Tonight's game

Juan Pierre is off the DL and back in the starting lineup. Delwyn Young heads to the disabled list with an oblique strain.

It’s also the first night of the Dodgers Trolley, so I’m headed off to Union Station shortly, as is the Mayor and three of our key city councilmembers.

Here’s the lineup for tonight:

Pierre, LF

Kemp, RF

Martin, C

Kent, 2B

Nomar, SS

Loney, 1B

Jones, CF

LaRoche, 3B

Billingsley, P


  1. scott_in_arcadia

    Good-bye Dodgers!

    Scru U, Joe Torre & Ned Colletti!

    I’ll be rooting for my Angels until the both of you are gone. I might stop by to chat with all of you nice folk just the same.

  2. perumike

    This is disgusting! I can handle Pierre being back in there, but what in the hell has Jones done to deserve to start over Ethier??????

  3. imthedude

    To be fair, against lefites, both Ethier and Pierre have 78 ABs:

    Ethier – .205 AVG / .287 OB%
    Pierre – .372 AVG / .410 OB%
    Jones (59 ABs) – .186 AVG / .315 OB%

    But I’d still rather have Ethier over Jones.

  4. enchantedbeaver

    I hear ya scott – total ********.

    Does anyone think they’ll ask DY to hurry back off the DL?

  5. dodgereric

    Here’s the lineup for tonight:

    Pierre, LF

    Kemp, RF

    Martin, C

    Kent, 2B

    Nomar, SS

    Loney, 1B

    Jones, CF

    LaRoche, 3B

    Billingsley, P

    Joe: They say we’re old and we can’t see
    Anything good about walks or OBP.
    Juan: Well I don’t care if all that’s true
    ‘Cause you got me, and baby I got you
    Juan: Babe
    Both: I got you babe I got you babe

    Joe: They say our love won’t win no games
    But I don’t care if we go down in flames.
    Juan: I guess that’s so, I don’t care either
    as long as I get to start instead of Ethier

    Juan: Babe
    Both: I got you babe I got you babe

    Juan: I got 8….point 8 mil, and I put you…. in my will.
    Joe: And when I’m sad, you’re a clown
    And if I get scared, you’re always around
    Joe: So let them say your hat’s too big
    ‘Cause I don’t care, let them call me pig
    Juan: Then put your little hand in mine
    There ain’t no hill or mountain we can’t climb

    Juan: Babe
    Both: I got you babe I got you babe

    Juan: I got you to write my name
    Joe: I got you to lead the game
    Juan: I got you to pull up my socks
    Joe: I got you to take me on walks

    Both: I got you babe

  6. perumike

    I hope the Dodgers win, so I’ll try to be positive and hope Ethier comes in at some point around the 5th or 6th, but I won’t hold my breath. Where is that darn piano when I need it?


    The musical chairs begin again. Torre’s going to wait out Jones no matter how many games it costs. The good thing is that it will probably cost Ned his job; as for the fans, we’re screwed, because this still could have ended up being a good season minus Pierre or Jones. Put both of them in there, and it requires too much luck to contemplate. So, Fu Q Torre, Fu Q Ned, and I don’t even know what to say to Frank for letting this just go on again.

  8. imthedude

    Imagine when it goes wrong:

    Jones 0-4 4 Ks

    I’d walk Loney everytime to face Jones, Laroche, Pitcher, Pierre.

    4 batters and not on legit HR threat.

  9. perumike

    When I’m at the stadium tonight, I’ll cheer all the Dodgers when they come to bat, except Jones. If he does something good, I’ll cheer him. I won’t boo him because I want to try to support him, but he hasn’t earned any cheers, so I’ll just sit quietly when he comes to bat.

  10. leekfink

    Please convey to the management (Frank, Ned, and Joe) that it is the unanimous opinion of the fans on ITD (if they don’t mind me saying) that we respectfully disagree with this line-up. We believe that either Matt Kemp should continue to lead-off, as he has sucessfully done. And, we respectfully disagree with benching Andre Ethier (our co-leader in Home Runs), and believe that either Pierre or Jones should be the one sitting until such time, if ever, that they prove that they can play superior ball, based on objective criteria.
    Please convey that we respectfully hope that they listen to the informed concerns of a group of intelligent and passionate fans.
    And, though I ask you to convey this message with respect, I have a feeling that there will be significant dis-respect for this decision.

  11. scott_in_arcadia

    Uh, Roberto, “front runner”??? Yeah, right. I’ve been sticking with my championship winning Dodgers for the last 35 years, and there happens to be a REAL Dodger managing the Angels.
    Good luck, lemming!

  12. imthedude

    “I won’t boo him because I want to try to support him, but he hasn’t earned any cheers, so I’ll just sit quietly when he comes to bat.”

    Perumuike, I hope you bring a windbreaker cause he’ll probably be swinging and misses a lot, like always.

  13. 636566cy

    I am pretty much at a loss for words at Jones being in the lineup over Ethier. My greatest fear, though, is Ned trying to “fix” his mistake by trading one of the young outfielders to allieviate what he perceives as a logjam out there and bring in another old, washed up guy (see Jones, Kent, Schmidt, Proctor, et al.)
    I will never give up on the Dodgers, but I really wish someone who had half a clue was making the lineups for this club (yes, that was a shot at JOE, as all of the NY lovers like to call him since they are all on a first-name basis with him, of course).

  14. porklinks

    LaRoche is on a 20HR/full season pace; he is a “legit HR threat”.
    Jones: 0-4, 3Ks, including last Dodger out
    LaRoche: 0-0, 3BBs
    Billingsley: 0-0, 2 sacs, 1 FC
    Pierre: 0-5, one horrendous bunt-for-hit attempt caught by the 3B, 2 shallow popups, 1 weak rolled-over 4-3 grounder, 1 weak rolled-over 4-6 FC.

  15. dodgereric

    e, scott, bear, peru, the most pathetic thing about all this is that there are SO MANY people that are EXCITED about Pierre returning and Jones’ double! They don’t care that there is a loss in OBP at the top of the lineup. They don’t care that one of the top 4 or 5 bats on the team is sitting. They don’t care because they believe that SOMEHOW Pierre’s speed (and does he really have speed right now after a sooner-than-expected recovery from a knee injury) matters, just because Joe says so.

  16. enchantedbeaver

    Cool – now we can play bear says !! LOL

    I agree bear. Unfortunately, we could all see this coming with Ethier. Still, unbelievable to sit him in favor of The Cow.

  17. imthedude

    If they move Jones to 8th, he’ll cry when people WON’T pitch around him to get to the pitcher. He’ll be the only player in the history of baseball who nevers gets pitched around to face a pitcher.

  18. perumike

    eric, I totally agree. I think people would be a lot more accepting of Pierre if we had confidence that management would platoon Pierre and Jones, but now that we have 100% surety that management will not play the right players, we’re pissed!

  19. dodgereric

    Amy, you’re a treasure!

    Make no mistake, right now I’d like to see Pierre in the lineup. Just like this:

    Kemp, CF
    Ethier RF
    Martin, C
    Kent, 2B
    Nomar, SS
    Loney, 1B
    LaRoche, 3B
    Pierre, LF
    Billingsley, P

    And I DEFY Torre or Coletti or Plaschke or Baxter or Rosenthal or anyone on the planet to say that this lineup is not better than the one that Josh posted.

  20. roberto6

    Hey Scott, I’m a big dodger fan. I understand your frustration. I have been following this team for around 20 years (I’m 28) I dislike all of these moves. I’m not a Jones or Pierre fan. I rather have the kids up there. I understand you but how can you say “I’ll be rooting for my Angels” ? I don’t get it. I will never root for “my angels” I have to go. I’m about to leave and go to Dodger stadium. Let’s go Dodgers !!!!!! 🙂

  21. porklinks

    Nice. Bring back JP for the series against the Nats who are 1/2 game ahead of the Padres for the WORST record in the NL. Then when the Dodgers sweep, somehow he will get credit for having been the difference maker.
    I hope the Dodgers put a stopwatch on JP to make sure the injury recovery hasn’t cost him a step. What’s worse than JP? A slower JP.

  22. dodgrdad14

    Here is a letter I sent into Dodger stories, I don’t know if it will get anywhere but It sure felt good writting it.

    Dear Mr. McCourt,
    I have been a Dodger fan since 1975, My Dad started taking me to games when I was very young (about 5 or 6) and my whole life I have listened to Mr. Vin Scully, when I dreamed of playing for the Dodgers as A little leaguer I always heard Vin’s voice calling the play. Now I coach my sons little league team. He is 10 years old and I have a problem because he wants to go to Dodger Stadium and see the Dodgers play, well I live 400 miles away now and I don’t see the reason to pay $500-$800 to see a Dodger game when Joe Torre keeps trotting out Andrew Jones and his 160 batting average and leading off with Juan Pierre and his .297 OBP.
    I don’t know if this is going to get to you but I hope it does so you know you are creating more Angels fans by the way this team is being handled. The Dodger way is grinding to a very disappointing halt. If you want the true long time Dodger fan to stick around then you need to get your head out of the sand and get rid of the problems in your organization. If you need help contact Mr. O’Malley, he knows a thing or two about making the fans happy.

  23. imthedude

    We need to start a website and takes bets on how much longer it will be before Torre realizes that .166 doesn’t lie – that’s a pitchers AVG.

    You friggin dropped A-Rod in the playoffs….you can’t sit Jones now?

  24. dodgrdad14

    Shad, an out is an out and Kemp’s OBP is over 100 points higher meaning he is getting on base more and creating less outs. Slappy makes more outs than Kemp. An out is an out.


    Rather than judging joe for sitting Ethier, have any of you thought he might actually be letting him play for trade purposes? You know, kind of the way he was showcasing La Roche in colorado?

  26. enchantedbeaver

    There’s no fool like an old fool eh Joe?

    Shad, the D’s had a winning record with Kemp leading off. The D’s were 10 games under .500 with JP and his .297 OBP leading off. Kemp may not be the prototype leadoff man, but JP is the worst.

  27. kho88

    it’s a sad sight when the manager has to yield to the wishes of a former sports marketer who gave over $80 million to two washed-up has-been vets who can’t hold the young kids’ jocks. if joe really believes pierre and jones in the lineup gives the dodgers the best chance to win, he needs to retire. seriously. ethier and kemp deserve to play. they’ve earned it. and all stats aside, look at the bottom line: the dodgers are five games over .500 with furcal leading off, they’re 3 games over .500 with kemp, they’re 0-1 with nomar and 20-29 with pierre. i don’t like our chances over the rest of the season if torre/ned continue to play pierre and worse, continue to bat him leadoff.

  28. imthedude

    “Shad, an out is an out and Kemp’s OBP is over 100 points higher meaning he is getting on base more and creating less outs. Slappy makes more outs than Kemp. An out is an out.”

    Also Shad, do you realize that dispite those Ks, Kemp’s OB is much higher?

    That means Pierre makes contact a lot more times….but does nothing with them. Imagine if Kemp made contact 50% of those Ks – I’d bet his AVG/OB% would be even higher cause they would be hit.

    Give Pierre more contacts – and he does nothing with them.

    If Kemp’s #s were lower than Pierre’s, I’d agree. But they’re not. Pierre is that bad.

  29. dodgereric

    erica, we all thought that coming out of spring training. Obviously it was just hopeful thinking.

  30. dodgrdad14

    What time does the Giants game start? I think Sanchez or Lincecum are starting tonight, It should be a good game…..
    Have a good night all, to much for me for one day.

  31. enchantedbeaver

    erica – IMO I don’t think with his enormous contract and limited ability that anyone would want Pierre; and no one in their right mind would want Jones (you can obviously read that as JoJo isn’t in his.)

  32. imthedude

    “Yeah but I rather take the pathetic obp instead of Kemp k’s.”
    shad, when you wrote that, I though you were saying you prefer Pierre’s pathetic OB% over Kemp’s Ks in the lead-off. which, a couple other people seem to interpret too, which is why they all are responding to you.
    don’t curse at me, we’re just trying to respond you your comments.


    I seriously don’t mind Pierre (yeah yeah attack me). He is WAY over-paid, and that’s Ned’s fault but I think he’s valuable enough for a good trade.
    Just thinking that Ned is going to make an actual worthwhile move is a wishful thought in itself.

  34. imthedude

    **I seriously don’t mind Pierre (yeah yeah attack me). He is WAY over-paid, and that’s Ned’s fault but I think he’s valuable enough for a good trade. **

    I think he’d be a great 8th hitter, just not lead-off.


    Oh yeah. Jones is a big fat (pun intended) loss. For sure. But you’re right JP’s contract is ridiculous as is Schmidt’s and Jones. I just find it funny that everyone is on this huge anti-pierre campaign because of his “mediocrity” and his big contract, but no one seems to care that Schmidt pitched what, 3 games in nearly two seasons and is still getting his ridiculous salary.

  36. enchantedbeaver

    To Smokey The Bear:

    JoJo The Clown
    JoJo The Clown
    Playin’ all the vets
    To run his team in the ground
    He can kill a line-up
    Before it starts to play
    That is why we call him JoJo
    That was how he got his name.


    Does anyone in management actually read any of this? Does anyone know how disgruntled the fans are?

  38. dodger 32

    I can’t believe they’re letting a pinch runner lead off and play a power position, and they sit one of the teams home run leaders to do so. Then they wonder why their attendance is down. I wonder how many people actually come to see Slappy, and his 293 obp at lead off. If we’re lucky maybe Slappy will pull a muscle or something when he grounds out or hits his weak little pop outs. Clueless Joe strikes again.

  39. dodgereric

    .186 .228 .295 Mystery guest
    .166 .269 .249 Andruw Jones 2008

    .097 .145 .116 Another mystery guest
    .094 .181 .125 Mark Sweeney 2008

  40. j-murray

    i’ve got an analogy for you all.
    juan pierre : outs ::
    A) bark : tree
    B) hummer : gasoline
    C) cloud : rain
    D) cage : bird

    if anybody can figure it out, i’ll give him or her an imaginary dollar.

  41. imthedude

    eric, I think people would be griping about Schmidt if he was taking starts away from Bills, Kershaw, etc…

    I would have kept Glaus’ HR he hit off Schmidt on 6-10-07 if I knew he’d only be making one more start for us. Just so I had something to remember Schmidt by…

  42. porklinks

    There is no need to “showcase” Pierre; everyone in the league knows what he is – the guy’s been out there every day for years. He’s a speedy mediocrity at best now, and he’s been declining offensively each of the last four seasons.

  43. enchantedbeaver

    erica – I honestly don’t even think of Schmidt as being on the Dodgers. You’re right, another terrible acquisition by Nerd. Schmidt’s “plus” is that he isn’t stinking it up in the ML and keeping younger better pitchers off the field.

  44. dodgereric

    erica, unfortunately this is all that McCourt looks at:

    RNK TEAM AVG Attendance
    1 NY Yankees 52,667
    2 NY Mets 50,470
    3 LA Dodgers 45,038

  45. gmac99


    Exactly. The longer Jones continues to get playing time over Ethier and/or Kemp, the longer it will be before I see my next game in person.

    In fact, if Jones were released and Colletti fired, I would buy season tickets the very next second.

    Come on, Frankie. I triple-dog dare you.


    I’m just tired of the blame games on one particular player. Our team SUCKS. Period. We’re terrible at situational hitting, we strike out a lot and we have a donkey’s butt for a GM. It amazes me that we’re even in contention for first place. The entire west sucks. Is Arizona even over .500 hundred yet?

  47. dodgereric

    erica, I wasn’t online when you jumped into the deep end here a couple of days ago. But didn’t you say that you were from West Covina?

  48. imthedude

    It can’t be A, because a bark is only part of a tree, and as much as outs are a part of Juan, they’re not the only part of him. if you had said A) tree: bark, then I’d say yes…a tree has many parts, but the bark is nearest to its center as are outs to pierre
    i think we can also safely rule out D), since a cage owns a bird, and Pierre doesn’t own the outs, they own him – again, reversed and we’d be onto something
    now, a hummer takes too much gas to go the same as an efficient car. kinda like how pierre takes SO MANY more outs to generate the same # of hits. think of it as an OUTS-PER-HIT rating, like MPG. this is a very close choice, but i think the answer is
    C) cloud : rain simply because – you see clouds? you expect rain over 73% of the time. you see pierre at-bat, you expect an out 73% of the time. and you’re not angry. you’re not suprised. you simply expect it.


    Eric, you’re right. All McCourt sees are numbers.
    All of this makes me want to cry out of anger. I’ve been bleeding blue my entire life, and this season has made me want to become an Angel fan. I can actually watch dodger management be successful with their players and win some damn games.
    Am I allowed to say damn? LOL.

  50. perumike

    Well guys and gals, I’m off to the stadium! I hope to come back with a smile on my face, and that my smile is not only due to eating a Dodger dog at our beautiful stadium. Go Blue!

  51. dodgereric

    I thought I remembered that. I went to what used to be Edgewood HS. I also lived in San Dimas for 8 years.

    No one responded, but I’m anal-retentive so here’s the answers:

    .186 .228 .295 Don Drysdale (career)
    .166 .269 .249 Andruw Jones 2008

    .097 .145 .116 Sandy Koufax (career)
    .094 .181 .125 Mark Sweeney 2008


    Thanks Shad. Proves my point. The first place team isn’t over .500. NL west sucks. End of story.
    Has Nelly been on? I’d rather indulge in a Sizemore conversation right now than depress myself anymore than I am.

  53. dodger 32

    Pierre is just one of the things wrong with this team.The main problem is management and their inability to recognize talent and no talent.. Imagine if we had a productive outfielder to go along with Kemp ,and Ethier, that would go a long ways to help fix some of the on-field problems. Without Pierre, clueless Joe would have to bat someone with a better obp lead off.


    Eric, I’m floored by those stats. FLOORED.


    In the words of Bill and Ted, “San Dimas rocks”.

    Its a great city. But so is La Verne. I can do without West covina. Its getting too crowded.

    Okay…so who from this forum is from Cleveland again?

  55. bluecrewgirl

    Well, just like we all knew, Andre is once again the one to get screwed. I have been a Dodger fan since the early 70’s and it is shame to see what has happened to this organization. There is no way Ethier should be benched in favor or JP, Jones or anyone else for that matter. He and Matt are clearly to 2 best outfielders on the team and should be starting every day without question. There is no way Pierre should be batting lead off with his sub par on base percentage. One season he even led the major leagues in outs made. That is not the make up of a lead off hitter. A lead off hitter needs to get on base, which Matt was doing. I would rather seem Matt batting where he can get more rbi’s, but then Russ or someone else with a decent on base percentage should be batting leadoff. I really don’t know how Andre stands it. All he does is work hard, produce and prove himself over and over again, and for what? So he can rot on the bench? I have no problem with Pierre starting over Jones, but Ethier should not be the one benched.

  56. gagne85

    Oh man this is a frustrating day. I’m praying a team comes out of the woodwork and actually takes Pierre off our hands in the next week. Gumdrops will probably fall from the sky before that day happens though.

    Ethier and/or Kemp don’t deserve this kind of treatment!!


    The only way that Frank will get a clue about how the fans feel about his management is when he continues being disappointed in the attendance and team revenue. I hope he finds occasion to choke on those numbers before the season is over.

  58. dodgereric

    Yeah, erica, Jones and Sweeney are so pathetic that you have to use something else to get perspective.

    La Verne is a beautiful little town. I have a sister-in-law living there right now. I lived in those townhouses that are across San Dimas Ave from Raging Waters.

    I don’t know who’s from CLE but jhall is from Columbus, I think.

  59. northstateblues

    There’s no excuse for Dre sitting while Jones plays. dodgereric’s lineup was the best. If we want Jones to work out of the slump, send him to Vegas. Or to the Inland Empire. This division is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYY too shabby to be throwing up the white flag in July.

    Nowadays Torre writes the lineups like he knows what he’s sayin
    But nuthin’s comin’ outta Andruw’s bat
    Just another 0-4 stat
    Why does Torre act like he forgot about ‘Dre?


    The only way that Frank will get a clue about how the fans feel about his management is when he continues being disappointed in the attendance and team revenue. I hope he chokes on those numbers before the season is over.

  61. dodgereric

    Now, now, Wally. It’s not polite to say that ‘someone has lost his marbles’. It’s much nicer to say that ‘he thinks differently’ or ‘perhaps he should rethink his position’.

  62. northstateblues

    Don’t get me wrong, I want Andruw Jones to do well. But I also want to win the lottery, visit Mars, and I’m interested in acquiring 100 acres of real estate in midtown Manhattan (those are terms McCourt could understand).

  63. perumike

    Hey everyone, is section 1FD the section right behind home plate, behind the dugout seating? If so, I have some nice seats!


    Yeah, Eric. Those stats were just a wee bit depressing. LOL. Informative nonetheless…

    Well, whomever is from Ohio, go and brainwash Grady Sizemore with subliminal tapes that makes him want to become a dodger. I’m going to go do some homework…and watch us lose. Sigh…

  65. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Can June be officially pissed now!?! I am completely speechless at this moment. That last shread of faith that Torre might do the right thing just vanished. Most of you have said what I would have anyway, so I will just leave it at that. THIS IS TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE!! Jhall can add the “F*ing” because it is deserved for this lineup.
    eric – thanks for posting the song, dear!
    enchanted – great song earlier!!
    jhall – indians are rockin’ right now! I am watching them on the big screen
    sigh ;(
    sigh ;(
    sigh ;(


    Good evening gang. Just got on. Seen that Slappy Mcpopup is starting tonight. I know they don’t want us to use profanity on this blog but Pierre is the sorriest f****** excuse for a lead off batter I’ve even seen and I’ve been watching and listening to the Dodgers for 58 years. I’ve never been so disappointed in a manager as I am in Joe Torre. He is not a manager unless he has high priced talent at every position and was never a good manager for 3 National league teams. How you can sit someone with Ethier’s ability and start that worthless Pierre, I’ll never know. He can’t hit, he certainly can’t throw and there have been numerous better base stealers. Most of the people on this blog could do a better job than Torre. He needs to be fired.


    STUPID, STUPID, STUPID, and this whole righty lefty matching up ******** is a goddamn joke, ethier is a better hitter and better all around player. this is absolute BS, and it has noting to do with pierre, it has to do with joe putting the tub of gew back out there in center.maybe i will get an angels hat. this is ridiculous, jones has done NOTHING,


    and ethier is one of the team leaders in HR’s, are you KIDDING ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I would almost bet (if I was a betting man) my next month’s SS check that Slappy will pop up in his first plate appearance tonight. and I’ll say that a runner will take second on a ball hit to him in left field that wouldn’t dream of against Ethier.

  69. enchantedbeaver

    Honestly, if I were Ethier, I’d ask to be traded to an organization that would appreciate my talent. That goes for Kemp too.


    You know unlike all of you i am actually excited to have Pierre back, but only if it meant andrew jones was sitting because of it. At this point im ok with Pierre, Kemp, Ethier. Pierre, Jones, Kemp is unacceptable. Thats a pop up and two strikeouts. With ethier you have a quality at bat 7 times out of 10…


    Thought I would post one more time our list of bloggers and the city and state where they’re located.

    enchanted Las Cruces, NM
    dodgerboy LaPlata, MD
    dnelly Merced, CA
    dodgereric Temecula, CA
    jhall Columbus, OH
    mlk Irvine, CA
    pierreEW Brooklyn, NY
    messagebear Wenatchee, WA
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    leekfink Redondo Beach, CA
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    scurtis Chicago, IL
    bigkace La Habra, CA
    Alex West LA, CA
    westernmost… LA, CA
    manfromchina Lompoc, CA
    northstateblues Marysville, CA
    saralovesrussell Toluca Lake, CA
    fliegel Pocono Mountains, PA
    seeskybout Salt Lake City, UT
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    jnv Roseville, CA
    ccompe Ventura, CA
    lbirken Northridge, CA
    kssparkuhl Nampa, ID
    rodmky Mackay, Queensland, Australia
    swood Fairfax, VA
    brandond Las Vegas, NV
    shad Compton, CA
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    amymwalton Glendale, CA
    dodgerblueaz Somewhere, AZ

    I’m also noticing that we have a number of new people posting particularly tonight, so please feel free to give us your city and state so we can add you to our list. The following names are previous bloggers for whom we don’t have that information, and we would be pleased to know where you’re from. Thank you.


  72. aeversw

    Waking up this morning I was very excited for this game tonight. We had the horrible Nationals coming into town with our Ace on the hill and a chance to play some crappy teams and pick up some games in the win column. With a half hour until the first pitch I’ve decided not to even watch the game. This move shows that the Dodgers care more about putting names out on the field rather then our best team possible.

  73. tradejuanpypaperbag

    jhall – LMAO!!! -Thanks! I’m posting from my phone and couldn’t do that myself. I needed the laugh 🙂 This is so incredibly unbelievable, I truly am speechless. I don’t know why I am surprised, but it’s frustrating nonetheless. Andre doesn’t deserve this. If he is going to be treated this way until Andruw’s contract is up, I rather see him play for another team. He deserves and has earned better than this. Maybe he can go play with Grady in Cleveland. 🙂 sigh, sigh,sigh 😉

  74. ladgr14

    ChiSox’ Crede placed on 15-day DL
    07/25/08 06:58 PM, EDT
    The Chicago White Sox put third baseman Joe Crede on the disabled list, replaced him with minor leaguer Josh Fields and released pitcher Esteban Loaiza on Friday.

    Bloaiza didn’t last long

  75. jhallwally

    RBC Nelly!! It is crap!! I would love to see Ethier in Cleveland. They would truely appreciate him there.

  76. lagirl27

    well we can be happy that there is dodger baseball on tonight.
    lets just sit back and enjoy it and see what happens.
    even if we don’t all agree with the lineup.


    The only thing worse than having Jones in CF and Pierre in LF is having Joe Torre as manager. This guy really is totally clueless. If his managing ability was converted to a BA, it would be much lower than Jones’. The Dodgers must be the laughing stock of baseball. I’m sure that Arizona is very happy to have Ned and Joe in charge, because those two are the only reason that the Diamondbacks are leading the division.

  78. northstateblues

    Here’s opposing pitcher John Lannan’s line for today:
    Career 8-11 3.50 146.2 55 73 .259
    Season 6-9 3.29 112.0 38 63 .255
    Away 4-4 2.44 70.0 20 47 .249

    and here’s the numbers for Bills Bills Bills, according to
    Career 28-18 3.43 359.0 175 333 .247
    Season 9-9 3.32 122.0 53 133 .235
    Home 5-4 3.84 58.2 23 75 .248

    Lannan has no history against the Dodgers, but only 6 potential Washington starters have any history against Bills:

    Belliard, Ronnie .333 3 0 0
    Harris, Willie .500 2 0 0
    Kearns, Austin .333 3 0 0
    Lopez, Felipe .333 6 0 0
    Orr, Pete .000 1 0 0
    Zimmerman, Ryan .000 5 0 0

    Info courtesy MLB Gameday:

  79. tradejuanpypaperbag

    <:-)o( jhall – just love it!!!!
    still speechless, and I am probably not going to enjoy this game tonight. It’s unbelieveable how all the articles are twisting Jones fiasco of a year around and making it now seem like he is getting quality at bats because of a couple of walks and one frickin’ double. Last time I checked Andre had 23 doubles and 11 HRs. As for Pierre I am glad he is back, but I truly thought it would be to replace Jones, but I was fooled again into trusting a management team that maybe would have some b*lls to sit Jones’ *ss on the bench at least. He will get booed tonight, and I am afraid, it will be well deserved because if any of the fans are half as disappointed as we are about what happened, there is going to be h*ll to pay for benching Ethier tonight, and I won’t blame one fan there for booing tonight. Yesterday, I was of the mindset that I wouldn’t boo, but I think if I were there tonight, I would – it’s just how I feel right now, and it’s a total injustice to a player who deserves better. I guess I am not really speechless, just really pissed off 🙂

  80. ksparkuhl

    Somebody up top posted something about Ethier’s numbers vs. lefties this year. Must I remind everyone how much better Andre’s been doing vs. lefties in the past month? …and he’s a lifetime .278 vs. lefties and, without this season, he’d have that average still above .300.

  81. tradejuanpypaperbag

    I had to catch up!!! LMAO!!! Can I use the “A” tonight kids? Mom is really pissed off right now!!! Ward, this is not a good day for Dodger baseball, dear. I hope you had a good day at work, and that the boys behaved while I was gone. It looks like they had fun today playing and writing songs.


    Just got back from saturday morning shopping to read that Joe has decided to conceed the division to .. well anyone … by playing both Jones and Pierre. Sorry Amy I said I wouldn’t say anything until JP came back fron the DL but I’m now convinced that we’re not in this to win. Sorry eveyone if I sound like a defeated Aussie but I’m ashamed with the decisions being made to this team. If either Jones or Pierre are better for this team than Ethier than all my years of playing and following baseball have been for nought.

    BTW wasn’t it convenient that Pew Wee sudenly had an injury.

  83. enchantedbeaver

    <f:) nth
    Hi Mom! Can’t find dad or Wally, but I’m having fun with the new math!!

    Hey Rod! We all agree – it makes no sense whatsoever.


    It’s bad enough having our two worst outfielders be our two most expensive outfielders. Do we really have to start them both too?

  85. enchantedbeaver

    I’d imagine that we are now truely the laughing stock of the major leagues kecster. I don’t recognize your name, so welcome to the ITD jungle as well!!

    JP, Ned and Druw – A gimp, a simp, and a blimp.

  86. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Hi Rodmky- you are definitely in the majority with your thinking so don’t worry – most of us are pissed, too 🙂
    Beav – this new math is definitely not what I was taught when I was in school. I see Wally just walked in. It looks like he is doing his math homework as well.

  87. vl4ecc

    I’m thinking Torre’s got part-timers, alzheimers, or some other mental issue here. The book is out on Jones, and the rest of the MLB teams are aware. He simply cannot hit a breaking ball. Period. Maybe it’s pressure from Ned, or whoever with this waaay overpriced/overpaid bust signing of this BUM. Defensively he’s still good, but he’s had more than enough time to get back in, and make the adjustments since coming off the DL on his AB’s.
    Reading the writing on the wall sitting Ethier, it makes me think he will be offered up as trade bait. I hope this isn’t so, but the deadline is approaching, and it’s nail biting time on who goes, and who stays.

  88. kho88

    you know with all this pierre bashing, he is going to have a multi-hit night, the dodgers will win and torre and plaschke and everyone else in the media will be saying how much better the offense is with pierre at the top. ugh. two weeks later when we get shut out for the third time since mr. mcpopup came back, we’ll be back at it again, lamenting how slappy hasn’t gotten a walk in over a week but torre will be saying how he liked pierre’s 3rd SB of the week and how jones fly ball to the warning track looked real good and that he was finally coming around. ugh,ugh.

    btw, i was a frequent poster on the dodgers main site but only started coming here recently. i’m a born and bred Angelino currently living in Honolulu, Hawaii.

  89. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Okay – can we put Matt back at lead off now? An out is still an out. It doesn’t matter how it happens. ground out/strikeout – they are both outs!!!

  90. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Welcome khola!!! Boy!! did you pick a night to come on here.
    Even if Pierre and Jones don’t have a good night, the media will twist it like they always do and give them some lame a**ed excuse for their bad plays or bad at bats. They are in a win, win situation – they are vets, and that’s all Torre cares about apparently.

  91. bluecrewgirl

    DNelly, I knew you would be as disgusted as me about this turn of events. Did you catch the bs that Torre spewed about it that was posted on the Dodger Blue Notes blog at He made some ridiculous comment about how he had a talk with Andre before the game and told him to bear with him and how proud he was of him. He also said that Andre has improved so much since the start of the year that it makes it so much harder for him to decide playing time now. Excuse me, Andre’s batting average was over .300 before he started messing with his head, so how has he improved so much since then? He’s the same top quality player he’s always been. Plus, it’s not hard to decide who plays when you have the balls to base it on who performs. It’s completely absurd that we have a player hitting under .200 still in the lineup. And sitting him against lefties doesn’t fly anymore as he’s hit them well his entire career and in college and he’s come out of his short slump against them lately. I’m going to need some wine to be able to even watch this game, lol.

  92. vl4ecc

    messagebear I’m born & raised in southern New Mexico (aka ‘The Land of Radioactivity’), and grew up a Dodger fan. My dad was from the Bronx (RIP), so I’ve been a Dodger fan for as long as I can remember. I later moved to CA, and lived in the LA/Orange county area, then Bakersfield for @ 25 years, so I used to frequent Dodger games on a regular basis. I’ve missed it severely since I moved here to west Texas (Odessa). I’m restricted so much on watching the Dodgers unless they’re on the game of the week, ESPN, or when the play the Astros. Looks like I’m the sole blogger that lives here in Texas. GO DODGERS!!

  93. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Boys ~ I am going downstairs to watch the game. Enchanted I am going to ask about that line on Andruw and Pierre and see what the reaction is. I’ve got my Ethier jersey so we shall see. I will be back in a little bit.
    They all apply right now ~ LMAO!!!!


    By Ken Gurnick /

    LOS ANGELES — Juan Pierre was back in the Dodgers’ lineup Friday night, but so was Andruw Jones, which got the media asking pointed questions about Andre Ethier being the odd man out, which got manager Joe Torre a little testy.

    “Because that’s the way I wrote it down,” Torre said, when questioned why Jones and his .166 batting average were in the lineup for the opener of a 10-game homestand and Ethier, batting .277, was not.

    When it was suggested that Jones, who volunteered to return early from knee surgery, could return to a Minor League rehab assignment, Torre said: “When you get your team you can run it your way. For now, we’ll do it our way.” …. Torre said he met with Ethier and asked for patience. At least for the first two games of this series, Ethier lost his job to a player (Pierre) returning from injury that he originally beat out in spring competition for the Opening Day job, while Jones remains in the lineup despite being a season-long disappointment. Matt Kemp, hitting .290, has pretty much been a starter since Spring Training.

    “I told [Ethier] to just bear with me,” Torre said. “I also told him how proud I am for how far he’s come and just bear with me while I get a feel for how long it’s going to take. It can’t take a month. We have to make up our minds in smaller increments.

    “In Andruw’s case, I want to see more of what I’ve seen some of. Keep in mind, if you go back to the start, Andruw was a huge part because of what he brings to the table and I’m not about to ignore that. We signed the guy for a reason. His experience, being on championship clubs. But he’s struggling. That’s where the dilemma is for who gets most of the action. If I saw no progress it would be an easier decision to make.”

    And to think Frank is paying Joe $4 million a year for that kind of managing!

  95. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Bluecrewgirl – I am with you so much!! I almost cried this afternoon when I saw the lineup. It saddens me to see Torre mess with him like this. At the same time, I am pissed as h*ll for what Torre has done to the lineup that was working so well, win or lose. I have truly come to realize this management doesn’t care about winnng, they care about the big boys on the payroll because I don’t picture any other manager putting this pathetic lineup on the field when you have a .280/11 HR batter on the bench over two outfielders that haven’t a quarter of the stats of what Andre’s done. I am with you on the wine, but I am having a margarita instead. I am going downstairs to the sportsbook to watch the game. I can’t get it on my computer and it’s not on tv here ethier (either). Talk to you in a little while – bye 🙂


    Nomar has a big heart but absolutely no range .. unless the ball is hit at him he can’t field it.

  97. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Redfox – I rather see Andre traded then to have him deal with this crap. This is an awful shame that he has to be put through this stuff. I rather watch him play for another team that appreciates him for all the talent he has because he certainly hasn’t been able to prove it here, and he won’t be able to as long as Pierre and Jones are on this team together. That article speaks volumes of where Torre’s loyalties are, and it’s not with the young players who are performing circles around the vets.


    I’ll add my voice to the chorus. It’s utterly unbelievable that Jones is in there instead of Andre. Sadly, however, not surprising, given this management team.. I can only hope that Torre meant what he said when he told Andre to bear with him, meaning that Jones will have to show something soon to stay in the lineup. I’m not holding my breath, however.


    I know he’s 0 for 2, but how about that Pierre hustle. Doesn’t that just give you goose bumps? As compared to Jones, which just makes me want to barf.

  100. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Another frickin’ ground out is still an out. Andre can do that and he might possibly be able to hit it out of the park if he was in the frickin’ game.


    I am so tired of Jones and his “I make 18 million a year” grin when he strikes out.

    I’m so tired of this whole team, actually ( except for Martin. Martin rocks. ).

    I stopped watching them for almost a month back in June and it was actually a relief not to have to watch one Dodger after the other make a weak out. You realize that the Giants swept the Nationals, right? The Dodgers are not going to even manage that.

    Le sigh. Maybe next year. Same as last year.

    ( How big is the payroll again and this team can’t buy a winning record? )


    The biggest disappointment to me Nelly was the total confidence Joe has in JP. As we all hinted at before this day as soon as JP was fit he would be a permanent fixture and that has come to pass.


    dnelly, I totally agree with you. The Dodgers with the current management do not deserve the young talent that they have. I’ve been a fan since the early 50’s in the glory days of Snider, Hodges, Campanella, etc. There were certainly ups and downs and many disappointments over the years, but I have never been so disappointed, frustrated, and infuriated as I am now. Ned and Joe are ruining this team and wasting the season. If I was one of the young players, I would want out as fast as I could. Joe is certainly not a manager that any of them can respect, given his double standards, arrogant refusal to do the right thing, and just plain stupidity. He deserves to lose, so in that way it takes some of the sting out of the losses.

  104. bluecrewgirl

    How pathetic, we can’t even score against the Nationals. Ethier should especially be in there against the Nationals. He’s always hit well against them.


    We’re at home and playing one of the worst teams in the league. We should be thinking “Sweep”. But with JoJo’s lineup….Aah, it’s just !@####ed!!!!!


    Nelly, Did you hear the Cowboys released Terry Glenn today but said they might resign him later closer to the start of the regular season..


    redfox, we must be close to the same age. I’ve been a Dodger fan since the early 50’s and this has to be my most frustrated year ever being a Dodger fan. Maybe because since I’ve retired I’ve had more time to follow the team and watch more games on MLB.TV


    As frustrating as this season has been, the 100 loss season with Jose Offerman at short was worse.

  109. vl4ecc

    enchanted I was born in Alamogordo (aka ‘Spaceport USA’) Grew up in La Luz, and graduated From Alamogordo High in 77. I live in Odessa, TX now

  110. lagirl27

    lets go Dodgers lets go. OMG – Mr. Jones getting a double. way to go.
    I’m here now. bringin the Dodger sunshine and happiness with me to share with all of you 🙂


    In choosing Jones to start over Ethier, Torre has seemingly ignored (as he seems to for every opposing starting pitcher) Lannan’s splits for the season. Lannan has had more trouble with LHH than with RHH. The most extreme difference is in opponents’ SLG. .355 for RHH, .485 for LHH. So if Torre (foolishly) wanted to start Jones and Pierre, it would have perhaps been more logical to bench Kemp. (This complete lack of regard for opponent starting pitchers’ splits was not present last season btw when such data played an obvious large role in the setting of our line-ups.)


    Guess Andre better get used to sitting .. one double can do that .. especially if it’s Jones.


    That’s gotta be the hardest hit ball Jones has hit all year. Lannin must’ve not gotten the memo about fastballs for Andruw,

  114. lagirl27

    DODGERS. I am home. and I am happy and Dodger baseball is on. It’s a beautiful situation. Now lets win boys!!!
    To dnelly/enchanted and all my “leave it to beaver” friends. It’s funny cause I have a friend that calls me ‘Wally’ so every time I scroll thru the board and I see that name it throws me off. I think you are talking to me, but then you don’t know that nick name.
    . that’s all 🙂

  115. enchantedbeaver

    Spaceport… I could go into a long discertation about that folly. Needless to say they missed their first launch date by two years and counting. Alamogordo is expanding a tad, but Cruces is exploding, or was until the housing market slowed down. My house here was built by a contractor from up in LaLuz – Williamson (I think was the name.)


    I can’t believe you guys think that Grady would go against his bosses and play the players he wants. That may get him fired.

  117. lagirl27

    Though I am the only person happy that Pierre is back… (and you all know I agree that Andre should NOT be the odd man out)….It is his first game back from the DL. Give him a few games back before you attack him. I also think (and agree) that while he is still trying to get back into the groove..maybe a later spot in the rotation would work best. But I am not the manager and wont pretend to be. I have no experience in that department. I just got so used to seeing my Matty at the top, but I’ll take 2nd if Dre can’t be 2nd 🙂
    Welcome back Juan. Nice steal some bases.

  118. vl4ecc

    enchanted I haven’t been back to Alamo for over 20 years. I probably wouldn’t know the place. Someday I hope to go back to the La Luz/Laborcita canyon area to retire someday.


    Amy I attacked the Juan Pierre signing the day it happened, he is terrible and should not be playing if we are serious about winning.

    The Cubs miss him terribly as you can tell.

  120. ucscslug

    if Pierre is gonna start, the best place to put him in the lineup is 9th. that way he won’t get as many at bats, and as many chances to do what he does best (make outs). But when he does get on base, he’ll have the top of the lineup ready to drive him in.

  121. dodgereric

    o o

    To Nirvana’s “Come As You Are”

    I’m Andruw Jones

    Andruw Jones
    I can’t hit
    The ball to save my life
    I’m no good
    I’m no good
    But I play every day
    Two home runs
    I’ve got 12 RBIs
    I’m so bad
    I strike out
    More than one
    More than one time in three-ah
    I’m lousy-ah
    I’m lousy-ah
    I’m drowsy-ah

    Do not care
    That I suck
    See my sh—eatin’ grin?
    My agent
    got all my
    Thirty six mill-i-on-ah

    And I swear
    That I don’t have a care
    No I don’t have regrets
    No I don’t have remorse


    And I swear
    That I don’t have a gun
    No I don’t need a gun
    No I don’t want a gun
    No I don’t use a gun
    No I don’t own a gun

  122. lagirl27

    jungar- you’ve hated him since day one? aww my little piernas. He’s a good guy and he just got us a run. that can’t be bad.
    Thank you Nomar. That was awesome. Now, my little Lonesome needs some RBI’s right about now!!!

  123. tradejuanpypaperbag

    jungar – You said this before, and I am really beginning to agree with you. Andre doesn’t deserve this and probably would be better off traded. If Ned/Torre, or whoever, are going to insist on being idiots and playing these two in the outfield night after night, then so be it. I can’t sit here night after night listening to people rationalize why Pierre and Jones deserve playing time over Andre. They don’t even deserve to play over Young right now, who suspisously went on the DL today. I thought this would not be happening this late in the season, and I don’t see it being fixed even next year if Jones and Pierre are still on this team.

  124. northstateblues

    my loney has a first name, it’s J-A-M-E-S
    my loney has a second name, it’s L-O-N-E-Y
    I love to watch him every day
    And if you ask me why, I’ll say
    ’cause James Loney has a way
    with H-I-T-T-I-N-G!


  125. enchantedbeaver

    There’s the Andruw that we know. To bad that damn double will keep him in for the next two weeks (at least.)

  126. bluecrewgirl

    I feel your pain, DNelly. I noticed when they showed Andre in the dugout he was smiling and joking with Russ. I woudln’t expect him not to be a team player, but can only imagine how he must really feel at this point.

  127. dodgereric

    Oh, other than watching the team that I’ve lived and died with for 50 of my 55 years bench their HR co-leader so that they can not only weaken the top of the order and keep a .160 hitter in the middle of the lineup…………….fine, thanks for asking……….

    I actually had that song written to slam Pierre, but since Torre and The Cow are the real villans of the day I re-wrote it.

  128. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Northstateblues – thank you for posting James’ song. I haven’t been in a Dodger baseball mood today for obvious reasons. Andre’s getting screwed!!!!

  129. northstateblues

    Forgive my asking if it’s been talked about already, but where’s Rick Monday? seems like a while since I heard him last.


    I’d be pissed if I was Ethier. He can be missing out on millions down the road by not playing daily now. We should trade him for sure Dnelly

  131. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Bluecrewgirl – I have no doubts he will be as professional as he always has been, and he truly is a team player, in which makes it even more difficult to see him sitting.

  132. vl4ecc

    enchanted I really do miss living there, but the job market still stinks in that area. Unless you work for Uncle Sam!

  133. bluecrewgirl

    It would be a shame if they traded hiim, jungar. He’s going to only get better in my opinion. But, it’s obviious by the moves the Dodgers have made in recent years they don’t care about getting better. As long as we’re willing to fork out 8 bucks for a tiny bottle of wine, etc., McCourt will be happy.

  134. leekfink

    northstateblues–an RBI for Loney indeed.
    Dnelly–I really do NOT want to see Ethier traded. Rather have him with his playing time be messed up than beating the pants off of us.
    As for Torre (and I see Jungar has taken to calling him Grady), if I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times–the whole point of having Joe Torre is that he can say to Ned–or even Frank–you’re wrong, and I’m playing the best guys, I don’t care how much you’re paying them. If you want a manager who is forced to play guys he does not want, you might as well have Grady.
    And it seems like Torre will do just that. Unfortunately, he does it to journalists (the term obviously excluding Kevin Baxter) who are, like any sane people, perplexed by him sitting one of the 4 best players on the team in favor of a guy who can’t even see the Mendoza line.
    Great catch by Kemp!

  135. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Is Pierre 1 for 4? Wow!!! That’s an improvement over Matt being lead off – uugghh!!!


    we don’t even need him to get better bluecrewgirl..he’s our best all around OF right now. Better than Kemp and I am a huge Kemp fan.

  137. enchantedbeaver

    The Spaceport was/is supposed to bring in a lot of jobs – they’re building it (someday) in Upham, but its still all sagebrush and sand – haven’t even broken ground.

  138. tradejuanpypaperbag

    leefink – I don’t want him traded ethier (either), but how long will he have to wait to get quality playing time with the contracts Andruw and JP have? And if Torre doesn’t have the balls to bench one or both of them, then where does that leave him? Andre is better than an “off the bench” player.

  139. leekfink

    ericaadriane–from earlier, I have never quite bought into the idea of “showcasing” a player–if you want to win, you play the best guys. Though, with LaRoche, I hope they are giving him his fair chance.
    But, basically, there is no point in showcasing Pierre or Jones. Everyone knows exactly what they can (or cannot) do. And trading them is not realistic, because no one will pick up that kind of salary.

  140. bluecrewgirl

    Jungar – I agree that Andre and Matt are the 2 best oufielders on the team. It’s sad when money buys you playing time. You can add Kent to that list too. I have respect for his career accomplishments, but no way he should be still batting clean up with the way he’s performed this year.

  141. dodgereric

    At least it sounds like some writers around here are beginning to let their manhood show. According to redfox’s post up there around 8pm. Maybe one of them will give Torre a stroke. Just kidding. Sort of. A little. Really. I’m only……

  142. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Ward, I am sure you are right, dear, and it will probably include Jones’ double and how his work is really paying off because now he is batting a stellar .168 ~ Give me a frickin’ break!! Sorry, June wouldn’t say that, but I think today she has earned the right to say that – lol!!!

  143. lagirl27

    Attention to all. I wrote a Song. YES, it’s true. It’s a positive song about my little Piernas. I am a little nervous to debut it, especially tonight. But I did feel compelled to make a statment.
    Hope you all are ready!!


    What happened? Our Electricity went off in St Louis due to a thunderstorm and the score was 1-0 Wash. Did we hit any hr”s?

  145. lagirl27

    “Pierre’s on the team after all”
    written to “It’s a small world” by the Sherman Brothers for Disney!

    He’s a man of lightening,
    A man of speed,
    He’s a man of class,
    And a man with dreams,
    There’s so much he can share,
    That it’s time ITD’s aware,
    Juan Pierre is Our Teammate.
    Juan Pierre is our teammate,
    Juan Pierre is our teammate,
    Juan Pierre is out teammate,
    So Please, Don’t Hate!!
    There’s just one lead off spot,
    And four outfielders,
    And high socks means fashion for everyone,
    Though ITDers opinions divide,
    As the oceans are wide,
    Juan Pierre is our Teammate!!
    So boys and girls, don’t hate the man, hate the system.
    Thank you.
    GO DOGERS!!!

  146. tradejuanpypaperbag

    enchanted – eric called that one, didn’t he? And BTW, I am tired of seeing his and Andruw’s faces all over the home page. Maybe they should show a picture of Andre sitting on the rail taking his benching like a professional. They have shown Pierre many times sitting in his corner of the dugout sulking. June is still pissed, can you tell? ugghh!!!

  147. enchantedbeaver

    Hey boys and girls – since JoJo’s the manager next year too, we get to have the Ethier/Kemp platoon all over again next season!! – Yipee!!!

  148. tradejuanpypaperbag

    enchanted – thank you for that thought – it’s so reassuring isn’t it? For heaven sakes!!!

  149. enchantedbeaver

    What happed to the defensive replacement for Juan Pierre? Or has he suddenly gotten an arm? JoJo’s too stupid to even do that, doubly stupid considering he used to earlier in the year.

  150. dodgereric

    nelly, you could revert to the June of “Airplane”:

    “Chump don’t want no help, chump don’t get no help!”

  151. northstateblues

    Good song Amy! Hope Juan can win over the masses, a string of key games should do the trick. It’s hard to ignore Kemp’s performance while JP was on the DL, but I think people are more irked that Jones’s sub-Mendoza numbers pushed out Ethier, who’s tearing it up.

    bravo again! It’s all about the name on the front of the Jersey, and no one’s above that (I hope).

  152. dodgereric

    I don’t know what version of the game you all got to watch, but they’ve been playing a bunch of Ethier highlights on the one I’ve been watching. Irony ……. or is there an Ethier fan in the control booth?

  153. manny55

    lol enchanted…fu-q y’all indeed
    (torre included)
    yeah isn’t jones amazing!!!! he hit a double, that’s way better than ethier’s team leading homers

  154. dodge1612

    even yahoo sports get this… come on ned and torre this is the recommendation for Ethier

    “So an offense struggling to score runs benches its co-HR leader. Meanwhile, Andruw Jones will try and catch Danny Ardoin and Luis Maza in OPS.”

  155. enchantedbeaver

    What’s everyone complaining about? Our PVL juggernaut scrored 3 – Count ‘Em 3 – runs against the worst team in the league.

  156. bluecrewgirl

    dodgereric, it’s probably because his Before the Bigs airs next Thursday for the first time. At least that’s, what it said during the game the other night. He finally gets a Before the Bigs episode and he gets benched.

  157. tradejuanpypaperbag

    LMAO!!!!! Maybe that’s a sign Ward of the media changing their thinking – yeah right. It will be interesting to see how this plays out in the media in the next few days.
    manny – I like your style!!! 🙂
    dodge – Hopefully they all start seeing it and maybe start making Torre look like the idiot he is being right now.

  158. northstateblues

    The single, glaring difference between the Dodgers making October and the Dodgers missing October rests with the team looking outside of the division and making sure we’re not just competing with Arizona, but Miluakee, Chicago, Philly and New York as well.

    Being a game out of 1st, it’s easy for management to experiment with Andruw, seeing if he can come out of his slump, putting Kemp or Ethier on the bench. But if we want to compete beyond the first round of the playoffs, we have to field the best performing team. The name on front of the jersey has to mean more than the past triumphs of the names on back.

    If Torre’s true to his word to ‘Dre, even he won’t be fumbling around with a sub-Mendoza hitter in his Starting Nine before the end of the month. Joe Torre’s a lot of things, but stupid isn’t one of them. I’m sure he’s tired of bowing out in the first round too. The key will be how early he realizes what it will take to get us competetive league-wide.

    The window’s closing fast.

  159. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Bluecrewgirl – I don’t think I will be able to see that. We don’t get those episodes in nor-cal unless I am mistaken.
    Is there a way to get copies of them? Maybe that’s a question for Josh, if not.


    Important 3 to 2 Victory by Our Beloved Los Angeles Dodgers over the Washington Nationals! Complete Team Super Hero Victory! World Series Championship Victory will be ours!

  161. dodgereric

    I have to say that I’m amazed that Gurnick had the fortitude to write that story on the Dodger’s site. There was almost critizism there.


    “Torre’s brief annoyance with the line of questioning quickly shifted to a reasoned explanation focusing on the fact that Washington was pitching left-handers John Lannan on Friday night and former Dodger Odalis Perez Saturday night. Jones is batting .186 against lefties, Ethier .205.”

    Reaction: Isn’t Ethier’s average higher?

    “[Jones’] double was important, because he had been trying to pull the ball.”

    Reaction: I’m guessing that Jones is so screwed up that he couldn’t hit the other way if there was a cheeseburger riding on the result. More likely he just swung late and got lucky. He doesn’t seem to be hitting the ball with any regularity.

    “I told [Ethier] to just bear with me,” Torre said. “I also told him how proud I am for how far he’s come and just bear with me while I get a feel for how long it’s going to take. It can’t take a month. We have to make up our minds in smaller increments.”

    Reaction: I get the feeling that Torre is one of those people I tend to meet at 4-way stop intersections. Even though they beat me there, they want me to go first. FOR CRYIN’ OUT LOUD, IT’S ALMOST AUGUST! HOW MUCH FLIPPIN’ TIME DO YOU NEED TO MAKE UP YOUR “MIND”?

    “We signed the guy for a reason. His experience, being on championship clubs.”

    Reaction: Make that ONE championship club.

  162. lagirl27

    thank you northstateblues- exactly. Agreed. It’s a team effort, and though there are some issues and a lot of things we don’t agree with, I try to focus on the teams and try to focus on some wins and good games.
    thanks Jhall 🙂

  163. lagirl27

    what a great way to start this homestand and a great 1st game back! Lets win some ball games. Andre can sit out 2 (like joe said) and then Andruw can sit out 4 and we call can play.

  164. manny55

    IDK if anybody saw THINK BLUE TV on KCAL before the game, but they also think that Jones should go back to AAA and work on his swing, personally i dont like that idea…they should send him all the way back to AA, maybe he will get pitches he can handle

  165. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Andre doesn’t deserve to sit at all – not for anybody. He is the best all around outfielder right now, and doesn’t need to sit at all. He is 26 years old and he doesn’t need rest, and unless he is injured or has to leave town for Maggie, there is no reason at all he should be sitting for anybody, PVL or not.

  166. dodgereric

    amy, first of all, nice song! The Boy Scout in me won the internal battle with ‘Bad Eric” and posted your song on our website.

    Second, you’re only kidding yourself if you think that the playing time is going to even out between the four outfielders. Pierre will play every day. Jones will play every day. Kemp and Ethier will share RF, with Kemp getting the majority of starts. Watch. And THAT is what most of us are upset about – because Kemp and Ethier are the two best outfielders we have. That cannot be denied. If you or anyone else would like to dispute that, be my guest. Trot out your arguments. That’s what a site like this is for. I won’t belittle you for the way you feel. But if you want to have the Dodgers field the best 8 players day in and day out, it won’t have Jones in it at all. And it won’t have Pierre in the #1 slot.

  167. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Good Night jhall ~ thank you for the laughs ~ I needed them tonight as my family could care less who is playing for the Dodgers. They were more into the fact that the gnats got spanked by the dbacks. At least we won and remained one back. 🙂

  168. bluecrewgirl

    His review was really funny, DNelly, but I don’t think it would be my type of food. Too much meat and sausage grosses me out, lol.

  169. perumike

    Well, as requested I brought back a win from the Ravine tonight! A couple of notes: First, Pierre was his same old self, two grounders to second, but then got that single that was nice. Andruw was mostly himself, with that double the only exception. Very nice clutch hit by Nomar! And Billz was good Billz tonight, and got himself out of some jams. And Brox, he was lights out, with a couple of pitches hitting 100mph against the now deflated LoDuca. One last note: I was sitting field level right behind home plate. During the 7th inning stretch, I happened to look up towards the press box and saw Vin standing up, singing with all the zeal of youth, rocking back and forth as we do when singing, and at the end he even moved his hands as if he were directing the last few notes of the song. It was a really great thing to see. Go Blue!

  170. perumike

    Oh, and I saw various scouts, including one who I know was from the Rockies. And I saw Pat Sajak, but no Vanna.

  171. tradejuanpypaperbag

    bluecrewgirl – he did seem pretty funny!! And it seemed like he had some of us pegged as checking his site daily. I have been to some spanish restaurants in the bay area for tapas, and it was kind of fun. He is not much into veggies so I am assuming he stayed away from those dishes, but I remember they do have several with veggies as well. It’s at least good to see a new one, and at least in that respect, he seems to be doing well and having fun. I don’t want him to play for another team ( I really don’t), but I don’t want him spending the next two seasons on the bench ethier (either). He is too good to be doing that.

  172. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Perumike – you must have been sitting where we were sitting last time I was there (against the Braves). We saw the same things – Vin singing the song and the scouts. I must not have seen that post. Aren’t those seat fabulous?!

  173. bluecrewgirl

    I am still hoping fairness will win out in the end. I think it would be a shame for him not to be in Dodger Blue for many years to come. I’m glad they won, just not happy about the circumstances. They should have beat the Nationals by more than a run.

    Thank’s for the report on the game perumike. I am going to the game on the 31st.


    Angel fan until Jones, Torre and Colletti leave town. No joke. Jones hit one double, pencil him in above our number one home run guy… and major RBI guy…despite being benched all the time…

    This should make any baseball fans stomach turn. I don’t care if Ethier is hitting 180 something vs lefties…newsflash, Jones is hitting 166 vs EVERYBODY

    Don’t ignore numbers all year until they are convenient…

  175. perumike

    dnelly – they were excellent seats, field level, section 1, row O. It was so great to see Vin singing loud and proud.

  176. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Bluecrewgirl ~ I have been hoping and keeping the faith, and it hasn’t gotten us anywhere, just more disappointment. So, now, I guess Andre just sits and waits for another piano to fall, but with Delwyn suspiciously on the DL, I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

  177. tradejuanpypaperbag

    We were in section 1, row B. Fabulous seats!!! That’s great mike!! I am glad it was a good game for you, and yes,you brought us back a win.


    “When we lost Furcal he was so huge for us to go out there and take on the leadership and the job he did and the fact that he gave you a bonus by knocking in a lot of runs and figured very prominently in RBIs with men in scoring position, which is not something that you really associate with him,” Torre said. “He’s been big for us.”

    51 games after Furcal goes down:

    21 runs.
    4 xtra base hits
    13 rbi
    10 walks
    25 steals

    .256 /.293 /.289 /.582

    18 games since Pierre goes down. Kemp Leadoff.

    10xtra base hits
    10 walks
    6 steals
    .316 /.393 /.532 /.925

  179. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Tonight my mood was definitely heavy metal. It just took a statement earlier to pull the song from the song library in my head ~ Thanks boys!!
    Song -“Joe’s Got Another Thing Comin”
    Original Song – “You’ve Got Another Thing Comin’ ”
    by Judas Priest
    One life we’re gonna live it up
    We’re ITD, We said we’ll never get enough
    Standing for the young and we’re kinda proud
    If Joe thinks we’ll sit around as the vets get by
    He’s thinking like a fool cause it’s a case of Dodger pride
    Out there is a Dodger fortune waiting to be had
    Joe thinks we’ll let it go, he’s mad
    Joe’s got another thing comin’
    That’s right here where the talkin’ ends
    Dre’ listens this night there’ll be some action spent
    Tries hard, Joe’s callin’ all the shots
    He’s got Pierre coming up and it sucks
    If Joe thinks we’ll sit around
    While he chips away the dodger strength
    Listen we’re not foolin’ and you’d better think again
    Out there is a Dodger fortune waiting to be had
    Joe thinks we’ll let it go, he’s mad
    Joe’s got another thing comin’
    In this world we’re living in, we have our share of idiots
    Answer now is don’t give in, aim for new management
    Oh so hot no time to take a rest, yeah
    There ain’t room for second best
    Young guns got us some security
    Hey, Dre’s a big smash
    Keep him goin’ for eternity, yeah
    If Joe thinks we’ll sit around
    While he chips away the dodger strength
    Listen we’re not foolin’ and you’d better think again
    Out there is a Dodger fortune waiting to be had
    Joe thinks we’ll let it go, he’s mad
    Joe’s got another thing comin’

  180. tradejuanpypaperbag

    jungar -Thanks for the information. Hopefully Josh passes it on along with the other 90% of these posts saying the exact same thing in as many different ways. This team is heading down hill very fast. We had a hard time beating one of the worst teams in the league.


    51 games after Furcal goes down:

    21 runs.


    162 games=69runs from leadoff. f-u torre.

  182. tradejuanpypaperbag

    I’m not going to think that far ahead yet until I see (Friday’s) at-bats and (today’s) and then I’ll have to make a decision on Sunday,” Torre said before the game. “So yeah, there is going to be a day (to decide). But I’m not going to worry about something three days away yet until I have to do that.”

    Earlier this season, when the Dodgers were experiencing a crowded outfield, it was Ethier that saw the least amount of playing time. Now, Torre is saying that Ethier needs to be playing more often than not.

    “I talked to Ethier and I told him that (Pierre) was coming back and he wasn’t going to play,” Torre said. “I said to just bear with me and I don’t know, other than that, what I could tell him.

    Torre has been as patient as possible with a struggling Jones, but his .166 batting average before play Friday and his 12 RBIs no longer can be



    “I Andruw’s case, I want to see more of what I’ve seen some of, and so does he,” Torre said.

    Hasn’t Joe seen enough – I know we all have

  183. kpookiemon

    I have a dream……..Ned is canned and Logan White replaces him. Then Logan trades for Greg Maddox and immediately makes him player/pitching coach, firing Honeycutt. Then, as the GM, Logan FIRES TORRE! He replaces Torre with Dodger blood. Hershiser? Yeager? Lopes? Gibby? Russell? Tommy? Close your eyes and pick one. Any one. Then Logan guts the team of useless, PVLs. Pierre and Andruw, because of their rediculous salaries remain…Pierre as a pinch runner and Andruw as a late-inning defensive replacement. They NEVER see an at-bat, aren’t even allowed near the bat rack.

    I could go on but I just woke up and Ned and Joe are still here. But I was LIVID when I turned on the game in the 4th inning and saw Pierre and Jones. And Joe’s weak-a** plea to Ethier to have patience. a REAL manager looks at ability, not salaries.


    wow, i’ve been so busy lately.. i feel like i’ve been MIA forever! i missed you guys! haha..

    westernmost, i know this is belated, but thanks for putting me in your song from a few days ago! i do love russell everyday 🙂

    dnelly, i’m so glad you got to meet steve garvey! that’s so awesome.. and you’re going to get to meet andre!! i’m so happy that you’ll finally get to meet him! oh, and about your college football odds.. i know someone told you, but we are playing ohio state early in the season.. i will be there, of course.. i can’t wait!! it’s going to be incredible for sure.. there are even tickets being sold for a couple thousand dollars!! crazy! lots of people (including myself) believe that the winner will be in the title game and it will be my USC Trojans! sorry jhall..

    btw, i was LIVID (kpookiemon stole my word, haha) when i saw the lineup today.. since when does 6 weeks = 20 days?? and how could joe bench one of our hottest offensive players! i think we all predicted this would happen, but somehow it hit harder when it really did happen.. ugh, i could say more, but you have all said it already.. and it’s just making me angry.. i guess we’ll see just how stupid joe is if he sits ethier tomorrow too.. i know that the win is the most important thing.. but don’t be confused.. we are winning despite joe, not because of him..


    Torre needs to be fired. If I lived in the LA area, I would appeal to all fans going to the games to make and display a sign saying to fire Torre immediately and as fans we wouldn’t return until he was.
    Any manager that would play Pierre or Jones over Ethier has his head so far up his *** that he can’t see the light. Torre needs to be fired and Ned needs his walking papers. Everyone except Ned and Torre knows he is doing a lousy job pretending to manage.

  186. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Good Morning, ITD writers!!!
    I thought I would wake up and feel better about JP and Jones playing instead of Andre, but my attitude still hasn’t changed. Based on the articles I read last night, Torre just doesn’t get it, and he is going to continue to prance the PVL’s out there in front of us like we shouldn’t give a damn because they are Dodgers. Well, Mr. Torre, we do give a damn who is on the field, especially when the best players are not out there and they clearly are not. You are benching one of your two most valuable outfielders (not to mention players in general) for two outfielders that no other team in this league would touch right now because of their inability to play this game at the current level that they should. Mr. Torre, the name on the back of the jersey matters just as much as the name on the front.


    It’s probably a good think I don’t live in the LA area and go to the games. I would probably be thrown out of the game and asked never to return as I know I wouldn’t be able to keep my mouth shut and would be berating Torre every chance I got.
    Good morning dnelly. Have a good day. Training camps under way. Dallas is without Terry Glenn (released yesterday) but they seem to have more than enough good players to replace him and I don’t think he will be missed at this point.
    Lots to do today. Talk to everyone later

  188. ramslover

    Good morning nelly…I am in Dallas working and last weekend went to dinner with Deion and Pac man…they are friends of the owner of my company and he has tickets on the 50 yard line right behind the Dallas bench. Pacman seems to be a lot different than how he has been in the past…

    Enough about that….an amazing headline on the website//PIerre leads dodgers….Wow he gets on once and he is a spark….Unbelievable….Billz and Brox were great….Kemp got on twice, no mention of that..Only Pierre sparked the club….250 OB and he is the catalyst…

    Well thanks Juan, how did we survive without you and welcome back…Now play ANdre Torre…please be patient…what a croc of caca!!! He is hitting over .300…slugging in the high .500s and be patient…He deserves better and now that Andruw hit one ball hard he probably will not see the light of day until Sunday…


    Any trade news yet? Based on what Joe and Neddy say I bet we’re going to do something before the daeadline. I hope its my boy Beltre.

  190. tradejuanpypaperbag

    sara – great post!! It was great meeting Steve Garvey, and I can’t wait to meet Andre next week. USC/OSU game should be a great one, no doubt!!
    Kahli – I only wish it was a dream 😦
    boblee – go redskins!!! (jk) may the best team win, and yes, I know, it will probably be the Cowboys, but like the Dodgers – one can always wish – lol!!
    dodgerboy – Boblee is the Cowboys fan, but that’s great that you are in the know.
    eric – Have a wonderful time at the game tonight, and I know you will cheer on the boys like I know you will!!
    enchanted/jhall/eric – Thank you for the laughs – I needed them last night!!! Have a fabulous day, and I will catch up to you during the game. I should be home by then. Eric – I have the song ready to go -lol!!!

  191. ramslover

    That right Nelly you are a Redskins fan….sorry, why would you care about the Cowboys?…I got to meet Garvey, my childhood hero at Dodger Fantasy Camp in 2004. He was as nice as he seems to be….A true gentleman!

  192. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Dodgerboy – it’s okay – I love hearing the stories anyway, and I am not a Cowboy hater, like I am a gnats hater. I actually cheer them on win the Skins are done for the season. I love our division – one of the toughest in the league.

  193. ramslover

    Its funny, my last company has Portis, Cooley, Campbell, Moss as spokes people for the company and last year the day before camp started I was playing basketball against Portis…then he goes to camp and cannot practice because of tendinitis in his knee…Wink, Wink!!! Sure Clinton…..

    I am a Rams fan all the way…..

  194. tradejuanpypaperbag

    I can handle the Rams, too. Grew up a Rams fan because of the whole LA thing. I can cheer for them as long as they don’t play the Skins. Have a great day Dodgerboy – I am leaving Las Vegas for home. Catch you later!!!


    I continue to be amazed with the trades that other teams can accomplish by giving up a few prospects from strictly minor leagues in order to fill some holes for their stretch run. When any speculation comes to the Dodgers, it always requires a Kemp or Bills, both of whom are now well into their first years in the major leagues. Unlevel playing field or unlevel GM capabilities and perceptions? I know my answer, but why can’t Frank see that he’s constantly working at a disadvantage as long as Colletti is around.

    Waiting until year-end may seem to lend some stability to the organization, but it isn’t fooling anybody here, Frank, and apparently not in the media either. If we do make it to the playoffs, big deal in our division – Ned still needs to go for the squandered millions. As far as Torre goes, he’ll have achieved the playoffs in spite of his best efforts not to. So, FIRE NED’S A** NOW, and let’s get a little excitement about what the fans can look forward to in the future.

  196. craigary

    Heard on ESPN that the Dodgers are close to acquiring Casey Blake from the Indians. I think adding him would be a good move, gives them more 3B and OF depth. HOWEVER, Josh or whoever’s reading this… for a 3 month rental player, giving them Carlos Santana would be a very regrettable mistake! I realize they have Russell Martin, but Santana is going to be a great one. I think trading them Meloan as rumored makes perfect sense, but it should be Meloan and another decent prospect, not Santana. In two years they will be regretting this trade seriously.


    But Blake, sure, cool.

    Oh, and let’s sweep this one, Dodgers.

  197. manny55

    Good morning everyone, I see I’m not the only one who heard the Blake rumors. I think it’s a good trade on paper, but who knows?????? My only question is, does this mean that DeWitt or LaRoche are going to be sent down to AAA?


    Santana is our highest rated catching prospect and has the most power of all our prospects. Casey is a career .265/.336/.446 hitter. Not much to write home about. I have no doubt that given the time and a chance LaRoache could better those numbers. Colletti needs to go.

  199. j-murray

    damn……i always check out the dodger minor league box scores when they come out, and i was pretty confused when i saw that santana wasn’t playing yesterday. this would explain it. have you guys seen his minor league numbers? he’s an absolute beast! he’s putting up piazza-esque numbers from behind the plate. i can stomach meloan leaving, but santana?! give me a break. casey blake is a solid 3rd basemen, but why didn’t we just throw in chin-lung hu and andy laroche for sabathia when we had the chance? let’s face it. laroche isn’t going to get on torre’s good side until he’s 34, has triplets, and can’t field a grounder without tearing a muscle.

  200. j-murray

    Dodgers acquire Casey Blake from Indians

    By TOM WITHERS, AP Sports Writer 11 minutes ago

    CLEVELAND (AP)—The Cleveland Indians have traded third baseman Casey Blake and cash to the Los Angeles Dodgers for two minor leaguers, a person familiar with the deal told The Associated Press on Saturday.

    Blake, who is eligible for free agency following this season, has been dealt for catcher Carlos Santana and right-hander Jonathan Meloan, said the source who spoke on condition of anonymity because the teams are still awaiting approval of the deal from the commissioner’s office.

    The Dodgers (50-52), who entered Saturday one game behind the first-place Arizona Diamondbacks in the NL West, were looking to add a dependable bat for the stretch run. Blake, who is batting .289 with 11 homers and 58 RBIs, is also hitting .398 with runners in scoring position.

    It’s the second major trade this month for the Indians, who dealt ace CC Sabathia to Milwaukee for minor league prospects.

  201. enchantedbeaver

    Oh joy the day is saved.

    Only Ned could need a shortstop and acquire yet another third baseman. Now we’ve got three 3B and still need a shortstop. Nice going Ned, another job well done! Nice to give up two prospects for another PVL 2 month rental.

    Mark my words, this deal will live in infamy 2-3 years from now.


    Bonjour 🙂 Ugly trade by the sucking Ned… We don`t need another 3rd basebamn we`ve already DeWitt and Laroche…
    Why we give them our best catching prospect named Carlos Santana, he`s only 21, batting .318, 14 HR, 96 RBI, .430 OBP, .570 SLG, 1.000 OPS…
    Why Ned didn`t give Lucas May the 2nd best catching propest on our farm system??…
    You suck Ned… Chokslam in your face… Fire Ned and Hire Logan White or Kim Ng…

  203. enchantedbeaver

    Think its safe to say that Ned’s been bamboozled again. Must have been Frank that insisted that Cleveland pay the rest of Blake’s salary. Shrewd move gentlemen.

    Can anyone honestly think that Casey Blake puts us over the top?

    Well, in 6-7 years when Santana is putting up annual 25-30 HR seasons, and in 2-3 years when Meloan has turned into a quality set-up man, Casey Blake will have given us the best two months ever (I’m sure) a journeyman could – in 2008.

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