Pierre, CF

Abreu, SS

Loney, 1B

Kent, 2B

Gonzo, LF

Kemp, RF

LaRoche, 3B

Lieberthal, C

Wells, P



    Here we go again. I would bat kemp fifth and Ethier instead of gonzo. We can’t seem to get all the young guys in there at the same time.


    C_O_L_L_E_T_T_I********PAISANO*************** If you read this blog.******FATTA TU CAPPO, unscramble YOUR puzzel and give us back our PRIDE, while we’re waiting for NEXT YEAR and beyond.*******Ned, YOU CAN DO IT.


    reading a LITTLE LEAGUE lineup card is sorta like watching pigs copulate. You don’t wanna watch but there is just something seemingly unnatural occurring so you have to watch.



  5. Roberto

    Ok I found some dates of the 2008 schedule. Remember, these are tentative dates, it can change but mostly will stay.

    Mar 31 vs Giants @ L.A.

    Apr 1 vs Giants @ L.A.

    Apr 2 vs Giants @ L.A.

    April 8 @ Arizona

    April 9 @ Arizona

    June 13 @ Detroit

    June 14 @ Detroit

    June 15 @ Detroit

    July 17 @ Arizona

    July 18 @ Arizona

    July 19 @ Arizona

    July 20 @ Arizona

    Aug 29 @ Arizona

    Aug 30 @ Arizona

    Aug 31 @ Arizona

    That’s all I have. If anyone finds any more games, please post them. Thanks!


    That article is a crock. Except for Jeff Kent, the rest of the old geezers were not producing. Most of the younsters are hitting over 300 or close to it. Gonzo had a chance to hit and Pierre is a joke for what they are paying him. Furcal didn’t hit close to last year’s performance. I could go on and on, but what’s the use. The younsters are producing…….


    ventre is a complete idiot. the youth movement is the only thing this team has going for it right now. other than kent, the veterans have been ****.

    also, why on earth is gonzalez starting? we’re out of the playoffs and he isn’t going to be with us next year. if the old guys want to complain about having inexperienced teammates, then let the young guys get some experience when the games don’t mean anything.


    Gonzo is playing because Grady will be Grady. He only brought the AAA young guys in to sit on the bench and “absorb the atmosphere of the fight for the pennant”. As one can see from the many recent articles, they are really getting an eyefull. I too was hoping to see Hu, Young and a couple of the pitchers get a chance here, but it obviously won’t be all together if Grady has his say.



    Now that we’re out of it, it’s interesting to watch from a different perspective. Arizona is having a magical season, because there’s no rational explanation for why they’re the best team in the National League. Nothing will ever make me like San Diego and I hope Philadelphia passes them if they can’t catch the Mets. But, now that I’m watching from strictly a baseball perspective, this Arizona story is pretty amazing.

    As for that joke of an article, enough said…it’s a joke.


    The only way to match up Wells on three days rest would be to put Hillenbrand at third, Saenz at first, Martinez at short and Sweeney wherever. Wonder why Grady didn’t think of that. That should please all the veterans for a day or two.

  11. SHAWN

    why on earth is gonzo athletic outfielder like byrnes makes a tough catch..our 40 yr old over the hill outfielder does not even come close…Ethier should be in left…why Grady?

  12. Roberto

    Chin-lung Hu will play in the Arizona Fall League after the season. He was informed today that he was being named the Dodgers’ Organizational Player of the Year.

    mmmm How come he is not playing ? He should start every game for the remainder of the season. Let’s see what the kid can do !


    A rookie pitcher can’t do any worse than this. I never want to see Wells after this year. Bring on the AAA pitchers

  14. SHAWN

    while we are on the subject of firings…get rid of conte..he said he knew and felt comfortable with Schmidt medical records…how did that work out…i am sure he got a nice bonus from schmidt.
    i hope his opinion is not asked for again.


    happy 80th birthday to tommy. and happy 76 loss to little. old geezer. ****, scully can manage better than this ol man.


    Would have been nice to win the 80th game on Tommy’s 80th birthday. Too bad we had to face Webb & these Guys


    Gonzo strikes out…what a surprise…come on Grady, we’re out of it PLAY THE YOUNG GUYS!!!!!! Wells shouldn’t be starting Houlton or Stults should be, we need to see what we have in these kids.


    Come on LaRoche what are you swinging at? Those last 2 pitches bounced in front of the plate. Our team needs to start having a better approach at the plate… especially with the bases loaded.


    the kiss of death for LITTLE LEAGUE was when “TJ Stammers” was on his daughter’s radio show a couple days back. He was “spooge-ing” all over himself about what a great guy LITTLE LEAGUE is and what a…now you must wait for it…GREAT MANAGER he is compared to Scioscia as his record is better then Iron Mike’s.

    That opinion alone tells me that the dude must go…


    Man I can’t remember the last time we won a game. The entire team has quit on Grady. We need a new face as manager and GM but its not gonna happen.



    problem with winning the 80th on Tommy’s 80th is half these kids were still in big-boy diapers when Tommy won his last game as manager.

    So there is likely not much connection. I think I would sheet myself if I was somewhere and Tommy walked into the room…these kids prolly would be asking “…who is the old fat guy…???”

    getting old…it’s sure not for kids…they could not handle it…hehehehe…


    I have written before if LITTLE LEAGUE is the guy the Dodgers want then the need to extend him now. failure to do so kinda shows us idiots in our underwear are right.

    I wonder how many LITTLE LEAGUE lineups there would have been from ’77 on had he been the manager then. You know to find where everyone fit best.



    I agree about Lieberthal. For the amount of games he was used I could not understand his contract at all.

    Plus not resting Martin one extra day/week or slowing him down on the bases cost the team a healthy stronger Martin at this part of the season.


    dunno about anyone here but given this point of the season I would be taking Webb out of the game. No matter what arsonists I have in the pen. He will be needed later if they expect to win.


    I liked PROCTOR in that inning against guys who know what they are doing at the plate. How about that fast ball 102MPR


    jesus, I get home and see that Grady once again played Gonzales. Is he doing it as a favor to AZ? They don’t owe anything to Gonzales, nothing. He played for the Diamondbacks and he’s treated as though he’s helped lead the Dodgers to a World Series.

    I agreed with that MSNBC article to a small extent, McCourt has gone out and purchased second tier free agents. Where that ******* writer went wrong was saying it was the young guys that were the problem.

    Oh and that was another reason I started to hate Derek Lowe. He was such a complete tool about the young guys, once again suggesting they just get traded as they’ll have more of them next year. No wonder that ******* doesn’t get any run support. He has no credibility and I would suspect no respect.

    Go again Grady, go **** yourself.


    That wasa good at bad by Gonzo, but he’s an old pro. Boy the difference after that. I takes time. Get the Pschologist.


    hey the only two position players without hits tonight are the veterans.

    They also might wish to point out that one veteran turns singles into doubles, and allows singles hit sharply up the middle to be 1st to 3rd advancement.

    I just never knew how bad Pierre’s arm is, and how many teams just run wild on his sorry ***.


    We’re facing teams that really know how to hit, I hope our kids are learning. I consider that a good inning from BEIMEL.


    I’m torn on wanting the Dodgers to lose tomorrow. My preference is that Bills wins, but really don’t want the Padres to even have a shot at winning the division.

    I’m thinking that maybe Bills pitches a brilliant game, is yanked after the 7th, and Proctor loses it in the 8th.

    Grady will probably use Broxton who should be done for the season. His health is worth more than anything.


    Im beginning to think that the Dodgers did not drop. I feel that the D’Backs Padres & Rockies have advanced, gotten better. our guys have to watch and observe and then we must catch up to them. Let’s hope It doesn’t take too long. I think the others have improved in their offense. Our offense as a whole is weak.


    Their BAs have nothing to do with it they are smarter and more confident at the plate. That’s our promblem. Always jumpy. swing swing swing. Remember this is my team too. I’m just being honest. That’s why they are there and we are here.


    Hey Cole, you can go blow yourself LOL.

    If you’re not going to post here, don’t email me, little whimp.

    Anyways, with regards to Lowe, he’s a loser, a huge loser for the Dodgers. I got yelled at by his slutty reporter girlfriend at a Dodger game against the Mets, just because I mentioned he was done and needed to be pulled in the first inning after giving up 6 runs. So Grady puts up the white flag and allows him to pitch another 2 innings and he gives up 3 more runs.

    Yah that’s a good pitcher. The guy is a complete mental loser on the mound.


    what kind of loser directly emails a person from a message board? I didn’t invite you to email me Cole. Loser!!!!


    Good Lord!

    we need an ambulance here!!!

    the dodgers aren’t breathing at all!!!

    what a loser gonzo is!

    he shouldn’t be playing this game anymore!!!

    no one will want him!

    let’s go next year!!!


    sorry, i disagree. if you watch the dbacks they collectively have a bad approach at the plate. i mean eric byrnes? cmon. they play in a ridiculous hitters park which always helps too. im not as down on our hitters as you are i guess. and the dbacks will get blown away in the postseason with that lineup.


    those questioning the hitting of the young guys, yes they have some discipline issues, but it truly comes down the HR factor.

    Dodgers = 121 Homeruns

    Arizona = 166 Homeruns

    San Diego = 156 Homeruns

    Now home runs don’t necessarily translate into wins, but the manager plays this team like they’re going to hit home runs. If they’re not going to hit the long ball, they need to play small ball.


    i felt sorry for grady!!!

    if i am the manager and i was told that i’ve lost my players i will feel so bad!

    he is a good man!

    not a good manager!

    after i read Simers article im like 50-50 about how i feel about grady!

    if u look at the season 60% of the blame should be on NED!!! he like all the f*cking veterans!

    20% on Grady for making such a stupid lineups!

    20% for the players who didn’t perform to their potentials!

    it’s been a rough year!!!


    Hey Cole.

    Lowe is NOT a good player. He’s an average mediocre pitcher, and he was a loser giving up 6 runs in the first inning of a game.

    Penny is a good player and I didn’t say he wasn’t a good player. I said I didn’t like him and felt as though he is mentally weak.

    And finally, I questioned Kemp’s approach at the plate in certain situations, one of which was with bases loaded. He needs to learn and he will.

    To that end, I’m extraordinarily happy that the Dodgers are losing. It’s the only way they’ll improve for next season. It is my greatest hope that the Frank grows a pair and fires Grady.


    I just read that articule by Michael Ventre and I’m more confused than before I read it. I don’t know but I just don’t get it.


    van, Grady deserves to shoulder much more than 20%. I’d peg him closer to 40%, 10% for players, and 50% Ned.

    It’s a manager’s job to lead and to put in coaches that will pull the most out of the talent he has available to him.

    Grady just appears so incredibly indecisive. I believe he is mentally damaged from the Pedro decision. A manager can’t second guess himself, and I believe Grady is always second guessing himself.


    I think some people are obsessed with this youth thing. They seem to be in a hurry to get the kids up. To me they shouldn’t be here until they are ready, Who’s ready? Ask management. They know. If they don’t then they are not the right people for the job. If a veterant is not fulfilling his job, then the kids, who are ready, start playing in his place. If he must be replaced, and they found a replacement then his manager should tell him so. I think what happened to the D’backs. Was Luck and doesn’t happen very often.


    Good Job by Loney!!!

    he is rayt! who said Kent is the Leader?

    He doesn’t even talk to his team mates! he doesn’t encourage them!

    like i said before! Kent is playing this game to win a World series using the Dodgers not with the Dodgers!!!

    He wants it for himself! he is as selfish as gonzo!

    Gonzo has a ring. he is still playing coz he only wants to get a HOF numbers!

    Kent is a future HOF! but he is still playing for the ring to add to his HOF resume!

    what a selfish veterans!!!


    10% in terms of playing to their potential.

    It’s a little difficult to quantify because of the inter reliance between the various factors.

    I feel as though Gump didn’t put players into the best position to succeed.


    I feel as though Gump didn’t put players into the best position to succeed.

    Posted by: | September 22, 2007 10:43 PM

    ur rayt! but after i’ve heard about this rookies VS Veterans!

    i think that begins before the all-star! when all of them are fighting for playing time! maybe grady is just trying to make his players happy so that this rookies VS veterans wont happen! but as we have just heard we can say that he didn’t have much success on preventing it!


    those questioning the hitting of the young guys, yes they have some discipline issues, but it truly comes down the HR factor.

    Dodgers = 121 Homeruns

    Arizona = 166 Homeruns

    San Diego = 156 Homeruns

    Now home runs don’t necessarily translate into wins, but the manager plays this team like they’re going to hit home runs. If they’re not going to hit the long ball, they need to play small ball.

    Posted by: | September 22, 2007 10:12 PM


    One thing worthy of note about this year’s HR total. Give Kemy & Loney full seasons and you can add another 25-30hrs between just those two guys. And if ET gets a full season of AB’s he will hit 20-30hr pretty much like clockwork.

    So the HR total issue is not that critical using just the players here now.

    3rd base is still the big question mark. That is the hardest decision. That and trying to decide if they get in on the DWillis bidding this off season.

    Speaking of DWillis. He is better then anyone the Dodgers have at the MiLB level but Kershaw. If DWillis is healthy and does not have an attitude issue, then making a trade using some of the kids from Area 51 makes sense. Or insert any other frontline pitcher out there for DWillis.






    Wolf is very interesting if healthy finally but haven’t the Dodgers had enough with pitchers with surgical scars?

    Kuo & the rest of the MASH unit pitching staff have shown for two seasons now that experiment is simply not going to work. Nice as they are, at best they are fill-in-the-blanks sorts not frontline SPs.


    I’m still looking forward to future seasons of the Dodgers with a strong core of players.

    Wouldn’t it be interesting if a team owner could somehow put together a pre-free agent era type team, meaning a core team that grew up together and played together and stayed together.


    VAN 19 CUTE ****Jan, you say Kent & Gonzo are playing for selfish reasons, some day you’ll realise that most players are. Most of your star players are just in it for the money & the glory. It’s only us fans that really care about our teams.


    “It’d be a shame if we just laid down,” Wells said. “I don’t think anybody is going to do that. I think there are veteran guys who won’t let that happen.”

    sick and tired of hearing the word “veterans”


    VAN 19 CUTE ****Jan, you say Kent & Gonzo are playing for selfish reasons, some day you’ll realise that most players are. Most of your star players are just in it for the money & the glory. It’s only us fans that really care about our teams.

    Posted by: | September 22, 2007 11:16 PM

    it’s tough when it’s like that…

    they should give as alot of credit for supporting them!


    These days will pass, we will be back up again with a chance in the playoffs, but when that time comes I know we’ll have one of the better teams.


    Loney said of Kent, “Who said he was a leader?”

    Said Kemp: “If you take the younger guys away, do you have a team?”

    Asked if Little had adequately managed the personalities on the team, Loney replied, “I don’t really have anything to say on that.”

    General Manager Ned Colletti said the revelations of a generational rift in the clubhouse wouldn’t affect Little’s job status for next season.


    There really doesn’t seem to be a “team” in place anymore this year, and I’ve known all along that there is no management in place for this team. Now, according to the Simmers article in the latest LA Times, I have to wonder if the ownership is really interested in anything other than generating maximum income through parking fees and concessions. We’ll have to wait and see on that issue. If finishing in fourth place after a $110 million payroll doesn’t spur ownership into action to at least get competent management, then we’re just lost rooting for this team for some time to come.


    Go Rockies, Go Phillies – I’d rather see someone other than the Pads in the playoffs.


    I know that Ned keeps saying Grady will be back, but it’s possible he’s just lending support to his manager for the remainder of the season – he’s probably trying not to add fuel to the clubhouse fire while they still need 3 wins to become a .500 team. But I would guess that Kent is gone for next year, esp. after saying such critical things; we know that Gonzo is gone next year; perhaps Ned thinks that losing those two discontents will help straighten out the clubhouse situation. This offseason, Ned either needs to get rid of the 37+ crowd, go young and sign one or two players in their prime to help lead, or fire Grady and find a manager who can manage young talent (Girardi…would Torre be good if the Yanks let him go?). If the kids are the future of this franchise, we need a manager who believes in them and veterans who are happy to be surrounded by young talent.

    For now, I’m rooting for my local Rockies. Sad. But at least they’re playing good baseball.


    It’s a very simple yet poignant statement, “Actions speak louder than words”. Colletti, Little, McCourt, even Josh, can say whatever they want in public and that’s basically all we the public can base opinions off of, but what happens behind closed doors we probably will never find out. Ned can say all he wants that Grady is coming back, I’ve heard a ton of GM’s say the same thing only to fire them. Ditto with owners and their GM’s. My point is we can hear anything and it doesn’t mean it’s true. For strictly P.R reasons it would be stupid for the G.M to say Grady’s job is in trouble. So you really can never take what’s said in public to be the truth. There’s a reason it’s said in public, so it creates the illusion of it being the truth because the organization wants that to be the perception. We won’t know the truth until this organization stops talking and acts. Words mean nothing. Remember that.






    T.J Simers is a ******* joke!!that article he wrote is wrong on so many levels, I’m done reading his ****!






  58. Roberto

    Kid’s Day

    Pierre, cf

    Abreu, 2b

    Kemp, rf

    Loney, 1b

    Martin, c

    Ethier, lf

    LaRoche, 3b

    Hu, ss

    Billingsley, p

    That’s today’s lineup!


    This is incredible and unbelievable given the recent course of events (7 game losing streak, all the scuttlebutt discussion of vets vs. kids, etc.).

    This is a team that gives me faith again in the Dodger Blue!

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