Tonight's lineup…

As expected, Nomar is back on the DL and Blake DeWitt is back at third base. He was in Vegas long enough to play one game and while they were eating their postgame meal, they saw the play happen at third base where Nomar strained his calf.

As for Andruw Jones, he’s back in the lineup…two guys who aren’t, Chin-lung Hu and Delwyn Young, conducted a clinic for youngsters earlier today at Dodger Stadium and after watching Hu’s defense last night, he’s definitely a good guy to be teaching how to play.

Here’s the lineup:

Furcal, SS

Pierre, LF

Kemp, RF

Kent, 2B

Martin, C

Loney, 1B

Jones, CF

DeWitt, 3B

Penny, P


where is ETHIER? Come on Joe, if you must put Pierre in then don’t you think that maybe Jones could use a night off to recoup from the injury?????? Nice to see Dewitt back though

Way to go – Ethier out; Jones and Pierre in. Who in this management really gives a sh** where we end up this season.

question for Ned:
Does the fact that 90+% of the fans want to see Kemp and Ethier in the lineup everyday mean nothing to Dodgers management?

Joe will have to find out the hard way that Pierre is only good as a pinch runner. Ethier needs to play everyday unless he’s hurt along with Kemp. How about resting Druw and giving Young a start? I don’t think management cares what us fans think. They truly believe this is the way to win ballgames, after all look how many we won last year. 🙂

What a disappointment!

Jones is able to play and Ethier sits. Didn’t see this one coming.

Who knows? Redman is a lefty who throws pus. Jones should be able to catch up to it. And he wont see breaking pitches away.

The daily lineup pales in comparison to the grandiose plans for the Dodger Stadium real estate development – so, why worry. That’s why we have that HOF manager Torre to take care of the little things. The peasants (I mean the fans) will always be there anyway.

Ready for another marathon?
Thought he’d rest Jones.
Guess it’s Ethier’s turn.
Like to see DeWitt clear that right field wall.
How will we do against Redman?

Well guys, I’m off to my first game of the year! I’m stoked to see that the proper third basemen is back where he should be. Given Nomar’s history, why would you demote your only third base insurance. Everyone knew he’d go down again. I’m bummed to see that Ethier sits though. I guess production is overrated in baseball today; at least it is in LA. It’s the only place I know where good hard play can earn you a day off. Torre; shame on you! I’ll be the guy with the “UNACCEPTABLE!” Fire Ned Colletti T-shirt.
Let’s go Dodgers!

I’m glad to see Blake DeWitt back in the Major Leagues. Sadly, it was only days before Nomar Garciaparra made his annual return to the Disabled List. That’s the story of his career.

I would rather see Andre Ethier out there, but I understand where you are coming from. You are obviously putting the players that you pay the most on the field. This could be justified from a financial standpoint of getting your money’s worth, but like all Dodgers fans, we want to see the best players on the diamond.

I hope that the Dodgers get another win tonight. Brad Penny is a superb pitcher and I’m looking forward to seeing his stuff. But, please don’t overuse your bullpen.

awww. i would have like to seen russell at 3rd again.
just to see how he manages.
but Im stoked that Dewiit is back. This guy has some good talent.

The Dodgers missed a real opportunity. They could have traded Pierre for equal value ……. Juan Castro.

no dre? simple stupid. glad to see dewitt back with us… dodgers win tonight with penny on the mound.

Can’t say Nomar wasn’t predictable. He did a little better tham I expected, but Blake is an upgrade and I’m glad to see him back. When LaRoche gets back they’d be better off DFAing Sweeney and keeping DeWitt as the LH PH.

The bats seem to be coming alive which is good to see. And Martin’s OBP these last few games is staggering. I’m with the others who want to slap a C on his chest, especially after last night.

Billingsley’s an enigma. Lights out stuff, but throws too many pitches. He learns to cutout 3-4 pitches an inning and he’ll be able to go into the 6th and 7th.

Who’d have thought at this point that JP would have scored only 1 run, but have 8 RBIs? Who’d have thought at this point that he’d have almost 3X as many RBI as Jones? Still, don’t like to see him in there for Andre tonight.

Other than Pierre in for Ethier, the lineup looks pretty good for tonight. Let’s start a winning streak!

why not give Young a start??

I’m ok with this line up…I woudl love to see Ethier play, but giving him a rest isn’t the worst thing in the world. At least there’s some pop on the bench.
As for you “trapper9” Young? You’ve got to be kidding.

Just win. Bottom line. Play whoever you want, but at the end of the season get us in the playoffs. That is your main mission/goal. If not, go away!!!!!

What’s wrong with starting Young???

I doubt that the Dodgers would start Young when they have so much other talent on their roster.

How about a HR Dewitt, What a way to come back that would be.

My man DeWitt!!!!!!!

welcome back blake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



I would like to see Kemp up again this inning

Come on Kemp, Blast one….

grandslam matt kemp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 10 run first inning.




Need Penny to throw a complete game now.

Boy, those Colorado fans must really hate us. First, our Lakers destroy their Nuggets, and now we are on the way to destroying their Rockies. Go L.A.!

I remember the 19 runs scored in the first inning against the Reds.
I was always disappointed that the Dodgers only scored 4 more runs after that.

Boy, those Colorado fans must really hate us. First, our Lakers destroy their Nuggets, and now we are on the way to destroying their Rockies. Go L.A.!

Sorry for the double post.

I notice DeWitt hits a lot a pretty well hit balls to right and right center.
I can’t stop wondering if that is the extent of his power.

What a game!!
Watching Penny pitch always brings up memories of Paul DePodesta. That trade (LaDuca, Mota, and Encarnocion for Penny and Choi) looks better and better everyday. Couple that with Jayson Werth having a great begining to this year…
I won’t say it, BUT….
I’m not saying I wish Paul back in LA, I’m just saying it wasn’t as bad of a trade than I just thought.
Speaking of trades…I was looking at Milton Bradley’s stats today (for Texas), Ethier’s better in every catagory. Anyone think Oakland wants a do over on that one?

Ethier trade is Ned’s shining moment.

Ned landing his job is Ned’s shining moment.

I meant to say this about a week ago.
Nomar isn’t a bad infielder with the exception of an awkward throwing motion but DeWitt without a doubt is much smoother.

DeWitt is the real deal…. LaRoche gots him some competition.

Penny took out the Ump!!

That had to hurt……………

Hope he is OK.

That’ll leave a mark. Rub some dirt on it.

10 runs wow! I hope that they have some runs left in them for tomorrow. Thanks Kemp for the Grand Slam. Were any plays made by Martin last night at 3rd base? I wasn’t able to watch the game due to bad weather.

No disrespect to the ump I hope he’s O.K.
But I hope this break in the action doesn’t change the momentum of the game.

Don’t mind me I’m always on the negative side.

What happened with Penny and the ump? I was away from the TV.

I can see where Vin and I differ.
He’s talking like this game is in the bag.
To me it’s only an 8 run lead and Penny must still pitch well.

Penny fastball at around 96 skipped off Martins’ glove and clipped him in the neck.

I hear ya, pierreemw. Hopefully the Dodgers don’t play like it’s in the bag, still a lot of game left, and the Rockies aren’t exactly the Cleveland Spiders.

But there’s no better feeling than comming home from work to a 10-2 lead. Especially after the Chavez Ravine Marathon last night.

Thanks jhall! This will give the bullpen a much needed break if Penny can last through 7 or more.

It’s amazing how many times we see a pitcher get bombed in the 1st inning and then settle down.

Yep, Penny needs to get thru at least 7. Save the bullpen. Redman since the 1st has shut us down. Gutsy!! Taking one for the team. My hat is off to him.

I’m just hoping Penny doesn’t tire this inning and give it back.
WOW it’s 10-3 now.

I feel better now that Penny has come through the 6th.
It looks like he’ll go on.

All I want to say is I’m glad that Redman didn’t start pitching in the second inning.

Penny could/should complete this game.

Nice catch by our gold gloving CF.
But what about our third baseman?

That kid (Young) can sure hit. Will be great when he can play full time. Hope they don’t end up trading him.

AGAIN ***DeWitt comes oooooh soooooClose.
At least this time he cleared the wall….Pulled it a little Too much.

I don’t think we’ll ever have to worry about having a slick fielding third baseman.

Let’s close it up guys.

I was switched to the Rockies telecast just in time for the last two outs.
Scully was just cut off.
Who cares?
Just 2 games under .500
Only 6 games out.
Just got to hope for Loaiza.
Great GS by Kemp.

I rewound the pitch that nailed the home plate ump and I saw exactly why it happened. Martin originally called for a fastball, but at the last second changed it to a curveball and since Penny looks towards the dugout when he starts his windup he didn’t see the sign change. As a rule, catchers should always be prepared to catch a fastball even when they call for a curve, because it is impossible to adjust.

Hey guys, great win tonight. I was not worried about winning after Kemp’s slam, but wanted them to keep going hard, so as to wear out the bullpen for tomorrow. But I think that there was a let-down by both teams after Kemp’s slam put the game in the refrigerator, and after the injury to the umpire, I think it just changed the feel, and everyone wanted to get the game in the books. Not that we did not care, but the energy changed, which I sort of understand.
I just want to note that there seems to be some sniping amongst posters. I think we’re all on the same page–we all want the Dodgers to win, we all root for the players on the field and in the line-up. A lot of us vent on this board when things go bad, and alot of us cheer when things go right. And we are hoping that management listens to us–at least a little.
It’s like with Nomar–Jungar, I am sure, was rooting for Nomar all the way. But with most of us, he figured that Nomar’s history and age, something would happen to him(he’s not that old, really, but he just has broken down more–Jeff Kent is years older but can whack the ball still and has had much better health than Nomar). For those of us who want Kemp to start everyday, it’s because we see the ability as being better than Pierre. It’s nothing against Pierre–it’s just that Kemp is that good.
So, let’s try not to dig into each other. We will frequently disagree, and can do that, let’s just not snipe at each other.
As an example, I have a brief disagreement with MessageBear, but I always respect his opinion. I don’t think that the ownership doesn’t care about the team on the field–if for no other reason, the best way to do business is by winning. And the McCourts have an interest in baseball–he wanted to buy the Red Sox. I won’t dwell on that mis-adventure, as they seem to have made Los Angeles their home (even if, at times, they seem to do things that the Red Soz have done).
My other thought is that I prefer an ownership that does not get too involved in the baseball operations. Branch Rickey knew baseball, but the O’Malleys were businessmen who left the baseball operations to the baseball people, most who had learned at the feet of Branch Rickey–Buzzie Bavasi and Al Campanis, Walter Alston and Tommy Lasorda. When Fox came on, the first thing they did was let the ownership get involved, and those fools traded the best position player in LA Dodger history (Piazza). So, the goal is to set the vision broadly (and, it seems, that vision is to develop from within, which is right) and try to get the right people to execute it (that is subject to greater question, but even decisions that I have not liked don’t seem to be from a lack of trying).
Anyway, I don’t mean to be a knee-jerk defender, but I give the team enough grief and want to give them credit where they deserve it. And I have to give them credit for effort, if not always execution.
I have an extremely long post about the stadium rennovations with a bunch of the questions that I want Josh to ask Frank McCourt. I’ll try to post it late Monday night or early Tuesday, so that it’s close to the end of a thread so you won’t have to scroll through it all if you don’t want to. Unless Josh puts up a post on the issue before then.

BTW–on Nomar, I think that he’s done. I was saying that he needs to get a chance to play before we come to a decision about what type of player he will be. Part of that is figuring out if he can stay healthy. It does not seem like it–his body seems to have given out prematurely.
I like DeWitt, but LaRoche is now 5 for 16 in his rehad assignment with a walk and a double in 4 games. He can only be down there for another 16 days, which is about the time Nomar becomes eligible, but it sounds like Nomar will be out longer, and LaRoche does not HAVE to spend all 16 days down in Jacksonville. I could see him back in a week’s time, at which point they should do what I said should be done with Nomar–give him the job for a while and see what he can do. DeWitt is obviously competent to do that job if LaRoche cannot come through (and may have other opportunities), but Andy has been touted even more than Kemp, so let’s give him the shot.
If Nomar can help out somehow during the season, that’s great, but we’re beyond counting on that. With LaRoche, DeWitt, and Abreu, and his being prone to injury, I think it’s the end of the road for him. I cannot see re-signing him, and I don’t know if anyone else would take a chance on him. He grew up a Dodger fan, and I could see him as a good coach, if he wanted to stay with the organization.

Glad to hear the ump is doing OK. Let’s get the sweep!!!!!

If Torre’s rotation in the outfield goes as usual, we should see Ethier in place of Pierre today. That should be the best lineup against Francis, whom we usually have trouble with. Let’s get the sweep before we go on the road.

Think its pretty clear why Kemp needs to be in the line-up EVERYDAY…

Has anyone noticed that JP is walking a lot more this year? (well, a lot for him anyway) and his OBP is .339? I’m still holding out hope that he’s increasing his value enough that we can unload him at the trade deadline for some decent middle relief or a prospect or two. The albatross is that contract (and noodlearm.)

Time to DFA Sweeney when LaRoche comes back. 1 for 16 and PHings his specialty? Time to cut this dead horse loose. Between DeWitt being a good contact hitter and DY, think we have PH covered that we don’t need the Sultan of Sit.

Let’s hope Loaiza’s got decent game today and can get through the first inning unscathed. Seems like once he get’s past his first inning he does OK.

Come on Josh, wheres today’s lineup? I have no confidence in Loaiza so I hope Ethier and Kemp both start to give us a little extra production. If he can get that call of fastball on the outside corner then he might be reasonably effective, but I bet we’re looking at another blowaiza start against the good Rox offense.

Lineup courtesy of Tony Jackson:

SS Furcal
LF Ethier
RF Kemp
C Martin
1B Loney
CF Jones
3B DeWitt
2B Hu
RH Loaiza

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