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A few stories likely to hit the wires soon…

Chan Ho Park could be rejoining the Dodgers as a non-roster invitee to Spring Training. No deal is done yet, but it looks like it could really happen. It’s hard to believe, but no Dodger has won 17 games since Park won 18 back in 2000 so hopefully, if he does come to LA, there will be a comfortability level that will allow him to return to the type of pitcher he was during his first stint here.

Also, we just got off a conference call with our reporters, Larry Bowa and Don Mattingly, so be on the lookout for lots of coverage about them later today or tomorrow.

Larry Bowa commented on the news today that base coaches will now be wearing helmets in response to the awful death of the Rockies minor league coach earlier this season. Larry said he was fine with doing this, as long as it doesn’t have the earflaps that would impede their vision rather than help them. I haven’t spoken to Vin Scully yet about it, but I’d imagine he’s going to be very happy, as he’s been an advocate of this for years.



    This is fantastic news. Not the Chan Ho Park information, about which I am indifferent (but maybe it will work out). But the news that base coaches will wear helmets. It seems obviously important, espescially in light of the tragedy this year, and I can not imagine why it would be opposed.

    And I am particularly glad that the Dodgers are doing it. In my book, if Vin Scully is for something, then there better be a darn good reason no to do that.

  2. Roberto

    Why are there so many negative Dodger fans ? You never know, Chan Ho might turn his career around and do something. With new coaches and coming back to a friendly-hitters park might help him. Good luck Chan Ho !!


    I posted the Chan Ho Park info earlier today in the previous blog discussion (broke the news).

    I don’t think Park is a bad deal. It’s a minor league contract.


    I’m glad the base coaches will be getting the helmets. I know I doubt my ability to dodge those fouled line drives, and I’m 26.

    I hope that Chan Ho Park does well, but judging from last season, it’s going to be quite the uphill climb. Plus, the way that they didn’t discuss his contract details, I’m guessing it isn’t much more than a minor league contract, possibly with incentives for big league play.

    Hey, at least it’s not Scott Erikson


    I was reading the last thread, and the number of people suggesting that a trade for Cabrerra that included Kemp is insane! (It would be insane if it were even 1.)

    Martinloneykemp said that Kemp is a future superstar. Wrong. Kemp is a CURRENT Superstar. Quick quiz–name the last Dodger to have a higher batting average than Kemp’s .342 with a minimum of 308 Plate Appearances.

    Answer–Mike Piazza.

    Alternative Answer #1–Future Hall of Famer Mike Piazza.

    Alternative Answer #2–Future Hall of Famer and best position player in Los Angeles Dodger history.

    Alternative Answer #3–Future Hall of Famer and best position player in Los Angeles Dodger history during the best offensive year that any catcher has ever had in the history of the game.

    Exactly who wants to trade him???

    Jungar is right that Bills, Loney, and Kemp are untouchable (though, I assume that he just assumes that Martin is so beyond untouchable that you can’t even mention the fact that he’s untouchable). But I would not trade any of the three of them even straight up for Cabrerra. While you might get a better player (maybe–not clear where everyone’s ceiling is, because they are all so young), athletically, Loney, Bills, and espescially Kemp are better suited (i.e. Cabrerra’s much-obsessed-over weight issues, which may never be an issue, vs. Bill’s power legs and Kemp’s pure athleticism). But moreover, the cost factor just does not make sense.

    I also want to address the knocks on Kemp’s “attitude.” Other than the implication by Kent–who’s attitude is questionable itself–and running through a couple of stop signs put up by (sorry to say it, but I was at Game 1 of the 2006 NLDS) a horrible third base coach, there is close to zero evidence of this. (And say what you will about Bradley, his flaws more often stem from over-competitiveness and wanting to win, and he is a tremendous talent–and the other target of Kent’s criticism was Barry Bonds, who may well have the worst attitude in the game, but [whether it was due to the juice or not] was the best player in the game for over a decade).

    Finally, with respect to Kemp and his supposed “attitude.” We just hired the guy who is one of the most (if not the most) respected managers in the game, and are surrounding him with some very high quality coaches. Love or hate Grady, and even if you would have preferred Gibson or Girardi as manager, the one thing that is for absolutely certain is that Joe Torre and his coaching staff will not suffer insolence by a young player (and probably not by older ones either). Everyone thought Michael Jordan was selfish and spoiled when he was starting. Then the Bulls gave him Phil Jackson as a coach, and Jordan turned into the best basketball player ever, and led a team to 6 titles.

    Whatever Matt Kemp’s issues (if any), under Joe Torre, come mid-season, he will either be riding the pine or on the trading block, or flourishing under Torre’s guidance. I would put a whole lot of money on the latter option. And I think that the Dodgers just did. Hiring Torre just to trade Kemp makes no sense.

    Finally, I am surprised at the notion that Cabrerra will be on the trading block during the off-season. Dealing a lot of prospects as the Marlins will demand (or major leaguers as they seek with the Dodgers) before the season seems unlikely. On the other hand, let’s say that the Marlins don’t make a move, and come the trading deadline, there are 15+ teams with playoff hopes still alive (like there were this season), but who need a big bat in the middle of the order (imagine if the Dodgers made no real moves in the off-season, and it turned out the LaRoche/Nomar was not cutting it). Then you might make a move. But trading now seems too risky unless he is the key to the pennant. Otherwise, wait a year when you can get him for nothing but money.


    good post leefink. Its kind of misconception that the D’s need to go after Cabrera b.c they need a 3b when Cabrera is unlikley to stay at that position. If you really need as 3b get someone who can play there offensivey and defensively.


    Whether you agree with him or not, leefink is one of the best writers who frequent this blog. Keep it coming.


    I can’t believe the Marlins turned down a trade of Loney, Bills and Kemp last year for MC!

    ****, I can’t believe we offered that, if you believe those rumors.


    Josh “no Dodger has won 17 games since Park won 18 back in 2000” Not even 105 million dollar man Kevin Brown? Maybe this free agent stuff isn’t worth it!! I hope MCCourt keeps his word and builds from within.

    Great post Lee. And yes, please add Martin to my list. You are correct that he is so untouchable to me that it’s not even a thought.

    I’ll disagree with you about Piggy Miggy though. At age 24 and a two time all star there are not many people like him. He will get better and that Florida stadium really hurts right handed hitters. His defense is an issue though as you suggest…but that hitting is just too good.

    Similar Batters through Age 24 Per baseball refernce: *denotes HOF

    Compare Stats

    Hank Aaron (950) *

    Ken Griffey (917)

    Frank Robinson (911) *

    Orlando Cepeda (910) *

    Hal Trosky (902)

    Joe Medwick (894) *

    Al Kaline (893) *

    Mickey Mantle (892) *

    Andruw Jones (882)

    Vladimir Guerrero (879)


    Wow…Chan Ho back with the Dodgers. We might as well sign Milton Bradly, while we are at it.

    How’s Dreifert doing with his rehab?

    At least, we didn’t sign him last time.

    Did he win more than 18 games over the life of his Texas contract?


    I really like the idea of Larry Bowa even with the helmet**lol**just joking. Mattingly is O.K. But Chan Ho Park**well,,I think his best days are behind him. I said the same thing about David Wells but at least he had a real crazy personality. But Boomer did O.K.


    Dear Ned,

    It is better to spend money and keep talen than trade talent and then have to spend just as much money two years later. If the market for A-Rod really is going to be down a bit, strike now!



    Sorry, but i disagreed about KEMP being a current “superstar” statement.

    Certainly, Kemp is a promising player, with flashes of greatness, and at his young age and his relatively low experience level playing baseball, and his current ability to do what he does at this stage of his career, he certainly can, and most likely will be a SUPERSTAR baseball player sooner, rather than later. With more consistent playing time, i’m hopeful it can be this upcoming year. Lord knows we certainly need that kind of superstar power back in Dodger blue to help us on our way to a championship.

    But,Is he a “superstar” right now? I guess it really depends on your interpretation of the word, but i certainly wouldn’t put Kemp in the category of the usual “superstar” type players playing in the game today, including the A-rod, David Ortiz, Pujols, Vladimir Guerro, Johan Santana, etc, etc.

    The closest player we have to a superstar right now is Russell Martin, and his stellar play all season long, coupled with his all-star selection, glove glove award, and soon to be forthcoming silver slugger award shows that he’s on his way to being a superstar, if not already.

    I’m just not quite ready to jump the gun and call Kemp a superstar as we speak. A superstar in the making? Sure, no doubt about it, potential is a great thing, and I would love to see him fill out that potential and peak to the level of play we know he can in a Dodger uniform.

    Obligatory Disclaimer:

    The above comment was solely my opinion. My post was not meant to disparage any other posters on this board, to diminish anyone else’s opinion about a particular topic, nor to create negativity on this board, or contribute to it. Thanks 🙂



    I agree about the David Wells signing. In hindsight, it wasn’t too bad, and he got us a couple wins and really lifted the clubs at times. Especially with his bunt base hit where he eventually came around to score. That was a good game, and it was unfortunate we couldn’t make the postseason and see if he had any of that postseason magic left in the tank.


    Don’t get agitated about Chan Ho people. Who remembers Joe Mays from last spring? That’s Chan Ho this year. Look, Las Vegas needs a back end of the rotation early in the season until Kershaw’s promoted, and the Dodgers lost some guys who filled that role last season – such as Miguel Pinero – to minor league free agency.


    “Piggy Miggy”. That’s a good one.

    If we do sign him, maybe we could put one of those weight stipulations that the BoSox put in Schilling’s new contract.


    I’m afraid I can’t agree with leekfink that Kemp is a CURRENT superstar. A superstar is one who is regarded throughout baseballdom as an amazing player. It’s altogether possible that Kemp could be a superstar, or at least a star, player by now.

    But he’s not because we didn’t play him enough last year for the baseball world (perhaps and unfortunately including the GM/dummy who is partially responsible for his limited time Ned Colletti) to understand the baseball greatness this kid possesses.

    If Kemp were a superstar nobody would be talking about trading him right now.


    If Matt Kemp was on the Yankees of the Red Sox and he did what he did this year for them ESPN and all the rest of the media would be painting him as the next great thing. The Media here wants to trade him.


    I for one am hoping the Angels get Miggy. He’s a much better fit there then he is with the Dodgers only because of the DH.

    If the Angels get Miggy that would take the most likely suitor for A-Rod off the market brining A-Rod’s price down slightly.

    The Dodgers should take a wait and see approach with see. See what the Angels do first. The Dodgers and the Angels are really the only big market team in need of a third baseman and the only two teams with the money and prospects to get one of these guys.

    If the Dodgers act first they will have to over pay for one of them, I’d let the Angels act first and then the Dodgers make their move on whos left.



    You’re absolutely right. But here’s the problem. The Angels have the same incentive to take the very same wait and see approach. In other words, if the Dodgers get the Piggy then the price will go down for the Angels to sign A-rod. Personally, I believe the Angels GM is much smarter and more patient than ours. As such, I think Ned would never follow through with that type of strategy…heck, I’d bet he hasn’t even thought of it.


    CASINO383:::I went to that game at Shea when Boomer had that bunt hit. I was cracking everybody up rooting for him and the Dodgers whenever the crowd got silent. I found out that your voice travels in a quiet ball park. Too bad you have to be rooting for the visiting team. Many Met fans found it funny since they expected to be playing in October.


    if we need a third baseman so bad, which we do, instead of going after miguel why dont we go under the radar and get another young third baseman with plenty of potential???

    how about Ryan Zimmerman of the nats? he is only 23 and is a very good up and coming player. plus we wouldnt have to give up as much for him.

    oh and laroche went 3-4 with rbis in todays game for team usa. him and dyoung bat 3rd and 4th for that team


    Larry Bowa had a lot of other things to say today as well:


    …while Bowa rattled off the names of several of the younger Dodgers. “It’s not going to take us long,” Bowa predicted. “Believe me, we’ll get inside their heads. It’s important they learn how to win, to do the little things. Guys get caught up in stats. The sooner we get rid of the individual things, the sooner we’ll get them to thinking of how to win as a team.”



    Bowa … didn’t bring up the Dodgers’ late-season collapse this year, when veteran second baseman Jeff Kent alluded to what he saw as a problem with younger players not doing the little things necessary to win. But in essence, Bowa said nothing of the sort would be tolerated in the future.

    He did say he was familiar with several Los Angeles veterans, adding: “Those are winners, they know how to play the game.” Otherwise, Bowa said: “It’s not going to take us that long, believe me. The biggest thing is getting inside their heads a little bit, let them know the game is played not only for stats, but to win. Do the little thing. The sooner that we can get rid of the individual thing, the better this team will be.”


    I’ve been waiting for somebody in this organization to say that for a few years now. I cannot stress enough how much this coaching staff will help this TEAM. Youngsters and veterans.


    Chan Ho Park is nothing to get excited about as he is not the same pitcher he was in 2000. I’d rather have a healthy Jason Schmidt.
    And the helmet thing is long overdue, as Vin S. would agree. The main point that Vin makes for his case is not that the base coaches are more in harms way than anybody else, but because they are older and slower than the ballplayers on the field.


    Chan Ho, Why? This guy is so done he’s overdone. Take a chance on somebody who might have an upside. It looks like Ned is trash canning again.


    If the Dodgers want Cabrera, I would offer up Pierre and pay half his salary plus Meloan and one of Abreau or Either . Nothing more.


    Cabrera reminds me of a young Saenz – at least in build, so we can look forward to a fat and slow/ good hit/ no field 3rd baseman with purportedly no discipline. Sounds like just the addition that Colletti would like to make.


    Cabrera reminds me of a young Saenz – at least in his build. That means we can look forward to a fat and slow/ good hit/ no field 3rd baseman for the price of whatever we have to give up. Sounds like just the type that Colletti would like to add to the team.


    Miggy is a great young hitter, but with his conditioning issues he probably will be too fat to play 3rd for long. Maybe left , but he’s not the best outfielder and we already have one of those. I’d still trade for him , but they would have to take Pierre, and not give away our top prospects otherwise no deal.


    As far as Kemp and Kershaw are concerned , I wouldn’t trade them for anyone. You don’t want another Pedro for Delino situation to occur. Maybe now that the Ozark boys are gone and we have a real manager and coaches Kemp will develop quicker.


    A while back a remember everyone one was all over Miggy’s jock. Saying that we was better worth it for the price. That we would be a better fit, than the high price A-rod. Now the majority here people think he is to fat to play. Look at Prince Fielder, look how big he is and look at how far he can knock him out. He is definately and established power hitter at the age of 24. Just because he has gained some wait doesn’t mean he can’t play third. 3r base is the hot spot, you only have so much time to react and cover so much ground. The only thing he has to worry about is charging a bunt play. Other then that the boy can play third and rip the ball.
    I would rather much see A-rod.

    He is a superstar. He would hit 60+ homeruns at dodger stadium. As close as the left field wall is. He probably would hit it out of the stadium. I was at the ball park when Matt Holiday hit the back of the left field bullpen. That was bomb of his bat. I never seen a ball travel that far.


    Chan Ho Park. Great. Maybe he can now be around to allow homerun # 74 to break the record. Another batting practice fastball right down the middle like the one he threw Bonds. Dead Mule with no heart. No clue as to the magnitude of allowing a Giant to break the record in Dodger Stadium.
    Then theres A-Hole, err I mean A-Rod. If the Dodgers give this idiot the kind of money his **** agent is after it will be the end of my 35 year following of the Dodgers


    Cabrera reminds me of a young Saenz – at least in his build. That means we can look forward to a fat and slow/ good hit/ no field 3rd baseman for the price of whatever we have to give up. Sounds like just the type that Colletti would like to add to the team.

    Posted by: | November 9, 2007 07:30 AM

    Thats a bit harsh, I think a comparison to a young Manny is a little closer to the truth. Saenz was never able to put up the numbers that Cabrera has in his young career. But just like Manny, I think Miggy will be a defensive liability.


    Yeah you guys are crazy if you don’t want Miggy.

    LaRoache is 6 months younger than him. Piggy is only 24..Put that in perspective.

    .313/.388/.542/.929 with 138 HR and 523rbi in less than 5 full seasons..4 time all star.

    He is exactly what we need!


    No doubt Cabrera is an outstanding young player. But the price the Fish will demand for him is almost undoubtedly too high. (Kemp + LaRoche + Kershaw seems to be the asking price.)

    Besides why give up the kids when we can fill holes without doing so?

    It’s called free agency, and there are three free agents who address the same (alleged) deficiency that Miggy would cure — ARod, Andruw Jones, and Torii Hunter.

    Besides Cabrera is going to have to go to 1B soon enough. Then what do you do with Loney?

    In short, for all his youthful numbers, Cabrera is not the best answer for the Dodgers.


    Traditionally, the Marlins seek pitching back in any trades they make. As painful as it is to part with Cabrera’s bat, he is the team’s most valuable asset to lure in top-flight, affordable, young pitching.

    So while the Marlins would like to secure a catcher and center fielder, Cabrera is being used to bring in strong pitching.


    NO to the COW! I mean Cabrera! Yea this guy has some awesome numbers with the bat but the kid can not stop eating and his health will be an issue. Yea Manny plays LF but he has a 310 wall where he does not need to do much running (cover gound) out in the outfield. Once Cabrera out-grows 3rd base where do we put him? Not at 1st with Loney there. Outfield? No… So no on Cabrera. I agree with Martinloneykemp, go after a free agent i.e. A-Rod, Hunter or Rowand!

    No to the COW!!!


    I’m very happy to here Kent is coming back, but I can’t understand why he told Larry King and not the Dodgers? How come we get all our information from outside sources first? the same thing happened with Torre.


    I’d just like to comment on something that Mattingly said. It is nothing new, but I just wanted to make a point. He said, “Get a good pitch to hit, something to hit hard”. Although we all heard that a million times it seems like I’ve seen other teams doing this more frequently than the Dodgers. Although Don said he doesn’t talk about walks, but if a batter looks for a particular pitch, he may see a lot of strikes go by, but many pitches are called balls. How often do we see the better hitters taking pitchers that look a lot like strikes but they aren’t. This takes a good eye, I know, but I think if a batter is looking for a particular pitch, in a particular spot, he proberbly will develope a good eye. Sure he’s going to have to start protecting the plate after the second strike, but he stands a better chance of getting deep in the count. This, I would think also leads the pitchers arm to tire out. If you watched the D’backs and the Rockies toward the end of the season, you saw a lot of this.

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