Tired? Who's tired?

I’m sure that there will be plenty said about what time the team arrived home in Los Angeles so for the record, I think we touched down at 4:30 a.m. But, I think there’s only one person who gets to say they’re tired in the world today and that’s this guy.

He left his house on foot this morning at 7 a.m. in Granada Hills and arrived here at Dodger Stadium at about 4 p.m. Why, you might ask? To help raise money for Mattel Children’s Hospital, where his kid has received treatment for autism.

So, here’s to Gary Wolber for putting things into perspective for today, at least for me. And here’s to starting off the homestand with a victory…we definitely need one.

Pierre, LF

Kemp, CF

Ethier, RF

Kent, 2B

Loney, 1B

DeWitt, 3B

Ardoin, C

Hu, SS

Lowe, P

P.S. Don’t forget about Joe Beimel chatting online with you guys tomorrow at 2 p.m. PT


HU? has the first post? Let’s hope for a win tonight!

Where the hell is Russ? Put him at 3rd at least!

If Jay Bruce has another nice game tonight he may have more extra base hits for the year in 25ABs than Jeff Kent has all year.

Scurtis – It was said yesterday that Martin was getting a day off today.

Jungar – That’s sad huh ? Kent should retire and go back to his ranch in Texas and ride his bikes.

Last night’s game at Shea went along just about the way it was expected, except I was suprised that Kurada got knocked out early by the Mets AGAIN.
It was another rough night for the Dodgers as they couldn’t
handle Johan Santana.
I and some other Dodger fans tried to cheer them on.
Mostly to show them that we were there.
Kuo had another good outing.
It’s a young team overall and are still learning.
Don’t give up on them, they will join the competition.
I hope they take advantage of the Rockies, the way they’re playing lately, only I hope the Rox aren’t glad to see them.

Not a bad lineup if it has to be without Russell. However, I could’ve lived with Pierre having the day off instead. I mentioned this before, but he is the only one on the starting lineup that has not had a day off since Furcal has been out (and really since the Ethier benching back in April ). Hmmm – makes you wonder if something is up?

Welcome back! It did make us feel better knowing you were there giving the Dodgers moral support if nothing else, and I am totally jealous you got to meet Andre. I am glad to hear he is as good of a guy as he appears to be.

That’s cool, I just figured his rest would come on the Wednesday day game or Saturday’s day game, but that’s cool.

I waited until the new thread was posted to show a list of Dodger free agent signings over the years. It’s horribly long, but at least it’s at the end of the last thread, not this one. What do you think? Other than the obvious that I apparently have no life.

eric – OMG!! That is one long-a**ed list. Great information, however. Out of the 2007 signings, the only one I remember is Hillenbrand (where the h*ll are the other three right now?)
I think you made your point – Ned, stick with the kids.

Wow Eric. Good job. Sure is alot of crap on there. Yep Ned, stick with the kids. Odds of hitting the mother lode with free agents is very low.

PierresEW… you met andre? I went to college with him for 2 years… still keep in contact with him too, great guy.

Too cool PierreEW.

Eric, I am not sure how you even came up with 15 “A” signings. Gibson, Brett Butler and Micky Hatcher come to mind as players who made a big difference, and maybe Jay Johnstone because he was such a funny guy. I might say I could have gone a long time without seeing the names Don Stanhouse and Dave Goltz remind me of the risks of signing free agents.

the dodgers should get matt holliday the rockies are looking to trade him trade eithier and we have kemp, jones, and holliday in the outfield that would give us some serious pop

It’s time for Dodger Baseball!!! C’mon Lowe!! Stop the bleeding.


Okay guys let’s win this one.

Let’s score some runs.

So much for lead-off – come on Matt, you be lead-off

I vote Matt lead-off!!!

4 TO 3 Brewers

Way to put the ball in play Andre and get that run in – nice job!!!
Way to go Kent!!!

Way to go old man. Show’em how its done Jeffy. LOL

Nice to see Kent back in the HR column!!

K_E_N_T we need this man.

Go Brewers, put the sausage to the snakes.

Dodger Dog would be heaven right now!!!

What a break. Hu needed that.

Totally sweet. Good job Lowe.

Nice Squeez by LOWE

PIERRE is playing well IMO

Go Phew, lay some stink on them.

dodge 16
Ethier is a real nice guy.

Snakes take the sausage 4 to 3.

I’m looking to go out to the stadium on Friday with my wife, my brother and his wife. They want to see Kuroda pitch since my sister-in-law is Japanese. Any recommendations on a website other than dodgers.com to get tickets?


Nice jhall! Go Andre!


Ethier becomes the 5th Dodger to have at least 5HRs.
Kent took the lead back with 6

Is take the sausage good?

Yep Jeg, good for us. The Brewers bent them over tonight. LOL.

What team does this sound like: trailing by a run in the top of the ninth, team loads bases with one out…only to have next two batters pop to short and strike out looking. Dodgers, you say? D-backs…tonight. Happens to everybody, gang. HAVE PATIENCE WITH THE KIDS!!!

Is Lowe at a good pitch count?

“Snakes take the sausage 4 to 3”

jhall, you kill me!™

LOL Eric!!!

Make them pay for the walk Ardoin!

L_O_N_E_Y leads team with 32 RBI.

Our infield has 21 HRs, that’s with Furcal at SS.

Looks like Lowe is going for another gem here.
He might even WIN.

We’ve also had good luck buying tickets on Ebay.

Another 7 inning gem for LOWE, will he make it 8.

KEMP Baby!


Kemp’s on fire. Should bat him leadoff. I think he would be a good leadoff hitter.

M A T T Y.

That was one of the worst rundowns I’ve ever seen. They literally didn’t care if the run scored.

Don’t tell the Dodgers that Lowe is ptching, they probably don’t know since they have 8 runs.

I’m pretty sure this is the second time Derek has pitched 8
Kuroda has one.
No one has gone beyound that

Attention!!!!! Sweeney has his average above the Sweeney line!!!!!! Now 5-for-44 = .114!!!!!!!

Anyone notice that since the last few days there was talk of trading Lowe and Kent, and DFA Sweeney, Lowe pitches well, kent hits a homerun, and Sweeney hit a double?

Leadoff Hitter:

“Leadoff hitters must possess certain traits to be successful: they must reach base at a proficient on-base percentage rate and be able to steal bases. However, sabermetric analysis has indicated that stolen bases is often an overrated quality of leadoff hitters.”

Dodgers with better OBP than Juan Pierre (.351):
Rafael Furcal .448
Russell Martin .429
Andre Ethier .368
Blake DeWitt .364
Matt Kemp .361

I’m just sayin’……….

LOL Eric.. He’s on fire man.

perumike, they say that if you put a monkey in front of a typewriter, he will eventually write a complete sentence.

Sweeney always seem to produce when we have a lead lol.

Is Proctor a waste or what? What a joke he is.

Lose some, win some.
It’s good to see the boys support Derek Lowe.

Alright!! Nice win. Way to go team. Kemper, star of the game.

Ha ha ha ha ha!!! Eric is on tonight! Hey, did anyone else notice that when Vin was signing off, and we were seeing Ethier and Kemp do their “jump and bump”, that Vin giggled just a little bit? He has to enjoy watching these young guys play with such youthful zeal.

Proctor is useful when the gap is 7+ runs and there is no more than 1 inning left. Dodgers are once again only 3 1/2 games out of first place!

I smell a big winning streak.

Have to admit I spent the last few innings watching the triple overtime in Detroit. As a Kings fan I haven’t watched a lot of hockey the last few years. So hey, at least the Dodgers are fun to watch and have a chance to win every night! FYI, Penguins stay alive.

actually I predict the dodgers will be in first place in the next two weeks… every time my freind goes out of the united states the dodgers get hot… a couple years ago when they won 20 of 22 or something like that… she went to south africa… she is out of the country till august first… were gonna be a dang good team for a good two months now.

So I’m definitely going to the game Friday, and will be sitting right above the press box, and will be getting there very early. Does anyone know how it works as far as going down to the field level during batting practice? What gate is the best to enter?

Hey dodge, what’ll it take to keep your friend out of the States until November? 🙂

I don’t know eric but if the dodgers are killing everyone when she comes back ill drive her to mexico myself… and keep her there till after the world series

perumike, I don’t know what it’s like anymore, and I don’t know where you’re coming from, but I used to go in via the Elysian Park entrance on the west side of the park. I would take the 101 Fwy to Grand, go north 100 yds, make a left on Sunset and turn right at Elysian Park Ave.

LOL dodge!!!!

Thanks eric!

Nite all, see you tomorrow!

Phenomenal 8 To 2 Victory over by by Our Beloved Los Angeles Dodgers over the Colorado Rockies. Super Champion Pitcher Derek Lowe gives it his all in an Excellent Champonship Performance! Super Hero Extraordinaire Matt Kemp Never Ceases to Amaze us with his powerful 3 For Five at The Plate, 3 Runs Scored and I RBI.Absolutely Terrific,Matt! Super Heroes Tower Of Power James Loney, with his 2 for 3 at the plate and Baseball Presence Along With Andre Ethier’s Rocket Blast were simply Superb! And Of Course, The Indestructable,Invincible,Man Of Steel, Superman Himself, Jeff Kent With His Cosmic Belt, Always Plays The Game The Way It Should Be Played! All the Rest Of Our Los Angeles Dodgers were Super as Well! Time Is Our Friend Because As It Marches ON, It Will Unveil Our Super Los Angeles Dodgers As The 2008 World Series Champions!

perumike, you should enter elysian park just as dodgereric said. they open the gates 2 hours before game time, and you can enter the field level by the outfield pavilion seats.

funny thing.. i was at the game tonight.. and on the big screen they had a segment where they asked all the players who they felt was the most motivational player.. and all the guys said russell, but russell said raffy.. haha.. i mean, obviously he can’t say himself.. but it was still funny. he’s such a good guy, and obviously everyone loves him. he’s the captain for sure.. and that’s a good thing for the team and it’s future..

Definately go early as soon as the gates open (2 hours before) to watch BP. Last home stand I caught a foul ball. Well, caught is not the word, I scrambled to get it among other fans. Still, is fun to get a ball.
SLR, Actually there were some guys that Russell and others said Raffy. I know D.Lowe said Raffy and Nomah said Takashi Saito. Kemp and Etheir said Russell.
great win today. Glad I was a the park. I will be there for the rest of the homestand . I already asked for the day off on Wednesday. Also I will be in San Diego with the Booster club next Thursday for the day game. BTW, June 14th is the Booster Club blood drive. Details here http://www.dodgersboosterclub.com/news/blooddrive.htm
Oh and I picked up D.Lowe in my FB team Sunday so just in time to get me a win!

Great game last night, I missed the 2nd – 8th innings. I left school after the first inning pretty happy to have runs on the board, and then in the middle of Target, I got a text message saying Andre hit his 5th homerun – sweet!!!! I am sure the people in the store thought I was crazy talking to my phone the way I was(“way to go Andre!!”) and then while in Lowe’s I got the text that Matt had hit a homerun – awesome! And then to top of the evening, hearing that James added another RBI to his total had me singing the James Loney song in the middle of the grocery store. I got home just in time to see the top of the 9th, which ended rather well, and to see Matt and Andre having a great time out there at the end of the game is always a priceless scene. BTW – I taught the James Loney song to my class yesterday – we had 15 minutes before lunch with not much to do (MLK – they love it!!)
Have a great morning everyone – today is field day and I am out of the classroom until lunch time. Keep those creative juices flowin’, and I will catch up to you later. 🙂

It’s like the guys read our posts from Sunday and early Monday, when we bemoaned the lack of power. They must have said “let’s show them”, and voila a real power surge. That was great, and I hope it’s a confidence builder, no matter who your opposition.

I do regret that Sweeney came up with a hit, especially a long one. Now there won’t be any DFA’ing him forever. Unfortunately he can no longer do that in a critical game situation and really adds no value to the team. I’m sure that Ned and Torre won’t think so, but then what do they know.

You’re so crazy. Love it, love it, love it. So glad your kids enjoyed the song.
I don’t know that it’s been posted in its entirety lately so here it is for anybody who A) doesn’t know and B) could care:
My Loney has a first name
It’s J-A-M-E-S
My Loney has a second name
It’s L-O-N-E-Y
I love to watch him every day
And if you ask me “Why?” I’ll say
‘Cause James Loney has a way
with H-I-T-T-I-N-G

Yeah, that one hit alone by Sweeney will keep him on the team for another month-and-a-half. (Shakes head in wonder and frustration.)
All the excitement about Reds rookie Jay Bruce presents an opportunity to remind oneself of Matt Kemp’s amazing major league debut in 2006. Through his first fifteen major league games, The Bison hit .378, 7 HRs, 16 RBI!!!! All young Jay has to do to equal that ipower is hit another 4 HR and 9 RBI in his next 8 games.
Could be a slugfest at The Ravine tonight when Bad Penny faces struggling Rocks starter Jeff Francis.
leekfink and I are going Thursday night. Looking forward to watching Billz shut down the Cubs. Chad has been Good Chad, very good, over his last six starts with a 1.53 ERA in that span.

“BAD PENNY” LMAO, mlk!!!!! Like it!

Injury updates:

Thanks for the injury update Eric..

Penny needs to get his act together tonight. If we are going to make a serious run for the playoffs and have a chance to maybe win a freaking playoff series, we are going to need the Good Penny. Keeping my fingers crossed but not holding my breath.

You are welcome, my Dodger brother!

Shiney Penny or Bad Penny?

Penny needs a vintage Chevelle to get his head straight. LOL

Geez, I’d be happy with a quality start. 3 runs or less in 6 innings. Just keep us in the freaking game Brad.

If Bad Penny would just trust his stuff and not nibble when he gets ahead, Shiney Penny would be out there all the time. Someone should get him that t-shirt to wear under his uniform, “Babe Ruth is dead – throw STRIKES!” Not everyone swings at pitches out of the strike zone like Andruw. All it does is increase his pitch count and make him throw that cripple down the middle.

BTW jhall, I spent a good portion of Sunday under the hood of that thing Sunday with my son. He got his hands dirty changing the oil and the plugs. A good day.

A takeoff of the children’s book “Brown Bear, Brown Bear”:
Frankie, Frankie, what do you see?
I see my G.M. wasting money.
Neddy, Neddy, what do you see?
I see my vet-lovin’ buddy Torre.
Torre, Torre, what do you see?
I see Sweeney hitting oh-ninety-three.
Sweeney, Sweeney, what do you see?
I see Jeff Kent acting grouchy.
Kenty, Kenty what do you see?
I see Pierre’s shrinking OBP.
Juanpy, Juanpy, what do you see?
I see the young guys outplaying me.
Young guys, young guys, what do you see?
We see four or five World Series.

Although it has been frustrating, I’m glad Raffy is doing the proper rehab. A healthy Furcal takes this team to a whole different level.

Bravo ML!!! Excellent and so true.

Cool Eric. Good for you and your son. It was great when you could actually get a socket on a plug yourself.

Sung to Blackbird by the Beatles.

Bloggers’ posting in the dead of night.
Bench the broken vets and play the kids.
All this strife.
We are truly happy with the kids on the rise.

Bloggers posting of the Dodgers plight.
Take these sunken costs and learn to see.
All this strife.
We are merely hoping of Ned to be free.

Bloggers sigh.
Tell Ned good-bye.
Give us the insight of Logan White.

Bloggers posting with great foresight.
They see the light.
They can see no future with the vets in sight.
They can see the future with the kids is bright.
They can the Dodgers rising to new heights.

Bloggers sigh.
Bloggers sigh.

c’mon everybody!! we need to all vote as much as we can for RUSSELL MARTIN!! there is no way he should be in 4th place. he is the best catcher in the league and the HEART of this team!! there is still plenty of time left to get him in the top 2. i dont know if any of you saw but even tho martin was not in the game, he was helping lowe and danny in between inninngs and i saw him several times take a batters helmet and put it away for him. Not to mention he was always first to congraduate a teamate. that is a REAL baseball player!

lets go dodger fans!!

Oops. Last line correction. They can see the Dodgers rising to new heights.

I am laughing so hard, I am literally crying. MLK – that song is fantastic!!!! Okay, we have hit children’s songs. Are there any genre’s we haven’t done yet – Broadway tunes?
Jhall, blackbird was one of the songs we did for our program – too cool!!
I am still laughing!!! lol!! You all are definitely gifted individuals – seriously.

Dee Nelly©
Sung to Her Majesty by the Beatles.

Dee Nelly is a true Dodger Fan.
And she teaches her kids the right way.
Dee Nelly is a true Dodger Fan.
And she’s tired of the vets poor play.
School children in NoCal love her alot.
And her passion for our Dodger nine.
Dee Nelly is a true Dodger Fan.
Her kids are gonna turn out fine, Go Blue.
Those NoCal kids are gonna turn out fine.

jhail, love both of your today entries. Dee Nelly definitely deserves extra kudos for proudly flying her Dodger Blue colors in the land of Halloween uniforms.

Yep ML, and her hard work dedication to teaching.

Okay, One of my parents gave me a gift back at Christmas. I have this horrible backpack/coat rack, which is literally falling apart, and her gift to me was to replace it. Five months later, I get my gift today, and it is fabulous. She painted the new one Dodger Blue, the hooks are red, and it has little baseballs all over it. Well, I guess I even influenced a few parents into understanding my passion for Dodger Blue Baseball – 🙂

Too cool Nelly. Good for you.

Biemel live chat today at 2:00.

Just so you know – I showed all the Dodger home runs/hits when we got back from field day – Andre’s got top billing (they know he’s my favorite), Matt’s got 2nd place, and James came in 3rd (and of course singing the song). You guys (we) need to think of songs for Andre, Matt, Russell and Blake.
Speaking of the talented people – where’s enchanted?

jhall – those thank you’s were for the song – amazing!!

You’re very welcome. He’s out of town this week. I don’t know if it is business or pleasure. He said to keep the tunes coming while he is out.

Now your an Inside The Dodgers icon.

jhall… do you have a job?

Sweet! I just got tickets for Friday, field level, third row back, right up against the Dodger bullpen!

Keeping it “Lunch With The Beatles and dnelson”

To “Julia”

Teaching kids is what you love the best
But something else is just as vital, dnellie.

dnellie, dnellie, Dodger fan, blogger
Putting out that Big Blue love, dnellie

dnellie, grading tests, budget woes, no overtime,
Boy, isn’t that Andre cute, dnellie.

She lives and works out there in Giant land,
Orange and black

dnellie, dnellie, bravery, under fire
Teaching kids the Dodger way, dnellie.

Russell Martin and Matt Kemp
not young Tim Lin-ce-***, dnellie.

dnellie, Don and Sandy, Maury Wills, Tommy
Don’t raise us to be battery-chucks, dnellie.

Hum hum hum hum, all praise
to you for having so much guts dnellie, dnellie, dnellie.®

That was obviously Tim Lincecum.

I am going to the series in July against the Braves (with a Braves fan), and I want good tickets for at least one game. Who did you go through to get them. I saw the conversation about you asking, but I don’t think I saw what you decided.
I am probably going to the Cleveland series, too, but I want better seats for the Braves series.
jhall – I have along way to go to becoming an icon, but that was very impressive. I am sure this whole group will be it’s own icon. This is the most unique and talented group out there. It’s not only talented but passionate and dedicated to this wonderful Dodger team and making sure (hopefully) our voice is heard. From the fans that come up with the songs to the fans that bring the stats and facts (some are both), we are a very well-rounded group with one thing in common – Dodger Fans Forever!!!

eric – impressive and thank you very much!! The funny thing about the colors orange and black is that they are my kids’ school colors, so during football season, I will wear orange and black, but I switch to Dodger Blue during baseball season. There are other parents who are Dodger fans, who also wear blue, so I am assuming they have the same problem I have about wearing giants colors during baseball season.

Nelly, Eric, are you going to the Biemel live chat?

thanks for reminding me, jhall!

I am hoping to!!

Well, that was fun!

And speaking of fun with music…..

good question eric,
Do you think he knows about the songs? He said that his friends would tell him about he funny things, and the songs are pretty funny.

dnelson – I was going to go through StubHub, but with delivery, commissions, etc. it would be over $28 for seats above the press box. My brother went to Costco and bought a package where you get two vouchers and two programs for $54. He went and got the tickets at the box office and they were field level down the left field line, right next to the Dodgers bullpen, and on the third row back. I hope the seat next two the fence will be mine. 🙂 Also, if Pierre messes up, believe me, I will let him have it. 🙂

Yeah, I think they are. I doubt that Ned does. If he does, though, I would love to know it.

It’s interesting that they picked that question. I lost track of the ones I asked, but I must have asked 8 – 10.

Thanks for the information
I have sat on that left field line hoping to see Ethier, and the fans there were pretty relentless towards Pierre and Hairston from SD, so you will be in good company -lol!

Rats®, I couldn’t get onto the live chat..

What was your question that they answered Eric?

Great video. LMAO!!

I submitted a question, but it didn’t show up. I asked about young pitchers and any advice he could give to them.

For some reason, I couldn’t access it.

eric asked if he reads the blogs. Beimel said that his friends tell him when there are funny things on it – so one would think, he has seen some of our stuff.

I guess we will have to write some Biemel stuff. Maybe we’ll get talked about in the clubhouse. How cool would that be?

I asked if the guys read the blogs, and if he’d admit to it if he did. He didn’t. 🙂 There were a couple that I asked that someone else asked in other forms, like if he’d like to be a closer someday. I asked about advice for someone like my nephew, who is in the D-back’s system. He’s having some trouble right now and is probably pressing. I asked if he had any superstitions, who would he least like to face with the game on the line, if he was a Pittsburgh Penguin fan (since he answered another question by saying he was a diehard Steeler fan), whether the guys had ever talked about having a captain, a couple more that I can’t remember.

new post – Andre out – DY in – Pierre still in 😦

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