Tonight's game…

Here’s a heads up for those of you with DirecTV:

Beginning today, DirecTV is changing the FSN Prime Ticket and FSN West channel numbers. FSN Prime ticket will move from 653 to 694 and FSN West will be switched from 652 to 692. The change is only applicable to DirecTV customers and does not affect any other satellite or cable operators.

Meanwhile, here’s an interesting note from today’s daily notes…

On this date in 1972, Dodger broadcaster Jerry Reuss had one of his most memorable performances in the big leagues. Pitching for the Houston Astros, Reuss took a no-hitter (allowed four walks) into the ninth inning against the Philadelphia Phillies, only to see Dodger third base coach Larry Bowa lead off the frame with a double. The left-hander quickly recovered, stranding Bowa on the bases by striking out Roger Freed and Greg Luzinski for his fifth career shutout. Reuss would go on to fire a no-hitter for the Dodgers on June 27, 1980.

Here’s tonight’s lineup…Charley Steiner called a little bit ago and pointed out that incredibly, we were in Cincinnati almost two months ago and at the time, we were six games out of first place. We’re three games under .500 since then and we’re closer to first than we were then. Wow. 

Pierre, LF

DeWitt, 3B

Kent, 2B

Martin, C

Loney, 1B

Kemp, CF

Ethier, RF

Berroa, SS

Lowe, P


  1. porklinks

    In other words, the D-Backs have been sucking even worse than the Dodgers.
    I blame Rafael Furcal’s cursed back for the Dodgers not being well in front in the West.


    surprise, surprise:

    “Nomar Garciaparra won’t play tonight after experiencing more issues with his strained left calf upon waking up this morning. He likely won’t play again until Friday, and trainer Stan Conte was unsure how this would affect his planned activation next week. “It just didn’t feel right,” Manager Joe Torre said.”

  3. porklinks

    So I looked at the Dodger Thoughts archive and found Jon Weisman’s post on J.D. Drew right after he announced the opt-out. I found these two comments, made just over one hour after the announcement, tragically comic, the authors knowing what their worst fears/nightmare were:
    13. Benaiah 2006-11-09 18:14:05
    10 – I think that we are going to sing a different tune. There is no free agent replacement for Drew at that price, and while this could be good for either Kemp or Ethier I don’t think it is good for the Dodgers. I am skeptical that Ned will sign an OBP guy to replace Drew and that was the strength of our offense last year. I think we should use Ethier and Kemp in the corner outfield spots and go for a CF and a 3B.
    All I can say is: Not Juan Pierre in CF.
    19. GoBears 2006-11-09 18:19:15

    There’s no way Colletti’s doing better in the FA market for OFers, (please, no Luis Gonzales), and I even doubt that the $11M (or a little more) could be better spent at another position than on Drew. If I had to choose straight up between Drew and Schmidt/Zito, I’d take the guy who plays every day. Yes, the team seems to NEED pitching more than hitting, but really, all it needs to do is outscore the opposition, whether it’s 7-6 or 2-1.

  4. junkyardjamie

    I have to go to highschool ball game. I will catch up to you later. I will be able to read, just not post. Hopefully when I get home, our beloved Dodgers are winning or maybe have won depending on time. Have great afternoon/evening depending on your geographical location. I actually have a 4th song to post, but I will wait until I get home. I think that is a record for me 4 songs in 24 hours. 🙂

  5. porklinks

    “It just didn’t feel right” – that could be the epitath for the season, if things don’t turn around. They might; the Dodgers are working on a one-game winning streak.

  6. stolenmonk

    Hey, why don’t we try LaRoche or Dewitt at short, instead of leaving LaRoche on the bench to just sit there. Or do we have to wait for Joe Torre to feel like that?

  7. dodgrdad14

    Good luck to your son tonight Dnel!! I bet with last nights 1-4 performance with an RBI will keep Slappy in the drivers seat for at least another month!! 😦

  8. dodgereric

    Here’s tonight’s lineup…

    Pierre, LF

    DeWitt, 3B

    Kent, 2B

    Martin, C

    Loney, 1B

    Kemp, CF

    Ethier, RF

    Berroa, SS

    Lowe, P


    Joe: They say we’re old and we can’t see
    Anything good about walks or OBP.
    Juan: Well I don’t care if all that’s true
    ‘Cause you got me, and baby I got you

    Juan: Babe
    Both: I got you babe I got you babe

    Joe: They say our love won’t win no games
    But I don’t care if we go down in flames.
    Juan: I guess that’s so, I don’t care either
    as long as I get to start instead of Ethier

    Juan: Babe
    Both: I got you babe I got you babe

    Juan: I got 8….point 8 mil, and I put you…. in my will.
    Joe: And when I’m sad, you’re a clown
    And if I get scared, you’re always around
    Joe: So let them say your hat’s too big
    ‘Cause I don’t care, let them call me pig
    Juan: Then put your little hand in mine
    There ain’t no hill or mountain we can’t climb

    Juan: Babe
    Both: I got you babe I got you babe

    Juan: I got you to write my name
    Joe: I got you to lead the game
    Juan: I got you to pull up my socks
    Joe: I got you to take me on walks

    Both: I got you babe

  9. dodgrdad14

    Come on now Patriot you should know by now that the homerun that LaRoche hit in his first game was a sure sign of him sitting the bench for at least 3-7 games in torre’s eyes.


    Trying LaRoche or DeWitt or even DeJesus at short would seem like a reasonable approach to me, but Torre will probably wait until Berroa reaches the Sweeney level with the bat before he considers something so drastic.

  11. scott_in_arcadia

    Right now, I’m rooting for one of those body switching scenarios like in the movies for Nomar and Pierre so that Pierre will wake up sore tomorrow.

    Also, why does Nomar always WAKE UP with injuries? Do we need to start blaming Mia for this?

  12. oldbrooklynfan

    Well It was great to finally win last night after 5 consecutive loses, so I hope we can make it 2 straight.
    It’s amazing how Derick Lowe keeps coming back after what our offense has done to his win & loss record.
    The bottom line is I hope we can start scoring runs so we wont put so much pressure on the pitching staff.


    wait, but messagebear, sweeney is at sweeney level and joe still loves him, so what makes you think joe believes sweeney level is bad?

  14. dodgrdad14

    Bear, Berroa reaching the sweeny level is only a guarrantee that he will play more. If sweeney is aloud to continue to play under Joe’s watchful eye then just about anyone that does not include our young studs is going to play no matter what they are producing. Torre hates the kids and is willing to sink the whole freak`n ship because of it!!!

  15. porklinks

    And the Reds lineup. Is that really Dusty making out the lineup card, is the new GM insisting on something different. Joey Votto is not Dusty’s idea of a leadoff hitter, I didn’t think.
    J. Votto 1b
    J. Cabrera ss
    J. Bruce rf
    B. Phillips 2b
    A. Dunn lf
    E. Encarnacion 3b
    C. Patterson cf
    D. Ross c
    B. Arroyo p

  16. dodgereric

    Maybe it was jhall. Anyway, I’ve been thinking of doing that one ever since. Thank you and jnv too!


    that’s some quality offense…

    single, groundout, hit by pitch, fc groundout, wild pitch, groundout


    I beg your pardon, fans. You’re of course absolutely right with Torre’s take on Berroa. After all, Berroa is a veteran, who at all times knows what he’s doing. Wonder how KC didn’t realize that.

  19. porklinks

    sara – that’s the way the mid-60s Dodgers won ’em with Maury Wills and Sandy Koufax and Don Drysdale and — hey you kids, get offa my dang lawn!

  20. enchantedbeaver

    Berroa… first AB yesterday he works a 9 pitch walk. Next at bat with the bases loaded, one out and a wild pitcher, he’s a first pitch hack. But I digress, he’s a proven veteran leader in a position that requires experience.

  21. porklinks

    GIDP after the single is vintage Lowe. The walk right after that, not so much.
    DLowe made 121 pitches last start (Friday) when the Dodger planned to skip no one and everyone would have an extra day of rest thanks to the off day Monday. Now he’s back to normal rest, moved up because of Kuroda. Hope he’s not gassed.

  22. porklinks

    – M. Kemp singled to center (on a 3-2 pitch, after being 0-2)
    – M. Kemp stole second
    – A. Ethier singled to left center, M. Kemp scored
    Gotta like that.

  23. perumike

    Kid at the plate, wild pitch, run scores.
    Kid at the plate, singles, run scores.
    Vet at the plate, GIDP.

  24. porklinks

    If Arroyo was smart, he would have pitched around Ethier once first base was open, figuring he could get out of the inning with Berroa, Lowe, then Pierre who has already gotten his quota.

  25. enchantedbeaver

    I want to be a charter member of the I Hate Berroa club. I’m already a member of the I Hate JoJo, I Hate JP,I Hate Andruw, and I hate Ned clubs.

  26. dodgereric

    Thanks E! I knew it was someone who knew their humor! And speaking of humor (I hope):

    Dr Joe Torre: Hello handsome. You’re a good looking fellow, do you know that? People laugh at you, people hate you, but why do they hate you? Because… they…. are ….jealous! Look at that boyish face. Look at that sweet smile. Do you wanna talk about physical speed? Do you want to talk about sheer velocity? Do you want to talk about the Olympian ideal? You are a god! And listen to me, you are not evil. You… are… good!

    [Juan starts to cry, and Dr. Joe Torre hugs him]

    Dr Joe Torre: This is a nice boy. This is a good boy. This is a mother’s angel. And I want the baseball world to know once and for all, and without any shame, that we LOVE HIM! I’m going to teach you. I’m going to show you how to walk, how to bunt, how to catch, how to throw. Together, you and I are going to make the greatest single contribution to leadoff hitting since the creation of the OBP!

    Inga: [from outside] Dr. Jartaree! Are you all right?

    Dr Joe Torre: MY NAME IS JOE TORRE!

  27. enchantedbeaver

    Proven veteran leader Kent – were you just first ball hitting? Don’t let the kids see you – I have to scold them for that.


    A quick David Ross story: A few years ago my daughter (in her mid 20’s at the time) won a contest that allowed her down on the field with her dad (me). You know how they have some kids running out with the players when the Dodgers take the field and the kids get a signed ball? That is what we got to do and since she was a huge Shawn Green fan we went to right field with him. But before that we were down on the field prior to the game and the P.R. department had David Ross take a picture with us. He asked my daughter what she used on her hair because he liked the way it smelled. So whenever we see Ross or hear his name we remember that silly little moment.


    lbirken, that is quite possibly the strangest thing he could have asked your daughter.. haha


    “Hiroki Kuroda’s MRI results won’t be announced until later on tonight, but if he can’t go the Dodgers are considering calling up James McDonald from Class AA Jacksonville to make his major league debut.”


    we’re just getting younger, and younger.. i bet joe can’t stand it =P

  32. porklinks

    lbirken- Wake up Dad! When Dave Ross was a Dodger, HE was in his mid-20s. You let him hit on your daughter???? (Or he’s just a nice, polite Georgia boy.) 😉

  33. leekfink

    My Loney has a first name,
    It’s J-A-M-E-S
    My Loney has a second name,
    It’s L-O-N-E-Y
    I love to watch him every day
    And if you ask me why I’ll say
    ‘Cause James Loney has a way
    With H-I-T-T-I-N-G!

  34. porklinks

    James Loney: Ball, Ball, Strike looking, Strike looking, Ball, Foul, Foul, Foul, Loney homered to right.
    The right way to play the game.

  35. enchantedbeaver

    Sara – “Hiroki Kuroda’s MRI results won’t be announced until later on tonight…”

    Translation from Conte speak – Kuroda going on 15-Day DL.

    Who wants to bet its another “bursa sac” diagnosis??


    Good to see most of the Dodgers putting good wood on the ball! I hope this isn’t an unfounded fear, but I really hope that homer by Loney doesn’t get him into a mashing mood again. Apparently the reason why he was struggling so much with strikeouts recently was because in hitter’s counts he would try to mash the ball. Ultimately what would happen was he’d fall behind and then strike out.

  37. enchantedbeaver

    In the old days after a pitcher made out, the leadoff man would take his time and maybe see a few pitches so that his pitcher could get a quick breather. Not proven veteran leader Juan Pierre. If he doesn’t swing at the first pitch he does the second. This man is worthless.


    We both thought it was a strange thing to say and yes I did consider Ross was hitting on my daughter but that went about as good as his Dodger career.

  39. oldbrooklynfan

    That was a good play by Berroa, keeping his toe on the bag.
    And a good call by the Ump.
    He was diffinately out.

  40. porklinks

    sara – that can’t be right about McDonald. He started today for Jacksonville and went 7 innings. He can’t start Saturday on two days rest!

  41. porklinks

    Um, so, after a kid leads off with a double, doesn’t a proven veteran do whatever it takes so that at the very least he gets the runner to third?
    DeWitt doubles
    Kent strikes out swinging

  42. porklinks

    A little surprised Arroyo (right-handed) and Dusty didn’t pitch around a hot Loney (lefty) to keep to a struggling, right-handed Kemp. First base was open with two out.

  43. oldbrooklynfan

    Another RBI for JAMESY BOY
    I like the fact that Russell looks at all pitches, not swinging at everything around the plate, even though he struck out twice looking. That’s why he’s got 40 WALKS.
    The rest of the team should follow his example.

  44. porklinks

    You think? I said 121 above, but I looked it up, it was 119. Anyway, Lowe is on his full four-day rest today. Seems odd.

  45. oldbrooklynfan

    A strange time for Torre to take Lowe out after that strikeout.
    KUO really got tagged by Bruce & Phillips.
    Glad to get out of that inning.

  46. porklinks

    Except for JP’s single to start the game and Arroyo’s wild pitch, DeWitt, Loney, Kemp, and Ethier are the entire offense thus far.

  47. oldbrooklynfan

    P I E R R E hit that triple over a drawn in outfield but that’s what they get for moving in so close.
    Atta way to go JP.
    We’ll take the pick off at third after the 2 RBI’s

  48. porklinks

    Clutch triple for JP, but if Matt Kemp got picked off THIRD BASE like that there would be holy Hades to pay from the like of Jeff Kent and Bill Plaschke.

  49. oldbrooklynfan

    Good Goin’ KUO
    That Joey Votto sure knows how to foul off those 2 strike pitches,
    He keeps smacking down that left field line.

  50. joyce65

    I have a question about the “Loney” song. Is it supposed to be to the tune of the Oscar Meyer commercial?

  51. bluecrewgirl

    Hopefully, today will be the start of a winning streak. Good to see Andre starting to come out of the little hitting funk he’s been in. Does anyone remember last season when Josh advised that they were filming a tour of Dodger Stadium that Andre was hosting. It was supposed to air sometime on FSN, but I never saw it come on. Was it ever aired?

  52. oldbrooklynfan

    A good DP by Phillips, but Ethier looked like me going into second. LOL
    Another good outting for K U O.

  53. porklinks

    Two-game winning streak. Despite the 3/4 hitters going 0-7 with a HBP. Now we just have to worry about what the rotation is with Cleveland coming to town.
    Diamond Leung:
    “An MRI on the right shoulder of Hiroki Kuroda showed tendinitis and an impingement. Kuroda received a cortisone injection and will not be able to resume throwing on Saturday, the day that he had been scheduled to start. More after the game…”
    The “impingement” worries me. Probably most or all MLB pitchers have some shoulder tendinitis.

  54. oldbrooklynfan

    Another nice inning from COREY WADE
    The offense look good, most of the guys looked very selective at the plate, some nice ABs.

    Way back in Brooklyn, long before the Big Red Machine, the Reds were known, for a time, as “Our Cincy cousins”. These last 5 games with them brought back the memory.


    hey guys, i went to workout so i could watch the game while on a machine, instead of at my computer in my office.. so trying to catch up:

    enchanted – you weren’t actually trying to imply that conte might be incompetent? *GASP*

    westernmost – that quote about McDonald was not from me, it was from the press enterprise, and based on what you said, it was obviously a hunch that was wrong..

    and about pulling Lowe early.. i don’t think it was so much about how much he pitched last game, but rather how much he might have to pitch in the near future. obviously, with no idea what’s going on with kuroda, they might need to bring lowe back on short rest if they don’t have any legit options, so i think joe trusted the bullpen to close this game. which they did…

  56. porklinks

    sara – yes, I knew that was a quote, just wanted to get the info out there.
    Jonathan Meloan starting for Vegas tonight, so it won’t be him for Saturday either. I’m guessing Saturday is going to be pitched by folks on the current staff. Maybe Chad on 3 days rest followed by Kuo, then Lowe on Sunday also 3 days rest. Monday is an off day.


    i think park is an option for saturday, possibly with kuo backing him up..

  58. junkyardjamie

    It is very nice to come home and know the Dodgers did a fabulous job!!! I see Andre did very well tonight (about time!), and James had a great day as usual lately, and I guess I have to give credit to Mr. Pierre once again – this really hurts you know 🙂 Oh, and enchanted, I want to be part of the I hate Berroa club – thank you!!! LOL!!


    I think somebody got my password or something because there are posts on the last thread that aren’t mine…

  60. enchantedbeaver

    Didn’t sound like you swood. Change your password if you haven’t already and it should eliminate the problem.

  61. porklinks

    Diamond Leung:
    “Hiroki Kuroda could very well be headed to the disabled list, but in the meantime, Chan Ho Park will get the start on Saturday. If Kuroda does need to go on the DL, a reliever will be called up to take his place.”
    Wasn’t Park just recently talking about having pain, then got raked?

  62. junkyardjamie

    enchanted – I thought that too about swood. I had asked about college because that is one of the things swood talks about – coming out to california to go to school, and the question was never answered. It didn’t seem like the normal things swood would say.
    westernmost – another pitcher biting the dust so to speak is definitely not a good thing – like this team needs any more set backs. They need all the positives they can get.


    Inspiring Second Win In A Row 6 To 1 Victory By Our Super Beloved Over The Cincinnati Reds. Victory B

  64. junkyardjamie

    ndeschenes – that’s it? (jk) At least we heard from you; that means the Dodger’s won and that is what counts. Have a wonderful evening, and hopefully they will make it three in a row tomorrow. 🙂

  65. oldbrooklynfan

    JOEY ROCK 27
    We called the Reds “our Cincy cousins” because we use to beat them most of the times.
    They probably were the the team we beat the most.

  66. junkyardjamie

    I am assuming it is a tease for what’s to come – maybe?
    How are you? My husband and I were just talking about your 72 chevelle. I was explaining the upcoming car show in your area.
    just finished watching the game on – had to go to michael’s baseball game, and I was reading how well the Dodgers did so I came home to watch the archived version – nice win, and it was great to see our young guys do well, and I even have to give credit to JP.

  67. junkyardjamie

    Thanks PierreEW – even though Joey asked the question, I was hoping you or one of our other historians would have answered it. Great win tonight, and it took a little of everybody tonight – vets and kids.

  68. dodgereric

    I’m fine. My son and I just finished assembling his flagpole. It’s ready for installation, hopefully in a couple of weeks.

    You know, I’ve always said that I didn’t mind Pierre at all. Only two problems. 1 – Not leading off. 2 – Not if it puts Ethier or Kemp on the bench.

    Did your boy pitch today?

  69. junkyardjamie

    Awesome song BTW – eric! I mentioned this up above earlier, but it had me in stitches during Michael’s game. My daughter knew by the reaction it was about Pierre (she’s his #1 fan you know).


    Inspiring Second Win in A Row 6 To 1 Victory By Our Super Beloved Los Angeles Dodgers Over the Cincinnati Reds! Super Gutsy Championship Pitcher Derek Lowe comes through Big Time With a World Series Type Performance Type allowing just 3 Hits, 6 Strikeouts, and only 1 run! We can always count on Derek!Hong-Chih Kou was simply Super with 4 strikeouts and no runs allowed in 2 2/3 innings pitched! Super Hero Reliable Cory Wade closed the game in Super Fashion! Super Hero, The Tower Of Power, was absolutely Sensational with his 2 for 3 Performance At The Plate, With his Orbit Blast Home Run, 2 RBI’S and Run Scored! Speaking of Sensational, Super Hero was just that, with his 3 for 4 At The Plate, 1 Run Scored and 1 RBI! Super Hero Gritty Juan Pierre was magnificent with his Triple, 2 Hits, 1 Run Scored and 2 RBI’s!. All the rest of our Los Angeles Dodgers were Super Heroes, including all the Coaches,Management and Fans! Oh How Happy we were The Day We Became Los Angeles Dodger Fans! Our Happiness Will Be Full When Our Beloved Los Angeles Dodgers Will Be Crowned World Series Champions In This Wonderful, Super Year 2008 A.D!


    Of Course that was Super Hero Andre Ethier with His Three Important Hits Tonight! DNelson & Dodgereric have Yourselves A Super Rest of the Night!

  72. junkyardjamie

    That’s great about the flag pole. Today he played with the JV team and pitched 2 innings (did well), and then he played some first base and left field believe it or not (he has a much better arm than Pierre) – tomorrow he’s going to Modesto to play with the varsity squad and then again on Saturday. He is scheduled to pitch Saturday for the varsity. Today was more like a bullpen for him. He pitched 8 innings last weekend – 2 friday as closer and 6 Saturday as starter. He’s doing very well in all aspects of his game right now. He went 2 for 3 batting today as well.
    As far as Pierre, both he and Andre had a good night so when it comes down to who should be in left field when Andruw comes back, it should be Andre based on his defense, but as long as there is perceived need to have him as lead off, there’s not much Andre is going to be able to do. Andre seems to be okay with whats going on so far and we can only hope it all works out in the end for all 5 of them (DY is in there somewhere, too). Everything I have read about Andre, he will get through this just like he has with everything else that has been dealt to him since being part of this Dodger organization.

  73. oldbrooklynfan

    The bottom of the 6th was weird.
    After Torre removed Lowe after he struck out J. Cabrera.
    I have to admit it took me by suprise.
    Then when Jay Bruce singled I was stund.
    When Brandon Phillips doubled, I couldn’t believe what I was watching.
    For the moment I hated Torre.
    It almost looked like the game was fixed.
    Nothing happened but it was scary— wasn’t it?

  74. junkyardjamie

    PierreEW – I was able to watch it already knowing the outcome – I couldn’t imagine what the rest of you must have thought. It sure does feel at times we are just being set up to lose the way our team seems to come unglued at the weirdest times, and we have all thought that many times with lineups that have come out – thinking “you have got to be kidding” Nonetheless very impressed with the win today, but we don’t seem to have too many issues with the Reds. We will have to see what happens when we come home to face Grady Sizemore and the Indians.

  75. dodgereric

    I knew you weren’t done with your post, ndeschenes! Probably just inadvertantly hit the go button. Keep it up, like nellie says, a post from you means we go to bed happy!

    That’s great that your boy is doing well, nel! If it was me, I’d be having a little trouble fitting my head through the door!

    I’m not looking forward to Andruw coming back, because we all know that Andre will be sitting down again.

    Thanks for the song kudo. As I said up yonder earlier, I’ve been wanting to do that one since enchanted mentioned Groundhog Day. If I’m not around when the lineups come out, you and anyone else on this board hereby have my permission to reprint the song. It should never be hard to find since he’s never leaving the #1 spot.

    BTW, he had himself a pretty good game today. As long as he reacts like that, I’ll keep slamming him. Fogey is right, if it was Kemp that got picked off third, the headline would read: “Kemp Blunder Prevents Dodgers From Scoring Insurance Run!”

  76. junkyardjamie

    My guess is that Dan Haren knew his former team pretty well. Now each team is even with a shalacking a piece. It will make for an interesting rubber match tomorrow.

  77. junkyardjamie

    Also, eric, if anybody else hit that fly ball it would have been caught because the reds wouldn’t have come in so far. The Reds just assumed too much and came in on Pierre because like we all think – here comes a slap hit at the most. In some ways (not taking credit away from him) it was a lucky hit, but I will take it considering it gave us the insurance runs we needed. and yes, the pick off was sad considering how fast everyone thinks he is.

  78. oldbrooklynfan

    Pierre had blooped a single in the first.
    Than almost did it again in the third but Jay Bruce came in and made a spetacular diving catch.
    That’s when I think they decided to play shallow.
    He grounded out in the fifth.
    But in the 7th he got a hold of one and knocked it over their heads.
    He got picked off because sometimes he gets a little too agressive.

  79. dodgereric

    I used to play a lot of slowpitch softball. I specialized in going the other way. I’d try to hit it down the right field line. Night games put a lot of dew on the grass and most of our fields didn’t have fences. A well-placed, hard-hit ball in that spot would roll forever. One time I turned on one and it flew waaaay over the left fielder’s head. When I got back to the dugout, my pals gave me a ration of you-know-what. “For cryin’ out loud, if you can hit like that why do you always go to right?” I said, “Look, that was a mistake. Even a blind hog will find an acorn once in a while.”

    That shot was Pierre’s acorn for 2008.

  80. selltheteam

    Great two-win streak. I have just one question tonight. Why is Sweeney still taking up one of the 25 spots on the active roster? Surely there is someone else in the Dodger organization who is better able at wielding a bat.

  81. junkyardjamie

    I watched the first inning on the archived version, but I skipped through most of the rest and just touched on the plays that scored runs. Thanks for explanation PierreEW – makes more sense why the reds had moved so far in on him.

  82. dodge1612

    anyone realize that only 34.2% of our payroll for the year is active. that mean 84 million is either on the DL or playing for another team… fire ned already…

  83. junkyardjamie

    Joe must love Sweeney too, like he loves Pierre. However, at least Pierre is earning his keep right now, but it’s the only thing that makes sense when it comes to Sweeney.
    I didn’t watch the entire game, but were there any DY or Andy sightings? That’s really sad that somebody even has to ask that question because that tells you it’s been a real long time since either one of them has played.


    dodgereric, well said. i play a lot of park league softball, and in some coed leagues, guys are allowed to play up to the edge of the grass. most guys will back up at least a bit on girls, unless they are positive the girl can’t hit. they tend to back up on taller girls also. but i’m short. haha. one game, the leftfielder was crowding up on me, barely on the grass, and i rocked it over his head for a triple. i generally hit pretty well, but i usually hit gaps and the only other times i’ve gotten a triple is when an outfielder misplays a hop or something, so it was pretty cool to hit it directly over someone’s head! i know it will probably never happen again, and it’s only because he was playing me so shallow. so i imagine, that’s how it felt for pierre today =)

  85. junkyardjamie

    Good story dodgereric – funny and probably true when it comes to Pierre – one extra base hit added to his ******** 10 for the year. Loney is leading with 25 and Andre and Matt each have 22. Truthfully, I know Matt strikes out alot,but he can get extra base hits and he can steal bases, plus hit homeruns, so why not give him the chance to lead off. I know, I am speaking to the choir. I would have to assume because he is young, Joe thinks he can’t handle that type of pressure and doesn’t approach the plate well enough yet. Wouldn’t you like to be in Joe’s head for one day and really wonder what in the world is he thinking, even during games – what in the world is he thinking.

  86. junkyardjamie

    I have no idea why that word was ********* and I am now not sure what the word was. LOL!!! I think it was supposed to be ******** – hmmmm!!

  87. oldbrooklynfan

    I guess we’re all ball players or former players here.
    Guys & girls.
    I tell you with me, although I was a right handed batter I always hit with more power and distance to right & right center field whether in hardball or softball.
    Whether I was 16 years old or 45.


    i admire that pierres.. i wish i could hit oppo with more power.. i can go the other way, but all my power is as a pull hitter =P

  89. junkyardjamie

    PierreEW – why are you still up? It is 2:15 in the morning for you, not that I should be talking because I do that on occasion too.
    No,I did not play softball – I sucked at it, but I appeciate those of you that can actually play this sport. I have to live vicariously through my son. However, I was a pretty good swimmer (butterfly and long distance) and I didn’t make a bad water polo player either. I still swim to this day, so like those of you that play baseball/softball, it was a sport I was able to take into adulthood pretty easily.

  90. dodgereric

    Crash, the reason that Sweeney is still on the roster is because Rogers Hornsby is dead.

    sara, that’s very cool that you play ball. I never got the chance to play in a co-ed league. I always thought that someday it’d happen, but it never did.

    pierre, that’s funny how that happens. I guess the timing’s just right. You must have liked waiting on the ball a little. I know you could tell that Piazza was on it when he drove that right-center alley. Just take it back where it came from, right?

    nellie, I’m glad to know you’re not a potty-mouth……


    yeah, coed leagues are great to be able to keep playing and stay competitive.. you never got to? can you try to play now? you should, it’s fun =)

  92. dodgereric

    sara, I assume you play slow-pitch. I would go to the cages and learn to wait for a pitch that I thought would hit the far outside corner of the plate. I’d take two strikes in hopes of getting one of those. When it came in, I tried to hit it when it was about a foot from hitting the plate. Step right into it, keep your wrists from turning over and that ball will really take off. Of course, it helps if you dig holes and wrestle jackhammers all day.


    it’s slow-pitch, but high arc. do you know how hard it is waiting for that thing to come down?? i get so impatient when i see a fat pitch! that’s probably why i pull the ball so much.. i can’t wait on it.. haha

  94. junkyardjamie

    eric – I can have a potty mouth when needed. All I was trying to say was ******* (take off the -er and add -ing), and I was trying to be sarcastic 🙂

  95. oldbrooklynfan

    I didn’t always hit to the opposite field, but when I did hit for distance it always seemed to be a ball I hit that way.
    When I pull the ball I generally it line drives or hit it on the ground more often.
    It wasn’t until late in my 40s playing softball in a bar league I realised I was better off not trying to pull the ball.

  96. dodgereric

    Well, got in a lot. Thirteen years worth. I guess the thought of having to recover from my 4th knee surgery is holding me back a little.

    I gave up a lot of that stuff when my kids came along. I was stupid about it before. Three leagues, and then lots of golf, raquetball. I decided that there would be time for all that once their friends became more important than me. No regrets at all. In fact, our company has a weekend tournament every year and this time they’re planning a 45-and-over catagory. I’ve been asked to play and I just might. Scouting might have to take a back seat for a couple of weeks.

  97. junkyardjamie

    Think Burger King sandwich that starts with a “W” and take off the -er and add -ing. It’s really not a bad word at all. is it? I feel like I am playing 20 questions.
    PierreEW – I can’t believe you are still up – what a trooper!


    sorry to hear about your knee dodgereric.. knee surgery is no fun.. but i’m glad you decided to spend time with your kids! what a great dad =)

    i hope you decide to play in that tournament and that you kick butt! haha..

  99. junkyardjamie

    Racquetball – cool!! My husband and I play. I used to play all the time in college and have just recently joined a club that has courts and a swimming, best of both worlds for me.
    You should do the tournament – it would be fun.
    know what you mean giving activities up for kids. My husband and I were very good bowlers for many years, and had to give it up until the kids are gone because we are traveling too much with their sports. Good in the fact that I was able to go to State/National tournaments. Like you said though, seeing the kids succeed is great!!

  100. dodgereric

    sara, one of the leagues I was in was unlimited height. Funny story coming. Like I said before, I would take 2 strikes to wait for my pitch. Once I was 0 – 2 and the third pitch went to the moon. I thought, well, that’s too high. Now I’m 1 – 2 and there’s still a chance for that outside – – wait, this is the unlimited height league and that ball is about to hit the plate so I need to hit it. Bear in mind that anyone striking out in slow pitch is horribly and unmercifially terrorized for the rest of the game. Thankfully I managed a Pierre-like dribbler to second.

    nellie, it’s good to know that you have a potty-mouth when needed! 🙂 Why don’t you try spelling it backwards so we can all see it?

    pierre, were you playing slow-pitch in those days or was it the fast variety?

  101. northstateblues

    Another long night at work. It’s been fun reading the comments, and great to hear from ndeschenes again! Tomorrow’s an early game, so I have a chance at this one. The best part to me is that Lowe got run support, if he got 4 runs of support every start, he’d have a chance to win around 3/4ths of his starts.

    With the news of another unfortunate injury, I have to say it again:


  102. junkyardjamie

    gnippohw – see not a bad word at all!!! I was trying to be sarcastic about JP’s extra base hit stat. Maybe I’m being screened for being a Pierre basher – he’s loved you know.

  103. junkyardjamie

    It’s a 9:35 game for us on the west coast. The game will be over before lunch time. Some of us may not even be up by then. LOL!! That wouldn’t be me, of course!!


    racquetball is really fun! i’ve been getting more and more into it.. i’ve always been a tennis player, but i’ve gotten accustomed to playing with the walls.. and now i can’t get enough.. it obviously helps that my office is located in our campus gym, so we play racquetball and workout everyday.

    i also love golf dodgereric. i used to think i’d never be the type of person to love golf, but there’s just something about it. the grass and trees, and hitting the perfect drive =)

    the leagues i play in have unlimited height as well, and we also start with a 1-1 count. so i can only take one pitch, not too. yup, striking out in softball is not something you ever want to have happen. luckily, i almost always make contact.. haha


    dnelson, i knew that’s what you were trying to say.. especially when you were talking about burger king. haha. i’m surprised that gets bleeped out.

  106. junkyardjamie

    speaking of bleeped – did you read above about swood and that not being him who was posting this afternoon. He said somebody had is password. Made sense – he normally doesn’t talk like that and he is usually talking about going to school out here. enchanted told him to change his password.
    I really like racquetball, but I will play tennis with my sister-in-law when we go see them. I also like golf, but like bowling, finding time is hard. Love to watch it on TV – Tiger was amazing this past weekend, but will suffer for the rest of the season for messing up his knee.


    tiger WAS so amazing. it was truly great to watch. he just has incredible resolve.

    yeah, i read that about swood.. that’s crazy someone was using his name..

  108. dodgereric

    Man, all these conversations at once are cool!

    sara, the last surgery was in ’85 and I played until ’87 when our daughter came along. When we moved to Temecula 7 years later my new neighbors asked me to kick in. I told them that as long as the knee behaved itself and I could maintain plenty of time with my girly, I’d do it. It actually started giving me trouble at work, and I couldn’t quit work so I quit the team as soon as they could replace me. Still feel a little guilty about that. My replacement couldn’t make up his mind whether or not to slide into third in his first game, and hit the bag at full speed. His foot stuck under the base as he flew over it. They told me you could hear the snapping from the first base side. Ugly one. And being with my kids is easily the greatest and hardest thing I’ve ever done. They’re 20 and 16 now and they still like being around me. I don’t remember feeling that way when I was that age.

    nellie, I guess it’s story night. My favorite racquetball story involves my brother-in-law. Well, we weren’t in-laws yet when this story happens. I had been playing it for a couple of months with work pals and I thought I was getting pretty good. Doug was dating my girlfriend’s sister and one day he says, “Eric, I hear you play racquetball. Maybe you and I should play sometime.” I said, “Anytime.” He said, “How about tomorrow night? We could play at my club.” First warning. I played at the local college in Pomona at their outdoor courts. On Sunday, 6AM. I thought he would be no problem. He had this slow serve that would attach itself to the wall. After 3 or 4 of those, he’d get bored because I wasn’t returning any of them, so he’s lob a serve in that I could handle. I’m still trying to figure out how he knew where my shots were going before I did. I still remember the scores. He beat me 21 – 7, 21 – 4 and 21 – 1. Then he pulled a hammy and only beat me 21 – 11. Now, I’m as competitive a guy as anyone I’ve ever met, to my considerable detriment. I was actually sparking, I was so hot. We retired to the whirlpool and he said, “Now you know how I felt on the golf course the other day.” Now, when I play golf, I never care what the other guys shoot, but I guess he did. “So, this was payback then?” He just smiled.

  109. dodgereric

    That’s funny! It didn’t like that word when I did it, either. The second one was with “in’ ” as the suffix, like I was one of Dale Jr’s pitcrew members! 🙂 Look, it printed the apostrophe.

  110. junkyardjamie

    Good stories, both of them. I am all too familiar with those wall shots. My husband puts them just close enough to the wall on the left side back corner, and it’s a point for him 90% of the time. I am still trying to get back to where I was back in college, which will take a while, but I am slowly getting there.
    From what you’ve told me before, I already knew you were a wonderful dad. I didn’t realize the ages though, 16 and 20. Is your daughter still living at home?

  111. dodgereric

    Yep. As long as she’s in school and obeys the house rules. And she does. More or less. 🙂

    I think I love her too much. When she gets married, I’m going to make a total idiot of myself. How much does it cost to rent a wetsuit?

  112. junkyardjamie

    That is too sweet 🙂

    Mariya will be a junior next year so she will hopefully start looking into colleges this coming year, probably JC’s in the area because she will want to play volleyball a couple more years, and right now, her grades are less than desireable, but that can change in the upcoming year.
    I asked about russell because I know sara was watching the game by the blog, and I thought she may have some insight as to why he struggled tonight (unlike him). Andre finally had a very good night. I wasn’t too sure about him being in the 7 spot, but he is one that can be productive most anywhere in the lineup, and he can increase his RBI numbers if he continues to get his base hits and doubles, knowing that at least one out of three before him should be on base (Russell, James and Matt).

  113. dodgereric

    So, let me understand something. You play racquetball with your husband and HE BEATS YOU? Boy, he must be very secure with the state of your marriage! Just a joke, OK?

    Regarding college, I keep telling myself that college is not for everyone and everyone is different and try not to be unforgiving and upset if it doesn’t happen for them, but it’s scary to think one of them may not finish.

    Our daughter is Madeline. She’s leaning hard towards nursing right now. It had been teaching for a long time, but she’s a little disillusioned the way things are in California. One of her aunts is an elementary school teacher and she’s having a bit of a hard time right now.

  114. dodgereric

    Nellie, I’d like to stay up later and keep this rolling, but I’m not gonna. Catch you later in the morning. ‘Night.

  115. enchantedbeaver

    Torre about Jeff Kent:

    “You talk about a professional hitter,” manager Joe Torre said. “The game really slows down for him, because he has such good at-bats. I don’t care what his batting average is or what his numbers are — when he gets up in situations, he has a pretty good plan.”

    Yeah, nice K with nobody out and a runner at second. Nice first pitch hacks the other day too. As I recall he saw 4 pitches in 3 ABs. Torre only remembers what Torre wants to remember about Kent and all the other veterans, which are all the good things. All he cherry picks to remember about the kids are the bad things they do.

    Is it any wonder why then why we don’t see DY and LaRoche, and when ‘Druw comes back Matt or Dre will sit?

  116. enchantedbeaver

    OK, back to the classic country charts. Another duet for Frank and Ned to Louisiana Woman Mississippi Man:

    (Both alternating)
    Oh Massachusetts Owner San Francisco man we got together to hatch a plan
    The L.A. Dodgers we’re gonna take apart
    There’s too much Gnats in the San Francisco heart, too much Sox in this Massachusetts heart
    See the free agents just a waitin’ nearby sooner or later they know we’re gonna try
    When one signs on the line don’t you know I know
    It’s costs me some dollars but its feedin’ my ego
    With a San Francisco man standin’ right by my side
    In the state of Californy I’m gonna swell with pride
    (Both alternating)
    Oh Massachusetts Owner San Francisco man we got together to hatch a plan
    The L.A. Dodgers we’re gonna take apart
    There’s too much Gnats in the San Francisco heart, too much Sox in this Massachusetts heart
    Well I dreamed about G emmin’, but never thought I would
    But the man from Massachusetts said I should
    When he tolds me that I could run his team, I thought to myself it sounded pretty keen
    So I gots me a plan that’s the way to go
    Gonna get me a swarm of PVLs sure to blow
    (Both alternating)
    Oh Massachusetts Owner San Francisco man we got together to hatch a plan
    The L.A. Dodgers we’re gonna take apart
    There’s too much Gnats in the San Francisco heart, too much Sox in this Massachusetts heart
    Well Chaves Ravine itsa one mile wide and I gotta get me some condos going on each side
    San Francisco man is what makes us go, gets me all kindsa players to look purdy in the show
    Pretty soon we’ll be aplayin’ Sweet Caroline don’t you know
    (both alternating)
    Cuz’ There’s too much Gnats in the San Francisco heart, too much Sox in this Massachusetts heart
    (Both alternating)
    Hey Massachusetts Owner, San Francisco man we got together to hatch a plan
    The L.A. Dodgers we’re gonna take apart
    There’s too much Gnats in the San Francisco heart, too much Sox in this Massachusetts heart.

  117. junkyardjamie

    Good Morning, Enchanted,
    I see we are on a nice little roll first thing this morning. BTW – fabulous, like always 🙂
    dodgereric – no problem – lol!! – I must have fallen asleep and just got your post this morning. Your children sound great too, but I’m sure that is because of the fact that you are a wonderful dad. The pastor at our church always says that if teenage children and their friends want to spend time at your house or with you, then it is a good problem to have. I think about that statement everytime their is a full house of teenagers here, or they just happen to want to sit next to us during ball games or like the other night when Mariya was asking about all the classic rock music – it means they care about your opinions and such. It sounds like you have very similar situations at your house, and it sounds like maybe we are doing it right so far – yes?

  118. junkyardjamie

    Good Morning, Dodger Blue Fans
    It’s morning music time. The Dodgers have a 9:35 game PST so those of us on the west coast get to enjoy baseball for breakfast and brunch 🙂

    Song: “Dodger Fans Looking in the Outfield”
    Original Song: “Everybody’s Working for the Weekend”
    *****by Loverboy
    Dodger Fans watching, to see what Juan will do
    Dodger Fans looking at Juan, oh
    Dodger Fans knowing Juan’ll always come out tonight
    Dodger Fans trying to see it right, see it right
    Dodger Fans looking in the outfield
    Dodger Fans want Dre’, Matt and Delwyn
    Dodger Fans going off the deep end
    Dodger Fans yelling give youth a chance
    Fans want Andre to start
    He was better right from the start
    Young needs to be in the show
    Come on Torre, let’s go
    Dodger Fans looking to see if it’s Phew
    Dodger Fans don’t want it to be true
    Dodger Fans hoping it’ll all work out
    Dodger Fans waiting, they’re holding out
    Dodger Fans looking in the outfield
    Dodger Fans want Dre’, Matt and Delwyn
    Dodger Fans are going off the deep end
    Dodger Fans yelling give youth a chance, oh
    Fans want Andre to start
    He was better right from the start
    Young needs to be in the show
    Come on Torre, let’s go
    ***guitar break***
    Fans want Andre to start
    He was better right from the start
    Young needs to be in the show
    Come on Torre, let’s go

  119. junkyardjamie

    “You talk about a professional hitter,” manager Joe Torre said. “The game really slows down for him, because he has such good at-bats. I don’t care what his batting average is or what his numbers are — when he gets up in situations, he has a pretty good plan.”

    The above statement came from an article from our homepage about our vet , Jeff Kent.

  120. junkyardjamie

    Thursday was the seven-year anniversary of outfielder Juan Pierre’s first Major League home run, which came off the Dodgers Jose Lima against the Astros in Houston. … Right fielder Andre Ethier recorded his seventh three-hit game of the season on Wednesday.
    This statement came from the Jeff Kent article too. When was the last time Pierre hit a home run? Why is that not mentioned – hmmmmm! Nice to see Andre getting some kudos, even if it’s the last line of the story.

  121. enchantedbeaver

    Morning Nells – looks like we’re starting to think alike also – checkout my post above my song – LOL

    Good song BTW.

  122. junkyardjamie

    Enchanted – I know we kids about Torre not liking the young players, but it really feels like there is nothing they can do that will change his way of thinking about how vets play compared to the young kids. Like you said last night with the pick off that Pierre had. If it would have been Matt, the story would have been told in an entirely different way. Same thing here with first hit pitches and low pitch counts, if that would have been one of the young players having done that

  123. junkyardjamie

    sorry – posted early for some reason and I didn’t get to finish.
    If that would have been one of the young players doing that, the story would have been slanted in a negative way.

  124. dodgereric

    “You talk about a professional hitter,” manager Joe Torre said………

    I knew this quote was reminding me of something. I watched The Outlaw Josey Wales” over the weekend:

    Senator: There’s a saying, Fletcher: To the victor belongs the spoils.
    Fletcher: There’s another saying, Senator: Don’t piss down my back and tell me it’s raining.

  125. enchantedbeaver

    Love the headline to that Kent story brought to us by the Dodger’s homepage propaganda network:

    “Kent hopes to carry Dodgers to sweep.” Two things:

    Uh, Jeffy probably won’t even be playing today seeing as how its a day game after a night game.
    Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t Loney carrying the team just as much?

    Its really sickening how they keep trying to shove the vets down our throats. Here’s somemore headlines they can use:

    “Sweeney sacrafices self by PHing so others can rest.”
    “Penny pitches through pain for good of the team.” Oh wait, that one was true…
    “JP saves further embarrassing opponent by getting picked off third.”
    “Berroa picks up where Hu left off.” Oh wait, that one’s true too.

    Its like putting lipstick on a pig to purdy it up.

  126. junkyardjamie

    LMAO at 7:30 in the morning – enchanted, you can’t say it any better 🙂
    good morning dodgereric 🙂

  127. enchantedbeaver

    The only good thing about all the injuries is that its giving Torre less and less vets to be able to play. If Sweeney goes away and Kent gets traded, we’ll probably be seeing JoJo having panic attacks in the dugout.

  128. dodgereric

    First off, nice songs nellie and e! It’s always a great way to start the day.

    And speaking of starting the day, I’ve been starting my days at work by playing this for everyone in the office to hear:

    Then I play this:

    Great quotes, E! I’ve been wondering ever since he said it, how in Dodger Blue blazes is Penny “helping the team by pitching through pain” when he gives up 7 earned runs in 3 and 2/3rds innings? How has he helped? Who couldn’t have pitched that ‘well’?

  129. junkyardjamie

    Eric – Are you thinking about Robin Williams again in movie “Good Morning Vietnam”?
    I’m sure he has had a few panic attacks already just thinking about losing another starting pitcher. LOL!! I wouldn’ be surprised if he has panic attacks everytime one of the young players actually has a good game because all he and Ned are thinking is how are we going to make Kent, Pierre and Sweeney look good in the news.
    Even listening to broadcasters – it seems like they are being paid to say all these wonderful things about our vets and they have never once talked about them struggling during this season. And if they are having a bad game, the broadcasters will revert back to their career stats so the novice fan will not hear about how crappy they are playing this season. You never hear them say that Jeff Kent is second on the team in GDPs, but they mention it every time Loney comes up to bat about him being first. Pierre leads the team in ground outs, but Matt’s strikeouts are always an issue. Too many double standards when it comes to the vets and the “young guns”

  130. junkyardjamie

    first video – very cute girls, It always gives me goosebumps when kids (and some adults) sing the National Anthem 🙂
    second video – too funny!!!

  131. junkyardjamie

    One thing I do do with the National Anthem and the song “God Bless America”, I teach my students how to do it in sign language. No, I don’t do sign language all the time,but I have been to several workshops on it,and everytime I go, they teach new songs. I have been trying to take an actual class, but the times never fit my schedule. So, I go to the workshops, and I pick up a little every time I go. I use sign language as a classroom management tool too. It keeps the classroom nice and quiet when done right. I don’t hear shouting “Can I go to the bathroom” and “ooooh!!!! I know that answer!!”, etc.
    Yes, so far I can still use God in the classroom. All the first grade classes did a Patriotic Assembly back in February and we focused on the branches of the military. Our students learned all four military songs ( and other songs) and then they sang “God Bless America” and “God Bless the U.S.A” at the end – talk about a tear jerker assembly – wow!!

  132. dodgereric

    Yep, I’m thinkin’ Robin alright!

    nellie, isn’t it funny how this site will let you say ‘piss’ or ‘****’ or some of the junk that the fake swood managed to get through, but you have to use your imagination to make your word from last night offensive.

  133. junkyardjamie

    That was pretty funny last night with that simple word. I wonder if Burger King knows there famous sandwich is blocked from blogging sites such as ITD – LOL!!!

  134. junkyardjamie

    Yes, i guess it is because it showed up just fine, but try and say ******* (Burger King’s hamburger) and it gets the astericks – hmmmm!!!

  135. dodgereric

    Whoops, I could have sworn I’ve seen that one get through. Sorry.

    I love to hear our National Anthem done right. It will always give me goosebumps. One of my favorites was done by a guy who used to sing the Anthem at LA Kings games occasionally. His name escapes me, but he played The Phantom in The Phantom of the Opera in LA when I saw it years ago. It wasn’t Michael Crawford, it was a guy who came after him. I heard him sing our Anthem and O, Canada several times and it always gave me chills.

    Although God Bless America has been done very well by a lot of people, I don’t think you can beat Kate Smith’s version.

    And if you’re talkin’ America the Beautiful, I want Ray Charles.

  136. dodgereric

    I know that God in the classroom is a sensitive subject and I thought that it was completely taboo in public schools these days. I know that they had to start calling it Spring Break and Winter Break down here. But my best friend for the last 45 years is a middle school science teacher who is quite passionate about his religion and says he uses it all the time, as long as it’s framed correctly.

  137. junkyardjamie

    Definitely Ray Charles, and Celine Dion does a nice job with God Bless America too. The National Anthem – I think I have seen more bad than good, and the good ones are escaping me (as far as adults). I don’t think you could ever go wrong having kids sing it as long as they know the words. I can tell a person has done a good job singing it if it gives me goosebumps – I have even been known to cry on occasion hearing some of these songs when done right.
    I saw Phantom back in 1990, but in San Francisco – probably not the same guy that you saw.

  138. oldbrooklynfan

    You people weren’t up all night were you?
    I played baseball in my younger days and slow-pitch soft ball.
    I once played arc ball and I’d prefer slow pitch.
    I never faced a fast pitch soft ball pitcher.
    I heard it’s pretty tough.

  139. junkyardjamie

    You were up pretty late yourself Pierre EW, considering you are 3 hours ahead of us. 1 am is early for those of us on the west coast. LOL!!
    eric – God can still be used in our classroom so far. I try, delicately, to find out if they go to church. I usually talk about myself first, and then go from there. If I find most do go to church (this year most did), then that kind of drives my holiday stuff. I have had, on occasion, some years where I had to completely change curriculum for one child because of that issue. However, our district policy says we just have to modify for that child. So, for example, 19 kids in my class can do Christmas activities, and the other child I would have to find alternative activities for. I am one of those teachers that has no problem doing that, but some teachers don’t like changing plans like that.

  140. dodgereric

    Looks like we have a lineup:

    Pierre LF
    DeWitt 3B
    Kent 2B
    Martin C
    Loney 1B
    Kemp CF
    Ethier RF
    Berroa SS
    Stults P

    Joe: They say we’re old and we can’t see
    Anything good about walks or OBP.
    Juan: Well I don’t care if all that’s true
    ‘Cause you got me, and baby I got you

    Juan: Babe
    Both: I got you babe I got you babe

    Joe: They say our love won’t win no games
    But I don’t care if we go down in flames.
    Juan: I guess that’s so, I don’t care either
    as long as I get to start instead of Ethier

    Juan: Babe
    Both: I got you babe I got you babe

    Juan: I got 8….point 8 mil, and I put you…. in my will.
    Joe: And when I’m sad, you’re a clown
    And if I get scared, you’re always around
    Joe: So let them say your hat’s too big
    ‘Cause I don’t care, let them call me pig
    Juan: Then put your little hand in mine
    There ain’t no hill or mountain we can’t climb

    Juan: Babe
    Both: I got you babe I got you babe

    Juan: I got you to write my name
    Joe: I got you to lead the game
    Juan: I got you to pull up my socks
    Joe: I got you to take me on walks

    Both: I got you babe

  141. oldbrooklynfan

    I’m only on at this time because of the game, Nelly.
    I generally don’t use my computer until I make sure I do everything else I have to do first before I come online.
    That’s usually around 7:00PM my time and that’s only to see if there is a lineup.
    Then I go out for a few hours if it’s a 10:00 or 10:40 Start.

  142. porklinks

    Can this be right? Two days in a row, exactly the same lineup (other than the pitcher)?
    Pierre, LF
    DeWitt, 3B
    Kent, 2B
    Martin, C
    Loney, 1B
    Kemp, CF
    Ethier, RF
    Berroa, SS
    Stults, P
    Torre not pulling the automatic “day game after night game” rest move? Shocking.

  143. porklinks

    Tony Jackson’s blog on why DLowe came out when he did:
    “…the reason D-Lowe was yanked with a 4-1 lead with one out in the sixth and after just 85 pitches was because he threw 121 his last time out and because being moved up a day messed with his between-starts routine (even though he was pitching on normal rest). Derek had done his lower-body workout on Tuesday, before he was told he was pitching. He normally does that TWO days before he pitches.”

  144. enchantedbeaver

    What?? Jeffy gonna take one for the team and play a day game after a night game?? That’ll probably put him out of action for 2-3 weeks.

    Fogey – gotta wonder what “lower body workout” means for DLowe 🙂

  145. junkyardjamie

    Great inning for Kent and Russell – what happened to Pierre -first pitch hitting, oh my goodness – shame on him 🙂


    I will try and keep this brief as their is so much to beef about this mess of a management and ownership team. They are certainly not the class of the league! With that said, does Proctor have nude or incriminating photos of Torre? I say this because I cannot understand why Torre continues to march Proctor out there game after game when he continues to give up inherited runners at an alarming rate! Even worse, when Proctor comes in with NO runners on, he quickly turns the game into a run away! I realize they go back to their Yankee days. Yet, Proctor should not even be on a major league roster anymore. We should have won last nights game 4-3 in regulation. We need a coach with a little bit of life & energy, a sense of urgency and at least some sense of reality! Torre should be put out to pasture much like that revolving door of retreads the ‘good ol boys’ league continues to hang onto!

  147. Danial

    Hi, i think that i saw you visited my site so i came to “return the favor”.
    I’m trying to find things to enhance my site!I suppose its ok to use some of your ideas!!

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