Tonight's lineup

Pierre, LF

Kemp, CF

Ethier, RF

Kent, 2B

Loney, 1B

Blake, 3B

Berroa, SS

Ardoin, C

Johnson, P

Here’s the transcript from Delwyn’s chat earlier today. We got to a ton of questions (there were over 300). For those who didn’t get their questions answered, be sure to log in early, as we see them as they come in.



    thanks josh.. that DY has personality!! you should get more of the young guys to chat.. they always have great things to say! russell hasn’t had a chat this year.. maybe you could get him to do one 🙂



    I wish Ned was a more powerful superhero. One that could morph himself into the GM of 4 teams at once (Giants, Padres, Rockies, Backs) by taking over thier GM bodies sorta like in the matrix. Then Logan his understudy will take over LA and when Ned trys to take it back he will be destroyed. Logan and only Logan will hold the golden pinky ring that once belonged to Coletti and along with his Giants 2002 runner up ring he flashed at his first news conference. Only with these two rings together can the Coletti who has taken over their bodies be destroyed. Unti then it’s winning time.


    dnelly, your question from the last thread.. i don’t know what it means about andy. he can’t play shortstop, and there really isn’t any other spot.. maybe he just wanted a few more days with the guys before heading to vegas?

  4. bluecrewgirl

    DNelly, I thought Andre would be in the lineup tonight, but nothing would have surprised me. Glad to see he is and batting higher in the order.

    Hope everyone from So Cal is okay after the earthquake. We got a pretty good shake at work and we felt one aftershock. It was one of those ones where you’re not quite sure if you need to get under your desk or not. I kept sitting there thinking it was going to end and it just kept on going.

  5. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Bluecrewgirl ~ Well, I believe the only reason he is batting higher is because our “Captain” has the night off for a little while anyway. Andre had a much better night last night – no strike outs, very good at-bats,and the catch that wasn’t ruled a catch. It will be interesting to see if they do the same thing tonight with Andruw and JP. Amy seems to think it might be something that is done all the time, but I am not so sure about that, but you never know, I guess when it comes to Torre and his thinking.

  6. tradejuanpypaperbag

    sara – I read the trasnscript – very funny guy. I must say the young Dodgers seem to have quite a sense of humor about them, but all seem to be different, too, which is great!!!


    Had trouble signing in earlier today. Just wanted to say we had quite a jolt down here in the L.A. area but all is good at least where I am and looking forward to the boys bouncing back tonight from a tough (and weird) game last night. All I can say if Sweeney and Jones get pinch hits again tonight I am wearing a hard hat tomorrow.

  8. northstateblues

    jnv, that Northridge quake was a doozy, Barely felt it up here, but I remember how that one was devestating. Luckily, haven’t been through any that killed power or gas lines yet.

    Dnel, that’s pretty much my nightmare scenario right there. Freaky stuff. I get queasy just looking out the window of those casino hotels sometimes, let alone worrying about quakes.

    Just glad it isn’t as shaky up in Marysville.

  9. leekfink

    Interesting take-away’s from the DY Chat:
    He grew up a Dodger fan. I love that. I love when a ballplayer comes up with his hometown team. Even i he’s the 4th or 5th outfielder.
    He lives with Andy LaRoche. Are there other Dodgers living in that house? Kemp said he and DY would be throwing a football during the All-Star Break? Is this like a house for all the Dodger youngsters?
    And, LaRoche is still in LA. This might portend more bad news about Nomar.
    And, it’s in Manhattan Beach (Nomar lives there too), which is close to me in Redondo (when I get back home).
    He calls Matt Kemp “Leon.” Who knows why.
    He can’t figure out James Loney. Just about everyone on the team seems to think Loney is some kind of crazy, weird guy. They call him “crazy eyes”, “crazy legs”, “Weird Game James.” On a DodgerVision thing, they say he’s the funniest guy on the team, not because he’s trying. They like him, but he has one heck of a reputation.
    Max–I don’t quite get why the Angles acquiring Texiera means we won’t get Manny. Is that because the Sox now think that they can’t afford to give up his bat if they want to compete with the Angels? Whatever the reasons, I hope you’re right.
    I actually doubt that we, or anyone, will get Manny. I think that, once again, it’s Manny being Manny. And with him only willing to approve a trade if they decline the option, the Sox won’t get much back for him.
    My only residual worry is that Frank really is an old Boston guy, and might let that get in the way of vetoing a deal for him. But, I still doubt it. I think Manny is on the Sox again at the season’s end. I don’t think they have given up on their 1 game deficit to a team that has never finished above .500 in its history.
    I don’t like the shortstop options out there, and the best thing we can do is hope Nomar gets better quickly, maybe Raffy comes back in September, and Joe actually puts the right guys in the line-up (preferably in the right order). If we do that, we win the divison.
    Finally, DodgerEric, I am afraid you started it–quoting Ken Rosenthal. The fact that he thinks a Manny deal is NOT happening is the only thing that truly worries me. Remember, never trust Ken Rosenthal.

  10. tradejuanpypaperbag

    lbirken – everyone had a hard time getting on today. There are many theories floating around about that and the earthquake, from Manny rumors, Jones and Sweeney’s hit last night and a sign telling Ned – No more trades!! lol!!

  11. northstateblues

    lbirken, we might not have to worry about that. If so, I’m always happy to eat crow… even if I have to wear a hard hat. Maybe Torre showing a little emotion had something to do with it, too. I’ve heard people get more confrontational before an earthquake happens, like people are more prone to fighting. Could explain yesterday as a whole.


    Now you know what will happen if the Dodgers get Manny. He will end up on the DL with a freak injury as a result of getting his hair tangled with Joe Beimel’s hair.

  13. bluecrewgirl

    I hope the Manny thing is just a rumor. I don’t think it would be good for the Dodgers and I would not be happy. I have nothing against Manny, he’s a great player, but I don’t want to see Andre or Matt go anywhere. My dad’s a Red Sox fan and he doesn’t want to see Manny leave either. Most of the fans there love him.

  14. aeversw

    Yes lee, I think the Red Sox would have a hard time dealing Manny now that they Angels have Texxy. The Angels upgraded big time and if the season ended today the Angels and Red Sox would face off in the first round and you’d have to give the advantage to the Angels right now. You’d have to give them an even more considerable advantage with Manny out of that lineup regardless of who their replacement is.

  15. aeversw

    The Red Sox would have only traded Manny if they thought they had a shot of landing Texiera. There were reports that the Red Sox were thinking of flipping whatever prospects they got for Manny in a trade for Tex and that option is gone now. There is no one they can get in return for Manny that would match Manny’s production. If there was a player out there that could match his production I highly doubt his team would trade him for Manny.

  16. northstateblues

    finished reading DY’s transcript, that guy is PRICELESS!!! Best sense of humor from a Dodger I remember since Mickey Hatcher and McDowell.


    G’Day lbirken mate – I think the reason for your recent ‘quake was that Starbucks just closed 61 of their shops in Australia and the rush of expats rushing around down here looking for a coffee fix unbalanced the world … hence the ‘quake up there.

  18. tradejuanpypaperbag

    rodmky – I forgot you mentioned that ~ all 61! Wow – is there a reason why the closed all of them?

  19. kho88


    This will doom the Dodgers.

    of course, if they are willing to take Jones AND Pierre (and only those two), then i am all for it.

  20. jhallwally

    Go Johnson, Go Dodgers, Go Puds!!!
    I’m very happy the earthquake was minor and everyone is alright.


    According to newspaper reports down here it seems that Starbucks are having difficulties and that they’ve also closed a number of outlets in the States as well.


    i was watching lackey’s no-hit bit.. pedroia broke with up with 1 out in the ninth.. i think it was very classy of scioscia to let him close out the game even though he had thrown over 115 pitches and he gave up a two run bomb.. most managers would have pulled him right after the homer, if they hadn’t already pulled him after the basehit.

    leekfink, i don’t think all the young guys live in the same house, but i do think they live near each other.. i know beimel said that he and russell were neighbors by the beach or something like that, so i’m guessing they all live near each other in manhattan beach..


    Rod, it’s true. Too many stores. In some places they have stores across the street from one another. Got to them Starbucks credit for getting so many people addicted to their product.


    As I recall, Piazza and Karros lived in or around Manhatten Beach during their time with the Dodgers.

  25. tradejuanpypaperbag

    rodmky – that is true- many are being closed in the states as well, but it’s scattered depending on where you are. I was just surprised to hear all 61.
    Hey jhall!!!!!! Do you get earthquakes where you are from?

  26. bluecrewgirl

    I think you’re right lbirken, I remember they used to be on Mark and Brian’s radio show on KLOS sometimes back when they were roomies.


    Manny and the Red Sox’s relationship is like a lot of marriages; periodic ups and downs and, eventually, they’ll kiss and make up, if only for the remainder of the season. You do get the sense that the Sox, despite Manny’s indisputable HOF credentials and talent, they are tiring of his antics and questionable work ethic. It will be interesting to see, with his option for 2009 in the balance, what his intensity level will be for the rest of the season.

  28. scurtis1999’s Jon Heyman believes the Phillies have the best chance of pulling off a deal for Manny Ramirez.
    The Phillies and Red Sox are talking, but it’s unclear who else might be involved. Pat Burrell for Ramirez would make some sense, and Burrell has spoken in the past about waiving his no-trade clause to play for Boston. It’s hard to imagine that the Red Sox would take Geoff Jenkins back, and the Phillies wouldn’t want to put either Burrell or Ramirez in right field anyway. Heyman also says that the Marlins have been in touch with the Red Sox regarding Ramirez. However, a deal with Florida would be quite a long shot.


    seesky, the redsox (management) might be tiring of his antics, but the fans sure aren’t.. they still love him.. who know why.. but they do.. when he got a walk off lackey in the 9th inning today they darn near gave him a standing ovation..

  30. northstateblues

    Yeah seesky, it seems like every trade deadline or offseason, Manny’s ready to leave Boston. It’s like that scene from Hook when the captain (Dustin Hoffman) is in the room with Smee about to commit suicide.

    “I want out of Boston, don’t try to stop me, Theo. Don’t try to stop me Theo, don’t you DARE try to stop me, Theo… try to stop me. Theo, get up off your **** and TRY TO STOP ME!!!!”

  31. bluecrewgirl

    You’re right about the Red Sox’s fans loving Manny, Sara. My parents grew up in MA and are Red Sox fans and some of my relatives still live there and they love him in all his quirkiness. I became a Dodger fan at about 11 when we had moved out here.

  32. bluecrewgirl

    Northstateblues – That’s true, it wouldn’t be a season without Manny wanting to be traded and it never happens.


    Sara–The fans love him because he’s all the things most of them would like to be and do but cannot; talented, rich, and allowed to be a free spirit because of his talent.

  34. aeversw

    Another big trade just went down…in the NBA. Ron Artest just got traded to the Rockets. So much for the Lakers dumping Lamar Odom :(.


    did you guys hear vinny say that the d’backs optioned micah owings? man, that guy was a huge story at the start of the season when they were rolling.. how he could pitch and he could also hit.. and that he was the best hitting pitcher since babe ruth.. well i guess everything slowed down for him..


    Glad to see that all of the ITD SoCal residents have survived their latest ride on Earthquake in Mother Nature’s Natural Theme Park. In Utah, we are on a fault line but have not experienced a major quake in over 40 years. Unlike Ohio, tornadoes are rare here. In 20 years here, I’ve never experienced even a mild tremor. I can see that I’ve missed nothing. LOL.


    Sara– Great minds must think alike because I dislike him for the same reasons.


    Who knows, maybe Micah Owings will pull off an Ankiel and come back as a position player?


    yup seesky. haha. i hate the phrase “manny being manny”.. why should he be allowed to do whatever he wants?


    “Penny, disabled since June 15, will be inserted into the Dodgers rotation next Friday night in San Francisco against the Giants, with Kuroda being pushed back to Saturday night. Including the Monday travel day, Kuroda will get a week between starts, similar to the scheduling he’s familiar with in Japan.”

    i like the idea of giving kuroda extra rest.. he definitely hasn’t looked good since the all-star break.. hopefully this helps, and if it does, they should keep giving him extra rest.. here’s the whole article:

  41. bluecrewgirl

    I hope the good Penny comes back instead of the bad Penny. It’s been a while since we’ve seen the good one.


    yup bluecrewgirl.. we haven’t seen good penny all year.. i love good penny..

  43. enchantedbeaver

    For those of you not playing the home version of JP, The Comeback™ he’s now at .277.

    That’s Avg., Slg. Pct. AND OBP.

    Here in L.A., we just call that Juan being Juan.

  44. tradejuanpypaperbag

    LMAO!!! I am just watching, but yes, I am paying attention to JP,and my son says he can’t throw worth “you know”. He’s getting alot of practice hitting those ground balls tonight for sure. LOL!!!!


    that was ugly.. but we got the out.. berroa did a good job backing up

  46. enchantedbeaver

    I see Blake is trying to lull Cain into a false sense of security by cleaverly striking out the first two times. I tell ya, these vets… no wonder Torre can’t get enough of ’em.


    wow.. james just stole a base! that’s not something you see everyday! 🙂

    but it didn’t matter.. as berroa ended up striking out.. BOO


    I don’t like the way this game is progressing. We’re flirting with danger letting the Gnats get a lead off runner last 2 innings. As I write this a DP, I’ll take that back.
    Let’s get some runs Dodgers

  49. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Good evening Boblee – How are the Cowboys doing? To be honest, I haven’t paid too much attention to the Redskins yet, other than checking their website every now and then. Too much Dodger baseball right now. As it gets closer, I will start paying attention more. 🙂

  50. ramslover

    great at bat Ethier!!!! And Kemp was very impressive at bat and the explosiveness he showed on that stolen base….

  51. ramslover

    Another impressive at bat by a young guy…come on Joe that was 3 great at bats at least mention it tonight!!!

  52. tradejuanpypaperbag

    My Loney has a first name,
    It’s J-A-M-E-S
    My Loney has a second name,
    It’s L-O-N-E-Y
    I love to watch him every day
    And if you ask me why I’ll say
    ‘Cause James Loney has a way
    With H-I-T-T-I-N-G!
    By leefink and martinloneykemp

  53. dodge1612

    can I just say how not impressed I am with casey blake so far… he strikes out and is not all that good im not impressed.

  54. perumike

    What was Bowa thinking sending Loney home? Loney was getting to third when the ball was already in the air from left field.


    The ball went into the stands but, apparently, the fan didn’t touch it. I’m not sure what the rule is on that.

  56. ramslover

    Has anyone heard from Pierre EW…I ahve not read all the posts in the last few days, but he has been silent? Or have I just missed him on here?


    I was wondering about Pierre, as well. He had surgery, didn’t he? Hope it went well.

  58. tradejuanpypaperbag

    No we haven’t heard from PierreEW – I am assuming that sitting at a computer is probably not something he should be doing, but that’s just my guess 🙂


    I thought it was a very smart move by Bowa. He was on a win/win situation. He sends Loney and if the throw beat him, as it did, he immediately appealed for the interference.


    I have been watching Dodger-Giant games for years and seen a lot of crazy things but that play in the outfield is a first for me. I don’t know what Bowa was thinking by sending Loney but things worked out for the Dodgers. The umpires got the call right as from what I can tell the ball did not hit the fan after being deflected but was just over the barrier when the fielder touched it. What will these two teams come up with next?


    Hard for me to believe Bowa could make such a judgement so quickly so it will interesting to hear him talk about the play and what he was thinking.

  62. tradejuanpypaperbag

    lbirken – anything is possible!!!!
    We need to hold on so we can see Johnny pitch tonight, hopefully, but then I will take a blowout 8th inning, too 🙂


    I believe he made that call knowing where the ball went. Bowa is a very astute person. I give him credit for quick thinking.

  64. perumike

    I LOVE what Vin just said. He said that in the 6th, between at bats by Andre and Matt, Cain made 17 pitches. The whole night Kent has seen 5 pitches. He said that if Matt or Andre saw 5 pitches, it would be called impatience. But with Kent, he’s a cagey old veteran. 🙂

  65. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Wally and Beav are doing swell tonight, dear – How was your evening? It’s wonderful to see the Dodgers are beating those nasty Giants. Let’s hope Johnny can finish them off!


    Mate .. Joe will still find a way to give credit to one of our vets – probably Blake for his double.
    BTW has anyone discovered why LaRoche is still in LA. Do you think he’s part of a trade we will find out about very soon??

  67. dodgereric

    Wondermus evening, thank you very much! Duplicating merit badge sheets for the 58 Scouts going to summer camp Sunday. My eyeballs are spinning around in my sockets.

  68. tradejuanpypaperbag

    perumike – and one of those two (Andre) is going to be sitting tomorrow because of a lefty pitching eventhough he has hit a homerun off of Sanchez in their last matchup. Go figure!!!



    “When the kids see 5 pitches [in 4 ABs like Kent], that’s impatience. When Kent does it, that’s a cagey veteran.”-Vin

    Broxton looks great.

  70. perumike

    eric, my boys are going to Cherry Valley on Catalina. They take off a week from Sunday. I’m not going due to work, but the Scoutmaster will take them. They should have a great time!

  71. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Ward dear ~ sounds like a lot of work, but I’m sure the scouts will think it’s swell…

  72. dodgereric

    I’m going with our guys, peru. Thankfully I’ll have 17 other Assistant Scoutmasters along to ride herd on these characters. I’ve never been to Catalina before, so I’m looking forward to it.


    Even discounting the opposition, our pitching has been outstanding lately, 3 shutouts in 5 games. 9 shutouts on the year, the most in MLB.

  74. enchantedbeaver

    Tom Jones – She’s A Lady

    Well he will whine and he will pout
    Always lead off with an out, cuz he’s no hitter
    But for Joe he’ll set the pace
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    But with the dough he got from the Ned
    He must be quite a schmoozer
    And made Joe a believer
    From the way he watch him play, hey hey hey
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    (fade out)

  75. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Song: Joe’s a Believer (In Juan)
    Original Song: I’m a Believer
    by: The Monkeys
    I thought Juan was only good in fairy tales
    Meant for leadoff role and that’s for me
    Juan is out to show me
    That’s the way it seemed
    Young players haunting all my dreams
    Then I saw Juan’s speed, now I’m a believer
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    I wouldn’t change Juan/ I won’t try

  76. bluecrewgirl

    Johnson pitched a great game. The bullpen has been awesome lately and Brox has been more than holding down the fort as the closer.

  77. tradejuanpypaperbag

    I have had it done all day, but the system was so screwy, I didn’t want it posted three times – LOL!!

  78. enchantedbeaver

    Or should I say it wasn’t the same Juan. LOL!!

    My style (or lack thereof) must be distinctive eric 🙂

  79. bluecrewgirl

    I’ve been having problems with the blog the last few days too. I keep thinkng my router disconnected, but all the other tabs I have open are fine.

  80. tradejuanpypaperbag

    LMAO!!!!!! Yes, your style is distinctive – that’s why you are the master song writer. We are not worthy!!!!!!!!!

  81. dodgereric

    Nice one nelly! Is that our first Monkey’s song?

    Hey rod, if you know anyone who can sing, we have 315 of them now!

  82. tradejuanpypaperbag

    bluecrewgirl – today was especially hard with the system – was posting numerous times the same post,and then stopped altogether at one time.

  83. enchantedbeaver

    Goes to show you that batting average means very little. Juan in the last 5 games (and I believe he has a 5 game hitting streak as well) BA .300, Slg.Pct .300, OBP .300. The quintessential benchmark of batting averages .300, yet its extremely deceptive.

  84. tradejuanpypaperbag

    eric ~ I don’t know – I wasn’t even sure this one hadn’t been done yet. It’s getting hard with 315 songs to know which ones have been done or not. I almost asked, but then we have had other versions of many songs already. I am still laughing about Kahli’s revised version of a song in which he did the original,too – that’s still funny!!

  85. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Thank you Ward, Wally and Theordore ~ you bring out the wild side of your mom sometimes. I hope some aren’t sore at me for picking on my favorite PVL.

  86. tradejuanpypaperbag

    I must say I am very impressed with Jason Johnson. I didn’t mention that tonight, but I think he did an incredible job. Also, my husband is diabetic so I know all about his condition, which makes his work out there even more impressive. Way to go Jason!!!!!!!


    Good article, eric. Our bullpen has been fabulous. Why is the Nedster looking for bullpen help? Because he’s Ned and he’s an idiot.

  88. tradejuanpypaperbag

    eric – Why can’t they use their brains for once this season and just leave it the way it is. Berroa isn’t doing too bad, and if that doesn’t work out then bring up Hu or DeJesus. Why is this so difficult for them to understand. Trust the team you have now!!!!!!

  89. enchantedbeaver

    Well boys and girls its time for me to hit it.

    You’re right nells – great game from Johnson – I didn’t think he had it in him, and I didn’t think he stood a chance against Cain.

    We’ll give ’em hell again tomorrow.

  90. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Good night enchanted/Beaver – see you in the morning. It was a very good win tonight, and hopefully we can take the series tomorrow. 🙂


    What can you say but absolutely World Series Championship Performance By Our Beloved Los Angeles Dodgers Winning 2 to 0 Over The San Francisco Giants! Mighty Kryptonite Busting Performance By Super Powered Pitchers Jason Johnson,Chan Ho Park and Jonathan Broxton. You Guys Deserve The Medal Of Honor! Super Heroes The Tower Of Power, James Loney and The Amazing Matt Kemp Always come through with their 2 for 4 at the Plate with each a run scored and James’ RBI. You selfless guys are in it for your Teammates and Fans! What Super Great Ball Players You are!Super Hero Casey Blake Has made his presence Felt Immediately with His Super Powers and his 1 for 4 at the plate! Super Incredible, Blake!Super Hero Owner Frank McCourt, Super Hero General Manager Ned Colletti and Super Hero Manager Joe Torre will be rewarded by The Super Great Dodger In The Sky For Their Perserverance,Dedication and Faith!. And Of Course The Invincible, Indestructable,Incredible, The Man Of Steel, Our Very Own, Superman Himself, Jeff Kent With His 2 for 4 at the plate and Always Brings His Super World Series Championship Victory Presence With Him! All of Our Los Angeles Dodgers and Fans Were and Are Super Heroes!Oh Great Dodger In The Sky, Thank-you For Smiling Down on Us and Letting Us Know That Superman Jeff Kent and All His Super Hero Teammates Will Get Their Much Deserved World Series Rings as They are Crowned World Series Champions in this Glorious Majestic Supernatural Juiblee 50th Anniversy Year of 2008 A.D.

  92. tradejuanpypaperbag

    eric – “I got you Babe” is playing on the radio – LOL!! It’s just not JP’s night – LOL!!! I think that song is engrained in my head now, and it’s not Sonny and Cher’s version anymore. 🙂

  93. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Well, good evening ndeschenes – This is especially good to hear from you on these nights because it not only means we won a game, it means we beat the Giants, too. How great is that!?! I think the pitching was the most impressive thing tonight, and it really was on both sides. The Dodgers just happened to get the two runs, but other than that Cain pitched a great game as well. However, in the sixth inning, the plate discipline of both Kemp and Ethier made Cain pitch 17 pitches between the two of them, and that was a good turning point in the game. Anyhow, it is always great hearing from you, and have a wonderful evening and a spectacular tomorrow. 🙂


    i had to leave during the scoreless tie for a softball game.. i was a little nervous because the giants seemed to keep getting runners on and i was worried about johnson holding on.. i was glad to find out after my game that we had won 2-0. seems like there was some controversy.. but when is there not in a dodgers-giants game? glad jason pitched so well.. i have to admit, i was worried about him getting a start, i wanted chanho to start.. but he proved me wrong! hopefully we can get a few more good starts from him.. and the bullpen.. there aren’t enough words to describe how amazing our ‘pen has been all year.. kudos to the bunch!


    oh, and earlier i was criticizing the fact that we didn’t place nomar on the DL.. well i heard on the radio, that joe called nomar this morning and asked if he needed to go on the DL, and nomar said he was feeling much better.. and he even took some infield and BP today.. so maybe nomar will be back sooner than later after all.. we shall see..

  96. tradejuanpypaperbag

    sara – it was a great pitching game on both ends, I thought. It was just a matter of us scoring and them not, but in Cain’s experience with the Giants, it happens more often than not. Like you said, it’s not a giants/dodgers game without controversy so it will be fun to see what happens tomorrow. I hope you won your softball game.

  97. dodgereric

    No Decision-Makin’ Goin’ On

    To Jerry Lee Lewis’ “Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On”

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    Stay awake, Ned stay awake
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    No decision-makin’ goin’ on

    Ahhhhh Let’s Go !

    Well I said come over baby
    got $80 million on the bench
    Who’s bench
    what bench
    our bench
    Come over baby well, got to do something ‘bout that stench
    He ain’t fakin’
    No decision-makin’ goin’ on

    Easy Now (lower)
    Mistake, Frank Ahhhh… a mistake
    Yeah…. You can shake one time for me
    Well I said we’re tired, baby
    Don’t got to take this anymore

  98. tradejuanpypaperbag

    I love the Ginger line!! I’m sure your wife will be proud of that one!! Fabulous song, eric!!! That is a very good name for Nomar – gotta love it!!!


    “The Angels are in a different place in time,” Colletti said. “As for what we’re doing, I’d do it all over again.”

  100. jhallwally

    Keep Ned out of the kitchen for the next 2 days!!! Can’t take any more of his crummy cooking. The veteran stew sucks no matter how many more pieces of old rancid meat he puts in it.

  101. enchantedbeaver

    Awesome song Eric!! Mornin’ Wally!!

    “As for what we’re doing, I’d do it all over again.” – Ned Colletti.
    Exactly what is that Ned? Effin up all over the place? Good strategy.

  102. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Good Morning ITD writers and readers!!!
    It is great to wake up (or stay up in my case – lol) and only have one more game against the Giants and to have beaten them the night before. The Dodgers did very well against Sanchez in his park, so let’s hope they can do the same to him at Dodger Stadium.
    Good Morning, Wally and Beav!!! It sounds like Ned wants to go back and screw everything up all over again. Doesn’t he realize it’s going to take another 3 years just to get rid of the big mistake in left field?

  103. dodger 32

    How many crappy infielders does Ned intend to collect? What would make sense would be to get an outfielder who has some power and can also throw to play alongside Kemp and Ethier. That would make sense , so we all know Ned won’t do that!

  104. dodgereric

    Mmmmmm, know what I’m hungry for? A little mornin’ music…..

    To Collin Raye’s “That’s My Story And I’m Stickin’ To It”

    I came in as the sun came up
    He glared at me over his coffee cup
    He said where you been, so I thought real hard and said,
    I signed Andruw from that hammock in my yard
    He said you don’t know it boy but you just blew it
    I said well that’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it

    That’s my story, that’s my story
    Well I ain’t got a witness I can’t prove it but
    That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it

    Well I got that deer in the headlights look
    He read my face like the cover of a book, and said
    Don’t expect me to believe all that bullcrap
    ‘Cause he’s so damned fat that he don’t even have a lap
    My skin got so thin you could see right through it
    And I started that’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it

    That’s my story, that’s my story
    That’s my story, that’s my story
    Well I ain’t got a witness I can’t prove it but
    That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it

    You know time comes when a wise man knows the best thing
    That he can do is just look him up in the eye
    And beg for mercy and face the bitter truth

    Well now Frank’s asking me about Sweeney and Schmidt
    Ha-ha, that was pretty stupid, I gotta admit
    And I know I shoulda called and Frank I’m really sorry
    But what about Pierre, you should see his Ferrari
    You know how much Joe loves him and I’m ready to prove it
    And that’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it

    That’s my story, that’s my story
    That’s my story, that’s my story
    Ask me would I do it again, you know that I’d do it.
    That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it

    You know I ain’t gonna do a thing
    Unless you approve it and
    That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it

  105. scott_in_arcadia

    Morning all!

    That was some murderer’s row last night, heh? Berroa, Ardoin, Johnson, Pierre. Pierre’s OBP is .300 since coming off the DL. Kemp’s lead off OBP was .390.

    Fire Joe
    Fire the guy who hired Joe
    Fire the guy who hired the guy who hired Joe

  106. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Eric ~ Did you do that song in the middle of the night, too, or did you do that one a the crack of dawn -which in your case could be both? – lol!!!

  107. dodgereric

    Well, I said good morning at 7:32 and I read enchanted’s remark. It rang the bell in my empty little head and I posted the song at 7:55. So it was probably 20 minutes. I used a lot of the original lyrics – they worked just fine.

  108. tradejuanpypaperbag

    LOL!!! It really like the original song, too!!
    Good Morning Scott ~ I didn’t see you up there. Are you doing any better these days with this Dodgers team? JP’s number are pretty dismal to say the least. Aren’t you glad he gets in all that extra practice before the game. It seems to have helped him immensly this year. It’s okay, it’s a great work ethic anyway,and I guess that’s all that should matter, right?

  109. scott_in_arcadia

    JP is just doing what he does, playing the game like he knows how, just doing his thing.

    I’m still not in support of the current Dodger regime. I have mixed feelings. I’m fond of many players on this team and I have great “Dodger” memories, but honestly I’m am rooting for disaster in the short term so that at least Ned will be gone and then Joe will have to resign because of philosophy differences with new GM White or Ng. I can’t root for moronic liars and eschewers of BS.

  110. lagirl27

    buenos dias all 🙂
    Glad we had a winning game last night, back at .500 and Johnson got his first Dodger start win. All good things.
    I am actually glad I wont be at the game tonight, a girls gotta rest. I am soo tired.
    Thank you Josh for posting the chat.
    My question that he answered was if Matt Kemp was at his chat. It was in the beginning of the chat. I was “Lagirl27”
    Last night I went to the Dodger bar after the game. When it was time to leave, I walked towards the stairs just as James Loney was walking out of the club house, by himself. But at the same time two Giants were walking out of their clubhouse. They all stopped and shook hands and were blocking the stair way that I needed to go up. Loney was right there in front of me and i FROZE. Well- I really didn’t want to bother him because he was in the middle of a conversation AND there were about 8 security guards staring at me. The last thing I wanted was for them to tell me to ‘move it along’. But now I am kicking myself. Everytime I stay after I always run into Mr. Loney. Maybe it’s a sign 🙂

  111. lagirl27

    jhall- let me just say you are awesome 🙂 You always listen to my comments and take interest in my ramblings, even if they are silly 🙂
    Oh we also go to shake Tommy’s hand and say HI
    And we spoke to Steve Lyons and Patrick O’Neal. My dad used to actually watch Steve play in the minors in Rhode Island in the 80’s. It was a cool moment.

  112. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Good Morning Amy!! Glad you had fun at the game last night once again. Amy, I would have done the same thing. I would have just watched and stared at James – lol!! But I have faith in you that it will happen. Keep going after it, and it will happen. As for the question, I thought you might have been one of the ones to ask about Matt, but I wasn’t sure which question. Thanks for telling us which one 🙂


    dnelly, we did win our game last night. thanks.. yeah, the giants don’t score at all for cain.. poor guy.. he really is a good pitcher..

    amy, there’s a bar at the stadium that stays open past the game? where is it? 🙂

  114. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Scott – even though you are upset, I am thankful you keep in touch with us. I like reading what you have to say, both positive and negative, and I have alot of the same feelings you do, so you are definitely not alone.

  115. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Good Morning sara!! Glad you won the game last night, and I am interesting in the bar thing, too, now that you mention it – lol!!!
    Hopefully we can take care of business with Sanchez tonight, Andre or not 🙂 As long as good Chad shows up, we should be great, and not to mention, Russell will be back in the lineup.

  116. enchantedbeaver

    ‘talofa’ everyone.

    A Dodger country classic eric!! Just dropped in to see what condition our condition was in. Catch you all later.

  117. lagirl27

    Denel- thanks, I’ve definetly got my eye on the prize. I’ve run into James so many times, I feel like we should know eachother. But he usually keeps his head down and just signs autographs.
    And it was cool to have DY answer my question. I just don’t understand his answer “he big leauged me” what does that mean?
    oh, I have access to the Dug Out Club because of our season tickets. You have to pay to use it. BUT- check into it, maybe you can pay for a single game pass or something. I’m really not sure.
    It’s amazing though, you see a lot of “important people” and ball players. I even saw Andre walk right pass me all showered and clean. It’s just hard to interact with them most of the time.
    anyway. good luck guys.

  118. jhallwally

    Sung to The Rodeo Song by Garry Lee.

    Well the Cow really sucks.
    And Joe don’t give a f***.
    Gonna sit the young bucks.
    And its another Joe fiasco.
    Well, its Phew in left.
    Cow in center ain’t right.
    C’mon you f***ing dummy.
    Play the best guys tonight.
    Bench the Cow you lame brain goof.
    Y’know, you p*ss us off.
    You f***ing jerk.
    Get on our nerves.
    Well here comes JoJo with the roster in his hand.
    He’s a no-ball man.
    And he’ll play the vets that blow.
    It’s Phew in left.
    Andre sitting ain’t right.
    C’mon you f***ing dummy.
    Have some balls tonight.
    Bench the Cow you lame brain goof.
    Y’know you p*ss us off.
    You f***ing jerk.
    Get on our nerves.
    Well here comes Joe with the roster in his hand.
    He’s a no-ball man.
    Keeps playing vets that blow.
    Phew leads in left.
    Cow in centers a bite.
    C’mon you f***ing dummy.
    Have some balls tonight.
    Bench the Cow you lame brain goof.
    Y’know, you p*ss us off!!!!!


    amy, when you say someone big leagued you, it means they blew you off because they think they’re too good for you now.. it’d be like someone who grew up with someone who became famous (ie. reached the majors aka the bigs) and now you can’t get a hold of that person.. obviously, DY meant it as a joke.. haha


    basically, they’re too big to make time for you anymore..

    hope that makes sense amy!

  121. dodgereric

    “Figures often beguile me, particularly when I have the arranging of them myself; in which case the remark attributed to Disraeli would often apply with justice and force: ‘There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.'”
    Mark Twain

    Having said that, I offer the following for your amusement and/or criticism:

    The 2008 Los Angeles Dodgers have thus far used 3 leadoff hitters with any regularity, Rafael Furcal, Juan Pierre and Matt Kemp. Here are their statistics in that role so far this season, from, and I hope that they’re going to line up ok:

    JPierre…55 227 23 59 5 1 0 13 10 26 .260 .294 .291
    RFurcal..31 131 34 47 11 2 5 16 18 7 .359 .440 .588
    MKemp..18 79 13 25 6 1 3 11 10 6 .316 .393 .532

    Using a little math (Pierre – 2.945, Furcal – 5.226, Kemp – 9.000), I extrapolated their numbers to a 162-game season to further show the difference:

    ……………GS AB R H 2B 3B HR RBI BB SB
    JPierre…162 669 68 174 15 3 0 38 30 77
    RFurcal..162 684 177 246 57 10 26 83 94 37
    MKemp..162 711 117 225 54 9 27 99 90 54

    Now, I’ll give you several points. One, I’m no mathematician. Two, the samples are small. Three, Furcal was very hot and would have returned to earth if he wasn’t injured. Four, I’m prejudiced. But that’s why I included Twain’s quote.

    However, after saying all that, those numbers really bring out the argument that I and many here often state that Pierre belongs at the bottom of the lineup rather than the top. He does NOT make things happen. If he did, would not his runs scored totals bring that out? Give us Kemp up there. Please Joe.


    “All of baseball should take notice, not just the Red Sox and Yankees,” said Derek Lowe. “The Angels have taken the biggest step forward, and should get credit for taking that step. You have to give up good people to get good people, and it’s very impressive what they have done.”

    And what about the Dodgers?

    “I’ve got to go hit,” Lowe said.

    stupid derek. i’d give you up to get something good.. i hate derek’s always been in favor of getting rid of the kids to win now.. he’s not a part of this team’s future. so shutup and do your job.

  123. tradejuanpypaperbag

    jhall!!!!!!!! VERY NICE INDEED WALLY!!!!!!! VERY NICE INDEED!!!!!!
    Amy – thanks for the visual – lol!!!
    Happy working, enchanted/Beav!!!!


    so amy, you guys have access to the dugout club even though your season tickets aren’t in the dugout club area? or are they in the dugout club area? because i have a part of some season tickets on the field level, but i don’t think we were offered dugout club access..

  125. lagirl27

    thanks Sara. That’s what I thought it could mean, now I will always know 🙂
    It sounds like Derek is as frustrated as we are about the trade/ losing situation. Can I just say, I want Raffy Back!
    Juan’s doing well guys. He’s getting on base and it was soo good to see him steal. And Matty’s in a hitting streak, and Loney continues to impress. I love my young men. I hope we have them for a very long time.


    The Dodgers had the same chance, though, as the Angels a few weeks back, but passed on Atlanta’s asking price for Teixeira of James Loney and a prospect.

    “We believe in Loney,” Colletti said.

    I BELIEVE IN LONEY TOO!!! never, ever, ever would i have been happy about that deal..

  127. lagirl27

    first off- It’s some deal that my dad has, so honestly I’m not sure how it all works out. Sorry about that. What I do know is, if you have field level tickets you can add on the Dugout club for another fee. I had a ticket guy call me up and offer me a package that included field level and dug out club access. I would call the Dodger ticketing people and ask them about it. I think you are able to buy them Sara. Good Luck.


    “Given the option of taking either Tuesday or today off so that he could play all four games of the upcoming Arizona series, catcher Russell Martin chose the former so that he could catch Chad Billingsley tonight against San Francisco..”

    i’m glad russell chose to sit out last night then.. because good chad seems to love pitching to russell!

  129. jhallwally

    Thanks Mom!! Kind of states our sentiments about the current NedJo handling of the team.
    Hey Sara.
    Texiera would have been a nice pickup as well as CC. However, I would not give up Loney for Tex plus a prospect, and the asking price for CC was too high. They will both be FA’s after this season if we want them and it won’t cost us any young talent. We can win this division with what we have if our pitching steps it up.

  130. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Oh eric – Why can’t they see this? It’s so obvious who should be leading off, much less the 2,3 and 4th batter. We wouldn’t have to worry about the bottom of the order because all the runs could be scored with Kemp, Ethier, Martin and Loney leading off the top, and then having Nomar, Jeff and Casey in 5, 6 and 7 (who will get it done on occasion), and then you still have Pierre in the 8 slot who, if he gets a hit, will be bringing in Nomar, Jeff or Casey. I know, common sense is not in Joe/Neds vocabulary.
    Just in last night alone, (aside from Martin being out and the few wonderful weeks we had of watching Kemp, Ethier and Martin at the top) Matt and Andre always come up to bat with that anticipation that they will do something great, and even if they don’t, you know they gave it everything they got. That’s what makes (or made) this Dodger team great!! It’s just too bad Ned and Joe can’t see that wonderful chemistry as clearly as we can.


    this is a quote from a few days ago, but i just spotted it now.. it’s by joe:

    “We need to get Andre into the lineup. Matt is hitting really well. Juan, we talked about Juan. It’s a feel type of thing. We’re going to try to match up when we think it’s appropriate, but right now, we’re going to go with hot hands. The guys who stay hot, those are the guys you’re going to play.”

    notice he didn’t say that juan is doing well, but rather he just feels he needs him in the lineup.. that to me at least shows that he recognizes ethier and kemp to be the best two outfielders he has, whether he acts like it or not..

  132. scott_in_arcadia

    “Juan’s doing well guys. He’s getting on base” – Amy

    Amy, Amy, Amy….Juan is “getting on base” at a .300 OBP since he came back. That is atrocious for any spot in the lineup except maybe the pitcher and especially leading off. You know, going 1-4 with no walks is .250.

    I do think it’s cool that you have access to the club though! 🙂


    amy, i know you love your little juan.. but don’t let your love blind you.. to say that he’s been getting on base and doing well.. well, you’re giving him too much credit. yes, he gets on base.. otherwise all his stats would be .000.. but he doesn’t get on base enough, is the problem. his OBP backs me up.. sorry, but he’s just not good enough to be the leadoff hitter of our team. when he plays, he should bat 8th. reality.


    i’m not being critical of you amy, i’m just being critical of juan.. i still admire your never-ending optimism! 🙂

  135. lagirl27

    Haha. I have always said Juan is good, maybe lower in the order. I’ve said that from the beinning. I’ve also said that I agree that Matt and Andre should NOT be sat instead of Juan either. But come one, we all know there are worse stats on this team Berroa’s been starting (since nomar’s out), Sweeny, Jones, etc. I agree with you all. I really do. I just don’t think he’s the terrible player that ruins the team. The man’s a contact hitter and a runner. He JUST got back from the DL and I think he’s been doing his job- everything he supposed to do. He’s not spectactular, but he’s good enough to be on this team and to contribute!!!

  136. tradejuanpypaperbag

    hmmmmm!!! what to say, what to say – Let’s just face it, I am pissed off he was given (not earned – given) Andre’s spot, pure and simple, and it really is him and not Andruw. The only reason Andruw is not playing is because he currently can’t hit the ball at all, so JP is the lesser of two evils at the moment. However, if Andruw (not likely) ever gets his swing back, it will still be Andre sitting because of Pierre and not Andruw. Sigh 🙂
    You are most certainly welcome Scott 🙂

  137. scott_in_arcadia

    Amy, you are right. Juan is good enough to be on this team – as a reserve. His offense/defense combination is not good enough to warrant him consistent playing time over other players. Given the same amount of playing time, DeWitt, LaRoche and DY would all be more productive players. DeWitt got sent down for “not doing the job” and “slumping”. Well, he pretty much slumped his way into very similar numbers as Pierre, but he’s a very good defensive player to boot. Soooo….Blake should be in LF and DeWitt or LaRoche at 3B and Pierre on the pine.


    thanks jhall!

    amy, i know you’ve always said those things.. but the point is, he is still being given his playing time and leadoff role without actually earning it. it’s the double-standard he gets held to that irks us the most. and until he sits a day, i refuse to believe any different..


    oh and about how he JUST returned from the DL.. well who pushed for his early return from the DL? obviously he did! and judging by his running, or lack there of since his return, his knee is probably not 100%.. which makes him more useless to this team. he and jones both think they did the club a favor by rushing back from the DL even when they’re not fully recovered.. and they’re both delusional..

  140. tradejuanpypaperbag

    jhall – you mean that’s all we had to say – LOL!!
    sara – We were doing great without ethier (either) one of them for a while, and they were so much fun to watch back then, too. Now, all I do is hope Andre gets his hits so he can play the next day, which has even been stated in the articles I’ve been reading. He is the one who is under the pressure to always perform in fear of sitting or not, and that’s not taking into consideration the automatic days where a lefty is pitching, which is BS too. How come that is the only stat Joe seems to pay attention to (Andre’s average against lefties because he certainly isn’t paying attention to any of his others). sigh again 🙂

  141. scott_in_arcadia

    nelly, Like Andre getting hits the game before matters, right? Joe does not care how well Ethier plays because it’s all about “feel”. Even if Pierre is not “hot”, Joe might “feel” that Pierre is hot and thus start him over “cold feeling” 2-4 with a HR Ethier.


    haha scott. thanks..

    dnelly, i know what you mean. i would have a lot more respect for joe if he didn’t bench ethier tonight. we will see. i bet he really wants to get jones in the lineup though, so if he does, i’d like to see pierre sit (he is still recovering you know) and then have jones bat 8th with matty, dre, and russ 1-2-3. i know, i know.. in my dreams..

  143. lagirl27

    I guess we agree. I think what bothers me is all the slack he gets. You know most of these things are out of his control so if you want to hate on the management (which you do) that’s ok, but you all attack him personally. I think that is what offends me. We’ve been through this list a million times, he’s a team guy, hard work ethic..etc.. Those are all things we want our players to have. Just because his numbers aren’t the best and he gets ‘special’ treatment, isn’t really his fault.
    I’ve met him. He’s very nice. I know nice doesn’t win games. Also, he’s friends with Matt and Dre. I love watching him and Matt before every game, they warm up together, they stand together during the national anthem, and they do their handshake before each game. Again, those things don’t win ball games. But, I feel that he’s a team guy, they like him and that doen’t deserve personal mean comments.

  144. tradejuanpypaperbag

    jhall – I think it’s the female side of us that has to explain an issue in further detail then need be rather than just using the word “UNACCEPTABLE!!” or phrase “HE’S PATHETIC!!!” It’s in the DNA I’m afraid – LOL!!! I guess you can’t ever blame us for not being passionate enough about it though – LOL!!! Then again, none of would be here if we weren’t passionate enough about it 🙂

  145. scott_in_arcadia

    Well, Amy I would agree with you except for the impression that Juan has lobbied for starting duties over his “friends” when everyone in the world including him knows that he does not deserve it. I actually think Pierre would be a great guy to have on the bench, to give guys a rare day off, pinch hit when you need contact or pinch run when you need a lift that way. I honestly think he is either delusional or extremely selfish. Look, you’re making 9 million, so just fess up and enjoy your money and stop pretending that your more valuable than you really are and then we can all be friends.

  146. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Amy – I have no doubts they are friends. I saw it for myself when I was at the Braves series. Andre would go and sit and talk to JP in the dugout all the time while waiting to bat, and I do know it’s Ned’s fault foremost for aquiring him, and now Joe’s for playing him. It’s the work ethic thing that bothers me the most. The work ethic only works if he is using that time to better himself, and I haven’t seen any evidence of that. He gets these accolades ime and time again for having such a wonderful work ethic, but I don’t see it translating to performance on the field. He still can’t throw the ball further than my son or anyone on his team for that matter, and his batting hasn’t improved a great deal. I think sometimes maybe he needs to take those extra five hours and maybe rest instead. The work ethic thing doesn’t fly with me, and that is him because nobody is forcing him to do that. So, that I do blame him for – maybe he needs to take a nap instead of being at the park at 9 in the morning for a 7 pm game.

  147. lagirl27

    Denl- maybe you have a point here about the rest. I know that there is no way to know for sure, because none of us are not on the inside. But, I haven’t heard anything bad about his work ethic. Maybe I am wrong, but everything I’ve read and heard from people about Juan has been positive. Nonetheless, I believe whole heartedly that he takes is job seriously and that does fly with me. And it’s too bad about that arm 😦 At least his speed hasn’t slown down.
    Scott- how does he lobby for lead off if Joe makes it everyday? I dunno, I will not believe that he is a malicious dude that wants everything for himself and steps on his friends to get it. That really doesn’t sound like Mr. Pierre to me.
    I am cool with having or opinions. I guess it’s just the personal attacks on his character that I don’t agree with.
    that being said.

  148. think16blu

    that was cool talking to DY yesterday!! he actually answered two of my questions.. haha the very last question he answered was mine so that was cool but yeah last night was a great game! matt kemp has a pretty good hitting streak going!! and Ethier’s 10 pitch at-bat was great even though he didnt seem to happy about it!!

  149. jhallwally

    Phew sounds like the kind of cute, great guy in high school that had BO!!! Peripherally OK, but you really didn’t want him near you.

  150. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Acardona – Andre may have not been happy about getting out, but even Joe was impressed with the at-bat. He got Matt moved over two bases, and that he should be very proud of, especially being down 0-2 in the count. I know – I’m sure he would’ve loved the single/double to score Matt, but it was a great at-bat nonetheless. Even my gnat family was impressed, and they knew Cain was done at that point.

  151. scott_in_arcadia

    Hey Amy, I’m remembering the fallout that took place when Ethier was announced as the starting LF before opening day. Pierre was pouting and complaining – at least through his mama and agent. No hard feelings Mrs. Bison.

  152. lagirl27

    scott. we are amigos. No problemas estan aqui 🙂
    That is an offically the first bad thing i’ve heard. I hope you can handle breaking it to me?!?

  153. think16blu

    dnelly – yeah i saw him walk into the dugout and everyone was patting him on the back but you could tell he was pissed but hey like you said he did his job and got matt over to 3rd even though he wanted to bring him in! it was a good at-bat!

  154. lagirl27

    yea denl- that was a great moment in the game last night.
    acardona- it was great chatting with DY. He’s a great guy too 🙂 I am glad I got a question answered as well. Especially since I missed out on Matt’s chat. Plus Matty got 3 times more questions asked than DY, that might have been a reason too.

  155. think16blu

    amy – yeah DY really seems like a cool guy! matt too! i asked matt a couple questions when he did his “live chat” but he didn’t answer them but like you said matt got A LOT of questions so its cool! i aint mad! i still think he’s a cool guy!! haha

  156. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Andre would be proud – speaking french and spanish. He is of French and Mexican heritage, you know 🙂
    I have got to run errands for our (my husband’s) new venture, and I need to go pick up the pictures I took with Steve Garvey. Catch up with you all later.
    jhall – thanks for the french lesson once again. RBC!!!

  157. enchantedbeaver

    A quick afternoon sea ditty. Blues Image – Ride Captain Ride

    Neddy Col-let-ti came down, from the San Francisco Bay,
    Strolled up to the me-di-a and here’s what he say,
    “We’re callin’ all the vets to come and play, wear’em Dodger gear,
    They can hack and stink all day and still play next year.
    Andruw heard Ned calling, though a tub of goo
    Sweeney, Schmidty, Nomore, and Procto, and old Juan Phew.
    As a storm was blowin’, out on the Dodger sea
    Neddy’s worthless old veterans were just history.
    Why Ned oh why you tryin’ to sink our ship?
    We’re amazed from ol’ Frank you haven’t been pink slipped.
    Why Ned oh why you tryin’ to sink our ship?
    On your way to a vet that others might have missed.
    [Guitar interlude]
    Neddy Col-let-ti came down, from the San Francisco Bay,
    Strolled up to the me-di-a and here’s what he say,
    “We’re callin’ all the vets to come and play, wear’em Dodger gear,
    They can hack and stink all day and still play next year
    Why Ned oh why you tryin’ to sink our ship?
    We’re amazed from ol’ Frank you haven’t been pink slipped.
    Why Ned oh why you tryin’ to sink our ship?
    On your way to a vet that others might have missed.
    Why Ned oh why you tryin’ to sink our ship?
    We’re amazed from ol’ Frank you haven’t been pink slipped…

  158. lagirl27

    about the earlier language comment. Sara you need to speak french and then you can get Russy’s attention. That’s what I think every time he’s passed by me without stopping. If I can only have a conversation in French it would make all the difference.
    just a thought 🙂

  159. northstateblues

    Hey all, I”m headed to the game tonight. first game in two years, wearing my Brooklyn Dodgers hat that has seen… well, don’t want to jinx, so I’ll talk about that later tonight.

    I hate the Giants, and this should be a good… well… emotional bloodletting for living in NorCal with Giants fans for so long… Working at a pizza place that sponsors the Junior Giants (Poor kids, they don’t know any better… makes me appreciate dnel’s efforts that much more). Every Dodgers-Giants game, there’s a chance you’ll see history, their battles like a century of Ali-Frazier, Duran-Leonard, Rick James-Charlie Murphy. Hopefully I’ll have a seat close enough to sing the Loney song (or insult the Giants bullpen, either will do).

  160. northstateblues

    about the earlier language comment. Sara you need to speak french and then you can get Russy’s attention. That’s what I think every time he’s passed by me without stopping. If I can only have a conversation in French it would make all the difference.
    just a thought 🙂

    By on July 30, 2008 1:13 PM

    You could use the ol’ Paul McCartney french lesson: Son les mots qui vont tres bien ensemble, tres bien ensemble.

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