Lineup in San Diego

Furcal, SS

Martin, C

Loney, 1B

Kent, 2B

Ethier, LF

Jones, CF

Kemp, RF

DeWitt, 3B

Kuroda, P (first big league appearance)


Nice lineup!! Let’s stick it to the Puds!!!!!

I love the lineup!! GO DODGERS!!!!

Thanks Josh!

Let’s save you some time and just leave the lineup as is so you don’t have to post it for every game, only when Russ sits, ok?

I wonder if Ned is getting the message that he’s got a very expensive bench sitter. I would sure try everything and anything to trade Pierre, because Repko would actually be a better fit as a fourth outfielder for us.

woo hooo now we are talking. I like Scott’s idea, keep this lineup until Russell sits……

Now..that’s a great lineup. I think Kemp will be great, but he is still a work in progress as a hitter….

Great lineup. Lets hope it produces big time. At least Joe’s playing the best we have, that’s all we can ask for. We could also ask for Ws.

Agreed fliegel. These are the best guys we have right now. Lets hope it leads to a win! I hate losing to the Pods.

Very good lineup. Personally, I would move some of the pieces around a little. But I’m not complaining. This is a lineup that should do some damage.

I’ll echo pierreeast…’s suggestion about Opening Day festivities on DVD. If you sold a DVD with the Opening Day ceremonies and the game on it, with Vin’s call, and had all the proceeds going to Think Cure, you’d fundraise a mint. Or maybe a DVD with Opening Day and Coliseum ceremonies and highlights from BOTH games.

I just wrote about my thoughts about the Dodgers’ line-up at

Basically, “Joe Torre has been testing out a plethora of starting line-ups recently. Surprisingly, the Dodgers dropped Andruw Jones down to the sixth spot in the batting order. However, it is pleasing to see that Los Angeles is moving James Loney, their future at first-base, into the third-slot of the line-up. Hopefully, his new teammate, Blake DeWitt will someday bat as a clean-up or #2 hitter in the Dodgers’ line-up.”

Joe is alternating left and right handed hitters tonight. I like it..

I think this lineup would get our bloggers’ near unanimous approval, subject to maybe moving a few people around depending on the pitcher that we face. I think these are the best position players that we have available. The key to making this team jell is keeping this lineup in place, and I hope Torre will now do that. As far as our offense goes, I think we’re better than the Pads and the Giants, about on par with the Diamondbacks, and somewhat behind the Rockies. The pitching will make the difference and ultimately determine where we end up this season. Hope is still riding high.

Nice post Bear. I totally agree. There has to be some consistancy for it to all gell. Keep stirring it up and nothing ever gets settled.

I agree with Jungar, I agree with MartinLoneyKemp, I agree with MessageBear, I agree with Fliegel, I agree with Jhall, and I agree with old_fogey.

And you know how that makes me crazy!

Just kiddding–and I think that I agree with everyone, but lots of good feelings on the board tonight.

I actually have one minor disagreement with MessageBear, which is I think that we are probably on par with the Rockies, talent-wise. Loney can equal Helton, Kemp equal Holiday, etc., as long as everyone performs the way they are clearly capable of. Plus–imagine some of our guys playing in Denver everyday instead of Dodger Stadium. So, I think we get a little more credit.

No matter what lineup you put up there, the bottom line is,
they have to execute.

Exactly Pierre, Giter’ done.

Hey Pierre, were there funny corners, angles, etc. in right field at Ebbetts. I seem to recall Furillo being heralde for his uncanny ability to play the quirky right field. I didn’t recall very well as I initially thought it was Ersk. Brain f**t!!
Got my Carl’s mixed up. LOL

Yeah. It was tricky. I understood that it depended on where the ball struck the fence. Furillo, they always said, played the the ball reaction after it came off the fence the best. I guess because he was out there more than anyone else. I remember hearing that Casey Stengel, who played out there gave Mantle some tips on how to play that wall.
Snider played it pretty good too, he use to climb up the wall to make catches sometimes.

You have to remember that wall extended to the stands in center field.

Cool. All the way to center. I didn’t realize that. Thanks.
What was it like walking into Ebbetts thru the front entrance and the rotunda. Must have been breathtaking, especially the first time at 8-10 years old.

They have a game in progress on MLB-TV. That reminds me of their Sports-on-Demand on TWC TV. I hope we see the start of our game. I don’t think we can see it anyplace else.

Well It was the first major league park I ever entered so I really was excited about everthing around me and I might have thought that all parks were the same.


It looks like the Padre feed…Oh well, if we can play well it won’t matter.

Yep, walking into your first major league game is incredibly exciting.

just a few first impressions from the first series of the new season:
– I love Koufax to death. He is a boyhood idol. I know he is a loner and loves his privacy, but would it have killed him to put on a Dodger uniform for just an hour or so?!?
– not sure who looks bigger in a Dodger uniform – Lasorda or Andruw Jones. I could have sworn that was Chris Gwynn playing CF.
– is it me, or have the Dodgers bagged last year’s aero dynamic vented batting helmets? I thought old-school Kent was the only one, but I see the whole team seems to have gone back to the old ones.
– will Ned please just take a breath on the 3B situation? It’s the first week of April, not Sept. They have other issues to worry about besides DeWitt.
– is Blake DeWitt pronounced – DEW-itt or DE-witt. I seem to hear Vin Scully pronounce it both ways?
– Larry Bowa is both right and wrong. He is right. The whole coaches wearing helmets is way over blown and the coaching box thing is ridiculous. Still, why didn’t the Dodgers just expand the box to 20 ft last week, rather than now?
Bowa is wrong, because he is disrespecting his team and embarrassing Torre. Yes, he is 62 yrs old. Yes, he will never change. But he is a former manager (of the year) and should know enough to just SHUT UP and handle all this stuff in private with the Torre and the team.
– I knew Pierre was not an “elite” base stealer when I saw Piazza of all people throw him out last year. Piazza couldn’t throw out Lasorda and he gets Pierre? I would take Dave Roberts, Lofton or even Durham in a must situation.
– Loney is the true 3-hole hitter. Now he has a chance. i hope he runs with it.
– Kemp still scares me. He is a superior athlete playing baseball. But as John Kruk often said, “I’m no athlete, I’m a baseball player.” I know he might reach stardom, but I fear it won’t be as a Dodger.
– I do fear and question A. Jones. Yikes. Since when does a 30 yr. CF want to GAIN weight to have a better year?!? He might be more the subject of blogger ridicule than Pierre by the all-star break. i got him down for at least one trip to the DL. and hopefully batting his weight for the season.
– I don’t know who the real 2 hole hitter is, but I don’t think its Russell. He doesn’t make enough contact and hitting so high in the order is only going to wear on him. I still like him in the six spot.

That wall in Ebbets Field use to open up. It had doors like a movie theather, that let the fans out at the end of the game.

Even though they would try to make only the field level fans leave through the fence, I found a way to get down to the playing field regardless of where my seat was.

HeHe, good for you PierreEW.

TO jhall: Only one t in Ebbets.


It’s fumnny but in 44 years I could never do that at Shea Stadium. At Shea, like I quess other stadiums today, It’s almost impossible to move from one level to the next.

Marty was robbed.

Needless to say it wasn’t just leaving the field that way, it was the thrill of being on a MLB playing field.

If this keeps up all year with this MLB-TV MOSAIC Version, I wonder if they will refund me the diffence between that and the regular MLB-TV.

I feel like the dodgers should start to wack Germano around pretty soon; his stuff just doesn’t look that great.

There’s your break gang.

Lets get a rally goin!!!

I’ll take it…

Give DeWitt creit, that was a haymaker crurveball. Everyone would have struck out on it.

Who woulda dunk it?
Ether swing 3-0 with runners on 1st & 3rd and noboby out.
That’s one way to prevent loading the bases.
Which is usually “hard Luck” for us.

kuroda looks good so far tonight… one hit through four. that was a good pitch that dre swung at. jones, kemp and martin are having hard luck right now… they will snap out of it I know they will. the good news is that they are being patient at the plate. lets get a win tonight

I meant we have better luck when we don’t load the bases.

And the Martin Drought continues.
It’s tough when it happens right at the start of the season.

If this was at any other time it wouldn’t be that noticable.

Nice point Pierre.

I remember looking at the right field foul pole in Ebbets Field, about 5 or 6 ft up, it was in sort of a slot.
It was full of gum, chewing tobacco, spit and things I won’t discribe.
I remember a friend of mind saying,”ahh it must’ve been Hank Sauer”

If Germano was pitching against the Mets he would’ve been gone long ago.

That’s what happens when you can’t execute those opportunities.
Giles leans into one.


Hitting is contagious. So is NOT hitting. We know they can do it, they just have to have good at bats. Don’t press, make ’em throw strikes, get good swings.

Kuroda looks like a pretty darned good sign, doesn’t he?

Kershaw pitched today in Jacksonville. He didn’t do too bad, but he wasn’t quite untouchable:

West Tenn Top 1st

Mark Kiger singles on a ground ball to second baseman Juan Gonzalez.
With Michael Saunders batting, Mark Kiger advances to 2nd on a balk.
Michael Saunders pops out to shortstop Ivan De Jesus.
Shawn Garrett strikes out swinging.
Adam Moore walks.
Michael Wilson strikes out swinging.

West Tenn Top 2nd

Prentice Redman flies out to right fielder Jamie Hoffmann.
Luis Valbuena called out on strikes.
Luis Oliveros flies out to left fielder Greg Jacobs.

West Tenn Top 3rd

Ronnie Prettyman grounds out, second baseman Juan Gonzalez to first baseman Rene Rivera.
Mark Kiger walks.
Michael Saunders strikes out swinging.
Shawn Garrett singles on a line drive to center fielder Adam Godwin. Mark Kiger scores. Shawn Garrett to 2nd on the throw.
Adam Moore reaches on missed catch error by first baseman Rene Rivera, assist to shortstop Ivan De Jesus. Shawn Garrett scores.
With Michael Wilson batting, Clayton Kershaw picks off Adam Moore at 1st on throw to Rene Rivera.

That was it for him today. Final line:

IP 3.0
H 2
R 2
ER 1
BB 2
SO 4
HR 0
ERA 3.00


Love IT!!!!!


Marty!! He was due.

Nice piece of hitting. Love to see guys go with the pitch.

Now that is good fundmentlal baseball. Yes!

And his name is JAMES

I feel better now that Martin has a hit. I hope there is many more to come.

We hit around.

Ethier Ethier our LF comes thru again.


Well, I guess this explemplifies the importunance of getting to the other teams bullpen. Way to go Joe.

Now all we need is OUTS

Somebody must have told them, If its not a strike, keep your bat on your shoulder.

Kuroda – he looks like the best 4th starter ever right now.

In the top of the 7th inning, not many strikes were called.
I liked Kuroda’s AB.
IMO if we keep that discipline at the plate, we will go pretty far.
KURODA will win us a lotta games.

See, that is his best roll.

I might be a little greedy, but I’d like to see someone go yard for us tonight.

Rub some dirt on it…

Loney looks O.K.

Interesting pitching move here.

They got Bilz acting like a 5th starter this week.
Making sure he gets in some work.

I know about all those Rookies-of-the-Years they had in the 80s and 90s, but all of these guys coming up right now remind me more of the early 70s. Garvey, Cey, Lopes, Buckner, Valentine, etc.

A lot of patients at the plate, not too much first ball swinging.
Have to give credit to Mike Easler.
Especially after the 7th.
They’re making the opposing pitchers work.
Let’s hope they keep it up.

That was a sweet taste of victory in DogFoodPark. A nice start to the trip, especially facing Peavy tomorrow.

Lakers in a nail-biter.

Not from Kemp except he swings and misses which at least adds to the pitch count.


Tomorrow night PEAVY
Have to show that patience at the plate like late in the game tonight.
He’s going to make it hard.
But as long as we don’t make it easier for him we could battle him all the way.
Have to try to make him work.
Maybe force him to through strikes.

I hope they are listening Pierre. I totally agree.Work those astards.

Nice team win tonight.

We’ve got a pretty good one going ourselves in Penny. One or two timely hits and we could go for a sweep Sunday. But, one at a time, right?

Pierre, if you’re staying up, got any stories on the Duke?

Great game tonight Dodger Blue. Impressive line-up tonight with much better plate discipline, especially in the 7th inning. It was great to see Russel get his first hit, which became the turningpoint in the game, and Andre didn’t have such a bad night either. Let’s not forget Kuroda – very exciting to see.

Nice team win. Go Dodgers!!!

Wonderful 7 to 1 Victory for our Beloved Los Angeles Dodgers over the San Diego Padres! Rafael Furcal you are a great Leader! Huroki Kuroda, what an amazing game you pitched! Chad Billingsley, you were great! Aren’t you glad we have a great manager in Joe Torre! Russel Martin,way to go with your clutch hit! I am only half an hour away from where Russel grew up in Lasalle, Quebec living in Montreal. Superman Jeff Kent comes through with a clutch walk!Andruw Jones, what a great ball player you are! All the rest of the Los Angeles Dodgers were great. Ned Colletti has done a marvelous job! C.mon guys, let’s all pull together and get Mr.Los Angeles Dodger,(You too Tommy Lasorda! ),Superman Jeff Kent his well deserved World Series Ring. There is joy in Dodgertown tonight, for the Glory is shining as bright as the Brightest Star, for there is no team that baseball ever had like The Los Angeles Dodgers!

A great game, and it was fantastic to see Kuroda’s debut. I’ve been impressed by the kid (DeWitt) and give Ned credit for not pulling the trigger on some bogus trade like for KC’s German when we have Blake and Hu in the system and close to ready.

Can’t wait to see how this lineup handles Peavy’s nasty stuff tomorrow.

No I’ll be calling it a night DODGERERIC, but I posted something on the last thread about DiMaggio & Williams.

Huroki Kuroda. WOW. Like the way Torre has arrived at his current lineup…I think this is getting close. Love Loney batting 3rd and Kent at 4…with Andruw dropped to the 6 hole. But I’d rather see Kemp 5th and Ethier 7th. Kemp seems to thrive higher in the order and he has great speed.

Really enjoyed the game last night on Gameday. Always enjoy reading the comments on this blog, but I couldn’t get on it during the game last night, AGAIN. The page just wouldn’t load for me and would end up with an error message. Anybody else still having similar problems?

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