Talk to James Loney

He’ll chat on tomorrow at 2 p.m. PT/5 p.m. ET



    Aww man, I’ll be on my flight to Vero tomorrow when he’s doing his chat. I can’t wait until Thursday! First real ST game!


    We got to think of a good question to ask Loney. I’ve been on a few of these chats but I’ve never gotten an answer. —This year I think if the Dodger offense has longer peeks and fewer valleys or more of Jekyll than Hyde under Mike Easler, they should do a heck of a lot better if everything else stays the same. —A more experenced Matt Kemp, if LaRoche can show what he’s been showing elsewhwere, a healthier Furcal and the addition of Andruw, if his HRs don’t continue to slip, we will be a formitive foe for the rest of this division. —I know we like to refer to 3rd base as our “black hole” where we have 3-headed monsters but I think the old saying “hot corner” holds true also, because it seems to hot to handle for anybody since Adrien left. —Met’s beat writer Adam Ruben of the Daily News (N.Y.) referred to Washington’s team as the “Natonal Expos” and I like it. —I can see the Dodgers’ “Stamp of approval” on Kershaw.— I don’t think it’s known yet if Ethier will back up Kemp or Pierre, it’s really going to be interesting. I’m excited about it. —Joe Torre & Rick Honeycut are really nursing Jason Schmidt, they don’t mention his velocity, but they say he’s coming along. I guess that’s the same thing.


    I’m with you. Should be an exciting season if we can stay healthy. That’s a good part of having lots of young guys playing. They tend to be more durable than the older players.


    Yes but, We have a great middle infield in Furcal & Kent. Furcal when healthy has speed and both can hit for power. This makes up a lot for the light hitting left fielder IMO we have a lot to make up for if they go.


    With his good buddy Andruw around for 2 years Raffy may want to stay. If he does the team would be very foolish to let him go. You know what you got you don’t know what you’re getting.


    I don’t consider Raffy an older player. If we get 06 Ferk, I would try and resign him but not at 14M per year. I hope he doesn’t believe he is going to command that much per year again unless he signs for say, 2 years. We paid a premium for the shorter contract length. Which, was probably a good decision. If Hu does well and is ready and Loney, Kemp, Martin, LaRoche, etal are producing more power, we will not need power from our shortstop and I would have to think twice before signing Ferk to a fat contract. Use the money for pitching. Pitching and defense win championships.
    Great pitching + great defense + league average offense = Championship!!!

    Think 60’s/70’s Dodgers.


    In 03 I believe it was, we had the best pitching in the NL + best defense and no offense and we made the playoffs. If we had just had a league average offense, we would have gone very deep into the playoffs and perhaps won a championship.


    Good point*** If we get the power from Martin, Loney and Kemp which we are hoping for. Along with Jones and maybe DwYoung. Yes jhall we won’t need it from short & 2nd base. ***IF is the little big word. ***Pitching & defense definately are big items, but the offense can take a load off of Them. The Dodgers have been struggling for years because of the lack of power.


    jhall and everybody else best piutching does not win chapionships best defense does not win championships…in the end whichever team is the healthiest and gets the luckiest…meaning how good they play (rockies) wins championships! and in jhall 03 the dodgers didnt make the playoffs they won 92 games and didnt make it cause the giants had a better record and the marlins got the w card…noobie. also pierreajifbaefuh d young is gonna get limited playing time…


    samhong, how did the Rockies go so deep in the playoffs? Luck you say? How about…great pitching, and a league-best fielding percentage…with solid offense. Don’t know what you’re arguing about. The lost in the WS when their pitching fell apart…not their luck.


    What is wrong with looking back 20 to 40 years ago at the teams we had that won pennants and championships. What did those teams do and have that we have not had for the past 20 years. The Dodgers were consistant winners and won championships. We can learn from that. Those teams from the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s used alot of homegrown talent, played solid defense and had great pitching. The offense was usually league average or slightly better. Getting real Sam means taking a good look at your team and trying to figure out what has gone wrong for the last 20 years. I am not saying live in the past, but learn from it. The Dodgers were a feared and respected franchise back then and we need to take a look at what they did and try to get back to that “Dodger Way To Play Baseball” that produced champions.

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