Blue Years' Eve and Blue Years' Day

In case anyone is looking for entertainment on New Year’s Eve, there will be a nine-hour marathon on Dec. 31 on FSN Prime Ticket to celebrate the 50th Anniversary in Los Angeles.

The marathon will include FSN original programming, as well as other great Dodger stuff from recent years. Patrick O’Neal will host the event, introducing all 15 shows starting at 2 p.m. and going until 11 p.m. Steve Lyons will also make an appearance, walking viewers through the 2008 Rose Parade float progress.

Among the things you can watch that day are:

2 p.m. Beyond the Glory (’88 WS/Gibson homer)

3 p.m. In My Own Words Tommy Lasorda

4 p.m. Dodgers’ Insider – Hollywood Stars

4:30 p.m. In My Own Words Frank McCourt

5:00 p.m. In My Own Words Ned Colletti

5:30 p.m. In My Own Words Joe Torre

6:00 p.m. Before The Bigs Brad Penny

7:00 p.m. In My Own Words Jeff Kent

7:30 p.m. In My Own Words Juan Pierre

8:00 p.m. Dodgers Insider Manny Mota

8:30 p.m. Dodgers Insider Campo Las Palmas

9:00 p.m. Before the Bigs Rafael Furcal

9:30 Before the Bigs Russell Martin

Then, once you’ve slept off whatever you did on New Year’s Eve, the float will be turning the corner in the Rose Parade, carrying legends like Vin Scully, Jaime Jarrin, Tommy Lasorda, Eric Karros, Steve Garvey, Wes Parker, Fernando Valenzuela and, Manny Mota and current Dodgers like Nomar Garciaparra, James Loney, Takashi Saito and Hong-Chih Kuo, as well as fan favorites Nancy Bea Hefley and Roger Owens, who will be tossing peanuts alongside the float. Come to think of it, we’re a little first-base heavy with five regular first basemen, plus Fernando who has made appearances there! But the theme of the parade is an international one and we’ll be represented by the United States, Japan, Ecuador, the Dominican Republic, Taiwan and Mexico.



    Never been first post before– very exciting naturally…. There is a first time for everything- this is one and there will be another when i go to dodger ST in 2009.


    Uh… ewk? Check your all-time LA Dodger stats there bud. Karros is the Los Angeles Dodger all-time leading home-run hitter not named Snider or Hodges, and is second only to Steve Garvey in LA Dodger RBI leaders… again, not named Snider or Hodges.

    I’m okay with legend status. Karros earned it.


    I agree ewk. Karros Career OPS+ is 107. Piazza as a catcher while playing longer is at 142. But it’s all good….


    i like karros. he was my favorite growing up. it was nice to have one player around for so long. think about how much turnover we’ve had in the last 10 or so years. his announcing skills could use a little work though, haha.


    I liked Karros too, but as first baseman go he was very average for me. Decent glove, decent power, but low OBP and didn’t seem to be all that clutch. I recall alot of weak groundouts to SS when down 2-1 with a runner on second and 2 run bombs when we were up or down 5-0..

    So in the new article about Furcal, we know why Pierre won’t leadoff:

    “I don’t think any lineup would be productive without the leadoff hitter being able to get on,” Dodgers General Manager Ned Colletti said.


    I should put a disclaimer up which says : I am a fan of all dodgers, just some more than others. Karros had some really solid years for us: 95, 98, 99 stand out.


    kssparkuhl is right except there is no disclamimer for Snider and Hodges necessary. Karros is the all-time LOS ANGELES Dodgers homerun leader. My brother and I were there the night he passed Ron Cey who had 228 HRs as a Dodger. We were chanting “Two-two-nine, two-two-nine …” each time Karros came to bat. Nobody knew what the heck we were talking about unti he hit the record-setting homer and they announced it on DodgerVision.



    (from previous thread)

    I’ve been trying to go to the World Series since 1974. From ’74 to ’81 I was thwarted by lack of funds due to my age; failure to have my postcard picked (I sent at least 30 in each ’77 and ’78)in the random drawing; a malfunctioning Ticketron machine; and geographical distance. Since ’88 for obvious reasons. There is almost nothing that would stop me from going this year.

    I’ll be there!!!


    In the latest “Sarah’s Take” on, there is much optimism about the upcoming season and every position player is mentioned except one scrawny weak armed guy. The only reference indirectly is “If Andre Ethier gets to play regularly, he has power, also.”

    I can always hope.


    Pierre is becoming that weird family member that everyone avoids talking about. I guess, if you can’t say anything good, don’t say anything.


    JUNGER: From the last thread. In ’08, number 1 on my agenda will be planning a trip sometime in the near future to come to LA & Dodger Stadium. I regret never going to Vero Beach. Arizona in ’09? Only if it doesn’t interfere with my plans for LA. I won’t miss the Rose parade, I’ll make sure I watch it on TV. It’s been rough following this team over the last 50 years, but since I got my P.C. and gotten online it made it all worthwhile.


    Pierre..if you make it out to DS i’ll buy the tickets. My cousin knows a guy who knows a guy(lol) who can get us right behing the Visitor dugout with reasonable prices. As long as I have enough notice and its not a marquee game (sat night or games vs the cubs) we can make it happen.


    I also have every third home game, and am always looking to shed a few games for cheap prices to friends and such each year…. That goes for anyone on here.


    Speaking of Karros, we used to laugh in the late 90s at what we called the three Clydesdales: Karros, Piazza and Zeile. Fleet of foot they were not.


    Karros was a class act and stand-up guy. Howevever, Garvey was a much better 1st baseman and consistant hitter.


    I think that inconsistancy is the question. Karros was hot and cold. He could carry the team when he was hot. He fluctuated more than any player I can recall. Good Ballplayer, good person. Not on my list of difference makers.


    I think you can make an argument that that was the problem with the 90’s club— they never clutched up… How do you get humiliated all those years of making the playoffs and not winning a single game?


    haven’t we only been to the playoffs like 4 times since 88? So its not like there were all those chances to win a playoff game. Only four. Karros never was an allstar, not to say he didn’t have a good career because he did. I don’t think that he or anyone else wasn’t “clutch” enough, the teams he was on weren’t good enough.


    The made the playoffs only in ’95 as division champs in a strike-shortened year – 144 games – and in ’96 as a wild card . The ’96 team was beaten by the Maddux-Glavine-Smoltz led Braves; tough guys to “clutch up” on. (They were the three winning pitchers.) The ’95 team lost to the Reds who won seven more games than the Dodgers.

    Those Dodger teams had some significant holes in the lineup: ’96 DeShields put up a 60 OPS+ in 642 PAs (!). Starts in some of those playoff games went to such luminaries as Juan Castro, Wayne Kirby and Chad Fonville.

    Pitching (Nomo, Ramon Martinez, Ish Valdez [when he was good], Astacio) and three big bats (Piazza, Mondesi, Karros) are what carried them. It wasn’t enough.


    Karros was a stud in ’95 (145 OPS+, 5th in MVP voting), very good in ’99 (132) and serviceable in between (113, 110, 121), with power. He didn’t walk enough (usually 50-60), so in the years where his BA dipped he made a lot of outs. After ’99 he was an average or below hitter, which doesn’t meet expectations at 1B. Definitely a nice career, probably not “legendary”.


    All of ya’ll got good reasons why EK is or is not a legend. But there is only one that counts and undoubtly makes EK a legend. He beat the **** out of Ismial Valdez for being the biggest ***** in baseball when he had a blister every other game …..Makes him a legend in my book


    I just want to say that pierreeastmeetswest is an inspiration to me. It’s amazing to me that with everything involved with the Dodgers leaving Brooklyn, he’s stayed a loyal fan all these years while (probably) taking some heat from other locals.

    Meanwhile, I cast the Rams aside once they left L.A. (Remember the old joke, “You want the Rams? Fine, and take the Clippers with you!”), yet still remain a fan of the Raiders, who… well, you know.

    I remember getting **** in the 90’s from the people in Braves jerseys, who traded them in for Yankees jerseys, and now I’m sure they traded those in for St. Louis and Boston jerseys. They’d ask why I’d root for a bunch of losers. I’d tell them “Who’s the bigger loser, the team of millionaires who compete against the best of the majors every day, or the guy who changes his clothes with whatever team wins every year?” That usually shut them up for a while.

    But pierreeastmeetswest, I salute and respect you for your loyalty to the team through the years (you should probably be on the float on New Years, not watching it on tv). I hope that if you do make it down to Dodger Stadium, you’ll have an experience that’ll exceed your expectations.


    Pierreseastmeetswest–I was going to say the same thing as Jungar, and I would say that most folks on this board agree: if you make it to LA, we’ll treat to the game. Anyone who has stuck with the team like you have deserves it–and the good news is I think 2008 and beyond is going to be the payoff.

    ewk–don’t knock Karros. Like MartinLoneyKemp says, he’s the all-time LA Home Run leader (I was at that game too, and was very aware of it). He was a fixture at first base for a decade (with Steve Garvey having been my first-ever favorite player, I have always been partial to first basemen, in part explaining why I like Loney so much). No All-Star games, but like they said on Fox this year, he was one of the best players to never make an All-Star team. And, he was the lone bright spot in that awful 1992 season (I was actually at the game on May 23, 1992, trying to get people there to write him in on the All-Star ballot, because they had listed Kal Daniels in that spot, when he hit a pinch hit 3 run homer to beat the Pirates, and as a result got back into the starting lineup the next day and for the next 10 years).

    Sure, no HOFer, but you have to like him.


    Karros was a good ballplayer. Legendary, I think not. Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig,Willie Mays,Stan Musial, Ted Williams, and Joe DiMaggio are legendary.


    joe pierre: you are going to be so loaded from all the beers that are going to be bought for you! Three sheets to the wind! Seriously, you will have to do a meet and greet with all the commenters before you pass through the gates.


    Karros was a solid player for L.A. who had a couple outstanding seasons. Do I think that warrants a “legendary” status, no. But Karros is the type of guy who you like to have on your team because hes pretty consistant and from what I’ve heard, unselfish. Kuo is the wildcard for the 5th starting spot(I wouldn’t be surprised if he won the spot out of spring training)


    I also want to meet you! I’ll give you a tour. I am always at the stadium. Only games I missed this year was because I was out of town on a business trip. -Emma


    Karros had a nice long career with the Dodgers, but he wasn’t even an allstar caliber player really. Just year in and year out decent numbers. Legendary? No. Good guy, good player? Yes.


    jhall – thought you might like this hot stove report:

    Rangers: Texas continues to troll for a center fielder, a search that currently winds from free agent Mike Cameron through Los Angeles and Cincinnati. The Rangers apparently like the outfielder the Dodgers are trying to move — Juan Pierre — but only if he brings along a significant portion of the $26.5 million remaining on his contract. Discussions with the Reds involve Josh Hamilton, but include a price (Edinson Volquez) the Rangers may not want to meet.

    Merry Christmas!!


    all i want for christmas… is pierre on another team!

    karros isn’t a legend, perhaps not even a dodger legend (although being the LA HR leader has to count for something) but I liked him at 1B all those years. I like that fact that he’s still around and is one of the few that still chooses to associate himself with the Dodgers. I would have liked him to be brought in as a coach or something, but he was never in pinstripes 😉


    Ok so..just raise parking by 5 bucks. You know your gonna do it next offseason anyways McCourt….

    5 x 50,000 x 81 home games is

    20 million dollars. And just like that, Pierre is gone.


    If Texas is interested in Pierre for CF, I say please move on it quickly! Even if a large amount of money is required, it is a wise investment for the team. Having four outfielders and two lead-off batters will be a constant disruption to team unity. Pierre is a hard worker and has a good attitude, but his skills are not needed on this Dodger team. He deserves to play where his skills are welcomed, and Dodger fans deserve to have both Ethier and Kemp in the lineup regularly. We will be a much better team for it, so please, Mr. Colletti, give us a great Christmas present and move on this trade quickly.


    Thanks Enchanted. That is good news. I hope Ned and McCourt swallow their pride, open the wallet and get it done. We will be a better team and Pierre will be much happier leading off and playing centerfield. Everyone wins. Nothing personal, but he just isn’t a good fit with the Dodgers right now.


    Yeah I am an idiot…there may be 50k there a night but not 50 thoudsand cars. Nevermind, I went to Chico State, does it show?


    Chico State’s awful close to Oroville – the weirdest place I’ve ever been. Punkinhead and Mushmouse comes to mind…

    Think Padilla’s another albatross we don’t need like Loaiza. Must be a couple of prospects or a back-up infielder and outfielder we could get.


    Yeah Jungar – my wife and I scouted the Chico area when we were checking out places to move… drove through Oroville – pointed backwoods hats (hence the punkinhead reference) – one guy was in his underwear talking to his neighbors out in the front yard…

    We ended up in NM.


    Pierre and $$$ should be sent to the Rangers for RPs Wes Littleton or CJ Wilson (although the Rangers might want to keep CJ). Littleton’s numbers were pedestrian last year but it was his 1st year in the bigs and he got lit up like a Christmas tree in his first few appearances. He pitched really well coming down the stretch last year. He has nasty stuff (trust me) and a side-arm delivery that makes him extremely tough on righties when he’s on. He’s a SoCal boy (along with Wilson) and a great guy, Littleton could be had in a Pierre move and it would improve our depth in the pen even more.


    Nice post Charris. The good part is, we don’t have to get anything for Pierre. Just making him go away is a plus.


    I might add, for the Dodgers team and for him. I think he could contribute with the White Sox or Rangers.


    I like Pierre and cash straight-up for Wilson. Be a good lefthanded addition that can take the ball everyday. Never been sold on Biemel as the situational lefthander to begin with.

    How ’bout Pierre & Biemel for CJ & Littleton?


    Listen you guys, JUNGER, LEEKFINK, OLD FOGGEY, EMMA & the rest of you Californians, I will be letting you know of my progress as I arrange my plans on going to Dodger Stadium. I’d like you to know I have another love and that is TRAINS, especially railroad trains, I love to ride them. I know some of you youngies might frown on the idea of traveling cross country by train but I was planning on satisfying both fantasies at once. I’m in no hurry to get there, it’s taking me 50years already. I went to Chicago in ’05 and I know the rest of the route. I’ve just been slowed up by a few things. I’ll remember about the Dodger tickets you’ve been offering me. And that tour.


    I just read the Hot Stove report on, and I got to say, Mr. McCourt, Mr. Coletti, PLEASE!!!!! trade Pierre to Texas…PLEASE!!! With Pierre gone we have a terrific outfield in every aspect of the word. Imagine, Kemp in left, Jones in center and Ethier in right and Jason Repko as the 4th outfielder spelling these guys, wow. I don’t know about you guys, but i like it. Throw those 3 bats in with a terrific infield of Loney, Kent, Furcal and Garciaparra/LaRoche, you got believe ’08 can be the year. So, again, trade Pierre to Texas, please…..
    PS Happy Holidays to all in the Dodger family (including all bloggers on this site)


    enchanted, I’d make that move in a heart beat, I actually know Wilson and Littleton personally and can attest to them both being extremely talented and just all around nice guys (great for the clubhouse). I’d even consider giving up somebody like McDonald in that trade as well because Wilson has the potential to start (a lot like Meloan) as well. Littleton is more like a long-reliever and is most effective about once through the batting order.

    jhall, I agree the Sox might not be a bad potential suiter for Pierre either.

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