All in a day's work…

Many of you have commented in the past about how you like to get an idea of what the job is like that we do here, so here’s an idea of what today was like.

This morning I went with Takashi Saito to the Nishiyamato Academy in Torrance, a school for Japanese students. Mostly it’s for the kids of Japanese nationals who work in Los Angeles. He also did this last year and it was a really interesting cultural experience for me, as I got to see Saito in his element – something that rarely happens during the year.

As I was watching Sammy get animated at the front of the room, it dawned on me that what I was seeing is exactly what he sees all day, every day, for the past two seasons. Everywhere he goes, no one speaks his language and everything that goes on around him is hard to understand. He’s one of the best players on our team and I truly wish there were a way to show his personality to all of you, so I’ll make that a goal for next season.

On a side note, all of you should keep your fingers crossed that he passes his driver’s test tomorrow, as he’s trying to get a California license. He has to take the written and driving test and we were joking about how he’ll be more nervous about that than pitching in front of 56,000 fans at Dodger Stadium.

In the early afternoon, we invited media to come down to the stadium to photograph and videotape the demolition that is taking place on the field level as part of the concourse renovation. For those of you on the field level, you’ll barely recognize the interior when you come back on Opening Day and we really believe this will be a huge step towards eliminating lines throughout that level, which is one of the biggest complaints we get at the Dodgers.

Then, much like all of you, I spent the afternoon in a meeting. For me, we were meeting with Liberman Broadcasting, who own and operate KHJ, our new Spanish-language radio station as well as several other local stations on radio and TV. The other part of my job that’s not public relations is broadcasting, and as we start a new partnership with them for the next three years, today we got the chance to go over all the different ways we can help one another and utilize their resources to reach Dodger fans and our resources to reach their listeners.

We’re also cranking through the rest of that Season in Review guide that I mentioned before, as well as hopefully tying up the loose ends on an English radio deal. We appreciate all your feedback over the past couple years and have certainly taken it into account as we try to find a radio home for Dodger baseball on the radio in 2008 and beyond.



    Josh, thanks for letting us in on what is going on within the organization. It would be great if you could fill us in from time to time on what some of the players do in the off season and how they prepare for next season.


    in those pics from today Saito’s suit is soo japanese! It’s very cool.

    Tony Jackson is reporting the Dodgers will re-sign Lurch!!! If you want feedback from the fans josh then read this….NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I hope next year’s PR campaign centers around players like Saito, Russell Martin, James Loney, Matt Kemp, Chad Billingsley etc. They are the skilled and exciting ballplayers that should make design the PR easy!


    max power, I think that is better stated as “Tony Jackson is SPECULATING…” Tony’s story:

    If Colletti finally gave Tomko the DFA boot, I don’t see why he would offer Hendrickson arbitration. Middle relievers are the ultimate fungible commodity in baseball; blowing $2.5 million, or whatever Hendrickson would get (he made over $2.9 million last year) is simply bad business sense.



    i just read some of ur ideas about trades and signing of FA’s!

    why the **** would u sign adam dunn?

    he strikes out alot he doesn’t do good on defense and he is not the guy u want in clutch situation coz again he strikes out alot!

    and i can’t believe that u are willing to trade 4 of our best young players!





    well for me DY and Abreu is the 2 who at least should be consider for a trade! but Kemp and LaRoche? only a stupid GM would even think to trade LaRoche and Kemp!

    if ARod signs here in L.A… LaRoche should play 2B! i would rather have LaRoche at 2B than Abreu! in that way we also have power at 2B and if Kent can man 2B LaRoche can certainly do it…

    and i really don’t understand about u fussing about Kemp’s attitude…

    im not sure if ur cousin told u some inside info or ur just reading what’s on the sports articles!

    but no one knows who is Kemp just yet! how come people started giving out their opinions on certain players w/o even a facts?

    he doesn’t do what Kent, gonzo or Lowe did…

    he doesn’t whine even with limited playing at time at the beginning of the season!

    so no point on fussing about that issue!

    2008 lineup assuming Arod signs in L.A!


    Furcal… SS





    Ethier… RF



    Whoever signs A-Rod or Jones for the kind of money Boras is asking is crazy! I say boycott Boras clients. He’s a cancer to the sport. His clients have no team loyalty. They jump from team to team for the almighty dollar with no thought for the fans or the team. There is a reason why the Yankees and Braves will not compete for those players. Wise up and learn from them!


    Agree, redfox. Let P.T. Barnam peddle his expensive wares elsewhere. Give me the scratching, clawing kids!


    Furcal (Hu in 2009)





    Kent (Abreu/LaRoche(was drafted as **** so could easily play 2B))



    -How could you not want this lineup?


    You guys think to0 small. This is LA. 2nd biggest market in the U.S. It’s not like we have to push the payroll past 130-140 million to fit A-Rod in it. We could easily afford it. Big contracts will be off the books within the next 2 years too (Furcal, Schmidt, Kent, Lowe? Penny?) with a payroll at 140 million (and they were at about 120 this year if i’m not mistaken) that would leave more that 100 million for the rest of the players.

    Don’t give me this “selfish, only care about money, and themselves” ****. All baseball players care about money. They all want to win too. You don’t think A-Rod wants a ring? Even if it’s for selfish reasons, he wants to win.


    Anybody who signs a 10-year contract with the Texas Rangers is not about winning. A-Rod bolted Seattle, which had just lost to the Yankees in the AL Championship Series in 1999.
    Texas? Had never gotten past the first round of the playoffs. Sorry, A-Rod would be a bad fit for this team. Sluggers don’t win championships. Guys named Herhshiser, Schilling, Koufax, Beckett, Morris do. Get the Dodgers a stopper.


    just wondering how do we go about applying to be intern. that would be amazing! thanks for everything this season and last josh, simply amazing


    A-Rod would be a great fit for any team. The guy is off the charts with talent, and especially for the Dodgers considering the hole at third. Maybe sluggers dont win championships, but they certainly dont lose them either, and considering we have none A-Rod would be huge.

    Not to mention we have a quality pitching staff. Penny, Lowe, Bills we can count on. Schmidt is a big question mark, but the news can only get better. Wolf showed stuff this year– we should definately buy him out and then sign him to a cheaper deal. I would be all for dealing for a Garland type, but there isnt going to be much out there. Maybe Loaiza can recover form– he once won many games.

    Regarding A-Rod, we just arent going to get him. I really just do not think there is any way he goes to the NL, but if the Angels don’t want him and he wants to opt out (which im sure he does) maybe he would roll the dice and do something unexpected a la Barry Zito last off season. I doubt it, but id love it, and yes i would love to see that lineup with a little variation.

    Furcal (Hu)








    We need to ensure Russ;’s health as much as possible so he can be our catcher for a long, long time.


    The Yankees won lots of World Series without A-Rod. They haven’t won any with him. In fact, no team that he has played on has gone beyond the first round of the play-offs, let alone win a World Series. What makes you think that he will make a huge difference in LA? And it would have to be a huge difference to warrant his salary. But no player is worth the buck he makes, let alone what he wants in his next contract. And Boras now says A-Rod can play til he’s 45. Do you want to sign him for the 10 or more years Boras wants? To me, that’s just plain ridiculous!


    Gee, your right. Sluggers like Big Pappi, Manny Ramirez, Albert Pujols, Babe Ruth, Lou Gerhig, Mickey Mantle, Reggie Jackson,…. on and on… don’t win titles.

    You don’t think 50 homers would make a difference for the dodgers? He’s a great player, maybe the best ever, that’s why i think he’d make a difference in LA.

    Yes, sign A-rod till he’s 42. He’s 31 now, 10 year contract takes him till he’s 42. He’ll probably ask for an opt out clause, and might use it, so it may not even be a 10 year deal. Regardless, its completely unreasonable to say A-Rod wouldn’t help the Dodgers. Would you rather not make the playoffs instead of failing to advance? Look, once you get into the playoffs, anything can happen. A-Rod would help us immensely in that.

    This team needs offense, this team needs a 3rd baseman (if they don’t trust LaRoche enough). Get A-Rod or play LaRoche.


    jan dodgers,

    Tell me why the **** you wouldn’t want Dunn. He’s got more power than any other free agent out there, that is not including A-Rod of course. Yeah he strikes out alot but so does Ryan Howard. Plus his defense is as good as Kemp because he can actually judge a fly ball. About LaRoche, I love him to death but tell me the last season he had that he wasn’t hurt? The guy is a great talent but he can’t stay healthy. He didn’t stay healthy in the minors so what make you think he’ll be healthy in the show. There’s more wear and tear in the bigs than down on the farm. If I had it my way DY would replace Kent but management doesn’t think so so why not trade him for a pitcher. If DY is going to play 2B then trade Abreu. I don’t think Stults and Houlton have what it takes to pitch in the bigs but alot of other clubs do so why not let them go. We’ve got Kershaw to fall back on. And now to Kemp. Kemp has two bandwagons; one is the one you guys are on who only look at the potential he has, the other is the one that people see he has a bad attitude and only cares about himself. He’s not a proven player. There have been hundreds of players that came to the bigs and showed out for 2 or 3 years and ended up being bust. Like I’ve said before I think Kemp is the next Milton Bradley. He’s got million dollar talent and a ten cent attitude. But I don’t come on here bashing your opinions like you don’t know anything about baseball so don’t do that to me. Obviously I’ve got way more baseball knowledge than you do so if you can’t reply to my comments in a normal way then keep your mouth shut. I’m not on here trying to start anything. I’m just making my opinions just like everybody else.


    I’m still in the dark as to the “all-seeing source” who says Kemp has a bad attitude, only cares about himself, and has a ten-cent attitude. Wasn’t me. Wasn’t Jeff Kent. Wasn’t Logan White. Wasn’t Grady Little. Wasn’t Frank McCourt. Wasn’t Tommy Lasorda. Wasn’t Russell Martin. Who then????????? Who is this omniscient one?



    you said that you have more baseball knowledge than all of us and a while bakc you said that you would be playing for the dodgers if you werent hurt. that might be true, but i highly doubt that. soo lets put that knowledge to the test buddy..

    Tell me why the **** you wouldn’t want Dunn. He’s got more power than any other free agent out there, that is not including A-Rod of course. Yeah he strikes out alot but so does Ryan Howard. Plus his defense is as good as Kemp because he can actually judge a fly ball

    that wat you said and i KNOW your wrong.

    adam dunn fielding pct. in 2006 : 960 12 errors

    2007: 970 6 errors

    and before that he had 10 and 8 errors….

    can you tell me how you can make 12 F***ing errors in the outfield mr bsaeball expert???

    i mean you should know since you played ball better than all of us??


    I never said I “played” better than anybody and I never said I was an “expert”. I’ve been around scouts my whole life and I know how they think and what they look for in a player. Anything can go into making errors, the sun, the wind, a bad bounce or even making an aggressive throw. I never said he was a gold glove fielder. He’s a pure homerun hitter, something the Dodgers don’t have and need. Plus he walks over 100 times a year. We don’t have a player on the team that will ever hit 40 hrs in a season, not even LaRoche. With all the guys that would be on in front of him he’d have 130+ rbi’s. They wouldn’t be able to pitch around him because of the hitters that would hit behind him so his offensive numbers would be better than his career averages because nobody is ever on for him in Cincy. Then the games he doesn’t start you’d have a guy who could come off the bench with the possibility of hitting one in the seats every time. If you put Dunn in the middle of our line-up with the pitching we have we’d be lethal.


    I’m not on here to argue with anybody. I’m on here to make my opinions just like everybody else. I don’t jump on anybody for their opinions and I don’t expect to jump on me.


    Lets go back to you main point though– Kemps bad attitude? Where did you hear this? I certainly have never seen a hint of it by the way he plays, or his body language in the dugout. Adam Dunn is garbage. Let his fat *** waste in Cincy… You cannot be serious saying he is as good an outfielder as Kemp, but more importantly, the type of player that Dunn is is no longer important. Big swinging, strike out a lot, cant play defense corner outfielders. I’d much rather take a guy who hits with more average, less power, and players significantly better defense than a slob who cant run. And like you pointed out about his lack of back up in Cincy, he will strike out more and walk much less bc pitchers won’t throw around him.


    Opinions are great because they can be argued and debated. State facts only and no one will respond to your expert analysis.


    If you can’t look at Kemp’s body language and tell he has an attitude then you need to spend a little more time watching a player instead of his stats. I’d take Dunn 100 times before I’d even consider taking Kemp. You never hear anything out of Dunn or anybody talking bad about him. All he does is goes out and hits 40+ hrs and drives in 100+ runs a year. There’s never any controversy surrounding Dunn. I never hear anybody complaining about Ryan Howard striking out all the time. He set the freakin’ record this year and nobody said a thing about it. But hey, that’s your opinion so I respect it.


    I’m not saying I know everything about baseball because I don’t. I also didn’t say I was an expert at judging talent because nobody is. Nobody knows exaclty how a player is going to turn out. I’ve spent thousands of hours with scouts (college and pro, more pro though) and agents. I know what they look for and I’ve learned what to watch for in a player. When I watch Martin I see the next Pudge Rodriguez. Loney is a gold glove winner. Either is a typical 20 hr 75 rbi guy. Bills is another John Smoltz. Kemp is Milton Bradley waiting to happen.


    thousands of hours with scouts?? how old are you?? I spent thousands of hours playing and practicing. Have a few friends on 40 man rosters and in the minors. not just a distant cousin. What makes you so sure Kemp is the next Milton Bradley?? Does Kemp have off the field problems no one knows about but you?? Kemp is a RF with 40 hr potential. Bradley is a switch hitting CF who HAD 30/30 potential how are they similar?? Kemp has been with one organization. Kemp doesn’t have domestic abuse problems or never has gone off on anyone in the media or the stands. How many games has Kemp been thrown out of??
    Get serious your not even a true Dodger fan how long have you followed the team 5 years.

    Dunn is a career .240 hitter that plays in a Homerun friendly park. Dunn is good defensively that they keep trying to move him to first. Get lost your opinions on Kemp are WAY OFF!!!!


    I’m still blown away by all the bash Kemp crowd. First it was innuendo and gossip…now it’s body language. Do me a favor. Before we trash Kemp or trade him to Tampa Bay, let’s watch him for a full season in the Major Leagues. Like we’re NOT going to win the World Championship in 2008 if we keep him. Hey, we’re not going to be World Champions in 2008 regardless, so what’s the hurry with defaming a 22-year-old kid?


    cameron do u even realize what ur saying?

    DY is a good player! he can hit! and that’s what i like about him!

    but u can’t put him in 2B coz he will get alot more errors than Kent!

    DY can’t play 2B! wake up!

    and again! stop the “Kemp attitude hater club” cameron!

    no one in their right mind would trade Kemp!


    Let’s see Broxton is my first cousin. I know Francour, McCann, Chipper, Macay McBride (I faced him in high school, he’s from around my area), Micah Owens and alot of the young Dodgers. I played at the end of these guys high school careers. I’ve sat down and talked to nearly every scout in the bigs. I ate supper with Logan White when JB was drafted. I hang out and hunt with JB’s agent every year when he comes to Waynesboro to see Brox. Trust me I know way more people in baseball than most anybody on here. But we’ll see about Kemp. And I’ll get lost when Broxton isn’t a Dodger anymore.



    one more thing!

    ur talking about body language?

    as far as i know i can see Kemp celebrating with his mates whenever they hit HR, score a run, etc…

    he even joins the celebration when the cancer(gonzo) hits the walk off single!

    i’ve seen him jumping up and down like they are in the playoffs!


    I watched DY play from the time he was drafted until he got to triple-a. He’ll be just fine at 2B.


    I’m not saying I know everything about baseball because I don’t. I also didn’t say I was an expert at judging talent because nobody is. Nobody knows exaclty how a player is going to turn out. I’ve spent thousands of hours with scouts (college and pro, more pro though) and agents. I know what they look for and I’ve learned what to watch for in a player. When I watch Martin I see the next Pudge Rodriguez. Loney is a gold glove winner. Either is a typical 20 hr 75 rbi guy. Bills is another John Smoltz. Kemp is Milton Bradley waiting to happen.

    Posted by: | October 11, 2007 12:01 PM

    You start by saying that you are no expert and that no one can predict what a player will ultimately turn out to be. Then you make all these predictions about our young kids. What are we to make of your predictions? How are you so ready to dump on Kemp?


    What a name dropper Cameron. Who you know is not as important as what you know. You offend me personally by saying you know more about baseball than anyone else on this blog.


    Exactly, they are my predictions. From what I see of them on the field and in the dugout. I’m not saying they’re going to be right. That’s just what I see. The only young guy I think has proven himself is Martin. I don’t think Bills, Brox, Loney, Either, Kemp or any other young guy has proven that they’ll be great ball players.


    cameron where did u get the “Kemp is milton bradley waiting to happen”?

    is that from a scout u have sat in for a dinner? hahahah!

    is that a joke?



    “I don’t think Bills, Brox, Loney, Either, Kemp or any other young guy has proven that they’ll be great ball players.”

    u sounds like an idiot!

    this guys above haven’t proven yet that they can be a great ball player?

    w0w! just w0w!


    Cameron I’d tell you to stop talking before you make a fool out of yourself but you already did that…so i encourage to keep talking…I’m bored and could us a good laugh.


    cameron you have so “many” connections you should be a scout. Get real just because you picked up those guys bats after they hit doesn’t mean you know anything.

    If you think Dunn is a better outfielder than Kemp you have lost ALL credibility in this Blog.


    I don’t joke buddy. I can’t help you haven’t gotten the opportunity to meet so many baseball people. Some people aren’t that lucky. I’m probably one of the luckiest people because of the baseball guys I’ve been priviliged to be around in my life.


    “Proven” No term in baseball I hate more.

    I don’t understand how you can readily write off a guy like Kemp though. Many good baseball players have perceived “attitudes” when they’re young. Bonds has major attitude problems, yet he’s the all time HR king (sure he had illegal help, but even before that he was a **** of a ball player). I don’t get you.


    We’ll see who’d laughing when all these superstar kids turn out to be busts. And when everybody is ready to dump Kemp because he’s killing the clubhouse.



    I haven’t seen someone provide this much comedy on the blog in quite a while…Thanks bud! LOL!


    The only thing that’s going to be funny is when these superstars bust and the Dodgers are left with nothing.



    dodgers fans are the greatest fans i have ever seen in my life…

    i do see some idiots like you in this blog… but still they are not like you… coz u keep pushing ur stupidity…

    im sorry to say that, i really do… but ur talking about the greatest fans in baseball… and im one of them…



    So now you’re predicting that every dodger prospect will be a bust…get a hold of yourself man.


    Just think in a few years when McCourt is done building his theme park you guys will get to go see Mickey, Goofy, Donald, Daffy and the seven dwarfs play 81 times a year. Want that be fun.


    You never hear anything out of Dunn or anybody talking bad about him. All he does is goes out and hits 40+ hrs and drives in 100+ runs a year. There’s never any controversy surrounding Dunn.

    Posted by: | October 11, 2007 11:55 AM


    And, for the record, Kemp can easily hit 40 hrs, and drive in 100 RBI’s for an extended period– plus 30 sb….



    i don’t know how long can u keep this one…

    u even admitted that ur cousin has the possibility to be a bust…

    ur just crazy man!


    Cameron you are a riot. They’re all gonna be busts now huh. Haha… yes, lets also judge how good a player is by the number of championships he’s won… lets see, I believe Juan Encarnacion has won a WS. David Eckstein has 2, and a World Series MVP… I’d take him over A-Rod any day…! haha


    Just think in a few years when McCourt is done building his theme park you guys will get to go see Mickey, Goofy, Donald, Daffy and the seven dwarfs play 81 times a year. Want that be fun.

    Posted by: | October 11, 2007 12:53 PM

    Which dwarf will you play?


    He does have the possibility to bust. His numbers this year weren’t better than last years except for his walks and he’s struggled a little bit closing. Yeah he was overused a bit but that could come back to bit the Dodgers. Who knows.


    The vets have had their issues in the past you know. Kent with Bonds in SF, and Bradley in LA. Gonzo was upset last year when Ariz started calling up the young kids that now have them playing for a chance to get into the WS.


    So you’re telling me that you’d rather have A-Rod than watch the Dodgers win a ring? Yeah that’s a great fan alright.


    oh for god sake! cameron!

    really? brox has the possibilty to bust?

    and just becoz of his numbers at the end of this season?

    w0w! ur the biggest joke! now i can say that swood has more knowledge than u have…


    yeah cameron if the Dodgers get Arod there is no possibility they get a ring!

    are you reading your post before you hit submit??


    I rather have A-Rod and have more of a chance to get into the play-offs, where anything can happen. If we could win it with all nice guys like Juan Pierre, then I’d be all for that. But realistically, the Juan Pierre’s of the world wouldn’t give us the best chance.


    You provide no back up for your arguments other than “i know baseball people.” What a joke man.


    Children, please. This is getting ridiculous!

    Cameron: you can talk to all the scouts you want, and watch all the players you want. But don’t judge a player’s psyche unless you are with that plater up close and personal.

    Dunn is a good power bat, but a definite defensive liability, and if you think otherwise, I question your ability to judge talent.

    Does everybody remember Joey who used to post just to get our goats? Could Cameron be Joey in disguise? Whether or not he is, I believe he’s playing us, and the intense and nasty responses we give him only feed his ego and encourage more of his nonsense, so I think we should lay off him.

    Josh- Please keep up the informative and interesting posts. It’s a long time until February in Vero (for the last time), and I need my Dodger fix, the playoffs without them doesn’t do it for me.


    they said swood has more knowledge than you do… i guess i see how saying that can be considered bashing swood.


    no one is bashing swood…

    i like swood…

    but he sometimes say things when he didn’t even think first! but he has more knowledge than u have!

    and im trying to say that u just won the crown!

    “the biggest bloke”


    Yeah dodgerdude I’ve proven some things. You and a few of your friends have no clue about baseball. You are exaclty right. You are a Dodgers FAN. You have no knowledge of the game of baseball. You see stats and you go nuts. Watch the players instead of his numbers. You’ll become a better BASEBALL fan instead of a Dodgers fan.


    To predict that someone will be a bust is the easiest type of prediction to make in baseball. It can be done with little or no knowledge yet is likely to be proven correct the vast majority of the time.

    What is completely absurd is to make such a prediction on the weak, and baseless assumption that someone has a bad attitude. First, it’s weak because even if a player has a bad attitude he can still be incredibly successful (see Barry Bonds, our own Jeff Kent, and Cameron’s own Tyrus Raymond Cobb). Second, its completely baseless because as Ewk and some others have correctly points out, NO ONE HAS EVER SAID KEMP HAS AN ATTITUDE PROBLEM. And don’t come at me with the “look at the way he carries himself on the field” arguments. Much like most of Cameron’s arguments, such arguments are based on pure speculation and amount to nothing more than wild conjecture.


    im talking about cameron as “the biggest bloke”

    not swood!

    i like that kid! he puts a great laugh in this blog!

    and again… i’ll say it again! swood has more knowledge than cameron!


    Cameron you egotistic punk. I’ve seen plenty of baseball throughout my life. Numbers tell you more than your eyes. I’ve played organized baseball since I was 6 (im 22), and I still play collegiate baseball now. Played with my share of talented players. A first rounder. A couple other minor leaguers that still play now. blah blah (I don’t like to talk about this stuff on the blog because it shouldn’t really add credibility, or make my arguments worth anymore than others.) I have plenty of knowledge. I back up my statements with facts, or at least substantiated opinions, and not just with meaningless conjecture like you. Say something meaningful will you. Have some support other than “i know people.”


    Alright I’ll tell you something meaningful, you are pretty **** stupid. With what you said I guess Milton Bradley is a pretty good player when he’s healthy. I guess every team wants him in there dugout. I guess everybody wants to play with Barry Bonds who acts like a 10 year old spoiled brat. Yeah, you keep reading those numbers instead of personality. See how far that gets the team.


    I can’t argue Milton Bradley is a good personality for any team. That would be foolish. Barry Bonds is a great player no matter what you think. If Matt Kemp puts up half of what Bonds puts up, I’m sure everyone would be happy with that. Bonds carried his team to within 6 outs of a WS championship. It’s not like all the teams he played on ended up below .500. Teams with “bad-attitude” palyers can win. 1977 yankees? Reggie Jackson.

    But that’s more of a philosophical argument. For sake of this argument, lets just say i agree that bad attitudes are detrimental to a team. What proof do you have that Matt Kemp is a bad seed? Why do you think he and our other kids will be busts?


    cameron what a stupid git u are!

    stop the milton bradley thing!

    how can u compare or say that Kemp is milton bradley waiting to happen!

    and dodgerdude is rayt!

    u keep saying u know people from the bigs!

    we don’t care who are those people u talk too… and we don’t care if ur JB’s cousin!

    and im not even sure if ur telling the truth that he is ur cousin after telling us that he can be a bust!

    u don’t even know what ur talking about! just imagine talking about ur cousin and saying that he can be a bust!

    ur an idiot!


    Thanks for the tip on judging players. I’ll still stand pat with Kemp until he stands in the shadow of the light towers like Richie Allen did or melts down a week before the playoffs, like Bradley did…on TWO separate occasions with TWO different teams.


    Yeah Max the new Radiohead album is pretty good.

    Cameron did Kemp steal your lady? (or Boyfriend?)

    His attitude or not it is exciting for older dodger fans to see good young players come up, which is why many of us are so defensive.

    It was when you were in 4th grade, in what must seem like forevor ago for you, since the dodgers had any homegrown talent of worth to even talk about on the roster.

    Let us enjoy it, even if you don’t. Let us find out for ourselves that Kemp is the antichrist. Some of us will be here even after our cousins are traded off the team.


    Not all of them will be busts. But according to you guys, STATS and history say that 2 out of every 3 will be average to below average players. And I apologize for the stupid comment. It came out of frustration. It’s cool with me but it’s funny how everybody can have an opinion but as soon as I give one on a player every body likes I get bashed. I don’t know what Kemp is going to turn out like just like you guys don’t. I see him in a different way than you guys do. So what. I don’t want to use Brox and our past with scouts and agents as a tool but for some reason you guys act like I’ve never been around baseball. But again you guys can bash me and call me stuff all you want. It doesn’t hurt my feelings at all. I have an opinion and I’m going to voice it when it comes to players. If you want to voice your opinions about me that’s fine too. But I’m not getting caught up in the personal battles. So I’m apologizing to everybody that I may have said something negative too.


    I think we all get that you don’t think Kemp is a good team player and you are not sold that he will be a future MLB star.

    What we don’t get is why you have to say it daily.


    It’s ok Cameron…although you never said anything negative towards me…heck I haven’t even posted here in weeks.

    I for one am not being too dogmatic on the kid-attitude issue…I figure that if people closest to the team are saying that the kids have an attitude then I can’t merely dismiss the claim just because I like the kids…that being said, I like the kids, but I have no idea what the attitude is like in there.

    Love the job you do, Josh. Don’t always agree with you, but that’s neither here nor there.

    Go Sammy!!! I hope to see you in my rear view mirror soon!!!


    If you guys don’t want to hear anything about Kemp everyday then why do you guys say everyday that he’s the next big thing(not in those exact terms). If you guys think he’s not tradable then I respect that. But my opinion is that we would be a better team now and later if we trade him and get something in return. I know Bills, Penny and Lowe are a good rotation but I still think we need a good lefty starter. I know we need a big bat but when it comes down to it pitching wins. The freakin Dbacks just won the division but got outscored by their opponents for the season. I respect yalls opinions. You don’t have to agree with mine but I’d kinda like it if you didn’t jump on me every time. This is a blog, lets talk about everybodys opinions instead of arguing about them. To me it’s fun to talk about things with each other but when everybody is arguing it’s no fun. I’ll take half the blame for the arguing because sometimes I say thing out of context. I don’t have a problem with anybody on this blog. Yeah you guys bashed me pretty hard but so what. That’s life. But I think we could all get along better if we discussed topics instead of arguing about them. And no matter what you guys think I want Broxton to be a Dodger for a long time.



    Fairly sensible post there.

    I think the reason you’ve been getting bashed today is because your opinions seem to be unsupported by substantiated facts. Its more like your opinions are tainted with a personal dislike of Kemp rather than anything objectively substantive.

    Moreover, I’m not to sure what to make of your distinction between “talking” about opinions and “arguing” them. To me, the most interesting discussions are indeed arguments that consist of well-supported facts followed by logical conclusions. I agree we should all respect each other and refrain from personal attacks but, there is certainly nothing wrong with bashing someone’s opinion if it completely lacks foundation.


    Why does every opinion have to come from facts or stats? An opinion is not a fact and doesn’t have to be supported by a fact. An opinion is something you’ve come up with for whatever reason.


    I think I just revealed Cameron’s fundamental problem…to him opinions are no different than non-sense. I feel better now.


    cameron is right in one respect. That is none of our prospects other than Brox Bills,and Martin have really proven anything other than they have ability. That said I would rather keep most of them unless we’re getting back a proven YOUNG pitcher or run producer. As for Kemp , he has a world of potential and under the right leadership he may become the next great thing. As far as chemistry goes , I know it’s important that everybody is pulling for each other, but I’d take Jack the Ripper if he could drive in runs and play the field. Look at the Yankees of the 60s. Mantle and Maris supposedly didn’t like each other, but they both produced.


    As far as Pierre is concerned , if you admit he’s not a good enough center-fielder and want to move him to left, then you’re admitting you shouldn’t have signed him in the first place. I would rather they give DY a chance in left and try to get rid of little Juan.


    ok i’m gonna defend cameron…sorta
    as i posed a few days ago. kemp does have a bit of an attitude. to what extent i don’t know. during the last homestand of the year i watched him strike out to end the first and then no joke take 5 min to walk back to the dugout then to right field. pierre was just tossing the ball to himself while waiting. loaiza even finished warming up and had to wait for him to get out there. i’m not necessarily saying trade him, or that he will be milton bradely, but for you guys to say that cameron is making stuff up is wrong. some of you guys do need to open your eyes and really pay attention to what some of these players do.


    dodgerdude, you missed the point. Of course teams with sluggers like Big Pappi, Manny Ramirez, Albert Pujols, Babe Ruth, Lou Gerhig, Mickey Mantle, Reggie Jackson,…. on and on… can win titles. But there are many, many more with similar producers who don’t even make the playoffs. It’s not that a slugger isn’t desirable, it’s that you don’t pay that kind of money to get one. If you pay A-Rod $25 million a year and he hits 50 HRs, that costs you a half of million per HR. That’s obscene! And if he gets hurt or has a bad year it’s even worse. And don’t forget the clubhouse chemistry problems when there is that much salary difference amongst the players. Save that kind of money and grow you own talent and then use it to get some reasonable free agents and keep the good players that you have. To give a long term contract for that kind of money is lunacy and isn’t necessary. Just look at the Rockies and Diamondbacks. And remember that the Braves gave away hot prospects for Mark Teixeira and Toronto extended Vernon Wells, etc. but that didn’t get them into the play-offs, either. Signing A-Rod doesn’t guarantee success, as the Rangers and Yankees found out. Smart people learn from experience and don’t repeat other’s mistakes. Signing A-Rod would be a mistake!


    Following is the funniest post I’ve seen in a long time:

    “I think we all get that you don’t think Kemp is a good team player and you are not sold that he will be a future MLB star.

    What we don’t get is why you have to say it daily.

    Posted by: | October 11, 2007 01:46 PM”

    I’ve got to defend Cameron on this point as he’s a rank amateur at repetition compared to most of us!

    It is nice to see some civility return to the forum, and opinion need not be based on fact, that’s what makes it opinion.


    Kemps antics at 22 pale into comparison of the antics displayed by Kent, Gonzo and others recently when talking about doing the right thing for dodger baseball.

    Great post above Red.


    I think the idea that Kemp has a bad attitude may have come from some things written by Plaschke and others may have picked up on it. I am not saying they are correct as I don’t know any more than anyone else does who has not been around the clubhouse. I have been to a number of games this season and watched on TV just as most of you have and I have not seen anything specific that would tell me much about Kemp’s attitude. I did see the same baserunning mistakes everyone else saw but I don’t know how those mistakes were handled by Dodger management or how Kemp may have reacted to any comments made to him by management or other players about those mistakes. The people who really know about such things are the people who are around him on the field, in the clubhouse and so on, but I don’t think you will hear anything specific coming from them, which is not too surprising. These are the types of things clubs would try to keep quiet.

    I can understand discussing he trade value of any player. It is interesting and harmless and a touch of wishful thinking. We have the luxury of playing GM without all the nasty little details getting in the way.

    I must admit this discussion of Kemp sure made for an entertaining diversion from more important things.


    It’s funny cause eyes see differently.

    Like for example out of Loney, Kemp and Ethier..I would choose Kemp as being the least arrogant one based on what I see on TV.


    Yeah and I think you are the most arrogant based on what I’ve seen in the forums…weird….j/k 🙂

    So I think we should bring in Rowand and I hope never to see Hendrickson in my nightmares or in blue ever again (unless it’s with the Mets)


    I love coming in here and reading what Josh post and what some other posters have to say but when I see people calling each other “idiots’, it just turns me off.


    can i ask a question to y’all?

    Is Trading Kobe the rayt thing to do for the Lakers?

    Yes or No!

    for me… NO!


    Jan your question has no simple answer and one that is a bigger ball of wax then this kids vs vets stuff!

    As a diehard laker fan and Kobe supporter I will say this:

    The lakers can’t trade Kobe for reasons on and off the court. Season seats, credibility, players we would get in return for the short term..

    However the lakers should trade Kobe though and give him an opportunity to win or do what the NBA needs and become the Lakers again and build a team around him.



    Solid post. Good points and solid back up info. I have to say though, that just because A-Rod hasn’t worked out with other teams, it doesn’t mean he can’t work out with the Dodgers now. So many things just make sense for the Dodgers to push to sign him. I previously explained that because of other expiring contracts, signing A-Rod would be affordable for us now and in the future. We would still be able to sign our home-grown talent as long as we don’t blow more money on guys like Pierre. We need power, and could use a power bat a 3B. I just think it makes too much sense to not at least pursue A-Rod. Just because something (in this case A-Rod) “hasn’t worked” before does not mean that it will never work. There are no guarantees in life other than death and taxes (“death and taxes” is a very good beer by the way), but you have to agree A-Rod would help give us a better chance at least getting us into the playoffs.


    I don’t know jungar…IF the Bulls offered Ben Gordon Luol Deng and the number 1 and 2 picks for Kobe I would do it in a heartbeat.


    I really dont like the NBA, and really only follow the Lakeshow, but that’d be a **** of a trade for the Lakes. Kobe gets his dream destination, and we take all of their good players so it’d be just like it was for him on the Lakers.

    Manny- i think thats the difference between an opinion and an informed opinion.

    I dont think Kemp is untouchable– Russell is the only one that is– but i dont know who we could get for him that would make it worth it. Johann for Kemp straight up maybe, but i would still feel like we were getting the short end of the stick.


    Their number 1 and 2 picks* not the overall number 1 and 2 picks…that would be impossible.

    Kemp shouldn’t go anywhere.


    arod probably won’t be a dodger. if he opts out it’ll most likely be the angels.

    i think we can do fine even without a big time slugger like arod. and i think loney and kemp could have around 25 HR’s each. and if furcal is healthy he could be 300 hitter and could steal 30 something bases and be a true catalyst.


    This is an interesting NLCS, it gives us a chance to really view these two ball teams that barreled past us this season. I’m only hoping the Dodgers are watching, not only the players, but everybody else in the organization. I’m sure they are and paying attention too. I can’t wait for the Free Agent Market to open up. This has to be a very interesting year. I hope we are a better team when we go to spring training next year.


    Please share this article with Mr. Colletti:

    Jayson Stark hits the nail on the head:

    Don’t buy your own. Grow your own.

    “What money usually buys you is star power,” said Byrnes. “And you buy stars pretty much knowing you’ll get impact performance. With our young players 23 guys like [Justin] Upton, [Chris] Young and [Stephen] Drew 23 we know they’re impact talents. What’s happened as the season has gone on is, that impact is starting to happen more often. And obviously, the Rockies are another team with affordable impact guys.”

    When impact talents have impact on Octobers, it doesn’t matter anymore how much you’re paying them. And that’s the story of the Diamondbacks and Rockies. Fourteen of the 25 players on Arizona’s roster are homegrown. Seventeen of Colorado’s 25 came through the system.

    That’s how you get postseason bang for offseason bucks these days. And here’s the proof: You no longer see teams like this trying to imitate the Yankees and Red Sox. You see the Yankees and Red Sox trying to imitate them.


    Payroll, schmayroll

    Five years ago, Bud Selig and his favorite labor negotiators practically had us brainwashed to believe that size of payroll determined the outcome of every postseason series.

    He can thank the Oakland A’s for finding a thousand different ways to lose a series, just to make that premise possible. But if it worked then, it’s safe to say it doesn’t work anymore.



    Red Sox $143.5M 2nd

    Indians $61.7M 23rd

    Rockies $54.4M 25th

    Diamondbacks $52.1M 26th

    * — Opening Day payrolls

    The Diamondbacks have a $52 million payroll. They just beat a Cubs team with a $99.9 million payroll.

    The Rockies have a $54 million payroll. They just knocked off a Phillies team with a $90 million payroll.

    And over in the AL, the Indians have a $62 million payroll. That’s about $160 million lower than the payroll of that Yankees team they just wiped out.

    So money still talks in baseball. But three of the eight lowest-salaried teams in baseball weren’t listening last week. And it isn’t the first time, either. Over the last six postseasons, the team with the higher budget club has won only nine of 24 Division Series. So if that’s a trend, it’s the best news to hit this sport in years.

    So I beg you, please, give these young players a chance to build a dynasty together without “over-priced, proven veterans” to build a bridge to the future. I respect Kent, Furcal, Penny, & Lowe…they’re already here. But we don’t need another 3B when we have LaRoche, and we’ve got several good, young outfielders who deserve a chance: Kemp, Ethier, Young, & Repko.

    This team has a chance to be better than the Rockies & Diamonbacks for many years if they aren’t split apart. And you can save Mr. McCourt a lot of money by avoiding those “over-priced, proven veterans” who are entering the decline phase of their careers.


    Josh..I would’ve loved to be with you at the Japanese school with Saito in his own element. It must’ve been an experience. Saito is one of a kind.


    Gentlemen and Ladies, I think we should reserve judgment on Kemp. You are basing your opinions on what the press is writing and maybe an observation or two on television. Now we know how the press loves controversy. I have been lucky enough to have met a few of the players at the games. I found Kemp to be very charming and nice. He’s also very young. I happened to drop my beloved Dodgers pen under a barrier and when someone stated, “oops I hope you didn’t like that pen too much. You’ll never see it again,” Kemp stated, ” Don’t worry, I’ll get it” and proceeded to get down on his hands and knees in that red ballfield dirt and found my pen. He stood up and gave me my pen with a bright smile and dirtied knees. This was before a game. I can’t say what a good impression that made on me. He could’ve just shrugged and said, “oh well.” but he didn’t. He is always smiling and nice to everyone. From what I’ve seen at the games, he gets along with the other players. I’ve also met Andre who takes time out to wave and nod in response to the fans. He tosses balls out to the kids in the bleachers. I’ve also met LoRoche and Dy who are also nice young men. I was very lucky to meet Jeff Kent who supposedly is difficult and standoffish even with the fans. But he took time out to greet us before a game. He shook hands and posed for pictures. He autographed anything his fans wanted autographed. I was lucky enough to actually get an MLB ball autographed by the future hall of famer. He also was very personable. Not everyone is lucky enough to actually have a conversation with our Dodgers. Don’t believe everything you read. When one person says that Kemp is a spoiled brat, then of course, everyone gets on the bandwagon. We know how that happens. Remember how everyone kept talking about Russell Martin and Alyssa Milano?? That also was a tale that was woven and disproved. It’s too bad how a person’s reputation can be marred by such inane dribble.
    I too find all these personal attacks unpleasant. Let’s just share our opinions and not be so defensive. This should be fun, not nasty. We all have a common interest..Dodger baseball. It’s a game, guys. Let’s just get along!!!


    xoxrussell, I think you are actually Alyssa Milano herself or a very good looking girl to get that kind of response from Kemp! lol!

    I also am privey to some Dodgers insiders and i know that the biggest problem with the Dodgers is the split clubhouse between the vetrans and the young guys. Gonzo and Kemp are the catalists for their respected sides. No Doubt!

    However, it is not their fault is clearly their disrespected manager. I think everyone should realize no matter how much “talent” the team has, they will not succeeed with Grady and his coaches at the helm. Why do you think runners completely blow off the third base coachs running signs? There is no respect there.

    Instead of dreaming for A-rod , we should hope and pray that Joe Torre becomes available, listen to the Yankee players reaction of the thought of losing Torre. Do you think the Dodgers clubhouse would not be estatic if Grady were fired. C’mon look what happened to the Sox when they got rid of Grady.

    Get Torre and then it would be alot easier and possibly even cheaper to get the likes of A-rod.

    Fire Grady!


    No offense to A-Rod or Boras, but if the Dodgers never again dealt with the likes of either of them I’d be more than happy. I remember in 1999 when Boras wanted Beltre declared a free agent because the Dodgers had signed him at the age of 15. Or the time Boras screamed bloody murder a few years back after the Dodgers had the audacity to pitch Chan Ho Park in relief following the All-Star break and he got shelled, citing Chan Ho’s psyche or some such nonsense. Or the Abreu flap this season about lost service time due to injury/demotion. Boras is great at what he does…protecting his client and getting him maximum, obscene cash. I would simply choose to wash my hands of the entire distraction.


    Even though it’s not suprising it’s sad to thing of the Dodgers without Olmedo Saenz next year. Another item concerning the 50th anniversary, I read in the Voice of the People in New York’s Daily News this morning, a voicer stated that O’Malley at lease had the integrity to identify his team as the L.A. Dodgers, unlike the owners of the football Giants & Jets, who capitalized on the N.Y. lable, which I thought was comical. Oh incidentally, Why doesn’t McCourt save some of that money he’s spending on Dodger Stadium for a rainy day, in case A-Rod becomes available.


    Tomato was next to useless this year. The two walk off hits he did have came at the expense of dozens of other opportunities Grittle gave him. What a waste. Resign Sweeney, at least he can hit.

    Ned should sign Mike Lowell and Darin Erstad. Both are right up his alley.


    Before we extend any kind of offer to Sweeney, I’d like to see about the availability of Marlon Anderson. I doubt that the Mets signed him for any longer than this past season. I think he was a better fit for us than Sweeney, although Ned would probably disagree due to Sweeney’s Giant service. Marlon had more power and probably should not have been released by us, except for some unfortunate timing last season concerning available roster slots on the team.


    I know that Saenz didn’t contribute to much this year, but I’d miss him because of his longevity with the team. OLMEDO the Killer Tomato, the Pride of Panama, as Vin would say. Good Luck sir.


    Olmedo went from “trying to throw a lamp chop past a wolf” to “trying to throw a salad past olmedo sanez”


    I’m glad Olmedo the rotten tomato is gone…

    I was reading on this is the 12th greatest moment in LCS history…

    12. Grady Little leaves in Pedro Martinez, Game 7, 2003 (Yankees vs. Red Sox): Managerial moves get over-dissected, but this one … well, this one was warranted. The Red Sox had a 5-3 lead and one out in the eighth. Everyone knew Pedro’s numbers hit the toilet after 100 pitches. Little left him in to give up hits to Bernie Williams, Hideki Matsui and Jorge Posada. With the score tied 5-5, Little finally relieved Pedro — after 123 pitches. And then lost his job.

    sigh…we are going nowhere with this guy leading our young guys…


    Diehard everyone already knew what happened with Grady in Boston… thank goodness we are getting rid of that fat **** tomato. Its also good that we’re considering moving Pierre to LF, his squirt gun won’t be as exposed there. This may be a sign that we are looking at free agent CF’s. I would love to have Torre as our skip if we get rid of Grady.

    FIRE COLETTI!!!!!!!


    HIRE ME AS GM!!!!!!!!


    We CAN win without ARod, atleast we won’t have to deal with that pig Boras. I would love to have him but I doubt it will happen because you all know about our relationship with Scott Boras. I wouldn’t be too unhappy if he didn’t opt out. I mean atleast we wouldn’t have to worry about SF/SD/NYM/LAA getting him…

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