The last week at Dodger Stadium

Despite the day off yesterday, we’ve managed to stay busy so I haven’t had much time to post anything besides lineups. I hope to do so shortly but for now, in case anyone missed it, earlier today Takashi Saito was named one of 10 finalists for the DHL Delivery Man of the Year Award and it’s an officially sanctioned MLB award that’s voted on by fans. With all you did for Russ at the All-Star Break, hopefully many of you will take the time to give Sammy the recognition he deserves.

The lineup for tonight:

Pierre, CF

Kemp, RF

Loney 1B

Kent, 2B

Martin, C

Ethier, LF

LaRoche, 3B

Hu, SS

Penny, P



    Not a bad lineup, but why don’t they try D. Young in center? Is it because Pierre is too good? 🙂 Also if what I’ve read is true and Grittle has lost the team , that’s reason enough for him to go. It won’t be much different next year if he hasn’t got the teams ear.


    Bye Gonzo, don’t let the door hit you on the way out. Nothing personal , it’s just we don’t need any old outfielders with diminished skills.


    No fliegel it is personal. He complains about playing time even though he knows its hurting the team, he just doesn’t care. He cares about himself not whats best for the team. so f-u Gonzo!!!!


    I’ve never heard of a manager/coach losing a team then coming back for the next season….I guess there’s a first for everything…


    If we played D.Young in center than that would break up Pierre’s consecutive games streak and god forbid if that ever happened. but wouldn’t it be funny to surround the youth with jeff kent.


    I saw this on Dodger thoughts..thought to share.

    Loney’s .396 average with runners on base is the highest by a National League rookie in the past 30-plus years (since 1974; minimum 150 plate appearances). Source: STATS, LLC


    I wish Grady, Ned and Pierre weren’t coming back next year but lets face it they’ll all be back. I think the most likely and soonest to go if we continue to lose will be Grady, Pierre and Ned in that order. I hate Ned but he’s McCourts guy and I feel like McCourt will stick with him. anyway McCourt is more interested in making Dodger stadium a theme park then he is making the team a winner.


    Sorry for all the negativity guys, but this was a very frustrating year for the Ds. This was a year of coulda, woulda ,shoulda. They could have been better, would have been better and they should have been better. This was a very winnable division ,but every decision management made (upper and lower) were the wrong ones, and that just tanked the team. Unless management is changed , I don’t see much hope for next year either.


    Brad Penny needs to put one in Matt Holliday’s ear hole, even though I want him here next year.


    If we win out and the Padres and Phillies lose out we’re in the playoffs as a wild card. It would be the greatest comeback of all time…


    agreed fliegel. I’ve been saying that for months. That’s exactly why I don’t think we’ll win next year either…


    calauto whats wrong with the wizards??? we’ve got some good guys, Arenas, Jamison, and Butler are all good. NBA CHAMPS BABY!!!!!!


    swoods right about Frank. He’s only interested in putting in a restaurant so he can make more money. I know this was a transition year , but it didn’t have to play out like this . All they needed were smarter people making some of these baseball on and off field decisions. The only way things will change is if people stop coming out to the park and Frank starts losing money. Then and only then will his first priority be putting a winning team on the field. Frank always says he wants to be like the Yankees. Well the Yankees don’t except mediocrity, that’s the difference.


    Nice Lineup, although Hu might have been better at the 2 hole (?). Then put Kemp ahead/Behind Kent and puch the rest of the line down.

    Agree / Disagree?


    Little said he believes the Dodgers are “real close” to being ready to turn over their future to young players, the way the Arizona Diamondbacks have successfully done.

    Lets all hope so. **** I can’t find where I read that quote, feel free to help me out anyone who also read it. It might have been on one of the ‘Dodgers Notes’. Calauto I’m serious about the wiz kidz. NBA CHAMPS BABY!!!!!


    Fliegel — Sorry, I have to disagree with you. The Yankees are getting a new stadium, which will bring in more money. Dodgers aren’t going to do that. Would you like to have a new Dodger Stadium?


    There’s nothing wrong with trying to get younger and even cheaper ,as long as the young guys are good, and they are. But I’ve lost all faith in this management team to make this transition work right and make this franchise into the winner it always used to be and what the fans deserve.


    yeah swood i know grady admitted!

    im sorry i didn’t make my self clear…

    what i mean is…

    The youngters didn’t really have alot of issue about Grady… only the veterans have!

    So i think if grady stays to be the manager next year it wont affect the teams chemistry that much coz the veterans are gone!!!


    Orth fliegel is right about McCourt though. We do need some new scouts or something. Some of the acquisitions we made this year were just rediculous(Pierre,Gonzo,Loaiza for example)


    I’m sorry please excuse my bad language. It’s inappropriate and I’m not trying to offend anyone. I will watch my mouth for now on =)

  21. | It’s true the Yankees are getting a new stadium and Dodger stadium is just fine the way it is. The Dodgers draw the most of any team in the NL and will continue to draw more and more. We don’t need a new restaurant in the stadium, what we need is a winning team. The Yankees have the attitude that if they don’t win the World Series it’s a failed season, while the Dodgers are just happy to make the playoffs , that’s the difference.


    Lamar Odom and Brian Cook for Shawn Marion is a good trade!!!

    Marion will help the Lakers on Offense and he has the Heart! he plays the game Hard!!!

    Wiz will not even go to the playoffs this season!

    The Eastern Conference are pretty tough rayt now!!!


    fliegel is on fire. We should have gotten more out of our farm system/payroll this year. I hate to harp on it but these idiotic signings/mid-season pickups killed us. Manny is starting his first game in a while tonight for Boston. Clemens hurt with hamstring.


    Well since we’re out of the playoffs, I hate to admit it but I think the Angels are gonna win it all.


    1) In all fairness, Fliegel, Pierre’s been pretty good lately. In addition to his 4-4 with a walk (!) game Sunday, he’s put up a .329/.400/.424 line for September (and we’re a good bit into September). After an abysmal first half (Pierre has always been a second half player), Pierre has put up a .361 OBP in the 2nd half of the season, which is commendable.

    2) I guess if Kent sticks around, Abreu will play when he is injured, and then he will play when Abreu is injured.

    3) Rafael Furcal put up a phenomenal defensive season, second only to Tulowitzki in range factor. He could have been even better, though, if he put in a couple more weeks to heal properly. The worst thing would be if this carries into next season.

    4) Hong-Chih Kuo is another case of management mishandling injury-ridden players. He pitched hurt even after telling the coaching staff of his injuries. I don’t think the problem is a language barrier so much as the coaching and training staff just not doing their jobs properly. I don’t think Stan Conte has been very helpful at all.

    5) Brad Penny has changed his status this year. He has gone from injury prone and troublesome starter to staff ace. Amazingly, the Dodgers can have him the next 2 years for under $10 million per. Maybe not a bargain, until you realize that’s how much we’ll be paying Esteban Loaiza next year.


    Fleigel — That is an attitude issue that begins at the top. I really believe McCourt wants to win.

    Did you read those 2 LA Times pieces this morning. The Angels have that attitude — from top to bottom.



    I’m a hometown guy and the only out of town team I like is the Dodgers, although if the Nats were here when I was growing up I probably would be a Nats fan. Anyway, I’m almost within walking distance of RFK stadium. Won’t be able to see as many Nats games after they leave to their new stadium =(


    Maybe not a bargain, until you realize that’s how much we’ll be paying Esteban Loaiza next year.

    Is there anybody out there who still thinks he and his 10+ ERA was a good pickup?


    Patriotacts — I think your #4 hit on something my bro-in-law says — Conte is a bad trainer. The players are always getting hurt. He said when Conte was in SF, players got hurt.

    I don’t know his history up in SF but, assuming that’s true, maybe Conte has a different regimen for older players than with younger players. I don’t mean that in a funney way, but maybe it’s true.


    We win out. Pads lose out. Phills lose out. We’re in the playoffs. It’s unlikely but you never know with baseball…


    I generally like this lineup.

    But I agree with the (obvious) proposition that Kemp is not a #2 hitter. To me, he is an ideal #3 hitter — average, power and speed. Batting him 4 or 5 diminishes the value of his speed.

    Ignoring for a moment the possibility of getting an ARod, Hunter or Jones, and assuming for the moment that Kent is not around, the 2008 lineup should look like this:










    it’s funny that the Dodgers still have the chance mathematically!

    it’s just crazy the way things happen this season!


    Guys that’s what I’ve been saying. That unless Frank is serious about winning nothing much will change. It is all about attitude from the top on down. Pierre is not a bad player, it’s just he is not a good fit on this team. We already had a lead off hitter and a good one when he’s healthy , which brings me to another bad management decision. Furcal should have benn DL’d at the beginning of the season until he was healthy. We needed a center fielder with some power who could drive in some runs and could throw out a base runner or the very least keep runners in check.


    Actually I take that back, if we win out and the Phills go 1-5 i their last 6 I think we would still get in because we had the better head to head record. But if the Pads win I’m almost positive we would be eliminated.


    Kupchack need to make that Trade!!!

    Love to see Marion in Lakers uniform!

    Arenas is No Match against Kobe! LOL

    Wiz will go down in a hurry!


    swood — Once LaRoche has shown that he is at least a comparable hitter to Ethier, I agree that it would be good to split up lefties Loney and Ethier.


    swood: wild card ties are settled by one game play-offs. As of today, a six team tie ia theoretically possible.


    Fliegel- We don’t need our CF to be throwing runners out left and right. All we need is a CF who can keep opposing base runners honest and keep opposing baserunners from even trying to tag when he catches the ball 30 feet behind 2B. I have heard Vin Scully say, “And he only even attempted to tag and score because it was Pierre who caught the ball, where if it were any other CF he would have held his ground at third…” one too many times.


    Fliegel is now Dodger GM. What do you do? Nomar and Pierre are under contract for next year. Gonzo is gone. SP rotation is Penny, Lowe, Bills, Loaiza and Schmidt. Relief piching has Hernandez gone (maybe more). Kent may or may not return.

    Given what I’ve mentioned above, what would you do? Make changes as you see fit.


    ok thanks. I thought they were settled by head to head records. Which means if we win out and the Pads and Phills go 1-5 we would have a three team tie, with maybe the Braves in there also.


    Orth bring back Kent. I know you didn’t mention Kuo but make sure he comes back also. Try to trade Loaiza and LaRoche for a 3B with power.


    fliegel: you can’t believe everything you read (re your first post above)

    Now, in possible contradiction of that old saying, let me tell you what I’ve read about Delwyn Young. The Dodgers don’t think he can field any position, even left field,at major league standards. So I don’t think you’ll be seeing him in center as you suggested. Isn’t it obvious btw, that the Dodgers don’t think any of their outfielders except Pierre can,currently, catch the baseball adequately in center field?


    Here’s my take. SP — Penny, Lowe, Bills, Loaiza and Schmidt. Re-sign Wolf and another potential SP since Schmidt may still be down and you still need some insurance through the season. Maybe Hendrickson or another potential SP out on the market. RP — Jettison Seanez and Stults and keep others along with Wolf and Hendrickson/other SP. Besides Beimel, these LHP can come either out of the pen or start.

    If Kent returns, he must understand the role he needs to play, which is of mentor and player. He needs to understand that the best chance for the TEAM to succeed is for the kids to succeed. Show him the stats. Nomar should assume a similar role. Kent should start and rotate for rest days, injuries or if he falters. LaRouche starts at 3B and Nomar relieves him for the same reason.

    With the changes mentioned above, Pierre stays another year until any more discussion of trading him becomes serious. Furcal returns and may be used as trade bait, if needed.


    Fliegel — In 2008, Kent, Furcal, Saito and Loaiza are gone potentially. I’ve probably missed a few others but that frees up about $30+ million in payroll.


    BTW — We need to give Loaiza a chance. Assume for second that Wells was eating it and Loaiza was doing well. We’d all say, “What a bargain / steal Loaiza is. Don’t know why the A’s waived him. Why the heck did we sign Wells, that bloated, fat, etc., etc.”


    I think the team will start next year the same way they started this one, with veteran players at the positions in question(3B, corner outfield) and try to make the kids earn the spots. It is probably a mistake but I am just guessing what our management will do. Just saying I wouldn’t expect to see alot of LaRoche next april. Pair LaRoche with Loaiza or Schmidt(maybe even Lowe if we can get a top notch 3B) to get a 3B.


    yes orth but Loaiza isn’t doing well, and I predicted it. Hopefully he will get hurt though next year and not cost us the way Tomko did for most of this year. Loaiza’s ERA for us is around 10.


    I can predict all the bad moves Ned makes right when he makes them. I didn’t like the Loaiza, Gonzo, Pierre, Tomko and Lugo moves right when they happened. The only one I was wrong about was the Milton deal. If Loaiza starts pitching well I will eat my words but for now I am nothing but right. You guys are talking to a future GM here. lol


    Swood — I’m not one to root for someone getting hurt but I know what you mean.

    Tomko hurting us was Grady’s decision. He kept putting him out there. How do you explain a 2-11 record? If it were me, I’d run you out there 3 times max, then bench you. It got to the point where fans were saying, “Well, today we lose because Tomko’s pitching”. Don’t let it get to that point. If Loaiza begins to go that way, sit him down.

    As for your other package to get a 3B, who’s out there? Who would want those guys?


    Fliegel–Kemp is the best #2 hitter in the lineup tonight. Hu has not played enough. Actually Kemp is as appropriate in the #2 slot as Soriano is in the #1 slot for the Cubs.


    I’m not actually rooting for him to get hurt, I just think it would be best for the team. Its nothing personal against Loaiza its just that he was the wrong guy at the wrong time, we didn’t need him then, we don’t need him now, and we certainly won’t need him next year. We’re better off without him. I was screaming all season to get Tomko out of the rotation(although he wasn’t much better in the ‘pen). At 3B I am looking at I guy like Eric Chavez if Oakland will listen. Maybe Hank Blalock. Texas could use a starting pitcher and they already have another good 3B in Vasquez. Maybe even, dare I say it, ADRIAN BELTRE!!!! lol


    orth (responding to you from the previous thread)– I definitely think we can find a taker for Pierre at $7 million per season.

    Some teams that could perhaps use both a centerfielder and a basestealing leadoff batter include:

    St. Louis (Jim Edmonds is 40)


    Washington (Nook Logan isn’t cutting it)



    San Diego (Cameron is a free agent and Bradley is a nut job. But I know Pierre would screw us if we sent him down there.)


    If I have 30 mil in payroll I can spend , I’m going after the best player money can buy, and we all know who that is. I’d surround him with the kids and Kent if he’s still here. That would make the Dodgers instantly better. Also I’d look at my young pitchers in the spring , and if any of them show potential , I’d give them a shot. I’d also try and package Pierre with a lower prospect and move out that contract. Maybe try Repko or try to sign Rowand for center. Then I’d resign.


    martinloneykemp I doubt we will do business with SD. Anyway their GM wouldn’t take Pierre. He doesn’t seem to make as many stupid moves as our idiot GM.


    Fligel — As long as you can convince McCourt that the $30+ will have to be fronted this year and realized next year when they all leave to get ARod (as you so CAREFULLY alluded to…heheh), then do it. But you’ll have to take the risk the kids will produce, like to play with ARod and the manager.


    Swood–Both Chavez and Beltre are injured. Blalock is not much of an upgrade over LaRoche. A healthy Chavez would be a good addition. I think we are better off staying the course with the young guys throug next season and then make chages if they are warranted.


    Responding to Those who Complain McCourt is putting the stadium above the team–

    I disagree. I don’t see why the two goals cannot be pursued at the same time. I’m not even sure that the one has any real effect on the other, or that if it does having an improved stadium is a detriment rather than a benefit to the team.

    Surely, having an improved Dodger Stadium is good for the team in the long run.

    I love that McCourt is renovating Dodger Stadium. The fear when he came in was that he would tear it down, build something entirely different in Chavez Ravine, and open a downtown ballpark. As we all know, downtown L.A.******.


    The entire organization thinks Delwyn can’t field any big league postion. Therefore, I doubt he will ever be given a legit look at the big league level. He might be trade bait though…


    Jungar — Nice article post. the only thing I didn’t like was keeping Seanez. That 6-7 wins he has masks that he blew the lead and was the pitcher of record. National Fox broadcast made a big deal of the wins and the announcers went along with it, until Seanez blew it of course.


    To Those Who Are Willing to Wait ’til the Winter after next season to make a big trade/free agent signing.


    I am the first to be glad that we have held onto these kids, and that we have resisted temptation until now. But there comes a time when the kids are ready and they need an outside boost. The time has come. The kids are ready. No more waiting.



    mfuller LaRoche isn’t exactly the most durable player you’ll ever see, especially considering his age. Blalock is better then solid. Chavez has had a down year but he’s still elite. Beltre would become arguably the best 3B in the NL if he came here. If we acquired any of them I would put our talent level at or close to the top of the league. Any of them would provide the power we need.

  62. Your right , everything in baseball is a risk, but the money that one player would bring in alone in merchandise ticket sales etc. would keep Frank happy . And I don’t think any player young or older would not want such a talent on this team. Finally a Franchise player in his prime that the Dodger fans deserve and the kids on the field can look up to. Also I really don’t think Grady is the right man for the job.


    Chavez is not Elite two years hitting .240 plus he’s defitnetly not reliable always gets hurt. I would LOVE Beltre.


    Diehard read my post again I said he had 2 down years but I still would rather have him then LaRoche/Nomar. Neither of them are reliable either man.


    What I would do if I was GM:

    Trade for a Starter. Jason Schmidt can not be counted on. Bring back Wolf and a few other NRI to compete with others.

    Furcal, Martin, Loney, Kent , Kemp, Ethier, Laroche/Nomar are starters.

    Get Pierre out of CF. Eat his contract if you can’t trade him.

    Sign A-rod or Andrew Jones. If we sign A-rod, maybe Furcal to CF or LaRoche to LF. If we sign A Jones then Ethier/Kemp on flank.

    Sign a shutdown reliver to compliment Broxton and Saito.


    SAITO saved nearly half the Victories 80 WINS 39SAVES***Who else?****MVP****Last night I reminisced about the days when the Dodgers were in Brooklyn, the last 10 great years, 1947-1957. From my childhood thru High School. I’m white, but I remember as a young kid standing in front of a mirror, with the lights out in the room, with a flashligh light under my chin, with my Dodger cap with the Brooklyn B on it, on my head. I thought I looked like Jackie Robinson, I wanted to be him. I found out later that life is not that simple, but I think I’m still that kid. After they left I did what the song said “Follow the Dodgers” Most people I know didn’t. But I’m glad I did. GO DODGERS


    I would take LaRoche over Chavez he’s younger has not had a fair shake. Plus LaRoche is on the way up. I’m afraid Chavez is on the decline down.


    Chavez has had a down year but he’s still elite. Beltre would become arguably the best 3B in the NL if he came here. If we acquired any of them I would put our talent level at or close to the top of the league. Any of them would provide the power we need.

    Posted by: | September 25, 2007 04:41 PM

    Is that one down year????

  69. They is nothing wrong with improving the stadium, but that’s all Frank talks about. I’d like to hear him say that he’s very disappointed in the teams performance this year and that his main priority is making sure next year is different.


    Fligel — A colleague of mine from NY who follows the Yankees closely says ARod will stay in NY. In short, ARod is now thinking legacy. he has a shot to win a ring every year and break the HR record. He probably won’t want to spend a year or two in a new city where there is uncertainty (be it Chicago or LA).

    I’m sure the Yanks don’t want to lose the $$ they are getting from Texas for the next 2-3 years for ARod and given that they are moving into a new stadium next year, they will have the $$ to extend the contract to $25-30-35 million Boras is trying to get for him. So, given these 2 things (legacy and Yankee $$), ARod is staying.


    Fligel — I don’t think Frandk can do that until the fat lady sings (which is when they are mathematically eliminated).


    Chavez 30 years old 2+ seasons hitting .240

    LaRoche 25 years old Super prospect with Big League Genes

    I’ll take LaRoche


    diehard(oops I’m supposed to keep your name out of my posts) Blalock would provide the power we need out of the 3B spot. Chavez might also(worth the risk). Beltre definately would.


    After all with Arod we’re talking about a guy who passed up possible winning situations to sign with Texas. For him and others it’s mostly about the money. And with the Ds attendance, they have the money.


    I agree with Beltre, But why take the risk with those two other guys?? Keep Laroche give him until next years trade deadline. How’s that sound.


    .249/.315/.420/.735 what Blalock does for his carrer outside of Arlington, or what he would do for us.

    Nomar can do that.


    Nomar next year would hit at the most 5 or 6 HR’s. His power is gone. I have yet to see anything out of LaRoche which proves to me hes big league ready. He hasn’t had nearly the impact Martin, Ethier, Kemp or Loney did when they first came up.


    Fligel — But you have to remember that when ARod signed, he was young and chased the $$. It wasn’t until Texas was losing so much that he began to complain. You heard it…..critics saying “Well, you should have known that before you signed. Shut up and play, etc.”

    He HAS the $$ now so his priorities have changed. He hasn’t won a ring yet and the Yanks can be there every year.


    You guys are funny. we got more production from 3b this year than CF.

    Dodger 3B: 84 OPS+

    Dodger CF: 81 OPS+

    Ok, ok it does not count steals but it dosent count defense either.


    Blalock is still relatively young I think… I don’t think he’s 30 yet but I could be wrong. I like Hammering Hank Blalock and would love to see him in a Dodger uniform.


    LaRoche has 69 big league at bats. You would have gave up on Kouzmanoff with that Logic and I hate to say it he’s a stud.


    orth I’m not talking about k’s. I’m talking about putting solid AB’s together like Ethier did when he first got up to the bigs.


    Laroche is gonna make everyone eat their words. mark my words.

    I can’t wait. I just hope its with the Dodgers.


    GIVE LAROCHE A CHANCE. People are giving up on the kid way to early. Your too young swood but I still remember a super stud by the name of Paul Konerko who had a slow start.


    I don’t hate LaRoche by any means. I just don’t think hes big league ready yet. Maybe hes being hampered by this injury and thats why he doesn’t look very sharp. I’ll be interested in what kind of spring training he has next year.

  86. If the Yankees don’t win it all this year , I doubt that they’ll want to pay Arod what he’s asking. If they can’t win with him why should they? I could be wrong , but I think it’s a good possibility, and like I said before , my money’s on Boras.



    You posted this:









    Posted by: | September 25, 2007 03:40 PM


    The problem with that BO it’s simply not possible to bat your catcher 2nd for an entire season. He will stop producing at around 100-games into the season. If you want proof look at what stuff like that did to Biggio…it was why Biggio moved to 2nd. He was an AS catcher when he was young. But since he had more running ability then the typical (or even superstar) catcher he moved to preserve his health. And we all know how well that worked out.

    In an MLB season a catcher should really not hit above 4th but better 5th or 6th. It is not a question of his ability but rather a team needs to do everything they can to preserve the health of the catcher. Better a guy who plays 135-145 games hitting 5th or 6th then a guy who plays 120-130 games batting 2nd.

    So if you want to see Martin around more then 5-6 years no way he can hit 2nd.

    Additionally there is no purpose to a guy with Martin’s power hitting in the 2-hole.

    He has the ability to hit there no doubt, but not if he remains at catcher.

    I would LOVE if there was another kid behind the plate and Martin could play 3rd instead…but as we all saw even Johnny Bench was awful at 3rd when he tried playing there at the end of his way too short career. His knees were shot from catching 140+ games every year plus the POs & WS…


    grumpy3b —

    I see your point about a catcher batting second. I’m going to have to give that a little more thought.


    Fligel — But Boras and Ned don’t get along, not after what JD did. However, Boras wasn’t fully responsible for that. Drew only opted out after Boras advised him of the weak OF market that year and that he could get more. Drew told Ned he wasn’t looking to opt out, then did, which “forced” Ned to sign Nomar.

    Also, ARod doesn’t HAVE to Opt out this year. He can opt out this year, next year and the year after that. It’s really his call. Also, he’s risking it if he DOES opt out and no one will pay $30 million that Boras wants. The Yanks won’t pay $30 million unless they know that Texas will pick up some of that, which won’t happen if he opts out. That’s why it is mutually beneficial for ARod to stay and the Yanks give him the extension (ARod will make the $30 million at some point on average; Yanks can still have Texas pay part of the salary left and, when the Yanks are on the hook for the $30 million, ARod is 3 years older, they have a new stadium and more $$ and they have ARod for 3-4 years after that that they have to pay). Given that and all the emotional stuff I mentioned above, he stays in NY.


    Grumpy did you know that Martin was a 3b man and they moved him to catcher?

    Johnny Bench was/is the best catcher ever IMO.


    Lamar and Cook for Marion?
    I love to see that happen!

    I mean i love Lamar but i think he isn’t the answer for the lakers!

    Marion plays so hard! i love his game!! he will help Kobe Big on offense!!!


    I agree, Lamar and Kobe are not a good fit together, they both need the ball to be good, Marion dosen’t. He reminds me of a better Cedric Ceballos.


    Jungar — If only Mitch could go out and get ARod, then Kobe woulsn’t be griping like he did the other day, saying the younger players “just don’t get it”.

    Wait….I’m confused. What message board am I on again?…heheh


    I hope Kupchack makes that trade!

    Lakers need another all-star other than Kobe!

    I sure love to see marion gets alot of slam dunk!!! LOL


    I played against both Blaylock and Chavez in High School, they are not that far apart in age, I would rather have Chavez, he is a better all around athlete. Chavez Mt. Carmel HS ’96, Blaylock Rancho Bernardo HS ’99. I think Chavez has played through some injuries the past few years.











    Assuming of course that LaRoche/Abreu is on the MLB 25-man roster and Kent does not return.

    Then hopefully the ’09 season would be something like this:









    I mean if all those guys really get it going there will be no weak spots in the lineup. I am assuming that Hu’s numbers hold to within 80% of his MiLB numbers. given it being a rookie season then hitting 8th makes some sense.

    That lineup is one reason I am not certain the Dodgers should even consider Arod. Really, I am not sure he will be worth enough extra games for the duration of the deal he will sign. We are taking $300M for one guy over 10-years. That is about 50% of what the McCourts paid for the team.

    But if they do sign the guy it would not ba a BAD thing at all…


    jungar & van:

    no I dint know that Martin was moved from 3rd to catcher…and what irony for LaRoche to have been moved from catcher to 3rd.

    Not sure theRoach could move mack to catcher given his back but it sure is nice to know if the time ever comes that Martin might be able to play another 5-10 years at 3rd.

    And I agree, much as the BRM was the “Evil Empire” in my book…Bench was the man no doubt. He out Princess Pizza to shame if you were lucky enough to have watch them both play. Pure offensive numbers are not everything. Bench changed games just squatting behind the plate.


    i understand that delwyn young isnt the best fielder in the world. but neither is jeff kent or soriano and they both got chances to play in the big leagues. so why isnt young getting that opportunity. specially when the games dont even cout anymore and your just trying to get an idea on how these young guys will perform next year


    The Dodgers had a plan to keep the youngsters and integrate them into the lineup. They resisted every opportunity to panic and give up a few of them for a short term solution. I feel that was wise and that they should stick with their plan. I believe that they will come to regret not giving LaRoche and Young a fair opportunity to show their value to the team.

    Also to me it seems that the lineup is more energized when the younger players are in there. They progressed through the system together and won together. The best thing that can happen is for the team to stay on the course they committed to.


    I know some of you seem to think that LaRoche is god but if we have the oppurtunity to pair him with a back of the rotation starter to get Blalock or Chavez I think we should do it. LaRoche is injury prone and Blalock and Chavo could lead us to the promised land next year.


    mfuller- Delwyn you can argue hasn’t had a fair shot but LaRoche isn’t completely healthy, one of the reasons why I wouldn’t be opposed to trading him.


    trading laroche, to acquire blalock or chavez would be the most idiotic trade ned could ever do. Blalock and chavez are elite? are you serious? and then to top it off you want to trade kershaw? leave the deal making to the profesionals


    Beltre would be great for us Bill. We haven’t had a decent 3B since he left. I would only trade Kershaw if it were for Beltre I said. Don’t post until you read the entire comment ****


    I would love to know how hurt LaRoche really is. If he’s hurt then he shouldn’t be playing. If he’s not hurt then he sure hasn’t been very impressive. Maybe I have been spoiled by how Kemp, Ethier, Martin etc. can come to the bigs and make an immediate impact but right now I just don’t see it from LaRoche. Maybe after another part of a season at AAA and he would find his stroke. Then again maybe he’s just having a really bad stretch of games…


    our starting third baseman next year should be A-Rod or Andy LaRoche….NO ONE ELSE! end of discussion. And who ever wants to trade clayton kershaw go a head and do us all a favor and die.


    i like the lineup… but i still want to see more of delwyn young in the starting line up.

    oh and about the lakers…

    marion will not be good in a lakers uniform for 2 reasons, we dont have a point guard like steve nash, and the lakers offense is totally different than the suns.


    I dont understand how you could even have the sense to think about trading clayton kershaw for adrian beltre.. what world are you living in? its not 2004! why would you bring overpaid stiffs, oh sorry you call them “elite players” to the dodgers when you have laroche? like i said leave the deal making to the proffesionals


    Very,Very,Very Important,that We win the last six games in a row for obvious reasons!And you know what, we will!Ain’t no mountain high enough!


    San Diego has been introduced to Bombko, 4-0 Giants, there is potential at the end of the night for a three way tie in the N.L Wild Card between Philly, S.D and Colorado with only five games to go.


    he hi-fived pierre and loney….did anyone see KEMP go wide of home plate and avoid the congratulations between pierre/kent/loney?


    i wanna know why delwyn young is not playing second for kent. he is better than valdez! give him a chance!!
    PLAY DY!!


    well, despite kent being a slow runner, and the CF being able to step into the throw as he caught it, it was still a close play at 3rd, and it took a perfect throw to get Kent out. Thus, i don’t mind the agressiveness to try to get another run at that stage. But of course, the anti-Kent campaign is at it’s peak right now, so it’s an “idiotic” move of course. 🙂


    Honestly why is Hendrickson even put into the game? First off, he’s horrible. Secondly, he’s not coming back next year so why even bother putting him in there? Right now is the time of year to get young guys’ feet wet. Why not try Meloan or Hull or Stults any one that will be back next season.


    Unbelieveable Brian Giles 3 run home run Padres take a two run lead off of the Giants future closer Beach Boy Brian Wilson trying for a five out save. The freaking Padres are going to take a one game lead with five to go…


    Nomar & Kemp should’ve let Fuentes do the walking, that’s what I mean too anxious another team would have made quite an inning of it.



    I agree. Kemp went after a bad pitch. 600 ABs next year will give him plenty of time to learn patience at the plate.


    This sums up the 2007 Dodger Season:

    Our last pitcher on the mound to make a meaningful pitch this season…44 year old Roberto Hernandez, that about tells you all you need to know…elimination number about to hit zero

  118. john_shade@hotmail.comq

    Honestly, as a guy who’s been pretty tolerant of Grady Little all year, I can only wonder: why in God’s name does he *persist* in trotting Roberto Hernandez (who ought never to have been signed, and certainly ought to have been DFA’d weeks ago) out to the mound? We have Hull, we have Meloan, we have Stults, instead…Hernandez. Whether insane or merely incompetent, Grady must go.



    that a boy DY!!!

    and like ive been saying since the september call ups and wen he got called up in august…WHY ISNT HE PLAYING MORE OFTEN????


    Actually this was a good game I enjoyed it, but again they outplayed us. The Dodger 8th inning was the key, the way I see it. It seems to me the problem is in the hitting more than anything else. I think with a little patience they could of walked around. They helped Fuentes and Rockies out.


    ya but neither can kent. he is one of the worst fielding second basemen ive ever seen. im sure young can do the same if not better than kent. and plus this kid can hit.

    even vin praises this kid


    I’ve never seen him play. Just reporting what I’ve read. They said he was really poor at 2nd so they moved him to LF the last 2 years where they say he is also not good.That’s why I added the Ryan Howard comment. The Phillies with Ed Wade the new Gm of Houston kept Howard in the minors with the line that he couldn’t play any position including 1st well enough to be a major league player.


    Loney for ROY.

    Grady needs to be fired.

    What’s the point in bringing out garbage like Hendrickson and Blowberto? Why waste the innings on guys that won’t be with the Dodgers next season?

    And the Padres have to be one of the luckiest teams in all of baseball. I can’t believe how many come from behind wins they’ve had in the 9th inning. Fortunately, they’ll be facing real closers in the playoffs if they make it, but geez, how many times can they come back like that.


    also, Kent should have been lifted for a runner after he got the double. Grady was already planning to pull Penny (another story on his lousy 5 inning outing) and Kent’s spot was the likely spot to pull.

    And for the love of god, I have truly come to hate Juan Pierre. They ran wild on his arm. Nobody even bothers to stop when the ball is hit to him.


    even in a game that doesn’t matter, Grady still can’t manager his way out of paper bag. Its classic.

    I agree about pierre. The Rockies totally embarrased him and he totally deserves. I would seriously trade some of our prospects to get rid of this guy.


    I just don’t understand the point of running out garbage when there are guys that could use some work.

    I was at the game tonight and when Hendrickson was brought out, I was just sick.


    joey, depending upon the trade, I could see Kemp as being a part. It would ****, but if the trade were truly for a franchise player then it could be fine.


    wow. this org. is just so beyond dumb. Plaschke of course ignoring everything blames the Dodgers failure on the kids (of course). The youth movement has failed and we need an in thier prime star to carry the team. Of course we *do* need that star, but does that mean we need to trade Kemp? This is just so insane. I don’t think it will happen but Im furious that Colletti would even consider it. He is such a joke. HELLO? is he the ONLY one who realizes that its *his* free agent signings that have caused this teams demise? Just awful. I have news for you Ned, you have done everything in your power to not have a youth movement, it succeeded despite you while your veteran fetish has failed miserably.


    reading that article literally just made me sick to my stomach. Kemp is gonna be a superstar on par with Vlad. Keep him, he should be the least available guy on the team. And further, to let other teams know that you’re gonna be shopping him around, your not even gonna get a fair return. Also, let’s not forget that Coletti doesn’t have a great track record for trades he’s done.


    There is no new information in that column whatsoever, those quotes from Ned he’s said since the day he got the job. Who are these ‘insiders’? There’s no weight to anything in his column and it’s pure speculation.


    Plaschke took quotes from the past and used them to fuel the potential for a trade that Coletti has been saying he would do if the right trade came along. We’re talking about the likes of Pujols, Howard, Cabrera, A-Rod. That’s the only way Kemp would ever be traded and we’ve known that for a while now. That deal will probably never come along and we’ll have a big chance at grabbing A-Rod without losing Kemp if we just put up the big bucks. Please don’t think that column means anything because it doesn’t. I repeat there is no new information in that column, it’s designed to have US react to it. Don’t!


    I made a list that I think is fairly comprehensive of guys who may conceivably be available by trade and who could conceivably be impact players next year. I didn’t include First Basemen or Catchers because those positions are set beyond all doubt:


    Joe Blanton

    Dan Haren

    Roy Oswalt

    Aaron Harang

    Scott Kazmir

    Roy Halladay


    Brandon Phillips

    Miguel Tejada

    Miguel Cabrera

    Chipper Jones (Kent would have a fellow redneck to discuss redneck things)


    Adam Dunn

    Jason Bay

    Carl Crawford

    Manny Ramirez

    Carlos Lee

    Bobby Abreu (Free Agent?)

    Ken Griffey

    Pat Burrell (Attitude Problem)

    Alex Rios

    I’m probably all wet about at least half of these.

    Who, if anybody would I even think about trading Kemp for straight up? (Asking myself a question on the fashion of Jim Tracy):

    Scott Kazmir (God help me I would, assuming a five-year deal in place)

    Roy Oswalt (Doubtful)

    Roy Halladay (Maybe)

    Carl Crawford (Probably not, but can’t dismiss the idea out-of-hand)

    Miguel Cabrera (Ditto what I said about Crawford)

    That’s all


    Can we blame this loss last night on GRADY??!! I guess he just gave up as usual…Why else would Hernandez come into a one run game..? Did anyone else think..GAME OVER?
    We had a chance to win that game without him in there.

    THANKS FOR A GREAT SEASON GRADY…Have fun riding your motorcycle…Be nice if you would resign so the Dodgers could get back to winning.


    Is anyone else getting tired of the daily newspaper comments on the supposed “generational” issues the Dodgers have? Bottom line, winning would have cured everything. I personally believe that many of the veterans, ie, kent and Gonzo, basically mailed it in after the July 31rst deadline when no veteran help was acquired. Immediately after the deadline is when the Dodgers went into their worst slump of the year, which cost them the season. Wouldn’t true leadership from the veterans have been to have the players “circle the wagons” so to speak and come out fighting? Instead, and it was apparent, the vets were disgruntled, but not at the young guys, but management’s failure to provide help. The Dodgers seems to continue their funk until Wells arrived, then appeared to right the ship, only to have Grady completely mismanage the San Fran series, which the Dodgers ultimately never recovered from.
    Personally, I hope all the vets, Gonzo, Nomar and especially Kent are gone next year. I’m sick of Kent’s constant talk of retiring and his bitter attitude. From my perspective, the team plays better and with more energy when the kids are in the lineup. Remember, most of these kids came up together and have played together for year. Martin, Laroche, Loney, Bills, Broxton, Stults and Young were all part of the J’ville 2005 team that is considered the best minor league team over the last 20 years. These kids want to play together.

    The Dodgers could conceivably field a starting 8 next year of Hu; Abreau; Loney; Kemp; Ethier; Martin; Young and Laroche, trading away Furcal and Pierre. While I doubt they would win more than 82-85 games, they would be exciting to watch and let them gain experience where they could then contend for years to come. Look at the Rockies now-their lineup is full of home grown studs-no big FA signings and they will be contenders for the next few years.

    Bottom line is Dodgers need to continue to focus on the players they have developed. They have the potential to be dominate for years to come if allowed to actually grow as a team.


    I hate to say it but you can’t really pound Kent about the way he handles business unless you pound Kemp too. Kemp acts exactly like Kent. He doesn’t care what anybody tells him he’s gonna do it his way and doesn’t want anybody telling him different. If he cared about the team he wouldn’t run through every stop sign at third and continue making baserunning mistakes. He tries to put up numbers for himself instead of being patient and playing for the team. I’m all for trading him because to me he’s the next Milton Bradly.


    Are you kidding cameron????

    Kent is a notorious red *** he was hated in toronto, New York, Cleveland, Frisco, and now LA,

    Kemp plays hard its not his fault Donelly is as dumb as an ox. I’ve seen Kent get thrown out at third to end the inning, seen him get thrown out at the plate when everyone knew he shoul’ve held up, worst of all I’ve seen Kent not hustle back because he was mad that Ethier swang at the pitch when HE was stealing. Kemp is a 23 year old kid that is learning to play the game at the big leagues. And you want to fault him because a 40 year old second baseman who is the last one in the clubhouse during home games called out the young guys. Kent needs to look in a mirror before he starts pointing those fingers.


    “I feel for the fans, I understand it, I get it,” Colletti said.

    if you feel for the fans Ned don’t even think about trading Kemp because Jeff Kent doesn’t like another black player.


    Yeah I’m serious. Kemp is a big of an @$$ as Kent is. Watch what I tell you. He’s the next Milton Bradly.


    If we get something good in return for Kemp, a true difference maker who can lead us to the promise land, and one of the kids has to go, then i’m fine with KEMP leaving.

    Also, Anyone see Kemp not join the congratulation handshakes/handslaps between Kent, Pierre, and Loney after Loney’s 3 run shot? At least Kent had the class to come to home plate and greet the guys, and he even had a huge smile on his face after loney hit that bomb and we took the lead. Kemp on the other hand was just intent on re-adjusting his batting gloves and sidestepping homeplate and taking the wide angle back to the dugout.

    I’m not saying that Kent’s outburst was the right thing to do, since it stirred a huge pot of questions about the clubhouse, but…those might be the kind of things Kent is talking about in his outburst, the professionalism of the game that make a difference, along with raw talent.


    And before anyone jumps the gun and lashed back that we’re going to trade Kemp for a 1 year wonder while Kemp will give us decades of his greatness, this quote is telling of what the mindset is, if indeed Kemp or any young player is traded.

    “The kids aren’t perfect, they’re not complete yet,” Colletti said. “I will not trade them for a chance to win for one year. But for a chance to win for many years? I’d do it in a heartbeat.”


    The Dodgers will never go anywhere with Grady Little as their manager. He is one of the worst ,if not the worst manager in baseball. The players cannot respect his decisions, and he has never even played the game. What this team needs is new leaders.


    I’d like to weigh in on the Kemp debate.

    Let’s use common sense. If any GM on any team announced that his just turned 23 year old 5 tool player with a carrer average of .303 and a slugging average of .487 through his first 429 ab’s was subject to be traded, wouldn’t this be the type of player the Dodgers should pounce all over? Instead, the Dodgers already have this player. Kemp so far has demonstrated more raw ability than any Dodger prospect since Mondesi. Yes, Kemp is unrefined and needs to learn to harness his tools; however, it’s my understanding that he never fully focused on baseball while growing up, so he is still in the learning phase of a lot of fundamentals. Kemp is the player (along with Martin and Loeny)this team should be built around for the next 10 years.

    Let’s also consider something else that is a touchy subject. It’s well documented that Kent and Bonds did not talk or get along in their SF days. Kent then comes to LA after his Houston stint and suddenly their is a rift with kent and Bradley. Bradley even went so far as to accuse kent of racism. Now Kent publicly calls out the Dodger kids of which the two with the least experience and the most promising potential are African American. Considering the sources, I never took great stock in Kent’s problems with Bradley or Bonds, but now with hindsight, in light of Kent publicly condemning the kids and Loney and Kemp being the only 2 who have vocally challenged Kent, maybe there is and was some validity to Bradley’s point. Just a thought. So from a Dodger future perspective, should they put their faith in a player who has maybe one year left in the league and has been burdensome in many clubhouses, or should they put their faith in a kid who they drafted and should know rather intimately?


    funny that some people still wants Kemp to be traded!
    coz of his attitude?

    remember he just turn 23!

    don’t really understand why people still like Kent even with that stupid comments he made!

    i wouldn’t trade Kemp coz of that! he didn’t gave such comments like Kent did, though!

    anyway… before, i said that i don’t want to see Ethier be traded but rayt now i think i will agree with charris!

    Trade Ethier for a starting pitcher then Put DY in LF!

    I like the heart of JP… he plays hard everyday!

    but his throwing arm is just weak! u just can’t let runners go from 1st to 2nd on a routine flyball! We don’t need him! If we have a healthy Furcal we don’t need Jp anyway!

    so maybe if we trade JP we can sign Hunter or Jones!

    The OF would be!



    DY… LF


    Personally, I’d try and trade Kemp to the Cubs for Aramis Ramirez, move DY back to second and sign a free agent outfielder.


    Plaschke’s an idiot. He whines in the article that McCourt won’t grant him an interview. Gee, I wonder why? He slams Kemp and insinuates from an “insider” that he might be trade bait. Nice reporting. Only two possible scenarios here. One, they don’t trade him…and Kemp loses trust in an organization that casts him in a bad light, or two, they do trade him and clubs low ball the Dodgers. Personally, I’d keep him until he at least proves, to me anyway, that he’s the demon being portrayed. I just don’t see it.

    Fire Plaschke. Fire everybody for allowing this whole **** mess to go public.


    “We’ve still got a positive view of the kids,” Colletti said Tuesday. “But I’m open to doing whatever we have to do for the right deal.”
    “I feel for the fans, I understand it, I get it,” Colletti said. “I can sense their frustration, and mine is right there with them.”

    If he feels the frustration of the fans don’t trade Kemp in the offseason!(period).

    oh and there is no rayt deal for Kemp unless it is a type of guy like ARod!


    If anyone here wants to know what Kemp really is as a person just ask Russell Martin first before u judge!

    Russell and kemp are close friends!

    If russell likes him why would we hate Kemp?


    yeah! but the other people who doesn’t like Kemp is the veterans!

    and the veterans are all gone next year! so no problem! don’t trade Kemp(period).


    “I think as a coach, you play with what’s given you. But when chemistry’s not good, that’s the one thing I want to make sure, that we have good chemistry, that guys want to play for each other and with each other.

    Phil Jackson on the Lakers

    i think that is what Grady did for the Dodgers!

    He plays what’s given to him!

    and with that reason even if u want to make everyone happy they are not contented with the playing time!

    That’s the reason why the Dodgers clubhouse is a mess! those veterans who are not contented with their playing time complains alot and they blame it on the future star Kids!!!


    All right guys..See ya Next year. I can’t take this S-H-I-T anymore. Kemp being slammed in the press at such an early stage in his career? Abreau slammed in the press? Our GM should be protecting these kids, but he can care less.

    It all starts with Mr. PR machine/used car salesman who is working extra hard this year. He has created a perfect excuse for his failure. He has also created a perfect excuse for not sticking with the kids or if he does the expectations are that they arent good enough to win cause you know that takes time (yet AZ and Colorado are winning.)

    So he has himself well covered.

    Loney alone instead of Nomar probably get us into the playoffs, let alone all the other bone head moves.

    Josh thanks for the blog I hope to be here next year but really 2007 is the first year in my life (30 years as a dodger fan, I am 36) that I will question my loyalty to this team. You are the PR guy. Let Frank know. I am not alone.

    And seriously if Coletti was McCourts best hire and that’s not press/lip service then I have to REALLY question my loyalty to this team while he owns it. It pains me, but really this article today made my heart sink. It makes me to angry and it’s just basbeaball. The dodgers don’t care about me. Why should I care so much? Yet I do. I am beyond frustrated.

    I just know we will never win with Coletti. I know it in my heart and nothing will change my mind. If Coletti didn’t want that article out in the press, it wouldn’t have been out there. Peroid. I don’t care when the quotes were taken.


    And it’s not about winning or loosing and being frustrated with our record. I can point to 14 of the last 19 years where we didn’t make the playoffs where I have not felt like this.

    But I can’t watch this trainwreck much longer.

    Anyone who I have met her you guys have all been so cool. Even those who don’t ever agree with me on anything I appreciate. So feel free to e-mail me..


    I don’t post very much, but after reading that Plaschke article I just wanted the Dodger front office to know that if what the article says is true, I will no longer support the team.

    Please leave the young players alone and stop bringing in the clubhouse killing short contract vets.



    i feel u man!

    but ur one of the bloggers here who talks with sense and always ready with the rayt facts!

    If u go this blog is almost dead!

  154. cited sources close to the team and claimed Los Angeles is considering an offer that would send lefty pitching prospect Clayton Kershaw and young outfielder Matt Kemp to Minnesota. Kemp would replace Torii Hunter in centerfield. Kershaw, who might be the top prospect in all of baseball, would step into the rotation for Santana.



    Thank Jan. Appreciate it. I may need to just take a break and chill. I am a pretty mellow guy but the dodgers just drive me nutty.

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