan. I sure as hell wasn’t a Milton Bradley fan, and I am not a JP fan (no news there), but that doesn’t mean I’m not a Dodger fan. Just because we like the name on the front of the jersey doesn’t mean we have to like the name on the back.

  146. trublu4ever

    dnelly, my computer was doing the same thing. It was really bad this morning. I don’t know if I’m glad you got me to figure this blog out, I can’t seem to stop reading all the things people say about my Dodgers. I think I’m addicted!


    sara and im more of a fan than anyone can understand..maybe im just hurt because i cant stand when people leave teams because of players…i understand what ur saying and from what it seems maybe other people know who u are here but i dont and if i can off as an *** i apologize deeply but maybe u could support the team and not the player.i cant stand jones but if we win…it doesnt matter what he did or didnt do…ya know? again i apologize for my harsh words

  148. kpookiemon

    The trade’s value should NOT be judged by how Mr. Torre handles five outfielders. Anyone with half a brain (maybe even a quarter brain) would play the BEST three. Gee……….who might those three be? And while you’re at it Joe, remember, Kemp and Ethier, 1-2 in the line-up, sure worked well before. I therefore humbly offer this batting order to Joe (he can thank me later):
    Shortstop (whoever the heck that is these days)

  149. dodgereric

    Aw, c’mon people. This isn’t life and death, it’s a game, a pasttime, the toy department. It’s supposed to take us away from the pressures and dreariness of everyday life.

    I don’t own this site, even though I’ve been virtually living on it for the past 6 months. Most of us observed for a long time before posting. Something exciting happens and you post and get wrung up for being a fair-weather fan. Not cool. I’ve scrolled up to the top and I’ve seen 3 – 4 names I’m not familiar with, but we’ve had a lot of new people posting here lately. I for one welcome them all. None of this is a reason to get snotty at another poster.

    I don’t own the team, even though I’ve been following them for the past 50 years. I didn’t like Kent when they got him. I didn’t like Milton Bradley. Kevin Brown. Gary Sheffield. Mike Marshall (the outfielder). Darrel Strawberry. Rick Monday (’cause it cost Buckner). Juan freakin’ Marichal. They’re all gone. I’m still here. Life goes on.

    The way I was reading the progress of this ManRam thing, the Red Sox weren’t offered Kemp. Every damned team that talks to us wants Kemp. He’s still here. Ethier’s name then entered the conversation. Whether we offered him up or not, no one here knows because we weren’t there. He’s still here too. I would think that the Sox came down from asking for Kemp to Ethier and we still said no. We then said yes to LaRoche. It makes sense to me that way. We can (and do) pick apart the way we’ve done things so far, but almost all the kids are still here. Meloan and LaRoche and 2 Class A kids are gone and Blake and Manny are here. It’s up to us to pay to keep them if they prove worth it. You would think that we’re due for a little luck with these vets.

    In case you haven’t noticed, the Dodger Way left town when Campanis got fired and Omalley sold to Fox. Ever since free agency entered the scene, it’s been a combination of home-grown and outside talent that has won the Series. The Red Sox didn’t draft Ramirez, Ortiz or Johnny Damon but they didn’t win rings until they got them. The Cards got Rolen, Eckstein and Edmonds. The ChiSox got Konerko, Dye, Pierznyski. The Marlins, the Yankees for God’s sake. And on and on. I think the Angels were pretty home grown for the most part but they were an exception. They aren’t anymore though.

    I would never have grabbed Manny if it was going to cost Kemp or Ethier or Loney or Brox or Kershaw or the Captain or Bills. I’m probably leaving someone out. But we got him for a minimum price. Why? Because he comes with baggage. Some of his baggage is minor, some not. I’m hoping that the change of scenary and his immediate free agency will inspire him to kick the crap out of the ball for us and take us farther than we were heading for 2 days ago when most of us were relegating us to 3rd or 4th place.

    Nice job Ned and Frank, I like this. But then, I liked Jones’ signing so what do I know? Torre, you better put the best outfielders on the field every day, and that means Manny and Matt and Andre.

    Sorry for the long post. I gotta get home. But I needed to vent a little.

    Welcome newcomers. Welcome Manny. Go Dodgers!


    phrozendouja, i am not “leaving” my team.. taking a step back is not leaving.. it’s just being unable to cope well with the situation as is..

  151. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Leefink – round of applause, round of applause, round of applause!!!! Always love reading your stuff πŸ™‚

  152. oldbrooklynfan

    What Next?
    Why does Colletti keep picking up outfielders?
    Before you know it we’ll have way more than anyone else.
    If this doesn’t suprise anyone, where have you been.
    And the ones making the most money keep playing the most.
    and Torre loves the experenced.


    c’mon the real questions are – will Joe allow Manny to wear the dreads? Will Bowa and Joe sit him down and talk to him about hustling to first – and beyond? will Joe actually relent and move Kent out of the cleanup spot? will they finally DL Nomar and /or release Sweeny?


    oh yeah, and wouldn’t you really love to know what was the deal breaker for the Marlins and the deal maker for the Dodgers?


    alrite sara…what entails taking a step back? not attending games anymore? i for one wish i could attend tomorrow nights game because of manny and kershaw


    That little 5.4 was a preshock to the Big Quake today!!!
    Got into my truck and was headed home trying to get the lowdown on traffic from KFWB and before the traffic they announced Manny is a D without telling what we gave up!!!!!
    I was screaming and cussing Ned for a couple minutes (thinking Kemp or Ethier then calmed a bit and thought Lowe and JP and/or other more reasonable solutions)till I
    foundout the details…… I like it. BoSox wanted Bay Bucs wanted highly ranked prospects and got 4 for Bay and we get Free Manny for the stretch run with our playoff chances much greater now. Sweeny has to be optioned now and Maybe Jones will like the sound of a minor leauge assn for a bit to get his stroke back over riding pine… who knows?
    Go Blue!!!!!

  157. kpookiemon

    By the way, what the heck happened to the Maddux trade??????? I thought we were getting a new piching coach…

  158. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Ward ~ Your post is a masterpiece dear!!! Very well said, and I’m sure your Wally and Beav will be proud.

  159. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Good evening PierreEW!!! How are you doing today? I am glad to see you on again tonight πŸ™‚

  160. jhallwally

    Yep, I’m kind of disappointed we didn’t get Maddux. I think he would have been a good 5th starter and priceless as a mentor for Kersh and the rest of the pitching staff.


    phrozendouja, i’m not really sure.. i think i just need time to digest everything.. probably going to less games.. i go to a lot.. i’ve got tickets for sunday.. but probably just focusing less energy on the highs and lows of this team.. i think i just eat, sleep, and breathe too much dodgers..

  162. oldbrooklynfan

    Just keep thinking the opposite and maybe the right things will happen.
    After this Manny thing I find it much harder to express my opinion.
    Another move by Colletti I never saw coming.
    I thought we needed a shortstop.
    Manny, Jones and Pierre will play since they have the most experience and the higher salaries.
    Kemp? Ethier? Who?

  163. trublu4ever

    I think Maddux would have been a great addition too. I just want to say that I think Dodgers fans are the most loyal fans in the world. For a team that struggles and hasn’t made it through the first round of the playoffs in 20 years, they still have great attendance, and many fans throughout the USA!


    Now that everyone has calmed down, just a little, I wonder when sanity will prevail and people start to notice that even though we got a big bat we still have holes at 2B, 3B and SS that have to be filled for next season. Blake re-signed at 3B at 36? Furcal healthy and re-signed at SS? and ???? at 2B. PLUS Manny gone to the highest bidder.
    I repeat – I like the addition of Manny’s bat but it didn’t address what we were really after – Did it? … or am I missing something?


    Well said Lee and Eric and everyone else. I advised my daughter a long time ago (she is 29 and was heartbroken when LoDuca was traded and then when Shawn Green was traded) not to get too emotionally involved with the player but that is was o.k. to root and support that player even when that player was no longer a Dodger (except, of course when that player faced the Dodgers). I think you have to root for the uniform even though you may not like a player personally. All the criticism sent JP’s way on this blog has nothing to do with him as a person and goodness knows if A. Jones had hit his weight this season there would not be so much negative stuff said about him. As for LaRoche, his days were numbered when the Dodgers got Casey Blake. I also hope LaRoche goes on to have a good career and maybe somewhere else he will get the chance to develope. As someone else said, we can’t keep them all and once in a while you have to give up something to get something you think is better.

  166. enchantedbeaver

    I think we have to look at the fact that they didn’t give up Ethier, Kemp or Loney means that they are in the long term plans of management, and that’s a good thing. Going to be some interesting moves needed to be made this winter though with 2B, 3B, SS, and SP holes to fill.


    sara-i agree with u, i am obsessed with the dodgers…whatever happens with them dictates my mood til the next outcome for the dodgers. i hope that maybe you can digest this fast and see that we got a better team now. we didnt sell out the future. laroche WAS given his chance and he didnt step it up. he will be only an average player. dewitt has shown that he can hit but he will be better with some seasoning in AAA. he will be an allstar next year. well be just fine. i hope u go to the game on sunday and have a great time.

  168. tradejuanpypaperbag

    That’s good to hear PierreEW ~ I’m sure this Manny news didn’t help the on and off day – LOL!!! I think it was a shock to all of us in some way or another.


    lbirken-great point…i was heartbroken when lo duca was traded. he was our team. but things happen for a reason. maybe he would still be with us and martin would be somewhere else? u never know but i agree rooting for the uniform to a certain extent.
    interesting thought, would any of you still root for the uniform if it was filled with Bonds?

  170. jhallwally

    Rod, I don’t think you’ve missed anything. I think this and the Blake move indicate that we are going for it now. Good part is, I don’t think they mortgaged the future for a fairly good shot this year. I think we can survive with our current shortstop options. I’ve said it before, we will go as far as the pitching takes us. That is the true key to winning a championship. We’ve got the best pitching staff in the league presently and if they continue to perform at this level and hopefully a bit better, we could do some damage. Time will tell.


    Rod, I don’t think you are missing anything. Ned is trying to win something now and I believe Frank McCourt is trying to establish himself as an owner . Let’s hope things work out for now and we can worry about next season later.


    tonight’s lineup:

    LF Pierre
    RF Kemp
    C Martin
    1B Loney
    3B Blake
    CF Jones
    SS Berroa
    2B Ozuna
    RH Lowe

    has joe seen ethier’s numbers against webb!!

  173. kpookiemon

    I’m not sure why some people feel the Dodgers will have a hole at 3rd base in 2009? I was OK with DeWitt staying THIS YEAR. DeWitt is a heady, hard-nosed player who’s going to shine for many years with the Dodgers. Logan White must think so, too, or LaRoche would never have been dealt. I could have done without Casey Blake…but he cost the Dodgers only a few prospects and it will buy a few months for DeWitt to catch his breath. That said, I hope if the Dodgers trade any more prospects in the future, that more than a rental will come in return. Remember, there will be more trades beyond today; not sure the Dodgers will be involved, though, unless it’s for Maddux.


    OMG .. Only 4 batters in the team .. Nothing from 6-7-8-9-&9. That lineup just brought me back to earth in a hurry … Now everyone what’s our best outfield alienment again???

  175. vl4ecc

    sara Is that the lineup for real?!! WTF?! If it is, it appears that Joe’s partimers/alzheimers may be flaring up. Anyone who keeps track fo this team knows Andre, and James do well against Webb.

  176. tradejuanpypaperbag

    enchanted – very good thinking!!! I kind of had the same thinking once I found out my son’s rumor was just in fun to pick on me. Now that I know Ethier, Kemp and Loney are safe for now makes it appear for now that they are in the plans for the future.
    lbirken – I admit there are certain players I don’t care for, and I admit that on here, but when I am at a game, they are the Dodgers and I treat them as such. And, yes, I do like many players around the mlb, and I follow them just as much as some of the Dodgers (Sizemore, Texiera, Mauer to name a few) so when and if Andre (in my case) gets traded I will watch him wherever he goes and still be a Dodger fan. Being a Dodger fan is first, a fan of a player 2nd. Heck, I still am a huge Mike Scoscia fan, even though he’s an Angel now.


    phrozendouja, i disagree with your statement that laroche was given an actual shot. he was not. but that’s not what this is about. it’s better for andy this way because it has become increasingly obvious that he will never have gotten an actual chance with this team..

    lbirken, i was devastated when they traded paul loduca.. it has become evident since then that it was a move that they needed to make.. but when it happened i was so heartbroken.

    jhall, exactly.. so how can we trust joe when he has 5 outfielders, not just 4

  178. enchantedbeaver

    I agree Rod. Is it any wonder why our staff has to throw a shutout to win? Why Jones and Ozuna tonight against Webb?

  179. kpookiemon

    On the heels of the Ramirez trade, Ethier must be feeling real appreciated right about now, looking at the starting line-up. Way to go, Joe??!?!?! Nice bit of psychology………………. jhall, dodgereric, dnelly, enchanted, WHERE’s THAT PIANO???????


    Sara we actually have 6 outfielders (DY is on the DL) and Tony Jackson reports that Kent has a sore leg and Ethier is sick.

  181. jhallwally

    Well said Sara, LaRoche did not get a legitimate shot for various and sundry reasons. Management and injuries. I am happy for Andy and hope he does well. Now he can get a real shot and play with his brother in Pittsburgh.


    Hello guys, i’m very happy by this trade… Manny can boost our offense… Now we are the favorite team on our division…

    Guys, look up for 2009… We miss 3B (don’t make a mistake Ned, don’t resign Blake), SS (if Raffy doesn’t stay healthly), 2B (Kent will retire), OF (Ij JP or AJ will trade)…

    So, there is my future options:
    * 2B: Orlando Hudson (31)
    * SS: Hu (farm system option) or Orlando Cabrera (34)
    * 3B: Hank Blalock (28) or Dallas McPherson (27, hits 38 HR on AAA) or DeWitt (farm system option)
    * OF: Adam Dunn (29)…

    So how do you think about my picks??


    yes rodmky, we do have 6 outfielders. i was just saying 5 in the short term because i believe management will leave DY on the DL as long as necessary because they don’t want to lose him but they also don’t know what to do with him..


    laroche was given a chance. before we got blake, he started for a week and didnt really do much. he started a couple of games in detroit and didnt do anything there. good hitters like martin, kemp, either, loney all started showing signs of progession within the first week of their big league careers. laroche didnt do anything to show that he was legit. he tore it up in AAA but maybe that was all he had. he got his shot and couldnt produce

  185. tradejuanpypaperbag

    I can’t believe I am saying this and I’m not happy about Andre not being in the lineup, but maybe it’s a good thing. Maybe, just maybe, Andre will play tomorrow when Manny comes to town, and he is letting Andruw and JP play tonight to only bench them tomorrow. It is a thought πŸ™‚


    “… is anybody’s guess at this point, including, apparently, Joe Torre’s. He said he has no idea what he is going to do with all these outfielders. He also said they don’t know what the roster move is going to be and that it doesn’t have to be made until Manny actually gets here tomorrow. I’m guessing they DFA Delwyn Young, but they also could KEEP Delwyn Young and DFA Mark Sweeney if they think DY is going to be a better pinch hitter. But they are already going to have a deeper stable of pinch hitters because somebody (Matt Kemp, Andre Ethier, Juan Pierre, Andruw Jones) is going to be out of the lineup every night.”

    from tony jackson..

    my goodness, PLEASE DFA sweeney, NOT delwyn..


    Hooray, Ethier goes back to the bench and my career as an Angel fan gets a jumpstart.

    Way to get that shortstop Ned.

    See you all at DOdger stadium friday, I’ll be the one booing.

  188. jhallwally

    Perhaps JoKo is throwing CowPhew a bone before Manny gets here tomorrow. Heck, give them a start against one of the best pitchers in baseball and save your more high powered ammo for the next 3 games. Just a thought. LOL!!!!

  189. kpookiemon

    As for tomorrow’s roster move, I kind of like the idea of Pierre and/or Jones having their injuries “act up.”


    rodmky, thanks for posting the footnotes about the lineup. i must have skipped over that and only noticed the lineup. if andre is actually sick, and kent’s leg is really hurting, then it at least explains a bit about the lineup.. it is ATROCIOUS.. so i will have to assume that andre would have played if he was not sick.


    phrozendouja, we will just have to disagree because i do not believe a spot start here and there constitutes a real chance..


    – Logan White spoke with Andy LaRoche and Bryan Morris, and he said LaRoche was excited to go to Pittsburgh. Asked if White was sad to see LaRoche go, he said, “Not at all.”

  193. kpookiemon

    McCourt would never DFA those two cash-cows, Pierre and Jones. But I’ll bet if any of us had access to the waiver wire we’d see two very familair names on it!


    more bad news:

    – Scott Proctor threw 25 pitches in a simulated game and is nearing a rehabilitation assignment.


    according to the PE blog and Tony Jackson Andre is actually sick and that’s why he’s not playing.

  196. edog07

    A free Manny might help ease the pain of a DFA to the lesser two OF. Sucks to be Jones, since Blake can play the OF it makes Jones the 6th best OF on the team.


    there’s no reason to keep sweeney on this team. the only thing he does is pinch-hit, and i say hit in the lightest of terms.. and with all the excess outfielders ready to come off the bench, there is no reason for sweeney to be on the roster.. and as much as i dislike pierre or jones too, their offensive numbers are at least above the sweeney line~

  198. jhallwally

    It is funny. I am listening to ESPN radio and there various comments on the trades. When they speak of the Manny deal they always say that it gives JoKo the option of not having to play Cow and Phew. One of them even said that Joe can now send one or both to AAA and not take the automatic outs. I was laughing my freaking brains loose.

  199. tradejuanpypaperbag

    jhall ~ at least ESPN knows who should be in the outfield – that’s too funny!!!
    sara – thanks for the clarification on Andre. I hope he’s feeling better very soon so he will play this weekend.

  200. kpookiemon

    Too bad the Dodgers couldn’t unload Pierre to Boston. With the Green Monster shortening left field, Pierre probably could have hit the cutoff man on the fly over there…

  201. ajay m

    Lineup for today-
    LF Pierre
    RF Kemp
    C Martin
    1B Loney
    3B Blake
    CF Jones
    SS Berroa
    2B Ozuna
    RH Lowe

    Ethier is sick
    Kent is resting his leg

  202. jhallwally

    That is a good point Kahli. He would have a bigger left field wall to come out early and throw balls against to see how they bounce. LOL!!!!

  203. enchantedbeaver

    H-H-H-ey Wally. I’m not feelin’ so good with this Torre-itis. First its real hard to swallow, then it settles in to be a giant pain in the ***.

  204. tradejuanpypaperbag

    bluecrewgirl is at the game tonight hoping to see Ethier play – that will be too bad for her. Hopefully she finds out why he is not in the lineup, or else she’s going to have a rough night.

  205. jhallwally

    LOL Beav!! Let’s hope we don’t have a prolonged outbreak of Herpierres. The lineup gets the warts and Ethier or Kemp don’t score.

  206. think16blu

    all i gatta say is

    A-N-D-R-U-W S-U-C-K-S

    Andruw sucks

    Andruw sucks

    A-N-D-R-U-W S-U-C-K-S!!!

    i think someone needs to sing that to joe so we can make some progress!!


    Well said enchanted .. Leave it to Beaver was one of the first shows on Australian TV and I grew up watching it.

  208. ajay m

    On AM 790 there was just a interview with Ned and he said Manny will be here tomorrow and he Knows that we have 5 outfielders

  209. kpookiemon

    In reading some reaction from Boston, the initial feeling is one of relief. But I’d be willing to bet come morning, there’s going to be a lot of depressed Sox fans once the reality of the Big Poppy/Man Ram era ending hits them full force between the eyes. Kind of like when I tried to rationalize the Piazza trade, being the die-hard idiot I am.

  210. aeversw

    What a crappy lineup. Nice way to start off the most important series of the season. Our scrubs are playing and the reigning cy young award winner is on the hill. LOSS

  211. lagirl27

    Let’s go Team! we can do this tonight. let’s beat webb and the snakes!!
    YEA MATT!!! that’s my boy!
    I hope andre feels better. Vinny said it was his tummy. Jeff, get better too and DY, Raffy, BP, Nomar and oh yea, that guy named Schmidt. lol.
    Go Dodgers!!



    The Dodgers acquired Manny Ramirez and AccuScore expects him to make a significant positive impact on the team. AccuScore simulated the Dodgers against key National League competition including Diamondbacks, Mets, Cubs, Phillies and Brewers.

    The Dodgers and Diamondbacks have little to no chance of making the playoffs as a wildcard so winning the NL West is essential. AccuScore favors the Diamondbacks in this race heading into the weekend series between the teams. Before the trade the Diamondbacks had a 38 point edge in the battle (Arizona win division 69 percent, Dodgers, 30 percent), but after the trade the gap is Arizona 60 percent, Dodgers 39%.;_ylt=AsubYt6xtFzunou.hCTRZP0RvLYF?slug=ys-tradeeval073108&prov=yhoo&type=lgns

    Even with Manny in LA, Arizona is still the favorite by quite a bit.

  213. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Amy ~ Wouldn’t it be funny if it was a restaurant Andre tried that made him sick – LOL!!!!! That thought had crossed my mind when I first heard he was sick, and then your post made it sound more realistic – LOL!!!

  214. dodgereric

    May I ask, shad, if a player were to come up from the minors and went 0 for 50, would you say that he had a fair chance and get rid of him?

  215. tradejuanpypaperbag

    I would think so dear!!! Who would have thought such a thing, but I really enjoyed reading your comments earlier. You always know how to put things in perspective, and for that you are greatly appreciated πŸ™‚


    I am so happy. As many of you who have been here for a few years know, I believe you build from within and you add the right pieces to the mix. Our core (Ethier, Martin, Kemp, Loney, Kersh, Bills, Brox) are together for next year. We have a legit shot at winning now with the best NL ERA staff. Unlike every other player the Dodgers have aquired, his OPS is over .800 in fact it’s over .900 NOW. And .999 for career. That’s HOF.

    The biggest gripe I have had for 4-5 years running about the Dodgers (and thier have been lots of gripes thanks Ned/Frank) is that we do not have a .300/.400/.500 type guy and now, freaking finally we do. It’s not just what he will do but the fear of what he will do that will make others better.

  217. dodgereric

    I’m glad you’re happy jungar! You made it a whole paragraph without a * in it! πŸ™‚

    I said it earlier and I know very well that it’s just not gonna happen, but as this game goes along, wouldn’t it be exciting to need a PH in the ninth to win the game and have Manny step out of the dugout instead of Sweeney?

  218. tradejuanpypaperbag

    jungar – It’s great to see that you are happy!!! I must admit, all of the core players are still intact, and that is a very, very good sign of great things to come.

  219. leekfink

    I just tuned and thought that this was not an auspiscious start to the Mann era seeing Ethier onthe bench, but hearing that he’s sick makes me feel better (ironically).
    I just heard Frank talking with Vinny and was really concerned about what he said. He said that we were able to get Manny essentially for free because the Sox are picking up his salary. He indicate that instead of “having to spend money” we were able to use players.
    Frank, this is completely backwards thinking. If this were the Seattle Mariners or the Kansas City Royals, I would understand the logic. But this is the Los Angeles Dodgers. Talent is hard to come by. Money flows easily–3.8 million attendance, souvenirs, Dodger Dogs, etc. The Dodgers can make money. Or, they could save money in not spending $44 million on superfluous 5th outfileder or $47 million on a pitcher who will over two years will throw about 3 games. But talent is a rare, rare thing. If you have a choice between keeping money and keeping talent, you ALWAYS keep talent.


    Oh believe me I wish McCourt would sell 2morrow. But all things considered..Yeah Lee I heard that and yeah, backasswords. But I gotta think this was a Torre move. Ned says there’s a shot, Torre says get him, i’ll figure it out. Ned says cool i’ll trade Ethier and Torre says not so fast. Trade Pierre and Jones instead, it’s time to win. I hope I am right.

  221. dodgereric

    This is funny:

    “McCourt said that the Dodgers had acquired Ramirez at the end of a news conference announcing that the semifinals and final of the 2009 World Baseball Classic would be held at Dodger Stadium, stunning some of the players who attended the event.

    “I didn’t know what he was talking about,” Chan Ho Park said. “I thought he was talking about Manny Mota.”

    Closer Takashi Saito wondered aloud if he had been traded.”

  222. vbd2004

    kent hurt nomar hurt ! someone has to be cut with Manny coming .do the dodgers have any pitchers that can play the infield
    5 out fielders and 2 old and hurt infielders that need time off .What a trade??? maybe they will send pitcher down as they can’t cut a Sweeny as he is the second best pinch hitter ,but can he play second. something just not right here


    lbirken is not on but that inning had a great deal of Stanley Hollaway from My Fair Lady about it.


    i’m trying to enjoy my last manny-free game..

    oh dnelly, vinny said that andre is feeling better and that he’s probably available to pinch hit

  225. dodgereric

    Well, while I am glad that you’re here sara, I was starting to feel like Dobie Gillis.

    And now I’m going to find out if you are as old as I am. πŸ™‚

  226. tradejuanpypaperbag

    sara ~ I was joking with Amy thinking he got sick from one of the restaurants that he tried- LOL!!!
    As long as he’s okay by Saturday so I can meet him, it will be great!!!


    Lowe can lose it so fast. When he starts going, get him out of there.

    There oes the game. Bullsh**


    you’re going to have to explain that one eric.. i have no clue who that is..

  229. dodgereric

    Someone was wondering about Maddux up top. I saw something as the clock was winding down, and I’ve been looking for it tonight without success. It said something about the teams being too far apart as to the amount of compensation to the Pads, and that the Dodgers were thinking that they could get him later for the price they wanted.

    Plus, they were probably a little busy……..

  230. leekfink

    Jungar–I hoe you’re right about how the deal went down.
    I think McCourt needs to keep in mind the value of the talent. I think the Dodgers still have something of a cash crunch from he purchase (and it has been exacerbated by signings that have gone down the drain), but money can be earned back. Talent, once traded away, is gone forever (see, e.g. Konerko, Paul; Piazza, Mike; Martinez, Pedro, etc.).
    But, Jungar you are right that this really gives us that kind of big bat in the order which we have not had in a long time (we’ll have it with Kemp by next year, I think). It’s a real shot.
    I have always thought that this team could win the World Series this year. If we can win the division, our young players are really turning into the starts that the will be, so if they can put it all together in October . . . . Add Manny, and the only obstacle now is Torre playing the right guys.


    Why are we resting our best hitters in our biggest game of the year vs. one of the NL best pitchers???

  232. dodgereric

    So did I nelly!

    Sara, way back when TV screens were round and characters like Ward and June and Wally and The Beaver were still working actors, there was a show called “The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis”. Dobie was a teenager who played by Dwayne Hickman. Among the cast of characters was a smart but somewhat homely girl named Zelda. She had a crush on Dobie. She liked to squint at him, which made him involuntarily squint back, kind of like Samantha on Bewitched (and don’t you dare ask me who THAT is). This always irritated Dobie, and he would yell, “NOW CUT THAT OUT!”

    We seemed to be squinting at each other back there, and my old geezer memories kicked in.

  233. tradejuanpypaperbag

    trublue44 – should be a great weekend of pitching for sure. I haven’t seen Kershaw pitch yet, against Randy Johnson no-less

  234. aeversw

    Jones K’d on three pitches all of them slower then 75 MPH. A high school player would have done better! Hopefully tonight is that bums last game!

  235. dodgereric

    BYW sara, the “Maynard” that jhall mentioned was a beatnik character played by Bob Denver. Warren Beatty was also a regular.

  236. aeversw

    I got really excited when I saw Ethier up there…Then Vinny said Mark Sweeney and I cried a little inside.


    Hopefully Pierre will become a full time pinch runner and Jones a full time late inning defensive replacement.


    thanks for the synopsis.. i was irritating you?

    i’m 25 so i’ve never heard of dobie gillis.. but i can tell you that i know what bewitched is..


    so if they don’t DFA sweeney.. where does the roster spot come from? i do NOT want to lose delwyn..

  240. aeversw

    Seriously what a stupid decision! We had runners on second at third with Russell coming up to bat and you send him on a some what shallow fly ball! Thanks for running us out of the inning!


    that was a bad decision to send dre on such a shallow ball with russell coming up..

  242. tradejuanpypaperbag

    max – knowing Ethier is probably still not feeling the greatest, I wouldn’t have sent him. Let Loney come up and give it a try.


    eric, even if we put someone on the DL it would have to be the 60 day DL to clear space on the 40 man.. and i don’t know if they’d cut ozuna with kent and nomar so fragile right now..


    Now that was a trade! I didn’t think I’d be saying this after the trade deadline passed, but congratulations Ned. You deserve it. You moved LaRoche and a promising young pitcher who has already undergone Tommy John surgery for one of the greatest hitters of his generation. Oh, and you got the Theo to pick up the tab. Pretty damn good. Ok, on with the game.

  245. dodgereric

    I’m not saying I’d do it, sara. But looking at the roster, and assuming we stick with 12 pitchers and 2 catchers, and assuming that we don’t cut an outfielder, that leaves one of the 7 infielders. Blake? No. Nomar? No. Loney, Kent? No and no. That leaves Sweeney, Ozuna and Berroa. I’d DFA Sweeney, but I just don’t think Joe will do it now that he’s 2 for his last 2.

    He could cut a pitcher, but I doubt it.

    Now would be the time for Manny to pull a Gibson.


    i get what you’re saying eric.. it will be interesting to see what the move is..

    sad, we’ll never know what might have happened in the 8th inning if they let russell go up against a tiring b.webb..


    because he already used ethier so they didn’t have any outfielders left if they tied the game


    Ned needs to use the aftermath of the Manny trade to DFA Jones. At least when he’s broached on the subject of how big a failure Jones is, he can quickly change the subject to Blake and Ramirez


    this is what happens when you don’t DL nomar and you’re working with a VERY short bench..


    eric, i guess if they really wanted.. they could have moved blake to LF, juan to center, russ to 3rd, and brought in danny to catch.. but then you’re really screwed if you go more than an inning of extras.. plus i think to some degree.. joe still wants to try and give andruw a chance to do something special..

  251. dodgereric

    They moved Russ and Danny anyway, but I know what you mean. When I saw Andruw up and Kent on deck, I thought about the odds of him and Sweeney getting hits in the same game in the same week and just panicked.


    they moved russ and danny? how did i miss that? when was that?

    i know eric.. lightning never strikes in the same place twice..


    oh you’re right.. i didn’t even notice they left andre in the game..

  254. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Ward, dear ~ Wally thinks Theodore is with Whitey again. Maybe we should send Wally to go find him.

  255. enchantedbeaver

    The only thing special about Andruw is that he should be riding in the short yellow bus.

    Jeez I’m glad I fell asleep again and didn’t have to watch that crap. What an inspired game they played. Sick or no, that was a pathetic line-up and effort. Nice way to fire up the troops there Joe.

    And Nomar’s completely selfish for insisting they not put him on the DL, effectively cutting the roster from 25 to 24. JoJo and Nerd still need to go.

    I’m also reserving judgement until I see which side of the PVL fence Manny falls on.

    Look out, the Beav’s being bitchy!!!

  256. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Nevermind Ward and Wally ~ Beav’s home!!! And he seems to be pretty sore right now. Maybe you should check on him, dear

  257. dodgereric

    I heard Vinny say that Manny will wear #28, but these guys on the postgame show said he was gonna wear #99.


    “Paul LoDuca was released by the Nats, as was Felipe Lopez”

    we should definitely try to get felipe lopez.. then we don’t need berroa or ozuna

  259. tradejuanpypaperbag

    There is just something about that Eddie boy, dear. He’s always getting into mischief with our boys.

  260. dodgereric

    Eddie: Not me! Your father doesn’t like me.
    Wally: Why would you say that?
    Eddie: On account of the way he looks at me when he opens the door. Sometimes I think he’d be happier to see Kruschev standing there.

  261. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Hey!! If we are going to go after another outfielder, let’s go after Sizemore – Now that’s an outfielder without the attitude. That is really the thing that concerns me about Manny to be honest – attitude!!

  262. dodgereric

    I like the way this is worded on Rotoworld:

    “Andre Ethier didn’t start Thursday because of flu-like symptoms.
    He did make an appearance off the bench and singled. With Ethier out, Andruw Jones started and went 0-for-4 in the one-run loss.”

  263. enchantedbeaver

    Now that its had a chance to lose its shock value, I just don’t get all the euphoria about getting Manny. We still don’t have a middle infield, nor a bonafide 4/5 starter. They needed a shortstop, so Nerd gets a 3rd third baseman and a sixth outfielder. I hope Manny adds something to this anemic offense, but I just don’t see it making that big of a difference – there’s still too many holes, and JoJo’s still running the show.

  264. leekfink

    And Zelda became a very prominent California State Legislator.
    (I’m not old, I just follow politics.)
    We won’t lose DY Sara–since he’s on the DL, DFA’ing him would not clear a roster spot for Manny. And we have space on the 40-man roster because Manny will take Andy LaRoche’s spot.
    We can’t lose Berroa or Ozuna beacuse as of right now, they are the starting second baseman and shortstop. Hopefully Kent is back tomorrow, but you can’t bank on that, and Nomar soon too, but the same applies. And even if those guys are back soon, they both need separeate back-ups. Nomar could go on the DL, but if he is serious about being back soon, that won’t happen. So that leaves Sweeney.
    Unless . . . didn’t Andruw look like he aggravated his knee on that last swing? Seriously, Jones rushed back because Pierre was hurt. Well, Pierre is back, and even still superfluous with Manny on the way. So Jones should just rest the knee, do some real re-hab, and try to figure out what happened to his swing.
    I think the best odds of a move are, in this order: 1) Nomar to the DL; 2) Andruw to the DL; and 3) DFA Sweeney. With only a month before the rosters expand, I think that the Dodgers don’t want to release anyone if it could be avoided. That being said, they could DFA Sweeney and he could agree to an outright minor league assignment. I don’t imagine anyone would be all that interested in adding him to their big league roster right now.

  265. tradejuanpypaperbag

    For those of you that don’t know that I’m joking about Sizemore, I know that’s not possible. We had a few on here tonight that thought we weren’t real Dodger fans ethier (either), so before I get called out, I just wanted to put a disclaimer on my statement – “I was just joking” πŸ™‚


    that’s right. 40 man spot cleared by andy. forgot. thanks leekfink. great insights as always..

  267. tradejuanpypaperbag

    leefink – I know I tell you this all the time, but I really like reading what you have to say. It’s always very insightful πŸ™‚

  268. leekfink

    Max–I’m torn about sending Ethier still. With Martin on deck, he’s your best clutch hitter, so it seems worh letting him try. But with Webb on the mound, it’s tough to get the chance.
    I tend to agree with you, but this is one decision where I’m not going to rip Bowa.
    Enchanted–We needed a shortstop, but couldn’t get one, so we got a 3rd baseman and a left fielder, because they are closest to the shortstop. As long as its in the general area, it’s OK.

  269. tradejuanpypaperbag

    eric ~ Let me know how it goes. I am hoping to be able to catch it when I am there with my mom this weekend. LOL!!


    omg.. dnelly.. you will MELT when you see andre as a kid.. adorable doesn’t begin to describe it.. and andre is definitely the better looking sibling.. haha

  271. dodgereric

    That’s OK, Lee, I’ll continue to rip him so that we can stay balanced around here. Jackson threw that ball from about 40′ from the infield. If the throw was on line, Andre was out by 10 feet. Now I don’t mind agression on the basepaths, but when I’m thrown out at the plate, I want it to be a good throw that gets me. That was not a good throw.

    But I love your LF/3B/SS analogy! LOL!

  272. enchantedbeaver

    Well, have fun with Andre nells! Now that I’m safe in the knowledge that 3B + LF are in close proximity to SS, I’m going back to bed.

  273. dodgereric

    You’re going to have to tell her, sara. My channel went to black right after I sent that tease to nelly.

  274. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Thanks sara, I guess. I hope I get to see it. πŸ™‚
    Goodnight Beav!!! We promise we will be quiet tonight πŸ™‚


    i hope you get to see it too dnelly.. let me know if you don’t get to see it.. i will try and obtain a copy for you if you can’t..

  276. tradejuanpypaperbag

    LOL!! eric ~ I think all of this Manny stuff has got me all weirded out today. It is just like a storm getting ready to hit, and I’m not sure what to do. I guess it’s just a matter of wait and see what happens, and I hope whatever happens has a good end result.


    – Have I mentioned how stoked I am about Manny. If we can just stay in this race now till Nomar or Furcal can heal. Not sure if possible. Or maybe one of the kids can come up and hit…I just can’t wait to watch a great hitter. He will carry us. Oh man just check this out…for his career. By month. Are you kidding me.

    .309 .406 .566 .972may
    .300 .406 .569 .976
    .308 .407 .621 1.029
    .326 .425 .600 1.024
    .316 .410 .597 1.006
    .310 .412 .862 1.274oct

    Runners on career . 328 .433 .614 1.046
    RISP career: .327 .450 .603 1.053

    His July 2008 OPS is over 1.000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  278. leekfink

    I’m going to actually make a rare defense of Bowa. I have not been pleased with Torre (or his staff), and Bowa has said some things about the young players that would only make sense if he was from Ork (if we’re going for TV references tonight–since people from Ork age backwards).
    But, I’ve considered it ever since it happened, and I can say he shouldn’t have been sent, but Bowa has to make a split decision. In fact, he knows the situation–one of the best pitchers in the league on the mound, one run deficit, if we can tie it, we can get to their bullpen and have a better chance to score some runs. Connor Jackson has been a first baseman most of the season, so what’s his arm really like? And Matt Kemp at the plate, so a fly ball is likely to travel. He should be telling Ethier what to do before Kemp even steps in the ox, and under those circumstances, he tells Andre that he’s tagging and going to go on any fly ball. He could have changed his mind on the play and put up the stop sign, but he’s got to decide to change the play really quickly.

  279. tradejuanpypaperbag

    jungar – I don’t think I have ever seen (read) you this happy!!! I am not really sure what to think, but the fact that many of you believe this is a good thing, I hold on to those thoughts. However, Enchanted still seems a little (maybe alot) skeptical, and I value his opinion very much too. I am just going to have to see what happens in the next week or so, and see how Torre handles the outfield. A lot of questions will be answered I am sure.

  280. dodgereric

    Lee, certainly anything that I could say would be considered second-guessing. But I was saying, “no” as the ball was coming down. I probably would have sent Pierre or Kemp, but no one else.

  281. tradejuanpypaperbag

    leefink – Ethier can do many things but stealing bases isn’t one of them. Also, considering if there was any truth to him not feeling well, then I would have to think Ethier wasn’t 100% at that given moment. (He really didn’t look that great when he was on 2nd). I watch Arizona a lot because Conner Jackson is one of the many dbacks on my fantasy team, and I don’t know if I would’ve sent anybody on that throw other than maybe Kemp or JP. That’s just my thinking, but I see your point in split decisions.

  282. aeversw

    Yeah Eric, I’m with you. When I saw Ethier taking off from 3rd I said so many expletives Vinny would have been screaming “Fertilizer Fertilizer Fertilizer!!” It was a horrible decision and it may have cost us the game. Who knows maybe Russ comes up and hits a base hit and drives in 2! Game over we win! Bowa just got caught being human and became a spectator a la Tim Flannery last night.


    Here is my take..

    well first here is TJ Simers-“The Dodgers get one of the best hitters in baseball in Manny Ramirez and the Red Sox will still pay his salary, so it really was a no-brainer, which explains why Ned Colletti was able to make the deal.” LOL

    Ok My brain works a bit different. I think the game was lost when you have to bunt. I know I will get a little slack on this but with 1/2 and no outs…. If PIerre wasn’t in and say it’s 2morrow would they make Ethier/Kemp/Manny Bunt? NO, JOnes???(they should but he’s pop into a DP)……and that’s also my rub on Pierre.

    With him I get that the prudent thing is to bunt with him cause you pretty much know 2nd and 3rd for sure with one out, base hit scores 2 and with Kemp and Martin, good odds…or a 70 percent chance of a grounder to 2nd or a non advancing fly ball. Even a third of his hits may cause outs by other runners since many don’t leave the infield, so reallyy fuzzy math i say 20% vs 80% You bunt. . That’s why I call him the big problem. Almost daily you know I can point something out about him. I get that it is piling on. My Mom, a dodger fan for 50 years loves him and says lay off..but beyond his number this is why we loose. I tell my mom in 2008 all 8 have to be able to drive the ball. Vin and other talk about how easy he is to k I wish they talked about how easy he is to get out and sure he had 2 hits tonight so to pick on him is wrong, but we need 1, 2 more hits always for him to be relevant.

  284. dodgereric

    I do like being agressive, making the other guys make plays. Maybe in the 5th I may have sent him, just to be agressive and plant the seed in the other guys minds.

    Ty Cobb would take stupid chances during games to try and keep everyone guessing as to what he might do next. He didn’t much care if he was thrown out by 20 feet if he thought he could get the other team on edge. But not late.

  285. tradejuanpypaperbag

    jungar – you certainly have no arguments from me when it comes to JP. In terms of leadoff, the only thing he can do is steal bases, and now Kemp has proven he can do that just as well if not better in some cases, and Kemp can do all other things in baseball, which we all know Pierre can’t do (homeruns, extra base hits, and throw the ball). Pierre should be a non issue right now. He is really, really not needed on this team right now (well he was never needed since the day we acquired him IMO). This is just what Kemp can do over Pierre without even talking about Ethier.

  286. dodgereric

    Well, long day. Interesting and historical, but long. Tomorrow will be interesting starting around 4, eh?

    Good night June! MaΓ±ana!

  287. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Good night dear!!! Talk to you in the morning. Great conversation today/tonight! Thanks again for the book ideas ~ having alot of fun reading right now πŸ™‚

  288. tradejuanpypaperbag

    General Manager Ned Colletti was more than happy to accept Ramirez and quickly leaped into negotiations once he realized he would not have to part with young outfielders Matt Kemp and Andre Ethier.

    “How could we not do it?” Colletti said.

    Although five Dodgers outfielders are now vying for playing time, Kemp and Ethier were considered vital to keep for the franchise’s long-term viability.


  289. kpookiemon

    Great game tonight. Came down to one play and the D-Backs executed it flawlessly. I feel the bunt was the proper play. With Webb’s sinkerball, you’re one swing from an inning-wrecking doubleplay by Pierre. Some have said if it was Kemp, maybe you don’t bunt. Probably…tough call, though. He did hit into a doiuble play previously. All in all it must have been a strange night for the players. They knew this was the final game of the non-Manny 2008 Dodgers…and facing a tough pitcher, to boot. The implicit message they all received was “let’s get serious about this little ol’ thing.” It will take a while for all the emotional debris to settle, especially for Dodger players–but Manny will stroke. Period. He’s playing for a contract and to thumb his nose at the Red Sox front office. I really wonder if Manny will want to stay in L.A. and if so, I wonder if Frank can afford him. Every time McCourt salivates thinking about it, a cold, bitter wind brushes his cheek and whispers, “Pierre and Jones…” Yes, the Dodgers’ massive pink elephants. For that aggravation alone, McCourt just might fire Ned. Or maybe Ned has two months to find Pierre and his bloated contract a new home–or somebody else will.

  290. northstateblues

    Got back home 2 hours ago. What a day! Sad to see Andre got paid back for his play the night before. Had a bit more crow when Sweeney came up clutch. It’s been a long 5 day trip, between the Earthquake (and a 3.1 quake with the epicenter 10 miles from me that morning), seeing Bills get his first CG shutout while Andre the Giantkiller and Cap’n Russ nailed the runner, and now getting Manny for LaRoche and peanuts (as opposed to my anger when my dad called me:

    “WHO THE HELL DID THEY TRADE, KEMP OR ETHIER?!!! AWWW [#v@!]!!!!! Wait… LaRoche, and … who?!! YEAH!!!! Thanks, bye! {does vintage Perfect Strangers ‘Dance of Joy’ for 2 minutes after phone call}… ummmm… wait… we have 6 infielders… 7 with Casey Blake… Whisky Tango Foxtrot?!!!”)

    All in all… I’m exasperated, and could use a nap, heheh. Tommorow brings a new era, hopefully one in which we’ll be hearing a lot from ndeschenes.

  291. northstateblues

    Oh, and Scott Akasaki, seeing how Manny likes his uni’s baggy, maybe you can let him use Broxton’s in a pinch.

  292. northstateblues

    I’ve wanted to make this a Dodgers Lyric song for some time now, but I never found a way to make the lyrics work, until now. Andy LaRoche, we’ll miss you. Good luck in Pittsburgh.

    Goodbye Chavez Ravine (to the tune of “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” by Elton John)

    When am I gonna start
    When am I in your plans
    You wanted me back on the farm
    While you played an old man

    You thought you could hold me forever
    Because I signed up with you
    I’m not a talent for your coaches to squander
    This boy’s too good to be benched with the Blue-hoo-hoos
    Ahh, ahh-ahh
    Aah, ahh-ahh

    So Goodbye Chavez Ravine
    Where the press and the fans all howl
    You won’t see me back in your clubhouse
    I’ll be Allegheny Bound

    I’m joining my brother in the city of steel
    Maybe starting at PNC
    You’ve finally decided that my future lies
    Beyond ol’ Chavez Ravii-ii-iine
    Ahh, ahh-ahh
    Ahh, ahh-ahh

    What do you think you’ll do then
    Three years down the line
    You might have a shiny trophy in tow
    As I’ll be hitting my prime

    Maybe you’ll get a replacement
    Not many like me to be found
    I wish the best for the Blakes and the Blue,
    As for me, I’ll be Allegheny Bou-ou-ound
    Ahh, ahh-ahh
    Ahh, ahh-ahh

  293. stolenmonk

    1) For the 3rd year in a row, the Dodgers have traded a viable third base option at the deadline. Either they really like Blake DeWitt, or Colletti really thought he was getting fired at the end of the year anyway. I have to wonder who we give up for Adrian Beltre this offseason, or for that matter, what if we shelled out $300,000,000 for A-Rod.

    2) Manny Ramirez is not good defensively, which means that he will play left field. This means that the two available slots are right field and center field. Kemp is the preferred center fielder over Pierre, Jones defense can’t make up for him hitting like a pitcher (we can try him as a mop-up man), so that seems like he’s a lock there, and Jones isn’t going to play right. Joe Torre will be banned from baseball for throwing games if Juan Pierre plays right field (although Pierre won’t be accused of throwing anything), so Ethier seems like the logical choice. Manny-Kemp-Ethier. I believe it could happen, and I want to see it.

    3) That the Dodgers can say they’re paying $27,000,000 for two bench players is quite bold. Does it say something that Manny didn’t cost money? Does it say that the Dodgers aren’t going to play players just because of their salary anymore? I just hope they pay up and at least offer arbitration – for losing LaRoche, we need a bare minimum of two expensive draft picks, although paying Manny a bunch of money for 2009 is cool too.

    4) If you’re a Dodger pitcher, you will appreciate the run support, but you’ll be praying the Prayer of Pedro Guerrero that nobody hits it to Manny, and then nobody hits it to Kent. But in this move now we have a regular pinch runner and a regular 9th inning defensive replacement, so JB can relax and allow lazy flies, as long as they’re not bombs.

    5) This is definitely good for the offense, but it’s amazing if it’s Manny-Bison-Ethier. That gives you this lineup:
    ss du jour

    No weak spot but the SS, unless Nomar or Furcal are healthy. then it’s just solid. And it’s good 1-9 if Stults is the pitcher. I think we’ve got ourselves a team.


    Tonight’s game should be awesome with Johnson and Kershaw and Manny probably batting third. Going to be a night to remember. I can hardly wait.

  295. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Good Morning ITD writers and readers!!!
    Well, I woke up this morning not as shocked as yesterday, and I think the Manny trade is good as long as the right people are playing most of the time. It looks to me like Pierre is truly the odd man out. He has been pretty much swiped of his job in center by Jones and Kemp; he has been swiped of his job in left by Ethier (at the beginning) and now Manny, and he doesn’t play right. So, logical thinking is most of the time you will see an outfield of Ramirez, Kemp and Ethier. I can live with that, if Joe uses that logic and keeps Jones and Pierre out of the lineup more often than not. However, even if Ethier doesn’t start the game, I believe that he will get in the game just like he did last night. So, until something is permanantly done with JP and Jones, then I can live with that scenario. It was great to see Ethier come in and get that hit last night, home plate out or not. The out was just a risk that didn’t go in our favor. From the reports I read, Andre was pretty sick yesterday.

  296. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Northstateblues ~I get to see the pitching match up between Kersh and Johnson tonight, and the debut of Manny ~ kind of exciting!!! I get to see every game this weekend so I think we are in for several good pitching match ups. I am glad you got home safely. I am sure you are getting some much needed rest.

  297. tradejuanpypaperbag

    BTW Northstateblues ~ FABULOUS SONG!!!! I remember you asking about the song earlier. That is one of my favorite Elton John songs -very cool!!!!

  298. trublu4ever

    dnelly I agree with your take on the most logical lineup. Pierre & Jones are not an asset to the team. So called speed at the leadoff spot is highly over-rated.

  299. dodgereric

    Gooooood morning ITD!!!!

    I’ve decided to give scott’s “Fire Joe” rant a rest until I see a lineup.

  300. tradejuanpypaperbag

    TruBlue44 – I think, and hope, we see a lineup of Manny, Matt and Andre tonight. I think with the pitching match up, they need their two best outfielders out there, with Matt and Andre. Andruw’s defense isn’t going to make up for his bat for tonight’s game. However, even if Andruw starts, I can see Andre coming in later in the game for offense and defense both. It appears no matter how you figure it, JP is really the odd man out. The fact that he can’t, and shouldn’t, play right field is to his own detriment this time. And if you put him in center instead of Matt then you are truly telling the fans you didn’t need Andruw at all.

  301. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Good Morning Ward, dear!!! I hope you got your rest. It’s probably going to be one wild and crazy night with the debut of Manny himself, not to mention the great pitching match up of Kershaw and Johnson.

  302. tradejuanpypaperbag

    LOL!!! The boys love this girl talk, you know!?! πŸ™‚ I am still packing, but almost done. Since the game is at 7:40, it gives us a little more time to get down there and relax before the game, and allows for any traffic issues we may encounter.

  303. dodgereric

    We all know who the OF should be, but with The Unit going tonight I’m afraid that it’s gonna be Manny/Andruw/Matt.

  304. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Okay, if you say so ~ However, like you said, until we see a lineup, who knows what Joe is thinking. I know Matt and Manny or in there for sure, so I can see ethier (either) one(andruw or andre) out there, but even if Andre doesn’t start, I see him becoming part of the action later in the game.

  305. tradejuanpypaperbag

    eric ~ Do you see JP as the odd man out? I mean, seriously, other than CF, where else is he going to play?

  306. scott_in_arcadia

    Hey, why the hell were Ethier and Kent not in the lineup last night? Jones, Berroa, Ozuna, Lowe, Pierre in that order, are you kidding me? Ramirez will mean nothing if stupid Joe keeps trotting that crap out there. 1 game out and Kent doesn’t play? Am I sick?

  307. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Good Morning, scott – Andre was pretty sick yesterday according to the many articles I read, and a few were quotes from Ethier himself. I guess we all have to wait and see what Joe will do. I have mostly read that Andruw and JP are the odd men out, but knowing if Joe thinks the same way is a whole other story.

  308. dodgereric

    TruBlue, he’s right-handed and Pierre and Andre are lefties. I’m not saying that I agree, I’m just using “Joe-thinking”. Even though that’s a contradiction of terms.

    nelly, the same “logic” applies to your question. Until Torre says different, “Pierre-knows-leadoff”. Right? It might not apply tonight, but nothing this clod decides to do will surprise me. I’ll do handsprings (or at least attempt one) if it’s Manny/Matt/Andre from now thru October, but tonight …….. I have no confidence in Torre.


    I am really excited about this trade. It should make our ball club alot better with his stick. And what his presence will bring to the rest of our lineup. I am really getting tired of all the negative things i am hearing on the Radio about Manny this Manny that.
    Yes he probably does have a bad attitiute, maybe not the best in the clubhouse with other players. Obviously Manny had issues with Mangament and Owner ship in Boston. Does that mean he is going to bring those issues to LA? I doubt it. He is going to prove to the World that Manny was to good for the Red Sox, he is goin to want to come to LA and prove a point. A point to the Red Sox, ” Look at what I can do, Look at what you are missing”. Manny is not going to come to LA and screw up the club house in two months. He will help LA make the playoffs and Hopefully reach the World Series.

  310. tradejuanpypaperbag

    eric ~ I know, I know ~ At this point it’s “I’ll believe it when I see it” mentality.

  311. scott_in_arcadia

    probably Jones in CF tonight against Johnson, like that’s a good matchup for Jones, but what is these days….slow pitch soft ball?

  312. dodgereric

    I just can’t help but wonder what might have happened if he’d used the same decision-making process when he was catching: “Hmmm. Here comes Henry Aaron to hit. He sure likes fastballs. I’m going to call for curves for a few months until I get a handle on this……..”

  313. lagirl27

    Good morning pals!
    Excited about your trip DNEL- tomorrow is Andre day πŸ™‚
    I’ve been thinking about this trade and now that I’ve discussed it with people and have slept on it I think I’ve made my opinion.
    I will be giving Manny an fair chance and an open mind. If him being on this team makes us better all around, why wouldn’t we be for it? I’ve been annoyed with his antics before in the past, but The players seems to be supporting him and he is one of us now. As soon as he puts on that Dodger uniform, we cheer and support him.
    That being said. The outfield situation is still a problem. We know which 3 WE want to see out there. All I can hope is that they base it off of talent and who deserves it. I will have lineup faith that the right thing will happen going forward. Things seems to have gotten better over the last few weeks and it should continue to be fair.
    Dnel- Andre was great last night with the pinch hit. too bad their catcher made an amazing play. And look at Mr. Sweeny..making contact and all πŸ™‚ haha. It’s always good to see the worst hitter actually hit.

  314. jhallwally

    Certainly an exciting day yesterday. I like the addition of Manny. I think it will make the lineup better and more productive, especially if JoKo goes with Manny/Kemp/Ethier the majority of the time. I like our chances of winning the division more now than 2 days ago. I believe the key will be our pitching. It has to continue to perform at the current level or maybe a little better. Manny will certainly contribute but I think another big key to winning the division will be Kent. I think he is going to have to get hot for us to take this thing. He is showing signs of getting on a roll and I think that is what would put us over the top. Just a thought. Hope everyone is having a great day and it is going to be very exciting tonight. Go Dodgers!!!!!!!!

  315. dodgereric

    Mornin’ Wally, mornin’ amy!

    Yeah, tough loss, but we had a good look at a game being well-pitched by one of the toughest arms out there. Andruw’s ball was fairly-well hit, and if it was in the gap……oh well. If ifs and buts were candies and nuts, we’d all have a wonderful Christmas.

    We got scott back. Now we need to keep working on sara. I understand how she feels. I’ve been a Laker fan since ’68 or so, whenever it was that Chamberlain got here. But when they signed Dennis Rodman, I stopped watching the games. I couldn’t bear to see him in a Laker uniform. And I never did. I followed them a little in the Times, but that was it.

  316. scott_in_arcadia

    This has to be the lineup for now:


    Here’s my wet dream lineup for September:


    Or something similar…

  317. lagirl27

    morning to you too eric and scott.
    I hope it all works out. It will be an interesting match up tonight. hopefully with Manny in the lineup it will intimidate the Snakes!! It was a crappy loss last night. It reminded me of monday night’s loss to the giants cause we should have won that one, but alas, we lost by one stinkin run!

  318. lagirl27

    crazy stuff going on in baseball world. Al least Manny is up for for agency next year, which means he still has to play well for the rest of this season, 2 month renal or not. I will take comfort in that. It must be strange for him to come from a team with a high winning record, to a mediocre team that can barley stay at .500.
    I am looking forward to the next couple of months. All we gotta do is win the west, cause anything can happen in the playoffs!
    and we still have the bison πŸ™‚

  319. jhallwally

    Well said Amy. Agreed. I’d also like to thank you and commend you for your comment to the contrary poster yesterday afternoon/evening. I thought it was great when you asked the person not to make mean comments on the blog. It amazes me that people seem to feel like they need to come on here and editorialize or put down the way we chat or express our opinions. Hey, if you don’t like the way we chat, go somewhere else. Plenty of blogs out there. Spend your time more creatively finding one you like. Besides, what makes you think we really care what you think about our conversation and comments.

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