Today's game…rubber match

Kemp, RF

Ethier, LF

Nomar, SS

Kent, 2B

Loney, 1B

Jones, CF

LaRoche, 3B

Ardoin, C

Kuroda, P




    Oakland A’s GM Billy Beane feels pretty good about the state of his team since no one gave any chance of contending after he traded his best pitcher, Dan Haren, and one of the best everyday position players, Nick Swisher, for bundles of unproven prospects over the winter. But thanks to the quick development of some of those prospects, pitchers Dana Eveland and Greg Smith in the starting rotation and outfielders Carlos Gonzalez and Ryan Sweeney, the A’s came out of the All-Star break just five games out of the wild-card lead. That seemed only more remarkable considering the A’s top three sluggers, Eric Chavez, Frank Thomas and Mike Sweeney, are injured. And now Beane has dealt two more starters- oft-injured ace, Rich Harden, to the Cubs for rookie righthander Sean Gallagher and two other prospects, and Blanton to the Phillies for a top prospect second baseman, Adrian Cardenas, and a lefty reliever, Josh Outman, who may be up before the year is out. For Haren, Swisher, Harden and Blanton, Beane has acquired 20 prospects.

    For Haren, Swisher, Harden and Blanton, Beane has acquired 20 prospects.

  2. thunderbolt507

    I don’t know if I’m dreaming here, but tell me if I am because here I’m thinking like a Dodger fan. I’d like to see Kent traded for Edwin Jackson. Is that too far fetched? Then we can flip Derek Lowe.

  3. scott_in_arcadia

    I don’t want that Zobrist guy – 27 years old and nothing to show for it – but, I don’t mind jettisoning Jeff Kent.


    “You need to be more aggressive early in the count,” said Ardoin, who is expected to catch Hiroki Kuroda in Wednesday’s get-away series finale, with Russell Martin starting at third base.

    that was from yesterday.. and i’m glad russell isn’t playing third.. i HATE it more than anyone when he’s out of the lineup.. but he needs a break.. and with the day off tomorrow, it’ll be like 2 days off with a night game on friday.. plus joe had said andy would play all three days, so i’m guessing he was considering playing andy at second to give jeff a break.. but i’m glad he did it this way instead..


    in that same article jungar, there was mention of the yankees being interested in lowe…

    “The Dodgers want a bat the Yankees don’t have to give..”

    i love that other teams are pursing our older guys.. ned, make those deals, and keep the future in tact!


    If we could spin Kent to the Rays for a pitcher (Jackson, Sonnenstine, etc.) we could trade Lowe to the Yankees for Cano. This was mentioned earlier in the year but with Penny. That would work out nice.

  7. thunderbolt507


    That’s what I was going to say, but I thought I might be ridiculed, lol. But I would absolutely love that.

    Rays get Kent
    Dodgers get Jackson

    Yankees get Lowe
    Dodgers get Cano

    Wouldn’t that be nice.

  8. scott_in_arcadia

    BTW, What the hell are we resting Russ for? We’re 2 games under .500 with nothing guaranteed to play for. Well, I’m sure glad Russ will be rested for those all important meaningless games in September when we’re 10 games out.


    come on scott.. are you being serious? the guy hasn’t had a meaningful day off in forever.. and he even caught 10 innings in the all-star game.. i don’t know about you, but i’d like russell’s legs not to fall off in a year or two 😛

    plus, ardoin has done a great job catching kuroda this year.. two of hiroki’s best performances were with ardoin catching, AND danny knows coors..

  10. scott_in_arcadia

    Sorry to steal your thunder, Thunder, but why would the Yankees deal Cano now that he’s playing well and he’s still young for a 2 month rental? Colletti is more likely to get Betemit in return because Ned is an idiot.

  11. scurtis1999

    Not sure if this has been posted yet, but I dont want OC!’s Ken Rosenthal says the White Sox discussed Orlando Cabrera with the Dodgers earlier this month with the intention of acquiring Brian Roberts and moving Alexei Ramirez to shortstop.
    Nothing happened then, probably in part because the price for Roberts is sky high. The Orioles are believed to be leaning towards keeping their second baseman. The White Sox could always try for Mark Ellis or Mark Grudzielanek instead, but Grudzy probably isn’t an upgrade and Ellis wouldn’t be a big one.

  12. thunderbolt507

    No Problem scott, I know the yanks wouldn’t want to deal Cano now that he has been hot. It was just wishful thinking. I don’t expect Colleti to pull of any of those trade because yes, like you said, and like we all agree Ned is an idiot.

  13. jhallwally

    I’m with you Sara. I don’t have a problem with Marty getting the day off. Gets him 2 1/2 days of rest with the off day tomorrow. Keep him fresh, so he doesn’t fade coming down the stretch.

  14. scott_in_arcadia

    sara, no offense, but the day off tomorrow is enough for a young guy like Russell. He can save his legs later when we’re actually in first or have a winning record. He shouldn’t have been playing 3B on his other “days off” if you want the truth. Torre is an idiot like his brother Ned…

  15. jhallwally

    I get the impression that Ned is on a very short leash and Frank and Logan will really scrutinize any deal Ned proposes. Maybe just wishful thinking.

  16. leekfink

    saralovesrussell–I was about to chastise you for posting that link, because it was so dumb, and it came from Fox Sports, that I assumed that it was Ken Rosenthal. But it wasn’t. And it IS dumb–why would your leading average hitter and leading RBI man even be considered for a platoon. The guy suggests that Kent is too old to be good, so my first thought that they hired him five years ago and stuck him in a closet doesn’t explain his ignorance. But seriously, do you think these guys could check a box score, or just the team stats page on before sounding like idiots?
    I just saw Jungar’s link about the Rays interest in Kent at 2B, also from Fox Sports, and I am really starting to wonder what is going on with that network? How can one writer say that a player is washed up, and another writer FOR THE SAME ORGANIZATION then say that a contender wants to acquire him? Do these guys live in a bubble?
    I think there is an accepted rule here not to repeat Ken Rosenthal information, but we should just consider banning the entire Fox network–their reporting on the Dodgers is almost as bad as their ownership (although, I give FSN Prime Ticket some credit–Kevin Kennedy usually knows what he is talking about; Steve Lyons only sort of does, but he serves a different purpose in the world).
    I can’t actually see trading Kent. I disagree with the assessments of his inability to hit. I think he still has a little more left in the tank. But at least second base is not a black hole offensively, as is Andruw Jones, or how shortstop has been until Nomar stepped in (and the worry over Nomar falling apart continues). And, frankly, the Rays are younger than the Dodgers, and I would not want Jeff Kent to have to learn a new group of young players.
    I also see rumors and suggestions of trading Derek Lowe. I understand we will probably lose him to free agency this year, but we get 2 draft picks. So, we could trade him for a Casey Blake-type bat (which, we don’t need at 3B), who would likely decline in Dodger Stadium–or keep him, ride him through the NL West, and if we win the division–being only one game out–we can use him in the post-season, and let Logan White draft two players next June.
    I see us as buyers in this market–we can win the west, and can put together a post-season, so I am not big on giving away players (I’m not that big on making many of the trades I hear about either, since I don’t think we should ever trade the 7 core young players, and I have not heard of a particularly good deal to improve in positions where we need help (i.e. shortstop).

  17. leekfink

    Scott–we’re about to hit a 23-game stretch with only one off day. With a day game after a night game (and back-to-back Coors Field marathons), I think I have to agree with Sara here. The other thing to remember is that it’s not just today, but last night. Since he knew he would have the off-day, it’s not a night going through situations, pitches, hitters, etc. in trying to call a game, and it’s not getting up early for the afternoon contest. If it were a night game, I’d be with you, but the timing for a day off makes sense.

  18. porklinks

    Man, I don’t understand the *massive* love for Adrian Beltre. He’s not bad, good leather, but…. He had one huge year, his free-agent walk year, and has been a little above or a little below average all the rest. He’s still owed about $17M through the end of next season.
    Here’s what he’s hit since leaving the Dodgers:
    .265 .319 .450 .769
    And since he’s 29 (or is he? 31 mayber?), it isn’t likely to get much better. Plus, he might be losing power since his HR pace this year is about the same as the last few seasons, but his extra-base hit pace is down.
    Yes, there’s some pop there, but we kill Slappy McPutout for having about a .330 OBP over the same time period. Given that he has had 639 or more PAs every full season for the Ms and has played nearly every inning this year, his HR and RBI totals aren’t impressive. (1 HR every 25.5 PAs as a Mariner).
    And some of you will love this: his agent is still Scott Boras.

  19. scurtis1999

    I respect Scott Boras. He is a business man first. Gets the $$$ for his clients. I don’t blame him for anything.

  20. scott_in_arcadia

    good points, Lee.

    As for Russ, good intentions by all of you of course to rest him.
    I hope Ardoin has a good game today and that Jones gets the “flu” again after his first 2 K’s.

  21. porklinks

    Few current Dodgers have seen Glendon Rusch much.
    Jeff Kent, career, vs. Glendon Rusch:
    27 PAs, .409 .519 .682 1.201, 3 doubles, 1 HR
    Nomar 6-12, a double
    Matt Kemp hit a HR vs. Rusch earlier this season, when Rusch was with SD – 1-2.
    Hilariously, Jason Johnson 0-2 with a sac in 2000!

  22. porklinks

    scurtis – as I said, “some of you” :). I’m with you on Boras, he doesn’t have a gun to the GMs heads when negotiating these contracts.
    And I agree that the Kent / T.B. rumors sound like nonsense – T.B. doesn’t have a need for him.

  23. porklinks

    DeRoche / LaWitt watch:
    .254 .321 .358 .679, 308 PAs – DeWitt: 2008 & career
    .212 .339 .346 .685, 62 PAs – LaRoche: 2008
    .221 .356 .324 .680, 177 PAs – LaRoche: career

  24. scurtis1999

    Jim Rome show is awesome today. Carson Palmer has started a riot between USC and Ohio State emails and callers!

  25. scott_in_arcadia

    Western_fogey, So who do you favor out of those 2? Or is that just showing that they are fairly comparable?

  26. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Oh my goodness! We just got into town and we came over to one of the malls, and Steve Garvey is here signing books, cards, etc. I have my Ethier jersey on so he knew I was an actually fan. Anyhow, I sat with him and we talked about the team, trades, etc. He was very impressed by what I knew. I told him I am an ITD blogger and he was impressed with that as well. So, I got a picture, book and card signed – This is a great day! I will read posts after lunch. Looks like some interesting conversation. 🙂

  27. porklinks

    scott – it’s just a watch. One big difference is that DeWitt played full-time for three months, minus Nomar’s short early comeback. DeWitt is a former #1 draft pick, LaRoche signed for a $1M bonus (late 1st round slot money) the year before. I want to see BOTH succeed with the Dodgers! At this very moment, I want to see LaRoche play a lot to see how he performs with regular playing time. I prefer to trade neither, rather than place all my future 3B eggs in one basket.

  28. scott_in_arcadia

    western, I agree. If I could have my way, both would be starting in the IF next year at 2B & 3B!


    We’re in trouble. Where’s Kuroda’s strike out pitch. We’re going to be fighting from behind all day I have a feeling.


    What the hell’s wring with Kuroda? He looks like a batting practice pitcher. Finally we’re out of the inning. Come on guys. We’re facing a pitcher who can barely throw hard enough to break glass. Lets get some runs….


    We need to get our pitchers the hell out of Colorado asap…. This is horse crap…. we can’t get anyone out. Even when we win and score 16 runs, we still gave up 10!! Then 10 more yesterday!! This has got to stop! On top of that, we only scored 1 run yesterday…. so, WTF HAPPENED TO OUR PITCHING!?!?

  32. porklinks

    All three outs on forces at second base. Just 2 runs? That’s a cheap inning at Coors this series!
    From above:
    Jeff Kent, career, vs. Glendon Rusch:
    27 PAs, .409 .519 .682 1.201, 3 doubles, 1 HR


    IMHO Honeycutt has hung on at least two years too long doing nothing to help our pitching staff. I’m especially worried now that Kersh will also be in his charge. The guy is a total waste and an a**h***.

  34. porklinks

    brandondaughrity – Coors Field is what happened to LA pitching. Perhaps the crew there forgot to fill the water tank in the humidor.

  35. dodgereric

    I just looked back. In the last ten games, we’ve given up runs in the first inning in 8 of them. In the only two we held held the fort in the 1st, we ended up giving up 10 in the game (the last two, obviously). Eighteen runs in the first inning in the last 10 games.

    You’re right, jhall, 2 runs won’t win the game. But this trend is crap. Or is it a new Torre strategy to throw batting practice in the first inning?

  36. scurtis1999

    If Danny Ardoin can get a hit off you, then you (Rusch) must stink!

    Nice job to tie up the game.

    Big hit by LaRoche. Heck of a throw by Hawpe.

  37. porklinks

    LOL at Clint Hurdle – doofus, it doesn’t matter that it’s Ardoin, you have to pitch around that guy with two outs and first base open to get to the pitcher!


    Well, we’re back in this game… hopefully Kuroda can settle down and keep us in it… We’ve always dominated Glendon Rusch in the past, so hopefully we can open it up on him.

  39. jhallwally

    I’m tired of the crap about getting another 3rd baseman. Geez!! We haven’t even given LaRoche an opportunity to see what he can do. Start him everyday and then you can make an informed decision. I think he will produce given the opportunity. I don’t see a significant upgrade out there for any reasonable price. Send DeWitt to AAA and put him at 2nd.

  40. porklinks

    OK, Nomar, Mr. Birthday Boy, let’s see you use your veteran-y goodness to TATTOO this journeyman pitcher.

  41. perumike

    For those not watching, I just saw a glimpse of an ad that Andre Ethier Before the Bigs will be shown soon. I will keep an eye out to get the exact date and time, especially for dnelly. 🙂

  42. jhallwally

    I don’t want to hear the Beltre bull either. His act is tired now and getting more tired each year. Besides, Beane will fleece Ned for him.

  43. porklinks

    Ooof. Bad luck – Ethier’s possible homer blown back in and then Nomar lines to the pitcher for a DP.


    Ok, WOULD ANYONE ON THIS BOARD LIKE TO PITCH? i’M pretty sure we could all do just about as well as our starters have done lately!!! I seriously hate playing the Rockies in Colorado… it’s such bullcrap, they are HORRIBLE at any other park…. but at home, they’re great. By the way, did the Cubs forget how to play, can they please beat the damn D-Backs!?!?

  45. perumike

    Holliday hit a hard one off Kuroda’s glove, Nomar broke to 2nd, the ball went through to short left field.


    Everything they hit is just out of a Dodger’s reach. Everything we hit is right to someone for an out or a double play. This game sucks. You can never have to many runs here. The Rox should score a 1000 runs a year playing 81 games here.


    Explain to me how in the hell…. they’ve got a 5-9 pitcher and he can beat us and hold us to 1 run on 4 hits… Today it’s Glendon Rusch who is 05 with a 123123.33 era lifetime against us…. and yet, our pitchers are getting obliterated, and we can’t seem to get back on track after Monday night? It makes no sense… This teams inability to hit and pitch at the same time is really wearing thin on me……


    I remember a Dodger-Rockies game at Coors back in I think 1995 that Vinny often refers to that the Rockies won by a score of 16-15. It was a Sunday game that went 9 innings but lasted 4 hours. There were a ton of homers and I still recall the frustration on Mike Piazza’s face at the end of that game.

    Let’s not give up yet. This is Coors and anything can happen.

  49. scurtis1999

    If Colorado could get another starting pitcher or 2, I think they will or could win the NL West.

  50. porklinks

    Torre being as stupid as Hurdle. Walk Torrealba and let Kuroda pitch to Rusch, the pitcher – first base is open and there are two outs!


    This is just getting really pathetic…. I’m not giving up hope as to us being able to score more runs and get back in it. But our pitching has been HORRIBLE since we came back from the all star break.

  52. enchantedbeaver

    The Rox are playing good ball and hitting right now and who knows?, Kuroda may have arm troubles again – that’s two bad outings in a row. And, the Rox in Coors are never easy.


    See, Ardoin talked about how important it was to be aggressive and throw strikes… In fact that’s what got Stults sent down… Kuroda is doing the same thing everyone else has done since we came back from the break… NOT THROW STRIKES!!! Out of 57 pitches only 37 have been for strikes…. Not a good ratio at Coors field.

  54. porklinks

    The bullpen was excellent in Arizona. Starters mediocre or worse since the break. Coors Field is nightmarish.


    Shad… There’s no way that we should have a problem with a guy who’s 5-9…. I know on any given day a guy can throw a great game. But those are the pitchers that we need to dominate

  56. enchantedbeaver

    BTW, that’s also why you pitch to Ardoin even with the pitcher up next. Most ofthe time he’s not going to hurt you and that way you can have the pitcher lead off the next inning.


    You guys… How are we not killing a guy who has an era of almost 6!?!?!? It’s just frustrating watching our pitching stink it up, and our offense is doing much better since the break, but our pitching does not keep us in the damn game! I mean, we can still get back a few runs, I just wish that we could stop giving up 1st inning runs


    Now that was a nice inning from Kuroda!! We needed that…. Let’s get some of the runs back!!

  59. enchantedbeaver

    I’ve wanted to save this for THE DAY when it actually happened, but with a couple of minor changes, it’s wishful thinking:

    Jerry Lee Lewis – Great Balls of Fire:

    You shake our nerves and you rattle our cage
    Too many rumors drives us fans insane
    You broke Frank’s bank, your boys all stank
    Goodness gracious NedCo you’re fired!
    We laughed at Druw cuz he showed up all chubby
    Schmidt and Juanpy won’t be poppin’ no bubbly
    Frank change your mind, Logan is fine
    Goodness gracious NedCo you’re fired!
    Logan’s heroes, ooooh play good
    NedCo’s zeros… wellll, Frank’s gonna can ya like we know he should
    Big drip, no grip
    Want to see you get your pink slip slip slip
    We chew our nails off and we talk on our blog
    We’re all nervous cause you’ve cain’t do your job
    C’mon Neddy, you’re drive us crazy
    Goodness gracious NedCo you’re fired!!


    Here we go again, making a losing pitcher look like a superstar. I’ve come to the conclusion that this team cannot hit in the clutch in any consistent manner whatsoever.


    Im so sick of our weak *** middle of the order hitters. I wish instead of Ned buying around the fringe we could get someone of consequence. We take the division running away if we had Holiday.

  62. porklinks

    Man, hard-hit balls, but nothin’.
    enchanted – in some cases I’d agree, but not with a mediocrity like Rusch on the mound. Later in the game, it’ll be a PH, not the pitcher, so the time to take advantage is in the earlier innings. Remember, there is a runner in scoring position.

  63. enchantedbeaver

    Still think its a percentage move early in the game and at Coors fogey – Ardoin doesn’t exactly strike fear in anyone’s heart. He’d have to burn you on a consistant basis to justify not taking the chance. I’d do the same if it was Druw or Pierre batting eighth also.


    The problem is that we’ve hit 1 homerun in this series…. Think about that… We’ve been outhit like 123123 to 20… and our pitchers era in the series is roughly 16.34, how do we have 1 homer in an entire series in Colorado!?!!?!?!? Name the most recent team to win a world series without any power at all? try it… just one….


    Hey, at least Jones is not striking out every time. Eventually those balls hit will find a hole if we live long enough to see it.

  66. porklinks

    enchanted – there’s a reason there’s no hard and fast conventional wisdom on this point, I guess!

  67. enchantedbeaver

    I also have a question…

    If Logan white has as much influence on trades, and on Frank as its been implied lately, why isn’t he GM?


    We’re having a second consecutive quality start pitched against us by the Colorado Rockies… a team that is 14 games under .500 and the game is being played in the most offensive stadium in baseball history… I guess Monday night was out output of runs for the week? Month maybe…


    Kuroda has settled down dramatically, but our offense is putrid the last 2 games.

  70. porklinks

    The luck is bad today – the Dodgers had quite a few hard-hit outs. I think Ethier lost a 2-run homer.

  71. enchantedbeaver

    Think its a hitter by hitter judgement call fogey. Certain guys, no way you don’t walk them instead. About the only guys I wouldn’t walk are Sweeney, Ardoin, Jones, Pierre and Berroa, and some of that wouldn’t hold up if it was late in the game.

    Except for Jones, I’d always pitch to him. Worst hitter I’ve ever seen (confined to the current season that is.)

  72. scott_in_arcadia

    Gutty effort by Kuroda to go 6 after struggling early. I still recommend a huge losing streak for the Dodgers as the only sure fire way to keep the kids intact and cut the fat. My only other hope is that Frankie Boy is actually listening to Logan over the Nedster.

  73. enchantedbeaver

    I’d also like to know the point of giving Martin the day off if its only going to be a few innings.


    Go figure. Blake sits out two plus games in this series and gets a hit on his first chance. This game will drive you insane if you let it.

  75. jhallwally

    I believe the lumps will be smaller now. If Ned is allowed to continue with his incompetence, we will certainly suffer much bigger and painful lumps later.

  76. scott_in_arcadia

    I really have mixed feelings, jhall! Of course I’m “rooting” for the Blue, but I’m afraid, very afraid!

  77. jhallwally

    LOL Scott!! Yep, my pucker factor is off the meter till this trade deadline passes or Frank wakes up and fires Ned!!!


    Not a bad chance there…. But this team pisses me off so bad sometimes… They show glimpses of being a proud, and hard fighting team with a bright future… Then at other times, their careless, and horrible, and show no signs of fight what so ever…. ARGH!!


    Did Corpas make Ethier look bad too? I am not watching but following on game day and if the pitches were where Game Day put them, they were tough pitches to hit.


    I noticed noone took me up on my challenge to name the last team to win the world series without a power hitter in their lineup? Hell, how about even a playoff game? When, and who was it?

  81. scott_in_arcadia

    Hey Brandon!

    Where’s the fight going to come from? That guy wearing #6 on the dugout railing that looks half asleep?

  82. porklinks

    lbirken – no, but it was 3-1 earlier in the AB.
    Ethier’s 8th K in 29 PAs since the AS break.

  83. jhallwally

    Probably the closest would be the 63 and 65 Dodgers in answer to your question and right off the top of my head.
    Brandon, Kent and the Cow are the power hitters that Ned has hitched his wagon to. LOL!!!! Time to sink or swim with them Ned.

  84. enchantedbeaver

    I agree Scott, JoJo’s pathetic, and way too comfortable living out his retirement years while still wearing a uniform. And Kemp’s last strikeout will convince him that he can’t live without JP leading off.

    BTW, drove by Taco Lita Monday but didn’t stop.


    I can’t watch this anymore…. Let me know when my favorite team decides to be good again!!

  86. scott_in_arcadia

    hey enchanted, I was probably driving along side of you on Duarte Rd and didn’t know it! LOL


    It’s just so frustrating watching your favorite team day in and day out continue to struggle with the same obvious flaws… and The decisioons made to correct those flaws are just as much of a mess. How can there be teams like Boston, and the Yankees, and Angels, and so many other teams that compete yearly… We seem to have a let down every year. At the beginning of every year, I swear at least 5 or 6 analysts predict us to win the west…. Then we just find a way to SUCK…. All the while we’ve got a 115 Million dollar payroll… ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!?!?


    The problem is the young players we all covet on this team are not natural power hitters. Some have shown potential to hit for power and maybe one or two might develop into hitting for more power. We all know the players who were supposed to provide power (Kent, Nomar, A. Jones) and nothing needs to be said about how that has worked out because it has been discussed in detail on this blog. Some timely hitting would go a long way toward solving some of our run scoring problems.


    By the way, all this praise of Colorado is interesting. In a lousy division the Rox are still behind the Dodgers in the race for who stinks the least.


    Still noone knows of a team to win a world series or even a playoff game without a power hitter in their lineup…. IT’S BECAUSE IT DOES NOT HAPPEN!!


    HERE’S YOUR 1231231234th chance Andruw!!! Come on you fat slob!! Earn your freakin’ paycheck!!


    manny because that would be the smart thing to do and joe still has confidence on adrew


    Someone take that fat ******* out back and put him out of his misery…. I’m through with this pice of useless garbarge…. PLEASE SOMEONE MAKE HIM JUST HAVE THE FLU AGAIN!!! I never thought I’d say this, but how soon before Pierre gets back!?!?!?! I don’t usually swear like this, but this is INSANE!!!

  94. scurtis1999

    I need a save out of Fuentes anyways. This team blows so I could care less anymore. Fantasy $$$ is all Im gonna worry about.


    Can the Dodgers management PLEASE release both Jones and Schmidt? At least let us know that Colletti’s time here is limited.


    all i can say dont trade the future for someone. let us suck this year and be good next year.


    We cannot get a freaking hit with RISP. What does this team need? Oh, I remember, a new manager, a new GM, A new pitching coach, (Jury’s out on the hitting coach), otherwise we’re fine. Maybe the kids need a couple more years before we feel they are ready to do what we expect of them now.

  98. porklinks

    Jones could have gotten one home with an out. OK, it WAS Kent on third, so the fly would have to be pretty deep, but still.

  99. miguelcab

    It’s the middle of a “pennant race” and Joe just keeps trotting out the 250 pound automatic out. That’s a disgrace.


    You guys can sugar coat this however you’d like, you can call it a winnable division, or an up and coming team… and blah blah blah…. This team is consistent at one thing…. CONSISTENTLY UNDER .500!!! This whole team needs to be blown up and made over…. I don’t dislike Torre so much, but can we get some players in here who give a damn about winning and losing…. Would it be too much to ask for someone who might be able to hit the ball out of the ball park…. and one more thing…. GUYS THERE’S A REASON WHY WE HAVE NOT BEEN ABLE TO GET ABOVE THE .500 MARK FOR MONTHS…… WE SUCK!!

  101. dodgereric

    brandon, I haven’t even tried very hard yet, but I know the ’65 Dodgers won the Series and their co-leaders in HRs were Jim Lefebvre and Lou Johnson with 12 each. The entire team hit 78.


    Choke Jones – and I don’t mean that as an adjective, I mean somebody please choke the worthless fat bast***.

    Also, if they’re showcasing LaRoche, it’s not working.

  103. vl4ecc

    OK Were down to the last 3 outs. I hope they can pull it off. Sure would be nice to win the rubber game here. Lord knows there have been numerous blown opportunities in this one. That last inning really hurt!


    If we don’t have a good home stand coming up and get some of these guys hitting with RISP and pretend that we want to win this division, we are headed south just like we did last year. If we start the skid like we did last year, the entire management division needs to be fired


    gosh how can anyone take anyone seriously who plays Jones. I would be hard for me. I’d be like your advice on winning ways and hitting to RF sounds good but you play Jones.

    He has cost us the season. Really. I Say sheesh if we had Holiday. What if we just had a guy playing CF who is hitting .260 with 15hr and 55rbi for the 18 mill


    i thought piching wins games. we have the best pitching in the nl. look at the phils there in 1st place and there starting pitching sucks.


    and yes i am equally bent when Laroache K’s but his AB was good and we dont pay him all that money and he has been in that situation in the big leagues less than 50 times. sucks but it is what it is. jones is a stiff and how our owner allows him to even play is beyond me.

  108. kpookiemon

    enchanted, I’m with you on Honeycutt. When Torre came on board he said he was keeping Honeycutt because Honeycutt was familiar with all the pitchers in the organization and he (Torre) wasn’t. Given the Dodgers lofty pitching stats there really isn’t a good argument to can Honeycutt…except GUT FEEL, which is Joe’s favorite way to manage, isn’t it? Like which outfielder will sit come Pierre time…or that the Dodgers can’t possibly win the West without Andruw contributing…or any of the PVLs, for that matter. As many of us have said ad nauseum on tghis site, thye Dodgers are NOT one or two players away from anything. It’s a time issue, not a player issue. Kershaw, Kemp, Loney, Ethier, Billingsley, etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc. these guys ARE the horses, but they’re still in the process of finding a major-league comfort level. They WILL find it. Just not today. And one last thing. Put me down in the anti-Boras column; he is neither good for baseball NOR his clients. Other than cold hard cash, when was the last time this guy placed his client in a position to succeed as a baseball player?

  109. enchantedbeaver

    Too bad that a great come from behind win in AZ, and a good old fashioned butt kickin’ on Monday catapulted this team into two lackluster losses. Something’s missing, and whatever it is, JoJo and Ned aren’t providing.

  110. jhallwally

    C’est La Vie!!
    Very disappointing that we can’t score more against a freaking hack pitcher like Rusch. Hopefully, another nail in Ned’s coffin!!!

  111. porklinks

    Other than cold hard cash, when was the last time this guy [Boras] placed his client in a position to succeed as a baseball player?
    By on July 23, 2008 3:02 PM
    All-Star J.D. Drew is very happy with his World Series ring from last year, I think.

  112. kpookiemon

    Is it just me, or does Ethier seem to struggle whenever four “healthy” outfielders are on the horizon? It’s obvious he succeeds best when given committment and support. Some players are just like that…some aren’t.

  113. tradejuanpypaperbag

    enchanted – Awesome song!!! I will be singing that in my head for a while.
    jnv – don’t hate me, but I got to sit and talk to Steve Garvey for about 15-20 minutes about the Dodgers and other stuff. It was incredible!!
    I didn’t see the game so I can’t comment on it, but we win some, we lose some. The good thing is they have tomorrow off and they also go home to face the Nats and the Gnats.

  114. kpookiemon

    westernmost… can’t disagree…but that’s only one. And I’ll bet YOU could succeed in Boston!


    dodgereric… You’re naming guys who were on great teams…. That’s where you’re missing the point… Yeah, those guys hit 25 or so homers… I don’t know that anyone on this team will hit 20 to be quite honest…. We need to figure out who is capable of helping a major league team accomplish its goals and who is not and sort out the difference NOW…. This is getting to be insulting. We all feel the same way about one thing… We want the Dodgers to win…. Well, can we all agree on one thing? WE’RE NOT FREAKIN’ WINNING!!! answers? anyone? suggestions? ANYTHING? We don’t have a winning team right now. Some of these guys are NOT the answer… Some are, but mostly are NOT… This is just getting to be one of the most frustrating seasons I’ve ever experienced as a fan.

  116. porklinks

    Ethier since the AS break, including today: .207/.233/.379
    HUGE triple in the last game in AZ though.

  117. jhallwally

    Yes Brandon, the first suggestion/answer is to fire Ned, the artist of this mess. Secondly, play the kids and get a real idea of what you’ve freaking got before you go making deals. That is the big reason we are in our current mess.

  118. j-murray

    glendon freaking rusch?!?!?! how did we not win that game by at least 10 runs? andruw and laroche striking out on crap in the dirt with the tying run at second base makes me want to punch a newborn. anybody else going to the game this saturday? we’ll be just in time to watch odalis “cy young” perez throw a complete game shutout.

  119. porklinks

    brandondaughrity – Suggestion? Here’s one – stop me if you’ve heard it before – fire Ned! He has not obtained the right kind of veterans needed to blend with the developing young players.

  120. dodgereric

    (Here you go, jhall)
    Frank Howard, ’63 Dodgers, 28.

    Tommy Davis had 16 and Ron Fairly 12. No one else in double figures.

  121. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Very well said kpookiemon on all comments. I can’t figure out what’s happening with Ethier either (I didn’t have to plan that one – lol). Charlie did mention on the radio during the Arizona series that Mattingly was working with Ethier and Loney on getting more power up the middle, and then you mentioned confidence could be an issue too.

  122. jhallwally

    Nelly, Grady hit his 25th dinger today. Indians still getting their Neds handed to them though. RBC!!!


    westernmost, I’m a fan of the Dodgers, baseball and sports in general. It’s not my job to make those decisions, I’m not paid to do it, and I don’t care who does it to be honest. But someone has to take charge and return this team to the capable hands in which it belongs. This is one of the most storied franchises in baseball history, and our managers and players are making it out to be a joke. Players should WANT to play for the Dodgers, the way they want to play for the Yankees. Our GM is on the way out the door as we speak, I can’t see anyone continuing to stand for mediocrity like this. This team has shown no fight or willingness to learn or any kind of give a damn…. And it’s frustrating, I’m sorry, but we’ve got every right as fans to expect to have someone have to answer for this debacle. This is not acceptable as some of you love to say. And on top of all of that, I’m just as stupid, because I keep coming back like a puppy to food…. This team has to do SOMETHING… sorry for the long post…. I’ve had to say the same damn thing way the hell too many times this year.

  124. tradejuanpypaperbag

    That’s great jhall!! We like Grady – we need him in our outfield – get rid of Pierre and Jones and get Sizemore – that would be wonderful. Ethier, Sizemore, Kemp – NICE!!

  125. porklinks

    yarrum – it should be noted that two of the three RBIs were by Jones and LaRoche, and that LaRoche scored one of the three runs.


    .I know we’re only a game out if the Cubs actually beat Arizona tonight. But do any of you honestly get the sense that this team has a snowballs chance in hell to accpmplish anything worth a damn this year?


    Brandon, the Dodger teams that featured Piazza and Karros, two players who hit for power, still did not win a playoff game during their time with Dodgers. In fact, I recall that Karros was more of a contact hitter and they convinced him to sacrafice average for power, which he was able to do. I think he had a decent career, but my point is that hitting home runs does not guarantee wins. I will agree that having hitters who have the potential of hitting home runs does change the way pitchers deal with those hitters. As has been said many times before, the current team does not seem to have too many hitters that put fear into an opposing pitcher.

  128. enchantedbeaver

    Keep getting sidetracked by work…

    Regarding Boras, let’s not forget – if his clients make tons of money, he makes tons of money. Its in his best interests to get top dollar regardless of the situation. Think we can all agree he took advantage of Ned to the Nth degree for buying the snakeoil he was selling with Andruw.

  129. kpookiemon

    The ’85 Cards were definitley power challenged…but I just researched their pitching; TWO 21-game winners and an 18-game winner. With almost 2/3 of the season gone the Dodgers don’t even have ONE pitcher with double-digit victories.

  130. j-murray

    they drove in 2 of the 3 runs and than canceled it out by doing their best tiger woods impressions.


    lBirken… I didn’t say I wanted a single guy who hit 73 homers…. I want a balanced offensive team, with a hitter in our lineup that can cause some havoc and maybe create some fear in the other team…. We don’t have anyone in our lineup that causes the other team to say ” Man, we really need to do our best to contain…..”


    Need I remind you guys also…. We had ONE all star…. ONE!!! Good point kpookieman….


    The Dodgers are once again are a big disappointment in the NL West and will probably finish two games above .500 like last year. Since the Dodgers are going nowhere this year, this is what the Dodgers need to do:

    1.) Fire Ned Colleti – there is no refuting that Ned is incompetent as a manager.
    2.) Make Logan White the GM – He knows talent. The only talent on this team is because of him.
    3.) Trade Jeff Kent – We should get something for him and give him a last chance in the playoffs.
    4.) Andy LaRoche should play second – He played second in the minors and we need to know if we have a second basemen for next year.
    5.) Trade Derek Lowe – There are many teams out there which would give a couple of good prospects for him.
    6.) Eric Stults back up to majors– He is a good pitcher and has an era of 3.18. Need to find out if he can consistently pitch in the majors. He can get another 7-8 starts before the end of the year.
    7.) Clayton Kershaw back to AAA – He is not ready to pitch in the majors. Stop screwing him up for the future.
    8.) Put Chan Ho Park back in the rotation – What is Joe thinking about? He has 2.59 ERA.
    9.) Sit Andruw Jones down – He has had plenty of time to prove himself and he is done playing baseball. Let’s face it, he was on the juice.
    10.) Play Delwyn Young – We need to know if he can make it in the majors. He has a 250 AVG and what can he do on a consistent base.
    11.) Cut Mark Sweeney – He is taking up space. Right know anybody can come off the bench and perform better then him.

  134. kpookiemon

    Seeeing as how the payoff window in baseball is home plate, who do you suppose are the Dodger leaders in RBIs and Runs Scored? The now semi-famous quartet of MartinLoneyKempEthier are the top four in BOTH catagories. So for all the blue, blue fans out there in cyberland today, take heart…the future is bright–if Ned doesn’t trade it away or if Joe doesn’t bench it.

  135. porklinks

    Maybe HR-challenged, but the ’85 had in the middle of the order a .987 OPS guy (McGee) and a .995 OPS guy (Clark.)
    Their pen was good too. Tudor and Cox had great ERAs; Walking Underwear was just good enough to ride the team success, barely above league average ERA.

  136. kpookiemon

    sitaufer, many GREAT points. But if Dodgers are truly looking to the future, as you allude to, I’d rather give the starts to Kershaw than Chan Ho. I don’t think his psyche is being bruised. He’s starting to get mad and that’s a GOOD sign.

  137. porklinks

    sltaufer – here’s the problem. At worst, today will end with the Dodgers two games out in the NL West, behind a team that is 51-50. Even if the Dodgers miraculously make the playoffs, they should get swept out, but the Dodger management, top to bottom, will never perceive themselves as building for next year, unless the team completely tanks and/or the DBacks go on a tremendous tear.

  138. kpookiemon

    Scott, don’t tell the Cards they lost…they’re still blaming the first-base umpire, whatshisname.


    The problem with Dodgers the last ten years is that it is like living with a drunk. You keep thinking it is going to get better, but it is not. We keep signing stupid Borrass clients who ruin our team year after year. Young good talent comes and goes. Some of them find their way to other teams and perform well. But where is this team going. We are not the Angels or the Red Sox. We are more like the Clippers then anything else.

  140. kpookiemon

    jhall, couldn’t resist…looked up 1985 Royal stats. They had two guys with 30 HRs or more. One was Brett. Name the other without looking it up. I wouldn’t have gotten the answer in a million years, even if I lived that long!

  141. jhallwally

    The 88 Dodgers are a perfect example of not needing a monster home run hitter(s) to win it all. Generally it comes down to lights out pitching and playing good defense and fundamentally sound baseball.

  142. scott_in_arcadia

    Off the top of my head, Steve Balboni?

    The pitcher on that bad call at 1b in the ’85 WS was Todd Worrell who spent his early childhood on my street in Arcadia. I played with his younger brother Tim until they moved. Don Denkinger was the ump, no?

  143. porklinks

    I missed this in Tony Jackson’s blog comments yesterday:
    Tony Jackson said:
    I have been told a definitive NO on [acquiring] Beltre because of his contract. And Dylan [Hernandez] wrote the other day that it’s NO on [acquiring] Huston Street, as well


    Brandon, we all feel your pain and share your frustration. Some of us just attack the issues with a little less emotion and some even come up with some interesting ideas on what they would do. Keep up the support and don’t give up.

  145. jhallwally

    Good news Grump. Like I said before, I think Ned is on a very short leash and Frank is ready to put him back on the short yellow bus out of town.

  146. enchantedbeaver

    The one thing that would make our kids better, is the one thing we haven’t gotten all year – support from Ned’s PVLs. Other than Kent and Pierre marginally, we’ve gotten nothing. If Jones even put up Kent’s numbers this team would probably have a 5 game lead. If Sweeney comes through at a basic .200 as a PH, we’re probably an even 500 club, maybe +1. Worst of all is JoJo. Ned may have hired these clowns, but its JoJo that keeps playing them to the detriment of the team. And the sad thing is, is that JoJo actually believes them better than another alternative. Not much can be done with a GM that doesn’t know talent and a manager that won’t play it.

  147. dodgereric

    Well jhall, as you know, the ’85 Cardinals didn’t win the Series, but they did win the pennant.
    Jack Clark 22
    Andy Van Slyke 13
    Willie McGee and Darrell Porter (?) 10 each.

    “Name the most recent team to win a world series without any power at all? try it… just one….
    By on July 23, 2008 1:55 PM”

    “I noticed noone took me up on my challenge to name the last team to win the world series without a power hitter in their lineup? Hell, how about even a playoff game? When, and who was it?
    By on July 23, 2008 2:20 PM”

    “Still noone knows of a team to win a world series or even a playoff game without a power hitter in their lineup…. IT’S BECAUSE IT DOES NOT HAPPEN!!
    By on July 23, 2008 2:41 PM”

    “dodgereric… You’re naming guys who were on great teams…. That’s where you’re missing the point…
    By on July 23, 2008 3:12 PM”

    brandon, every one of those guys I mentioned were on teams that won the World Series that year. That was your challenge, right? I haven’t even considered ‘or even a playoff game’. It’s not straining the realm of possibility to have Kemp, Ethier, Martin or Kent end up with 20 – 25 apiece. But even if they don’t, there were two that didn’t get to 20, not counting the ’81 strike season. You asked for one. Here you go: the ’65 Dodgers had two with 12 apiece, we have two with 11 right now. Exactly how am I missing the point?

    To attempt to answer your other question up there, “We need to figure out who is capable of helping a major league team accomplish its goals and who is not and sort out the difference NOW…. This is getting to be insulting. We all feel the same way about one thing… We want the Dodgers to win…. Well, can we all agree on one thing? WE’RE NOT FREAKIN’ WINNING!!! answers? anyone? suggestions? ANYTHING?”, you’re right, all of us on this blog want one thing. Win the World Series.

    Several have already said, ‘fire Ned’. I agree. A great start. But I don’t think we can ‘sort out the difference now’. Most of the young players haven’t had a chance to really show if they are for real yet. It takes time. Most of the time, a team will have two or three guys break onto the roster in any given year and one or maybe two guys with a chance to break into the starting lineup. We have guys up right now (one exception) who could be the entire starting 8 with less than 2 years in the bigs:

    Loney 1B
    DeWitt 2B
    LaRoche 3B
    Young LF
    Kemp CF
    Ethier RF
    Martin C

    Bring Hu back or give DeJesus a shot and it’d be the entire 8. I don’t think we can judge any of these guys and say they are ABSOLUTELY ready now. OK, I’ll give you Martin. He’s for real. Ethier and Loney are really close and Kemp is right behind them, but only of those 3, only Loney has been the beneficiary of playing every day. Andre and Matt have been recently, of course, but we’re all sweating with Pierre returning. One of them will be without a spot. If Andruw shows ANY sign of life before Juan comes back, Matt will probably get the bulk of the ABs and Andre will sit, but neither will be a regular. We all know this.

    It can’t be resolved now unless you start trading them off. I don’t want to trade any of them. My opinion. It kills me to see players leave this team only to do well elsewhere. It NEVER used to happen, well, almost never. I’m frustrated too. But I’m a lot more frustrated with management than the young players. There are no guarantees, no matter if you stick with the kids or trade them for vets. Proven vets have come here and bombed for whatever reason. Kevin Brown. Darryl Strawberry. Eric Davis. Andruw Jones. I could go on for a while, and so can you.

    Anyway, I’ve already written ten times more than I set out to do. Be patient. Sit back. Have a beer. You’re obviously a great Dodger fan. We ALL are. In a couple of years we’re going to have a fine team that will contend for years and win some more banners for the outfield wall. And not those crappy division pennants that you see in places like San Diego. We hang the only ones that matter.

    Honey, I’m coming home! Start making that Sweet Potato Casserole!

    Go Dodgers!!!!!


    kpooklemon, I just got back on line and you stated Ethier/Loney/Kemp/Martin are the top 4 in runs scored and rbi’s. Yeah, that’s on the Dodgers. On most other teams that are in contention that wouldn’t be close to the top. I say this without checking all the stats but being in the top 4 in anything on the Dodgers don’t mean much in my opinion. Their names aren’t close to top 4 in the league…………………….


    Eric, I like your style. These days games are fun but a heck of a distraction from the work place. I’m out. Keep up the faith.


    can andruw jones see? seriously…that guy has no idea of the strike zone. watching him and kemp bat followed by someone like eithier and russell is night and day.

    neither jones or kemp have much plate discipline. nor does ryan howard, but he has nearly 30 hr and 100 rbi while not even flirting with .230.

    jones needs to go on extended minor league rehab with his personal hitting instructor. let him stay till sept 1. maybe the players union (or course) would object, but he has no business batting anywhere but 8th. he strikes out no matter where you bat him, so bat him 8th – or make him a defensive sub. he unfortunately is about as close to being “shot” as a batter as I can remember….

  151. porklinks

    Speaking of “sweating with Pierre returning”, here’s this from Diamond Leung’s blog:
    Juan Pierre will begin his rehabilitation assignment with Class AAA Las Vegas tonight and is expected to return to hit leadoff even after Matt Kemp had compiled a .393 on-base percentage in 18 games hitting there in the lineup.
    “He doesn’t give us the power that Kemp gives us, but he knows how to lead off,” Torre said of Pierre.
    “Hopefully the stuff he gained while batting leadoff will help him confidence-wise,” Torre said of Kemp.
    Last I checked, Tim Raines and Brett Butler still “know how to lead off” also, but I don’t want them in my lineup either.

  152. kpookiemon

    boblee, I only give the stats to point out who are the real Dodger producers. I would never imply these stats are good enough to win a World Series..they aren’t even good enough to put a team over .500. But they ARE freaking good enough to warrent playing every day, a position “perhaps” Joe is finally warming up to after four months of stubborn myopia. Remember, I said the FUTURE is bright. The present is a record of 49-52, thanks in large part to Joe, Ned and their madcap, zany, wonderful, wacky collection of useless PVLs.

  153. tradejuanpypaperbag

    westernmost – this is not good news 😦 I guess are next question will be answered, too – who sits? 😦

  154. porklinks

    I am indeed a grumpy old fogey today.
    One thing I have learned this season is that anything Torre says about the future should be taken with a grain of salt.

  155. enchantedbeaver

    IMO it won’t do much good to fire Ned unless you fire JoJo too. Anyone that could want the Outmaker back leading off just because he has speed is completely ignorant of reality.

  156. porklinks

    Before today, Loney/Kemp/Martin/Ethier ranked 31, 35, 45, 50 in the NL in RBI. There are 16 teams in the NL, so with even distribution, that looks like low-end second-tier, or third-tier guys. Of course, some of them have less plate appearances than they should, and having JP and his overall .327 OBP batting 1 or 2 most of the season, and Kent’s .308 OBP smack in the heart, don’t help generate opportunities either. Not to mention a fair number of PAs behind Jones too.

  157. tradejuanpypaperbag

    enchanted – this is so absolutely frustrating. Unbelieveable and jhall’s word Unacceptable!!!!!

  158. tradejuanpypaperbag

    LMAO!!!!! I will write that one down. I have a feeling we are going to need that phrase a lot in the next few weeks, and maybe some stronger to go along with it.

  159. tradejuanpypaperbag

    I am going out for a little while boys- behave, but have fun~mom 🙂 I will check in later tonight.
    <:-)o( Gotta love it!!! RBC!!!!

  160. porklinks

    enchanted – “Outmaker”? That sounds like a Rolling Stones song.
    [“Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker)”]
    The GM in Dodger Nation
    He chased the fans right outta the park.
    And with his bad talent evaluations,
    He put Juan Pierre through their hearts.
    Outmaker, at .294,
    You’re gonna tear our team apart.
    You Outmaker, at .294,
    You’re gonna tear our team apart.
    31-year old centerfielder,
    Stuck a needle in his [backside]?
    He flails in the dirt of the batter’s box;
    Vin Scully said he had no chance, no chance!
    Outmaker, Outmaker
    Your strikeouts stab right in my heart.
    Outmaker, Outmaker
    Stole the money out of McCourt!
    Outmaker, Outmaker
    You stole the money out of McCourt!
    Outmaker, Outmaker
    You should retire from the sport.
    Doo, doo doo doo doo doo doo, doo doo doo….

  161. manny55

    hi guys i’ve been reading ITD for the past weeks and today i figured out how to post. lol
    i think ur a bunch of wize ppl, n the songs are hilarious.
    i agree w/ most of ur opinions, but i do have one question

    wat are a pvls?


    he knows how to lead off is the stupidest thing your most PA’s to the least threatning guy in the lineup (other than nomar, jones, kent) makes perfect sense..

  163. manny55

    Thanx, i too feel that the young guys r the future.

    Before reading ITD i thought that old man torre was our salvation. that we needed the experience that our pvls (how cool i used the accronym) brought to the team. but i have been enlightened by the wise thoughts and comments shared by the “itd”ers. now i see the evil of ned, jojo, n the money loving boss…whose sole purpose in life is to get $$$, play old guys, n limit the growth of our young guys, n prolonging the glory that LA is destined to achieve in the upcoming decades. but then again wat can we expect from a yankee manager, and a giant gm, our mortal enemies…

    how’s that for my 1st real post?


    good to know were paying you 18 million to work on stuff and loose game for us. Were a terrible orgainization. The McCourts should be embarrassed.

    “It could have been different if I had more at-bats at Triple-A, but I think the team needed another bat,” Jones said. “I can still work on stuff up here.”

  165. manny55

    okay, so jones gets a double and a walk and he gets his own article…
    being an endangered species certainly has its perks, freakin blue whale!!!!

  166. enchantedbeaver

    Fogey got me to thinking with his Heartbreaker/outmaker song. I’m thinking a little more Pat Benatar:

    Your outs mount like a tidal wave, spinnin’ out of control
    Drownin’ us with Joe’s crummy vet’rans really takes its toll
    You’re the wrong kind of hitter, to battin’ leadoff for this team
    The unwalkable sinner and we know that you are gonna be
    You’re an outmaker
    Dream taker, non-raker
    Don’t you mess us up J P
    You’re an outmaker
    Dream taker, non-raker
    Don’t you mess us up – NO NO NO!
    Your bunts are a real disaster, push ‘em back to the mound
    Slappy pop-ups hit to left and center, can’t stay on the ground
    You’re the wrong kind of hitter, to be battin’ leadoff for this team
    A real Mayer weiner, and we know that you are gonna be
    You’re an outmaker
    Dream taker, non-raker
    Don’t you mess us up J P
    You’re an outmaker
    Dream taker, non-raker
    Don’t you mess us up – NO NO NO!
    You’re the wrong kind of hitter, to be battin’ leadoff for this team
    A real Mayer weiner, and we know that you are gonna be
    You’re an outmaker
    Dream taker, non-raker
    Don’t you mess us up J P
    You’re an outmaker
    Dream taker, non-raker
    Don’t you mess us up J P
    You’re an outmaker
    Dream taker, non-raker
    Don’t you mess us up J P
    You’re an outmaker
    Dream taker, non-raker

  167. manny55

    its the legendary enchanted!!!!
    its a pleasure to be part of ITD, and as a new member I will gladly offer my services if anyone ever decides to drive a stake through the heart of colleti, he is a vampire right, how else can u explain him sucking so much?

  168. lagirl27

    buenos noches mis amigos! (I only know spanish, it’s all I have to offer)
    Ok i missed the game today, except for the score. The repeat just cam on and we are tied 2 to 2. What happened today? when/why did it fall apart? Can I get an update por favor? Gracias!

  169. lagirl27

    haha. Welcome Manny- thanks for asking about the PVL’s i’ve always been too shy to ask..haha. Team work is awesome 🙂

  170. tradejuanpypaperbag

    enchanted – you are legendary!!! I always knew you were, but it looks great in writing 🙂 FABULOUS SONG!!!
    jungar – Torre is an idiot, and that is all I can say anymore. If he can’t see that Kemp and Ethier belong at the top together, than he is just an idiot.
    Manny – A very huge welcome!!! I see you have already met some of the main characters of ITD – 🙂
    jhall – I’m back – kids are tired and I am the one who stays since I am a horserace junkie and the horses don’t get going until the morning. Hubby plays the big bucks!! LOL!!
    Hi Amy – haven’t read your post, but I will get there. 🙂

  171. enchantedbeaver

    Amy – quick synopsis:

    1. Kuroda – two bad innings.
    2. No timely hitting.

    A generally lackluster effort for a team with playoff aspirations.

  172. lagirl27

    haha. Thank enchanted. such a sucky feeling to lose when you know we should win.
    Good evening Dnelly. i hope your day went well. I just got here tonight. I’ve been away from Dodger baseball all day 😦

  173. lagirl27

    watching the repeat is just painfull. This must be when it begins to fall apart. boo to the Rockies!!

  174. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Amy – I got to meet Steve Garvey today, and it was a 15 minute conversation about Dodgers and life in general. Plus I got a picture, his book “My Bat Boy Days”, and a baseball card signed. So, even though our boys lost today, it was a very good Dodger day for me. Thanks for asking. I didn’t get to see the game ethier (either).

  175. lagirl27

    Wow Dnell. What a wonderful Dodger day it was for you!! My mom and I were at the stadium earlier this season and Steve Garvy walked by and my mom reached out her hand and we saw her but was going to keep walking. My mom said “some on steve” and he stopped and shook her hand. I thought it was funny that I can say that my mom bullied Steve Garvey into shaking her hand 🙂

  176. manny55

    buenas noches amy, hi dnelly,
    so i see i’m finally talking to the whole gang, how cool

    i have one concern, since tommorrow is an off day, does that increase the chances for a dodger trade?

  177. lagirl27

    Today was ok. Encountered some work drama today, that wasn’t fun at all. I worked really hard, thus missing the gameday Dodger stats. But i did treat myself to a pedicure afterwork. foot massages can do wonders.
    how long are you in Vegas for? what’s the occasion (if i may ask?) because you just got back from LA and SD! i can tell you are enjoying your summer vacation. gotta love being a teacher!

  178. lagirl27

    hey manny. it’s always good to have new friends. Just don’t be mean to JP and we will be fine 😉 Let’s hope not. Maybe an off day means rest and mental focus so they can win when i see them play this weekend.
    I am DYING to go to the stadium Friday to see our boys return, but i cannot find a single person who will go with me. This is very frustrating!!! i am soo looking forward to this homestand. I hate being away from live dodger games. it’s become my second home this year 🙂

  179. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Pedicures – how nice that sounds. The trip to LA/SD was with my girlfriend. Now I am with my family. My husband went to UNLV and we now have friends who live here. Plus, we used to live here when we first got married. We come here every summer to see them and they usually come to us in the fall/winter. It’s easier for us to come here in the summer because the pools are all up and running, and we have teenage kids, and it gives them things to do. I will be back on Saturday, and then my mom and I are coming to the dbacks series the following week. That will be my last big trip, and then it’s back to school for me to get ready for another group of 1st graders.

  180. manny55

    if that is who i think it is, i wont as long as he doesn’t come back from the dl…lol jk
    na, just as long as he takes andruw jones’ spot, welcome to the team

  181. lagirl27

    oh and Manny we can be friends as long as you aren’t the Manny that i went out with and never called me back! it’s not you is it?? 😉

  182. tradejuanpypaperbag

    My pleasure, Manny – I hope it doesn’t increase the issue of a trade. However, I do know days off definitely increases the craziness around here for sure – LOL!!!

  183. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Speaking of JP – He is playing in Vegas right now. 🙂 Does anybody know how he is doing? I will see if we have anything on the tv here – be back!

  184. manny55

    an increase in craziness? is that even possible,
    in that case i suggest we call colleti ” el pollo” because he definitely is “loco”

  185. manny55

    amy- is that really u? see some things came up….lol jk
    na im just 17, if it is me, than u missy r a pedafile…lol jk

  186. manny55

    dnel-so i can expect jellyroll jones, The Perfect Outfielder JP(that’s for amy), and a marlon anderson type player in the outfield, after kemp and ethier were traded for 2 more veterans?

  187. cpompe1

    Good evening ITD boys and girls,
    It’s been a while, I know. Painting is tiring work! I saw Monday night’s game; great game!!! Just to follow it with the last 2 lackluster games, well, I’m glad that I didn’t see too much of them. But I saw enough to make me ill. I thought after the come-from-behind 9th inning win in AZ and the game on Monday, I thought we would be on a roll. I was wrong. Again.

    With all these trade rumors going on, I really don’t know what to make of any of them any more. I know I was in (a little bit) on the trade talks earlier, but now I’m just tired of hearing this rumor or hearing that rumor. Right now, everything is making me ill.

    Welcome Manny! I know you’re kinda new here; great to get another regular here. I’m semi-regular. I read all the time, but post so often. Right now I’m in a painting the house mode so I won’t be posting all that much.

  188. tradejuanpypaperbag

    manny – The people around here are going to like you a lot. I am Ethier’s “Superfan”, and I fear that he will ride pine once again – sigh:(

  189. stizaza

    hey manny-
    i was just about to say how cool it was to have another young guy on here thinking i was 18, then i realized i just turned 20…sill young of course but it was funny cause i started reading this a few years back and forgot i was older.
    oh and your first post.
    “okay, so jones gets a double and a walk and he gets his own article…
    being an endangered species certainly has its perks, freakin blue whale!!!!”
    might be the best first post ive seen

  190. cpompe1

    Just tired dnel. Tired of painting. Tired of trade rumors. Tired of lackluster Dodger performances. My husband and I went to see Batman today. We liked it but as far as comic heroes are concerned, both of us actually prefer Superman… 🙂

  191. manny55

    Hi CP, nice to meet u…good luck w/ ur house painting mode…lol dont get too carried away, and i’ll talk to you later, i move into college next monday so it might be a while since i talk to you again

    And for the rest of my new friends, i will talk to you guys 2moro, hopefully we wont have to discuss “el pollo loco’s” newest contribution to the giants hall of fame, and the dodgers demise…

    hopefully the boys use the dayoff to relax and stay away from jones and his “andruitis”

  192. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Painting does that to you 🙂 With the trade rumors running rampid on tv, print and on line, it’s really hard to tell what is what. I think the team will bounce back when they get back home. They will be very glad to get out of Colorado and be back home again to face the Nats and Gnats.

  193. tradejuanpypaperbag

    andruitis – I like that!!! He has many names around here that you will come to find out as well as that other outfielder.

  194. cpompe1

    yeah dnel. I’m glad to get out of CO. I really thought that after the way they beat AZ that they would be in sole possession of 1st place, but NOT.

    Hey, this’ll perk you up. Reed Johnson from the Cubs just hit a grand slam into the pool in AZ; they lead 10 – 4. Bob Melvin doesn’t make any sense to me. He brings in Micah Owings – a starting pitcher – in to relieve today and once before and why??? I’m not going to argue; at least the Dodgers will only be 1 game out after tonight.

  195. manny55

    amy- yeah i’ve been reading this blog 4 a while and its way better than the the dodger thing in myspace…lol
    tooo many imature people there
    thanx 4 the compliment but my first post was
    “was that andruw?”
    when he got that monthly extra-base hit.
    but none the less, i appreciate it. and dont worry, 20 is still young

  196. manny55

    dnel- as i recall from previous posts, ur a kemp, ethier, martin fan ;]

    oh n manfromchina, that last post was 4 u, sort of butchered it…ha its my 1st mistake, i will remember that one too

  197. tradejuanpypaperbag

    CP – not sure what’s happening to Andre. He seemed to have a better day today. I guess on should have been a homerun and then got pushed back in by the wind. He has been striking out more than usual and that is of concern for him I’m sure. He still has good numbers for the month so hopefully he can finish out the month strong heading into July, if he’s playing like he should – that remains to be seen I guess 🙂

  198. cpompe1

    Boy Manny/Amy – if you are 17 and 20 respectively, both of you are younger than my son! Not by much, but younger nonetheless! 🙂

  199. tradejuanpypaperbag

    manny – Ethier, Martin, Loney are my favorites and in that order. I do like Matthew, too, but I will leave Amy for that job. Ethier is way out there in front right now, so I will get a little testy when he is benched for Andruw and JP, just so you know. So, where are you going to school?

  200. cpompe1

    I didn’t see too much of the last 2 games, but I’ve heard about what’s been happening to Andre. When Pierre gets back, I REALLY hope that Torre does the right thing and leaves Matty and Dre where they are. Pierre can be in the lineup; just not leading off. Druw, well, what can I say about him that would sound somewhat positive – NOTHING!!!

  201. tradejuanpypaperbag

    CP – Torre has already made his decision to have JP lead off. Jungar told us gave us a quote from Torre somewhere I believe.

  202. manny55

    CP- its tru jp is gonna lead-off, torre is ever so excited…but on the bright side, he also hinted that he might bench jones, so that’s good, if its tru

    dnel-im going to UCLA, the freshman summer program starts monday

  203. tradejuanpypaperbag

    CP – it was westernmost who posted it. It’s up above somewhere shortly before Manny came on.

  204. cpompe1

    Thx manny… That is the only bright side that Druw gets benched… BTW, my nephew graduated from UCLA a couple of years ago! Great to see a Bruin here! 🙂

    Well, I REALLY am tired. I’m gonna head; I’ll catch up with y’all later…

  205. dodgereric

    Fire Joe
    Fire the guy who hired Joe
    Fire the guy who hired the guy who hired Joe
    rendez-vous toilette

  206. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Good evening, eric/Ward – how was your day today? Did it get better? Great post this afternoon 🙂

  207. manny55

    dnel- i am, but i’m not good enough to play college ball. i love baseball but im hispanic so i grew up with soccer, im pretty good at that but not college good.
    i started watching dodger games 8 years ago i believe, when green, karros, grudzilanek, nomo, and park where here. i didnt understand the game but i loved to watch it. i became a fan in the izturis, cora, beltre, loduca days. n i’ve been a fan since.

    im going to the fsp because i’m an aap student

  208. tradejuanpypaperbag

    manny – gotcha!! There are both UCLA and USC fans here. I like USC football and UCLA basketball. I am a nor-cal resident who lives with gnat fans. I have been a Dodger fan since I was born because I grew up with it.

  209. manny55

    dnel-oh i didnt know about the usc fans, well to be honest i used to be a usc fan, but since i got accepted to UCLA, ima bruin now…lol

    so how does a nor-cal resident become a dodger fan?

  210. tradejuanpypaperbag

    parental influence, and determination never to become a gnats fan like the rest of my family. There are a few of us from norcal (jnv and northstateblues to name a couple frequenters around here).
    gnats did win 😦

  211. dodgereric

    Good evening June! Not too bad of a day today. A few things happened. My adding machine broke. I don’t know what I would have done if I didn’t have my slide rule with me. Our perculator overflowed and we didn’t get any more coffee. Pete lost his tie clip. Stuff like that.

    How is Vegas? The last time I was there I got to meet Bugsy Siegel.

  212. tradejuanpypaperbag

    manny – I would hope you would be a Bruin fan now 🙂 I have no ties to ethier (either) school other than my brother in law attended USC – I attended Sac State, and sports weren’t a big deal when I was there so I followed alot of Pac 10 schools. ASU/Fullerton for baseball BTW

  213. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Sorry to hear about your day. Vegas is what it is. I am not a gambler by nature, but we come here for friends. I do a little horse racing and that is my fix for the year. We mostly hang out by the pool, and I am getting a lot of reading done, both for school and pleasure. I began reading Steve Garvey’s book “My Bat Boy Days”. Did you hear I got to meet him today by total coincidence of being in the right place at the right time?

  214. manny55

    dnel- that’s cool, the more the merrier, n yeah im a bruin fan now =], b4 i got accepted to UCLA i wanted to go to Davis, and sac state was another option, but hey i get to stay and root for the boys in blue =]

    dodgereric- hi nice to finally meet u..thanx, n yessir i am an avid martin fan, im really glad he got his rest 2day, he should be fresh for friday

  215. tradejuanpypaperbag

    eric – the boys must have gone to bed. I am sure Beav is really tired out from his trip and Wally, you know, he is always three hours ahead of schedule. There was a lot of excitement on this board today. I wish these next 7 days go really fast before Ned does something stupid. You do realize you are going to have to have your song ready for the weekend, and you are supposed to be going to the game on Saturday, aren’t you?

  216. dodgereric

    Yeah, I did catch that! Major kudos! Next time you see him, tell him to rip that 6 off Torre’s uni!

    I learned my lesson in gambling a long time ago, so I don’t do much of it either. I work too hard for my money and it goes away WAAAAAAAAAY too quickly. I saw penny slots in Tahoe. I thought I’d see 40 cent gas again before I’d see a penny slot machine.

  217. dodgereric

    Nice to meet you too, Manny! You picked a good one to like. He’s a very impressive player. If he wasn’t such a great backstop I’d be tempted to put him at 2B next spring to keep him around longer.

    Yeah June, I looked in at the boys and I see they’re both in their rooms. But they’re not sleeping. They’re sitting up with their sheets pulled over their heads and they have flashlights. Did I see Theodore running up the stairs with magazines?

  218. tradejuanpypaperbag

    I got to take one a few pictures with Garvey and I had my Ethier jersey on so he made me for one picture hide the one as just to show the six. He did say he really liked Andre, but I don’t know too many people that don’t like Andre. I did think about Torre wearing that number, however, but I didn’t know about the JP news then.

  219. tradejuanpypaperbag

    You know Theordore Ward. I am sure he is up to something. It’s not those girly magazines, are they?

  220. dodgereric

    Oh, the song! Well, I have to leave here around 5 on Saturday. I doubt the lineup will be out before then, even if I’m online before I go. Feel free to take my place if you desire. Click on my cloud tag and scroll about halfway down. You’ll find it there.

  221. dodgereric

    Well, they are boys. The Beaver stopped complaining about girls having cooties a long time ago. And Wally………….

  222. tradejuanpypaperbag

    I may not be home by then ethier (either), but I should be. I guess we will know more on Friday about how things will unfold for the weekend, but it doesn’t look good. Alot of underseved playing time I’m afaid.

  223. tradejuanpypaperbag

    I know, dear, boys will be boys, I’m afraid. It’s okay, they are my boys, and I love them 🙂

  224. leekfink

    enchantedsunset–There are two posts you made which I just wanted to emphasize. First, if Logan White has that much influence, he really should be GM. That’s not a knock on Ned at all. Love him or hate him, if as the owner you have a different philosophy than the GM, then you need to get a new one. If you and the GM are not on the same page, it does not matter who the GM is, it won’t work.
    During the O’Malley era, they left the baseball to the baseball people, with the GM at the top–Buzzie Bavasi, Al Campanis, and Fred Claire. That’s a fine way to do it, but those were guys who basically learned baseball from Branch Rickey and there was a Dodger Way. McCourt is still feeling around for that. But if he has found it in Logan White, Ned could be a genius and it still does not work.
    Second, you mentioned the PVL’s not coming through. I think that’s immensely true. Both on the field and off (though, except for Kent, the on-field stuff makes it impossible for them to be off-field leaders, and off-field leadership is just not Kent’s game). That’s a big difference between now and 2006. Nomar was a leader who had a great (or at least good) year. Maddux came over and did it. So it’s both production and teaching, and the coaching staff has yet to make up for that.
    Brandon–I share your passion, but I do view our situation differently. First, as people pointed out, Gibson had 25 home runs in 1988 to lead the team. That’s not “a lot” in view of the steroids era, but for a clean era in Dodger Stadium, that’s quite a bit (remember, before Mike Piazza came, the most home runs in a single season was 33). Also, the 1988 team had only one All-Star, and he did not even play (or, pitch–it was Orel). The team had the Manager of the Year, the MVP, and the Comeback Player of the Year (Tim Leary), and none of them played in the midsummer classic.
    So, my point is, it’s possible.
    But my real points are this–I think we have very sound building blocks. There are 7 players (Martin, Loney, Kemp, Ethier, Billingsley, Broxton, and Kershaw) who I would not trade under any circumstances. They get paid relatively little (Martin leads at $500,00), and are controlled for several more years. But mostly, they are alredy good players and are incredibly young. I think that the power hitters we need are on the team right now–just not yet exploded. Russ can hit 15 HRs consistently. Loney and Ethier could hit 25. And Kemp–I don’t consider him to have a limit. LaRoche (who I would not want to trade, but don’t consider untouchable) has had better power in the minors than them all, and could be a huge slugger too.
    And we’re 1 game out. If I am right, these kids are going to really break out. We won’t even really realize it until it has happened, but if I am right one day we will look up and see they are obvious All-Stars. And if that happens in the second half–if that is under way right now–they could win the division and blow through the playoffs.
    Now, that might not happen. But, I am patient. We’ve waited 20 years for a championship, but I can wait one more. And I would rather wait one more because most of the last 20 years has been defined by incredibly poor decision-making (not just Ned–DePo, Evans, Malone [ughh–I mean, I understand the calls to fire Ned, but remember this guy?], and sadly Tommys short stint and whatever was going on with Fox, and Fred Claire). Too often, we tried to make some deal to catch a pennant in a given year, but we’ve come up short. Only from 1993-1997 did we ever really get a game plan for a long term and try to build a team. And we did it within th organization.
    That 1993-97 era rally came on by accident. In 1992, I had to stage a write-in campaign for Eric Karros because Kal Daniels–KAL DANIELS–was slated as our starting first baseman. Between craziness like that, Darryl Strawberry’s implosion, and other junk, we had not other option, and turned it over to the farm system which produced a Hall of Famer, and 4 other rookies of the year, 3 of whom were really solid players. And we won the West in 94, 95, got a Wild Card spot in 96, and just missed the division in 97. And we had built a team ready to compete until the idiots at Fox blew it up on that horrible day in May 1998.
    So, I can wait one more year because I don’t want us to just win the World Series one year and then spend another 20 years in the wilderness. I want a team that is a championship contender every year, and that is going to require patience. If you give our young guys–our team’s best producers–the same type of consistency you ask of them, and give them until they are–I don’t know, as old as Mike Piazza was when he came up (remember, Piazza was 25 his rookie year), I think they produce. But if they don’t, then you can start making adjustments (and, by the way, there is another generation coming up soon too).
    If a year from now we have given them the chance and they aren’t ding it, then I may well be calling for the same thing of blowing up the team. But right now, I am inclined to be patient. I think that this team could start clicking at any moment (the 2006 team was just in the pits in late July, and it surged), and if it doesn’t, I am prepared to wait until 2009 because I think we are on track (if Ned does not blow it) to have a dynasty.

  225. tradejuanpypaperbag

    leefink – you continue to amaze me with your posts. I don’t think you have ever written one post that I have not thoroughly enjoyed reading. I agree with absolutely every point you made ( I usually do), but Wow!!! you continue to impress. Bravo to you!!!

  226. tradejuanpypaperbag

    eric – as for the gambling thing. We wouldn’t be in the hotel room at 8:30 at night if we had any desire to throw away our money. By living here, we have learned to stay away, except for the occasional hour or so during the day, and even then, it’s very minimal. We do like going to the shows, however, so tomorrow we are going to see KA – Cirque de Solei. We saw the Beatles one last year, and Mama Mia the year before that.

  227. dodgereric

    Nice post lee, as usual. I understand when someone says to trade a player while they have value, but I’d rather wait for these guys to show us whether they are another Bill Buckner or a Tom Paciorek.

  228. enchantedbeaver

    Aw mom, I think I’m past milk and cookies now!!

    I also have to wonder leek if Ned’s inability to put together a meaningful trade right now is because he is in fact, a lame duck GM, and any deal has to pass committee approval.

  229. aeversw

    I don’t know if something like this has been posted before but I’d like to see the Dodgers unload Derek Lowe and pick up Orlando Cabrera.

    I think we should have a look at Maddux too. He’d be a the perfect 5th starter for us. Plus who wouldn’t want The Professor being able to talk to Kershaw everyday of the week.

  230. enchantedbeaver

    Funny eric!

    Yeah nells, hit a brick wall about 10:00, then woke up at 11:30 and was hot, hungry, and the allergies had kicked up. Now that I’ve had a few Triscuits and some OJ, I’ll be hittin’ it again in 5-10 minutes.

    I’ve got no problem unloading Lowe and Kent for some prospects Max. Not sure about Cabrera though. Definitely down for Maddux – I wanted that back in June. I just can’t see messers. Lowe, Penny and Schmidt imparting any meaningful wisdom to our young pitchers.

  231. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Okay, Theodore, how about a butter, peanut butter, jelly and bacon sandwich? LMAO!!!!!!! or a fried peanut butter and banana sandwich? LMAO!!!!!!!

  232. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Max – I would love to have Maddux as part of this team again. As far as Lowe for Cabrera – wouldn’t hurt if can be done without any other strings being pulled.

  233. enchantedbeaver

    Aw mom, I’m a man now – how ’bout some spam spread instead?

    BTW, does anybody remember that? It came in a small can like Underwood deviled ham except it was better.

  234. aeversw

    I just noticed that the players by the Dodgers en Esponal picture have been changed! FINALLY! It used to be Jones, Russ and Penny now it is Billz, Kemp and Russell. Perfect selection. Glad to see the Dodgers go something right.

  235. tradejuanpypaperbag

    They were talking about Spam on the radio on the way here. I guess there is some big festival in Texas that was cancelled for the 2nd time in 30 years because the festival made fun of the product. Then they went on to talk about how it is eaten in Hawaii.

  236. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Good night enchanted!! Must be nice to be home in your own bed. See you in the morning. 🙂

  237. dodgereric

    Yeah, I was quite the Monty Python nut. I must have paid to see the Holy Grail 20 times.

    Did you watch more of the Benny Hill stuff?

  238. tradejuanpypaperbag

    I didn’t watch much Monty Python growing up, but I have been watching some lately. Very funny stuff 🙂


    The Dodgers, needing a shortstop and late-inning reliever, talked with the Nationals about both Cristian Guzman and Jon Rauch, but wouldn’t part with Class AA shortstop Ivan DeJesus Jr. in a deal for Guzman, according to a source with knowledge of the discussions.

  240. dodgereric

    jungar, if that’s true it’s making me feel better about leaving the kids where they are. If they won’t deal DeJesus…….

  241. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Not that I want Nomar to get hurt (not doing too bad for a PVL), but I would welcome the change of DeJesus in the near future.

  242. dodgereric

    I was looking for a bit that he did where he played a magician. He brought out that little old bald man, who knelt down on the stage. Hill covered him with a sheet. He was feeling his head with one hand while his assistant brought out this red lace pillow with two knives on it. He picked one without looking at it. The assistant tried to get his attention, but failed. Hill plunged the knife into the old man’s ‘head’, but obviously a cantalope or something like it. The man slumpped to the stage and two guys came out and dragged him off by the feet. Hilarious stuff, but I couldn’t find it.

  243. dodgereric

    Oh yeah, the assistant showed him the other knife and bent the blade back and forth, showing him that “this is the fake one, stupid”.

  244. dodgereric

    Well June, it looks as if we’re the last ones yet again. I’m turning in.

    Let’s hope that we can start a winning streak at home and take command of this division.

  245. kpookiemon

    With nearly 2/3 of the season gone, this year’s passion play has got to be Andruw. Even the national media shake their collective heads. It’s really tragic…but comical at the same time. It’s like watching some weird show. You EXPECT him to look bad at the plate. When he gets a hit there’s a certain feeling of being cheated. It’s almost as if his failure is Ned’s failure.

  246. tradejuanpypaperbag

    I hope so too, Ward – good night, and I will talk to you in the morning, dear. It’s been a long day for everyone today it seems. Let’s hope our Dodgers get some well deserved rest and come home ready to play some Dodger Baseball.
    Good night 🙂

  247. kpookiemon

    “Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Juan Pierre began a rehab assignment Wednesday at Class AAA Las Vegas and could be activated from the disabled list as early as this weekend. Batting leadoff for the 51s, Pierre went 2-for-2 with a double in an 11-6 triumph over the Omaha Royals. The 30-year-old also walked and scored a pair of runs.”



    I’m sure everyone has seen this comment
    “””But Torre said that Jones is able to implement changes suggested by Mattingly and Pentland during batting practice, but can’t take the changes into the game, instead falling back into his bad habits.

    Jones blames most of his recent problems on opposing pitchers.

    “The curveballs they throw me are basically unhittable,” he said. “The best I can do is foul off. I’m working to stay inside the ball and maintain my balance.””””

    If the curveballs are unhittable why the hell does he keep swinging at them out of the strike zone. I’m not sure Mattingly and Pentland have enough time the rest of this season to straighten out Jones problems…

  249. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Boblee – I really hope Torre benches is *ss when JP comes back. The Dodgers can’t afford to have Jones out there taking BP while the rest of the Dodgers are trying to win a game.
    Kalhi – are you being sarcastic?

  250. enchantedbeaver

    Getting Guzman would be a pretty long term solution at short. Ergo, if they won’t trade DeJesus to get him, why then is DeJesus not playing short now?

    Oh boy, can hardly wait for JP to comeback. He’ll go 3-4 games getting on at a clip that a leadoff man should, then start stinking it up as usual, but JoJo will still think he’s performing well. Of Course Jones will be getting a sporadic hit here and there, so JoJo will say he’s “making progress” and keep playing him. Meanwhile Dre and Matty get to alternate riding the pine.

    My prediction – JoJo’s inability to recognize the obvious leads the D’s to flounder finishing third to the Snakes and the surging Rox.

  251. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Torre was quick to say, though, that with hitting coach Don Mattingly and roving hitting instructor Jeff Pentland working with Jones and getting him to buy into the adjustments they are asking him to make, the time to bench Jones isn’t immediately.

    “It’s still (too) early for me,” Torre said. “It’s one thing to



    practice, but it’s a second thing to go out there and play games and try to put that into practice. I don’t think he has had enough time for that yet.”
    Why? How can you bench your two best outfielders for a player who is out there for no other reason right now than to take BP?

  252. tradejuanpypaperbag

    So, I guess that means a quicker demise of Ned if we fall out of contention – yes? maybe? I still think it’s possible for another DL move for Jones, too, if he doesn’t get it after a few more games.

  253. thunderbolt507

    Good Morning friends

    New rumor coming out of New York:

    Lowe and Kemp for Cano.

    If Kemp is traded I’m going to have to hurt someone.

  254. enchantedbeaver

    Morning Mom!

    ANY other ML city and the media and the fans would be clamoring to ride Torre out of town on a rail for playing the likes of JP and Jones over Dre or Matty. If Druw hasn’t had enough time, why then did they allow him to come off the rehab early? It wasn’t like DY was doing a bad job. JoJo only sees what JoJo wants to see. Any vet that tells him he can play gets the benefit of the doubt, and a month of stinking up the place just to prove they can’t do it. Even then JoJo will still play them over more talented players.

    If this team hasn’t been a model of dysfunction, I don’t know what has: a GM that’s ineffectual; a manager who refuses to play the better players; an owner who can’t hire the right personel to achieve his goals for the team; an assistant GM who constantly stocks the farm with talent that rarely gets a chance to achieve their true potential; PVLs that are so far gone they should be retired; young guns that have to look over their shoulders rather than concentrate on getting better, while also getting slammed in the media…

    There needs to be some “off with their heads” mentality around here starting with Ned and JoJo. Just those two being replaced would right 90% of the ship.

  255. enchantedbeaver

    Thunder – that sounds like somemore New York media dreaming.

    My opinion – trades have to pass through so many approvals on this team that in the end, nothing major gets done. I’d like to see us get something for Lowe, and Kent for that matter, but I don’t think Frank trusts the Nedster anymore.

  256. thunderbolt507

    Thanks enchanted, I hope so. Now I can get back to work and be a little less unproductive now. Man, I was going nuts here, lol.

  257. enchantedbeaver

    BTW, here’s Cano’s numbers:

    R Cano NYY 2B 99 373 41 99 21 1 8 45 146 16 31 1 .301 .391 .265

    Hardly worth a starting pitcher and a budding superstar.

  258. thunderbolt507


    Those numbers make sense to me, but, do they make sense to Ned? Nevermind, stupid question. Anyways, I was checking out Slappy’s obp in the lead off role compared to Kemp’s obp. Kemp’s is 100 points higher!! Torre is still putting Phew back into the leadoff spot. I guess Torre doesn’t believe in numbers, it’s more about instinct to this clown.

    Fire Ned!
    Fire Torre!

  259. lagirl27

    good morning friends.
    If they trade away my Kemp I will explode! It would be the end…
    Please don’t to it Ned. Please!!!
    I had to leave last night, but I just wanted to clarify to Manny and Cpompe- I am NOT 20. I am 24- the same age group as Russy, Matt, and James 🙂 Manfromchina said he was 20. I am the right age for those hunky Dodger boys. lol. 🙂
    Glad to see that we are all being friends and no one’s getting in trouble by Josh. Doesn’t it feel good to be free from bad words 🙂
    Hope you all have a beautiful day. I’ll try to pop in as much as I can.


    Has anyone looked at the Dodgers’ September schedule? One series against Arizona, one against the Rockies, and the rest against SF, SD, and Pittsburgh. With a schedule like that, they could easily win 17-21 of their last 29 to make a run for the division. Not that I’d be that excited to make the playoffs with this group of players (i.e. without upgrades), but hey, it could be a real possibility. Torre et al. just might snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.


    Eh, that should probably look more like 15-18 out of 25 (I’m a dufus, I counted the total games for August instead of September).

  262. obi_wen

    Here’s my part 1 of my solution for the rest of the season, if I were the owner. I think this plan allows us to see what we have with certain players and I also believes it will inspire the team, remove any negativity and help us win the division:

    DFA Andruw Jones. Time to cut our losses and admit that once again, we got bamboozled by Scott Boras. First he says his problems were due to a hyper-extended elbow, then he comes to Spring Training overweight, but assures everyone his offensive woes were because he was “too light” last season. Then suddenly, it was his knee. Got that fixed and now it’s the opposing pitchers throwing unhittable curveballs. What’s next? The guy is OVER. Teams have noticed that his speed and defensive skills have eroded so he’s liability on two counts.

    Convince Jason Schmidt & Mark Sweeney to call press conferences and announce their retirements. This way we won’t have to DFA three players in one week. I’d suggest Druw do the same, but we all know Scott Boras won’t go for that as he’ll be on the phones to other GMs for his client’s service [Insert PT Barnum quote here]

    Trade Derek Lowe. We need to get some value for him, before he walks next year, so have Logan &/or Ng try and find a quality pinch hitter to come off the bench, who batting average is less than his playing weight.

    Fire Ned Colletti. No explanation needed. Just look at his track record. No one has any confidence in this lame duck GM and his presence is hurting the team. Time to move on to baseball people who truly get it like Logan White or Kim Ng.

    See next post for part 2

  263. obi_wen

    Part Two:

    Call Juan Pierre’s mom, er, I mean his agent and tell her that Juan’s role is going to be the 4th OF, pinch runner, Official Dodger Dugout Cheerleader. The first interview I read where Slappy mouths off about the playing situation and he’s on the next bus to Modesto.

    Inform DY he’s the starting LF. This kid can flat out HIT. Time for him to show us what he’s got. Inform Kemp and Ethier they are the starting CF and RF for the rest of the season and will remain in the lead off and #2 spots in the line-up, with Martin hitting 3rd. Watch as the confidence of all three players soars. Multiple chest bumps and high fives to follow.

    Trade Jeff Kent to the AL I respect him as a future HOF, so I’ll trade him to an AL contender. However I need to move on. JK will understand. Tell Blake DeWitt that he’s the 2B for the rest of the season. Inform Andy LaRoche he’s at 3B for the rest of the year. Go out and play hard.

    Bring up Ivan De Jesus from AA to be the back up Shortstop behind Nomar. Give him at least one game per series to start and bring him in as a defensive replacement for Nomar in the later innings.

    Keep Ozuna as an IF/OF replacement , and send Berroa to AAA.

    IMO we’re not going to find a quality Shortstop before the trade deadline and we don’t know the status of Raffy. He may be able to come back 100% before the season is up and perhaps we can work it out to re-sign him. If not the best option is to just to WAIT until AFTER the season. By that time, we will know more Raffy and also about the level of play we can expect from DeJesus. Worst case scenarios, we’ll also have more $$ to use toward a FA.

    Call a team meeting and present Russell Martin with a new 55 jersey with a “C” for Captain sewed on.

  264. enchantedbeaver

    scott – my son still lives in LaVerne, and I’ve an aunt that still lives in west Arcadia. Was out in L.A. to help out my son, and visited my aunt while I was there. Had someplace to go in Duarte after I left her house, and found myself on Duarte Rd going past Taco Lita. I am amazed that place is still there after all these years.

  265. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Good Morning, again!
    enchanted – Torre is an absolute idiot to change things now as far as the lineup,and putting Andruw out there is down right insulting to say the least.
    Obi – fabulous write up and thinking!!! – thanks!!
    Good Morning, Amy and Scott!!
    thunderbolt – 99% of us would be reported for abuse on this board – lol!!!


    I’ve always read everyone’s comments on here but I’ve never posted one. Now is the time. We’re all frustrated. VERY VERY FRUSTRATED. My dad claims I’ve been a dodger fan since I was born, but my earliest memories of the Dodgers are back in the glory days of the 80’s. I was only 5 but I clearly remember 88. Since then my heart has been consistently broken year after year.
    I’m to the point where I’m ready to just throw up my hands and take up knitting rather than watching ball games. Ned Colletti MUST be fired. Every single one of his acquisitions have been a HUGE bust. We ALL know this. All of the rumors flying around about trades include washed up has beens or guys who aren’t doing any better than Cheeseburger Jones. Is there a petition or something that we can start to get this former Giant fired? Maybe its the conspirator in me, but part of me thinks he’s purposely ruining our ball club with injured/washed up players because he’s a former Giant. I know there are mixed opinions about Joe Torre and he has led me to scratch my head but in the words of our man Vin Scully “Just when Joe thought he’d seen it all, he put on a Dodger uniform”. He really is a great manager. Anyone who can handle the likes of Jeter and A-Rod in a club house is top notch in my book. Think about it rationally, he’s not up there swinging the bats for our terrible offense. YES, IT’S TERRIBLE. It’s almost as if he’s backed up into a wall by putting Jones in because of his ridiculous paycheck. Its like putting a CEO on Administrative Leave because company revenues are down. Its a tough decision! However, part of me does think that if I were in Joe’s position, I’d take the heat and bench the Bum.
    I don’t know what to think anymore. All I know as long as Ned is in the office it looks like we’re just doomed. Sigh…

    BTW I saw some posts to trade for Sizemore…I would give my first unborn child to see him in a Dodger Uniform…

    Anyone of any power in the Dodger org reading this, Sizemore does not have a no trade clause in his contract….lets do something big this year instead of acquiring Betemit version 2.0 for some our valuable players.

    Another BIG sigh….

  267. dodgereric

    Fire Joe
    Fire the guy who hired Joe
    Fire the guy who hired the guy who hired Joe

    From the “You Got to be KIDDING Me Dept”
    the text from the Cano rumor:

    “Dodgers have an interest in Robinson Cano and might be willing to deal Derek Lowe and outfielder Matt Kemp, but the Yankees aren’t inclined to part with the red-hot second baseman unless there is a front-of-the-rotation-type starter coming to The Bronx. Lowe, who has the stomach for big games and has AL East experience with the Red Sox, doesn’t fit that bill.

    Kemp, 23, would be viewed as a replacement for Bobby Abreu in right field next year. Kemp is batting .287 (104-for-362) with 11 homers and 55 RBIs in 94 games this season. His biggest downside is striking out 107 times.”


  268. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Welcome ericaadriane!! Some of us dream of having Grady in our lineup. And, no, you are not the only one who thinks of conspiracy theories. It is sometimes the only thing that makes sense in what this management does sometimes. I am thoroughly frustrated with this whole thing right now, especially the issue in the outfield. If you have been reading this for any length of time, you would know that I am an Ethier “Super Fan”, and I think he deserves to be out there as one of the two best outfielders on this team. He and Matt compliment each other so well, both in the field and their 1,2 batting order. Why in the h*ll would Torre want to change that.

  269. tradejuanpypaperbag

    More rumors!!!! That is just horrific to think they are thinking that trade – What are these people thinking!!!!! This better be a rumor Eric!!! OMG!!!! UUUUUGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Thank you enchanted 🙂
    I agree…No for Cano.
    Kemp is worth way more than a streaky second baseman with a .265 average and a few homers.

  271. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Good Morning, hon!!! I am sorry to be so testy this morning, but this stuff is really getting on my nerves!!! sigh 🙂
    sigh 🙂
    sigh 🙂


    Thanks Dodgereric.
    Ethier has proved to be a consistent force in the line up! I know someone said it earlier but is the dream of an Ethier, Sizemore, Kemp outfield way too outlandish?

  273. tradejuanpypaperbag

    It’s a dream erica, and that was me who said it. Jhall lives in Ohio, so we always talk about how Grady is doing and wishing he could be a Dodger. If it is possible to get rid of JP and Jones then I would love to have an outfied of Ethier, Sizemore and Kemp – Wow!!!

  274. lagirl27

    Morning Dnel- Hope your trip is coming on nicely. I love how you tell all the new people that you are an Ethier super fan. It’s cute 🙂
    Welcome erica! 2 new friends in 2 days. I like this trend!!

  275. scott_in_arcadia

    I have to agree with obi_wen and his HUGE post. These players need to know they are going out there every day. What are they supposed to think when they get blasted by coaches and media for hitting .285 and crappy players like Jones and Pierre are applauded for working hard and “trying” or “‘having a plan”.

    Fire Joe
    Fire the guy who hired Joe
    Fire the guy who hired the guy who hired Joe

  276. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Amy – I leave Matty for you to defend, hon!! I don’t want anything to happen to ethier (either) one of them. They both are too good to sit or be traded for that matter.


    Just one big sigh Dnelly! ONE BIG SIGH! I guess it doesn’t hurt to dream… especially when we know we’ll be let down anyway.
    Fact is nobody wanted or would want Jones. Only Ned did.

  278. enchantedbeaver

    Lowe, unless he’s insisting on a trade, isn’t likely going anywhere when your stretch rotation consists of Kuroda (two bad starts in a row again), Kershaw (overmatched in the ML and still looking for his first win), Billz (closest thing we have to an ace, but not consistant enough to be labeled “ace” yet), and messers. Johnson/Park/Penny. Unless you get a decent rotation guy (and reports are that they nixed a Sabathia deal already), Lowe can loosely be termed the “anchor”.

    Those Cano rumors are just idle daydreams coming from New York to amuse themselves. Hey here’s one – Lowe for ARod. Or how about Kent for Cano? I don’t think Frank trusts Ned enough to let him trade Kemp for anything.

  279. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Scott – I would do that trade in a heart beat, and you and enchanted are making me hungry for Taco Lita – sounds like a great place 🙂


    Rumors are fun and all but we have a man who will put a guy who has a .294 obp as a leadoff man back at leadoff and take a guy out of there who is hitting .405 his last 5 games out of there after being asked to take one for the team even though he wouldnt be able to know how and will k to much and every other negative thrown at the guy, by our own management who is 23 and he succeeds in hitting in 17 of 19 games and getting on base at 100 points higher while hitting the ball out of the ******* infield. Oh I am not suppossed to swear.. and he is rewarded by being moved out of there. And if you dont care about rewards then why would you mess with something that is working. I vote no confidence in Torre. He’s a joke. Cant wait till Ethier is benched again in favor of a Jones/Pierre/Kemp OF. What on earth would make me think that wouldnt happen. After all we need andruw Jones to win. Why on earth would any manager proclaim something like that with a 125 million dollar payroll in May. Retards.

  281. lagirl27

    Dnel- It’s great how you come right out and show Andre love to all the new people 🙂
    Yea, we don’t want anything to happen to out Kemp- Ethier partnership! They’ve been incredible for us. I do want to see Matt in Center and Andre in right field. That’s what I prefer.
    P.S to the world. I am a huge Matt Kemp fan!! lol

  282. scott_in_arcadia

    Welcome, Erica!

    I keep telling people here that the best thing that can happen to Dodger fans is the Dodgers losing and falling out of contention quick. As hard as that is to endure, the result would be no stupid trades for a pennant run and the firing of Ned and promotion of Logan White.


    I disagree Scott. The best thing for Dodger fans would be for McCourt to sell to Mark Cuban (or anyone who would care about winning)


    Oh no no…Taco Lita?!
    My husband is from Temple City. It’s all about Taco Treat!!
    Where else can you get a deep friend bean and cheese burrito? LOL!

    Come to think about it enchanted, you’re right about Lowe. Since Penny has been out he’s been the only some what consistent starter aside from Billingsley. Run support has been Lowe’s achilles heel for the last two seasons.
    Freaking Kuroda…don’t get me started on that. Oh and please, don’t anyone mention Schmidt to me. I just might blow a blood vessel…

  285. tradejuanpypaperbag

    jungar – I love reading your thoughts. This is so very frustrating and incomprehensible right now, and like you said, even though they are rumors, in Ned’s world there really isn’t any rumor that can be said as just that – a rumor.

  286. enchantedbeaver

    Hey here’s an idea. Let’s trade all of our young guns to the Angels for all of their PVLs, then we all become Angel fans. We’ll finally have Scioscia as a manager – a guy who actually likes and plays youth, and an owner that knows how and wants to win.

  287. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Right on Amy!!!!! 🙂 I have been wearing Andre’s jersey since this whole thing started with Andruw playing instead of him and Matt.


    Thank you Scott and Amy for the welcomes 🙂

    Part of me just wants us to fall apart and wait for next season, but I know next season only brings about the same issues and the same old heartache. So I might as well give myself migraines now and just ride it out.

  289. scott_in_arcadia

    erica, Nothing wrong with Taco Treat! Deep fried burritos!! Now I’m going to have to get me some! Ahh, Temple City…the red headed step child of Arcadia! – Just kidding!

    Jungar~You’re thinking even BIGGER picture! I can’t argue with that! I’m sure Frankie can be had for the right price.

  290. j-murray

    well said, jungar. it’s like basic logic and common sense completely escape the minds of torre and colletti. while all these moves that make absolutely no sense go on, the fans are left to ponder if this is the most elaborate practical joke ever played.

  291. enchantedbeaver

    Taco Treat on Las Tunas – it’s still there Erica? I see they tore the Temple theater down.

    I was greatly disappointed though that The Boat is gone from Clearman’s Village. Now THAT was a great place for burgers, beer and big screen sports.

  292. tradejuanpypaperbag

    enchanted – sounds like a plan – LOL!!! I would then have Andre and Mike – how cool would that be!!! My first Dodger love and my latest Dodger love – Wow!!
    erica – I am for Norcal – don’t know ethier (either) restaurant, but they both sound great. We have some pretty good mexican food here, as well 🙂

  293. j-murray

    welcome, erica!……………oh yeah, and did anybody else notice that they replaced the picture at the bottom left corner of the dodger website where it says “dodgers en espanol” with a picture of martin, kemp and billingsley? there used to be a picture of martin, andruw, and penny there. i was crackin up when i saw that.


    it’s totally a big practical joke. that’s great…yeah it’s just annoying…i could already see it, Pierre struggles and then, “well u know i came back a little early and i can hit just fine as usual, same as i always hit; aggressive, makeing things happen, getting on base….but i cant push off on my knee as well as i used to right now to run, steal create havoic, u knowmy game. . but im fine, the team needs me yap yap yap…”

  295. tradejuanpypaperbag

    yarrum -yes, somebody mentioned that last night, but thanks for the reminder – it’s great!!!! 🙂


    LOL SCOTT! No offense taken. I’m from West Covina 🙂
    But we live in La Verne now. I freaking love La Verne…

    Yup, enchanted, its still there!
    I eat pretty healthy but if I’m going to blow it I prefer to blow it on places like that!!
    Clearmans? Northwoods Inn right?
    My mother in law and I just went there. Awesome food.
    T-Phillips in La Verne has been our spot for burgers, beer and sports. I just wish they had big screens :-/


    I agree that McCourt is about the worst excuse for an owner that you’re likely to find, but he’s probably going to be around for most of our lifetimes unless it’s the MLB that gets fed up with him. Torre is just an ill-timed and unsuitable manager for our type of a team, and maybe for any team in the National League at this time in his career. In fact, he should have retired after his “legendary” stint with the no payroll limit Yankees. Ned should never have been a GM for anybody under any circumstances, because he just doesn’t belong in baseball at that level, and mind me when I say that nobody will ever offer him a GM job again once he’s gone.

    Anybody who would even listen to a deal like Cano for Lowe AND Kemp is beyond ridicule, and their sanity deserves to be seriously evaluated, but that’s what McCourt has brought to us. One can only pray and hope that even McCourt can get sufficiently exasperated with someone blowing his untold millions that he’ll eventually get rid of him. Unfortunately I don’t see any sign of that yet.
    If you don’t understand what I’m saying, Frank. it’s
    FIRE NED, that worthless bast*** NOW, if not sooner!!!

  298. tradejuanpypaperbag

    jungar – LOL!!!!!! I don’t know what to say other than laugh because this whole situation is a frickin’ joke !!!!!!


    Thanks for the welcome yarrum:)

    I’d give my second unborn child to slap that smirk off of Jones’ face every time he strikes out. Which is a lot of the time…

    So how many of my unborn children do I have to surrender to see some changes….geesh…

    Enchanted-I haven’t been up to northern cali since high school 😦
    I used to go white water rafting in the summers at the American River 🙂

  300. tradejuanpypaperbag

    messagebear – thanks for chiming in with common sense. Ned and Joe seem to have lost any shread that we thought they may have had for the few weeks JP was gone and all these trade rumors began showing up.

  301. enchantedbeaver

    If we’re gonna talk Mexican food, tain’t nothing compares to what you can get here in Cruces. Stuffed sopapillas, fresh green chiles from the chile capital of the world (Hatch), best salsas and pico de gallo you could imagine, traditional enchiladas with the egg on top, empanadas…

    BTW, if you ever come to New Mexico, be prepared for the server to ask you, “red or green?”

  302. tradejuanpypaperbag

    This is Nelly who lives in norcal – I really live in the central valley (it’s just north from you), but I went to sac state and rafted the American River many times – what fun!!! enchanted lives in NM, but has lived in this area before.


    Sorry for the mix up. I’m trying to work and post at the same time! ACK! LOL.

    So Nelly-NorCal-ish
    & Enchanted-NM…
    got it 😉

    Did enchanted just say sopapillas???? omg…
    My mouth is literally watering. I have family who lives in NM. I went to Santa Fe for many years as a kid. Sopapillas are one of my favorite things on earth!!!
    By chance, have you heard of the singer Tobias Rene?

  304. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Amy – you asked how my vacation is going. The reason why I am posting instead of vacationing is because I am waiting for two teenage kids to get ready. My daughter has changed her clothes three times in the last half an hour. So, I am sitting here blogging and reading instead. No, tonight we are going to go to a show with our friends we are here to see. So, it’s just kind of relaxing time until then – poolside!!!

  305. tradejuanpypaperbag

    enchanted – you are making us hungry, dear!!!! I do know the red/green thing. Green is the best – 🙂

  306. tradejuanpypaperbag

    erica – don’t worry about the mix-up. I couldn’t even start to separate all of the so-cal people. There are a few of us nor-cal ITDers, and they will show up sooner or later. Also, there are quite a few girls on this board too. We are a very diverse group with many out-of-staters as well.


    Thanks Nelly 🙂
    I love it when girls know their baseball.
    I feel so alone sometimes!

    I intimidate a lot of men with my love for the game. My husband is the only guy I know who wasn’t intimidated by it! He loved it! 🙂

  308. enchantedbeaver

    Can’t say as I have erica, but I’m stuck in the 70’s-80’s musically.

    I agree nells – green is the best. And if you like traditional hot jalapeno salsa, Aztec Salsa Company – “Pueblo” salsa. After having hers, I can’t eat anything else. Don’t think they have a website up and running yet though. Next time you’re up in Oakhurst, El Cid’s north of town on Hwy 41 is very good. If you like a tasty hamburger, The Forks up at Bass Lake is great.

  309. dodgrdad14

    Hey Dnel,
    It sounds like you having a good time in Vegas!!! But I will NEVER forgive you for getting to sit and talk to Mr. Popeye forearms for 15 minutes!!! I grew up with seats on the first base side about 5 rows up and He was my Favorite baseball player!!!
    Welcome Erica glad you could join us….


    My cousin, Tobias Rene, is the “King of New Mexico Music”
    LOL. He does spanish music. I went out there one summer and went to a few shows out in Las Cruces and Las Vegas NM with him and his band, and the ladies were going nuts over him. It was way weird.

  311. tradejuanpypaperbag

    enchanted – I have been to El Cid’s – Ha!!! Great place!!! I will check out “The Forks” next time we are up that way.
    jnv – It was great and very unexpected, which made it even better. He even gave me an idea for my classroom – How cool is that? However, this is the only way I would meet the players. It would have to be through something like that. I wouldn’t try to do it at a game. So, I am hoping for the same chance sometime like that to meet Andre, and I would love to meet Mike Scoscia some day too. Steve Garvey was my mom’s favorite, and my brother actually coached his son on a travel team for a short time. So, I got to add that to our discussion. It was a great day!!
    erica – you are very welcome!!!

  312. tradejuanpypaperbag

    jnv – from what enchanted has told me, I think he has been in every big and little town in California. I hadn’t even heard of some of the little towns around me that he has been to. The boy/man gets around.
    See, enchanted!! You being called legendary fits really well for you. Manny called you legendary last night – how cool!!! And that’s a good thing 🙂

  313. kpookiemon

    Tito’s Tacos on Washington Place in Culver City! dnelly, yes I was being sarcastic about Pierre. I would have thought the Dodgers learned a lesson about trading for second basemen. It’s something you just DON’T DO. Second basemen are everywhere…slick glove, decent bat. How hard is that to find? And in reference to my Dodger trade taboo, anybody remember trading a guy named Pedro Martinez for a second baseman named DeLino DeShields???????????????????

  314. scott_in_arcadia

    here’s another middle IF deal from the past:

    AP Online
    MONTREAL (AP) _ The revamping Los Angeles Dodgers pulled off another big trade Friday, getting pitcher Carlos Perez, shortstop Mark Grudzielanek and a prospect from the Montreal Expos for second baseman Wilton Guerrero and three minor leaguers.

    The Expos got pitcher Ted Lilly, outfielder Peter Bergeron and first baseman Jonathan Tucker in addition to Guerrero. The Dodgers also got minor league outfielder Hiram Bocachica.

  315. dodgrdad14

    Dnel- It sounds like you had a good time and I am envious to say the least!!!
    Enchanted- Are there any good places here in the Sacramento area??
    Scott- You can thank Lasorda for that one if I am not mistaken!!! Perez what a waste that was.

  316. manny55

    good morning everyone!!!!!

    i just read the Cano rumor and my heart skipped a beat.
    well its 12 o’ clock and colleti hasn’t pulled the trigger yet so hopefully he doesn’t do anything today, maybe he should take the rest of the month off!!!!!

    hi erica, i myself am new to ITD, n i also believe in Colleti’s conspiracy

    Well I have another question, since I was too young to understand the LoDuca trade, can someone expalin to me how FOX contributed, or butted in? ? ?

  317. dodgrdad14

    You got that right Scott,
    Manny- I heard the Dodgers traded LoDuca because they knew he was juicing…. How true that is I don’t know.

  318. scott_in_arcadia

    jnv/manny, yep, that was the rumor. Funny how he just fell off the face of the earth after the ‘roids crack down.

  319. porklinks

    welcome newbies!
    manny55 – It was DePodesta, McCourt’s first GM hire, that traded LoDuca. He wanted to upgrade the pitching (Penny – who’s given LA three seasons of decent-to-very-good pitching, and this year’s injury-plagued one) and, as was revealed in the Mitchell Report, deal the ‘roider. LoDuca has essentially been in decline ever since that trade.

  320. dodgereric

    Ballad Of A Fat Man

    Apologies to Bob Dylan and his masterful “Ballad Of A Thin Man”

    You walk up to the plate
    With your bat in your hand
    You see somebody pitching
    And you say, “Who is that man?”
    You try so hard
    But you don’t understand
    Just what you’ll say
    When you get home

    Because something is happening here
    But you don’t know what it is
    Do you, Mister Jones?

    You raise up your head
    And you ask, “Is this a strike?”
    And the ump points to you and says
    “It is”
    And you say, “You sure?”
    And the catcher says, “Yes it is?”
    And you say, “Oh my God
    Am I here all alone?”

    Because something is happening here
    But you don’t know what it is
    Do you, Mister Jones?

    You watch strike two go by
    And you smile like a geek
    The fans start to yell at you
    Man they’re starting to shriek
    And they say, “How does it feel
    To be such a freak?”
    And you say, “I’m not worried”
    And they flip you the bone

    Because something is happening here
    But you don’t know what it is
    Do you, Mister Jones?

    You have a huge contract
    Your work habits are lax
    ‘Cept you don’t miss your snacks
    When we attack you in frustration
    And nobody has any respect
    Because we expect you
    To just give your check
    To tax-deductible charity organizations

    You’ve been with the writers
    They made fun of your looks
    That great agent you have
    Is a leper and a crook
    You’ve been through all of
    The “How To Hit” books
    You’re very well fed
    It’s well known

    Because something is happening here
    But you don’t know what it is
    Do you, Mister Jones?

    Well, the pitcher, he comes up to you
    And then he winds
    And throws the pitch
    And then he closes his eyes
    ‘Cause he knows you’re in a ditch
    He asks you how it feels
    That you’re his little bitch
    Thanks for the loan”

    Because something is happening here
    But you don’t know what it is
    Do you, Mister Jones?

    Now you hear the fans yelling
    Shouting the word “NOW”
    And you say, “For what reason?”
    And they say, “How?”
    And you say, “What does this mean?”
    And he screams back, “You’re a cow
    Give me some milk
    Or else go home”

    Because something is happening here
    But you don’t know what it is
    Do you, Mister Jones?

    Well, you’ve had your chance here
    To be a hero and you’ve failed
    Frank put money in your pocket
    And our season’s been derailed
    There ought to be a law
    We shoulda had you jailed
    You should be made
    To dodge stones

    Because something is happening here
    But you don’t know what it is
    Do you, Mister Jones?

  321. obi_wen


    Help me

    I think Ned’s making

    dumb moves again

    Every time he gets that crazy feeling, I know

    We’re in trouble again

    We’re in trouble

    cause he’s a scrambler and bad gambler

    And a -PVL-lovin’ GenMan

    And you love your trading

    But we rather have Logan

    Help me

    I think Ned’s trying

    To make a trade too fast

    He’s got me worried about Kemp’s future

    And hoping the deadline will pass

    Cause I’ve seen Ned’s hot hot trades

    Turn out to smoke and ash

    We love our team

    But not if the kids are leaving

  322. porklinks

    The minor leaguer (Bill Murphy) that came with Penny was immediately flipped in a package of useless minor-leaguers (Koyie Hill, Reggie Abercrombie) for Steve Finley – who hit 13 HRs in two months, including that glorious division-clinching walk-off grand slam against the Giants!

  323. manny55

    scott- how could they do that? why would they do that? do they have the power, i dont really get it, and who did they get in return? (im not doubting your answer I just cant comprehend it)

    western/jnv- i remember we also gave up encarnacion and mota, back when he was reliable, for hee seop choi, and one more guy…i was too young to understand trades and all that gm stuff, but even then i knew that was stupid…although now that I know about LoDuca, Im not sure how to feel…whatever I hope Colleti can learn from the past, and stop giving up talent…

    in lighter news, i read that,

    “One veteran scout believes having Matt Kemp in the leadoff spot will enhance the Dodgers’ second-half chances.

    “Some people say he strikes out a lot; OK, so did another pretty good leadoff guy, Bobby Bonds,” the scout said. “Kemp gives them a dangerous bat at the top of the order, a guy with power who can run. They don’t have that with [Juan] Pierre.”

    Kemp has hit safely in 17 of 19 starts since Pierre went on the disabled list on June 30. As a leadoff man this year, Kemp is batting .316 with with a .393 on-base percentage and a .925 on-base-plus-slugging percentage. Ten of his 25 hits from the leadoff spot have gone for extra bases. In his last seven games, Kemp is batting .406 (13-for-32) with five multi-hit games.”

  324. lagirl27

    I just read this post: oh yeah, and did anybody else notice that they replaced the picture at the bottom left corner of the dodger website where it says “dodgers en espanol” with a picture of martin, kemp and billingsley? there used to be a picture of martin, andruw, and penny there. i was crackin up when i saw that.
    Nice that Matt is represented on the front!! See they can’t trade him, he’s already on the website 🙂 haha If only it were that easy.
    good afternoon mis amigos, btw.

  325. porklinks

    LOL! from a Keith Law (ESPN) chat, as spotted at Dodgers Thoughts comments – check out the last part HAHA!:
    joe (LA): should the dodgers be shopping kemp? seems like they’re giving up on him really early.
    Keith law: No, they shouldn’t be shopping him. You can’t rush a guy to the big leagues that quickly – and he sort of rushed himself by destroying the minors – and then expect him to be a finished product when he walks in the door. They can’t all be incompetent baserunners and indifferent fielders like Proven Veteran Jeff Kent, you know.


    The Dodgers are notorious for ridiculous trades. The Pedro trade for Delino Deshields takes the cake. That’s for sure.

    Fox basically ran the club into the ground by trading away guys like Piazza and Karros (forgive me if someone went over this already). Fox didn’t give a flying you know what about the ball club. They even treated Mike Scioscia like crap when the management positions became available, hence his move to the Angels.
    Depodesta was part of that era as well and he is still someone I’d like beat with an ashwood bat. Ned is #2 on that list.

    My resolution:
    Pierre, La Roche (I prefer Dewitt yeah, yeah I know he’s cooled off a bit but he’s still a great 3rd baseman) & Lowe for Sizemore.

    Sizemore…Sizemore…Sizemore…Right Nelly?

  327. scott_in_arcadia

    erica, At this point, anything to get rid of Pierre is ok with me. And who doesn’t like Sizemore (as a baseball player only mind you)?

  328. porklinks

    Regarding Lo Duca – from the Mitchell Report:
    According to the notes of an internal discussion among Los Angeles Dodgers officials in October 2003 that were referred to above, it was reportedly said of Lo Duca during
    the meetings:
    Steroids aren’t being used anymore on him. Big part of this.
    Might have some value to trade . . . Florida might have interest.. . . Got off the steroids . . . Took away a lot of hard line drives.. . . Can get comparable value back would consider trading. . . . If you do trade him, will get back on the stuff and try to show you he can have a good year. That’s his makeup. Comes to play. Last
    year of contract, playing for 05
    On June 26, 2004, Lo Duca wrote a check to [steriod supplier Kirk] Radomski for $3,200. On July 30, 2004, the Dodgers traded Lo Duca, Guillermo Mota, and Juan Encarnacion to the Marlins. On August 7, 2004, Lo Duca issued another check to Radomski for $3,200. In January 2005, Lo Duca signed a three-year contract with the Marlins.

  329. manny55

    thnx, but i thought only the general manager had the power to move players, i dont get how FOX could do that. I mean can they do that?

    sorry I’m a dodger fan, but I’m still not all that familiar with the history

    erica- that sounds like a good trade for sizemore, I prefer DeWitt over LaRoche, I know I know, LaRoche has power, but I’m not too convinced….n who or wat is a Delino Deshields?

  330. porklinks

    FOX – the ownership at the time – was Fred Claire’s boss, and the boss can do whatever he dam well pleases.
    Cleveland will not be trading Sizemore anytime in the next five years.
    NEW POST FROM JOSH – see you there.

  331. scott_in_arcadia

    manny, I think “what is a Delino DeShields” is correct….Fox controlled the exec’s above the GM. Shoot, McCourt has been veto-ing ol’ Nedster the last few trade attempts.

  332. enchantedbeaver

    Honestly, if you just DFA’d Druw and Pierre, paying all of their salary to inflict them on some other team would be reward enough.

    Sorry jnv, never spent any time in Sacramento. I have however been to the Mel’s Diner in Placerville.


    yeah the GM does have the power, but the owners place those guys in their positions and fund any acquisitions.

    I have yet to see LaRoche prove his power. Its been two years now. He looks like he has a great swing and is patient enough to draw a walk…

    Delino Deshields you ask…oh boy…LOL.
    He was a mediocre second baseman back in the 1990’s. He was around during the Piazza and Karros era.

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