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Over at DodgerThoughts, Jon Weisman succintly sums up the offseason for fans.

Today at 2 p.m. PT, you can ask Ned Colletti about all of these moves and more during a live web chat on dodgers.com. Remember, it starts at 2 p.m. but you can input questions about an hour early and generally speaking, the earlier they get into the hopper, the more likely they are to be answered. There are so many questions that come in every time we do this, it’s impossible to even see them all, let alone answer each one. But I know a lot of you are anxious to talk to Ned about this winter and this is a great chance to do so.

Meanwhile, early this morning Joe Torre hopped on a flight to China…I can’t tell you why, but, um, if you can’t figure it out, go ahead and Google Search Dodgers and China and see what comes up. It’s officially been deemed the worst-kept secret of the winter.


  1. Roberto

    Vero Beach must be angry. Dodgers going to China and Arizona. I can’t wait for 2009 when the Dodgers will have a home in Arizona.

  2. ezp10@sbcglobal.net

    pretty lame that the dodgers are goin to china their last year in vero, i was gonna go to vero over spring break, but now they wont be there. anyways, was the china thing really suppose to be a secret? we’ve been hearing about it since november.

  3. fliegel@ptd.net

    If the Dodgers were smart they’d stay in Vero for all of the spring and work on the things that will make the team better. Traveling to China won’t.

  4. getya@aol.com

    I agree with you “fliegel”. I look for my beloved Dodgers to be an early .500 club when the season starts as they will be out of gas from traveling….unknown to the Coaching Staff and their coaching ways. It will take the first quarter of the season to try to put a successful lineup together. But again, it is always ALL about GREED & MONEY, not WINNING, so it does not matter to LA Management. That 4th place finish this past season is where I think you will find the Bums in May. Hope it gets better from there….!!

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