Tonight's lineup

A nice way to break out of the offensive skid yesterday…I’d certainly like to see us spread the scoring around a little bit rather than big outbursts followed by one-run games, but obviously I can’t arrange for that to happen. It seems strange that we’ve scored 82 runs, allowed 71 and are three games under .500. Law of averages would seem to indicate we should be a game over .500 or thereabouts right now, but that’s why laws don’t apply on the field, right?

In any event, here’s tonight’s lineup:

Furcal, SS (tied with Johnny Frederick for the second-most leadoff homers in Dodger history)

Martin, C

Nomar, 3B

Kent, 2B

Ethier, RF

Kemp, CF

Loney, 1B

Pierre, LF

Kuo, P



    Looks like a good lineup, let’s see if we can give Kuo the same run support we gave Brad last night.

    It’s still early, let’s get this turned around and take over the Division in the next few weeks.

    GO BLUE!!!

  2. imthedude

    Finally….Jones sits. I wish Loney was higher, but overall, is its pretty good.

    I really hope Torre doesn’t fall into Gradys habit of Lefty-Righty-Lefty-Righty for the kids, but never the vets. Loney in the 3 spot would be just as good as Nomar.

    Let’s Go Dodgers!!!!


    I’m liking this lineup, and it also sends a pretty good message to Druw…. Let’s hope he gets more than one day off. He’s just not looking good at all. It’d be one thing if we making contact at least.

  4. rlglynn

    Jones needs to sit for more than just one game. Let him sit and think about it. Kemp needs to bat third and nomore 8th place. We need Kemp to show Torre what he can do if playing regularly..

  5. scott_in_arcadia

    Like we were saying, if JP has to play, swap him and Jones in the 8 hole. Let’s see what happens.

    The Reds stink, so I don’t know how much of a measure this is. Snakes are next, right? Then we’ll see.


    Totally agree that Jones should sit for 2-3 days and really focus on working with the coaches on that swing of his. Hell, maybe he could also runa few laps! Besides, it’s a good wayto give Pierre a couple starts in the interim way down the lineup where he can’t do much damage.


  7. jhallwally

    Got to get fat on the lesser teams. D-Backs aren’t going to play .700+ ball all year. They will have their bad streaks.


    Again Scott, right on the mark. Let Phew work a walk/slap a bunt and have the pitcher move him over while Ferk get all the RBIs.

  9. scott_in_arcadia

    “Got to get fat on the lesser teams “.

    I guess that’s what Andruw was doing in the off season…

    Maybe Ned or Joe need to get Valerie Bertineli on the phone…

  10. scurtis1999

    Nice lineup. Damn I was almost on with the score prediction of 10-4 last night.

    Volquez has nasty stuff, should be an interesting night.


    Kemp needs Mattingly! I like the kid but he’s a bit off-balance too much and big league pitchers know how to keep him that way.
    Mattingly could help him with a bit of patience. This isn’t softball where nearly EVERY pitch is hittable.

  12. scott_in_arcadia

    jax, true, Kemp is off balance and susceptible to sliders down and away, but one slip and KABOOM!

    One slip with Slappy, and tink…

    Not much of a risk pitching to Slappy. I mean, he has to hit it right down the foul lines to make anything happen.


    With Jones stinking up the joint, we have to stick someone else in there that can at least make some contact and Slappy is good for a grounder to 2nd at least.

  13. eslabels

    Unless there’s a runner at second, then he pops to left. LOL

    Think I need to get on the phone with Valerie Bertinelli !!!


    There’s not much of a threat pitching to Slappy in the 8-hole. The pitcher’s up next. You do have Ferk leading off, but the bases would probably be empty anyway.

  15. dodgrdad14

    Jax there is never a threat pitching to slappy, I think most pitchers would rather face him than the pitcher.
    Jhall- Great one!!! Love it…..

  16. jhallwally

    They need to bat Jelly Roll in front of Ethier or Kent and behind Ferk and Marty. They won’t pitch around him to get to Andre and if there are guys on, he will see more fastballs. Right now, I think we would all be happy with his performance of last year. 8 hole in front of the pitcher is not going to help Jones get out of his funk…

  17. eslabels

    Perhaps some T-Ball for Stay-Puft would do the trick. I would like to see Torre give DY a couple three starts though to let him stretch his legs a little bit.

    Not surprising DY doesn’t get much of a chance, Torre was in FL when DY couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn and struckout 8 of 11 times. THAT he remembers. He wasn’t there to see JP at his slappy worst.

  18. dodgrdad14

    Yes he is, made up of all the left over crap that no one wanted! πŸ™‚ Kind of like his trades and free agent busts!!!

  19. leekfink

    Interesting. 7 guys in the same spots. Not surprising that there was not much tinkering, considering things went well.
    I would tend not to hit Nomar 3rd, because there are probably better options in Kemp, Ethier, or Loney. BUT–if it’s Nomar 2006 (and particularly if it’s Nomar 1st half of 2006), he makes sense in the 3-hole. As I have said, it’s worth seeing what we have with Nomar, though I would still not put him 3rd while we are figuring it out. But it worked one day, so maybe today.
    Responding to the last thread–I see your point Jungar. It’s still partly last year’s problem–we’re both too old and too young at the same time. But give it some time and some hope here. Our young guys are really coming to the front, and even as Josh points out, our runs allowed vs. runs scored should give us a much better record than we have, and that’s before hitting on all cylinders.
    Enchanted–interesting thoughts about converting Loney/DeWitt/LaRoche to the OF. I am against it with Loney–they tried that and he off and got hurt. Also, he’s an excellent defensive first baseman, so I say he should just be locked in at that position for the next 10-15 years. He’s the Steve Garvey/Eric Karros+ of his generation.
    LaRoche, however, should maybe be considered. He has power, seems good with the glove, but maybe not great. If his back problems linger, the OF might be a role for him. DeWitt seems incredibly sure-handed, so he makes sense to play 3rd. But all of this is dependent on who amongst the class of LaRoche, Abreu, Hu, DeWitt, and maybe others work out for the second base and third base jobs (assuming that we re-sign Furcal for 3 to 5 years).

  20. rlglynn

    I’d like to see DY, Kemp and AE in the outfield for about 5 straight games to see what they can do. There would be no going back to Slappy and Fat A**. Let’s make that happen.


    In the last 3 FULL seasons our 3-4 hitters who are starting tonight, have hit 8 less homeruns than A-rod hit all of last year.

  22. jhallwally

    I’d like to see DY get some reps at 2nd base. I believe that will be his spot when Kent is gone. Let’s see what he can do there so we can make a more informed decision this off season. Outfield is already overcrowded unless we can unload Phew somewhere. Getting rid of Herpierres would solve the most problems now and in the long run.

  23. dodgrdad14

    Doesn’t anybody find it funny that Joe is going to keep a line up that scored 9 runs with Nomar in the 3 hole yet, when we scored back to back games of 9 and 11 runs he changed the line up!! I just find it perplexing why all of the sudden he is going to keep the line up in tack with Nomore in the 3 hole???

  24. eslabels

    leek – I think we have to be careful about signing Ferk beyond three years. Those last two could be real downside years, plus we also have DeJesus coming through the system. IF (and that’s a big if) he projects into the everyday SS, those last couple years on Ferks contract will be blocking him, then we’ll all be saying how stupid Ned (or whomever the GM might be πŸ™‚ was for signing him. If we can work an overpriced contract for 2-3 years with Raffy though, I’m down for that.

  25. dodgrdad14

    jhall, we all know what he has left. Unless of course he went back to the HGH then maybe he can turn it around.

  26. jhallwally

    You’re right JNV. Unfortunate, but $9M, his name, and what he did 6 years ago will get him the nod until he gets injured I fear.


    You guys are all correct about Raffy, but realistically he is going to be offered 5-6 year deals from a host of clubs. He really is a great player when healthy, and SS is a position that seems to allow for older players when they have the range, which he does. It’s going to take a real home town discount on his behalf to only except a 3-4 from us– I dont think he will.

  28. messagebear

    If we want to hold onto Furcal, I think we’ll have to go four years and around $72 million, because that he’ll probably easily command after a good season. I would find that reasonable is he continues at the kind of pace that we’re seeing.

  29. dodgrdad14

    I think he will enchanted and I see 3 sliders away that he swings and misses.
    Jhall- unfortunately you are right also. He is going to play until he gets back on the DL.

  30. eslabels

    Be interesting though if they make Ferk a 2-3 year offer at a substantially inflated price like with Jones. This is what I’m talking about though that a good GM will know his personnel, know if he has any topshelf prospects projected to step in, and know how long he can sign a guy for without screwing up the future. If DeJesus or even Hu don’t appear ready or just don’t project to have what it takes, then go ahead and offer Ferk another year or two.


    Maybe that’s the plan with NoMore. Play him until he goes back on the DL and then it’s Dewitt and the kids who bring us THROUGH October.

  32. eslabels

    Nomore will probably be raking the yard in a few weeks. He’s about due to pull a Mia Hammy running or sliding.

  33. scott_in_arcadia

    When I see Nomar, I see “Tuco” from The Good the Bad & the Ugly, but I know it’s not the same guy because Tuco was never on the DL.

    Maybe he’s Calvera from the Magnificent Seven then…


    just something to ponder. brian cashman, the yankees gm is reprortedly already fed up with hank steinbrenner and only has a one year contract – up after this year.

    true, the phillies, an east coast team, will be needing a gm in 2009 as their gm is leaving too. but a cashman- torre re-uniting isn’t that far fetched, is it?!?

  35. jhallwally

    Well Jax, if we don’t make the playoffs, Ned is on the Grittle. And, if Torre had not become available, Grady would probably not been let go. I can see the same scenario with Cashman if he becomes available. They’ll ask Furter to step aside and bring in Cashman.


    ned isn’t supposed to leave. but if the dodgers fail miserably and a second big time free agent flops, (aka a. jones) wouldn’t it at least cross mc court’s mind.

    besides, cashman knows torre like no other, and imagine what those two could do without a steinbrenner.

  37. oldbrooklynfan

    Well we won last night, but we need a lot more.
    MUST go for the split
    Most get it.
    GO DODGERS!!!!!


    Frank and Beans?? You mean from, There’s Something About Mary?
    When he gets his junk caught in his zipper? you mean that’s how we, the fans, feel??

  39. dodgereric

    I’m pretty sure Coletti signed a 4 year deal in ’95, but didn’t DePo get fired after only 2 of a 5 year contract?

  40. jhallwally

    We’ve got to make this kid throw alot of pitches early. Wear him down and get into the Red’s bullpen.

  41. alex41592

    Kuo with the mini-bat flip on the opposite field double and Furcal follows with a center field ground rule double. Kuo makes me smile πŸ™‚


    Tough PA for Nomar, amazing play by Kemp. I couldnt help but chuckle thinking about if Pierre was playing center Hairston woulda been safe standing up… I love watching Kuo pitch.

  43. eslabels

    jhall – could be Frank and Stein – Ned picks up other teams spare parts and tries to give them new life. Ultimately after a couple months of running amok, in a slight twist they end up burning Ned.


    Votto must be a real plodder not to score on a two-out double to Pierre. Doesn’t matter anyway.

  45. oldbrooklynfan

    Kuo’s working hard but he keeps throwing strikes.
    He’s not wild or anything like that.
    They have a good lineup.

  46. alex41592

    Actually, Encarnacion was going to stop but Pierre bobbled the ball off the side wall in left, so he kept going to second. And the game is slipping away…


    Then why didn’t the scorer rule it a single + E7?
    The comments would be harsh if this was Loaiza instead of Kuo. Hong-Chih is not missing many bats tonight.

  48. oldbrooklynfan

    Another tough inning.
    We have to show we’re equal to the task.
    Just keep fighting.
    Let’s hope Proctor is on.


    well, bobble off the side wall is more of a judgment call. If JP, ball and wall are in close proximity to one another, why is Encarnacion not going all out for a double from the get? Forgot who was in LF?


    Another game the Dodgers try and fail to win by scoring a single run.


    If the pattern holds, after last night’s offensive outburst the hitters will take the next three nights off as far as getting RBI’s is concerned. Which is not that bad given that the little 2-game series against the Diamondbacks is a sure sweep anyway with the current discrepancy in levels the teams play at.

  51. rlglynn

    Well, we sure as hell can’t beat any pitcher that is halfway good. It’s going to be a long, long, long long season.


    Stupid hanging slider. This is 32-year Jerry Hairston Jr., who has had ONE season ever where he was a barely above average hitter and a sub-.200 hitter cumulative for the LAST THREE SEASONS. You challenge these guys with fastballs and blow them way like Dirty Harry does punks.

  53. jhallwally

    Furter slipped us the weenie without the K-Y!! But gave us a Jelly Roll and Pop Tart to take our minds off it.

  54. oldbrooklynfan

    It looks like we’re helping out the pitcher.
    Seems like always a lot of swinging at balls out of the strike zone when we’re behind, when it should be the other way around.


    jspelk2 – there were several seeing-eye and infield hits tonight off Kuo. I wouldn’t write him off yet. Now, the injury risk……..

  56. j-murray

    it’s infinitely frustrating to flip through the channels and see a team like the red sox overcome a 4 run deficit against jered weaver, and than watch the dodgers flounder like no other down by 4. the way i see it, if we’re not gonna make the playoffs, just suck really bad and take a sweet draft pick. none of this 82-80, 84-78 mediocrity. make the playoffs or suck it easy. it’s still early, but this team is looking deflated day in and day out.

  57. dodge1612

    inconsistancy, inconsistancy, inconsistancy… this is getting dang annoying… they give you hope one night then crush it the next.

  58. eslabels

    I’m not big a Kuo fan as some of the others, but what good is a fifth starter that can’t ever go 5 innings?


    jungar – Furcal 3? Be careful what you wish for – who do you think Joe Torre bats leadoff if Furcal is out?????? No way I wish for Furcal anywhere but leadoff!!!!

  60. rlglynn

    Kershaw may be coming up sooner than anyone thinks he will. We can’t beat a good pitcher. I hope Jason Schmidt is available soon and ready to win some games


    enchanted – that is Torre’s fault. He took Kuo out of the 5th starter running early and didn’t have him stretched out in Spring Training, then decides after one Loaiza start that he wants to start Kuo instead. Kuo had a 75 pitch count limit his last start and probably 80-85 today; with his history (walks and Ks) that’s not likely to be five or six innings.

  62. oldbrooklynfan

    Well last night was our night and tonight looks like their night.
    Nobody said it was going to be easy.
    Just got to play the best we can over the next 4 innings.


    This game is not entirely over. This is a major hitter’s park [heck even Nomar hit one out yesterday πŸ˜‰ ] and the Red’s bullpen can be had.

  64. eslabels

    First the proctorologist, then a bloaiza job.

    No wonder the D’s don’t know if they’re coming or going.


    Well, the proven veteran leaders did a great job after Martin’s leadoff walk. Nomar GIDP, Kent K.


    We put some good presure on tonight early in the game. Those breaks just didn’t go our way tonight. We had a good rally that inning were Nomar hit a bullet down the middle and the second baseman snag it for a force out. That was hit sharply. That inning looked promising for us. To bad we couldn’t get alot of runs. Look at the Pitcher for the reds, he got a lead from his team, and look at how comfortable he has been pitching since.
    The breaks just didn’t go our way tonight.

    Raffy look like **** last at bat. Don’t change that aproach
    Raffy, you are on fire. keep up the good work.

  67. rlglynn

    Way to go Andruw. I may seriously consider canceling MLB.TV.

    Not very interesting to see the Dodgers play this way. I can get all I need by checking the box score each morning.

  68. oldbrooklynfan

    I think I got it figured out.
    When we win we score too many runs.
    We’d be better off if we spread it out a little more.
    But it seems like it’s getting harder & harder as the years go by.
    This looks like a good Dodger team, but the competition seems to improve at a much faster pace.

  69. eslabels

    Nomore batting third? Pierre playing left? Proctor? Loaiza?

    Torre was right when he said he’s not that smart.

  70. momoracci

    Kershaw is my favorite player in the organization, but I would not rush him.

    Give Jon Meloan a shot first. His starts have been very good at Triple A.

  71. jhallwally

    And $36M more Schidt and Jelly sitting on the bench. Unacceptable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  72. oldbrooklynfan

    3 things I’d hate to see
    Ending up under .500
    Losing 100 games(which I don’t think we will)
    Ending up in last place.
    You wonder sometimes how 100 years past in Chicago.
    Now we got a pretty good Idea.
    Although I won’t be around in 2088
    All we can hope is that someday SOON we’ll be able to get the train going express in the right direction.
    I think we’re going in the right direction, but we have to speed it up, to keep up with the competition.

  73. jhallwally

    Yep, the proven veteran losers went 0 for 12 with 11 LOB. Geez!!! Play the kids, they can’t stink it up any worse. Furter, you ought to be ashamed.

  74. messagebear

    Frank ought to be getting convinced that Torre won’t perform any magic as long as Colletti is around screwing up the team make-up.
    Fire Colletti, turn things over to Logan, and play only the kids and Furcal the rest of the way. Come trading deadline, we have a lot of veterans to get rid of.

  75. eslabels

    Frank & Furter and Joe’s the relish. A bun, a weenie, and a old pickle.

    That’ll get $10 at the stadium…

    and the cellar in the standings.

  76. eslabels

    Story floating around yesterday that StayPuft didn’t play because he was sick… only thing sick is his swing. Ned picked him up around Christmastime didn’t he – Fleeced Navidad.

    Most of us welcomed the signing, but how many of us knew how overweight and downside he really was? Had we known would we still have looked at it as a good thing? Sadly, he’s still a better alternative to JP, but why not give DY a few games to start?

    Also, did any of us think that ST here and there would have THIS much adverse effect? If Joe has to see everything for himself (evidently over and over and over again), why didn’t he stay in FL and send Lasorda to China? Hell, he’s a bigger ambassador than Torre.

    Question up above as to why teams like the Snakes and Rox are so much further along than we are even though we have as much or more talent… they actually let their kids play everyday and they have a couple years head start in development. Ned keeps bringing in washed up vets to block our kids way. PR over sustenance, and Frank loves photo ops.

    Until someone that takes over that has a real baseball mind and the cajones to stick to a well thought out plan, it will be the Cubs West for the Ds.

  77. messagebear

    All the stuff concerning Ned is now another “dead horse” issue. Unless he’s just “snake bit” (no pun concerning AZ intended), his decisions constantly work out bad to the extreme. This should be his last year. If Frank can agree with that, why now wait until the end of the season to show the necessary cajones for the decision to fire the man. We can ride out the year with Logan making the personnel decisions as GM and Ng assisting him on negotiations and the technical aspects about contracts, etc. with which Logan may not be as familiar.

  78. rlglynn

    Well, Here we are, 20 games into the season and 7 games behind. With Haren pitching tonight, we could be 8 games back.

    This is , (on paper) a better team than last year, with supposedly better pitching and some kids with more experience and we are floundering to say the least. I’ve never been so disappointed in a Dodger team that has so much potential and yet we don’t seem to have the spark or drive or team spirit and togetherness to get going. We certainly need to do something different when it comes to driving in runners on base. We leave them stranded We suck at it. What the hell do we need to do. It’s getting serious folks and no solution seems to be in sight. Torre is just content to change the lineup every day and grasp at straws. Bring up Meloan and Kershaw and set down some of the older pitchers till they get their head straight.

  79. rlglynn

    I’m one to believe your momentum from SP carries over into the regular season and we never had any to carry over. I think we are still in SP and when will it be over and get a fire under this team. Let’s face it, we don’t hit medium or good pitching. We only win against the bottom feeders and we can’t hold leads at all. We suck big time.

  80. mlbmark

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  81. eslabels

    I agree rlg – this team lacks heart. Even when only down a run or two in the late innings they just roll over.

    There’s an old quote attributed to Shakespeare, “When someone grabs your testicles, your heart and mind are sure to follow.” Someone needs to grab this team and organization by the testicles and lead it in the right direction.

  82. messagebear

    Better yet, someone (like Frank) needs to grab Colletti by the testicles and point him right out the door. I would suggest pointing him north, so he can go back where he came from.

  83. messagebear

    Right now we’ve only got three players who consistently hit well: Furcal, Ethier, and Martin. Martin has only joined in for the last couple of games, but he’s walking a sufficient number of times to indicate that he’s waiting for a good pitch. I could almost add DeWitt to this group, because he also walks and waits for a decent pitch to swing at.

    Loney and Kemp are trying too hard and trying to pull for power. They need to get back to the basics of hitting to all fields – maybe the old fashioned way of fining them a couple of hundred bucks every time they make an out by pulling the pitch would better bring it to their attention. Bowa should institute that.

    Nomar, Kent, and Pierre are presumably too veteran and inflexible to coach, so I don’t know what to suggest there. As for Tubby, I’d put him on a conditioning program and have him run the weight off every day until he starts to meet the ball better, or I’d just sit him down for a whole week and then let him start all over again. It’s time to get DY in there anyway for a couple of series. What can it hurt.

  84. scott_in_arcadia

    Juan Frickin’ Castro….great.

    Fire Ned Colletti on the spot if we trade anything other than Juan Pierre for him.


    OK, let’s look on the bright side. If this club fails to meet expectations by July 31 here is what we can expect:
    1) Dodgers become sellers, not buyers. Kent rides off into the sunset to seek that elusive ring elsewhere. If we’re lucky, Loiza, Pierre and Nomar follow him.
    2) The kids play every inning of every game. Again, if we’re lucky, the core of Kemp, Ethier, Martin, and Loney become of age, solidifying the cornerstones of the franchise.
    3) The kid pitchers are called up for a good, long 1/2 season look.
    4) Ned gets fired at season’s end…perhaps the best news of all, Dodger fans having lost all faith in his ability to recognize and assemble talent.

  86. messagebear

    The only hope for Pierre is if we can convince National League to adopt a designated runner like the American has a designated hitter. Then you could insert him to run for somebody each inning without losing the player for whom he runs from the lineup. I know this is reaching for straws, but Pierre could make a strong case for instituting such a program.

  87. scott_in_arcadia

    Pierre would be a perfect designated runner for Jason Phillips.

    So, we gave up on Jayson Werth just in time so we could sign Slappy to a 5 yr, 45 mil deal?

    He’s done quite well since leaving.

  88. eslabels

    Maybe this is like the old Night Gallery with John Aston and we’re really all dead and in hell.

    Castro – sheeeeesh.


    Castro is not as far a reach as it seems. He’d be a solid utility infielder (he can play all 3 infield spots) on a team going nowhere anyway, allowing Hu to play everyday at AAA, thus not retarding his growth as a bona fide major leaguer. Look, I know the D-backs will come back to earth, but no one can really believe the Dodgers have what it takes to go all the way. There are just too many holes, too much indecision, both in the front office and in the dugout. Thanks to Ned, it’s a deeply flawed 25-man roster.

  90. eslabels

    Kahli – we’ve already got Martinez in AAA who can play all the IF positions. I agree Hu could use some consistant playing time, but why take on another million dollar contract for no reason. Just sounds like another idiodic Ned move in the making.


    enchanted, you’re probably right (though Martinez is dinged at the moment). I guess I’m just weary. Don’t think I’ve ever been this weary as a Dodger fan…and that dates back to 1969. Will someone please put an end to the madness?

  92. eslabels

    Ned should be out infront of Dodger Stadium up on a pedistal with a torch uplifted in one hand and a contract in the other with a plaque underneath reading:

    Give us your tired old vets, your decrepit, your overpaid masses…

  93. dodgereric

    Wait Scott, that In-N-Out coupon is coming OUR way, isn’t it?. Make that an animal-style double-double!


    Dear Frank-N-Ned,
    See how much interest is paid to a nominal thing such as an In-N-Out coupon? Please do the right thing for the millions of loyal fans that support OUR city and OUR team. It may be YOUR team for the present, but it will always be OUR team.

    Ditch the has-beens.
    Play the kids.
    Get that coupon!


    Dodgers to make announcement tomorrow

    Attention Dodger Fans,

    Tune in to tomorrow for an announcement regarding the future of Dodger Stadium.

    Remember: watch tomorrow LIVE at 9:30 a.m. PT for this Dodgers announcement.

    So is anyone want to take a guess what this will be?

  96. scott_in_arcadia

    Frank is going to tear down Dodger Stadium brick by brick and move it to Boston and put a huge parking lot at Chavez Ravine?

  97. eslabels

    BTW, Andruw can’t hit because he has allergies? What’s he allergic to, down and away sliders? Criminy, give him 2 Benadryl and a swift kick in the ***. Rediculous.

  98. dodgereric

    Oh GAWD! What a horrible thought! Mobil Oil Field. Mitsubishi Park. If McCourt sells the name of Dodger Stadium to some corporate entity, he better get fitted for a kevlar vest.

  99. kssssss

    Does everyone know when Proctor comes in with men on base they usually score…!!!lol……Thanks Ned for everything you’ve done for this last place team…..I don’t see it changing much, especially since we have NO middle relief….sad….maybe if we end up in last place Ned will get fired….we can dream….THIS IS A TERRIBLE TEAM….

  100. scott_in_arcadia

    Ned will probably trade all of the young guys for vets to try and make a “stretch run” for the playoffs claiming that he gave the youth movement a try and it didn’t work.

  101. eslabels

    Bite your tongue scott! – that might actually make sense to Ned!! Kinda like saying Andy LaRoche had his shot at third in his 90 some ABs and didn’t perform.

    Don’t know what the deal is at the stadium, but you can be sure its nothing more than some cheap PR and a photo op for Mr. & Mrs. Frank – anything to take the heat away from the crap we’re seeing on the field.

  102. scott_in_arcadia

    enchanted, you are on to something I’m sure.

    yeah, the crap that LaRoche had his chance by some accounts is sickening.

    I say play the kids and we’ll pick up the level of enthusiasm along with it.

  103. dodger 32

    The announcement is about more renovations to the stadium. The only thing that needs renovation is the front office!


    Dodger Stadium in McCourt Ravine:
    The pavilions will now be named the Frank and Jamie Family pavilions.
    Loge level will be renamed the Blvd of Broken Dreams. The upper reserved section is now the Projects and the Field Level is off-limits to those making less than 500K per year. Autographs can be obtained in CF by providing a $25 cover charge. Parking is now valet only @ $50 per car.

  105. rlglynn

    If I made 18 mil per year playing base ball, nothing would keep me from playing everyday, every out, in any kind of weather, hot or cold. A little allergy would not keep me from the plate. These whiney babies don’t know how good they have it.

    Let’s find some players who want to play and win.


    I’ll play for nothing.
    The very first time I was allowed on the field for fireworks, I cried. It was one of the best days of my life. I’d play for nothing.


    I bet the next ‘upgrade’ will be: No outside food will be allowed in. Last year, the guy next to me and his wife would bring these AWESOME burritos every game. I really looked forward to them. I wonder when that’ll happen?

  108. dodgrdad14

    I am with you jax, I would play for free!!all they have to do is give me a uniform, I couldn’t do any worse than Nomore!!!

  109. scott_in_arcadia

    Shoot, How many of us have paid to play baseball on crummy fields let alone Dodger Stadium?

    I guess decrepit ol’ Nomar deserves some credit here since he drags his injury riddled body out there as soon as he’s 50% these days. Too bad he’s not helping though. He reminds me of Joe Hardy from “Damn Yankees” when he turns back into an old man.

  110. messagebear

    Frank obviously likes to cloud the agenda with offering the cosmetic improvements to the stadium. How about what takes place on the playing field. Shed the incompetent GM and the deadwood that he’s brought along, and the fans will love the stadium just as it is.

  111. dodgrdad14

    I wouldn’t give him credit….. I would give him credit if he admitted he wasn’t good to go and stayed on the DL until he was 100% because at 100% he might be as good as Dewitt.

  112. dodgereric

    One of my friends at work has a t-shirt that has a photo of an old-time player from the 1800s on it with a quote, “I would have paid them to play”

    Some of the guys nowadays get it. I think Russell Martin might be one of them. But not many.

  113. dodgerboy55

    hello boys, it has been a frustrating beginning. Just keep the faith and hopefully Frank will see the writing on the wall. Ned was sent from the evil planet owned by the Giants to come and screw us up. It is like the old pepsi commercial unzip him and is really Darth Vader in a giants uniform…

    That fox article with the 12 worst moves…the 13th was hiring an ex Giant (in employment not height) to run the team and hire the ex giant trainer. It spells it out right there…with Schmidts medical history and being that yoy both watched him lose velocity over the years why would you give him 48 k over 3 years. Hopefully Frank will send the midget back to San Fran along with Conte…

    As for the current state of affairs…I do not care if Nomar hits .400, he is not the future, release him or trade him and let Dewitt/Laroche battle it out.

    Loiaza release….eat your mistake…or hopefully someone else is desperate and will eat some of his contract. The same goes for Pierre, God bless him, he is a great guy works hard but please unload him to an AL team. I need him on fantasy team (need the steals baby). That is his real value. Let the kids play and pitch…..We need to find pitchers that do not take 100 pitches to get thru 5 innings….that is why Penny to me is a number 2 probably a 3 starter…too many pitches…Webb and Haren pitch 6 on a bad night and 7-8 innings on a good night…We do not have a real number 1….hopefully Billz (who if he does not straightn out needs to go back down and figure it out) and Kershaw will be the answers.

    If Proctor does not get his act together cut your loses and bring up Meloan/Brazobelly. Also why have Hu and Young on the roster. You cannot go 20 games with 9-15 abs total and stay sharp. They are doing the team no good and their development no good…..

  114. dodger 32

    How come LaRoche needs a 20 game rehab assignment in the minors, and Nomore only needed 1? Is that because we needed Nomore back to help us lose?

  115. dodgrdad14

    Because nomore is selfish. He is playing for a contract next year, it has nothing to do with helping the Dodgers.

  116. dodgerboy55

    Good ? Fleigel maybe it is because they know 20 games is the max Nomar will last. I like it that Laroche is going down for 20 games. Hopefully he will get on fire and the momentum will carry over. The worst thing would be to rush him and he loses his confidence! The 2 games that Nomar played, he probably realizes it is only a matter of time until he explodes again and figured what the hecht I can hit .240 in the minors or the majors what does it matter with no power…


    “Furcal, SS (tied with Johnny Frederick for the second-most leadoff homers in Dodger history)”
    The leader is, as most of you probably know, Davey Lopes with 28 (9 seasons, 1973-1981). Furcal’s in game one in Cincy was his 10th in only 2+ seasons; his other nine were all in Dodger Stadium.


    dodgerboy55: Delwyn Young probably has to stay on the 25-man or be lost; he is out of options and would have to clear waivers before going to AAA. There are teams out there that have room in their OF depth chart for Delwyn.

  119. dodgerboy55

    Old Fogey, I know that is why he made the team, but my point is if he is not good enough to start any of the 1st 20 games when you have a man batting .159 with 22ks in 63 ABS, do not have him on the team. This is not to speak poorly of Young I loved the way he swung the bat last year, but for his sake and the teams sake we need someone that will help us….Repko is the perfect 5tjh outfielder can play all 3 positions and has a little power and good speed.

    Trade him for a midlevel prospect, do not do him the injustice of batting him once a week at his age…he does not deserve it…Better yet give him 2 o r 3 starts what do we have to lose…weak ground balls, pop ups, or strike outs!!! Hell we see them nightly…..


    enchanted: we don’t exactly have Ramon Martinez right now. He injured his thumb, very similar to LaRoche, and is out. At his age, he should take longer to heal.
    I agree with the general sentiment that T. Jackson’s Juan Castro suggestion is almost a complete joke. His contract is utterly ridiculous, especially considering that he is a far worse hitter than even Ramon Martinez – Castro’s career line: .230 .269 .335, Ramon’s: .265 .324 .370 – and no GM will touch that contract. Once Castro is a free-agent, I could imagine a minimum contract to play at AAA as depth insurance; he is a slick fielder at 2B, 3B, SS. (Despite what Jackson says, his 1B experience is minimal – 39 innings.) AAA SS Rex Rundgren doesn’t seem likely to be called up; not enough bat.

  121. dodgerboy55

    Did I miss something in reference to Juan Castro….Hell no do not even think about it , why? Bring back Rafael Landestoy why dont you? Not enought bat is an overstatement if you are talking about Castro….


    dodgerboy55 – Tony Jackson brought up Juan Castro in the Daily News; someone linked it up above.


    dodgerboy55 – didn’t it speak volumes when Torre and company decided to rest Ethier that one game against a lefty and started JP in left? If Young isn’t going to start that game, when does he? (I like his RH swing better, as a lefty his swing looks a bit long to me.) In any case, he needs to play to find out if he can hit in the majors, or if the staff already has judged he can’t, then he should be replaced.
    Since other teams are well aware of the Dodgers situation, I’d guess they wouldn’t get much for Young in a trade. A low-level prospect at best, like the Eric Hull “trade”.

  124. dodgerboy55

    Castro, send him to Cuba to be the new leader of that country….they need a great clubhouse leader, we do not! We need ballplayers that can make a difference…Hu needs to be in AAA, but not Castro! Martinez was tough to watch but Castro has no business having a bat in his hand, EVER!!!! Tony Jackson probably struck a relationship with him and is being sentimental!!!! Humbug! No!

    Old Fogey it does speak volumes, Torre has no confidence in the kid and it is obvious….and a shame.

  125. dodgereric

    Just on the slim chance that the Castro item isn’t a figment of Jackson’s imagination – – Please Ned, please, please, please STOP GOING THROUGH EVERYONE’S GARBAGE!!! For Pete’s sake, when was the last time you got anyone worth a damned that way? If you’re looking for ways to improve this team, read the last bazillion posts on this blog. They are, for the most part, well thought out and submitted by fans who want nothing other than to WIN!

    It doesn’t matter to us, the real fans, if you use the dreaded “rebuilding” word. We’d welcome it. The only people who are afraid of this word are the non-fans who never buy a seat anyway, or you clowns in management who think it’s a dirty word. You know what dirty words are? Mediocre. Competitive without actually winning anything. Second place. Third place. Fourth place. Watching other teams let their kids play while you scour the waiver wire thinking someone is going to let the next Ted Williams get away.

    This boat is sinking. Do nothing and we’ll go down. Continue to add dead weight and we’ll go down faster. Toss out the crap that can’t help row anymore. If someone wants to help you by taking some of your crap and actually give you some youngster that can row, fine. But get rid of the crap. Give the oars to the fine young men that you already have and let them get us moving.


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