The Next 50 Years…

It’s hard for anyone to fathom Dodger Stadium in April 2062 when it turns 100, but that’s basically what Frank McCourt is doing with all that was announced today. There is so much to all of it, it’s hard to even really get into any detail so I’ll just point you in the right direction and let you peruse at your leisure. But suffice to say, I’m impressed.

There will be restaurants, shops, kids areas, walkways, 2000 trees, new Dodger offices, new concourses throughout and a million reasons to come early and stay late for Dodger games (not to mention showing up when there’s not even a game). But the part that excites me the most is the Dodger Experience Museum…I can honestly remember being an intern here in the mid 90s and being so excited that I came up with the idea for a Dodger Hall of Fame and Museum. I told my boss at the time what a great plan this was, only to find out that it had been talked about and contemplated for years (talk about bursting my bubble!)

It’s finally going to come to fruition and I hope every one else gets as excited seeing these renderings as I do.

As for tonight (back to the short-term), it’s another big game against Arizona. Joe Torre and the baseball staff believe we need to add another pitcher, so Cory Wade will be in uniform and Blake DeWitt has been optioned, surely with his head high. What an impressive job he’s done and he’s made a ton of people take notice (not the least of which are in Sikeston, MO, his hometown that named this Blake DeWitt month).

Still awaiting a starting pitcher on Sunday…here’s tonight’s lineup:

Furcal, SS

Jones, CF

Nomar, 3B

Kent, 2B

Loney, 1B

Martin, C

Ethier, LF

Kemp, RF

Billingsley, P


  1. ray6

    Joe needs to settle on one lineup. I know it’s hard, but he needs to… Bills needs to step up tonight and show something. I think this is my first post on here in 2 years. Does anyone remeber this..



    haha…. Yeah, I remember believe in the Poncho!! I’m all for it, and Nomar has been having good AB’s lately, so, let’s go!! Believe in the Poncho!! Awesome job by Dewitt while he was with the club, does anyone know anything about Cory Wade?

  3. messagebear

    All I need to hear is Ned deciding that he may want Nomar for another season, and I’ll puke. Nomar may have a few good games, but Blake is one of the future guys, and he could do just fine in the present, if we didn’t have to accommodate Nomar. If Torre and Ned will insist that Nomar plays, then Blake is better off playing every day wherever they sent him. For my money, I would have kept him and DFA’d Sweeney. I also would have made sure that Blake played at least three games a week instead of Nomar until LaRoche came back. I personally can’t stand Nomar, poncho or not, and I hope he doesn’t last long into this season – old veteran piece of crap.

  4. eslabels

    Can’t say I didn’t see it coming, but how is Hu going to back up BOTH statues in the infield? I suppose that’ll mean a little more playing time for Young at 2B, but just more veteran BS. I second bear’s puke and raise you a couple of wretches.

    BTW Cory Wade’s line at Jax:
    0 0 4.30 6 0 0 0 1 14.2 14 7 7 3 2 1 13 1.02 1 2

    Brazobelly’s line at Jax:
    0 0 0.00 9 0 0 0 2 8.2 2 0 0 0 0 1 11 0.35 1 4

    Even this doesn’t make any sense unless belly’s hurt himself again. Anyone know?

  5. ksparkuhl

    Hey Ray!! I’m right there with you. Torre needs to settle on his best bats in the lineup and stick with one for a while. I’m not happy about Ethier batting seventh tonight at all. He’s been one of the most consistent bats all year and is best suited for the two or three slot in the lineup. Don’t know when Jones is going to join the party, but I’m hoping it’s going to be tonight… we sure could use some production out of his bat.

    *Great job by Blake DeWitt!! He’s going to be back sooner than later.

    ******************************************************************** Believe in the Poncho!!

  6. leekfink

    1) Josh–it really would be great if you could get Frank McCourt to take some questions on the blog about the rennovations. That being said, I am still trying to look at the plans and get my thoughts about them, but will have a number of questions.
    2) Disappointing for DeWitt, because of how well he has done. Not unexpected, or even bad. I say we have to give Nomar a little time and then see what we have with him. At least one more week before we can make a real assessment. But LaRoche is coming back by May 13, so Blake was headed out.
    3) Jungar–you’re basically right on the line-up. I could justify hitting Kent 5th or 4th, but I just don’t really get it.
    4) On the bright side, I at least can explain tonight’s lineup–Furcal, Jones to get him going (I don’t agree, but I can explain it), Nomar because he’s a “veteran” (I don’t agree, again), Kent, and then alternate right left. Last night’s was inexplicable. But it did score.
    5) Miketink–you were worried about Loney’s home/road splits. He actually hit better on the road last year, so I think it’s nothing to be worried about. He looked better last night–hitting is just one of those things.

  7. randyisrad

    this seems like the right players starting…idk about the batting line up though. AJ batting second? That just seems odd.


    We’ll miss you Blake! Please rip up Vegas and hurry back. As for the lineup, it is what it is. Torre will soon learn who should be batting where, it aint this lineup.

  9. j-murray

    i don’t know about you guys, but i would much rather have nomar in there than pierre. at least nomar is capable of hitting a homerun and is still clutch with the bat. seeing andruw bat 2nd is pretty odd, but maybe it’s an effort by torre to get andruw as many fastballs as possible. as long as pitchers can locate the low outside fastball, jones is going to continue to struggle. let’s go dodgers! 😀

  10. jhallwally

    You could have seen this coming with Brox and Sammy throwing alot of pitches last night. It was 8 to 3 but we burnt our bullpen. 8 to 3 sounds like we coasted, but it was closer than the final score belies. You know Nomore, Kant, and Jelly Roll are going to get more of a chance than the young kids to prove what they can do. It’s just the nature of the game. $36M and these are the guys that are supposed to keep us competitive until the kids are ready. They will get a long look. At least they benched Phew!!
    Ned signed and resigned these guys and he will live or die with them. So be it!! They either perform and we make a run at the playoffs, or they fail and Ned along with Nomore and Kant are gone next year. Got to play the hand you are dealt. Ned has dealt himself a tough position.


    I know many of you love DeWitt, but personally I don’t have too much of a problem with Nomar in there…atleast until LaRoche gets back. Kemp and Ethier should be hitting 3rd and 5th, not 7th and 8th. Torre’s lineups puzzle me just as much as my man Grady’s did…

  12. oldbrooklynfan

    I was glad to read in the article of the Dodger Stadium facelift that they plan to have more access to mass transportation, I would say that’s “right on”. I guess that may be the last leg of my trip, if I live so long.
    All I can say is, What took you so long?
    Well another big one tonight, I only hope we are able to handle Edgar Gonzalez.

  13. jhallwally

    Thanks Swood, I don’t have a problem with Miamore as long as he produces. He’s going to get the look until LaRoche is ready to come back. If he gets it done, great. If he isn’t getting it done by Mid-May, LaRoche or DeWitt will take over.


    Anyone ata ll a little worried about Bills? He’s not looked good at all…. he seems like a strikeout pitcher who is having trouble locating his pitches, but still somewhat overpowering.


    Way too many pitches, and we’re having trouble enough to score runs, let alone come from behind after the first inning AGAIN!!!


    Good job by Billz to get out of it… But he severely needs to get his control under wraps!

  17. northstateblues

    Hey Ray, I still BELIEVE IN THE PONCHO. (I used to be drinkinmercury79 back then if you remember). Good to see you back

  18. oldbrooklynfan

    Good to see a nice, grown hog type 2-out rally, thanks to the ole reliable KENT and old smo Nomar.

  19. jhallwally

    Whodey, get MLBTV basic. You can watch as well as listen when they are blacked out. Just $89.95 for the year and you get all the games.


    I got boned tonight on my mlb package here for some stupid reason and it seems to always happen when the KID is on the bump. I suppose I’ll check into that so I can at least listen. Thanks,


    Im moving up there next week, actually. Bier Stube on High Street is where I used to watch all the dodger games… sweet place. Dark, total sports package and cool peeps.

  22. rlglynn

    I hate to say it, this is starting to look like that game that follows a big scoring game. We score, but less than 2 runs.

    Where are the hits. We’ve hit this guy before.

  23. oldbrooklynfan

    I think that was a really got outing for CHAD, win or lose.
    I doubt if he’ll be back since his pitch count is over.

  24. dodge1612

    why does kemp always strike out on sliders away… he needs to work on that. every time he gets two strikes, there it is and he strikes out.


    Nomar with his 2 for 3 so far tonight has these numbers for the season:
    .240 / .345 / .360 / .705

    DeWitt was sent down with this:
    .255 / .367 / .333 / .700

    DeWitt did a great job holding down the fort and not being completely overwhelmed.


    the heck with Cruz, Kemp should have made him pay for the hanging slider or tattooed the fastball. Dang, I wanted to see him succeed there.

  27. j-murray

    dodger offense is blowing opportunity after opportunity. if we come through in 1/4 of our RISP at-bats, we have a comfortable lead. give me a break.

  28. selltheteam

    Still alive and the bottom of the order coming up. Martin, Ethier, and Kemp. Must be part of Joe’s master plan.

  29. selltheteam

    Oh well. A split from the Snakes is better than 0-2. Let’s get ready for the Rockies to come to town. Go Dodgers!

  30. oldbrooklynfan

    Andruw actually looked a lot better tonight.
    I don’t think many people expected us to come this close to a sweep.
    BILZ 12Ks was great.
    I can’t blame Kent for getting mad on that call.

  31. lny4loney

    I like the stadium upgrades. Nevertheless, it is obvious to me that McCourt has un-revealed plans for Chavez Ravine. Half-a-billion dollars in upgrades don’t make finanacial sense solely to make the game experience a more pleasant one. The Dodgers already sell as many tickets as they’re going to — at least until the team becomes a consistent post-season favorite.
    McCourt is a businessman first, and the owner of the Dodgers second. That doesn’t make him a bad owner. But it does require the thinking fan to wonder what he’s ultimately up to, and if it’s really good for the Dodgers and Dodger fans.
    McCourt refused to answer questions about future development including residential development and an NFL stadium. So I assume he’s got one or both of these ideas in mind. I’m fine with both of these ideas, but only if they can be done without ruining the great Dodger Stadium setting about which such a big point has been made in all the announcements about the stadium renovations.
    Bottom line, a healthy dose of skepticism is in order and a lot of questions should be asked of McCourt before he gets the go-ahead to do anything. While I’m generally in favor of private landowners doing as they chose with their land, Chavez Ravine was taken by eminent domain from previous private landowners for the benefit of the City of Los Angeles. That taking in my mind makes Chavez Ravine subject to careful oversight by the city to make sure whatever is done there benefits the general public.
    On the other hand, McCourt probably has a lot more sense than the dingalings down at City Hall. Sportswise, the main thing the City Council has accomplished in the last decade or so is keeping the NFL out of Los Angeles by its continual insistence that the Coliseum is the only site in the city for the NFL. Meanwhile the NFL would like to bring a team to Los Angeles pretty much anwhere but the Coliseum.

  32. dodgereric

    Kent was absolutely correct in blasting that gutless piece of crap umpire tonight. His foot was at most 1 inch off the bag when he caught the ball. Anyone who has watched the game for more than 10 minutes has seen the out call given when the 2B or SS is within 2 feet of 2nd. I’m glad Kent kept letting that fool have it. He should be embarrased.

    Having said all that, the Dodgers have no one to blame but themselves for tonight’s loss. If they ever start hitting with RISP, they’ll get back in this thing.

    Kershaw should be pitching for Jacksonville Friday.


  33. messagebear

    Ditch the has-beens and Colletti (who’s never really achieved a “beens” state.
    Play the kids!
    Get that coupon, or do the above two even without coupon.


    we played zona even, looking good at times, but overall this season has been a disappointment.

    i want to believe that the recent lineups (vets in the middle, kids in the back) are to balance scoring a bit, or at least the threat of scoring. meaning, if we assume that raffy will continue to get on base and steal some bases, then the vets should be able to score him with or without a basehit. (1) hoping andruw sees more fastballs with the threat of raffy stealing bases. maybe he can make contact this week. (2) nomar can advance the runner. (3) kent can drive him home. after that, the next inning would then follow with the likes of loney/kemp/martin/ethier and pose a threat to score again, unlike when jones/pierre/nomar would bat.

    maybe it’s just to take the ‘heat’ off the kids to produce.

    maybe he’s just stupid and trusts the vets too much.

    no matter how we do this year, i REALLY think we ought to be sellers at the trade deadline. we need to flip lowe for some prospects. we’ll have penny (and hopefully extend him), billz, kershaw, kuroda, schidt/kuo for the end of the year…


    Arizona is going to be tough ALL YEAR. Regardless of their fast start, they have pitching…and their kids look like patient, smart, talented hitters. That said, now is NOT the time to banish Kemp to the bench for his feeble swipes at sliders out of the zone, or Loney when he hits into a double play with the tying run at third or Martin when he pops up with a runner at third and nobody out. These are growing pains. Just as the past 20 years have been a pain. So Joe, please keep these kids in the line-up EVERY DAY. There will be crummy days…but a bright future. Platoon the graybeards all you want, but give the kids the time and the ABs and the instruction to finally “get it.”

  36. scott_in_arcadia

    Going to the game tonight – top deck – with some friends.

    I hope I don’t have to chuck my Torre bobblehead onto the dugout if Pierre is in and Kemp is out….jk

    I’ll be listening for the Loney song…


    I am beginning to lose faith in Billingsley as a potential ace. Don’t get me wrong, I love his stuff but I just never feel comfortable when he’s on the mound. He continually backs himself into a corner and has to fight an uphill battle to get through innings unscathed. His command is really the issue and I hope Honeycutt has a gameplan to try to refine this problem. Their is no way that a guy with Billingsley’s arsenal should give up runs at the pace he currently is. Inexcusable.


    charris – I’ll offer this excuse: Chad Billingsley is TWENTY-THREE YEARS OLD, that’s why. As kahlforni said up above, “These are growing pains.” Even Tim Lincecum is slightly older than Chad. Orel Hershiser was 25 when he started his first game in the majors. Chad had a 3.31 ERA in 147 IP last year (at age 22/23); this year is only 20 2/3 IP so far. Be patient, my man. The wunderkind like Dwight Gooden and Fernando Valenzuela do not come often.

  39. 636566cy

    Josh – A few posters have asked if Mr. McCourt would be willing to address some of the questions that the fans have about the new renovations. I know in the past he has met with bloggers and big spending season ticket holders, so it might be interesting if he were to hold some type of town hall meeting for any fan to come in and ask questions. I think many people seem excited about the renovation ideas, but I also sense some worry that Mr. McCourt might also use this to justify price increases as well. Like I said, it would be pretty cool if he could make himself available for some unfiltered discussions with the fans.


    old fogey, I still haven’t lost all faith in Bills, like I said earlier he has a nasty set of pitches. It’s just frustrating because Chad has already had success up here with the big boys. At this stage in his MLB career you usually see progression not regression regardless of age (3rd year pitchers notoriously have break out years). Not to nit-pick but if Bills was 4-0 this year rather than 0-4 we’d have a 13-9 record and the D-Backs would be at 14-8 (while thats a bit of a stretch, I had those kind of expectations out of him this year).

  41. messagebear

    In Spring Training they said that Bills was working on an extra pitch or two and therefore did not show the expected results. I wonder whether it’s that added pitch that’s sometimes left hanging and responsible for his problems compared to last year in this early season. Honeycutt really doesn’t inspire my confidence with younger pitchers, but somebody should be able to channel Bills’ promising stuff into a more consistent game plan.

  42. dodgereric

    charris, I understand what you’re saying. Hang in there. The kid’s stuff is nasty, but there is such a learning curve. They don’t all get it at the same time. Plus, remember last year he came on in the second half. Maybe he’s one of the hot weather guys.

    People outside of the organization say he’s the real deal. Sometimes we get caught up in the organizational hype, but when it comes from OUTSIDE, it means much more. Be patient. He has a great catcher to help him. Pitching is an art that must be learned. I think what he must still learn is to trust his stuff. Nibbling the corners might be a good idea when you’re facing Pujols, but when the .240 hitters are up there, challenge them. Throw those 0 – 2 heaters now and then for strike three. You have ’em by the neck at that point, why monkey around and increase the pitch count?

    And that’s another thing. I wish that they never rubber-stamped that 100 pitch limit for every single guy out there. Everyone’s different, for crying out loud. Sure, there are guys that can’t take heavy use, but what about someone like Nolan Ryan? OK, I know, he’s a bit of a freak. But he went out there night after night throwing 150 or more and sure enough, he broke down after only 26 years.

    My point really is that the 100 pitch limit is a self-fulfilling prophesy. Of course they get tired after 100. If you never ask anyone to exceed it, no one will ever develop the arm strength to do it.

  43. kssssss

    We have too many problems with this team to really compete this year…I believe Ned signed Andruw to put some punch in our lineup….Well, it ain’t gonna happen…instead of punch he leaves us with one less hitter which we sorely need…Our middle relief is not good, and now we have to worry about our pitchers….I just think we’re burying ourself and it will make it hard to even catch the Dbacks…they are clearly a better team…’s sad and I wish it weren’t true…but when you have a General Manager that makes one mistake after another every off season, this is what happens….You get a mediocre team with bad acquisitions for the last 2 years….We deserve better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. dodgerboy55

    very disappointing game last night…it was as if we had a higher being against us….Andruw crushes the ball and it riccochets right to Arizona and Nomar hits a ball up the middle, diving stop DP…misjudged fly ball costs us a run, 2 wild pitches cost us….numerous opportunities to tie or go ahead and we fail to produce….

    Then to top it all off…we get an umpire that wants to call off the bag, when there are much worse perpetrators at 2nd base…i could not tell if he was on or off but it sure was not as obvious as the umpire made it…

    Billiingsley has such great stuff he cannot control it and throw stirkes. Trust your stuff!!!….We have the most frustrating staff to watch…Penny, Kuo, Bills, even Lowe at times it seems they are always at 100 pitches in 5 innings…Why? That is what makes maddux such a freak…he is always around the plate and gets the close calls. Yes Bills is young but he needs to get more under control with his delivery, he always seems out of sync…but when he is on…Wow…

    Kudos to Wade only one inning but looked good!! Kemp hang in there and lay off that slider….tough to do but you must! Ethier, I love the swing, but every once in a while you have to look for the pitch that you can drive….

    Kent, I was finally glad to see someone have some fire…I wanted to rip that umps head off!! I would have rather have seen Bowa argue than Torre! It would have been more entertaining…I knew that Kent was not going to let it die and good for him, that was a bush league call…I have no problem if the umps are consistent with it, but they are not!


    I second the motion: I’ve never been enamored with Honeycutt as a teacher or in-game “fixer-upper.” How many times have you heard Vin comment during a game after a Honeycutt visit to the mound (and I paraphrase), “whatever Honeycutt just told him, I wouldn’t tell him that again…” or something like that. I don’t do Vin justice, to say the least. Remember, Joe kept Honeycutt on because Joe didn’t know the pitchers in the organization. Hopefully, that changes next year. I won’t blame Honeycutt for Billingsley’s slow development…but I won’t offer kudos either.

  46. scott_in_arcadia

    pitch count:

    totally agree, dodgereric

    A big strapping guy like Brad Penny should be throwing 120 pitches no problem, not to mention most other pitchers as well.


    Here’s what I think about our starters throwing five and 100 …
    Who says Mike Easler and Torre have the receipe for, or better yet own the patent, for making a starting pitcher throw pitches.
    Heck, I’ve been doing that in high school baseball for the last 12 years.
    Hitters today are more patient (except Nomar) and will try to get a look at five pitches and take a hack at the best one they see.
    Add it up, five pitches for an average of 4.1 plate appearances equals 20.5 pitches per inning and 102.5 pitches in five innings!
    It’s the sign of the times!
    Some people have nastier stuff and can hit what they want (Webb, Peavy, Maddux) and can go seven without a blink.
    This isn’t just happening to the Dodgers — it’s league wide. Just look at Haren Tuesday.

  48. scott_in_arcadia


    Why stop at 100 pitches. For sure human beings vary enough that some could throw more and some less, no?

  49. lny4loney

    I’m not so sure that Billingsley’s problem is control or failure to throw strikes. Quite often his pitch count gets run up because of hitters fouling off tons of his pitches. One recent game — I think it was his last start before last night — he gave up TWENTY foul balls. I’m not enough of a pitching expert to know why that would be, but it has been a fairly common problem for him.
    Those who are giving up on the Dodgers this early are LOCO! We’re less than 15% into the season. Yes, the DBacks are off to a very good start. Like all teams they’ll have a bad stretch. If Joe simply lets the kids play, this offense will be very good. If Andruw starts hitting even vaguely like the Andruw of old, this offense may be great.

  50. lny4loney

    Somebody suggested in an interview the other day that Bob Melvin’s job in setting the Dbacks lineup has been easy while Joe Torre’s job in doing the same has been a difficult one. That’s because Melvin has made it easy on himself while Torre has created his own problems.
    Most any poster on this board could have made an easy job of setting a consistent lineup for the Dodgers. And there’s virtually no doubt that our results would have been better than Torre’s. Not only that, but our choices would have led to more experience and confidence in the future stars of this team.
    My everyday lineup would have looked like this on opening day:


    The only changes I would have made (assuming the same performances, which I don’t by the way) is that I would have moved Loney up to second until Martin got going and dropped Jones down a couple of spots.
    Various lineups have been suggested by other posters here, and I would endorse pretty much any one of them because they all have one thing in common: All of the young guys starting almost every day, and Popgun Pierre starting virtually never.

  51. dodgerboy55

    I agree MLK you cannot give up yet or ever…I am an eternal optimist until it is mathematically impossible I am with them….For better or worse….Hopefully we can get some consistency both offensively and pitching wise….June cannot get here quick enough ….Bring up Kershaw….

  52. scott_in_arcadia

    I got invited to the game tonight which I assume will trigger a Pierre start over Kemp. I’ve got my fingers crossed and I’m poking my Ned Colletti voodoo doll.

  53. kssssss


    I don’t want to give up on the Dodgers, but I just don’t see where the success will come from….Our offense is fair somedays….but we just can’t depend on either the offense or the pitching…Have you looked at our middle relief lately?
    I knew last night by letting Proctor pitch more than one inning we were in for trouble….I don’t like him at all…not crazy about Park (the home run giver upper) or we bring this kid Wade up….did you check his stats in Double A???…not good…but he’s supposed to be better in the big leagues?…I don’t think we’ve won more than 2 games in a row this year…and that’s even rare…We’ll see after the Rockies, but I’m not optimistic….We don’t even know who will pitch Sunday….because there is no one!!!!LOL
    I truly hope I’m wrong, but I hate to say it we were better with Gonzo(except his arm)….at least he was a better hitter….who would think I would ever say that…didn’t really like him but our offense was better with him….and for alot less money!!!!!!!!!!!!My main problem is with Ned…I hate his decisions…would rather play only kids and give them the experience and see where we are next year, because McCourt is too busy fixing the stadium and not the TEAM!!!
    Every year they talk about championships and leading the Dodgers back to their rightful place….a winning team, and every year they do the same thing….hurt us not help us…

    Thankfully I have the Lakers….much more fun to watch.

  54. dodgereric

    I’m usually an optimist – my glass is always at least half full, I try my best to look on the bright side of things, I will tend to believe what most people tell me to the point of being quite gullible. But right now I’m depressed. ESPN has a pole that rates all of the 122 pro sports teams as to Fan Satisfaction. They poled 80,000 fans. My beloved Dodgers, prided as one of the elite sports organizations, are rated 77th out of 122. Worse, they are 20th of the 30 teams in MLB. Even worse, that geographically-challenged team to the south that has our manager running things, is #6 overall and #1 in baseball.

    I think I need a drink……..

  55. scott_in_arcadia


    I saw that. Not surprising is it? And speaking of affordability, does anyone think Dodger Stadium prices are going to be static with the planned renovations coming?

    The farther away my great childhood Dodger memories get and the more the recent owner groups continue to screw us over, the more I eye that Angel cap sitting next to my Dodger cap at home.

    I still gladly accepted an invitation to tonight’s game…top deck.

    Anyone else in the TD tonight?

  56. jhallwally

    I am still hopeful we can make a run this season. I think that management is prepared to sink or swim with the veterans. Kent, Nomore, Jones, and more Phew if Kemp continues to struggle. Too much money and these are the guys Ned signed to stay/be competitive. If they get it done and we are still in the hunt at the AS break, that would be fantastic. If not, I think that is when we will see the all out youth movement.

  57. scott_in_arcadia


    Hey, Kemp “struggling” still gives him a better avg than Slappy…and he had a BB last night.

  58. jhallwally

    Makes his life easier. Plug in all Ned’s ill advised acquistions and when they fail and lose, the onus is on Ned the Furter.

  59. jhallwally

    Per Diamond:

    Furcal, SS
    Jones, CF
    Garciaparra, 3B
    Kent, 2B
    Loney, 1B
    Martin, C
    Ethier, RF
    Pierre, LF
    Kuroda, P

    You knew there was a Phew sighting coming up….

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