Rocky Road

No, that’s not the flavor of ice cream in the offices for first place, though I wish I had thought of it earlier and recommended it.

Lots of upcoming autograph appearances for our players in the community, so check back soon for a list of those.

Also, great stuff coming up in this homestand, too, so for those of you locals, be on the lookout for all of that information (i.e. Brad Penny’s bobblehead night this Friday, Autograph Day for Kids on Sunday, etc.).

Here’s tonight’s lineup at Denver…

Kemp, RF

Ethier, LF

Martin, C

Kent, 2B

Loney, 1B

Jones, CF

LaRoche, 3B

Berroa, SS

Stults, P

UPDATE: Ice cream flavors were Gold Medal Ribbon and Cookie Dough.

UPDATE 2: LaRoche will play the entire series…Nomar just a little achy, which is why he’s out…Kershaw could be up again soon according to Joe Torre and when he comes up, he’s likely up for the rest of the year…Jason Johnson will be the long man out of the bullpen going forward…Sweeney’s activation is on hold and we’ll have a plan for him by the time the road trip is over…we’re looking at a weekend rehab outing for Penny and an early August return to the bigs.


  1. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Ha – I get home to a new thread and I think I am first – yeah!!! LaRoche – I like!!

  2. tradejuanpypaperbag

    eric – fabulous song, hon!!!!! Please don’t apologize to me – I have done my fair share of JP songs, and I am still going to be very upset if he plays over Andre – very upset!!

  3. aeversw

    What LaRoche is starting against a right hander? Who has stolen Joe Torre? Whoever you are KEEP HIM!

  4. tradejuanpypaperbag

    jnv – Who the hell knows why Jones is batting 6th – probably because he actually made contact with the ball, and like Andre said, Andruw can do things like that and still keep his job. Who cares if he has a batting average of .167, he made contact with the ball. When JP comes back, Andre will go back to hitting his homeruns and doubles and being benched the next day so Andruw can practice making contact with the ball.
    eric – “I Got You Babe” is playing on the radio – hopefully that is not a sign. 🙂


    I think it’s time to give LaRoche a chance even though I’ve been a supporter of DeWitt’s from the very beginning. Why not give Ozuna a chance at shortstop at the same time. Can he be any worse than Berroa, or is this intended to be Berroa’s swan song.

    Keep Ned off the phone, or better yet
    FIRE NED NOW, if not sooner!!!

  6. scott_in_arcadia

    Why not play Nomar until he drops? What’s the point of trotting out has beens at SS every couple of games so fragile Nomar can rest? He’s just barely turning 35. Freaking wuss.

  7. lagirl27

    messagebear I agree with you. Why wouldn’t we put in Ozuna today? We just got him, maybe he deserves a chance!


    glad to see laroche get a shot but why is jones in the middle of the line up????? i love martin but he needs a day off soon…the ball hit him in the throat yesterday…what has to happen for joe to give him a day off????


    sweet…we need a sweep. az to get swept. laroache, kemp, ethier go off and lead offense. send down dewitt just to give Laroache a fair shot, back him with ozuna. do not swap out kids for vets anymore, vets for vets is fine and lets take control of the division RIGHT NOW.


    sweet…we need a sweep. az to get swept. laroache, kemp, ethier go off and lead offense. send down dewitt just to give Laroache a fair shot, back him with ozuna. do not swap out kids for vets anymore, vets for vets is fine and lets take control of the division RIGHT NOW.

  11. scott_in_arcadia

    sweet…we need a sweep. az to get swept. laroache, kemp, ethier go off and lead offense. send down dewitt just to give Laroache a fair shot, back him with ozuna. do not swap out kids for vets anymore, vets for vets is fine and lets take control of the division RIGHT NOW.

    (I like what you said so much I felt like adding it yet again!)

  12. scurtis1999

    Kershaw to start tomorrow against Rockies!

    he Dodgers will recall Clayton Kershaw and have him start Tuesday against the Rockies.
    Jason Johnson was supposed to join the rotation and start tomorrow, but he’ll either be left in the pen or get sent back down. It seems unlikely that spending three weeks in the minors did Kershaw a lot of good. He’s worth owning in NL-only leagues, but he probably shouldn’t be used as Coors Field. Jul. 21 – 6:55 pm et

  13. tradejuanpypaperbag

    eric – I read the song again. I think I figured out the reason for the apology on my behalf – Andre not JP. Still, no apologies necessary. I am realistic and understand Joe’s thinking at this point, even if it is assinine and idiotic (I know the two words are redundant, but one of the might get the asterisk). This doesn’t mean I won’t be pissed as hell when it happens 🙂


    Forget asking why Jones is batting 6th, the better question is, Why is Jones batting at all???

    And can you call what he does “batting” anyway?

    Why is Jones Striking out 6th???

  15. cpompe1

    scurtis – where did you hear that Kersh is coming back up and pitching tomorrow? Not that I don’t doubt you (like some Eduardo that dnel and I know all too well) but I would like to read that article… 🙂

  16. tradejuanpypaperbag

    LOL!!! Yes, that is very true. However, knowing Joe’s thinking, just the fact that Andruw didn’t strike out last night has probably landed him a few more weeks worth of starts without any rational reasoning whatsoever other than “he knows the plan.” I know, Andruw’s plan is to look as pathetic as possible in the eyes of the fans at least – lol!!!

  17. cpompe1

    did that come out right??? What I mean scurtis is that I don’t doubt you (like some Eduardo that dnel and I know all too well)… Sorry if my first post came out wrong… 🙂

  18. cpompe1

    I’m doing fine dnel; thx for asking! Actually, I’ve been busy yesterday and today painting. Since I’m not earning any $ to keep this household going, I might as well do some work around the house. I just finished painting one bathroom. I’m looking at the 2nd bathroom tomorrow (don’t know if I want to do the whole thing in one day). That means cleaning the walls, priming and then painting. The next project is the kitchen; yecch!

  19. tradejuanpypaperbag

    I agree – We painted rooms last summer, and it’s always my idea, and then half way through I am asking myself – “And why did I want to do this?”

  20. crzblue2

    Greetings! I made it back home from Phoenix at 3:30 (long story) this morning and was up at 5:30. Game on Sunday was sweeeet! I loved seeing all those people with their sign and chant of “Beat L.A” stunned. All aorund the stadium they kept showing the sign “Beat L.A.”
    James Loney tossed me a ball during the game Woohoo! Oh, and we got to sing the Loney’s song in AZ! I got Andre’s batting gloves after the game! Woohoo!!
    You know I was thinking that wherever we have asked Nomah to play he has played. Thank you Nomah for being a team player!
    Jeff Kent will be at the Macy’s in Northridge! I already have my glove and a ball signed by him but I will still go. You do need to make a purchase in the young men dept for $50.
    Well, got to go take my train home.

  21. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Josh ~ thanks for the updates, even on the ice cream. We like to know the fun stuff, too – LOL!!

  22. aeversw

    Wow somebody must have really kidnapped Torre now! LaRoche is going to play 3 games in a row in the Majors for the first time since last year! That is mind blowing. The guy who has hit more Home Runs in the last 3 season then any other person in the Dodgers organization is finally going to play a full series.

  23. tradejuanpypaperbag

    crzblue – totally jealous now about Andre’s batting gloves!! That’s great you had a good time!!
    I have got to go to a meeting for church – mission stuff. I will be back in about an hour or so.
    GO DODGERS!!!!!!!

  24. cpompe1

    “Sweeney’s activation is on hold and we’ll have a plan for him by the time the road trip is over…”

    Does anyone here smell SWEENEY’S GONE!!!! Sorry for the CAPS but I can’t help but let my enthusiasm flow!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  25. cpompe1

    And Max – You’re right; someone must have kidnapped Torre!!! This is the best news I’ve heard in a long time!!!

  26. cpompe1

    and crzblue – I have to echo dnel’s sentiments! I’m jealous too!!! 🙂

    Nomar is a team player. He doesn’t complain and does what his team asks of him. I thought that in the very beginning when he was asked to play 1B when he never had before that time. It’s just too bad that he’s so fragile but to have him on the team speaks volumes of his character; not to mention what true veteran leadership actually looks like!

  27. cpompe1

    Oh and dnel – I’m looking at painting the whole interior! I’m just hoping that this really does take my mind off that I don’t have a job yet!


    max, jungar, scott, scurtis how’s it going fellas? Its been awhile since I’ve had the time to check this blog but its good to see some old, familiar names out there. I totally agree max, Torre must be possessed LaRoche for all 3??? Wow!!! Let’s hope that Zona series gives us a little momentum and we can push our record above .500. How did the NL West go from 4 teams over .500 to 0? If the Dodgers can duplicate their record from last year, we might lock up the west.


    Seeing that it wasn’t you guys who paid out the $17 million a year it is really not your call who plays, or when or what position they bat. I haven’t seen any of your names yet as managing any major league teams. Aren’t the Dodgers in equal first place?
    Isn’t is great being American and being able to say what you like? It’s the same here in Australia.

    Go Dodgers,
    Go Jones too(Actually he is a Dodger)


    While you’re updating on players, how about Schmidt? How’s his “arm”? Any timetable on his next rehab assignment?

  31. scurtis1999

    CHarris, What up! Where ya been? Ready for the big blue game tonight? Im pumped! Wish Nomar was in the lineup, but I understand Joe’s thinking.

  32. dodgrdad14

    You don’t have to be on a major league payroll as a manager to realize that Jones is sucking up the joint and that the best players on the team should be playing regardless of pay!!!

  33. dodgrdad14

    And I am with you I wish Jones would pull it together I was one of the few that liked the Jones signing. But if he can’t play he shouldn’t be out there.

  34. bluecrewgirl

    As much as I like Dewitt, he has been struggling at the plate lately, so a few days off might do him good and Andy deserves a chance to see what he can do. I am still so stoked about the victory yesteray. Hope Matt and Andre can keep it up so there’s no way they can get taken out of the lineup when JP returns from the dl.


    Yeah scurtis, it’s best if we let Nomar recharge here and there because if he goes down for an extended period again, we could be in big trouble. I’m really pumped for the game, I was about to give up on our boys about a month ago but now it looks like the division is ours for the taking!

  36. scurtis1999

    Kemp with a laser.

    How in the hell do you have Kip Wells and Glendon Rusch in your starting rotation?


    This game makes me wonder how bad Jones is at BP. Great start!! Hopefully Stults just goes out there and goes after the strike zone with a 5 run lead

  38. northstateblues

    Stan Conte tip-of-the-day for Kip Wells: Walk it off.

    In all seriousness, it’s a bummer for Wells that he seems headed back to the DL. Wells had a blood clot in his hand at the start of the season, which impacted their rotation. Hope Schmidt does better when/if he starts for the blue again.

    That being said: GO CUBS!!! No ketchup on my Nathan’s for 3 days for good luck. (When we play the Cubbies, I always smother a Nathan’s hotdog in nothing but ketchup for good luck… ask any Chicagoan why).


    Come on Stults, Just throw strikes. Geez, you got an 8 run lead.
    What the hell is he thinking..


    In reference to this comment…………………….
    “I know Ned [Colletti, general manager] is on the phone, trying to make our club better,” Torre said. “Chances are, we’ll be active. Having said that, we’re trying.”
    Colletti said Saturday that the shortage of` available shortstop candidates to replace the injured Rafael Furcal prompted him to expand the search to include a run-producing third baseman before the July 31 trade deadline.
    We don’t need a third baseman at this point Nedster. Just have Joe put in Laroche for 10 days without taking him out or pinch hitting for him and lets see what he can do in that length of time. If he doesn’t step up, then see what we can get in a trade. Ned is just trade happy. He doesn’t care if he improves the team, ( as past performance shows), he just wants to deal.
    As Dr Phil says, the best indication of future performance is past performance and Ned sucks at this.
    Ned, just don’t trade the kids. Get rid of Pierre, who needs him. Look what Kemp and Ethier have been doing. They will only get better. Pierre has gotten as good as he’s going to get which isn’t much. Are you listening Nedster?


    Jones sucks in the close games; Jones sucks in the run-away games. That’s because Jones just SUCKS. How long is it going to take for Ned and JoJo to own up to that and do something about it.

  42. scurtis1999

    Druw got fat and swings at terrible pitches. He doesn’t even look close to how he was when in Atlanta. He is pressing big time too, can’t blame him.

    Pierre get back in a hurry! No way Druw can keep playing. Gotta put JP back in center when he gets back.


    What are they doing to help Jones? Get him a shrink or something. Will probably find out his mother has something to do with him not hitting. Always blame it on the Mother..


    haha 2 k’s while the rest of the team is putting on a clinic…Hope Jone’s is taking notes.


    Here’s what I think the deal is with Jones.
    He was supposed to be a phenom nineteen year old who came from Curacao and set the league on fire. Actually he could have been a 22 year old juiced up with HGH or who knows what other stuff by people who developed him and likely doctored up his birth certificate. Then he stopped taking the stuff a couple of years back, and his performance and physique have taken a dive ever since. If that is the case, he’s never coming back, and Ned has wasted some more millions looking for that comeback.

  46. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Wow!! What did the boys do? I was at church, phone on silent, and my lights were flashing like crazy. I get done with my meeting and I have 20 messages all related to the Dodgers 9-0 lead. Wow!! Fantastic Boys!!

  47. scurtis1999

    This is just like what Kobe allegedly did to that chick in Colorado. Simply just bending the Rocks over! Get some Clint Hurdle!

  48. vl4ecc

    I just logged on, and opened up the gameday. Low, and behold there’s quite the hit parade going on for the Dodgers. As expected though, I see Jones is on the outside looking in. We all know no lead is safe at Coors Field, but I sure like what I’m seeing so far. GO DODGERS!!!

  49. kpookiemon

    Vinny implied that perhaps LaRoche is starting all three games to showcase him. That’s Vinny, not me. But if it crossed Vinny’s mind, then I’ll give it creedence.

  50. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Well, Wally maybe the cowpie needs to stay out in the pasture and let the boys that can hit play – lol!! I did notice the two strikeouts by Jones – they better sit his a** when JP comes back. Sorry – “sit his bottom”

  51. ucscslug

    yea so how bout we trade LaRoche to the Pirates for some washed up reliever, Damaso Marte, or someone like that, and watch him become an all-star for them. Just like we did with all-star catcher Dioner Navarro to Tampa Bay for Danny Baez.


    If they bring Sweeney back there should be an investigation. If they trade Kemp, Ethier, Loney, or Martin there will be an insurrection. If they can get Matt Holiday without losing Kemp or Ethier there should be an immediate cessation of Ned and Joe bashing.
    Meanwhile, the train is picking up steam, and nobody but a fool would attempt to apply the brakes and I don’t think resting Nomar is a bad move, especially when we’re leading 12-1 with him chillin’ on the pines.

  53. roberto6

    The Navarro trade was great ? Say what !!? We got Hendrickson in that trade. Terrible. Plus that was not the reason that the door opened for Russ. It was because Navarro got hurt and Martin took advantage of the oppurtunity and played great the rest of the year.

  54. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Hey PierreEW! – it’s good to see you here. I just got in myself, and I am trying to catch up with all the scoring – fantasic game so far!!

  55. ucscslug

    Russ won the job and I’m thankful for that. My problem with the Navarro trade has always been that we didnt get anything back for him. Just like we didnt get much back for Betimit, Chuck Tiffany, Edwin Jackson (who’s now a pretty good pitcher), Joel Guzman, on and on…

    I guess my point is that Ned generally doesn’t get good returns on his trades… i know, i know, …duh… right?


    I don’t know about you guys…. But i agree with Torre pulling Stults in this case… The guy has a monster lead, and he CAN’T throw strikes!! Torre is trying to win ball games… and by having a pitcher who is not able to get through 4 innings with a gazillion run lead… he needs to get someone in there who can throw strikes… Thoughts anyone?

  57. scurtis1999

    Navarro wasn’t even a true dodger, but yeah you’re right the trade stunk, but at least Russ won the job. Russ is easily the better catcher!

  58. tradejuanpypaperbag

    brandon – I think it was a good move also. We have a big enough of a lead to bring in pitchers that can throw strikes and get outs.

  59. tradejuanpypaperbag

    My Loney has a first name,
    It’s J-A-M-E-S
    My Loney has a second name,
    It’s L-O-N-E-Y
    I love to watch him every day
    And if you ask me why I’ll say
    ‘Cause James Loney has a way
    With H-I-T-T-I-N-G!
    By leefink and martinloneykemp

  60. lagirl27

    hello friends. what a game! even druw is getting on base. I did say we OWN the rockies!!!!!!
    i love it. over 15 hits. so great. this better not mean they beat us this bad tomorrow!!!!


    I’m just watching the box score so I didn’t see it, but its about time Jones hit something hard…

  62. oldbrooklynfan

    You see me tonight NELLY and everybody but I will leave sometime late tomorrow or Wednesday morning for the hospital for surgery to correct a problem on my belly.
    If all goes well(and they do it right this time) I’ll be back in a couple of days.


    PierreEW. Hope all goes well. I had a Hernia operation 5 weeks ago. They are not fun. Good luck…

  64. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Boblee – We are only at 12% LOL!! the Boys have a big lead over the rest of us. You would think the Giants would be a little higher than 13%. Will see, Boblee, will see 🙂

  65. oldbrooklynfan

    This will be my second try to repair this hernia.
    First the stithing didn’t close all the way.
    That never healed after 3 years, now a few months ago the mesh that holds the hernia down decided to tear out of my skin.


    Hey Nelly, I am happy we are giving LaRoche a chance to play at 3rd. DeWitt has been a great story but the league obviously has adjusted to him and now its up to him to adjust back…unfortionately we’re in a pennant race so he’ll have to do it in AAA. I’m thrilled for LaRoche though.


    My best wishes to you as well, pierres, and I hope you have a quick and complete recovery.


    Arizona leads 1-0 but their ‘pen is beyond shaky. The only person I trust in their ‘pen is Pena. Qualls is worming so hopefully the Cubbies can get to him.

  69. bluecrewgirl

    I could get used to games like this. It was already 8-0 when I pulled in the parking lot for yoga class and 16-4 when I got out. It’s nice to kick back and not be all stressed for once.

  70. obi_wen

    ( This is sung to the tune of “NATHAN JONES” by Diana Ross and The Supremes) Hear the original [ ]


    You packed your bats as I recall

    And you walked slowly down the clubhouse hall

    Torre said you had to get away to ease your mind

    That all you needed was a just little of time


    Oh winter’s passed, spring and fall

    You alway strike out, you never hit the call

    Andruw Jones you’ve been gone too long

    Gone too long…

    If a fan could die of tears

    Andruw Jones, well, I wouldn’t be here

    That bat that you’re holding you couldn’t hit the floor

    And there’s no room in my heart for you no more

    ‘Cause, winter’s passed, spring and fall

    you never homer, you never clear the wall

    Andruw Jones you’ve been gone too long

    Gone too long

    Andruw Jones, Andruw Jones…

    Andruw Jones, ooh..


    Winter’s passed, spring and fall

    You diss the fans, you had the gall

    Andruw Jones you’ve been gone too long

    Gone too long

    Andruw Jones you’ve been gone too long

    …gone too long

    Andruw Jones you’ve been gone too long

    …gone too long

    Andruw Jones you’ve been gonne too long

    … gone too long…

  71. oldbrooklynfan

    What gets my goat with some of these play by play announcers.
    Don’t they realize that some of the people watching these games are not rooting for their teams?

  72. dodgereric

    Fire Joe
    Fire the guy who hired Joe
    Fire the guy who hired the guy who hired Joe

    My family’s thoughts and prayers to you PierreEMW. We’re hospital-veterans over here.

    Dynamite post up a-ways, ebbetsfld!

    Quote-of-the-day: “Stan Conte tip-of-the-day for Kip Wells: Walk it off. Northstateblues” LM12O!

    scurtis, the Navarro trade didn’t open the door for Russ. Navarro got fat, walked into the doghouse and Martin knocked the 6 door down.

  73. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Wouldn’t this be a game where they could’ve given Russell a few innings off for some much deserved rest?

  74. tradejuanpypaperbag

    eric – I don’t want him out anymore than Joe, or Russell himself, but I was just wondering – you know me – LOL!!!! I don’t even think I know me some days 🙂 LOL!!!! I do know I want Andre to be Everyday ‘Dre – that I do know 🙂


    I hope the scorer gives the win to Kuo, since he’s the only one so far who could put the ball over and get outs. Kuo has been a real blessing for this team. I hope he can stay healthy, because he’s been super.

  76. dodgereric

    I know what you’re saying, nelly. But we’ve all read of how hard it is to make him sit. Gotta love the Captain!

    bear, I agree 100%. Kuo is just plain filthy.


    “The Padres plan to ask right-hander Greg Maddux to reconsider his preference to be traded to a West Coast team only. But Maddux, who has complete no-trade protection, is unlikely to budge. Maddux’s agent, Scott Boras, says the pitcher’s desire to stay on the West Coast is “entirely related to his family.” Maddux, who is married with two children makes his permanent home in Las Vegas. The Dodgers, then, loom as the only realistic possibility for Maddux, who has spent his entire career in the National League. The Padres, operating without leverage, would be at a disadvantage in trade discussions.”

  77. lagirl27

    good luck pieereew- be safe and we’ll await your return!!
    great game. I love when we beat those Rockies, and when we actually hit!! great stuff!

  78. dodgereric

    Seeing Juan Pierre brings up this reminder:

    Dodgers’ record when Rafael Furcal went down: 18 -14

    Dodgers’ record with Juan Pierre leading off: 20 -29

    Dodgers’ record after Juan Pierre went down: 11 – 7

    I’m just sayin……………

  79. lagirl27

    look at Mr. Loney taking the lead with the clubs highest batting average 🙂 Way to go boys. Fun game to watch. Sad that we also gave up 10 runs but good to see our offsense outsine the pitching to take the win!

  80. oldbrooklynfan

    Have to take two pills before I go to bed.
    And then the big drink starts at 8:00 AM ET.
    Did it before so I know what to expect.
    and a lot of it.

  81. lagirl27

    just saying nothing eric..haha. We are a different team back then then we are now. We are playing better baseball and making the correct adjustments. It has NoThing to do with Pierre being out. WE are still doing better and have been in first since JONES has been back— it a team difference, not one person alone. JUAN WAS NOT AND HAS NOT RUINED THIS TEAM. I mean it!

  82. tradejuanpypaperbag

    PierreEW – Please take care of yourself! We will miss you while you are gone. We will look forward to your return. We will keep the games positive around here as much as we can, whether we win or lose.

  83. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Hey eric! Is there a way to track the combination of Kemp, Ethier and Martin as the 1,2,3 hitter? That is what is going to be missing when JP comes back. It’s the 1,2,3 punch thing that has been great!! Even in games we lose, it usually seems to be those three that get things going.


    Amy that absurd. The numbers show it. The non numbers show it. Pitchers fear Kemp. Not Pierre. Maybe that, along with Dre playing daily is why we are a different team. No they better not mess with it. If they want to play Pierre for Jones and hit him 7th or 8th cool, if they want to mess with the top now (barring a healthy furcal) then we deserve to loose the pennant, and we will.


    Super Great 16 to 10 Victory by our Beloved Los Angeles Dodgers over the Colorado Rockies where All The Los Angeles Dodgers were Super Heroes with Tremendous Super Powers! Players,Management & Fans Keep Working Very, Very,Very Hard& With All Our Super Powers and We will See the Return of World Series Championship back to Los Angeles By Our Wonderful, Majestic,Mighty & Beloved Los Angeles Dodgers!


    I mean NL West. And seriously Amy. Gosh don’t you see it? Kemp has more extra base hits (9 to 5) in leadoff in 15 games than Pierre does in 50.

    .256 .294 .290 .583
    .309 .373 .500 .846


    Ethier since Pierre went down. (Not counting tonight) I have faith in Torre on keeping both guys where they are DNelly

    .318 .395 .606 1.001

  88. northstateblues

    PierreEMW, take care of yourself. Hope to see you here again in a couple of days.

    Glad the Dodgers capatilized on that first inning. That was the closest blowout I’ve seen in a while.

    Eric, glad you liked my quote. I’ve got nothing on Vin’s, though. Thanks dodgerdude17, I could only get the Colorado feed on TV (Free Extra Innings this week).

    That Maddux rumor is interesting. Would be great to have him around our pitchers again, but if I was DeWitt or Kershaw, I’d probably wait ’til Maddux was done before using the showers.

  89. tradejuanpypaperbag

    ndeschenes – Most of us thought we would hear from you after the first inning. It got a little tense at times with pitching, but our hitting was the key tonight. Lets get another win tomorrow so we can hear from you three days in a row – that hasn’t happened in a while. It will be nice if the boys can get Kershaw his first big league win tomorrow. If they hit like they did today, and Kershaw has a good outing, it will happen. Have a wonderful evening and a spectacular tomorrow, and we look forward to hearing from you tomorrow as we win our third game in a row 🙂


    Just got back from the game at Coors. It was actually quite tedious – annoying that the Dodgers couldn’t go one half of an inning without allowing runs or baserunners. I wish Torre would have dropped Kuo (our MIDDLE reliever) into the game in the 4th/5th, and let him go as long as he could. Other than that – I think that’s the most I’ve ever seen the Dodgers score in a game I’ve attended, so it was entertaining overall. Kent, Loney, Martin, Kemp…they all tore it up. A good win, and too bad the D-backs didn’t lose. Maybe tomorrow…


    i don’t think anyone has posted this yet..

    LaRoche possibly being showcased in advance of trading deadline

    By Tony Jackson on July 21, 2008 7:21 PM

    Torre said before the game that Andy LaRoche is going to start all three games. Here is the quote:
    “I had planned on giving him a couple of games. It has really been unfair to him. Knowing that the end of July is looming, you have to find out as much as you can about your players. If you’re looking to help your ballclub, you want to make sure you have an idea of the people you have. He’ll probably play this series, especially (facing) the left-hander (Glendon Rusch) Wednesday.”
    Sounds pretty cut and dried to me. A lot of us — and a lot of YOU, judging by some of the comments you have been posting — have long suspected the Dodgers are looking to move this guy. But that shouldn’t obscure the fact that he has had three really good plate appearances tonight, and we’re only in the fourth inning. He walked each of his first two times, the first time after falling behind 1-2, and he just blooped a 3-2 pitch into right field for a single to score Andruw Jones — who actually got a hit to lead off the inning — and give the Dodgers a 12-1 lead.

    i hope i’m not the only one who thinks it would be a bad move to trade laroche.. it’s too soon to tell how good of a major leaguer he’d be, and he should be playing everyday with us, not with someone else..

  92. northstateblues

    dnel, sorry for the image. Since reading that last year, that’s the first thing I think of when hearing Maddux’s name. I’m just embarassed that the URL is so blatant. I had made sure not to mention the… um… substance of the article in my post, then pasted the URL and posted. Usually it’s like /xg42865sUrtype=? or something.

    I hope that they give Andy a chance at a spot. Trade-deadline deals have not exactly worked well lately, except for Maddux. We still don’t know what we have with LaRoche yet.

  93. tradejuanpypaperbag

    It’s okay – don’t worry – You put up with all the girl stuff around here, so it’s okay to have a little payback.


    Dear Mr. Colletti,

    It’s been reported that you may have Torre playing LaRoche more often now just to showcase him to other clubs for a potential trade. Please reconsider! 3B is not a hole that needs to be plugged! Both LaRoche & DeWitt are very capable! Why on earth would you consider trading a player who costs you less than $400,000, and is able to hit 20 HR with excellent plate discipline & on-base skills, for a player of comparable skill set with a cost of over $6,000,000? How can you justify that? Do you really enjoy getting pick-pocketed?

    Mr. Torre,

    Thanks for finally giving LaRoche a chance to shake off his cobwebs and play some ball. I hope he will open your eyes to how valuable he can be, and that you’re not just exposing him for trade purposes. Your squad is really coming together lately, and I’m sure you’ll agree that the younger players are a vital part of this new energy. Kemp & Ethier at the top of the lineup have created a new synergy. So what’s going to happen when Pierre comes off the DL? You won’t play him in place of Kemp or Ethier will you? The under-performing outfielder has been the most experienced – Andruw Jones. You must realize what the rest of us know…that he’s a big waste of money who looks totally helpless at the plate! Honestly, he looks like a little-leaguer in the big leagues. I realize that there’s pressure to play both him & Pierre because of their free agent contracts, but your first priority must be to use the players who have proven that they are run-producers. There’s no turning back now for Kemp & Ethier – they have proven that they deserve to play every day. Consistently playing Jones or Pierre ahead of them would be inexcusable!

  95. dodgereric

    If it’s not bad enough that Pierre is on the horizon, we also have to be on the lookout for:

    Sung to Hall and Oates’ “Maneater”

    He won’t just strike out at night
    The team he will excite
    Trouble is, it’s the other guys team
    Swinging and missing
    He seems to want to, but he’s running out of steam
    So many have paid to see
    A pro hitter, it just ain’t he
    The man is done, he might end up with more strikeouts than hits this year
    Pride is gone
    If you’re in it to win you ain’t gonna get too far

    Uh – oh here he comes
    Watch out boy he’ll stir the air
    Uh – oh here he comes
    It’s Mark Sweeney
    Uh – oh here he comes
    One, two, three and down he goes
    Uh – oh here he comes
    It’s Mark Sweeney

    I wouldn’t if I were you
    I know what he can’t do
    He’s an out machine, he’s only batting .097
    Pride doesn’t matter
    The spirit is there but the talent’s been deleted

    Uh – oh here he comes
    Come on Joe, not him again
    Uh – oh here he comes
    It’s Mark Sweeney

  96. dodgereric

    Awwwwwwwwww, crap. REWRITE!!!!

    If it’s not bad enough that Pierre is on the horizon, we also have to be on the lookout for:

    Sung to Hall and Oates’ “Maneater”

    He won’t just strike out at night
    The team he will excite
    Trouble is, it’s the other guys team
    Swinging and missing
    He seems to want to, but he’s running out of steam
    So many have paid to see
    A pro hitter, it just ain’t he
    The man is done, he might end up with more strikeouts than ABs this year
    Pride is gone
    If you’re in it to win you ain’t gonna get too far

    Uh – oh here he comes
    Watch out boy he’ll stir the air
    Uh – oh here he comes
    It’s Mark Sweeney
    Uh – oh here he comes
    One, two, three and down he goes
    Uh – oh here he comes
    It’s Mark Sweeney

    I wouldn’t if I were you
    I know what he can’t do
    He’s an out machine, he’s only batting .097
    Pride doesn’t matter
    The spirit is there but the talent’s been deleted

    Uh – oh here he comes
    Come on Joe, not him again
    Uh – oh here he comes
    It’s Mark Sweeney

  97. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Very well done, eric!! Awesome!!! Fabulous!!! I thought you were up to something. Sweeney – what a very, very nice thought – uugghh!! Dodger life can’t get any better than JP, Andruw and Sweeney – not!!!!

  98. tradejuanpypaperbag

    I’m typing write now – bacon and butter? I think you and my husband need to meet – too funny!! Let me finish typing and then I will figure get the sandwich.

  99. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Song: Don’t Be Cruel
    Original Song: Don’t Be Cruel
    by: Elvis
    You know we can be found
    Blogging from our home
    If you can’t come around
    At least don’t trade alone
    Don’t be cruel to the Dodger Blue
    Neddy, if we made you mad
    For something we may have said
    Please, don’t forget the past
    The future looks bright ahead
    Don’t be cruel to the Dodger Blue
    We don’t want no other glove
    Neddy, it’s just Blue were thinking of.
    Don’t stop thinking of us,
    Don’t make us feel this way
    Don’t go over there and trade, please
    you know what we want to say
    Don’t be cruel to the Dodger Blue
    Why should they be apart
    We really want ‘Dre, Matty,James to start
    Just walk up to our catcher
    And let Russ say I do
    Then you’ll know you’ll be best
    And we’ll know that we have youth
    Don’t be cruel to the Dodger Blue
    We don’t want no other glove
    Neddy, it’s just Blue we’re thinking of
    Don’t be cruel to the Dodger Blue
    Don’t be cruel to the Dodger Blue
    We don’t want no other glove
    Neddy, it’s just Blue we’re thinking of.

  100. dodgereric

    Actually, there’s more to that one.

    Bake a loaf of bread. Yes, a loaf. Cut it open lengthwise. Dig out the inside. Coat the inside with butter. Plop in a jar of peanut butter and the jam of the day. Layer in a pound of crispy bacon.


  101. tradejuanpypaperbag

    sweet potato casserole – yummy!! That is one of my favorites, and I can do that one pretty good, too. I have made a peanut butter and banana sandwich also, but I only fried it once -I prefer the cold version better. I don’t like hot bananas. My husband loves bacon and butter sandwiches, however, but he usually makes those himself.

  102. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Oh my gosh!! My husband would love that!!! I have not heard of that – hmmm That was an Elvis thing or just an eric thing?

  103. dodgereric

    Really? Bacon and butter sandwiches? I love bacon and I love butter, but my arteries are hardening just thinking about it.

  104. tradejuanpypaperbag

    My husband does just regular peanut butter, butter and jelly sandwiches. Can’t figure out why the butter – already has peanut butter. My son eats them like that, too.

  105. dodgereric

    Coincidentally, my daughter told me about that just earlier this evening. One of her friends is an Elvis freak and knows all that stuff. I had mentioned those fried banana sandwiches and she said the bacon and butter and peanut butter and jam sandwich is supposed to have been “it”. Not hard to see why he got so big, is it?

  106. tradejuanpypaperbag

    I lived in Memphis and that is one trivia fact I did not know – hmm!! Yes, that would explain the weight issue.

  107. tradejuanpypaperbag

    It was good to hear from Beav today 🙂 Wally will be glad when he comes home. He misses picking on him.

  108. dodgereric

    A while back there was a movie called “Fatso”. Dom DeLuise was the star. Dark movie. Anne Bancroft. DeLuise and several other people fighting their weight was the basis of the movie. I’ll never forget one scene.

    There were several large people sitting around a kitchen table. They were talking about what they liked to do with food. One of the larger ones said that he liked to take a jelly donut and $uck (I think it’ll censor it without the $) out the jelly. Then he shoves a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup inside and bakes it in an oven until it’s all melted inside.

  109. dodgereric

    We visited Memphis last summer. Really hot, but the whole darned country was baking last summer while we were out.

    One thing we found was that southern hospitality is not dead. Friendly people wherever we went.

  110. tradejuanpypaperbag

    LOL!!! I remember the name of the movie, but I don’t think I have seen it. That’s a lot of work just to put a peanut butter cup in a donut. LOL!!

  111. leekfink

    This is leekfink, coming to you LIVE from Coors Field in Denver, Colorado, where the Dodgers beat the Rockies 16-10. (OK, I am not actually at Coors Field now, but I was there at the game tonight).
    Any win is good, and scoring a bunch of runs is even better. But the game really never felt “safe” to me. It was a Coors Field classic–the scoring never ended, and nothing was for sure until the end. But it was nice to see.
    In case any of you heard a lot of cheering on TV/Radio when James Loney came up, it was because I was singing the Loney Song each time he came up, and by the later innings, the Rockies fans were trying to shout over me when I sang. All in good fun, though. (I assume that Loney heard me in the first inning, since Coors Field was as quiet as a library while the Dodgers were on their first inning tear, and I was on the Field level for the first (got in just as the game started, and we stood to watch until Hurdle pulled Wells). Emma, I’m glad you sang it in Arizona–Loney knows we’re following him and supporting him.
    Some thoughts, however. I did not like Torre pulling Stults in the 4th. I know, nothing is sure in Coors Field, but Stults had a 10 run lead, and even a slam by Holliday would have made it a 6-run game. And here’s the thing–we know that the pitching staff would be used a lot in Colorado, and sometimes you just need a starter to take one for the team. If Stults could have gone another couple of innings (he was only at 74 pitches), we might have saved Kuo or Beimel. The one thing I thought that would make the move more logical is, as I said at the time, if Falkenborg gets optioned to AAA to make room for Kershaw (but I probably would have had him pitch another inning too–after all, he hit for himself).
    I am, however, a little wary of bringing back Kershaw tomorrow, as Tony Jackson reports. I agree that Kershaw should be up as the fifth starter at least until Penny returns (then, we will have to figure something out). But give Johnson one start in Coors Field–no reason to make Kershaw pitch there–it can be a blow to his confidence if the mile high air creates another game like today. Have him pitch in five days back home. But, whatever happens, I’m gld he’s coming back, and to stay.
    A note on LaRoche. Tony Jackson may be right that he’s being “showcased.” But there is another way to look at this–Torre is trying to see what he has before the trading deadline. For reasons that defy explanation, the team has said it will look for a third baseman (ignoring, of course, that we have 3). But we know that LaRoche has not gotten a real shot (I won’t, for now, enter the debate over whether he should have in light of DeWitt’s performance). So perhaps they are showcasing him for the Dodgers. If Andy shows he can hit, why trade him? Why not let him play 3rd for the Dodgers. Maybe we’re just evaluating what we have. I’m not prepared to give anyone the benefit of the doubt about this possibility right now, but it could be what’s going on.
    One other note on the trade front–that Maddux rumor that someone mentioned is exciting in a lot of ways. I loved having Maddux in 2006. BUT–even though it was not a Fox sports site, if you chase that rumor down, it stems from none other than our old friend (friend, in the same way that the Joker is Batman’s friend) Ken Rosenthal. So, don’t count on it.
    I don’t understand the Matt Holliday discussion. Are we trying to get him? Does anyone think we should try to get him. He is an impressive hitter, but we have 4 or 5 outfielders. Are we actually going to have an outfield of Holliday, Kemp, and Ethier, and sit Pierre and Jones? I doubt it, and therefore, I don’t want Holliday. And frankly, while Holliday’s numbers are impressive, do NOT forget the Coors Field discount. You add that in, and I don’t think he is much better than Matt Kemp RIGHT NOW, and Kemp still has more upside.
    One other thing–I saw Swood and PierreEMW talking about Pierre being better than Jones. I agree. Jones is just awful, and as a Dodger fan I saw tonight said, if you can’t break up a slump at Coors Field, you can’t end a slump. And ones whiffed thrice. Ughh.
    My concern, however, is that if we play Pierre, Torre will feel it necessary for him to hit lead-off. That’s a bad idea. I’ve never said that Matt Kemp is an ideal lead-off hitter, but with Furcal out, he’s the best option (maybe Martin, but in many ways I like what Matt is doing there), and he is doing well, and the team is winning with thiss solution. Anyway, I hope Torre gets that.
    And since I mentioned it, Swood, best of luck with college admissions–you’ve picked some good ones. And PierreEMW, best wishes while you are undergoing your surgery. Here’s to a speedy recovery and the medicine of a Dodger winning streak.

  112. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Very much so. We noticed the hospitality right away. And yes, the summers were horrible. I much rather be here with the drier heat, than the humidity and the afternoon thunderstorms. We have also been stuck in an ice storm – scariest weather thing I’ve been through.

  113. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Wonderful post leefink!! The only talk of Holliday was Eduardo and swood thinks we need Jason Bay – they are the only ones that have expressed that, but they have expressed it very loudly at times.

  114. dodgereric

    BTW, I’m going to Saturday’s game. A guy I grew up with is taking me and my son along with him and his son. I haven’t been to DS in two years, since I took my mom to a game.

    I just have a feeling that we’re in for several changes in the next few days.

  115. tradejuanpypaperbag

    I know eric – my mom and I are going to the dbacks series, and I am worried about having to sit their and watch Pierre and Jones in the outfield, and then to top it off, have Sweeney come in to pinch hit.
    Do we know the real status of Pierre or is it all rumors still?
    Is Matt a big Dodger fan, too?

  116. tradejuanpypaperbag

    And then there’s the LaRoche/DeWitt issue, too that can affect games in the next couple of weeks as well.

  117. dodgereric

    Pi-erre’s Comin’, Hide The Lineup!

    He’s not a really big sports fan yet. It’s funny. He played football in HS the last two years but he’s giving that up to play hockey exclusively. He doesn’t seem to be able to sit and watch a whole game very often in any sport. He’ll eventually get up and leave the room to play video games or listen to music or play his guitar.

    When he DOES watch, he claims the Dodgers are his favorite baseball team, the Broncos in football, Lakers in basketball, Kings in hockey and Matt Kenseth in NASCAR.

    Why do I feel like Adrian Beltre is coming back?

  118. tradejuanpypaperbag

    So, he’s a musician? Hockey is good, if he likes it.
    Beltre – huh! Also, on the trade rumor blog, there is a rumor that we are still looking at Tex for Loney – that wouldn’t be good ethier (either). We have all these rumors and thoughts, and Ned will probably do something we weren’t even thinking of and having us totally off guard.

  119. dodgereric

    I guess it’s time. G’night! Fried banana and peanut butter sandwiches for breakfast? Maybe some Ovaltine?

  120. tradejuanpypaperbag

    your wish is my command Ward!! Good night, and I will talk to you in the morning, and have breakfast ready 🙂 Hopefully Beaver is doing okay, and make sure you wake up Wally in the morning. We don’t want him sleeping all day. 🙂


    I’m glad to see torre playing Laroche for these 3 games with the Rox. I still think he is the better hitter between he and Dewitt and will hit with more power before their careers are over. He may not be as good a fielder but his bat will make up for it. Come on Laroche. Now’s your chance.

    Would love to see the Dodgers trade Lowe for anyone. He won’t be here next year so let’s unload him now. Glad to see that Kershaw is coming back. Hope he get’s off to a terrific start this time.


    Hey Jungar, what’s up? That game had me nervous last night… but when you think about it… it was a typical Colorado game. I’m just bummed that the D-Backs beat the Cubs. Well, hopefully tonight we can keep the bats going and get Kershaw some run support…. God knows his curveball will not have a whole lot of curve to it in Denver…

  123. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Good Morining ITD writers!
    Hopefully Kershaw is ready for Coors Field, and let’s hope the Dodger bats will be as lively as they were last night. Anything can happen in Colorado.

  124. lagirl27

    Good Morning Denlly. Hope your night was good last night. It’s always a great day when we can rack up the hit and runs scored!
    I love our boys!

  125. tradejuanpypaperbag

    jungar – 9 day is a long time – lol!!
    Good Morning, Amy!! Yes, it is great to hear ESPN go over our first inning over and over again. Let’s hope the kept some of the energy for tonight.

  126. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Brandon – I hope our bats will be able to do what they did last night and get Kershaw his first win – that would be terrific!!

  127. leekfink

    DodgerEric–I’m afraid I can’t make tonight or Wednesday’s day game. Which is too bad since I will be in Denver until November, so these are teh only Dodger games I can go to for the rest of the year (though, if we make the playoffs, we’ll see what I can do).
    But, the boys come back to the Mile High City in late September for a weekend set, so that’s good news for me.


    Hey nelly… yeah, we need the bats to be as hot as they were last night….and our pitching to get hot… we can’t afford to have our pitching staff keep giving up runs left and right.


    The remaining days until trade deadline are just too many for Ned to be holding out, especially with Torre urging him on to improve the club (with more veterans). They’re a pair of perfect a**h***s.

  130. tradejuanpypaperbag

    leefink – Wow! November – that’s a long time!! Take care out there, but I am sure you will grace us with your fabulous posts as always. It is really great reading what you are thinking – always thought provoking write ups. 🙂


    The thing that concerns me about Kershaw in Denver is his curveball…. With the thin air… is his curveball going to be straight as an arrow?

  132. tradejuanpypaperbag

    LOL!!! messagebear!!! 9 days is a long time, isn’t it? In Ned and Joe’s world one day seems like too many sometimes. lol!!!

  133. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Your right brandon – our pitching hasn’t looked good since we came back from the All-Star break, except Brox and Kuo.

  134. lagirl27

    but luckily, our offense has held up and we’ve still won ballgames! If we can only get both on the same page… long have we been saying that??


    Yeah, no kidding Amy…. hopefully the Washington series we can get going on both sides of the ball…. I don’t expect it to really happen in Colorado for obvious reasons… so, if we can just win these three games and get out of there however we win is fine with me…. But Washington has always been a team that we’ve dominated really, and it’d be great to get out pitching and hitting on the same page with them in town so that we can get ready for the T-Bags to come to town… I mean… the D-Backs. I seriously hope we can get Kersh his first win tongiht, that’d be awesome

  136. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Hey jhall!! How are you doing today?
    Brandon -we have the gnats coming to town,too – yuck!!

  137. scott_in_arcadia

    Good day, everyone!

    Well, I’m pretty sure that LaRoche is going to get dealt before the 31st. I’m guessing for Beltre since Ned loves huge contracts that players can’t live up to.

  138. jhallwally

    Gosh mom, just swell. I’m sure hungry!!!
    Sure hope Ned isn’t cooking anything up, it always turns out pretty crummy!!

  139. lagirl27

    We can do it brandon. We are pulling together, moral is up and things will turn around for us 🙂
    it’s good start to the 2nd half. I hope Kuroda and Bills will be able to come thru in their next starts, and a win for Clayton would be fantastic! We need to take advantage of the teams we are playing so we can gain ground.
    Plus the Cubs need beat the D-Backs!!!

  140. dodgrdad14

    Did anyone else get a hate e-mail from He didn’t like my post questioning Jones batting 6th and sent me an e-mail saying I am a hater, etc.
    Pretty childish and when I tried to e-mail him back it came back to me undeliverable.

  141. dodgrdad14

    To funny Amy, I know you do and I don’t know why he sent me the e-mail when other people were saying things a lot worse than I was. I was just asking why is he batting 6th. Oh well some people just need to get a life I guess.

  142. scott_in_arcadia

    jnv, I think you questioning AJ batting 6th was pretty legit after 5 straight hits yesterday and then….a swing and a miss! Guess who?

    Go Dodgers!!

  143. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Thank you, son!! We aim to please you and the Beav!! The father’s boss must be in the office today seeing how we haven’t seen him this morning. Well, see Wally, 9 more days for Ned not to do anything stupid. That seems like an awfully long wait.

  144. tradejuanpypaperbag

    jnv -are you serious!?! Oh my gosh!! That’s horrible!! We question why he bats at all most of the time.

  145. dodgrdad14

    Scott this guy obviously has a man crush on AJ which is fine I don’t have a problem with that, I have a problem when he sends me an e-mail, he should keep it on this board, my e-mail is not for hate mail!! 🙂

  146. jhallwally

    Wow JNV, that’s freaking lame. I thought you had a legitimate point and presented it well. Some people are way out there.

  147. dodgrdad14

    Dnel, I am serious, I have never had anyone e-mail me from here ( I wouldn’t mind my long list of friends from here to e-mail) but for someone to e-mail me with hate is not cool.
    And to question decisions by management on this board is what we do so often and well I might add.


    I would be somewhat ambivalent about trading for Beltre. He’s disappointed with his average, but he should still be a 30 HR’s guy with good defense, and that spells power by our standards. The deal wouldn’t make sense if you take Frank at his word that he is only looking for a salary neutral kind of a deal because of our high payroll. Beltre wouldn’t fit that unless we’re able to unload either Pierre or Andruw (wishfull thinking, but not likely). Trading LaRoche, which I think is likely by this management, would leave DeWitt to probably go back to AAA and undertake the second base role.

  149. dodgrdad14

    Thanks for the support Jhall, I wasn’t sure if I was off base or not, but it seems I have a legit reason to be peaved (kind of rhymes with beav!!) 🙂

  150. tradejuanpypaperbag

    jnv – this whole board talks about Jones that way. He shouldn’t even be in the lineup at all at this point, JP or not.



    the real Max would applaud your questioning and wonder why the fat *** wasn’t in triple a…or at a buffet table.


    Mike (Albany, NY): Hi Buster, It sounds like Andy LaRoche is on his way out of L.A. Any idea if the Dodgers are in on Beltre? Or another SS/3B?

    Buster Olney: (1:34 PM ET ) Mike: There are a bunch of teams who’ve talked about LaRoche, but they’ve gotten very frustrated in dealing with the Dodgers. He is the one guy among the many L.A. prospects that rival execs say is clearly, absolutely available. So yes, I think he’ll be traded. To whom, I’m not yet sure.


    too good to pass up…thanks sporky at dodger thoughts..

    Here’s quite a statement on the decline of Dodgers center fielder Andruw Jones: A rival evaluator, noting that the Dodgers have recently played Jones, shortstop Nomar Garciaparra and second baseman Jeff Kent in their up-the-middle positions, said that Jones was the worst defender of the three.

  154. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Outfielders July Stats – no surprises, but we might as well keep posting them for at least until JP comes back. I put DY’s numbers in there, too just because.
    PA: Kemp (85), Ethier (82), Jones (47), Young (34)
    R: Ethier (17), Kemp (13), Jones (2), Young (4)
    H: Ethier (23), Kemp (23), Jones (7), Young (5)
    HR: Ethier (4),Kemp(3), Jones (0), Young (0)
    XBH: Ethier (11), Kemp (10) Jones (0), Young (1)
    RBI: Ethier (13), Kemp (11) Jones (4), Young (2)
    BB: Ethier (9), Kemp (8), Jones (4), Young (3)
    SO: Kemp (26), Jones (19), Ethier (16), Young (10)
    BA: Ethier (.319), Kemp (.299), Jones (.167), Young (.161)
    OBP: Ethier (.397), Kemp (.365), Jones (.255), Young (.235)
    SLG: Ethier (.597), Kemp (.519), Young (.194), Jones (.167)
    OPS: Ethier (.987), Kemp (.884), Jones (.499), Young (.429)
    jnv – Jones doesn’t even belong in the lineup at all. Joe how about putting DY out there!!! Give him a shot at some quality playing time.

  155. trapp76

    I don’t post here much, but I just wanted to voice my concern over the fact that LaRoche is being shopped or “showcased”. This needs to stop now.

    Keep LaRoche, and he will develop into the 3rd baseman we need…………all he needs is consistent playing time.

    DeWitt was a nice story, but he’s flamed out and has fallen back to his expected level of production. Send him down to AAA and let him continue to develop there…………if he does, then trade HIM next off-season or next season, but we absolutely have to keep LaRoche.

    Our team is fine. We don’t need to make any major trades just for the sake of making them unless we can get a young, power hitting outfielder that can hit 30+ HRs (which I doubt). We can win the division as is, just leave the team alone and let them play.

  156. jhallwally

    Well said Trapp!! Totally agree!! Especially the fact that in our division, we can win it with what we’ve already got.

  157. tradejuanpypaperbag

    I am thinking the same thing as jungar – doesn’t really soung like the max that posts here. We had the same thing happen with swood. Came onto ITD however, and was the exact opposite of what swood would say. That still happens every once in a while.

  158. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Hey jungar – is there a reason why joey behaves on DT? He is always bashing Jon Weisman when he comes over here, but when I read his posts on DT, he seems calm and normal – just wondering if you had any insight to that situation.

  159. dodgrdad14

    I didn’t think it sounded like the max I know, but was shocked!

    As for the trading of Laroche, I think he is the power bat and stud 3b we are looking for except JOJO and Nerd won’t open thier eyes!!!

  160. tradejuanpypaperbag

    I am still surprised, jnv, that anybody would question you through e-mail when people do it on here all the time. So, whoever did it, was totally out of line. That’s just really sucks jnv – I’m sorry for that 🙂

  161. lagirl27

    agreed. If I ever was to send you an email jnv, rest assured that it would be friendly and kind 🙂 awww.

  162. tradejuanpypaperbag

    I know jhall – some of them just boggle my mind sometimes. It’s the teacher in me that is trying to figure out why people behave the way they do 🙂
    Going to lunch with my Braves/A’s buddy – We think we have it bad, her whole team has been traded away, and there seems to be more to come. Anyhow, catch up with you later. Say hi to dad for me if you see him around here. Tell him I am working on that sandwich he wanted – LOL!!

  163. dodgrdad14

    Aww thanks Amy I would expect a nice email from yourself or Dnel or CComp, but Jhall and enchanted and Eric is a different story!! HAHA just kidding guys….

  164. ucscslug

    this has seriously become the worst time of the year for dodger fans. I woke up to the news that Ned Colletti was considering making a deal with Billy Beane. I wonder who would get the better end of that?

  165. jhallwally

    LOL JNV!!!
    On a side note. I was just listening to ESPN radio and they were talking about why Mike Scioscia is one of the 2 or 3 best managers in baseball. The Dodgers screwed up royally when they let him get away. Geez!!!!

  166. dodgrdad14

    Jhall I think that was one of the worst moves ever by the Dodgers. How could anyone let Scioscia go?? He was Mr. Dodger for me.


    What I’d love to see tonight is Kershaw dominate…. That would be ideal.. the way the bats have been going, he’s going to get run support. I just hope he can pitch a lot better than the way our pitchers have been going the last few games.

  168. leekfink

    Jungar–I knew you’d go for trapp76’s post. You have such a soft spot for LaRoche.
    Of course, it’s not misplaced. I too agree that it is PROBABLY a mistake to trade LaRoche, and that he really should be given a chance to play every day in the big leagues, and if he is being showcased for other teams, why not showcase him for us. I like DeWitt, but he has potential at second base too, and I think this is it for Jeff Kent.
    LaRoche does not make my list of 7 untouchables (Martin, Loney, Kemp, Ethier, Billingsley, Broxton, and Kershaw), but you would habe to make a good offer for a good shortstop *(NOT a 3B–if we need a 3B, use LaRoche) or a knock-your-socks off starter that we can lock into a contract (we probably don’t NEED a starter, but if you can get an elite starter that is going to help us this year and in future years, I would consider it, because you can never have too much pitching).


    I agree Trapp. Ned doesn’t need to make any trades. We have a great team and will only get better. Let Laroche play. Send Dewitt back for another year of playing AAA ball and let Laroche become a great hitter that everyone said he would be. He has good plate patience and will only improve game by game
    Listen up Ned. We don’t need to make any trades, even for the SS position. In fact, we really don’t need you. You are just extra baggage that is brought along to each game.

  170. scurtis1999

    Jon Rauch is now a Snake. Just saw it on espn. Buck Showalter breaking it down.

    OOOO Im scared now lol

  171. tradejuanpypaperbag

    jungar – thanks for clarification on that 🙂
    any trade news while I was out – LOL!!!
    jnv – I loved Mike Scoscia (literally when I was a pre-teen), and I was crushed when I found out we didn’t get him as our manager. He would have been awesome for this group we have right now (young players, I mean).


    Maddux is apparently available. Not that we need him for the rotation, but don’t you think he would be an improvement as a pitching coach to Honeycutt.

  173. tradejuanpypaperbag

    messagebear – what kind of trade would we have to do to get him, if any? I think he would be great as a veteran role model for the young pitchers.

  174. scott_in_arcadia

    Who wouldn’t be an improvement to Honeycutt? Every time he goes to the mound, the next pitch is a HR or a double. Not to mention he’s eating all of the clubhouse food that our growing young players need. What’s he teaching them anyway? How to scuff the ball? How to have a mediocre career?


    From what I hear, Maddux might be ready to retire, and I thought that coming on board of our staff might be of interest to him. I certainly wouldn’t pay his playing salary or anything like that, nor would I give up anything significant to the Pads.

  176. tradejuanpypaperbag

    jnv – What I like about Scoscia now is he has that fiery mentality we could have used, and I know he wouldn’t have put up with the BS about playing time for vets because of their experience. In that respect Joe and Grady are a lot alike – no fire in them (at least that is how it appears to me on the outside). It sounds like the players really respect him, but it hard to watch him just sit on the railing night after night with no emotion whatsoever. I just don’t think this was the right fit for this team for the type of player we have, which I know, I am speaking to the choir on that topic – anyhow 🙂

  177. dodgrdad14

    Supposedly, Torre balances his low key demeanor with the fiery side of Bowa. Bowa is supposed to be the one to light fires under players but all I have seen is belittling the young guys and not calling out the old guys for playing like little leaguers. Go figure…. Oh to have Soscia back in the fold!!

  178. scott_in_arcadia

    Hey Nelly, funny how you could fill in the blank with either Grady or Joe regarding your observation.

    “hard to watch him just sit on the railing night after night with no emotion whatsoever”

  179. tradejuanpypaperbag

    I think it would be wise for the Dodgers to look into getting Maddux even if it is for the future in a coaching role. Messagebear – I like that idea.
    Hey eric – Dominoes are definitely starting to fall. Will we be the domino that stops and doesn’t continue the reaction; are we going to be the one that goes off and end and starts a new reaction; or are we going to be the last Domino fall? I guess we will find out which Domino we are in the next 9 days (8 and a half now).

  180. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Scott/jnv – I feel like I am watching the same person (whether it’s Grady or Joe). And yes, if Bowa was treating all the players equally, I could see the point of having him be the fiery one, but his comments lately have been so unjustified and wrong in his assessment of what appears to be going on.
    messagebear – I tried to go into my classroom today. They are redoing our roof this week, which is fine. I’m going to Vegas tomorrow anyway, but they said our classrooms should be ready for next Monday. My A’s/Braves buddy is going over to school tonight to do some measuring of walls for her and me so she will be able to see how close they really are.

  181. dodgrdad14

    From Dylan Hernandez,
    Not sure if this was posted or not, just thought it was a good quote from Clint Hurdle

    High praise for Martin

    Rockies Manager Clint Hurdle, who managed the National League in the All-Star game last week, said he has a newfound respect for Dodgers catcher Russell Martin.

    “As much as I respected him as a player watching him from the other dugout, I respect him more now,” Hurdle said.

    “It’s just the package. He has some youthful enthusiasm. He’s got some big-time game face. He loves to play.”

    Martin caught 10 innings of that game, with Hurdle replacing him with Brian McCann in the bottom of the 15th inning.

    “I didn’t want to put the whip to him too much,” Hurdle said. “He caught nine innings as it was. He caught a complete game. I figured that after that, I’m pushing my luck a little bit with Torre. I might get the fish eye from Joe when he shows up. Nobody wants that.”

  182. porklinks

    Diamond Leung reporting the following:
    “Eric Stults has been optioned to Class AAA Las Vegas after a poor start last night. Meanwhile, Juan Pierre has left the team
    and will begin a rehabilitation assignment for Las Vegas tomorrow.”

  183. tradejuanpypaperbag

    westernmost – You know this isn’t good news,right? We need somebody to come up with an suspect injury for Andruw ASAP 🙂
    eric – Pierre’s one domino falling a bit too early 😦

  184. scott_in_arcadia

    I see…Kershaw in, Stults out. No problem with that.

    Nelly, I think Bowa is jealous that these young guys have far more natural talent then he ever did. He had to wwork a lot harder than say Matt Kemp to achieve lesser results. Typical coach type punishing “talented” players he wishes he could’ve been like.

  185. porklinks

    Randy Wolf!! LOL at Houston. Good luck Astros. Wolf’s ERA is 0.84 OVER the league average (not good) and that’s with half his starts at the ultimate pitcher haven, Petco Park!
    2008 Wolf:
    11 starts, 5-4, 65.3 IP, 3.17, 6 HR – Home
    10 starts, 1-6, 54.1 IP, 6.63, 8 HR – Road
    Maddux may be done:
    2008 Maddux:
    11 starts, 1-3, 68 IP, 2.51, 7 HR – Home
    10 starts, 2-5, 56 IP, 6.27, 5 HR – Road

  186. lagirl27

    jnv- great when the rest of the world can see Russy’s greatness as a ballplayer.
    YEA!!!! my Piernas is getting better 🙂 Happy news!

  187. dodgereric


    That’s the sound of me hauling the piano into position………

  188. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Amy – this is only good news if they put Andruw on DL. If not, Matt and Andre will be sharing right field – that is not good news.
    I know jungar – keep the faith, but I hear eric in my ear saying Pierre will lead off and Jones will be there, too.

  189. lagirl27

    you are right Dnel- but that is only if he starts everyday, which as of right now we are not 100% sure of. If he’s a rotational guy, I am happy with that. Everyone needs a day off, even Matt and Andre.
    AND- when Jones gets “the flu” in the 4th, pierre can step in. It’s a good plan!

  190. porklinks

    dodgereric – glad you liked it.
    There are rumors that the Dodgers are looking at Huston Street of the A’s. He has two years of arbitration left, but, Buster Olney of ESPN said in a chat today, “Street scared a lot of evaluators last Saturday with his outing in Yankee Stadium — diminished velocity, lowered arm angle, and that will make it tough for him against lefties. It’ll be interesting to see if somebody gets aggressive and overlooks his recent outings, or if Oakland decides to hang onto him and put him out on the market this winter, which they are very comfortable doing… ”
    Good lord I hope Colletti is frightened by the words “diminished velocity” and “lowered arm angle”. [ And if Jon Rauch, who is a decent reliever and has a manageable contract ($1.2M this year, $2M for ’09, $2.9M club option for ’10 – compare Beimel at about $2M this year) only costs Emilio Bonifacio in trade, Street shouldn’t be as expensive as an Andy LaRoche.]

  191. lagirl27

    jnv- Pierre is strong. I’m not sure about Andruw. JP can be his back up until they get it right and sit jones out!!

  192. dodger 32

    The one position where the Dodgers could upgrade would be an everyday outfielder to play alongside Kemp and Ethier. Jones and Pierre both are expensive and both stink.

  193. scurtis1999

    Bonifacio is one of there top prospects. They gave up too much I think for Rauch.

    Who do you guys want in the lineup when healthy, JP or AJ? I say JP!

  194. tradejuanpypaperbag

    fliegel – LOL!!! This issue has got my head spinning because it is just so ridiculous that we even have to worry about Kemp and Ethier’s playing time over ethier (either) JP or Andruw – there should be no question in anybody’s mind,JOE, who should be out there everyday.

  195. ucscslug

    I say AJ. Defense is much better, and I still gotta think he has some offense left. If anyone is “due,” it’s him. Of course he’d be on a super short leash. I’d still want to give him a chance because if he can return to half of what he was in ATL, this team would really benefit from it.

  196. porklinks

    Bonifacio is a top D-Backs prospect, but among the remaining ones. They dealt better ones for Haren. He’s a slappy, speedy 2B, who was consider maybe their #6 – #8 prospect in the spring.
    Guess he won’t be taking Orlando Hudson’s job next year.

  197. scurtis1999

    Haren is awesome, Rauch is garbage.

    DY is not an everyday player. He blows in the outfield. He is a solid 4th OF.

  198. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Thank you, Ward – I told you I heard the song last night, and that might be a sign – damn!!! Oh shucks!!!

  199. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Isn’t DY a little like LaRoche? He hasn’t gotten to play enough to know if he has the stuff to be an everyday outfielder. I rather take my chances with DY.

  200. porklinks

    Haren IS awesome, my point is that Bonifacio is not THAT much of a prospect. And Rauch is just a reliever, but he IS better than garbage (1.187 career WHIP, but too many HRs – career 0.99 HR/ 9IP) – they probably overpaid a little, but they are desperate for bullpen arms; you SAW their last series against LA, didn’t you? 😉

  201. porklinks

    Tonight’s lineup (as posted at Dodger Thoughts):
    Kemp, RF
    Ethier, LF
    Martin, C
    Kent, 2B
    Loney, 1B
    Garciaparra, SS
    Jones, CF
    LaRoche, 3B
    Kershaw, P

  202. scott_in_arcadia

    I agree that so far DY looks like a 4th OF, but JP and AJ don’t look better than pretenders at best. My argument is DY OVER JP or AJ as the current roster stands. Jason Bay or Matt Holliday over DY? Of course.

  203. tradejuanpypaperbag

    thanks for the lineup westernmost – looks good – at least Jones isn’t batting 6th again – lol!!!! However, I would prefer he not be in the lineup AT ALL!!
    scott – If that could happen, yes, definitely!

  204. scurtis1999

    Good point Western, yeah Rauch is better then some of those guys in the bullpen for the snakes.

    JP and DY are different players. Pierre’s at bats are based on his speed. DY just sits and rips. Both blow in the OF though.

    Jones is flat out a single A player right now. Send him to Indland Empire.

  205. tradejuanpypaperbag

    scurtis – realistically, yes I rather have JP in there instead of Andruw – he is pathetic right now, and he needs to be benched. Maybe they can use Andruw as a PH – he couldn’t be any worse than Sweeney (jk) lol!!

  206. scurtis1999

    dnelly! lol good point. Having Jones and Sweeney as PH’s late in the game would be the worst idea ever though! haha

    Im with you, Id rather not have either AJ or JP, but I would take JP over AJ on an everyday basis.

    Hopefully we can rip Ubaldo tonight. I feel a low scoring game between him and Kershaw.

    GO BLUE!

  207. tradejuanpypaperbag

    jnv – Are you a Steelers fan? My son’s a Steelers fan, and will not be happy to hear that news. lol!!

  208. scurtis1999

    JNV WTF? behind the Clowns? OMG! That is a joke! The Browns organization is a joke! The black and gold will put them in there place once again this season.

  209. dodgrdad14

    dnel, YES I am a huge Steeler fan, one of my dogs is named Jack after the great Jack Lambert!! 🙂
    scurtis, I agree the black and gold will do what they do every year and show them who is the big dog of the AFC central……..

  210. tradejuanpypaperbag

    okay,jnv – That’s good – As long as you are not a Raiders fan – it’s okay (jk- for those of you who might be). My son has more Steeler stuff than gnats stuff, and that I am okay with.

  211. dodge1612

    go steelers!! I to am a steelers fan.. the so called experts can say what they want but when big ben is wearing another ring in january all will be silenced… go dodgers beat the rocks… and cubs need to take care of business tonight…

  212. tradejuanpypaperbag

    If this weren’t a Dodger website, my son would actually like this stuff about the Steelers.

  213. dodgrdad14

    Way to go Dodge!!!
    Dnel, I like your son more and more, now if you can just get him to see the light and switch baseball teams.
    Scurtis, They have the toughest schedule of any team this year, thier first 5 games are against big teams with playoff hopes. If they can get through them they will be on their way.

  214. dodgereric

    Pierre’s Comin’

    To Three Dog Night’s “Eli’s Comin'”

    Pierre’s comin’
    Pierre’s comin’ (Pierre’s a-comin’)
    Well you had a good run, real good run
    Pierre’s a-comin’ and Joe Torre says… Andre, you’re done….

    Pierre’s comin’, hide the line up
    Pierre’s comin’, hide the line up

    Boy, Pierre’s a-comin’, you better hide
    Boy, Pierre’s a-comin’, you better hide
    Boy, Pierre’s a-comin’, you better hide
    Boy, Pierre’s a-comin’, you better hide (hide it)
    You better, better hide that card
    Pierre’s comin’, he don’t walk

    Walk and he’ll never figure out
    No, he’ll never figure out how to raise his OBP
    He flies out to left field every time
    Ex-cept when he grounds out, Pierre’s a-comin’ (he walked once but then he got thrown out)
    Pierre’s a-comin’ (he walked once but then he got thrown out)
    Pierre’s a-comin’ and he’s comin’ to git ya (he walked but… he walked
    Get down on your knees (he walked but then he got thrown out)

    Pierre’s comin’ (hide it, hide it, hide it)
    Boy, Pierre’s a-comin’, where’s the piano
    Boy, Pierre’s a-comin’, where’s the piano
    Boy, Pierre’s a-comin’, where’s the piano
    Boy, Pierre’s a-comin’, you better hide (hide it)
    You better, better hide that card
    Pierre’s comin’, he don’t walk

    Walk and you’ll never stop them from
    No, you’ll never stop them from running to the next base
    Remember when Andre threw them out
    Every time they tried it, Pierre’s a-comin’ (no way he can throw the runners out)
    Pierre’s a-comin’ (no way he can throw the runners out)
    Pierre’s a-comin’ and he’s comin’ to git ya (they took it… they took it….)
    Get down on your knees

    No-no, no-no
    Lord, I said no-no, no-no, no-no

    (hide it) We can’t
    (hide it) hide it
    (hide it) You better
    (hide it) Somebody
    (hide it) You got t’
    (hide it) Oh, my
    (hide it) Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh

  215. crzblue2

    Update from our last Dodger Booster club meeting:
    We came in second on the Freeway series Blood drive. The angels were going to get the 1st place award on Monday and a rep from our Booster club the 2nd place award. I was going to go on the field to receive the award but I did really want to go to Angel Stadium. Is a good thing I did as I got home at 3:30 AM on Monday morning and got up at 5:30 to go to work.
    The reason why the Angels won is because one of the locations for the blood drive was Angel Stadium during a game. Red Cross said the Dodgers don’t have the facility to host a blood drive. Is that right Josh?
    I just saw the anouncement on the Dodgers Trolley! Woohoo! I will take it so no more walking for me from Union Station to Broadway and Sunset and then walking from Innes/Sunset up the hill to the stadium. I guess for the weekends I will continue to drive as I like to get there in time for BP. I would think by the time the trolley gets to the stadium, they might not let us in thru the field level for BP. During the week is Ok as I make it there 15 minutes before game time. I hope the trolley looks like the picture on announcement.
    I am tied for 1st place with Scott in the ITD league. In the Lady Diamond league I have Brandon Lyon but I did not care him giving up all those runs as long as my boys in Blue win.
    I forgot to say that before the game on Sunday, a Dodger fan asked LaRoche if he could have the batting gloves after the game. Andy said yes. After the game he was looking for him and tossed him the gloves.

  216. tradejuanpypaperbag

    jnv/scurtic/dodge16 – However, I am devoted Redskins fan. I only cheer on the Steelers when it doesn’t involve my team – lol!!! You are more than welcome to beat the Cowboys, Giants and Eagles for my team, though – lol!!

  217. porklinks

    Earlier there was a Torre quote about Colletti having “irons in the fire”. I hope that’s just to burn in the “DFA” brand on a certain Curaçao Cow®.

  218. scurtis1999

    Yup gotta get by those first 5 games JNV. I can’t wait for college and pro football.

    Back to baseball, and hopefully our dodgers will be playing in October along with our football team!

  219. thunderbolt507

    We should start handing out points to the bloggers that reveal the lineup first.
    Josh Rawitch
    Tony Jackson
    Jon Weisman
    Diamond Leung
    Guy who runs

    Starting today, everyone is tie at 0

  220. crzblue2

    Someone mentioned the 66ers. It reminded me the Booster club have a road trip there. We can get the all you can eat tickes or the regular tickets , but one thing we are doing after the game is feeding the team. The minor leagues appreciate it and even ask if they can take the leftovers home.

  221. porklinks

    dodgereric – LOL! Funny, because that exact song flashed across my brain today with your exact title!

  222. scurtis1999

    DNelly, I will be rooting for your Skins big time this year. Im a big Sooner fan and hope that Malcolm Kelly will produce a lot in his rookie year. Beat the Eagles, Cowgirls and Gnats butts too!

  223. tradejuanpypaperbag

    jnv – My son says “hell no” on the switching baseball teams. He says “not in my life” 🙂


    Hey dnelly, you need to try to employ lots of help to beat the Cowboys as they are going to be tough. This will be the year of the Cowboys.

  225. tradejuanpypaperbag

    crzblue – it’s great to see you on here again. Us girls have missed you, as I’m sure the guys have, too. It looks like you have been very busy.

  226. dodgrdad14

    To funny old fogey, I would really like to see the “Fridge” make a comeback, Like I said before I was all for signing AJ for short term. I just can’t imagine someone going in the tank so bad so fast!!! Maye messagebear is right and he really is like 40 now and not 30!!! LOL


    jnv, My son is a Steelers fan, and I get a lot of flak from him throughout the year. Just kidding dnelly, Barring injuries who knows where the East division will end this year. I thought the Giants would be tough to.

  228. obi_wen

    Anyone know what options [trade, DFA, etc] the Dodgers have with a) Andruw Jones and b) Juan Pierre? Thanks in advance.

  229. tradejuanpypaperbag

    LOL!! jnv – actually as far as football, when my team is finished for he year, I tend to cheer on the other teams in my division, unlike in baseball, because I could never cheer on the gnats.
    Hey jhall/Wally – thanks!! 🙂 You and Eric/Ward are super!!!

  230. dodgereric

    nelly, tell your son this joke:

    An old man was watching a Dodger-Giant game with his two grown sons when an insurance salesman came to the door. The old man let him in. The salesman noticed that the one son would get up and cheer whenever the Dodgers did something good, and the other son would cheer for the Giants.

    The salesman asked the old man, “What’s the deal with those two?”

    The old man says, “Well, they’ll get excited and jump up and down when their team does well, but you should see what the Dodger fans does when they win the World Series. Boy, it’s a celebration like you’ve never seen.”

    The salesman asked, “Well, what does the other one do when the Giants win the Series?”

    The old man says, “I don’t know. He’s only 54 years old.”

    Try the veal, I’ll be here all week……


    66er games are amazing.

    50 cent fridays and thirsty thursdays rule

    did you say they have all you can eat seats there now???

  232. leekfink

    Well, I’m confused. I agree with the idea that Kershaw might as well pitch at the big league level–he’s learned about all he can in the minors, and is probably better than Stults (though I like Stults, and he has some saavy, so might be able to outdo the kid right now, and has a future as a starter, if even a back of the rotation guy).
    But who are we planning to use as the fifth starter? I have not gotten the impression that Penny is ready, and I don’t think he will be for at least a week or two yet. Park is in the pen (and, I actually like this move, because while Broxton is the Closer Heir Apparent, it’s good for him to have a little extra help in the transition. And we blew through a bunch of pitchers last night, and Falkenborg has been underwhelming, at best, so I figured he was the reliever heading out.
    And the reason given is that Stults had a bad start. But it was at Coors Field. Koufax would have a bad time in Coors Field. Stults has been pretty decent.

    ut yes, on general principle, I think Kershaw is probably the better bet (though, maybe Stutls could outdo him this year). But Stults has been pretty decent, and could be a good back of the rotation guy.

  233. dodgereric

    No applause, just throw money……..

    Nelly, I use that one for defense. You know, whenever gnat fans get uppity. It helps to put them in their place. Also, you yell out the “ONLY FIFTY FOUR YEARS OLD!!!!” part for effect.

    Sabathia talk:

    There’s a funny line regarding Andruw towards the bottom.

    Gotta go, catch ya on the flip side.

    Go Dodgers! Let’s get that kid some friggin’ RUNS!!!!

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