Sweeping feeling

Now that was a pretty solid series all around…I’m sure there are naysayers who will point out that the Reds’ record is four games under .500, but it’s important to remember that they were the hottest team in baseball when they arrived, winners of six in a row.

In any event, I also wanted to make sure that all of you knew about this weekend’s luncheon where you can meet and get autographs from the Dodgers’ stars of the 1960s. You can purchase online, if you’re interested, but for more information, visit this page.

And finally, as we head out tomorrow for the Dodgers Dream Foundation Golf tournament, I’ll leave you all to ponder this thought, which I’ve been wondering the last 24 hours or so.

Given how well Blake DeWitt is playing (.325, 4 HR, 23 RBI), he’s on pace for 14 homers and 81 RBI, not to mention the fact that he’s yet to make an out with the bases loaded (6-for-6). The question is, what is your reasonable expectation of him for the season, given all that you know. Is it fair to think he’s going to hit .325 all year? If not, what is fair for a guy who has never played over Double-A and wasn’t even on the 40-man entering Spring Training. And do you think he’s going to hit more than 14 homers and drive in more than 80 runs, or is it more likely in your mind that he’ll experience some growing pains this season?

Just some food for thought on an off day…no right answers and I certainly hope he can keep up the incredible offense and defensive contributions. Curious to see what you all think.


  1. saralovesrussell@losangeles-dodgers.net

    i definitely think he will experience some growing pains this season.. 162 games is a LONG time for a kid. the pitching will adjust when they have better scouting reports on him.. but it’s safe to say he’s been ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE to this point. definitely an early rookie of the year candidate. i hope he does keep it up. and if he slumps, i hope management isn’t quick to pull the plug on him.. he deserves a genuine shot to stay up with the big club for the season, especially after he rescued us from the black hole that has been 3rd base. keep it up blake! i believe in you! =)

  2. nryan30

    I think Dewitt will continue to impress, however as he has never played above AA before this year we may see a Sept. drop off similar to Ethier’s Rookie year… Hopefully not though.

  3. imthedude

    “Is it fair to think he’s going to hit .325 all year?”

    What really won’t be fair is sending him back to the bench or AAA when Nomar returns.

  4. lny4loney

    I disagree with your projection numbers. I think a fairer assessment of his projected numbers has him hitting 16 HRs with 92 RBI.
    As best I can tell, you multiplied Blake’s current numbers by about 3.5 to get 14 HRs and 81 RBI. The 3.5 multiplication factor is based on dividing the Dodgers 46 games to date into the 162 games of a full regular season.
    However, this is not a fair representation of what Blake has done, nor of his projected stats. While the Dodgers have played 46 games, Blake has played only 39 games, and in 4 of those he had 0 or 1 Plate Appearances. It would be fairer to multiply Blake’s stats by 4 rather than 3.5, which would represent his production over 156 starts. If Blake gets just the few days off over the course of the rest of the season that a regular major league starter gets (and that Blake so clearly deserves) he will actually play about 152 full games.
    Using 4 as the multiplier, Blake’s projected numbers are 16 HRs and 92 RBI.

  5. lny4loney

    Great game tonight!
    The wind was wild, and wrought havoc on the Reds defense. We had some defensive wind challenges too, but handled them.
    The kids represented 3/4 of the lineup but got 7/8 of the hits, all 3 of our walks, both RBI (the other 3 runs came on a passed ball, a wild pitch, and an error), and scored all 5 runs.
    leekfink and I sat in Bob Uecker’s favorite place — “the front row” — about 25 feet past 1B, so we were able to sing The James Loney Song within his hearing.
    We also got the attention of the first base ump who signalled us to be quiet when we called for the Dodgers to appeal to third after Brandon Phillips scored on a sac fly to Kemp by Encarnacion. I’m going to check my DVR to see if there was anything to our suggestion as soon as my wife, who along with our mom went to the game with us, finishes watching American Idol.
    GO BLUE!!!!

  6. leekfink

    Josh–I think that we’ve gotten more than we could have expected out of DeWitt already. It’s so difficult to project, because we probably figured he would be at AAA still.
    He has some power, and more could easily develop–seeing Griffey is a reminder that he did not hit more than 30 HR a year until his 5th full season (though, he was only 23). So even Kemp and Loney are still developing the power, and Blake too.
    I would be thrilled at a .290 average with 12 HR and 80 RBI this year. And I could easily see that improving.
    Thanks for singing the Loney Song on the board. As MartinLoneyKemp just mentioned, we were there, and were singing in person while Loney hit his Home Run.

  7. northstateblues

    I think Blake’s done a stellar job thusfar, and should stay in the lineup until he definitely plays himself out of it (which I don’t really see happening).

    Third basemen like this don’t fall out of trees, any Dodgers fan the last 20 years could tell you that. I’d go with it until it was evident that his playing ability has become detremental to the success of the ballclub. Otherwise, taking him out while he’s hitting Big League Pitching and making stellar Big League plays at the hot corner would be detremental not only to his career, but to the offensive capabilites of the team as a whole.

    And with our veteran starting pitching not performing as well as expected, I’d think we need all the run support we can get, as well as a good defensive glove to make sure our sinkerball starters have a capable infield behind him.

  8. boblee14@yahoo.com

    The Dodgers have had trouble at third base (with the exception of Cey) for years. Now that we have found a possible great third baseman for years to come, don’t deflate this kids ego by sitting him in favor of Nomar or Laroche (as he has not impressed me as yet in the time he has played third) and let this kid play and see how far his bat carries him. We know he makes great defensive plays. Please don’t even consider the notion to trade him unless you want a riot on your hands.

    Go Blake and keep up the excellent work.

  9. enchantedbeaver

    Blake has earned the 3B spot period. Only way I want to see him moved off that position is if he slides over and replaces Kent so LaRoche can have his shot. I think Josh’s numbers though are pretty accurate. We have to remember that we’re dealing with JoJo and Ned, and when Nomore is available to play, he’ll get his few games in before he tweaks something else and goes back on the DL.

    What’s this bull about Jones being ready for Friday? The team they have out there is doing great and the swagger of the kids is back. Every outfielder, JP included, is much more deserving of ABs than Jones. First of all, what an opportunity to be able to put him on the 15 day DL, then when he’s ready to rehab, have 20 days to work on his swing at Vegas where it can’t hurt anything. Second, Kemp’s perfectly able to handle CF, and we don’t need the Rally Killer [TM] and his 3Ks a game in the line-up. If it looks like a dead horse and smells like a dead horse, its a dead horse.

    Speaking of which, does anyone have a clue as to why we just didn’t DFA Bennett? Does Ned actually thing he’s going to be of any more use than Ardoin? Next question – why aren’t we DFAing Sweeney? He hits even worse than Billz (and that’s saying something.)

    C’mon Ned, trim the rest of the fat off the carcass. We want a lean, mean baseball machine, not a retirement home for the aged and feeble.

  10. stolenmonk

    Dewitt, if anything, is playing over his head against lefty pitchers. He’s hitting .394 against lefties, although that’s with a higher percentage of walks and extra-base hits. I would expect that to regress a bit. I see him hitting around an Andre Ethier line overall, probably .290/.360/.450, possibly higher in slugging though.

    In any event, Logan White knows what he’s doing, all hail Logan White. LaRoche needs his shot, and Jeff Kent is hitting .234/.283/.376. Hu is not hitting as well here, LaRoche is tearing up in AAA. Someone’s got to make a shift out of those two; I’m sure either of them could play better defense than Jeff Kent.

  11. dodger 32

    Blake has been a very pleasant surprise. He deserves to be our 3rd baseman. If he slumps stick with him. He’s a baseball player and does everything well. Laroche should be brought up, and should be played in left until next year when Kent is gone. Then either Dewitt or Laroche should be tried at second and the other one should play 3rd. If LaRoche can handle left than leave him there, after all left field is a power position and LaRoche has power. Kemp, Ethier and LaRoche should be our outfield.

  12. junkyardjamie

    I read the home page article about Andruw coming back on Friday, and that is just plain depressing. Also, if he is not 100%, then what good is it going to do him or the team. I agree with you, enchanted, those outfielders are doing so well right now – why would you want to screw around with that, and if Andruw is not 100%, then why in the world would you not put him on the DL. It’s not a coincidence that this team is on fire right now, win or lose. You can tell just by the way they come on and off the field, that the team on the field has great chemistry and they want to win ball games.

    Anyhow, great game last night. I watched the archived game via mlb.tv. What a way to play small ball!!! It was great seeing James’ homerun, too!!! Also, I’m glad to see everyone is still contributing to the win somehow – great chemistry!!!!!!!

  13. junkyardjamie

    As to Blake DeWitt – he’s “the man” at 3rd base right now, and I think he will have a great year if he is not stopped along the way. I do like LaRoche, too, but Blake is here right now, and if the choice is between Blake and Nomar, then it has to be Blake. Yes, he will have his ups and downs, but I rather have his ups and downs than Nomar’s ups and downs. Once again, Blake has been a big part of this team’s chemistry, and I would hate to see that stop.

  14. messagebear@msn.com

    Blake has very quickly become one of my favorite Dodgers. That has to do with the gritty way he has captured the job and the manner in which he seemingly approaches this great opportunity that befell him. I think that his play and at bats have been improving since he came on board. No doubt, he will have some ups and downs, but I see him as a level-headed young man and one with the stamina and good approach to the game to be a very good third base choice for us for a long time. I understand that his fielding and arm strength is good, and he seems to try to do the right things at the plate, such as working the pitcher, moving the runner, and not trying to pull and drive everything with power. I think his power will come with continuing confidence. The best remark that I’ve heard about his play was from Bowa when he simple said that Blake gets it. As far as full year accomplishments, I think he could hit around .310 with 15 HR’s and 85 RBI’s, assuming that we leave him alone and don’t sit him down once Nomar comes along or LaRoche is brought up.

    That brings us to the Nomar and LaRoche situations. While the organization has a lot of fondness for Nomar, evidenced by reported fan appeal and things like the Carne Asada events, management at this point should tell Nomar that we now have a third baseman that we look to as the future of the Dodgers. While Nomar has been valuable to the organization for the couple of years he has been with us, his future as a regular player will probably have to be elsewhere after this season, and that is why we won’t reinstate him as the third baseman. We’d like to use him as a utility player and pinch hitter for the rest of the year, and hopefully he can contribute in that respect to the team success.

    With LaRoche the best approach would seem to be to have him try second base or the outfield while he remains in Vegas. He may have to stay in Vegas for much of the year, but he would be opening the opportunities for himself by becoming more versatile in that respect. It may also be that eventually it’s Blake who can make the switch to secong base better, but I would not try to switch Blake’s position this year, because he’s got enough adjustment to think about just maintaining his play at third.

    What I’m suggesting is not original, because I see that a number of us share the same view. I can only hope that management will consider what is best for the ballclub rather than trying to accommodate veteran players who are unlikely to be with us beyond this season.

  15. kpookiemon

    In this extraordinary year of political firsts, the Dodgers, too, can point to a brand new, up and coming FEMALE General Manager who seems to have righted the ship. Whereas Ned has failed/refused/feared to make changes, wallowing in the morass of his own mistakes, the Dodgers’ future Executive of the Year has cleaned up the messes at 3rd base, the outfield, and the 5th starter slot. Drum roll, please, and kudos to our new hero–the wise and all-seeing Mother Nature!!!

  16. selltheteam

    DeWitt will finish the year above .290 and likely above .300. This kid has unnatural poise and maturity beyond his years. He’s got a smooth glove on the field and does what it takes to handle the hot corner. I agree with developing LaRoche into 2B.
    Regarding Jones – I can believe that he wants to come back into the lineup, but I cannot believe that anyone would put him there. Look at what the three outfielders did during the Cincinatti sweep – Kemp 7-for-12, Ethier 4-for-12, Pierre 4-for-12. Who would you bench in favor of a gimpy Jones who is hitting .167?

  17. messagebear@msn.com

    Jones should have no option to return to the lineup. He may want to postpone the operation to after the season, but he has shown no contribution to the season, whether his injury is related to that or not. Management should push him onto the DL at least, to be followed with a period of recovery time in the minors. If he can’t show significant improvement in performance in the minors coupled with proving that his knee is not bothering him, then by no means let him back on the ballclub to foul things up.

  18. elf2

    What I think has been DeWitt’s saving grace is actually a lack of pressure. He had no expectation of making the majors at the start of spring training. When he did get the call it was clearly a temporary gig and all he had to do was play a simple, no-frills game. As long as he didn’t hurt the team he’d get his few weeks of big-league pay, some first-class flights and a fat per-diem, and a bunch of stories about the big league to tell his teammates when he had to go back to the minors to continue his development. DeWitt never had to go through the process of being a ‘ranked’ prospect or tagged as the ‘eventual heir’, so his head never got filled with all of that crap. Pretty much everything he’s done has been considered a bonus. Things may change when he is expected to maintain or improve upon his current productivity level, and that will be the real test of his maturity and readiness.
    I’m wondering how it reflects on the player development personnel that DeWitt was flagged as not ready for the majors, then he goes out and now has to be considered a leading ROY candidate.
    I do fear that DeWitt may tail off at the end of the season, but there’s no certainty of that. Though if i recall correctly, when Ethier tailed off in his rookie season, wasn’t he concealing an injury?

  19. leekfink

    elforman–I don’t think it’s a poor reflection on our palyer development that DeWitt was pegged as not-yet-ready for the Bigs. It’s not that uncommon for a palyer who has not been above AA. And, I think it’s more a sign of what we can expect from DeWitt long-term–in other words, there is reason to believe that with a little more time he’ll do even better (mostly, you would think in the power numbers, and of course assuming a dip from where he is hitting now).
    There is another point, though. We are starting to, rightfully, expect a LOT of the kids coming through the system. Tuesday nights, 7 of the 9 starting players has all been in the Dodger Minor Leagues (Ethier only coming throuhg at AAA, but nevertheless), all made their major league debuts with the Dodgers, and all having made their major league debut in the last 3 years. And these are not just role-players–we’re talking about the reigning Gold Glove, Silver Slugger and All-Star, the team leader in home runs and RBI, the number 3 hitter (actually, there are about 4 of them that could be the number 3 hitter), an NL Player of the Week, and the staff starting ace. And, except for Chin-Lung Hu who was just a fill-in, they are all players who have done so well that they have not just made the team, but earned their way on and in some cases wrested the starting job away from an incumbent (in ways, both Loney and DeWitt have basically up-ended a multi-All-Star and batting champion, Martin came up as an injury replacement and never left, Ethier and Kemp have beat out others for their jobs, etc.)
    So, being percieved as not-quite-ready in the Dodger organization may mean not-quite-ready to kick down the door and take hold of the job by the throat. And, yes, DeWitt has done that too, but that’s exceptional.
    BTW–MartinLoneyKemp and I both forgot to mention that a few rows over from us at the game last night was Pete Rose. People were taking pictures and he was signing balls–mostly under-the-radar–until about the third inning when he seemed to leave with an official. We joked that it’s because he is banned from baseball, but we understood he was up in the booth doing interviews.

  20. dodgereric

    DeWitt has certainly been a great story and with a little luck will continue to be one. Only a fool would say there won’t be a downside at some point. The pitchers and catchers talk thoughout the league, as we all know. They make adjustments and the ones who stick make adjustments back and so it goes. If Blake starts to tail off some, it won’t be because he can’t handle the pressure, as his 6 for 6 with the bases loaded will attest. We all hope that Torre gives Blake an honest chance to make those adjustments when he needs it.

    Let’s all remember that he was a #1 pick for the Dodgers, he didn’t come out of nowhere. Sometimes they take a little while, Maury Wills spent 9 years in the minors. Paul Loduca also. But for all the injuries this past spring DeWitt would still be riding buses. Scouts don’t know everything, the Mike Piazza story shows that. It makes me wonder how many other DeWitts are out there, never getting a chance to show what he can do with the big boys.


    “Ladies and gentlemen of the press, to all Dodger fans here and at home: I called this press conference to announce that Blake DeWitt has inspired me to give the youngsters in our minor league system a chance. As of today, I have talked with the members of the PVL; Nomar Garciaparra, Mark Sweeney, Juan Pierre, Andruw Jones, Gary Bennett, Jason Schmidt, Scott Proctor and their agents. I have thanked them all for their contributions to the Los Angeles Dodgers organization and we all wish them well. I have traded them all to the Angels along with the profits of our parking fees in the next 4 years for Mike Scioscia. Of course we’ll have to pay all of their salaries, but we have to do that anyway. We’ve already raised the ticket prices as much as we can afford, and after a couple of years we’ll be able to actually lower them once they leave the books. Kevin Lowe and Brad Penny have been put on notice that if they either own up to their obvious injuries and get treated or they will get on the bus headed south.

    In the meantime, we have called up Andy LaRoche, Jason Repko, Terry Tiffee, Jonathon Meloan and Clayton Kershaw just to see what they can do. We’re going to use the rest of this season to move them around the diamond and into and out of the rotation. If they struggle for a while, there is no pressure. We just want to observe them on the Major League level. If it’s obvious that they’re not ready for The Show, we’ll send them back down for a while and give someone else a chance. If you are a season ticket holder, this is called rebuilding. If you are not happy with this word, please call the office for a refund.”

    Hey, I can dream, can’t I?

  21. enchantedbeaver

    Eric – you forgot, “I’ve let Ned Colletti and Joe Torre go as well. I wish them well and in fact, have it on good authority that they are joining/rejoining the Giants organization.”

  22. ucscslug

    Andy LaRoche will be a solid major leaguer. I’m a huge believer in his abilities. Great power, great patience, solid defense, borderline star. With that said, Blake DeWitt has earned the 3B job, without a doubt. If he starts to struggle, which I think could happen, or if he gets hurt, then I think LaRoche deserves a shot. DeWitt is talented, a former Logan White 1st round pick, so he may never see the minors again.

    Assuming Jeff Kent keeps struggling, I’d love to see DeWitt moved to 2B and Laroche at 3B. DeWitt was drafted as a 2B so I definitely think he can play there. If this doesnt happen, my worst fear is that we trade LaRoche for scraps, middle relievers or aging non-productive vets, you know Ned Colletti’s favorites. In any case, DeWitt’s line assuming he stays everyday 3B/2B: .290/.365/.475 12 HR, 70-80 runs and RBI.

  23. junkyardjamie

    On a very quiet day on this blog, that was very impressive dodgereric. Thanks for putting words to the dream.

  24. crzblue2

    Thanks E, dnelson and nsblues for your help.
    ahh I works!

    Had a great time at the ballgame. boy was it windy for a few innings and then it stopped! it was kinda weird. This guy lost his hat and it came flying back and landed at my seat. I had some fun with it since it was a San Diego hat and I was asking the fans if I should toss it, but I gave it back to the guy

    My friend and I sang Loney’s song after he hit it out. This guy infront of us was cracking up hearing us singing.

    After the game, from the Loge level we got Vin attention by yelling at the count of 3 with my friend “Vin Scully! Good Night” He poked his head out with a big smile and waved at us. We had said hi to him in the same fashion in Colorado and also on Mother’s day at D.S.

    I got a ticket to go see Vin Scully and John Wooden. I also got a ticket for the 60’s celebration luncheon. Should be fun. thinking maybe I’ll dress like in the 60’s.

  25. dodgereric

    You’re right, enchanted! I was actually thinking about that while I was typing, but the ol’ CRS is always active. Lunchtime was also beckoning. What about:

    “Joe Torre has been offered a job on Mike’s staff. Mike has said that Joe is welcome, as long as he doesn’t mess with the lineup. Joe said he’s let us know.

    We also wish to announce that Logan White has been offered the GM job, but he loves what he’s doing and would like to keep doing it. He recommended Kim Ng for the job and I agreed. She loves the idea and has accepted it. They have worked very well together and are very excited.

    We also would like to announce the hiring of a new medical staff, whose names escape me for the time being. They come highly recommended by Dr Kerlan and Dr Jobe and are on the cutting edge of modern sports medicine. Stan Conte and Ned Coletti have been in contact with their former employers up north, but since their main talents were covering for steroid abusers, they are no longer needed and are now making plans to tour China.

    We have also been in contact with Ross Porter and are finalizing contract language that we feel will bring him back into the Dodger family as a member of our broadcast team We are also attempting to contact all of the other former employees that we’ve $crewed over the years.

    Last but certainly not least, we are proud to announce the signing of Mike Piazza to a contract. He has put off his retirement long enough to get in a few games with us here so that he might retire as a Dodger and has told us that, if voted in (isn’t he modest?), he will proudly wear the Dodger cap on his Hall of Fame plaque. Brad Penny has already turned in all of his jerseys so that we might sew Mike’s name back on the 31s. Brad will now wear 48, in tribute to Jimmie Johnson, the 2-time NASCAR champion.”

  26. crzblue2

    Noooo! I don’t know what happened with my blank lines.. I could see them in the preview. Oh well..

  27. junkyardjamie

    Great story, crz. When I tried to triple space last night, it didn’t work either (ethier?lol! – I always spell it that way first and then have to go back and re-do it everytime – Ethier on the brain for obvious reasons). However, I spaced 5 times this morning and that worked.

    Hopefully this works because I just spaced 5 times.

  28. enchantedbeaver

    I could live with that eric!!

    Emma, seems to me if I space more than three times it’ll not space at all, just break the paragraph. Maybe try typing your line, hit enter, type a period, and hit enter and it’ll give you an open space with a period separating the lines.

    Go Dodgers
    Go Dodgers

    This blog does so many weird and different things to just about everybody. Anytime I refresh the page, both the address and load bars flash kinda like a strobe. Great for seizures!!!

  29. selltheteam

    My least favorite aspect of this blog is that it will go down in the middle of my typing a comment. Then I get to re-type (and try to remember what I had written). It gets so bad that if I’m going to do more than a couple short paragraphs, I will type in a Word document, then copy into the input area.
    Wow – it happened again as I was typing this comment!

  30. junkyardjamie

    I had heard about what happened to Chris Young (SD), and then I just saw it in highlights – wow!! That was horrible!!

    However, I was very impressed with Pujols and how he looked genuinely worried for the guy.

  31. junkyardjamie

    All of a sudden triple space isn’t working for me – very strange.

    You know it is a very slow blog day if all we can think about is how to get these stupid paragraphs to work right – lol

  32. junkyardjamie

    I guess without a game tonight, this will get even more interesting.

    Josh is going to have to come up with another question, subject for us to discuss, or this is going to be a long night and tomorrow morning of discussing how to type on this blog – lol!

  33. junkyardjamie

    It must be an intentional paragraph break because that time I triple spaced without the period, but I broke the paragraph first.

  34. dodgereric

    Hey dnel and crz, that’s happened to me more than once. I’ve started to highlight/right click/copy every once in a while when I’m getting a little long-winded. It’s helped a couple of times.

  35. ceorsmithrc@yahoo.com

    I think DeWitt hits .285 and drives in 75 RBIs if he stays uninjured and keeps his head above water during the dog days of July and August, doesn’t poop out (ala Ethier and Penny) in September, and can stay away fom the 5-for-48 streaks that have bitten Kent, Jones and many other major leaguers before him or them.
    It’s just refreshing to have such a feel good story like this on the team.
    Love his tenacity with the bases juiced, but i will admit, I didn’t know that stat until Vinnie and FSN showed it on the screen. You can bet I will remember next time he comes up with a full rack on the lanes.

  36. enchantedbeaver

    OK, how do you make the little \TM\ trademarks come up in superscript? It will add so much to the tone and inflections of our comments, as well as make our outstanding songs proprietary (well not really, but it sounds good.)

  37. kssssss

    Just read that Andruw might be coming back…the worse news we could ever have….Just praying that Lowe and Penny get their act together or we won’t have any chance against the Birds….Why have they been so lousy?..anyone have any idea?

    Like the way the team has played without Andruw…and like others have said….Get rid of Sweeney, Proctor, (wishing Andruw) probably Yancy( where did that stomach come from?..don’t they have rules in baseball about keeping in shape??)….and love DeWitt…he has been great….and we really needed a center fielder, didn’t we?…Kemp is much better than Andruw…damn!!!

  38. dodgereric

    enchanted, jhall was the one that managed to do that. I’ve been curious too, but he hasn’t been around the last couple of days. Let me try something.

    Unacceptable ™

  39. dodgereric

    OK, I opened Word and put parenthesis around the TM. It did it automatically. Copy and paste it here and it goes! Watch: RATS!!! ®

    My father taught me that if I keep my ears open and my mouth shut I’d learn something new every day!

    Hope I’m not in trouble with my new best friend for spilling the beans.

  40. lbirken@aol.com

    I have no idea how Blake DeWitt will finish the season but let’s hope he does finish the season as a starting player be it at third base or second. I might be a bit hisitant to swith him to second base anytime too soon since he is doing so well at third and I would not want to mess with him quite yet. I would let him play everyday until such time as it is clear he cannot hit lefties or has problems with a certain pitcher. He brings a certain energy to the team and to the fans. I do expect him to slump at some point because every player does and while I hope it does not happen it might be interesting to see how he handles himself when things are not going well.

    By the way, I am a big Nomar fan but if he were able to come of the DL and play now I would not make the change. I don’t know if Nomar could accept a different role coming off the DL but I agree with others who have suggested he become a utility player getting an occaisonal start at first base to spell Loney or Blake at third and be the go to pinch hitter in late game situations.

    What to do with LaRoche? Assuming no more injuries I would think he just has to bide his time. Others have suggested he play the outfield but we seem to have plenty of those at the moment. Does anyone know if he has played second base much anywhere? I am sure the Dodgers are not ready to give up on him yet.

  41. dodgereric

    A reprint from yesterday:

    Mike Piazza, baseball player.
    Mike Piazza, baseball player.

    Mike Piazza, baseball player.
    Nothing can come between us,
    When you got traded it tore our hearts away.

    Standing by and watching BP,
    When I caught a glimpse of Mikey,
    Crushing balls over the big blue walls.

    Drafted last as a favor to Tommy,
    He took you in and fed you salami
    Said to head south and learn how to catch.

    Mike Piazza, baseball player,
    May I inquire discreetly,
    When are you free,
    To take some bows with me.

    You took over for Michael Scioscia,
    Hitting baseballs to Nova Scotia,
    Couldn’t go to the bathroom ‘cause we’d miss you hitting one.

    O’Malley sold and News Corp bought ‘em
    Traded you and we hit bottom
    Like to catch those ba$tard$ in a really dark room.

    Oh, Mike Piazza, baseball player,
    Cooperstown is waiting for you.
    Give us a visit and let us cheer for you. ©

  42. dodgereric

    Learning more all the time. It’s in the AutoCorrect function. Those of you already well-versed in Word are probably rolling your eyes, but I’ve never known this stuff.

  43. junkyardjamie

    My funny story for the day,
    We have a book fair every year at this time, and there are always posters, sports mostly. One of my girls comes in and tells me there is a poster of a Dodger player in there,but she wasn’t sure who it was so I get a little excited thinking maybe it’s Furcal or Martin because they’ve been doing so well this year and played well last year, and I didn’t think it would be one of the younger players because they know what Andre, Matt, and James look like and their numbers, plus they aren’t as well known, yet. So, when I went to look on the wall of posters who do I see, Jeff Kent. I was crushed! The other players were Alex Rodriguez, Albert Pujols, Vladi Guerrero, Torii Hunter, and our favorite gnat, Barry Zito (lol!) Out of all the players up there, it’s Kent and Zito who aren’t playing worth their contracts. I understand that the company was probably predicting, but boy, did they predict wrong with our team.

    BTW – Our custodian is a gnats fan, and we have daily discussions about our teams (it’s a healthy rivalry so far), but I do know that he hates Zito right now(most fans do, if they don’t feel sorry for him) so I bought the poster and put it on his wall. I couldn’t stomach buying Kent for myself because I would end up throwing darts at it.

  44. dodgereric

    dnelson, I just discovered the other day that I still have some 8×10 photos that they used to give out at Dodger Stadium back in the 60s. I really don’t think they’re worth anything, but you’re welcome to them if you think the kids would enjoy them hanging on your walls. I don’t know how long your memory goes back, but there’s Ted Sizemore, Wes Parker, Tommy Davis, guys like that.

  45. junkyardjamie

    Catch up to all of you later – I am going home after a long day yesterday, and I usually can’t get on home computer until my teenage kids go to bed, so that is why I post during the day and then into the late night/midnight hours – I am a night owl by choice and obviously don’t need much sleep. I watch college baseball late at night – love Pac 10 baseball!!!!

  46. junkyardjamie

    Definitely know who they are, and that would be great!! I’ll catch up to you later! 🙂

  47. dodgereric

    You’re welcome dnels and enchanted. And jhall, wherever you are, your absence is UNACCEPTABLE!®

  48. dodgereric

    Interesting…….Kershaw started the game for Jacksonville tonight and pitched a perfect bottom of the first, a strikeout, a groundout and another strikeout. They pulled him.

  49. selltheteam

    The next time the Dodgers need the 5th starter spot is Tuesday May 27. Does Kershaw’s one-inning stint tonight may it more likely or less likely that he starts for the Dodgers on the 27th?

  50. prepress@affordableoffset.com

    not sure why the Dodgers would invest 36+ mil in A.Jones and never, ever get an MRI on him…I mean a physical, and that was it? if I was going to spend that kind of money on an aging, arguably fading and overweight CF, I would have had everything done on him.

    please DFA Sweeney. He can be easily replaced by DY now and Nomar later. Plus Nomar could sub for Loney and DeWitt.

  51. perumike

    It’s bottom of the 7th, Snakes down 1-0, one out, and the Marlins have runners on 1st and 3rd. Let’s go Marlins!

  52. joyce65

    If DeWitt does slump I think he should be given a chance to play it out. I mean Torre has given AJ a chance to work through it. It would be totally unfair to bench or demote DeWitt because of it. Also when/if Nomar comes back he should be the back-up to DeWitt and send Hu down. Maybe Hu has done the job on defense but I don’t think he has helped much on offense. Nomar can play 3 positions 1st ss and 3rd. I think that Nomar is to accident and injury prone to be the everyday starter. I feel that DeWitt has earned the starting position. I understand that Torre likes to play the veterans but lately our lineup has been mostly rookies or young players. If AJ does have surgery and is out for awhile the only “Older” player on the field will be Jeff Kent (except maybe the pitchers) and everyone else is either in their early to mid 20’s or early 30’s. I just hope that all of our young players will be given the chance to work out any slumps or problems they may have.

  53. enchantedbeaver

    I don’t know about Nomar jegi – I think we all (myself included) envisioned him being the supersub before the season started, but after watching him attempt to play third, I don’t think his ability or body will allow him to play short anymore. Can you imagine him having to jump over someone coming in hard to break-up a DP? His range is so limited anymore that you might get away with him spelling Loney a game here and there. I do think he could be a decent PH though – a mondern day Manny Mota, and a decided improvement over Sweeney, whom I feel should be DFA’d either when Furcal or Nomar gets back.

  54. jhallwally

    Hey Gang. Been away traveling in West Virginia for a couple of days. Caught the Dodgers on the radio. Super happy to get the sweep and move up on the DB’s. We sure took advantage of some poor defense by the Reds. But, hey that’s what good teams do. Starting pitching Tues and Wed was outstanding and totally ACCEPTABLE®. I see you guys like the Trademark, Copyright, and Registered stuff, LOL. It is kind of catchy. Anyway, good to be back and read the comments. I was hoping Jones would go on the DL for 60 days. Sounds like it is only a matter of time.
    Hope everyone is doing well. GO DODGERS!!!!

  55. perumike

    This weekend the Dodgers are within range of first place is the Snakes can continue their losing ways!

  56. seeskybout2rain@comcast.net

    Blake Dewitt should be our starter at 3rd, period. Every player has their ups and downs through the course of a season and his place in the lineup should’nt be based upon a slump or two. We all know of others who have been given the opportunity to “play their way out of it.” You could move him to 2nd to make room for Laroche but why? Dewitt is a potential Gold Glove at 3rd. His performance last night only adds to the evidence of that. If it aint broke… The idea of having Laroche log some time in Vegas at 2nd or the outfield is a good one. But moving him to the outfield would only add to the traffic jam we already have out there, like it or not. Enjoyed the Scioscia fantasy sequence. It is ,indeed, that because he’s got an owner who supports him financially and has created a farm system that is sending him a constant supply of talent. Living in Salt Lake City, the home of their PCL team, I’ve seen most of their homegrown players pass through there. The current team won 19 of 20 to start the year and is playing .700 ball right now. Correct me if i’m wrong but didn’t Mike have permission to talk to the D’s before we hired Grady but he declined?

  57. beldridge@stlcop.edu

    Blake has already surprised the baseball world with his ability, especially in stressful situations. What ever he
    does and where ever he ends up this season, he will
    definately be given another shot in the majors.
    I’m not saying he’s going anywhere, that remains to be seen. I just know that a slump happens to the best
    and most experienced players in the game and it is
    surely a possibilty.
    On the other hand he could inprove his average and
    be the only choice for Rookie of the year.
    I am praying for the latter. Good luck Blake.
    We only want you to succeed………
    But do not let it change the person you are.

  58. dodgereric


    Clayton Kershaw was pulled from his start for Double-A Jacksonville after just one inning on Thursday, suggesting that he’s on his way to the majors.

    MLB.com believes he could start Saturday, with Brad Penny being pushed back. They’d certainly be rushing the 20-year-old, but it’s possible that it could work out, as long as they’re willing to live with him as a five-inning starter.
    Source: Dodgers.mlb.com

  59. seeskybout2rain@comcast.net

    We could live with Kershaw as a five-inning starter if some of our veteran starters could go a little deeper into games without being torched. (read: Penney & Lowe) If that situation does not improve, our bullpen will be on fumes by August 1.

  60. enchantedbeaver

    The fact that Kershaw may be heading for L.A. tells me that either Lowe (likely) or Penny is headed to the 15 day DL. At least with Lowe we know there’s something really wrong – velocity’s down and he looks like he’s throwing BP half the time.

    We’re getting the team we want by attrition.

    Wonder if Frank has a piano with Ned’s name on it somewhere…

  61. dodgereric

    Kuroda and Billz have done exactly that. In Kuo and Park they have two long guys who have also demonstrated they can be very effective for 3 or 4 innings. One of them can combine with Kershaw as a fifth starter. Now were talking about Penny and Lowe, our supposed #1 and #2. If they can somehow get back to what they are supposed to be, our starters would be as good as most. Now, obviously this is a LOT of supposing. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel we entered a few days ago.

    If ifs and buts were candies and nuts, we’d all have a wonderful Christmas. We’ll see, won’t we?

  62. dodgereric

    Your post up a little higher got me to thinking, enchanted. Do you think they’ll DFA Sweeney when Nomar comes back?

  63. dodgereric

    Hiya, jhall! Yeah, Lowe hasn’t been the same pitcher since he left that game with that twinge.

  64. jhallwally

    Hey Eric. No, he doesn’t. Like E said, he’s been throwing batting practice. I hope they DFA Sweeny.

  65. seeskybout2rain@comcast.net

    Sign of the times: Friars have a rare lead, 8-2 in the 7th, over the Reds and their worthless broadcasters are having an accident. Johnny B’s been ejected for contesting balls and strikes. It’s gonna be a long year for Dusty.

  66. ndeschenes@securenet.net

    Fabulous 5 to 2 Beloved Los Angeles Dodgers over the Cininnati Reds. Super Japanese Duo Hiroki Kuroda nd Takashi Saito were absolutely Invincible. All The Rest Of Our

  67. enchantedbeaver

    That’s my hope eric.

    Maza and Hu are the wildcards. Maza I thought would be the sacraficial lamb when Furcal comes back. He’s not a real prospect, and they needed a warm body for middle infield. The fact that Hu’s still been starting despite his average leads me to believe this still is the case.

    In the real world, a normal GM would take a look at how Nomore “performed” at third and says no way can he handle third or short in any capacity. We are talking Ned though, so if Maza’s gone when Furcal comes back, that leaves a choice of two: Hu and Sweeney. Obvious choice is Sweeney – can’t hit the broad side of a barn from inside with the barn door closed. DY could take over his LH PH duties, and Nomore could take over primary PH. Ned though may take a look and think that another vet is just what we need and option Hu, leaving us with a badly declining 2B and a suspect (physically) SS with no Nomore as the back-up. I’m hoping even Nerd isn’t that stupid though.

    And why didn’t they just DFA Bennett? Don’t think he’s going to be helping us do anything that Ardoin can’t do better.

    Interesting question’s going to be who do you bring up if they put Jones on the DL. Not really a spot for LaRoche, though I’d like to see him called up. Almost have to bring up Repko. Its going to be a typical JoJo/Nerd move though if Druw says he can play to trot him back out there to stink up the joint and ruin the chemistry that’s starting to develop with a set 8 line-up.

  68. dodgereric

    You do? How about that?

    I love that quote from the mayor: that the town is “small enough that you can’t brag about your family or lie about your age”.

  69. ndeschenes@securenet.net

    Fabuous 5 to 2 Victory by our Beloved Los Angeles Dodgers over The Cincinnati Reds!. Super Japanese Duo of Hiroki Kuroda and Takashi Saito were Invincible. All the rest of our Los Angeles Dodgers were Super As Well! Let’s all keep cheering All the way to our October Glory With Our Seventh World Series Championship Victory!

  70. oldbrooklynfan

    Nice article about DeWitt, thanks for pointing it out Dodgereric.
    Those Cardinal fans will be pulling for him with mixed emotions.

  71. enchantedbeaver

    jhall – your visit to WV reminded me of Take Me Home Country Road, which reminded me of John Denver, which inspired this work of mine to the tune of Thank God I’m A Country Boy:

    Well life on the farm ain’t so good
    Never calls up the boys when he should
    Signs him up all the vets when he could
    Why God is he our GM?

    Well a low costin’ kid never did him no wrong
    If he played them all like he should you wouldn’t have this song
    Wonder what he’s smokin’ his that funny colored bong
    Why God is he our GM?

    Well he’s got him a farm, but he likes the old vet’rans
    When he makes a move we all take Excedrin
    Learned him everythin’ from a guy named Sa-be-an – Ow!

    Why God is he our GM? Yeah

  72. dodgereric

    I love the midwest. I’ve been raised in SoCal, but I was born in North Dakota. I’ve spent some time back there and got a real sense of family. I also came to appreciate the people and their character.

    I was looking at Lowe’s starts. From his 4/28 start: “He left after five innings with tightness in his elbow, which he said he felt on a pitch to Chris Snyder in the fifth, the second to the last batter Lowe faced. He was examined by Dr. Neal ElAttrache, who said Lowe is expected to make his next scheduled start on Tuesday in Florida.

    “If it was later in the season, I would have kept pitching,” said Lowe, who has never had a serious arm injury. ”

    He started the season really well, going 6, 6 and 8 innings in his first 3 starts. He was wild in the 4th, recovered in the 5th. April 28 was his sixth. He’s been terrible ever since. Four starts, 21.1 innings, 30 hits, 22 runs (all earned) and 10 walks.

  73. dodgereric

    LOL enchanted! Denver was one of my favorites. Did you happen to catch my Lovely Rita diddy up higher?

  74. enchantedbeaver

    That was a good one eric! – people who casually hit upon this blog must think some of us are quite demented…

    and they’d be right.

  75. dodgereric

    Yikes! He’s still around! I just Googled him: http://www.drdemento.com/dr-bio.html

    I remember there was a rumor going around my high school that he was an alumnus of ours. I never quite believed that and now I’m glad. He was born in Minneapolis in 1941. I don’t think my high school was quite open when he would have been the right age.

  76. enchantedbeaver

    If I hear Jones is starting tomorrow, I’m going to have to do something completely idiotic.

  77. kpookiemon

    Zona goes into Tomahawk Land where the Braves are 20-5 at home…D-Backs are starting to look human, after all.

  78. dodgereric

    LMAO, enchanted! Didn’t mean it THAT way!

    I remember a blues show being on KMET after Demento. Jimmy Whitherspoon.

  79. junkyardjamie

    I used to listen to Dr. Demento in highschool – OMG!! I used to stay up between 1 and 2 in the morning to listen to it, and my favorite was the top 10 so I had to stay up for the whole thing. That’s kind of how I met my husband. When I used to hang out with him, he mentioned listening to it, so I had to find out what it was all about and then I became hooked. I still have some of the songs in my head – there were some crazy songs.

    enchanted – great song!!!!

    welcome back jhall

    dodgereric – that was a great story about DeWitt

  80. alex41592

    Angel Stadium gets the 2010 All-Star Game and Dodger Stadium gets the finals of the World Baseball Classic.

  81. kpookiemon

    Been thinking about Frank’s future plans to expand Chavez Ravine…and thinking that the one thing I’ve ALWAYS liked about Dodger Stadium is that it sits at the top of a hill overlooking all of LA. I’d hate for McCourt to ruin that view.

  82. junkyardjamie

    Here is how our beloved outfielders rank among their fellow NL counterparts(100 outfielders):
    AVE: Kemp (9th – .323), Ethier (26th – .291), Pierre (33rd – .283), Jones (82nd – .167)

    OBP: Ethier (24th – .364), Kemp (25th – .359), Pierre (27th – .355), Jones (73rd – .275)

    SLG: Kemp (24th – .465), Ethier – (32nd – .447), Pierre (61st – .323), Jones (71st – .273)

    OPS: Kemp (25th – .824), Ethier (29th – .810), Pierre (52nd – .662), Jones (76th – .547)

    Not much we didn’t already know, but interesting nonetheless.

  83. jfshum@juno.com

    I don’t think I saw this thought….

    Since we all know that Nomar WILL be back in the lineup…

    How about he sub for Kent
    IF he can do better -shouldn’t take much- fine-The old guys can trade off.
    One of the things I LOVE about Blake is the he hits leftie, and can hit lefties…..
    I think it’s too bad that Abreu hasn’t been able to come back. He could have had some action at short and second. It looks like Hu is the one that needed more time in AAA hitting.
    As for Jones…I love the idea about placing him on the DL to see if he can work out his swing…who would have thought it would be THIS bad….

  84. enchantedbeaver

    Didn’t I read a statement by Jones that he has a golf ball sized wart on or behind the one knee? Is that another indication of the Stan Conte regime that (A) They didn’t notice it during his physical (of course the missed the spare tire and double chin), (B) They didn’t treat a rather obvious and potential problem? or (C) Andruw didn’t bother telling anyone about it? (though you’d have to think someone would’ve noticed it in the clubhouse.) Did it really take having to have an MRI before someone said, “Hey look, there’s a rather large wart here”?

    I’ve not been impressed by anything about Andruw other than he is a baseball black hole from which no hits escape. Shows up in poor condition. Has made multiple excuses why he’s such a terrble hitter from allergies, to homesickness and others in between. Now he’s got a bum knee and a large growth that you’d think might be alarming to him.

    I’m going to be extremely upset if they now allow him to be selfish and play while injured, taking ABs from any of the three better OFers (yes, JP too), and disrupt what could very well be (sans Furcal), our set line-up.

  85. messagebear@msn.com

    You would think that replacing Hu with Furcal would be a net addition to the offensive lineup; however, inserting Jones for whatever reason is a direct detraction, even if he replaces Pierre. I hope management is not that stupid, but then again I’d never bet against it.

  86. dodgereric

    DAY: Today, May 23, 2008
    SCENE: Dodger clubhouse
    TIME: Ten minutes before first pitch
    SPEAKING: Joe Torre

    “Gentlemen, our previous series was very successful and we are now within striking distance of the Arizona Diamondbacks. Let’s maintain our focus, keep the mistakes to a minimum and take this series! Keep the ball rolling, guys, momentum is important! The lineup is posted in the dugout! Go get ’em!”

    “Um, Andre, could I speak with you ………alone…………”

  87. enchantedbeaver

    Muskrat, Muskrat, can’t see the light
    Doin’ the line-up and ain’t doin’ it right in the evenin’
    Leaves us all greiv-in’
    Muskrat JoJo, Muskrat Ned
    Doin’ the vet’ran thing in Dodger Land
    Does he wear a beanie?, Ned is a wienie

    And they spin what they say in their lingo
    Singin’ and jinglin’ like Ringo
    Stinkin’ to high heavens above
    Looks like Muskrat Vet’ran Love

    Nibblin’ on buffets
    Chewin’ on cheese
    Druw says to JoJo
    Pass the biscuits please, can you play me
    JoJo says yes, how’s your bum knee
    Now, he’s writin’ in Andruw
    Rubbin’ his leg
    His swing’s quite a puzzle
    Now everything goes as he struggles
    Hittin’ like Snuggles®

    And they spin what they say in their lingo
    Singin’ and jinglin’ like Ringo
    Stinkin’ to high heavens above
    Looks like Muskrat Vet’ran Love

    And they said the Captain and Toenail couldn’t be done!!

  88. junkyardjamie


    * Andruw Jones was scratched from Monday’s lineup with a sore right knee and an MRI revealed torn cartilage, meaning that he could be headed for arthroscopic surgery. “I’m going to give it two days, and if it doesn’t get better we’ll go ahead and scope it,” Jones said. “Hopefully I can just get treatment on it and then probably get it done during the offseason.” Jones playing through a knee injury that will eventually require surgery likely doesn’t sound very appealing to the Dodgers.

    On the other hand, it might be interesting to see how much worse a guy hitting .167/.275/.273 can really get. Also “interesting” is Jones revealing Tuesday that he has a “golf-ball sized” wart behind his knee, which may also require surgery. Giving manager Joe Torre more excuse to put Juan Pierre into the lineup every day is likely about as appealing to Dodgers fans as Jones’ Titleist-style wart, but the good news is that it’ll be tough to avoid playing Andre Ethier and Matt Kemp.

    It is baffling how everyone in the baseball world is seeing the obvious in our club, but the fact that our management is even considering playing Andruw, is beyond stupid. The last statement about it being tough to avoid playing Ethier and Kemp; it’s not a given like it should be. This article even knows our dislike of the way Pierre plays, and yet, we know that this is not how our management sees it.

  89. enchantedbeaver

    Time we turned up the absurdity level a notch… next up, ABBA.

    If you change your size, have your waistline rise
    Honey lunch is free
    See the chins on me
    If you feed me, let me go, gonna be quite round
    Hey I got a wart to grow, look my at average down
    If you’re all alone and the pennants just been blown
    Ouch my knee
    Ned put his hopes on me
    Gonna do my very best and it ain’t no lie
    But if you put me to the test, I’ll leave you high and dry

    Ned took a chance on me
    (Gave me all that money)
    Shoulda left me be…

    (I’m so fortunate that I grew up in the 70s.)

  90. junkyardjamie


    How about a disco song? soundtrack from “Saturday Night Fever”, perhaps – lol!!!

  91. junkyardjamie

    enchanted – you could be the Dodger version of Weird Al Yankovic! How many songs/poems/stories have you done to date?
    Between you, Dodgereric and jhall, you guys have got to have quite a collection. Plus, if you put leefink and mlk’s chants into the mix (along with the occasional ones from the rest) – this can be one huge collection.

  92. jhallwally

    NED©. Sung to Beth by Kiss.

    Ned, the vets are fading.
    And they can’t get it done right now.
    Nomore and Jones ain’t playing’.
    And we got a lineup that’s sound.

    You sign some washed up vet’rans.
    And the teams alright with you.
    You think they are better players.
    Oh Ned, can’t you see they’re through.
    Ned, they should can you.

    You say you need proven leadership.
    That the kids can’t get it done.
    Kent and Jones are fading.
    And with Lowe they’re not alone.

    Just a few more at bats.
    That’ll be alright with you.
    Can’t you hear the kids calling.
    Oh Ned, the vets are through.
    Ned, they should can you.

    Ned, we know you’re a phony.
    And the kids will be alright.
    Andre, Kemp, and DeWitt should be playing.
    Every Night….

  93. dodgereric

    jhall, LMAO!!!™

    Next! You all know the tune…………

    Sugar, ah pizza pizza
    You are my favorite things
    And you’ve got me wanting you.
    Honey, ah rollos rollos
    You are my favorite things
    And you’ve got me wanting you.

    I just can’t believe the loveliness of eating you
    (I just can’t believe it’s true)
    I just can’t believe they signed me looking like I do.
    (I just can’t believe it’s true)

    Ah sugar, ah fat pastrami
    You are my favorite things
    And you’ve got me wanting you.
    Ah honey, ah steak and lobster
    You are my favorite things
    And you’ve got me wanting you.

    When I signed that contract, I knew I really had it made
    (I knew I really had it made)
    The money’s guaranteed, they can’t take it away from me
    (they can’t take it away from me)

    Sugar, more more scoops on it honey,
    Slop that really hot fudge on it baby
    Don’t skimp on the extra nuts, yeah yeah yeah
    Toss some more chocolate on it oh yeah
    Gimme more o that real whipped cream honey,
    You’re gonna need a bigger bowl baby
    I’m gonna get type 2 diabetes, yeah yeah yeah
    Give it to me anyway honey,

    Ah sugar, ah Super Size me
    You are my favorite things
    And you’ve got me wanting you.©

  94. crzblue2

    You all are so talented with the songs. .
    dnelson: I would have loved a poster of Kent. My friend Lore and I like him as he has always been very nice the times that we have met him, at the Women’s clinics, at a Macy event, at Vero Beach, at the Fanfest and prior to some games. Some of his outs have been hard hit balls, not of lately but you watch, he’ll come thru with the bat. I love how Rafi says he learns from him. I love Rafi too. Someone told me that he hardly signs autographs but I saw him signing at Colorado and when there was no more people to sign for, he looked around asking “anyone else?”. Also he signed at the player’s parking lot at Anaheim. Kent was nice there too. .
    Tonight I am meeting with two friends that are Cardinal fans. I have found people from St Louis to be so hospitable. These two hosted us (two Card fans, two Dodger fans) in Florida when they drove their motor home for Spring Training. I was only able to stay with them for one night as I got at the tail end of their trip. .
    hope we take care of the Cards. D.Lowe: Is time for you to step and have a good game. He owes me. I got him in one of FB teams .

  95. crzblue2

    I donate giveaways (I had so many hats) to my freind Lore who is a school teacher. She says she puts the stuff on a trasure chest. She is very nice to her kids. She had them at the stadium for the last weekday game and she bought them all dodger dogs from her own money. Too bad that day the Dodgers were showing the kids how NOT to play.

  96. cpompe1

    Clayton Kershaw is a phenomenal pitcher and I am just as excited as anyone else of the prospect of him coming up to the big club. I just hope the Dodgers know what they’re doing and I hope, I hope, I hope that they’re not rushing him, like they did with Edwin Jackson.

    Go Clayton!

    Go Dodgers!

  97. junkyardjamie

    I actually am okay with Jeff Kent, anybody who has left the Gnats is okay with me (players, anyway), and I have plenty of baseball cards of him that reflect that. I was just hoping for one of our younger players, I guess.
    I have a similar relationship with a Braves fan. She has been a Glavine, Smoltz and Mulder fan forever, and wants the chance to see Glavine and Smoltz pitch. So, in July,we are planning on going to the Dodgers/Braves series, and then we are going to watch the Braves/Padres series, in order to see Glavine pitch, especially. She has never been to Dodger Stadium and neither one of us has been to Petco. We are also going to see the Dodgers/Indians play in June. She’s a big Grady Sizemore fan.


    jhall – “Beth” one of my all-time favorite songs – keep it up!!!


    Dodgereric – another great one!!

  98. crzblue2

    I have a friend from Defiance, Oh coming to the Dodgers/Indians game. I saw her and her hubby at Vero Beach. She and Itook the Women’s baseball clinic together. She is a Cleveland fan and a Billingsley fan. She knows Billz since she used to teach in the same school Billz went to.

  99. junkyardjamie

    We live to far away for my students to see a Dodger game. My braves fan and I have thought about taking our students to an A’s game, but our district is very nit-picky on things like that, and we don’t think they will allow it. They have turned down others before. So, that is why we are trying to work so hard to make baseball as much a part of the curriculum as we can so one day we can show them all the things we have done using the sport of baseball (I use football, too). There are so many kids that will never experience joy of going to a major league baseball game, and that is just too bad. I think that is why I try to bring so much into the classroom, so that maybe it will spark their parents into taking them, even if it’s to a Fresno Grizzlies game, Modesto A’s or Sacramento Rivercats game. To walk into any ballpark is just like heaven. I am fortunate to have a family that loves the game as much as I do(even though they are gnat fans) and they put up with my obsession so-to-speak. Even my son’s baseball player friends are impressed of my knowledge of the game and it’s players. My braves fan friend actually knows much more than I do in general, but we focus on different teams so it makes for some very good conversations. We are hoping in our teaching career that testing will go back to being just a type of assessment, not what marks a kid for their whole year, and that field trips will become a part of their education where we can take them to places outside of just the local zoo, etc. We are young enough still for that pendulum to swing back to where the focus is on students and not testing.

  100. enchantedbeaver

    New duet for Frank & Ned:

    [NED:] They say I’m dumb and I don’t know
    Not really ‘tarded, ju-u-u-u-st slow
    [FRANK:] From what I hear all that’s true
    You got me JoJo, and Neddy I got you

    [FRANK:] Hey
    [BOTH:] I got screwwwed babe I got screwwwed babe

    [NED:] Scott said that Druw’d help pay the rent
    But yet again its money all ill spent
    [FRANK:] I guess that’s so, he’s sure gone to pot
    But at least I’m sure of all that he ain’t got

    [FRANK:] Hey
    [BOTH:] I got screwwwed babe I got screwwwed babe

    [FRANK:] You got me JP cause he had a ring, and Schmidty too, to sputter and to ping
    [NED:] And when I’m bad, make moves like a clown
    But if pan-nic, there’s vet’rans around

    [NED:] So let them all say that I don’t belong
    ‘Cause I don’t care if my decisions are all wrong
    [FRANK:] If we don’t win then your fanny’s mine
    There’s always room in the unemployment line

    [FRANK:] Hey
    [BOTH:] I got screwwwed babe I got screwwwed babe

    [FRANK:] I got you to spend my dough
    [NED:] I got you to make some mo’e
    [FRANK:] You got me a used Lugo
    [NED:] I got you to make it so
    [FRANK:] I got you as my GM
    [NED:] All you got’s PR instead
    [FRANK:] Guess its time for you to go
    [NED:] Think I’ll resign me Derek Lowe

    [BOTH:] I got screwwwed babe
    I got screwwwed babe

  101. dodgrdad14

    If you get a chance to take your students to a Rivercats game you won’t be sorry. That stadium is awesome for a AAA team. Supposed to be one of, if not, the best in the minors. Just last Saturday was Little league day and all the area little league teams got to have a parade on the field prior to the game. It was pretty cool walking with my son and daughter and watching thier eyes as we walked around and saw from the field what it was like to be on a professional ball field. My son even ran up to the outfield wall and tried to jump and reach the top like the “big leaguers” do it and was amazed how big the wall really is.
    Sorry for the rant but I love your thoughts on bringing the focus back to your students and I think anything that gets the kids excited about school is so very important.
    Keep up the good work.
    Frank drop the piano on NERD!!!!!

  102. junkyardjamie

    hey, haven’t heard from you in a while – where have you been?
    I would love to take them to the Rivercats game (someday, hopefully sooner than later). I was there a couple times when they first began playing there. I was up in the area the end of April and ended up seeing Sac State baseball instead (my alumni). They were doing so good in the WAC, and then just crumbled. I did enjoy watching them play – it wasn’t a big sport when I was going to school there (we were division II). I really wanted them to beat Fresno State the other day – damn!

    enchanted – too time much time on your hands!! Hey, that’s a song by STYX if you need more song lyrics to change lol!!

    crz (emma)
    I have a monthly shopping day as incentives using classroom money, and baseball cards are part of the store, along with other sports things, but those all go first (boys and girls both buy them – incredible!!)

  103. jhallwally

    E, what can I say. You are a virtuoso. LMAO again.
    Nelly, Kudo’s to you. Keep up the great work.

  104. dodgrdad14

    I have been busy with Little league, we had a string of 3 games in 4 days and we are at the end of the season, My boys are in 2nd place!! I am proud of them they worked their butts off!! Now we have a 1 week break until our leagues version of playoffs begin.

  105. dodgrdad14

    jhall, E. and Eric,
    You trully are talented!!!
    (or off your rockers!!)
    Either way, we love you!!! 🙂

  106. selltheteam

    Jones is trying to get himself into tonight’s lineup . . .
    Enchanted has inspired me.
    Best sung either before we see the lineup, or also about 7:00 pm.
    [to really scare yourself, think of Michael Jackson’s mug shot as you sing]
    Its close to game time and Andruw’s grovelling in the dugout
    Under the park lights we see him grab a bat it stops our hearts
    We try to yell but horror takes the sound before we make it
    We start to clench as JoJo writes his name upon the lineup card,
    We’ve scrutinized
    ‘Cuz this is killer, killer night
    And Ned’s not gonna save us from his four outs of strikes
    We know its killer, killer night
    We’re fighting for the streak which will be killed tonight
    We see the umpire grip the lineup card and we are done
    We see the cold bat and wonder if we’ll ever see a run
    We close our eyes and hope for JoJo to suddenly revert
    But all the while Jones goes to the plate with his huge wart
    We’re out of time
    ’Cuz this is killer, killer night
    There aint no second chance against the thing with gimpy knees
    We know its killer, killer night
    We’re fighting for the streak which will be killed tonight
    Dead horses call
    They all want to rain on our parade
    Theres no escapin the rotten deals done by Ned this time
    (they stink like heck)
    This is the end of our dream
    They have outs to get us, there’s vet’rans closing in on every side
    They will be mediocre unless we change the GM to Ng or White
    Now is the time for you and I to bloggle close together
    All thru the night I’ll save you from another awful boxscore
    We’ll make Frank see
    That this is killer, killer night
    cause we can have eight great hitters but Joe won’t try
    Kids, this is killer, killer night
    So let us rebuild the team into a winner, winner, winner
    Winner here tonight
    Darkness falls across the park
    The Sweeney hour will be dark
    Nomore crawls in search of hits
    To stop the throws of Schmidts’
    And Juan Pierre shall be found
    His on base percent without abound
    Must stand and face the boot of Kent
    And throw like son of Bennett
    Proctor’s stench is in the air
    Andruw has eaten another eclair
    Derek Lowe’s pitch no longer sinks
    Brazoban has returned from the links
    Loaiza’s pitch will always hover
    Abreu cannot ever recover
    And though they fight to stay alive
    The team falls towards the cellar
    For no mere fan can resist
    The eve of the killer ©

  107. crzblue2

    All of you that contribute to the songs are awesome! I love the ” got screwwwed babe” LOL. Hey, maybe my friend Erik and I can sing some songs. Can’t say “I got screweed babe” but maybe “I got schooled babe”

    dnelson, that is great the work you do with kids. I have great admirations for teachers. In the Top deck I know 5 teachers and in the LF pav, there is my friend Erik. Erik has his season tix in the PV, but every once in a while he sits with me.

  108. junkyardjamie

    jnv – that’s great about your little league team. What age? If they are in the 10 and under age group, you should look into Cooperstown Dreamspark tournament. It’s a tournament for 12 year olds, and it is a blast. )If you have boys that are 10 and under, you need to start the process now – it books up really fast, years in advance). We went with our son’s team about 3 years ago, and it was a blast! We didn’t do that well, but it was the experience that was the important thing – the pin trading was incredilble!!!

    crash, the others are definitely rubbing off on you, which is crazy, but very good!!!! LMAO!!

    I have too many songs stuck in my head in order to think of anything creative at this time. Once I am finished with school (7 days!!), I will have more time to sit, relax and think songs and baseball. Plus, our Beatles program is on the brain so I better stick with those songs for now. The name of our program is “Beatles from Beagles” (our mascot is Snoopy) – my idea, of course!!

    On a serious note – I really hope Joe doesn’t put Andruw in there – I would be very upset to see Andre sit. I would have to assume it would be him,(Pierre’s not hurting us yet) 😦

  109. dodgrdad14

    My boys are AA minor – 8,9 and 10 year olds. I have an 8 year old that throws about 50 miles an hour!!! He is the closer for our team. All of the boys play hard and have a lot of fun. I told them at the beginning of the year that if they try hard and work hard they will win and in the process they will have a ton of fun. And you know what….. They have! It’s amazing to watch the transformation from sloppy to playing well. you can actually see their swagger when they play now, they believe in themselves and are trully having a great time doing it.
    I will have to look up that tournement, I have never heard of it before.

  110. dodgrdad14

    Your right, I started calling him “fridge” earlier on and stopped, I don’t know why. I will have to go back to it.

  111. junkyardjamie

    I just got a text message saying that Furcal is being activated from 15 DL tonight – that’s good news!!!!
    Nothing on Andruw so far? (I will have to assume that is good for now, too – I am trying to remain positive with that concept right now – it frustrates me just thinking about it)

  112. scurtis1999

    Sweet Furcal back. Hope Jones takes a few weeks off.

    Kershaw starting Tuesday night in Wrigley? Seems possible according to the Dodger website. I would love that, got great seats right by the bullpen that night.

  113. junkyardjamie

    jnv, that’s incredible!!
    keep up the pitching – my son is a left-handed pitcher (freshman) – good pitchers are a commodity, as I’m sure you know.
    The website is http://www.cooperstowndreamspark.com
    The tournament starts in early June with a couple weeks of 10 and under teams, and from then on every week there are 90 teams of 12 and under boys. We went the last week in August. I’m not sure who gets to go the week of the induction ceremonies, but I am assuming it’s the teams that have that history of going year after year. I am sure you have had local teams go there because there were many bay area, nor-cal teams there, as well as teams from central valley, where I live. If you want to take your team, you will need a good group of parents that will help with arrangements, fundraising, etc. It was a huge job to get it all coordinated. It took all of us parents to make it work, but it’s well worth it. It was an experience to go after because unless your boys can get into Little League World Series, this is the closest thing to it, and it’s not just about being the best team (well to some teams, it was still about that).

  114. dodgereric

    Let’s get back to the Fab Four.

    Close your eyes and I’ll tell you,
    That you will play Andruw,
    Remember I’ll always be there,
    And then when Nomar’s better,
    I’ll write you a letter,
    And you’ll have to tell Blake that he’s through.

    I’ll pretend they are earning
    Frank’s money I’m burning
    And Sweeney will suddenly hit,
    And then some shiny day,
    He’ll come through in some way,
    And all those darned bloggers will sh**.

    All these vet’rans, I will send to you,
    All this dead weight, Joey, they’re not through.

    In my dreams sometimes Pierre,
    Will kiss my big derriere,
    For sticking him in all of these games,
    Even if Andre gets mad,
    And leaves us when he can,
    At least I’ll have Joe Torre to blame.

    All my loving, I will send to you,
    To my Giants, darlings, I’ll be true. ©

  115. junkyardjamie

    dodgereric – fabulous!!

    Just so you know, we are doing a history lesson on the year 1968 as well the music from the Beatles. In between songs, the four of us are presenting a history lessons on events that occured 40 years ago. So, if you know any fun trivia from 1968 that we can add, that would be great. We are doing entertainment, government (big year with MLK and RFK being assasinated),economics, and obviously sports, but you may know things we haven’t found yet. The economic issues have been the most shocking (price of gas $0.34, just to name one).

  116. junkyardjamie

    I don’t know if you have read the home page, but I don’t consider Andruw Jones a reinforcement – how about you?

  117. selltheteam

    dnel – Andruw Jones as a reinforcement – kinda like Don Quixote as a reinforcement during the Crusades.

  118. scurtis1999

    Defensively a reinforcement, but that’s not what signed him for. Guess there was only one real Jones in Atlanta and that creep is hitting over .400.

  119. dodgereric

    Thanks dnels,

    If you want those old Dodger posters we spoke about a few days ago, you can email your address (or your schools’) to my home address: Ericmonson@verizon.net. I’ll be happy to mail them to you.

    1968 – That was the year we first orbited the moon, right? We landed the next year, but I think Christmas Eve of ’68 was that dramatic Bible reading from Genesis while they were showing us the Earth from lunar orbit.

    Baseball-wise, that was the last year of pre-division Major League Baseball. The Tigers beat the Cards in the Series after being down 3-1. They expanded again in ’69 (Padres and Expos and Royals and Seattle Pilots) and created divisional play. A pitcher’s year, Drysdale’s shutout streak, Bob Gibson’s 1.12 ERA and Denny McLain’s 31 wins. They lowered the mound the next year.

    Weather tonight from my favorite site: http://www.wrh.noaa.gov/forecast/MapClick.php?site=LOX&llon=-118.968747&rlon=-117.578747&tlat=34.802084&blat=33.414584&smap=1&mp=0&map.x=126&map.y=131

  120. enchantedbeaver

    Good one Eric!

    Yeah, nice spin on the “reinforcement” angle, like we’re all anxious to get him back. Next thing you know he’ll claim his wart is where his extra 30 pounds are. We know where his head is though…

    Not much help dnel – I was 7 in 1968. Think that’s when Hot Wheels made their debut though.

  121. selltheteam

    It’s so difficult setting a lineup when you have nine great hitters to arrange. Wainwright gets lit up by lefties with power. Hope the wind is blowing out to right field tonight. Here goes:
    S Furcal ss 5-for-9 lifetime against Wainwright
    R Martin c 3-for-6
    L Ethier rf 3-6
    L Loney 1b 1-4
    R Kemp cf 0-0
    L DeWitt 3b 0-0
    R Kent 2b 1-5
    L Kuo p 0-0
    L Pierre lf 1-4
    Hope to see a bat flip by Kuo! A win for Kuo will tie him for 2nd place with Billsz.

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