Another great day…

Another day in the D.R. and another great victory for the big league club. Maybe we should stay down here until the team loses a game! Unfortunately, that’s not going to happen, as we’re returning to the States this morning and then flying back with the team to Denver, but it’s been an unbelievably productive trip for each of us in our various area of responsibility.

Yesterday morning there was an intrasquad game and beforehand, Ned Colletti spoke to all the prospects and coaches here. He gave each of them a t-shirt that had the organization’s slogan for the season – Players Win Games, Teams Win Championships. Only this wasn’t the English version that was given to all of the players and front office members in Los Angeles. This was a Spanish-language shirt made especially for this group and you could see the significance of the statement setting in with these 16-, 17-, and 18-year old kids at Campo Las Palmas.

After an intrasquad game here, we took five players, all the coaches, and some of the staff to Futuro Vivo, a local school that the Dodgers have supported for many years. We had a 100-pound suitcase of Dodger items (actually, it was 99.8 pounds which was the only way we were allowed to bring it on the plane) to hand out to the 500-plus kids and they were thrilled to get Dodger memorabilia down here. Everything from pencils and notebooks to Furcal bobblehead dolls and team photo calendars. For the school’s baseball team, we gave new baseball gloves, t-shirts/uniform tops, and several baseballs…and the love of Dodger baseball was spread again to another huge group of youngsters. Jose Vizcaino spoke to the kids about working hard, staying in school and following their dreams, which are all invaluable lessons coming from a guy who grew up without much money in a town of 1,500 and has become an incredible success in his life, both on and off the field. In getting to know him this week, he’s truly a superstar for this organization.

The finale to the trip was a staff dinner hosted by Ned Colletti for the entire Campo Las Palmas staff, from the front office to the coaches. It was at an unbelievable restaurant in Boca Chica that was literally situated over the water on a dock, just before the sun went down. It gave us a chance to get to know our colleagues on a personal level and vice versa and a nice surprise came at the start of the dinner, when Ramon Martinez and Pedro Astacio joined us at the invitation of Vizcaino.

Of course, all throughout the amazing meal, we continued to follow the game on our blackberries and were thrilled to see a victory again in Miami. Here’s hoping for a sweep this afternoon and a nice flight back to Denver for the weekend series against Colorado.



    The version of Billingsley that showed up last night is the one we’ll need to compete.

  2. Dodger Fan Reborn

    Sounds like a very cool trip. And a visit from the great Ramon Martinez!

    Dodger Fan Reborn


    That’s a wonderful story Josh. Keep up the good work spreading all the goodwill…

    Go Dodgers. Great team victory last night. That is the bills we all know is there. Who ever really knows about the “mechanical” adjustments honeycutt is always talking about, but if he can keep doing what he did last night the kid is going to win 300 games. YOU HEARD IT HEAR FIRST…. lol

  4. rlglynn

    Why in the world do we need Juan Castro. He’s 35 years old and we have Dewitt and with Laroche coming back soon, we certainly don’t need Castro. We also have Hu in an emergency. Why on earth does the Dodgers want to sign these has been players being dropped from other teams. If other teams are dropping them, that should tell us something, you think. We have enough young talent, we don’t need out roster taken up with players that won’t help us.

  5. eslabels

    Terrific comback from the boys to finish the month 14-13. And the way the season started, who’d have thought JP would really be sitting on the bench? DeWitt seems for real, and Jones is heading for a 174K season. Ferk’s on a pace for 156 runs and 258 hits. But the thing I’m taking away from the first month is the absolute joy the kids have for each other. That’s chemistry to build a franchise on. The video of Kemp springing over the dugout rail like he was shot out of a cannon on Loney’s game winning single the other day was classic.

    Its very simplified, and if the trend continues with JP riding the pine, I may not have to keep track of it anymore, but here’s what I have for Pierre taking ABs away from Andre and Kemp:

    JP from Kemp – 27PA 23AB 0R 6H 4RBI 4BB .261Avg.
    JP from Andre – 7PA 7AB 2R 3H 2RBI 1BB .429Avg.

    So JP for Andre did great in the couple games he played, better than anything you could project that Dre might’ve done himself. Kemp projects like this:

    27PA 25AB 4R 8H 5RBI 1BB .320Avg.

    Nothing earth-shattering, but definately more productive.

    Let’s get the sweep today guys!!!

  6. junkyardjamie

    Dodger Line-up is posted on DT. Pierre is in, Jones is out.
    Not a bad line-up (especially since I thought maybe they would sit Andre for Pierre). Fabulous game last night – hope to take the sweep today. Go Dodger Blue!!!!!!!!

  7. dodgereric

    Here we go………..


    Ye Gods, Sweeney hitting cleanup…………

    Does anyone else see Ned’s visit to Jacksonville as a sign that he’s bringing up Kershaw soon? He’s shut out the opposition in his last two starts over nearly 12 innings, and he only gave up 1 in 6 innings before that. AZ’s successful promotion of Max Scherzer may have something to do with it, too.

  8. scott_in_arcadia

    Well, I’m glad Jones is the one sitting and not one of the young studs, but Sweeney batting cleanup????

    I hope this is not one of Grady’s “give away games”.

  9. perumike

    I hope Sweeney gives us all a pleasant surprise, but I don’t have my hopes up. Let’s hope Ferk, Pierre and Kemp, and then Martin, Ethier and DeWitt can provide some good production.

  10. dodgereric

    Torre wants him to see a lot of pitches, and I guess he’ll do that hitting between Martin and Kemp.

  11. eslabels

    Guess Torre’s decided that Burke Badenhop (?) can be had without the likes of Jones, Kent and Loney in the line-up.

  12. jhallwally

    LOL E!!! I can live with Phew playing instead of Jones today. I would not have been very happy if Joe had sat Kemp or Ethier to start him.

  13. eslabels

    Agreed on Ferk – and he wants to stay here. This of course will be the time Ned decides that he doesn’t want to block Hu or Abreu. Have to remember, we are in Ned’s bizarro world…


    I think there is a good chance that we see Loaiza start tomorrow in Col instead of Penny. Weather looks pretty bad. Snow in May…hahaha

  15. perumike

    That was an error all the way, from totally misreading the ball to letting it pop out of his glove.

  16. perumike

    Thanks Pierre!!! I would love to see Joe take Pierre out right in the middle of the inning!


    Well this one is on Peanut head right now. Maybe he’ll hit a HR to make up for it…………..maybe not

  18. oldbrooklynfan

    Pierre sure brought back memories of my own playing days.
    I can’t wait for his explaination.
    If not the sun.


    Absolutely ridiculous that wasnt an error on pierre. Nowadays, scoreers are way to lax/generous with errors vs. hits to begin with, but i always though the common rule of thumb was that if the ball touches the glove that it is an error. F*ing ridiculous that just becuase he dives it is a base hit. I hope they change that post facto, because that should be an unearned run all the way..

    That really pisses me off….


    would somebodey post the score bc i’m at school and all sports sites are blocked except for this one

  21. dodgerboy55

    You guys are amazing, Pierre misjudges the ball that coming off the bat looked like it was hit better and if you have ever played in the outfield in Florida it is not that easy….For goodness sake lay off the guy….he is doing a good job and his attitude does not seem to be affecting his play….Everytime he makes a mistake you freaking jump on the guy….Grow up!!!

    No I do not want him playing everyday but I will root for him as long as he a Dodger….and not ridicule him everytime he happens to make a mistake!!!

    Way to go Juan take one for the team and he affecting the young pitcher!!!

  22. dodgereric

    brown, I’ll try to keep you posted, but I’m also trying to get some work done.

    1-1, bottom 4th

    Ethier singled in Pierre.


    Dodgerboy, it was a pop fly and a routine play that directly resulted in a run. It wasnt a nit picky thing that a lot of people do criticize JP for unnecessarily. It was a routine pop up. If you saw Treanor expression you would know that ball wasnt hard hit.

    Brown, score is now 1-1. Ethier with a clutch RBI single, JP scores after effectively erasing his embarrassing outfield play.


    Everyone on Fla must have to go to the john….cant get out fast enough. Maybe Kuroda can start tomorrow

  25. junkyardjamie


  26. dodgerboy55

    Ewk no disrespect but if you watched the swing it looked like the ball came off the bat better than it did and the batter will always know if he hit it well or not….the florida sky at noon is not easy to see in….it is a very high sky….should it have been caught…absolutely, but to bury the guy because he misjudges the ball is not right…I do not remember people blasting Loney on the Routine grounder that cost us 3 runs 2 days ago…it is part of the game…and I will not always like it but to continually bash the guy is not right!!! Where are all the haters when he gets in back in the game…no positive posts yet that I see!!! HBP, stolen base….tie ball game.

  27. dodgerboy55

    All I know is I hope he plays well and gets traded to an AL team, I have him on reserve in my AL fantasy league team….please go to the AL…I need the steals!!!

  28. rlglynn

    Way to JP. I’m all for the way our outfield is playing now, if they can get AJ to hitting, then we can have a potent outfield no matter who’s playing.

  29. jhallwally

    I can hear him occaisionally TBook.. LOL.
    Well, Phew exonerated himself!!! But that misplayed foul will alway look more idiotic than we will.

  30. eslabels

    Juan erases his mistake +2!! Seems as an occasional spot starter, he does OK.

    Sorry Dodge, we’re all preconditioned to jump on JP whenever the chance arises and, he is a lousy outfielder. We’re not rooting against him though.

  31. scott_in_arcadia

    Sure, nice hitting by JP, but only as a sometime replacement for Jones. I just don’t trust management if JP plays half decent. Kemp & Ethier should ALWAYS play before JP no matter how many steals and lucky RBI’s he gets.

  32. oldbrooklynfan

    Nice 2 RBI Single by PIERRE ATTA-WAY to make up for the miscue. He enters double figures in RBI without a HR.
    De Witt has 11.
    Wasn’t that a real good AB by Furcal?

  33. eslabels

    Who’s for DFAing Sweeney when LaRoche comes back?

    Why does Sweeney need extra ABs and DY doesn’t?



    I will lways compliment a player when he succeeds and criticize him when he doesnt. I stand by that. And like you said, Dodgerboy, the batter will always know he hard he hit the ball, and Treanor knew he didnt hit it very hard. It doesnt matter, JP made up for it, and that what is important, but it’s not like a guy doesnt deserve criticism for dropping that ball. I wouldnt have even said anything, but it led to a run, which is unacceptable.

    Brown, score is now 3-1 on a two rbi, JP double to right-center scoring Furcal and Hu.


    And, honestly, i was more about criticizing the scoring system than JP for that play. Errors will happen, but at least call it what it is for Kuroda’s sake.


    Finally. dodgerboy comes to the rescue in regards to making baseball plays. I have been saying this for months and months … baseball is a tough game and mistakes are ALWAYS made. Granted we don’t like Phew for a miriad of mistakes last year … even though I liked his 200+ 60+ SBs … but why pile on everytime he doesn’t make a play. And then have the audacity to give him Kudos in the top of the next inning because he took one for the team and scored the tying run. Be consistent! The fact remains the score is 1-1 and we would be leading 1-0 if the hit/error had never happened. Why aren’t you guys bitching about that? Oh yeah, you will at the end of the game if we lose this one!
    And what of Loney’s error! I stand by DB on that issue to!

  37. dodgerboy55

    You know Pierre could have made more effort on the HR ball, he should have jumped!…Just kidding!! Lets go Dodgers…Lets make that ride to Colorado a little shorter! Or as Yeager says, The food tastes a whole lot better after a win!!!


    I think criticizing a player for bad plays and applauding good plays is the epitome of consistency actually.

  39. oldbrooklynfan

    Is it me? Or does it seem like DeWitt keeps looking like he’s hit an HR to either right or right center.
    This time the wind’s against him.


    “I think criticizing a player for bad plays and applauding good plays is the epitome of consistency actually.”
    Actually, you are right! In this context of a baseball game.

    It just seems like many are so inconsistent on this board about JP. ie: get rid of him, keep him as No. 4 only; he’s a ****, great SB on that play; (and today’s) “Well this one is on Peanut head right now.”, “OK..Juan has redeemed himself and made all of us look like idiots..(except dodgerboy55)” ……………………………………………………………..
    We need more consistency … this board sucks and is depressing to read at times!

  41. dodgerboy55

    Dewitt is a keeper!!! I love the way he plays and his fielding has been superb….LaRoche better come back on fire or he is going to be toast! Dewitt is very close to connecting on a bomb! He has yanked a couple foul but I love his approach at the plate…He is a Ballplayer!!!


    Positive energy— here we go boys, lets sscore a few more…

    Can never argue with positive energy..

  43. dodgereric

    Got a chance to breathe a little here at work. Reading the backlog, and without trying to dredge up the negatives, it sounds like Pierre misjudged a fly again. He did that several times last year while I was watching games. He’s still getting used to the way the ball comes off the bat in left, but he did it last year in center. He’s certainly more than made up for it today so far though.

    I’d like to say something about critizism. Everyone’s judgement is clouded by how they feel about a player, quick to forgive a favorite but quick to jump on someone they don’t like. We all have to make allowances for that. Virtually everyone here is a huge Dodger fan, but we certainly have our differences and our own opinions. You can disagree with someone without tearing them down.


    Agreed. JP doesn’t have as much give when it comes to mistakes as opposed to Kemp, Loney, Ethier..etc. Myself personally, I’m a little harder on Pierre but I think there are reasons for that. I have criticized Kemp’s horrible at bats this year, his fielding mistakes, Ethier feeling like he has to swing on 3-0 counts when he gets the green light, and Loney making a couple of bad errors….

  45. dodgerboy55

    I would like to put out a challenge lets see if we can go 1 whole day without any criticism of anyone on the Dodgers, only say positive things….that includes the Nedster, Loiaza, etx…anyone willing to accept?


    Ok so in the business of being fair that was a mistake by DeWitt but I can’t kill him for it because it wasnt a routine play and the runner didnt advance and he has made plenty of good plays so far this year. Just hope it doesn’t result in runs…

  47. dodgerboy55

    lets try….POSITIVE ONLY…waht can it hurt…is it really that hard to be positve and wouldnt the world be a better place!

  48. dodgereric

    Just curious, dodgerboy. Are you a Laker fan? If so, are you old enough (and fortunate enough) to have listened to their games when Chick Hearn was broadcasting? If you are, then I’m curious as to whether you liked him or not. He was a huge homer for them, but if they were playing poorly he would absolutely KILL them on the air for it.

    My point is that you can be a fan of a team and support them and still be critical of them. It’s just like being a citizen of this country. I can be critical of any politician but no one had better question my patriotism. I just want this country (and the Dodgers) to be the best that we can make them. Nothing can grow or change for the better without constructive critizism. It doesn’t mean that you’re being negative or mean or vindictive.

    If this site didn’t allow any critizism of the Dodgers and it was all just peaches and cream 24/7, what a boring thing that would be.

    This is all just my opinion of course.


    How sweet this all is! Don’t our boys look great nowadays? I just knew they would turn it around, because our great manager and GM told us this would be the team to take us to the WS. I’m so glad to be a Dodger fan, and be a part of this great board run by the likes of Josh and the DEADHORSEMAN!
    What a glorious day!!!!!

  50. rlglynn

    I agree with dodgerboy. Let’s be positive about the team as a whole. Players are human and sometimes make mistakes.

    Come on Ethier. How about a long one


    The great thing about having Loney and Kent on the bench … can they hit in the clutch off the bench ?????

  52. dodgereric

    Pretty darned good look at the game there. Shame to waste the opportunity, but we had the right guys at the right time. Can’t kick about that.

  53. dodgerboy55

    Dodgereric yes I am a Dodgers, Lakers and Rams , still have issues with the St louis thing. I heard Chick alot but not as much as you West Coast boys. The difference is when Chick criticized, it was not based out of personal feelings, it was an objective view of what he was watching. Now before all of you say it is not personal…BS, it is personal with Pierre, some of the things said are down right mean. It all started out of his perfomance but it turned personal. I also criticize, but I try to keep it from getting personal… I do not wish someone to fail, that is not to say I will not criticize. Just like today when he misjudged the flyball, bam 6 or 7 negatives and when he got hit by the pitch and steals and gets 3 hits…nothing….

    I do not think this board should be without critiscism….just one day!!! One freaking day!


    Interesting move by Torre showing confidence in Loney with RISP against a lefty.. could have gone with Jones or DY but that goes to show the “instinctual” aspect of Torre’s managing style. It didnt work out, but i like the show of support for the young guy.

  55. eslabels

    Sorry, have to question Torre’s burning through the BP when Brox is laid up. Proctor was doing fine.


    Beimel will definitely throw another one if its still tied… Just saying it would probably end up being the same difference, bc Proctor, hopefully, wouldnt have pitched another inning..


    Ewk … we’re starting to see that more often. I think Toree did the same thing in the Wed. game when he had .316 hitter Ethier Sac Bunt (first in his career); and Tuesday night he player a lefty vs lefty pinch hit situation late in the game. It didn’t work then either, but we still won.
    Good catch Ewk!


    By the way, I’m not sure who came up with that nickname first, but i really love it, so mad mad props to whoever that was…


    Now we will see if Sammy has really turned the corner and has his spring training behind him! Tuesday was great … we need him back the rest of the season! All saves … all the time!


    I don’t think we will see many more guys go 40 HR – maybe two or three a season … because of the roid awareness … 30/40 would be great though!


    I am listening to the game on KABC, and i am really embarrassed to say that i dont know who the announcers are, bc it doesnt sound like steiner, but regardless, one of them says, “Matt Kemp on second can run like the wind. Sweeney on first, well he can run..”

    Made me laugh, not sure if the lucky people watching on tv got it, wanted to share…

    Great f’ing inning.


    That play goes: 1-4-3-4 with two E ( i’m on radio so im not sure if there was another throw to get Martin in the rundown)

  63. dodgereric

    Dodgerboy, glad to hear of your opinions. I agree with a lot of what you say. I was one of those taking part in making fun. And that’s what it was, at least for me – fun. I can’t speak for anyone else who was digging into Juan, just me. If it got personal, it’s only because of the passion of the fan in all of us. If it offended anyone, I apologize. I don’t mean to do that. I’ll admit that I have favorites on the team and I don’t like it when they hit the bench for a “rest” 2 games into the season and they’re only 22 years old. Right now, it looks like there was a lot of truth in what Torre said, he is trying to see what he had, and it looks like he’s seen enough because Juan has been sitting more.

    I’m 55. I spent about 50 of those years having heart attacks over these boys (and the Lakers, Rams and Kings)and I’m trying my best not to do it anymore. The sun comes up tomorrow and all that. I want to enjoy as much of this toy department as anyone. Accentuating the positive is something I try my best to do.

    WAY TO GO MATT!!!!

    I’ve said here before that I’ve never booed a Dodger on the field and I never will. It’s different in my living room though and I guess it comes through on the keyboard.

    NOW C’MON SAITO!!!!!!!!! GO BLUE!!!!!!!!

  64. leekfink

    Enchanted–I think Kemp could be a 50/50 guy. Seriously.
    Let’s hope Saito puts this in the fridge.

  65. leekfink

    Enchanted–I think Kemp can be a 50/50 guy. Seriously.
    Let’s hope Saito puts it in the fridge.


    Great win and great streak. I like how we have shown that we can win games in a myriad of ways. Clutch in the ninth, extra innings, pitching battles, blowouts… Lets keep the sticks warm…


    6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 666 6 6 66 6 6 66 !

    Love that streak! Way to go SAMMMY and DoDgErS!

  68. leekfink

    Excellent win!
    People have mentioned Juan Castro–The reason for signing him is that he can play third as well as second and short. He would replace Hu as the utility guy and allow Hu to start and play every day in Las Vegas. It’s actually because Hu is more likely to be an everyday player next year. He’s not developing as much backing up Kent. If we thought he was a permanent utility infielder, then he would be fine as is. But he has a higher ceiling. Castro would not be starting at 3B.
    The problem will be at 3B once LaRoche is ready. I think LaRoche will and should get a shot, but DeWitt has certainly earned the chance to compete for it, and if LaRoche does not deliver, it should be him. But it’s not clear we have room for both guys. Assuming 11 pitchers, 8 starters, Pierre and Bennett, that only leaves 4 roster slots. You have the utility infielder (Hu, or Castro if he gets signed), Sweeney and DY, leaving only one roster slot, and we know Torre likes to carry 12 pitchers. Sweeney may be a great pinch-hitter, but even Olmedo Saenz could play 1B or 3B, and Sweeney only has one position. Young is out of options, but he’s much more versatile–can play LF, 2B, and switch-hits.
    And if/when Nomar comes back, I don’t even want to think of how to resolve that situation. I am now convinced that Nomar cannot be counted on to be our regular 3B.

  69. messagebear

    One pitch to get the victory for Beimel. He’s on a good and lucky streak, and maybe Torre is playing into that. Great clutch hitting by Kemp – took that inside pitch and dumped it into right. Sweeney got his AB’s and didn’t improve his miserable average. He’s going to be my designated DFA whenever we’re ready to bring LaRoche up here. He was pretty much useless last season, and the only reason he’s here is because Ned like those veteran ex-Giants. But it is now time to let him GO.

    Another great victory, and let’s keep STREAKING!!!

  70. oldbrooklynfan

    Our pitching has remained solid and now IMO our offense is coming into it’s own.
    This is the best plate discipline I’ve seen, in a long, long time from this team.
    That’s why it’s
    6 IN A ROW.


    The Mets must be sending text messages to their pals on the Dodgers right about now. The Marlins were No. 1 in the standings before the series and now have the same record as our BELOVED DODGERS!


    Castro and Ramon Martinez are the same age with almost identical career fielding percentages. But Martinez leads in BA (.265 vs. 230) and OBP (.324 vs. .269). Either Martinez is hurt more than we think…or Ned just wants a Dodger-bred guy over a Giant-bred gut…WHICH I DOUBT.


    Yeah I’m with you enchan …. I was thinking that when I typed all those sixs! ————————————————–

    I’m not a firm believer in the all-too-common — phrase, just trying to give someone some ABs. I tend to think it is more just giving some people a rest and getting healthier bodies at the end of the line … like Game six and seven of the NLCS when the WS is in sight or the dog days of August. Adreneline will carry players through the series, but these are days Loney, Kent and Jones will appreciate in the future!
    I don’t know if I would have the Gnads to sit three starters, but it worked today!


    Streaking — not me, but I loved the song “The Streak”, which had to be one of the funniest songs of all time … if not the funniest!

    HEY Ethel — Get your clothes back on!

  75. junkyardjamie

    I with you on that name – Rat Pack. They were totally awesome today, and are proving time and time again why they should be in there everyday. Excellent game and series boys – way to sweep those fish up!!!
    GO BLUE!!!!

    On another note: I am so pro-Ethier/Kemp, but I have to admit, it was great to see Pierre get it done today, too. I am definitely of the mindset, like most of you, that he needs to be sharing with Andrew.

  76. eslabels

    Far too conservative in my youth to streak. Probably more inclined in my mid thirties, but way too late by then. Now I’m lucky I can even remember the 70’s.

  77. jhallwally

    And there he come, out of the bullpen, jogging,
    Saved the game and got out through the concession stand,
    I shouted, don’t look Marlins,
    But it was too late,
    They’d already been swept.

    Oh yes they call him the Streak!!!

  78. jhallwally

    Sir, did you see what happened?
    Yea, I did.
    I was standing over there by the Dodger Dogs,
    Went to get Ethel a Coney.
    And there he come.


    Great ‘streakin’ fun with ya guys and gals today … going to the golf course to bring myself back to earth!

    See ya


    thanks for the updates guys. i got home just in time to hear kemp knock in the go-ahead. it is nice that saito is back to his old self!!

    i work for the yankees AAA team, so tonight i get to watch betemit play in a rehab game. i’m so glad his free swinging *** isn’t with us anymore


    That is a truly remarkable story– one that makes you just feel good for no particular reason. Thank you for sharing.



  82. dodger 32

    Another good win today! It seems Torre knows how to get the most out of his players,something Grittle never did. Also how I wish that Ned kept Marlon Anderson ,and never got Sweeney, who I’ve yet to see do anything great. Maybe one day DY will get a start. On to Colarado.

  83. jhallwally

    Penny starting tomorrow. Alright. Always very important to get that first game of a series. Seems to loosen things up for the rest of the series and sets the tone.

  84. leekfink

    DodgerEric–That is a great story. I heard about it on TV today, and it is the definition of sportsmanship. In an era of steroids in baseball, these women understood what the game was all about.
    Great win today–let’s keep it going in Colorado.
    This team is really starting to play the way it can–and it’s a real team–everyone contributes, a different person comes in clutch every day.


    Superlative, Sixth in a row, 5 to 3 Victory by our Beloved Los Angeles Dodgers over the Florida Marlins! Super Heroes Juan Pierre and Matt Kemp lead the way with Huroki Kuroda and the rest of the Pitching staff! All the rest of our Los Angeles Dodgers were great as well! Our 2008 Team Of Destiny will shine Brighter And Brighter until The World Series is Won! Then, We Will Shine Brightest Of All!

  86. messagebear

    I just don’t see it.
    Why are we purportedly competing to sign Juan Castro, who wasn’t performing well enough to keep by the Reds.
    Do we just want to tie up another roster spot? LaRoche will be back in a couple of weeks at most, and DeWitt and Hu are performing sufficiently. I’ve heard the logic that Hu would be better served by playing every day in Vegas. If that is the purpose, why not send up one of the more advanced infield prospects from Vegas instead of taking once again somebody’s castoff?
    Ned will never learn, and I’m fed up with it.

  87. eslabels

    Only thing I can think of bear is that Torre was there the beginning of spring when DY couldn’t hit the broadside of a barn and struckout like 8 of 11 times. That seems to have stuck in his mind. Plus add the fact the JPs gonna get the starts as the 4th outfielder regardless, and DY becomes the forgotten man. Come what may, I’ll bet my bottom dollar too that the way JPs been playing in the 4th OF role, Ned won’t trade him [JP] at the deadline either.

    IF they end up optioning Hu out, maybe Del gets an occasional start at second, but other than that the only way DYs going to get any playing time is by being traded.

  88. jhallwally

    If brains were dynamite, Ned couldn’t blow his nose when it comes to player acquisition.

  89. messagebear

    That’s a great one, jhall. I might add that the same goes for his player disposition as well.

  90. jhallwally

    I guess we’re gonna be due for another lecture about being nice and not criticizing the players and management when they do dumb crap. I’m sorry, but acquiring JCastro doesn’t make any sense to me. Unless they figure Hu really needs to play everyday. He seems to be getting fairly regular playing time here but may be better served playing everyday to get ready to be full time next year. Scares me because it may portend that they may not resign Ferk!!! If they go with Hu at short and I guess they figure they can plug Phew in the leadoff spot. We’ve got to unload Phew. Resign Ferk and put DY or Hu or Abreau at 2nd. Hell, maybe DeWitt can play 2nd and with LaRoche at 3rd.

  91. jhallwally

    But hey, we won today so everything is sunshine, lollipops, and rainbows. Even if we tank it and finish 4th again, everything will be just rosy. Arf, Arf!!!!

  92. eslabels

    We’d probably get more use out of Fidel Castro (publicity, photo ops for Frank, cigars.) He was pitcher once – maybe even some middle relief.

    It would be a typical Ned acquisition though – other teams castaways. While we’re at it, maybe we can get Ginger and MaryAnn too.

  93. eslabels

    New song for Ned if he picks up Castro:

    Free agents turn to nuthin’
    Vets always pullin somethin’
    The farm I do distain.

    But I keep pickin’ wieners
    And mostly inbetweeners
    ‘Cuz I haven’t got a brain…

  94. northstateblues

    Buzzie Bavasi has passed away today at 92. He led a long, fruitful life, but I’m still greatly saddened. A lot of the achievements of Southern California baseball came because of him. My condolences to the Bavasi family if you get a chance to speak to any of them, Josh.

  95. lny4loney

    I add my condolences to the Bavasi family. Buzzie lived a long and productive life both in and out of baseball.
    For more information see the Seattle Mariners press release in which we find out, among other things, that Buzzie was married to the same woman for 68 years!

  96. leekfink

    As Tommy would say, Buzzie is now with the Great Dodger in the Sky. My condolences to his family.
    I disagree with the sentiment against signing Castro. I am not for it, nor against it, but it’s not a bad move. I would personally rather see Chin-Lung Hu play because I know him (not personally, of course), like him, and can see him as part of the future. But I can also see that he gets to play only an inning or two in about half the games, all on defense, plus a start a week. So he has 28 at-bats through 28 games. In Las Vegas, he would have 4-5 at-bats every day. We’re certainly fine as we are, and we would lose out on Hu getting the start every week to 10 days to spell Kent, but I can see the benefit long term without any real downside.
    I also don’t think that developing Hu is a sign that we’re not going to re-sign Furcal. I am very much in favor of re-signing Furcal. I think the odds of us doing that are pretty good. If anything, Colletti is going to tend toward re-signing a veteran who is contributing (to say the least). The more likely scenario is that he signs for too high an amount or too many years.
    The reality is that this seems like Jeff Kent’s last year (though, if he ends the year with an OPS of .802 as he has now, and he decides he wants to come back in 2009, we would have to strongly consider that). Right now, we are not sure who the third baseman for 2008 will be (DeWitt, La Roche, maybe Abreu, Hu if necessary). Tony Abreu was slotted to be the 2009 second baseman (and basically the back-up this year, spelling Kent, Nomar, and evern Furcal if he ever needs it), but he’s still sidelined and I don’t know if the team is sold on him yet. DeWitt might be able to play second base too, so as I see it, we have 4 infielders for 2 positons to fill this year and next year. If half of them pan out, that’s a pretty good success ratio, so I think we are keeping as many options open as possible.


    For today, one day at least, I was happy to have JP playing instead of Andruw.


    RIP Buzzie Bavasi. I remember when Bavasi left the Dodgers to GM the expansion Padres and hired away Preston Gomez to manage the team. Bavasi sure had a good reputation with a lot of folks. If I had had the chance, I’m sure I would have enjoyed meeting him.


    ewk216 – The source of the Bison nickname is explained in his Wikipedia entry:
    ” Kemp’s nickname is “The Bison.”[3] During the second major league game of Kemp’s career, on May 29, 2006, he stole second base in the fourth inning, after which Atlanta Braves television announcer Don Sutton said he looked “like a big buffalo running around the bases.” The observation was appropriate due to Kemp’s imposing size and surprisingly fast footspeed. The nickname was modified to “The Bison,” the more proper term for the North American mammal to which the moniker refers. ”
    The [3] is a footnote to this link, presumably to demonstrate the usage of the nickname in a mainstream article:
    which contains this, “Then, off to the side, poised and eager though certainly untamed, stands the Bison. His name is Matt Kemp, …”


    leekfink – the downside to Juan Castro is that he’s a *proven* .270 OBP guy with the power of a gnat (.335 Slg%). Hu has 33 PAs in 28 games this year, that’s a pace for 191 PAs. Handing over about 160 PAs that are guaranteed to be poor productivity is a bad idea. I know Hu is only .305 / .389 himself (in a mere 61 PAs), but at least he has potential to be good. Juan Castro is simply what he is, and aging.
    I’m not against Hu playing everyday in Vegas – he needs the growth as a hitter – but I’d like a better alternative in LA first, and Juan Castro isn’t him.
    [Juan “Fidel” Castro and Angel “Hugo” Chavez would be an awesome DP-combo for the 51s. 😉 ]

  101. eslabels

    jhall – that is why we all liked MaryAnn more Ginger!! Just think of the promotional dates at the stadium:

    MaryAnn Reefer Madness Pot [Bobble] Head Night
    Bring Your Little Buddies Night
    Ginger’s G. I. Ruined My Career Night

    Reasons for picking up Juan Castro:

    1. It’ll make JP’s OBP and Slg. look like Ted Williams in comparison.

    2. It diverts the Deadhorsemen’s attention away from AJ.

    3. Ned’s sure this move will “put us over the top.”

    4. Cross promotional opportunities for Come as Your Favorite Dictator Night.

    Was not Angel Chavez on the roster for essentially the same reason as why you’d pick-up Castro? AC is in Vegas already under contract. Why would you even need Castro? It would be another non-sensical deal other than to offer a retirement plan for Juan.

  102. messagebear

    Love those four reasons for signing Castro, enchanted.
    My favorite is #3.
    GO DODGERS, without Castro!!!

  103. rlglynn

    Maybe Terry Tiffee should be given a shot on the big club.

    Team AVG G AB R H 2B 3B HR
    Las Vegas .482 27 110 28 53 17 3

    .520 .718 1.239

  104. dodgereric

    Running the risk of being negative……

    “Dodgers’ Pierre says he hasn’t accepted his new role”,0,2096984.story

    Excerp:”But after his triumphant return to the Dodgers’ lineup — the start was his first in five days — Pierre refused to say if he still wanted to be a Dodger.

    “I’m not going to answer that one,” Pierre said. “It is what it is. I’m not going to touch that one.”

    He also wouldn’t say whether he or his agent, Mark Pieper, asked management for a trade when he was relegated to being the fourth outfielder only a year after signing a five-year, $44-million contract.

    But he did say that this is “by far” the toughest period of his career. He also said that he hasn’t accepted his role, even though Manager Joe Torre has repeatedly praised him for his professionalism.

    “I don’t see myself as a bench player,” he said. “I haven’t accepted that. I know if they don’t want me to play out there, that’s their decision. But I don’t see myself as a bench player.”

    I don’t have any problem whatsoever with a guy not liking the bench. Who would? I would love to be able to keep him on the team as a role player – the role he has right now. What I would like to see him say in this article is that “I will do whatever the team needs me to do. This team has the potential to succeed, and I want to be a part of it.”

    I’m not seeing this. He should be saying this. It’s not like he’s fighting to get numbers up in a contract year. He has his money. This article reads like he is angry and we don’t need that in a young clubhouse. We had that last year and it didn’t work out very well.

  105. dodgerboy55

    I understand how the article reads, but sometimes the translation does not always give the player justice…No 30 year old ballplayer that has played everyday for 7 years is going to be happy….I look at his body language on the field and he is playing hard…Any of us would be upset if this happened to us….With Pierre, I do not think it is about the money…he is a competitor and loves to play the game….I think the key is Torre is praising him, he is upset but he probably still works his butt off every day to stay ready….Reporters always are looking to start something….if any of us got demoted we would probably want out. That is my take…

  106. dodgerboy55

    Dodgereric you were not being negative….only stating an opinion…I am 44 so I suffered many of the same years with the Rams and the Lakers/Dodgers….I probably said some the same things you did….

  107. scott_in_arcadia

    from Pierre article:

    “If you know me and know my history, you know I’m a guy who plays every day,” he said. “More than the hits and the stolen bases, I take pride in being out there every day.

    Big frigging deal. Shoot, which one of us wouldn’t play every day. You think Kemp and Ethier don’t want to play every day?

    Wow, Pierre, you’re one in a million “taking pride” in playing every day. What a skill set.

    Josh Beckett (hypothetically): “I afraid of pitching to Pierre because he play every day”.


  108. junkyardjamie

    Wouldn’t you have to wonder if Pierre is thinking: “I know why Andre is playing and I know why Matt is playing, but I can’t figure out is why Andruw is playing instead of me?” I personally think I know why Jones is playing (for defensive purposes, and hopefully soon HRs), but offensively, Pierre has been playing better. Most of us have said it all along -let Pierre and Jones battle for the last spot (Ethier and Kemp shouldn’t even be a question anymore, hopefully – lol)

  109. scott_in_arcadia

    If Jones can just hit .250, then Pierre is out of work, period.

    And Juan, playing every day is not an asset unless you’re good.

  110. dodgereric

    DB55, I agree. As I said, I totally understand not wanting to be on the bench. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been a starter for 20 years or a rookie fresh off the bus, these guys have tremendous pride and want to play all the time. But they can’t all play all the time. And if you’re an outfielder and not one of the 3 best OFs, you’re a sub. That’s a role, same as a starter and it’s important too. It’s such a long season and there are always injuries and spot starts and PH and PR opportunities that need to be filled every game. On this team at this time he is not one of the 3 best OFs. Sorry. It’s my opinion, and I’m not alone. A case can be made at this point about whether he or Andruw are better. I feel that Andruw’s glove makes him the starter and any offense is a plus. I always feel that’s the case for the up-the-middle guys.

    He is playing hard, and he’s starting to play well. If Juan’s comments have been taken out of context, then I have a real problem with the reporter. But if they’re not, and if Juan is really the hard-working, old-school, throw-back player that he says he is, then he needs to man up, put on a happy face, admit (if only to himself) that he’s a sub on this team now and be a team-player. If he wants to leave, that’s what his agent is being paid to do for him. He doesn’t have to like it, but he doesn’t have to be a distraction in the clubhouse.

  111. junkyardjamie

    I totally agree with you dodgereric. I was just thinking if Pierre’s viewpoint has changed from Ethier taking his job to why am I sitting over Jones. I felt the reporter was trying to make the reader feel sorry for Pierre. It didn’t make me feel sorry for him. It just made me think “get over it!” You lost your job, so deal with it. Even if Ethier and Kemp were in a slump (which they are not), I rather be assured that they are out there protecting our outfield, and with Jones, it’s a given. So, I am willing to ride out Andruw’s slump as long as he is doing his golden glove job on the field. It’s going to be those 1-run games where it’s going to be about defense, and I know who I want out there (Andre, Andruw and Matt).

  112. kssssss

    Just imagine how good this team could be if we didn’t waste $18 per year on Andruw….What if we would have gotten a real power hitter like Ned supposedly wanted??!!!
    Either Hunter or Rowan would have been better like I said over the winter…but we instead go for a guy Ned “thinks” will get better from his bad last year….DON’T BET ON IT NED…This guy seems to have lost it completely….the only thorn in this team’s side right now..

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