Yet another whirlwhind 12 hours since the last post. The Great Wall was an overwhelming experience for everyone who took part in it. The sheer size is beyond description and seeing Dodger jerseys everywhere you looked while we climbed up to the top of it was a special sight. To think that this was built centuries ago, without modern technology, is simply astonishing and speaks to the will of the people here to accomplish what they set out to do. This despite losing countless lives throughout the process.

We should have some great footage of the visit to share with everyone when we come back, as FSN Prime Ticket had a camera crew there following Matt Kemp around.

And as it turns out, apparently only the second of the two games here will be on TV, and that will be on FSN Prime Ticket on Saturday night in Los Angeles (10 p.m.). The first game, which starts in about five and a half hours, will be available on KABC radio 790 AM.

Speaking of which, after we returned from the Great Wall yesterday, we had a welcome receptions in which several MLB officials, Chinese dignitaries and celebrities (Jet Li, included) were on site. While this was going on, KABC’s Doug McIntyre was hosting his morning show live from a room nearby in the hotel, so he had special guests stop by throughout, including Frank McCourt, Joe Torre, Bud Selig and Dave Winfield, among others. If you missed that, you can tune into Steve Mason on 710 AM at 3 p.m. to hear Frank McCourt, who recorded an interview yesterday for today’s show.

It’s extremely early in the morning, as a group of us are planning to visit Tiananmen Square before we head to the ballpark. Here’s the lineup for the first game ever played on Chinese soil:

George Lombard, RF

Chin-lung Hu, SS

Andruw Jones (CF) – and don’t forget to check out his blog from China

Matt Kemp, DH

John Lindsey, 1B

Lucas May, C

Terry Tiffee, 3B

John-Ford Griffin, LF

Ramon Martinez, 2B

Chan Ho Park, P

And back on the other side of the world in Vero Beach…

Pierre, LF

Furcal, SS

Sweeney, 1B

Martin, C

DeWitt, 3B

Young, RF

Repko, CF

DeJesus, 2B

Loaiza, P

More from Wukesong Stadium later today…here are the game notes for the series. Download game_notes.doc



    They probably didn’t want to pay for the international feed. I’m still going to check in at 10 pm, just in case they get a last minute deal to get it on.


    hey, i’m here in beijing to see the games as the #1 Dodger fan in China!! came over from Qingdao to see you guys. welcome to China…see you at the ballpark. best regards, will albers


    pretty lame about tonites game. o well, at least we get tomorrow. btw, it isnt the first game played in china, first game played by two MLB clubs yes, but not the first game. Babe Ruth and Casey Stengel among others have played exhibitions there before.


    no televised game tonight?! awww man….that’s torture to tell us there is a game only to cancel it at the last second.


    Hey Jungar,
    Saw that earlier and it is perplexing. I hope the medical staff knows what the heck they are doing. Could be that they feel their will be some discomfort associated with using the shoulder as there will be scar tissue and adhesions from the surgery that will stretch and tear as it is used that could cause the pain. Once these are loosened up perhaps the pain will subside without any damage to the joint. Just speculation on my part as to what they are thinking. Hey Ned, perhaps you could give us more insight on this developement.


    I guess we won’t be able to get this game, even on the computer. Do you have to be in LA to get KABC radio 790AM?


    If MLB-TV has the game how come it doesn’t show it on the scoreboard? I’ll listen to it if I could.


    Nodal, no, you can subscribe and pay monthly. However you would have to cancel before the next billing.


    Which means…Play by play from yours truly! The game is on MLB.TV and Gameday Audio. The TV feed is the Padres, so beware. The audio is KABC, our guys.

    Padres vs. Dodgers Play by Play Coming Up!


    O.K Thanks jhall. ****I will like to add here MLB-TV Mosaic automatically deducted the $119.95 from my account this year but not before letting me know that I could cancelled beforehand, which I think was nice of them. They did promise some ST games but than I later found out they wouldn’t start until opening day. But I can get the regular MLB-TV whenever it is on during ST and I’ve watched some games.


    This is completely stupid. First it’s talked about on more then one site that the game was going to be on KCAL and now the only way we can see it is by paying MLB. Preposterous!


    Top 1: Dodgers Batting: Justin Germano Pitching:
    George Lombard grounds to second

    Chin-Lung Hu grounds to short

    Matt Kemp grounds to short

    0 Runs 0 Hits 0 LOB End of 1/2 Inning No Score


    Bottom 1: Padres Batting: Chan Ho Park Pitching:
    Scott Hairston grounds to third

    Oscar Robles grounds to Park

    Kevin Kouzmanoff strikes out swinging

    0 Runs 0 Hits 0 LOB End of 1 No Score


    Park looked good in the first. I really love the fact that the Pards are representing the city of San Diego and the Dodgers are representing THE DODGERS.


    Top 2: Dodgers Batting: Germano Pitching:
    Andruw Jones lines to center, first pitch

    John Lindsey singles to center, first pitch

    Lucus May doubles down the left field line, Lindsey lumbers to third

    Terry Tiffee puts out to the catcher

    John-Ford Griffin bloops to short

    0 Runs 2 Hits 2 LOB End of 1 1/2 No Score



    I am the guy with the Italy jersey who grabbed the homrun ball hit by George Lombard, the first ever for a MLB player in China. I am very happy about that and would like to authenticate the ball. Also to thank Dodgers and Padres for bringing the hapinness of baseball to all of those who love this beautiful sport and are now living in China. Best regards, Jorge Luis

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