Another Martin in the mix…

With our first round pick, the Dodgers took right-handed pitcher Ethan Martin…who not only had nearly two strikeouts an inning and a 0.99 ERA in high school, but he hit over .500 as a third baseman. If you like that sort of thing…

if you want to watch while they go off the board, check out the live draft caster.

More on draft day to follow later in the day.


More Ethan Martin info here:

Gotcha Eric. LOL

It will be interesting to see what they do with him. He sounds as if he pitching, but we need a bat. I can only imagine what it must be like to be that talented…God bless these kids.

Dnel how did your son do last night? Keep us updated so we can follow his progress….Maybe start his 1st fan club!

TD, sec 7 row E tonight…I’ll be the one cheering for Pierre…

To do what?

to go Juan for 4 I suppose.

Yeah, with a CS!!! LOL, scott!!!

Looks like we can forget about Martin Jr being a masher.

You can never have too much pitching.

I agree JHall, but it would be nice to draft a masher every once in a while.

To get a ball out of the infield!

“You can never have too much pitching.”

Especially if your trainer is Stan Conte.

Hello folks – back from vacation, and just in time for the draft. If Logan White says Ethan Martin is the man, who am I to question him?
As for the current offensive woes, this too shall pass, but starting JP, Hu, AND Maza in the same lineup has got to stop. DY needs to make some of the those Kent’s-day-off starts (live with the mediocre fielding). Or call up LaRoche (if his thumb is 100%) and send down Hu to play every day. LaRoche can spell DeWitt or perhaps Loney against LHP, and maybe those Kent’s-day-off starts too. Hu still needs the AAA work; LaRoche does not.
-the poster formerly known as old_fogey_la.

scott, LOL

Found this linked on another blog: Ethan Martin swing gif.
-the poster formerly known as old_fogey_la

That is a nice swing….make him a 3B please….I trust you Logan but holy cow we need hitting!!!!!

That is classic Scott!!!

LOL Scott. So true. Hey Fogey. Welcome back.


great name old fogey!

Also, good points and logic regarding using LaRoche. But who listens to logic in this organization these days until it’s too late?

Looking forward to that Martin2Martin battery in 2 – 4 years.

There are good hitting prospects in the minors, but they are mostly a ways away from the majors still – e.g., Lucas May, Andrew Lambo, Austin Gallagher, Josh Bell.
jhall, scott: thanks, and glad to be back.
-the poster formerly known as old_fogey_la

A reminder of exactly how inexact this scouting/drafting thing is:

thanks eric, that’s something else.

old fogey, I’m not sure exactly how far away from the bigs any of those guys really are. The same people were saying that there’s no way Blake was ready for the Show. It looks like he is.

May want to call them up one at a time and see what they can do for a couple of weeks. What have we got to lose?

eric – Lucas May is the only guy of those four that is even as high as AA. Lambo and Gallagher are still 19, and young for the leagues they are in (A and A+, respectively). And what there is to lose is a valuable option year. Edwin Jackson, for example, was out of them.

Ethan Martin hit .500 huh…Can he suit up and play tonight? With the way our offense is playing we are going to need all the help we can get!

I see an infield of DeWitt, Furcal, LaRoche and Loney next year.

Hu is just too weak to replace Raffy or Kent.

ESPN says that Kemp will start serving his suspension tonight.

I’m going to the game tonite, sitting in the All-You-Can-Eat RFP. For all those Ethier fans (myself included, I just saw this nice article on Ethier and what a great guy he seems to be. I would just be thrilled to meet him. Hey, I’m sitting in the RFP; hopefully he’ll be prowling LF tonite!

Actually, I meant hopefully Andre will be prowling RF tonite!

If you check out the Dining With Dre blog, it looks like Josh posted today’s lineup there.

Thx for the heads-up about the lineup. I was wondering when it was going to be posted. At least Andre is prowling in RF and Matt is appealing his suspension so he can play tonite. I just hope it doesn’t become a distraction to him and everyone else. (God knows that the Dodgers don’t need anything else cluttering up their heads besides playing baseball and HITTING!)

Go Chad!
Go Dodgers!

Looke like we can add this one to Neds breat moves:
Mark Sweeney for Travis Denker the prospect from Inland Empire. The Giants brought him up a few weeks ago and he has put up decent numbers. .353, 1 HR, 3 RBI

Bison got a 4 game suspension for that?!!!! and Torrelaba got 3?!!!! BS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I thought that’s how much Kemp would’ve got if he leveled him, which he could’ve done easily.

cpompe – thanks for the article on Andre. Can’t wait to see what his blog has to say. You kind of wonder if he reads this one. I he does and knows how most of us are rooting for him in this outfield battle.
I got a text about Kemp in my training today. I haven’t read the posts from previous thread, but I will assume you have talked about it. Not too sure why he got more days, but I would have to think because of him shoving first – hmmm
oldfogey/westernmost – welcome back from vacation

I knew there was reason I like Andre so much, and not just because he can play baseball (and pretty cute, if I might add), but his love of food and dining. My husband and I own a kitchenware store called Nelson’s Nook – “Gifts for the Chef.” Another thing we have in common is that at my church, I am on the missions team who work closely with our homeless population. Andre is a very cool dude!!!!

Sounds like you and Andre are both class acts Nelly. Of Course I already knew that. GO ANDRE, GO DODGERS!!!!

New thread with lineup up top.

Hey, jhall!! I reposted on new thread – thanks!!

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