Tonight's lineup

Down in Anaheim, here’s what’s doing…DeWitt with another day off so Russ returns to the hot corner again.

Pierre, DH

Jones, CF

Kemp, RF

Kent, 2B

Martin, 3B

Loney, 1B

Ethier, LF

Maza, SS

Bennett, C

Kuroda, P


lets get em!

With a lefty on the mound I figured they’d give DeWitt another day off for his back. But, this feels a lot like Furcal. And if he is hurt we should option Maza for LaRoche.

If LaRoche is batting over .400 and has a on basepercentage of .450 or better, then yes let’s get him up here. Other then that Let’s go Maza get’s a shot.

I have been behind DeWitt all along, and I personally hope that he can continue to be the regular third baseman. However, it seems to me like we’re passing up a good opportunity to get LaRoche up here to show what he could do in the few games that DeWitt is sitting out. He could have been brought up instead of Maza, or better yet we could simply DFA Sweeney or Loaiza (heaven forbid, even Nomore) to make the room for him. It’s going to be ridiculous if we’re keeping a third base option open for Nomore and that’s going to block LaRoche, same as was the case with Loney last year.

LaRoche should def be up instead of Maza if DeWitt is hurt longterm.

But, if DeWitt is out tomorrow, that’s when I’ll seriously make the case for LaRoche to be up. I think with the lefty Torre figured one more day to be safe. We have a day game tomorrow so it makes sense.

A long long time ago
I can still remember
How they used to play
I knew if they got the chance
The kids could make the bathpaths dance
And we would all be happy for awhile

But Ned Colletti made me shiver
With every signing he’d deliver
Bad news in the clubhouse
A fat guy and a door mouse

I can’t remember if I cried
But I took the line-ups all in stride
The hurt in Kemp and Andre’s pride
The day Joe Torre lied…

So bye-bye Andy LaRoche good-bye
Hurt your thumb and got the finger
Makes the rest of us cry
When Nomore comes back
They say they’ll give him a try
Sayin’ this will be the day that we fly
Torre don’t realize his tank’s dryyyy…

(insert your own next 200 lines here)

I was thinking, DeWitt was originally drafted as a 2B. Let’s say LaRoche comes up and shows his potential at the major league level… How does a homegrown infield of Loney, DeWitt, Hu, LaRoche sound?

beat the angels… think blue… red is dead… good lineup for tonights game… dodgers will win it I know it…

Sweet E. Gives us all a project. Dodgerdude, I would like to see what DeWitt can do at 2nd. They really are missing a great opportunity to get LaRoche up here and see what he can do.

Ugh awful, awful lineup. What is the deal with DeWitt? If he is hurt what now? Not that Stan conte could correctly disgnose anyone within an inch of his life. Secondly, Torres goes with the best offensively outfield but then uses pierre as dh?!? Pierre as a DH is like a microcosm of Ne’ds htinking: pure stupidity. How bout using Sweeney or god forbid getting Young some at bats. As for Maza, he’s AWFUL> Anyone see the defense the last two games. Look I know Hu is strugging with the bat but his defense is MILES ahead of Maza. And Bennett… great game the other day, but he has one of those every two years or so. Bring up LaRoche! This game seems like a throwaway.

So bye, bye Mr San Fran guy,
Signs outfielders who are heavy,
But their bat has gone dry,
And good young boys, catch and hit line drives,
But they’ll sit while playoff hopes die.

**************************WE NEED LAROCHE*************************

jhall – that’s what Ned’s all about – missed opportunities.

What does Maza bring to the table that LaRoche wouldn’t be far superior at? Certainly would’ve been nice that he could’ve stepped right into DeWitt’s spot.

I know Maza’s ths sacraficial lamb when Nomore gets back, but the personnel decisions on this team are beyond horrendous.

It’s a mystery to me E.

People who are unlikely to get us to the playoffs and who have no future with the Dodgers, like Nomore, are overshadowing all of the personnel decisions. I have to assume that LaRoche will be waiting in AAA while Nomore gets a month or so to show how he can play third base, once he’s off the DL. We fans already know how – INADEQUATELY. In the meantime, the management is wasting what would have been an opportunity to let LaRoche show himself on the major league level. But I don’t know why we rant. It doesn’t make any difference to Ned or Torre, and they will always cloud their vision with an overdone veteran when it comes to team considerations.

Think how much better this team would be if we still had Werth with his 7 HRs and Edwin Jackson. Ned you haven’t been good!

I don’t know if any of the rest of you feel this way, but its hard to feel good about this team even after a win because you know the next day its still going to be more of the inane line-up BS.

Its obvious after two months that contract plays over talent. So no matter who’s playing third, that’ll be Nomore’s spot when he gets back. LaRoche languishes in Vegas. Slappy still bats lead-off… Torre and Ned make such a dysfunctional pair it boggles the mind.

Our outfield tonight is line up with Jupiter & Mars and the stars in heaven, how often can we expect that? I hope it’s not only when we play with a DH.
I hope DeWitt doesn’t follow in the foot steps of Furcal.
First it’s just one night, then two, three, four and next the thing you read is he’s on the DL.
Hope Kuroda can follow up his last start, the same way only he gets better support and our usually fantastic bullpen doesn’t let him down.
It’s another rainy night here in Brooklyn and the Mets & Yankee subway series has been postponed, I was going to watch a few innings.

I know Maza is only meant as a temp replacement while Furcal is out, and I guess I prefer that to them making a dumb trade for a quick fix (Julio Lugo, anyone?), but I don’t get starting him again. Did the coaches not watch him throw on Thursday? I could throw harder than that. But I don’t want to get down on a guy so instead I’ll agree with those who are wondering about LaRoche. He’s clearly ready. There can be room for him AND DeWitt because if DeWitt can’t play 2nd I’m sure LaRoche can do it, as a sub for Kent.

It’s just head-scratching sometimes.
But on the bright side! Hey, we have Ethier, Kemp and Jones in the outfield for once.

Anyway, go Dodgers.

at the end of the previous thread, someone was talking about orel hershiser.. and i just wanted to comment.. i actually got to meet him this year, and he was very pleasant. i work at USC and his son jordan, pitches for our baseball team. orel came out to watch jordan one weekend.. more randoms, but eddie murray was here that weekend too. and obviously with chad kreuter as our head coach, there are plenty of random dodger related people around.. hideo nomo has been around a couple times, chan ho park too.. and nomar and mia came to a soccer game once.. they were all nice people =)

back to this team.. i wish they would have called up laroche instead of maza too.. but i really think that they feel this is only a fill in call up, because i would assume they believe that furcal will be back soon.. and if you’re only going to have a spot for a week or so, it’s really unfair to bring up someone like laroche.. you bring up someone you have no problem sending down immediately. i believe when they call up someone like laroche, they would want to bring him up to stay.. it’s kind of like when they brought up eric hull for a few days last year, and everyone wanted jon meloan.. some guys who are legit prospects, they don’t want to jerk around.. at least that’s my two cents..

I would guess LaRoche is not up because thay feel they have to keep both Hu and Maza as they are the only ones that can play short. If Maza went down and Hu wasn’t around, who would play SS. Perhaps, Marty could fill in in an emergency. I don’t know. There is no room on the roster to bring up LaRoche with Hu and Maza both on the roster unless someone is sent down or DFA’ed.

Jayson Werth has gone crazy 3 at bats and 3 HR’s with eight RBI’s and they’re only in the fifth. Good for him, I always felt bad when he got hit during spring training for the Dodgers and he was a victim of numbers because he missed the entire 2006 season.

Very cool Sara. I met Orel at spring training a couple of times. He and Brett Butler were very nice and actually talked to you. I guess that and their excellent performance is why they will always be two of my favorite Dodgers.

I like the HR’s last night. We need to continue or it time or a major trade. 8 or 9 hrs from the outfield this time a year is plain pitiful. I know you all luv Either but 12 to 14 hrs a year simply don’t cut it. He one guy that either starts producing more hr and rbi or give Young some starts. As i said last week Dewitt can play 2nd and well. The infield is fine.LaRoche will be back.

Losing Werth was/is tragic. Very bad luck and timing on his injury. Ned wasn’t patient or confident enough to wait for him.

From Tony Jackson:

Three days after receiving his injection, Rafael Furcal said his back feels much better, and both he and club officials remain hopeful he will be able to come off the DL as soon as he becomes eligible on Wednesday. He hasn’t started baseball activity yet, but he hopes to do so either Sunday or Monday at the latest. Probably won’t need a rehab because he hasn’t missed enough time to warrant one.

Here’s the lineup. DeWitt feels better, but Joe sat him for one more game against the lefty Joe Saunders.

As I said in a previous thread, timing in this game can be so important to a player. The timing for Jayson Werth just was not there. He was hurt too often so he became expendable. I am afraid the same thing might happen to Jason Repko, and it could happen to Abreu because once the label is put on a player that he is injury prone it is hard to shake. (Just ask Nomar.) Werth, Repko, Abreu and now possibly LaRoche all had a chance but injuries prevented them from really getting started. Hopefully DeWitt’s injury is not the start of something similar.

In reality I think it could be argued that Werth, Repko and to some extent Ethier are more or less the same player. Sure, one may have a bit more speed than the other but none of them came through the ranks as the traditional power hitting outfielder type prospect the Dodgers have lacked for so long. Maybe that will happen for one of these players. However, how much risk should a club take with a player who has been injured? (Again, please don’t bring up Nomar; we all agree that was a big risk but at least he had a track record as an established player.) We all seem to agree that the Dodgers made the right decision not to make a big play for Gagne based on what he has done since he left the Dodgers. I suspect there would be some serious moaning and groaning had he been able to get back to the same level after he left as he had attained prior to getting hurt.

Someone mentioned Dionar Navarro a while back. I would agree he might be a better choice as a backup to Bennett but isn’t he the guy Martin replaced due to injury? I have seen a number of comments critical of Bennett as a choice for backup catcher. Who was available and willing to take on that role that would have been a better choice?

By on May 16, 2008 4:29 PM
“How does a homegrown infield of Loney, DeWitt, Hu, LaRoche sound?”
************************************************************************ It sounds like a bad Abbott and Costello routine.

I mentioned Navarro earlier. I wasn’t mentioning it in terms of him still being on the team. Clearly there is no room for him as Russ is way better, and Navarro deserves to be a starter somewhere. I mentioned him along with Edwin Jackson because of how successful they are now, and how little we got in return for trading them away. I was illustrating how bad Ned is at getting value back in any trade. The latest illustration of this was the Betimit for Proctor trade. Infielder with tons of power potential for a mid level to below average middle reliever.

Yep Dodgerdude, Betemit can also play all the infield positions and some outfield in an emergency. Another bonehead move for Ned. Proctor is a freaking waste. I wouldn’t let him near a close game. We could have done better with Seanez.

I’d rather have and infield of Loney, DeWitt, healthy Ferk, and LaRoche. I could live with the aforementioned infield with Hu. It will just be nice next year when Nomore and Kent are gone. Along with Bloaiza and Lowe.

Dodgerdude, I think the key is what the worth of those players were at the time and what the Dodgers were hoping to get.

Speaking of Edwin Jackson, he is the exact reason the Dodgers do not want to rush Kershaw.

Good point lbirken, at the time Navarro was very inconsistant and hurt, and Jackson was a couple of years away and struggling badly. Baez had been up to the trade a lights out closer. Carter and Baez sure stunk it up here. Geez!! I guess at the time we were pretty desperate for relievers.

Damn I can’t believe I missed Werth 3 homerun today. This is why I always wanted a lineup of Werth in LF Kemp in CF Ethier in RF and Repko #4 OF’s.

Well OK, Navarro was inconsistent and hurt at the time he was traded. His stock was low. But it was clear he has talent at the time. What’s the number one rule of trading stocks… Buy low, sell high. Ned violated that rule here and numerous other times. He practically gave away Navvaro, Jackson, Betimit, Joel Guzman(huge bust, but still has more value that what we got back) Chuck Tiffany, Sergio Pedroza, (those last thwo are former prospects with decent upside, now TB prospects) and many many more. Its not like he was forced to trade those guys, they could have spent more time in our minor league system. Ned just doesn’t get it on so many levels.

Damn wasn’t this game suppose to be on kcal? The Lakers game was suppose to be on ESPN.

Laker game is on KCAL and ESPN. Dodger game is only on FSN West and the Angel feed. Also, Pierre will be in left, Kemp in center. Jones will DH. Everything else is the same.

hmmmmmmm@yahoo I hope that wrong they have Pierre in LF Jones DH.

I believe the Navarro/Jackson trade came when Gagne was injured and we needed an emergency closer very badly. Baez had a pretty good track record up till that time.

I grew up watching Sandy Koufax
Maury Wills and Wally Moon
I cheered when I saw Tommy Davis
Juan Marichal was such a goon

And Vin, you’re always there to soothe my ears
In every game you do
There’s no wonder
I love Dodger Blue

I fell in love with Valenzuela
Whose eyes would roll back in his head
And now we’ve moved to Russell Martin
Ethier, Kemp and dumb ol’ Ned

I’ll guess I’ll never know the reason why
I love you as I do
It drives me crazy that
I love Dodger Blue

Just walked in and see that JP’s in left and Jones is DH.

All I can say is, Torre is no HOF manager. At this point in the season with all we’ve seen, he’s not even a good one. Our only hope is that he’s an idiot savant.

Eric is a musical savant. Good job Eric. LOL

cant andruw do anythign right? geeze… this game is close.

A lot of good points being made regarding trades. Trades aren’t made in a vacuum. You have to look at what the situation was and how the player was performing at the time instead of judging them on the basis of 20/20 hindsight.

Well isn’t that just freaking lovely!! Crap!!!

wtf, somebody get Bennett a playboy mag

You would think Russell had been playing there for years. Great play!!

torre is an idiot… why is our gold glove winning catcher playing third? he should be behind hte plate… if dewitt cant go get LaRoche up… this is ridiculous

Contrary to most of us, Torre would rather have Pierre in LF, than Andruw in CF.
Or maybe he fiqures that Jones could concentrate more as a DH.

if I was manager of the dodgers… first thing I would do is send maza down back to 3a and bring up LaRoche… my lineup would look like this

c. martin
lf. ethier
rf. kemp
1b. loney
2b. kent
3b. LaRoche
cf. Jones
ss. Hu
dh. young

anyone else like that lineup?

That’s O.K. with me as long as all 4 outfielders are playing at the same time.

De Witt, hopefully, will be back tomorrow. If he has to be disabled, La Roche is a good possibility. In the meantime, it gives Russell a break from catching. It just might make the difference in his performance in September.His numbers dropped at the end of last year.

dodge torre isn’t no idiot.

Kuroda’s getting his usual run support (probably wondering why he left Japan), but when you’ve got Pierre, Jones, Kent, Bennett and Maza, it doesn’ leave much in the line of offense…

Ah yes, the comic genius of Charley McCarthy and Mortimer Snerd. A pair of real dummies running the show.

The angels’ announces are the worst in baseball. THE WORST. I never want to hear their extremely biased Angel crap again

Look like you an idiot for having Martin batting leadoff.

Hey E, you can’t even see Ned’s mouth move when Torre talks. LOL

Martin would be good leadoff hitter by the way!!!!

The lineup’s ok except it’s missing DeWitt & Ferc. Hu, right now, would be better off getting to play everyday in Vegas. He looks overmatched at the plate right now.

OMG did they chant Back to Gasol in that Lakers game. hahahaha what a bunch of Jazz loser.

This guy Saunders isn’t showing any signs of weakening.

Martin batting leadoff is actually a reasonably good idea with Furcal out because he gets on base a lot, and he can run if you think the speedy leadoff man helps. You might as well give your good hitters more PAs.

But seriously, why is the organization so against Andy LaRoche? The only reason his rehab assignment ended when it did (he still hat a week left on it) was so that he didn’t have to get a major league minimum salary for another week. He’s off the DL, so we know he’s healthy.

LaRoche is tearing it up in AAA, and not in a flukish good luck way or a well that’s Vegas, not the majors way. DeWitt has back pain, and that’s 2 games out now. Russell Martin is our catcher, not our 3b. If you can’t plug in DeWitt off the bench at all, put him on the DL so he can recover properly, instead of risking poor performance and the chance of hurting yourself worse, possibly even permanently hindering your performance.

Yep it would look good but we know Torre won’t do it.

seeskybout2rain… that lineup is for this series… with furcal healthy I would rather have him in anyday batting leadoff… and shad, shut up

You shut up if you think any manager would put a catcher leading off.

Kuroda going through 6 without a pitchers spot, has a chance to pitch further and improve his innings pitched per game.

Someone please tell me why in the world in a game with the DH, you would put your absolute worst outfielder in left and one of the best centerfielders in the game as the DH?

I’ve been watching the Lakers and writing emails. How did the Angels get 3? These bonehead Angel clowns aren’t telling me much.

Well, we’re circling the drain.

Hey shad, it’s not unheard of to bat a catcher in the leadoff spot. They’re not all slug runners.

Our only chance is to get into their pen. It hasn’t been very good so far this year.


Just put the Ethier plug in the drain. Way to go Andre!!!

YEAH ETHIER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’d rather have May catching, Martin at 3rd and Dejesus at SS and why did Mata get the called up and how is Dejesus doing down there? I know we have some better SS than Mata.


E_T_H_I_E_R’S****** 4HR


E-T-H-I-E-R !!!
Take that, Torre and shove it right up your A**.

LOVE IT!!!!!

Dodgers need to come back so Nelson won’t have to take the smack from family and friends!! LOL

Yeah Dodgers, Do it for Nelson!

Ethier becomes only the 2nd left handed batter to hit a home run off of Saunders. Also, I remember Tracy putting LoDuca in the leadoff spot at times. If Torre chooses to bench Pierre with Furcal out then Martin seems like the most logical candidate to leadoff.


I know those were WPs, but I think Russ might have stopped them. He’s pretty good at those.

That sure looked fair, but there’s nothing they can do about it now.

Caught a break there!!!

Rat crap!! Terrible throw by Marty!!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, it seems that every walk costs the Ds. Walking a .217 hitter is a crime.

Right or wrong I can’t believe that Scoscia wasn’t thrown out.
Kuroda 6.1 not bad.


We should be DLing DeWitt to let him recover all the way and recalling LaRoche to play third and let Russ go back behind the plate. This is a poor fielding lineup tonight.

LMAO, jhall! Trademarked? HAAARRRRR!!!


4-2, interesting, at least it’s not 4-0.
Ethier’s HR made my night.
I hope it sends a message.
These Angels are pretty good.
Good inning for Proctor
We’re still in this game anything could happen.

Yeah, Pierre, they are a well-balanced club. They do a lot of the little things right. Scioscia.

C’mon Jelly Roll!

Man that Saunders finally look tired out but I hope it isn’t too late.

Is anyone else annoyed with their Angels’ announcers? Comments?

Jelly don’t roll!!!

“Unacceptable” (used by permission)

I thought that was Andruw’s time.


savestheday, I can’t stand them either, but I know I’m spoiled. That could have something to do with it. Vinny is so great.

All these opponent announcers stink they are cheer leaders.
We just have to take it.
It’s fun when we’re winning.

LOL Eric.

To them the Angels can do no wrong. Either’s homerun…. because of the warm air? ****! lol I know i love vinny, no one is better 🙂 glad he’s a dodger

Man if we can only start some trouble here in the 9th.
This would be some kind of win.
Nice job by Proctor.

That’s out at Dodger Stadium.

martin as our leadoff hitter is not a crazy idea… boston used drew as there leadoff hitter for a couple games last season… crazier things have happened.

Defense let us down tonight!!


Hard to win when the top 4 batters in the lineup go 0 for 15.

That K-Rod was a too much, but Russell really hit that ball square.
They simply out played us tonight and we were a little sloppy to booth.
Nothing to do but comeback to the park Tomorrow and give it another try.
Good clouth by Andre, it made us all feel good.

Poor Nelson got to be taking major crap the way we looked tonight…

I’m telling ya, if DeWitt isn’t 100%, DL him retro to the injury. Don’t rush him back at 90%. Let him get healthy. Get LaRoche on a plane and field this tomorrow:
Pierre DH
Ethier LF
Kemp RF
Kent 2B
Loney 1B
Martin C
LaRoche 3B
Jones CF

Nelson’s a school teacher. She’s worn the colors in the Bay. She’s tough.

Looks good to me!!

Would have been great for her to be rubbing their nose in it.

Plus Anaheim ain’t exactly Oakland.

I’ve got to congratulate the guy who should be playing center field for the Dodgers; Jayson Werth. What a game! Speaking of what a game; what a game for Garry Bennett. Is it me or is this guy the worst catcher ever. We need Russell behind the plate, he’s way too valuable not to be back there. Don’t get me wrong, I think he could be a gold glove third baseman if he played there full time. He saves us so many runs by digging balls out and giving up his body to block a wild pitch. Case in point, tonight with Bennett back there. He’s got a case of the yips anyway. He reminds me of the catcher in Major League 2 with the centerfolds. The way he lollipops the ball back to the pitcher (add first base to the list as well) is absolute comedy. I know Martin needs a rest every once in a while, and DeWitt’s injured; I’m just being bitter. But if Martin was behind the plate we’d’ve won tonight (or so I like to tell myself). You can add Garry Bennett to the list of abortion signings by Ned Colletti. It kills me to see Scioscia sitting in the other dugout wearing red. We should’ve hired him instead of Bill Russell; damn!

I am really dissapointed. Were like one of only five teams to not make it to the WS in the last 20 years.

Baseball is going young (look at who won last year and who is winning this year) and we have young as good as anyone and it’s all being waysted away.

if DeWitt is hurt, then call up LaRoche. LaRoche is a better hitter than Bennett, better 3b than Martin and Martin is a better catcher than Bennett. -duh.

And then there Ethier not playing. Are you kidding me already. I am so sick of it. He is 26 and us dodger fans have not seen a full year of what he can do and can anyone say it’s his fault? jeez. But to not play him for Pierre is the out machine? why is it so hard, are we really gonna go down in flames with him? Look at our offense and his numbers since taking over at are last 5 teams he has been on and where they fall in runs scored vs baseball…

dodgers 21st
cubs 28th
florida 19th, 23rd ,17th

Nice! It’s not his fault though. But it’s also not a coincedence.

How much poof does anyone here need for me to show you? I have all night. Belive me there is nothing you can show me to prove stats wise he is good. I can show you it from all angles. He is killing us. No matter how flashy he looks at times or how likeable he is.

And then to have Jones and Kent in the top 4 with OBP below .291. DUDES..Jones has a better OBP than KENT. Now how bad is that. Seriously.

It’s a broken record.

Would anyone argue with me if I said that this time last year we on this board werent arguing about how we werent playing our best young players, we had line ups that were changing all the time and we were lacking power? And here we are again. Actually worse because right now Gonzo is an upgrade over both LF and CF (with the stick)

2 of our best young hitters sit while our offense struggles…

Imagine if this was 2004. Ned and Joe do.

Schmidt——18wins/251 ks/3.20/1.08
Kent———.289 /.348 /.531 /.880 (27/107)
Jones——–.261/.345/.488/.833 (29/91)

The angels’ announces are the worst in baseball. THE WORST. I never want to hear their extremely biased Angel crap again

By on May 16, 2008 8:37 PM

well if you must have never head the padres radio guys. leitner and coleman are absolute mor ons. talk about being biased. they are the sole reason why i hate the padres more than the angels and the giants.

I really don’t see how Gary Bennett can be in the major leagues and not have the confidence to throw the ball back to the pitcher the normal way. Is this a joke? I can throw the ball 60 feet 6 inches from my knees can I get a contract Ned? I may hit .000 and have no RBI’s but I can sure as hell throw a mean 60 feet 6 inches.

not even 60 ft 6 in. he took like 5 steps forward before throwing the damn ball.

And likewise, if you have ever had a listen to Giants announcers Mike Krukow and Duane Kuiper, they are among the most annoying, sophmoric, unabashed homers in MLB broadcasting.

I think we all know why. We are all spoiled rotten to have had one of baseball’s best announcers calling the game for our team over the last 59 years. Scully’s unbiased style makes the Dodger listener a student of the game, learning where bullpen journeymen playing for Pittsburgh went to High School, or which great pitcher he models his style after. You don’t just get the game, you get an experience.

He uncovers so many facets of the game that, when you hear a couple of homers calling a ball game like Jerry the King Lawler and Good Ol’ J.R., it makes you a little sick to your stomach. Almost like they want to tell the listener what to think, whereas I’ve always felt Vin gives you an objective observation, and lets the listeners put together the puzzle however they feel like it.

As baseball fans, having Vin Scully calling ballgames for your team is like theatre lovers getting to watch the best of Christopher Marlowe, Ben Jonson and William Shakespeare as they wrote the plays that formed the groundwork for entertainment in the Western world for centuries to come.

and yet, hackneyed homers look at that same empty canvas of a ballgame, and turn the game into a one-note joke you’d find in bathroom stall graffiti.

Thank God for Vin Scully.

How in the heck can you put Slumpy in the top two spots plus Kent in the 4-hole and expect to win? Is Tory out of his mind? Does he want to win? Is he hoping to get fired? (Not that Ned would do it) What the heck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It’s easy to imagine this game going very differently if a few things were different. Hey, Nedstachio and Joe-Joe, what do you two think about this lineup?:
You two clownsticks think maybe that would’ve worked a little better?
It makes me sad knowing that we have all the components of a championship team and instead we send out Popgun Pierre, Luis Freakin’ Maza, Gary Bennet, and give away two of the top four spots in the order to Jones and Kent who despite their homeruns Thursday are batting a collective … what? … .150 over the last week-and-a-half.
I am not kidding when I say that I get a little naseous almost every day when I see the lineup/batting order Joe-Joe writes.

Nice to see the vets went a collective 0 for 14. You know, they’re going to lead the way – to the cellar. This team has NO CHANCE with Tweedle Dumb and Tweedle Dumber calling the shots. I doubt anyone other than JoeJoe the Clown could come up with the absurd line-ups we see day after day and night after night. Does he even look at the stats and see who’s performing and who’s not? Vets given 1/4 of a season to break out of a “slump.” Vets leading off who can’t even get on at a ML proficient level. Vets batting clean-up who are so far in decline that they’d should be batting 7. But heaven forbid one of the kid’s has an 0fer or two. Well young man, you can just go to the bench without your supper. JoeJoe – no idiot savant is he. Well, at least not the savant part.

As for Snidely Whiplash supplying the personnel, what else can be said that hasn’t bee a million times before? Maza. MAZA? Hey Ned, there’s a kid down in Vegas was going to be your thirdbaseman… remember him?

My only conclusion is that JoeJoe and Mustachio have advanced stages of dimentia. Frank and Cleopatra are evidently either in a state of denile or total apathy whilst the former two run the organization into the ground.

And have you ever asked yourself – why did you need a ventriloquist or even a dummy when you were on the radio?

Much like this team, it boggles the mind.

Who do you think are the most important players in Torre’s mind when it comes to decisions about our 2008 team – it isn’t Ethier (obviously), or even Kemp. Everything revolves around Pierre, the reputed outstanding leadoff man, Kent, the always cleanup guy batting under .250, Jones with his head somewhere else, and Nomar, always waiting to come back off DL to reclaim his starting spot. Of course, this is the team that Ned has given him, and there aren’t going to be any changes with the veterans, so we’re stuck with always accommodating the veterans that are performing less every year. These symptoms are not going away, because the disease is NED – always has been and always will be. The only cure is surgery – Frank has to decide to cut the fu**** loose.

I’m afraid what we have with Frank as an owner, Ned as GM and Torre as a manager is the making of the Cubs-sized stretch of futility.

Totally dead horses:


Assuming Maza get’s cut when Nomore comes back, there’s half of your everyday squad (squat?)

Have you seen the newest poll on the D’s website? The average fan is stammering around about as clueless as Frank and the boys – Who’s going to play 2nd next year? Leader right now is Kent. Sad this is, I wouldn’t put it past Nedco to sign the [expletive] again.

Since current management would not know how to win if it came up and bit them in the behind, we’ll probably have to wait another 35 years for a batch of youngsters to come along with the talent like this bunch has. Of course I’ll be dead or senile and won’t know the difference. Kinda like Frank, Ned and JoJo.

Hope DeWitt is back today!!!

That’s all we need is to re-sign Kent for another year of inadequacy in the cleanup position. If we really don’t have a 2nd base option among our prospects, then any other GM could be trusted to come up with an answer either through trade or the FA market. Hate to say it, but does anybody here trust Ned to do that?

I am also totally disillusioned by Torre. It seems like he’s already retired, only with about $5 mil. a year in pay. I see no fire, no urgency, and no execution of a thought out plan, or even a plan of any kind. His coming is just another publicity ploy that keeps this team in limbo. I don’t know how long it will take him to get to “know his players”, but the end of this season and less than a playoff berth is not soon enough.

Let’s get rid of Colletti, and maybe the next guy will at least see some urgency in getting and keeping the right players on board.

Logan White NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Agree about Tory’s total lack of engagement. Mike Scoscia showed more passion last night when he got the umps to call SpiderWebElbow out on the overthrow at first than Tory has shown all season. The amount of fire he showed when arguing that Vlad’s foul ball should have been called fair is probably more fire than Torre will show if you add up his fire for the entire (cringe) three years of his contract.
The only reason I don’t wish we had Grittle back instead of Joe-Joe is that I know that he would start Pierre every single day.
I long for the days of that mediocrity Jim Tracy. Mediocrity is a huge step up from Grittle and Joe-Joe.


When in the course of Dodger events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the ties with management which have connected them with another and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to their indignation.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all players are NOT created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain superior talents, that among these are power, defense and the pursuit of a championship. — That to secure these rights, Blogs are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the Blog created, — That whenever any form of tyranny becomes destructive to this team, it is the Right of the People to confront and attack it, and to demand new management, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Production and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that managements long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn that fans are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and mistakes, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to question such management, and to provide new Answers for their team’s future security. — Such has been the patient sufferance of this youth movement; and such is now the necessity which constrains them to alter their former Systems of Management. The history of the present GM of Dodgers is a history of repeated blunders and miscalculations, all having in direct object the establishment of an absolute Tyranny over this team and fans. To prove this, let Facts be submitted to a candid world.

1.) The waste of millions of dollars on worthless Free Agents

2.) The contunual blocking of younger, stronger, better players.

3.) The constant addition of useless veterans.

4.) The consistant playing of inferior players.

5.) The inane prattle and lip service of management regarding said younger better players.

We, therefore, the fans of the Dodgers, in General, Assembled, appealing to the Supreme Frank of the world for the rectitude of our intentions, do, in the Name, and by Authority of the good People of these Blogs, solemnly publish and declare, That these united Fans are, and of Right ought to be Free of Ned Colletti, that they are Absolved from all Allegiance to the Frank Crown, and that all fanatacism connection between them and the State of current namagement, is and ought to be totally dissolved; and that as Free and Independent Bloggers, they have full Power to levy verbal War, conclude Peace, contract Alliances, establish Common Sense practices, and to do all other Acts and Things which Independent Bloggers may of right do. — And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Support, our Empathy, and our sacred Writings.


By on May 11, 2008 7:53 AM

Signed: JHALL

No increased ticket, parking, and concession prices without representation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You guys hated Tracy. You REALLY hated Grady. And now you hate Torre. The way I see it, most managers are the same and this whole thing is NED’s fault. Christ even the announcers from the opposing teams recognize that the veterans on this team shouldn’t have been signed and shouldn’t be playing ahead of the kids. DAVE DUNCAN FOR MANAGER!!!ME FOR GM!!!

Well, today’s the day of Chan-Ho’s implosion when the clock strikes 12 and he turns back into a pumpkin. BTW, forgot to add Loaiza and Park to my dead horse list above.

Unfortunately, Torre’s managing like he always managed in NY – keep playing the vets and they’ll heat up with the weather and turn it around. Well its summer in LA all the time Joe and let me tell you, these aren’t the front-line vets you had in the Bronx. ARod and Kent aren’t exactly equivalents. (Note there’s nothing to compare JP and Jones to, except maybe a dung heap, which I guess then makes Ned a dung beetle.)

Do us a favor Ned. Either get rid of the vets and go with the kids, or get rid of the kids and go with the vets because what you’re doing now in case you haven’t noticed, isn’t working.

BTW, Ned and Joe belong on the list of dead horses as well.

Dung Beetle, LMAO. That sure fits….

I know this is confusing but bear with me: I’m sure Torre(like Grady before him) feels like if he is sitting 40 mil a game on the bench and the team isn’t performing, people in the front office will blame him for the team losing, but if he plays the high priced vets and the team loses it will look like he had washed-up vets and the blame will go to Ned.

That’s the best explanation I can think of for Torre and Grady not playing the obviously better kids…

Enchanted, Chan Ho has done nothing so far to be on the dead horse list.

That is a good point Swood. Run with what Ned gave you and when they tank, its on Ned the Dung Beetle.

It’s the only explanation I can think of for these lineups Jhall. Both last year and this year.

Where’s todays line-up? I want to see it so I can be pissed off.


Yep, they should have sent Ned packing with Grady Lube!!

swood – just IMO, 10 walks, 9 Ks and 4 HR in 25 innings… there but for the grace of God goes Loaiza.

LF Pierre
RF Ethier
C Martin
1B Loney
DH Sweeney
CF Jones
3B DeWitt
2B Maza

LF Pierre
RF Ethier
C Martin
1B Loney
DH Sweeney
CF Jones
3B DeWitt
2B Maza


Alex beats me by a second. Or two.

What??? No Bennett????????? I can understand keeping a slug like Kemp on the bench (what’s he got to offer, anyway?), but no Bennett??????

Some folks were born made to run a team
Ooooh and pick the players too (y’all)
And when they play out in the field
Oooh they’re a delight to me and you

It ain’t Ned, It ain’t Ned, you ain’t no GM son (no, no)
It ain’t Ned, It ain’t Ned, we know your not the one (no)

Some men inherit other people’s work
Lord can’t do it for themselves (y’all)
And now when look out at this year’s team
We know you’re just a jerk, jerk, jerk

Its ain’t Ned, It ain’t Ned, you ain’t no GM son (no, no)
It ain’t Ned, It ain’t Ned, we all know your not the one…

And we’re the Unfortunate Ones!!!!

Super E!!

I’m happy DeWitt is back in there, also Ervin Santana has been pretty wicked against righties this season. So loading up 4 of the first 5 spots with lefties is a good move. Even though I don’t personally agree with Sweeney batting fifth. I would’ve put DeWitt there. Kemp is fighting it lately (4 for 23) and it would be tough to get it back against Santana. I like Kemp a lot but he’s hasn’t exactly been good against righties this season. Though I’d play him 162 games a year anyway. We don’t win in Anaheim anyway, but who knows?

“Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. It’s a beautiful September afternoon and today’s contest marks game #148 on the schedule. Miraculously, it also marks the Dodgers’ 144th different line-up. When asked if this might acccount for the team’s fourth place standing, GM Ned Colletti defended his manager: ‘Joe’s still getting to know his roster. But give him credit. He’s doing everything he can to make sure our best player, Pierre, gets as many innings as humanly possible.'”

At least Jeffy is not in there. A bright spot of sorts…. If I never have to lood at Kent again it will be too soon.

Good one kahlikpookie!! (sorry, I like it – kinda sounds Hawaiian.)

With regards to the line-up, why are we giving more ABs to Sweeney when its a great time to use Young? Can’t really blame this one on contract, so it defies explanation.

LOL Kahli. I thought Jeffy and Nomore were our best players. HaHa……

Did anyone hear the woman hosting the FOX Pregame show? “L.A. may be the City of Angels, but they’re not the only team in town. The Dodgers come to town…” I’m guessing somebody failed U.S. Geography in High School.

Well, Bull****, Dodger game blacked out today on MLB.TV. What a crock of **** this is. I was out of town 3 days and come back today to watch the game and then this crap.

As they used to say on “Laugh In,”…”very interesting…”:

Isn’t it on TV locally Bob?

Ned one Waʻawaʻaiki-naʻaupō

Joe just ʻānaʻanea

Not on tv locally in Saint Louis area. We have Boston and Brewers. I hate Boston

Why would they block it out in St Louis. That’s bull. You can still listen.

Los Angeles Dodgers vs Los Angeles Angels – Thom Brennaman & Rick Manning (FOX, 3:55pm, 20%)

MARKETS INCLUDE: Alburquerque, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Portland, Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle

Also, MLB.TV doesn’t allow you to watch any of the three Fox Saturday Baseball games regardless of where you live.

What a crock of sh*t!! I’m in Ohio and blacked out. Total crap!!

It’s A nationally broadcast game by fox and is blacked out if starts after a certain time and we get Boston/Milwaukee instead of LA/LA. It sucks big time.

does he ever practice bunting

Guess I will watch play-by-play. Better than nothing..

Nice job Phew!!!


My son lives in Chapel Hill, NC and is a huge Dodger fan. He already complained earlier this week that the Dodger game would not be broadcast in his area. It really does not make a lot of sense for MLB.TV to block out any games since you are paying for the service anyway.

maybe chan ho can light a fire under the team and jump kick someone.

How come no lineup?

From Tony Jackson:

Lowe will pitch tomorrow against the Angels, while Penny is scheduled to go on Monday night against the Reds. From what I’m told, Brad experienced some stiffness when he threw his side session on Thursday, so this is just a precaution.

Good to hear that DeWITT is at 3rd base where he BELONGS.

strange starting line up??? how about a horrible one

lttle help from the fans yeah???

Holy Cow!! DeWitt is killer!!! ROY!!


D_e_W_I_T_T # 4 De Witt Rookie of the Year

Dewitt homers. Is this kid going to be great or what. He’s a Missouri kid, Not far from where I live.

GO BLAKE!!!!!!

Penny, stiff arm. Lowe, elbow tightness. Loaiza, stiff shoulder. Schmidt, shoulder rehab. Not exactly a rosey outlook for the marathon called a baseball season.

I’m getting the lineups batter by batter.

And we’ve got a stiff for a GM.

The lineup doesn’t matter if the players produce! No one liked the lineup the other day and the Dodgers beat up on Ben Sheets. I don’t see how they can keep DeWitt out of lineup if he is healthy.

Dewitt this deserves this job at point.

O.K Alex Thanks for the Lineup.

Joe, we need to bench that kid DeWitt. –Ned

A little late, but “DO IT, DEWITT!!!”

Good job by Park

Can anyone imagine Torre telling DeWitt to sit for Nomar?

I am from LA, and though I am a NY Yankee fan and a PIT Pirate fan, I do enjoy Dodgers baseball. I like the blog, check out mine!

Yeah, DeWitt sure messed things up for the Dodgers by playing so well. Larry Bowa likes him.


Of course the lineups matter. Just because we win some games with lineups far inferior to what we could easily put out there, doesn’t mean it doesn’t matter. If we put crap lineups out there day after day we WILL LOSE more games than we would lose if we consistently played our best guys with the best hitters in the top half of the lineup.
As to today’s lineup, I feel a little nauseous, although not as nauseous as last night. For real? Luis Maza and Mark Sweeeney but no Delwyn Young?!

good job Pierre.
He took that one for the team.



M_A_R_T_I_N —Keep it going guys.

Welcome JB. Nice looking blog!!

The Angels have the Rally Monkey, we have the Rally Killer – Andruw Jones.

We’re going to need some brave, iron-fisted fans to interfere with ball before it reaches Andruw’s bat…

Or should I say the general area of the bat…

BTW, for those that aren’t seeing it, Jones is pathetic. Bat’s so slow the balls past him before he swings through. Top notch CF you got us there Ned.

DeWitt needs to be at third (or second) every day.

Certainly missed an opportunity there to bust this game wide open with 2 on and no outs and the meat of the order up. Or the fat of the order in Jones’s case. Just the bones in Sweeney’s.

I guess I don’t understand Torre’s reasoning. Delwyn young is out of options and has to be on the big club. If we’re going to keep this kid and I assume they are because they are protecting him, then I would be playing him every chance I got. He has proven he can hit in every league he’s been in. Let him play for God’s sake and sit Sweeney.


Hi JB welcome aboard
I’m a Dodger Fan living Brooklyn for the passed 70 years.

You’re right Boblee. I’d like to see what he can do with some consistant playing time.


Sweeny is a waste of a roster spot. DY pinch hitting can’t be any worse than Sweeny.

Too bad Andruw being Andruw isn’t anything like Manny being Manny.

Gosh a 1 to 2, 3 after Santana threw his most pitches last innings. Man way to work the count in that inning.

DeWitt ………2B?

It’s not like the Dodgers have any second base studs knocking at the door, but with Kent getting so much veteran “rest” time, a double-edged problem presents itself. Kent can’t find his groove…and neither can his ever-changing parade of part-time replacements. Do Kent a favor. He’s been a solid Dodger. Trade him to an American League contender where he can DH and maybe get that ring. As for the Dodgers, I haven’t a clue… But I trust Ned will find a brilliant solution.

Let’s hope Maza doesn’t hurt his back.

Dewitt needs to play everyday. How can we afford to play a power hitter that hits a home run every 20 games, At that rate, Andruw will have 8 or 9 home runs this year. Delwyn young would hit that many and have a much better batting average.

Dewitt at third
Kemp in center
Ethier in left
Young in right

Would be a future great outfield. Hey, what the Hell, lets try it now and not wait for the future.


I don’t think Ned knows what brilliant even means.

MLK, I know lineups do matter but I get a kick out of reading all the comments about the lineups after a game in which the guy most complained about gets a big hit. Isn’t hindsight great?

Ned is brilliant only at blocking our young talent.



These Angels don’t need our help.

I am absolutely stunned by James Loney. Just two of the worst throws have put the Angels back in the game.

Gosh damn hit and run


Chan Ho Park has been tremendous in this inning he arguably has got 6 outs and only 2 to show for

Loney hosed Park!!

Park was AMAZING in that inning

Loney has always had a problem with that throw to second. He’ll get it right. He’s still a gold glove type of player. Just not today??!?!?!

Walks, errors, hit by pitch, oh my!

Baseball is a gruesome game.
Yesterday it was Bennett and today it is Loney.
It’s been happining since the beginning of baseball history.
The Angels aren’t a team that needs any breaks. Give them anything and they’ll just add on to it.

We started something with this Santana now let’s finish it.

Let’s get some more runs!!!

Loney is a tremendous defensive first baseman, BUT he at times can make some of the worst plays, last year he made a relay throw that was 30 feet over Martin’s head that hit the screen behind the plate. Without a doubt I rather have him there over ANYBODY else we have to offer.

Not to nit pick, but prior to Ethier’s four-pitch walk, how many pitched did Pierre see? Memeo to Juan: it’s a billion degrees out there and Chan Ho just made a billion pitches. You’re leading off. Get a clue!

Loney can redeem himself right now

We got to score now before they take E. Santana out.

The Mets beat the “thong” Yankees
Sorry JB

if you insist on playing sweeney why are you hitting him 5th. why. what has he done this year to deserve that. nothing. joke. what a joke

Has everybody seen enough of Sweeney yet to DFA him?
Probably everybody except Torre and Ned. What a damn joke.

What a waste!!

Hope that wasn’t our last chance.

Remind me exactly why Sweeney’s on the team, let alone batting 5th.

Urgh damn it Loney you cost me a Chan Ho win in my fantasy league.

PARK had some good stuff today, too bad the sloppiness hurt him.

C’mon Kuo!!


OT: Come on Candace Parker. I know you nerve playing in your 1st wnba reg season game but this could’ve been an easy win.

Did some checking because it feels like D-Backs are always playing at home. Not too far from the truth. In May, they will have played 18 home games. In June, they will play 8 home games, Dodgers will play 16. D-Backs are only 9-8 on the road so far. I guess it would matter if a great team was breathing down D-backs’ collective necks.

Rick Monday put it right “The Dodgers are holding the door open for the Angels”



BTW, I owe Park and swood an apology. Park doesn’t deserve to be on the dead horse list. He looked very good today.

Speaking of looking good, how ’bout that JP, Jones and Sweeney eh?

Well at least Andruw is hitting the ball.

Phew, Jelly Roll, and Bad Weenie!!

Make ya sick every time jhall.

It’s hard to believe E. Santana is still there and Park is gone.
It looked like the other way around.

Oh my Maza could played 7 different position. I wonder if that’s why he was called up before LaRoche.

Nice quick inning Kuo


Smells bad, looks bad, and is bad E.

Shad. That and he was hitting .402 in AAA.

Gameday has Kuo throwing nothing but 93-96 MPH fastballs. For those of you watching on TV, he must be awesome.

we need some runs guys

Run Pierre Run but don’t be picked off or get caught. We need all the runs we can get.

Urgh don’t bunt Ethier and you’re lucky Pierre.

Ervin Santana pitched some kind of game.
He stunk at first, I thought we were going to get him an early shower.
But after that you gotta give him credit.
He really settled down.

I guess I missed that one thought it was last year lol.

Wow Pierre what a great jump too bad Ethier fouled it off.

Loney make them pay and redeem youself of tthat error.

redeem thyself Loney

Gosh typo and spelling error I wish they had an edit feature on this site.

We got a gift.

Great play by Martin and Pierre to grab a much needed insurance run

A good run__ I hope they have that on tape for us.
Nice job by Martin to get Pierre in.
I would’ve like to see that.

Nice seven innings by Chan Ho Kuo..

WOW another good inning for KUO
No Ks but that doesn’t take anything away it.

For those of you who cannot watch the game and for those who do not know:
On MLB Gameday they have a feature that allows you to watch highlights during and after the game. Even Fox Saturday games. Go to Video and click which video you would like to see. Including Martin’s rundown leading to Pierre’s run.

My man from Missouri, Dewitt

I’m developing a mancrush on DeWitt.
Don’t sweat I’m straight.


Clutch Maza

Personally with a four run lead I let Kuo go one more inning

Now what we needs is Angel OUTS.

When Raffy returns, keep Maza and send Hu down.

I think Dewitt just put himself on the Dodger roster to stay. He said when he signed with the Dodgers, he would be on the big club by 2008 and what a way to do it. I hope he’s the future third baseman for the next several years

So far it’s PARK 4.0
________KUO 4.0

Personally with a four run lead I let Kuo finished the rest of the game out.

Park deserved better. Both he and Kuo were outstanding.

I’d let Kuo try to finish it off also. Have Sammy ready.

Martin, 3 for 4 today. I wonder if AJ watches him bat to see how it’s done.

Loney not playing the part of clean-up very good today.

Loney’s had a rough day. I don’t think he’s ready to bat cleanup. He seems to do better batting 6th. Sammy must need the work.

Bat Martin cleanup.

Probably the worst game of Loney’s career, but his good far exceeds his bad. It happens to them all.


Take it to them, Sammy!

Chan Kuo Saito says, ____ you!!!!!

Big win in a place we never win!

Dodger relievers and starters have each won 11

Great to have DeWitt back. Solid effort for Maza and Hu. What can you say about Marty. Outstanding. Got there ace, let’s take the series tomorrow. Nice job.

PARK pitch well enough to earn 1/2 of the win.

Chan has earned another start for sure.

KUO deserves a start.
I’m can’t express my happiness to have DeWtt back.

Now if Lowe and Penny can get their act together, we’re in business.

Another win with a lineup no one liked. Will DeWitt be one of this season’s feel good stories? So far so good.

Phenomenal Complete Team 6 To 2 Victory by our Beloved Los Angeles Dodgers over The L.A. Angels. Super Hero Blake DeWitt Leads The Way with a Two Run Rocket,Double, Two RBI’S and Two Runs scored! Super Hero Russel Martin does it again with his Three Hits, One RBI and Super Base Running on the attempted steal, allowing Juan Pierre to score! Super Hero Juan Pierre with his two runs scored and courageous steal of Home Plate was absolutely spectacular! Super Champion Pitchers, Chan Ho Park,Hong-Chih Kuo Aand Takashi Saito did a Marvelous Job Together!And How about Newly Welcomed Super Hero Luis Maza, with his key Two Hits and RBI, as he definitely has caught The Fire of The 2008 Team Of Destiny, Our Los Angeles Dodgers, Our Team To be Crowned World Series Champions For The Seventh Time, with His Spark Plug Play, and Give Together, All Of US, The One And Only, Superman Himself, The Man Of Steel, Jeff Kent His Well Deserved Words Series Championship Ring. Again, All The Rest Of Our Los Anges Dodgers Were Superly Great, as They Spread Supreme Joy in DodgerTown!

We’ve all had days like Loney.
It happens to everybody and anybody.
I also believe “lob arm” Bennett is better than yesterday.
DeWitt is our 3B, as long as he can remain healthy.

Posting from Palm Springs (it is very, very hot!!)
First of all,
Thank you to jhall and dodgereric for thinking of me during last night’s game – it was a great night even though we lost that game. We were on field level of 3rd base side near left field and there was a good mix of Dodger and Angel fans so my family was out numbered by both sides, and even the Angel’s fans were not happy that my son was wearing his SF hat. We were four rows from the field and pretty much touching distance to Ethier and then they switched the lineup right before the game started and that totally sucked. Not that I was being negative towards Pierre at anytime point during the game, but he wasn’t exactly the players I was hoping to see. Pierre still got his fair share of boos every time he came out to take the field. He wasn’t the only one getting booed (Andruw and Bennet were getting their fair share as well).

The highlight of the night obviously was Ethier’s home run – I knew the minute it left the bat that it was gone. The fact that it was a left-handed pitcher even made it sweeter. Andre had a little extra bounce in his step coming back out to the field after hitting that shot.
I got to watch the game on tv today, and I cheered for them just as if I was there, and that just kills the gnat fans I live with. Today’s win was fabulous. It was great to see Martin doing his real job (you all have said it, but Bennet was horrible!!!) and having DeWitt back definitely made an impact today. Hopefully we get Furcal back very soon, but then when he does, it will be interesting to see how the outfield plays out, once again. Ethier is the only one actually making continual contact with the ball (very few strikeouts and when he does hit the ball for an out, it is always in a different location, unlike Pierre, which is getting very predictable) However, Pierre managed to score 2 runs today without getting an actual hit so who am I to say anything, I suppose. I really missed seeing Kemp out there today. It just seems like it has become his time to sit once again. I am assuming Andre’s turn will be coming up very shortly. It kind of makes you wonder what the two of them say to each other every time this happens. Wouldn’t you want to be a fly on that wall?

Sorry for the long post!! (two days into one post)

Thanks again jhall and dodgereric!
enchanted – how do you live out in the desert? It’s frickin’ hot out here and it’s only May. I live in the central valley, and it gets hot, but this is crazy hot – lol!

I like Maza so far. Hu should be sent to AAA to play everyday when Furcal comes back.

Glad you had fun Nelson.

I agree Momo..

Easy dnel, its not that hot over here!! An excruciating day in Cruces is 102-103. Most of the time in the summer its in the mid 90’s. Summer’s monsoon season as well and that helps a lot, plus the Rio Grande also help keep temps more moderate (and the elevation here is about 4000′.) I used to live in Oakhurst and the temps here in the summer really aren’t all that different from there. Believe me, Fresno/Merced/Modesto is much worse. I do miss the fishing however.

Sure wish we would DFA Sweeny, Kent, Nomore, and Bloaiza.

Send Ned packing, trade Pierre, name White GM, and we’re pretty much fixed. I don’t want much, eh?

Thank God SOME of the kids get to play or this team would really be nowhere. Great game by Martin, DeWitt and even Maza. Great pitching by Kuo, and Park deserved much much better than he got. I’m not that crazy about Maza momo, but I have to agree, Hu could stand somemore time in AAA.

Vets today – combined 0 for 11. Another nice showing. But Pierre had a SB and a couple runs, so we know where Matt will be again tomorrow. Smart place to put your #2 RBI guy. Trigger looked like that diving horse from Coney Island on Ramirez’ double, and Jones couldn’t hit his way out of a wet paper bag.

As for a couple of the other dead horses, Sweeney is totally worthless. Why is he deserving of ABs and Young isn’t?? Also, why wouldn’t it be better if we DFA’d Bennett and called up Ardoin? He’s not a real prospect so you’re not hurting him by having him sit, and he has to throw better. Be interesting to see who has the worst arm Bennett or Pierre. Unfortunately both vie for the title in real games.

I can hardly wait for Ferk and Nomore to get back to see what the dung beetle will do. Obvious choices would be to option Hu and DFA Sweeney. D.B. will probably option both Hu and Maza and we’ll be stuck with the Moai as back-up for short, second and third. Oh the humanity…

Neddenberg will find a way to screw things up royally.

You know jhall, despite the terrible starting pitching, despite JoJo’s inane line-ups, despite the worthless vets getting a majority of the at bats, and despite DBs idiodic personnel moves, this team is still 2 games over .500. THAT is a testimony to the talented youngsters on this team. How they’ve been able to overcome as many obsticals as their own management throws in their way, and still beat the opposition is a miracle.

And it leaves us all just saying, “what if…”

Good job to all, all the way around nice win.
Especially Park. Park did a very good job in the spring. And i am not surprise he had the outing that he did. Loney through that ball away, which park had to throw more then he had to.
Dewitt once againg great job. He is hitting the ball really good. Martin is hitting over three hundred. Does anyone know how he ranks among other catchers in the NL?

Hu is struggling he needs to sit out a few. Give Maza a chance.

Detroit just went up 2-0 on Arizona and their rookie Scherzer.

Yep E, I think about “what if” quite often.

Will be wonderful next year when Kent, Nomore, Bloaiza, Sweeny, and Lowe are gone. They have accomplished alot given the ball and chains and roadblocks Ned has hindered them with.

D-Butts lose!!

Thriller in the desert but we’re back to 4 1/2. Snakes lose 3-2.

It Will be wonderful next year when Kent, Nomore, Bloaiza, Sweeny, and Lowe are gone.

Ahh yeah JHALL and the special surprise will be all the garbage Coletti will replace them with. Oh Joy. And don’t forget us probably overpaying for Furcal who we cant live without because we dont have anyone better but has been injured 2 of the last 3 years now.

Barry Zito is 0-8 after loosing tonight. Imagine if Sabean’s master plan had worked and he also landed Pierre as he tried to before Ned Kock blocked him. Apple. Tree.Far.

Yep Jungar, Ned the Dung Beetle is scary. He really doesn’t have to do anything. Just let them walk and hold tight. We’ve got everything we need. Ferk is risky. Is there a better option out there that is going to be a FA this off season? It would have been wonderful if Ned had not panicked and signed Phew. My god it would be so cool if the G’nats were stuck with him and Zito. LOL

G’nats lose, Puds lose!!!!!

A few fragments: How sweet would it be to take the series from the Orange County Angels AND beat Jered Weaver. Don’t know what it is about the Weaver brothers, but they just seem kind of “out there.” Not that being “out there” is bad, so I really can’t figure out why they bug me…??!??!?!! Agree with a couple bloggers that Maza might be a better fit right now than Hu. Hu needs top play every day. He’s NOT a utility player…was never supposed to be. To quote The Who, “meet the new Jones, same as the old Jones.” Maybe Donny Baseball needs to catch a plane back to LA, errrrrrr Orange County, and work a little bit more with our pet “project.” Joe, there’s a guy on your bench named Kemp. He’s rested and ready for tomorrow’s game.

Torre has stated his DH tomorrow afternoon will be one of our four outfielders

To add to Kahili’s fragments:

Can anyone tell me why Trigger is in left at all while we have the DH? 1/4 of the way into the season and we’re still playing outfield roulette (2 blanks and one live round.) Can anyone tell me why DY didn’t DH instead of Sweeney? I believe the only reason DY’s kept around is for trade bait at the deadline. Why can’t JoJo the Clown come to a conclusion without having to see it 1000 times with his own eyes, and then still make the wrong decision? This team wins in spite of, not because of Torre. When Nomore gets back, half the non-pitching roster will be dead horses.

Pleasant surprises so far this year: DeWitt, Kuo and Park.

To Do List: DFA Sweeney and Nomore. Trade Kent, JP and Lowe at the deadline. Bring up LaRoche to play 2nd or 3rd (moving DeWitt to 2nd .) What Ned will do – trade DY and Ethier, Option Hu & Maza. Keep LR languishing in AAA.

It’s really going to bite when Nomore comes off the DL and they just hand him the starting 3B gig until he is injured again.

And how long do we stick with washed up Kent. He is a huge hole in the defense and isn’t even hitting as well as Jones and Pierre who aren’t exactly setting the basepaths on fire. Kent batting playing much less batting cleanup is a joke.

If the Dung Beetle and JoJo decide to run out a lineup with Nomore, Kent, Pierre, and Jones as starters most of the time, we are not going to the playoffs.

Perhaps if we have to endure watching these has beens play this year the silver lining will be Ned along with Nomore, Kent, Bloaiza, Lowe, and Sweeny will be gone next year.

I still don’t put it past Ned to offer Kent and/or Nomore an extension. Hell, I won’t put it past Ned to offer Jones an extension seeing as how he’ll trade away Ethier for one of those frontline pitchers he always gets us.

Hey E. I don’t think even Ned is that stupid. If he is, I would hope that cooler heads prevail and nix it. Torre likes Ethier and compares him to Paul O’Neil. I don’t think they will trade Ethier. I think Kent knows when to walk away. Nomore is such a waste that resigning him is not even a consideration and Lowe will want too much money and too many years for an overrated pitcher. Granted, just because it is crystal clear to you and I doesn’t mean Ned won’t do it. That is the scary part and another reason Ned needs to move on.

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