In celebration of Jackie…

Today would have been Jackie Robinson’s 89th birthday and starting this year, we will be making January 31st an annual Dodger holiday to celebrate his legacy and teach young students of Los Angeles about his contributions to society. I think we’re very lucky to still have some of his former teammates and friends and family members with us today who can speak about him first-hand so be on the lookout for some great coverage of this in the coming day or so.

Also along the lines of making a contribution to society, we announced a new President yesterday for ThinkCure, our official charity. Janet Clayton will be working to establish this great cause throughout the city of Los Angeles and I think you’ll continue to hear more and more about it over time. Of course, for any of you going to the Coliseum game on March 29, you’ll see a presence of ThinkCure like never before, as proceeds from that game will benefit the charity.

Speaking of the Coliseum, tickets for that game go on sale this Saturday at 10 a.m. PT on Three hours earlier, individual game tickets for Vero Beach Spring Training games will be on sale, so be sure to jump on these opportunities before they sell out.

As for baseball news, most of you have probably read that we re-signed Ramon Martinez to a minor league contract with a non-roster invitation. Also, I personally want to wish D.J. Houlton well with his new team in Japan.  This is a great opportunity for him and given that he would have had a tough time making this year’s team out of Spring Training, I’d love to see him dominate out there and come back to the big leagues a year from now. He’s a really, really good guy (recently married) who deserves nothing but the best.

And finally, two more non-roster invites are on board and both are from our minor league system. A.J. Ellis will be back in big league camp this spring, as will fellow catcher Gabriel Gutierrez.



    If Torre puts the best team out there, we will contend and quite possibly win the NL West. Make the playoffs and we can hang with anyone.


    I absolutely LOVE that you give out better information than the website! 😉 Any word on the Coliseum tickets being available for purchase at Dodger stadium or the Coliseum itself?


    Good riddens Gonzo… I don’t know if I’ve ever been frustrated by a player more than I was by Gonzo this year.
    Torre’s Opening Day Lineup:

    Furcal SS

    Ethier LF

    Kemp RF

    Jones CF

    Kent 2B

    Loney 1B

    Martin C

    Nomar/LaRoche 3B

    Penny P

    I can’t wait until the ST games begin, or until Pitchers and Catchers report. TWO WEEKS BABY!!! GO DODGERS!!!


    this is what the lineup will look like for game 1 of the division series against those SURPRISING REDS..rematch of the 1995 DS, lets just hope it doesnt turn out like that one did ;]..

    1. Furcal SS

    2. DY 2B (Kent has a career ending injury and DY comes in and does a great job)

    3. Loney (All-Star and put up 25ish bomb, with an AVG. well above .330)

    4. Jones (50 bombs a stretch?? i dont think so baby)

    5. Kemp (All-Star and first 30 homer season)

    6. Martin( Another all star yr. for the captin of the D’s)

    7. Laroche (30 bombs and runner up in the ROY)

    8. Ethier (decent yr. but with pierre rotating with him, he is not very happy and his future with the D’s becomes very uncertain.)


    one of my good friends goes to SDSU and he said that he saw James Loney working out with ,Adrian Gonzalez, Tony Gwynn Jr. and Tony Gywnn.

    i guess if your gonna get better, you gotta learn it from the best :].


    ya know as much its blasphemy to praise the Pods, I really love AGonzo’s swing and think he’s a great player. Seems like a nice guy too. Now may he go 0-50 against us.

    bill- I would put some money on Reds as underdogs for the NL pennant. Not much mind you, but some.


    I am so happy that the Dodgers celebrate Jackie Robinson and now have Jan. 31th as an annual Dodger holiday. Here in N.Y. the Mets wholeheartly honor him and will call the Ebbets Field “lookalike” rotanda, the Jackie Robinson Rotanda. As a fan I don’t know how much I owe to this man. I became a Dodger fan and remained one after their departure because of him, He was always my hero and remains so into my adult life. He teaches courage, sportsmanship and a clean way of life among other things. That’s a good start for any kid. I will make a contribution to think cure as soon as I find out to where. D.J Houlton always looked like a young Carl Erskine to me. I haven’t figured out the re-signing of Ramon Martinez yet. So Gonzo’s a Marlin. We must have about 22 non-roster players. Why?


    News Flash!

    God showed me a vision of heaven, and in it I saw every member of this year’s Cincinnati Reds alongside Moses, Abraham, Jesus, and all the saints!


    (Simultaneously, all the members of the Giants and Padres labored in purgatory, dragging behind them on thick chains hoards of meaningless fans.)


    Wow, I just saw Cincinnati’s record from last season. A ******** 72-90. In the NL CENTRAL, worst division in baseball. Yeah, I wouldn’t bet too much money on them. At any point. Unless they put up 3 winning months in a row, at which point I MIGHT take them seriously.


    was thinking about how last year started. a song jumped in to my mind for Kemp.. Hello Wall. Heh. not real funny but I did not bid the thought to enter. The real point is that we sure are in for a run of good luck. No more “do something, even if it is wrong” from the brass and boy it is a nice valentine for us to have pitchers and catchers report! Wonder if the bulldog will show up?


    Bit of a surprised there on Kemp in the two spot. He’s not that type of hitter for me. I get the argument guys on why Martin shouldn’t hit 2, but think of the arguments for why he should. He seems perfect there behind Furcal. Just the way he plays the game, works the count. His mental toughness, never mind the gap power to both sides of the field..his baserunning. (You know he will play at 110 percent no matter where he plays on the lineup card, may as well utilize him best.)









    If the no catcher in 2 spot kills it for you, I’d flip him with Ethier.

    *With the hope he takes over Clean up by May. Kent at 6 is ideal.

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