Tonight's game…

Furcal was a late scratch from the lineup with a stiff back, so here’s the group going out tonight against the Mets:

Pierre, LF

Jones, CF

Kemp, RF

Kent, 2B

Martin, C

Loney, 1B

DeWitt, 3B

Hu, SS

Kuroda, P

And for those of you thinking about it, go ahead and take tomorrow off from work or school. You have my permission. There’s a 12:10 game at Dodger Stadium, so if your boss thinks you need to be in the office, just let him or her know that you have a blackberry (you do, don’t you?) and that you’ll be “working from home” tomorrow.


Yikes! I don’t want to hear about Furcal and injuries. And with Furcal out, I’m sure Torre thinks he has no choice but to play Pierre and lead him off.

This is an absolute travesty!
I wish Torre would just come out and say it how it is. We’ll play our most expensive team matter what, even if they suck; period. There’s nothing Ethier can do about it except to play his tail off and remember this season when he’s eligible for free agency or arbitration.


More bad, or at least not good, news from the injury front from the Press-Enterprise Dodger blog (Diamond Leung):
Jason Schmidt had his simulated game pushed back because he has not recovered from the bullpen session he threw in Colorado as well as he would have liked. Schmidt will instead throw a bullpen session tomorrow and either begin a rehabilitation assignment or throw a simulated game Sunday.
Tony Abreu has been shut down once again after playing in an extended spring training game and experiencing tightness again in the abdomen region, and he’ll be out up to another week.
Scott Elbert had returned to action in extended spring training, but had his transfer back to Class AA Jacksonville scrapped due to a setback in his recovery from elbow surgery. The former first-round pick experienced some minor tightness, but has resumed throwing.

Oops, NO matter what. My bad.

I hope Andre demands a trade, He is getting screwed!!!!!!!! And we are getting screwed as fans!

hopefully furcals stiffness is a one day thing at most – i dont mind pierre hitting leadoff with furcal out and since he has been playing so well, but i think its a bummer Andre is out again. Just a week and a half ago this guy was a minstay – know, through no fault of his own, hes on the bench 2 of every 3 days. Its easier to swallow with the team winning like this but the best outfield from a TEAM perspective is pierre, kemp,ethier from left to right. Jones has made some great D plays but ill take the offense over the occasional diving catch anyday.

With Furcal out of tonight’s game you sort of have to play Pierre. It’s a HUGE loss for tonight’s game. Furcal has led the way. With the day game tomorrow hopefully they’re just being cautious.

We’re playing against the Mets, we need every freaking bat we have in the line up. Andruw Jones is in the 2 slot? Are you kidding me? He can’t even make contact in the 7 hole. Oh brother.

Here comes the whining!!

WHERE IS ANDRE?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am not sure what happened to Furcal(hopefully not hurt), but this issue with Ethier is just plain wrong!!!!

And not to mention Jones batting second – OMG!!

JP earned his way back into the starting lineup by performance. In other words, Joe says you get playing times if you perform. However, Andre sits despite Jones’ nonperformance. What a double standard!
They are really playing with Andre’s head.

Hey Dads..I am taking my 5 month old to his first game tommorrow.

Any non obvious advice? Does anyone know if I can bring in a stroller?

Will any of you be there, would love to meet you guys..I have a feeling I won’t be in my seat all game! We are sitting inner reserve, section1, row A.

Poor Andre. I just feel bad for the guy at this point.

Ferk being out tonight is even more reason to start Ethier and bat him second. Jones in the 2 hole. What a load of cr*p.

For all those that have said Torre is doing the best with what he has, Here is your proof he is an idiot!!!

This is awful. Furcal has been smoking–we need him.
Pierre does have to play in his absence. But Jones doesn’t.

2 hole is appropriate for Jones right now. He looks like he came out of it.

Good luck Jungar, I don’t know about advice on strollers but I can tell you this, I took my son to his first baseball game when he was 2.5 and I don’t know if I saw a game!! LOL but from about the 4th inning until the 8th inning he slept in my arms and I will always remember that game as the best game I had ever been to!!!

What didn’t Andre do Joe?


Joe Torre is not an idiot. I’m just going to leave it at that. And I probably would’ve started Ethier over Jones tonight, but the fact still remains that Andruw Jones need to start hitting. We will ALL need him and maybe tonight will be the night. Who knows, let them play and oh yeah we’re facing Nelson Figueroa. 9 of 10 and only three games back.


jhall what are you talking about? When did Jones come out of it?

yeah i am sure joe sat matt and dre down and said 80 million..we owe them 80 with me here and to both of their credit they have…

thanks jnv. i am excited…my mom and sis (big fans) are ill have help

I got the joke, jhall.

LOL. 2 hole=b*tt.

Jones in the two hole. jhall, you kill me.

It’s really getting very obvious. There are two rules:

1 – If you’re a kid, you have to hit your brains out to have a shot, which consists of one game every 5 or 6 games while you act like a professional and are patient and say all the right things that a team player should.

2 – If you’re a vet with a big contract and a rag arm and no power and whine like a little baby when you don’t play you get shot after shot until you get a couple of hits and then the job is yours.

Alex, I might be a little to harsh on the guy right now. But I don’t see for the life of me what makes him such a great manager??? I don’t like his line ups (I don’t think most of us here do), I don’t like the way he is treating Ethier, which he said played his way into the line up and will be there. Yet he has been out of the line up 4 out of the last 5 games and the game he did play he was what 2-4 with a home run? Does hitting a home run count against you? I also don’t like the fact that as soon as Nomore comes back he is gonig to give the starting 3B job to him and the 3 hole to boot, which is comepletely wrong.

Went right over my head jhall!!! that was a good one!

Better strap yourselves in, jhall’s “on” tonite!

Okay, jhall, I finally got the joke, too!! Took me a while – it’s been a long stressful day, and it looks like the game is going to be just as stressful!!

On the positive – I do want the Dodgers to win (it is the primary goal), and ANDRE ETHIER, I hope you read all this and know we are behind you all the way!!!!!

You know how many times Pierre, Jones and Kemp have played the outfield together? 6 times, including tonight. This is game #33! The only reason this is such a big deal is because it’s happened 4 times in the past 5 games. Also, this is the lineup that has been used the most this season (7 times):
C. Martin
1B. Loney
2B. Kent
3B. DeWitt
SS. Furcal
LF. Ethier
CF. Jones
RF. Kemp

i told you guys last year that Grady wasnt the problem. sure all managers will have things they do right/wrong..but its hard playing the hand thats dealt. hard benching MILLIONS. its all a business to McCourt.

a great manager will win the west with the team we have and a lack of 5th starter, so i guess we will see.

I should have used the # sign. Put Either in right batting second and it would be a good lineup. I mean, come on Joe. One of your two hottest hitters is a late scratch, so you sit a .300 hitter that is perfect for the 2nd spot in the order for a .153 slumping slugger to get more AB’s. What is wrong with this picture. Geez!! Ferk going down was not in your program so why stick to the Jones AB program. Change it for tonight at least. Jones can get back in there tomorrow.. We’re trying to win a division here or I have been terribly mislead.

alex – I’m not totally convinced that JP *must* start with Furcal out. How about this order?
Martin – C (.434 OBP at the moment)
Ethier – LF
Kemp – RF
Kent – 2B
Loney – 1B
Jones – CF
DeWitt – 3B
Hu – SS
Nice L/R action too, eh? Against Torre’s lineup, just wait for the LOOGY against Loney and DeWitt back-to-back.

So out of 33 games, Torre has used the best players 7 times.

I agree with Old Fogey I don’t think Slappy needs to start at all even if Ferc is not in the line up. He is NOT one of the best 3 outfielders.

For the record, I realize Pierre is “hot” at the moment and starting him *tonight* is not a ridiculous notion. Really, it’s a good excuse to sit Jones and for Torre to say, “sorry Druw, but with Furc out I need to get Andre’s bat in there, and I need to hit JP in that leadoff spot.”

You’re right Alex, this IS the big deal: Ethier hasn’t started 4 of the last 5 games. Combining offense and defense, who can tell me that he isn’t the 2nd-best outfielder we have? I don’t care about contracts. How many teams out there do not start their 2nd-best outfielder 4 games out of 5 when he IS NOT INJURED?

My god with all the spin on this page am I on Inside the Dodgers blog or Hillary Clinton’s? Jeebus.

This should be an exciting game, despite having Furcal on the bench. Hopefully, he’ll be able to pop in later in the game for an at-bat. Also, I will be in school tomorrow, but I am in the process of getting a Blackberry or Windows Smartphone. I wonder if I’ll be able to blog and check out the Dodgers games on there via Gameday…Anyways, lets get ourselves another win!

I understand having Pierre at the top of the lineup with Ferk out, but what cruddy luck for Ethier when this situation comes after him sitting 3 of the last 4 games.

This is how I picture it. If Pierre and Kemp are on tonight, then Jones, once again, is wrapped around the production of Pierre, Kemp,Kent, Martin, and Loney, therefore, with a win tonight, it will appear there was no damage done – Jones is just working it out! I, do, in all honesty, hope he does well – I want the Dodgers to win as much as anybody, but whoever last night mentioned this is not about politics, this is nothing but politics. They are trying to make a struggling player look good to make us think it’s okay to have Ethier sitting the bench because we are winning. – Bill O’Reilley’s.

You brought up a touchy subject I guess. Don’t get me wrong I think you have some of the best posts here. Very informative and your facts back you up. I don’t see your facts backing you up on this one though.

It’s always great to see the the Dodgers play well and beat the Mets in front of the watchful eyes of the New York fans and media.
The one thing I can’t stand is the fact that they take this team for granted.
This is developing into one of the best Dodger teams and it was fantastic to see it on the a wide television screen, knowing who was staying up late watching the game

Well I am out of here Dodger Fans! No Matter what……

I’m out of here too. I gotta pound some dinner down, set my DVR for the game and ride herd on 108 Boy Scouts. Hopefully get back before the game’s over. I hope Pierre goes 5 for 5!

Please don’t ever group me with that name EVER lol. I’m Dodger Blue in more ways than one if you get my drift. I myself am out of here and on my way to the stadium. Beat the Mets!

dodgereric, i only have about 10 boy scouts tonight, but some nights they seem like 108. 🙂 I don’t have a DVR, so i will just view the updates on my cell phone from time to time. GO BLUE!!!

James McDonald started tonight, Jacksonville vs. Carolina, at home.
7 IP, 0 R, 5 H, 0 BB and 9 K

great start for JMac.

I’m a long-time Dodger fan (since age 10) and reader of this blog but haven’t posted in a very long time. My favorite Dodger memory was being the only Dodger fan in a large group of Cub fans and seeing Fernando smoke the Cubbies 9-1 on a sunny July afternoon at Wrigley Field in the mid 1980’s. Like everyone else on this blog, I can’t believe that Andre is sitting. Patience, Andre, patience. Your comments on the situation indicate you are a class act and your patience will be rewarded. The cream always rises to the top. Thank god baseball is a marathon and not a sprint. Pierre will, eventually, revert to form.I can understand Pierre starting because of Ferc being scratched but Jones instead of Ethier in the 2-hole? As of now, AJ and offense is an oxymoron. DeWitt should be the starter at 3rd, period. Nomar should be the RH hitter and backup off the bench. Unlike La Roche,De Witt, like Martin, got his chance because of an injury and has made the most of it. GO DODGERS.

There is nothign wrong with Jones in the 2nd hole meaning more good pitching to hit for him to break out this slump. Once again let Torre manage this team. Jones just need to get out of this slump bad.

Giants are getting crushed right now – 10-1 by the Pirates- it is a good start to the night in this household.


Joe owns racehorses so he knows when a horse runs 10-bad races in a row, you put him in a claimer. 99% of the time its an injury is that cause the fall off. Let’s take a look at Jones’ 2007 medical history. Something obviously Ned didn’t do.

This is from Rotoworld.

September 29, 2007
Andruw Jones was out of the lineup Saturday for the second straight day and said he was done for the season. “That’s fine with me,” manager Cox said in the AP. “He’s beat up and worn out.”
September 12, 2007
Andruw Jones was back in the lineup for Tuesday’s game after missing Monday with the flu, the AP reports. He didn’t look too good though, wearing a hooded sweat shirt and coughing periodically in the clubhouse before the game. Jones went 0-for-3 with a walk Tuesday, dropping his average to .222.
September 10, 2007
Braves outfielder Andruw Jones was scratched from Monday’s game due to an illness, according to the Associated Press. He is listed as day-to-day.
August 27, 2007
Andruw Jones sat out of Sunday’s game to rest his sore knee, shoulder and elbow. “Andruw’s knee’s been bothering him, his shoulder’s been bothering him, his elbow,” manager Bobby Cox told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “Just time to take a day off.” Obviously, Jones remains dinged up, but he should be back in the lineup on Monday.
August 16, 2007
Andruw Jones tried a cortisone shot, but that didn’t relieve the pain in his ailing left elbow, the AP reports. Now, he figures it will take the offseason to fully recover. “I just feel it,” he said. “I shot it, (but) I still feel it.”
August 15, 2007
An X-ray on Andruw Jones’s sore left elbow showed no structural damage, and as a result he decided not to have the scheduled MRI. He was in Tuesday’s lineup, going 0-for-3 with a walk and run scored.
August 12, 2007
Andruw Jones still is bothered by his sore left elbow. He plans to have an X-ray and MRI on Monday, though he intends to take part in Sunday’s game, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. The ongoing pain and trouble with the joint could help explain his terrible .216 batting average, but we’ll have to see what test results say before knowing whether he might need to sit out for a while.
August 5, 2007
Andruw Jones was held out of the starting lineup Sunday for the second straight game due to a sore left elbow, according to the AP. However, he received a cortisone shot on Friday and expects to be back in the lineup on Tuesday.
August 4, 2007
Andruw Jones was scratched from the starting lineup Saturday against the Rockies with a sore left elbow, according to the AP. He has been dealing with the injury for the last several days, and he received a cortisone shot after Friday’s contest. Willie Harris got the start in center field in Jones’ absence.
July 15, 2007
Andruw Jones went 1-for-3 with a home run in Saturday’s win over the Pirates. Jones had left the previous game with a sore quad.
June 26, 2007
Andruw Jones, who was mired in a 1-for-31 slump before the game, hit his 12th homer of the season Tuesday night against the Nationals. It was a three-run shot that proved to be the winning margin. Jones had gone 53 at-bats without an extra-base hit since his last homer back on June 9.
May 21, 2007
Andruw Jones is slumping so badly, that he was dropped in the batting order on Sunday. Manager Bobby Cox had Jones batting sixth, instead of fourth, in the hope it might help the slugger find his swing, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “You look at a lot of guys who have bad years, the start good and finish bad,” he said. “So you’ve always got a chance to start bad and then pick it up. Normally I hit good in May. This is the first time I’m not hitting good in May, so hopefully when it’s past I’ll get in a groove and put up good numbers.” The move didn’t do much good in the short term, as Jones struck out five times Sunday.

What a **** lineup. Jones isn’t a 2nd hitter. It makes no sense for him to be there instead of DeWitt or Hu. Pierre is hot right now so I’m ok with him in the lineup, but Jones needs to sit for a day or two. I’m not saying give up on him… just give him a couple of days off to work with Easler and hopefully straighten out his problems. The good thing about Jones though(other than the AZ series early) is that his defense hasn’t slumped.

I haven’t posted for awhile because my computer doesn’t really work. But I read daily at work and continue to enjoy the blog and what you all bring.
Hello to all the other NCAL Blue fans!! DNELSON I too enjoy listening to the Giants anouncers try to put a positive spin on their “cough” “cough” team.
I haven’t been in here since Spring Training. I want Ethier to play every day as well. I really like him and was one of the Pro Ethier voices. I went to Vero for the first time this spring in the begginning of March. I’ve spoken with Ethier at Rivercats games in Sacramento and The Phone Booth (Pac Bell Park) and he is always very classy and fan friendly. When I spoke with him in Vero I mentioned to him that many on this blog were pulling for him. That day I started calling him “every day ‘dre” as I want him in there as often as possible (Every Day).
That being said in tonights game I’m okay with him getting the night off. I know he’s had a few nights off lately but I think that will change and I think that Torre probably would of played him one of these days if he knew Ferk would be out today. I know everyone wants Jones to sit and that is an option, but I really think Jones will break out of the slump. I think Torre is handling the veterns differently than the youth, but that is out of respect for what they’ve done in the past. I could be wrong as I’ve been wrong in that aspect for the month of April as well as the 1st 5 days of May.
I don’t want this to freeze so I’m posting and then adding another…sorry.

It does make sense for Jones to be there so stop hating.

You guys are never happy.

I understand that treating veterans differently because of respect for what they have done in the past is normal for most managers. Unfortunately our GM likes to accumulate veterans that are either breaking down or are past their prime if not downright decline. When they are no longer contributing to the team, a la Schidt, Nomar, and now Andruw, you have to come to grips with the fact that their time is past and you have better players in the present. Those better players should not be sitting on the bench so that the has beens can still try to revive their past days.

Batting 1st 17 47 6 9 2 0 1 5 3 10 1 0 .191 .240 .298 .538

Batting 2nd 227 906 169 260 45 7 58 144 84 171 29 7 .287 .352 .544 .896

Batting 3rd 84 340 61 90 15 1 12 56 29 64 12 2 .265 .322 .421 .742

Batting 4th 415 1538 276 398 75 7 117 341 201 336 16 6 .259 .352 .545 .897

Batting 5th 447 1587 257 417 82 4 89 266 197 365 28 18 .263 .348 .488 .836

Batting 6th 310 1138 156 276 66 6 45 169 122 264 27 13 .243 .319 .430 .748

Batting 7th 173 613 90 170 32 6 37 97 69 138 16 8 .277 .356 .530 .887

Batting 8th 87 316 40 75 16 4 10 41 21 71 7 1 .237 .289 .408 .698

Batting 9th 32 24 4 4 1 0 0 2 6 9 2 0 .167 .333 .208 .542

Funny how Jones batting average in the 2nd hole is higher than any other order in the spot.

At least Nomar has given up a good 1st year so can we leave his name off that listed.

Go James McDonald

I don’t hate Jones. I just believe that Ned bought more than damaged goods like Schmidt and Loiza. You sound like Jones’s agent.
The guy makes $18 million a year. It’s hard to shed a tear for him.
I only want the best team on the field and that doesn’t include Jones right now.
Based on his medical history, I believe he has pulled one over on the Dodgers (Ned).

The Padres just lost to Atlanta 5-3 and the Giants are losing in the 9th 12-5, to Pittsburgh! There’s some happiness!

Sigh I mean to say at least Nomar has given us a good 1st year so can we leave his name off that listed.

I’m talking mostly about swood and messagebear

I do like this team because we can beat teams with speed, power, average, pitching and defense.
I know Torre is getting worked by some of you but I think we all need to take a breath and hang in there.
Remember a few things. Torre took over when the Yanks had been bad for numerous years. When he took over, they had many younger players and they brought him his glory. Jeter, Williams, Posada, Rivera, etc…
So I don’t think Torre is just “playing the money” so to speak.
At the begginning of the season Kemp wasn’t looking good at all. He had, well Jonesites. He was trying to pull everything. After he sit for a few days he came back on fire and hitting the ball the other way. Going oppo for hits & bombs.
Now with Jones he isn’t doing the same thing. Maybe that is because Jones is a vet or maybe it’s because he feels that Jones is at a different stage in his carrer or maybe because Jones is of a different make up than Kemp.
Anyone who manages people nows that you can’t treat everyone the same to the results you are looking for.
My point here is some people might go home and sulk or cry if Bowa for example put a cleat in the bumb and others might respond with amazing results.
Look at what he did with A-ROD in the playoffs. He batted him 8th. I think A-ROD was the highest paid player on the team.
I think he is just trying to get Jones started some way and is trying every possible way. Can you imagine if Jones does get started?
Maybe the next will be to sit Jones for a series and let him work on his hitting.
I personally would like that to happen if he doesn’t hit tonight.
Sit him for the Houston series. I think he is pressing at home so he doesn’t hear booooos. I know I would be!
If he comes back and still is trying to pull everything then fine him $100.00 for every ball he hits to the right side & give the money to the Think Blue charity!
Maybe this way everyone will end up winning!!!
Sorry for the long posts…just had it vented up for awhile now!

It seem every year there are a couple of player that seem to do bad. Drew was it 2 yrs ago than Pierre and now Jones.

shad78 – funny how 63% of those #2 spot PAs of Jones were in 2000, the only time he batted .300. About another 27% were in 2001 or 2002, for 90% total. I doubt that has any bearing on the Andruw Jones of today.

dcollins – point taken, although the year before Torre arrived, the Yankees were the wild card, and the year before that they were playing an AL-best .619 ball (that’s a 100-win pace) before the strike ended the season. That’s not exactly bad.

Word to Ned don’t signed any more Boras clients lol.

Messagebear- I agree on the old washed up vets.
When Nomar comes back I’d like him to back up Dewitt. Then trade him at the deadline. Probably won’t happen, but that would be my hope.
However I feel that Jones is a different story than Nomar.
Also Kent is an old vet and he is still doing it.
I also want the best team out there. I’m just saying that there is still time to try to work out whatever is the issue with Jones. Torre is a patient guy. He has had many seasons in New York where his teams weren’t doing well at the start and then they came on strong. I remember his calmness with the NY media. I think the players respond to that.

J.D. Drew’s problem was with being healthy, not with being good. In two years he only played in just over 2/3 of the games, but he put up this line: .284 / .399 / .505 / .904 OPS

I agree old that was the past when he was younger and it doesn’t mean anything to Jones of today.

Isn’t Abreu a Boras guy?
I don’t get that Alou had the same surgery @40+ years old and is back in a month and Abreu is still having issues.
I know everyone is different.
I personally think that is because he is upset with the organization.
Go Blue!! I see we are already down 1. Bummer…

Kent is an exception in that he seems to be ageless, although he’s not really great defensively any more. I’m glad we’ve had him, but I don’t want another year’s extension for him either.

What I hate are the lies. Just say the truth. He is a vet who makes 8 million and was promised playing time. Don’t insult me with this:

“(Garciaparra) was playing well when he left,” Torre said. “He really didn’t do anything wrong, and he got hurt. I think he certainly needs an opportunity to pick that up.”

.226 avg with a .315 obp/680 OPS and 2 errors in 20 balls hit to him.

Look why are we even talking about Nomar. Why dosen’t Torre or Mr. Silent man Coletti say something like, he isn’t playing until he proves he can be 100 healthy and stay that way.

The last time Nomar was able to stay healthy was before we went to war with Iraq. John Ritter from 3 company was still alive, Johnny Cash was alive, Micheal Jackson had yet to be arrested on Child Molesting charges. The concord was still flying and Saddam had a month left in the hole before being captured.

I know this is from left field, but does anyone know what kind of dog Coletti owns?

Bravo Jungar. We can handle the truth.

The reason I ask is you know how people look like their pets?
I’m really not trying to be mean here…
But he sort of looks like he would own a shitsui.

lol Moises Alou still putting up good number at 40+ yrs old than Jones last year and this year.

David Wright is sooooo freakin good. dodger killer. that diving stop saved at least a run and maybe more.

dnelson and dcollins, one of the great joys I get these days is the blind optimism of Krukow and Kuiper. however bad things can get, at least we don’t have shameless homers behind the mike. Hell, I’m not sure Steiner still doesn’t root for the Yankees off the clock.

Another good laugh is 50% of what comes out of Jim Crandell’s mouth on FOX40 in Sacramento.

crap, 2-0 Je… I mean Ne… I mean Mets. Our bats need to wake up quick.

Speaking of Borass, did you know he owns 5 seats behind home plate at the Dugout Club?

This game is going to get away from us quick unless Kuroda comes back strong

Is Kuroda going to be another expensive over the hill veteran????

Another truthful way to approach Nomar would be to point out that he was signed for good money to play for us first 1st base and then 3rd until we could develop a couple of our young players who would then make their careers at those positions. Since we now have such a player at first and another promising one at third, we feel that we need to develop these guys for our future, and that is why Nomar needs to take a secondary role for the rest of this season. And good luck to you, Nomar for the rest of your career wherever you land next. Anything wrong with simple approach?

I had something sarcastic typed out and then Martin made that great play – sticking with positive – Russel that play was beautiful!!

nice. that was huge. Kuroda needs to give us 3 more innings then its up to our bullpen to win this one for us. We’ll get the runs for sure.

Gotta get back to them and hope Kuroda settles down.

Kuroda will be productive. He’s still adjusting.

About Kuroda: Logan White put his reputation on that guy.

Hard to take a guy out when he’s playing like Pierre. Oh, I forgot, we can sit AJ.

Oh no Pierre – what happened!!

Juanpy’s doing his thing you have to give him credit.
Tough break oversliding second.

I don’t know if that was a pure mental mistake or he was decoyed into thinking the ball was overthrown into center field. I would have to say he is hitting very well.

I have to admit, Pierre had a good hit, and deserved that steal – that’s too bad

Here we go again. 2 on, no outs. We are in trouble again.

The Dodgers aren’t looking like potential World Series-champions at this moment. Hopefully, they’ll regain their confidence and grab a win tonight. Lets Go Dodgers!

Russell is doing great on those wild pitches 🙂 However, I am missing Furcal right now

Is it just me, as I know Kuroda may be still adjusting, but he hasn’t impressed me at this point. Just when I think he is going to have a good game, he seems to run into trouble.

This getting bases loaded every inning is getting old

Whew!! Got through another one with minimal damage – let’s get some runs!

Sloppy play helping them out.
Got to shake it off & come back offensively on Figueroa.

Well, I have to admit – at least Andruw hit the ball (nice try Andruw!!)

I am trying to be all positive tonight (for the most part). Don’t get me wrong, I am still angry that Ethier is not playing, but I figure I will cheer on the rest of this Dodger team and try to be professional like Andre.

Let’s go James!! Alright!!!!

Come on Dewitt. Need a big hit from you. he can do it.

Sweet hit by DeWitt


well, the kid can play.

How in the Hell can Torre take out Dewitt when Nomore comes back.

Very bad, Mr. Hu. Pitcher’s best friend: impatient rookie.



make the adjustment kuroda, come on.

The fielding hurt inluding his own but Kuroda had trouble controling his pitches.

PITTSBURGH (AP)—Barry Zito, demoted to the San Francisco Giants bullpen last week, is returning to the starting rotation without having made any relief appearances.

Zito, who a year ago signed a $126 million, seven-year contract, was sent to the bullpen last week after compiling a 7.53 ERA while losing his first six starts.

“Barry Zito’s going to start. He’s a starter,” Bochy said Tuesday. “We just gave him a break.”

lol. Sounds like something our manager would say. They are all the same I tell ya. Talent, not managers, win. Torre is a much better manager when our starter goes 6 innings and our 1 and 2 hitters are getting on and Kemp hits 400 in the 3 hole.

I bet it’s because of the way Torre manages they are doing that. Never would they have been able to do it under Grady. 2006 when guys were healthy don’t count.

Why is Kuo a reliver, does he have Estaban Loaziazus?

The statis-KUO
Now lets go.

How do you say “Gas” in Taiwanese?


To remain positive – Andruw got a hit!!!

David Wright – in all the right places tonight

Those Attum balls we hit in the 4th could be a start.

and Kuo is pitching real good right now ,and it’s early in the ballgame

Take a look at Blake’s stats with runners in scoring position, 2 outs and bases loaded.;_ylt=AjE3isD5Yi.gk73IElzXVyqFCLcF

Way to get yourself out of an inning Kuo – nice job!

Man that was a heck of a frame.
Do you think hitting Castillo may have momentarilly effected Kuo?


that was sick!

meanwhile Ned and Torre can’t wait for Nomar.

This kid is the real deal. Nomar is no more. LaRoche should be the backup when he comes back. Blake hits, hits in the clutch, and is smooth on the field.

Anybody tell me how management is going to tell DeWitt that Nomore is the real third baseman on this club?


LaRoche is good too. He had the best Minor stats out of all our young guys, just needs to get on the field and stay healthy. Maybe next year. No reason to stop this DeWitt kid unless he stops himself.

Benching him would be everything that would be wrong in life and sports. Don’t do it Dodgers. He is inspiring to watch.

Pierre if he does, your right, he will. He dosen’t want to and has made that clear both last year, this offseason, and this year.

Kuo is so nasty tonight.

The DeWitt story continues. What a tale.
Kuo with SEVEN Ks in only eight outs! Who would you rather see on the mound, Kuo, or that crummy garbage Loaiza slings up there like he’s doling out cafeteria hash?

He is still a Mets killer.

Career vs. NYM 4 2 2 0 0 0 0 16.0 9 1 1 0 4 16 0.56 0.81 .170

We should started him against the Mets all the time lol.

Man he’s has a k to bb ratio agaisnt the Mets of 23/4 just sick.

The Mets and their fans will remember DeWitt.
Just like they still remember Kuo’s bat flip after his HR.

I was hoping Kuo would do it again tonight lol.

We need some runs.

Beautiful job by Kuo. Let’s get him a couple more runs to nail down the “W”.

That’s ok Blake you did good tonight.

Fabulous job Kuo!! Let’s go Jonathon!

This was even better than a flip bat tonight for KUO.
Whatta performance.
Let’s big Jon.


Nice hit Hu! Let’s go DY!

I’ll give this to Torre – he’s not afraid to play small ball and it has worked. Kemp, Ethier, and now DY have all been asked, and have succeeded, with sacrifice bunts.

I don’t know if he wanted to play small ball why not let Penny come up and not waste DY like that.

Ok all you know it all’s that thought you knew better than Torre, where are you now.

Come on Saito gosh Jones you’re killing us and that insurance run would be huge.

If you bring in Penny for a sac bunt, the infielders play in and you reduce the chances of having a successful sacrifice. If a Matt Kemp or a Delwyn Young lays it down, it’s a surprise and they may even stretch it into a bunt single.

Career record 4-11
3-0 against the Mets 1-11 against the league.
Good job Saito. Kuo still owned the Mets.



All my friends see my team.
And I am satified.

nice win fellas! high fives all around.

Nice job, Sammy! Nice gritty win by the Dodgers. Thanks to Blake DeWitt (4 rbis)

That’s so truth crash. If the dback could let Owning PH we should do it with Penny and sometime with Kuo lol.

Nice game, guys! Just caught up on the DVR. That would have been a good game to see in person.

I’ll tell you what, I’ve been watching this game for a while now, and if I’ve ever seen a guy earn a job, it’s Blake DeWitt. If Torre sits him down when Nomar comes back, I defy ANYONE to defend him! I’ll go one further. Nomar should tell Torre that he’ll be happy to spell DeWitt whenever he needs a rest, but there’s no way he’s replacing him. I know I’m dreaming, but Nomar would certainly have my respect.

jpsc1, how can you give Torre credit for this one? Without DeWitt it would have been a sorry loss, and Torre can’t wait to bench DeWitt so he can play Nomar. Torre’s treatment of Ethier is strictly bush league, and he richly deserves the criticism he is getting for it.

Absolutely Incredible Two In a Row Gutsy 5-4 Victory by Our Beloved Los Angeles Dodgers over The New York Mets! Super Hero Blake DeWitt sounded the charge with his Inside The Park Home Run, Three Hits, Two Runs Scored and Four RBI’S! All Of Our Dodgers were Super Heroes! There is much Joy in Dodgertown, For There Is Nothing Impossible With This Team!

I was going to answer jpsc, but you nailed it redfox. DeWitt gets the game ball tonight, but Kuo’s line was interesting:
IP 3.2
H 0
R 0
BB 1
SO 8!
His stuff was really working tonight. If he stays healthy and becomes more consistant, wow!

Dewitt and Kuo deserve all the credit for this win. Kuo for saving Kuroda’s behind and DeWitt for just being DeWitt and smacking the ball. Brox and Saito are in there too for finishing it up.

We’re still 3 back and are playing tomorrow in what, 13 hours? The right-handed Maine starts for the Mets. What are the odds that Andre sits again? If I were Ethier, I’d be getting blisters in the cage just working out my frustration.

My hope is that since Kent usually gets the day off after a night game when there is a day game, maybe Jones will get the same treatment, but I am not holding my breath. While watching the game, the few times they showed the dugout, Andre was always against the rail and he seemed to be in good spirits. Just from what I have been reading about him lately, he seems to be pretty genuine about what he has been saying about his current role. If anything, Andre is earning a great deal of respect from a whole lot of people, and he is setting a great example for young kids on attitude and learning to accept life as it comes. I am in no way saying what is happening to him is warranted, but I am in total awe of how his is approaching it.

Right with you dnelson! You can hold him up to your students as a role model.


The way I see it Torre put furc on the bench to give him a rest and try to play him tomorrow day game Hu to 2nd rest kent Either to right Kemp to center pierre to left Loney and dewitt at the corners martin catching.
Thats my story and I’m sticking with it.

Dodger RBI leaders


That’s the lineup I was hoping for Fisher – we will have to wait and see I guess.

dnelson–I think Andre has a great head on his shoulders as well as he knows the game and realizes different situations that arise during the season. He also seems to be a great team player who wants to win and put the team first. Also way to teach those kids the correct way to follow baseball! Dodger blue and not Giant pumpkin. l
redfox–why are you so angry at Torre? Anytime someone is in the position of leadership they make good decisions and bad ones. Or at least decisions that some people like and some dislike. I understand if you don’t like his decisions, but you seem to want him to fail. Didn’t he make the decision to put in Kuo tonight? Yes he did and Kuo had a great game. Jones just missed hitting one out and had a single up the middle with a walk. Yes he also had 2 K’s but he looked a little better tonight. He had two balls hit up the middle (single & flyout).
I’m okay with not agreeing with Torre (I don’t always do)but I just don’t get why it is so personal. An example is, why do you say that “Torre can’t wait to bench DeWitt so he can play Nomar”? I’ve never read that or heard that. Did anyone out there hear Torre say, “I can’t wait to bench DeWitt.”? If your reading into what he said about Nomar having the job when he comes back your mis-reading and doing it a little harsh. You have the right to your opinion, but they are always just slamming on Torre.
I’m sorry but I don’t see where his is treating Ethier poorly by sitting him the last few games. Maybe he has spoken to Ethier and explained the situation to him. Told Andre, hey don’t worry, your still one of my guys, I just want to try all I can to get AJ going & your would of been in tonight but without Ferk we need a little more speed at the top. Now if Torre just isn’t playing Andre and doesn’t say a word to him, then yes he is not being a good manager and deserves to be fully slammed. But I really doubt that’s the case. Why was he so respected by his players in New York? Because from what I read he was a good communicator and a calming influence on the youngsters. He was at the same time respectful to the vets.
Maybe AJ and the others are seeing how Torre is sticking by Jones and having faith in him that he will come around. This might be something that they see and will cause them to want to play for Torre! I know when I have had leaders do that with me and others that I have worked/played with & that really showed me something and made me strive to be better for them and not let them or others down.
I think Torre has a little more insight than any of us & I just don’t get calling him stupid and some of the other names!
I’m sorry this is so long, but I’ve been reading this blog and unable to join the conversation.
This is a fun team and let’s get behind them and enjoy what they are doing (Even though tonight was a bit of a sloppy game)!—Lets broom the Mets tomorrow—Go Blue!!!!!!!!

Just got home from the game.
My brother leekfink and I celebrated 25 years of insanity by shouting no fewer than 37 distinct cheers that we have made up in that time. Many of them were cheers for players long gone such as Butler, Izturis, Karros, Piazza, Mondesi, and even longt-time Dodgers organist Helen Dell. Thus such cheers made no sense in the context of the game –truth be told many of them never made a whole lot of sense to begin with — but we yelled them all on this day anyway. The Top Deck crowd seemed to enjoy our bizarre antics, and we had some outstanding participation in “The James Loney Song”.
Great game. Great time.
I can’t remember ever seeing an inside-the-park homerun at Dodger Stadium before, so that was fantastic.

Thanks for the insight dcollins. I always look forward to what you have to say.

MLK – Glad you got all your cheers in – it must have been a blast! Vin did tell us how long it had been since an in the park homerun had been hit, but the amount of years has escaped my memory (I think it was 5), but I am sure one of the regulars on this blog knows for sure. It was pretty sweet seeing it on tv. I could only imagine what it was like to see it in person.

Good night all – busy day at school tomorrow. – can’t wait to show Dewitt’s in the park HR – It has been a great week of baseball so far.

MLK-Sounds fun! You are lucky to get to go. This morning I was thinking about flying down for tonights game, getting a hotel, then hitting the day game tomorrow and flying back tomorrow night. I can’t afford it but I guess that is what a credit card is for!! Maybe later this season.
I spent my “formative” years in LA (The 70’s) before moving around and ending up in NORCAL. Sadly my dad never took me to any Dodger games other than when we lived in New York we went to see them vs the Mets.
Now that I’m an adult I’ve been lucky to make it to some but only a handful. I mostly have to endure the Phone Booth with the Giants fans or an occasional game in Oakland against the A’s.
Dnelson–Here is a parking tip if you do go to any Giants games. There is parking on a pier or on the south side of the stadium for $30.00. However if you can get there early, like before 4:00 p.m. There is a small lot that is along the water front across from the pier just south of the Bay Bridge (Between the bridge & the stadium). It was $12.00 all day last year. It might be a little more, but I wouldn’t think more than $15.00. Or you can park along the street there. The trick is it is 2 hour parking. The gates open at 2 hours before game time which is usually around 7:00-7:15. So if you get there at 5:00-5:15 there is plenty of street parking. If I remember correctly last year it was .25 for 8 minutes. Which makes it around $4.00-$5.00 to park. Getting out on the north side of the stadium is also real easy, because the Bay Bridge is right there. That would make it less for you and your family to hit the game. Also these are both only about a 5-10 minute walk to the stadium. After the game is over it is a pretty safe walk as there are so many fans walking to their transportation home. The only problem are the Giants fans that will pop off even though the Dodgers will probably of beaten them:)!!

Hey Alex you applied for Vin’s apprentice yet? Always the voice of reason.;o)

Happy 24th Bday Loney

redfox if he wants to do that let him and don’t try to stop him either.

No doubt Martin’s the team leader on the Ds, but DeWitt’s quickly becomming the heart and soul. I agree with dodgereric, Nomar if/when he comes back should defer the starting roll to Blake. That would be the kind of gesture that would totally solidify this team, and gain the respect of all teammates and fans.

I agree also that Ethier is one class act. As Bowa would say, he gets it. Seems like all the young guys get it. If Torre can just get the old guys to, we might do some gamage.

Great game by Kuo. He still seems most valuable in the long relief role where he can stop the bleeding and hold the fort until the boys can get back in it. Doesn’t leave much for the 5th spot though except Loaiza and Park, which I’d still have to go with Loaiza. No one can play soft toss to the Rox at Coors and get away with it, but he’s pitched about what you’d expect out of a 5 starter the rest of the time. Park just seems ready for a meltdown to me, suitable only for mopping up games that are lopsided one way or the other.

Hope Penny’s on today and we can broom the Mets!!

I was at Dodger Stadium when the Ds hit two inside-the-park homers in the same game. They were identical but reversed. Willie Davis hit one (from the left side, natch) the other way. It hit the box seat base in the left field corner and bounced away from the left fielder. He circled the bases. I think it was Manny Mota that was the right-handed batter who hit one just like it in the other direction.

Yep E, I agree. It makes absolutely no sense to sit a vastly superior defensive 3rd baseman who is hitting well for Nomore. Unfortunately, that seems to be a trend with the Ned/Joe Dodgers. Hope to see Ethier in there today and get the sweep.


Like yours, my dad was not a great one for taking me to games. Sometime in the early ’70s I joined the Dodger-Pepsi Fan Club (comparable to today’s Blue Crew, for you younguns). To join you had to send in maybe six or twelve of the rubbery seals on the inside of the cap of Pepsi glass bottles. Those caps are sharp and those rubber seals were stuck in there pretty good. I ripped up my little fingers getting the seals out. I specifically joined with the ihope that my dad would take me to the six games that came as part of club membership. We ended up going to about half of one game. So, that was a little disappointment from my childhood.

On the other hand, my grandparents (paternal) took me to about two or three games a year going back as far as I can remember. So, that was one of the great joys of my childhood.

“ihope” is a typo, not a form of ipod hope.

I’ve mentioned this before, but I thought I would repeat it because I’m not sure if you saw it.
I was an elementary school teacher for a number of years. In 2003, I was teaching second grade. I introduced my kids to the Curse of the Bambino at the beginning of the Yankees-Red Sox ALCS. One of my little girls in particular became very interested. As that shocking series unfolded, we read more and more about The Curse, and together the second grade saw it come to an end. And at least one baseball fan was born.
This was in L.A. County, so hopefully she has had the chance to go to a few Dodgers games by now.

Wow! MLK – that’s incredible! Yes, my class is very well aware of the Dodger/Giant relationship, and they are beginning to understand that there is relationships among all the west division teams. They are also aware of the Angels, and that they are not necessarily allies. However, I must say, I grew up watching Mike Scioscia catch, and he was one of my favorite players back then. I currently have a bulletin board that has every MLB team represented (We keep track of standings) so they are being exposed to a love of baseball as a game that can be enjoyed, whether you are playing or watching. My neighbor teacher’s whole classroom revolves around baseball (even from how she lines up her class – it’s very cool!). I am an all around sports teacher, so after baseball is over, I switch to football, and last year I even did March Madness (it was happening during spring break this year). NBA is too hard because I am too into baseball (not that I’m not watching for myself).

dcollins – thanks for the tips. We go to SF quite often for business reasons so getting around in the city isn’t a big issue, but it’s great to know about parking and where the best places are, with the best deals – Thanks again.

Well this has been a great ride and I hope it continues…..Dewitt and Kuo who would have ever thought at the beginning of spring training? Kuo, I hope this is the year that he stays healthy…what might have been if he was healthy…his stuff is nasty! 141 ks in 119 lifetime innings.

As for Dewitt, WOW, he continues to defy logic. What is so impressive is his K/BB ratio….he has a plan and sticks to it…he is not overwhelmed and he is a throwback baseball player….he shows up does his job and produces…no theatrics or showboating….Ned I have posted before, cut Nomar and let the kid play.

Now as for Torre, all the bashing for not playing Ethier is correct, but why the personal attacks. A man that has won 4 WS is not an idiot and he has won 12 out of 15 games. I do not like the fact that Ethier is sitting, it should be Jones. This is all about economics and the reality is 18 mil…Not that I like it, but it is what it is….Pierre should be playing .388 on base and stealing bases and he is being a spark…please do not spin his numbers as I sure some of you will try…Right now our 3 best OFS are Pierre, Kemp and Ethier…Criticize the lineup but not the personal attacks on the individual….

All that whining and crying and the team WON…and that is the bottom line…just as I tried to say during ST, when Ethier was getting shafted, TOrre will make the right decision and in the long run Ethier will get his at bats….I hope it is sooner than later…But I am hoping that Torre sees that a .158 and 1 RBI in his last 15 games is not cutting it….

Lets go Dodgers and sweep the Mets!

Can’t help but scratch my head at the early demise of Pods and Rocks…not that I’m complaining. If Pods finish 50 games out it won’t be enough for me. Dodgers have a real testy situatation brewing with Nomar and LaRoche, courtesy of DeWitt. Vinny said the other night that DeWitt was deemed best pure hitter coming out of high school. His minor league stats are nothing spectacular but he seems to “get it” at the major league level. Unless Dodgers move some players their roster just doesn’t seem capable of carrying Nomar/LaRoche, two stalwarts of physical resiliency…

MLKemp, Nelson,
Super stuff. Thanks for a great job teaching our youngsters. People don’t realize or overlook the fact that teachers and parents are the backbone of our society. Well done. Go Dodgers!!

They’re not going to cut Nomar, we all know that. So make him the SuperSub he was supposed to be at the start of ST. Maybe by limiting his appearances he can stay healthy for more than a week.

Nomore fits in better as a right handed pinch hitter and can sub at 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and in a huge pinch maybe short. Until DeWitt totally stumbles, he should remain the starting 3B. Leave LaRoche at Vegas to continue getting reps and he will be there if we need him. Thank god Nomore will be gone next year and LaRoche and DeWitt can battle for 3rd.

I don’t know how this possibility would go over, but can LaRoche play some second base while in AAA. I don’t see Abreu coming back to the major league level, and I think we have proved who the third baseman will be in DeWitt. Unless Blake slips way down as the season goes along, he shouldn’t be sent down, nor should Nomore be designated ahead of him. LaRoche should come up and have his chance, but at this point it could expand his opportunities if he got versatile enough to play other than third base.

Ned should be working on resigning Ferk!! He will be 31 at the end of this season. I would work on a 4 year deal for him. It is obvious that he really is the spark plug of this team. Plus with 2nd turning over next year it would be great to have him there to stabilize things. I would be happy with an infield of Loney, Hu/DYoung, Ferk, and DeWitt/LaRoche.

It is, of course, much too early to project, but DeWitt is currently on a pace to contend for Rookie of the year, not only to lay claim to the third base position.

Imagine how unbelievable the Dodgers would be without Andruw?..!! He is a black hole in the lineup no matter where he bats….Someone should not let Ned out during the off season, or should not let him sign free agents without a really good reason…By the way, I just read that Tori Hunter would have considered the Dodgers instead of the Angels, but the Dodgers didn’t call soon enough..!!!..who would you rather have?….and please sit Andruw and play Andre…cannot believe he hasn’t played for 3 days!…I guess Torre thought Andruw would see some fast balls in the 2 slot….note to Torre: It doesn’t matter where you bat him he can’t hit…..
Anyone else worried about Kuroda?…He has had one good outing the whole season..and that was his first…otherwise he’s been awful too….but you had to figure he might be…the Mariners really wanted him too and they are not good judges of pitchers, to say the least….other than Kuroda and Andruw, the team looks great…love DeWitt…don’t sit him when Nomar gets back please…He brings alot to the team…..!!!!!!!!!

Ned has made some bonehead moves but at least he didn’t trade away our young talent. Kudos for that Ned. Now, just don’t get antsy and make some stupid move at the trade deadline. We’ve got everything we need within the organization. Be patient. The future looks very bright. With Kent, Nomore, Bloaiza, and Lowe coming off the books next year, there should be plenty of dough to get Ferk resigned and maybe start working on locking in Marty and Loney. Buy out their first couple of years of free agency. Think like the Indians and Braves, not like the G’nats.

Even with the Schmidt and Pierre debacles, you could be smelling like a rose in a few years and wearing a World Series ring.

Dodgereric you are right in that they will not cut Nomar, but there is always hope….the supersub idea is great if he can stay healthy. That would allow Hu to go back to AAA and play everyday, but I give Nomar over/under of 15 games before he is on the DL again.

Kuroda is still adjusting to the ML, I do not think we need to worry about him yet.

What is the probability of Ethier in the lineup today?

Just showed DeWitt’s in the park Homerun to my class – Big Cheers – Blake!!

By the way – my class wants Andre to play today, especially the girls!! – lol!! The boys want him to hit a home run like he did on Sunday! Even the children are noticing he is not playing – scary!! I really am making them into Dodger Fans – lol!!

Sweet Nelson…


What are you teaching in class today? Base running? lol

Still too soon to call Schmidt a bad move. Just pretend Dodgers signed him to a 1 1/2 year contract. As for money, who cares? It’s Frank’s problem. He seems to have no problem with Ned mis-spending his dough. Maybe Frank should limit Ned to a very small allowance so he can’t spend gobs of cash on expensive antiques. We all know Frank would have jacked stadium prices regardless of Dodgers’ payroll anyway…….


Kuroda has been awful other than one start? That might be the stupidest, most uninformed thing i have ever read on this blog, and lord knows there is a lot of both. I’ll break it down for you:

4 out of 7 quality starts– should be 5, but he he only made it through 5.2 after giving un 2 UNEARNED runs.
2/1 K:BB
Went 6 innings + for every start but 2, last night and the one he went 5.2

So i dont think there is really any reason to worry about Kuroda, unless you are really looking for something to criticize ned for..

ewk, I think you are being a little hard on dropedblind, I was thinking the same thing last night as I watched the game. Not that this was a bad sign or anything like that. just that he looked a little overwhelmed last night and the last couple of starts. His line is pretty good. I think he will be alright as soon as he adjusts to the ML.

The second-place Dodgers (19-14), who remained three games behind division-leading Arizona in the National League West, won’t need a fifth starter again until May 17 at the Angels. Whoever it ends up being, it isn’t likely to be Kuo, no matter how well he pitches.

“No,” Torre said. “That second left-hander in the bullpen … that’s important.”

It’s official. Joe Torre is an idiot and I hate him.

I show this stuff right after opening announcements – it’s been part of their day since spring training. I do show them exciting things that have happened around the MLB, but Dodgers are always shown first. I did the same types of things during football season, but it was only once a week, where this is more like a daily routine. Math baseball is a weekly thing, and now all my students know how to keep score and what all the symbols/#’s mean. I have actually managed to teach a lot of curriculum through baseball (and football), and these first graders are just eating it up.

On the funny side – my son is a starting pitcher for his freshman team, and during a tournament, he broke his arm sliding into second base(he is no Pierre, Kemp). So, needless to say, when I mention stealing bases in this class, they always ask how Michael is doing – lol !

If we really want to be honest about Dodgers’ starting pitching it has been less than stellar. The starters are under .500, with a combined era hovering somewhere near 4. It’s the relivers who have been lights out:
Beimal 3-0, 0.75 era
Broxton 1-0, 1.80 era
Saito 1-1, 1.76 era
Park 1-0, 2.84 era
Kuo 2-1, 2.59 era (though admittedly, he’s started three games)
Who’d ‘a thunk????


You would have had my undivided attention as a first grader!

Way to keep it interesting. I can’t believe you are getting away with your Dodger bias up there. Pretty funny.


Oh, to make it more fun – I have all the Dodger’s birthdays on a calendar in the classroom – so, of course, it was a student who mentioned it was James’ birthday – this is too cool!!

I was at Dodger Stadium the last time a Dodger hit an inside-the-park HR there. It was June 8, 2003, and the Dodgers were hosting the Chicago White Sox. I decided to have my first beer at the Stadium since turning 21. While waiting in a huge line, Paul Lo Duca came up, and hit one to the right corner (I think), and started chugging his performance-enhanced wheels. He charged into 3rd and didn’t stop, everyone in line at the concession stand chanting “GO, GO, GO, GO… YEAH!!!!!!!” as he crossed the plate. Then we all realized where we were, and many four-letter words were uttered that day.

We were massacered that game, though. 10-3. Winning pitcher for the Sox: E. Loaiza.

*many four-lettered words were uttered that moment.

Has anybody seen today’s starting line-up. I live in Waterloo, Ill and I am retire as of 3 years ago. However, I work everyday for the City as a crossing Guard between the 4 schools here and I’m going to miss the first 1 1/2 hours of the game today. I’ll be thinking sweep. This is the most fun job I ever have had. I worked in an office my entire life but it’s great working and seeing the kids every day.

Go Dodgers………….Sweep

Haven’t seen the lineup yet. Jim Rome had Matt Kemp on this morning for a cool interview, though. Rome kept asking the tough questions (“How long can the team plug 4 outfielders in 3 spots” “How did you feel after Kent came out against the kids last year” “Is Andruw Jones done, or is this just something he’s going through”), and he answered them really diplomatically. I guess I would too, if A.) I had to play with these guys in 3 hours and B.) I was hitting .330 .

My girlfriend shot me an odd look in the car over her book when I exclaimed as Rome announced him “YEAH!!! TOUGH AS A ROBOT BUILT OF NAILS!!!”

I teach high school art. They’d watch baseball all day long if I let ’em. Surprising, huh? They’d watch grass grow if it meant being off task…

I think in this day and age in baseball, a combined era around 4 for a starting rotation is pretty damn good…

As per Kuroda, his last start was 7 innings, 3 ER, 85 pitches so i guess i just dont really see how that can be a cause for second-thoughts…

There’s a blurb in the “Tidbit” section of the preview for today’s game: “… Although the Dodgers have considered sending Double-A pitching sensation Clayton Kershaw to the bullpen to conserve innings, assistant general manager DeJon Watson said Kershaw is still in the Jacksonville rotation. … ”

Kershaw has been following James McDonald in the rotation all season and McDonald pitched yesterday, but the Suns’ game is in progress as I write this and Kershaw is not pitching. Perhaps they decided to “conserve” his innings by pitching him every six or seven days or something, but I’m not sure how that’s supposed to strengthen his arm. He went 6 2/3 on May 2, five days ago when Coletti et al watched. Curious.

What was the line from “Network”? Something like “YOU HAVE MEDDLED WITH THE PRIME FORCES OF NATURE MR BEALE, AND YOU……MUST………..ATONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

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