Tonight and tomorrow

For those of you who are into relievers, you can meet two of them tomorrow.

Joe Beimel will be at the Staples in Brubank and Jonathan Broxton will be at the Paul’s TV store, which carries Sharp TVs, in Panorama City. Both will be signing autographs for fans from 12-1 p.m.

Before tonight’s game, the bachelorette and her new fiance will be throwing out the first pitch. Hellooooo Hollywood. 

Tonight’s lineup is:

Kemp, CF

Ethier, RF

Martin, C

Kent, 2B

Loney, 1B

Young, LF

DeWitt, 3B

Berroa, SS

Park, P 


  1. thunderbolt507

    Do they carry Sony TV’s too? How about LG TV’s? If they only carry Sharp TV’s then forget it, I’m not going.


    good lineup today. let’s keep winning each series. the consistency on the lineups is starting to feel good.


    for those who have been wondering. we signed ethan martin. officially.

    The Dodgers have agreed on the terms of a contract with first-round draft pick Ethan Martin, according to B.B. Abbott of Jet Sports Management, which represents the 19-year old right-hander. Martin underwent a physical today and is expected to sign a deal tonight that will pay him a signing bonus of about $1.7 million.


    Why is Andrew not playing. He drove in the go ahead run last night. He is about to go on a tear.

  5. northstateblues

    Josh, I have a question. Is there any chance that the MLBLOGS network (or at least this blog) could be made available for mobile devices?

    Since the MLBLOGS changed to the Movable Type format, it’s hard enough to get the page loaded without crashing before you’re done reading the comments on a regular computer. On my mobile browser, it just freezes the device.

    Also, we could get feedback from fans at the games, hear the whispers from the crowd, get the feeling from people who are there as to what’s going on.

    I understand the reason for moving to the Moveable Type format was to offer MLB fans an oppurtunity to own a blog for free. I just wish there was a more feasable way to check in on the website here without freezing my Nintendo DS, whereas that never was a problem before this year.

  6. northstateblues

    carcyn, I didn’t notice that in the lineup. No slight at all to D-Young, but how can we ever expect Andruw Jones to come back strong if we don’t take advantage of his budding offense?

    Of course, I don’t know how he’s done against the Marlins pitcher we’re facing, so I can’t fully say he HAS TO BE in there. I don’t want to see Jones bust, especially since the surgery seems to have fixed his balance problem.

    That being said, I hope Delwyn Young takes advantage of this oppurtunity. I like him, and hope the Dodgers don’t get rid of him prematurely.

  7. porklinks

    Andruw Jones has actually faced Josh Johnson more than anyone else in the majors. That’s only 17 PAs though, so not much of a sample size.: .235 .316 .235 .551 with 6 Ks. No one else on the Dodgers has seen him more than 5 times. Jeff Kent is 2-3, both doubles.

  8. oldbrooklynfan

    Didn’t take long for Andruw to get a rest, well I guess it’s a good idea and it looks like Nomar can use one too.
    I just hope Kemp can put an end to those strikeouts and really have a nice run at the plate.
    Let’s get started on this Josh Johnson feller as early as possible, make it easier for Chan Ho tonight and kick the Snakes out(Let’s go Nats).
    There’s only room for us at the top.

  9. porklinks

    Despite the 16 Ks in 9 games this month, Kemp, leading off every game, has hit: .263 .364 .447 .811. Compare that to the guy who’s led off the most games for LA this season, the player whom Torre loves.

  10. porklinks

    Haren throwing a 2-hitter through 8, singles in the first and eighth. Really, I’m unimpressed unless he starts the game with six or seven perfect innings!

  11. scurtis1999

    All tied up in Washington! 2-2 0 outs 1st and 2nd

    Mark Reynolds just pulled a Dorn and ole’d a DP ball

  12. porklinks

    LMAO – finishing the comment catchup:
    NED [sung to the tune of SHAFT] 🙂
    By on July 9, 2008 11:58 AM
    HILARIOUS. Nice job.
    Love these blog commenters: song parodists and stalker chicks! (j/k about the stalker chicks)
    Let’s hope for the Dodger bats to wake up tonight and kick some Marlin tailfin.

  13. porklinks

    Pitching change, then IBB to Dmitri Young. The IBB is the right move of course, but changing pitchers first is dumb.


    Real good start guys. We’re not going to run over the Fish as we did in the series in Fla.

  15. porklinks

    GIDP to limit the Fish damage to two runs. Still a decent chance tonight, esp. if Chan Ho can settle down now.

  16. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Hey! What’s this with DY playing? Is Andruw okay after that broken up DP.
    Northstateblues – How are you doing up north? jnv said it was pretty bad where he is at.
    Westernmost – thanks for your stat keeping on our players.


    This is going to bring the “wrath of the Ladies” down under but Russ Martin is in a terrible batting funk at the moment.

  18. porklinks

    rodmky – you are right there. In Martin’s last 8 games, 32 PAs, .167 .242 .233 .475 (5-30 with 3 walks). He needs a real day off.

  19. porklinks

    Oh, the old Chan Blow show today. 😦
    Dbacks scored two and are not likely to blow the save for the third consecutive inning.


    Sure would be nice if we could find some power hitters. We are always last or toward the bottom of the pack in HR’S . I may be going to bed early tonight


    Chan Ho was always going to revert back to his old hittable self – it was just a matter of time but I too am concerned about our lack of power. We’re only 3 runs down but given our recent past that might just be insurmountable. Terrible thing to say I know when we’re only in the 2nd.


    Oh, I don’t know, rod. He’s pitched pretty well lately. Everybody has off-nights.

  23. porklinks

    rodmky – yeah, and I was just starting to believe with regard to Chan Ho, his velocity was up and he was actually striking people out, not just getting lucky. Hope his back isn’t bothering him again.


    BTW, where are the ITD Stalkers, tonight? Now, there’s an idea for a t-shirt. LOL.


    Not quite knocking the cover off the ball are we. We look a little pathetic at the plate. Really tired of this night after night. We started the year scoring a lot of runs. Can’t even hardly buy a run now. Sure hope Mattingly can lite a fire under these guys butt after the All Star break


    I know what you’re saying but Chan Ho’s last few years has been .. throw the ball .. fetch the ball type of pitching. I admit he started the year well but I’ve never thought he was the pitcher of his last Dodger stint.


    Is Park missing his spots, or are the Marlins putting good swings on everything? I’m following through the radio, so I can’t tell


    I didn’t realize that the Marlins had that many homers. I guess they don’t miss Cabrera much.

  29. tradejuanpypaperbag

    westernmost – who are you calling stalker chicks? LOL!!! (jk)
    rodmky – Russell is struggling, and don’t worry; we can handle you saying it. We knew when Ethier was struggling, and we were okay then too. However, with Russell struggling, he will still have his starting job at the end of the day. With Kemp and Ethier, it’s not so clear about their status if they are in a slump.


    Chan Ho’s teetering on the edge of disaster. Hope we can get some runs before he falls off.


    I can’t believe some are saying “I knew this was bound to happen” about Chan Ho. I bet if the same people were in the seats last night, they would have stayed seated when the crowd was giving Jones a standing ovation. Let’s see if Park can shut up the comments from the peanut gallery tonight!


    Suddenly, Johnson’s looking like a guy who hasn’t pitched in a year. Nice comeback, guys!!


    About Chan Ho I was simply repeating what I said when he made the squad after ST. I never want any Dodger to do badly but I can’t retract what I’ve said previously. As for being a part of the peanut gallery … aren’t we all.


    rodmky, it just seems wrong to continue with negativity when Park has not only been a good story, he’s backed it up with great pitching while relieving and starting. If you include this night, I think he’s only had two bad outings, one of which was in Detroit.

  35. tradejuanpypaperbag

    All my posts are going to be late because I am using phone instead of computer.


    After all, what is this blog about but the fan’s inalienable right to criticize?


    After this xuniquexjyx I’ll leave it alone … there is a vast difference to negativity and stating the obvious. Yes he started the year well for us but I thought some time ago and repeated it a few posts back that for the past number of years he was a very hittable pitcher and it wouldn’t take too long before the league worked him out.

  38. jhallwally

    Don’t sweat it Rod, we know what you mean. Chan is not going to be a saviour. Given his history, it is just a matter or
    time before the numbers catch up to him. Anything we get from him is a bonus. Much better so far than old Bombko or Bloaiza.

  39. kpookiemon

    This win-lose-win-lose…1st place-2nd place-1st place has the look of an ice cream conspiracy to me…… Tommy? Andruw? Somebody who’s always hungry may be behind this!

  40. bluecrewgirl

    I think Chan Ho’s going to be okay. Everyone has an off night. It’s a good thing we have such a strong middle reliever in Kuo. Just as I typed that he gave up a lead off hit. I jinxed him.

  41. bluecrewgirl

    Just because we’re “chicks” doesn’t mean we don’t know baseball. I think all the females that post on this blog know the game. There’s no harm in enjoying the view on the side. ):

  42. tradejuanpypaperbag

    I am happy to belong to this peanut gallery. We are not only nuts but pretty damn creative too. We have over 250 songs/poems to show for it, not to mention the factual posts and the ITD stalkers (love the name seesky) and then there’s ndeschenes who’s in a category all by himself. WOW!!! what a group we have here! 🙂 Be proud of it! We are spectacular!

  43. biddyboo

    There is no more Dodger game on the radio! Is this the end of the world? What the heck is going on?! 😦


    I’ll leave it alone after this too. The obvious: Chan Ho was very hittable the last few years. He has pitched well this year, saying he’s finally healthy. The speculation, or what I referred to as negativity: He will revert back to his old form and/or hitters will adjust. I’ll admit that I’m a little more passionate about defending Park, though, because he was pitching for the Dodgers when I first started showing interest in baseball as a fan. My fault if I came on too strong in that regard

  45. bluecrewgirl

    Thanks, jhall. Since the Garvey. Lopes, Cey, Yeager, etc. days there hasn’t been much of a view to enjoy, with the exception of Piazza, Karros and few others, so you have to cut us a little slack for enjoying the bumper crop we have now, lol.

  46. kpookiemon

    Chan Ho is what he is…a serviceable middle-innings vet. If Mr. Penny can’t answer the bell soon, look for Mr. Kershaw to come riding back into town.


    The moniker is a sign of respect and all in fun. Like I said, there’s a t-shirt in it.

  48. biddyboo

    So not only do I not get primeticket but my free a.m. station is not announcing the game at all! 😦 I need play by play, folks! Help!

  49. jhallwally

    We need ITD chicks T-shirts!!!!! “I’m an ITD chick” on the front and pics of Ethier, Loney, Kemp, Marty, etd.. on the back.

  50. perumike

    Russell heard us talking about him slumping, and being the proud guy that he is, he decided to hit one out.


    Some batting funk he’s in .. right?? … says he with his mouth full of bitten tongue.

  52. tradejuanpypaperbag

    jhall – I can’t see the game so my vibes are going at it via gameday on my phone. This really sucks!
    Bluecrewgirl – thanks for speaking for us stalker chicks! Like I said last night, we have a fine looking bunch of boys playing for the Dodgers right now, and they just happen to be FABULOUS at playing the game of baseball. You would have all been impressed with how I talked to the scouts. I’m sure with all my Ethier stuff on they probably assumed I was a real stalker chick, but by the second game when we were telling everybody around us about our respective teams, the scouts realized we did know our stuff.

  53. kpookiemon

    ITD girls…now don’t jump all over my nitpicking case, but I feel our young lads look into the mirror a bit too much each day. They change their look with each rising sun. But then, variety IS the spice of life!

  54. kpookiemon

    I just heard Vinny talking about the meat distribution industry. Isn’t that what Tomko, Hendrickson and Loiaza are involved in???!?!?!

  55. bluecrewgirl

    Jhall, I’m fine with chick, just don’t call me ma’am. I hate being called that. That word should be banned from the English language, lol.


    These Marlins are good. It’s gotta be depressing, though, watching games in Joe Robbie Stadium.

  57. jhallwally

    Yes Ma’am. LOL!! Sorry, I couldn’t resist. Ma’am is actually a very respectful address for a woman. Denotes lady or woman of high quality or nature. No a** in a thong so Andruw won’t fit. LOL.


    I hate to see this stats Ramirez has 22, Uggla has 23 homruns and we only have 63 homeruns as a team. Those 2 would look good in the middle of our infield.

  59. bluecrewgirl

    Phew! That inning could have been a disaster. Let’s get some runs now. Gotta give Kent credit for giving it his all on that play with a bad back.

  60. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Bluecrewgirl – we are in San Diego – going to pods/braves game tomorrow just to say we’ve been to Petco, and I’ll get to see peavy pitch against somebody other than us. I am currently in my hotel room trying to blog on my phone, along with keeping up with the game.
    jhall – very good marketing ideas LMAO!!! thanks for the visuals once again LMAO!!! I also think we need shirts for the ITD songwriters 🙂

  61. tradejuanpypaperbag

    I guess Sammy says doesn’t work in this case – does it?
    I am logged onto my computer now – long story for later:)

  62. bluecrewgirl

    I know you never want to put anyone on base, but maybe they should have intentionally walked him. I had a feeling he was going to serve him up a fat one.

  63. tradejuanpypaperbag

    PierreEW – it was a good game from what I could gather. Just that fact that they don’t seem to be giving up is a really good sign. James struggled a little, but the rest of the boys did okay. It just must be a tough loss for them having to go so many innings. Good Night PierreEW – you need to go to bed – it’s 2:15 in the morning on the east coast. 🙂

  64. j-murray

    FALKENBORG?!?! FALKENBORG!?!?! fool me once, shame on you. fool me twice, shame on me. fool me thrice, shame on joe torre. first in houston, than in SF, and now in front of the home crowd. snap out of it, joe.

  65. heartruss

    Did anyone notice how well Angel played defensively? He may not have the best avg but he was everywhere tonight and threw very accurately. Hot plays also by Jeff, Andre and Blake!! The defense was awesome.


    Don’t tell Torre what to do yarrum we don’t want to here your complaining over this team can’t seem to hit with risp.

  67. ramslover

    Good morning everyone….we have won 7 of 10 and Park was due for bad outing…I understand both of the points that Rodmky and someone else were both making. I, for one, do not think Park will be successful long term in a starting role. He has been the equal to Kuo as a successful rh long man. I really wish that he can sustain but history is not on our side. That being said go Park and go Dodgers.

    I was reading Plastchke article and Frank was hinting that changes could be coming and he did not give Ned a vote of confidence. He would not bash him either, but the writing is on the wall Ned. Get the resume out there has to be a PR job open somewhere. As for Frank making comments about players not learning, Frank they are still young in baseball terms. Kemp, if you do trade him and I do not want to, but again the writing is on the walls, you had better get some value….an ace, or a Grady Sizemore type prospect….Because you are giving up that type of player…A perennial .300 25 HR 20 SB plus player…

    Hanley Ramirez, it is no shame to lose to that guy. He is what we hope our guys grow up to be.

    Great news that Ethan Martin signed…I kind of wish they would let him develop as a hitter, but Logan just may know a little more on this than I do. And in Logan I trust!!! If it was Ned, I would have second thoughts. I am a little worried about Withrow, I am glad they finally came out and told us his status….I hope the elbow is ok and he will develop.

  68. northstateblues

    Good morning ITD blog

    Plaschke has a new article out today about accountability. (,0,6528214.column) McCourt speaks volumes in his silence on the issue of Colletti, looks like Frank’s about ready to start rolling heads soon.

    Yet, it can’t be ignored that in an article that is about the topic of accountability, the veterans are untouched in the criticism. The kids (or some unnamed-yet-recognized descriptions) are yet again blasted by an impatient Plaschke tired of being called a homer on Around The Horn without his teams producing results the last few years.

    Sure, we all know the kids could seriously use the advice of Torre, Bowa, Mattingly, Duncan and the other coaches. But it is an ill-advised excersize in selective history, as we all know that many of those high-priced veterans are failing to produce at the performance their paychecks require. The blame in the article for those players is justifiably allocated to Colletti, but if the veteran managment is experienced enough to help the players (although lineups until very recently have hindered development of talent) the veteran players should be experienced enough to stay away from the Stan Conte walk-it-off Kool-Aid that has turned the trainer’s table into the veterans’ personal Hotel California.

    I don’t think the team should unconditionally yield to the youth movement, we have to plug in what works, and not allow what doesn’t work to be a unrelenting carbunkle on the lineup (whether PVL or youth). I’m just holding Bill Plaschke accountable for writing a journalistically-myopic article ignoring the 300 lbs elephant in the room none of the L.A. sports media seems to want to acknowledge.

    i would just hope that if Mccourt hAs decided ThaT he doesn’t liKE certain soMe younger Players on the team anymore, that he would be smart enoUgh NoT tO let cash-bUrning bargain-hunting Colletti do the wHeeling and deAling if he’s aBout to cut him LoosE soon anyways.

    Of course, we can also hope that capital subliminal messages might have a chance of working…

  69. tradejuanpypaperbag

    Northstateblues – I couldn’t agree with you more. Wednesday night when Andruw actually had a good night for a change, every media outlet wanted to talk to him, completely ignoring the fact that Kemp also was one of the few productive Dodgers that night with his HR shot or that Derek Lowe was hitless through 6 innings. I was glad to see Andruw get that hit and break up the DP, too, but that is what should be expected from him all year, not just one day. Yes, his AB’s are getting better, but he is still batting .169, not quite on par for any other veteran in the NL.


    “There is a certain type of player that will thrive and excel here,” McCourt said. “There is another type that won’t last here.”

    apparently those players are andruw jones, jp, danny baez, bill mueller, merk henderickson, jason schmidt, brett tomko and the list goes on and on.

  71. northstateblues

    Here’s some more morning reading: An article from SI’s website talking about the pros and cons of being in the NL West:

    Here’s a snipet of the Lee Jenkins-penned article (which features a pic of Russell Martin):
    Coming out of spring training this year, the West was clearly the best division in the National League. The Dodgers, Diamondbacks and Rockies could all legitimately win it. The Padres and Giants could easily play spoiler. But now, more than halfway through the season, it looks as though 82-80 could be enough to win the NL West again.

    Hi dnel, you’ve gotten to see some awesome pitching performances the past few days. I’ve seen D-Lowe take a no-no into the 5th against the Reds in ’05, and Maddux take a no-no into the 7th against Wells and the Pads in ’06, but neither was anywhere near a perfect game. Both walked a batter in the 1st inning. Maybe you should try to catch some more games at the Stadium, heh.


    How long has McCourt been a Dodger fan?? How does he know what type of player will thrive here???

    by the way Ethier had a sweet stache last night.

  73. scott_in_arcadia

    From Jerry Crasnick CHAT today:

    anthony allentown,pa: Shouldn’t Ned Colletti be fired at this point? Schmidt, Mueller, Loaiza, Jones…I mean he has a knack for signing guys who are DONE. His only claim to fame is that he hasn’t broke up the nucleus of young players that White and Depodesta drafted/signed…

    SportsNation Jerry Crasnick: (12:17 PM ET ) Anthony, This question comes up every week, so we might as well get it out of the way. Yes, Ned Colletti has made some bad free agent signings. But he’s not going to get fired with the Dodgers one game out of first place in the NL West. The disappointing Diamondbacks have given LA a legit chance to win the division.

  74. scott_in_arcadia

    Hmmm…Let’s see who’s not listening. Last night the 3 starts were, a-hem, Kemp-Ethier-Martin. I learned 2 things from BP’s article this morning:

    1. Plaschke is a tool.

    2. McCourt is blind

    3. Even tools and blind guys think Ned needs to go.


    Got this from Eric Stephens over at Dodger thoughts.

    Since June 1 (37 games)
    Dodger SS: .183/.243/.262, 12 R, 7 RBI
    Dodger 3B: .191/.272/.244, 10 R, 6 RBI (for all u DeWitt lovers)

  76. scott_in_arcadia

    hey jungar,

    Isn’t it time to give LaRoche a lengthy shot at 3B with DeWitt slowing down so much?

  77. tradejuanpypaperbag

    jungar – those stats aren’t good at all – yuck!! Great posts as usual.
    Northstateblues – going to Padres/Braves game – seeing Peavy pitch tonight, which could be another great pitching performance. It will be nice to see him be surgical with another team other than us. lol And, yes, the Braves series was awesome with the pitching. I really thought Billz was going to have a night too, but that turned as Billz has the power to do that sometimes. lol
    scott – great posts as always 🙂

  78. cpompe1

    jhall/seesky – guess you guys wanted us “ITD Stalker Chicks” last night! Maybe that would’ve helped us in last night’s game! I rarely log onto ITD during the game but know that I was thinking of all of you while I was watching! Just too bad the outcome wasn’t what we wanted. I thought we’d pull it out in extra innings, but it didn’t happen that way. Boy, Hanley Ramirez is great! Starting with tonight’s game, we should just pitch to make sure that we’re not going to let that boy beat us…

    And jhall, that idea for “I’m an ITD chick” with pics of Ethier, Loney, Kemp, Marty, etc.. on the back is great! Josh, you hearing this! I’d buy it in a heartbeat!

    northstateblues, I had to find out what the capital subliminal message (MATTKEMPUNTOUCHABLE) was. Loved it!!!

    dnel, have fun in SD tonight! Now you and your friend can root for the same team tonight!!! 🙂

  79. ramslover

    Jungar and the rest of you guys…stats are great and you can find stats that can tear down every player….Dewitt is struggling, but he is playing a great 3B and if you watch his at bats he is being productive. Why all of a sudden do we have Dewitt haters. No offense to any of your opinions but some people just love to be negative. Dewitt has been the best 3B that the Dodgers have had in the short time he has been here since Beltre left. Laroche does not make adjustments at the plate and you can say he has not been given the opportunity but when given the opportunity, it may be a week, a a month, or whatever you need to sieze it.

    Dewitt has played hard every day and his defense has been stellar. I would love LaRoche to get a chance, but I have a sneaky suspiscion that his days are numbered to 20 days left as a Dodger or less. If you had told me that 90 games in Dewitt would be hitting .263 5 Hrs and 35-36 RBI and play gold glove caliber defense….I am ina…so if I am one of the Dewitt lovers, I am DAMN proud!!!!

    Go Blake Dewitt!!!!

  80. scott_in_arcadia

    For the record: I am not a DeWitt hater, but I think we need to get Andy a week’s worth of starts before we trade him and give up on him. Most likely, 2B and SS will both be open next year and maybe LaRoche could play 2B? He hasn’t doh yet, but he has 6 BB and only 5 K’s in his limited AB’s.

    Also, for the record: I like Dewitt and I think he’s done a great job making the jump to the bigs ahead of schedule and he’s a hell of a defensive 3B!

    If LaRoche isn’t going to play, then let’s trade him, but I worry that we’ll be sorry later (part of baseball). Also….if Andy gets traded for ****, we’ll most likely see a Nomar/DeWitt platoon at 3B.

  81. cpompe1

    Agreed dodgerboy! Blake DeWitt is great! I said a long time ago that with the way that he’s playing, Blake’s our 3B long-term. Yes, I knew that he would slump after the great March/April and May. But everyone slumps. And remember, he’s only 22 years old. I have no doubt – his power will come. We already have a glimpse of what he can do. I have no doubt that Blake will make the adjustments he needs. The last few games, he’s starting to show signs that he’s coming out of his hitting funk. Blake just came here in an opportunity no one saw coming and he has excelled!

    Yes, I think that LaRoche may be gone. I’ve said it before, but if the Dodgers have a logjam of young talent at a position and someone is starting to pull away in talent and production, that kinda makes the other expendable. That’s what happened when Martin took Navarro’s starting job!

  82. cpompe1

    scott, if LaRoche is traded and even if there is a platoon between DeWitt and Nomar for the rest of 2008, I think it ends there. I still firmly believe that (1) Nomar won’t be resigned or if his resigned that (2) he’ll be a super-utility IFer. If he’s resigned, DeWitt is my starting 3B starting 2009 with Nomar resting him at times. After all, DeWitt is 22 and he’s not used to playing an entire 162 game season before now.

  83. scott_in_arcadia

    Good points cpompe, especially regarding Navarro.

    I definitely like DeWitt as the 3B of the future. I would still like to see DY at 2B next year if La Roche is gone.


  84. kpookiemon

    Reading Plaschke’s article this morning gave me cold sweats. I have ZERO confidence in the three-headed clown known as FrankNedJoe to deal with our precious natural resources. They remind me of stupid oil men surveying a pristine virgin landscape. These three—yes, Joe included—possess the uncanny potential to devastate what Logan White has so patiently created. Are we on the cusp of a World Championship? Hell no! But don’t blame the youth. When students “fail” a great teacher looks in the mirror. Joe, that the kids don’t grasp your enlightened vision is on you, not them. And put me in the DeWitt column. The guy’s a keeper. And please do NOT touch a hair on the precious, collective heads of Martin, Loney, Kemp, Ethier, Billingsley, Broxton, or Kershaw. LaRoche, for me, is tradeable, as is anyone else not included on my obviously biased list. And while I’m venting…Ned, with only three days remaining before the All Star break, why are we still carrying 12 pitchers (do Falkenborg and Troncoso even count???) to compliment an absolutely abysmal bench devoid of any pinch-hitting prowess?

  85. kpookiemon

    Headline from NoCal concerning Dave Roberts: “Roberts will not replace Lewis in Giants’ starting lineup.”

    “Some fans are not looking forward to Roberts’ return for fear that Bochy will install him as the starting left fielder over Fred Lewis. A team source said that will not happen. Roberts could fill one major void. The Giants lack an experienced left-handed hitter off the bench, which leaves them at a disadvantage against right-handed setup men and closers. If Roberts keeps hitting when he returns, he could be a valuable late-inning choice.”

    Who says SF is stupid? Joe, just substitute Pierre for Roberts in this story and all of L.A. will salute you.


    Blake DeWitt has batting average of .217, an on-base percentage of .277 and a slugging percentage of .263 over his past 46 games.

    So whatever.

  87. scott_in_arcadia

    Everyone should go to Dodger Thoughts today and read Jon Weisman’s entry for today.

    Thanks jungar!

  88. lagirl27

    My Dodger Adventures- brought to you by Amymwalton. A true story.
    Yesterday (7/10/08) I was sitting at my work blogging on ITD and actually working  when my phone rings and it’s an outside number that I didn’t recognize. When I answered I heard “Amy, this is so and so from the Los Angeles Dodgers.” I was taken back, I had no idea why they would be calling me of all people. The gentleman told me that because I buy a lot of tickets and visit the park so often he wanted to say hi and touch base to see if there was anything I needed or different ticket options. Yes, it was a sales call. He did say that he was ‘my Dodger guy”- so I said great “if you’re my Dodger guy then you can get me into the Clubhouse and introduce me to Matthew. It ended up that I was going to the game last night and he told me he’d meet me there.
    Cut to the 3rd inning- we are down 3-0 and all of a sudden ‘my Dodger guy’ showed up. It was like magic. After speaking for a little bit he was able to take my friend and I to the field level. Yes..right behind home. He ended up leaving.
    In the 8th everyone starting leaving the game. My friend and I moved up all the way to the Dodger Dugout on the field level. We were having a blast..until….we talked to the security guard in the VIP section. After some legitimit name dropping, they let us sit in the VIP section. I was 4 rows CLOSER THAN ETHAN MARTIN AND HIS FAMILY!!! Then more people left and we moved to the very first row on the field. It went Russell Martin, grass, dirt, and Me. There was no other closer seat in the whole park! I was front row Dodger Stadium.
    That meant we got to go into the Dugout club after we lost in 11. For those of you who don’t know, that is the EXIT for both team Club houses!!!!! I got to Stand at the door and WATCH THE DODGERS EXIT THE CLUBHOUSE. I saw most all the guys (no Matty or Russy). I got pictures, saw Steve Lyons and Friends…and Gonzo were hanging out in the lounge getting drinks after the game. I DID get JAMES LONEY’S autograph! He was soo cute. Wasn’t wearing glasses and had a hoodie on with the hood over his head. I looked him in the eye and told him ‘we loved him’
    I did some more talking and got on the list to go back on Saturday. It pays to be a cute young girl!! Take that boys on this blog. Girl talk gets you places lol. I couldn’t sleep last night. Ethan left before I could take his picture or shake his hand. He looks young, cute thought.
    . Second best day of my life. 1st was meeting Matthew at the stadium in May. I am on this inside track…updates to follow.
    The end!

  89. scurtis1999

    Wow nice Amy. Ugh cute young girls. What do cute 30 year old guys get to get at Dodger Stadium? lol

    Guess I will have to fly out and talk my way into the Playboy mansion lol

  90. ramslover

    I read his thoughts and they sound exactly like what everyone on here has been saying…I agree with evertythng he is saying. There is no argument that Dewitt is not struggling, I just feel in the grand scheme of things, is that this kid very rarely looks overmatched at the plate. Even though he is hitting .217 over the last 46 games it does not have the feel. He hits the ball on the nose, right at people and if you looks at his stats, June was a disaster at.172 or something, but the other 2 months and this month so far he is at .259 or higher. Hell Martin is only at .261 or so for the last month or so….Again stats can paint a picture anyway you want to paint it, but it is a long season and he is still hitting .263 coming out of AA. I would rather have Laroche get a shot at 2B, because Dewitt is here to stay!

    Amy that is awesome and I hope your dream comes true!


    Scott, I think it is unfair to use DeWitt’s stats (lack of recent production) to build up La Roche, but you hide Andy’s stats over two seasons which have been horrible.
    Unlike DeWitt, Andy has never shown at any time that he can hit major-league pitching. DeWitt’s problems did not arise until Andy showed up and he was platooned against left-handers even though he was hitting 2.98 against them. All hell of a way to give the kid confidence. They pulled the same thing with Andre and his production went down for a while as well. My opinion: They should play every day and management should stop playing with their heads and stop telling them they can hit left-handed pitching.

  92. scott_in_arcadia


    I can’t argue with what you’re saying, except that LaRoche has never been given a week or two of consistent starts to prove himself. Even at the end of last year, he was coming off injury. But, don’t get me wrong. I don’t feel comfortable taking starts away from De Witt like they did. La Roche should have been eased in and when they were playing in the AL parks right after Andy came up, instead of utilizing the DH and playing Blake and Andy, they end up putting Sweeney of all people at DH. Go frickin’ figure!

  93. kpookiemon

    LaRoche is, indeed, an enigma. But with Kent nearing the end of the line, 2009 will be wide open for a 2nd baseman. If I have doubts about LaRoche, I have thousands more about Abreu. DeWitt actually has an entire minor league season at 2nd base, so perhaps Spring Training 2009 could answer that question. Personally, though, I don’t believe LaRoche will be a Dodger come Spring Training. Just a feel.

  94. scott_in_arcadia

    I used to look forward to the trading deadline, but with Ned at the helm, I feel like I’m riding the Tower of Terror at Disneyland.


    I get the impression that McCourt places more value in Torre’s judgment that he does in Ned’s. Not sure if that’s good or bad, given how they both seem to be veteran oriented. At least it would seem that Ned won’t be able to pull any fast trigger deals without some oversight from the ownership and without Torre’s concensus. I would still prefer if we sold a couple of our veteran pieces for some decent prospects instead of the other way around. The main problem as always is letting Ned do any of the dealing. McCourt could really clarify things by simply letting Ned go right around All-Star time, or Ned could read the signs and simply resign.

  96. roberto6

    After reading the L.A. Times article I have a feeling that the Dodgers are going to do something really stupid before the trading deadline.

  97. northstateblues

    Don’t you all see? It IS DeWitt’s fault! He has performed at a high level talent at the beginning of the year, which created unrealistic expectations for not only the rest of the youth, but the vets as well.

    If DeWitt and the rest of the kids played at the same level Andruw Jones started out with, then the team would be playing at an equal level. Surely Torre HAD to shuffle the lineups for 3 months to make sure nobody got enough playing time to be unequally good (Look up “Harrison Bergeron” on wikipedia, I think Kurt Vonnegut Jr. was on to something) Our kids are playing too good and they’re making the vets look bad. How are we gonna push 250,000 premade Nomar replicas if some hack whose name rhymes with baloney is hitting over .300? Doesn’t Matt Kent know he’s putting the great Mark Sweeney out of a job?!!!!!


    sigh… I’ve gotta get to work. Happy blogging!

  98. lagirl27

    Hey friends. How’s everybody?
    I’ve been so busy at work today that I haven’t been able to check back in after I posted my blog.

  99. scurtis1999

    Im not so good, working on a Friday night. I need to be out drinking and meeting women! How are you Miss Amy? Ready for some Dodger baseball tonight?

  100. lagirl27

    Haha. I hear you! Oh yea, it’s late for you huh? My poor scurtis!
    Just got word that I’m going to the game tonight, and I already have tickets for tomorrow. 3 in a row, that is definetly a record of some kind for me!
    It wont’s be the same. I’ve already flown 1st hard to go back. …

  101. scott_in_arcadia

    You know Amy, you could actually really help us all here if you turn your sights away from Matty boy to our good friend Ned. I’m sure you could get that old man to do what ever you want him to with just a bat of your eyes – like not make any stupid trades for instance? Just keep him busy until after July 31 and then you can go back to chasing Matt.

  102. lagirl27

    I’m doing well. I don’t think I took the excitement of last night too well though. Not enough sleep haha..sooo worth it!! I’m soo sad that we lost in the 11th!1 we were soo close. That’s just the game I suppose.
    I’ve never seen Stults so that’s good and Mr. Kuroda tomorrow 🙂 nice!

  103. lagirl27

    WOW!! so you think sex appeal is the way to go with old Neddy.
    Why scurtis I’m not that kind of lady..hahaha.
    I soo wish Matt or Russy would have come out the exit last night. I was gonna ask him if he got my letter yet!!!

  104. perumike

    Wow Amy, I am so jealous of you! Hopefully one day soon I can get to the box seats and hang around the player’s exit to meet some of our boys!

  105. perumike

    Yeah, it must be a thrill. I went to Kuroda’s shutout of the Cubs and I was on the bottom level, about 20 rows back, behind the Cubs dugout, and that was awesome. I would have a stroke being right behind our dugout. 🙂

  106. lagirl27

    Like I said before. Russell catching, then grass, then dirt..then ME. could seriously smell the dirt. We chose to sit right behind the Dodger’s on deck circle. Too bad it was Jones, and Berroa. If only we were at the top of the lineup, Matty and Dre..sigh.. I have great pics.
    I love them soo much!

  107. obi_wen

    Amy, all you have to do lure Ned into the tunnels beneath the stadium so I can trap him in one of the storage rooms until after the trade deadline. Your future husband, Matt Kemp, as well as the rest of the Dodger nation will be eternally grateful. : )

  108. lagirl27

    lmao. you guys are too much!! I really don’t want to go down that road, it’s not too appealing. And would staying in LA for Matt Kemp make him more grateful to me if I’m already used goods by Net?
    Things to think about my friends.

  109. obi_wen

    Speaking of Kemp, am I the only one here who thinks that since he’s in the lead off spot and given his excellent running speed, that he should think about attempting to bunt for a hit once in while?

  110. scurtis1999

    I bet he can’t bunt. I think he tried to sacrifice a few weeks ago and it was pathetic. Looked like one of our pitchers trying to bunt.

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