Holiday Gift Ideas

As I just purchased the first couple holiday gifts for my friends and family today, I figured I’d throw out a few ideas for all of you given that you’re all big Dodger fans and probably know big Dodger fans.

Who knows, maybe you’re all buying gifts for each other?

And of course, a very, very happy birthday to Vin Scully!



    Jayson Stark –

    “The Rangers, for instance, are believed to have kicked the tires on a group that includes Rocco Baldelli, Jim Edmonds and Juan Pierre. But the Braves, who had also been interested, are now so charged up about center-field prospect Jordan Schafer’s chances of making it to the big leagues by midyear, they may try to get by for a couple of months with a lesser name — a Dave Roberts type or recently acquired ex-Astros prospect Josh Anderson.”


    I’d like to wish Vin Scully a very happy birthday on this beautiful late November day.

    Many Happy Returns


    Max Power::: Can you send the article in about the Rangers kicking the tires of Juan Pierre? I would like to read that one.


    the Rangers are trying to get ride of Vicente Padilla. The only deal I can think of is Pierre for Padilla straight up. They are both overpaid and underpreformers. Padilla might be helped by the move to dodger stadium but eh. Anyway to get rid of Pierre though.


    I found this amusing…

    Probably since they hope to include him in a Johan Santana deal, the Red Sox won’t trade Coco Crisp until that situation is resolved. The Rangers liked Crisp, but are considering interesting alternatives: Rocco Baldelli, Jim Edmonds, and Juan Pierre. If only Ned Colletti could get someone to take his Pierre contract. Then he could sign another one almost equally as bad. Then he could trade Aaron Rowand a year from now and repeat the process.


    Thank you Max,##### I noticed the Cabrera for LeRoche & Kershaw deal. I don’t see why the Dodgers just don’t add on a few more prospect’s LIKE***HU, Abreu, McDonald, Meloan, I know they have potential, but that’s it. POTENTIAL. It’s a gamble, win some, lose some. take a chance. Oh and don’t forget to say “you must take Pierre or the deal is off”. *****the Daily news(N.Y.) is bagging the Mets to dump Reyes for Santana. ******Wow, I hope Colletti doesn’t get any ideas.


    Kershaw and LaRoche seems like too much for Miggy. We aren’t in desperate need for hitting unlike what many might believe. Trading Kershaw for anyone not named Johan would be a desperation move.


    Man***this Kershaw guy must be quite a pitcher, I can’t wait until I see him pitch. I really expected flak, for Hu & Abreu****WoW I’m shocked, I can’t believe how little I know.


    I just listening to the steve lyons interview, and predictably, he thinks we should trade all our “prospects” for Santana, sign Rowand, move pierre to left, and let Nmar play third.He also called Ned “shrewd”, I kid you not. ::Faints::


    In High school Clayton Kershaw was 13-0 had a .077 ERA and 129 strikesouts in 64 innings. He was selected as the USA Today High School Player of the year and won the Gatorade National Baseball Player of the Year award.

    He’s 19 and throws 97 mph and has dominated in ever level of baseball he has ever played. He is a stud. He has superstar talent and he could be even more.

    He will probably start the season in Double-A and probably get promoted to Triple A shortly after that. He’ll be a september call up for sure he could also be up sooner if he just destroys Double A and Triple A which will more then likely happen.


    O.K********I was thinking like this if we don’t make the trade, assuming that’s the only thing out there. We have LaRoche & Nomar. Nomar, Will he make 2007 an off year or has he completely lost his power? Does he mind being a backup player to Laroche who seems to have done his best hitting when he is not with the big club? Will LaRoche findly find out the reason he loses his batting eye for hitting? I know he’s very patient at the plate, but we need more than walks. Cabrera may be getting fatter and fatter, but he is in his PRIME. I like his batting record.HE IS A PROVEN PLAYER. I have a feeling if he is not ours, by next year and beyond, we are going to regret it. Don’t give up Kemp or Ethier, but we have to give up something, some of the future. 20years for this organization is a long time, let’s not make 30 or 40. PLEASE TELL ME I’M WRONG.



    In honor of 50 years in LA, at one of the home games, the Dodgers should honor their heritage by flying out a die-hard Dodger fan who still lives in Brooklyn but follows today’s Dodgers. Let him/her meet Lasorda and McCourt, sit in a luxury box, stay at a swanky downtown hotel, get a kiss from Alyssa Milano, get authentic Martin, Kemp, Loney and LaRoche jerseys. Get on it Josh!

    I nominate pierreeastmeetswest.



    I’d like to join in wishing a very happy birthday to Vin, who sounds and looks a lot younger than his years. I’d also like to add that he shares a birthday with someone with whom he shared a broadcast both for 28 years, and still should be sharing it, Ross Porter.


    Nomar may have to fight for playing time these days and perhaps he’s unhappy that he can’t beat out Loney and will now have to compete with LaRoche, but has he ever been quoted complaining about it to the press? I think not. Jeff Kent, infamous. Gonzo, on the record. If Nomar’s grumbling, at least he’s keeping it in-house.


    Los Angeles Dodgers – The Dodgers also can offer a good package, maybe even better than the Angels. Top pitching prospect Clayton Kershaw would have to be included in the deal, as well as 3B prospect Andy LaRoche, RHP Jonathan Broxton and one of either 1B James Loney or RF Matt Kemp. That’s a **** of a price to pay with Kershaw alone, let alone the rest of the young talent on the Roster. The Dodgers look like they’re all about it, but to be quite honest, I think I would rather pass.


    OLD FOGEY: When I started reading your post about me I thought you were going to say ***and hang him out to dry*****Thank You***JOE PIERRE


    Joe Pierre: after you break into a flop sweat from get kissed by Alyssa Milano, we might have to hang you out to dry! Seriously, I think it would be a good idea to honor a Brooklyn fan that is still a fan today. That IS loyalty!


    I would not go all out for Johan Santana or even Koufax in a trade right now, because I don’t think we need pitching that bad. We might need some, but what team doesn’t? Guys like Piazza & Beltre came far & few between, for this organization. I could never figure out why. I seen many great hitters come along, but especially since moving to Los Angeles, not many power hitters came out of this organization. In the early years when we had great pitching, it was so good we didn’t need power. We are developing a great team right now and I hope we find one or two amongst them, but there is no harm in getting that big bat from somewhere else to give us a little help until our boys come around.


    Jason Stark hinted at that eariler today jspelk…the Chicago Tribune seems to think the White Sox might be turning their attention towards him.

    “After losing out on Torii Hunter, the White Sox could shift their sights to Tampa Bay speedster Carl Crawford. But Crawford might stay in Tampa. The Dodgers’ Juan Pierre is expected to move to left field, but he will receive $36.5 million over the next four seasons. The Sox might have enough resources to attract Red Sox center fielder Coco Crisp, who will make $10.5 million over the next two years. He also has an $8 million team option or $500,000 buyout in 2010. — Chicago Tribune”


    I met Alyssa in person at the Shea Stadium sports store. Pretty cute but I restrained myself since I had some grand nieces & nephews that are older then her. When we met she said with a big smile “oh your pierreseastmeetswest”, not the way she might have looked at Eddie Murray Though, but she was very friendly. I had to by a “Touch” blouse for my daughter first before I could go in to see her. Of course I had to go in with my daughter. Since I’m a guy.


    I think if we eat a little of Pierre’s salary perhaps as much as a years worth of it we could get a decent arm in return. Gio Gonzales is a decent arm the White Sox have so is Jon Danks but he figures to be part of their rotation this up coming season.

    I really think a Pierre/Padilla swap isn’t out of the realm of possibility because each teams would be getting overpaid under preforming veterans. A move to Dodger Stadium might help out Padilla who has pitch in two very good hitters parks the last few seasons.

    his strike out to walk ratio is a little worrisome but his Career 4.25 ERA isn’t that bad considering where he has pitch most of his career.


    JSPELK2: I read that about Pierre it very soothing but too unbelievable. It looks like somebody on this blog wrote it.


    did anybody here about the trade rumor with the rays? i heard that it is tony abreu, clayton kershaw, and andre ethier for carl crawford. anybody else here about that?

    i know that sounds weird for the rays to do that after giving up delmon young, but i heard that they are interested in signing andruw jones as well, which is why they were willing to give up young.


    the stuff i said in my previous post is all speculation derived from the Pierre rumors posted online which i’ve linked too.


    No, it’s all good Max, I read your post earlier in the day about Padilla/Pierre. Which is a very interesting idea.

    I’m sure a team would bite if Ned were serious about trading Piere, I just don’t think he is, at least not yet. If he wanted him gone he’d be gone. Like DePo and Shawn Green. I’d like to see the link for the Crawford rumor.


    Moving Pierre to left field is one thing good or bad, having to replace him in CF with a free agent should not be necessary.


    The bad part of getting a FA CF is that it will put us back to square one and proberbly free up Matt Kemp. Since the Marlins are in need of a CF, we might as well say Bye Bye Kemp, because I doubt that the Dodgers would let him hang another year as a fourth outfielder. I have a sneaky suspicion that may be the plan.


    Both Cabrera & A. Jones both average 30+ HRs a year, we could end up with both of them. The point is. Is it worth it?


    Pierre, we are only getting a FA CF if we ship Pierre. It would be worth it if it was Kemp for Cabrera, but when you factor in all the other players necessary it becomes not worth it at all.

    Sure you could have A. Jones and Cabrera which is nasty. Or you could have A.Jones, Kemp, Ethier, Bills, Loney, LaRoche, Broxton, and Kershaw in the future b/c you know in a deal for Cabrera at least 2 of these guys are gone.


    I don’t know how long Kent has to decide about playing or retirement according to his contract, but it’s the end of November and time to prod him – not gently. Yes or no NOW. If he wants to play the waiting game, tell him that his job is going to Abreu unless Abreu loses it in Spring Training. That ought to make up Kent’s mind. I really don’t want him back anyway. Can’t see him improving his offense numbers, and he’s already a big enough negative in the field. Ride off in your motorcycle. You were never a real Dodger anyway.


    I agree Bear. Kent is a conceited selfish player. I would be happy if he did not return. Also, I too never did or will ever consider him a true Dodger.


    EWK216: The questions are: Do you want to improve? or Do you want to win now? I think if we want to improve, we could do nothing and this team, with the experience it has gained and will gain as the seasons progress, will improve by itself, as is. If we want to win now we can’t stand pat. It would be a perfect world if it was Pierre, But they want Kemp. I’d hate to see him go, but he seems to be the sacrificial lamb. That is what my head tells my heart. I don’t think we have to go for Jones, but if we do. that will leave us in the same place as we were with Gonzo, in that Kemp/Ethier is the odd man out. Since the team shows no desire to let Pierre go. I don’t think Kemp should go another year as a 4th outfielder. It wouldn’t be right, and for sure Ethier it is well past that. The Marlins want Kemp & although Kershaw looks great, to me both these guys would be money in the bank, to use if needed for Cabrera. The untouchables of the ones you mentioned above, I’d say are Bills, Loney, Broxton & Ethier. Another prospect could be used in a deal for Cabrera, with LaRoche. Thereby leaving us with Cabrera & possibly Jones in the lineup, which is not bad. We’d never get Santana & we should forget about adding pitching, which I’m sure we have enough of. I know it hurts, but we should think with our heads.********* MESSAGEBEARER: I think Kent is waiting to see what the club is going to do and I think he favors tried and true veterants. If he doesn’t come back I think it will be because we decided to stay the coarse.


    Just my 2 cents, but I think the Dodgers should build around Martin, Kemp and Loney…with a side trip to Kershaw. I’d trade Billingsley, LaRoche, Hu, Ethier, Abreu, Broxton, Meloan in any combination of three (but only one pitcher) if it got us Cabrera. No to Santana. He’s a bad elbow waiting to happen.


    Kemp is one of the most sought after players in baseball. Every team that talks trade with the Dodgers wants Kemp. That should tell us something. The evaluation by the experts on all those teams is universal and substantiates what we should already know: Kemp is a potential superstar that you can build a team around. The same could be said of Loney, Martin, and Kershaw. The Dodgers would be fools to trade any of those players. When the same names come up in trade after trade proposal, it is lunacy to trade those players. Build around them and create a future dynasty. Kemp is sought by other teams for CF. Why should we sign a CF when we already have a highly sought after CF??? Players that look great and are traded often don’t perform at the same level on another team. Look at Zito for example. And any trade of Kemp or Loney would result in only a small, at best, increase in HRs and RBIs when you take away what they would produce. It’s time for some realism in our thinking instead of a lot of fantasy and wishful thinking!


    I agree that Kent is waiting to see the makeup of our team for next year, and that is what aggravates me about his indecision. We should send him the message, if he can’t read what’s already been in print, that we’re not going to add veterans who are going to be overpaid either through free agency or through player trades. To encourage a faster decision on his part I’d even tell him that we’re assigning his clubhouse locker space right between the lockers of Loney and Kemp. Let him deal with that. I wouldn’t mind freeing up his $9.00 million for the team, and it might help us to know that those dollars are available to use somewhere else.


    Notable Trade:’s Ken Rosenthal confirms that the Nationals have acquired Lastings Milledge from the Mets for Brian Schneider and Ryan Church.

    An official announcement will come later this afternoon. Rosenthal says that the Mets offered Johnny Estrada to the Nats in the trade, free of charge, but that the Nats preferred to look elsewhere for a Schneider replacement.

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