A night for the ages

I think it’s safe to say that very few people who took part in last night’s game, attended it, or even watched it on TV, will forget it anytime soon. For a year, there’s been hype surrounding the All-Star Game and the farewell to Yankee Stadium that it would afford. I’ve tried not to believe the hype but I actually think in this instance, it lived up to it, and then some.

Who knew Russell would come in during the fourth inning and play for 10 more? Or that the AL would threaten to score repeatedly during extra innings, only to get turned away time and again? Brandon Webb had completely ruled himself out for the game unless in an absolutely emergency and sure enough, there he was setting down the AL late in the game.

And how about J.D. Drew? The man so many Dodger fans grew to dislike because he didn’t show his emotions was clearly the runaway MVP, hitting the game’s only homer among three hits. A Red Sox player, in Yankee Stadium, helping the AL get home field advantage and still getting booed mercilessly.

All of that doesn’t even take into account the pregame ceremonies, which were as memorable as any I’d seen before. I spent the first few minutes of it in the National League dugout but as things got a little crowded, I wandered through a service tunnel and eventually watched the remainder of it from the visitor’s bullpen in left field.

Once the game started, I actually watched the first couple of innings from a perch high atop the foul pole in right field with several people from our offices before heading down to a suite around 10 p.m. for a meeting with some MLB colleagues. Then, I was fortunate to be given a tenth-row ticket behind the NL dugout for what I figured would be the final two and a half innings. It was there we watched the rest of the drama unfold.

I’m not sure about you guys, but I found myself rooting strongly for the NL like never before. I know a lot of people were against the idea of the All-Star Game deciding home field advantage and I was one of them. It did seem like an overreaction to the 2002 tie game in Milwaukee. But it absolutely changed the tenor of the game last night and no one who saw the NL’s fist-pumping reaction after getting out of a bases loaded, no out jam could argue that.

Unfortunately, I spent the better part of the extra innings going back and forth on my blackberry between Ned Colletti, Stan Conte and Kenji Nimura, the interpreter for Saito. As you probably know by now, the news on Saito was not good – he’s got a sprained ligament in his elbow – and he’s going to need six weeks to rehab it before we reevaluate the situation. The news was complicated by the fact that Saito wanted to make sure his family heard from him, not the news media (and rightfully so), so we were in a holding pattern for about an hour as midnight closed in at Yankee Stadium.

By the time it was all over, seemingly everyone in the stadium was emotionally and physically drained, from the players to the fans and the media. It was 1:40 when the game ended and nearly 3 a.m. by the time we actually got back to the hotel. But throughout the extra innings, I just kept wondering what the teams would do had they run out of pitchers. Thankfully, it didn’t happen and unfortunately, the AL’s dominance continued.

One final thought that I’ll leave everyone with was something that popped into my head around the 13th inning. I’m wondering why we select All-Star based on what they do in the first half of the season, rather than the entire year that transpires from one All-Star break to the next. It would seem a lot more fair to do that and a lot more likely that the right people would be selected. In reality, if you have a hot couple of months to start the year, you’re suddenly an All-Star and that’s an honor that should not be taken lightly.


  1. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Josh, Thanks for the great post! It was exciting to see how well Martin did last night. He was incredible! And, yes the opening ceremonies were very touching and will be remembered. I like your idea of judging an all-star based on a full year of playing. It would definitely had made a difference in other Dodgers getting in, along with Martin. We are discovering as fans, that many of our young players could have been there this year based on what they have done so far. Thanks again, Josh, for keeping us posted on what is happening, both with New York and Sammy.

  2. enchantedbeaver

    Only trouble I can see with taking a full year into account would be a guy getting in like Tejada who played for the O’s last half season and the Stros this half season. Which half weighs more in the decision, and what team does he play for?

  3. scott_in_arcadia

    enchanted, I was thinking the same thing.

    Here’s another scenario:

    Let’s say one team is managed by Grady Little for one season, then the next season are managed by Joe Torre. Should be count the number of different lineups from the previous year AND the number of different lineups from the current year or add them both together and divide by the number of games that Juan Pierre has led off and then subtract the number of hits by Mark Sweeney?

  4. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Just got in from running errands – your welcome Amy 🙂 working on “Ironic”, and yes, Russell played well and he looked great like always.
    enchanted – didn’t think about players moving around. I was just thinking about Redfox’s post yesterday when he showed how Kemp, Loney and Ethier were worthy of being in that game last night too. Even in our own voting, did anybody vote for Pierre, Jones or Nomar – I know I didn’t, but I sure wrote in Matt Kemp and Blake DeWitt every chance I got. Maybe the voting part of it needs to change somehow to reflect what is currently happening on the team – just thinking. 🙂

  5. lagirl27

    Today is a good day. All the men in my office are talking about how great Russell played at the plate. They are all impressed by his awesomeness. They too wanted the NL to win and were sad that we got beat again!
    I love that I have a baseball loving office!

  6. enchantedbeaver

    IMHO, I’d prefer to take the voting back out of the hands of a biased ballot box stuffing public, and put it back in the hands of the players and coaches, plus not have WS home field advantage played for. Its supposed to be a fun exhibition, played by those that are the best at their positions, not a popularity contest. I also don’t see a need to have each team represented if they don’t have a true AS, but that one I can let slide.

    But what do I know?

  7. tradejuanpypaperbag

    I agree,enchanted- players and coaches should be doing the voting. And yes, the home advantage thing really messed up a bunch of teams and their pitching rotation. That really needs to be looked at. I would have really been upset to see one of our pitchers get wasted on a game that really shouldn’t have any baring on a season.

  8. lagirl27

    Enchanted- You know, things were a lot different in LA this year for the All Star Voting from what I experienced. Last year there was the HUGE campaign to Vote for Russ, this year there wasn’t. Last year everyone I knew voted the maximum times on different email addresses and it was being discussed up until the end. I really didn’t hear about it, there was no excitement, even at the games. I feel that there was a lack of hype and importance that was placed on the fans to actually vote this year.
    The good part was that the more baseball fans got to see what Mr. Martin is all about. That in itself is extremely valuable! He represented for our boys in Blue!!

  9. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Isn’t that the same thing, scott – stupidity=Ned? We have so many different definitions of him, don’t we?

  10. lagirl27

    ok, ok, ok- I’m a little upset. Why did my dad tell me that the GM for the Rays is a long time Family friend?? Hello? This is very important business here!! (so I guess you guys can’t say anything bad about their gm cause he’s in my family, sort of). Too bad they are on the east coast, and the AL- but excuse me, there has to be some kind of connection to Matt Kemp, right?
    I am not giving up on this great love that is waiting for me!!!
    strange new though, huh?

  11. cpompe1

    Good morning ITD boys and girls,
    That was some All-Star Game yesterday. Too bad that the NL lost. But I was thrilled that Russ got so much playing time and did very well offensively and especially defensively!!! Way to go to showcase your talent Russ!!! As far as the voting is concerned, I like it the way it is but the one change I would make is to get rid of this, “oh, this game counts since it determines which team gets home-field advantage in the WS” crap. Yes, it’s a popularity vote for the All-Star starters, but if someone really isn’t worthy to start, well, the manager can replace him early in the game.

    Oh, and Josh – I wouldn’t say that the AL dominated the NL last night. That was a great way to show off OUR pitching!

  12. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Hey CP! – The pitching on both sides was great. It appeared the announcers felt that NL batters weren’t going to be able to hit against the AL pitchers, especially late in the game due to their closers. Well, I think the NL did a great job in showing their strength in batting as well as pitching. Russell did a phenomenal job, and to think he played a complete game+ makes it kind of a blessing he wasn’t a starter. The starters on both sides kind of got the short end last night.

  13. scott_in_arcadia

    Amy, You can ask your Rays GM relative what it feels like to rip off Ned Colletti on every trade they’ve made. They must think it’s like taking candy from a baby!

  14. cpompe1

    hey dnel – yeah, pitchers on both sides brought their A games, for sure! I was just so proud of Russ; he just had a terrific game! My favorite part was when he came up to bat against Rivera and fouled off a bunch of pitches and got a hit against him! That was great! Like I mentioned, the AL didn’t dominate the NL – not by a long shot. Actually, I thought towards the end of the game, I thought that the AL was going to run out of pitchers and that the NL would be able to take the lead and win! Hate those bases loaded and no one gets in. Uggla is a good player but that DP killed us. All he needed to do is send a long-fly ball and we would’ve won. Oh well…

  15. cpompe1

    oh, and dnel – did I ever tell you that I love that ethier (either)??? Great way to keep our focus on who is really important! 🙂

  16. enchantedbeaver

    I thought since we’re now the kinder and gentler ITD blog that I’d go back and update a song or two so that it would reflect our new attitude. ASSOCIATION – WINDY

    Who’s peeking off the bench from our dugout?
    Calling a name that sounds like Pierre?
    Who’s bending over backwards to play vets?
    Everyone knows it’s Torre.
    Who’s putting up (not necessarily standard) daily line-ups,
    (Fecal output of an unaltered male bovine)-ing everybody he sees?
    Who’s waiting to play him a fat(donkey)?
    Everyone knows it’s Torre

    And Torre has (Canis lupus familiaris) eyes
    And his words are full of (prevarications)
    And Torre will pass kids by
    For (unappealing) V (non-winners), For (unappealing) V (non-winners)
    Who’s (horizontal mamboing) up the kids like an (elder aptitudinally challenged person)?
    Smiling at every reporter he sees.
    Who’s bending over backwards for old vets?
    Everyone knows it’s Torre.

    And cpompe its not the C-poopie word anymore. Its fecal matter, excrement or kaka.

  17. cpompe1

    and you’re right, Uggla’s errors didn’t help ethier (either) – LOL!!! Yeah, Russ’ interview before the game when he said that he was lonely and wished some of his boys were here – well Russ, next year!!! I firmly believe that more of our young guys will with with him next year!!!

  18. jhallwally

    Actually, Uggla’s errors didn’t cost us the game. Scott pitched incredible and got him off the hook. However. With runners at 1st and 3rd with one out, he grounded into a double play. That could have been the game if he just hits a sac fly. Or, why not lay down a freaking bunt in that situation Mr Hurdle.

  19. jhallwally

    LOL E!! I wouldn’t even give him that much of a name. He is just the cow. Stands out in the field with a glazed over far off look on his face. Just like a dam’n cow.

  20. ksparkuhl

    Uh… that would be Uggla’s THREE errors, thank you. AND his key strikeout… AND his GIDP after Russell had just sacrificed the go-ahead runs over to 2nd & 3rd.

    IMO, Uggla was the American League MVP!

  21. cpompe1

    jhall – was it 1st and 3rd? I thought it was bases loaded. Oh well, I’ve been wrong before – why should now be any different! 😉

  22. jhallwally

    Could have been CP. Bottom line is he failed to get the go ahead run in from 3rd with less than 2 outs. That is by the way:


  23. ksparkuhl

    “With runners at 1st and 3rd with one out…”

    Actually, the bases were loaded. They walked Miguel Tejada to load the bases to set up the double play… and then up stepped Dan Ugly to mess up the whole plan.

  24. tradejuanpypaperbag

    LM(expletive)O!!!! enchanted – you are just having too much fun with this, aren’t you? It is actually even funnier this way. So, does this mean eric will have two versions on Dodger Lyrics kind of like having the radio version and the parental advisory version. LOL!!!!
    CP – Most of the time I actually do spell ethier instead of either – it’s very bad. And on my phone it will spell ethier automatically if I don’t look and change it right away, so now on here I do both, whether intentional or not. You are right, though, it keeps Andre on the mind and hopefully the extra thoughts will keep him in the lineup when JP comes back. Can you tell enchanted just loves this stuff? LOL!!!

  25. cpompe1

    enchanted is definitely having a lot of fun here!!! 🙂

    I’ve gotta go. I know, I wasn’t on here very long but yesterday I got scolded for not doing what I’m supposed to be doing while I’m at home. I’ll catch up with y’all later…

  26. ksparkuhl

    Why don’t you just use “LMEO”? It would add to the further confusion of those who infrequent here…

  27. enchantedbeaver

    However my intellectual prowess is still in question as is evidenced by my overt useage of bombastic verbiage.

  28. tradejuanpypaperbag

    LMAO!!!! You know that means that out of 257 songs, there are probably about 250 that need to be changed, or maybe we just need to put the Parental Advisory Label next to those songs that we feel may offend people. LMAO!!!! sorry forgot about he expletive for my “A” 🙂

  29. jhallwally

    That site is full of pompous windbags. I quit reading it. Once in awhile check Jon’s commentary.
    We don’t like it when we get the PWB’s over here. LOL!!!

  30. tradejuanpypaperbag

    I read Jon’s commentary, I look for lineups because they usually have them before we do, and I look to see what jungar is saying. He’s pretty straight forward there too. Joeyp used to
    ha – funny, enchanted!! 🙂

  31. jhallwally

    Yep Nelly, Jon usually has a good take on things and the lineups do show up there before we get them.. There are some good posters over there but I think they are in the minority. For the most part the posters over there are on a first class ego trip.

  32. tradejuanpypaperbag

    This group is so much more fun, but we can be serious when needed to be, too. It’s a good balance between fun and down to serious baseball stuff – trades, management and players.

  33. tradejuanpypaperbag

    scott – then we are pretty healthy people because this laughing is a daily thing lately since the season started, and I don’t think it’s going away any time soon. Something has got to balance out the pure frustration with this Dodger Management right now – laughter definitely can’t hurt.

  34. tradejuanpypaperbag

    No kidding, scott!!
    enchanted/jhall – so does this mean words like idiot and ******* can’t be used ethier (either)? LOL!!!

  35. porklinks

    It should be made clear that the troll that posts profane things here occasionally has a strange and pathological vendetta against Dodger Thoughts. That’s why he takes the names of commenters from there and uses them to post here with “dodgerthoughts.com” as the last part of his phony e-mail. He is not an actual Dodger Thoughts commenter.
    BTW, I am a regular commenter on Dodger Thoughts, but under a different handle than I use here. Of course, there is no doubting that I’m a pompous windbag with an over-inflated ego.

  36. porklinks

    Late on the question but: I shoot Hitler and Stalin, then I force Ned at gunpoint to shave off his ‘stache, burn his snakeskin Tony Lama boots, and agree to be GM in name only, deferring all real decision-making to Logan White and Kim Ng.

  37. enchantedbeaver

    Idiot’s rather harsh nelly. I’m for effin moron.

    What we really need to do is assign a number to each expletive. Then we can go on a tirade and it’ll look something like this:

    I can’t believe that (2) Joe put that (7) (1) up to pinch hit again. What an (2) (6) (22). And Bowa too!!

  38. tradejuanpypaperbag

    westernmost – We like your over-inflated ego around here – LOL!!!
    enchanted – ******* was harsher LMEO!!!!!
    A number system – hmmmm!!! What word would be #1? – are we going alphabetical or are we going to do this based on the level of bad word. The worst word being #1. Let me guess Ned would be #1? LMEO!!!

  39. enchantedbeaver

    I’m obviously too potty-mouthed for DT. Jon would delete all my posts, then I would be forced into having another thought.

    And Fogey, you’re one of the best posters on here!!

  40. lagirl27

    Dnelly- total side note. I just reread your bye bye bye song again. Fabulous darling. I love it 🙂
    total props for you.
    you are a good mommy!

  41. tradejuanpypaperbag

    westernmost – I really do like reading your posts. You are quite the statistician, too. There’s nothing arrogant about the stats – pure fact.

  42. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Thanks Amy 🙂 It was a fun song to do. Who knows maybe by some miracle, it will happen, too. We can always wish. 🙂

  43. lagirl27

    yeah totally. forfeit his last year on his contract. My mom called me Sunday just to tell me that she was home watching the Game and wanted to kill Druw for is arrogance. My wonderful mother said it annoyed her way too much that every time he struck out he smirked, like it was the funniest thing ever.
    dnel- you can my mom can be great friends. You teach the ninos and bash the bad Dodgers 🙂

  44. enchantedbeaver

    A numbering system would probably help me when I’m driving too. Why you 7-1-55-2-41!!! And your mother too!!

    Beats pretending I have Tourette’s.

  45. swood@rcn.com

    Anybody heard anything about the D’s trading for Bay or Holliday? BTW, I think Kemp and Loney will have huge 2nd halves

  46. tradejuanpypaperbag

    too funny, enchanted!!! LMEO!!!
    Amy – At this point I just want Andre and Matt playing everyday. I don’t care how it happens. They don’t deserve to sit unless they really need a day off, in which JP and Andruw can take their spots. There’s nothing Joe/Ned can say that can justify sitting ethier (either) one of them for more than a day. Statisically they are the two best outfielders and beyond that, I don’t care what Joe does. But there is no way he will be able to justify, logically, to the fans why he would sit ethier (either) one of them over JP and Andruw. And as much as Joe and Larry have praised Andre for actually “getting it” finally, it will definitely be a lie if he sits when JP comes back and let’s Andruw keep working out the kinks. If Andre “gets it” then Andre should play. Andruw can work out his kinks somewhere else. UUGGHH!! I really hate this topic – gets me all worked up.
    Enchanted – we need those numbers -( 6,21,3,11) – LMEO!!!

  47. enchantedbeaver

    From Gurnick’s latest – a glimmer of hope:

    “I don’t think it will be any blockbuster,” said Torre. “All we’d be trying to do is make ourselves better. It’s all about measuring what you get and what it costs you. You want to make a short-term move to make yourself better but make sure you don’t hurt yourself in the long term. I don’t think any front-line guys will be available to you at this juncture.”

  48. tradejuanpypaperbag

    I would like to know when Andruw became a key component? That article is a bunch of 3, 18, 1, 16 !!!!!

  49. lagirl27

    dnel- we all agree with you on this topic. My Matt and your Dre are the best. I just want us to be patient and not get upset until we get to that situation. JP is still on the DL, not even in rehab yet. Right now the issue is postponed for a while. We don’t even know if Jones will remain healthy enough, anything can happen in the second half. We just need to focus on the positives and praise the hard working producing players that are making it happen now!

  50. dodger 32

    Josh, you’re right I really didn’t care for JD Drew, but he’s worlds better than Pierre and Andruw. He can actually hit, field, and throw, things that are good for a ballplayer to be able to do. Unfortunately we have a GM who really doesn’t know how to judge talent, and took it personally that Drew opted out, when in fact he should have just renegotiated with him. The Dodgers would have been much better off.

  51. tradejuanpypaperbag

    We’ve got Ethier and Kemp, who if they play everyday, can have the same numbers as those two. The problem is Pierre and Jones. Until they go away – Ethier and Kemp are not going to get to play everyday, therefore they won’t get the numbers that they are capable of.

  52. dodger 32

    Ethier, Kemp and Drew,would have been a great outfield. I wonder how our GM feels after seeing all those EX Dodgers in the All Star game? Even Bradley, I know we got Ethier for him and Dre is a great young player that will only improve if he’s allowed to play everyday, but we should have kept Bradley and traded Kent instead. Kent is a shell of his former self, and Bradley is good when healthy. That said, I’d rather have a talented player who when he plays is good rather than a guy who plays everyday and stinks like one fast left fielder.

  53. tradejuanpypaperbag

    I certainly hope you are right, Amy. It’s just hard because of Joe’s past “plans.” However, I think that whoever reads this blog (outside of the regulars) needs to know that this is what the fans want, and yes, right now we have what we want (Andre and Matt are playing), but I think it’s our job to keep forcing the issue that we want this to continue when and if JP comes back. This refers to trade rumors too. Matt, Andre and James are all mentioned in trade rumors,too. So, yes, they may be playing right now, but if we don’t voice how we want things to be, they will be playing everyday for another team if Ned doesn’t do the right thing. We have 257 songs that stress what we want; we have regulars who post stats on a daily bases explaining what we want; and then there’s the humor, in which as crazy as it sounds, is also saying what we want. I do understand that we have what we want for right now (for the most part), but I think most of us here want that to continue for the rest of the season. This team can be so great if Joe/Ned do the right things and play the best all the time, and their history so far has not proven they will do that. Sorry for the long post – just on my soap box again. 🙂

  54. lagirl27

    you are allowed your soap box. We are all on the same page here. this whole trade thing is certainly scary. Didn’t I read an article (you guys read every single one so I’m coming to you) that said Frank vetoed and trades for CC because he didn’t want to touch our young friends? If it’s true, doesn’t it show that Frank understands what’s going on and has the power to shut down ned?
    257 is a lot!

  55. tradejuanpypaperbag

    I haven’t read any from Frank specifically, but that’s great if there is. My hopeful thinking is that maybe they will be so caught up in how to deal with losing Sammy, that trading any of the core team right now would be on the back burner. However, I am really happy Andre and Matt are playing now, and I am looking forward to a good series from them with the dbacks. Andre will be playing with a lot of family there – he’s from Phoenix.

  56. lagirl27

    I’m not sure where it, It was on-line this week. It did say “Coletti wanted to make a trade for CC, but Frank vetoed it because he didn’t want to touch young players”. It was an article about Ned being bad and the Dodgers loosing out on CC. Possibly one of those half season articles.
    IDK, but maybe it’s some hope.

  57. enchantedbeaver

    Amy – let’s hope its that dysfunction that keeps Ned from doing anything period. Often times the best trades are the ones you don’t make.

  58. jhallwally

    Gee, you know how it is. I’ve got to keep an eye on the E so Mom and Dad don’t get sore at him for being a goofy little kid. LOL!!!!

  59. tradejuanpypaperbag

    I was just reading my local paper and I just saw a full two-page color picture of Russell Martin when he was blocking Navarro at the plate. Now, this doesn’t happen too often in gnat country. The only other time we see photos of the Dodgers in our paper is when the gnats beat us. When the Dodgers win, they usually put a picture of the A’s or it’s a play in which the gnats actually did something worth noting.
    Amy – All we have is hope at this stage. Each day we wake up and the our young Dodgers aren’t involved in a trade, will be a good day. Also, like you said, it’s a bridge we will cross when we get there, and like eric says, this Dodger team is our toy store, and it is for us to enjoy – our family and friends is where real life is at. With that said – NO TRADES NED!!!! We are willing to wait, if necessary, to see what this young gun dynasty can do when they have all reached their full potential.

  60. tradejuanpypaperbag

    jhall – he already is a goofy little kid – LMEO!!!!!
    amy – I’m working on the “Ironic”song, but it’s hard because of how she sings it, but it’s getting there.

  61. jhallwally

    LOL Nell’!!! Gosh, E’s alright for an ITD blogger. Sometimes the fella’s give him the business.

  62. enchantedbeaver

    Aw gee whiz. What else is a fella supposed to do when they start talkin’ ’bout girl stuff and dopey things?

  63. jhallwally

    It will be funny when the PWB’s come on and we talk like this. They’ll blow a gasket. LOL!!!!

  64. porklinks

    Thanks. I wasn’t fishing for compliments. Obviously blog comment sections take on personalities of their own, based on the style and attitude of the regulars, and the amount of policing the blog owner wants to do. I think I’ve learned a lot by reading the posts and the comments at Dodger Thoughts, and I’ve learned a lot here. Different things at each place, but each useful. There’s a time and place for each. At least there is for me, otherwise I wouldn’t comment in both places.

  65. lagirl27

    E-enjoy girl talk. It’ snot everyday that you get to enjoy some female conversation.
    Dnelly- agreed on all levels. That Ironic song will be an instant hit I know. I will go look at those pictures too. Thanks for the tip.
    Jhall- I’m excited bout the debut of the Bison song. Again, I know it wont disappoint 🙂
    man, I wish there was some baseball on today!
    P.S.- Matt where are you??

  66. dodger 32

    Guys, and Girls, I’m not against a trade if it improves the club. The only problem as we all know is that Neds gonna get hosed in any trade he makes. Like I said earlier he’s just not a good judge of talent. Baez, Carter, Hendrickson, Seo etc, etc etc.

  67. enchantedbeaver

    What Torre’s statement translates to me is, is that LaRoche and DY are available, Dre, Matty, Marty, Loney and DeWitt aren’t. I doubt anyone on the staff is either since we’re down another pitcher now. Still wish they’d deal Lowe and Kant for somemore prospects though.

  68. tradejuanpypaperbag

    jhall – even some of the regulars that haven’t been on in a while (jnv,lbirken, etc.) will wonder what happened around here. LOL!!!!

  69. jhallwally

    Yep Flieg. Watching Navarro last night was painful. We got nothing for him and Jackson because of Ned and impatience.

  70. tradejuanpypaperbag

    enchanted- I kind of have that feeling too. Ethier and Kemp, as much as I harp on that issue, will be okay in the long run, whether Andruw and JP are in there or not. However, DY is a concern because we don’t see him now. Even when both Andruw and JP were out, they brought up Repko, so I don’t see Torre giving him any real playing time any time soon. Andy is getting very limited playing time as well, but will probably change (unfortunately) to even less when Sweeney returns.

  71. dodger 32

    jhall1218 Navarro, Drew, and Bradley, all ex Dodgers who could help us now. Even Navarro who could catch and let Russ play another position or just back him up at the plate. If Ned wants to improve the club, let’s see if he can trade Pierre or Kent or even Lowe and get quality back. Pierre on the DL before the deadline doesn’t help that cause, but after the deadline when he’s healthy do a wavier wire trade, and if someone claims him, our pleasure he’s yours.

  72. tradejuanpypaperbag

    jhall – the last time some of them were on here, we were Tammy, Charley, etc, and now we are Ward, June, Wally and Beaver – what a contrast in characters. It will definitely mess with their heads to say the least. LOL!!!!!

  73. tradejuanpypaperbag

    I like your thinking fliegel – send slappy to pasture with (I don’t know what to call Andruw now -enchanted’s changed his name), and yes, it is rumored Sweeney is on his way back.
    See, jhall, I am part of this group and I can’t figure it out. LOL!!!!

  74. dodger 32

    Sweeney, another of Neds great deals that really improved the club. A PVL who can’t hit, or field, and doesn’t even remember how many outs there were in the 9th inning. How valuable is he?

  75. lagirl27

    sweeny coming back is the biggest joke of all time!
    don’t do it Joe! please. and keep Kemp and Ethier. thank you.

  76. brandondaughrity@hotmail.com

    Hey Nelly, what’s happening’ wedding last night was pretty much what you’d figure from a Tuesday wedding… A little sleepy this morning. I did not get to watch the game last night, but damn it was awesome to see the highlights! I’m a little peeved that Russ played in 10 innings and that Mcann only played in one… it would have been nice for them to rest Russ just a little bit. On the flip side it proved just which catcher Clint Hurlde thought was the best, just by leaving him in there throughout most of the game even though he was not the starter.

  77. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Maybe we can package Pierre, Jones, and Sweeney, and send them away for nothing. That would be a great trade deal – nothing for nothing 🙂

  78. dodger 32

    They should have a Ned bobble head day, since his head rocks anyway, or is filled with rocks, or something like that. Then fans can rip off the heads and throw them at the quality players he’s acquired to show our displeasure.

  79. lagirl27

    has someone written to “don’t you know the children are our future, teach them well and let them lead the way….” yet?
    if so send it to me, if not it’s an idea!

  80. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Brandon – glad to hear the wedding went as expected – lol! If anybody knows how good Russell is it’s probably another division manager who has had to deal with Russell more often than he’d wish to.

  81. brandondaughrity@hotmail.com

    Nice nelly… that is about what those guys are worth… Jones needs to donate some of his salary this year to brain tumor research… that might help cure Ned from a lot of his ailments!

  82. tradejuanpypaperbag

    fliegel – That’s an idea!!!! LOL!!! Not only will Andruw get booed, he will get Ned head’s thrown at him – LOL!!!!

  83. brandondaughrity@hotmail.com

    You know… come to think of it… while I’m at it… Derek Lowe reminds me an awful lot of Jeff Weaver…. In the sense that he was a pretty good pitcher… not great, but not bad either… We seriously need Billingsley to turn into a Peavy type dominating pitcher… that would be awesome… how long has it been? Ramon Martinez? It’s been way too long before we’ve had someone who we could count on to win a game.

  84. jhallwally

    Just stepped out for a few minutes and you guy/gals are all making great points. Totally agree!!!
    Sweeney coming back is a farce.
    From religious cult to vintage TV cult. Wow!!!!

  85. kpookiemon

    “Dodgers catcher Russell Martin said before Tuesday night’s All-Star Game at Yankee Stadium that his stance hasn’t changed on signing a long-term contract that essentially would allow the club to buy him out of arbitration.

    “The Dodgers have made overtures to Martin in the past about locking him up for several years, but he has thus far rejected them on the advice of Bob Garber, his Chicago-based agent. ”

    Martin’s probably scared to death that Ned and Co. will deal some of his young compadres and muck up a fine-looking future. His stance alone should tell you all you need to know about the players’ perception of the Dodgers’ front office. What do you think, Frank?

  86. jhallwally

    Yep Nelly, its funny. We’ve got the Eddie’s and Lumpy’s (Creeps Incorporated) and the Gilbert’s and Richard’s (Beaver’s Eddie and Lumpy) to come in and stir up excrement. LOL!!!!

  87. jhallwally

    Good points Kahli. Marty will make out like a fat rat in arbitration and he can wait and see what direction the team goes. I can’t imagine he has any faith in Ned and Co.
    My God, I don’t blame him. I have no faith in Ned. He should be the first to go. And Sweeney and Bennett should be carrying his luggage. With Jones and Phew driving the moving van.

  88. enchantedbeaver

    Figured I’d get a head start on Jones bashing, seeing as how he’ll K at least 8 times this weekend.

    Buddy Holly, Peggy Sue

    If you knew Piggy Druw, then you’d know why I feel blue
    Oh that Piggy, that Piggy Dru-u-u-uw
    Oh well you suck my pal, we don’t need you Piggy Druw
    Piggy Druw, Piggy Druw, Makes my heart just yearn for Phew
    Oh Piggy, our Piggy Dru-u-u-uw
    Oh well you suck my pal, we don’t need you Piggy Druw
    Piggy Druw, Piggy Druw, S
    Smilin’ while his K’s are pilin’ Piggy Druw
    Oh Piggy, Our Piggy Dru-u-u-uw
    Oh well you suck my pal, we don’t need you Piggy Druw
    I loathe you Piggy Druw – can’t make any contact too
    Oh Piggy, Our Piggy Dru-u-u-uw
    Oh well you suck my pal, we don’t need you Piggy Druw
    Piggy Druw, Piggy Druw,
    Smilin’ while his K’s are pilin’ Piggy Druw
    Oh Piggy, Our Piggy Dru-u-u-uw
    Oh well you suck my pal, we don’t need you Piggy Druw
    I loathe you Piggy Druw – how’d Scott con Ned into you
    Oh Piggy – Our Piggy Druw-u-uw-u-u-u-u-uw
    Oh well you suck my pal, we don’t need you Piggy Druw
    Oh well you suck my pal, we don’t need you Piggy Druw

  89. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Kahli – I have been thinking that all along. He doesn’t want to be a part of a club that doesn’t include Loney, Kemp and Ethier (DeWitt really wasn’t a factor then, but maybe now) for sure. My thinking is he is holding out until all of them are signed for long term or at least assured no trades are involving them. Russell’s too smart not to know what this team has and other teams want. He wants that team chemistry, and he knows he has it with this young group of players.

  90. brandondaughrity@hotmail.com

    Guys… and Nelly.. lol… I wonder, tell me this… Who has been the model franchise for the last 15 years in baseball and why!?!? The Atlanta Braves? That would be my guess, and why have they been so good…? Well, their farm system, pitching, good trades, and allowing their younger players to establish themselves as great major leaguers… Why in the world wouldnt you just model yourselves after that team!?!? It’s crazy… it seems so damn simple

  91. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Brandon – there goes that common sense thinking again – it would be nice if our management team had some, just some.

  92. porklinks

    The two new Gurnick articles are wrong in so many ways. Sheesh.
    From http://losangeles.dodgers.mlb.com/news/article.jsp?ymd=20080708&content_id=3091611&vkey=news_la&fext=.jsp&c_id=la
    Ken Gurnick: They need to resolve the uncertainty at shortstop, hope for more improvement from young hitters, particularly Matt Kemp and James Loney, and keep the key components — particularly veteran hitters Jeff Kent, Andruw Jones and Nomar Garciaparra — on the field and off the disabled list.
    westernmost_in_flavor: Improvement never hurts, but the young hitters we need the most improvement from are at 3B. OPS for DeWitt .702, LaRoche: .635. Need at least 150 pts more there, but 50 (Loney) to 70 (Kemp) to get to .850 OPS, a significantly above league average OPS for corner IF / corner OF guys. And what good are the “key components” on the field if they are going to stink? ‘nuff said about Jones’ woes, but Kent, Torre’s 4, sometimes 3, hitter has struggled almost constantly (.253 .304 .407 .711) this season. Nomar (.250 .328 .400 .728) is an offensive upgrade at short and has actually hit in his latest return, .276 .344 .483 .827.
    KG: Call him “Ace”: Chad Billingsley has emerged out from the shadows. He’s still young, but he’s learning he doesn’t need to strikeout every hitter. He’s now pitching to contact and going deeper into games.
    wif: Ace is right, but the reasoning is dead wrong. Chad’s 9.9 K/9IP ratio LEADS THE MAJORS (min 15 starts). He struck out THIRTEEN in seven IP in his last start! His K/9 in his last 8 starts, or since June, is actually HIGHER, 10.12. The real reason he gets deeper into starts? Less walks, 2.84 per 9IP in the last 8 starts, 3.87 overall.
    KG: Biggest problem: Keeping the veterans healthy. They’ve used the disabled list 13 times already and still haven’t settled on a replacement for Rafael Furcal.
    wif: Biggest problem: Keeping the veterans from stinking.
    KG: Team needs: Whether it’s Garciaparra or an outside acquisition, finding a reliable replacement for Furcal both offensively and defensively is the No. 1 priority.
    wif: There is no acquireable SS that replace Furcal both in the field and at the bat. If Nomar can start 70% of the time, he is likely good enough. However, the improvement of Ethier over Pierre may offset the loss, offensively, from Furcal to Nomar.
    KG: RHP Hiroki Kuroda — When he is satisfied that he’s healthy, he’s shown signs of being the ace they thought he’d be.
    wif: “When HE is satisified…” is hinting at “not tough” or “not really so injured” or something? Say what you really mean, Ken. And “they” didn’t hire Kuroda expecting an ace; the talk was always a 3 / 4 starter, and they paid the going rate for a 3 / 4 guy, compare Ted Lilly’s 4/40 contract a year earlier, for example of a free-market #4 starter.
    Enough, on to the other article.

  93. tradejuanpypaperbag

    I think westernmost has had enough – you think?! This is what I am trying to get across to Amy. These issues won’t go away just because everything seems okay on the field right now. It’s the behind the scenes stuff that is making everyone crazy. It’s the media constantly telling us the kids are the problem and the veterans are going to save them when they come off the DL. It’s halfway through the season – the vets are NOT going to make it happen. The kids are getting it done, and all of the vets suck!!!!

  94. obi_wen

    My personal interpretation of Chad Billingsley’s need to pitch to contact would involve a 96mph fastball to Gurnick’s skull.

  95. porklinks

    Actually, the second article,
    isn’t so bad except for one thing, the little box on “DODGER TOP PERFORMANCES” doesn’t contain a single PITCHER. Hello – Kuroda’S PERFECT GAME THROUGH SEVEN IP ONE-HITTER??? Billingsley’s last start of 7 IP, 13 K, 1 R, ZERO BB???
    Also Torre says, “I don’t think it will be any blockbuster [a move for **** upgrade],” said Torre. “All we’d be trying to do is make ourselves better. It’s all about measuring what you get and what it costs you. You want to make a short-term move to make yourself better but make sure you don’t hurt yourself in the long term. I don’t think any front-line guys will be available to you at this juncture.”
    But who does Torre consider a “front-line guy”? Is LaRoche one? Is the young OF that will sit when Pierre is healthy one?

  96. tradejuanpypaperbag

    jhall- I really like fliegel’s idea of the bobble head (Ned’s head). Obi’s would work too!!!
    I didn’t know if Mr. v-chip (enchanted) would allow the work “sucks” LMEO!!!!! too,too funny!!!!!

  97. lagirl27

    yes dnelly. know that i’m right there with you. it drives me crazy too that things are out of our hands that will affect us as a franchise and as fans. I in no way disagree with you. i’m just trying ot take the edge off and put some positives in the light. I will be the resident optimist if that’s ok?

  98. kpookiemon

    It’s getting so bad, I can’t even remember if we did this Beatles’ song???!?!?! But “I’m so tired” of this management team…

    We’re so tired, of hearing Joe and Ned
    Praising the oldies, but dumping on the kids
    We wonder should we tell them that they’re clean out of their heads
    Yes, yes, yes!

    We’re so tired we don’t know what to do
    We’re stuck with broken players and bad trade rumors, too.
    We wonder should we call Ned but we know what he would do.

    He’d say “I’m putting you on!”
    But it’s no joke, you’re shopping the farm.
    You know we can’t sleep, we can’t stop our brains
    You know it’s three weeks, and Pierre’s back again!!!
    You know we’d give you everything we’ve got
    if you’d just play the best.

    I’m so tired, I’m feeling so upset
    Quit ripping the youngsters, they’re better than the vets
    We’ll curse Ned, Frank, and JoJo
    They’re the ones who made this mess.

    Ned says, “I’m putting you on!”
    But it’s no joke, he’s shopping the farm.
    You know we can’t sleep, we can’t stop our brains
    You know it’s three weeks, and Pierre’s back again!!!
    You know we’d give you everything we’ve got
    if you’d just play the best.

  99. porklinks

    LOL – all the songs lately have been extra-inspired.
    Last add on “DODGER TOP PERFORMANCES” – Gurnick includes the Dodgers win with no-hits! Now, that is memorable for its freakiness, but is getting no hits from your offense a “top performance”?

  100. kpookiemon

    The top performance of the year, so far, was Joe sitting Pierre’s derrier down on Opening Day and taking care of that streak of his. Trouble is, that was Joe’s high water mark!

  101. porklinks

    enchanted – Latin! LOL! Let’s face it, you won’t top Curaçao Cow® – that’s just classic.

  102. porklinks

    Good one kpookie! I’ll throw Torre credit for starting the season with DeWitt instead of demanding that Ned get him some PVL 3B.

  103. jhallwally

    By the way guys, he is just the Cow. The Dutch government does not want to be associated with him and has officially issued and edict to that effect. LOL!!!

  104. kpookiemon

    Speaking of our hero, I found this little tidbit on Andruw (prior to the 2006 season):

    “When I was in Japan, I was like 240 [pounds] because all we ate was fast food,” said Jones, who was part of the Major League All-Star team that toured the Asian nation in November.

    “We had McDonald’s before the game and KFC [Kentucky Fried Chicken] after the game. It was a routine. We didn’t miss one day.”

    His listed Dodger weight? 240 lbs.

  105. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Kahli – Incredible song!!!!!! and I hope you are right about the three weeks. I am going to see them play the dbacks and I really want to see Andre and not Phew. Ethier (either) that or we need another piano for Andruw ASAP!!!
    Amy – we need the optimists to balance out the pesimists – that’s what makes this board flow so well — not a problem ITD gal 🙂 And I will try to remain as positive as I can at least for the next three weeks, according to kpookimon (Kahli).
    jhall/enchanted – speaking latin now? and enchanted thanks for clearing up the new word for sucks. I will make sure I write that one down because I tend to use that one alot.
    As for Andruw’s name – I like Curacao Cow best!!! 🙂

  106. obi_wen

    with apologies to Becker & Fagen 🙂

    “Ned we cant take anymore
    While you run around
    Trading kids away
    Just when it
    Seems so clear
    That its
    Over now
    Take your big Curacao cow
    And get out of here”

  107. tradejuanpypaperbag

    LOL!!! Man’s job!!! In toga’s of course. You take out Ned, we will rescue the boys. LMAO!!!

  108. jhallwally

    E(Beav) and Eric(Ward) will have a field day with this.
    Gee, they’ve got to stop leaving us on our own.

  109. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Every time they do, we change everything – we are so screwed!!! And I am supposed to be the mom – LMAO!!!

  110. tradejuanpypaperbag

    I unfortunately took spanish and didn’t do well – I sucked at it!! I don’t think latin was even an option at our highschool. Spanish, French and German were our choices.

  111. tradejuanpypaperbag

    No kidding!!! I can only imagine what they will think, or more to the point, what they will do – LOL!!!!

  112. tradejuanpypaperbag

    I’m not sure what the Beav is doing, but my guess is that Ward is making up for lost time today since he’s been at work all day, and he’s probably gathering all of his thoughts, ready to strike at anytime now. Sore, probably not, but I’m sure we will get a talkin’ to. LOL!!

  113. tradejuanpypaperbag

    baseball question while we are waiting for our punishment – lol!! In a contract, what does it mean when a player is a super 2? Andre will be a super 2 next year. I know it’s been explained before, but I don’t think I remember what that means.

  114. dodgereric

    Fire Joe
    Fire the guy who hired Joe
    Fire the guy who hired the guy who hired Joe

    Hey, it’s been a while since we’ve had a Joe/Juanpy lovesick song. I saw “Hellboy 2” and got inspired.

    Who else but Barry Manilow……………and “I Can’t Smile Without You”?

    You know I can’t smile without you
    I can’t smile without you
    I can’t laugh and I can’t sing
    I’m finding it hard to do anything
    You see I feel sad when you’re sad
    I feel glad when you’re glad
    If you only knew what I’m going through
    I just can’t smile without you

    You came along just like a song
    And brightened my day
    Then you went out and tried to swipe second base
    Now I’ve got no one to embrace

    And now you know there’s no one to lead off
    I say that, but they scoff
    I can’t laugh and I can’t sing
    I just cannot wait to continue our fling
    You see I have no one with which to dance
    I miss you running in baggy pants
    E’en though you hardly ever get on base
    I miss your face………………..

    Now some people say that you’re the worst leadoff man around
    But I can’t let them know that OBP stats confound…. me

    And you see I can’t wait ‘till you’re back
    I hate this anxiety attack
    I can’t eat and I can’t sleep
    With you not around I’m stuck counting sheep
    I’m sick of all those ITD songs
    They all have me wearing thongs
    If you only knew what I’m going through
    I just can’t smile without you

  115. tradejuanpypaperbag

    It’s pretty sad that I had to put the words “baseball question.” Kind of tells us the Dodgers need to go back to playing baseball. LOL!!!

  116. dodgereric

    Hey kpookie, if you’re still out there, someone had already done “I’m So Tired”………..YOU!!!!!!!!!

    I’m so tired
    Juan to Joe…courtesy of the “masters.”

    I’m so tired, I’m playing without rest
    I’m so tired, my game is not the best
    I wonder should I tell Joe but he might think I’m a mess
    No, no, no.

    I’m so tired I don’t know what to do
    I’m so tired my mind is just like goo
    I wonder should I call Joe but I know what Joe would do.

    He’d say “I’m putting you in”
    But it’s no joke, I don’t think I can
    You know I can’t sleep, I can’t stop my brain
    You know it’s four weeks, I’m going insane
    You know I’d give you everything I’ve got
    for a little day of rest.

    Be a pal to your superstar, Joe. Hear his exhausted plea…

    By kpookiemon@aol.com on June 21, 2008 11:40 PM

  117. tradejuanpypaperbag

    I wouldn’t be so hard on him if I knew where he was. He hasn’t checked in in a while. He’s probably out with Eddie getting into mischief. Wally was a good boy and is home now. LOL!!! (the rest of this board must think we have completely lost our minds – LMEO!!!) This is what happens when Dodger management sucks – maybe we need to

  118. dodgereric

    I clicked on the Beatles Cloud Tag to find that one and ran across what has to be one of the top two or three song lines that we’ve done:

    Will Joe still bat me
    Ahead of ol’ Slappy
    At O-sixty-four
    By enchantedsunset@hotmail.com on June 24, 2008 5:53 PM

  119. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Maybe we need to make a commercial. A before and after – ITD board before Joe and the ITD board after Joe. LMEO!!!

  120. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Kahli rewrote his own song – classic!!! That makes it even better – new and improved!!! LMEO!!!!!!!

  121. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Gotta go pick up kids (my real ones). I will be back. Behave yourselves, please, but you can be as funny as you want – LMEO!!!!! 🙂

  122. dodgereric

    Darn, I can’t keep my kids’ names straight.


  123. dodgereric

    Now Wally, be nice. You know the Dodgers had to hire a minority for that GM job in accordance with league policy. It was their turn to hire someone born without a brain.

  124. dodgereric

    I found some dialog from the show.

    Beaver: Do you really like me, Wally?
    Wally: I guess so.
    Beaver: Do you like me a whole lot?
    Wally: Look, don’t get sloppy on me. I might just slug you one.

  125. dodgereric

    Eddie Haskell: Wally, if your dumb brother tags along, I’m gonna – oh, good afternoon, Mrs. Cleaver. I was just telling Wallace how pleasant it would be for Theodore to accompany us to the movies.

  126. dodgereric

    Wally: Gee Dad, how come you know so much about buying cars?
    Ward: Well, Wally, as unbelievable as it may seem they did have cars in my younger days.
    Wally: Used cars?

  127. jhallwally

    Well gosh, everybody knows Ned is doing a bad job. Why doesn’t he get canned. Isn’t Frank sore at him?

  128. dodgereric

    Eddie: Not me! Your father doesn’t like me.
    Wally: Why would you say that?
    Eddie: On account of the way he looks at me when he opens the door. Sometimes I think he’d be happier to see Kruschev standing there.

  129. dodgereric

    Wally, we’re all sore at Ned. But that’s not the point. Ned has feelings and Frank doesn’t want to make him feel any worse about himself than he already does. Besides, Ned has Polaroids of Frank and Lumpy Rutherford on the ferris wheel last summer.

  130. dodgereric

    Ward: Let’s face it, June, Wally and Eddie have been friends for four or five years now – nothing’s ever really happed.
    June: But Eddie has that look about him that makes you think something’s always about to happen.

  131. tradejuanpypaperbag

    LMAO!!!! I need a moment to regain my composure LMAO!!!! LMAO!!! A little hard to do considering I am 7 hours away. I would ask Wally to do it, but he is two time zones away. And I don’t know where the hell the Beav is- did you lock him up somewhere? LMAO!!!!!

  132. dodgereric

    [the boys have set a trap for Lumpy and are trying to lure him out of the house ]
    Wally: [shouting] Lumpy! Hey, Lumpy! C’mon out, Lumpy!
    Fred Rutherford: Gwendoline, what’s that?
    Gwen Rutherford: Sounds like somebody calling.
    Beaver: [shouting] Lumpy, dumpy, the big fat hairy ape!
    Fred Rutherford: Must be for Clarence.
    Wally: [shouting] Hey, Meathead! Meathead!
    Gwen Rutherford: Might be for you, dear.

  133. dodgereric

    Wally: Hi Dad. I didn’t do anything.
    Ward: Why do you say that?
    Wally: Well, I don’t know, but, uh, you have that look on your face like somebody did something.

  134. tradejuanpypaperbag

    And to think all this started because of a bunch of village idiots on Saturday night. Who would’ve thought it would turn into this. LOL!!!

  135. dodgereric

    How about a second-half prediction?

    1 – Ned’s job is safe, no matter what
    2 – Ned’s job rides on making the playoffs
    3 – Ned’s history no matter what, he just doesn’t know it yet

  136. tradejuanpypaperbag

    The media seems to think #2 – that’s why they are pushing the trade issue. I’m going with three and positive thinking – just the fact that he has stuck Frank and Joe with Andruw for another year and Pierre for another 3 years should be enough to warrant a firing by the end of the year regardless.

  137. kpookiemon

    dodgereric, guess you figured out I really dig that song. Thanks for the encore…strange reading what I had written. Lennon is pissed off and so are Dodger fans, not because Ned won’t make a trade for some PVL “savior”, but because he might f*** with the kids and trade one of them. But when push comes to shove, I think it’s Logan over Ned. Ned should quietly start assuming more PR and contract duties. Logan White should be evaluating talent, signing talent, and trading for talent.

  138. shad78@yahoo.com

    Anyone seen this yet or read about it? It would’ve been so interested to watch them 2 pitches.

  139. enchantedbeaver

    Gee mom I wuz just tired and I fell asleep in me and Lumpy’s fort. Sure looks like you and the fellas had a swell time last night. I sure hope no grown-ups get mad at me for Piggy Druw. two.. And they say I’m the dopey one.

    BTW, I just thought your songs were the bee’s knees fellas!!!

  140. tradejuanpypaperbag

    good morning – I’m glad to see you made it back from the fort in one piece. Wally and dad sure were having a good time without you. Wally decided to try a new language for a while. He wanted to test his Latin skills he learned in highschool. LOL!!! We knew you would have fun reading through all that. It makes it a little obvious we need to get back to Dodger baseball.

  141. dodgereric

    Fire Joe
    Fire the guy who hired Joe
    Fire the guy who hired the guy who hired Joe


    Good morning June, good morning Beaver!

    Where’s my breakfast?

  142. tradejuanpypaperbag

    LOL!! Good Morning, Ward – Breakast is cooking – where are you? 7 hours away I would guess. Idon’t think you are going to make it on time. BTW – laundry is done too. Aren’t you glad to see the Beaver is home safe and sound? LOL!!! You mean to tell me Ned is not fired yet? LOL!!!

  143. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Well Wally, if your dad can’t make it back in time for breakfast in 7 hours, I doubt you will make it back considering you are two time zones away. Smells good though – ummmmm!!! And, Beav – I doubt you would make it ethier (either).

  144. jhallwally

    Golly Dad, me and the fella’s was talkin’ and we can’t figure out why Ned doesn’t get fired. Frank must be some kind of dope.

  145. dodgereric

    Good morning Wally, the Beaver had a sleep-over last night at Lumpy’s. Fred called to complain that there are spitwads all over the back yard.

    June, that bacon smells delicious!

  146. tradejuanpypaperbag

    LMAO!!! Hey Ward, My friends and I were wondering why Mr. Torre would even consider playing that Andruw Jones and Juan Pierre when we can have such athletic,young and handsome boys, such as that gorgeous Andre Ethier and Matthew Kemp (I believe you men call him “The Bison”) playing in the outfield instead? Oh, and Ward, Russell Martin, James Loney and Blake DeWitt – handsome and great ball players, too.

  147. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Beav, I must agree with Wally, your dad did do a fabulous song last night. Bacon and eggs anyone?

  148. shad78@yahoo.com

    Oh please messagebear you smelly worsen than Jones. Dnelly or Jhall did you check out that link this morning?

  149. dodgereric

    Harrumph, harrumph, er, um, …….. now now June……..I think that um, perhaps you shouldn’t be saying such things in front of the boys…….besides, didn’t you hear Joe moaning about missing Juan up top a-ways? I think he might be a little, uh, …..you know…….

  150. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Last night he was a little worried – way too much laughing!! My kids were at the county fair (reason why I had to leave). He was watching Bull Durham at the time. So the laughter was double because I was laughing at the movie and what was being said on here at the same time. He usually goes to bed between 10 and 11, and then the kids between 11 and 12. The kids just shake their heads most of the time. The don’t even know who the Beaver and Wally are.

  151. enchantedbeaver

    Aw shoot, my day job keeps getting in the way. Now I gotta go take Fido #1 to get her nails clipped. And I’ll I had for breakfast was some cold cereal and a handful of trail mix. Then I gotta drive out to L.A. on Sunday and back on Tuesday. Get’s to be so a fella hasn’t got any time for himself. I don’t think I wanna be a grown-up anymore.

    Where’s my allowance??

  152. tradejuanpypaperbag

    I know Ward, it’s a love thing with Joe and Juan. It’s just beyond reasoning, I suppose. However, Ward, I will try and contain myself in front of the boys. LMEO!!!!!!!
    jhall – I play mom all day at school- it’s not too much of a stretch here. LOL!!
    shad – I read part of it – they had talked about them pitching on ESPN yesterday too. If Loney were there, he could have probably done it too. He pitched in high school.

  153. dodgereric

    Beaver, as soon as you and Lumpy get the Rutherford’s backyard cleaned up I’ll give you your quarter.

  154. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Beaver – now you take care and don’t get into any mischief. I don’t want to find out you and Whitey were out causing trouble for the adult folk. 🙂

  155. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Ward – a quarter – isn’t that a little too much? Then again, I guess he is going to Los Angeles on Sunday.

  156. dodgereric

    Well June, remember he didn’t get any allowance last month after Eddie talked him into egging the school? He’s missed the last two issues of Superman.

  157. jhallwally

    Darn shame about Sammy. Need Brox to step it up and Nomore to stay healthy so Ned doesn’t make some goofy trade and really mess things up. Hard to believe he could make a bigger mess than he already has, but it is clueless Ned.

  158. jhallwally

    I wouldn’t give a nickel for Phew or the Cow. Even both together. Actually I would pay to make them go away.

  159. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Yes, you are right Ward – he will be very sore at us if he misses an issue of Superman. What are we going to do with that boy? LOL!!!
    Yes, jhall – the Sammy news is not good, and hopefully they give Brox the nod to get it done for now, and yes, I’m sure we are all holding are breath hoping for the best when it involves Ned and trades.

  160. tradejuanpypaperbag

    I’d pay the nickel for them to go away – Please make them go away!!!
    Beaver – don’t spend your quarter all in one place. Remember, you will need some of that for your trip to LA.

  161. jhallwally

    GM’s with anything worth acquiring are asking for alot right now. We could probably get a good return on Lowe right now. Phillies could really use him.

  162. jhallwally

    So Nelly, how sweet would and outfield of Ethier/Sizemore/Kemp be? LOL!!!! It would be an ITD gal dream outfield.

  163. tradejuanpypaperbag

    It would be fabulous, jhall!!! Actually, I would have no problems with even Matt Holliday/Jason Bay if Pierre and Jones were gone. I just don’t think we give up ethier (either) one of the two best outfielders for them. It wouldn’t help unless Pierre and Jones were gone – they are the holes, and I just can’t figure out why Torre doesn’t see that.

  164. jhallwally

    Totally agree Nelly. I’d take either of those guys. But if you trade away Kemp or Ethier and keep playing Phew and the Cow, you really haven’t upgraded anything. Probably downgraded.

  165. dodgereric

    Nevermind. He’s scheduled to start tonight.

    He’s done well down there. He finally won a game. It was technically in relief. They had a game halted by rain July 10 after 1 inning. He started the next day as they continued and he dominated it.

    date opp w l era ip h er bb so
    Jul 07 @MOB 0 0 3.00 6.0 4 2 2 4
    Jul 11 MIS 1 0 0.00 7.0 2 0 1 5

    My ‘nephew’ Cyle Hankerd drew one of the walks and scored one of the runs in the Mobile game. Sorry Clay. I’ll have a talk with him.

  166. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Also, if you are Grady, Matt or Jason, why would you come to the Dodgers knowing you would be playing in an outfield with those two? They are the worst outfielders in the league right now (Pierre – defense and Jones – offense). I guess money, but you won’t be going to the world series anytime soon – at least two years with Jones out there and for three years with Pierre out there. From the rumors, we would be losing Loney and Ethier – that leaves some major holes at 1st considering we don’t even have backup for James right now.

  167. tradejuanpypaperbag

    That’s cool eric!!! Did anybody watch the AAA All-Star game last night. I watched one inning, but then my husband changed to something else. It was a 0-0 game too, but they were only going to go 10 innings – smart idea. I guess their game didn’t have any home field advantage ties to it.

  168. dodgereric

    News Flash! The Los Angeles Dodgers have traded Derek Lowe, Andrew Jones, Juan Pierre, Nomar Garciaparra, Mark Sweeney, Jason Schmidt, Gary Bennett, Ned Colletti, a box of baseballs, a bucket of sunflower seeds, a partridge and a pear tree to the Philadelphia Phillies for Jason Werth. The Dodgers will be paying 90% of the salaries of their traded players, but needed to clean house.

    They have also announced they are calling up Ivan DeJesus and Clayton Kershaw, and promoting Logan White to GM.

    Wait, where am I……………aw, shucks……….

  169. dodger 32

    Pierre should be used like Boston used Dave Roberts in the World series. They knew his only real talent was speed, just like Pierre. He only has value as a pinch runner nothing else.

  170. tradejuanpypaperbag

    You know fiegel – your using your common sense and logic again – it doesn’t seem to work with Joe or Ned, but then again, we can always wish for change. LOL!!

  171. jhallwally

    I’d love to see the Dodgers clean house starting with Ned. Then trade Lowe to stock the farm with some more good prospects. Next, eat the majority of Phew’s contract and unload him. DFA Sweeney, Bennet, and the Cow. Trade Procto for whatever you can get as there are a lot of teams out there desperate enough for middle relief that someone will take him. Might not get much, but, who cares. Then start:

    I could live with it and actually be quite happy. Grab CC or Sheets or both in the off season as there will be plenty of money when Kent, Ferk, and Nomore are gone.
    If Nomore goes down, bring up Hu or DeJesus.
    I’m dreaming I know. I’m all for starting the rebuild now. Get the kids some consistant time now. It will pay dividends down the road.

  172. lagirl27

    Morning. I was reading your post from last night and I feel so lame cause I’ve never seen an episode of Leave it to Beaver in my life. So sad…I know 😦
    Dnel- I just realized that on my way to work every single day I pass “Everett” Street. I thought you’d understand!

  173. lagirl27

    I understand enough because after all it is pop culture in America…but then again, I’ve never heard story lines or dialouge before.
    no time for Tv land, once I’m home sports usually rule the house.

  174. tradejuanpypaperbag

    jhall- keep the dream alive, keep the dream alive – it can’t hurt to dream outloud now.
    amy – definitely understand 🙂 Also, I haven’t seen too many episodes of Leave it to Beaver ethier (either) recently, but I used to watch it a lot as a little kid, along with the Brady Bunch and Bewitched. LOL!!! I just know the dynamic of the Cleaver family pretty well so I can pull off the June character pretty well.

  175. porklinks

    Miss Debbie: He’s right about pitching (usually) being the most important thing and adding Sabathia as an FA isn’t a bad idea (I’d worry about the length of the contract), but the form of the argument is idiocy, IMPWBO. In any case, isn’t Chad Billingsley already evolving into an ace? Does anyone (present company excluded) ever look at his stats?
    Billingsley career:
    28 – 17, .622 winning pct (for a .516 team)
    3.41 ERA (the ten pitchers with a better ERA over the last three season, with a minimum of 50 starts are: Santana, Webb, Peavy, Lackey, Smoltz, Halladay, Kazmir, Sabathia, Oswalt, Haren, all ACES. And right after Bills? Young, Zambrano, Sheets.)
    353.3 IP, 324 H, 328 Ks (Yes, 172 BB, but the rate is deceasing)
    23 years old (until the 29th)
    Billingsley since April 30 (15 starts)
    9-4, .692, 2.54 ERA
    95.3 IP, 77 H, 96 K, 37 BB
    .616 OPS against him (on the average, that’s like he’s facing Cesar Izturis or Jamey Carroll)
    Chad Billingsley – the evolution of an ace.

  176. porklinks

    Additionally, as I mentioned before, His Royal Thighness also leads the majors in K/IP (for starters) and his 128 Ks is third, behind Sabathia and Lincecum.

  177. tradejuanpypaperbag

    I totally agree westernmost – I think Chad is our Ace already – no arguments from me about that. 🙂 And, yes, you are right, we don’t focus enough on our pitcher’s stats, but I think that is largely because they are doing their job for the most part. Pierre, Jones, Nomar and Kent (sometimes) are not, but are still being reported as doing so well compared to our young players. However, in the latest article from Hernandez, maybe things are starting to look up for our young players. However, he’s statement about no replacement for experience is still a little annoying – Pierre, Jones, Nomar and Kent aren’t showing any more experience than the young players at the plate or on the field.

  178. swood@rcn.com

    our team will not win the world series this year without a repectable middle of the order power bat. Any ideas of any available bats. I love ethier and kemp but we cannot win a world series with just them.

  179. dodgereric

    fliegel, great observation. It works until you realize that Joe Torre thinks that Juan Pierre is a great leadoff hitter and needs to be in there ALL THE TIME! And that is what disturbs us here more than anything. He’s convinced, or in denial. Either way, it’s maddening. We’re totally screwed until something changes dramatically.

    jhall, I obviously share your dream. As long as we’re dreaming, let’s pretend that we’re in charge of the front office. Man, I would die happy.

    amy, I’m afraid that most anyone under the age of 30 would be bored stiff watching the old shows. The canned laugh tracks, the “corny” dialog, the old-fashioned values, the clean and innocent jokes, no sexual references, most of it won’t be appreciated. Shame. My kids grew up watching Laurel and Hardy and the 3 Stooges and F Troop and Lucy and all the rest. They and others like them would be exceptions, but I’m sure they’re in the minority.

    fogey, right on regarding Bills. He’s right there. All he needs is to be a little more consistent and he’ll be a $20 mil/season player with his next contract.

  180. enchantedbeaver

    swood – this team can’t win the WS this year anyway – too many holes that a power bat just can’t fill by itself. Also, power bats will cost you dearly in prospects and/or roster players, which just creates more holes.

  181. tradejuanpypaperbag

    We would have to get rid of Pierre and Jones, the big holes in the outfield – that alone will help the outfield. Until that happens, you won’t have your power bat. Those two are the keys to a power bat, not Ethier and Kemp. You still have wienie arm out there and you still have Mr. strikeout king out there who have 1 homerun between the two of them and only about a dozen extra base hits. THEY ARE THE PROBLEM!!!
    jhall/enchanted/eric…. 🙂

  182. porklinks

    dodgereric – F Troop!!! Hilarious – and perhaps a perfect analogy to the Dodger front office? Capt. Parmenter = Ned? Sgt. O’Rourke = Logan White?

  183. scott_in_arcadia

    eric, I’d say The 3 Stooges would be a great reference to Frank, Ned & Joe, but I respect the 3 Stooges too much to put them down like that.

  184. tradejuanpypaperbag

    outfield power stats:
    HR: Ethier (11), Kemp (9), Jones (2), Pierre (0)
    RBI: Kemp(51), Ethier (41), Pierre (24), Jones (10)
    XBH: Kemp (33), Ethier (32), Pierre (10), Jones (9)
    OBP: Ethier (.351), Kemp (.337), Pierre (.327), Jones (.265)
    SLG: Ethier (.459), Kemp (.444), Pierre (.318), Jones (.248)
    OPS: Ethier (.810), Kemp (.781), Pierre (.644), Jones (.513)
    With Jones and Pierre on the field at the same time, we have no power in the outfield. Ethier and Kemp need to be playing everyday, and then you will get your power from them.

  185. porklinks

    One of the ironies of this Dodger team is that Joe Torre and Don Mattingly were hired partly for PR (AKA credibility) and partly to teach their approach to hitting (take balls, foul off pitcher’s strikes, tattoo hitter’s strikes), yet the Dodgers do not employ a single veteran batter than uses this method – other than perhaps Furcal who has been around 3.8 pitches/PA as a Dodger and strangely Jones around 3.9 the last four years in Atlanta and 4.4 (! – well it takes at least three to strike out!) this year, so the young players have no example to follow!
    Jeff Kent is tied for 8th most hacktastic batting title qualifier (min 3.1 PAs / team games) in the majors this season at 3.4. 4.2 would tie for 10th in the majors.
    Nomar – 3.3 as a Dodger.
    Pierre historically a 3.5, 3.4 last year, 3.8 (!) this year.
    Kemp – 3.8
    Loney 3.9
    Martin – 4.0
    Ethier 4.1 (tied for 20th).
    Maybe it’s the kids that actually get it.
    Stats from the hardballtimes.com.

  186. enchantedbeaver

    Its all OK as long as they have a plan. Druw’s plan is to strike out. Pierre’s plan is to pop-up.

    And they both execute their plans brilliantly.

  187. jhallwally

    Well, it is obvious where the real problems are. CowPhew. Ned and JoJo’s stubbornly or stupidly refusing to acknowledge it and do something about it has made them the main problem.

  188. dodgereric

    When Jones went “down” with his knee May 23, he was “hitting” .165 and striking out in 29% of his plate appearances.

    Since his return, he is 5 for 34 (.147) and striking out at a 40% clip.

    Glad the surgery helped, Andruw. At least you’re not worried.

  189. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Getting rid of Ethier or Kemp is not the answer, but in dreamland, if we could have Jason Bay or Matt Holliday in exchange for Pierre and Jones, then we would be set. Our outfield could be Bay/Holliday, Kemp, Ethier and these are the numbers you would have.
    I included plate appearances in these stats because Jason Bay has had about 50 more than Ethier, and Ethier, Bay and Kemp have not been on the DL this year – Holliday has been, and he does play in Coors field, no explanation there.
    TPA: Bay (401), Kemp (369), Holliday (356), Ethier (349)
    HR: Bay (19), Holliday (14) Ethier (11), Kemp (9)
    RBI: Bay (53), Holliday (51), Kemp (51), Ethier (41)
    XBH: Bay (43), Holliday (37), Kemp (33), Ethier (32)
    OBP: Holliday (.421), Bay (.387), Ethier (.351), Kemp (.337)
    SLG: Holliday (.553), Bay (.531), Ethier (.459), Kemp (.444)
    OPS: Holliday (.975), Bay (.917), Ethier (.810), Kemp (.781)
    Going back to reality – With Pierre and Jones on the field together, Bay or Holliday won’t make that much of a difference. They are the holes in power, not Ethier and Kemp.

  190. tradejuanpypaperbag

    enchanted/beav – LMEO!!! Any of us can have that plan, and I don’t play baseball. LOL!!
    eric – If he has even had surgery – some believe that is suspect – hmmm!!!

  191. enchantedbeaver

    Really eric, at what point do you admit you made a mistake and just cut your losses? Either DFA him or 60-Day DL the guy if you really want to see if he can regain anything next spring training. An outfield of Phew, Kemp and Ethier is better than having The Cow in there. What are we missing? Maybe another 2HR and 60-70Ks? I’d rather watch Phew.

  192. tradejuanpypaperbag

    enchanted – As much as I hate to admit it, me too. Even if JP is hitting grounders, at this point, at least he’s putting the ball in play.

  193. jhallwally

    I can live with Phew in left over CowPie. However, he needs to hit 8th or 9th in the order. He should not be leading off. Martin should be leading off. Kemp batting 3rd.

  194. scott_in_arcadia

    How bad does someone have to be for us to say that Pierre is the better choice for the OF?

    DFA Jones

    Trade Pierre, LaRoche and PTBNL for Jason Bay.

  195. porklinks

    Hogan’s Heroes is another hilarious one. But Schultz = Ned, Hogan = Logan (nice, rhymes!), Klink = McCourt, the General = Selig/MLB, etc.

  196. jhallwally

    I would love that trade Scott!! Eat most of Phew’s contract and the Pirates would probably go for it. That would be fantastic.

  197. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Ethier has done a great job for the playing time he has had compared to the other outfielders in the NL. He is in the top 25 of all batting categories, except for OBP, in which he is ranked 31. His highest ranking is #1 in SF’s. Matt’s highest is Hits (9th) and his lowest is OBP (36th). Jones and Pierre don’t even make the top 50 in any category except for stolen bases (Pierre) and Jones (SOs), but those two are givens. So trading a player in the top 3rd of all NL outfielders for another player in the top 3rd of all NL outfielders isn’t going to fill any holes that can’t be made up with Andre and Matt playing everyday.

  198. dodgereric


    Frank = Henry Blake, the well-meaning but inept leader
    Ned & Joe = Frank Burns and Hot Lips, next in charge, completely disrespected
    Hawkeye = Russ, fun-loving defacto leader

  199. enchantedbeaver

    This blogs doing weird things again…

    To this day, everytime I refresh the page it still flashes like a strobe in the address and load bars.

  200. tradejuanpypaperbag

    westernmost – that show I know – loved it!!!
    enchanted – Andre was batting .300 when he was benched over Pierre the 1st time. So, by that logic, Andre is really screwed because his average is only .283, which is well over 100 points above Andruw’s. But remember, Andruw and Pierre both have plans when they go to bat. Andre’s plan is to try and hit a double, sac fly, single, walk or maybe even hit a homerun. I guess that’s not good enough.

  201. tradejuanpypaperbag

    This is why I belong on this board. One of my all time favorite classic movies is Stalag 17 and M*A*S*H is my 2nd favorite – How about that!! That’s why my husband loves me too – loved M*A*S*H and sports – what more could he ask for – well, you know that other stuff too. LOL!!!!

  202. dodgereric

    “There are two people in this barracks who know I didn’t do it. Me and the guy that DID do it.”

  203. dodgereric

    Gil Stratton was Cookie in Stalag 17. He was a long-time local sportscaster here in LA. He was a good one.

  204. tradejuanpypaperbag

    eric, yes, definitely – Stalag 17 – William Holden as Sgt. Sefton – great character/ great actor

  205. enchantedbeaver

    Steppenwolf – Born To Be Wild

    Get Pierre arunnin’
    Head out into left field
    Looking for adventure
    In whatever flies his way
    Yeah JoJo’s
    Gonna make it hapen
    Give the Phew man a love embrace
    Bunt it back to the pitcher and then
    He’ll run to first base
    Andruw’s swings are fright’nin
    Very little thunder
    Can’t hit him a lick
    He’s a one six four-a wonder
    Yeah, JoJo’s
    Gonna make it happen
    Give The Cow ® man the center space
    Swing and miss him a thousand times and
    We’re out of the race
    They are true, truely reviled
    They were born, born to be mild
    They have sunk so low
    There’s nowhere left to go
    Born to be mild
    Born to be mild

  206. tradejuanpypaperbag

    ENCHANTED – WONDERFUL!!!! I can’t believe that song hasn’t been done yet, but I guess now it has – FABULOUS!!!

  207. dodgereric

    LOL, e!! That one was a natural!

    I had started on the F Troop theme song, but for some reason it wasn’t working for me. I bailed on it. My first wiff.

  208. jhallwally

    Wicked freaking cool Beav!!!!
    I like the MASH stuff Eric and Scott.
    LOL Nelly, got any sisters. HaHa!!!

  209. enchantedbeaver

    Theme from Mash – Suicide Is Painless

    Through the latest stats I see
    Visions of what’s s’posed to be
    The kids all playing happily
    So why oh why can’t JoJo see
    Our veterans are agin’
    Their usefulness is changin’
    And you should cut them loose and set them free
    Juan Pierre and Sweeney too
    Old Nomar and Fat Andrew
    Are not fit to wear the Blue
    But still its Andre that you’ll screw
    JoJo let’s the vet’rans play
    They’ll regain their form he’ll say
    If we’re a-losin’ anyway
    Let the young guns have their day
    ‘Cause veterans are agin’
    their usefulness is changin’
    And you should cut them loose and set them free…

  210. tradejuanpypaperbag

    jhall – yes and no – She’s 10 years younger (32), blond hair, blue eyes (only one in family), but she does like sports, but probably not as much as I do. Her new husband is a Panthers fan for football, and I think he is a Padres fan, if I’m not mistaken. He is from Oceanside/Carlsbad area. We are all sports fans because my dad coached basketball and baseball practically our whole life and now is into martial arts (TaeKwonDo), and then I married a man who’s dad coached baseball, basketball and referreed football. Plus, my husband coached youth football. So, I learned alot about all sports growing up, and I was a scorekeeper for all sports at one time or another, so that is probably why I am into stats now. My dad used to sit with notebooks full of stats on his players – all done the old-fashioned way using paper and pencil.

  211. jhallwally

    Cool Nelly. I’m sure if she’s anything like you, she’s pretty groovy and her hubby is a lucky guy.
    Way to go Beav!!!! Another outstanding effort. Somehow I knew you were on the MASH theme. LOL!!!!

  212. dodgereric

    The Wolverine character in Marvel Comics has (or at least USED to have) a line where he says, “I am the best at what I do” as he tears into the bad guys.

    “Our veterans are agin'” is why you, enchanted, are The Best At What We Do. Applause, applause, applause!!!!

  213. dodgereric

    Born To Be 5’n Wild

    Get your 7 in gear
    Stupid 31 Ned
    Cannot find your 16
    With either 20 hand
    Yeah 14 go make it happen
    Leave our town in a 12 disgrace
    Take all of your PVLs with you
    And explode into space

    I like Andre Ethier
    He’s just about it
    Every single other one
    That you got for us is 9
    Get 5 out while you still can
    Logan White will fix it fine
    We’re tired of all your garbage
    Stepped over the line

    Like a true 35
    You are 8, 19 and 9
    Sixteen, 4 and 2
    A hundred thirty five

    And take Joe with
    And take Joe with

  214. enchantedbeaver

    LM(expletive)NedO Eric. Outstanding job!!!

    Thanks all – its been a somewhat slow day workwise.

  215. cpompe1

    eric – I see you took enchanted’s numbering system to actually writing a song using them!!! 🙂 Very funny!!! 🙂

  216. tradejuanpypaperbag

    hey cp!!! My favorite Russell and Andre picture is on the homepage – sigh! 🙂
    eric/enchanted – my,my,my!! That’s all I have to say. LOL!!!

  217. tradejuanpypaperbag

    I hope Mr. Ethier knows how much we want him out there ahead of Pierre and Jones. I think he needs his own tag cloud because he has got to be in many of the songs we’ve done (in a good way). I know we could tag the bad ones, and it would definitely surpass Andre, but all the other tag clouds are positives. Ned/Pierre/Joe/Andruw would just ruin the effect of a good looking tag cloud.

  218. cpompe1

    Well eric, it’s much funnier (and I would imagine easier to read) than latin… 🙂

    hey dnel!!! I haven’t looked at the pics on the homepage lately as I was before. But when I saw that pic of Russ & Andre, that is a great picture! Actually, I’ve got a little story about that pic! My mom knows that I’m a huge Dodger fan (thx to her and her dad). Well, the game that that picture is from is the first game Clayton Kershaw pitched in the majors! I wanted to go so I bought tickets for the two of us for that game. Great game to see!!! Anyways, fast forward to a few days ago, I was at my mom’s place when she gave me a newspaper clipping for that particular game. And what picture was on the front of that article – (drum roll please…..) that picture of Andre & Russ!!! 🙂

  219. obi_wen


    [sung to the tune of Prince’s “Sign O’ The Times”]

    Oh yeah
    In Fran there was a GM man
    with a porno stache and funny name
    By chance he had a player who came across a needle

    and drove Jeff Kent insane

    At home there are girls, men, and boys

    And their idea of fun

    Is being in a gang called ITD

    Forks in hand Yelling out, “Ned’s done!”

    Time, Resign

    Hurricane Kuroda shutout the Braves

    Almost perfect for 9

    U turn on the telly and every other story

    Is tellin u Joe Torre lies

    Sister lost her season seats cuz she couldn’t afford it and we’re still spending on a Curacao balloon

    In September my cousin tried the Angels 4 the very first time
    Now he’s watching Golf, its June

    Time, Resign

    Its silly, no?

    When a franchise team explodes

    And everybody still wants 2 lie

    Some say the GM aint happy

    Unless this team truly dies

    Oh why

    Time, Resign

    Ethier hits a homer, Kemp 3 for 4

    Plaschke just shine it on

    But if Nomar stalls and a trade calls

    Which kids will take the fall?

    Time, Resign

    Oh why, oh why, Time… Resign

    Time, Resign

    Its silly, no?

    When a franchise team explodes

    And everybody still wants 2 lie

    Some say the GM aint happy

    Unless the team truly dies

    Oh why

    Time, Resign

    Time to resign don’t mess with our mind

    Hurry before its 2 late

    Let Amy fall in love, get married to MattK,

    have a baby

    Well call him BabyBison… if its a boy

    Time, Resign

    Time, Resign

  220. tradejuanpypaperbag

    That is so cool!!! I have it on my wall at school and on my screen saver. It’s a perfect picture of true emotion that this team can have when there’s the right chemistry on the field. There are many pictures of Andre and Russell that are just like that. Many with Matt, James and Blake as well. Why management can’t see that this is what the game is all about. If Russell’s happy, the team is happy. They need to give Russell what he wants – a team that is young and emotional just like he is. CP – that is a great story!!!

  221. lagirl27

    obi_won- OMG, that’s soo the best song EVER WRITTEN!!!
    Oh this is a great moment. 🙂 lol. You made my day.
    I would feel honored to produce the next generation of baseball greatness!
    Matthew- I’m right here!!

  222. cpompe1

    Thx dnel! Leave it to my mom – she’s thoughtful like that!!! 🙂

    So amy, when you were singing obi_wen’s song, were you turning 7 shades of red??? 🙂

  223. dodger 32

    Pierre’s plan when he gets to the plate. Hit weak ground balls or little pop outs, Druws Plan at the plate, swing as hard as I can at everything, and when I strike out smile and walk away. Kents plan, collect my check, and stay out of the old age home. I guess that’s what the young players don’t get, right Joe?

  224. cpompe1

    fliegel, you’re right. But will you allow me to hope that Frank will fire Ned and Torre will “just get it” the right way??? I know, I know it’s a pipe dream…

  225. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Hey CP – dreaming out loud is a wonderful thing around here. Maybe somebody who can do something about may actually read it. That’s a dream too, but you never know.

  226. enchantedbeaver

    OK. Last one today I promise. Neil Sedaka – Calendar Girl.

    Joe loves, Joe loves, Joe loves his Juan Pierre pearl
    Yeah, fleet Juan Pierre pearl
    Joe loves, Joe loves, Joe loves his Juan Pierre pearl
    Each and every day of the year
    (January) We thought that you’d be riding pine
    (February) You thought us gettin’ Andruw was a sign
    (March) You showed up early for the spring
    (April) Dre and Matty took away your zing
    Yeah, yeah, Joe’s heart’s in a whirl
    He loves, he loves, he loves, his little Juan Pierre pearl
    Everyday, everyday, of the year
    (May) Maybe if Juan’s mom would give Ned a call
    (June) He’d have a talk with Joe and let him play ball
    (July) He’s hobblin’ round with a bad knee
    (August) He’ll be aleadin’ off you just wait and see
    Yeah, yeah, Joe’s heart’s in a whirl
    He loves, he loves, he loves, his little Juan Pierre pearl
    Everyday, everyday, of the year
    (September) We’ll be cryin’ ‘bout his OBP
    (October) It will be down to two eighty three
    (November) We’ll be givin’ thanks ‘08 is all gone
    (December) Our biggest present would be no more Juan
    Yeah, yeah, Joe’s heart’s in a whirl
    He loves, he loves, he loves, his little Juan Pierre pearl
    Everyday, everyday, of the year

  227. jhallwally

    Just heard on the radio that Barroid said he would play for the major league minimum ($384K). Ned is probably beside himself right now. Look out!!!!

  228. dodgereric

    fliegel, you left out just a little part of Druw’s plan. Before he swings hard at strike three he looks at two perfectly good pitches to get to 0 – 2.

    June, you guessed right! 🙂 Also, I tried tagging the artists (the real ones) as well, but the system only allows about 25 tags. It then lists only the initial 25 alphabetically.

    obi, nice effort. I guess it would be even better if I knew the tune. I’m old. 😦 In case you didn’t know, we have our own blog where these songs reside. Yours is in there now: http://dodgereric.mlblogs.com/

  229. tradejuanpypaperbag

    enchanted – You have been a very busy little boy today. I am glad to see you are staying out of mischief by writing all these wonderful songs. Way to go Beav – my little boy!!! Mom 🙂 LMEO!!!

  230. cpompe1

    eric – you don’t know Calendar Girl??? Oh, that is a classic Neil Sedaka song!!!

    enchanted – I was laughing so hard!!! That was just pure greatness!!! 🙂

  231. enchantedbeaver

    Heck mom, I’m just waitin for tomorrow when I can hang out with Wally and the big boys and make fun of the kids on the yellow bus.

  232. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Ward – I know what you are saying about the clouds – you had mentioned that before – the site looks great!!! We will just have to start sending more over Andre’s way via his blog, especially (maybe not) when JP comes back. jhall’s/Wally’s already sent one over there, and it looks great.

  233. cpompe1

    okay dnel – what is LMEO now??? I know others (like enchanted) have tried to be kinder and gentler and the acronyms have changed somewhat, but I still don’t know what LMEO is…

  234. cpompe1

    oh, and one other thing dnel – I know you are June Cleaver but who else is who on this blog??? I see we’ve dropped the religious cult names from before!!!

  235. tradejuanpypaperbag

    LMEEO!!!!!! enchanted/Beav – I would put the “F” and the “A” in there, but it wouldn’t be very June of me now would it!?!! LMEEO!!!!!!!

  236. lagirl27

    jhall- thanks for reading it. It’s strange how far we’ve come in sanitation 🙂
    eric- I feel honored. Thanks for the link, I blindly didn’t know it’s existed. my bad.
    I like the numbers and the effort to “clean up” the crudeness. Good job gang!

  237. enchantedbeaver

    Yeah Wally, I’m gearin’ up for some bombasity to compensate for their lack of intelligence.

  238. tradejuanpypaperbag

    jhall – see what we’ve done!! We thought that last night, didn’t we?
    CP – because of our issues with Saturday night, we decided to go for the complete opposite of the cult, and go back to pure family routine with the Cleaver Family and friends.
    eric – Ward
    nelly -June
    jhall – Wally
    enchanted – Beaver
    Those are the main characters – CP – you can be June’s friends (I can’t think of a name). She needs one being around all of these male hormones. LOL!!!!!

  239. cpompe1

    enchanted – supper??? That’s a Midwest term. Actually you’re late for supper. Supper is a noon-time meal in the Midwest!!! 🙂

  240. cpompe1

    Actually enchanted, I’m wrong. Supper is actually a Midwest term for the last meal of the day! My bad. Hey – if I can admit when I’m wrong, do ya think Ned and Joe can???

  241. tradejuanpypaperbag

    enchanted – who were you talking to? I already made breakfast for you and you didn’t come home. LMEEO!!!

  242. cpompe1

    dnel – I certainly know the name of the show, “Leave it to Beaver” but I must admit that I never did follow that show much. So I don’t know any of the characters. I know the main character names: Ward, June, Wally, and Beaver but outside of those names, I don’t know anyone else. But as your suggestion, yeah, consider me a friend of June’s (yours)! 🙂

  243. obi_wen

    Thanks everyone. I’m just happy to be part of the fun here. NOTE TO ALL MLB GENERAL MANAGER: “DON’T TAKE NED’S CALLS UNTIL AFTER AUGUST 1st”

    That is all. 🙂


  244. cpompe1

    Nells – it was the Leave It To Beaver derivitive of Where’s My Dinner for cpompe.
    By enchanted

    Oh, thx enchanted!!! I thought you forgot!!! 🙂

  245. tradejuanpypaperbag

    thanks for the clarification, enchanted!!
    CP – thanks – as you can tell, these boys are a handful!! LOL!!!!

  246. cpompe1

    dnel – yes, I can see you have your hands full with these boys!!! Hey, how ’bout some girl talk!!! 🙂

  247. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Obi – welcome to the deep end, which is what we call anybody who has gone over the edge with enchanted, the song writing genius. And you have certainly earned that with the songs you have done – very well done Obi!!!

  248. dodger 32

    I forgot Sweeney’s plan at the plate. Go up there and take 3 strikes down the middle, and then go sit down. Try not to trip on anything along the way.

  249. tradejuanpypaperbag

    scott – you are right – June didn’t get out of the house much, did she?
    CP – I miss watching the young Dodgers. They haven’t been on since Sunday(except for Russell), and it’s not the same looking at pictures. I also wish Andre would do a new post. I have been dying to post, but I am trying to hold off until he does a new restaurant. He is probably home in Phoenix since they are playing the dbacks tomorrow.

  250. obi_wen

    Thanks Dnelly! IMO, Enchanted rules and I’m no where near that kind of songwriting genius, or even close to that of the many talented people here. But a million and one thanks to you and the rest of the ITD crew for letting me come swim and have fun in the pool! 🙂

  251. cpompe1

    dnel – yeah, I thought last week that Dre would put up something new during the break, but he hasn’t. You’re right; he’s probably home in Phoenix now.

    And yeah, I’ve been in a mini-Dodger withdrawal. Not a FULL withdrawal like I’ll have at the end of the year, but a withdrawal none-the-less. I’m just glad that I only have to wait until tomorrow. Maybe I’ll see if there’s ANY baseball games on the tube today! I could get my baseball fix and then go right back to my boys tomorrow!!!

  252. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Obi – I knew the song – he has some really great songs.
    BTW – Amy – still working on the “Ironic” song – it’s hard!! 🙂
    I am working on another one in the meantime – easier and maybe it will make “Ironic” easier, eventually. Alot of it is this whole team is pretty ironic right now. You would think this would be easy, but it will get there.

  253. tradejuanpypaperbag

    There are a few games on today. We are going to our County Fair tonight. My kids went last night and were actually bored and they are teenagers. I can only imagine what it will be like for us, but my whole family goes one night. My mom likes to get her junk food fix for the year – corn dogs, funnell cakes and all that stuff. The band Guess Who is playing so that might be good. I know what you mean about withdrawls. This off season is going to be just horrible!!!

  254. scott_in_arcadia

    How about Torre’s plan? Hobble up to the railing and fall asleep before game time wearing a jacket in 90 degree weather. Hey, Joe? This is So Cal, you don’t need a flippin jacket!

  255. lagirl27

    Hey girls, I want in too!!
    I’m like 10 years late with this post, but that pic of Russy and Andre is pretty damn cool. I also was at that game, I took my mom, and we had soo much fun. It wa a fantastic win. That’s when I got to actually meet the Dodgers and I did touch Dre- yes dnel- he’s pretty sexy, Matt- ohgod, and most every other guy. May 25, 2008 is the best day if my life thus far.
    It’s time to for me to plan my games for this upcoming homestand. I look forward to the snakes and the giants. I do hate coming home and not getting to watch out men.
    Take your time on Ironic- I look forward to the masterpiece it will be 🙂

  256. vbd2004

    Is there any baseball news ??? this forum used to talk baseball and whats going on with the players ,Trades,transactions etc..

  257. scott_in_arcadia

    hi joan,

    We’re just sitting here with our fingers crossed hoping for dead weight to be traded or released and young players kept.

  258. tradejuanpypaperbag

    amy – one of my all-time favorite pictures of Russell and Andre, and then there’s one with the whole group that ranks up there too. It was in last months Dodger Magazine. It’s a picture where DeWitt had one the game for them and it’s the whole group of young players just enjoying winning one game. They all just seem so happy together when you see pictures like that. Why would anybody mess up the future these boys can bring to Dodger baseball, whether it’s this year or in the next few – I am willing to wait because I have faith it will be nothing short of spectacular when it happens.

  259. lagirl27

    very well said dnelly. It was a great moment and a beautiful celebration of or “youth”
    I love on sporscenter last night for the 1st half of baseball wrap up the matt kemp/ torrealba fight made it in as a highlight. Not a brite moment for Matthew- but it’s something that we will not be forgetting.

  260. scott_in_arcadia

    Amy, you better watch your P’s and Q’s with Matt or you’ll end up flat on your back like Torrealba….wait a minute…

  261. tradejuanpypaperbag

    I do have to admit Amy – one of my favorite moments in a game is at the end and we’ve won and Matt and Andre to their celebration jump. It’s always been one of my favorites.

  262. scott_in_arcadia

    dnelly, that’s what I love about the young players – they have FUN playing which I guess is “unprofessional” to some.

  263. tradejuanpypaperbag

    This group should make for an interesting off season, if we get this weird during a three day break. LOL!!!

  264. tradejuanpypaperbag

    scott – If they get that excited about winning one game, can you imagine what they will do if they win the division and eventually anything else post season. Management really needs to let this team develop and do this – It can and will happen if they just leave it alone and let them play like we all know they can.

  265. jhallwally

    Nelly, I saw the Guess Who in Dayton, Ohio in the mid 90’s with Burton Cummings, their original lead singer. It was fabulous. They were playing at a small downtown festival. I think you will have a great time American Woman. LOL!!!

  266. lagirl27

    Scott- lol…yea, umm, ok, the back thing..probably wouldn’t be a bad place to be.um, yea, especially if we want babybison!
    Dnelly- I love the out field celebration jump too. I just hate when they include druw, like he actually contributed or something.

  267. scott_in_arcadia

    dnelly, there is great chemistry with the young guys on this team, it’s just a shame they don’t let them just do their thing without this veteran crap getting in the way.

  268. jhallwally

    Joan, if you want to talk baseball, please, throw out a topic. I am sure we will be more than happy to discuss it.

  269. juniorvarsity

    going into the trade deadline this is how i view our situation..


    c Martin
    1b Loney
    2b Dejesus
    3b DeWitt
    LF Ethier
    RF Kemp
    P Bills
    P Kershaw
    P Brox
    P Wade
    P McDonald

    everyone else should be put on the block to see what we can get out of them

    x paul
    and everyone else not on the first list. i think we need to trade some of these guys before their trade value gets to low…we have enough talent in the lower minors to make up for what we will be giving away….especially if what we get will help us win for years to come..

    i think it is time to make some cuts to our farm system and start building around the “core” of this team….and maybe.. hopefully…we can reestablish THE DODGER WAY TO PLAY BASEBALL

  270. tradejuanpypaperbag

    jhall – That’s good to hear. My kids are actually looking forward to it too, which is good since they are getting used to this classic stuff now.
    Scott – Like you said – keep our fingers crossed 🙂
    Amy – I only pay attention when Andre and Matt do the jump. Andre has fun when Sammy’s pitching, too. Andre’s going to miss Sammy Says days for sure. Andre came up with his nickname “Sammy.”

  271. lagirl27

    yeah- I knew that fact about Andre and Sammy. They are good friends. Totally cute.
    but unlike you, I do like when the include Piernas 🙂

  272. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Song: The Youth Revolution
    Original Song: Fly Like an Eagle
    By: Steve Miller Band
    Time keeps on slippin’, slippin’, slippin’
    From Dodger’s future
    Time keeps on slippin’, slippin’, slippin’
    From Dodger’s future
    Dru always swings like a golfer
    To the sky
    Swings like a golfer
    Keep his fanny riding pine
    Dru always swings like a golfer
    Till strike three
    Oh, Joe please see the revolution
    Keep the rookies
    Who really want to play
    Shoo the vets
    With no clue to “the plan”
    Keep the young guns
    Scoring all the runs
    Oh, oh here’s the solution
    Dru always swings like a golfer
    To the sky
    Swings like a golfer
    Keep his fanny riding pine
    Dru always swings like a golfer
    Till strike three
    Stay with the revolution

    Time keeps on slippin, slippin, slippin
    From Dodger’s future
    Time keeps on slippin, slippin, slippin
    From Dodger’s future
    Time keeps on slippin, slippin, slippin
    From Dodger’s future
    Time keeps on slippin, slippin, slippin
    From Dodger’s future
    Dru always swings like a golfer
    To the sky
    Swings like a golfer
    Keep his fanny riding pine
    Dru always swings like a golfer
    Till strike three
    Stay with the revolution
    Time keeps on slippin’, slippin’, slippin’
    From Dodger’s future
    Time keeps on slippin’, slippin’, slippin’
    From Dodger’s future

  273. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Amy – for now, I prefer to have Pierre out there than Andruw. I would actually prefer DY, but I will take what I can get, so if I have to choose between Andruw and JP, I will choose JP. At least he has an average and speed to warrant him being out there for now. It doesn’t mean I won’t include him in songs and such because he is still a vet that is hindering playing time from Andre.

  274. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Oh, oh – thanks jhall!! I have heard of those songs – I just thought I missed an enchanted/eric/jhall moment while I was typing the song – sorry! LOL!!!

  275. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Thanks Amy/jhall !!
    Amy – just a warning – the “ironic” song does include JP 🙂

  276. lagirl27

    Well, I figured as much. I will respect your dislike for him if you respect my like for him. We both agree that Dre comes first, so no worries there!!

  277. scott_in_arcadia

    How about “No Time” from the Guess Who?

    No time left for Phew
    On our way to better things
    No time left for Phew
    We want to win some rings
    No time left for Phew
    Distant roads are calling you
    No time left for Phew

    No time for a slappy friend
    No time for the throws you send
    Players change so please don’t cry
    You need not wonder why
    You need not wonder why
    There’s no time left for Phew
    No time left for Phew.

    No time left for Phew
    On our way to better things
    No time left for Phew
    We want to win some rings
    No time left for Phew
    Distant roads are calling you
    No time left for Phew

    No time for a stolen base
    No time for your slappy ways
    No time for grounding out
    No time for you to pout
    No time for you to pout
    There’s no time left for Phew
    No time left for Phew.

    No time for a slappy friend
    No time for the throws you send
    Players change so please don’t cry
    You need not wonder why
    You need not wonder why
    There’s no time left for Phew
    No time left for Phew.

    No Time, No Time, No Time, No Time
    No Time, No Time, No Time, No Time

    We got, got, got, got no time
    We got, got, got, got no time
    We got, got, got, got no time

  278. rodmky@optusnet.com.au

    Greetings from Down Under,

    I just read that the D-Backs picked up Tony Clarke from the Padres for a mere minor leaguer. Makes me wonder about our front office that obviously thinks that Sweeney is a better fit as a PH than Clarke. Why do we always pass up the obviuos good trades for the obvious bad ones. Seems to me that Ned majored in stupidity at University.

  279. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Amy – I respect all of the opinions of this board (the regulars, I might add), and that will never change. My daughter is a Pierre fan, too, so I do respect that about her. She doesn’t have to like everything I do or think, and that is okay with me. I never boo a player that is on the field if I am at a game. They still represent the Dodgers and we ultimately want them to win the game – vets, youth or whatever. I think it’s the management of the situation which has me more worked up then whether who is getting playing time in the outfield. There are many teams who have 4/5 outfielders and they are all managing to get them all playing time, and that’s all I want is fairness in the playing time.

  280. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Scott – Wonderful job!!!
    Hey Rodmky! – how’s life down under? I am glad you brought us some baseball news. Somebody earlier was wondering why no baseball talk. Thanks for bringing some. Stupidity University sounds about right – don’t you think!?!

  281. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Thanks for all the song titles to look forward to tonight. I’m sure we will be in for a good show.

  282. lagirl27

    thank you Dnelly. I will take comfort in the fact that our real life child is a Pierre fan. No one here has ever disrespected me or my thoughts. Actually, you all support my decision to marry Mk! lol 🙂

  283. rodmky@optusnet.com.au

    Life in Paradise (lol!) is great Nelly. For us it’s actually been a cold winter. Temps down to as low as 60F. But our southern cousins are having a pretty good winter. Their snow falls have been good.

    As for Baseball news I go somewhat Troppo during the All Star break with nothing to watch except the AS game itself so I troll through all the sports news sites I can find.

    I hope those bushfires in the north of California are under control. I read where between us and the Kiwis (New Zealanders) we sent over 40 firefighters to help. It’s only a small number but we’re quite used to fighting bush fires over here we get them every summer as well.

  284. enchantedbeaver

    Super songs Scott and Nells!!!

    Rod – The Ned works in mysterious ways…

    I still say he’s the Anti-GM. NED BE GONE !!!

  285. tradejuanpypaperbag

    The Phillies have added right-handed, innings-eating workhorse Joe Blanton in a deal with Oakland. Philadelphia, who has been seeking a rotation upgrade, have sent prospects 2B Adrian Cardenas, LHP Josh Outman and OF Matthew Spencer to the Athletics. Blanton is 5-12 this season with a 4.96 ERA. He went 14-10 with a 3.95 ERA last season, and logged 230 innings.
    Posted on July 17, 2008 at 7:14 PMPermalinkComments (3)
    Tags: Adrian Cardenas, Athletics, Joe Blanton, josh outman, matthew spencer, Phillies
    there goes another A’s pitcher – not that he helped the team much this year, but still.

  286. porklinks

    Yankees are signing Richie Sexson to the pro-rated minimum. Sexson is sucking now, but can still hit left-handers, which is all the Yanks need from him.
    .344 .423 .623 1.045 – 2008 vs. LH
    .265 .369 .510 .879 – career vs. LH

  287. porklinks

    Wow. Cardenas and Outman are considered to be top-5 Phils prospects. Cardenas was a 2006 1st round supplemental pick. Spencer was a 2007 3rd round pick (out of college), a few spots ahead of interesting Dodger prospect Austin Gallagher.
    I suspect Billy Beane just took Pat Gillick for a ride. Especially if Joe Blanton is about to become Odalis Perez.

  288. tradejuanpypaperbag

    westernmost – I have seen Joe Blanton pitch a few times this year, and he’s definitely not the Joe Blanton from last year. Weren’t the Dodgers looking at him earlier in the year?

  289. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Wow!, rodmky -firefighters from your parts here? Wow!! I haven’t been close enough to see for myself. We just see it from the news perspective, and it doesn’t look good.

  290. enchantedbeaver

    I tell ya Fogey, we ought to be sellers in this market. We could get a king’s ransome for Lowe, and not do too badly on Kent and maybe even Pierre if we eat half his contract.

    This is the problem with Ned. Sure you want to improve your team for a stretch run, but sometimes the market just dictates that you be a seller. But Ned isn’t one to take advantage, nor change a thought in midstream (assuming he has them.)

  291. rodmky@optusnet.com.au

    I reckon your right enchanted … but the only stumbling block I read was that the Astros are trying to trade Taveras and he’s about a JP clone except he’s probably better and more importantly a heck of a lot cheaper that Slappy McPopup. Given a choice between Taveras and JP I can’t see any sane GM taking our boy.

  292. enchantedbeaver

    Yeah Rod, Ned really did it to himself (and us) with JPs contract – insane, and there’s always OFers available of his type.

  293. jhallwally

    Good point Rod. I’ve said it before, but our FO is reactive, not proactive. They will take a bad situation and make it worse. Unfortunate, but they have proven that they are not capable of abstract thought.

  294. tradejuanpypaperbag

    I asked this last night before all the role playing started late last night, but I had a contract question that I am sure was mentioned here, but refresh my memory. What does it mean when a player becomes a “Super 2” ? A few of our players are going to be that for the 2009/2010 seasons.
    And, yes, Ned has screwed us big time with JP, as far as his contract- 3 more years – Wow!!

  295. porklinks

    Miss Debbie – I think there were rumors about LA looking at Blanton, who knows how serious it was.
    enchanted – I think the only contender that had a need that Kent might be appropriate for was the Yankees, but Kent would have had to agree to being a part-time 1B/2B – he has 1B experience but hates it (because it doesn’t pad his 2B hitting stats) – and the Yanks just signed Sexson to try his hand at it.
    as for being sellers, not buyers, that’s the weird thing. At one game out, trading your #2 (or 3) starter just doesn’t make much sense, but 6.5 out for the wild card with 65 games to play is seller territory. I think the Phils overpaid for Blanton so maybe Lowe fetches something like the Harden deal?

  296. enchantedbeaver

    This explains it pretty well nells:

    A player with three or more years of service, but less than six years, may file for salary arbitration. In addition, a player can be classified as a “Super Two” and be eligible for arbitration with less than three years of service. A player with at least two but less than three years of Major League service shall be eligible for salary arbitration if he has accumulated at least 86 days of service during the immediately preceding season and he ranks in the top 17 percent in total service in the class of Players who have at least two but less than three years of Major League service, however accumulated, but with at least 86 days of service accumulated during the immediately preceding season.

  297. tradejuanpypaperbag

    So,Andre (and I believe Matt and/or James) fall into a super two catergory because of their 1/2+ year in 2006? They have completed more than the required 86 days in 2006.
    Thanks enchanted!!! I think it made sense 🙂

  298. porklinks

    Which is why Russell Martin doesn’t want to negotiate a longer contract until the off-season. He will be arbitration eligible as a Super Two and that will give him better bargaining leverage. Should be one of the more interesting things to follow in the offseason.

  299. enchantedbeaver

    That’s my thinking fogey – if the Phils are willing to give up that much for Blanton, we could do even better. I still don’t see the D’s making much hay if they do make the playoffs, and 4-5 good prospects are more than the 2 1st rounders you’ll get from Lowe going FA.

    Kent we get absolutely nothing for at the end of the season, and LaRoche is adequate enough for the position. I’m thinking Cubs for Kent. Even a prospect or two is better than nothing.

    This would then overstock the farms so that somebody (meaning Logan White) could start wheelin’ and dealin’ from a position of strength at the winter meetings. At that point we could afford to give up 4-5 prospects for a component or two.

  300. porklinks

    Ethier will definitely be a Super Two.
    Broxton will be arbitration eligible for the first time.
    Billingsley is likely going to be a Super Two, I believe – this year, last year, came up to stay June 15, 2006.\
    Loney and Kemp were both up for only part of last year, so they both entered this season with just barely over one year service time. In all likelihood, they will be arbitration eligible after next season, not this season, because of the 17%.
    The 17% part makes it a bit uncertain because one can only project the cutoff line. Also the 86 days part is for THIS season, so that won’t matter for our young players.

  301. enchantedbeaver

    This isn’t even any good by Blowaiza/Proctor standards, and its only AAA:

    Jason Schmidt 0 1 7.94 4 4 0 0 0 11.1 19 13 10 3 1 7 5 2.29 0 0

    Can’t wait for that to get back in the rotation.

  302. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Makes sense that it’s Martin and Ethier – they came up and stayed up together in May 06 – Thanks boys!!!

  303. porklinks

    I think the other contenders’ GMs are smarter than the Phillies. I think the best one can hope for in a Lowe deal is one top-100 prospect and one or two iffier ones. (I mis-wrote something above. Rich Harden is a 1 1/2 season rental, Blanton can be arbitrated for two or three more times. Since this is Lowe’s walk year, his price drops.)
    What would the Cubs do with Kent? They’re happy with DeRosa at 2B, and they have Derrek Lee at 1B. If he’s just going to be a PH, spot-start guy, they’ll only give us minor-league fillers. Besides, Kent has an in with Jamie McCourt. He’s retiring at the end of the year as a Dodger; book it.

  304. porklinks

    We’re hearing no spin on how Schmidt feels good, or his velocity is increasing, or anything. I’m guessing he’s not progressing and when his rehab is required to end, he’s not activated from the 60-day and starts throwing simulated games instead.

  305. tradejuanpypaperbag

    vs. Left: .179 vs. Right: .156 Home: .188 Road: .138
    Day: .133 Night: .175 Grass: .164 Turf: —
    Current Month: .156 Last 30 Days: .156
    Andruw’s stats – how can you possible tell me he’s got the experience – he “gets it”
    vs. Left: .197 vs. Right: .309 Home: .255 Road: .309
    Day: .254 Night: .303 Grass: .283 Turf: —
    Current Month: .346 Last 30 Days: .277
    Above are Andre’s – I think he does “get it”
    vs. Left: .350 vs. Right: .256 Home: .277 Road: .292
    Day: .297 Night: .278 Grass: .284 Turf: —
    Current Month: .286 Last 30 Days: .264
    Above are Matt’s – I think he probably “gets it” too
    I left Pierre off – he’s on the DL and his numbers aren’t on the current roster list.
    Just making sure for myself that we are looking at the same players. I really don’t see what Joe sees – A bunch of kids who don’t get it.

  306. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Heading out to the fair – be back in a while – looking forward to seeing Guess Who now – thanks for the reminders of their songs jhall and scott. Have a good evening and I will check in later – behave!! LOL!!!!

  307. porklinks

    You know, DePodesta was pro-active at the 2004 deadline. He acquired Steve Finley and made this trade:
    7/31/2004: Acquired pitchers Brad Penny and Bill Murphy and first baseman Hee Seop Choi from the Florida Marlins for catcher Paul Lo Duca, outfielder Juan Encarnacion and pitcher Guillermo Mota.
    Lo Duca turns out was a ‘roider, Mota has sucked since, JuanE had one decent season left in him. Penny’s been pretty good to very good*** and signed a reasonable extension:
    06:$4.5M, 07:$7.5M, 08:$8.5M, 09:$8.75M club option ($2M buyout)
    Say what you will about Choi, but in ’05 he did hit 15 HR in 368 PAs (and had 15 in 340 when acquired in ’04) . No Dodger will hit 15 in his first 368 this year (Ethier has 11 in 349 so far).
    *** Man, remember he had the great Dodger debut start (8 IP, 0 R, 2 H), then the freak arm injury in his second game in blue. What could have been that season.

  308. porklinks

    Kershaw with 5 innings of one-hit ball for Jacksonville tonight. Get ready for the kid’s return.

  309. porklinks

    (Meant to say that Penny was clearly an acquisition for the stretch run AND the future, therefore pro-active.)

  310. porklinks

    BTW, Hideo Nomo formally announced his retirement today.
    Nomo as a Dodger:
    81 -66 .551, 3.74 ERA, 191 G and starts, 1217.3 IP, 1023 H, 1200 K
    and a no-hitter.

  311. northstateblues

    Hi everyone, haven’t had the time to read through posts since leaving for work, but wanted to commend everyone on their songwriting prowess!

    Haven’t been writing much, but have been drawing again. Think people might like the next one, but I have a feeling ethier you’ll love it or hate it.

  312. jungar@wsgcorp.com

    Nice..from a Colorado papaer covering basbeall in general. quick hits on multiple team article. Nice to see this.

    Dodgers GM Ned Colletti has been allowed to spend as much money as anyone not on the East Coast, but has been haunted by deals that backfired. With the National League West a mess, a title is expected, and manager Joe Torre won’t be the fall guy for failure.

  313. dodgereric

    Nice to read that jungar. I can only hope it’s true.

    I think Ned’s worked himself into a corner. I think Joe won’t let him trade the vets and Logan won’t let him trade the kids and Frank doesn’t have any confidence he won’t end up with a handful of beans no matter who he trades. It seems like every story we’ve come across lately is about how disfunctional our front office is and how it’s hard or even impossible to trade with us.

    Something has to give.

  314. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Haven’t been writing much, but have been drawing again. Think people might like the next one, but I have a feeling ethier you’ll love it or hate it.

    By northstateblues on July 17, 2008 8:45 PM
    Can’t wait to see the picture. Your last one was awesome. I love the ethier (either) thing, too. I’m not sure if you did it on purpose or not, but it’s cool anyway. 🙂
    Eric – looks like everything remained pretty quiet while I was gone – no mischief. The Guess Who concert was awesome. I knew all but two songs, and those songs were done before they became successful in the U.S. They are from Canada, which I did not know.
    jungar – great post as usual – let’s hope that’s the light at the end of what seems to have been a very long tunnel.

  315. dodgereric

    nelly, glad to hear you had a good time. I’m sitting here trying to remember the last concert I went to and it’s starting to be a long, long time ago. Might have been The Boss, Willie Nelson, Linda Ronstadt, maybe 20 years. Too long……….

  316. tradejuanpypaperbag

    This was just at our County Fair – no big production – just good classic rock and roll music, and it was only $8 dollars to get in. The concert was part of the admission. The last big concert I went to was I believe Garth Brooks in Memphis in 1994. I have been to a bunch of smaller ones since (mostly contemporary christian bands).

  317. dodgereric

    That’s more accurate reporting than I’ve seen in a while. Not much negative about the kids, focusing on the injuries. No surprises there. Just a quick mention about the possibility of trading the youth. I don’t blame them for putting it out there. That’s part of the game. If there’s a great deal to be had, it could be a good thing. It’s just that most of us here don’t trust Ned to put a deal together that we won’t be putting alongside the Martinez/Deshields fiasco in a few years.

  318. dodgereric

    I see that Kershaw wasn’t the only pitcher to have a nice line tonight for Jacksonville.

    Player IP H R ER BB SO HR ERA
    Kershaw (W, 2-3) 5.0 1 0 0 1 3 0 1.91
    Elbert (H, 4) 3.0 1 0 0 2 3 0 2.42

    One harmless single and no walks in 5 for Kersh.

    It would make our staff really something in a year or two if Scott Elbert could make it back.

  319. porklinks

    joey_rock27- yes, I know, but my comment says “Nomo as a DODGER”. The whole thing comment is his Dodger career summary.

  320. porklinks

    dodgereric – you are right. We might see some Elbert on the big club in Sept. I believe he has to be added to the 40-man for next season or be exposed to the Rule V draft, so getting a long from the big club’s staff could be important. Thanks for posting his line from tonight.

  321. tradejuanpypaperbag

    I know, and we still have the issue of Jones (and Pierre for the long run) which going to be a thorn in the side of this organization for a few years to come.
    Garth Brooks was pretty awesome. He’s “Pieces” album had just come out, and the song he opened with just left my mind, but all I remember is the whole stage was literally surrounded by flames. That was by far the best opening to a concert I have been too. I don’t listen to much country anymore. I really am kind of tied to the classics still, but I find myself enjoying some of the modern groups, but the modern bands I do listen to are bands with real musicians that actually play instruments and just don’t stand up there and sing. The concert tonight had some great guitar playing and an awesome drum solo. “American Women” was pretty incredible still.

  322. porklinks

    Garth Brooks should comment here. He knows his baseball and he already gots friends in low places! 🙂
    I was looking at the Guess Who’s web site – original drummer and bassist, everyone else added in the 90s or later. No Burton Cummings, no Randy Bachman. 😦 I’d pay decent coin to see those two guys with the rhythm section play a Canadian rock, Guess Who / Bachman Turner Overdrive show.

  323. tradejuanpypaperbag

    westernmost – yes, you are correct in that – the two original band members were there tonight – the bass guitarist and the drummer. They had explained they had several changes since their beginning back in 1963. I was only 3 when there first song became a hit back in the U.S. back in 1969. I was surprised by all the songs they did that I knew but didn’t know they sang.

  324. dodgereric

    fogey, that’s an interesting tidbit on Elbert. Sometimes, probably too often, we’re too cautious with bringing people up to the big club. People will surprise you sometimes, as we’ve seen with DeWitt and Park this season alone.

    Getting back to the vets (groan), I’m sticking to my dream of at least a couple or three of them hitting the road soon.

    If the Dodgers have underachieved this season so far, and they have, there are certainly a lot of reasons. But far and away the biggest two are Furcal’s injury and Andruw’s failure. If those two guys had performed, we’d be 15 games in front and printing playoff tickets.

  325. tradejuanpypaperbag

    So true, eric – Who would’ve thought we’d be wanting Pierre playing instead of Andruw. It still is shocking how bad he looks at the plate – doesn’t have a clue and definitely doesn’t “get it.”

  326. tradejuanpypaperbag

    And Furcal – just the fact that he still is in the top 5 of some of the batting categories is amazing, and to think where he would be today – very sad, and now Sammy. Pierre can stay on the DL – if Andruw gets bad enough, DY can do the job for a while and bring Repko back up.

  327. dodgereric

    I’ve never in my life seen anyone stick with not one, but two guys with batting averages worse than Sandy Koufax.I can understand the extra patience with Andruw considering his upside and the enormous contract, but Sweeney absolutely defies description. He has so obviously rounded the bend of ‘can’t do it anymore’. You know what it reminds me of? The kid who is hopeless on the Little League diamond but plays every inning of every game because his dad is the manager.

  328. tradejuanpypaperbag

    I guess the good thing about that article is that we are not mentioned. My husband will be interested in the Matt Cain trade, but to him, he has been the least effective pitcher so he may not be too upset about that one, and they are actively trying to get younger and stay young. I had heard about Tex earlier in the day.

  329. tradejuanpypaperbag

    LOL!! I kind of feel that way about all the vets right now. Joe seems like the dad that is letting all the crummy players play everyday because they are related. LOL!! I have seen a few highschool games this summer that remind of that same issue. The coach allowed a shortstop to play that made 10 errors and still didn’t take him out. There must have been some reason for that but,like Joe, it defied all logic and reasoning.

  330. dodgereric

    I’m hoisting that piano back into position. We all know what’s going to happen when Pierre is healthy enough. We’ll probably get more of the same garbage “Juan is taking one for the team by returning early. We need his speed at the top of the lineup. He makes things happen. He brings so much to the plate. Blah, blah, blah.” And absolutely no one from the press will ask Joe why the Dodgers are 8 – 6 since Pierre went down. If someone actually is brave enough to ask that one, Torre will probably say that it’s due to Nomar and Andruw returning. Never mind that Nomar has been no better than average and Andruw has been worse than before he left.

    Back to music, there’s a Billy Joel story here. Scroll down past the Katie Holmes story.

  331. dodgereric

    Well June, I better hit the sack. I’d love some bacon and eggs, sourdough toast and coffee, and maybe a nice ham sandwich to take to the office. Make sure that Wally and the Beaver play nice tomorrow while I’m gone. And if you see Eddie, tell him that I wouldn’t really prefer seeing Kruschev at my door! 🙂


  332. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Boy!! would that be a show to see with that lineup – Wow!! I would pay to go see each of them separately, and to think you could see them all in the same show. I heard that he (Billy Joel) and Elton John did a phenomenal show as well. Funny about Shea Stadium, though.
    Our veterans just suck Eric, there’s nothing else to say about them other than they just suck. There is nothing fun about watching any of them. They have no energy, no excitement, and they are just pure frustrating to watch at times. I just sit there and think, how can Joe and all of us be watching the same game and not see there is something completely wrong with the way the Dodger vets approach this game. It is absolutely impossible not to see how horrible they really are.

  333. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Good Night eric/Ward – thanks for talking. I was all wound up after the concert, and American Woman just played on the radio – awesome song. Read you in the morning with your breakfast – funny that’s what my real husband usually wants – scary!! good night 🙂

  334. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Oh and Ward – I will make sure the boys stay out of mischief. Well, I will try, but you know them, especially when Eddie comes around. LOL!!!

  335. messagebear@msn.com

    Stupid things that are a certainty:

    Andruw will keep playing pretty much regularly the rest of the season no matter what his performance level, and that level will continue to be disastrous.

    Pierre will return to the regular lineup, which will require Ethier and Kemp to alternate for playing time.

    Proctor will return and get his slot back for middle relief with predicatble results.

    Schmidt will be given an “opportunity” at the major league level with predictable results.

    Nomar and Kent will continue to receive all the playing time they can handle wirh diminishing results.

    With all of these things in place, where do you think we’ll finish the season? Torre isn’t worried, and certainly not excited, because nobody will blame the legend. Ned should get the ax and likely will for the makeup of the team that failed. That’s about the only good thing that I see coming out of this season, plus the maturing of our younger players in spite of all management efforts.

  336. tradejuanpypaperbag

    good morning, messagebear – all very good points, and unforunately they are all true. What idiots we have in this management team right now. 🙂

  337. messagebear@msn.com

    Always good to see you on the watch, Nelly. I just wish for once we’d have the guts to acknowledge the mistakes that were made in putting the team together and seriously set ourselves a new direction. Right now it seems only inertia is in place, and we can’t make the tough decisions. Our management is acting like a bunch of politicians.

  338. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Are there any other managers doing crap like this or are we just stuck with the biggest pansy in the game who won’t sit the vets butts down for playing like crap? Or does he really not see the damage he is doing to this team? It’s like eric said last night. It’s like watching a little league coach make sure all the helpless kids get in and stay in the game because the kids happen to be the coach’s kids. All the while, the parents are on the sidelines are biting their tongue in hopes it will change very soon. In our case, we definitely aren’t biting our tongue – lol!!

  339. dodgereric

    Fire Joe
    Fire the guy who hired Joe
    Fire the guy who hired the guy who hired Joe

    Goooood morning, ITD!!!

    bear, nail on the head as usual. The vets will be held blameless, merely listed as the unfortunate injured. “Oh well, what are you gonna do? Ned will HOPEFULLY get the axe, but the kids will still be the scapegoats.

  340. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Good morning, eric! 11 hours until Dodgers baseball 🙂
    BTW – eggs, toast and coffee are being served – lol !

  341. porklinks

    Good Morning ItD!
    Miss Debbie – Personally, I think most of the managers aren’t as good as they should/could be. Of course, I don’t have to spend every night in the clubhouse with the players either! I might like to see a Manny Acta or maybe a Joe Maddon managing the Dodgers, but I can’t think of too many others.
    Oh, and if the Giants are trying to get younger, why trade Matt Cain, who is younger than Billingsley! If they are shopping him, I’d fear that there is a developing health problem.
    messagebear – I’m not so sure About Schmidt. If he doesn’t show he has something, it’ll be bullpen sessions until he has enough velocity and stuff, at least as long as the Dodgers are in the NL West title hunt. I’m more worried that Brad Penny will be rushed back before he’s ready and still be 20% below league average.

  342. messagebear@msn.com

    I’m going to adopt the attitude that I’ll mainly just follow the younger players and watch them develop the best they can under the circumstances. Hoping certainly that nobody essential gets dislodged from our team in another futile trade before the end of the season. If we get the division title, all the better, but this is not going to be our breakout year. I hope the rest of the season shows us what we can expect next year once Nomar and Kent are gone, if indeed they are.

    So, GO DODGERS, Go Dodger young. Hopefully good bye and good riddance to Ned.

  343. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Good Attitude messagebear!!!
    westernmost – My husband says Matt Cain has been very unproductive this year (mostly due to the lack of run support for him, but has struggled with control this year as well), and he’s thinking they need more offense in the lineup. They might possibly have more pitching in the farm system that they are looking into, but their bullpen is less than desireable so maybe they are looking into strengthening that, too. That’s just his thoughts from a gnat fan perspective. And thanks for you insights on other managers. I always look forward to what you have to say.

  344. porklinks

    dodgereric – like the movies, not an expert.
    Miss Debbie – From a Dodger fan’s perspective, if the Giant’s want to give up on Matt Cain, send him our way for Beimel, Wade, Troncoso and Falkenborg – lots of bullpen arms! The dude is two months younger than Bills (23 – 23!), has a better walk rate (53/126.3), a good strikeout rate, and a better than league average ERA. His homer rate is a little up, as his is Slg% against, so his wildness might be in the zone. Still, finishing this year with a rotation of Bills, Lowe, Kuroda, Cain and a healthy Penny, with Kershaw in the wings and Park, Stults, and Kuo for depth? Hoo boy.

  345. porklinks

    Small sample sizes, of course, so it doesn’t mean too much, but current Dodgers vs. leftie Doug Davis, tonight’s DBacks starter:
    .192 .300 .385 .685, 30 PA, 7 K, 4 BB, 1 HR – Old Grumpy
    .217 .280 .478 .758, 25 PA, 7 K, 2 BB, 2 HR – The Ming Vase of SSs
    .222 .417 .222 .639, 12 PA, 1 K, 3 BB – The ItD Chick Dreamboat
    .455 .500 .818 1.318, 12 PA, 3 K, 1 BB, 2 3B – The Bison™
    .167 .167 .167 .334, 12 PA, 2 K – The All-Star
    Past performance irrelevant at this time – The Curaçao Cow®
    .500 .500 .667 1.167, 6 PA, 2 K, 1 BB – He has a way with H-I-T-T-I-N-G
    0-3, 2 K – The guy that should have PHed ahead of Sweeney all year
    1-2, 1 K – The April/May phenom
    1-2 – The worst defensive replacement SS in baseball (did it with KC)
    1.000 1.000 1.000 2.000 – Kuo! (tease – 1-1, a single)
    .286 .348 .286 .634, 23 PA – Just so we don’t forget about Raffy
    .423 .467 .615 1.082, 31 PA, 3 2B, 1 3B, 2 , 3 BB – Would you believe …… Juan P. ? Believe you must.

  346. porklinks

    Perhaps I’m alone on this, because all the comments I saw here were positive, but I thought the MLB Statues of Liberty were hideously awful, garish and tacky. Like Dodger Stadium would look with giant, tipped Coca-Cola bottles propped up over the OF bleachers. Like Vin Scully doing commercial voiceovers for Cal Worthington (and his dog Spot!) or with annoying TV pitch man Billy Mays. Like the disco suit I wore in the late 70s, powder-blue with vest and rayon print shirt! Like a Dodger GM with a porn ‘stache and snake skin boots.
    (Colletti’s from the Chicago area. If he was from Texas, Montana, Arizona, or any other place where such boots were the norm, that would be OK, but Chicago? C’mon!)

  347. dodgereric

    fogey, I never really thought about it that way, but now that you mention it I looked at it again and it does look a bit crass. Billy Mays – LOL! I was watching the tube the other day when he came on. I looked at my wife and said, “Now there’s an example of someone not doing their homework. Why in the world would I buy insurance from the same guy that hawks car polish and vegetable peelers?”

    I never had a disco suit but I have to admit I had a pair of platform shoes for a few minutes. 😦

  348. dodgereric

    Thanks for chiming in, jungar. Right on time for this:

    To John Denver’s “Hey, It’s Good To Be Back Home Again”

    There’s sunshine across the valley, clouds are stayin’ out
    The workload is heavy on your shoulders
    There’s a supervisor moanin’ that he has to stay here late
    The whinin’ of his voice just makes it better

    He’s an hour away from leavin’ while your clock is winding down
    Your vacation is getting long ago
    There’s a fire softly burnin’ in your heart you can’t deny
    Your car just cannot wait to get you home

    Hey it’s good to play baseball again
    Sometimes this old game feels like a long-lost friend
    Yes ‘n hey, it’s good to play baseball again

    The All-Star game is over, the break is much too long
    What’s the latest thing the bloggers say
    And your mother called last Friday, Torre made her cry
    He benched Andre for Phew again that day

    Hey it’s good to play baseball again – yes it is
    Sometimes this old game feels like a long-lost friend
    Yes ‘n hey, it’s good to play baseball again

    Oh, the time that I can lay this tired old body down
    Feel the old recliner soft upon me
    Vin Scully’s voice I live for, his love for our sweet game
    The happiness that brings I can’t explain

    It’s the sweetest thing I know of, just spending time with him
    It’s the little things that make it work for me
    Like his voice being the one and only one to reach my ears
    There ain’t three trying to tell me the same thing

    Hey it’s good to play baseball again
    Sometimes this old game feels like a long-lost friend
    Yes ‘n hey, it’s good to play baseball again

    Hey it’s good to play baseball again – you know it is
    Sometimes this old game feels like a long-lost friend
    Hey, it’s good to play baseball again
    I said hey it’s good to play baseball again

  349. dodgereric

    And in the celebration of starting up again, I’m reprinting one of mine because, well ……..I can. I wrote more verses than Denver did because I had more to say at the time.

    To “Thank God I’m A Country Boy”

    Thank God I’m A Dodger Fan!

    Enchanted did a few verses of this one a while ago, and I hesitate repeating anything he does. But here goes:

    Well, life in the dugout is kinda laid back
    It seems like the manager, he just can’t hack
    He keeps writing Pierre’s name, let’s give him the sack
    Thank God, I’m A Dodger Fan!

    It never seems to matter that he won’t take walks
    He don’t steal any bases when he can get ’em with a balk
    He thinks he is a bunter, but he don’t get ’em near the chalk
    Thank God I’m a Dodger Fan!

    Well, I got me a jersey and I got me a hat
    If I don’t get off the sofa, I’m gonna get fat.
    But round is a shape, don’t bother me with that,
    Thank God I’m A Dodger Fan!

    When the yard work’s done and cars are clean
    I pull out my laptop and a fifth of Jim Beam
    The kids are aren’t asleep so I keep the language clean
    Thank God I’m a Dodger Fan!

    I hoped Vin Scully is workin’ this game
    But the ESPN has it, their broadcasters are lame
    It’s Morgan and Miller, they’re Giants and a pain
    Thank God, I’m a Dodger Fan!

    Well, I got me a jersey and I got me a hat
    If I don’t get off the sofa, I’m gonna get fat.
    But round is a shape, don’t bother me with that.
    Thank God I’m A Dodger Fan! Whoo Hoo!

    Fiddle and guitar Interlude

    Well I fire up the Net and I double-click
    On the ITD icon, I’ll have fun in just a tick
    With jhall and enchanted and that dnelly chick
    Thank God I’m a Dodger Fan!

    I see Josh has posted up tonight’s lineup
    Pierre’s leadoff, where’s my GroundHog sendup?
    How are we gonna score, I think I’m gonna throwup……
    Thank God I’m a Dodger Fan!

    Well, I got me a jersey and I got me a hat
    If I don’t get off the sofa, I’m gonna get fat.
    But round is a shape, don’t bother me with that.
    Thank God I’m A Dodger Fan! Yessir!

    Another fiddle and guitar Interlude

    Well, Phew grounds out, why does he do that
    Andre hits it up the middle, what a nice at bat
    Kemp knocks the wall down, what a great swing Matt
    And thank God I’m a Dodger Fan!”

    Our Captain Russell Martin lines an op-field gapper
    I miss Loney’s double ’cause I’m on the crapper
    Thank Goodness for the DVR, the best friend of the napper
    Thank God I’m a Dodger Fan!

    Well, I got me a jersey and I got me a hat
    If I don’t get off the sofa, I’m gonna get fat.
    But round is a shape, don’t bother me with that.
    Thank God I’m A Dodger Fan! Yessir!

    Well, finally we got that Kershaw kid some runs
    He blows that 97 pitch, we’re gonna have some fun
    How come my wife gives me burgers without buns?
    Thank God I’m A Dodger Fan!

    Now, the ninth inning comes and Joe needs a hitter
    Sweeney comes up to the plate, we’d do better with my sister
    Three swings, he’s back down, a professional bench-sitter
    Thank God I’m A Dodger Fan!

    Well, Frank’s had enough, he hands Ned his hat
    He’s just got to go, we keep telling him that.
    Logan White’s got the job, now we’re happy and fat….
    Thank God We are Dodger Fans! Yessir!

    By dodgereric on June 24, 2008 4:43 PM

  350. dodgereric

    Catch ya’ll later. I’m off to a retirement lunch and then to see Batman with a bazillion other people.

    Go Dodgers! Let’s be in the division lead come Sunday evening!

  351. scott_in_arcadia

    Have fun, Eric!

    Fire Joe!
    Fire the guy who hired Joe!
    Fire the guy who hired the guy who hired Joe!

  352. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Even though you are gone, eric -Awesome songs!!! Boss must be out of the office again – lol!!!
    westernmost – I told my son what you said about trading pitchers and he said “hell no!” He likes Cain and feels like he suffers from no run support. I am with you, I will take Cain off their hands – no problem here. However, with the way our offense works sometimes, he may run into the same problems with run support. lol!!! BTW – love the nicknames for the lineup. Maybe you should post the lineup like that. lol!!!

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