Lowe down

Anyone else remember this game? Derek allowed an infield single to start the game at Wrigley Field and retired 26 of the next 28 guys for a complete-game one-hitter. I’d sure love to see that tonight before a late night departure for Manhattan.

Jeff Kent’s back is still tight so it’s a similar lineup to last night but with Russell back in the lineup so no in-game interviews with him today!

Speaking of Russell, safe to say that I’m pretty surprised he’s fourth in NL All-Star balloting. I’m fairly certain that putting on a full-bore campaign for him this year shouldn’t be necessary. The country knows who he is…now it’s up to Dodger fans to get out the vote up to 25 times each.

And, for all the Joe Beimel fans (and clearly there are many of you based on the Fans’ Vote Bobblehead), there will be a live chat with the lefty next Tuesday, June 3 at 2 p.m. PT.

Game’s on KCAL in Los Angeles, with the pregame show starting at 4:30 p.m. Larry Bowa will have his regular segment, plus plenty more from Eric Karros and Gary Miller. Here’s the lineup:

Pierre, LF

Maza, 2B

Ethier, RF

Martin, C

Loney, 1B

Kemp, CF

DeWitt, 3B

Hu, SS

Lowe, P


Me first…again.? We’ll see how fast my fingers are. So how come Joe finally decides on a semi-set (how’s that for an oxymoron) line-up that I just don’t agree with?

Otis Redding…

Whiffin’ in the mornin’ sun
I’ll be whiffin’ when the ev’nin’ come
Watching the pitch come in
The I’ll watch go right by again, ooh

Sittin’ on the dugout steps and grabbin’ pine

I left my home in Frisco
Headed for that team in LA
Joe call out my name to PH now
But look like no production comin’ my way, yeah

I’m just gonna sit on the dugout steps watchin the game slip away, ooh
Sittin’ on the dugout steps and grabbin’ pine

Looks like nuthin’s gonna change
E’vry at bat still remains the same
Even Billingsley can do what I do
But I’m a vet’ran that ain’t got no shame, just

Sittin’ here restin’ my bones
While my av’rage just makes people moan
Swing and miss three in a row
And when contact’s made run way too slow, now

I’m just gonna sit on the dugout steps watchin’ the game slip away, ooh
Sittin’ on the dugout steps and grabbin’ pi-i-i-i-ine


Just to shake it up:










no offense, Maza, but get LaRoche up here, NOW!!!

Unbelievably, Maza leads team in on-base percentage. I know that stat means little, given his few ABs, but if we want LaRoche, we can say bye bye to Hu. He needs to play every day. Umm, check that. He IS playing every day! Mercy…

Straight Outta L.A. a crazy mo-fo named Jo-Jo
Kent hits clean-up and Kemp will hit too low
JP is number 1 at bat
Whatcha think about that?
We don’t have a C-F cuz Andruw is too fat
Straight Outta L.A. a team with inflated payroll
Is that Brett Tomko or that mo-fo D-lowe?
Nomar…Andruw…Jason Schmidt
On the DL with millions is where they sit
Straight Outta L.A. a G.M. called Ned
Signin’ free agents that are next to dead
Ned says:
“We need experience” cuz numbers don’t matter son
Get off the phone Ned we don’t want Corey Patterson!

Why won’t Joe start DY?

If Dodgers lose tonight perhaps we should dedicate tomorrow’s blog to nothing but music in a beautiful, sensitive, melodic protest against, well…………….EVERYTHING. And given tonight’s match-up (Zambrano vs. Lowe) perhaps I should get a head start on some Tommy Roe tunes?!?!?!?!?

very nice – enchanted!!
I am with you on the lineup change, kahli …
I really think Andre would do great in the 5 slot right now. He could either get knocked in by James or he can get some RBIs knocking in 3,4 or 5 batter. He’s the most flexible hitter right now because it seems he can hit regardless of where he is in the lineup.
I probably just jinxed Andre into a 0-4 day – lol!!


Are we supposed to believe that Maza and Tiffee are better options than DY? Those guys are career minor league stiffs.

I can’t stand our philosophy right now.

Torre blaming the young guys lack of patience for Monday’s loss was total BS. De Witt, Loney DY, and Kemp all worked the count to their favor in that game and just came up empty is all.

Maybe it was bad luck, or good pitching but it wasn’t a lack of freaking patience!!!

I really believe that the Dodgers need to start drafting some players with huge power upside. The biggest issue on this team is our lack of pop. It really forces us to execute perfectly on offense and defense if we’re gonna win a game. Why is it that we haven’t had any power-hitting studs since the Piazza-Mondesi-Karros days? I know that some of you will come back and say LaRoche has power potential but I don’t think he’s a 30+ HR guy. As much as I love Kemp’s athleticism, he seems like a 20 HR guy with the potential for 30, Loney 15-20, Ethier 15-20, Martin 15-20. I could be wrong but this is what I see as of today.

Kent and Jones were supposed to be the pop – weren’t they?

charris…here’s a weird one. Baker, Garvey, Cey and Smith each hit 30+ home runs for the Dodgers exactly……once. And it was, of course, all in the same year…1977!

about the kids and homeruns – if you add up their potential homeruns, you are looking at 100+ (Dewitt has to be in the mix, too)

You only need those 35-40 HR guys when you play a bunch of weenies like Pierre….uh-oh…

I certainly did not remember the game Josh mentioned but I did look at the box score. If you guys don’t like the line ups this season or last season, take a look at what the Dodgers put on the field for one game in 2005.

By the way, I loved the Piazza-Karros-Mondesi power as much as anyone but those teams never won a playoff game.

What do you guys think of that weirdo LaRussa sitting Ludwick at least once a week with his gaudy stats?? To top it off, they have a great record in spite of his lunacy!

Power’s a problem, but Ned put all his eggs in one basket (a very fat, overpaid, worthless basket) and found out when he got home that all the eggs were broken. Had Jones even been able to perform at last year’s pace, the pressure to produce comes off all the kids. He was also banking on Kent having one more year left in his old bag-o-bones, and that’s going bust as well. Furcal was off to a great start, then he goes down. Its the story of Ned’s tenure – nothing works out. Maybe a pinch hit wins a game or two – enter PVL Sweeney. Ned’s solutions create bigger problems. Now the pressure’s on the kids to produce at levels they probably won’t attain for a couple more years.

Frank & Furter and the rest of the gang just need to accept this is a rebuilding year, get rid of the old guys for somemore prospects (and yes a power prospect or two wouldn’t hurt), let have at it and see where we are at the end of the year before they start trying to upgrade.

IF…and that’s a big if…the Dodgers brain trust allows these kids to stay put and play together, I think you’ll have a really productive bunch of high-average, line drive hitters with 20+ home run potential any given season. That group would include Martin, Kemp, Loney, Ethier, and DeWitt, with LaRoche and Repko not far behind. But I’ll but this whole blog a beer if all seven are Dodgers five years down the line.

kahli, unfortunately, that “if” needs to be a lot bigger – lol!

Scott, we don’t believe it, but unfortunately for the team Joe does.

I remember Lowe’s 1 hitter on Aug 31 2005, mainly because I was there.
It was my first trip to Chicago & Wrigley Field.
I know this is hard to believe but I also was at Fenway Park in 2002 when he pitched a no-hitter, for the Red Sox, also on my first trip to there.
Let’s just hope tonight we can avoid the sweep.

LMAO E, Eric, Charris, and Jungar. Good songs. Good job guys.

Good for you PierreEW. I hope you get to watch a great Lowe performance again tonight. I have a feeling we are going to need it.

I personally like the mention of Andre being the hottest hitter on the team right now – that was sweet!! 9/17 in the last 4 games – nice!!

Oooh. My leetle a Juanpy isa battin a lead-offa agin tonite-a. Dat nice-a Ned man tell dat nice=a Joe to let heem playa wita da big boys. Nowa watcha heem runa…

Here we go with the inexperience talk again – give me a break!!

Mama, he doesn’t need to run, he’s got 4 balls.

Walk-a proud Juanpy, walk-a proud!!! LOL

OKa Juanpy! Whosa gotta da potty mouta? My Juanpy isa da nice-a boy. See howa he stay ona first so dat nice-a Carlos coulda getta de doubleplay!!

When you think only of Ludwick and his stats thus far this year, sitting him does seem a little crazy. But the Cards also have Rick Ankiel and Skip Schumkaer who are producing very well along with Chirs Duncan who has been a bit of a disappointment so far this season but who has better career stats than Ludwick. In short the Cards have four very productive outfielders. All are between 27(Duncan) and 29 (Ludwick).
Most teams with this kind of problem might make a first baseman out of one of the four, but the Cardinals have this dude Albert Pujols over there. How about third base? Troy Glaus is pretty darn good when healthy.

My Juanpy isa always da healty!

You’re right jhall, we need a lot.

Well, so far it looks like the sinker is working.

New nickname for Pierre batting leading off – The Anchor™

Juan Pierre striking out – what’s the world coming to – lol!

So far no RISP left. we’re doin’ O.K. LOL

So far it’s much better than last night – let’s go boys!!
Nice catch earlier by Pierre!

I would love too see Big Z take out Kemp.

Great eye Dewitt.

there’s a way to get a run – nice at bat Blake!!!

Urgh sent Hu down Ned.

WE SCORE thanks to a great AB by DeWitt.
Hu was to anxious against a wild Zambrano.

ESPN is all for the Cubs.

Keep it going Lowe.

We are hanging tough – keep it up boys!!!

Anyone know anything new on Furcal’s status?


from dodgers website

However, there was no indication when disabled shortstop Rafael Furcal will return. He’s progressing slowly from a lower back or disk problem that has already cost him 17 games, and manager Joe Torre said he hadn’t heard anything to indicate — and is not expecting — Furcal will be ready to play when the Dodgers open their next homestand Monday night.

LOWE look good in the 5th, with help from a JP web gem.

Lowe is looking fantastic right now –
Nice walk by Andre, and I just heard the DP – sucks!!

Thanks. I’m just tired of Hu not doing much on offense.

Another nice 6 innings from LOWE.
And now to the 7th.
Come on guys Zambrano isn’t having that good a night.
Let him pitch.

I cant stand this **** Brenly. Everytime Kemp gets on base he brings up the same crap. He is really raw, gets distracted on the bases. Makes mistakes…blah, blah. blah

I hate to say this but Hu looks desparate at the plate.
He’ll only take a pitch that’s far from the plate.

What’s Lowe’s pitch count? Will he pitch the 8th?

This game is so LOWE typical, when he’s on.
What makes it typical is that his opponent seems equal to the task and the Bums have trouble scoring.
LET’S GO Guys.

1 to 0 Giants

And the beat goes on.

That was an absolutely incredible pitch by Zambrano. Kemp was fooled by an unhittable pitch.

I Think the count is 91 for LOWE.

Quality inning by Brox.

Strike out the side. Way to go

I thought Manny Ramirez was going to be up all night.
Nice to hear about BROXTON’s 8th .
Missed the entire inning watching Manny.

You know a pitcher’s wild when he walks Sweeney.

2 TO 0 Giants

The Anchor™

Here we go again.
It’s all up to SAITO.
We’re use to it by now—–RIGHT?

The Mets are in extra innings. Maybe they will be tired tomorrow.


F, F, F!!!

If its not one thing its another…

Grittle did it all the time too, but when Brox is pitching lights out, why not let him go two?

Whew!! Free baseball.

You better get use to it.

What a surprise. Just got home from scouts, only to see the Dodgers have a 1 run lead and blow it again. Lowe has gotta be upset that the bats don’t show up for him yet again. The bats only show up for him when he doesn’t show up.

Ethier’s got to protect the plate better…

This is why Torre absolutely stinks as a Manager.
Why the Hell did Broxton come out of this game? How many more LA hitters are going to look at a called third strike. Where’s our hitting in the clutch. It’s going to be a long , long, long long season…

Sit Loney down for a couple of day and let Tiffee started.

I hate the Cubs and their stupid preppy fans…

I think we will see a lot of games like this since our starters are pitching a lot better with the lack of offense.
We’re going to have to give them some support.

Maybe because Broxton spot was coming up 2nd. Did you forget Broxton pitch alot of pitches last night. Torre never had this problem with Chamberlain in the 8th and Rivera 9th not Torre fault at all.

We need to bring up Laroche and send down Hu to get some more experience and release Weenie. Where’s the balls in management??

Well, this games over. We blow another one. Face it, our pitching stinks, our hitting lacks big time..


that one hurts

DODGERS……..You’re going to have to come to New York to face a hungry Mets team.
I’ll see you there on Saturday & Sunday night.

That’s it. In 3 games, we scored the total of 3 runs. WOW…
I said it before and I’ll say it again, Torre stinks as a manager.
We can’t score runs, We can’t hold a lead. This is the best game Lowe has pitched all year and it’s Torre’s fault we lost this game.
Brox was hot and he took him out. Big Big mistake.

That’s the way the cookie crumbles, boblee 14

Guess tonight it was a fortune cookie. LOL

We lose because we don’t score runs.
Why that is I don’t know.
I feel it’s that we are not ready to face major league pitching yet.***Not as a team.
WE”LL GET THERE if we stick to the plan.
Got to keep trying, it’s a tough grind***DON”T GIVE UP

We’re playing our worst offensive baseball, we don’t have Furcal, LaRoche sits in Vegas and we still at the end of the day will sit only 3 1/2 back. Blame the offense, not the pitching. They ALL stink right now. ALL OF THEM. This offense will turn around, it’s contagious. They will all break out real soon. Relax.

think long run boys… it was a great start by lowe today. we’re gonna need him to pitch like this all year.

Doesn’t matter if he was hot he pitch 24 pitchers last night and 13 tonight and he suppose to be our set up man and goes 1 innings not 2 innings. No managers would ever let a pitchers pitch 2 straight innings when the prior games he threw 20+. This lost goes to our pathetic offense and with risp when we didnt we have many..

We need Furcal back and Kent back at 2nd, bat Russell 2nd, bat Ethier 3rd, Kent 4th, Loney 5th, Kemp 6th, Dewitt 7th, the pitcher 8th and Pierre 9th. It works for the Cardinals……….

I personally will be surprised if Hu is not optioned for LaRoche by tomorrow, but I guarantee he’ll be up by Monday.

Maybe the reason Grady did it is because the pitcher spot was coming up and mostly it when its a tied game or extra inning. It work for the Cardinals doesn’t mean it work here. Kent is a joke batting 2nd maybe Kent batting 3rd would be ok.

You can tell that Hu is not ready for the big leagues yet. Let Laroche play 3rd and Dewitt play 2nd when Kent needs to sit. Otherwise let Dewitt play third till Laroche shows he can do better.

Like i said early today, lead off walks kill.
So it is what it is now.
But i do agree that Hu is in a terrible slump, they need to play maza at short and give someone else a chance. But Hu needs to sit. He came up a few times today with people on base and did not hit. Not to mention he is not hitting the ball hard at all. I really don’t know what is going on, with our club.
Let’s go Giants, beat up on Arizona.

oops I mean wasn’t coming up. What do you want? To fire Torre and resigned Grady again. Oh where is Jim Tracy at?

I didn’t say Kent batting 2nd, but back at 2nd base but batting 4th. He will get it going. He wants a ring bad.

I wouldn’t mind seeing Young at 2nd base but didn’t he have a lot of trouble playing that position.

I’m sorry, Torre has never impressed me as a National league manager. I hope I have to eat those words before the season is over. We’ll see………..

Well you had Furcal and Kent maybe I should’ve read that more clearly.

That’s ok shad, It’s late in Saint Louis, and I’m tired. Talk to you guys later……

Figured out a great way to endure this season. After watching Saito implode in the 9th, as well as our offense in the 10th, I took the dogs for a walk and when I returned…PRESTO! No pain, no agony, no heartbreak. Just the inevitable ESPN2 ticker telling the sad tale. Gang, we can’t pin this on Torre for using his closer in the 9th. That’s what baseball teams do. The same Broxton some of you are clamoring for is the same guy who lost the game last night. As pierreseast said, that’s the way the cookie crumbles. D-Backs obviously aren’t going anywhere fast. Check the standings in August and enjoy the sorry ride. Let the music begin. Tommy Roe, anyone?

“Dodgers’ INF Tony Abreu underwent arthroscopic surgery on his right hip Wednesday in Colorado. He will be out at least three months.”

I’m not trying to started an arguement Bob but I still hate blaming the manager for us losing but let say if Broxton did pitch another inning and got the save he probably won’t be avaliable by tomorrow. Oh god I don’t want to heard that about Abreu maybe Kobe can played SS when the basketball playoff are done hahaha.

Well I guess you were talking about past history when he was the manager of the Cardinals, Mets and Braves. Oh you’re from St Louis so I guess that why you don’t like him. I would give him at least the end of the year too see how far we get before I make judgement on him.

Hey, Joe, have you ever heard of a ball player named Delwyn Young? He’s on your team and he’s a good hitter and you need good hitting. So why in the world don’t you give him a chance?? Pierre leading off and playing LF is not winning games for you. Why don’t you give Young a chance????? Put him in LF and see what happens. It’s JP’s turn for some bench time anyway.

friggin bums. the dodgers slug about the same as a group of 8 year old asian girls.

Let’s look at the bright side of things.

The Dodgers are only 3.5 games out of first (after SF wins tonight), playing with a line-up, that has an average age of roughly 23.5 years, most with 3 years or less of MLB experience . . . and they are still competing with the Cubs and the Cards (who have two of the best records in the NL).

Starting Pitching is not doing bad at all, and the last two games should have been won. Period. YES, the offense is stinking the place up right now, but hitting is contagious. One person gets in a slump, and the rest of the team starts feeling the vibe in the club house, and they all go down the tubes.

The last six games, the offense is averaging 1.33 runs per game. But the pitching is only giving up an average of 2.5 Runs Per Game (not a bad ERA).

My point is, the bats will turn around. If the opposite were happening (and the bats were hot, and the pitching stunk), the situation would be a lot different. Pitching wins championships. Right now the bats are as bad as Pedro Cerrano in Major League, before he said ” I say,***** you Jobu”, but that can all change quickly, and the team can catch fire any day.

It’s a long season, don’t give up on the kids just yet. The bats will get better. They just may need to sacrifice a few chickens in the clubhouse pretty soon.

Added Notes:
– Torre lost the game tonight. Why you don’t walk Sorianno (arguably their best hitter), to set up the double play with one out, is beyond me????
– Why can anybody besides Dewitt do anything with the bases loaded? He walked in an RBI tonight, and is 6-7 for the season with 13 RBIs. No one else on the team is anywhere near that mark in the clutch.
– The Veterans have abandoned ship . . . and the club house is obviously in need of a leader. Who will step up?
– Roster moves should be made, but don’t expect a miracle. Hu should be down, Sweeny should be cut . . . but LaRoche is only hitting .282 in Vegas and .226 in his last ten (Granted he had 5 RBIs last night, but last week went on a 6 game hitless streak) . Is that the solution? Who knows?
– They could start trading some of this young talent for some solid Veterans??? But that won’t help two years from now.

Again, Long Season, don’t give up quite yet. Not even June.

I can’t blame this one on Joe. He’s putting the best offensive/defensive lineup out there that he’s got, plus his closer in the 9th. Lowe can pitch a no-hitter for all I care, we scored tonight of a walked in run. If we don’t start hitting the ball, we will lose every game.

My only suggestion is for JoJo to maybe start with squaring up a T-ball stand at the plate tomorrow…maybe some soft toss against the OF wall? Its clear the boys aren’t ready for machine pitch, let alone a human being.

Although Andy LaRoche is being tested all over the infield at Triple-A Las Vegas, DeWitt has a full Minor League season at second base and said he would have no problem returning to the position if the situation arose and LaRoche returned to play third base.

Tampa Bay has the best record in the majors.

bright side: the team ERA in this series was 1.98.

2 sides to the coin…dark side is that the ‘pen blew two games we easily could have closed out…not to mention a pathetic offensive series.

The Eagles …
Nedsterado, why don’t you come to your senses?
You’ve been out signing veterans
For too long now
Oh, you’re a dumb one
What could be your reasons?
The PVLs pleasing you
Can hurt you somehow
Don’t you sign another oldster
He’ll hurt you if he’s able
You know that Logan’s system
Is always your best bet
Now it seems to me some fine kids
Have been laid upon your roster
But you only want any retread you can get
Nedsterado, you ain’t gettin’ no smarter
Your brain and your blunders
They’re driving me crazy
And winning, oh winning, well that’s just other GMs talkin’
Your prison is walking through this world with JoJo
Don’t your feet get cold about game time?
The vets can’t play and the studs ride pine
Is it hard to understand OBP?
You’re losing all your credibility
While asting youthful ability
It ain’t funny how I feel every day
Nedsterado, why don’t you come to your senses?
Or Frank will send you packing
Back to Golden Gate
You’ve got some ‘splainin to do
But there’s a rainbow right in front of you
You better let these youngsters save you …
You better let these youngsters save you …
You better let these youngsters save you …
Before it’s too late


dnellie, you asked for one more………and in the spirit of bucking up the spirits of the team………

Hey kids, shake it loose together
Your hitting is contagious
keep your heads up, get your hacks in
We’ll get our share of victories
So stick around
You’re gonna hear some big applause
And get your curtain calls

Say, Frankie and Jamie, have you seen them yet
But they’re so spaced out,
N-N-N-N-N-N-N-Neddie and the Vets
Oh but they’re weird and incompetent
And Joey doesn’t have a clue
He still sends Sweeney up to try to hit
You know I saw it on ESPN
N-N-N-N-N-N-N-Neddie and the Vets

Hey, it’s late. Waddaya want?

Someone said up there that our pitching stinks. I beg to differ. A break here or there and it changes around in a hurry. Loney just missed a slam by a foot in the first game. If Saito gets his foot on the bag tonight, the sac fly is the game’s last out and we will 1-0 and take two of three. It’s baseball. Our kids can come around. It’s still early and they’re getting a lot of playing time with the PVLs going down.

MLK, that’s awesome! “You’ve got some ‘splainin to do” LMAO!!!

Thanks DE, just trying to hang with you guys.
N-N-N-N-N-Neddie and the Vets

Well, it’s time to turn it around with this Mets series. Our saving grace is the D’backs are not playing any better than us right now.
Torre needs to start DY at 2nd base if Kent is going to be out any more games and lets see why the hell we are keeping DY on the 25 man roster if we are not going to use him except fro trade bait. This guy has proved he can hit in every league he’s been in and why would he quit now. Let him play for Gods sake.
Come on Torre, wake up and do what every wannabe manager on this site would do if in your shoes and git rid of Mark Sweeney and let Dy be the pinch hitter if you’re not going to play him as a position player.

Good stuff ML & Eric!!!

Broadening our musical repertroire, Dionne Warwick:

What did we get when Frank hired Ned?
Old PVLs that turned to rubble
Free agents too that burst our bubble
I’d never hire Ned again-a-a-en
I’d never hire Ned again

What did we get when Frank hired Joe?
An old folksy guy that favors vet’rans
That have to go down ‘fore he lets the kids in
I’d never hire Joe again-a-a-en
Dontcha know that I’d never hire Joe again?

Don’t fault the kids that don’t win
’cause they’ll get there if you keep your patience now
Away with those old farts, Ned and Joe the Clown
We’re on our way up ‘cause we can’t go much further down

What would we get if we hired White?
We’d get a great guy that knows his talent
Wouldn’t be long til all the vets went
I’d never hire Ned again-a-a-en
No, no, I’d never hire Ned a-gain

Enchanted, you are still the master! DIONNE WARWICK!!!! Where do we go from here? I’m almost afraid to ask!

LMAO already this morning. Super stuff ML, Eric, and E. You guys are getting an early start. LOL

By request for Kahli, Tommy Roe – Dizzy (my apologies kahli – I pretty much remember the chorus melody but not the verse. Its metered out syllable for syllable though):

Vet’rans, Ned gets us vet’rans
Like a cesspool it never ends
And it’s you Joe lettin’ ‘em play
You’re making us lousy

First time that Frank saw you Joe, he knew that he just had to make you ours
But it’s so hard to talk to you with the words you spin ’ round you all the time
Now you are Frank’s own sweet pet, but you keep playing all the vets
We keep going back-a-wards all the time

Vet’rans, Ned gets us vet’rans
Like a cesspool it never ends
And it’s you Joe lettin’ ‘em play
You’re making us lousy

Well finally the kids got to play and now you’re telling us losing’s their fault
That they all have no patience unlike the veterans who fall all apart
Joe you’ve got control of the team now, but you’re too old to see
That the old P-V-L’s aren’t what we need

Vet’rans, Ned gets us vet’rans
Like a cesspool it never ends
And it’s you Joe lettin’ ‘em play
You’re making us lousy
Our hopes are dimmin’
Like a whirlpool they go down the drain
And it’s you Joe making us pay
You’re making us lousy
You’re making us lousy

Thanks, eric – that was fabulous! One of my favortites!
I can see we are off to a very creative start boys 🙂
Didn’t get to watch the entire game -anniversary stuff!!
Very tough loss – I am assuming more growing pains.
However, two days in a row I have to cheer on the gnats – not fair!!
I did have time to do a few songs. I had Beatles songs stuck in my head, but after the first one, I was able to do two that were not Beatles. I will send Beatles first (it’s the nicer of the three), and then throughout the day – I will send the other two (not enough time to type all three). Thanks for the inspiration!!! Here it goes:
Beatles “Good Day Sunshine” – “Let’s Go Dodgers”
Let’s go Dodgers
Let’s go Dodgers
Let’s go Dodgers
We need a hit and when the boys are up
We’ve got something we can cheer about
We sure know that it will be okay
If we keep going the youthful way
Let’s go Dodgers
Let’s go Dodgers
Let’s go Dodgers
They take the field, the game is on the line
Gloves those balls as they hit the ground
Let’s go Dodgers
Let’s go Dodgers
Let’s go Dodgers
If we stay with Kemp and Loney
Eth-ier and Blake and Marty
Youth is good, we the,yre doing fine
Someday soon, they are going to shine
Let’s go Dodgers
Let’s go Dodgers
Let’s go Dodgers
Up next – Maroon 5 🙂

Woo-Hoo Nelly. Good job. Welcome to the deep end. Way to go E!! I guess its good when a tough loss and getting swept in a series leaves us singing. Like PierreEW points out, its a long season and we got some growing to do but we’re still in the hunt despite medicre to poor play. Things will get better. Encouraging to hear DeWitt is OK with playing 2nd and has a year of 2nd in the minors. I would like to see him or DY get some reps there.

Well, last night I said if we lose again we should dedicate the blog to music in melodic protest today. Enchanted has already run with Tommy Roe. “Like a cesspool it never ends” indeed! Can’t really blame Ned today. The kids are playing…and the kids are losing. Bear up, things will get better. Hey, if DeWitt can play second and LaRoche third, let’s do it!

So………….not sure who wrote it, many recorded it, but it found its way into my head in the shower this morning. Guess I should wear earplugs from now on to stop such audio atrocities.

“Lord, I’m one, Lord, I’m two, Lord, I’m three, Lord, I’m four,
Lord, I’m a .500 team and nothing more.
Nothing more, nothing more, nothing more, nothing more,
Lord, I’m a .500 team and nothing more.”

Bring up LaRoche and DFA Sweeney now!!!!

Dnellie, that was GREAT! As jhall and/or enchanted would say, “you’ve crossed over to the dark side” ™

If I may be so bold, I’d like to alter one of your lines, ever-so-slightly: “Gloves those balls ere they hit the ground”. We want ’em to catch ’em!

Now, now, jhall. Don’t be so impatient with Sweeney. Why dump him just after he established a new moniker: “The Sweeney Line”. Under .100! How Low Can He Go?

LOL Eric. Your right. Why would we DFA Sweeney. What am I thinking.

Father Time is taking care of the business Ned refuses to address. The “elders” have fallen and will continue to fall. Was weird reading Saito’s take on how he’s not getting any younger and his biggest fear is not so much giving up hits but, rather, shying away from confrontation (as in walking hitters)…and that was BEFORE the game last night. Self full filling prophesies…like worrying about a hitting a golf ball OB…and then immediately doing so.

Amazing that we’re still only 3 and a half games out considering our losses to the Cards and Cubs. If our bats can heat up for the Mets, we could still come home in reasonable shape. I’m glad that our young guys are getting their playing time, and they will turn around. Certain things, however, should be clear by now, and time won’t change them.

Hu is not ready for the majors, even though he’s had every opportunity to get adjusted. It doesn’t make sense to insert Maza at short, because he’s destined at best to be only a utility man. But, DeJesus is batting a reasonable .306 at Jax, and I don’t know why he’s not getting the chance to spell Furcal, especially if Furcal’s absence is going to be longer than just this week.

The decision on Sweeney is clear to absolutely everyone on this forum, so he just needs to be GONE NOW.

It’s good to hear that DeWitt could be an answer for second base, but in the meantime we should be trying DY there if but for a few games. Either find him a spot on the field, or let him go somewhere else; otherwise, his status with the team is really untennable.

Now, let’s go out and take the series from the Mets – they’re not half as formidable as the Cards and Cubs.

White Rabbit – Jefferson Airplane

One vet brings you power
And one vet throws the ball
And the ones that Neddy gets us
Don’t do anything at all
Go ask Nomore
Who’s hit a brick wall

And if you go chasing pop-ups
And you know they’re going to fall
Get ’em a Furcal as a shortstop
Who can’t answer the call
Recall Neddy
Who’s returns are so small

When men playing second
Come in and tell you when they’ll play
And you’ve hired an old pinch hitter
Who’s bat moves way too slow
Go ask Neddy
And he won’t know

When JoJo throws out all logic
And has Slappy leading off
And the kids are going backwards
And the team is left for dead
Remember what the blogs all said;

Look…what can we expect when we play a JV lineup against the big boys???…anybody else frustrated that the Dodgers are always at the bottom of the home run list and NEVER have a lineup with sluggers…why is that?…Certainly it existed before the stupid acquisition of Andruw…I am totally embarrassed by what we put on the field…and if HU is the heir apparent to anything we’re in trouble…just what we need a defensive specialist that can’t HIT a baseball…we have enough of those….Let DeWitt play 2nd and get LaRoche or Tiffee at 3rd…..for the first time in years I CANNOT WATCH THE DODGERS….unless you like to watch paint dry…..now Saito blows a great game by Lowe….it’s always something…..

If Ned isn’t gone by the end of the year, the Dodgers are doomed for a very long time..

Uncle Ned/Manager Torre©

Your so sorry, Uncle Ned.
Your so sorry cause you haven’t got, a brain.
Your so sorry, Uncle Ned.
But there’s a player out in left.
And he really is a pain.
Your so sorry cause old vets block the young guys play.
Your so sorry, Uncle Ned.
But with you here I am sure there’ll be no rings.

Your so sorry, Uncle Ned.
Cause when Phew’s mom calls you let him play.
Your so sorry, Uncle Ned.
But the kids are on the rise and their so easily held at bay.

Ned’s in the front office. (office).
Heads up in his a**.
Ned’s in the front office. (office).
Heads up in his a**.

Manager Torre mystifies me.
Makes out funny lineups, the logic we can’t see.
A no arm left fielder and center Jelly Roll.
(The Jelly couldn’t hit so he bats in the 2 hole).

Ned’s in the front office. (office).
Heads up in his a**.
Ned’s in the front office. (office).
Head’s up in his a**.

Play the kids and be progressive.
Dump the vets (vets).
Get your head out of your a**.
Play the kids and dump the vets.
Play the kids and be progressive.
Dump the vets (vets).
Get your head out of your a**.
Play the kids and dump the vets.

Ned’s in the front office. (office).
Heads up in his a**.
Ned’s in the front office. (office).
Heads up in his a**.
Ooo…………moron, Ooo…Ooo……….

Sweet E!! Ned must have taken some kind of mushroom. LOL

jhall and enchanted, you’re making it hard to get any work done…………..LMAO!!!!!!

Looking at on-base percentage this morning. Of the players who are actually playing right now, here we go:

Martin: .423

Maza: .407

Ethier: .375

DeWitt: .369

Kemp: .366

Pierre: .345

Loney: .326

Hu: .240

As for runs scored (that is the payoff window, isn’t it?) Ethier, Kemp, Martin, Loney and DeWitt all have over 20. Pierre has scored 19. And every one of those five has a higher BA than Pierre. Question to Joe: Who’s your lead-off hitter?

E-man. Its so funny you did White Rabbit. I started a rough draft of it yesterday but wasn’t in the right frame of mind to get it done. Yours is great.

Kahli, it makes no sense. Actually Marty is the best choice to leadoff. He is also the best choice to bat cleanup. When Kent plays you know he will hit cleanup, so leadoff Marty.

Unfortunately eric, its like shooting fish in a barrel with this regime.

Good one jhall!!

I guess I actually should get some work done now…

eric, that was the hardest line to do – thanks. I originally had names in place of “Let’s go Dodgers”, and I was trying to match up the blake, james and delwynn (or andy) in their fielding double plays.
Maroon 5 “wake up call” – “Wake Up Ned”
Wake up Ned
Can’t you see the writing
With another laid up vet
Don’t you care about youth anymore
Don’t you care about youth, we don’t think so
Next to fall
Pierre (or favorite PVL) without warning
Another laid up vet
He won’t come around here anymore
He won’t come around here – We don’t think so
next up: Oingo Boingo

Last night’s game was a tough one to watch. I despise Cub fans and everything Cubs. How come everytime they pan the crowd at Wrigley it’s the same shot? Preppie college kids, all loaded with two cups of beer in their hands. The only good thing is the summertime when there are plenty of young college broads in the crowd. But I digress.
The starting pitching after struggling has been phenomenal. Over the last 8 games the entire pitching staff has an ERA of 2.14, OBA of .209 and a WHIP of 1.06. You cant ask for anything more than that. Unfortunately, the club record is 3-5 during the span. It seems when one aspect of the team gets going another goes in the tank. Though not an issue really in the series against the Cubs, the team has been behind after 2 innings in 17 games out of 52 and a lot of times more than a run. That seems like quite a high percentage of games to be trailing that often and that early. I think we all feel confident that Broxton/Saito will shut down the vast majority of games and is one of the best setup/closer combos in all of MLB. Last night was just one of the few times it wasn’t locked down. If there is anyone to blame for the losses in Chicago, it is clearly the offense. We all clamored for the kids to play. Well this is what is going to happen. Tough losses, errors in big spots, lack of situational hitting, etc. It’s part of the process. Take a look at the big picture, only 3.5 out, when it could be 8 or more. How would you like to be a Rockies fan? World Series last year, now 13 games under and 10 games out. Hope everyone gets healthy, the “kids” get it together and we’re within striking distance 6 weeks out.

enchanted and jhall – you are on a roll again – fantastic!!!

Way to go Nelly. You are now touched.

enchanted, I kept thinking about all the pianos falling, and I couldn’t stop laughing to the point of crying – I will probably go to h*ll for this one, but it was worth it!!

Oingo Boingo “Dead Man’s Party” – “Dead Vet’s Party”
Ned’s all dressed up with nowhere to go
Walkin’ with a dead vet over his shoulder
Ned’s waiting for an invitation to arrive
Ned’s going to a party where no vets are alive
(favorite PVL) was struck by lightening
walking down the street
(favorite PVL) was hit by something
last night in his sleep
It’s a dead vet’s party
Who could ask for more
All vets are coming
leave your bat and glove at the door
leave your bat and glove at the door
Ned go away, so we can see
Don’t be afraid of what youth can be
Ned go away, so we can see
Don’t be afraid of what youth can be
This is kind of fun – you are all too inspiring!

holy crap, dnel! GO TO THE HEAD OF THE CLASS!!!!!!!!!

Thanks eric, but I will gladly sit at the back of this particular class – you all are just too good 🙂

“Hello, Frank? This is Ned.”

“Yes, Ned. What can I do for you?”

“Have you seen the blog? They’re all turning on me, making up disparaging songs about me…”

“Disparaging? What’s that mean? And what kind of songs?”

“What difference does it make? Songs.”

“Dirty songs?”

“NO! NOT DIRTY SONGS! Just songs. They’re insulting me, questioning my every move, my vision for the future…trades, personnel, transactions. You name it.”

“So how does it work?”

“What do you mean, how does it work? It works, that’s all. They take lyrics and change them around, trying to be funny…and at my expense!”

“So you mean, like, instead of singing ‘Somewhere over the Rainbow,’ they sing “Some Ned, over rated’ instead. Something like that?”

“Yeah. kind of. But they do it better…”

“Hey, what about this one? Remember Sinatra? ‘That’s why Neddy makes me cramp…'”

“Never mind…” Click.

Bravo Nelly!! I knew you had it in you. Now when you sing in the shower or car, you will be thinking of songs to change around. Its addictive. LOL Kahli. I would love to see Ned’s face if/when he reads this stuff.

That’s funny, kahli! I think most of us have had that image in our heads lately!

jhall, you’re so right about this being addictive. But it’s also educational. I’ve learned how to type while looking over my shoulder.

I don’t know if any of you have had the pleasure, but I’ve just read a story written a few months ago by Dave Barry about his colonoscopy. I know it’s the kiss of death to say this, but I’m saying it anyway: It’s one of the funniest things I’ve ever read.


Loggins & Messina:

Your Andruw can’t play and Your Pierre can’t throw or hit
Your Andruw can’t play and Your Pierre can’t throw or hit
When game time rolls around and it’s time for JoJo the Clown
Who do you know that just won’t blow?

The old vets say that should seen us way back when
Now they swing too late cuz they passed their expiration date since then
There just ain’t no excusin’ and you know you’re gonna lose and never win
I’ll say it again

And it’s all because
Your Andruw can’t play and Your Pierre can’t throw or hit
Your Andruw can’t play and Your Pierre can’t throw or hit
When game time rolls around and it’s time for JoJo the Clown
Who do you know that just won’t blow?

You settle on a line up you think is gonna work
You’re manager replaces Andre cause you know he’s quite the jerk
You’re bustin’ out your groove and you’re thinking it’s a breeze
There’s a pull and a cry, and the Conte guy says,
“Your on the DL Nomar!”
With Raffy, Schmidty, and Benny too!

And it’s all because
Your Andruw can’t play and Your Pierre can’t throw or hit
Your Andruw can’t play and Your Pierre can’t throw or hit
When game time rolls around and it’s time for JoJo the Clown

Who do you know that just won’t blow?
Who do you know that just won’t blow?
Who do you know that just won’t blow?

Nice one, E!

I don’t think we’ve heard from the Stones yet…..

I can’t get no satisfaction
I can’t get no satisfaction
‘Cause I try and I try and I try and I try
I can’t get no, I can’t get no

When I’m drivin’ in my car
And a man comes on the radio
He’s telling me more and more
That I’m a useless frigin’ GM
Frank should be firin’ me in the PM
I can’t get no, oh no no no
Hey hey hey, that’s what I say

I can’t get no satisfaction
I can’t get no satisfaction
‘Cause I try and I try and I try and I try
I can’t get no, I can’t get no

When I’m watchin’ my PC
And a blogger signs on to tell me
My trades are bad as sin
But he doesn’t know how tough it is
When you can’t remember your login
I can’t get no, oh no no no

Hey hey hey, that’s what I say
I can’t get no satisfaction
I can’t get no blogger lovin’

‘Cause I try and I try and I try and I try
I can’t get no, I can’t get no

When I’m tryin’ my level best
To get this team to the greatness
Of the one that I just left
Wait, didn’t I see that the Giants just cut
some clown can’t hit his weight?
I can sign him…..for the minimum

Hey hey hey, that’s what I say
I can’t get no, I can’t get no
I can’t get no satisfaction
No satisfaction, no satisfaction, no satisfaction

Whoa Nelly!! well done!!

Just catching up on things. Definitely have to wonder if Josh shares our humor with others in the front office. But we don’t have to wonder why Ned never comes on here anymore!!

How do we know Ned isn’t logged in as one of us??????????? Has anybody in here ever seen Ned and jhall in the same room? Or martinloneykemp? Or even myself?????????????????????

You might have something there, kahli. Wasn’t there some clown the other day advocating getting rid of Andre? Maybe someone with a clever code name? It might have ‘dodgers’ in it. Maybe someone in the PublicAddress department. PossiblyAnal. ProbablyAnnoying. Definitely not ProAndre.

That’s funny eric!

dodgereric, you’re right! I DO remember someone advocating Andre’s departure. I think we all need to keep a close watch. Trouble is, Ned has now been alerted. And he MUST be more clever at deception than he is at building a roster….

Ned’s quite diabolical you know. First the D’s, then onto the Snakes, Rox and Puds so that the Gints will rise to the top. As evidenced, it really doesn’t take that long to bring down a franchise…

enchanted, what flavor of kool-aid do you suppose Ned will use to get these owners to hire him? For that matter, i wonder what flavor Frank was drinking????

Let’s go Dodgers now
All the kids are awesome now
Baseball Safari with me
Late afternoon we’ll be heading out
Some honeys will be comin’ along
We’re loading up our Woody with our jerseys inside
And headin’ out singing our song
Come on baby, wait and see, yes
I’m gonna to take you to Chavez Ravine
Yes baby, wait and see
I’m gonna take you to Chavez Ravine
Let’s go Dodgers now
All the kids are awesome now
Baseball Safari with me
Martin and Kemp are inspirin’ fear
Andy is waitin’ below
We’re goin’ to the World Series this year
If we can just convince JoJo
Come on baby, wait and see, yes
I’m gonna to take you to Chavez Ravine
Yes baby, wait and see
I’m gonna take you to Chavez Ravine
Let’s go Dodgers now
All the kids are awesome now
Baseball Safari with me
They’re singlin’ and doublin’ in Dodger Blue
DeWitt is in a groove
I tell ya Bills is throwin’ bbs
And Kershaw throwin’ a curve
That breaks from Hawaii to the shores of Peru
Come on baby, wait and see, yes
I’m gonna to take you to Chavez Ravine
Yes baby, wait and see
I’m gonna take you to Chavez Ravine
Let’s go Dodgers now
All the kids are awesome now
Baseball Safari with me

Oh Baseball Safari
Yeah Baseball Safari
(Fade out)

The Beach Boys.

You all are so talented! Do you take requests? If so and if it has not being done yet, how about one with the song “Imagine”? thank you in advance…i hope, i hope.

Fabulous job on the songs eric and enchanted,and Kahli, the dialogue had me rollin’
Been out doing last minute rehearsals for our show tomorrow – thanks for the kudos – like I said, this is too much fun. You are right jhall, it’s addictive!!
I think it will challenge us more if we think somebody is watching – PA and Joey trying to trip us up – hmmm!! Maybe it is Ned and Joe in a room together – lol!
eric – got the pictures today – I just read most of your letter to them (I only have one student this year who’s parents are Gnat fans). They were very inspired by the things you said. I think what I did most this year is show them they can love a sport (baseball) and not necessarily have to be good at playing it. I am a prime example – I sucked at softball, and ended up swimming and playing water polo, but my love of baseball never died down.
gotta get back to work, just wanted to do a quick check in – 4 days of school and counting (However, this is a great class, and I will miss them dearly). However, no school, means more songs – lol!! My head is spinning just thinking about the millions of songs that I know.

I seem to remeber an “Imagine” takeoff. It seems like it was pretty early on in this parody insanity.

Was thinking about my favorite band and realized John Lennon, besides being a musical genius, was also a psychic, having already penned a song about Ned 31 years ago…long before anyone ever knew!!! Without a doubt, we now know what John meant:

“Living is easy with eyes closed,
misunderstanding all you see…”

recess time
czblue – they do take requests. Yesterday they did Billy Joel and Elton John by my request – this group has a very big genre pool of music likes.
Nice one MLK – Beach Boys –
Beach Boys are being done for our show next year, along with Jan and Dean and the Mama’s and the Papa’s – these teachers I work with are incredible!! We haven’t even finished the Beatles, and we are already planning for next year.

I have rapidly Dodgerized the 5-year-old son and 8-year-old daughter of some friends who recently immigrated from Ecuador. The little girl chose baseball as her theme for an oral book presentation. Among other things, she’ll be singing “The James Loney Song” during the presentation.

MartinLoneKemp, are you a teacher?

Imagine there’s no Ned
It’s pleasant if you try
No Phew among us
Andre on the rise
Imagine our young guns
Playing everyday

Imagine there’s no Nomore
It isn’t hard to do
Nothing to bitch and moan at
And no Bloiaza too
Imagine our infield
Making all the plays

You may say I’m a dreamer
But I’m Not the only one
I hope someday Joe will join us
And the Dodgers can be number 1

Imagine there’s no Andruw
I wonder if you can
No need to sit Andre
A much better man
Imagine our outfield
The same everyday

You may say I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope someday Frank will wake up
And Ned is finally gone

By jhall1218@yahoo.com on May 12, 2008 3:47 PM

Does Tony Jackson have the lineup yet? We need Raffy back for the next homestand. I think our starting pitching will be great for the rest of the year with Kersh up. We just need or offense to come through and show some consistency.

I used to be an elementary school teacher, mostly 1st and 2nd grade. Right now I’ve just graduated law school and am “studying” (belied by my appearance here) for the California bar exam.

ML cannonballs into the deep end!! Good one!!

Emma, I believe jhall’s the one that did Imagine, perhaps if he still has it somewhere we can get him to reprise it for you.

Can you imagine anyone finding this blog for the first time!!??

MartinLoneyKemp, cool although I think I would have a hard time handling that job. Good luck on the exam. BTW, sorry for getting off topic but for those of you in So Cal, which local school do the students seem to like best? I’m looking at USC, Pepperdine, and University of San Diego. Any recommendations/information.

They’d have us all in straitjackets.

LMAO guys. The songs are bitchin’!!! You guys are prolific today.

Just read that article about DeWitt possibly seeing some time a 2B. That would be awesome. Loney, DeWitt, Furcal, LaRoche.

MLK – that is wonderful!!!!!!
We did something similar for Andre – I sent copies of the stuff we did for him to the stadium in hopes he would see them. You should have her send copies to James and see if he gets them.
Just the things the dodgereric sent makes the kids feel like they are a part of something fun and exciting.
BTW eric – Our custodian, who’s a gnat fan, loved the pictures!! Anybody who is a baseball fan should, regardless of their loyalties. Also, what an accomplishment – 108 Boy Scouts – WOW!!

Nelly, what grade do you teach?

Well that series vs the Cubs sucked. I live 4 miles from Wrigley and that place use to be fun to go too. Now, its a frat party with terrible fans. Standing in the damn 4th inning on a full count to Derek Lowe and then me getting some beer thrown at me. Unreal, most pathetic crying fans I have ever heard. Pretty funny actually.

Well, hope we can start a winning streak in Shea tonight.


See, czblue – I knew one of them would!!! jhall, you are too much!!!

BTW, I don’t know if you guys remember him but has anyone heard anything from diehard? I’ve sent him a couple of emails but he never returned them. I haven’t seen his name on the blog since last season.

First grade – we have 4 days of school left!

I hate the METS!

Thanks Nelly. I guess we’re bringing back the oldies. LOL

Nelly, we have next week then finals week, so because I live on the east coast I will be unable to see the night dodgers games during finals week. =(

I’ll assume you’re talking about undergrad.
Each of the schools you mentioned has a lot going for it..
USC of course is a great, or at least near-great university by almost any measure. Unfortunately, it’s located in a terrible neighborhood. Still everyone I know who went there seems very happy to have gone. And it does have the significant advantage over the other two of being close to Dodger Stadium (20 minutes or less would be my guess).
Pepperdine has arguably the most beautiful natural setting of any university in the world. It is set on a hill above the curving shoreline above Malibu. The school has a very good reputation. It is somewhat isolated from the more populated parts of L.A. so that is an upside or a downside depending on your preference. Drive to Dodger Stadium? I estimate 30-45 minutes.
University of San Diego is a Catholic School set on a hill above San Diego not far from Sea World. It also has a very nice natural setting above San Diego Bay. I don’t know as much about the quality of the school other than the Law School which is quite good — easily the best law school in San Diego. Driving time to Dodger Stadium? About 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 hours depending on traffic. It is probably 20 minutes to DogFood Park.

swood – what grade do you teach?
MLK – wow – teacher turned attorney, both very difficult jobs – fantastic! – why did you leave teaching, if I may ask?

there is a new thread – Kent is playing – 😦
No dead vet party for him, yet – lol!!

2 quick outs, then this.

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