Ned Colletti's responses to your questions…

With all the issues we had posting, it has taken us longer than we had hoped to answer some of the questions you posed but hopefully it should be a little more regular going forward. Here are Ned’s responses:

Question for Ned, How do minor leaguers get paid? Is it based on the round they were drafted, or a certain pay for the level they play at.?

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All minor league players, regardless of when they get drafted, start at the minor league minimum of $1,100 / month.  After their first year, we increase their pay depending on which level they are playing at, i.e., a first time Triple-A player would get $2,150 / month.  For second and third times at a particular level, the monthly salary goes up minimally.

Both Nomar and LaRoche were playing well in the spring before they both went down with injuries a few minutes apart. Once they both return, are they going to be battling it out all season or is one of them more likely to be given the every day starter’s job at some point?


With the early play of Blake DeWitt, it is becoming even more interesting for us.  If everyone

returns healthy, Joe will have a few options.  From my perspective, if someone steps out as the every day starter that would be the best case scenario.  If not, the competition for playing time is part of the game and the more competition a team has with good players, the better the team can be.

Ned, how worried are you about Saito’s recent struggles this Spring, and what are the plans if

these continue into the regular season? How concerned are you that this could be his age catching up with him?


One of the many questions that cannot be answered in Spring Training is evaluating the play of veteran players.  Each player prepares at their own pace and while the results may not look promising, many times the spring results turn out to mean nothing.  Certainly, that is not always the case.  In the event something happens to Saito, we feel Jonathon Broxton would be a strong candidate.  

Ned, I don’t always agree with your decisions but I have to say you and the Dodgers are class acts for answering the fans questions. My question is , It seems to us fans that whenever a trade rumor pops up involving the Dodgers, it seems like other teams want so much more from the Dodgers for their player than they ask for and sometimes get from other teams. Is this a true statement, and if it is why do you think it’s like that?

By on March 25, 2008 2:37 PM

Trade rumors certainly fuel conversations about the game and about teams, but the vast majority are not close to being accurate.  With the internet and the constant chatter among fans, most rumors are just that.   That said, it is true that we are asked about our top players whenever we discuss a trade.  One of the major differences between us and other clubs is that our top prospects – for the most part – are in the Major Leagues or have Major League experience that isn’t just of the September call-up variety.  Some of the major trades made in the last year or so, involved prospects whose time in the Major Leagues was limited or non existent.  Our young Major League players are keys to our foundation and some have a chance to be star players.  We find it diffiucult to part with three or four young major league players who have shown star potential for one star player.

Hi, Mr. Colletti. Thanks for taking the time to look through these. Quickly, I’m wondering if the opinion of the fans play into your decision making process. I understand that you have access to a wealth of resources and information that may not be available to the average Dodger fan and that you always try to act in the best interests of the team, but when a majority of knowledgeable Dodger fans come to a concensus about a particular situation, does that have any bearing on how you move forward?


Josh, I have great respect for the fans and have found that the Dodgers fans are very knowledgeable and follow the club very closely. While there are many times when it seems as if there is a fan consensus, that might not always be the case.  And it is important to really sort through a multitude of different situations that sometimes force certain moves and roster changes. With the varying contract values, contract lengths, injury histories, no-trade clauses, player make-up queries, it’s complicated and many times what seems obvious to a group of fans isn’t entirely practical.  And even if it is practical, most of the time there needs to be a second party (another team for a trade, a free agent player who wants to sign with a club, an agent’s agenda in which they want to place a certain player with a particular club, etc.)  that also sees the practicality of a situation in order to make a deal.


I understand that young players need to to mature and all that, but when you have a talent like Clayton Kershaw how can you hold him back? Two questions: (1) Do you think he’ll make the team out of Spring Training (possibly as a reliever to keep his innings down until later in the saeson); and (2) If he dosen’t make the team, when do you anticipate calling him up?

I think you have done an excellent job – Keep it up!


The Clayton Kershaw situation is one that we spent a lot of time considering this spring.  Without question, he pitched very well the second half of Spring Training.  In his case, we took a look at how many professional innings he had pitched.  We researched other pitchers who were high school drafts like Clayton and how many innings they pitched professionally before they made their Major League debut.  In the case of everyone we looked at, they had pitched anywhere between 75 and 200 more professional innings before they pitched in the big leagues.  That was one consideration.  Another consideration is that he pitched 122 innings last season and the normal progression would be for him to throw 155-165 innings this year.  We didn’t want to put him in a position where he came to the big leagues early in the season and began accumulating innings at a pace that would find him at 150-160 Major League innings in mid-August (the stress of 150-160 Major League innings far exceeds the stress of 150-160 innings in the minor leagues).

So by starting him in the minor leagues we can continue to refine him (while he is on his way to be a very accomplished pitcher, he still has a couple things to iron out) and also monitor his innings. It is easier to monitor innings and shorten a start or two in the mnor leagues than it is in the Major Leagues. If he continues to progress, it won’t be long before he is with the big league club.   

For Ned,

How many of the 25- and 40-man roster decisions are yours and how many are decided by Joe Torre?

If yours, how much do you depend on Joe’s advice?


We take input from the Major League coaching staff and our baseball operations staff members. 

Joe and I always discuss the roster and usually come to a consensus on the makeup of the club.

Question for Ned Colletti:

A notable trend in MLB front offices today is to have at least one full-time statistical analyst (typically a person with a math degree) on staff. The World Champion Red Sox hired Bill James* as a special assistant in 2003; they’ve given him two World Series rings since. The Padres, who seem to contend for ofter than their talent might indicate, employ Chris Long as “Senior Quantitative Analyst”. Do the Dodgers have or have plans for a statistical analyst on staff?

A couple of our baseball operations staff members spend time doing statistical analysis.  We believe that statistical analysis plays a role in decisions on players, but like reviewing their  character, work habits, leadership abilities, injury history, it is part of the equation and not always the entire answer.

Hi Ned

Thank you so much for talking to us fans. I have some different questions i think, not so much related to the roster..

What would you say do the dodgers organization use most technology wise?  What advancement have been made in technology do u find fascinating and useful. Like do guys take home video of their swings on their labtops to review or pitchers throwing against them the following day etc?

What type of new tools are used beyond non traditional baseball methods in the training room, practice facility or computers/video and management side?

How advanced are the dodgers, maybe versus other teams, in advanced stats and computer usage in evaluation or are the dodgers more of a traditional team that uses scouts primarily?

How far are we pushing the envelope on non traditional baseball stuff (or do we care to even?)  and what are examples? I hear some teams employ advanced stats and computer guys to develop models and algorthims and things like that. Using super computers ans well as number crunchers and programmers/developers, not so much a “baseball” people within talent evaluation and management?


By on March 24, 2008 11:42 AM

Jason, we do use technology in helping us in scouting and player development.  We have a video system that can help players review their game, both when they are going good and when they are struggling.  A hitter has the chance to look back at video versus a specific pitcher and review how that pitcher has pitched him in the past.  The same goes for pitchers versus hitters.  We also use a lot of video for helping the team prepare for the next opponent.  We spend a lot of time reviewing previous games and opponents.  We are in the process of developing a system in the minor leagues as well which we plan to have in place when we open the Glendale site.  A portion of the Glendale site will be devoted to player development where managers, coaches and instructors will have video access to every player in the system both for in-season use and for off-season instruction. 
It’s difficult to determine where the Dodger organization fits in comparison to other clubs because it is rarely discussed.  Any facet of the game that organizations feel provides an  advantage are usually not openly discussed or practices shared.
One other consideration with video is an over abundance of information.  Some times a player can be beseiged with information and voices that complicate the situation and create more overload than problem solving.  Since there are games played nearly every day it is important for the video coordinators to sort through the pertinent information and keep it as crisp and uncluttered as possible. 

Question for Ned-

Manny Acta has recently come out and questioned the risk/reward of basestealing and has cut the Nationals sb attempts in half. Do the Dodgers have a minimum SB success rate to make sure you’re achieving a net gain on the basepaths?

Thanks- Brian

There is always risk/reward in every strategic facet of the game.  The stolen base provides great value to a team’s success.  An unsuccessful attempt can also kill off a rally. We do not have a specific percentage that we adere to, although the manager will usually use the steal in the situations where success is more likely than failure and the game situation calls for it.  Speed is an important component in every sport and base stealing when executed correctly can be a key to winning a game.  Again, though it comes down to a lot of different in-game factors.


  1. mannymann

    Ned’s answer to junger’s question in a nutshell:

    “We use video…and…we use video. But you can’t use too much of it.”

    Its clear from his answer – as well as some others – that he has an irrational disdain for the use of technology and statistics for the purposes of player evaluation.

    I also think its fair to conclude that some of his horrific signings are in some part attributable to his stubborn, outdated approach.

    This guy needs to go.


    Way to go Ned. Answer a bunch of questions that nobody really cares about. I thought this was hardball here, not softball. How about enlightening us with the whole Pierre situation and how you have thrown millions of dolaars away. This spot really is useless if he isn’t going to answer some real questions, spare us.

  3. dodgerboy55

    Thanks Ned now I have to repost my last thoughts….l;ast thread…

    MLK…weakness= gm = oh s…t I have to have a 5.00 era pitcher, that will take me to the top of the division…and an overweight Of coming off the worst year of his career…definitely worth 36k for 2 yrs…but Frank it is only 2years if he was in his prime it would be 120 for 7 years….I saved you 84 mil….

    Frank…Thats rad Ned…do it!!!!


    From last thread:

    I think everybody here is overrating the D-Backs. For them to continue their current pace:
    Reynolds (less than a season of experience) will finish the year with 90 HR
    Young (1 year experience) will finish with 72 HR
    Justin Upton (less than 1 year experience) will finish with a .380 BA with 54 HR
    Yes they have talented young players but so do we. Their kids are just hotter than ours right now. If Kemp, Loney and Andre came out swinging like that, you all would be comparing them to Murderer’s Row, it’s still really early in the season, let’s see what happens. The jury is still out on Connor Jackson he has put up Ethier-like numbers so far. Stephen Drew isn’t looking that good at all (he could be a total bust), Chris Young will hit the long ball but hover around the Mendoza line (similar to Andruw), Reynolds looks pretty good but he only hit .270 with 17 HR in 366 ABs last year (probably around the same talent level of Kemp and Loney), Justin Upton looks like a promising player but again he looks like someone on the Kemp/Loney level and he’s only 20 (not mature). So for all the “D-Backs are more seasoned than us” talk its really not true. Really their young players as a group don’t seem as promising as ours:


    I’ll take or chances this year, not only offensively but Owings, Davis, and Randy are< Bills, Kuroda, Loaiza/Kuo/Kershaw IMO.


    Thanks Ned (and Josh) for taking the time to answer our questions. It’s really impressive that the organization would take the time to do this on a regular basis. It’s much appreciated!


    jungar, I gathered from his answer to you that they use video analysis but not advanced stats.

  7. dodgerboy55

    I do not think anyone is overrating them….Their young players play with a confidence that seems to be lacking in our guys….I really think the broken up ST took alot out of our team. I still believe in Kemp, Ethier, Martin, Loney, they all have the chance to be really special, but Arizona played all year with Young, Reynolds 366 abs is huge, Jackson has a lot of MLB exposure the last 2 years…They are playing with confidence and our guys seem to be uptight. It seems as if the young kids on the Dodgers are playing not to lose their position, rather than relaxed. That is my view…..

    I did not think the Dbacks would be as good offensively based on last year, but give them credit they were smoking the ball….It is still early and our boys will respond….A couple of wins this weekend and everyone wil be singing a new tune.


    Experience wise:

    Jackson is similar to Ethier
    Reynolds is similar to Kemp
    Young is similar to Loney
    Upton is similar to LaRoche

    They have no equivilent to Martin or Billingsley, like I said earlier, they were hot this past series lets see where they’re at after about 100 games. I agree that our kids are probably pressing because they want to “earn” their position, but I still have faith that Torre will eventually make the right decisions.

  9. dodger 32

    Thanks Ned for answering our questions. My next question is do you regret trading Edwin Jackson, or anyone else that’s been dealt?

  10. eslabels

    Don’t be surprised by Pierre, Kemp & Ethier though. Torre may hold Druw back another day so he doesn’t have to face Peavy, plus “reward” JP for his 2-hit game.


    That’s kind of what I was thinking enchanted. I think the way Jones has looked has got to start getting some attention. Not to mention, I kind of like Pierre’s game against Peavy, IF he gets on he can be a thorn in Peavy’s side. On the other hand, Jones can hit the ball out of the park…. so, who knows.

  12. eslabels

    Question for Ned or Josh or whomever might know: Are major contracts insured (such as Schmidt), so that if that player becomes injured or incapacitated in some way and cannot play, their salary (or a partial thereof) is reimbursed?

  13. jhallwally

    I sure wish Ned would have only given Jones a 1 year deal to prove himself. I think his attitude and approach may have been different. He is in clover this year and we may not see a great effort til next year.

  14. jhallwally

    I just get the impression that things roll off Jones like water on a ducks back. Not so with Pierre. He will keep working and cares what he does out there. Jones of course was blessed with incredible natural ability and often times this can lead to a more lackedaisical attitude.


    I don’t really care what his attitude is like as long as he starts to hit 18 mil worth of freakin’ home runs!!

  16. eslabels

    The light just came on… Now I remember what the Hull trade reminds me of: the immortal Raphael Landestoy for John Franco trade. Hope the Hull trade doesn’t come back to bite us like the Franco one.

  17. jhallwally

    Yep, 30 bombs and he can have any attitude he wants and I’m OK with it. Much like Kent, hey 20 bombs and 90+ RBI’s and his attitude is OK.

  18. jhallwally

    Barroid made a fortune off it. My attitude and demeanor bite, but, hey, I’ll hit tons of HR’s and they will put up with me.


    2 former Dodgers played CF for the Pillies tonight. Victorino started and werth came in for him.


    I would just like to see about a 6 game win streak. Also everyone on the same page and a consistent line up.


    Thank you Ned and Josh. I appreciate all the responses whether or not I agree with them (I like SB % of 80 or better.)
    By dodgereric on April 10, 2008 4:10 PM: Were these not old questions? What about the autograph situation?

    I imagine there is turnaround time. Josh gives Ned questions, Ned writes answers, Josh (or underling) posts them.
    By on April 10, 2008 4:22 PM : … Answer a bunch of questions that nobody really cares about. I thought this was hardball here, not softball. How about enlightening us with the whole Pierre situation and how you have thrown millions of dolaars away. This spot really is useless if he isn’t going to answer some real questions, spare us.

    C’mon, be realistic. Ned isn’t going to – and shouldn’t – bash his current players; he’d be foolish to do so. There is no reason for him to publicly say he threw away money on current players. Besides, he spoke volumes by signing Jones to play CF one year after giving Pierre that contract. And if “nobody really cares about” those questions, why did posters here, including several regulars, ask them?
    ========= Ned’s answer to me indicates they do engage in statistical analysis, just doesn’t say how much, or how much weight they put into it.
    enchantedsunset: Also Franco was a lefty (more potential value), Hull a righty. Plus, the Dodgers actually wanted to acquire Landestoy – Lara is just what could be had. The silliness is that Hull was DFAed to make room for Angel Chavez, who was sent down three days into the season! Plus, if they didn’t like Hull, why didn’t they release him earlier and protect lefty Wesley Wright who was lost in the Rule V and is currently the Astro’s LOOGY?

  22. lny4loney

    I put too much effort into this post to let it die at the end of the last thread, so I’m reposting (with a nod to dodgerboy for his response).

    I’m not buying into management’s hype; I’m buying into my own hype.

    Management cost us half-a-year to a year last season by blocking Kemp, Ethier, and Loney with Pierre, Gonzales and Nomar. Until now at least, we have only one blocker (Pierre) at work right now.

    Entering 2007, I was looking for this team to emerge as an elite team in ’09 or ’10, but Loney and Kemp, despite efforts to hold them back, each progressed even faster than I expected. Ethier has proven to be better than I thought. It has been suggested here that Martin dropped off in the second half of last season. This is a misreading of his stats. Martin’s performance didn’t drop off until the beginning of September, and he really only stunk it up for the final week.

    In the off-season we needed to pick up one big bat and one above-average starting pitcher to become an elite team. Pending the continued success of Kuroda and an Andruw season that is at least marginally better than his very sub-par ’07, mission accomplished. On top of that, Saito and Kent came back for another year.

    If we simply LET THE KIDS PLAY, this team has an outstanding chance to go to the World Series this year.

    Q: Where is the weakness in this team?:





    The answer is there really are no big weaknesses (at least not ones that can’t be solved by Joe Torre telling Pierre to shut up, collect his $9 million and do what he’s told). There is a question mark in Andruw that is highly likely to be answered at least reasonably well. Third base is a mystery. The fifth starting spot — like virtually everybody’s fifth starter — needs somebody to step up.

    We still have plenty of prospects to pick up another pitcher or a third baseman before the trading deadline if need be

  23. dodgereric

    Kershaw had his second start tonight. He had trouble in the first, after that was not bad.

    In the first it went ground out, BB, K, 2B, 1B, 1B, K. 2 runs.
    In the second, K, K, 1B, ground out.
    In the third, fly out, 2B, 1B, DP grounder.
    In the fourth, K, K, K.
    In the fifth, ground out, BB, K, 2B, fly out.

    He took the loss as Jacksonville was shut out. His line:

    IP 5.0
    H 7
    R 2
    ER 2
    BB 2
    SO 8
    HR 0

    He’s 0 – 2 w/3.38era


    Thank you Ned for taking the time to answer our questions. I can see you haven’t ducked any of the tough questions, so please consider answering the one that has been tearing this board apart.
    Is it better to put the mustard or the relish first on a dodger dog?
    I will understand if you wait until the season is over to answer that one. Any chance that you might trade off season for some sauerkraut?


    After pitching eight innings of 2 hit, shutout ball today, Edwin Jackson is 2-0 with a 0.64 ERA. Which current Dodger pitchers can match that record? And Jackson’s supporting cast costs millions of dollars less than the Dodgers. Another fine example of the Dodger way of doing things. Most Dodger fans can’t even remember who Jackson was traded for, and that trade certainly didn’t benefit the Dodgers. In fact, if the Dodgers had made no trades at all in the last ten years they would probably be a much better team today. And that is also true for at least 90% of their free agent signings. A lot of major league talent and millions of dollars have gone by the boards because of poor management decisions. Please hang up your phone, Ned, and use the talent you have been blessed with. You’ve got what most teams would love to have. Don’t squander it as has been done in the past.

  26. 636566cy

    I leave a post about the autograph situation and compare it to the parking situation last year and my post gets deleted. I’m sure it was deleted because I asked for the Dodgers to step up and give an answer without spinning it, to not print up pamphlets telling us how the decision was good for the majority of the fans, and that is unacceptable? I find it interesting that I haven’t ripped on any field decisions, but when I question a business decision I get zapped. I’m not really sure how that shows that the team is real interested in honest fan feedback, but, Josh, if you’d like to contact me via my email to explain what type of honest feedback the team likes, I’d be more than happy to listen.
    The reason why I am so passionate about this is because I have 3 young boys who think the world of the Dodger players. We made our way to Spring Training in Vero this year and the players just saying “hi” to them made their day. I have more than enough money to buy seats in the new “autograph-only” seats, although my season tickets aren’t there, but I have many friends and know many families that don’t. Keeping kids and families away from the players simply because of pure economics is not the Dodger way. It hasn’t been since I was a kid, and if Mr. McCourt is serious about keeping the history of the team in mind when making his decisions, then it shouldn’t be the sole driver now, either. I am still looking for a reasonable response from Mr. McCourt on this question. From comments I’ve read in The Times and on other message boards, there are a great number of people that are as well. Please let us all know how this will benefit the majority of the fans at the stadium and how this will not be shutting out the majority of the kids at the stadium, who also will at some point be your new season ticket holder base.
    Thank you

    BTW…Tommy likes to tell the story of the player (the name escapes me) that refused to sign an autograph for him when he was a kid. It so happened that Tommy faced him when he was in the minors, and Tommy remembered the refusal and drilled him with a pitch. Children do not forget when they are slighted. The Dodgers front office would do well to remember that message.


    I think alot of you overvalue Jones. Even if he gets it going he is not the type of hitter that carries a team. At this point in his career he will make (if he rebounds) a great 6 hole guy IMO. Great CF defense, good rbi guy..and 20-30HR..low avg/low ob/high slug which is fine, even for the money and for our squad. He is not a clean up hitter on a championship team is what I am saying.

    I think the key things are:

    1. Shoring up the1-6 offense. As a unit they need to get going.
    2. Shoring up the 5 spot in the rotation
    3. Establishing the 7th inning guy.

    (regarding Jackson, Alex can tell you I was arguing that in 06 heading into 07 when he had a terrible era. That may turn out to be Ned’s biggest blunder. If you saw him throw vs the Unit that night at 19, you dont trade him at age 22 years old. Period. And not for garbage that hasn’t been nowhere near our team in a year at least (and we payed them 10 times as much at least to NOT be on our team than Jackson to be on our team) right now he is a year older the same age as Broxton, 24.)


    Who knows, you might be right about E.Jackson, but he has been terrible for two years so try waiting for more than 2 lousy starts to try using it as anti-Ned ammo… All im saying is that a .64 ERA means absolutely nothing at this point other than he put together 2 quality outings..

  29. eslabels

    I think the whole point about guys like Jackson, Guzman, Tiffany, Hull, et al. is that its an indication of management’s current philosophy of bringing in dubious vets to stay competative now as opposed to struggling for a couple years to develop young talent at the major league level.

    The “vet philosophy” gets us exactly where we’ve been the last two years – deceptively competative. This leads to a false conclusion that there’s always just one or two pieces missing from the puzzle that will get you over the top. Unfortunately as they bring in more vets to get us over the top, other vets hit their real decline years and so at best we’re competative without going forward. Last year we were competative and went backwards.

    Not by any means saying that each and every prospect will pan out, most don’t. but a philosophy of playing your cream of the crop youngsters and struggling a couple years, then rotating in more young talent as they arrive on the scene is more sound baseball-wise and from a money (business)standpoint. Plus having a team with nothing but upside will lead to the type of team where one FA or trade can make a difference (of course you have to be smart on whom you bring in as well and for how long.)

    Baseball aside, if I’m Frank I’m looking eviously right now at the Snakes and Rox because they’re competative, putting buttts in the seats, and doing it for less than half the money I am. That’s $60-$70 million a year that should be in my pocket, or used to stockpile for when my young guys hit the arb./FA years. Invested wisely while you’re waiting for those years to arrive means $70-$90M per year each of the next few years. Seems to me that’s pretty sound business.

    BTW, you guys are taking me too literally on the Hull trade – reminds me of the Landestoy trade in that we gave up a pitching prospect for a crappy middle infielder. If they get anything at all out of Hull though its plus for them as I doubt we ever see the guy we got in return. My way of thinking, if Epstein wanted him, there’s got to be a reason.


    Yeah, if Jackson had thrown up the trash in the Dodger’s 5 hole that he threw last year, he would have been run out of town quicker than Bombko and Hendy combined. 5-15, and the OPS against him well over .800. I seem to remember he had an 0-8 start with some terrible supporting numbers, and everyone around here saying “Glad he’s not on the Dodgers” last year. Fickleness, thy name is “Inside the Dodgers.”


    Redfox — You have got to be kidding me! Edwin Jackson has been pitching like a dog since his second win as a Dodger … he’s been lit up like no other for two years running. Now all of a sudden he’s the second coming of Pedro Martinez in your eyes!
    Two games does not make a season or career.

  32. dodgereric

    I seem to remember when this regime started that they told us, “Yeah, we’re loaded with talent, but they’re all in A-ball. It’s going to take 2-4 years before they’re ready. Until then, we’re going to protect the kids and sign vets for stop-gap.”

    And that’s pretty much what they’ve done, right? Granted, the Pierre signing was a total panic move due to the Drew thing. But now they seem to be reluctant, for some unknown reason, to LET THE KIDS PLAY! They’re here, they’re ready, it’s time. They’ve had their swimming lessons. Throw them in the pool. I’ll bet most of them can swim just fine now. If a couple of them struggle, help them out before they drown, but LET THE KIDS PLAY!


    I wouldn’t mind a six-game streak either, but I hate the thought of starting it against the Pads. It’s easier to swallow because we will be at home … but those jerks from Diego really play us tough and ALWAYS find a way to win or we give them the win.
    I don’t like the fact that we have to face Peavy in the opener, but if we can get to him or Hoffman (again) that streak could very well get started.

    BTW … it’s funny how this board has turned! Now people here can see the differences Pierre and Jones bring to the game, and some think Pierre may be better suited against Peavy tonight!
    I thought you wanted to get rid of Phew! What a difference two hits and a .163 batting average makes.
    Come on guys and gals, if your going to pitch a beef about a guy — STAY THE COURSE and don’t be fickle just because we need to win that next day!
    BTW, I like the speed game. I liked it when Butler, Wills, and Lopes carried the torch, and I loved the SB’s from Phew and the 200 hits (or so) he had. I just don’t like the way he hits – slap hits don’t do me any good.


    Dodgereric –
    The KIDS are playing! Haven’t you seen the lineups? Yes, Kent, Furcal, Jones annnnnnd …… hmm who else is old that is playing everyday?
    Get the picture?
    People have to realize that five youths out of eight starters on any team, everyday, is daring and a gamble at times. Especially in an LA market where you are expected to win everyday! Which you don’t expect to see in KC, TB, TOR, or SF every year.
    Teams like the Dodgers, Yankees and Red Sox have to produce EVERYDAY or they face the wrath of the FANS and the MEDIA!
    The KIDS are playing, and will play. Hu, LaRoche, Kershaw, McDonald, Young et al will be playing too — soon enough!

  35. dodgereric

    Yes, some of the kids are playing. That rally cry is meant, at least by me, specifically to have Ethier and Kemp play EVERY DAY. Not to lose valuable playing time to Pierre. No, I’m not one of the people that you seem to think is welcoming Juan back to the starting lineup. He doesn’t belong there, except on the RARE day that one of the outfielders need a day off.

    It’s also meant to leave DeWitt at third and wait for LaRoche to heal, not to root through other teams garbage cans to find someone who can’t hold down a bench slot for Tampa Bay. Granted, that has greatfully not come to pass.

    It’s also meant to cease the veteran stop-gap philosophy that they’ve used for the past few years. I’ll agree that it had its purpose, although I would have to say the success of it is in doubt, to say the least. Have we remained competitive while waiting for the kids? If you say yes, I would question your definition of success. I measure success for the Dodgers to winning the World Series. Nothing else matters. When San Diego raised their National League West Division pennant a couple of years ago at DogFoodPark I laughed and laughed at that pathetic display. BIG DEAL!

    I think that most real Dodger fans, as much as they want to remain “competitive”, have welcomed the youth movement with open arms and are upset when they see things like Kemp being benched in the FIRST FRIGGIN’ WEEK! ENOUGH! LET THE KIDS PLAY!

  36. dodgereric

    And BTW, I like the speed game, too. We have one in Furcal and Kemp and Martin. What I can’t stand is watching all the extra bases that Pierre allows with that rag arm of his. If you think that doesn’t happen every game that he plays, then you aren’t watching the same game I am.

  37. messagebear

    Amen, dodgereric.

    I submit that Hu and DY also need some playing time rather than just warming the bench. Hu should be brought in regularly after Kent has had two or three AB’s; otherwise, he’s just wasting away on the bench at an age where he needs to play at least semi-regularly. I don’t know what DY’s role is other than presumably as a pinchitter. Otherwise he’s just taking up space because he is out of options. He’s not a pinchhitter and can’t contribute much in just that capacity.

    Pierre needs to go, but management obviously will not settle for that option.


    DEric –
    Let’s not get confused here – I am on the “Youth Movement” bandwagon and I too feel that we are better off having Eithier and Kemp in the lineup!
    I thought Torre’s “benching” of Kemp served its purpose and showed him that even though he is the starting right fielder, he (Torre) isn’t going to sit around and let a kid go into a 0- for 20 something slump without getting him help. (I know it wasn’t 0-20) Veterans like Furcal, Kent and Jones are supposed to be able to play their way through those, but kids spirits get banged up when they go through them. I don’t think you’ll see Kemp out of the lineup too much, unless there is a rare matchup problem or he’s in one of those “slumps”. It is obvious to me that Torre is going to treat the vets the same way. Jones couldn’t himself out of wet paper sack right now, so he got benched AFTER Kemp returned and I hope he sits tonight too, because PEAVY can make ANYBODY look silly – especially a Dodger because he owns the Dodgers!
    As for “Have we remained competitive while waiting for the kids? If you say yes, I would question your definition of success.”:
    Success in my book means moving on to the next level and if that means winning the WS, then you have met the ultimate challenge to having a successful season.
    Last year we were succeeding until mid-September with the kids and Phew, until the clubhouse implosion. We had that division in our grasp and we failed!
    That won’t happen this year – not with the learning curve (experience) and the addition of Torre.

    Here’s to the kids winning it all!


    Message – Just where do you think DY is going to play? As a 5th OFielder, his Torre’s options are limited. DY hasn’t hit all spring and hasn’t done anything in the minimal chances he has gotten this season. Hu has been getting a lot of playing time and will continue to do so because he is our so called “superutility player”. I wouldn’t worry about his time there.
    Pierre will be let go or traded, but not before the return of LaRoche, Garciaparra and Repko. I look for it to happen at the trade deadline.

  40. messagebear

    That’s kind of my point – there’s no place for DY to play, nor for Repko, as long as Pierre is with the team.


    We just didnt want to develope him. We didnt have the patience. He is still 3 years away from being in his prime


    Jungar –
    Are you talking about DY? I have been perplexed by his status. He seems so young to ALREADY be out of options. It seems like everytime we turn around Repko, Kuo and some others get sent down, yet they aren’t out of options. I don’t remember DY being up and down so much to be out of options. Did he come from somewhere else?


    NO! Always been a Dodger I see —
    Delwyn Rudy Young…single…graduate of Littlerock (CA) High School…was slated to attend Cal State Fullerton University before signing with the Dodgers…previously drafted by the Atlanta Braves in 2000 and 2001…was once a batboy for the Single-A Lancaster Jethawks where his father was the hitting coach…participated in the inaugural Dodger Caravan in 2005…Appeared in the movie “Stuck On You” with Matt Damon and Greg Kinnear…On Aug. 3, 2007 co-hosted a Play Ball LA Clinic with teammate Rafael Furcal for more than 100 youngsters at Dodger Stadium…along with Andy LaRoche, was named to the 2007 USA World Cup Team that traveled to Chinese Taipei in November and upset Cuba for the Gold Medal…took part in the Dodgers’ 2008 Winter Development Program in Los Angeles…signed by Dodger scout James Merriweather.

  44. eslabels

    I doubt you’ll see DY get much of a chance to play until JP is no longer the “4th” OFer. Which realistically means either we totally swallow JPs contract and release him (not going to happen) or DY gets DFA’d at some point and gets his opportunity elsewhere. As long as he’s a Dodger though, I don’t see him being anymore than a Lee Lacy type.

  45. jhallwally

    I can’t see DY getting much playing time as long as we still have Pierre. I don’t think we’ll be able to move Pierre unless we eat at least half the contract and throw in a prospect or two to boot. Also, their needs to be a team interested. There aren’t any. Unless a team has a major outfield injury and needs help badly before the trade deadline, it just isn’t going to happen. Good thing is, Pierre would be easy to move after the trade deadline as no team would claim him to block a trade after July 31st. They know that we would let him go, like the Loaiza deal. Plus, the Red Sox are trying to move Coco Crisp and any team would take him before Pierre. Not only is he a better outfielder, but his contract is only for the next 2 years and 11M. We are pretty much stuck with Pierre. He is like Herpes, can’t get rid of him and he keeps coming back to haunt you.

  46. eslabels

    Funny jhall!!

    I see Pierre more of a ‘roid – just a pain in everyone’s @#!%%. We need some Preparation P.


    Jhall –
    never had that disease, so I don’t know what it’s like, but I know we are all infected with him and it’s affecting our judgement and good moods!
    Great pull on the PIERPES — I almost pee’d myself laughing so long!

  48. eslabels

    Actually against Peavy and with Jones’ penchant for striking out, I wouldn’t mind seeing this line-up tonight:


    Let Torre get Jonesey’s head together like he did Kemp for a couple games. In this situation, I don’t see JP taking ABs away from anybody.

  49. scott_in_arcadia

    The problem with JP is that there’s no threat of a walk from the pitcher’s point of view. Anyone who has ever pitched at all knows the comfort of throwing to someone like JP who can’t hit it out except by divine miracle.

  50. scott_in_arcadia


    Jones has to play CF at Dodger Stadium. You can’t have JP in the OF there. Didn’t everyone see those 2 runs come in on that sharp single to LF against the d-backs last game? That’s one run if anyone but JP is out there.

  51. jhallwally

    Dude can’t even drag bunt. My god, if he could bunt like Brett Butler it would help alot. Pierre’s bunts all go to the pitcher or left side. If he drags it by the pitcher, with his speed, he is on.

  52. scott_in_arcadia

    Unless Pierre really drives one like he did last game, the outfielders can play shallow and keep any runners from 2nd scoring as well. He’s a hole in the lineup. Like in the old Bugs Bunny cartoons where you could pick up a “hole” and lay it anywhere you wanted. That’s JP.


    Scott and jhall —
    That was a bases loaded situation and in almost every instance a runner can score on a single (sharp or not) to LF from second base. So for sure both runs are going to score … and if I remember it correctly it was hit sharp past third base where JP or Ethier would have had to go to their right stab it and make some kind of turn to get it in.
    Any good third base coach sends the runner from the crack of the bat!


    When you see JP in his uniform – doesn’t he remind you of Tom Hanks in “Big” when he turned back into a kid at the end of the movie – or – Dopey from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs?

  55. jhallwally

    Maybe that’s part of our disdain for him. Not only is he not very good, but he looks silly doing it. That hat thing is pathetic.

  56. eslabels

    Yeah Ned – my corgi’s still available – she’s fast and can retrieve a ball with the best of them.

    Scott – just thinking with Jones to give him an extra day off against a tough pitcher like they did with Kemp. I’d prefer they give the start to DY, but can you imagine the stink that would cause?

  57. scott_in_arcadia

    hey ceo,

    Look, there should have at least been a close play, not an automatic no play at the plate going in standing up. Everyone knows that Pierre can’t hold his own in the outfield. We all saw it last year.

    Pierre would be ok in the “rover” position on a girls softball team, but hitting wise, he wouldn’t even be able to “slap” that heavy softball out of the infield. Pathetic for grown man.


    Scott –
    I’ll give you — they ran on his arm; if you’ll give me this: Good managers teach their baseball players to throw to the next base to stop an advancing runner, which was second base in this situationin: one-out bases loaded, hard drive past the third baseman (left side), with LF playing in the SS hole and not to pull.

    I knew that was two runs without even considering a play at the plate.

  59. jhallwally

    My questions, again, for Ned.
    Have you tried to trade Pierre. Is there any interest from anyone. Are you willing to move him. Also, are the Dodgers willing to eat part of the contract to move him.


    The only way we take Dopierre more seriously is if he were more like … Ethier, Kemp, and Loney!

  61. lny4loney

    jungar wrote:

    I think alot of you overvalue Jones. Even if he gets it going he is not the type of hitter that carries a team. At this point in his career he will make (if he rebounds) a great 6 hole guy IMO. Great CF defense, good rbi guy..and 20-30HR..low avg/low ob/high slug


    I think you undervalue Jones, and I have statistical proof to back me up. Your argument is based on “if he gets it going”, which of course is the big question. But using your “if …” prerequisite, you are mistaken on two important stats.

    1) Homeruns where you call him a “20-30HR” guy. Since Jones has hit a minimum of 26 HRs (averaging about 34/yr) in each of the last ten years, I think that any prediction that calls for him to hit as few as 20 HRs is a prediction that he will not “get it going.”

    2) On-base-percentage. Andruw’s lifetime OBP is .341. Compare this to the National league’s usual OBP in the low .330s (2007 = .334). While not anything amazing his OBP is better than league average, not a “low” OBP. Incidentally, I checked AL OBPs (i.e. no pitchers hitting) and surprisingly the AL OBPs are only marginally higher than NL OBPs.

  62. scott_in_arcadia

    ceo –

    Right, hold the other runners from advancing, but…the reason those guys were gung ho to score from 2nd is because they KNEW who that ball was hit to. If Andre was out there in LF who not only has a good arm, but has been accurate in throwing guys out quite frequently, that is something the 3rd base coach has to gamble on and it’s in the back of the runner’s mind as well. With Pierre, no thought is given to the idea of being thrown out whatsoever I believe.

  63. jhallwally

    If you want to stop the advancing runners with the bases loaded on a single to left, the throw is to 3rd. Therefore conceding the runner from 2nd scoring without a throw. Actually the play is to the plate and can be cut off to get the runner trying to advance to 3rd. Also, depends on the game situation. Early in the game, perhaps you concede the run. Late in a one run game, the play is to the plate.


    I almost forgot about that cheatin’ little monk’s hand. i missed the board on the day after that game … did anyone happen to notice not just the hand being dirty but it was specifically his fore and middle fingers and his thumb, which are textbook philanges to use for pitching?
    I’ll bet he’s clean tonight and some of those NASTY sinkerballs stay up for the likes of our lefthanders.

  65. jhallwally

    You’re basically saying, let the runners at 2nd and 3rd score, let the runner advance from 1st to 3rd, and hold the batter to 1st by throwing in to second base in a bases loaded situation on a single to left. In my opinion, on a single to left, the runner at first should not be able to go from 1st to 3rd.

  66. dodgrdad14

    I’m 39 and I KNOW my arm is better than Slappys and so are the 12 boys on my sons AA minor Little League team!! But they also know how to wear thier hats properly and respect the game.

  67. eslabels

    So what happens boys and girls? – are we still having these JP bull sessions all year? a year from now? two years? In other words, what do you all see happening?

    Do any of you envision this nightmare scenario for 2010?:

    AJ bombs and isn’t resigned. No Furcal. Ergo JP starts in left and is the leadoff man.

  68. dodgrdad14

    By the way anyone notice that Kershaw is 0-2. He has not got any run support. I think he gave up 4 runs in the 2 games with 16 strikeouts or something like that, I am going from memory here (not the most reliable!!!!) 🙂

  69. dodgrdad14

    Ouch Enchanted. It’s only 2 weeks into the season. I am all for busting on Slappy and Nedster, but your sounding like the season is already over. Personally I think the D’s are going to be alright. I don’t think they are going to the world series but I think they are going to compete.


    Enchanted –
    Here’s what I see in 2010
    C – Martin (4.5 years exp)
    1b – Loney (3.5 years exp)
    2nd – Dewitt (2 years exp)
    SS – Hu (2years exp)
    3b – LaRoche (2 years exp)
    LF – Ethier (3.5 years exp)
    CF – Kemp (3.5 years exp)
    RF – Young, Mattingly, X-Man Paul
    SP – Billingsley
    SP – Kuroda
    SP – McDonald
    Sp – Kershaw
    SP – Penny (re-sign)

    All of these players will be experienced enough to carry us past Dopierre’s last days in 2010.

  71. lny4loney

    ceorsmith: The “dirty” fingers were very clearly the thumb, pointer finger and middle finger. The picture and video are pretty incriminating.

  72. eslabels

    Just trying to be funny jnv (though not far off in the run support comment – ask Lowe.) Didn’t mean for it to be snarky.

    I expect them to be competative this year. Realistically, they have a chance to finish anywhere from first to fourth. My guess is 2nd or 3rd.

    Unfortunately ceo – Pierpes is signed through 2011 😦

  73. scott_in_arcadia


    I’m still waiting to see if Scott Elbert will recover from injury ok. HE was on the fast track to the bigs.

  74. dodgrdad14

    at the moment you are right on the money enchanted. I’d like to see Torre get a set line up and let it play out. I understand that McCourt screwed up with the whole “see the world” spring training and Torre needs to evaluate, but I think as soon as the line up stabalizes we will see better production.


    If I were Kershaw … and I’m not …my mental state would be kind of down because I know I could throw in the show, and now I’m throwing to meager AAers.
    I would have thought the Ds would send him to Las Vegas to get his 160 innings and have him at their fingertips. CK will come around — even though an 0-2 3.6 ERA is nothing to sneeze at!


    I would like nothing more than to have Elbert come on strong again … but I have a feeling he could be another Dreifort — or worse yet Miller, who never could get past the elbow.

  77. dodgrdad14

    Ceo you are right, I was wondering why they would send Kershaw to AA when he has the ability to picth with the big boys. The only thing that came to mind was AAA was full and they had no where else to put him. I wish he was there because I am going to the Sacramento Rivercats home opener tonight against the 51’s. Instead of Kershaw I get to see Eric Stults. I’ll say Hi to Repko for eveyone on this blog…. Maybe even see Nomore tonight in a rehab start.

  78. eslabels

    Didn’t they want Kersh in Jax because its a pitchers league and not in Vegas because its a hitters ballpark?


    I have a question: How many of you … LIKE ME … will be having a hard time trying to keep an eye on the boys in the Ravine when Kobe and the Pips are playing the Hornets at the same time?
    Come on now — Fess up and tell the truth!


    What! The Dodgers pad someone’s stats for the sake of showing off how good the individual is to Baseball America! Say it aint so!
    I think it would be more credible if he pitched well in LV, cause then they could say if he can pitch in a launching pad, he can pitch anywhere … like Colorado two or three times a year vs the Rox!
    I remember they tried to send hitters to Albequerque for that same reason. BOMBS AWAY!

  81. eslabels

    Easier to control pitch counts in Jax as well, though in all fairnes, he’s not logged many innings in AA anyway. As much as we’d all like to see him, I’d rather they promote him to Vegas around the middle of the season, then a call-up in Sept. He does need time to refine some pitches and build up innings.

  82. messagebear

    I see where the Giants’ Roberts is to undergo knee surgery that should keep him out for some time. What better time for Ned to give his former boss the deal of a lifetime on a proven leadoff CF?

  83. dodgereric


    If I was going to be home tonight (I won’t – I’ll be camping with the Boy Scouts this weekend), I would have the Ds on the tube and the Lakers on my laptop tuned to:

    It’s free, it’s live, it’s not TV, but it’s better than wearing out the remote and missing stuff constantly.


    Yeah, that’s perfect! Send them a message ‘bear (pun intended)!. In San Francisco he could be known as Gay Pierre ( as in Gay Paris ) …hmm just a stretch I think!


    Best of luck to Dave, who despite being a Giant coached me in high school and is an all around nice guy. I know speed is the biggest asset to his game so I wish him a successful recovery.

  86. jhallwally

    Yea Ned, get on the horn. Offer them Pierpes and if they don’t bite, make the offer and take Durham off their hands. They want to unload him. I believe his contract is thru next year and maybe they would bite if we took one of their bad contracts. Don’t take Zito.

  87. eslabels

    Didn’t the Gnat’s offer JP a 4-year deal? Now they could get their wish!!

    Note to Ned – Pay half or 2/3 JPs remaining contract and MAKE THIS HAPPEN!! Would look forward to US running on his arm for a change.

  88. jhallwally

    Yea, they were going to give him a 4 year deal and Ned freaked again and gave him 5.. I’d take Roberts and Durham for Pierpes straight up. We eat 2 of the contracts they want rid of and we get rid of ours.

  89. eslabels

    JP for Zito straight-up – we could swap one dead horse for another. Give us a new pony to whack. We could pop the zit-o.

  90. eslabels

    That’s for sure, because one thing stands clear (year after year) – when we’re out of Schidt, we’re on our rear.

  91. jhallwally

    LOL, I put down a few Schlitz’s in my day. Of course we called it Schitz. LOL Drink that stuff and you will find your rear.


    From the Daily News a couple of days ago:

    “The comments coming out of the clubhouse were predictable: It’s early; it’s only nine games; it’s a long season; it’s just a matter of time.

    Their actions on the field, though, told a dramatically different story. On their way to being outscored 23-11 by the clearly superior Diamondbacks in the three games, the Dodgers had gone a miserable 3 for 26 with runners in scoring position. It is a trend that undermined them at virtually every turn last year, when they collapsed in the season’s final two weeks and wound up missing the playoffs, and so far, it hasn’t come close to being rectified.

    There is a new manager, who is considerably more accomplished and more expensive than the old one. But other than that, these appear to be the same, old, frustrating Dodgers.”
    Not sure I agree…but then again………


    Maybe we just don’t have clutch hitters. Byrnes getting that two-out bases loaded hit seems so distant from what the Dodgers seem to do…


    As long as we’re on beer (Dodgers are too depressing) I was a little kid growing up in Chicago…Jack Brickhouse and Hamm’s Beer…from the land of sky blue water.

  95. eslabels

    Don’t know how you can teach clutch hitting either kahli. It seems we go from one extreme to the other – either we swing at too many first pitches, or we’re trying to work too deep in the count and always getting into the hole. I’m hoping that somewhere we find a happy medium. Don’t think we’ll go all year hitting .115 with RISP though.

  96. eslabels

    “It’s funny, in college or the army, you don’t care as long as it is cold and cheap.”

    There ought to be a joke in there somewhere, but I can’t find it!!!

    Yup kahli – Hamms. Think there’s an old Hamms rolling scenic display behind the counter up at a great burger place at Bass Lake (CA.) Was either that or Pabst (Blue Ribbon Beer.) Anyone remember Brew 102?

  97. jhallwally

    Do you guys remember high and low beer. Stroh’s had the yellow cap 3.2% beer for 18-21 year olds and the red cap 6.0% if you were over 21.

  98. scott_in_arcadia

    The Dodgers must be playing great if the two biggest topics here are how to trade Pierre and crappy 70’s beer!


    Brew 102 used to be right off the freeway in downtown LA in the 60s…remember it every time I went to see the Dodgers…though I had no idea what it was!

  100. eslabels

    Funny, I couldn’t legally drink in CA until 1982. How is it I know these things???

    Whatever happened to Henry Weinhards?… and thank you for your support?


    Ned, please trade Pierre and stock D-Stadium with CHEAP, crummy beer so we can blog about something else…

  102. eslabels

    I remember the Brew 102 brewery right off the freeway (10? 101?) Can’t say as I ever had any though.

    Boone’s Farm – LOL!! My wife brings that up now and then.

  103. jhallwally

    LOL Kahli. Anyone from the midwest will remember Burger Beer. Made in Cincinnati. I can still hear Waite Hoyt on the Red’s radio broadcasts doing the spots for Burger and Hudepohl. Those were the days. Also, got to hear Dizzy Dean on the Red’s broadcasts. Wow, that was fun.

  104. jhallwally

    Yea E, if you could score a bottle of Boone’s Farm in high school for your date, you were a legend. LOL


    There are teams that start off smoking hot, and then there are other teams that start a little slow.
    Dodgers seem are doing ok. They one the first two series against the Giants and Padres. Then Dodgers face a hot team like Diamond Backs and get there *** kick. Hopefully Dodgers bats start to catch on fire soon. Especially tommorow against Peavy. So lets not all worry it is early in the season. I just want to start seeing some consistency in that lineupu as far as the order goes. To much musical chairs being played. Sit Pierre *** down.

  106. scott_in_arcadia

    My brother in law served wine coolers the other dayat a get together…I had to take a double take!

  107. scott_in_arcadia

    You guys are definitely showing your age with the “Bread” references!!

    What’s next, Afternoon Delight?

  108. jhallwally

    Guys played Bread for the girls. We liked the Stones, Who, Beatles, Zeppelin, Aerosmith, etc… Not necessarily in that order.

  109. jhallwally

    If you grew up in the early-mid 70’s you heard Stairway to Heaven everyday, at least once. It was the Anthem.

  110. dodgrdad14

    are you kidding me, you still hear old 70’s and 80’s music on the radio. That was the best music and it is still going!

  111. eslabels

    Ned’s new song:

    At first I was afraid, then I was petrified.

    Kept wondrin’ how you’d ever find yourself some playin’ time

    But your agent called, said I was wrong, your feelin’ sorry
    for yourself,

    So I went down, and I talked to Joe Tor-re

    Any now your in

    Your playing left

    Just need a chance to do what you can do and show them all

    Your noodle arm, you’re slappy swing don’t mean a single thing to me

    Your contract does, or you’ll be back to bother me.

    Hey Hey

  112. dodgrdad14

    Lady, come sail away, etc… that and Journey and ac/dc!! haha I know his Mom hates me for it! All she listens to is christian music. I guess that is why we are no longer together!! lol, at least one of the reasons.

  113. dodgrdad14

    you know it jhall. Those were the good old days.
    I know you guys were talking about cheap alcohol earlier and I have to say, my friend and I decided one day to see what it would be like to drink “night train” basically “thunderbird” and all I can say is neither one of us remember anything we did that night. But we heard some pretty good stories.

  114. dodgrdad14

    I will NEVER touch it again.
    What is this crap with slappy playing and Kemp sitting!!!!
    Your right Jungar, we have a very expensive grittle in the dugout.

  115. jhallwally

    Back to reality. Between Fatruw and Herpierre’s they’ve got $27M a year on the line. They will get special treatment.

  116. eslabels


    This then would be the 9th different line-up in 9 games? I thought ST ended a couple weeks ago.

  117. eslabels

    He’s a real obese man

    Playing in the center land

    catching all that he can

    for Colletti

    Only has a hit or two

    Has a giant waistline too

    Obese man can you get us a ribbie?

    And the hits just keep on comin’. That’s $8.99 for 8-track tape, or $12.99 for the LP.

  118. jhallwally

    He’s as blind as he can be,
    Can’t see where we ought to be,
    Neeeeeeed Man,
    Can you see talent at all.

  119. dodgrdad14

    He bought it and we are paying for it!! 🙂
    Yes Enchanted you and jhall are the twisted sisters, which one of you is Dee Snyder?

  120. jhallwally

    Day after day,
    Alone in the office,
    The man with the foolish mustache is keeping perfectly still,
    And no one wants to know him,
    For they know he is such a fool.
    But he never gives a straight answer,
    I think he believes we’re fools.


    22 years of being a loyal fan are seriously being brought into question when our managment refuses to play one of our top hitters in favor of a little leaguer with speed. How is Kemp supposed to get into a groove or build any self-confidence when his manager doesn’t have enough faith to start him against the best pitchers in the league?

  122. northstateblues

    Enchantedsunset, They still sell Henry Weinhard’s up here at the Save Marts (formerly Albertsons) in NorCal. I’ve tried 3 different kinds, the Private Reserve, the Blonde Lager and the Dark Amber, and they all taste the same.

    Had a cousin in the 80’s who would come to parties with a box of brown label beer from Stater Bros. that said “Beer” on it. Then, when he went on a diet, he brought “Light Beer”.

  123. jhallwally

    Hey Ned,
    Don’t be afraid,
    Take a sad veteran,
    And make it better.
    Remember, to let the kids play,
    Then you can start,
    To playyyyyyyyyy, Better.

    Naaaa, Naaaa, Naaa, Na, Na, Na, Naa,
    Hey Ned

  124. eslabels

    Neddy Colletti
    Sits in the dark at the park where a ballgame has been
    Counting Frank’s green

    Look at him working
    Signing contracts with the vets what he gets
    makes you scream, “I hope its a dream”

    All the prospect people
    Where do they all come from
    All the prospect people
    Where can I send them all?

  125. alex41592

    Furcal, Pierre, Ethier, Kent, Loney, Martin, Jones, DeWitt, Penny vs. Peavy

    We never beat Peavy to begin with and Kemp still has never (and probably will never face Jake Peavy). There isn’t any outfielder on this team who hits Peavy well:

    Pierre (.200 6 for 20)
    Ethier (.136 3 for 22)
    Jones (.056 1 for 18)
    Kemp (Never Faced)

    I don’t understand why they don’t give Kemp a shot when the other options have PROVEN to never be able to hit Peavy. Who knows, Kemp could strike out 4 times, but we don’t know that. Regardless it’s going to be a long night with Peavy on the mound. But, that’s why they play the game. Penny needs to put up zeros and we need to get Peavy’s pitch count up. It’s our only chance.

  126. dodgrdad14

    The game starts in 2 and a half hours enchanted, you better start thinking…..
    Brandon check Alex’s post about 5 up


    ugh this is really getting sickening. I dont understand how Colletti or Torre has a job at this point.


    Whoa…. so, can anyone tell me how many 18 mil. players are hitting 8th in the league?

  129. eslabels

    jspelk and charris – it’ll all get straightened out after we get out of this first month of spring training. LOL

  130. jhallwally

    Dodger Park is melting in the rain,
    I don’t think that I can take it,
    Cause it to so long to make it,
    And I’ll never sign those veterans, again.
    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, Noooooo!!!!

  131. dodgrdad14

    Torre batted A-rod 8th last year when he was slumping. I hope he doesn’t expect the same result from the “fridge”….


    The entire lineup is struggling right now… why not leave Kemp in there too? We really need his power bat.


    I understand wanting to have some kind of advantage over Peavy, but playing pierre and batting hims second aint the way,Joe.

  134. dodgrdad14

    Thanks Enchanted, I thougt you might like it!
    Brandon, I agree with you, if everyone is struggling why not play Kemp, Hell he might go 4-4 with 4 home runs, we will never know with him sitting on the bench.

  135. eslabels

    My wife just came in to see what I keep laughing at…

    I sent her off with a bottle of Boone’s Farm Apple…

  136. dodgrdad14

    you can join her Enchanted, holding her hair while she is getting sick!! At least that is what I remember of girls who drank Boones Farm in high school.

  137. jhallwally

    JNV, that is hilarious you mentioned that. I had forgotten that part. Been there buddy. I guess you just remember the good parts. LOL

  138. jhallwally

    I remember thinking I would be making out in a half hour or so, and find my girl hugging the porcelin god. JNV, your a buzz killer. LOL

  139. eslabels

    As yes, the good old days – Boone’s Farm, a Chevy van and Bread…

    About THAT time she’d drank most of the wine and passed out, the tape would start spewing out the tapedeck, and the cops would be wrapping on your back door.

  140. dodgrdad14

    Unfortunately I remember the bad parts also….. Many a promising night was killed by the untimely hurl from a bottle of Boones Farm….. LMAO
    Well anyway, I am outa here, off to go see the 51’s play up here in Sacramento. Lets hope Joe Little pulls his head out soon and stops listening to Nedster!!
    No matter what…… GO DODGERS!!!!

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