Grapefruit League finale

In the final game of Grapefruit League action, here’s who will take the field –

Pierre, LF

Furcal, SS

Loney, 1B

Martin, C

Ethier, CF

Sweeney, DH

Abreu, 2B

DeWitt, 3B

Young, RF

Kuroda, P

The team will leave after the game on a chartered flight to Phoenix, where they’ll meet up with the rest of us here. The Phoenix squad will be working out at Phoenix Municipal Stadium at 2 p.m.

Meanwhile yesterday’s announcement that the team will "take Dodgertown with them to LA" was significant, I believe, because so many people have an attachment to that wonderful place and yet so many others have never had a chance to experience it. The street signs and the giant Dodgertown entrance sign, among many other things, are part of what make Dodgertown so cool and it’s nice to know that those elements will be transplanted to Los Angeles.

I know that as an organization, many of us have talked a lot about trying to make sure that the facility in Glendale has the same intimate feeling that Dodgertown does, so lots of fans believed that any pieces of Dodgertown that came with us would automatically go to Arizona. But the intention of yesterday’s announcement was to make sure everyone knows that while the intimacy among the players and fans will remain in Glendale, the physical aspects of Dodgertown that come with us will be visible to fans all year long at Dodger Stadium.

And of course, I’d be remiss in talking about yesterday without mentioning the amazing finale of Tommy walking off the field through the tunnel created by his players’ baseball bats. What a cool moment that I know touched Tommy and so many others who were fortunate enough to be on hand. Here’s hoping he can close out his managerial career today with a victory at Jupiter. Be sure to check out his blog about this week’s experiences.

With that, it’s off to the ballpark to try and figure out all the intricacies of our temporary home for the next week.



    how do minor leaguers get paid. is it based on their drafted, or potential,or the level that they are playing ay


    ethier in centerfield, looking like he is the fourth outfielder. two weeks left until we play for real, time for some trades, or deciding who is playing where, lineups should start looking like they will for the regular season


    Very sad to read in the Times this morning that Repko may be the odd man out in a very crowded outfield. I think we all know if the 25-man roster was based simply on Spring performance, Repko would be opening the season as an LA Dodger. Speed, power, tremendous defense. A pity. I despise the preferential treatment this front office is displaying.


    I hate to think that the Pierre signing will foul up our team for five years, but that will probably be the Colletti legacy. You’re right that Repko is probably the ideal 4th outfielder for the Dodgers, but he’ll probably never have the chance to do that, at least not with our team.


    Trade, dump, barter Pierre to fix this mess.

    Come on Ned, if you’re waiting for Pierre to turn it on and outplay Ethier the last week of Spring Training so you can drop your predetermined lineup on Dodger fans it’s not going to happen.

    You know in your heart and mind who should start. The speed difference isn’t enough to sway things in Juan’s favor and you know that.

    Do the right thing and reserve your place in Dodger lore as the GM who put the team first and his ego second. Change your legacy from second guessed GM to hero and fan favorite overnight by announcing ASAP that Andre Ethier is our starting LF.


    Repko and Ethier lead the team with 13 rbis, and are hitting .343 and .354 respectively. Kemp is 1 rbi (12) behind and hitting .310. Pierre is hitting .196 and has scored all of 6 runs, less than both Repko and Ethier. My nerves…


    I’m still annoyed with what Tony Jackson wrote on the Daily news, ” Of the three, Pierre would appear to be the least likely to contribute as a reserve. He has no power, and his speed adds a dimension at the top of the order – albeit one that is only effective if he can get on base a lot.”

    So, of the outfielders competing for a starting job, not only is Pierre the least valuable of the three in the starting lineup, but he’s also the least valuable off the bench!

    I concur with you Kahli….”My Nerves”


    If Pierre’s in the starting lineup, I’ll start the call for Colletti’s head early –


    Dodgers vs. Marlins Play by Play Coming Up:

    Hiroki Kuroda vs. Mark Hendrickson

    Pierre, Furcal, Loney, Martin, Ethier, Sweeney (DH), Abreu, DeWitt, Young

    Ramirez, Uggla, Gonzalez (DH), Willingham, Jacobs, Castillo, Baker, Carroll, De Aza


    Top 1: Dodgers Batting: Mark Hendrickson Pitching:
    Juan Pierre grounds to first

    Rafael Furcal strikes out swinging

    James Loney grounds to first

    0 Runs 0 Hits 0 LOB End of 1/2 inning No Score


    They should have used this line up yesterday ,the last game at vero beach ,might just have won the game ,not the wanta bees and someday players


    What we ought to organize at DS is a daily chant if Pierre starts the game. Every time Pierre comes to bat, we need to start the chant FIRE NED, FIRE NED, FIRE NED!!! We would need to bring some hand-made signs that say FIRE NED!! to get the crowd started. I think that everybody would know what the reference was, and the media would probably pick up on that. It should make some impact and at least make him feel like the laughing stock he deserves to be. I don’t recall that anyone has done that to a GM before, so it could get some major nationwide and MLB attention.


    I think what we can all agree on is that its not just about Juan Pierre. He’s a symptom, but not the disease. What I think it really is, is 20 years of fan frustration and the thought that after these 20 years, the D’s still won’t field the best team available to them.


    Juan Pierre, I don’t know if you read this blog, but if you do, please understand our animosity is not directed at you specifically. It’s just that we’d really like to see both Ethier and Repko make the squad. I know you and Andruw have had less than stellar springs but you’re both vets and get the accompanying free spring pass. Lots of bloggers think there’s a hate Pierre/dump Pierre vendetta giong on, but that’s not the case. We’re just impatient fans that want the best possible product on the field. Oops, did I say product? Uh oh…never mind. I forgot baseball is just a business and dictated by the dollar sign. Fans will always be passionate and irrational. Forgive us our fantasies.


    I think messagebear is onto something. But if you really want it to hurt Ned & Co., when and if slappy starts…. Do not go into the stadium we sit outside with signs saying “fire Ned”. kind of like a picket line. Tell me that wouldn’t hurt!!


    Bottom 1: Marlins Batting: Hiroki Kuroda Pitching:
    Hanley Ramirez lines to Ethier in center

    Dan Uggla doubles to left center in front of Pierre and Ethier (the Florida wind played tricks on the ball)

    Luis Gonzalez singles to right, Uggla to third

    Josh Willingham on a hit and run grounds to third, Uggla scores, Gonzalez to second, 1-0 Marlins

    Mike Jacobs grounds to Abreu at second

    1 Run 2 Hits 1 LOB End of 1 1-0 Marlins


    Top 2: Dodgers Batting: Hendrickson Pitching:
    Russell Martin strikes out swinging

    Andre Ethier grounds to first

    Mark Sweeney walks

    Tony Abreu pops to second

    0 Runs 0 Hits 1 LOB End of 1 1/2 1-0 Marlins


    I think we need to change JP’s nickname to Slappy McGroundout. That’s 6 straight ground outs at least. Can’t steal first!


    kahliforni – I completely disagree with the idea that “the 25-man roster [be] based simply on Spring performance”. ST isn’t that long – weird stuff happens. 32-year old AAAA player George Lombard hits .6000. Wilson Valdez briefly looks like a major-leaguer (he does field like one). Scott Erickson (Chan Ho?) looks like he resuscitated his career (he didn’t). Baseball is littered with ST wonders that don’t pan out.

    What we should be judging these players by is what we know they bring to the table and what your eyes tell you:

    2005 – 2007 Juan Pierre:

    2197 PA, .287, .329, .365, .694 OPS, 179/52 SB/CS 77.5% (age 30.5)

    2006 – 2007 Andre Ethier:

    946 PA, .295, .357, .464, .821 OPS, 24 HR (age 26)

    2006 – 2007 Matt Kemp:

    477 PA, .312, .344, .496, .840, 17 HR, 16/5 SB/CS 76.2% (age 23)

    One of these things is not like the other……..

    BTW, I’m not sold on Repko or Young. Repko, Loney and Kemp have comparable career PAs (451 to 486), with Repko getting all of his at ages older than Loney is now:

    Repko career:

    451 PA, .232, .302, .382, .684, 15/4 SB/CS 78.9%, 11HR (age 27).

    Neither Repko or Young have shown much plate discipline at any level and major-league pitchers usually make mincemeat out of those guys. My eyes say they have some tools and potential, but I still think they’re longshots. I did like the comment the other day from Young about shortening his swing; it looked long to me (similar problem with Betemit), which is another thing major-league pitchers can take advantage of, since the batter has to commit to that long swing earlier. Those guys will tattoo mistakes though; witness some of the bombs they hit.


    Bottom 2: Marlins Batting: Kuroda Pitching:
    Jose Castillo pops to Abreu

    John Baker strikes out swinging

    Brett Carroll pops to Furcal

    0 Runs 0 Hits 0 LOB End of 2 1-0 Marlins


    Starting OF petition:

    Jones, Kemp, Ethier: 48

    Jones, Kemp, Pierre: 0

    Jones, Ethier, Pierre: 0

    Pierre, Ethier, Kemp: 0

    Other:, Jones, Kemp: 1

    These are the most updated numbers that I could find, doesn’t anybody else want to vote?


    DY has reduced his Ks in the last couple of games. He went 1-3 with 2 BB yesterday. .600 OBP for that game.


    Top 3: Dodgers Batting: Hendrickson Pitching:
    Blake DeWitt singles to left center

    Delwyn Young broken bat loops to third

    Pierre bunts down the first base line, thrown out (1-3), DeWitt to second

    Furcal grounds to third

    0 Runs 1 Hit 1 LOB End of 2 1/2 1-0 Marlins


    I like Repko as an all around fill in 4th OF. Defense, pinch running, occasional start, ready to go at a moment’s notice.

    Pierre? pinch runner & spot sacrifice maybe.


    It’s one thing to ignore a rough Spring, but Pierre has been awful as he allegedly is battling for a job. That’s when Spring matters.


    scott – fair enough, no argument that Repko is a bona fide CF.

    I don’t like the attempt to bunt for a hit (I assume) with one out already. Plus JP will get “credit” for a costly one-out sacrifice and one less AB.


    Why oh why is it that past players ALWAYS are able to produce 29384723947 times better for other teams than they did for the Dodgers!?!?!?


    scott – but JP is playing out of position! That takes it mental toll at the plate! πŸ˜‰


    Remember, this is getaway to Arizona day for the Dodgers. Expect the batters to stink. Except DeWitt, he’s too young to know better!


    Bottom 3: Marlins Batting: Kuroda Pitching:
    Alejandro De Aza flies to Young in right

    Ramirez flies out

    Kuroda flies out

    0 Runs 0 Hits 0 LOB End of 3 1-0 Marlins


    Rob Neyer weighs in:

    Lee D: Rob, the LA Times is reporting that Ethier and Kemp will platoon in right, with Pierre in left — and Repko getting cut. Isn’t Torre smarter than that?

    Rob Neyer: First, if this actually happens I’m definitely revising my projected West standings. And second, it’s hard to believe such idiocy could last for long.


    jegiboney – man, alex41592 is providing a summary at the end of each 1/2 inning. Be patient! πŸ™‚


    Top 4: Dodgers Batting: Hendrickson Pitching:
    Loney grounds out

    Martin grounds to short

    Ethier grounds to first

    0 Runs 0 Hits 0 LOB End of 3 1/2 1-0 Marlins


    Old Fogey, I agree that spring stats are just that…spring…and they don’t tell much of a tale. Same with Repko’s career numbers, though. Seems he’s always playing hurt, trying to get back in the line-up. I feel if Repko stays healthy he has a great year as a reserve/part-time starter, helping the Dodgers into the post season. As for Young, I don’t even put Young in the same ball park as Repko.


    Bottom 4: Marlins Batting: Kuroda Pitching:
    Gonzalez flies to Ethier in center

    Willingham flies to Young in right who lost the ball in the sun and made a diving catch near the line

    Jacobs flies to Young in right (11 in a row retired by Kuroda)

    0 Runs 0 Hits 0 LOB End of 4 1-0 Marlins


    We’re going to get no hit by freaking Mark Hendrickson… He pitches for us, he gets slammed…. he pitched against us, and is AMAZING… go figure


    Oops, sorry, guess I missed a base hit somewhere, so we’re getting one hit by Hendrickson


    If JP plays regardless and Kemp and Ethier are forced to platoon, its good-bye Snakes, Rox and Pads, and hello Gnats.


    kahliforni – both are 3:1 K/BB ratio guys in the minors and majors. The odds are against guys like that.


    Hendy has the capability to put together a good game every now and then. He just can’t do it on a consistant basis.


    Top 5: Dodgers Batting: Hendrickson Pitching:
    Sweeney reaches on an infield single to third

    Abreu singles to left, Sweeney to second

    DeWitt forces Abreu at second on a slow bouncer to short (6-4), Sweeney to third

    Young 6-4-3 Double Play

    0 Runs 2 Hits 1 LOB End of 4 1/2 1-0 Fish


    The Dodgers fifth exemplifies that JP is not their only problem. Not driving in RISP with less than two outs is going to be their ultimate downfall.


    Quick question, Did any of you sign up for the opening day ticket opportunity through the online raffle? If so, have you heard back yet?


    Bottom 5: Marlins Batting: Kuroda Pitching:
    Castillo doubles to right over the head of Young

    Baker flies to left center, Pierre was going to catch it, Ethier cuts in front and makes the catch, Castillo tags to go to third and Ethier guns him down at third for the double play (that play is symbolic for numerous reasons)

    Carroll strikes out swinging

    0 Runs 1 Hit 0 LOB End of 5 1-0 Dolphins


    I signed up for the raffle, but I have heard nothing. I figured they moved on without me πŸ™‚


    Man, it is great to see this passion.
    A couple of hours ago, I sent the following letter to the Times. It won’t get printed, but maybe we should flood the largest newspaper in LA with the sentiment.

    In Wednesday’s Times article on Jason Repko, Kevin Baxter writes, “So barring a trade or injury to left fielder Juan Pierre, center fielder Andruw Jones and the right-field platoon of Andre Ethier and Matt Kemp, Repko figures to start the season somewhere other than Dodger Stadium.”

    Why does Juan Pierre merit a starting position over Ethier or Kemp? Ethier has totally outperformed Pierre in spring training. The Dodgers don’t need him to bat leadoff as Rafael Furcal is a better choice. And anyone who advocates platooning Matt Kemp with ANYBODY is a bonafide *****. That guy needs to play every day.


    wow, heck yes that’s symbolic, thanks Alex. 100% guarantee that Castillo makes it to third if Pierre is throwing.


    Top 6: Dodgers Batting: Hendrickson Pitching:
    Pierre grounds to first

    Furcal lines to second

    Loney ground to second

    0 Runs 0 Hits 0 LOB End of 5 1/2 1-0 Tuna



    The ridiculous thing is that you don’t need the ST stats to argue for Ethier over Pierre. That is not a solid argument, and it is based on too small a sample size to be fair. We can just look at the last two years to see that Ethier is the better player…especially when he starts every day.


    I’m shocked, shocked I tell you to hear that Pierre has grounded out again!

    BTW, thank’s mucho for the play by play Alex – always appreciated!!!


    I second kevb above.

    You don’t need ST, Ethier was better, but not great, last year. Ethier has earned a shot at LF. Ethier is more valuable, except in contract.


    Bottom 6: Marlins Batting: Takashi Saito Pitching:
    De Aza lines to Loney

    Ramirez grounds to short

    Uggla pops to Abreu

    0 Runs 0 Hits 0 LOB End of 6 1-0 Marlins


    You know, my corgi can run fast and retrieve a ball too, but that doesn’t make her a LFer.


    I agree that you don’t need ST to see that Ethier is the better player. But Coletti made it crucial in his Q and A right here a week or two back.
    By the way, with Hiroka tossing today, will we get that kid lefty again?


    Top 7: Dodgers Batting: Burke Badenhop Pitching:
    Martin grounds to short

    Ethier walks

    Sweeney HOMERS to the opposite field on a hit and run, Ethier scores, 2-1 Dodgers

    Abreu lines to center

    DeWitt grounds to first

    2 Runs 1 Hit 0 LOB End of 6 1/2 2-1 Dodgers


    Man, that play is just hilarious. Without words being spoken, “You got pushed to LF. I’m trying to take that job from you. I’m playing your old, more important position, patrolling the stomping grounds that have been taken from you. I’m cutting in front of you to demonstrate one of my clear strengths over you.”

    I know JP took the money and with it goes the territory, but I do feel bad for him because, by all accounts, he is a quality guy. But he shouldn’t be starting.


    The contract is what makes Ethier more valuable. If we can eat half of Pierre’s contract and send him off, we will save 4 mil a year and will only have to pay Ethier his lower salary. Pierre has to be a fit for some team at only 4.5 mil a year, we just need a B level prospect in return.


    Note that is a two-run homer by Sweeney only because of the preceding “Ethier walks”.

    Outside of one weird game where Nuke LaLoosh must have been pitching for the Nats, JP has one walk this spring. (33 all of last year.)


    “B level prospects”? A pallet of rosin bags is enough if Ned only has to send 50% of the salary.


    It’s good. This is ST. Exposure to the coaches and to major-league hitters in a low-pressure environment (other than he’s a kid facing players he watched as a kid) is good.


    Gonzo’s spreading his special warmth and cheer to the youngsters of the Marlins this year…



    See the message just before yours. Kershaw is the most exciting prospect not already on the MLB roster. He’s 19 years old, but he has a curveball that strikes out MLB players. He throws about 95-mph fastball.


    Bottom 7: Marlins Batting: Clayton Kershaw Pitching:
    Gonzalez strikes out looking on “Public Enemy #1”

    Willingham fists a base hit to the opposite field, Alexis Gomez runs for Willingham

    Jacobs strikes out swinging on the fastball

    Gomez to second on a balk, Lasorda is not happy whatsoever

    Castillo grounds to Maza who makes a diving stop

    0 Runs 1 Hit 1 LOB End of 7 2-1 Dodgers


    That kid is exciting. I hope they don’t rush him up, but Gooden, Vida Blue and Fernando were pretty young when they made the show.


    Since he’s 20 tomorrow and has all of 25 IP in AA, he probably starts in the minors, but he’s obviously on a fast track.


    Top 8: Dodgers Batting: Badenhop Pitching:
    Young flies out to left center

    Pierre bloops a single to left center

    Ivan De Jesus grounds to short, Pierre to second

    Loney walks

    Martin forces Loney

    0 Runs 1 Hit 2 LOB End of 7 1/2 2-1 Dodgers


    Bottom 8: Marlins Batting: Kershaw Pitching:
    Baker flies to left, first pitch

    Carroll grounds to second, first pitch

    De Aza strikes out swinging

    0 Runs 0 Hits 0 LOB End of 8 2-1 Dodgers


    Question for Ned (or any other Dodger employee in the know):

    Will Clayton Kershaw be traveling to the Southern California exhibition games in late March (before his likely minor league assignement)?


    Top 9: Dodgers Batting: Kevin Gregg Pitching:
    Yovanny Rosario (who pinch ran for Ethier in the 7th) grounds to the pitcher

    Sweeney lines to short

    Maza strikes out looking

    0 Runs 0 Hits 0 LOB End of 8 1/2 2-1 Dodgers


    Bottom 9: Marlins Batting: Kershaw Pitching:
    Ramirez singles right past the head of Kershaw

    Uggla 5-4-3 Double Play, first pitch (What Resilience!)

    Gonzalez lines to left

    0 Runs 1 Hit 0 LOB


    2 5 0


    1 5 1

    WP: Takashi Saito

    LP: Burke Badenhop

    SV: Clayton Kershaw (3 Inning Save)

    Time of Game: 2:14


    2 hours 14 min. Just what the doctor ordered for getaway day. Now we get to see what Arizona brings.

    So long Florida.


    shepherd, you are quite welcome. It’s fun when your favorite team has the next big star in the sport.


    Any true dodger fan will know that d lowe got fuokkked in a lot of games. like the cubs game where he left leading 5-1 or the bluejays where he lost 1-0 or even the marlins complete game loss. so for all those that hate on lowe and his 12-14 record dont let that decieve you. he was a lot better than that if you count those games that i just mentioned he can easily have a winning record of 15-12. got a no decision in the cubs game. if lowe has a solid year i would resign him for a 2 yr contract no more no less. 09 rotation penny,lowe,bills,kuroda,kershaw


    i tohught it was ridiculous for a fan on the latime blog to say…”how many times will joe give lowe the ball tp pitch 500?” wowww know the game not just the numbers!!


    Tony Jackson on Kershaw:
    “He’ll stay with the team through Arizona and California before returning to Double-A Jacksonville, which means Honeycutt and Torre have to get him enough innings to get him properly stretched out for the start of the minor-league season.”


    Where did this Lowe stuff come from?

    Lowe will be 36 for the 2009 season. He and his agent, SCOTT BORAS, will be looking for one last big contract and will likely find someone to give him more years than Ned Colletti will want to give him. The club has an option for Penny 2009, a lock unless something really bad happens, Billingsley will only be arb-eligible, Kuroda will still be under contract. Loaiza will be gone. In 2009 Kershaw, McDonald, Elbert, heck even Miller are realistically options to be considered. C.C. Sabathia will likely be on the market. Heck, Oliver Perez might be worth it.

    I doubt Lowe is back and I doubt he gets less than 2 years.


    Lowe has pitched better than his record, for the most part. But I agree that, with Boreass as his agent, he most likely won’t be back.


    Hey Gang. Nice win today to say Good Bye Florida and send Tommy out with a win. Appreciate the play by play Alex. Many thanks. I missed the game but it was nice to go back and read your summaries to see how it went.
    Schmidt should be in the mix next year as well. It is probably about 50-50 whether or not he will be able to contribute as a 4th or 5th starter. I don’t look for Lowe to be back and that is probably good. I don’t like signing 36 year old pitchers, especially when we have considerable talent at AAA. Next year I think Kershaw is in the show. Penny, Billz, Kuroda, Kershaw, Schmidt would be formidable. We will know what Schmidt has to offer and that will determine our direction with regard to pitching in 09. CC will be way to expensive. He wants a Santana/Zito contract and probably will get it. Hope it is elsewhere. Well, just a couple of weeks till we play for keeps. Hope we get a few things straighened out in Arizona. GO DODGERS, ANDRE IS THE MAN!!!!!


    Lowe did get hosed by the offense and the bullpen last year. He should have been 15-12 or 16-11.


    Alex thanks man.

    Yeah totally thank god it wasn’t Pierre hitting in front of Gibson 20 years ago.

    Ok I will lay off. It seems only Sheapard wants him to play


    Apparently, you can’t read.

    I repeatedly wrote that Ethier should start. JP should get traded, etc.

    What you may have picked up on is that I also wrote, let Torre work it out for a week, then boo and campaign for Ethier.


    Thanks for the play by play Alex. It’s great to be able to check in when busy at work. It looks like Andre had a great day on the fielding end of things today – an assist and a DP. The BB did some good as well. I hope Andre reads this blog and knows how dedicated we are to fielding the best team, which includes him.


    oh sorry man, yeah i did just read the last part today…just got in..i tried to catch up..sorry again.


    The accountant would appreciate getting rid of half of the contract in a trade.

    Let’s see, is that a debit or a credit. D*** can’t find that reference!

    In any case, it would reduce fixed costs.


    Thanks Alex for the play by play!

    Good win today for the last game in Florida and for the last game for Tommy.

    I just watched a video on You Tube that you all might want to check out. It is really well done and about Dodgertown.

    Check it out if you have 8 minutes as that is how long it is.

    Go to You Tube and search “Dodgertown” and some will come up. The one I’m talking about is from Ruy24 and is 8 minutes long.


    So, I think its pretty much just Ned.

    The cheese stands alone. Hi-Ho the dairy-o.

    Smells like limburger. Phew!


    Why oh why is it that past players ALWAYS are able to produce 29384723947 times better for other teams than they did for the Dodgers!?!?!?

    Posted by: | March 18, 2008 09:49 AM

    This is an interesting question but other than Paul Konerko and Pedro Martinez, what other past Dodger players, most preferably those that came from within the Dodger organization, have gone on to have noteable careers with other teams? I am looking for players who had more than one or two good years somewhere.



    For me, I notice how Dodger cast offs like Jeremy Burnitz who barely earned his food money with the Dodgers would come in with his new team and hit 2 HR in one game against us.

    It’s always the average cast offs that look like Hall of Famers only when they play against us with their new teams.


    When the Dodgers and certain sports writers say that Pierre is a good guy and a hard worker, what does that mean? Does Eithier sit around eating Bon Bons and doing crossword puzzles? Does Either hate kids and kick dogs? If the answer to those are no, then he is the more talented player who gives the Dodgers the better shot at winning ball games.


    Thanks, old fogey. My point is that there really are not that many impact players who the Dodgers let get away. It just seems that way. Scott, I think you hit the point that irritates me when someone who once wore Dodger blue and did little while doing so comes up big against the Dodgers while playing for someone else. For me it’s Greg Counsel.


    oh, that little weasel!

    Let’s hope Gonzo doesn’t come into LA and have a miraculous 3 HR game!


    One more time, has anyone received an Email regarding the opening day tix raffle? I’m hoping they haven’t notified winners yet.


    Second baseman Jeff Kent, sidelined since March 5 with a strained hamstring, will be out a little longer. He had a cortisone injection on Monday and it is hoped he will be able to play by the weekend.

    General manager Ned Colletti said he is “not yet” concerned that either infielder will miss the start of the season, but if things haven’t changed in a week, “that’s a little different.”

    Manager Joe Torre said he has not made “my toughest decision” regarding outfielders Juan Pierre, Andre Ethier and Matt Kemp, who are contending to flank center fielder Andruw Jones in right and left fields. Nor has there been a decision on the fifth starter, where Esteban Loaiza and Chan Ho Park appear to be the finalists.

    “We have a lot of work to do in a short period of time,” said Torre, who planned to debrief coaches that were arriving from Florida during a Tuesday night dinner. “We’ve got 12 days to figure it out. This week we’ll have a lot of meetings and figure out what to do and what makes sense.”


    so……….there is a chance.

    I see no reason why it’s a tough choice other than money and ego. I am sure that’s what Joe means.

    Come on Joe.


    I’d love to have the honors of calling Phewerre into the office, sitting him down and delivering the news that he will not be starting in left. I would start it out with, “You know Juan, we appreciate your hard work and dedication. However, and I think you have to agree with me, Andre has proven that he is more deserving of the starting position. I hope you will be supportive of this decision as it was a difficult one for me. I have to put the team first, I know you can understand that and will continue to work hard and put the team first”.


    Neds reply. “Well Juan, we will do everything we can to accomadate your wishes. However, right now there is no interest in your services at any cost. I hope you will continue to work hard and try to set a good example for the team as that is really the bottom line here. I assure you, I will do everything I can to find you a better situation”.


    look, i completely agree that pierre’s high salary and low OBP is not a good fit and perhaps never was. but couldn’t we all look at this another way? getting an aging, fading, overpaid and now fullback-sized andruw jones really keeps eithier and kemp from both being in lineup. wouldn’t they have been better served by leaving pierre in cf and continue with pitching, defense and smallball?

    furcal wasn’t healthy, hendrickson and tomko were starting pitchers and the team still was in first for most of of the season?

    the addition alone of loney’s bat and glove, nomar/laroche at 3b and possibly 50 hrs from eithier/kemp might have been enough.


    That was kind of my thinking also, prepress. Getting Andruw was ok but not if it was going to reblock Kemp or Ethier from playing. That really reduces the value of the signing. Why not just play Kemp in center and pierre in left to improve defense? Oh wait–Kemp can’t play center, I forgot. Or at least they don’t want us to think that, or else pierre AND jones would be deemed unessecary.


    Actually Prepress you raise a good point. The one problem is leaving Phewerre in center and still touting defense. He was a huge liability in center. Less so in left, but still below average. Most teams will take a defensive liability in left, but they are doing it to get a big power stick into the order. If Pierre was an above average centerfielder, no move would have been made. I do agree, we could have gone with Ethier in left, Pierre in center, and Kemp in right and you are correct, we would not be having this debate. Also, we could have still moved Pierre to left and played Ethier in center where he would be more than adequate. The risk vs reward for Jones is acceptable and the upgrade in center as well as the power threat is what we need. You make an interesting point, but, there really should be no debate. If we play Ethier, Jones, Kemp, left to right, we will have one of the best defensive outfields in baseball as well as offensive. Phewerre is just a misfit on this team. We cannot justify playing him because his ability does not match his salary.


    Jones stunk last year by his previous stats. However, he would have led our team in HR and RBI’s with his 07 performance. Even if he just gives us that performance coupled with the improved defense in center, it will be a positive for the Dodgers. I believe he will have a better season than last year and his presence in the middle of the order makes all around him better. Kent can bat 5th or 6th where he belongs at this point in his career. Defense up the middle is very important and with Marty, Jones, and Ferk we have 3 out of 4 covered. Kent is the weak link, but his 20 bombs and 90 rbi’s make it acceptable.


    My Nerves!

    Change Kershaw to Ker SAW! He is cutting them down.

    Close your eyes and picture the Ethier, Jones, Kemp outfield.

    JP wears his hat like one of the lollypop guild. spooky. and he throws like one of the apple trees.

    click your heels together and say: Ethier, Jones Kemp. Ethier, Jones, Kemp.

    Aunti Ned, Aunti Ned! I had a horrible dream…..


    Ignore that big contract behind the curtain. The great and powerful Andre has spoken.
    I love it Duck. LOL


    Jones is the Lion, Kemp is the Tin Man, Ethier is the Scarecrow. Phew is one of the flying monkeys.


    I guess Ned is the Wicked Witch of the West and let’s hope Torre is the Good Witch of the East.


    Surprise surprise. I have not looked at this blog in 2 months and JP is still elephant in the room or atleast in LF.


    My continuing allegiance to Repko is being short-circuited by the EVER continuing saga of “Kent and Nomar…dinged yet again.” The Dodgers can certainly afford to carry five outfielders IF we don’t need to load up on infielders. But given the brittle bodies of our two aging heroes, we’re going to need more than just Hu on the bench or whoever the heck is our utility infielder(s) is/are. Curses!!!


    On a more sober note (and I DO hesitate to bring up–EGAD–politics!?!?!?!) whether or not you like Obama, you have to give him credit for delivering an enlightened speech on race today…only to have our beloved KABC talk-show hacks rail against him in their typical hate fashion. Is it too late to get the Dodgers on another station???? Just asking.


    Andruw hit 4th for the Braves until Teixeira showed up, then 5th, 6th and 7th the rest of the way, with Tex taking over 4 from him. Despite his off year, Jones got a lot of run production because he still hit a significant number of bombs, but I think he had a lot of opportunities.

    2007 Braves OBPs:

    Leadoff: .355

    2nd: .392

    3rd: .402 (mostly Chipper)

    Tex (with Atl only): .404

    Jones likely hits 5th for LA.

    2007 Dodgers:

    Leadoff: .327

    2nd: .327

    3rd: .356

    4th: .365


    I’m sure everbody has read with delight that Torre has yet to make his toughest decision, regading Pierre, Ethier & Kemp. Well it looks like he IS thinking about it. That is better than going with Pierre in left. Now it is he might or he might NOT. Nobody knows and that’s a positive and I’d say that it is a step in the right direction.


    Hey Brooklyn,
    I guess if we start Phew over Ethier, we have another rendition of the Sym-Phoney.


    The reason we talk about Pierre/Ethier so much is because we are on the verge of baseball blasphemy.



    Manager Lou Piniella continues to wrestle with the move, which would entail bumping Ryan Theriot from second to leadoff. This is the same Piniella who greeted the long-term signing of Soriano before the 2007 season by saying, β€œWe are talking about the best leadoff hitter in all of baseball.”

    Whether Piniella felt that way by the end of a season in which Soriano belted 33 home runs and batted .299, yet drove in only 70 runs, stole just 19 bases and had a subpar on-base percentage of .337 isn’t clear.


    Joe Torre is also in the same boat as he ponders moving Pierre to leadoff or the bench.

    Pierre belted 0 home runs and batted .293, yet drove in only 41 runs, stole 64 bases and had a subpar on-base percentage of .331

    Made the Torre stuff up, the other is a real article on yahoo. Imagine having the problem of 33 more bombs and 30 more rbi.

    In 90 something less at bats last year, Soriano and 45 less steals scored 1 more run than Pierre.


    Since Torre even thinks he has a decision to make is a positive thing. It shows that he really hasn’t made up his mine as oppose to definitely placing Pierre in left. Now he still might BUT he MIGHT NOT. One thing for sure has gotten him thinking and that must be the way Ethier is hitting. That’s why I belive it is a step in the right direction. I’m going to sleep better tonight.


    I am gonna get a kick out of watching him try and play left field. That should be fun. There hasn’t been much talk on that yet. I think it’s possible his arm may be more of a factor there than in CF.


    I tried to get my corgi to wear a cap crooked, but she won’t sit still long enough to get a picture. Was hoping maybe I could get Ned to sign her up.

    Seriously though, this team’s got some issues. Nomar is going to play hurt (think Furcal here.) Kent STILL is another week away from playing in a game. I’m sure he’ll be sharp when the season starts (think sarcasm.) Lowe and Billz haven’t been the 2nd and 3rd best starters yet, and the LF issue is far from resolved (in manamements eyes.)

    Now you only have two weeks to get things resolved thanks to the China trip. I don’t know boys and girls – they only face the Gints the first few games, but still…


    Dealing JP and some cash to a team for a solid utility infielder (under 30) solves everything. Repko is our 4th best OF now, even with JP and having to depend on Abreu, Hu, LaRoche and DY to pick up Nomar and/or Kent if/when they break down won’t get us to the World Series.

    With that said…JP has a great work ethic and seems to be an outstanding guy…unfortunatly he’s not what we need right now. He deserves to play every day and he could undoubtedly help anohter team.


    With Torre talking about his “toughest decision”, I hope he’s just being politically correct and trying not to hurt Pierre’s feelings because Kemp should not even be part of the equation and Ethier over Juan is a no brainer not needing “the next12 days” and “meetings” to figure out.


    ***fingers crossed****


    looks like the red sox are choosing not to play their game against the blue jays this morning. something about the trip to japan…im not sure what it is fer sure yet


    i get the feeling that there will be a game sometime in the next week where pierre will have a 4-4 day (raising his avg. to .229), swipe a couple bases, and make a great defensive play. in a post-game interview torre will say something about how all players slump, and how pierre is gonna start in LF. i can just hear it now. “juan struggled this spring, but it’s great to see him come through like that for us. all players go through slumps and this was no different. ethier will be a great contributor off the bench this year.”……….at that point, i vomit all over myself.


    THE WRIGHT STUFF? (8:15 a.m. ET)
    Wesley Wright is giving the Astros plenty to think about in spring training.

    The reliever, picked up from the Dodgers in the Rule V draft, threw 1 2/3 scoreless innings on Sunday, lowering his spring training ERA to 1.45. But here’s the rub: As a Rule V draft pick, Wright either has to be carried on the Astros’ 25-man roster the entire season or be returned to the Dodgers for a partial refund.

    Manager Cecil Cooper — who was a Rule V draft choice himself — said the Astros will continue to watch Wright closely before making a decision.

    “Wesley Wright continues to climb the charts and climb the ladder,” Cooper said, according to the Houston Chronicle. “We’ll keep giving him an opportunity.”

    “The first couple of weeks it felt like a tryout,” Wright told the Chronicle about the situation. “Everywhere you go, you have people watching to see what type of person you are and how you act and go about your job. Once you get past that initial tryout period, it’s kind of just baseball again.”



    Maybe the Astros can keep him on the 25 man roster and then let him go play in Japan in 2 years.


    Don’t see much good happening as the season is about to begin. First of all, both Nomar and Kent will be starting the season coming off an injury period and without any Spring Training to speak of. I’m sure that both will want to play even though they’re not 100%. It’s just natural ego for them to think that they’re better at 70% than any healthy youngster or substitute that could take their place. Since they’re both on the downturn in their careers, we can just picture how they will “help” the team.

    The critical aspect will be with Pierre. Assuming that he’ll be starting in LF, if not in the opening game, then soon enough, then for all practical purposes we will have brought in Jones to replace either Ethier or Ethier and Kemp both, if they are platooned. We already know that a healthy Furcal is a better leadoff man than Pierre, but we’ll be foregoing that and probably souring Furcal on the idea of coming back to this team after this season, because he’ll feel that he can command more money on the FA market as a leadoff guy.

    Unless Torre has the balls to stick both Ethier and Kemp in the outfield and to manage Nomar and Kent so that they can’t play partly hurt and non-productive, I don’t see us getting the kind of successful start in the season that we should. Yes, I think that Abreu and even DeWitt could play better second and third base than a Normar and Kent at 70%, if they even have recovered up to that level.


    I wasn’t a “blogger” at this time last year, so this is to the vets: Was there an uproar on this blog when Loney went to Vegas last spring?


    I could not believe it last year when they put Loney back in Vegas. But history is repeating itself this year with Ethier. It’s sad, but the only thing that SHOULD matter is how you play the game. Do you think the Marlins would have benched Miguel Cabrera in favor of an aging vet who makes 10 times as much money?


    I know that it’s a business, but with the Dodgers poised to hit 4 million in attendance this season (and they’ll probably do it if they get out of the box quickly) they should be able to afford sending Pierre’s salary to the bench.


    I went ape **** about not only what it would do by

    a. having Nomar around

    b. not having loney

    c. what it would do for team chemistry….

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